24 November, 2015

Nigeria’s army chief Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai on Tuesday said troops have made a steady progress to soon defeat Boko Haram.

“We are not there yet but we are gradually getting there. We are making steady progress,”the Nigerian army chief said when he visited troops of the 72 Special Force Battalion in Makurdi, capital of the north central state of Benue.

He said the task of overrunning the deadly Boko Haram terror group must be accomplished on record time. Troops have recently claimed to have arrested key members of Boko Haram, as well as destroyed some of their camps and a rocket-making factory in the northeastern state of Borno.

Boko Haram has since 2009 waged a campaign of violence in the West African country in an effort to establish an Islamic state.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has given a December deadline for the army to end the Boko Haram insurgency but recent attacks by the group has given citizens cause to doubt the possibility of ending the carnage.

Boko Haram, in its six-year violence, has killed some 13,000 people and kidnapped hundreds, with surrounding countries such as Niger, Chad and Cameroon affected.

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  1. Kola Adekola says:

    I really pray that the army can bury boko haram before the end of December. Godspeed to our guys. It is not an easy job.

    On the public projection of our armed forces, there are huge lessons to be learnt from the ongoing war against ISIS as carried out by the Syrian army and its Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah and other allies.

    The most glaring thing is the absolute absence of prisoners (guess what happens to terrorists), yet bodies of ISIS members are always on display to the embedded press after battles just as if they fell in action. It is a professionally executed field and PR campaign that our army can learn from.

    No prisoners, yet the likes of Amnesty International have no space to cough, and even if they did, you can bet that there will be all sorts of well thought out protocols and strategies to keep them corralled outside in the cold, maybe even looking foolish. They will never make the mistake of looking weak by offering Amnesty International office space in their homelands as well as giving them free reign to “investigate” all sorts of colourful things that African nations (only) get accused of.

    God Bless Nigeria.

  2. Tobey says:

    And yet, no word on the missing troops..Another shameful display from a politicised military. Are we also forgetting how the NAF denied the existence of its own pilot till he was decapitated by Boko Haram? Lt. Gen. Buratai should provide answers immediately..#WhereAreOurTroops.

  3. lachit says:

    could be the final kicks of a dying horse(BH).
    anyways godspeed to NA

  4. lachit says:

    nigeria has C-130
    i am surprised that it was not configured for medium altitude bombing missions flying out of the range of BH anti aircraft guns in tandem with the MPA aircraft for target location/scouting.
    c-130 ramp can be opened while in flight as far as i know.
    u just got to install bolt on ramp made of rollers from which dumb bombs can be shoved out the rear cargo hatch of the C-130 .
    C130 can easily carry in excess of 10000 kg ordinance it could be 100kg 250kg 500kg or any combination.
    just imagine bombs falling instead of the cargo pallets 😀

  5. lachit says:

    nigeria has C-130
    i am surprised that it was not configured for medium altitude bombing missions flying out of the range of BH anti aircraft guns in tandem with the MPA aircraft for target location/scouting.
    c-130 ramp can be opened while in flight as far as i know.
    u just got to install bolt on ramp made of rollers from which dumb bombs can be shoved out the rear cargo hatch of the C-130 .
    C130 can easily carry in excess of 10000 kg ordinance it could be 100kg 250kg 500kg or any combination.

    • trigger says:

      @lachit collateral damage.

      Amnesty international will just pack up and relocate to Nigeria.

      • lachit says:

        collateral damage ?
        oh man u guys r really terrorised by the good for nothing Amnesty international which has won countless noble prizes (closely guarded secret known only to select few 😀 ) for double standards.
        what about pakistan (dumb bombs) america france britain russia (even guided bombs ) have they not caused collateral damage day in day out.

        C130 would have been perfect for smbisa forest and plz remember the videos of NAF planes strafing buildings and bh shits running in the open .

        with 10-20 bombs falling allover the target zone would result in better and fast teleportation of bh to their maker 😀

        while a f7 has to do a no of straffing runs with rockets guns etc to get the same causalty.during which some may escape which actually happened as seen in the video posted once. fuel left, visual target acqusition, ammo left etc r many constrains to be faced by a f7 fighter during all these.

        50 250 kg bombs falling will flatten and kill even cockroaches in a designated target zone in sambisa and open areas free from civilians.

        that is why i asked it to be paired with MPA aircraft for acurrate target location and pin pointing , to be used in areas where there r no civilians like deep inside sambisa forest or open areas etc .

        again selective targetting can be done via 1-2 bombs etc based on requirement like size of target no of target etc etc . sam,e as in LOITERING mode. 😀

        depending on operational requirement, NAF will fully understand what amount to use and where to use be rest assured.


      • lachit says:

        what i am asking is the implementation of a very basic/rudimentary Effects-Based Operations ie get the maximum desired outcome while attempting to use a minimum of force/destruction.
        in place of precision weapons(due to lack of it for now) we will use dumb bombs released as accurately as possible via targetting info obtained from MPA aircraft so that we achieve the planned objectives via destruction of specific nodes/weakness rather than absolute destruction.
        just like removing a single card from a specific position will bring down the whole card building(deck).

        a mlitary operaton is much more complex where u have to remove more no of cards(targets) in a planned sequence to bring down the collapse of ur enemy operations in the targetted area.

        it the above post i had mentioned LOITERING mode (capability) of C130 for a reason. it is the most capable aircraft able to remain in air for a long time in addition to the MPAs.

        and as always i could be wrong
        decision rest on ur hands

      • lachit says:

        and as always i could be wrong
        decision rest on ur hands **regarding the effectiveness and practicability of my idea

      • lachit says:

        and i could be wrong ** or correct
        decision rest on ur hands **regarding the effectiveness and practicability of my idea

      • Are James says:

        You have a very good idea here. C 130 can be rigged with CCCIP equipment to deliver relatively accurate not precision level ordinance. A place like Sambisa provides such an opportunity. Personally I would even just open the ramp doors at 20000 feet and let special forces personnel adjust fuses and let go of specially modified ordnance. If you drop 100 of 500kg bombs a day for a week even the trees will surrender.

      • lachit says:

        “If you drop 100 of 500kg bombs a day for a week even the trees will surrender”

        talk about low optimism lolzzz If you drop 100 of 500kg bombs a day for a week even the COCKROACHES WILL BE TOAST.

        NAF is always welcome to my home made barrel bomb idea which atleast theoritically seems much much more effective (to me actually 😀 ) than assads barrel bombs. mine is more partial to the fuel air explosive effect, add in white phosphorus , rubber to it u will have the illegitimate son 😀 of russian FOAB and american MOAB.

  6. God Speed to the NA. and please remember to prepare for when BH melts into society

  7. lachit says:

    news reports that india has completed for the first time the successful launch of a ballistic missile from her home made ARIHANT baby boomer. 😀
    the missile is the B 5, which approximately has a range of 800 km to 1,000 km. ARIHANT can carry 12 of these.K-4 missiles already testfired from submerged launchers with a reach of 3,500 km to 4,000 km are likely to be inducted on-board at later stages.
    there is no details on the B5 missile test fired, was it a dummy/unarmed version ?

  8. mcshegz says:

    RT.COM: Russian military response continue: bombed Turkish convoy allegedly carrying weapons to militants in Syria

    A Turkish convoy, which according to some reports was transporting weapons to terrorist organizations, has been hit by apparent airstrikes in northwestern Syria.

    Footage released online by the Istanbul-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) shows plumes of smoke from the burning trucks and people running about in panic. At least 20 trucks were engulfed in flames.

    The mission, however, wasn’t sponsored or organized by the IHH, the group said. No organization has as yet confirmed that the convoy belonged to them.

    The Hawar news agency reported that Turkey repeatedly sent convoys with arms to the Al-Nusra Front and other terrorist organizations under the guise of humanitarian aid.

    Reports on Twitter went further – they identified the arms as allegedly “Docka machine guns” and “small arms with ammunitions.”

    In the wake of the recent downing of a Russian Air Force bomber over Syria by Turkish fighter jets, some reports suggested the Russians were “avenging” the pilot’s death. Many media outlets thought it was the work of Vladimir Putin.

    Anadolu cited ‘Syrian opposition sources,’ who claimed that Russian jets attacked the convoy.

    Other sources suggested the airstrikes were carried out by Syrians, without specifying whether it was members of the Syrian Army loyal to President Bashar Assad, or one of the various Syrian rebel groups.

    • Sir Kay says:

      “Other sources suggested the airstrikes were carried out by Syrians, without specifying whether it was members of the Syrian Army loyal to President Bashar Assad, or one of the various Syrian rebel groups.”

      Since when do rebels carry out airstrikes? lol. Kind of hard to tell who is dropping bombs over there, not like you can tell whose jet is flying that high above

  9. Sir Kay says:

    Guys, even though i didn’t want to post this link, thought i should, because some are saying the soldiers in the clip are Nigerians, i say they aren’t.

    • I am no Pro but my take is that the video is not from Nigeria. It is definitely not a recent video from the NE cos there is too much green foilage. at this tym harmattan is beginning to bite srzly in the north and the plant life would be mostly brown and scanty. if you look at recent videos and pics from the NE you would see that the vegetation is srzly drying up and dying away

    • eyimola says:

      They are from Niger. A complaint was raised yesterday over this video. The title has now been updated

    • Sir Kay says:

      Nothing i hate more than seeing images of dead soldiers, it’s often painful. Some brave profession these guys chose

    • ScouseNaija says:

      I’m with Oga Adetayo on this one. Watch the video closely and you may also observe the DR Congo flag patches on more than one soldier’s sleeves. Plus the broken French being spoken should have been the biggest clue to whoever released this video as “Nigerian”

      • Obix says:

        First of all, the vegetation is not that of NE, Chad nor Niger. O Yes, in the clip they spoke Lingala, a major language in DRC. lastly, like ScouseNaija mentioned, there’s DR Congo flag patch on the soldier’s sleeve at 1.06 minutes.

      • Yh saw that patch too even managed to get a screen grab of it but cld nt identify it. Was clearly nt Nigerian though!

    • Ola says:

      How would anyone call that video Nigerian? Common, that is not a Nigerian language those guys are speaking. This is Congo, I presume.

    • rugged7 says:

      That video has been on you tube for donkey months/ years
      I think i 1st saw it last year or 2 years ago. At the height of the DRC conflict
      It’s DRC military.
      The vegetation is equatorial as opposed to savannah or sahel vegetation common in niger and northern nigeria
      And as Oga Obix mentioned, they are speaking lingala and some french as well
      The DRC crest is evident as well

    • gbash10 says:

      Those soldiers in the video are not Nigerian soldiers,Francophone soldiers, crying like women.

  10. jimmy says:
    This is one of the first links or evidence i have of Nigerian Military officers learning about geo-spatial intelligence.
    I do not want to sound patronizing or condescending because I know we have personnel on this blog who are highly educated so with that been said read on.
    This is a brand new field that evolved from rudimentary collection of data related to surveying and Civil Engineering as it progressed with technology the Military applications with regards to collection of data became very apparent
    here is a link read a couple of lines not the whole thing it gets boring
    It is very important that these 15 officers really take advantage of everything they are learning and when they come back they immediately should link up with people in the Satellite agency to further their knowledge and impart what they learnt to their fellow officers.
    Good luck to them.

  11. Augustine says:

    So, can federal government and senate PLEASE help the military achieve further with extra funding for new weapons/equipment procurement from 2016 budget? Nigeria deserves a far more powerful army, navy, and air force than we currently have today. We need to protect the 22nd biggest economy in the world, new IMF rankings have been published for 2015, Nigeria now has a $ 1.1 Trillion economy !

    • Are James says:

      This figure is dead wrong

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Our GDP in 2014 according to the IMF was about $574 billion (putting us as number 21 in the world), so it can be no bigger than $590 billion at an estimated 2.5% growth rate for 2015.

      It is also not possible for the IMF to have released figures for 2015.

    • Are James says:

      Naira value depreciation puts Nigerias economic size in the $400bn range for now,

    • Ola says:

      The figure is right, but this is total DGP per purchasing power parity. If you take it to per capital level, it’s a meagre $6,200 per capital and if you look at nominal GDP it’s half of that and 3200 per capital. What these figures tell us are:
      1. Nigeria is a large market and there is a lot of money to be made in it
      2. Nigerian economy is poorly managed
      3. For an average Nigerian to benefit from the economy, the size has to be at least 3 times what it is currently.

      Look at India with a GDP PPP of +$8 trillion and think of the poverty among the Indians at the grass root. Countries like Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh has a lot of work to do with their economy to pull a significant portion of their population into the middle class.
      A GDP (PPP) in the trillion dollar range is nothing is the nominal GDP per capita are at the level they are now:
      Nigeria ($3,298), India ($1,688), Pakistan ($1,427.08) and Bangladesh ($1,314)

      Nevertheless, these economies are the money bags of the world for the next decades.

      • Ola says:

        2nd paragraph, line 4 should read “have a lot of work to do with their …” and line 5 should read “…A GDP (PPP) in the trillion dollar range is nothing if…”

  12. Kola Adekola says:

    Interesting times…

    Guided missile cruiser Moskva the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet arrives in Latakia, Syria.

    From wikipedia – “In late August 2013, the cruiser was deployed to the Mediterranean Sea in response to the build-up of American warships along the coast of Syria.[12] During the 2014 Crimean Crisis, Moskva was responsible for blockading the Ukrainian fleet in Donuzlav Lake.[13]”

  13. Augustine says:

    Nigeria’s GDP is generated by the working population of about 80 million productive citizens as estimated by currently published FG statistics. Virtually all the other remaining 100 million citizens are unemployed pant wearing children running around the streets, school pupils and students, Chelsea FC teenage fanatics, facebook addicted jobless graduates, retired old men, JAMB writing and rewriting school leavers, who are basically ‘parasites’ eating up the income of the working and trading class.

    If we had less population, our per capita GDP will almost double for a 100 million man population.

    Well, relating this to defence, NATO standard is 2% of GDP for defence budget, so let’s assume it’s nominal GDP, then at a rough estimate of $ 400 billion GDP after adjusting for CBN naira devaluation…. Nigeria’s defence budget for 2016 should be $ 8 billion.

    Worst case scenario, FG can do 1% of GDP and that is $ 4 billion, meaning 10% of 2016 budget.

    So Baba Buhari, please shugaba dan Allah, spend $ 1 billion on recurrent defence expenditure and $ 3 billion on capital defence expenditure for procurement of new weapons/equipment for both insurgency/unconventional war and nation vs nation/conventional war (Look at current Syria and Turkey neighbourhood nation vs nation attacks today)

    Capital budget may probably be apportioned as….

    NAF $1 billion
    NA $ 1.3 billion
    NN $ 0.7 billion

    • Sir Kay says:

      Nigeria is a young country, population wise, so yes we have millions of little kids and teenagers over there. Therefore they aren’t contributing yet, hopefully they will in the future. It’s an asset if well cultivated .
      Look at Japan, they are mostly old.

      • Are James says:

        Demographically Japan might disappear in 200 years. They are also the dumbest people in immigration policy so GDP growth will always be a problem in that country. They may eventually bring a foreign guest worker scheme that will be targeted at labour exporting Philippines and India. Certainly no blacks.

        Nigeria is going to be embarking on a demand sided GDP growth strategy starting in 2016 with a massive public works programmes embarked upon just to provide jobs. The grants and tax regime to finance it are already almost finished and another $25bn is to be raised at the stock market. When young people work and have money in their pockets they spend, when they spend a country’so internal demand for goods and services is high and it becomes less risky to set up a factory producing noodles, jeans, cars, t-shirts or expanding a GSM network.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Sir Kay, my researched opinion with experts home and abroad suggests Nigeria will be well balanced with 100 million people as total EQUILIBRIUM POINT population for our land mass size (food crops need empty/free land enough to grow and feed a matching level of population) and current level of scientific technology, industrial production capacity, job creation capacity, available social infrastructure, social safety net/social welfare support services, etc.

        Nigeria can produce new babies at rat speed anytime we need them in future, just speak the word and it shall be done….Naija no dey carry last for baby making, Ajegunle area of Lagos is a self motivating massive baby making factory working overtime daily.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you for remembering the jobless Chelsea FC fanatics

    • Ola says:

      The fact is that in most economies, the really productive population that are less than half of the entire population (the elderly, the sick, children and students are dependents).
      Having a young, educated population like Nigeria has is a huge asset but poorly utilised, this why I argue that Nigeria is a poorly managed economy. Every year, Nigeria freely donates several thousands of educated, migrant workers to developed economies. These populations in Nigeria have been trained at a huge cost to the country yet they become free labour to other countries who would otherwise have spent a significant amount to train such skilled people in their native population.
      Nigerian government needs to learn to consolidate on the human capital in the country. Rather than export oil, why are the refineries not honestly make to be fully up and runnig? Why not have petrochemical industries in the country that make every product along the petroleum value chain? This will provide millions of jobs in the country.
      Agriculture is another big area of gainful employment. Nigeria needs several industrial scale farms to yield different food products. Why are young people not being massively recruited into this sector? Irrespective of their field of education, young people can be trained by agriculturists (Agric. engineers, agric economists, agric extension workers…) on how to engage in profitable farming and given a significant amount as loan to start off.
      Up till now, Nigeria continues to export a significant amount of solid minerals that can provide millions of jobs in the country. Think of marble, marble blocks are exported fro Nigeria to Italy, China…to be cut up, polished and sold back to the country as expensive finished products, why are the industries doing this not in Nigeria? Nigeria is in a great need public infrastructure, why not bring on private developers to do massive infrastructural developmental projects on housing, road, power and social amenities? If the country has a vision to make sure every Nigerian home has access to clean, portable water in a decade, this is achievable and will create tens of thousands of jobs in different sectors. People will be needed to work directly on generating clean water at water plants, people will be needed to work on the distribution through extensive pipeline networks, people would be needed in steel and composite industries to manufacture steel and plastic pipes and other accessories needed to achieve this, this will in turn lead to demand for workers in the steel sector and other manufacturing sectors feeding the water project…imagine the different areas where jobs would be created. Without going out to borrow a dime, a honest, right thinking government can put together a visionary, economic team to move to turn Nigeria into one massive industrial complex, create more wealth within the country and move Nigeria to the next level. The Nigerian population and need at the moment is enough to drive a self-sustaining economic growth within the country. There are needs from civil to military in the country and if Nigeria starts by meeting these internal needs, with her huge population, by the time Nigeria finishes meeting this need, the whole world would be in awe of the new, economic power in Africa called Nigeria.
      The talk can go on and on and on…I stop here.

  14. Augustine says:

    Oga Kola Adekola it does matter, that is why GDP nominal is the weaker index, GDP ppp is preferred as it adjusts for inflation/deflation, currency exchange rate relative to other countries, local market purchasing power/cost of living/standard of living/quality of life of citizens relative to global benchmarks.

    Nigeria now has as at October 2015 IMF report, the 22nd largest GDP PPP in the world with about $ 1.1 trillion, our government had better end this Boko Haram war and re-equip our armed forces with both conventional and unconventional warfare sophisticated hardware, we have something to protect.

    Imagine our GDP without Boko Haram war destruction of commerce in the north, vandalization of gas pipelines in Niger Delta, daily crude oil theft by those entrusted to manage our oil industry, deliberate wrecking of oil refineries to force FG to import refined products and pay subsidy to a cabal, local government/state/federal level supersonic 4th generation calibre of elite corruption and looting of national treasury, imagine PHCN supplies all Nigeria’s electricity needs and big/medium/small businesses begin to achieve full production capacity utilization….Nigeria’s GDP might go up to 15th in the world.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Augustine, I am assuming that your first statement is referring to my comment that Naira depreciation has no effect on GDP. GDP is measured in dollars. Any fluctuations in local currency will be reflected in fluctuation of inflation rates, leaving the dollar value of the economy unaffected (the case is different though for the US whose local currency is the dollar).

      As for GDP PPP it is an indirect measure of local production power, but as you know, Nigeria is an “import and sell” nation; we hardly make anything locally. For this reason, GDP PPP will not help our military purchases which are all imported.

      The only way we can grow our economy is by actually producing things and the only way we can start producing things is by dumping our fake federal system that pays the FG and states for doing nothing. The only way to truly develop is by forget freeloading on oil and encourage real competition between states, regions and citizens in a truly federal state. We have no hope in hell of attaining number 15 ranking on any of the GDP scales (nominal, PPP etc).

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Kola, I won’t join in you in calling my country hopeless in terns of progress. What was our GDP ranking 10 years ago? What is it today? Oga please no curse Nigeria o, please bros.

        GDP nominal is first measured in local currency because it is total output of goods and services produced at home in a country, do Nigerians buy and sell in dollars at home? Are goods at Oyingbo market, Onitsha market or Nyanya market priced in dollars? Do they pay motor mechanics in dollars? Are yam farmers in Otukpo paid in dollars? Are gari producers in Ijebu paid in dollars?

        After measuring in local currency first, GDP is then converted to dollars for global uniformity and comparison purposes.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        I am not abusing Nigeria, that is the last thing I will do. What I expressed was the deepest frustration with a country that always wants to expect miracles from doing things the wrong way. There is no developed country in this world that divides income from sales of anything, let alone from a raw material like oil.

        As is obvious, oil is no more, so where is growth going to come from with our style of sharing money? Abi we go begin sell awa sef?

        As for inflation making the dollar value of the economy independent of local currency fluctuations, think of it this way: a person imports goods for a set amount of, Naira value depreciates, the person reacts by raising their prices to compensate for the dollar value so that they don’t make a loss. That’s how it works and that’s why Nigeria’s GDP has not been reduced in any ranking (IMF, World Bank etc) despite huge crashes of the Naira through 2015.

  15. rugged7 says:

    #Questions over Boko Haram attacks despite military claims of success

    Nigeria repeatedly claims to have severely weakened Boko Haram and is eyeing an end to the conflict by year-end, yet the Islamists still show a capacity to launch deadly attacks.

    Most of the nearly 1,500 people killed in Nigeria since President Muhammadu Buhari came to power in May have died in suicide and bomb attacks on northeastern towns and cities.

    Simultaneously, remote areas of Cameroon, Chad and Niger have been targeted, underlining the Islamic State affiliate’s threat to regional security.

    Eighteen people were killed and 100 homes torched in a dead-of-night attack in southeastern Niger on Thursday.

    But Maiduguri, where Boko Haram was formed in 2002, has borne the brunt of the carnage despite heavy security and the presence since May of Nigeria’s military high command.

    Last Sunday, eight people were killed when a female suicide bomber detonated her explosives among women and children arriving in the city.

    And the Borno state capital was hit six times in October, killing at least 54, while on September 20, at least 117 were killed, prompting calls for better intelligence and security on the ground.

    – Kinship and corruption –

    Boko Haram’s fight for a hardline Islamic state in northeast Nigeria has left at least 17,000 dead and made some 2.6 million homeless since 2009.

    For Dauda Mande, a local chief from the northeast, kinship bonds in the Kanuri ethnic group which forms the bulk of Boko Haram’s membership has played its part in prolonging the conflict.

    Most towns and villages along the borders of Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and to some extent Chad are populated by Kanuris, providing at least a cultural and linguistic link with the rebels.

    “It provides Boko Haram with some protection because of the ethnic sentiment that plays out with the Kanuri population not willing to expose their kindred who move across the borders with ease,” he told AFP.

    Suicide bombers have sneaked into Maiduguri from nearby villages where they are provided sanctuary, according to Babakura Kolo, a member of the civilian vigilantes assisting the military.

    “The attackers usually enter the city on foot, evading military checkpoints with the assistance of their accomplices who live not far from the city,” he added.

    Claims that Boko Haram is effectively “sponsored” by some powerful individuals in the northeast have been made periodically throughout the conflict.

    The Nigerian army in September accused “some prominent individuals and political groups” from Borno and the northeast of working to sabotage the counter-insurgency for “personal interests”.

    No names were mentioned or details given about how the alleged sabotage was carried out and for what purpose but as attacks continue, such talk looks unlikely to stop.

    Corruption has long been suspected as having hampered the fight against Boko Haram, particularly in 2014, when the group seized swathes of territory and the military appeared powerless to act.

    Last week, Buhari said troops were denied weapons to fight and thousands of lives were lost because of rampant fraud in the procurement process.

    As well as allegedly “fictitious and phantom contracts” for fighter jets, helicopters, arms and ammunition that never materialised, there have also been claims of complicity.

    Abudullahi Wase, a security analyst who tracks the conflict, said it was “obvious” some elements in the military had been or were still in cahoots with Boko Haram for financial gain.

    – Weapons and manpower –

    Nigeria has in recent months claimed to have destroyed Boko Haram camps in the northeast, seizing ammunition and weapons, as well as uncovering so-called “bomb factories”.

    Access to weaponry, however, is clearly still an issue, making it a priority for better surveillance with the militants still able to get arms as well as replenish fallen front-line fighters.

    Nigeria’s porous borders have long contributed to the supply of arms via lawless Libya and the established smuggling routes through the sparsely populated Sahel region.

    The group has previously seized weapons, including assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and even tanks and armoured personnel carriers from the Nigerian military during raids.

    On personnel, Boko Haram has previously used forced conscription of men and boys but has also forged alliances with Buduma and Kalumba ethnic groups in Chad, said Khalifa Dika.

    “Boko Haram has an army of willing mercenaries from Chad who cross the porous border to join its ranks for the booty they get from raids on villages,” said the former Maiduguri university lecturer.

    “So, Boko Haram can easily replenish its ranks when depleted by the military attacks.”


    this is a bit off point ………According to this story The lagos state govt just spend 4.7B naira from the security trust fund to buy a shitload of equipment for the Police in Lagos. this is a good gesture and it underscores the importance of the fund.
    That said, it would be a shame if the APCs are not from Proforce. can anyone confirm from the images whether the APCs are proforce products?

    • Sir Kay says:

      At least they finally get the paint work right lol. I remember they used to write NPF or something with white paint on those dark pick up trucks lol. Something sleek is nicer, so love the paint job on the white saloon cars, that’s how a cop car should be

  17. mcshegz says:


    • Thankls for the confirmation Oga Shegz!! good to know they looked inward

    • Sir Kay says:

      What that country badly needed is community policing, that’s pretty much non-existent in that country, its weird. You could be getting killed by a mob in broad day light and not a single cop will come to your aid. That needs to change.
      Why is it hard to post cops to certain areas and let them patrol it daily? They do that here in New York, ( Not to compare), and its even brutal here, during winter and in the hot summer months you see those cops standing outside in that cold, on street corners, transportation hubs and more, day and night. What are our cops doing exactly.
      Divide the cities and towns into section or grid or something, and let a particular police division be in charge of each zone, therefore whenever there is a crime in your zone, who ever is in charge get his butt lit on fire. Easily we will see them do a better job. Ugh

      • Are James says:

        The IGP said a condemnable thing the other day. He complained of low capital budget outlay to his force and added words to the effect that his budget was just enough to buy stationeries. Where all this was going ofcourse was to put us on notice that we should not expect effective and corruption free policing with that level of funding . The question knowledeable people then ask is what becomes of the hundreds of APCs, boats, patrol vehicles and bullet proof vests that state governors donate to them out of their security budgets every year?. Indeed if we add up the entire donations from state governments, banks and private institutions , the total expenditure on the NPF in Nigeria is well over N2 trillion. So esentially we have a management problem aggravated by having unqualified people in the IGP, AIG and CP posts aggravated by a cultiure of patronage coming from the political class.

      • ozed says:

        @Are James
        I think the guy is just being factual. We jointly castigated the past service chiefs for not shouting when the armed forces were not well armed, now this guy is shouting and we say its is condemnable? I dont agree.
        I hear what you say about donated equipment. However, the guy is telling us even the core recurrent expenditure is barely financed by the budget.
        E.g. I am aware policemen dont have sufficient uniforms and kits, many a time they have to contribute money (from the bribes they collect) to even fuel and maintain their patrol cars. Police men on highway duty are sometimes just dumped on the expressway and left to their own devices, they cant change clothes or bathe until the duty truck is available to come pick them and drop their relief teams. Dont even get me started on their accommodation arrangements, or training school conditions!!!
        In summary, the conditions under which the police work are not consistent with anything that suggests effectiveness or good service.

    • saleh says:

      Folks responsible for defence procurement need to learn a thing or 2 from LASG

  18. jimmy says:

    CAN anyone identify thOSE helicopters they do look like they are from the Bell Family.

  19. jimmy says:

    i hope that the money that the LASG paid to PROFORCE will in turn be reinvested into the workforce and their workers and their plant.
    I know THAT OGA BEEGEAGLE, HENRY, XNUR DOZIEX AND MYSELF have said time without number if the FGN , STATES and the private industry do not invest heavily in the manufacturing base of Nigeria do not expect other to do so.
    Nigeria has to start from somewhere this is what we want to see :
    Increased patronage of made in Nigeria products.
    This also goes without saying PROFORCE must as a matter of priority up their game in terms of ballistic protection, MRAPS. mine detection equipment, radio equipment, bomb detection equipment, these are the urgent needs of a country like NIGERIA.
    The gauntlet has also been thrown down by the President, in terms of a REBUILDING of a viable military industrial complex ,proforce should be amongsts the firms working to build Nigeria’s first INDIGENOUS MAIN BATTLE TANK (MBT).

  20. jimmy says:

    Oh before i forget when the Govt of the day says they spent N4.7B especially when the said has Military implications we should be able to see:
    100 4-Door Salon Cars, 55 Ford Ranger Pick-Ups, 10 Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-Ups, 15 BMW Power Bikes/Cycles, 100 Power Bikes, Isuzu Trucks, 3 Helicopters , 2 Gun Boats
    As shown in the pictures this what happens in a democracy , this the FGN NEEDS TO EMULATE
    The budget for 2016 is heavily been speculated whatever it is for the Military
    One tank / 100 tanks.
    One helicopter/ 100 helicopters.
    Refurbishing the ARADU/ buying three Missile guided Ships We need to see physical evidence of it.
    No more secrecy.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Imagine that, that’s some massive vessel, how on earth does something like that come into our territory to steal oil and we didn’t know about it? That is too annoying, they get caught, but after how many illegal runs.
      Go after those that own the vessel, the people financing these, not some foot soldiers.
      For a product we call a life line, we sure are lazy when it comes to protecting it.

      • Are James says:

        If I were running this country i would increase the navy and airforce manning level to 60000 men each financed out of a 2.5 % security tax.I would acquire
        1 destroyer, 1 submarine and 20 OPVs
        2 more squadrons of fixed wing surveillance aircraft
        3 squadrons of combat aircraft of the 4th/4.5th generation
        IADS comprising mobile launchers and control stations

      • Kola Adekola says:

        That’s not the vessel that was arrested. The name of the vessel in the article is different from the name on the one in the pic. You know how careless our press can be sometimes so far as they can get revenue generating clicks.

      • Are James says:

        You are correct. The “barge” they seized was carrying about 28000 barrels. That picture is of a VLCC of 1 million barrel capacity.

      • trigger says:

        why not.
        2 type 54D destroyer
        4x Brandenburg -class frigate
        4x improve kilo submarine.
        2x landing platform ship, Logistics
        6x P18N corvette

        air force
        18x Su-30 flanker
        36x JF-17 thunder
        6x Su-25 frogfoot
        24x T-129 ATAK helicopter
        15x S-300 SAM
        30X Pantsir S1 ADS

        150 T-90 tank
        250 T-72 tank
        how much will it all cost? is it too much to ask?
        OK. maybe I’ll wake up now.

      • Sir Kay says:

        ha, that fooled me

  21. lachit says:

    just for entertainment purpose

    add info the missiles used in the test fires dont carry any warhead

    • ozed says:

      Bloody awesome —wow!!

    • Ola says:

      BrahMos is money well spent for India. The versatility and speed of this missile is ahead of comparable systems currently in service. This joint project with Russia will significantly enhance India’s growing capability to build their own missile systems. I suppose India can also work domestically on a variant BrahMos II may be (or a different name) with a much longer range than this. Russia has limited the range of Brahmos in order to comply with MTCR regulations.
      I have advocated for it a few times that Nigeria needs to look at the Indian model to develop local defence industries. Stay non-aligned, do business with those who have what you want and are willing to work with you and pass on things to you, work with those who are non-condescending to you. In my opinion, Russia is the best guy out there to do business with.

      • lachit says:

        when russia first gave it to india they had removed some of the fuel cells in the brahmos to limit the range under 300km due to MTCR. late 90s russia and india both were suceptible to US pressure.

        but after 10 years and 50 or so test fires india convinced the russians to add in the removed fuel cells to let the brahmos fly to its maximum range .

        it is a well known fact among concerned persons that brahmos can fly out to 550+ kms , and depending on the flight profile HI-HI, HI-LO-HI, LO-HI, HI-LO-LO( steep verticle 90 degree dive) etc etc the range will vary.

        another interesting fact is that during one test fires of the brahmos it had missed the target because the US had switched off the GPS satellites, so now the brahmos has be made to operated even without GPS signals.

        the guidence of brahmos is redundent , swapable and dual wieldable radar seeker and can additionally include or exclude
        2.multi navigaton system G3OM (GPS, GLONASS, GAGAN on a Module). guidance system
        3.mid course guidence using Inertial Navigation System (INS) is common to both .

        ECCM is very strong , one trick is to project clones of the brahmos ie return false electronic images to the incomming hostile missiles or radars to render defences useless.

        others i am not aware of.

        fun fact :
        there is another missile called shaurya which is a hypersonic ballistic cum cruise missile the only one of its kind in the world. range 1000+ km, warhead < 1000kg

        many of its core BASIC charasteristics r similiar to brahmos except for its propulsion which leads to the conclusion that the russians have still not transferred the technology related to the manufacture of ramjet engines to india.
        why kill the golden goose 😀

        but dvelopment of pure hypersonic mach 7 cruise missile brahmos 2 is in the works.
        plus a mini stealth version of brahmos is also in development.

        can anybody spot a weakness in the current brahmos missile ?
        hint : in terms of detection

      • lachit says:

        i would some day like to see it installed in made in nigria frigates destroyers etc

        forget its mach 3 speed as far as i am concerned its accuracy is the highlight for me <1m .
        very few missiles r that accurate at such long ranges especially imported ones 😀

      • lachit says:

        made in *nigeria frigates destroyers etc

      • Ola says:

        Thanks Lachit. I didn’t know a second variant is underway, that is definitely way to go! This will also allow India to domesticate it extensively! Yes, Do you think Nigeria will be willing to work with India and Russia to build a missile frigate and arm it with BrahMos? I doubt it! To be honest, I see no reason why Nigeria cannot have a tripartite agreement with Russia and India to do some joint military tech. developmental projects. Nigeria has the money and the man power to get something started and learn along the way, yes it may be a steep learning curve in some areas. What is Nigeria doing with all the PhD holders in their military ranks? The Nigerian space agency has highly trained engineers who have been working on satellites developments and have even tested rocket propulsion systems, these civil activities can be expanded a little to accommodate military developments. Nigerian army engineers and airforce engineers are competent men and can also be permitted, motivated and funded to partner with counterparts in countries like Russia and India together. If 3 countries come together to work, the funding is shared, overall cost for each participating nation reduces and with the kind of economics behind Russian and Indian projects, Nigeria will not need to break the bank to fund her own part in a tripartite venture. Nigerian leaders need to for once develop the vision and boldness to make a leap into the future for the country.
        You cannot feed your hungry and have time to take care of the sick and provide job for the jobless amidst insecurity. You cannot enjoyed long lasting and sustained economic growth with increasing internal and external threats like Nigeria is facing now, sadly, Nigerian leaders seem to be sleeping on duty, each one is blinded by their greed and desire to loot not minding if the nation is run aground in the process. Isn’t it a shame that countries like Cameron and Benin are grabbing Land in Nigeria? Which nation of the world would tolerate that? It’s only a matter of time before Chad will also call the bluff of Nigeria and grab a portion of the North. I hope someone would wake up to the realisation of the fact that you build strength in times of peace and it’s almost becoming too late for Nigeria!

      • lachit says:

        yes india nigeria russia and many other like minded countries can come together for mutual benefit.

        ” Nigeria has the money and the man power to get something started and learn along the way, yes it may be a steep learning curve in some areas. What is Nigeria doing with all the PhD holders in their military ranks? ”
        my understanding till now is that nigeria lacks well funded well provided INSTITUTIONS .
        by INSTITUTIONS i mean
        1.btech mtech phd level national level high technology universities/technical centers geared towards producing path breaking innovative inventions/research/solutions. indian analogy will be the IITS, IISC , national state level universities (many of them opened with the help of russia US germany japan etc patterened after the above countries institutions)
        something nigeria can easily emulate it will take time but the benifits r many.
        *********** incubation institutes geared towards productionizing commercializing militarizing the R&D outputs. indian analogy will be the DRDO (consisting of its 50+ laboratories/establishments).
        Aeronautics ADA· ADE· ADRDE· CABS· CEMILAC· DARE· GTRE·
        Armaments ARDE· CFEES· HEMRL· PXE· TBRL·
        Combat vehicles and engineering CVRDE· IRDE· R&DE· SASE· VRDE·
        Electronics and computing DESIDOC· ANURAG· CAIR· DEAL· DLRL· DTRL· LASTEC· LRDE· MTRDC· SAG· SSPL·
        Life sciences DARL· DEBEL· DFRL· DIPR· DIPAS· DRDE· DRL· FRL· INMAS·
        Materials R&D DLJ· DMRL· DMSRDE·
        Missiles DRDL· ISSA· ITR· RCI·
        Naval R&D NPOL· NSTL· NMRL·
        Micro electronics and devices[MED] DESIDOC· ANURAG· MTRDC· SSPL·
        etc etc

        as seen from above the facilities required is many and varied.

        eg to develop a missile u will need institutions especializing in
        1.metallurgy (a well established civilian steel etc industry can/will compensate for it)
        2.propulsion (a well established civilian space launching capability will compensate for it)
        3.navigation and guidance (a civilian space satellite programme plus a capable civilian electronics/software industry will suffice )

        my point being u will need 3-5 if not more specialized core institutions (civilian/military) researching into the specific areas in order to get a missile airborne successfully.

        a technology intensive environment has to be created and nurtured in a national scale.
        once the ball gets rolling nothing will stop it.
        politicans will, peoples contribution and end user (military) encourage will play a great role towards achieving it.

        “For want of a nail, the shoe was lost; For want of the shoe, the horse was lost; For want of the horse, the rider was lost; For want of the rider, the battle was lost” 😀

        i hope u all get my gist. to get the priorities right it has to be a well planned well funded with set goals and achieviable realistic targets.
        3. govt and private sector insitutions in defence partnership
        in india due to PM modis personal intiative the no of private companies involved in defence more than tripled some of the working even providing service to darpa.

        so political and industries encourage will bring day and night change in the nations defense industrial capability.

        i gave indian analogy because i am more familiar with it.
        u all can replace it with US RUSSIA CHINA EUROPE these countries r more capable, successful and much more experienced .

        “You cannot feed your hungry and have time to take care of the sick and provide job for the jobless amidst insecurity.”
        lolzz 😀 tell that to the idiots in the developed countries who loose no time to make fun of other countries achievements.

        “Nigerian leaders need to for once develop the vision and boldness to make a leap into the future for the country……………Nigerian leaders seem to be sleeping on duty, each one is blinded by their greed and desire to loot not minding if the nation is run aground in the process.”
        same story here in india but the present PM modi is far better than the previous ones,
        i wish buhari and modi come together for mutual benifit. lets see time will tell.

        “Isn’t it a shame that countries like Cameron and Benin are grabbing Land in Nigeria? ”
        same here in india . stupid blind brain dead politicians

        realistically my advice for first course of action will be
        1.set up 4-6 MRO facilities for soviet/russian equipments and western equipments with digital management , that is spares , service , inventory ordering etc etc can be accessed from anywhere from a click of a button .crash , malfunction, turnaround time will reduce drastically.operational availability will be very high.corruption zero 😀

        2.small arms industry geared towards ballistic protection , firearms , night vision devices , detection and surviellance systems at short ranges, reverse engineering , modifying short / medium range MBRL for manufacture in-house with relevent ammo etc.
        all these tuned, factored for nigerian conditions and requirement. platforms: armouring, protection against rpgs via installing of active protection systems, cage etc etc. instalation of RCWS and anti tank missiles on active platforms, upgrading improving/tuning the performance of active platforms to perform best under nigeria conditions and mandated operational needs.

        all these concurrently with the initial suggestions made at the beginning of the comment.

        india and nigeria can potentially cooperate on
        1.producing MBRL or manufacturing of various calibre rockets etc
        2.naval ships
        4. helicopters

        if u add russia then the possibilities r limitless 😀
        but the only problem is r the concerned leaders in all the 3 countries r even listening.
        time will tell

        views r my own
        may or may not be correct

      • Ola says:

        Hi Lachit, I absolutely agree with the thing you wrote here. The problem is not lack of institution, the problem has been lack of vision and will power that has led to lack of funding. There are institutions in Nigeria that can accommodate whatever is taking off. For example, the Nigerian space agency started from a University in Nigeria, OAU before they got some major funding and moved to their own facility in Abuja. Up till now, I think they still have a small research facility at that same University.
        There are Universities in Nigeria or Government agencies that can provide starting grounds if needed.
        Also, Nigeria can bring a few interested and trust worthy private investors to work along and provide some of the funding. Proforce for example can be useful in that area since they are looking to expand. The government just needs to develop the right vision and put their money where it is right.

  22. lachit says:

    nigeria space agency is the star of the nigeria achievements as far as i am concerned.
    (also it holds a special place for me because it was over it i got into my first fight here in this blog 😀 😀 )
    i hope it establishes ties with nasa isro russian chinese european space agencies to bring in more technology, inter national collaboration and expand its role in the african space market both civilian and strategic.
    i believe it already has good ties with british private institutions specializing in satellites domain.

  23. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 32m32 minutes ago

    #BokoHarm terrorists 8pm Frid attacked Gajiganna in Magumeri county Nigeria killed 3, looted foodstuffs after setting most of d town on fire

  24. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 37m37 minutes ago

    #BokoHaram terrorists about 3am sunday attacked and razed bam in Biu county NE Nigeria, killing seven and fleeing with young girls.

  25. abduleez says:

    hmm…very lovely write up by Lachit, keep up d good work. Nicely put.
    But these our govts can make u dream heaven and earth & kill u with an heart attack cos of their myopic vision.

    That cooperation with India for naval ships and helicopters is what i really love to hear and look forward to.

    But i have a question here: can a private company design, fund and build a combat naval ship(missile frigate) all by themselves without govt support and still be able to secure buyers.

    Y dat question is cos’ the way things are in Nigeria it seems to be Individual will power and sheer determination that still keeps this country running.
    For example, y on earth a top producer of crude oil in the world be importing refined oil products to its country…still we have hundreds of ppl queueing just to get some litres of pms (premium motor spirit) to get power, run their cars, generators, motorcycles etc. smh

    • lachit says:

      depends on the private companies profile ie previous experience plus inhouse capability.

      best way for a new company is to tie up with a existing defence ship manufacturer and leverage their know how.
      can start with corvettes or fast attack guided missile boat and then go for bigger tonnage ships

      • lachit says:

        govt support is a plus
        govt can help in getting the private company access to weapon/missile sub systems , combat management systems, radars systems via TOT or direct access using its diplomatic clout

  26. abduleez says:

    The Federal Government would understudy the Australian mining sector in the bid to reposition the country’s solid mineral sector, the Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Kayode Fayemi, has said.

    The government will also be learning how the Australian government has been able to achieve synergy between communities, states and the government in resolving the recurrent conflicts between communities and miners and settling the royalties due to states.

    Mr. Fayemi said Nigeria needs to learn how Australia has been able to drive its country’s mining sector, which accounts for 8.5 per cent of the country’s GDP and employs about two per cent of the work force as the present administration is set to improve the nation’s economy through the sector.

    Sule Lamido : Nigeria Operating Pseudo-democracy

    The immediate past governor of Jigawa state, Alhaji Sule Lamido has described Nigeria as a bastion of pseudo-democracy where pretenders take solace in the business of blackmail and concocting lies to suit their whims and caprices.

    He said all those pretending to be conscious about safeguarding the tenets of democracy were only creating a cruel hoax to deceive the most gullible in the society, adding that people could cajole, blackmail and dish out cheap lies to massage their ego.

    Lamido spoke at his Sharada office in Kano while receiving an award from Global Network Monitoring and Development Initiative, a non-governmental organization over the weekend.

    He said, it is too simple for one to praise the person he so much revered and make him a demi-god just because one suits your parochial permutations and that one could easily devise a simple trick to make one a demon in as much as he does not appeal to one’s subtle design.

    • Are James says:

      Canadian mining sector is much better. There are also labour and community health issues with gold and coal mining . very difficult to regulate.

      Since we are on the topic, 80% of Nigerias problem centers on land ownership which should belong to individuals and communities vis-a-vis mining resources which are legally FG’s. We need strong regulatory institutions and courts to regulate and arbitate on these things. One of the best Presidents we had who did not complete his term was going to tackle this problem head on.
      We need a revisit. After that we need to revert back to pre land use decree status. Let communities and people own their land and charge a high enough fee from the companies bringing out an FG owned resource out through the top layer of the land that they own.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Smaller countries tend to have little to no conflict to begin with, as long as they have good leaders that is, and also a singular ethnic group, for the most part.
      Australia’s population is only 23million, that’s comparable to that of Lagos.
      Nigeria, like the US, will always have conflict, too many different people live in these two countries, so people will have one issue with the other ethnic group, whether we like it or not.
      But hey, harness those resources, its a good move

  27. mmekaa says:

    sorry to digress but i hope these are veery old videos.if not…..i go swear for pesin o

    • Are James says:

      They are recent. They have deployed the crude inertial guidance rockets. Are these footage taken in Nigeria. Looking at the video, I feel like lacking up the last three chiefs of air staff. So much has been taken from this country and we should be rightfully angry

      • Are James says:

        *locking up*

      • Deway says:

        Is the airforce to be blamed alone? Seems the NA has a way of giving away free weapons and APCs to BH.

      • ozed says:

        Thought the COAS quickly went on record after the pix of boko rocket manufacturing factories to say they were make believe. Seems we spoke to fast (as usual).

        However, having said this i dont think these videos are attacks in Nigeria, simply because the pix of captured arms in the first video shows some rifles which are certainly not AK47s or any other recognizable arms of the Nigerian Army.

        What is of concern though is that Boko Haram as a force is still formidable, and our December Deadline is looking more unrealistic than it ever has.

      • Are James says:

        Air assets will make it achieve able.

    • lachit says:

      if u look a the video the bh shits r spead and dispersed widely staffing runs by aircrafts using rockets and onboard guns will not be effective because of the limited ammo which can be carried.

      this type of enemy assault can b dealt completely by carpeet bombing ie high density carpet bombing best platform as i said earlier is the C130 .
      fly above the range of the ant aircraft guns and dump
      1.high explosive bombs
      2.fuel air bombs
      3.incidery bombs
      4.white phospherous bombs
      5.barrel bombs packed with rubber , white phospherous , dispersing fuel/incidery

      set the bush on fire at certain sides to buch up the bh and then hit them with concentrated bombing to get max casualty.

      3-4 f7 for buching the bh plus two c130 for main high density bombing should do the trick

      • Are James says:

        We will cluster bomb the m..F. s.

      • lachit says:

        look at the 2nd video man
        i was always advocating mortars and commando mortars for NA
        and what the f**k i see them in the hands of these shits
        man who who is listening to?
        bh shits !!!!
        so frustrating

        what kind of cluster bombs r in use any details.
        no of cluster bombs held /bought?

        cluster bombs r ok but they will be limited (my guess) due to imports or r they manufactured inhouse.
        if not
        me thinks it is time to improvise.

    • Ola says:

      So Lachit, you see why I talked about carpet bombing in the previous post? One effective way to deal with these vermins is to lure them out in their numbers, get a bomber ready and carpet bomb them with cheap, “dumb” bombs. If you send a handful of troops to them, they will be emboldened to come out and want to confront those troops. This is the kind of job for recce guys or rangers. Lure out the guys, start running away, they will give a chase, when they are out in their numbers and showing this retarted display, call in the bomber to flatten the entire area. I will keep on advocating for Nigeria to buy heavy jets with reasonable pay loads, I will also keep advocating for Nigeria to at this particular point in time, buy near expired ordinances for a fraction of the price of new. Ordinances that would be used within 0-2 weeks of delivery to the country. There are many places out there where these can be sought.

      • lachit says:

        i was never against carpet bombing
        but i was concerned about the current available platform capability in terms of ammo loadout and their effectiveness.

        from wikipedia
        Guns: 2× 30 mm Type 30-1 cannon, 60 rounds per gun
        Hardpoints: 5 in total – 4× under-wing, 1× centreline under-fuselage with a capacity of 2,000 kg maximum (up to 500 kg each)
        Rockets: 55 mm rocket pod (12 rounds), 90 mm rocket pod (7 rounds)

        now if the airbases r very near no need of fuel tanks , if not, fuel tanks will eat up a 1/2 hardpoints which will reduce the effective weapons load to around approx. 1500kg give or take 200 kg.

        according to wiki nigeria has 12 +2 f7
        a few crashed so around 9-10 f 7

        at a time 4 -5 f 7 can be airbone simultaneously in a sector (my assumption)
        5 f7 = 5×1500=7500 kg total load out
        plus 300 total cannon rounds.

        i once sudied a document on dispersion pattern, kill probability etc of unguided bomb dropped by single / multiple aircrafts.
        based on probability modelling via real life factors the kill percentage is not that good.
        it was found directly propertional to the no of the unguided bombs dropped and the blast radius of the bombs dropped. other details i cant remember poor memory 😀

        so i am stressing for C130 be modified as a bomber
        9-10 C130 available modify 4 of these.
        payload 20400 kg
        even 15000 kg will do
        4 c130=4×15000=60000 kg=60 tonnes that is one hell of a payload !!!!!
        nothing will survive that payload
        forget IA animal rights activist PETA will be after u for killing all the cockroackes scorpions etc 😀

        and i fully agree and support ur advice on the utilization of special OPS intandem with carpet bombing.
        as for buying bombers options r limited.
        either convert transport aircrafts eg c130 into bombers
        or buy su34
        or contact the chinese for their xian H6

        which one is more realistic?

        views expressed may or may not be correct.

      • lachit says:

        plus 300 total cannon rounds.
        plus *600 total cannon rounds.

      • lachit says:

        i read again and
        very sorry i made a mistake in thinking u were advocating bombers.

        heavy category fighter jets will also do as u suggested

        sorry for the goofup

      • Ola says:

        No worries Lachit 🙂 Honestly, J-7 is a waste of money, I still wonder who made that choice for NAF. I do support the idea of turning C-130s to bombers, the problem is that as usual, Nigeria does not have enough serviceable C-130. I would like to see Nigeria having 4 flying fortresses. What the military can do is buy 4 used used C-130H. Many countries have them and will be willing to sell them if the price is good, for example Greece will sell. They do not have to come from the same place, they can all be sourced from different places. The airforce technicians together with army engineers should strip them down and retrofit them, putting cannons in every possible place under them and creating a large bomb bay in it. This would effectively turn it to a flying gunship like the AC-130. The problem though is that this could turn out to be a long term project as you need matching avionics and sensors for this new role. Being such a large and slow aircraft would make it highly susceptible to ground fire so it would either have t be doing close ground support at night or high altitude bombing during the day.
        I think Nigeria does not need dedicated bombers, rather Nigeria can buy heavy multirole jets like the SU-30 or fighter bombers like the SU-34, this way the platforms can serve multiple purposes.
        On another note now, I wonder why Nigeria never wanted to go the Indian way and stay with a trusted business partner for life. All the time Nigeria had problems, Russia/USSR has always bailed Nigeria out (during the civil war in the 60s, it was USSR that supplied MiG jets to NAF to save the day. During this BH crisis, Russia came to Nigeria’s aid when all else betrayed Nigeria), yet Nigeria never saw a reason to stay with Russia and grow through that alliance in terms of military development. I am saying this because I see no reason why Nigeria is not flying fleets of MiGs and SU jets, yet they continue to equip their soldiers with AK-47..

    • Manny Aydel says:

      Propaganda videos…full stop!

      • lachit says:

        as civilians …………………….Propaganda videos…full stop! 😀 right thing to do

        as military personals …………….Propaganda videos….analyse and find the truth and take action on it…… full stop! 😀 right thing to do

  28. Augustine says:

    Those Boko Haram videos :

    1. They were attacking no visible enemy, videos are a public image boosting show of ‘strength’ and current weaponry especially the unguided rockets, trying to tell Nigerians to fear Boko Haram ‘reloaded’ and rearmed, still ‘formidable’.

    2. All those Bokos will die if one single NA T-72 with ERA armour pounces on them.

    3. One single NAF Mi-35 with rocket pods and cannon will wipe out all those Bokos beyond redemption.

    4. Two NA BTR-4 with cannon, AGL, and MG will kill all those ‘cow-like’ Boko fighters that advance into ‘battle’ with no clear formation pattern.

    5. Their most lethal gun looks like 12.7mm heavy machine guns, they are running out of 14.5mm and 23mm cannon, Nigerian army should establish further gun firepower superiority by procuring a few thousands mixed bag of 14.5mm, 20mm, and 30mm cannon, and add 40mm AGL, 3 barrel Minigun, MOUNT THESE GUNS ON OUR VEHICLES, then add a few hundreds of modern LAW like the Indian RCL III hand held recoilless rifles/rockets for infantry men and also vehicle mounting, some armies now mount LAW like Carl Gustav M3 recoilless rifles on their light armoured vehicles.

    6. Rockets are a threat if they Bokos learn to fire them in direct mode and not area effect. It will degrade the ERA blocks on a T-72 and create weak points for a second same spot hit or RPG HEAT to penetrate the tank…..can be dangerous. Russian army suffered heavy tank losses from such tactics in Afghanistan war versus Mujaheedin insurgents in the 1980s.

    7. This blog has warned Nigerian military not to allow Boko Haram to take the initiative from us by advancing in infantry weaponry to ‘missiles’….an unguided rocket is an unguided missile.

    This Boko rocketry smells of Hezbollah assistance from middle east or Libyan ISIS, or possibly Sudan based terrorist arms industry.

    Warning signal, we have shouted for a whole two years for Nigerian army to buy infantry man portable ATGM and acquire anti-tank guided missile capability ahead of Boko Haram, Nigerian procurement officers refuse to take our honest advice. Boko Haram is taking the initiative now.

    Another caution and warning, Nigerian T-72 tanks may become ‘useless’ if Boko Haram whose eyes have now opened to infantry rocket weapons, lays it’s hands on black market cheap ATGM readily available in Libya and Sudan. This may be a wake up call for Nigerian army to start acquiring T-90 tanks with composite armour and anti-missile self protection hardware.

    Nigerian government, please let us stop allowing Boko Haram take the initiative and dictate the pace to us, we have European/Asian/American academy trained military officers who know what to buy as NORMAL equipment for a STANDARD modern day army and air force, I wonder why we are always waiting for Boko Haram to show us new threat levels before we start panic buying and complaining about delayed delivery due to long import process.

    Why do we Africans naturally find it hard to be proactive and think ahead, analyze ahead, and solve ahead a problem before it swoops on our faces to shock us?

    • Roscoe says:

      Rocketry is not super advanced tech, with practice and study they get better. I am more concerned about off the shelf ATGM’s on the black market (all those lovely TOWS USA/Turkey and Saudi gave away in Syria). Interesting notes, but its all propaganda and show of force. Good adaptation of tactics by BH with spread out lines, the mortar teams are SOP for small units for all armies. Cluster bombing and maneuver warfare will defeat this handilly, they spread out, attack with light calvary (gun trucks) backed up with dismounts and mortar teams, some shock and awe and focused destruction on strong defensive points with VBIED. Nothing a well trained force cant handle. A static defensive line will be stressed but will hold up if it can cut up their cav and take out their command and control, and also handle the VBIED before it comes into range. Ditches, claymores and barbed wire, dont allow the position to be flanked/surrounded and blow the cav to hell. chew them up with fixed MG emplacments and arty, limited need for air cover, best thing is intel to hit them at their stand up points with mobile forces. If they attack, counter the next day. I do not think they are seizing initiative in any way.

    • Roscoe says:

      Its not an African problem bros, its corruption . One of the two bogeymen that haunt our national polity, the other being tribalism.

    • lachit says:


      ‘All those Bokos will die if one single NA T-72 with ERA armour pounces on them.”

      no sir practically and in real life this is not done.
      target acquisition , rate of fire is not that high
      if somebody with military background can validate / invalidate it
      i will be informative for the readers.
      (also i had read the auto loaders [not working?] r not being preffered by the NA crews they r using manual loading.)

      there r many ways to disable a tank
      and multiple targets comming at multiple directions will overwhelm a tank without accompanying support.

      reason why IFV concept was deviced by the soviets

      in a crunch battlefield situation not every round, every bullet will hit the target, even in the presence of modern sensors plus target designators every unguided (higher number of) and guided (lower number of ) round does not hit home.
      if ur in a face to face situation it can be suicidal.

      all i am saying send more than 1 platform 😀
      better safe than sorry 😀


      ‘Rocketry is not super advanced tech, with practice and study they get better.”
      bh r getting all help technical and tactical usage from their brother isis
      i am sure their launch deployment patterns r same
      utube is full of videos which will support my assumption.

      isis was led and trained by former iraqi generals in military tactics etc therefore it is no surprise to see bh use military tactics. it was only a matter of time .

      “If they attack, counter the next day. ”
      way to go man
      and godspeed


      • Augustine says:

        Oga lachit, any military academy trained T-72 ERA armour tank commander that cannot single handedley wipe out 3 Toyota trucks mounted with ordinary browning machine guns, 30 rifle/GMPM men with 3 mortars, and 10 dumb rockets firing to the empty sky, is a failure as an army armoured corps officer, he should be redeployed to army admin office/archives library. Let soldiers be soldiers and illiterate terrorists be what they are.

    • Kay says:

      The two terrorist groups Boko and Hezbollah are incompatible and enemies.
      About the videos I just find that maybe our doctrines are limited in scope, apart from lack of aircover, the little we saw showed some ammo left and even a BTR 4 left behind. Where was the army’s FOB, what kind of defences, etc. Not easy to tell the dynamics of the engagements but it still says a lot about soldiers still withdrawing. This is the kind of stuff Oga P is good at…

    • Capt Tobias says:

      My Ogas, it is wrong to generalize as an African problem, lets call a spade a spade, it is Nigerian problem in this case, most other African militaries have moved on, within their small budgets. Until the Villagers/CJTF are some how activated and involved in the defence of their villages in coordination with the Defence forces, the inability of covering the whole theatre with adequate number of troops in every location would be exploited by BH, which is standard Guerilla warfare tactics, they would pick the time, the location to match their offensive capability, though the attacks may not be of any military advantage, but of great politically and propaganda effect.
      The earlier we stop calling and trivializing the BH terrorist/ insurgents ( that has lasted this long and started to manufacture crude rockets) , the better, so we can deal and attend to BH with the seriousness it requires. ( now we are seeing crude rockets, hope they don’t start targeting urban areas, with similar effect as VIEDs)
      BH have been draw into the open warfare stage again from urban activities, so it is time to take them out without letting them filter back into the populace.
      I personal refuse to see any advantage a lone MBT, without adequate support would give to defending that point against a scattered force presenting no serious military asset (except technicals which does not require any guided and expensive missile system to takeout). Deploying T72s without adequate supporting infantry soldiers or IFV ( 2 x terminators as standard Russian deployment after Chechnya experience) would be throwing away expensive equipment to the BH.
      I believe our military men are educated enough to know how to handle basic combat deployments, but it seems something is missing, could the economy be worse than we know. All this talk about T72s would not work in this type of combat, the MBT could be useful in defensive engagement, provided there is enough advance notice through aerial recce of the BH movement, once it get to close combat with the way this guys are warming between building it is a different ball game. the easiest form of reinforcement would have been close air support before they break through the bush lines and also counter punch as they retreat or hold ground, this require fast coordination and communication. Where was the Air Force, it ISAR platforms and it’s tactical/attack aircraft, why do they let this type of opportunity to decimate BH go unexploited. this BH groups must have taken a least an hour to mobilize and reach combat strength, how com they were not spotted with EO/FLIRs, this would be adequate time to prepare a reception for them or blunt the attack,
      We still have unchallenged battle field aerial dominance, I sincerely pray that Manpads do not find their way into the arena.( BH is learning and being assisted from ME ), I also hope that this is an old video or just make believe propaganda, BH normally takes delight in showing killed Nigerian troops, which was absent in this video shots

    • rka says:

      It all now makes sense. Our military leaders have been touring the world taking photo opportunities with zero plans to procure anything, just to fool everyone.

      We have all been wasting our time over the years calling for re-armament. If there is no openness with his administration, I dare say we will be wastingg our time. Secrecy equals corruption as there is nothing strategic we are going to buy from foreign manufacturers that would warrant secrecy.

      • Are James says:

        If I were President a lot of these discussions won’t be coming up. People would simply have ‘missed’ and it would have been up for debate whether they have been kidnapped or arrested by the security agencies.
        After a few weeks of ‘robust discussions’ in dark underground interrogation rooms, monies would have been returned and the truth about defence procurement related corruption would have come out.

      • U know, such Gestapo tactics are a recipe for disaster in the long run. If our leadership ws like that we probably wld nt be @ liberty to discuss here and criticise without being hounded. Especially in a country as tribaly polarised as ours is.

      • Deway says:

        LOL, I remember the so called “order” for 2 squadrons of JF17 jets. Pictures were taken, JF17 models were even presented and displayed in the office of the CAS. Just a farce, all na for show.

    • Ola says:

      I hope they all get very long jail terms. One year for each Naira stolen. If they can’t finish the sentence in their life time, the remaining time should be shared among their family members and friends who benefited from the loot. Those shameless, rotund, good for nothing, clueless thieving Generals. Sorry I’m letting my volley lose, it’s just so annoying.

  29. lachit says:

    just thinking these bh shit videos can be used for geolocating them
    software exists which r capable of geolocating videos within a ten-kilometre radius of their actual geographical location, and in somecases it is accurate to one kilometre.

    a potent capability if acquired inorder to makes these shit videos a double edged sword
    might stop these shits from having their 10 second of glory
    and bh videography might get a tad dangerous
    just like this


    • rugged7 says:

      Excellent one lachit
      We want more of this 🙂

    • drag_on says:

      Hmm,the video is quite questionable. Could we call it ”videoshopping”? 😀

      I am surprised the camera is still standing and hardly shook as the blast hit considering its apparent proximity. The screams from the women/woman was also too sudden after the blast.It is clearly audible suggesting she is close by. I would have thought the blast wave would knock her down and it would take at least half a minute before she would even move less focus her thoughts,but the entire video lasted less than 50 secs and her voice sounded like someone untouched by the blast. The only explanation I can give is that she is on a higher elevation,however i have no explanation for the static cam.

    • lachit says:

      that seems like a small calibre mortar round.
      we get the impression it landed on the terrorist shit but it could have landed closer to the bunker away from the camera
      blame optical illusion my man 😀

      also culprit can be the zoom feature of a camera 😀 try it at home u will be surprised to see the shot video will look quite near.

      the camera after the blast was laying on the ground and was still.
      that is expected why should it be moving after the blast ?

      there was no women voice lolzzz 😀 as far as i could hear
      why u naught boy ru imagining badass Femme fatales 😀 😀

      there was 2 – 3 different voices though mens

      u will be surprised by the types of voices people make when close to death or in intense pain.
      imagination will fail u.

      i remember when i was caught in a grenade blast
      all i suffered was disorientation but with training u can easily come out of it under 1 minute or so
      but one thing surprised me was that i felt very alert and alive after that. cant explain it . everything became so clear, still.
      if it did not involve a grenade blast 😀 i would like to experience it everyday lolzzz

      i wish ola shares his experience if he had any. or i am the only one-off nutjob 😀

      different people have different way of looking analysing things
      i dont disagree with u just chipping in to make it entertaining and make u scratch ur head in frustration 😀


      • Ola says:

        Lol Lachit. To be honest, I don’t know. If I consider the circumstances though, I would guess this is a precision air strike. If it was a mortar round, those launching the attack would not just launch one round. You could see behind that guy that there was a sandbag bunker, I suppose there was another bunker behind the camera too where some people were standing and watching. I suppose the camera was on a tripod, prior to the attack, that is why it was very steady and it somehow survived the attack after getting knocked off the tripod. That must have been some kind of sport camera, probably a gopro. It rolled over a few times and then came to rest, this is perfectly normal as there were no repeated explosions. I suppose the moaning we hear after that strike were the voices of those injured in the blast, may be those in the bunker. The guy talking in the video was certainly completely dismembered since he was at the epicenter of the strike. Thankfully so, I haven’t come under grenade attacks in real life, except in training, I might have experienced something worse. IED under a Jackal, completely ripping one of the wheels off and having one of your best shooting blood from the neck right all over your visor, completely unconscious in a vehicle lying on it’s side. He never made it back. Meanwhile the Jackal is your get away vehicle from a place where only a few people (less than a dozen, including you) in the world knew you were present in a the time. Drama in real life, Lachit.

      • lachit says:

        grenade blast over ied blast anyday

      • Ola says:

        Lachit again! 😀 What is the calibre of the grenade you’re talking about? Do you know how many kg of TNT or other explosives these guys pack into their IEDs? Bear in mind that a standard grenade has something around 180-200g of explosives. If you have had a chance to see a location where an IED has been deployed, look at the crater often created and imagine if a grenade will do that. For what I know, IEDs these days are typically designed with the purpose of taking out a heavily armoured vehicle and their occupants. Those guys may not be educated, but their IEDs at times pack enough power to K-kill a tank.

      • lachit says:

        i am scratchng my head here 😀
        i meant exactly what u said,

        “grenade blast over ied blast anyday ” means
        in no way i want to be in a ied blast
        grenade is a lollipop compared to ied.

        have u heard of the pressure cooker bombs of maoists in india.?

  30. lachit says:

    want hell raining on bh shits
    get the the TOS-1, which is capable of firing its entire load of 30 warheads over 15 seconds, levelling 40 unfortunate acres in the process.
    (russia has rocket based cluster bomb with fuel-air-explosive-filled cluster bomblets for smerch and Uragan.but these r not active in syria. so valid conclusion is they have developed a thermobaric based cluster warhead for TOS-1)

    forget c130, forget everything just this
    When fired on the scattered bh , the rockets will disperse a cloud of flammable liquid into the air around the shits , and then ignite it. The results will be devastating not only will the explosion be significantly longer and the shockwave significantly hotter and stronger than a conventional warhead, but all the oxygen in the near vicinity is also consumed, creating a partial vacuum.
    hundreds of sub munitions dispersed from the cluster weapon only makes it worse.
    bh shits will die either from the intense pressure of the initial blast, or suffocate as their lungs rupture in the vacuum afterwards. It’s an incredibly pleasant and worthy way for bh elimination.

    i propose 60 of these 100 even better .organise ur infantry armour around these and happy roasting aka barbacuing NA 😀
    just post HD videos of it afterwards 😀

    • Capt Tobias says:

      This would blunt any attack, once the aerial recce platforms are able to identify rallying BH forces, to would also be a serious force multiplier for defensive outposts, But it must not be captured or fall into BH’s hands

    • Sir Kay says:

      Only an ignorant person would think there is a dead line to defeat an insurgency, especially is a country where leaders are so reluctant to spend and do what’s needed as if they were being asked to donate a freaking kidney.
      How the F did these guys get to a military base, let alone destroying it.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Sir Kay, for me, I don’t get carried away by all these funny war reporting stories that pop up at random. The reporter gave no name of any source, all sources anonymous, and he was in Lagos about 1,000 km away from the battle field, why did he not go there and give us confirmed reports instead of publishing information sent to him by text message/phone or email, abi na facebook or twitter posts again?

      Funny story, Nigerian soldiers fled, and came back with reinforcements and won the battle, how does he know they fled, they could have driven back to base to get reinforcements and more ammunition if they were running low on ammo.

      Some journalists just want sweet story to write, same way they were circulating Congo DRC soldiers who were ambushed and called it 150 missing Nigerian soldiers all speaking French language and having the ensign/flag of Congo Republic on their uniforms shoulder…..the journalists can’t even think with a head that has medulla oblongata.

      Okay now, so far who won the battle and who is in control of Gulak town? Nigerian army. So why the headline ‘Boko destroys Nigerian army base’ ? Just to slight our nation? Anyway, while we await DHQ side of the story, I think this Michele Faul journalist should have been expelled from Nigeria by government for negative reporting, every country has a right to determine who stays on their soil, we live in a new age where Canada, USA, and France are making laws to revoke real citizenship of resident immigrant citizens suspected of endangering their national security. Then one woman sits in Lagos and enjoys two years of unstopped negative reporting about Nigeria, her homeland country is worse, she no kuku get husband for house….sleep around Zimbabwean single mother.

      • Sir Kay says:

        My brother, the thing tire me man, it’s ridiculous all around.
        And saying they drove away in T-72 tank, ha, let’s hope that’s not true.
        And besides, what kind of officers do we have that constantly give up such information to journalists, right? Something just happened and their first stop was to tell some useless reporter? Anonymous , right.

      • Roscoe says:

        No expelling o, at least they report what some one tells them. Nigerian Army never says anything, Something happened in Gulak, whether it was retreat and immediate counter attack or strategic maneuver warfare. What we know is that dry season campaign has started in earnest or rehearsal. Till tomorrow we are not sure what happened in Gundabali, the only people standing by their story is Premium Times, fortunately @Edwardklericuzio, had some news. I think the news coming out of our enemies is better than no news at all, Some have told me the war cannot be won on the pages of websites, I agree… we need information. And the secrecy of the Nigerian Army is unbecoming joor.

  31. Capt Tobias says:
    So we too would need permission before flying against any western interests including Francophones, so much for the F16 advocates

    • Are James says:

      The US is now the world’s most dangerous country. They have a tight relationship with themselves (US) now and anybody who thinks they are third friends orcare still doing boy scouts in the world should think again.
      Obama warned Nigeria especially.
      They now spy mercilessly on all their European partners, there is nothing happen in Iraq and Syria that does not have their say so ..and they created ISIS. It is not a failure of strategy, it is the strategy.

  32. Augustine says:

    When I said last year March that we shall spill the beans on Nigerian arms procurement, some of my brothers felt it was harsh on the government of the day to say something was wrong based on the SIPRI list of arms transfer and the billions of dollars we spent in 6 months doing quick time procurement and even shipping tanks by air.

    I knew bad procurement was going on, stealing, deception or poor decision making, whichever it was in my mind then, I smelt this corruption rat. Some of our gentlemen in the house went as far as assuming that there was much more imported than reported on SIPRI and that much more was still awaiting delivery…..I said we should not speculate that we have what we do not have else we live in self delusion. I complained that same equipment especially T-72 tanks was being moved around different locations, rotated from one operation to another and photographed, but many bloggers were deceived by one tank photographed ten times in ten different locations. I said then that we bought about 14 tanks as SIPRI said, but some of us said Nigeria bought 200 T-72 tanks…..okay where are the 200 tanks now?

    I did not want to be fooled and I did not want this blog and this country to be fooled, reason why I spilled the beans my dear Ogas. Today we all see the truth. Please let us stop assuming that Nigeria has some super secret weapons purchased and hidden somewhere. Na lie o !

    Also notice the info on SIPRI that says there is a probability that ALL NAF Mi-35 Hind helicopters are second hand, that means they are cheaper than the price of brand new, so we saved some money then, where did the extra surplus cash fly away to, the moon or Jupiter?

    • jimmy says:
      You were not lying OGA Augustine @ the time you were publishing these SIPRI reports
      even as Sipri HAS ACKNOWLEDGED struggling with knowing what Nigeria bought from what Nigeria did not buy so for us bloggers it is difficult to ascertain, no one also wanted to believe the EX- NSA would sell Nigeria a bill of false good.
      I had to” go back “and I am sure OGA Zach, Gbash, Henry , Xnur, Beegs, in my case it boiled down to whom do I believe as beegs would say an impeccable source is a source who has never been found wanting who has never lied and who has put his life in ” harms way.
      The Tanks are between 14-18
      The helios bought are NOT 40 but 2 NAF 260 and NAF261
      Q3 June- Sept 2015 saw another shipment arrive and the rotation of troops
      2016 As Oga Zach said will see the arrival of more equipment, what it is / will be I honestly cannot speculate, what I can confirm is the CURRENT NSA is a man of honor whose word is his bond if He says Nigeria bought something it is the truth. He does not need to publish a receipt.
      What I also can confirm is the Army promotions are out for the Senior officers and the promotions were based STRICTLY ON MERIT.
      Lastly i waited till it came out in the News it is expected that quite a ” few people will be / have been arrested ( Not everyone can run abroad) and the “refunds” have begun already.

      • Sir Kay says:

        I beg oga, make he (Current NSA) publish a receipt o ,lol, no be him money he dey spend, it’s accountability. I will not trust any official just because he may or may not be a man of integrity , Thought i respect what you said, but everything he do and did must be accessible and proof of purchase as well. Same should apply to all officials, the President included.

      • jimmy says:

        Though I am not privy to what goes on in the mind of the current NSA, it is not likely based on people who know him, that what has happened in the past concerning Weapons procurement will continue in the future.
        Oh and Nigerians should be prepared to see people arrested be it Ibo, Hausa or Yoruba, or fill in the Ethnic group.

      • Augustine says:

        Thanks oga jimmy. Some food for thought.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        If the current secret system is not changed, yet “robbers” are being caught, then “robbers” are bound to be caught after 2019.

        Why do we find it so easy to expend ourselves on things that don’t matter while a whale is being dragged through the courtyard?

        What (if not corruption) is stopping the dumping of the current procurement secret system?

      • Kola Adekola says:

        secret procurement system

    • Roscoe says:

      Correct guy, once we can clean up the procurement it will last us forever.

  33. abduleez says:

    Hehehe, holy grail Oga Lachit I thought i was d only who has been fantasising bout this TOS-1 BURATINO which is mounted on a T-72 chassis. Its specifically designed to launch thermobaric warheads. What i don’t know is if it is for export cos only Russia is the known user of this beast. Amnesty International will not agree for us to acquire it coz of TERRORIST’S RIGHTS!!!
    It has been sighted in Ukraine used by Russian backed Ukrainian rebels. The rebels has 13 units, 1 was destroyed by Ukrainian forces leaving 12 units.

    I wish NA has something like this, we sure as hell don’t need air cover or T-72 for sambisa operation. Even though it is other types of FAE’s we Use, no problem. Just drop at least 10 tons on them. When these terrorists see their comrades being burnt inside out and lungs ruptured, the fear of God will be instilled in them.

    • Capt Tobias says:

      Our T55 frames can be converted into Terminators and mounted with TOS – 1 Buratino systems, all can be done locally, bringing the components and working with teams from the factory, the cost of these modification should be weighed against the shipment cost for complete systems from outside and the fact that the T55 would not get any buyers, so that the remaining serviceable units could be converted into terminators, and the rest broken up and stored as spares to last for quite a while, The converted units would be useful in accompanying and providing close quarters support to the T72s. it would provide a serious start up level for manufacturing /maintenance and saving on Forex, that is now getting difficult.
      Mean while as anybody updated on our current relationship with Moscow after doing business with Ukraine. I do not believe we still a have the $2B credit offer except it is re-negotiated with certain conditions.

      • lachit says:

        ur idea is feasible
        but regarding the bh factor time is crucial.
        best option get some from russia as it is to fight the bh
        then get the tos1 kits and install/modify it in t55 in nigeria etc.

    • lachit says:

      it is available for export iraq ordered it i think

      tos 1 is kind of unique in the sense that unlike conventional mbrl it is kind of direct line of fire weapon therefore easier to bring it to direct contact with the target plus accuracy is improved even with unguided rounds.
      reloading is a bit slow i think.
      latest range is 6 kms only.
      but this weapon is a time tested product of soviet/russian experiences in afganistan chechyna

  34. abduleez says:

    Oga Sir Kay the way them enter the base, destroy am tire me oo! Oya mi le nú oo!!

    We shouldn’t be too surprised by these happenings, no be naija we dey. When a President gives an order for ending d insurgency in 3 months without rolling out a substantial weapons procurement fund since we knw that we are weaponry deficient this should be expected.

    He once said that NAF is nonexistent!! So what is ur plan to bring it out of the bring it out of extinction?? Well, he is probably engrossed with the anti- corruption fight and **STOLEN MONEY**

    Oga presido, how much stolen money has been returned; because as for me i never see anything concrete!! For the past six months how many ppl have been prosecuted, hw many have returned stolen funds, how much is the total amount of the stolen funds, where are the names of the Thieves dipping their sweaty hands on our funds?? Even tough some are not going to be jailed, we need to name and shame them so they won’t be able to raise their heads in public again cos they have failed us the masses. If funds are being returned, if true show us statistics and lets know how much was returned frm a particular person or how much has been recovered in the anti-corruption fight. Since the FG has facts and figures for the $$$ billions of dollars siphoned out of the country provided to them by powerful sources(US & EU); telling us how a minister in the last admin help siphon $20 billion and total siphoned money was very near to a whooping $100 billion dollars, [chai] isn’t it logical to present us with the amounts recovered or person they try play with my intelligence.

    All these i’ve mentioned i ain’t seen any one done yet for the past six months except for RHETORICS , ACCUSATIONS & COUNTER- ACCUSATIONS!!!! and most probably sacking of perm. secs. no severe punishment being metted out yet… Them just they use us they play politics!!

    Look at what is happening nationwide: heavy fuel scarcity!! About last week major roads around my Area [Agege] hardly had traffic gridlock. Can u imagine that in the streets of Lagos??
    Some 3 months back NNPC told us that 2 refineries have completed overhaul and refining has resumed. is it Kaduna & Port Harcourt refineries or so?? Both working at 80% & 60% respectively. Another third soon to resume operations; the Warri refinery.[In which the refineries had begun overhaul since last year August/September] But many ppl credited it to the Buhari factor And many ppl were shouting and celebrating **THE MAGIC OF BUHARI aka.~ THE FEAR OF BUHARI IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM** [Popular Belief: Sanity is gradually coming back into the Petroleum sector]
    Now lets fast forward to 3 months later, were are we: Few weeks ago the then Candidate Minister of State for Petroleum Ibe Kachikwu [now confirmed Petroleum minister(state)] said during the screening that the aforementioned Refineries are literally not working!!

    Few weeks later after he made the statement not to my surprise a nationwide fuel scarcity hits the country which threatens to crumble the country’s economic pillars.

    Last week most major roads in my vicinity[Agege] hardly witnessed traffic gridlock, just because of fuel scarcity. How is that possible in Lagos?? 2 days ago i had to trek some kilometers just to buy fuel to power my generator and even at an exorbitant price far higher than the national subsidized fee which is #87 naira per litre. I had no choice but to buy it at #130 naira per litre. Situations like this makes One begin to wonder what happened to the “magically overhauled refineries” and WHO IS FOOLING WHO??

    The President better sit tight and focus on his mandate Instead of all this Junketing trips he makes weekly. We are experiencing many uncomfortable situations e.g very unstable economy, weak naira, crashing revenues, low power supply, badly needed rehabilitation and construction of roads, very low oil prices, huge corruption and gross mismanagement in the civil service, huge unemployment(we added 1.9 million jobless ppl to the market in the third quarter = a total 76.9 million jobless youths) and most importantly insecurity bordering the fight against BH. With all this, Nigeria is a ticking BOMB!! All these happenings is more than enough to command urgent attention instead it is trips upon trips, addressing citizens frm foreign countries..

    Now frm Malta to France. After that he will b visiting Benin and South Africa. Wetin happen?? Na only u one knw all the presidents within a short time…or our president is in some Guiness Book Of Record Race?? Most of the visits his been making i hardly see any significance and benefits of some.
    Me they vex well well ooo because na CHANGE mantra na dey shout since wey na use enter power!!! This funny body Language dey frustrate me!!

    • Are James says:

      Everything supported except the President sitting tight in Nigeria.

      Very few Presidents sit tight in the world now. I know Hollande , Putin and Obama have not slept in their beds for a full 24 hours in the last two weeks.

      We had CHOGM conference and after that a very important energy conference of Heads of Government and global players like Bill Gates attending. The worst thing is for Nigeria to keep away. There are mega subsidies coming for Solar energy, Wind power and Bio mass. Very soon you can have all your house solar powered with the best batteries in the world and pay just N20k a month. Nigeria shound be plugged in well at the global level and we need an informed President who is familiar with global happenings and players.

      The economic sphere is a big mess . Oil price is $38 a barrel and coming down. We heard last week one of the reasons why – Turkey has been selling stolen Iraqi oil for ISIS at $20 a barrel. I am sure with that background , the President’s trip to India sometime ago was at least necessary. When you have a serious balance of payments crisis, an in border insurgency, stolen money abroad that you need to recover and a defence sector that needs supplies, sitting TIGHT at home is not an answer.

      Global junketing has worked before, Obj spent his first two years touring the world to the derision of Nigerians. When he finished , Atiku had nearly seized the government (lol) but we have had a steady flood of investments since then. Many are beginning to draw the correlation between the junketing of that period and the GDP growth explosion we had shortly after riding on the GSM revolution.

      • jimmy says:

        OGa AREJAMES
        I beg make I piggy back small.
        *CHOGM conference is only for Head of States Britain sent both their Ceremonial Head of State (The Queen), The Heir to the Throne ( Prince Charles) and the Prime Minister David Cameron all were there at some point in time to talk to the PMB , the VPNO would of been highly appropriate , the discussions on the sidelines are equally tremendously important : PMB and PMDC both talked and pledged to help Nigeria fight corruption and today 1/2 billion DOLLARS stolen from Nigeria almost 20 years ago is returned
        PMB most def needs to go to SA
        * Trade between China and Nigeria is projected to surpass the $20b
        ** 50m Barrels of oil destined for the Asian markets remain unsold
        *** Bad Economy or not Nigeria is projected to be China ‘s no 1. trading partner in the years to come ( it is just the math)
        **** Nigeria will need to buy More not less weapons from China
        ***** The 2016 budget is expected to be approximately $25b in capital expenditure some of which will be raised overseas in foreign banks read China/ South Africa
        This will be PMB and the Chinese Premier’s first head to head meeting no the vp cannot go.

  35. Kola Adekola says:

    The derogatory coverage of boko haram events by sections of the international press has started cranking up again.

    We are to blame in quite a few ways, because we run an incoherent system.

    Boko haram is attacking areas from which they had been cleared out of in the last weeks of the previous government. Indeed boko haram was so beaten that like they did elsewhere, elections held across all areas of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states. We really need to ask ourselves a lot of soul searching questions about how our incoherent system has led us a few steps back from where we were a few months ago in the anti-terrorism war.

    The bombing of Sambisa Forest has long since stopped even though the military high command insists that boko haram still has camps there. Why is this so?
    In the past, we used to have bombing videos, what is going on now? What has happened to our air force, did someone steal the planes?

    The lull in bombing and fighting might suggest that far from boko haram being defeated, they are actually getting some respite. How else do we explain an on the run ragtag army having the time and resources (in heavy machining tools) to study and perfect rocket building? Boko haram is most likely building back up to strength in neighbouring countries.
    As an aside, if boko haram can build rockets, what has stopped the Nigerian army from doing so too; with its access to both a much fatter budget, stability and numerous universities / research institutions? Low self-esteem of our many of our people?

    Why did the army promise to vanquish boko haram by December? Have lessons been unlearnt from the recent and all too painful results of bad PR? It is better to act than to speak, lest we demystify our army.

    Why is it that when the branding iron seems to have been taken off boko harams backside that stories of embezzlement of weapons money flood the air, yet the very same veil of secrecy under which the alleged crimes were committed persists in military procurements?
    Why has nobody from the past government been tried for embezzling procurement funds, why has nobody been jailed, what new weapons has the current government bought and (so that we do not repeat the worn out ritual of catching the present crop in 2020) what are the current governments proposals to end arms procurement secrecy?.

    • Are James says:

      Where is the NAF?.
      We are getting really angry now. I think we should call Uncle Alex and guy man Amosu back for a chat.

      After that we need to lease six SU 25 and hire Belarus pilots for the decisive push.

      The only party who takes the December deadline serious is…Yes you guessed it, Boko Haram.

      They will shock, steal weapons , activate sleeper cells for bombing in the cities, re activate their assets buried in the NA, …do everything to frustrate the final push.
      This is where a PMC intervention in air power is required.
      We should pay per sortie with special bonuses for major camps or convoys destroyed. All surveillance should be done locally by NAF.

      While all these is ongoing, Uncle Alex and guy man should tell us what happened to all the money.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James, you are missing the thrust of my argument, which is our incoherent system. I am more interested in creating robust procurement systems rather than the cycle of finger pointing with each change of government and wishing that things would get better while repeating the same steps of the same old methods. Why can’t the veil of secrecy simply be lifted from arms procurement?

        By the way, why do we need PMC’s? With all our peace keeping, West African engagements and our first hand battle with boko haram, we should be an encyclopaedia for asymmetric warfare by now. We have to begin to believe in ourselves and our abilities; something would really be wrong with the system if someone has to come from abroad to help us defeat a low tech foe that deploys in equally low numbers.

        Further, I don’t understand why you have mentioned Amosu and Alex Badeh, they are not the ones conducting the present battles. Someone needs to answer for why the air force has suddenly fallen out of the picture and boko haram seems undisturbed in Sambisa Forest. The vermin needs to be destroyed.

      • Eeben says:

        Kola, I tend to disagree with you. PMCs exist because government forces are not correctly trained. Peacekeeping programmes are designed to turn soldiers into quasi-policemen – something they are not – whilst simultaneously emasculating the armed forces.
        Also remember that soldiers can only do what they have been trained to do – no more, no less. With all due respect, we saw how very badly the men of 72 were trained when we got them. They did not lack the will to fight but they lacked the skills. That is not their fault. I lay that before the door of African armies being cajoled into redefining their missions as ‘peacekeeping’ and not locating and annihilating the enemy.
        I do however agree with you that the enemy has seized the information environment and use it better than many governments do.

      • this is an eye opening comment by Oga Eben. points to note.
        1)Our soldiers were poorly trained for this fight
        2) our soldiers had achieved a Police mentality and lost their hunters mentality due to the nature of the many peace keeping operations.
        3) the counter terrorism training we got from the US was worthless (the iraqi army is another example.
        Oga eben has delivered a few knocks by this statement. but coming from someone who this forum trusts, who is vastly experienced and who was instrumental in turning around the fortunes of the NA in this fight, i accept it as the truth.

        the Naija armed forces… every single branch is in need of a major change in mindset to take on the challenges of 2day. the men of 72 are our best at the moment but there are many men outside of 72 needing a mind shift. for a long time the armed forces have rested on laurels and refused to paddle against the currents of complacency. no introspection and no preparation for tomorrow. but then all these have been mentioned here before, the question is are the people at the top listening. if BH pelters out today what can we say of the NA after 5 years of peace?

      • Are James says:

        We don’t have systemic issues. We have a human issue. A leadership issue.
        Nigeria bought top of the line jets in the 80s. We have bought and built stuff since then including fertiliser and Petrochemical plants, power plants et.c
        Capital procurement is what we do all the time.
        We also know that the NAF had done many threat assessments and gap closure exercises and one aircraft always came on top. So requirements are already known. There are consultants that will give you a system for less than $300k that would still be world class, I even know a few colleagues already working with government. On top of everything we have BPP and Due Process office to add the best practices from the commercial side and ensure compliance. The people are the actual problem. The PMC idea is only looking at the deadline and what I am suggesting is a time bound contract to the first week of January with the PMC bringing in the jets and pilots.

  36. jimmy says:

    This story has been debunked as been false by credible sources i.e DON KLERICUZO just because one agency keeps carrying it doe not make it True.
    Grotesquely as it may seem if bh killed all 107 troops their bodies would of been lined up and shown in there stupid video, instead we are getting . stupid videos of a few captured weapons and people speaking Congolese nah we don suffer for NAIJA,
    The fault is not with bh, the fault is with the NA who are still slow to grasp the potency of the Social media.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Well if our own government is too tight liped to tell the story, bh go tell am in its own way, i no blame them. These terrorists have perfected propaganda more than our own govt and military. Isn’t that sad. Once false news hit the net, like it or not the damage is already done, especially when you have a government that takes forever to get on top of things.
      Rule number 1, control the information, our govt have no clue how that’s done.

    • Roscoe says:

      Thanks for clarifying Oga Jimmy. Klericuzios tweets were helpful. The NA management of news didnt, first they denied it, then some said it was true but all are recovered, then I lost track cos they accused Premium Times of bh propaganda, then they said a tank was recovered confirming piece meal parts of the premium times.. which Edward said was disabled. Now at Gulak, we are hearing of withdrawals (and immediate counters) and destruction of a base (probably a small FOB). No air support, and good logistics lines for the NA. the border regions will continue to get hit by bh in the dry season. NA needs to ensure what happened last year does not repeat, I am not worried about December deadlines. Clear reporting by the NA and us understanding if the lessons learned from bh Christmas offensive last year are being applied or the same mistakes are being repeated.

  37. abduleez says:

    oo God, y can’t i post this comment since morning?? na wa oo!! wetin i do word press

  38. Are James says:

    Supplementary budget for Boko Haram for last two or three months of 2015 or so is about $150 million. I think money is just to pay off commitments incurred otherwise that small change can do a lot.
    The bulk of the supplementary budget of N570bn (partially loan financed) is going to pay off commitments to the fuel smugglers …sorry fuel importers. Sometimes I wish I could lay my hands on some people.

  39. Sir Kay says:

    Nigeria’s Dasuki ‘arrested over $2bn arms fraud’

  40. Ola says:

    I am happy to read that some people are being arrested over corruption issues. This is a water shed moment for Nigeria and whether MTN fine or corruption arrest, the whole world is watching Nigeria. At this critical moment, I hope this government will effective, fairly and openly probe and punish those who have been embezzling money form various sectors, especially from 1999 till date. According to publicly available information, Nigeria’s military budget has been $8 bn yearly in the last few years, when I mentioned this early this year on this blog, I remember someone with insight into the service here argued that the bulk of the money does not go to the military. where does it go? Let the probe spare no one, otherwise it will be criticised as a witch hunt.
    Secondly, I have always advocated for a significant, government to government and transparent procurement by Nigeria. Nigeria can afford to spend $50 bn over the next decade to;
    1. Do a steady, yearly procurement of equipment for the 3 major services
    2. Effectively double the current numerical strength of all the services, highly train them and restructure them.
    3. Build man power for domestic military industrial complex
    4. Give seed fund to private establishments, research institutions and start a robust military industrial complex.
    I hope at the end of the decade, Nigerian military would have become a deterrent force, not just a fighting force.

  41. mcshegz says:

    HUFFINGTONPOST.COM; Bruce Fein: An Open Letter to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari

    You opportunistically announced that zero tolerance would be narrowed to the predecessor administration of Goodluck Jonathan because to probe further would be “a waste of time.” That conclusion seems preposterous. In 2012, the World Bank’s ex-vice president for Africa, Oby Ezekwesili, estimated that a stupendous $400 billion in Nigerian oil revenues had been stolen or misspent since independence in 1960. The lion’s share of that corruption spans far beyond the Jonathan administration.

    Your zero tolerance policy seems to come with a squint to avoid seeing culpability in your political friends. A few examples are but the tip of the iceberg.

    A Rivers State judicial commission of inquiry found that N53 billion disappeared from the Rivers State Reserve Fund under former governor Rotimi Amaechi. Former Lagos governor and head of your campaign finance team Babatunde Fashola was accused of squandering N78 million of government money to upgrade his personal website. The EFCC has ignored these corruption allegations, and you have given both promotions: the Ministry of Transport to Mr. Amaechi, and the Ministry of Power, Works, and Housing to Mr. Fashola.

    In contrast, you have played judge, jury, and prosecutor in the newspapers to convict former PDP Petroleum Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke of corruption.

    Is this evenhanded justice?

    Is this the so called change

    • Are James says:

      I really don’t know where this often repeated argument leads.
      It is a lot of street sense with some colloqual legalese thrown in and very typically Nigerian in terms of the low mindedness of its premises.
      It does not solve any problem for the accused parties. In fact I am waiting for a lawyer to stand before a law court to argue for instance that his accussed client should be set free until Festus Okotie – Eboh’s body who was legendary for corrupt practices as Nigerias first finance minister is exhumed and put on trial for the large number of rumoured acts of corruption he committed in office in 1963.The argument here being that until we extend corruption probes back even to 1910 we would be committing an act of injustice (witch hunting) against the recent criminals sorry, accused persons. Even Dieziani was saying it at all the NNPC inquiries that there was nothing they did that other administration s had not done before.That is the kind of argument some judges want to hear to make them double your jail term.

      There is no law book where these new principles of law are written apart from Nigerian beer palours and political debate rooms

      Secondly It is not Buhari ‘s job to probe Amechi’s expenditure or the ridiculous and insulting 78million allegation against the former Lagos state governor. Rivers State and Lagos State are the independent federating entities that should worry about those ones.

      The Dieziani issue is however more ridiculous. Since the article writer broadband he’d the topic, how does a government play judge and jury on the ‘newspaper’?. If that were the case that the FG has been playing judge and jury in the press then why has she not sued the FG for defamation of character or even harassment?. The woman has not even been arrested yet in Nigeria and articles are flying about the President hounding her. To make ridiculousness even more ridiculous, some governor of a state went so far as to accuse the FG of extra judicial murder of an ex governor who actually died in a private hospital in PH saying the guy was hounded to death by new moves to read open some EFCC cases against him.
      We have an interesting country where corruption is trying to fight back in that low IQ, mediocrity laden, sentimental way only Nigerians know how to do best in the most shameless manner.

      • Deway says:

        Are James, its strange you support allegations peddled against one but very quick to throw out allegations peddled against another. You seem to have missed a paragraph from McShegz’s post: “The EFCC has ignored these corruption allegations…”. This is the problem I have with you staunch supporters of PDP and APC. Your side of the fence is pure and squeaky clean while the other side is made up of sinners. Don’t get me wrong, I’m wholeheartedly in support of probing the corrupt at all levels and every public fund embezzled or spent on private personal projects should be collected back with additional jail time. I’m not for secret refunds. What I find infuriating is when evidence is presented like that against a person like Amaechi and others; enlightened fellows like you are quick to discard it because you both belong to the same political group. Doesn’t look good Are James. Taking a cue from your own very closing statement “We have an interesting country where corruption is trying to fight back in that low IQ, mediocrity laden, sentimental way only Nigerians know how to do best in the most shameless manner”.

      • Are James says:

        The argument is never presented in a wholesome manner. That is my point.. You don’t use another’s man’s crime as leveraged defence for a current accused . We would have to stop arresting all armed robbers if we extend the argument far enough. I would like it if people presented Amechi and Fashola’s case out of the context of discussions on Dasuki. The Rivers government should keep petitioning the EFCC and using the law courts to get his money back.
        For Fashola, that one is a mediocre case. The man was in office for so long , controlling so much that a mere N78 million on a website is a joke.The fact that this ridiculous figure is being bandied around as evidence of corruption is serious intellectual laziness. There’s got to be more there , let concerned parties dig them up.

        To summarise anyway. Buhari is not going to allow Dasuki, Dieziani and many accused generals to go free because Amaechi also may have stolen money. Once we are on that mature reasoning level then the path is open to extract revenge on the APC by concerned party digging dirt from their record in office

      • ozed says:

        @Are i would have thought concerned parties only have to raise alarm. i thought i was the job of the law enforcement agencies (all of whom under our constitution report to the FG) to dig up the details or show clearly that there is no case to answer.

        I think that is the point the other parties are making.

  42. mcshegz says:

    SPUTNIKNEWS.COM: According to Turkish media, Ankara halted the flights of its aviation over Syria.

    Russia officially bars Turkey from Syria airspace, albeit with very poignant but legitimate reasons.
    How Turkey;s Erdogan could fall for this obvious trap is beyond me; shows the stark difference between actions based on emotions from actions based on a careful, methodological plan.
    Checkmate. Vlad rules 😉

    • Kola Adekola says:

      On the other hand, Turkey has closed the Bosphorus to Russian shipping; breaking international law to lock out merchant ships and Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

      The news is not yet mainstream news, most likely because it would make Turkey’s Western allies look increasingly like they are siding with a fruitcake and a near mental case in Erdogan.

      It is already quite clear that if Russia decides to deliver a flurry of devastating left hooks, uppercuts, straight jabs and awe inspiring drop kicks to Turkey, that NATO will simply stand aside and watch. The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has already had a go at Turkey for downing Russia’s Su-24 very publicly on Twitter less than two days ago.

      Its hard to understand what Turkeys vision of the future is with almost all its neighbours as its enemies; Iran, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Greece… There are few better ways to spell “brewing calamity”.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        “drop kicks on Turkey”

      • Are James says:

        Let me draw the model for you.
        In the MENA countries, forget nation state, forget artificial borders.
        Put tribes or nations and religious entities ( that are also attributes of tribes) in the specific geographical locations that they are now then try determine what forces are at play.
        In this model Saudi, Egypt, Turkey, ISIS leaning people and GCC countries are one. Iran , Shia Iraq, Hezbollah and now Syria are another. Syria even does not fully trust Iran but that is another matter.
        In my quiet moments, what i see is that it is opposing Sunni and Shia clerics fighting by using the governments, terrorist organizations and very rich Islamic charities that they control as battle axes against each other.
        So on Turkey i think the strategic thrust of Turkey is to keep Syria weak, partially destroyed and it’s Kurds completely eliminated until a Sunni Islamic majority government is instituted. They also have a tribe of Turks within Syria they care about but will always use for destabilisation..
        I am not sorry for Syria anyway, they did the exact same thing to Lebanon for close to 20 years maybe more in the 70s and 80s.
        Nobody has Noble intentions in Syria. Not Putin , not Obama and not Europe but I still think Putin went into a very dangerous neighbourhood showing off his muscles… the problem is that there are too many knife-men in that same neighbourhood and it is currently pitch dark.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        I agree that Syria might have a difficult future (as will Turkey). However, Syria is not a Shia country and is Egypt not ISIS leaning.

        The crisis really isn’t Shia vs Sunni, it is Wahabism vs all.
        Wahabism is the most extreme for of Islam (boko haram is Wahabist) – it was created in Saudi Arabia about 150 years ago.

        Wahabism is now being spread across the world by ISIS, Al Qaeda and boko haram.

  43. Maduka Oluwafemi says:

    Gentlemen,we are loosing this war systematically and nobody seems to be curious. It was obvious from the very get-go that the president- in concert with his service chiefs- never really had a good grasp of the situation on ground. This is evident in their December-deadline proclamation. More worrisome is the fact that even the army chief was confidently telling the whole world that the sect would be brought to its knees by December. Normally,one would have expected the administration to beef up the military with acquisition of hardwares so as to give force to the push. This is obviously not the case. Has anyone observed that the Buhari administration hasn’t really got hold of any significant cache of arms that could bolster the strength of the military. All we seem to get is “repatriation of loot”.
    It is undeniable that there were alot of shady and corrupt deals in the past administration’s war efforts,however,we saw substantial progress in its last weeks- this is not to absolve the past administration of its failures and dereliction of duty(per section 14(2)(b) of the CFRN as amended).
    Without unnecessary sentiments,I think Boko Haram is gradually gaining more sophistication,and also becoming bolder. We’ve seen them use improvised rockets even in the theater.
    Has anyone really asked why should our boys be the one on the retreat almost everytime? Leaving behind arms and even a T-72 tank!!!(which,for now,is the cream of our armoured corp). Why would our soldiers leave functional equipment behind? Do they ever hope of getting it back in good shape,or they just intently replenish the fire-power of the terrorists? We haven’t got reliable answers to their Dshk-armed technicals,what will be our fate when they attack with this same stolen tank and other arms? I just hope they soon won’t help themselves with one or two of our towed 150mm artillery pieces,or else,we would have gifted them the capability to shell us from kilometres aways.
    Anyone ever wondered what we teach in Kaduna,Zaria,Kontangora et’al? Our soldiers seem not to be able to execute infantry tactics properly. I think our soldiers are always inclined to retreat due to the fear of being cut-off and surrounded by the insurgents. There seems to be a very limited sense of situational awareness at every of our FOBs. That’s probably why our boys get panicky anytime they come under an attack.
    Let’s not talk about the airforce,they are unserious- yes! that’s the lot of any airforce that fails to boast of even a dedicated ground attack plane…we keep flying outdated trainers and outmoded interceptors with very limited payloads(even in miserable numbers).
    Please save us that shit of “we weren’t trained for this kind of war” really? Five years into a war and you are still not adapted to its current trends? How many years does it take to train a soldier in CT-COIN and guerilla warfare? How many years does it take to train a full civilian into an officer in our “boys scout” NDA?
    More killing is the fact that most of the B/H propaganda videos have been shot in locations of flat terrain and sparse vegetation,where an armoured thrust would be most suitable,and where there would be very limited chances of collateral damage from area bombardments.
    Gentlemen,my Jurisprudence lecturer said- of the war- and I quote “we lost the war from the start”…It is only prudent to believe him,but I don’t want to believe him…

    God bless Nigeria

  44. Capt Tobias says:
    We need to deal with this thing quickly if this figures are correct, Poverty has nothing to do with the real intentions BH

  45. Capt Tobias says:

    It was also mentioned in a French post that ISIS has Libya has it’s fall back capital if kicked out of Iraq and Syria (Raqqa), this might be too close for comfort to the Nigerian NE, if we are still struggling with BH, also the West would not be too committed to fight them, since Europe is no longer threatened.
    Time we end this nonsense and hold our borders.enough of parades and talk, we need overwhelming number of troops to saturate the theatre, if this should happen it becomes a genuine threat to our national existence.

    • Augustine says:

      With our 14 units of second-hand T-72 tanks that break down without notice….LOL

      • Are James says:

        Na serious mata you dey take joke so.
        We don’t have a funded backed strategy going on five to ten years on how to deal with events in our sub region. All previous defence budgets have been mostly stolen. Now that globalised terrorism has chosen our country as the next staging place we must do something really fast.

      • Roscoe says:

        @Are James… But its actually a joke. We bought between 14 – 20 T- 72 tanks (refurbished) . Read that again, Nigeria bought 14-20 T -72 tanks. then moved it around to make it seem like they had more than that, who are we trying to fool? BH or our own people? We bought small arms on the black market for our troops and smuggled it by the truck load into Nigeria to ship it up to 3rd and 7 Div. We put cash on planes and took it to South Africa to buy goodness knows what. We as a country are acting like we are a warlord.

        Its a joke, A country is acting like a warlord, buying stuff piecemeal, bullets by the truck load and tanks by the tens. That said.

        Our men are the bravest , hardiest troops that belong on Gods green earth, Syrian and Iraqi troops turned and ran, gave up large cities. and need US , Russian and Iranian help to get them back. After Mubi fell, we held serve and pushed back the enemy, shoving them into the border regions, we as a country, no help, no support, held back the most blood thirsty terrorist organization in the world today. With limited bullets, limited air cover, almost no armor, no guided missile capability.

        We used drones, helos for CAS and small unit tactics to decimate BH in Bama, on 400 man battalion destroyed the best men BH had to offer at Konduga, and Maiduguri held under multi pronged attacks, Monguno taken back, Baga cleared, Gwoza, Marte, Banki all retaken with minimal losses. We should be proud of our men, they have done all they can. Even the best armies in the world are over run, The US army fell back in multople FOB’s in Afghanistan, failed to hold Iraq, ISIS grew under their watch, the russians lost Chechnya one and lets not go as far back as Afghanistan.

        The Abyss stared at us, we stared back into it and smiled. BH, ISIS, AQIM, They should fear the Nigerian Spirit, we will walk over their corpses and bury them from Maiduguri to Tripoli. Here in Nigeria, their dream of a Salafist Caliphate will die, they have met their own Afghanistan, their own Waterloo, their own Vietnam, their own charge of the light brigade.

        I forsee that it is in this front, in Subsahran Africa, that Salafism and its adherents shall meet their most significant defeat, in the hands of 180 million Nigerians, and we shall claim as a prize geopolitical advantage in our sphere, since we will save them from this curse also.

        Once we get our house in order, no country, man or radical faith in the world can over run us,

      • Akin Oges says:

        Oga Roscoe, you spoke like a true Nigerian. Thanks for the words of valor. I implore the FG to go shopping for sufficient/fit-for-purpose hardware and platforms for the NA and the NAF: in spite of the tight financial climate Nigeria can still afford 100 units of T90 MBT, 200 units of T72 MBT with ERA protection, 300 units of Bigfoot/REVA MRAPs and 100 units of SR-4 MLRS for the NA. The NAF desperately needs task specific platforms by way of CAS: 24 units of SU-25 Scorpion, 50 units of MI-35M attack helicopters and 50 units of MI-171sh multi-role helicopters. Again, Nigeria’s old detractor, Chad, currently enjoys Air Superiority over Nigeria with her MIG-29s, capable of reaching out to Abuja, NAF’s airfields, our oil/gas installations and other strategic assets and return to base without refuelling; the authorities should acquire a minimum of 12 units of SU-30MK Air Superiority platforms to cancel out the threat; whilst able to project power up to the Sahel/Sahara deserts, most of West African sub-region and Angola; any of the missions conducted to and fro without refuelling. FG must hasten, the world has turned a bit grey with the quarrel between Russia and Turkey; if we allow our traditional Nigerian snail approach, Russia may not be in a position to sell to us because of that crisis (remember our recent experience with Ukraine). The shopping list above will only set Nigeria back about $1 billion, not much for the security and safety of this great country. Therefore, FG hasten up, provide our fighting men and women the right hardware/platforms to win this war on our behalf. God Bless Nigeria. God Bless the men and women on the front-line bearing their chests to the bullets of the enemies. Nigeria will come out of this stronger and better.

    • Capt Tobias says:

      Oga Akin Oges, very well spoken, but what confuses me is that we always leave out made in Nigerian equipment from our wish list by Default, why 300 Bigfoots instead of the Proface ” New Ara” or Igirigi, how much does each bigfoot cost, when do we start the military complex we all talk about. Would we also ignore the Nigerian manufacturers like it being done , if we were in Government

      • Akin Oges says:

        My Oga Capt Tobias, I completely agree with your submission; that list should read 200 units of Bigfoot/REVA MRAPs and 100 units of Igirigi and (improved) Proforce MRAPs. Again, we also need to take into reckoning the time-line here; as ISIS is squeezed from all sides in Iraq and Syria, they will likely fall back to Lybia (a very dangerous possibility for our great country). We need overwhelming strength in men and hardware/platforms to finish off BH in good time before that happens. I would be very excited if Proforce and NAEME can step up production to meet that level of supply if FG elects to run with the shopping list, considering the chain of benefits for Nigeria – and the tangible savings on FOREX. Anyhow, this war must now be given the absolutely serious and focused attention it deserves; it is threatening to become an existential threat for Nigeria.

  46. Kola Adekola says:

    on December 01, 2015

    The US Treasury singled out two leaders of the violent Boko Haram Islamist group in Africa for economic sanctions Tuesday, saying both are closely involved in deadly attacks in Nigeria.

    The Treasury said Mohammed Nur, a Boko Haram commander who has represented the group in negotiations with the Nigerian government, was placed on its financial blacklist for his involvement in suicide bomb attacks, including one on the United Nations headquarters in Abuja in 2011.

    Nur “is a senior Boko Haram member who supports Boko Haram’s campaign of violence against the government of Nigeria,” the Treasury said.

    The second Boko Haram figure placed on the sanctions list is Mustapha Chad, a Chadian national who in 2013 directed Boko Haram activities in Yobe state in northern Nigeria, the Treasury said.

    The sanctions, which seek to freeze assets of the individuals and lock them out of the global financial system, add to US designations of Boko Haram as an international terror group two years ago. The Treasury pointed out that earlier this year Boko Haram also pledged allegiance to the Islamic State jihadist group based in Syria and Iraq.

    “From kidnapping schoolgirls to mass fatality terrorist attacks, Boko Haram represents a threat not just to innocents in Nigeria but to all civilized society,” said Treasury Acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Adam Szubin in a statement.

  47. ugobassey says:

    There may be some fire in this smoke o. Just saying……..

    • Are James says:

      What we had suggested was a war cabinet with three members including MOD, CDS and CIC but apparently one man was let loose with an open cheque and he started mis using funds inappropriately. It was a multi tribal, multi interest bunch and we should get them all investigated and punished appropriately.

  48. Martin Luther says:

    What would be the most likely charge against thief of arms purchase funds? Would it be corruption or treason? Just curious

    • lachit says:

      Just curious
      has anybody heard of chinese bomboo torture being used in hell ?

      • lachit says:

        equally effective in real life

        best punishment for anybody who plays with the lives of innocent men women children anywhere in the world.

        i hope amnesty international does not read it they will have a heart attack.
        and i want them to 😀

      • lachit says:

        just for info
        the chinese have just retired hundreds of tank destroyers which atleast from the pictures i saw are very well maintained .

        the israelis have just retired their merkeva 2

        all these will be dirt cheap , get these in hundereds along with the ammo , finish bh.
        and then u keep them or sell them for scrap.

        because as long as bh r active financial allocation for new modern weapons for the military running into billions will always be eaten up by the operational financial expenses incured due to fighting the bh.
        bh is like a parasite holding back nigerias strategic weapon acquisition development.

    • lachit says:

      on a serious note
      most important thing will be the recovery of the money so that the necessay weapons can be procured without any financial headache
      and a person can be charged with multiple offenses so use both corruption and treason and then u will have a tighter hold and chances of anybody escaping due to legal shenigans will be almost zero.

    • I think he will be charged with corruption, money laundering, stealing etc. Treason is unlikely cos there has never been a tym that a corrupt official has been charged for treason. Though this case is closer to treason than most. My opinion has always been that stealing state funds is a treasonable offence. Treason is a crime against the state, however general experience in Africa is dt treason in practice is seen as an offence against the government of the day. So except the govt of the day feels u are targeting it, treason does nt come in.

  49. lachit says:

    just for info
    the chinese have just retired hundreds of tank destroyers which atleast from the pictures i saw are very well maintained .

    the israelis have just retired their merkeva 2

    all these will be dirt cheap , get these in hundereds along with the ammo , finish bh.
    and then u keep them or sell them for scrap.

    because as long as bh r active financial allocation for new modern weapons for the military running into billions will always be eaten up by the operational financial expenses incured due to fighting the bh.
    bh is like a parasite holding back nigerias strategic weapon acquisition development.

    Type 89 (aka PTZ89) tank destroyers

    merkava 2

    buy these only if u get them dirt cheap along with the ammo and i am suggesting them only for finishing the bh quickly because now nigeria army is under armed.
    the long the war stretches the nigerian economy will suffer more inturn effecting nigerian modern defence acqusition and development.
    basically simple economics.

  50. lachit says:

    all i am saying buy these type 89 and merkava 2 tanks only if they r dirt cheap along with the ammo.
    because the nigerian army is under armed.
    it needs serious armour and firepower to finish the boko harem quickly.

    after that u can keep them or sell them as scrap.

    the financial losses due to the insurgency is eating nigerian economy and in turn delaying nigerian military modernization and development.

  51. hannibal says:

    Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, says that the association is aware of those that are behind last week’s bomb blast in Kano during a Muslim procession at Dakasoye village in Kano last week. Zakzaky said this while speaking at the end of Nahjul Balagha study session held at Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria on Monday November 30th
    “We know the names of the contractors and those contracted to commit the massacre; their identities are not hidden. Therefore, we cannot be cowed by an imaginary Boko Haram tale; let them tell it to the fools and ignorant.
    They should know that they are dealing with people with foresight, wisdom and intelligence, and above all, the real religion. I refute the claim on the Kano Friday attack as the attack was manipulated to make the public believe that certain faceless group named Boko Haram were behind it. There is nothing like a suicide bomber; they tortured and drugged unsuspecting captives and made them carry the explosives which they detonated. The announcement by the Department of State Service (DSS) that there would be attacks on mosques and churches by female insurgents has given them away; how did they know about it and where it will happen? It clearly means they are accomplices to the atrocity. The perpetrators of Kano bomb attack were the same people that seven years ago in broad daylight attacked Ashura procession and killed people in Potiskum. They also killed 34 people during Quds Day procession in Zaria in 2014. In most cases, these killers carry out the offensive under the watchful eyes of security operatives, sometimes escorted by tinted glass vehicles. Last year, bombs were buried along routes of the trek, while similar episode was planned to be repeated this time around. The mass massacre of Muslims has become a vogue across the world. Who is carrying out senseless killings in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon? They are the same people carrying out attacks here and we know them and we cannot be cowed.”he said..

    This is a very dangerous speech (i.e if it was trully said), it could cause a number of reactions, all not good for Nigeria

    • lachit says:

      false flag propaganda .
      must not fall for it.

      BH is now being actively guided by international terriorist organizations, forces as far as i am concerned

      long time h r u?

  52. mcshegz says:

    VANGURADNGR.COM: Count me out of Arms deal scandal; we have no option than to commence legal action against Sahara Reporters in all relevant jurisdictions— Saraki.

    Omoyele Sowore’s SaharaReporters employ reverse psychology, seemingly pleads against been charged to court in America where he is based, rather; prefers a Nigerian court process.

    “As Nigeria’s number three man, there is no need for him to do legal tourism by going to courts outside the country. He should believe in the system and go to any court in Nigeria. We are ready to meet him in any court in Nigeria.
    If he goes to court to challenge us outside of Nigeria, he would be using the money he has taken (stolen over these years) from the Nigerian people to pay expensive (pricey) lawyers outside the shores of Nigeria whereas all the evidence (s) of his corruption are based here in Nigeria.” he told Premium Times.

  53. mcshegz says:

    The current ruling party must quickly recognize that they are in power, hence, Qatar sponsored Aljazeera like other sponsored media is no longer your partner to ridicule, shame and castigate seeming opponents.
    Here we have the President;s spokesperson still operating in election mode, as if still trying to win votes. Nigerians expect results, not explanations.
    The more you continue to talk without showing results, the more ammunition you give the media to use against you. I understand they are new to this, but, i sure hope they learn fast; for Nigeria’s sake.

    • rugged7 says:

      They appear trapped in a time warp.
      They don’t seem to understand that elections are over…
      Let them keep on exposing their nyash to foreign media.
      The same foreign media will make mince-meat of them pretty soon.

    • Are James says:

      Okay. You have a point here. There should be boundaries to the quantity of information you release when you have formed a government. I think the new information minister should step forward as the new clearing house for.all govt mass communications. The only guys enjoying this stupidity are the Bokoharam themselves.

  54. jimmy says:
    Please OGA BEEGS has specifically warned all of us OGA MCSHEGZ, OGA RUGGED , this is not a PDP/ APC blog neither a support for Jonathan or Buhari , there are comments from both sides of both parties that perhaps we should self control our responses to because it will bring down the integrity of this blog.
    One of BEEGS cardinal rules is to focus on the successes and failures of the Defence of Nigeria specifically the Army/ Navy/ Airforce and specific Economic matters with serious Military Implications for Nigeria.
    OGA BEEGS on his twitter page raised a very important issue that specifically you OGA MCSHEGZ should be interested in : Made in Nigeria NAVAL boats by Nigerians for Nigerians Highlighting a mouth piece for the ruling party and discussing his demerits is beneath your lofty standards that i have admired in you for a long and very consistent time in the past ( MYSELF) have made mistakes and allowed my temper to get the best of me, I hope you will take my constructive criticism in good faith and not my attempt to deny you / fillter you or sensor you / alter your views.
    Have a good day sir

    • Are James says:

      The sentiments expressed in the last few paragraphs are heartedly supported. Self sensorship is important. Count me in any thing that will uplift the blog.

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Jimmy,
      As far as i understand Oga Mcshegz…
      The topic was military procurement and corruption with respect to interface with the foreign media. I am not quite sure how that is purely political.
      Personally, i do not trust the PDP nor the APC.
      My constituency is Nigeria and the Nigerian military.

      • jimmy says:

        I understand completely your point but the views being expressed come from a APC mouth piece which may or may not be truth it would be the same as someone posting a picture of Oliseh Mettuh visiting an IDP camp on his birthday ( These guys are all politicans) and the real danger is to get drawn into their games. Always remember it is our Brothers and Sisters and Childhood friends who are fighting this war and are in the N’East for 15, 16, 24 months . None of these Politicians or very few of them have there children fighting in MARTE, BAM , BIU

    • mcshegz says:

      I sincerely hope my comments were not misconstrued;
      In any case, i fully understand your comment as regarding politics; duly noted.
      Oga jimmy. I respect your hustle sir.

      • jimmy says:

        When we start making room for Garba ( sheu)/ Oliseh ( mettueh?)/ Segun ( adesina) then we start to tread on Slippery ground on this blog. I accept your recognition and always appreciate your Zeal for all things MADE IN NIGERIA.

    • rugged7 says:

      The COAS while warning the troops, should also:
      Provide the troops with rapid re-enforcements- not after a firefight lasting 12 hours
      Provide the troops with rapid air support
      Provide artillery fire support for FOBs
      Provide training to the troops on base security, base defense and counter-offensives
      Provide the troops with functional Shilka
      We are tired of all this playing to the gallery
      End of december is around the corner

      • Are James says:

        These long lasting firefights are just the point I was trying to make. They will be many in the coming weeks, The hardcore Bokos are now being encountered. We need soldiers with the mental endurance, skills and weaponry and again ..where is the NAF?

    • Sir Kay says:

      Good point, as long as our soldiers aren’t being given hoes and cutlasses to fight.
      What that means is, Provide them with the tools they need, with training, proper welfare package and you shall see result.
      Anything short of that, i won’t blame them (soldiers)

  55. Are James says:

    ISIS just beheaded a Russian spy.
    ISIS does have independent resources to sniff out Russian spies. The spy agencies that have the ongoing resources to penetrate Russian intelligence agencies are not more than three on the entire planet so who just sent another warning to Russia?.

    • Augustine says:

      True or false?

      Are these Central Bank documents genuine? Was the money spent for the military in a transparent and honest manner? Is this so called exposé true or false? Can we get a federal court to clear these clouds for us to know the truth?

      • Sir Kay says:

        Nigeria is a funny country.
        This is one of those scenarios where some high profile politician will point fingers at another for attempting to assassinate him, then they go forth and back with accusations and denials, one would think such attempt will bring in the police and others for investigation, but that never happens.
        This to me right now is nothing but rumors, its trash, I would rather hear about all these allegations in court than in some newspaper, right now it holds no weight .

  56. rugged7 says:

  57. jimmy says:

    In answer to your question , oga rugged
    Yes Nigerian troops including SF operate with Cameroonian troops both Inside Cameroon and outside Cameroon in no man’s land
    We also from time to time give our Chadian Brothers “Logistics “

  58. lachit says:

    Chief of Air Staff Nigerian Air Force, Air Marshal Sadique Baba Abubakar, is on an official visit to Pakistan

    jf 17 comming 😀

  59. abduleez says:

    hmm…JF-17, probably went there for some sight seeing…it isn’t the 1st time we get to look at those beautiful BIRDIES.
    I must see one in Nigeria first before I believe their (NAF) “tales by moonlight”.

  60. lachit says:

    lolzzz pakistanisguys r more optimistic than u guys with this meeting,
    they have lined up al zarrar tank bakhtr sikhand (hj-8) anti tank missiles apc and armoured cars etc as follow through add on procurement

  61. Augustine says:

    Oga rka, the downside of the news is that it was Pakistani air force that invited NAF chief to come and see wetin day. Maybe the PAF is afraid that they have not heard anything again from NAF about JF-17 deal. The new CAS is probably not talking about it and the PAF fears the prospect might die a natural death after one year of evaluation and selection, yet no single order from NAF.

    This blog has noised at random in the past few months asking NAF to fill the dangerously widening and gapping air power/air superiorty/interceptor gap that is expanding yearly with the attrition wiping out NAF F-7 jet fleet of interceptors.

    How can NAF defend 1 million sq km of Nigerian land mass with 10 interceptor jets?

    Today, Pakistani air force has about 500 jet fighters in service, yet they have a smaller economy and cash reserves than Nigeria. I hope president Buhari will personally veto NAF procurement matters, or is the current CAS ready for a new dawn and change of status to give Nigeria true air superiority in the African air space?

    • rka says:

      Oga Augustine, you are spot on. That’s why I said it is another photo op. You would think we would be the ones chasing them.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Well, if money meant for arms to protect our soldiers get diverted illegally, then those responsible should get the death penalty if convicted. Our soldiers died for this.

    • mmekaa says:

      mind boggling to see how individuals who swore oaths before God to defend the integrity of the country used the lives of peoples fathers,uncles,brothers,husbands,wives, mothers, cousins,aunties,sisters,sons and daughters to gamble..this matter does not need a jail term if found guilty.they should just put them on a C130 with just their boxers and singlets armed with those local dane guns and parachute them into the middle of the sambisa forest …

  62. abduleez says:

    chai…see insults frm these Camerounians that cannot feed its ppl. only Lagos state in Nigeria will comfortably feed the whole of them…then they enter a site with trigger fingers on keyboard typing nonsense and hatred…

    If not for the hatred they would have seen that Nigerian SF were involved.
    Wonder why we haven’t fenced our borders frm these hating MOFOS and we would see who will be screaming best forces in Africa since there is no MNJTF to come help them asses when bh goes berserk.

  63. Ola says:
    Cameroonian spin doctors do not cease to amaze me. Again, they have kiiled 100 boko haram members and freed 900 hostages. They never fail to give round figures, like “,,,killed, 100, killed, 400…” I wonder if someone will tell these jokers to stop telling blatant lies!

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