19 November 2015

The beleaguered former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col.Sambo Dasuki (rtd.), has again responded to the allegations contained in an interim report of the presidential panel set up by President Muhammadu Buhari to investigate the procurement of arms and equipment in the Armed Forces and defence sector from 2007 to date.

In a more detailed response issued on Wednesday than the one made available to THISDAY Tuesday night when the findings of
the committee were released by the president’s media aide, Mr. Femi Adesina, Dasuki provided evidence of the correspondence from the army and air force acknowledging the receipt of four Alpha jets, 12 helicopters and other military equipment that the panel accused him of not procuring.



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  1. Ola says:

    Rather than this mud slinging, why are the federal government of Nigeria and Dasuki not in court? I am beginning to see this administration as being petty and sentiment driven. If the government has enough facts to nail him, why whip up public sentiments against him with a “preliminary” report rather than go to court and have him fairly tried and sentenced? I am becoming really disappointed in this government that has been distracting the masses with the noise of anti corruption fight without actually doing anything about it. 7 months into this administration and nothing tangible to point at despite promising Nigerians heaven and earth alongside threats during their campaign. Not a single person taken to court and fairly tried yet, not to talk of conviction. I wish to stress in closing that I have no vested interest in any political party and the only ideology I subscribe to is fairness and equity offered on the platter of good governance to Nigerians.

  2. Henry says:

    – What about the 40 Helicopters they claimed to have ordered?

    – What about the 12 Helicopters they claimed to have ordered from Belarus, which was part of the 1 billion dollars loan facility?

    – What about the 6x MI-35M Helicopters and 12 x MI-17 Helicopters from Russia?

    – Where did the Gazelle Helicopters come from?

    – We’ve only seen NAF 477 and NAF 475, where are the 2 other Alpha Jets?

    – So after so many years of pleading for proper 4 GEN Jets, we were only still going get more “DODO birds”?

    – Why don’t we just perform an Open tender for defence procurements?

    – What happened to the T-129 deal?

    Naija which way?

  3. Henry says:

    Oga Peccavi, I’m scared to.

    With Naija, you might just shake that tree and a full sized adult elephant might just land on the earth.

  4. Kay says:

    If I remember reading here in March, it was 6 A jets to be delivered.
    Who authorised the failed su25 deal?

    Meanwhile the list just confirms the procurement unit have been largely dozing in war time.billions set aside for procurement does not tally up. As usual buy 2, or 4 and call it a day or buy 14.

  5. jimmy says:

    Let me attempt to answer your questions
    There were no 40 helicopters ordered Instead we got 2 NAF 261 AND NAF260
    No helicopters were ordered from Belarus
    The only Helicopters that are coming from Russia are part of the back end of the Re negotiated deal for the MI-35 and the su25
    The Gazelles came directly from France, the TRICOLOUR of the French was still on them when they landed there was heavy speculation at the time that this was the back end of the deal to the KANO affair, again this speculation.
    There are no more ALPHA JETS coming is NAF 475 and NAF 477 “C’est la vie”
    We still do not perform open Tender because this is the first step in how to STEAL ON A DEFENCE CONTRACT ( STEALING 101)/ l STEALING 100
    The T-129 deal is on hold and as growing evidence continues to mount that the three principal countries responsible for ISIS are
    1. Saudi Arabia.
    2. Qatar ( one day the chickens will come se ….. everyday for the thief ….. one day for the owner.
    3. Turkey
    It might a very UNWISE idea to do BIZ with Turkey
    The way forward for Naija is to LAWFULLY arrests the EX – NSA
    Witness #1 Uncle Alex
    Witness #2 EX- CAS AMOSUN
    Witness #3 Ex COAS Minimah
    Confirmed from Soldiers doing the actual Fighting with the actual EQUIPMENT bought it did not amount to $1B, This is something that was openly resented by the Soldiers it is not an APC or a PDP thing it just a stealing thing
    You cannot hide 2 / 4 ALPHA JETS under your Bed
    Neither do 14 sorry 18 second hand T-72 tanks costs that much.
    Lastly Equipment/ Fuel/ Weapons/ bombs started to improve after all Service Chiefs were retired and the NSA was retired.

  6. Kola Adekola says:

    This Oshiomhole style nonsense of verbal lynch squads and trial by the press is only fit for area boys, not the government of a country.

    The only way to prove that Dasuki is guilty is to take proper legal steps and put him on public trial. The phrase “public trial” must be emphasised and reemphasised, because there have been attempts to try Dasuki by secret court. If Dasuki’s “$3 billion theft” trial is held in secret, it would leave highly explosive unanswered questions.

    After all the noise, we must see credible , transparent, proper procedure.

    We need to know what is going down; to determine for ourselves if Dasuki is guilty of if he is being witch hunted for some dark purpose.

    • Are James says:

      Easy does it sir. I am not sure what you are advocating here? Two contradictory things are being said here at the same time.
      1. You said there is verbal public lynching of Dasuki and trial by the press.
      2. You are at the same time warning against ” secret trial ” and advocating for public trial which the government has not said they will not do.
      We cannot have public trial without public inquiry.. which is what is going on. Dasuki was not prevented from responding. He responded rather robustly and I personally ihave reached conclusions that they were stealing money massively at the time purely based only on Dasukis response. And no sir, Nigerians don’t want to know whether Dasuki is being witch hunted. I am more interested in stopping police harassment of poor young people on Lagos roads than Dasuki being “witch hunted”.
      Almost all young and poor armed robbery suspects are held in squalid conditions in Nigerian polive stations without legal representation on a daily basis. I am actually more interested in stopping that unfair practice than protecting Dasuki. The rights of Dasuki are not special rights because he was NSA. Dasuki also released people a
      More expensive generals are being called for questioning and the truth will come out after a extensive investigation which we should all support.

      • Are James says:

        *sorry for the many typos*

      • Are James says:

        Dasuki also was a key part of the administration that only released hundreds of young men from DSS prisons after they were held for more than four whole years without charges.
        The Yaradua and Jonathan administrations had them in some detention centers that long on “suspicions of terrorism” that were later found not to be true.
        No Nigerian including me so much had spared a thought for how much those guys must have suffered because of collective hatred and fear we hadvfor anything looking like Boko Haram. So no individual rights should be special and what goes round often comes round.

  7. doziex says:

    This is why I want us to revisit the archives of this blog periodically. I have severally accused. GEJ’s administration and our military brass, of this TREASONOUS THEFT.

    Ecomog, dem chop money we soldiers bleed. UN mission in Darfur same story. Look at the useless tanks they managed to buy, all 14 with a billion USD loan.

    Then, some bloggers told me to quit with the unproven insults. Well now, PMB is saying the same thing.

    As far as I am concerned, a blind man could have spotted these thieving fools.

    To me they are worse than BH and should all be shot for treason.

    God punish all of them with cancer.

    • Deway says:

      Rugged7, we need to stop posting videos like these. For one they are quite shallow and have no purpose. The strategic value is not clear. The fact that i see top army brass parading in armor padded 4WDs and soldiers going into battle in hilux vehicles infuriates me. They cant even get decent military trucks. The fact that they make an Mi17 helicopter available during every COAS visit and soldiers hardly have same when needed in the heat of battle is really annoying. Some soldeirs with kevlar some without. Hear what the CAS was saying like #@*!! And the reporter??

      • rugged7 says:

        I’m sorry
        I totally disagree with you.
        Those videos are open source all over the internet, so why not here?
        A critic and analysis of our military is very important for it’s improvement.
        The times of hiding information from the public so that defence contracts and money can be misappropriated is gone.
        We have to be vocal about what our boys need to perform their duty until the top brass get it into their thick skull

      • Deway says:

        I see your reason. Agreed.

      • saleh says:

        it is actually sycophancy at its highest. meanwhile catching the goats that ate the yam shouldn’t stop news of more acquisitions. the men at the front need more equipment not stories of dasuki that wont assist them.

  8. mmekaa says:

    also file.wikileaks.org/file/us-cia-redcell-exporter-of-terrorism-2010.pdf

  9. Kola Adekola says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio · 20h20 hours ago
    Mobbar Damasak, Abadam environs swarming wit #BokoHaram/Iswap Terrorists. Hq Coy of 157 Batt. were cut of main body at gudubali.

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio · 20h20 hours ago
    Nigerian troops alongside CJTF vigilantes rescue some of the Missing soldiers of 157 Battalion at Gubio village NE Nigeria


    • Kola Adekola says:

      • ozed says:

        Na wa o. You would think our Military high command had learnt its lessons on how to react to bad news in these days of social media driven transparency!! This tendency of immediate denial without thinking destroys your credibility!!!

        Why would anyone ever believe them again?

      • Are James says:

        The men have been recovered . Truck seized by Boko Haram destroyed by NAF. Tank seized also destroyed.
        There was no mistake in information handling and it was not a case of rushing to defend without facts. The men retreated from Boko Haram who must have been very tactically very clever in this instance. There must have been some casualties.
        One big question is what is the current size of BH and how are they able to operate at multiple places at the same time without interdiction.
        What were we doing while they were busy recruiting, training and building logistics?.

  10. drag_on says:

    The President will not get a better opportunity!. They say,’ in the midst of great tragedy opportunities arise’. Also, stockbrokers say,’the best time to invest is when there is blood on the streets’.
    Our president rode on the mantra of integrity and transparency,he needs to seize the moment. The military is on the back foot in his presence. I am not so interested in the prosecution of those alleged to have committed offences of gross financial misconduct in procurement as I am in the destruction of the system/network that makes it possible.
    This is the opportunity we have wanted to get rid of the shadowy procurement process we have cried about.We should strike now while the iron is hot and end it once and for all.The fact that there is controversy is enough reason to act.
    All tenders for military hardware should be open to the public with clear costs,details and specs.There should be open senate hearings for annual military budgets since it takes a large chunk of our capital expenditures .

    No more dark drain pipes!.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Exactly my Oga.
      There is no better opportunity for credible , transparent, proper procedures to put in place for defence procurements, as well as jail any guilty parties. None of that will come with trial by press.

  11. makanaky says:

    @ Are James thanks for asking all those questions
    Sometimes I just wonder if we truly have a fighting army, this BH conflict is making Nigerian army look very incompetent and a bunch of clowns ? how many BH attacked ? Are we saying we don’t have enough firepower to thwart an attack or we are not discipline as a fighting for or we are not well trained or what is the problem. How were they able to move around in large numbers without been noticed ? were is our Air force ? for God sake can Nigeria buy proper jet fighters from anywhere and from any body and hired pilots if possible and bury national pride and bomb this clown to oblivion plus put enough eyes in the sky.
    This is becoming a comedy of denials and accusation with no action.

    • Sir Kay says:

      I tire ooo.
      A country that big, why is having even 15 or more drones up there at all times to monitor movements of these people. Just sad.
      We are using brute strength instead of common sense. There are easier ways to do this very tedious job

      • ozed says:

        Our current airforce is too small to cover the theatre of operations effectively in terms of surveillance. Also the airframes have a finite life before the next PDM, We must plan their use so they dont all fall due for PDM at same time.

        Recall that was what happened under the last CAS when the airforce suddenly vanished from the sky and Boko Haram went on the offensive culminating in the loss of 22 LGAs.

        We must use the available airtime carefully at points of need, which means our boots on the ground must re-learn old fashioned infantry tactics sometimes making clever use of artillery for support rather than expecting the fly boys to bail them out all the time.

  12. DefenceNerd says:

    JF-17 Thunder Program: Affordable Air Power.

    Just saw this PAF documentary on the JF-17. It hurts that Nigeria as refused to do the needfull and get this platform for the Nigerian Air Force

    • Augustine says:

      Chinese AESA radar, 5th generation WVR and BVR missiles, new alternative engine, and two seater trainer version are all being aggressively developed for JF-17 Thunder block III, all may likely be ready by end of 2016.

    • Sokoto says:

      seriously we are ready to give 251 M.do for 15 osselet Chengdu J-7 WTF the problem in Nigeria is not corruption the people their are IDIOTSSSSSSSSSS WTF JF only 28M.do WTFFF

  13. DefenceNerd says:

    Embraer KC-390

    A viable replacement to NAF’s ageing C-130 fleet

  14. Sir Kay says:

    Nigeria To Have Borderless Relationship With Other Countries, Says ECOWAS Boss


    You see these mumu people, is now really the time to be talking about some borderless bs?
    They talked about screening those coming in, with what? In countries where ID’s are lacking, smh
    BH will be happy about this. Terrorists don’t have to cross borders with weapons, so to think they can stop terrorists from having free movement with this absurd idea is insane

  15. Augustine says:

    May I ask sirs :

    1, Can we Nigerians be allowed TV relay of public trials of ex NSA, COAS, CAS, CNS or whoever they want to try for the arms deal financial misappropriation allegations?

    2. Can FG allow the accused men to choose their own lawyers? Legal luminaries in the class of Femi Falana, Rikey Tarfa, Olisa Agbakoba, etc? Justice must be fair to all.

    3. Can someone explain why a NSA is clearing house for arms procurement, is an adviser a financial/procurement/imports/purchasing officer?

    4. Can we be told why the ex-Minister of defence is not called into this probe matter? He said he knows nothing about arms procurement, so why is he minister for defence?

    5. Can we, the Nigerian public, be shown a full list of all arms/equipment/weapons ordered, received, awaiting delivery, and cost/prices/quantities from 2007 to 2015 ? Or are list contains nuclear weapons that requires secrecy? Last time I checked, T-72 is an obsolete 1970s piece of equipment and needs no secret cult information blackout.

    6. Can we be shown full details of how the first cash $1 Billion, and second, a senate approved loan of $1 Billion were spent in full details for the public to know how tax payers money is utilized?

    7. Can we be told how many T-72 tanks Nigeria truly ordered in total and how many have ancient RHA armour?

    8. Can we be told why Su-25 Frogfoot deal was never announced to the public by FG?

    9. Can we be told why Nigeria chose to buy T-72 from 3rd and 4th hand private sources instead of directly from Russian army stocks/unused reserves?

    10. Can we be told why Nigeria always buys weapons in twos and threes as if we were born paupers?

    11. Can we be told why 99% of Nigerian equipment that are manufactured to carry guided missiles/guided bombs have NONE ! Is it a curse?

    12. Can we be told why Nigerian military could not ask Proforce (current factory production capacity is 480 armoured vehicles per year) to build 1,000 Light Armoured Tactical Vehicles (Igirigi or Leopard) for our army at a total cost of just about =N= 150 million out of the first one billion dollars invested on Boko Haram war? I see our fatherland’s army riding on military ‘MOLUE’ to war due to shortage of armoured personnel carriers….

  16. trigger says:

    The story unravels

    EFCC may seize Dasuki’s, others’ assets Targets mansions in Abuja, Kaduna one top Nigerian, two Israeli suspects sneak out
    There were indications last night that some of the former military
    chiefs and military officers under investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have volunteered to
    refund some money for jobs undone. A source privy to the activities of the Special Investigative Committee said: “About four of such former officers have offered to make refunds. I think Dasuki does not know the extent to which the panel had gone in probing the arms deals.
    “When the case gets to court, Nigerians will appreciate the depth
    of the investigation by the panel.”
    In line with its enabling Act of Parliament, EFCC may seize the
    assets of a former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, and
    some ex-military chiefs allegedly involved in the N644 billion
    arms deals.
    The anti-graft commission may invoke temporary assets forfeiture
    clause as part of the ongoing probe of the arms procurement.
    It was learnt that three suspects, including a top Nigerian and two
    Israelis, have sneaked out of the country to escape arrest.
    It was also gathered that some former service chiefs have offered
    to return votes meant for failed contracts.
    A reliable source said: “The EFCC may invoke Assets Forfeiture
    clause to seize the properties of Dasuki and other Service Chiefs
    who allegedly diverted or misappropriated funds meant for arms
    procurement in line with sections 28 and 34 of the EFCC
    (Establishment Act) 2004 and Section 13(1) of the Federal High
    Court Act, 2004.
    “Section 28 reads: ‘Where a person is arrested for an offence under
    this Act, the Commission shall immediately trace and attach all the
    assets and properties of the person acquired as a result of such
    economic or financial crime and shall thereafter cause to be
    obtained an interim attachment order from the Court.’
    “We have appreciable list of assets in Abuja, Kaduna, Lagos and
    Port Harcourt to be attached. One of the affected officers built two
    mansions in Kaduna and Abuja under six months.
    “A Service Chief is also being investigated for allegedly acquiring
    a property of the late first Civilian Governor of Bayelsa State, Chief
    Diepreye Alamieyeseigha.
    As at the time of filing this report, three key suspects in the
    procurement process were alleged to have sneaked out of the
    Another source said: “The government may appear to have been
    hard on Dasuki because three suspects implicated in the arms deal
    have sneaked out of the country. The suspects, including a top
    Nigerian and two Israelis, were rated as closer to Dasuki.
    “Wherever they are, we will repatriate them accordingly. With the
    cooperation of some countries, there is no hiding place for any
    “This is one of the reasons why the Federal Government does not
    want Dasuki to travel out for medical treatment.
    “The Department of State Security Service(DSS) was proactive in
    placing one of the suspects on surveillance but the recourse to
    court made the affected culprit to leave the country.
    “Another factor is that the cases against the ex-NSA are many and
    the government cannot say because of an isolated matter, he
    should be allowed to go abroad. What if he does not return to the

    • gbash10 says:

      If the ex-National Security Adviser, COAS,CNS and the CAS were involved in diverting funds meant for weapons procurement,they should be tried in the law court with their collaborators.
      This is a treasonable offence.

  17. Number one says:

    One thing should be made clear,did the Chinese/Russians give the FG $ 2 billion cash,or was the agreement to procure $ 2 billion worth of equipment.

  18. mcshegz says:



    • Capt Tobias says:

      What else does our military need , than to buy and field this Proforce vehicles, instead of all the talk about hummer and what not. We keep shouting about starting an arms industry, yet we ignore the one staring us in the face, with talks of some foreign , expensive IFVs with no tested logistic lines for maintenance. It is totally absurd we people keep reverting back to their default setting of praising arrival of military foreign rides on our shores, to date they have not been decisive in the NE. Only God know how much the Proforce guys have invested.

  19. abduleez says:

    A Washington Times report has criticised President Muhammadu Buhari over the current ordeal of former National Security Adviser Col.Sambo Dasuki (rtd) who had been under house arrest since November 4, despite a subsisting court order which granted him permission to embark on a medical trip abroad.


    • Sir Kay says:

      Its actually a simple thing. A judge should have asked the defendant’s lawyer and prosecutors a sime question.
      “Can the defendant get the same medical care in Nigeria instead of abroad”. If the question is YES, then she shouldn’t be allowed to travel out. If it’s NO then he should be allowed to.
      Why allow him to travel overseas if he can get that same level of care at home? He’s a suspect, and his options should be limited until he’s cleared free. I dont care who you are, It’s irritating how some Nigerians travel overseas just to check their blood pressure lol. ( not dasuki)

      • Are James says:

        We all know he is not I’ll. He has travelled out many times on official duties not medical reasons. Why did Kabiru Sokoto not get medical treatment abroad at the same time of his trial?. Where is the medical report of long term illness needing overseas medical? Every lootocrat in Nigeria steals billions then when the law comes they develop a bad case Fructosemia requiring urgent medical.

      • Sir Kay says:


        And @ oga Are, i agree, almost high profile defendants in Nigeria seem to always wanna travel overseas for medical reasons once they are in legal trouble lol

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Sir Kay, the issues rattling the Washington Times (and other concerned people) are arrest without trial, gross abuse of office, misuse of the security services. Reducing this saga to a matter of Dasuki being allowed to travel or not is overlooking much more severe distortions to our civil way of life..

        Dasuki might be guilty as hell, we don’t yet know, but the way the government has gone about abusing its powers is very alarming, strange and has to be stopped. The only proper thing is to charge him and try him before a proper court; there has been more than enough time to do that.

        If there is a next time, no one knows who the victim would be (it could even be you) or how far the government might go.
        We are witnessing a very worrying trend; recall that just a few weeks into Buhari’s Presidency, Jonathans Chief Security Officer, Gordon Obuah was also arrested without charge as well as disallowed the right to a lawyer as well as access to his medicines. Mr Obuah was only released when the it was strongly rumoured that he had collapsed and died as a result of detention (he did collapse and get admitted to the emergency section of a hospital).
        Mr Obuah was released and up till today, he has still not been charged with anything despite that crude ordeal.

        Most are worried about why security officers (possibly others too) are being arrested without charge. It is not enough to claim that they stole huge sums; allegations must be proven so that we do not sink into dictatorship or tyranny.

  20. Kola Adekola says:

    And the beat goes on…
    Here’s an excerpt from a Vanguard article on the current supplementary budget proposals:

    “I think when you look at the budget again, much as there were violations in respect of even funds to the Nigerian military, there were already payments made but, because we have the interest of the Nigerian people at heart, vis a vis the insurgency crisis that we are facing, I stated, with all emphasis, that we would do everything to make sure that the Nigerian Armed Forces succeed in fighting the insurgency. But that does not mean that we must throw due process to the wind and I think it is more of a caution to the executive that there must be respect for the rule of law.”


  21. Augustine says:

    Eeben says:
    November 19, 2015 at 7:27 am

    When we were in Nigeria training the 72 Mobile Strike Force, we complained on a daily basis about the lack of equipment, weaponry, and equipment to the point that we were eventually told to shut up.

    We had 2 months to prepare our Nigerian colleagues (without equipment) and 1 month in which to conduct operations – with minimal equipment. What 7 Div had, they gave to us even though they themselves needed that equipment.
    What has now come out is the apparent embezzlement of funds earmarked for the NA. Not only is this a very sad revelation, it has also exposed the NA to serious dangers. But, perhaps this finally sheds light on why were never got the equipment we needed for the 72nd.

  22. Augustine says:

    General Buratai’s personal effort to probe army weapons procurement from years 2010 to 2015 started many weeks ago, different from the President Buhari probe :

    ABUJA — There is palpable tension in the military while fear has gripped loyalists and former aides of Chiefs of Army Staff who held sway from 2010 to May 20, 2015. This follows the setting up of a panel by Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen. Tukur Buratai, to probe his predecessors over how billions of dollars were spent on arms purchase and logistics during their tenure.

    Vanguard was told, weekend, that the army boss, who took over from Lt.Gen. KTJ Minimah, decided to institute the investigation panel after carrying out a preliminary inventory of army weaponry needed to combat the Boko Haram menace and other security challenges, and ARMY INVENTORY AUDIT DISCOVERED THAT WHAT WAS AVAILABLE WAS A FAR CRY FROM WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN STOCK.

    Since the outbreak of the violent Boko Haram insurgency in 2009, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAD CONSISTENTLY INCREASED BUDGETARY PROVISIONS FOR THE ARMY ON A YEARLY BASIS WITH A VIEW TO ACQUIRING SOPHISTICATED WEAPONS, logistic support and needed training to ensure the security challenges were tackled.

    The panel is expected to go round all the army’s armament depots across the country, take inventory of specific arms, compare types and quality of arms with actual recommendation, approval and amount of money released for the purchase as well as what was bought.

    In doing this, the panel is to find out the names of the contractors who executed the jobs and supplied the equipment and at what cost. The panel will also ascertain why some of the arms purchase contracts whose monies have been collected were not done and at what level those implementing contracts have reached.

    Expatiating more on the investigation, the source said there is NO LINK between the probe being carried out by the Chief of Army Staff and the general probe ordered by President Muhammadu Buhari whose committee is sitting at the office of the National Security Adviser.

    Other reasons Vanguard gathered which influenced the decision of General Buratai to set up the investigation panel, include revelations which came out during the battle to dislodge Boko Haram terrorists that subsequently led to thousands of soldiers deserting their commission and so many abandoning their duty posts and running away from terrorists.


    In some cases, there are documentation showing that some of the arms were purchased and have been taken to certain locations but these arms are nowhere to be found and nobody could render account.

    The panel is expected to complete its assignment and submit its report to the Chief of Army Staff by November.


    Long Live The Federal Republic Of Nigeria, Amen !

    • Sir Kay says:

      I said it before, will say it again, this story about weapons and stuff not responding and breaking down during battle still baffles me.
      What ever happened to maintenance and testing these systems before deploying them?
      Isn’t it stupidity to just dust up these assets and move them to the front lines without even checking if they are in working conditions? lord.
      I would think there should be people whose job it is to maintain these assets and make sure they work, basically a repair and maintenance facility at some of the bases

      • Kay says:

        Wasn’t a sort of ‘stocktake’ done only recently? All the anticipatory wait for major hardware since probably last year all yielded bits and bobs. Let’s wait for whatever findings that are made. Well and truly tired of the impunity that was done over the blood of our soldiers.
        Soldiers got called cowards and yet they had at best 14 tanks shared across the whole battle space, limited CAS and so much more.
        How many of the ex chiefs let their children in the army to battle with what they insinuated as proper equipment. Instead, flying across the world for special courses and flexing on private jets (fact!) or choice postings while contemporaries were fighting blind against enemies.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Sir Kay, only few of our new weapons/equipment are brand new. SIPRI says 100% of NAF Mi-24 / 35 combat helicopters are all used second hand….buy repainted to look new.

        Nigerian military inventory is full of Shagari era purchased 35 year old weapons and New democracy era purchased rickety but repainted second hand weapons many of which are over 20 years old and used tired by first hand owners before we newly imported them in 2014 as part of our $1 billion arms bonanza.

  23. Augustine says:

    Please publish this new arms probe panel report for the whole world to read, we need to see the details and make an assessment as Nigerians, we believe in justice and fairness….


  24. jimmy says:

    To those who are supporting the ex NSA
    * The equipment bought is not what is reported in the press meaning what is said in the press in terms of quantity/quality is not the same.
    To those who believe there is witch hunt despite several entreaties involved in heavy ferocious firefight the guys in the field 2014/ up till q1 2014 has to use their cell phones to tell their seniors what was going on, in fact senior officers often bought the guys fighting recharge cards
    ** The favorite way of texting was the MADE-IN- AMERICA ( PLEASATON , CALIFORNIA) ” “Whatsapp” thank god they did not pull the plug may be we would of used TALKING DRUM
    “The Tanks were bought from surplus stocks meaning ” It is more like buyer beware ,yes they were given some maintenance before being shipped , but it is increasingly beginning to look like we should of bought our tanks spanking brand new from Russia in the first case.
    The Nigerian soldiers who fought and died in this war displayed an uncommon form of Courage that is rarely displayed in the world. today infact there are so many pictures of Saudis running in battle and donating equipment it is pathetic,
    oga augustine, that AMANI whatever was a mother fucking joke , they should of been subjected to the same sleep patters that that the average SF / Nigerian soldier goes through.
    I do not have any more words to describe the EX – NSA for those who believe in him as he scurries around from one lawyer to another God bless them , but whatever you may think about me, do not place your kid in harms way if this man is ever the NSA of Nigeria.
    To the lawyer who is shouting from America if this man DASUKI was the NSA of US he would of been charged with Treason with Special circumstances which would include buying substandard weapons and negligently undermining his own President.
    It is worthy of note none of the T-72 were brand new, as a result some of the tankers preferred to Manually load the tank shells because it is said the manual option was better than the automatic loading mechanism.
    God Bless Nigeria
    God bless the Soldiers of all Branches

    • gbash10 says:

      Oga Jimmy, the ex-NSA should go to Gboko and tell the pilot of the ill-fated Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter that crashed in Yola that he actually bought a good chopper.
      In fact, I am disappointed in the ex-NSA, Col. Sambo Dasuki, the ex-COAS, Lt Gen Kenneth Minimah, and the worst among them,the ex-CAS, Air Marshal Nunayo Amosun,some of my friends that survived the heat of boko haram insurgency are always thanking God for guiding and protecting them all through their encounter with boko yeye.
      Those corrupt officers in the respective service headquarters,will not see peace in their lives and that of their families and friends that enjoyed the blood money with them.

    • gbash10 says:

      If it were in China, their offences are punishable by death.

  25. giles says:

    ex-NSA dis,ex-NSA dat.let pls wait for the investigation panels to conclude der investigations b4 we pass judgment on anybody.even the present COAS was a major gen(GOC) so even him has some questions to answer.

    • Are James says:

      Our anger should not be mis – directed. Our anger should be on the pathetic state of key military institutions. We also always have to be aware that corruption fights back and it only weakens the state. There are many S.American countries today where the drug Lords are more powerful than the military Situations like that start this same way when the rights of corrupt highly placed people are on a different scale than the rights of other lowly placed criminals. A double standards culture where we were ready to shoot young soldiers for cowardice but generals tell us figures that don’t add up and we are using legalese to obfuscate issues. A more informed approach is to put everybody in the same basket. Dasuki should remain on house arrest with passport seized until investigations are over.

  26. Roy says:

    Yes, we want everyone who starved our military of equipments to pay dearly for it.

    However we must find a way to do it within the law.

    The implication of not, is lawlessness which Nigeria don’t need right now.

  27. Roy says:

    For example

    Are we saying that there is nothing the government can do to legally stop him from traveling?

    Are we also implying that we should encourage the government to choose which judgement of the court to obey and the ones reject ?

    For crying out loud, this man is innocent until proven otherwise.

    It should be done legally because it can be done legally.

    • Roscoe says:

      If he has commited a crime, he should be arrested , charged and then bail should be determined based on if he is a flight risk or not. Things are moving too slow, if the generals stole anything, they should not be permitted to return anything. They should be arrested , charged and assets should be seized if needed. Some people on this blog said the reason USA was not working with us on not selling arms was because of evidence of corruption, we tarred and feathered US foreign policy, now we hear of 17 T 72 tanks and 2 A jets and a few helos. All for 2 billion USD, Its disgusting and sickening but this should not have made it to prime time, it should be handled legally, if they have nothing to hold Dasuki on let him go, when you have evidence extradite him.

      I kid you not…. We dont need a committee, the least blogger on this site can do a better job than the MoD and the Armed Forces chiefs did if its true, G2G, fully transparent with tech transfer deal for equipment and spares. MBTs. Helos and trainers (or even just spend the whole thing on low cost Gen3/4 planes).

      Please no one should return money and go scot free, treason and fraud should be the charges if they stole the money, or else this present government is also complicit.

    • Are James says:

      Let me explain some harsh realities to you. Maybe you don’t know the trouble your country is in. Oil price as fallen to $38 per barrel in winter (unbelievable) and for 2015 we barely sold 50% of the oil we produced. The saving grace now is gas which the former government did not develop

      Now Nigeria was spending 60% of that income on the war in the North East and financing it’s remaining budget with loans.
      When you as we suspected and we now know Generals and NSA were stealing that money wholesale our attitude to the problem should not be one of niceties. Every legal trick in the book should be applied to ensure that all monies are recovered and they areally punished. If you are even going near the argument that maybe no money was stolen by this man and some top ranking military officers then I would be forced to accuse you of saboteuring and lack of patriotism.

    • Roscoe says:

      Hello Lachit, we are airing our laundry over here

      • lachit says:

        lolzz was trying to post a long comment
        but the damm post wont appear

        i really feel for u guys,
        u pay money and in the end u got nothing to show for it.

        if it happened in my country we would have been mouthing obscenties at the guy resonsible for it.
        the only comment which came close to it was henrys elephant falling from the tree 😀 😀
        hope it lands on the guys responsible the dirty laundary 😀

  28. lachit says:

    really sad to see the state of affairs regarding corruption in arms procurement.
    this is an internal affair so i cant comment on it.

    but as i see the soldiers can surely do with some force multiplying weapons.
    i am referring to the foot soldiers ie the infantry which had to bear the brunt of this fiasco.
    but i believe the scope is still there to compensate for hard hiiting weapons, if certain low cost , low- tier multi purpose systems r given to the foot soldiers they will perform well even in the absence of armour or airborne firepower support.

    i believe if the foot soldiers r equipped with

    A.Carl Gustav M4 from SAAB or equivalent
    with AMMO like:
    1.The 84 mm HEAT 551C RS (High Explosive Anti-Tank) is reliable,flexible and efficient. It knocks out almost any armoured vehicles as well as being effective against other hard targets such as concrete bunkers,and buildings.
    2.the 84 mm HEDP 502 (High Explosive Dual Purpose) is effective against light-armoured vehicles, concrete and brick walls, field fortifications, and bunkers.
    3.The 84 mm MT 756 (Multi Target) is designed for combat in built-up areas and for incapacitating an enemy under cover inside a building or some type of fortification. When using an MT 756, you do not need to fire the round through a window or a door, the MT 756 makes its own hole in the wall and detonates behind the wall. The MT 756 uses a tandem charge.
    4.For combating troops in the open, behind cover, or in slit trenches as well as soft-skinned vehicles and similar types of targets, the 84 mm HE 441D (High Explosive) can be set for impact or air burst detonation.The 84 mm SMOKE 469C, develops instantly an effective smoke cloud
    for screening, blinding, and spotting targets.

    60mm long range MORTAR
    Range 70-2330 m
    Rate of fire 25 rds./min.
    Weight 19,3 kg
    Number of operators 3/2
    Work mode Single-shot
    (performance varies depending on model)


    60mm commando MORTAR
    Range 67-1300 m
    Rate of fire 25 rds / min
    Weight 7.8 kg
    Number of operators 1
    Work mode Single shot
    (performance varies depending on model)

    Type 63 multiple rocket launcher
    Caliber 106.7mm
    Elevation -3° to +57°
    Traverse 32°
    Muzzle velocity 385 m/s
    Maximum firing range 8.05 km
    Ammo HE, HE-I and HE-frag

    low cost low weight anti tank missile like CORSAR.
    lots of anti tank missile available world wide to choose from.


    any infantry squad equipped mortars, anti tank missiles, anti material rifle will have the confidence of taking care of any threats emanating from BH be it armour, be it the anti aircraft mounted technicals etc.all these weapons will destroy enemy forces from a distance if deployed correctly.

    entrenched BH and fortified locations like bunkers and buildings will be soften up using the light weight mortars. any assault accompanied by firepower from close in fire, real time, quick response mortar support will succed in their objectives. headaches like fire correction , accuracy , blue on blue etc solved easily due to the embedded and integrated support.

    Type 63 multiple rocket launcher both towed and mounted versions retro fitted on local 4×4 platforms, to provide saturated quick fire solution to catch enemy by surprise.it will cut down the ability of the enemy to disperse easily good for assult , defense purposes.

    inaddition proper communcation equipments plus mobility will play a key role.

    all this will cost around 100-150 million dollars. if these r provided and backed by proper ground intelligence then the war with BH will be over withen a short span.

    these views ( dreams 😀 ) r my personal views.may not be be correct too discretion advised 😀

    (recoilless launchers was advocated by augustine and beegeagle if i remember correctly was in favour of type 63 mbrl )

  29. lachit says:

    really sad to see the state of affairs regarding corruption in arms procurement.
    this is an internal affair so i cant comment on it.

    but as i see the soldiers can surely do with some force multiplying weapons.
    i am referring to the foot soldiers ie the infantry which had to bear the brunt of this fiasco.
    but i believe the scope is still there to compensate for hard hiiting weapons, if certain low cost , low- tier multi purpose systems r given to the foot soldiers they will perform well even in the absence of armour or airborne firepower support.

    i believe if the foot soldiers r equipped with

    A.Carl Gustav M4 from SAAB or equivalent
    with AMMO like:
    1.The 84 mm HEAT 551C RS (High Explosive Anti-Tank) is reliable,flexible and efficient. It knocks out almost any armoured vehicles as well as being effective against other hard targets such as concrete bunkers,and buildings.
    2.the 84 mm HEDP 502 (High Explosive Dual Purpose) is effective against light-armoured vehicles, concrete and brick walls, field fortifications, and bunkers.
    3.The 84 mm MT 756 (Multi Target) is designed for combat in built-up areas and for incapacitating an enemy under cover inside a building or some type of fortification. When using an MT 756, you do not need to fire the round through a window or a door, the MT 756 makes its own hole in the wall and detonates behind the wall. The MT 756 uses a tandem charge.
    4.For combating troops in the open, behind cover, or in slit trenches as well as soft-skinned vehicles and similar types of targets, the 84 mm HE 441D (High Explosive) can be set for impact or air burst detonation.The 84 mm SMOKE 469C, develops instantly an effective smoke cloud
    for screening, blinding, and spotting targets.

    B.60mm long range MORTAR
    Range 70-2330 m
    Rate of fire 25 rds./min.
    Weight 19,3 kg
    Number of operators 3/2
    Work mode Single-shot
    (performance varies depending on model)

    C.60mm commando MORTAR
    Range 67-1300 m
    Rate of fire 25 rds / min
    Weight 7.8 kg
    Number of operators 1
    Work mode Single shot
    (performance varies depending on model)

    D.Type 63 multiple rocket launcher
    Caliber 106.7mm
    Elevation -3° to +57°
    Traverse 32°
    Muzzle velocity 385 m/s
    Maximum firing range 8.05 km
    Ammo HE, HE-I and HE-frag

    E.low cost low weight anti tank missile like CORSAR.
    lots of anti tank missile available world wide to choose from.


    any infantry squad equipped mortars, anti tank missiles, anti material rifle will have the confidence of taking care of any threats emanating from BH be it armour, be it the anti aircraft mounted technicals etc.all these weapons will destroy enemy forces from a distance if deployed correctly.

    entrenched BH and fortified locations like bunkers and buildings will be soften up using the light weight mortars. any assault accompanied by firepower from close in fire, real time, quick response mortar support will succed in their objectives. headaches like fire correction , accuracy , blue on blue etc solved easily due to the embedded and integrated support.

    Type 63 multiple rocket launcher both towed and mounted versions retro fitted on local 4×4 platforms, to provide saturated quick fire solution to catch enemy by surprise.it will cut down the ability of the enemy to disperse easily good for assult , defense purposes.

    inaddition proper communcation equipments plus mobility will play a key role.

    all this will cost around 100-150 million dollars. if these r provided and backed by proper ground intelligence then the war with BH will be over withen a short span.

    these views ( dreams 😀 ) r my personal views.may not be be correct too discretion advised 😀

    (recoilless launchers was advocated by augustine and beegeagle if i remember correctly was in favour of type 63 mbrl )

    • lachit says:

      will cost less than 100-150 millions including ammo spares etc and can be equipped extensively

      60mm long range MORTAR

      60mm commando MORTAR

  30. lachit says:

    60mm long range MORTAR

  31. lachit says:

    60mm commando Mortar

  32. lachit says:


  33. gbash10 says:

    Oga Giles, are you from another plant ? these guys have killed a lot of innocent Nigerians because of their selfish interest.

  34. Sir Kay says:

    Great news, now we can produce spares for our Alpha jets, then we can use them for another 20yrs, awesome. ( sarcasm)


    • Are James says:

      We will see more of this as money dries up. Now Iran is currently wowing the entire world with F-14 Shah era jets they are flying in Iraq and Syria bombing ISIS. They have reverse engineered UAVs, developed an entire range of missiles and rockets.
      That is a country with home grown and sustainable self sufficiency. I think the President should check their template out whilst he is there.

      • trigger says:

        I really doubt the presidency will explore that area. our govt. usually manage to avoid good things, besides they won’t want to spite the USA by relating with Iran.

      • AOk says:

        Kudos to Iran for keeping the F14s’ going and still potent since 1976 and the embargo by the Americans! Almost 40 years old and capable of taking out anything up to Gen 4 and some Gen 5 aircraft.

        Yet we still send similar aged C130s and slightly younger Alpha jets abroad for light and heavy maintenance. We have learnt NOTHING in those years and please spare me the usual responses of how clever and educated we are. We are only so for our personal gain and not for greater good.

  35. Ola says:

    Breaking news, Turkey shoots down a Russian SU-24 in a disputed airspace with Turkey claiming the plane was in Turkish airspace while Russia claimed the plane was in Syrian airspace. https://www.rt.com/news/323215-warplane-crash-syria-turkey/

    I suppose satelite imagery and GPS information will prove the location as at the time it was shot down and communication records will also prove if the plane had been contacted or not.
    A lot of questions are there to be answered, but has Turkey bitten off more than it can chew? Whether right or wrong, there would be retaliations. I suppose even if Turkey is right, Syrian airspace is no longer safe for NATO forces, especially Turkish who enters the space with impunity to bomb the Kurds and have been largely left unreprimanded because they host a NATO base and they have been serving as a gate way to Europe, currently being wooed by Europe to help to curb the migrant flow.
    Has Turkey done what the british refused to do in Kosovo? In 1991, Russian military forces made it to Pristina airport and ousted the bad guys, doing NATO a favour actually. But then, Gen. Wesley Clark sent an order to the British KFOR commander Gen. Mike Jackson to attack the Russians and take the airport from them, however Mike Jackson told him “I will not start the 3rd world war for you”. So, is Turkey been fool hardy enough to call the bluff of Russia, and yield under the pressure of US to shoot down a Russian fighter jet, potentially starting a war with Russia or is Turkey taking a calculated risk, having found that the plane TRULY entered it’s airspace? The questions would get clearer answers as more information come out of this.
    Turkey shot down a jet and immediately sent a code red NATO contact, even before the “nationality of the jet shot down was confirmed” This looks calculated to me. This was not done when syrian jets were shot down previously. My opinion is this, Turkey is running high on NATO testosterone and the plan had been there all along to take provoke Russia and the entire NATO mechanism has been set in place ready to be immediately activated as soon as Turkey launches the first attack.
    Time will tell how events will unfold in the coming days.

    • Ola says:

      So Turkey enters the record as the first NATO country to shoot down a Russian jet fighter. For sure also, this jet was taken down by ground fire. Russian SU-24s in this Syrian conflict have been carrying R-73 AAMs for self defence and would would have defended themselves against F-16s if they had been attacked by the Turkish airforce. Also, this is bad timing also as the French (a core NATO member, more relevant to NATO than Turkey in terms of military might) are beginning to coordinate bombing with Russia. Hope Turkey has not become the pun in the hands of US here. We will know what happens next very clearly if this plane did not violate Turkish airspace and implicitly, if it did in fact violated Turkish airspace for some seconds (as it came down on the Syrian side of the border and the two pilots ejected in the Syrian side). Previous violation of Turkish airspace happened when a Russian fighter was trying to shake off a SAM signal that locked on to it and had to fly some manoeuvres that took it into Turkish airspace for several seconds. This is like a dog taking on a bear that strayed into it’s territory, yea the dog gets its morale boost from its masters being around.

  36. Sir Kay says:

    Nothing will come out of this, these are politicians, they will work something out, and if that failed, then Russia can retaliate if any turkish jet enters syrian airspace, that’s about it.
    Russia won’t directly go inside turkey to drop bombs, it won’t happen over this incident. Especially when the pilots made it out.
    I only feel bad for those Syrian Turkmens holding one of the pilots, they better escort him to safety or see what’s left of their villages turn to ashes, there will be where Russia will retaliate if they don’t hand their pilot over

    • Ola says:

      If proven that the plane was taken down inside Syrian airspace, it would be a much more serious matter. Russia is busy finding ways to recover their pilots right now and simultaneously piecing facts together and planning a next line of action, Presumably. I suppose we would see flight telemetric data coming up soon. No matter what, I see a case where Turkey can no longer fly into Syrian airspace to attack the Kurds, I also see a scenario in which Turkish SAM batteries which are dotting that region suffer severe, accidental bombings by Russians targeting the rebels in that region but accidentally misfiring into Turkey, without apologies. Turkey may suffer a cruise missile mishap “intended” for ISIS targets in Syria. Don’t put anything beyond Russia (except open invasion) in response to this incident.
      In addition, Russia has evidences to show how Turkey has been financing ISIS and buying oil from ISIS, this was what Putin thingly veiled when he said some NATO members fund and do business with ISIS at the recently concluded G20 summit. I see Russia releasing this information pretty soon, no matter what. Yes, This first incident will not see Russia invading and brazenly bombing Turkey, but it could very rapidly deteriorate to a NATO/Russia conflict with Turkey or a Baltic state being the ground zero.

      • Sir Kay says:

        My point exactly, Russia won’t start a war with Nato over this.
        What they might also do is deny turkey access to syrian airspace, then those syrian kurds might have some breathing space. Basically turkey should be apprehensive about venturing illegally into Syria airspace after this

  37. freeegulf says:

    that village idiot erdogan, the wannabe sultan, has done it again. this time he has bitten more than he can definitely chew. if that village fool thinks NATO will go to war with the russia, the 2nd most powerful country in the world, over turkey, then he really is leaving in ottoman era.

    we should hope this issue is resolved peacefully. there are conflicting reports that one of the pilot is dead and the other captured by turkmen opposed to, and fighting the syrian govt.
    allah will stay very far from erdogan, because putin will turn him into kebab when the sh*t hit the fan.
    a village idiot that wants to provoke NATO article 5 and start WW3

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      The world is gradually building its ranks. Those with terrorists and others referred as people of goodwill. Relating the 2 sides to this shocking event, it is clear on who is right or wrong. I consider this an attempt to distract Putin in his current effort to bomb ISIS to oblivion. At a time when the world is battling terror, over 200 Russians shot down in Egypt, Paris attacks, murderous beheadings of yazidis, shias and other ISIS labelled infidels, One expects a neighboring country to ISIS territory to step up anti ISIS strategy/campaign, rather and very importantly, to bomb a plane supposedly deployed to fight ISIS. There must be an agenda beyond the ears to distract Russia as the last Turkish citizens knows they can’t fight Russia and ISIS same time. The principle of reciprocity sometimes helps to reduce terrorism since all is capable to giving it.

    • Are James says:

      You are very correct about this strange prime minister. The world has been watching his antics for years. The most violent anti Israeli stance in Europe, destabilisation projects all over the region, double standards on terrorism ISIS vs PKK.

  38. Are James says:

    Turkey has been a silent cheerleader for ISIS with US knowledge. They have actually been sabotaging their NATO allies from the start.
    The situation has been this for weeks :- Coalition divides work load between member airforces. Turkey pledges maximum delivery but shares the bomb load 80:20 between PKK: ISIS.

  39. freeegulf says:

    erdogan the village idiot is a fanatic, a muslim brotherhood extremist. the funny thing is that though the leadership of both countries hate each other, russia and turkey have a very close economic relationship.

    i guess the fact that russia was bombing ISIL oil facilities and trucks are making the turks froth with anger and pain. they are the beneficiaries of this cheap oil. their shipping companies, with links to the erdogan ruling party, and directly involved in the logistics aspect of this illegal trade. do not forget this is in contravention to UNSC resolution

    to see how foolish erdogan is, he did not even contact the russians about this clusterfvck, rather their foreign ministry was ordered to contact NATO. how ironic, when president hollande is busy building strategic partnership with president putin to combat ISIL. this village fool has decided to poo poo the entire relationship for his extremist ideology.

    even if russia do not directly hurl kalibre cruise missiles on ankarra, expect S-300 and S-400 in syrian airspace. and they will deny turkish planes that space to hit the PKK.
    the turks are so hot headed. the russians on the otherhand, build that anger slowly, but in the end, they make their enemies look like choir girls when they start their operations

  40. Kay says:

    Even though Soviet Russia is a bit of a petulant trolling nation, I’d rather they give it back to Turkey. One of the feeder states that’s done little to none in stemming influx of potential terrorists from all over.
    In the event of conflagration, what happens to our arms deliveries from the two warring states.

  41. Roscoe says:

    This is all part of the great game, Turkey unwittingly fell for the Russian probing of their border villages. Turkey have no control over the situation they have set a match to. The effects of this will be felt in the Crimea and the Baltic States.

    • Ola says:

      The rebels met the pilots with gun fire before they hit the ground and killed one of them. Putin promised Turkey answers to today’s incident.


      I see Russia taking down Turkish jets, I see Turkey not being able to fly even close to their own border with Syria any more, I see Turkey suffering severely under Russia without NATO really doing NOTHING except sabre rattling. Turkey depends on Russia significantly for energy, tourism and local infrastructural development. We would see Turkey still getting these services but paying through the nose for them, just as Russia has done to Ukraine. We would also see Russian tourists drying up in Turkey.


      The feeling at home here is like nothing has happened. Yes, it’s still quite early, but I don’t see the UK ramping up effort to help Turkey any time soon. US, Germany and Netherlands in September-October withdrew their patriot missile systems ADS from Turkey. US did on the grounds of taking them back to the US to upgrade them but Germany and the Netherlands suddenly decided to Withdraw their systems in October without explanations, although one could guess it was because NATO’s 2 year mandate to defend Turkey’s airspace was ending. My opinion is that Germany and Netherlands did not want to be in the position to engage Russia militarily over Turkey, so they pulled their systems away as soon as Russia started their offensive in Syria.
      In all NATO joint activities I have witnessed, Turkey remains weaker than states Like Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and even Romania in terms of familiarisation with deployed equipment, self-sustainability and basic military tactics but has continued to be on NATO membership being a first member and its geopolitical relevance to the EU and US. Let’s see how closely Turkey is supported if this escalates (almost certainly, it will). Russia does not want a world war but will severely deal with a state like Turkey in isolation. Meanwhile, no one is ready to engage Russia in a conflict and if NATO dares gang up against Russia, states like Iran and China would be dragged in, effectively making it a world war. No one at NATO is stupid enough to do this. Even the US that has goaded Turkey into playing the strong man against Russia will not foolishly allow Erdogan to drag them into a 3rd world war as Russia is one of the only few countries in the world who can launch a large scale, devastating attack on mainland US and US likes keeping their war away from home. Our (the UK) military is currently undergoing restructuring and upgrades and we’re not ready for a large scale conflict any time soon, so the UK can be effectively counted out too. Turkey will very rapidly find out they have acted alone and they are on their own on this, especially if the jet was indeed in Syrian airspace.
      I hope ISIS will not win this war at the end, the goal is ISIS has been a start a global war, that was why ISIS has been launching attacks basically all over the world, trying to pit nations against each other.

    • Roscoe says:

      There is a chance the Turks gave the Turkmen Shoulder launched missiles which brought down the jet. The Russians still insist it was ground fire… This is a significant escalation and shows that Turkey is looking to be buffered against the Kurdish state that may materialize at the end of this OR wants to land grab within Syria. Pushing Russia will not achieve that goal of a buffer zone.

  42. trigger says:

    Turkey should stop this sabre rattling.. it could lead to war oooo

    World War III? Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet!!!

    Turkish fighter jets shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian
    border on Tuesday after repeated warnings over air space violations,
    but Moscow said it could prove the jet had not left Syrian air space.
    It was the first time a NATO member’s armed forces have downed a
    Russian or Soviet military aircraft since the 1950s and Russian and
    Turkish assets fell on fears of an escalation between the former Cold
    War enemies.
    The Turkish military said the aircraft had been warned 10 times in the
    space of five minutes about violating Turkish airspace. Officials said a
    second plane had also approached the border and been warned.


    Minutes later, the Turkish Lira sank like a rock while risk assets
    across Europe tumbled when the Turkish presidency confirmed that,
    as many had expected, the jet was a Russian, allegedly a Su-24. The
    Su-24 jet was warned after violating Turkish airspace and was then
    downed in line with Turkey’s rules of engagement, Anadolu says,
    citing officials at the presidency.
    To be sure, Turkey claims it tried to warn the plane repeatedly:
    However, while moments ago the Russian defense ministry confirmed
    that the shot down plane was indeed one of its own in what will be
    deemed a clear act of aggression by a NATO-member country against
    Russia, the Russian defense ministry said it could prove the aircraft
    was over Syria for the entire flight.
    The ministry added that the pilots ejected, according to preliminary
    info, and that Russia trying to determine their fates, Interfax reports.
    Interfax also adds that the plane was probably downed by fire from
    ground, and that it had been flying at flying at an altitude of 6,000
    Meanwhile, Turkish media reported that either one or both of the
    pilots may have been captured by Turkmen forces located in the
    This huge escalation in the Syrian proxy war, one where a NATO
    country has openly attacked a non-NATO country (if Russia is correct
    and it did not violate Turkish airspace), comes after Turkey called this
    week for a U.N. Security Council meeting to discuss attacks on
    Turkmens in neighboring Syria, and last week Ankara summoned the
    Russian ambassador to protest the bombing of their villages.
    Ankara has traditionally expressed solidarity with Syrian Turkmens,
    who are Syrians of Turkish descent.

  43. giles says:

    Wetin for the First official dogfight Btw Su30sm n Su35m vs F15se n typhoon jet.

  44. Ola says:

    The two Russian pilots have been confirmed dead, shot dead by the rebels before they hit the ground. Putin promised Turkey answers to today’s incident.
    I see Russia taking down Turkish jets, I see Turkey not being able to fly even close to their own border with Syria any more, I see Turkey suffering severely under Russia without NATO really doing NOTHING except sabre rattling. Turkey depends on Russia significantly for energy, tourism and local infrastructural development. We would see Turkey still getting these services but paying through the nose for them, just as Russia has done to Ukraine. We would also see Russian tourists drying up in Turkey.
    The feeling at home here is like nothing has happened. Yes, it’s still quite early, but I don’t see the UK ramping up effort to help Turkey any time soon. US, Germany and Netherlands in September-October withdrew their patriot missile systems ADS from Turkey. US did on the grounds of taking them back to the US to upgrade them but Germany and the Netherlands suddenly decided to Withdraw their systems in October without explanations, although one could guess it was because NATO’s 2 year mandate to defend Turkey’s airspace was ending. My opinion is that Germany and Netherlands did not want to be in the position to engage Russia militarily over Turkey, so they pulled their systems away as soon as Russia started their offensive in Syria.
    In all NATO joint activities I have witnessed, Turkey remains weaker than states Like Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and even Romania in terms of familiarisation with deployed equipment, self-sustainability and basic military tactics but has continued to be on NATO membership being a first member and its geopolitical relevance to the EU and US. Let’s see how closely Turkey is supported if this escalates (almost certainly, it will). Russia does not want a world war but will severely deal with a state like Turkey in isolation. Meanwhile, no one is ready to engage Russia in a conflict and if NATO dares gang up against Russia, states like Iran and China would be dragged in, effectively making it a world war. No one at NATO is stupid enough to do this. Even the US that has goaded Turkey into playing the strong man against Russia will not foolishly allow Erdogan to drag them into a 3rd world war as Russia is one of the only few countries in the world who can launch a large scale, devastating attack on mainland US and US likes keeping their war away from home. Our (the UK) military is currently undergoing restructuring and upgrades and we’re not ready for a large scale conflict any time soon, so the UK can be effectively counted out too. Turkey will very rapidly find out they have acted alone and they are on their own on this, especially if the jet was indeed in Syrian airspace.
    I hope ISIS will not win this war at the end, the goal is ISIS has been to start a global war, that was why ISIS has been launching attacks basically all over the world, trying to pit nations against each other.

  45. jimmy says:

    Main Suppliers of ISIS
    2. Saudi Arabia
    3. Qatar

  46. Roscoe says:

    Totally Hypothesizing

    If hostilities are declared and The NATO articles are invoked. The Baltic will be closed via naval blockade and then Iran will close the straits in the middle east. This is the worst case situation, world war.

    If nothing happens Turkey will be effectively isolated by Limited Russian Aggression (energy wars and shootdowns of planes that go into Syria) and may decide to close the Dardanelles off to Russian shipping in protest, this would be an act of war and would lead to the dissolution of NATO if Articles are not invoked. Long term (2 decades or so) Ukraine and the Baltics are overwhelmed by Russian aggression and the great game continues, A few more decades and Russia becomes major middle eastern force alongside their allies Iran (who by then will have the bomb). The house of Saud having fallen to chaos due to internal strife (this is mor eprobable than not).

    Best case this all blows over and we revert to the status quo, everybody destroys ISIS and Iran still gets the bomb in 2 decades and the house of Saud still falls. Paragraph two still occurs.

  47. Sir Kay says:

    Footage captures Russian rescue helicopter being destroyed by Syrian rebel’s missile launcher after it crashed searching for pilots.


    Someone’s playing with fire here if this is true

    • Are James says:

      It is actually Putin playing with fire. I have had a rethink about what is going on and the harsh realities of the world in 2015 are setting in. Russia is exposing itself to some real dangers as it continues to push this strongman type of popular leader on ill advised foreign adventures . This time the enemy is not rational and they are backed by powerful entities in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, . Interestingly the non-state actors are the more dangerous ones. Most Nations in the world today are in debt apart from about seven countries. However non state global organisations; churches, multinational companies , Islamic charities and NGOs are awash 20th cash and unbelievable influence and power.

      Russia has to be careful taking on radical Islam because it could very well turn into taking on the entire religion. Everything and anything is possible with an irrational operator. Russia itself is ringed by Islamic nations and has an actively suppressed but resurrect able Muslim population 20th in its borders. They are a world power but still essentially an aging, depopulation country that can I’ll afford hysterical, run away enduring hostilities that can go out of control. Furthermore I think Turkeys action is not without calculation,

      • Are James says:


      • Roscoe says:

        @Oga James, I think this was a trap for the Turks. And they fell for it, the plane was sacrificed and now we will have an exchange of pieces. The big game here is to isolate Turkey and try and make sure NATO does not come to the defense of a member country that is attacked, every body assumed it would be in the Baltics.. I think next year we will see turkish planes shot down or turkish positions hit with shelling/air strikes.

  48. Augustine says:

    I just watched a news report directly from Syria based TV journalists, update of this hour.

    USA military command has confirmed that they heard radio comms from Turkey to the Russian Su-24 pilot warning him TEN TIMES REPEATEDLY that he is approaching/violating Turkish airspace, the pilot did not obey the warning, two F-16 jets scrambled and engaged, shot it down, both Russian pilots ejected. Conflicting report/claims of who captured the pilots. Russia negotiating pilots release with Turkish government.

    My opinion, deliberate Russian incursion to test Turks and NATO ground radars, C3 command/control/communications, will power/nerves, threat response time and jet fighter interceptor capabilities. Else maybe they just want to create a mess with Turks and KGB is good at complex thinking and entrapment tactics to achieve a covert Kremlin agenda.

    See, make dem oyinbos dey fight each other if dem no get another work to do.

    All I care about now is Nigeria buying ALL the weapons we need from Russia before any threat of major war pushes Russia to stop sales/export of heavy weapons especially second hand from their own current inventory. That is how Nigeria banked all her hope of anytime fire brigade-call, on Ukraine to sell us second hand weapons if Nigeria has a sudden war.

    Now Ukraine itself is at war, thus struggling to sell a few weapons to Nigeria since they too need all the weapons they can muster for Crimea war. I have always warned that Nigeria should not bank on Russia carelessly, with a ‘Last Minute Fire Brigade Weapons Procurement’ national policy invented and perfected by Nigerian government since 1960 till date…..Shagari government being the only exception for being proactive and arming up ahead of any conflict. Shagari level of weapons procurement kept Libya/Ghadaffi and South Africa/Botha away from making any military threat to Nigeria. Then, NAF Jaguars/MiG customized variants and NN frigates/Corvettes were superior to Libyan and South African jet or warship.

    I warn that if Russia goes to a major war someday we don’t know, they will not export any heavy weapons to anybody.

    Nigeria beware ! Budget 2016, decide on what new weapon procurement NA, NAF, and NN needs now for COIN war against Boko Haram and conventional threats that may emerge from an unconventional insurgency war.

    See, my brother, it’s only a fool who will say insurgency cannot lead to nation vs nation conventional war, is it not asymmetric insurgency/guerrilla war, Syrian rebels, and ISIS terrorists etc, that has caused an air to air modern jet fighter combat now? F-16 Vs Su-24.

    Nigerian federal government, army and air force always believe they can predict when a conventional war will happen, so they do not wish to prepare ahead for it with proper modern heavy weapons procurement. Two African neighbouring countries around us have MiG-29 jets with BVR missiles, and another two countries in Africa have Su-30 Flanker jets with range to hit Nigeria and one even has air refueling tankers for her BVRAAM armed Su-30 Flankers, plus Su-24 Fencer dedicated EW-ESM-ECM variants and planning to buy AWACS to join it. Haba !

    We dey sleep for Abuja and only wake up to think Boko Haram war of rifles and ancient 1970 era tanks with some 1970 generation jets. LOOKS LIKE A JINX….or a CURSE….but I fear the OMEN.

  49. Kola Adekola says:

    I care more about the ground shaking revelations that are likely to result from this as concerns boko harams Toyota’s and weaponry and the connections of the web to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    Russia, please come clear with the details of the 40 nations backing ISIS.

  50. Ola says:

    3rd Russian casualty and second Russian aircraft destroyed in one day. A Russian helicopter that landed in the area of the downed jet, apparently on a SaR mission was taken out with a “TOW” missile. A Russian soldier was KIA in the hit.
    First response from Russia:
    1. deployment of a missile cruiser to the region to take out “any hostile” object.
    2. Promised rapid deployment of ADSs in Syria
    3. Cutting all military cooperation with Turkey i.e effectively declaring Syrian territory a no-go area for Turkey.
    How NATO members are handling it:
    1. US -Turkey indeed warned the Russian jet 10 times. This confirms that Turkey communicated with US and got a green light form the US to down the jet before Turkey did. That was also why Turkey immediately called an information meeting of NATO immediately after, not talking to Russia first.
    2. France, Germany, UK, NATO defence secretary: all parts should urgently talk to each other and de-escalate. Meaning: “we’ve got this mess on our hands, we don’t want a fight but we don’t want to leave our trigger happy friend in the cold. Hopefully, this would go away”
    We are likely to see Russia bombing the living day lights out of the Turkmen who killed the pilots, the face of their leader is being shown as on BBC as a kind of hero, holding the parachute handles of one of the downed Russian jet pilots. BBC has effectively published his obituary, unknowingly.
    We are likely to see Russian SF in few numbers on the ground on covert ops actively hunting out targeted elements.
    We will see Russia denying NATO members the opportunity to freely jettison weapons to the rebels as well as significantly raiding the ground route for weapons from Turkey into Syria. The TOW usage against RUssian SaR helicopter has called for this.
    We will definitely see more dedicated fighters and fighter bombers being deployed into Syria, we would see the deployment of various AAMs primarily for dog fighting.
    What’s in this for Nigeria? I suppose this case will likely get to UN security council, Nigeria needs to learn to be non-aligned and KEEP SHUT no matter the pressure from anyone. The worst that could happen already happened, prevention of weapons acquisition by Nigeria.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      If Nigeria is serious about defeating boko haram, we should not remain unaligned in the present circumstances. We need to be able to hide under the cloak of the world powers that are genuinely involved in the anti-ISIS campaign to publicly and squarely identify our enemies once and for all. The government knows where boko harams Toyota’s etc come from; now is the opportunity to speak up. We have more than enough moral authority to do so as the worlds 3rd most terrorised country – even more so than Syria.

      The worlds top 5 most terrorised states according to the Global Terrorism Index:
      1. Iraq
      2. Afghanistan
      3. Nigeria
      4. Pakistan
      5. Syria

      Concerning consequences of Turkeys actions: in the short term, we well likely see movements of Russian assets into threatening positions outside Turkish waters and airspace.

      In the long term,we might also see a strong realignment of alliances on the ground in Syria, with Russia providing both advanced air defence weapons and air cover for the Kurds to seal off the Turkish border. Areas like Manbij and Jarablous will be first to fall under such a scenario; that will have the immediate impact of cutting ISIS umbilical cord to Turkey (oil trades, weapons imports etc).
      As for Latakia, there will likely be likely be intensification of direct Russian involvement, with the number of Russian bases in Syria expanding to mountain heights in the region that directly overlook Turkey.

      Russia is also Turkey’s second-largest trading partner (after the EU) with 60% of Turkeys natural gas supplies coming from Russia. Turkey is also getting huge discounts for Russian gas, so prices might just go up without a cheap replacement to hand at a time when Russia has both regained its past dominance in the EU market and has little need for subsidising Turkish custom.

      On the EU’s part, the cultural, security and economic implications of events in Paris and Belgium, even more so the deluge of refugees, has heavily weighted matters in Russias favour. There has been a rapid increase in the decibels from Europes leaders for calls to drop all sanctions against Russia and there is unprecedented military cooperation between France and Russia.

      No matter which way it is looked at, so far as Russia does not react immediately or rashly, Turkey has seriously shot itself in the foot and cooked its goose well past done.
      Maybe Erdogan is a fool, maybe he is a psychopath, who knows? I just saw something on TV which says he wants to be the Sultan of a wider ISIS that includes Turkey; it might sound far out, but religion can turn people crazy and all Erdogans actions indeed seem crazy. Regardless, whatever plans Erdogan has for his ISIS baby now seem doomed to failure.

      • Sir Kay says:

        My Oga, you know that list is BS right? Only a mad person will say Nigeria is more terrorized than Syria lol, I mean, seriously? ( I meant those that came up with that ranking, not you) Syria is littered with tons of militias, rebels and terror groups, and many many civilians get killed every day, not to talk of the fact that more than half of Syrian territory is in the hands of terrorists .
        Agree with the other stuff you say by the way

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Sir Kay, you could be right about the accuracy of the list. However, it would not matter if Nigeria wants to use that list as leverage to insert itself into the current matters from a moral viewpoint.
        It serves the added purpose of turning a weapon against aimed at Nigeria into a boomerang against the forces aiming it. We could really do with some powerful friends, this is the perfect opportunity.

      • Are James says:

        Russia does not have ongoing capacity to do these things you have enumerated. Like you said though it is only remotely achieve able if the actions are not immediate but rolled out after serious war gaming.
        What I wrote before is simply to say Russia cannot fight radical Islam as presently constituted on its own. It has to pick it’s fight and be more deliberate. No more playing to the gallery.

      • lachit says:

        3-4 months ago i had already predicted the double stand of turkey.
        i had posted a picture of a honour guard of erdogan which showed his tilt towards jehadi fundmentalism.
        china is also concerned because of turkeys support to jehadis in china.

        1.iraq is a victim of american stupidity. no WMD were ever found . saddam was a secularist and was the best bet for a prosperous iraq. but american arms industries thought otherwise.

        2.afganistan was a victim of cold war politics in the initial stages and later to the power play of pakistan because of the invalidation of the DURRAND line separating afganistan and pakistan, which will will allow a stronger afganistan to redraw the broder via inclusion of NFP and pashtun dominated areas.

        3.nigeria was a victim due to economic mismanagement and intelligence failure. certain delibertions by me shows that BH could have been stopped at its tracks at the beginning stages. after the afgan war was over the jehadi factories were looking for fresh pasture and they made inroads into countries where they could carry out their evil designs.
        the jehadi infrastucture was well funded, supported via govts/elements of uae pakistan qatar kuwait saudi arabia oman turkey etc indirect role of cia / western intelligence , neighbouring countries intelligence cannot be ruled out .

        why intelligence failure?
        do anybody remember a aritcle posted here regarding rehabilitation program of former BH members.
        a former commander of BH had recounted his tales how he was inspired to join BH via indoctrination by a mullah from pakistan in the local madressa.
        now common sense dictates that in the early stages such foreign mullahs must have come in large numbers from many countries and carried on the task to incite jehadi islamic fundamentalism in nigeria.
        this must have gone on for many years. training , recruitment, logistics , indoctrination , finance , infrastucture related experience accquired from foreign islamists/mullahs trained/payed from abroad.
        all this never came under the intelligence radar?

        local and national intelligence failed to keep tabs on such foreign elements who came in legally or illegaly. if they were pro active they could have isolated the few nigerian islamists and prevented them from beniffiting from the incomming foreign assets.
        all of u must know that the brulality shown by BH is mirrored by similiar incidents in iraq and syria where foreign indoctrination/guidence is maximum.
        separating and isolating foreign help is a must in order to finish BH .

        still my believe is nigeria among these countries is in the best position. it is near to finish BH .
        concurrently it needs to seek help from israel and india for GREEN & WHITE REVOLUTION practically successful low cost techniques to improve agriculture , cattle , sheep farming in arid semi arid regions of the north , these are labour intensive and will keep the people employed and away from jehadis . AMEN to that.

        3.pakistan. it is a classical and practicle example of “if u dig a pit for others to fall in, u will always end up in it”

        4.syria is a classical example of “in a fight among brothers if u invite outsiders u end with nothing but total loss with nothing left for the either of the brothers to win but corpses and a ravaged nation”

        views r my own opinion

    • Sir Kay says:

      But how many of those are still in service, that’s a lot of air assets, but i saw one that entered into service in 1965 lol, so i don’t know if those would still be in service

      • lachit says:

        most of turkeys military assets r western and its indegenous wepons systems employ western subsystems and components extensively.
        if turkey is confronted by the west all of these will be degraded or compromized easily.

        if russia takes it to turkey all it needs to do is to arm and support the kurds then turkey will be draw into a never ending nightmare

      • Are James says:

        Russia will never go against Turkey militarily. Please stop armchair war gaming.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Exactly, Oga lachit. I am quite sure will see advanced Russian air defence systems in the Kurdish areas very soon. Turkey can say bye bye to the Kurds and welcome to real instability. If this scenario plays out, the air defence systems would likely be manned by “little green men” until the alliance matures.

        We can expect Putin to give brand new matching orders to his Chechen thug in chief, Ramzan Kadyrov. I really feel sorry for Turkey and its coming, Russian inspired civil war.

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        good that u mentioned Ramzan Kadyrov.

        this is the way russian and indian intelligence operate.

        this might sound absurd and cruel but in real life this is realpolitics.

        say if u have major terrorist group which is giving u headaches and the fight to subdue it is nowhere in sight and then there is the risk of foreign interference to make it in to far unmanagable conflict .
        then the best policy to use is the policy of **divide and rule**.
        infilrate the organization and single out individuals for support.
        support and finance them to bring out rival factions in direct conflict with the parent group , with this when the parent group is destroyed or subjugated , provide sops to the break away group, keep them in power but contine to infilrate them and consolidate ur hold on them , and when conditions r ripe u decimate the group which u yourself supported. all this will be spread over a long period of time so that the connected chain of events dont appear to be connected. and nobody gets wise.
        in india this has been done a no of times. and russia is also involved in this sort of things.
        mossad is also reputed to have engineered breakaways in jehadi organizations successfully.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      My Oga’s, this might be a pointer to Erdogan’s vision of a greater ISIS:


      It is enough to make one shudder.

  51. Kola Adekola says:

    This Russian video claims to be of the rescue of the second downed pilot:

  52. abduleez says:

    wow, omo it seems Mallam Tayyip Erdogan has grown sum really huge balls.  This man will definitely be mercilessly humiliated by Putin cos of his stupidity.  Is it not Russia which France is cooperating with in order to wipe out ISIS frm d face of d earth that Erdogan is fooling with?? I trust Putin suffers fools freely with ease.

    On second thought this might be Russia truly prodding Turkey to test its threat response time and nerves just as Oga Augustine said. But he should start pissing in his pants cos no more PKK bombings in Syria!! He should be ready to lose some fighters if he dares.

    Russia which even the US and its EU allies only fights with on the “Press” not physically, thats whom Turkey trigger happy shoots down its jet. Sure to expect Russian jets m
    isfiring against Turks SAM sites mistaken for ISIS targets.  If that jet by mistake remains in Syrian airspace, Turkey is in hot pepper soup if it gets isolated.

    Few days ago RAF typhoons intercepted 2 Russian Tu-160 bombers which flew on an unusual route to bomb IS targets in Syria and Iraq, flying very close to Scottish airspace. As if that was not provoking to have ” large nuclear capable long range strategic bombers” at ur doorstep.The bombers were escorted till they journeyed through the Mediterranean to deliver their payload.  Still no aircraft being shot down, talkless of  common Turkey!!

    I had deliberately avoided this dasuki topic but i see its unavoidable.

    On the Dasuki’s probe, whether na witch hunt or man-hunt or witchcraft, e no concern me, someone has to pay for our shit pipe procurements.  But the way the FG is taking the issue it seems they are desperate to nail him. If his ailment can’t be treated here let him travel and do it within 2 weeks. no b say him sickness we no fit treat am here oo!! wonder y na when na dey kasala na go say na dey sick!! Then he should come back and face trial. Wonder y it is only Dasuki’s name am hearing, whats d work of an NSA; is he in charge of weapons procurement purchases??  I ain’t hearing that man Alex Badeh’s name which should be in the gallows; a CDS which told us that he wasn’t given the needed equipments to prosecute the war against terror, prior to that he was telling us we had more than enough weapons to win the war. wetin him use $2 billion buy. What of the ex defence minister? the ex chiefs of the armed forces?? No questioning for them??

    • lachit says:

      turkish elections r around the corner maybe this was a show of nationalism by Erdogan.
      ergoden has ben cornered by the opposition over his policies maybe he wanted to divery the attention.

      regarding the newly revealed Russia’s National Defence Command Centre my question was how come they could not listen in to the alleged radio calls (if made) by the turkish forces to the su24.
      it was claimed they had complete view of the electronic spectrum over the operations being conducted there.

      • eyimola says:

        The Turkish elections have already been held. There is no logic in the move by the Turkish goverment

      • lachit says:

        oops sorry it was over on 1 november ,i should have verified it sorry again
        and thanks for the correction

        “There is no logic in the move by the Turkish goverment”
        i think there is logic because
        Bilal Erdoğan’s son of president erdogan is running a very lurcative oil business ie ISIS produced oil which runs into billions.
        the russians had hit miles long convoys smuggling oil into turkey and have also posted evidence showing the convoys comprising hundreds of tankers.
        as far as i am concerned this is a cause of concern.
        also russians have been hitting the tribal turkmens and turkey had been very angry about it. russia had claimed that many chechen villages had been set up in those regions with turkish help, russia does not want them to return to russia and wants to kill them all.
        and this is another valid reason.

        the su24 could not have been shoot down without beforehand authorization from the turkish government

    • Are James says:

      Dasuki assumed weapons procurement functions to make procurement relatively fast and solve MOD/DHQ/Field Generals quarrels on procurementioned. The issue was heavily debated on this blog.
      There was also no better way to handle the PMC contracting issue and payment than handling it through ONSA.
      However, he probably lined his pockets massively. The guys who allegedly looted on a massive scale were all the service chiefs before, during and after the NSAs direct involvement in arms purchases. The rumour mills have been buzzing about some of the investments some of them have been making. I no get evidence o, na ear I take hear.

  53. abduleez says:

    wetin i do na!! I have been trying to post comments for like four days now. i just can’t seem to. Its only very short texts I am able to send. omo i no go gree ooo, NETWORK I DEY VEX OO!!!

  54. lachit says:

    something happened to this wordpress
    comments r not appearing where intended
    they r getting posted everywhere except where intended

  55. abduleez says:

    By the looks of it we better start advising FG on other options of acquiring dedicated potent air assets, because it seems they ain’t gonna spend a dime on Our shiny metallic SU-30/35 dream unless they are in a positive spell.

    I think we should look in the way of “LEASING”. Leasing of weapon systems allows u to have the equipments in good numbers and paying less for it. In some cases one can lease a squadron of potent fighter jets for just the price of outrightly buying a single fighter jet!!!  Here’s an excerpt frm an article  i read few weeks ago:

    In January 2004 the UK Ministry of Defence announced that a variant of the A330 MRTT had been selected to provide tanking service for the RAF for the next 30 years under the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA) programme, replacing the RAF’s existing L-1011 and
    VC10 tankers. The Ministry of Defence then began negotiations with the AirTanker consortium.
    On 27 March 2008 the UK Ministry of Defence signed a deal to lease 14 aircraft under a private finance initiative arrangement from EADS-led consortium AirTanker, with the first aircraft to enter service in 2011.[23] There are two versions, designated Voyager KC2 and
    Voyager KC3 ;[24][25] the former will be fitted with two Cobham 905E under-wing refuelling pods, the latter with a Cobham 805E Fuselage Refuelling Unit (FRU) in addition to the under-wing pods. None of the RAF aircraft are fitted with the Aerial Refuelling Boom System (ARBS).
    [citation needed ] Both versions of Voyager are powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce Trent 772B-60 engines. [26]
    As of May 2014 nine aircraft have been delivered, completing the “core fleet” of RAF aircraft. [27] By August 2014, ten have been delivered with one for civilian purposes.[28] The remaining deliveries are to be a “surge capability”, available to the RAF when needed, but otherwise available to Airtanker for tasks such as “release to the civil market, less its military equipment or to partner nations in a military capacity with the MoD’s agreement”.

    Here’s another:

    “The Defense Ministry of the Czech Republic will hold a tender to beef up the Gripen jets’ onboard weapons so that they can effectively engage ground targets as well,” Petr Medek told reporters in Prague.

    He said that additional arms, to be installed before 2018, would help the planes better serve the interests of NATO’s joint air defense.
    Under a 10-year deal signed in 2004, the Czech Republic paid about 19.6 billion crowns (US $984 million) for the lease of 14 JAS 39 Gripen jet fighters.
    In 2013, the Czech Defense Minister Vlastimil Picek announced plans to extend the country’s lease of the Gripens, which had replaced the Soviet-made MiG 21 jets.
    In 2007, Hungary leased 14 Gripen jets but their equipment with modern arms has been held up due to the lack of funds.
    In June 2015, Slovakia signaled its desire to lease the Swedish-made fighter jets to replace its fleet of Soviet-made MiG-29 planes built 25 years ago.

    So, i say we go leasing since our leaders has competing demands to cater for our def-sec needs. If we do the sums Czech Republic will b paying $98.4 million dollars per year in the 10yr deal for 14 Gripens. Thats technically buying 14 gripens and paying the sum of acquiring just one gripen for a year.

    Though the money for the 10yr deal is enough to grab 12 gripens but as we see our leaders are afraid of big numbers and besides we ain’t at war or face any threats with our poor neighbors (sarcasm). So the leasing might be in our best interest. We have a potent deterrence against anyone for 10yrs but at a lower price.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga abdulazeez, you beat me to it my brother, I was waiting for FG to announce budget 2016 for defence. I was going to suggest urgent five year lease of 6 JF-17 Thunder from Pakistan and 1 Song Class submarine from China to cover the wide open incapacity gap in Nigeria’s air and sea warfare capabilities. The world is prone to war without notice since ancient times till today. These weapon leases are very common among NATO countries for aircraft and submarines. Nigeria can use this as five year stop gap measure instead of playing that CD titled ” No Money” on a daily basis.

      • lachit says:

        i too support it.
        my another reason is to assert the real capabilities of JF17.
        a third party experience would be much welcomed and revealing.

  56. Ola says:

    Events as it unfolds regarding Russia-NATO relations centered around Turkey. Turkey enters Syria to down a Russan fighter bombing region where Turkmen are inside Syria. Turkmen are Al-Nusra affiliates fighting Assad. US designates Al-Nusra as a terrorist group but turns a blind eye to Turkey because of a selfish interest. Turkey downs Russian jet in consultation with the US (that is why US has been the only one claiming Turkey warned a Russian jet 10 times in 5 minutes while Turkey itself wrote to the UN that the jet was in turkish airspace for 17 seconds). How do you warn a plane not in your airspace to keep away and subsequently fire on it when it did not pose any danger to you? The flight published by Turkey even stands against them. US is the only one saying they stand with Turkey but all member states of NATO (including US) are urging calm and a de-escalation. Turkey’s action is technically a declaration of war against Russia with the hope that NATO will shield Turkey when this push turns to shove.
    American trained rebels also destroyed a Russian helicopter on the ground and killed a Russian marine with an American “TOW” in the process.
    The whole thing gets murkier.
    I suppose we would see things escalating. Turkey is going to lose at least two fighters directly from Russian attack and US will lose at least one from a Russian made SAM inside Assad controlled territory. We would see more sabre rattling from there and things would simmer down then US will strike back at Russia through the rebels again and the whole cycle would repeat itself. The world should prepare for the spectacular show of military tech. and might that would play out in the coming months. And for Turkey, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown (Shakespeare in King Henry). Since Turkey has chosen to wear the crown of the first NATO country to take down a Russian fighter in a foreign territory, Turkey should prepare to face the consequences in direct attacks on their equipment and indirect consequences through a reinvigorated Kurdish uprising. Turkey’s trade is also getting a hit on some fronts, analysts are already putting a figure to the cost in cancelled holiday trips in the last 24 hours, the numbers are rising.

    • solorex says:

      Russia is already responding in an special way- it really does not escalate the issue but now puts Turkey under serious pressure

      1. It has been announced that all traditional bombers(Su24,Tu95…) will now get fighter escorts-Su30/Su27-This will now put pressure on Turkey to scramble high end F16s every time these monster show up on their radars screens- they are now real threats

      2. Russia is now deploying S400 with 400+ Km range at Lataika- meaning they can actually shoot down Turkish plane in Turkish Airspace- This further puts turkey under pressure to behave properly and discourages them from “harass-hit and run” missions.

      3. The Moskva cruiser and appurtenant battle group component as been deployed to Lataika- this monster carries approximately 64 long range anti Air craft missiles to further ensure that Russian has enough mobile air cover to operate unmolested in Syrian airspace

      4. Turkey cannot protect Turkmen on Syrian soil effectively without air cover, air drops ,cross border weapon smuggling-that ability will now be severely degraded.Russia has intentionally avoided hitting Turkmen not to anger Turkey-now that everybody is angry-we can expect that Putin will simply arranged for them to be properly and adequately bombed by labeling them Alnusra which they cohabit with.

      5. The Kurds have never been in front pages of Russian bad book-A few Iglas and ATGMs can be handed over to them to deal a surprise blow to Turkey.

  57. Augustine says:

    Abeg let them make long term trouble in middle east so that oil prices can go up a little bit due to tensions and fears/rumours of war. Naija needs some extra cash revenue.

    Meanwhile some of Nigeria’s elite NATIONAL THIEVES are returning corruptly embezzled STOLEN DOLLARS and naira that they robbed off the coffers of their own fatherland to give their unborn 7th generation of children enough looted money to live on, in an earthly paradise without working for the next 200 years.

    Thieves, barawo banza !


    • lachit says:

      lolzzz ur wicked 😀

    • lachit says:

      if by chance WW3 starts we will loose more than we bargained for 😀

    • ozed says:

      This whole story sounds funny to me. What crooks are so lily livered that with little or no clear proof against them they are now returning money.

      How come we are so out-spoken about cases of corruption we cannot prove e.g. NSA (disclosing unproved amounts etc.), while the ones that have freely admitted guilt by returning monies (which by the way PMB has said we are not satisfied with) we reward them by protecting their secrecy.

      Why are they not named and shamed like the NSA (even if we decide not to jail them).

      Meanwhile in line with accountability and transparency i hope the full sums retrieved are disclosed as returned monies and included in the 2016 budget!!!

      • Are James says:

        It is costly , time consuming and only 80% probability that you successfully prosecute corrupt persons and recover monies. A well crafted plea bargain can release funds quickly to government whilst protecting the family name of the guilty persons. Publicising the return of money was not for political gain but to capture money into the treasury in what is going to end as the worst financial year in history.
        There are corrupt funds all over. A few months ago there was more than an extra $5bn floating about the system , this was quite different from the normal diaspora remittances and other inflows that the CBN was used to

        As for the NSA alleged loot, we can prove everything. It is called PAV. Physical Assets Verification. So much was ordered and so much was received. Right now it is not adding up.

        It is ironical but I think some previous ills like disappearing field soldiers field allowances improved after the man stepped in on behalf of the then President. Weapon procurement cycle also became faster with expediting flights and express ships bur we must have paid double for every item.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Ozed, the current crop of politicians in power are full of stories and lies.
        Who do they think will believe anybody is returning money, especially as not a single soul has been put on trial and some in the government itself are known looters?

  58. jimmy says:

    Should I read between the lines that there are pilots training abroad for su24 OR MI35
    oga henry/ zachary/ obix/ xnur over to you.

  59. Deway says:

    Anybody with true and correct info on the missing soldiers? Some are giving the impression that a good number of men were lost during the bh attack/ambush and a secret burial was carried out at the Maiduguri military cemetery.

    • Are James says:

      I dont think the casualties are near 150. The loss of lives are regretted but there is heat on BH in all their strong holds.

      • Deway says:

        In the last one year there has been heat on bh in all their strongholds, so how could this have happened? And the secret burial? If true, why?

    • Sir Kay says:

      No such thing as secret burial, soldiers have families, I’m sure they would want to know where there loved ones are or buried, therefore that secret will be out.
      It will be silly to hold secret burials

      • Deway says:

        Sir Kay, na naija we dey. There were many soldiers flown into Nigeria on board our C130s in body bags during the Liberian civil war and were hurriedly buried. Sure they have families and when they loose contact with their sons then we’ll really know what’s going on.

      • ozed says:

        Oga na our normal way!!! Everything is secret.
        When last dis we see any publicly acknowledged military burials of war dead? Is it that there have been no casualties?
        Even the brave deeds of soldiers which are usually published in detail by other countries (i have read blow by blow accounts of US military exploits that led to decorations from Iraq and Afghanistan) are hush hush here. We just manage to show pix of soldiers being decorated with no statement or citation to glorify them.
        We thus end up missing a major marketing opportunity for the military. hopefully we shall learn someday.

      • Sir Kay says:

        What i meant was, its hard to keep secrets when too many people in that same circle knows what’s happening, that;s why i mentioned the family, so even if the military wants to keep it a secret, I’m sure some family member will spill things out. So it won’t be secret for long

  60. Martin Luther says:

    The turks have balls, when did it grow. Someone wants a war, a big war

  61. jimmy says:

    That was then
    This is now we are under a democracy with Social Media
    It is virtually impossible to conduct a Single Secret Burial now without someone taking photographs. Moreover from at least one independent source Edward@ Donklericuzio we can confirm that most of the Soldiers returned to base.
    Even the Soldiers who died in S’Leone and Liberia based on the reports that Beegs gave us most of them were known except for the deserters.
    Lastly consider the source FFK who has ample time on his hands and nothing to do .I rest my case.

  62. jimmy says:

    The Turks are not thinking like a petulant child they overreacted, yes Russia violated their airspace, and they as POTUS said they have every right to defend their airspace, they did and look what they gained by one silly action:
    *1million Russians will stay home instead of bringing their Rubles to spend in Turkey.
    ** Privately the Americans told the Turks they REALLY overreacted
    *** They just gave free access for one of the DEADLIEST SHIPS known to MANKIND to sail up and down their coast line err Mediterranean Sea
    **** They confirmed the worst fears of their fellow Nato Partners : France, Germany & UK that Turkey is a Liability
    ***** Russia will take it’s time but things instead of getting better in SYRIA and IRAQ just got worse.
    The PKK they must be tickled pink, ditto the Kurds.
    ****** For one Helicopter and one Jet This will be the price Assad will pay to remain in power U.F.B.
    ******* It is expected that Edrogan JR will now have to find a legitimate source of work as Ivan will ensure his smuggling err work is over ( allegedly)

  63. Kola Adekola says:

    Twitter is alive with Turkey going on red alert and sending tanks and artillery to the Syrian border.
    If things pan out that way, they could be nuked.

    • Ola says:

      1. Russia will not use nuclear bomb against anyone in this generation, except it is attacked first with the same, by a nuclear power. Actually, Russia has the most powerful, non-nuclear bomb in the world, the ATBIP and Russia will not use that either.
      2. Turkey sending tanks to its border with Syria will be a silly move if it is true. In a potential conflict, all the tanks will be sitting ducks against the current Russian power in Syria as of now, not to talk of what Russia will be deploying in the coming days
      3. The creation of “safe passage” in Northern Syria from Jarabulus to Azaz and Aleppo region is an attempt by Turkey to create a human shield in that area for itself and to also create a buffer zone for their islamists and Russia will not have any of that, I am sure. I wait to see how this event unfolds.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        I agree that Turkish tanks at the border is silly, especially as that area is mountainous, therefore the tanks will be sitting ducks not just for airpower, but also for Syria’s ground force allies.

        About Russia using a nuclear weapon, nothing can be off the table if Turkey continues to behave erratically and dangerously in order to cause a NATO-Russia confrontation. In such circumstances, strategic use of a couple of small nuclear weapons would deflect the world from a much more devastating war that would result in Earth becoming a barren rock.

    • Are James says:

      Stop saying these things

    • Sir Kay says:

      Haha, Oga, nuke ke? who go nuke them? haha, Russia won’t dare nuke Turkey

  64. abduleez says:

    French president Francois Hollande makes plea to Merkel to help fight ISIS


    Hehehe…Oga Kola, no body is gonna nuke Turkey. But Turkey is gonna get punished definitely sooner or later..
    Or u dey use style pray make RUSSIA nuke the small “Turkey”~ na WW3 be dat oo!! And Nigeria ain’t prepared cos we got “competing demands”. lolzz

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga abduleez, have you considered what might have pushed Turkey to be so desperate that they took yesterdays reckless act? It is likely to be do or die for them, because when ISIS is defeated, Russia, Iran and Syria would likely have enough material to blackmail not just Turkey, but possibly the West. To my mind, that can be the only reason all caution is being thrown to the wind right now.

      If Turkey was moving the tanks to the Jarablous area then we might conclude that they want to prevent the Kurds from closing the gap between Kobani and Afrin. But Turkey is moving its tanks to the border at Latakia which is close to both the Russian base and the Su-24 crash site.

      The US also put new sanctions on Russia today over Syria. Things are not getting better. So, the Russians might see Turkey as being used as a sacrificial lamb the same way Ukraine was used. In that light if Turkey continues to escalate, since the world already blames Turkey, Russia might go as far as nuking their military facilities/formations and get away with it.

      Since Turkish behaviour has been reckless, there will be no WW3, just massive recriminations, a huge blame game and the most humongous flurry of diplomatic activity ever witnessed. Of course, there will also be propaganda (true and false from both sides) and cover-ups concerning connections to ISIS and other terrorist groups.

      • Are James says:

        I am getting really worried about what you are posting . Good problem statement, bad data amateur analysis amd childish conclusion. Nobody is going to nuke anybody and if tthat even happened nobody is going to leave the nuker to go free.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga grown up with big IQ, if Russia nukes anyone will you be the one to respond, especially where it is justifiable?
        Even if you had nuclear weapons would you be foolish enough to respond on behalf of an ISIS backer?

      • Are James says:

        Apologies to all. Let us go slow on the nuclear weapons bit ..sha

  65. Martin Luther says:

    WW3 Nigeria could contribute a lot of black bodies, don’t say we got nothing

  66. abduleez says:

    Hehehe… as i said Nuking Turkey has not come to that, besides Turkey’s military is no were near the capability of Russia, so it isn’t a top threat state.

    Its just a state who wants the fame and popularity of being the 1st NATO country to attack Russia military since the cold war and should be ready to b the first NATO member to be bombed and attacked by Russia without any military reprisals frm NATO at large(US&EU).

    Just wondering what Turkey gon’ do when a SU-30SM nears its border..hope u scramble F-16 block 52/60 for interception… we might as well see the first confrontation of this WESTERN VS EASTERN systems….pls grant my humble request Sultan Erdogan…hope u don’t shit in ur pants when the Border’s temperature gets too high..

    Besides RUSSIA possess the most powerful non nuclear warhead.

    In September, 2007, Russia exploded the largest thermobaric weapon ever made. Its yield was reportedly greater than the smallest dial-a-yield nuclear weapons at their lowest settings. [29][30] Russia named this particular ordnance the “Father of All Bombs ” in response to the United States developed Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb whose
    backronym is the “Mother of All Bombs”, and which previously held the accolade of the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in history. [31] The bomb contains an approximately 7 ton charge of a liquid fuel such as ethylene oxide , mixed with an energetic nanoparticle such as aluminium, surrounding a high explosive burster[32] that when detonated created an explosion equivalent to 44 t (49 tons) of TNT.

    Oga Kola, Omo shay tolotolo(Turkey) spoil ur business way u want make RUSSIA bomb am to oblivion!! lolzz..

    • Are James says:

      I don’t see a qualitative advantage in Russian versus Turkish military. There is a clear advantage in numbers. There are capabilities not apparent on the surface on both sides. We should resist a one to one comparison of weapon systems and amateurishly infer a winner of a conflict on those bases alone. Please don’t bring nuclear weapons into the picture. Using nuclear weapons makes the war a draw only we won’t be around to to hand out both sets of medals. There is not going to be a winner of a nuclear war in Europe or the ME that will be left standing to claim winners prize.
      Russia was on to a very good thing in Syria but as I warned before they strutted too showingly in a very dangerous and sticky neighbourhood , Russia is too small for the problem on ground – Sunni-Shiite issues, Iran – Saudi, Arab – Israeli issues are issues of some depth and no amount of Slavic bravado will solve them.
      Putin’s machismo before his Ruse Ian people is partly to blame for these mis steps. I believe NATO was informed all the way and everybody in Western Europe was getting fed up of Ukraine -like actions, buzzing Western countries with aircraft just to prove themselves to themselves and now busting into Syria with gus blazing. All to bolster national pride, De-confliction will eventually start when everyone realises that “everybody get him power everywhere”.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Are James, you need to stop telling people that their posts are “amateurish”. It is distasteful.
        abduleez is most likely our youngest member, he is very intelligent and should be encouraged by the older ones.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Heheh! I no hate Turkey o!

      I just want a speedy end to boko haram, which has always been one and the same with ISIS – backed by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
      Make a couple of areas in one of these sponsors radioactive and see how suddenly the collective dick of the other sponsors will shrivel into a dead twig. Forgive my French.

      If a nuclear weapon on one of its sponsors will do it then I say, “tuale baba Putin! Don’t waste time”.

  67. lachit says:

    russins r smart, they will intensify syrian operations and hit all turkish assets inside syria wihout any mercy.but i dont think they will directly confront turkey.
    also special attention will be paid to the oil convoys.

    and anything in turkey will be led by FSB ie covert ops which can never be put back on russia .
    russia has lots of sleeper assets in turkey since the chechen conflict days. they only need to be activated.
    putin is a ex KGB and true to his calling he will only select covert means to put egrodan in his place. plus as a true chess master he will force turkey to ake a false move, which will give the russians a high moral ground for appropriate response if any

    russia is already involved in ukraine now syria so they will play withen their limitations.

    kurds might have gained a big ally b the way.

    my fear is for africa , fleeing isis shits might regroup in safe havens in africa . hope the intelligence is alert and aware of such possibility.

    • Capt Tobias says:

      O Lachit, you are very right and I greatly share your concern, they would flee and regroup and the presence of Manpads in our theatre would change the game totally, we need to clubber this BH guys on time and with all full available might, the next problem there might be the envisaged discovery of large deposits of Oil on our side of the Lake Chad that was announced by the NNPC, the recent slow pace and subsequent “minding my own side of the border and business attitude by our neighbours, who are meant to be part of the joint task force, invasion of villages by Benin republic, all point out to the fact that something might be going on within the Francophones, if the oil find shares the same basin with the Chadians ( who have already been pumping out for for years now,) like the Malabo affair, then it would pay them that the crisis does not allow us / Nigeria to exploit this find, while they pump faster and uninterrupted.

      • lachit says:

        yes very valid conclusion on ur part.
        security forces must clear all bh from nigerian lands quickly while keeping a eye on events in iraq/syria, so as to deny safe havens to both bh and any incomming isis with which bh might try to bloster its ranks.

        in that way ur neighbours will be forced to tackle bh/isis on their own in their own soil instead of piggy-riding on nigeria.
        simply stated u shift the onus of fighting bh etc to the respective countries via denying nigerian territory to the bh / isis to fight from.all fighting happens in ur neighbouring countries. lolzz 😀

        just like tactics in kung fu
        FUN FACT( if u did not know already )
        guys do u know shaolin martial arts kung fu etc originated in india.
        it is Kalaripayattu (mother of most but not all martial arts), it is very ancient.
        BodhiDarma founder of the ZEN buddhism and Kalaripayattu master left his hometown Kancheepuram (South Indian state of Tamilnadu) to go to China in 522AD and he took it there with him.

    • Are James says:

      This is more likely the way it plays out.
      Nobody even mentioned the gas taps been shut and the opportunities for Nigeria.
      The issues there are very deep and they don’t concern Russia if you remove Assad. Russia is practically locked now into the Shia side of Iran, Syria, Iraqi government whilst appearing to be enemy of Sunnis. The list of ” Sunni countries” is money and terrorism personified- Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Turkey, Pakistan and most tellingly Egypt.
      Is that the minefield that a serious superpower should be rushing in without strategising properlyu?
      Only the US is playing a good game by being involved with both sides.
      The Israelis themselves are currently pro Sunni on the Defence / security side selling equipment to UAE and many secret contactservice with Saudi Arabia. Israel might even secretly be pro ISIS

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James, it is not easy to compartmentalise Russia’s Middle Eastern relation into Shia vs Sunni. For example, just as they are allied with Iran, so it is allied with Jordan and Egypt which are both 95% Sunni. the problem is really Saudi, Qatar and Turkey (25% Shia), not Sunni-Shia.

        The King of Jordan was in Moscow just last week, when he speaks he actually talks of a strong personal relationship with Putin alongside the good relations of both countries. Here’s the video:

  68. Capt Tobias says:

    Chad’s investment in MIG29s & SU 25 was not necessarily to buzz Abuja, it was lessons learned from previous border encounters and need to maintain Air superiority and strike capability over and around the lake Chad basin area for chad’s response if push should turns into shove.
    We can all see how difficult it is to keep BH under check without adequate air cover, not to talk of a scenario of aerial challenges and air superiority dominance over battle field against a potential adversary with a proper army and foreign backing ( At the end of the day France would support the Frenchies) also benefitting from regional Francophone alliances and military pacts that are ringed all around us

  69. abduleez says:

    RUSSIA’S Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, has described the downing of a Russian warplane by Turkey as a “planned provocation” but said the two countries would not go to war over the incident.
    “We have serious doubts about this being an unpremeditated act, it really looks like a planned provocation,” Lavrov said at a press conference in Moscow yesterday.
    Lavrov, who cancelled a trip to Istanbul scheduled for yesterday, said Moscow would seriously reconsider its relations with Ankara over the downed plane.
    “Our attitude to the Turkish people has not changed. We have questions over the action of Turkey’s current leadership,” he said.
    The Russian Sukhoi Su-24 warplane was shot down on Tuesday for allegedly violating Turkish airspace, angering Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who compared the incident to being “stabbed in the back”.
    One of its two pilots was shot and killed after parachuting from the burning plane, while his crewmate was rescued by Syrian forces and delivered in good condition at a Russian airbase in Latakia province.
    Turkey has defended itself, saying the jet had crossed into its airspace from Syria.
    Speaking at an Organisation of Islamic Cooperation economy meeting in Istanbul yesterday, Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said shooting down the plane was necessary for security, but added that his country did not want an escalation of the situation.
    “Turkey is never on the side of tension or hostility. We’re always for peace and diplomacy. And we will maintain that attitude. We will not tolerate our borders being violated. And no one should expect us to. We do not have any intension to escalate any situation, we are only defending our security,” Erdogan said.
    Turkey, Russia and their respective allies have entered a war of words after the incident, raising tensions in a region struggling to cope with the ongoing Syrian conflict.
    Russia’s defence ministry has announced suspension of military cooperation with Turkey, and Moscow is deploying its state-of-the-art air defence missile at the Hemeimeem airbase in Syria’s coastal province of Latakia.
    Both Putin and Lavrov have warned Russian citizens against travelling to Turkey in the aftermath of the incident.


    Just wondering when our poliTHIEFcians will realize that Francophone unity is a threat of National Security for Nigeria.
    But something tells me, the time Chad uses its Mig-29 to bomb our oil exploration assets in the Chad Basin thats when they gon’ be serious about security. Funny, Buhari is planning to shore up funds with the Lake Chad Basin and u ain’t ordering TANKS and 4G++ Fighters, u think say Chad go agree.

    One funny thing about Nigeria is: If one tries to dry up my source of income and livelihood, I will fiercely and vehemently oppose that notion even if I must use ortumokpor(witchcraft) to annihilate that threat.

    We should quickly deal with this BH threat and leave our neighbors on their own. They solely rely upon Nigeria to deal with the problem without wanting to waste too much sweat, a problem which was also their own creation by aiding and abetting terrorists.

    If I were Buhari, i will forget about MNJTF and close(fence) my borders with them. Mutilate bh piece by piece till they regret ever being born and u will see these ungrateful neighbors begging for help and support not us.
    I also believe in the notion of giving ppl a taste of their own medicine…lolz… One might call me evil genius but i don’t care, it is a matter of do me, i do u.
    “pikin wey say him mama no go sleep, na dat same pikin no go sleep”
    If I were the president, I will gladly give these Frenchies a dose of their doing. I trust Buhari knows the art of making states Ungovernable for ppl, now is the time to put it to good use against these Francophones. That hotel terrorist attack will be season film for them. When BH almost incapacitates their government they will seriously see it and tackle it as a threat. Now they are treating it with kids gloves. It all depends on Nigeria. I will simply just apply sense and tact instead of sheer firepower and bragadosky.

    One thing I admire frm the Francophones is that: why do the dirty job when someone can always do it for u?? probably a good advice frm France.
    Thats d sensible act our leaders lack.

  70. Martin Luther says:

    Those Chadian platforms were a waste of money for the Chadians under the present threat scenario, what they needed are more of helicopters and COIN aircrafts like the super tucanos. They could not have anticipated BH when making these purchased. I assume that the Chadians just wanted to be sure they were not harassed by a neighbor e.g Sudan, under the guise of chasing rebel groups into their territory.
    Moreover, it is speculated that BH fallback camps still exist in Chad where a state of emergency was called in the Chad Basin region of that country, so why did the airpower not payoff and why are they not having things easy with all that MIGs?
    Imagine a plane with a loiter time of six hours and having 12units of that over the Chad basins at all times backed up by six armed drones for searching out the enemy along with 14 long range troop incision armed helicopters as a quick reaction squad; all this always under the protection of J7s with MIG 21 Bison capabilities. BH would be so harassed and gradually eroded. I did not mention highly mobile light armored columns on the ground in close support of these air assets and of cause satellite reconnaissance which could be obtained commercially from the private sector internationally.
    All this put together is cheaper than acquiring and running 11 MIG29 flown by foreign pilots.

  71. abduleez says:

    Funny how Turkish military are reacting over this issue… saying it was not aware that the downed jet was Russian. Really, so what if u knew the jet was Russian, would u restrain to shoot it down??.. I thought the Jet violated ur airspace, and u warned it 10 times in 5 mins which it didn’t respond, so i guess International rule of engagement suggests u bring it down. The military seems to be confused what shit they got themselves into.


  72. mcshegz says:

    RT.COM: Russian military response continue: bombed Turkish convoy allegedly carrying weapons to militants in Syria

    A Turkish convoy, which according to some reports was transporting weapons to terrorist organizations, has been hit by apparent airstrikes in northwestern Syria.

    Footage released online by the Istanbul-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) shows plumes of smoke from the burning trucks and people running about in panic. At least 20 trucks were engulfed in flames.

    The mission, however, wasn’t sponsored or organized by the IHH, the group said. No organization has as yet confirmed that the convoy belonged to them.

    The Hawar news agency reported that Turkey repeatedly sent convoys with arms to the Al-Nusra Front and other terrorist organizations under the guise of humanitarian aid.

    Reports on Twitter went further – they identified the arms as allegedly “Docka machine guns” and “small arms with ammunitions.”

    In the wake of the recent downing of a Russian Air Force bomber over Syria by Turkish fighter jets, some reports suggested the Russians were “avenging” the pilot’s death. Many media outlets thought it was the work of Vladimir Putin.

    Anadolu cited ‘Syrian opposition sources,’ who claimed that Russian jets attacked the convoy.

    Other sources suggested the airstrikes were carried out by Syrians, without specifying whether it was members of the Syrian Army loyal to President Bashar Assad, or one of the various Syrian rebel groups.

  73. abduleez says:

    Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State on Thursday picked holes in President Muhammadu Buhari’s claim that many of those who looted public funds in the past administration had started returning their loot, saying the president should rather stay at home to govern the country instead of junketing around the globe and acting like a saint before the international community.
    Fayose, who is an outspoken critic of the Buhari administration, challenged the president to tell Nigerians how much was returned and the looters who returned the stolen funds, adding that “Since the purported looted funds belong to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it ought to have been paid into the Federation Account and shared by the Federal, State and Local Government”.
    A statement issued in Ado-Ekiti by Fayose’s Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, advised President Buhari to tackle headlong, the collapsed economy of the country instead of traveling from one country to another, casting aspersion on Nigerians with his sing-song of fighting corruption.


    • Are James says:

      I believe there will be an item in the 2016 budget revenue side called “Returned Funds” and it might be significant. Corruptly embezzled money started flowing in from last month of Jonathan presidency but only a few Perm Secs voluntary returns made the news

  74. abduleez says:

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in an exclusive interview Thursday with FRANCE 24, said his country “does not want tensions with Russia” after Turkish planes downed a Russian fighter near the Syrian border.

    Erdogan, speaking to FRANCE 24’s Marc Perelman in the Turkish capital, Ankara, struck a conciliatory tone but declined to apologise for Tuesday’s incident, which has further heightened tensions in the conflict-ridden region.

    He restated Turkey’s stance that the Russian plane “ignored repeated warnings over five minutes” to leave Turkish airspace and had failed to identify itself.

    “Had we known it was a Russian plane we may have acted differently,” he said. “But our pilots know the rules of engagement and have to do their duty to protect Turkish airspace”.

    The Turkish leader said he had personally told Russian President
    Vladimir Putin at a G20 meeting to end Russian incursions into Turkey’s airspace, warning that such incidents were likely to occur.

    He added: “No sovereign state can be expected to give up its right to protect [its airspace]”.

    Russian officials have reacted furiously to the plane’s downing on Tuesday, which Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described as a “planned provocation”.

    The Russian government said Thursday it was preparing a raft of retaliatory economic measures and urged all Russian nationals to leave Turkey.
    Moscow disputes Turkish claims that the Russian plane entered Turkish airspace, and has demanded a formal apology.

    Erdogan said Turkey had communicated all military data on the incident to Russian military authorities, adding that “data provided by our NATO allies confirm our own”.

    Sidestepping questions about whether he planned to apologise, the Turkish leader said Russia had failed to communicate its own data and that Putin had ignored his phone calls.
    “We need to talk about what happened […], but Putin has not returned my call,” he said.

    Ankara and Moscow are on opposing sides in the four-year Syrian conflict , with Turkey bitterly opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while Russia is one of his last remaining allies.

    The Turkish president said he was irked by Russian claims that Turkey had helped finance the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group by purchasing its oil, describing the allegations as “slander”.
    He stated that Ankara bought most of its fuel from Russia.
    Erdogan said a joint military operation with the US was underway to secure the Syrian border and ensure militants and supplies do not reach the IS group.
    Rejecting allegations of indulgence towards the jihadist outfit, he said it was Russia – not Turkey – that was failing to strike the IS jihadists.

    “Russia and Iran back Assad, but are they fighting Daesh? The answer is ‘no’,” he said, referring to the Islamist group by a derogatory Arabic term.
    He also warned Turkey’s Western allies against arming Kurdish militant groups such as the PKK and the Syria-based YPG, which have done most of the fighting against the IS extremists on the ground but are also Turkey’s hereditary foes.

    “We have to fight all terrorist groups, and not arm one to fight another,” he said.
    On the vexed question of Syrian refugees crossing Turkey’s border with the European Union, Erdogan noted that his country had taken in “2.5 million refugees whereas Europe is panicking with 300,000”.
    He restated his aim to establish a no-fly zone in northern Syria to ensure that those displaced by the conflict don’t have to leave their country.

    Referring to the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, he also called for greater cooperation between Western and Turkish intelligence agencies to ensure terrorists do not infiltrate refugee groups.

  75. Martin Luther says:

    If the below is so, then Nigeria is a potential world superpower considering the state of Nigerian infrastructure, industry, agriculture and human capital development Nigeria is just scratching the surface of her potential. With 30% upgrade, Nigeria can be a $3 trillion annual economy and with 80% upgrade on it’s present state of the nation, Nigeria can make $10 trillion. Sorry, my question and concern is, who would want this for Nigerians except Nigerians?

    NIGERIA has been adjudged the world’s 22nd largest economy with an annual growth rate of 5% during the course of 2015 according to the latest survey of the planet’s wealthiest countries the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    According to the figures published yesterday, Nigeria’s gross domestic product (GDP) is set to total $1.105trn in 2015, representing a 5% growth from last year. Despite global crude oil prices falling by about three quarters over the last year, Nigeria has defied the negative growth that afflicted several crude-producing countries.

    Of the world’s 30 largest economies countries examined in the survey, oil producers like Brazil and Russia suffered declines in GDP. Africa’s two other economies on the list Egypt and South Africa, who were ranked 24th and 30th respectively, enjoyed GDP growth rates of 5.2% and 2.4% respectively.

    In terms of growth, Nigeria, was also the sixth highest achiever as only China, India, Egypt, Pakistan and the Philippines recorded higher GDP growth. Other key features of the survey was that China overtook the US as the world’s largest economy with a GDP of $19.51trn, India moved into third place thanks to its 8.3% growth rate that bumped GDP up to $8.02trn and Egypt overtook South Africa as Africa’s second largest economy.

    Over the last 15 years, Nigeria has enjoyed annual GDP growth rates of about 7% but with crude oil prices falling to about $40 a barrel from over $100 a barrel, it is no surprise that growth has slowed. Despite this, the economy continues to diversify and the country remains on course to achieve its goal of becoming one of the world’s top 20 economies by 2020.

    International Monetary Fund statistics at October 2015

    1. China: US$19.510 trillion (up 7.9% from 2014)
    2. United States: $17.968 trillion (up 3.6%)
    3. India: $8.027 trillion (up 8.3%)
    4. Japan: $4.842 trillion (up 1.6%)
    5. Germany: $3.842 trillion (up 2.5%)
    6. Russia: $3.474 trillion (down -2.9%)
    7. Brazil: $3.208 trillion (down -2.1%)
    8. Indonesia: $2.839 trillion (up 5.7%)
    9. United Kingdom: $2.660 trillion (up 3.5%)
    10. France: $2.647 trillion (up 2.2%)
    11. Mexico: $2.220 trillion (up 3.3%)
    12. Italy: $2.174 trillion (up 1.8%)
    13. South Korea: $1.849 trillion (up 3.7%)
    14. Saudi Arabia: $1.681 trillion (up 4.4%)
    15. Spain: $1.636 trillion (up 4.1%)
    16. Canada: $1.628 trillion (up 2%)
    17. Turkey: $1.576 trillion (up 4.1%)
    18. Iran: $1.382 trillion (up 1.8%)
    19. Australia: $1.137 trillion (up 3.4%)
    20. Taiwan: $1.114 trillion (up 3.2%)
    21. Thailand: $1.107 trillion (up 3.5%)
    22. Nigeria: $1.105 trillion (up 5%)
    23. Poland: $1.003 trillion (up 4.5%)
    24. Egypt: $996 billion (up 5.2%)
    26. Pakistan: $930.8 billion (up 5.3%)
    27. Netherlands: $831.4 billion (up 2.8%)
    28. Malaysia: $813.5 billion (up 5.7%)
    29. Philippines: $742.3 billion (up 7%)
    30. South Africa: $724 billion (up 2.4%)

    -International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook database.


  76. Capt Tobias says:

    If 24 Su35 complete package comes at $2B, we should be able to by 18 inclusive of 2 x seat trainers, and full arsenal package, BVRs, spares,etc. we tend to spend more on crappy aircraft based on uninformed choices or is it actually intensional ( we spent close to this on F7Ns and a hand full of stupid missiles).

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