3 December 2015

United States of America has concluded plan to export her Homeland security team known as Security Governance Initiative, SGI, into Nigeria as part of efforts to end terrorism.

US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Ernwistle, revealed this yesterday in Abuja when he paid a visit to the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, in his office.

The ambassador said his country has concluded plan to send a team to Nigeria by January in the spirit of partnership with Nigeria as part of efforts to end all forms of insecurity in Nigeria and the world at large.

“We are ready to partner with you on security. As you know,we will be having a team here in January in this regard.

“This is a very interesting idea; it is an attempt to improve security performance. This project will be done with Nigerian government.” He assured the minister of total support to combat insecurity.

Responding, the minister of Interior, who expressed gratitude to the US ambassador, assured that Nigerian government will partner with US to ensure fruitful implementation of the project.

His words: “We want to assure you that we will fulfill our own part of the partnership and we are confident that you will fulfill your part also.”

Meanwhile, Israeli ambassador, Mr. Uried Palti, who also visited the minister, said he was in the ministry to reassure Nigeria on the relationship that exists with his country.He said his country has experience in tackling most of the challenges Nigeria is going through.

Dambazau told the Israeli Ambassador that “every nation has a role to play in one way or the other to bring an end to insurgency. In our case here, we are dealing with the issue of Boko Haram,which is now a regional problem that affects four countries. So, it is going to be a regional approach.”

He also assured the ambassador of partnership to deal with the issue for mutual interest in the future.


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  1. Are James says:

    Some knowledgeable people here in the MENA region are saying that Africa is going to be where these terrorists are going to come next. However having an American style homeland security outfit peopledol by Americans is not without its issues in terms of mass surveillance.

  2. i also read yesterday that the package includes some form of training for our troops. I would advise against american training on the backdrop of what Oga Eben said a few days ago on how poorly the men of 72 were trained for the specific challenge at hand and the performance of the iraqi troops in the face of the IS threat. we need training from forces who learnt the hard way how to fight in extremely diff conditions and often without a very vast military complex to back them up. Americans always go into a fight with massive over powering fire power and every tech gadget available. as it stands naija often has to fight dirty and dig in with Grit Blood and Pure Guts.

    whatever we do with the Americans should be on our own terms.

  3. rugged7 says:

    No good can ever come out of having American military on Nigerian soil…
    America promised our sherriff heaven and earth before the elections and are yet to deliver on ANYTHING including infrastructural development funding.
    And instead of moving quickly to visit China, we have probably left it too late.
    China has just approved $9billion funding for southern africa and zimbabwe while we are still whining and grovelling to the west

    • PM is goint to see speak with the chinese this week. Also i dont even want Nigeria tied to anybody’s apron strings. China aint “Father Christmas” every such grant or loan has its conditions.

      whatever we do or take must be well thought out and the greatest benefits should come to Nigeria. that should be our guiding principle.

      in other news the NSA and his office and the service cheives court martial-ed and sentenced soldiers for not standing to fight BH when they were the one’s that lined their accounts with the money meant to purchase arms which these same soldiers desperately needed and begged for………? thats treason in my mind and if the soldiers had actually been executed it would have been murder.

      • rugged7 says:

        Bros, Nigeria is in DIRE STRAITS economically.
        We need development finance from EVERYWHERE including from the devil if necessary.
        Scholarships are being cancelled, Our youths are increasingly restive.
        This is a powder keg of trouble
        It just needs a spark…
        As for those who allegedly stole money from the military.
        If found guilty in a court of competent jurisprudence, they should be lined up and SHOT

      • Oga Rugged, i agree that we are in dire straits financially , what i am trying to say is lets do a proper cost benefit analysis so to speak before accessing loans or grants. we must tread carefully and negotiate skillfully and intelligently ” jeez just sounded like a politician campaigning lol).

        some of these loans and grants could hurt us in the long run so wee need to go in with eyes shinning.

        and if found guilty the sentencing the alleged looters wld get depends on what they are charged for. if its corruption, stealing or money laundering then they wont even get up to life. treason would get them death. cos i believe the offences in a war time can be construed as being against the state.

      • Are James says:

        Dire straits.
        Anybody who knows anything about it is quaking with fear.
        Oil price is $38 per barrel …and falling…in winter .
        The former government was not too open about the fact that Nigeria was not getting new contract buyers for its oil meaning the spot market was just okay for buyers and with all all the oil stealing going on in Libya, Syria and Iraq it is now a full buyers market
        So we had 50 million barrels unsold oil in inventory.
        Since new refineries were also not built we are losing from that side of the equation as well and with Naira devalued the cost of importing our own fuel has now almost doubled.
        It might have paid NNPC to buy refineries in more serious countries that have well trained managers with integrity as their comparative advantage.
        Any help from China is welcome.

    • fmkpang says:

      They are coming to teach us how to donate d few weapons we have to bh,as they taught d Iraqis. Lol

  4. lachit says:

    guys u should see this .
    th first time i saw this i was totally impressed,
    i really really want india to work on something like this.

    great defensive weapon system if developed

    see the concept , the way , the rate at which missiles can be launched by the innovative launching system.

    simplicity at its deadliest 😀

    • lachit says:

      i meant i was impressed with the caseless HE shell/missile launching system with the rotating launcher arm shown at the end of the video.

      though not much impressed with the air borne delivery and other camofaulage etc concepts shown at the beginning and middle of the video. doubt its feasibilty.

    • sabatino9 says:

      Nice piece of tech right there. Good spot Lachit

    • rugged7 says:


    • Deway says:

      Love this and its quite practicable. Quick question, what happened to the missiles that were initially dropped?

      • lachit says:

        blame it on the super dupper camofaulage technology implemented on it
        it dissappeared and now nobody can spot it 😀 😀 hehehe

  5. nice concept. still just a concept, right? @Lachit.
    nice way to deny armour access to an area without putting boots on the ground or aircraft in the air.

    • lachit says:

      most of the technolgy building blocks exists as far as i know all it needs is someone to put it together .
      i was mainly refering to the really simplistic yet deadly rapid fire launcher.
      it was shown firing CASELESS shells (logical assumption) . now those caseless shells be it the anti tank versions or the high explosive versions etc r fitted with laser homing heads, technology for which already exists .
      the only think missing is the target designation ie selection of the target priotrization (spelling bee champion 😀 ) of the targets and alloting the targets to the different launching units.
      this can be done by 2-3 detection and multiple laser designation units placed among 20 launcher units.

      these detection and multiple laser designation units will scan the nearby areas for targets if multiple targets r detected they will exchange information among themselves and employ best firing solution and high probability kill solution algorithms to allot targets to the launchers ie actually to the individual shells/missiles.
      in real life laser designators sends out unique coded laser beam and the seeker mounted on bombs missiles reads this uniquely coded reflected laser beam and each bombs missiles with thier unique coded laser seeker compares it and if matched then homes onto their respective targets correctly.

      same here
      automated detection and multiple laser design unit 1 identifies 6 targets and lases
      target 1 with laser coded beam (ABC1)
      target 2 with laser coded beam (ABC2)
      target 3 with laser coded beam (ABC3)
      automated detection and multiple laser design unit 2 gets the 6 targets list from unit 1 and finds it can lase
      target 4 with laser coded beam (BCD1)
      target 5 with laser coded beam (BCD2)
      target 6 with laser coded beam (BCD3)

      then the automated detection and multiple laser designation unit 1 and 2 selects the launcher units best suited to achive high kill probability .

      launcher 1 will recieve laser beam code (ABC1)
      launcher 1 will recieve laser beam code (BCD2)
      launcher 1 will recieve laser beam code (ABC3)

      then just before launching the shell the launcher unit 1 wil programme the unique laser code into it so that the the shells seeker can home into the correct target .

      shell fired from launcher 1 with programmed seeker code (ABC1) will home onto the laser coded beam (ABC1) being reflected of target 1 and destroy it . 😀

      similarly if targets go out of the firing line etc the codes can be re-assigned to another launcher unit to taking out the evading targets.

      automated detection and multiple laser design unit will keep pinging target , code , update info including surviving targets info etc at regular intervals.
      if a shell fails to hit a target , the target will be detected as alive by the automated detection and multiple laser designation unit and it will simpy pass this info to the previously assigned launcher unit who will programme the code again to another shell before launching the shell at the target again.

      all this will happen in fractions of seconds and super rapid firing will enable target destruction at a high rate. totally automated . good first line of defence.
      i have made it overly simplistic but it is doable.

      i am really expert at dreaming aint i 😀
      not to mention the naughty ladies……. i dream of 😀 hehehe

  6. colloid says:

    To do what? You mean to train US? The one they gave to Iraq, how have they being faring on the battlefield? Lots of Humvees and TOWs are being taken over by IS from the Iraqi troops.
    How do you kill what you created? The monster they created wayback in 2003 resulted in the “share” we are having.
    I’m never in support of any US “military” INTERVENTION(of whatever scale or NAME they gave to it) in Nigeria. The intervention they gave in Libya and Iraq hasn’t been contained and they are talking of another Intervention(practically Invasion) in Nigeria.

    “Dem say, de pesin wey wan buy una clothe, na de one wey im put for body na im we go look take judge”…. Let’s take a cue from on how the American-trained Iraqis are faring against Daesh.
    We asked for weapons, they denied us but they can’t armed “MODERATE” terrorist with TOW missiles and even protect them. A terrorist is a terrorist… There’s nothing like MODERATE or EXTREME.
    We are winning the war, why are they coming now? To tell us how to shoot BH right on the forehead or heart? Or how to jump out of a moving vehicle to ambush them?
    These guys will only slow us down–tiz better any luggage entangling our free movement and advancement should be dropped and sidelined.
    They aint a friend but a FriEnemy. Just like a Bat(that we can’t called a rat or a bird), they are neither our friend nor our foe– they are both.
    Their coming will only bring and attract more Hardened Jihadists to Nigeria with all our porous borders.
    I pray we never fall into their trap.
    We can only yarn, we no get power to decide. I don rant finish.

  7. Ola says:

    This idea that the solution to boko haram has to come from outside is ridiculous. How many nations have promised to help “helpless Nigeria” till date? How many of them have actually done anything to help? Nigerian leaders, both military and civil, continue to walk this path of self deceit that the solution to Boko haram is not in Nigeria, that is what outsiders ride on to toss the country around. Leaders continue to engage in blame games, media entertainment and mud slinging, diversionary tactics that shifts attention away from the reality on ground. Why has there not been even one significant and transparent equipment deal initiated so far? Afterall, the government was singing long before the transition that the military is ill-equipped, so nothing new or shocking.
    When are we going to see a proper trial of those who actually stole money, evidence based and open trial that the public can follow? All the billions that were declared missing by the former CBN governor and other missing money from NNPC coffers, why is no one talking about them anymore? I desire to see the thieves exposed and jailed but I want to see it done with proofs, not through tabloid trial and sensational journalism when the nation is grappling with security and resource challenges,…read about fuel scarcity in Nigeria today.
    The coming of homeland security is only to make a bit more public the covert spying and remote controlling of Nigeria by the US for many years. At best, it attracts more hardened terrorists to Nigeria, nothing more. The day Nigeria has a leader who has his thoughts and focus in the right place and appoints the right people to do the right thing, that is the day boko haram would end. Nigeria has continued to be treated as the big fool and will continue to get that treatment until the leaders put their priorities right and wake up to their responsibilities. People treat you the way you present yourself.
    The money that would be used to deploy assets of homeland security in Nigeria should be used to provide surveilance equipment to Nigeria to monitor the Cameroon-Nigerian border or Chad Nigerian border or the money should be instead donated in equipment to MNJTF. Nigerian police force and the DSS need equipments too, rather than suggest bringing homeland security to help police Nigeria, they should use the same resources to fund the counter terrorism unit of the Nigerian police force.

  8. mcshegz says:

    BUSINESSINSIDER.COM: 2 Army pilots killed in Apache helicopter crash near Fort Campbell, Kentucky

    The accident is the latest in the string of at least three Army helicopter training crashes in the past 11 days.

    On November 23, two Army pilots were killed when their Apache crashed during training in South Korea. And on November 24, four crew members were killed near Fort Hood, Texas, when the UH-60L Black Hawk they were flying crashed. Both accidents are under investigation.

  9. Sir Kay says:

    America can’t even secure its own country, but somehow have this stupid fantasy of world security, that will never happen for the next 100 years, and given the fact that these powerful countries are pretty much broke, not much will come out of this, unless of course their claim to help us was to actually keep an eye on us so we don’t travel to their country to blow things up

    • Sir Kay says:

      And securing Israel shouldn’t be compared to Nigeria, talk about the size of each country, not to talk about the massive population difference.
      Nigeria can never achieve even 60% security level, reason is simple, its too huge in terms of population and it will be so costly that we will all have to sell our blood on a daily basis to pay for such security overhaul. These things will take decades.
      Where is even the infrastructure , non-existent

    • America seems pretty secure to me though @ least from external aggression and when u consider the size of the US, that’s no mean feat. but yh inadequate infrastructure makes Nigeria a diff kettle of fish entirely.

      but if they offer useful help in terms of tech and ELINT, why not?

  10. Ola says:

    There are so many ways through which the US and other countries can help Nigeria, the issue is that they are not being sincere about it and the challenge is that the leadership of Nigeria has never seem to realise it in all these years. It would be of great help to Nigeria if the US and the rest of them come out to say “hey, we sell you potent equipment, we offer training and joint military exercises to your troops, you pay us in return” that would be a fair deal. This offer would never happen though because leaders of this country have continued to place personal interest above national interest. If the border of Nigeria with Niger, Chad and Cameroon can be effectively monitored or if the migration of people across the NE axis can be better monitored, it would help Nigeria against BH a lot. Also, if the counter terrorism units of the police or DSS get more equipment and better training, this would help Nigeria immensely. These are all the areas in which the US can help Nigeria but Nigeria will not get it. One way to get good military equipment from the west if for Nigeria to start spending eye watering amount of money on procurement and domestic development of equipment. If Nigeria today signs a 10 year deal with Russia to equip,upgrade and train Nigerian troops and the airfoce, and in tandem signs an $x bn dollar deal with Russia and India in a joint military development of, say land systems and follows it through, if Nigeria later approaches France, US or UK companies, they will listen and do business with Nigeria.

    • Capt Tobias says:

      It appears the Russians have lost interest, because we still went ahead to do business with Ukraine and voted when we could have refrained at the UNSC, our actors did not show any interest in the $2B offer, because the Russians would monitor if and make sure it ia applied where it matters, especially after they saw how the Chinese credit funds were protected and contracts went largely to Chinese companies. If we recalled the Russian Ambassador in Abuja said the FGN should decide which side of the fence they were.
      I hope the $2B facility it can be re-instated, if the Russians have not moved on.
      Home land security is the basis form of grass root security, which relies a lot on the interaction of the relevant internal security apparatus and the local/indigenous groups, all this talk of help at every stage is a passive indictment of our national security persons, to believe that some who lacks the language, culture, historical knowledge and practical experience. has something to add to the system is hilarious and borders on stupidity.
      This our people that cannot effectively control their own security except when it comes to race distinction or in the movies.

  11. Are James says:

    Just to clarify, this is Homeland Security we are talking about not COIN training. When it comes to Homeland Security, Nigeria is exactly at ZERO in maturity.We are probably even at MINUS ONE, that is to say we have not even started evolving at starting to defend the Homeland. It is a very fundamental and very expensive process targeting how to defend against a particular yawning gap that exists in existing security architectures. The only concern is have is the kind of data compromization that gives the US unobstructed access to the lives of ordinary Nigerians.

    • Ola says:

      Mr. Are James, yes it’s homeland security and yes, it is not COIN. However, the way defence is structured in the US is quite different from what is obtainable in Nigeria. US military is primarily tasked with military operations abroad while Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is tasked with defending the US within the shores of the US. They are primarily tasked with responding to terrorist attacks, natural and man-made disasters. Nigeria has a different defence structure. The Nigerian military is primarily tasked with defending Nigeria and Nigerians at home from threats abroad and insurrection within that the police cannot handle. The Nigerian armed forces are meant to maintain the territorial integrity of Nigeria and secure the borders from violation on land, sea, or air. Now the police and customs share some of these duties too. Should Nigeria restructure it’s defence strategy and create a department of homeland security in the process? I think no. Meanwhile, I think the organs in Nigeria doing these jobs can benefit from a lot of help, using the resources that will otherwise be used to support rival activity and avoidable duplicity. Of course, my view of it may be wrong.

      • Are James says:

        Nigeria Police, Customs and Immigration ke?. To entrust Homeland Security to those ones ?. God forbid
        No I believe the Internal Affairs ministry is our Homeland Security Department.
        However they need to start writing the manuals and standards for HS and they also need to start recruiting the right quality of staff who would be trained and knowledgeable in plotting all data points coming from all the bodies under the ministry, detect possible threads and mature the info into actionable intelligence to secure NigerIa . That ministry therefore needs a complete overhaul.

      • Misistry of internal affairs is akin to home land security and its in charge of the Customs, NSCDC, IMMIgration not sure if DSS is under min of interior but I think it is.. So these agencies are in charge of our home land security. The police too except dt they have their own ministry. The Military comes in when these dont hv enough fire power.

      • Ola says:

        If you want to do a mass surveilance program today, where would you start from? You start from existing data bases of VBN, registered mobile phone, vehicle registration number, national ID card data, drivers license, voter’s register and National Passport. I suppose the Most robust of these are the VBN and mobile phone registration databases, which organ is in charge? I suppose it’s the police that has been managing and using some of these for years. Yes, I agree that the Ministry of Interior could well be the version of DHS in Nigeria. But then, the police is under them, I suppose. But then, remember the DSS/SSS mandate is to do intelligence gathering, protect Nigerian territory against domestic threats and terror attacks. I suppose the police have been working with them on this too. The overall issue I am trying to raise is that, the organs in Nigeria should be sharpened up for increased effectiveness do the job cut out for them. In doing this, foreign partners should allow them procure needed equipment and do joint training with them, if they want to help them. No one outside Nigeria can come to solve Nigeria’s problems. If the DHS team that will be sent to Nigeria will treat their Nigerian counterparts as equals and coordinate training and exercises with them, let them come. If not, let Nigeria put the cost of that partnership into another security venture, there is so much need within all the security services in the country, it is heart breaking.

      • Deway says:

        “Nigeria Police, Customs and Immigration ke?. To entrust Homeland Security to those ones ?. God forbid” ..Are James nearly killed me there 🙂

  12. abduleez says:

    Thats Very true Oga Ola. Our leaders just seem to refuse to be wise. Until the day our leaders start to put National Interests 1st before anything, these Western Countries will continue to see us as a fool they can use at will.

    If Nigeria signs those deals u said with Russia and India,I bet u US would come knocking at Our door everyday. Even that Obama wey dey do shakara visit other African countries overlook Nigeria go come do PILGRIMAGE by Force.

  13. abduleez says:

    Editor’s note: The National Assembly has
    pledged to make public the details of the 2016 budget, and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo stated that the government
    considers raising spending by 56% to as much as 7 to 8 trillion naira. Opara Prince, the Naij.com contributor , explains what it might mean for Nigeria and where the funds may stream in from for the new 2016 fiscal year.
    This article is a product of e-commerce and basic knowledge of economics and thus encourages any form of corrective criticism, particularly from economics pundits.


    • Are James says:

      The budget is partly funded as far as I am concerned with the $10bn loan ceiling. The US has some grants for us. Most Chinese interventions in infrastructure are going to be financed short term by them. Leakages would need to be plugged.
      The government has to be strategically clever in targeting grants, I will keep harping on it..In the energy sector alone, If you have renewable energy projects like dams or wind power to a total of 1GW you might be able to access up to $5bn alone in help from thr EU. Solar energy is going to boom next year with what the VP is doing.
      Girl child education up North , they will give free money yafun yafun.
      The 5000 naira stipend to unemployed teenagers who submit to schooling will be part tax and part grant funded. Even the health sector can be almost 50%”funded by international grants . Our problem has been corruption that almost went up to “abomination” levels.

      The policy thrust behind the budget essentially is getting the middle class and large corporations to pay big so that we can put millions of youths to work on infrastructure projects with the expectation that they will then become financially empowered to buy all the indomie, sugar, GSM airtime, heans and the odd orijn shakis ..that keeps local consumption up so that GDP can start growing and more entries can.pay taxes to give more money for government to do more and so on.

      • ScouseNaija says:

        Oga Are it actually has gotten to and gone past abomination level. Nigerians have gotten so used to the absurdity that it blends away into the overall squalor that we have refused to clean up around our nation.

      • Capt Tobias says:

        My Ogas, why does Nigeria need to be helped with $5B by the EU, why are we a country, what are we doing with our own Billions, what are they meant to be applied to, are we to receive “help” , so that our own Billions can be squandered, no good education, no good health services, no good roads or water supply, the military it self has fallen with this help syndrome, help matter, we are busy being helped, while top Government people and Senior military officers are also helping themselves to the Billions of a dumb populace that do not know how much is coming into OUR coffers ( The FGN account belongs to us all Nigerians, it is only managed by the government of the day). Since after the independence, there seems to be no clear thinking and educated mind, The question is why should the EU give free $5B, when there own people are not at their optimum living, better than us in a lot of angles but they still have suffering, do they love African people so much.
        Where are we applying our own Billions ?

  14. abduleez says:

    ABUJA -The ongoing investigation into the $2.1 billion arms deal involving a former National Security Adviser, NSA, Col. Sambo Dasuki and some of his associates took another twist Thursday, with the former Governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa exonerating himself of any wrongdoing.
    There has been a chain of revelations as to how the money was dispensed, with the ex-governor’s name featuring prominently as collecting about N4.6 billion for “spiritual purposes”.


  15. mcshegz says:

    Beryl toh bad.

    • rugged7 says:

      A 3 or 4 part series
      That Nick Schifrin guy finish naija sha…
      Though you can’t completely fault some of the reports

  16. abduleez says:

    Opinion: Why the Nigerian youth deserves to suffer


  17. rugged7 says:

    “In 35 years, there will be more Nigerians than Americans”…

  18. abduleez says:

    Opinion: Why the Nigerian youth deserves to suffer

    Op-Ed Editor December 1, 2015

    This title came about during a discussion I had with my friend, Daniel Lawal very recently. We were talking about how the countries of the world go about distributing its resources among its citizenry.
    We talked about everything from the physical cash to roads, from electricity to water supply, from healthcare to sports, from crime to political succession. We pondered why the availability of internet varied from country to country, to why infant mortality is still high in some countries which have already been exposed to modern healthcare.
    At the end of that segment of our conversation, we came to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with the ruling class, especially in Africa.

    Next, we began asking whether the average African youth deserves to be deprived of basic rights, dividends and amenities accruable to the office of the citizen. Daniel argued that the African youth is just a victim of circumstance and does not deserve some levels of suffering; he said it was uncommon greed on the part of the ruling class that has driven the continent and inadvertently, the youth to a state of developmental menopause.

    His position holds water… plenty water, but in order not to play into the age-old Nigerian mentality of “Government no dey try”, I added that the African youth has not adequately attempted to break the chain of command of the elite, neither have they shown significant interest in changing their ever-dwindling fortune. On this note, I argued that the African youth deserves everything that has been coming his way, and even worse.

    My argument was premised on a lot of factors, which include but are not limited to the following:
    The average current crop of African leaders had their eyes on the country’s resources and political seat of power from a young age. For the benefit of those who are not keen history students, I’d like to give a list of long serving African rulers and when they assumed office.
    – Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea assumed office in 1979 at the age of 37 and has been in office for 36 years.
    – José Eduardo dos Santos of Angola has been in office since he was 37 years old and has been in office for 36 years.
    – Paul Biya of Cameroon came to power at age 49 and has been in office for 33 years.
    – Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has been in office since the age of 42 and has been in office for 29 years.
    – Idriss Debby of Chad who has been in office for 25 years and came into power at the age of 38.
    – Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria who was involved in the July 1966 counter-coup at age 23, had a hand in the 1975 coup at the age of 32 which took Yakubu Gowon out of office, became military Head of State via a coup that ousted the democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari and finally came back to be elected president in 2015 at the age of 72.
    – Until the people of Burkina Faso stood up against Blaise Compaore, he had been in office for 27years and became the country’s leader at 36.
    Other leaders that are worth mentioning are Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea, Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan, Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia, Denis Sassou Nguesso of the Republic of Congo and many other unique cases of persons who have wielded considerable political power or held several political portfolios for donkey years.

    For the sake of this article, I’ll limit this discourse to my country, Nigeria.
    The first set of leaders the country had been young: Anthony Enahoro, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tafawa Balewa , Ahmadu Bello and the rest were all young men who fought assiduously for the liberation of the country and led up until the cookie crumbled.

    The next generation of leaders that sprang up as from 1966 were also very young men, but they were of a rare, thirsty breed.
    In order not to begin another history lesson, I’ll just mention names and I expect youths to undertake independent research and see how young the following men were when they came into came into “federal prominence”: Murtala Muhammad, Yakubu Gowon, Kaduna Nzeogwu, Aguiyi Ironsi, Olusegun Obasanjo, Theophilius Danjuma, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, just to mention a few.
    From the look of things, their generation was filled with more politically ambitious individuals who took interest in leading from a young age unlike the generation we live in. Unfortunately, not all these leaders were really worthy to be called leaders.

    Over the years, these same set of people have recycled themselves and their cronies, taking up strategic political and governmental positions which have exponentially increased their coffers to the detriment of the common man, which massively includes the youth.

    I therefore find it very unbelievable that young people of this generation have little or no interest the true process of governance in their countries, talk less of taking up the mantle of leadership and bring the desired change they crave when the almost-century-old class of leaders when they finally “retire.”
    The second reason why I feel that the African youth must suffer is this: The African youth has been caught up in a dangerous kind of the age-long rat race which does not give them the time to create solutions to the numerous problems bedeviling them.

    The African youth is so busy “going through school”, getting a job, starting a family and fitting into society, he forgets about the goings-on at the “top” that affects him directly. This vicious cycle sucks in young people, including potential leaders, thereby making in almost impossible for the youth to be able to have any spare time to explore his political/leadership potential.

    Although it might be said that the aging ruling class should be blamed for this situation, it is pertinent to note that the youth themselves have barely lifted a progressive finger to tackle the issue.
    The truth is this: we must not all have white collar jobs, we must not all have degree upon degree. Some people are born to lead people, and Africa desperately needs a new breed of leaders devoid of the insatiable urge for self-aggrandizement that has seemingly become the order of the day.

    Go to Nigerian universities, Political Science and Public Administration departments are usually one of the most populated. I ask, what happened to the thousands that have gone to study courses that are relevant to leadership. Asides them, what fate has befallen/will befall the thousands of hidden born leaders that have/will walk upon the face of the continent in coming years.
    It was not until very recently that

    Nigerian youths began making use of the “all-powerful” social media to tackle societal ills and anomalies. The internet is an unlimited space where every kind of topic can be brought to national and even international relevance with the right amount of drive.

    I see no reason why the global social media, including those of African countries can revolve around Kanye West’s clothing line for a full 24 hours and many weeks after, and the same social media space cannot be employed for a constructive “social congress” where young intellectuals can speak up the leadership issues troubling their individual nations and fathom solutions, thereby making the social space a strong tool that will kick start a formidable youth movement that the aging ruling class will take serious.

    Don’t get me wrong, Nigerian youths are beginning to make use to social media to discuss social and political issues, but they are not really doing anything in my opinion. Here’s why: When something new gist leaks from the corridors of power, what the Nigerian youth does is to go on social media platform to seek relevance.

    They talk and talk and within 48 hours, the issue dies a natural death and would not surface until another issue that relates to it comes up. NO ISSUE IS EVER ADDRESSED TO THE END. The youth never holds anybody accountable for anything because they feel it is not in their place to see to the end any matter. It’s just something new they can make jokes about.

    But the truth is that politicians explore this inaction on the part of the youths and plays on the emotions of the social media users. Issues are brought to the fore and politicians unleash “e-voltrons” who harp until it becomes a trending topic all in a bid to outdo the propaganda of the opposing party. When it does become a trending topic, the youths become comedians, creating jokes and memes, forgetting the underlying problem and focusing on trivial frivolities.

    Unfortunately, the Nigerian youth has taken to the “other side” of the internet in a desperate rush for followers, likes and virtual fan base. Everybody wants to be a social media influencer; everybody wants his pictures and posts to be viewed, liked, retweeted, shared and reposted that they forget about what is important. In short, the social media space has been reduced to a hotbed of banalities.

    Let me stop for now, but I will end this way: We do not deserve to suffer as African youths, but we really need to suffer, until we are determined to change our situation ourselves.

  19. Kola Adekola says:

    A claim the Syrian army has now been supplied with S-300’s that will soon enter service:

    • Oga Kola, if this is true mehnnn!!!! It will thoroughly change the situation of things oooooo and potentially bring WW3 closer. Some wld argue that WW3 is ongoing already. Giving syria the s-300 is a srz escalation

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Adetayo’s Blog, its more true than not; the originator (Elijah Magnier) is well informed, e.g. he was the first to break the story that Russia was both increasing its number of planes and air bases in Syria. https://twitter.com/EjmAlrai

        As for the S-300 being an escalation, I think its more of a “great persuader”. After all, Syria is a sovereign country and should have a say in who flies its skies.

        John Kerry also spoke about cooperating with the Syrian army yesterday, so Turkey has been used and will now be left on its own to sweat from various orifices.

      • Are James says:

        Israel won’t like to see any S-300s in Syria.

  20. mcshegz says:


  21. lachit says:


    groups of 15 men well armed and well provisioned can be dropped at watering holes , remote villages , grazing areas , routes etc to lay there waiting in cover upto 15-20 days at a stretch while maintaining radio silence.
    take down identifyable targets as quitely as possible , bobby trap their vehicles , routes etc , poison their food source , in-short terrorize them.
    beat them at their own game , use terror, use unpredictable actions to keep the enemy guessing restricting their movement , forcing them to make a wrong move. make a example of their supporters , use subterfge to fan rumors of break off splinter group and blame everything on it (elimination of bh supporters).

    such operations have been done i know of israeli, russian and indian ops.
    in fact the indian ops were reasonably successful they started infiltrating into pok to weaken the terrorists there they operated 15-20 days without any contact in groups of 5 -6.in freezing snow.
    untill a leak happened

    but i will give a penny to see the faces of BH shits all pumped up in the hope of 72 virgins in hell only to learn that their vehicles aint in the mood (thanks to the SF ) to start plus one or two vehicles going up in flames might further cheer them up 😀

    something like this but more versatile
    the video is old but never the less shows what i want to highlight.

    • I had considered this option for a while and have always wondered if the NA used such tactics. i believe it is entirely possible that such tactics are being employed.

      hit and destroy what you can. if the enemy force is too large, hide your head and report back to HQ

    • lachit says:

      @Adetayo’s Blog

      everybody must realize nothing is as clear as black and white.

      if u even want to hit a mid sized bh camp deep inside sambisa forest, the logistics , operational planning , requisition of resources etc will take up considerable time , additionally multiple reccon missions will have to be mounted to verify the location etc etc
      why ?
      because u will commit hundreds of troops and lot of resources and then failure is simply not an option.
      all this is time intensive, resource intensive and even prone to leakage of ur mission plans directly or indirectly.

      i am not saying that such kind of missions should be be mounted or that they r not effective.
      such kind of missions will always be mounted but there will always exist time gap between such missions due to lack /difficult in accessing credible info on sources of enemy locations and subsequent verification, logistics and resource foot print and inter-service resource sharing.

      however between these time gaps special forces operating in enemy areas can keep hitting , harassing bh plus the real time credible sources of info they will relay back will always be worth a gold mine.

      one thing i noticed none of the guys here ever mentioned or showed interest in the BATTLEFIELD DAMAGE ASSESMENT capability.

      when u hit a enemy from air / or do a hit and run ground mission the special forces can covertly do a BATTLEFIELD DAMAGE ASSESMENT as to the actually damage taken by the enemy.
      assumption or 99% probability has no place in real war.
      credible assesment of enemy damage can be used and depending on their criticality re-assignment of the hit/run mission teams / arial platforms can be tasked to re engage the enemy untill the mission objectives r fullfilled.

      as for weather NA uses special forces in such covert operations against bh we will never know because of the requirements of secrecy associated with such missions.
      but i hope they r doing it.

    • Capt Tobias says:

      Oga Lachit,
      Did India need “help” from out side to be thought this rudiment of combant survival or draw on the experienced they had since the world wars ( similar to Nigeria).
      does it require any help from outside for anyone to seat down and draw up the required skill set and training required to improve the capabilities against the objectives of the units

      • lachit says:

        indian army has regimental system (for lack of proper vocublary on my part 😀 ).
        many of these date back to 100+ years,
        experiences acquired from pre-WW1 onwards to WW2 plus the 4 wars fought since indepedence have provided the base for all these.
        plus CT operations in punjab ,north east india, kashmir did help a lot.
        however influence of british french soviet/russian and lately (1990s) israeli and us (2010s) combat techniques/tactic etc have a great influence.
        (one exception was during 1962 india china war where US trained and helped raised tibetian SSF)

        “does it require any help from outside for anyone to seat down and draw up the required skill set and training required to improve the capabilities against the objectives of the units”
        that is a difficult question , and since i am not privy to how the military draws out its skill set requirements.

        i can give u at best my understanding…..
        1.operational requirement: ur faced with a situation where ur found short of tactics to deal with the situation.
        2.operational failure: ur present tactics / training failed or was achieved at great cost
        3.anticipating future requirement: u upgrade ur tactics keeping in view of up comming threat scenarios either inhouse or from abroad.
        4.functionalizing and building up locally acquired experience/tactics via local conflct

        points 1,2,3 can be acqired from other sources who have faced similiar situations and at best tie up with local tactics to make it more relevent in the local condition.
        point 4 is the best option well suited at dealing with domestic conflict because of successful results/experience in local conflict. confidence is highest in this case.

        it is my simple understading and may not be correct.

        one thing i know from life ie keep everything simple.
        when u deal with any situation too many things going around in the head will only complicate things at best a stalemate will be the only result which we dont want.

        all boils down to good training and confidence of the commander in his troops and vice versa.

  22. lachit says:


    if the T72 were bought from russia u would have most probabily ended up with these

    the upgraded T72 tank from russia is equipped with dynamic protection of new generation “Relic” which, by its effectiveness is much greater than the old “Kontakt-5.” The sides of the car are covered by a set of modular dynamic protection screens. They are mounted on the housing and on the tower.

    The rear of the hull and turret are also covered by special latticed screens.
    There is automatic smoke screen by irradiating laser range finders, or anti-tank weapons.
    In addition, extra protection for the front of the chassis creates a powerful dozer TBS-86. It is designed for analysis of blockages, barricades and pushing to pass the damaged equipment. For protection when working with the commander of the anti-aircraft heavy machine gun, a special bulletproof booth. This is a very relevant measure, as local conflicts of recent years have demonstrated the need for additional protection of an anti-aircraft machine gun shooter.

    The modernized T-72 digital multi-mounted sight “Sosna-U”, equipment thermal channel. As a result, gunner and tank commander in the “double” are able to conduct a variety of defeat the purpose of the cannon and machine guns, as well as to launch guided missiles, day and night, in any weather. In the “urban version of” T-72 still has a RP-377UVM1L equipment that is designed to suppress radio channels explosive devices.
    Through the installation of multi-fuel diesel engine B-92S2 power of 1000 hp the tank has good mobility characteristics.

  23. Augustine says:

    As I said some months ago, what goes around comes around, reason why I said all countries should show solidarity with their friend or ally if he suffers terrorists attacks. Mocking another country for it’s misfortune is a sign of ignorance, terrorism is now a global problem, everybody’s problem directly or indirectly. USA was hit in a suspected terrorists attack on California this week, it was France-Paris last month, we don’t know who is next.

    Just be cautious with US experts say, they can have two humanitarian agenda overtly and four CIA agenda covertly. I prefer material support and intelligence sharing, but NEVER you allow USA to pitch it’s operational tent on Nigerian soil.

    Guard our sovereignty jealousy, Nigeria is not Cameroon.


    “Meanwhile, the EFCC has arrested a former Chairman of the Presidential Implementation Committee on Marine Safety, Air Vice Marshal Salihu Atawodi (retd.), for alleged N600m arms scam.

    It was learnt that the retired military officer was invited to the commission’s Abuja office by 11am on Thursday and was grilled for several hours.

    A top operative of the commission said Atawodi was invited to the commission’s headquarters for alleged conspiracy, abuse of office and misappropriation of public funds.

    He was alleged to have awarded contracts to the tune of N600m to one Alhaji Rabiu’s Hypertech Nigeria Limited for the procurement of military boats, which were not supplied.

    The source said, “The commission is of the view that the contract for the supply of the military boats, which were awarded for N600m, were not supplied.”

    “He is being interrogated in connection with the alleged scam.”

    • Sir Kay says:

      Don’t mind them, imagine a media house taking millions of Naira from the ONSA for campaign funds, what kind of madness is that? Only in Nigeria, because i don’t understand what the funds in possession of the NSA have to do with Presidential election campaign. These people have no soul, simple as that, they are bastards.
      Only we could put them all to death if found guilty.

      • Kay says:

        I don’t even know if to believe it or not. Some of the cases are so extreme it’s exceedingly heartless. Contracts inflated times over plus no deliveries. It’s just astonishingly brazen no holds barred theft.

  24. mcshegz says:

    Enoch Opeyemi Oluwole gets published; A matrix that generates the point spectral of the Riemann Zeta function. Patiently awaits a logical disprove of his theory, if no disprove in 2 years, he will be up for the millennium prize for proof of the Riemann Hypothesis.
    This is indeed relevant but on a steep tangent 😉 get it


  25. lachit says:

    an original israeli experience and view on mig 29

    “Three single seat MIG-29s stayed at one of the Israeli Air Force bases for a few weeks. The MIGs were secretly brought to Israel, and it was a rare opportunity for the air force to study up close what of the main interception jets used by Iran and Syria.”

    u can read it here

    • Augustine says:

      Oga lachit, with your above comment and web link, how do you view the outcome of an air battle between 10 Nigerian air force F-7 jets armed with 20 WVR missiles and 3 Chadian air force MiG-29 jets armed with 20 BVR missiles?

      • lachit says:

        depends on lots and lots of factors.
        to tell the truth nobody can correctly predict what will happen when 10 Nigerian air force F-7 jets armed with 20 WVR missiles and 3 Chadian air force MiG-29 jets armed with 20 BVR missiles engage.

        one can only present best case / worst case scenario that too limited by many factors.

        only a uninformed or blind jignoistic person will claim definative victory for either the 10 j7 or 3 mig 29

        we will know the truth only when they will engage in real life. 😀

        if u want more details/info
        plz specify the wvr, bvr missiles, conflict scenario ie defensive / CAP mission / interception / air supremacy etc over friendly skies / enemy skies etc then i can provide u a best case worse case scenario.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga lachit, NAF F-7 jet has an approx 45 km radar and 22 km missile, the Chadian MiG-29 jet has an approx 100 km radar and 100 km missile and IRST to shut down it’s radar and attack the opponent, F-7 has no IRST.

        One Chadian pilot can shoot down five Nigerian jets from 60 km away and the NAF pilots will not even know who shot them down, their radar has not even detected the Chadian jets yet.

        The second Chadian MiG-29 will delete the remaining five NAF F-7 jets from the sky in a matter of minutes before NAF gets a chance to even fire one single missile……then Nigeria will have no air force anymore.

      • lachit says:

        😀 😀 u r a real DOOMSDAY MASTER for NAF

        let me cheer u up with a best case scenario.

        this happens over a NAF airbase,
        suppose the 3 mig 29s attack ur base and say 5 of ur j7 manage to get airborne.
        even if 1 mig 29 is tasked to attack the airbase with bombs with the 2 remaining migs for escort duties.

        in this case the IRST and longer/better radar of the mig 29 will be nullified to a major extend by the employment of the Ground-controlled interception (GCI) via airbase ground based radar withen it radius of coverage.
        ATC will run Ground-controlled interception to guide and vector the 5 j7 to best firing positions for high kill probability. situational awareness will be high for the j7 pilots since he will be free to concentrate on his target with out worrying about his neighbourhood airspace threats because the ATC (via GCI) will be tracking the boggeys and accessing their threat level to the home team all the time.

        the mig29 will be forced to engage in WVR combat or will have to abandon the mission.
        if it engages in dog fight high chances r that will suffer casualties .

        sabe 😀
        it is only a base case scenario of j7
        in real life i dont know because matter of fact j7 is pretty outdated .

      • lachit says:

        it is only a *best case scenario of j7
        in real life i dont know because matter of fact j7 is pretty outdated .

  26. rugged7 says:

  27. rugged7 says:

    @ DonKlericuzio
    Nigerian forces Of 28 TF Brigade Friday arrested Abdullahi Abubakar, who is nos 58 on
    wanted #BokoHaram list near Askira-Uba.

  28. rugged7 says:

    Boko Haram Deadline: Army Chiefs Hold Critical Meeting

    Nigerian Army Chiefs have met in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, to strategise in a desperate attempt to meet up with the December 31 deadline set by President Muhammadu Buhari to stamp out Boko Haram in the northern part of Nigeria.

    The meeting took place at the Military Command and Control Centre in Maimalari Barracks, Maiduguri.

    The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Gabriel Olonishakin; Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Tukur Buratai, and the Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Abubakar Yusha’u, were also present at the meeting.

    The CDS expressed regret over the loss of lives recently recorded in the front lines. He described it as a setback to the operations, but expressed optimism owing to the successes so far recorded in the operations.

    President Buhari had expressed confidence that Boko Haram’s ability to attack, seize, ravage and hold any Nigerian territory would be completely wiped out by the end of December 2015.

    He said that the Nigerian Armed Forces are well positioned to meet the December deadline which they have been given to end the insurgency.

  29. Augustine says:

    The USA Homeland security team/SGI can be asked to assist Nigeria in designing urban area counter terrorism response system similar to the French Red Alpha plan, an emergency response reserved for multiple terrorist attacks.

    Provide full spectrum master plans, applicable to major cities of Nigeria that are prone to terror attacks like Abuja, or likely to be attacked, like Lagos. From first responders to final stage situation control, show us modern equipment needed, show us how to use them, allow us travel to the USA and see such systems set up for New York without compromising their own national security systems. Sell us such equipment as we need or recommend and we buy from wherever.

    They can train our top level sectional administrators and managers of such emergency response plans and those can come back home to train field workers. American support should not always be about how to get a room to sit down inside other people’s country and be flying drones all over their airspace, mapping and scanning the territory of a sovereign state, spying, coding, decoding, tapping, snooping, sniping, ranging, intercepting, collating, processing, and storing sensitive data/information.communication of other sovereign nations under the pretext of ‘helping them fight terrorism’.

    Scream if you wish to my brothers, the USA was caught spying and tapping on Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada by using the joint intelligence alliance of these ‘FIVE EYES’ nations, the USA being the fifth member. Yankee will spy on anybody who is mumu enough to open his doors for them, they are spying addicts, they live by that code. Espionage is in their blood, they believe everybody is a threat to them except themselves. Paranoia or wisdom?

  30. Capt Tobias says:

    My Dear Ogas, are there no intelligent people in Nigeria, was all there expensive training a waste of funds, we do not need anybody to design anything, if the high and mighty security people would step down and ask at the right quarters, there are enough experienced and knowledgeable Nigerian within and out side to design anything existing in the world of man.
    it took Israel, South Africa, Vietnam, now Iran, China that approach to break out of this self inflicted sub human mentality, that we are no good and God must have made a manufacturing mistake some where, My Ogas God did not make any mistakes, the mistakes and mis thinking is ours and ours only and als ours to resolve when the push get to shove

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Capt Tobias, since the USA offered to help, for diplomatic reasons we cannot just tell them to shut up or refuse their help. France is now asking help from USA, Germany, and even Russia to fight terrorism alongside France after the attack on Paris. No harm in somebody sharing advanced level knowledge with us, the first responder system in the western world is far more advanced than ours, we do not have their level of experience and equipment.

      It’s one area we can gain a lot by learning from a country that suffered 9/11, the biggest terrorist attack in the world. If it has happened in Nigeria, our current response system would have been overwhelmed. Can Nigerian firefighters deploy 10 fire fighting helicopters in a Lagos emergency, including those that have sling buckets to fetch water from Lagos Lagoon and pour it on a burning high rise building in Marina/CMS ?

      The partially collapsed Bank Of Industry building on Broad street Lagos Island some years ago needed experts imported from South Africa to demolish it with explosives sophisticated techniques, Nigeria does not have that capacity.

      Oga, we have not become a first world nation yet, we will learn what needs to be learnt and we will grow step by step. Meanwhile, we shall all remain patriotic. Thanks.

      • Capt Tobias says:

        Dear Bro Oga Augustine, I agree with you that they would not do those things you mentioned, not because they do not know what to do or have in place, it is because they do not care as long as it does not touch them. We all saw the level of pro-activity, reaction and uncommon dedication from the Doctor Adadevoh during the Ebola crisis and the self sacrifice ( We have plenty people like that, She did not wait for the US to teach her), She saved every one of us here in some way the agony of knowing someone that would have died if the Ebola crisis had broken out fully into the population ( She was not even mentioned for a national award, a nation that never recognizes or remember their own. for a football crazy country they did even remember rashidi Yekini anniversary, though it was recognized during matches in far away Portugal, same goes for the Nigerian Army memorial in Indonesia that turned the tide against the Japanese in Burma).
        I think we should look inwards first before deciding on gong out side, I personal know Nigerians both in the US and Lagos that far exceed the local knowledge and capability or what ever that US contingent might be bringing to Nigeria, these people were never approached why are they not recognized. The US is only coming to learn about who to watch in the future, it is not a myth that they have been searching for a while, Nigerian native language speakers for recruitment. ( Why don’t just we just call foreigners to run Nigeria)
        I agree that application of modern equipment and gadgets can be taught, but not basic organization of homeland type of security, I believe they have absolutely nothing to teach in the Nigerian scenario, only to gallivant around, We know what to do but we just not got the leadership direction to apply it, Same way we pray to God and appear in Churches and Moscow, knowing fully well that stealing is against God’s laws.

  31. Augustine says:

    NIMASA was supposed to purchase a new batch of 7 examples of ATR-42 Surveyor aircraft, a very useful surveillance platform that has helped immensely in Nigeria’s war on Boko Haram, it is our ‘All seeing eye in the skies’… these additional 7 units of the maritime patrol/ISTAR aircraft was supposed to be handed over to NAF…..we no see anything yet o !

    They say =N= 3.4 billion was looted by NIMASA senior officers…..well, we await court investigation and judgement on this one too…..but hey my bros, how many cases of corruption allegation shall we hear from this one single Nigeria alone, is everybody looting treasury?


  32. Capt Tobias says:

    The BH animals are already showing adaptation,improvising ( hope they would never overcome) they are manufacturing what we are now all passing as substandard Xmas bangers, do we have to wait until one of those bangers land inside built up town centre, It is good that the BH would be degraded to the extent that cannot hold grounds by Dec, but what about the cells that slip into town, after all most of the arrested characters from the Poster were arrested in the towns, everybody need to live to their duties, even us on the blogs we have a responsibility to pass and form ideas that would get into the minds of readers and replicate into good and positive behaviour that might turn into a people’s culture and a reputation in good works.

  33. Capt Tobias says:

    I remember an incident over 10 years ago, when a large amount of money was removed from someones desk at a crowded Shell Office complex in Marina during working hours, the Nigerian Policeman on duty at the down floor following his SOP was able within an hour to arrest and recover the stolen money from within all the numerous workers, he of cause used some technology to find out who went where and most of all was the motivation with good working conditions that reflected on his domestic and family life and also the importance placed on him.
    we have this bad habit of always looking for short cuts, People claim to be educated but cannot speak english due to thinking it is a waste of time, America would brings this, EU would give us that.
    Now for some weekend fun and to show the influence of BH , which says Western Education is forbidden, this people have gone a step higher banning any form of education or intelligence, they must be very high in the BH ranks. ( reasons we must defeat BH before they poison the population)

    • lachit says:

      with the power vested to be by …………..( nobody 😀 )
      i hereby nominate Capt Tobias for the best FUNNIEST FUNNY POST posted in the year 2015
      hehehe 😀

      on the hind side i can understand Capt Tobias pain/frustration.
      my friend dont end up taking the burden of all the shortcommings of ur fellow men
      my advice keep it small
      influence ur friends in ur immediate cirlcle for good/betterment
      even if 1 does good its a job well done and then sky is the limit.

      well meaning advice from a very ordinary person who has gone through similiar situations

  34. Capt Tobias says:

    Oga Beegs pardon my diversion, the BH and war talk is getting to me, so I say to power down.

  35. abduleez says:

    Nigeria’s communications agency says a letter setting out reductions in a massive fine for MTN had a typo — one worth half a billion dollars.


    Russia alerts Thailand about potential ‘ISIL attacks’
    Police confirms receiving information from Russian security services about 10 alleged ISIL affiliates entering Thailand.


    • Sir Kay says:

      I read about this typo story hours ago, just didn’t think it belonged here.
      I mean, Imagine a typo of half a billion dollars? How on earth are we supposed to have credibility with such nonsense? You already wrote to MTN telling them about the percentage reduction, only to send another letter saying the reduction has now being reduced because there were errors. Unreal.
      No wonder no one takes us serious. Something that the whole world is watching, and we made such a blunder, that person should quit

      • Are James says:

        Of course it was not a mistake. You believe it was a typo? What we are seeing as a correction (as simple as it looks) must have taken hours of work in the legal department of the government regulator to come up with a legally ‘clean’ reason why the penalty was reduced. It looks silly but I don’t believe it. The fine was essentially a tax on MTN over and above what they should be paying for an infraction committed unfortunately when Nigeria was running out if money.
        Every country does it, US cities routinely increase the fines for traffic and parking offences depending on revenue targets for the year.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Oga James, my point was, they could have gotten this right in the first place, the reduction was based on percentage, so they gave two different percentages , how do you miss a half a billion dollar error?
        Either way, mistake or not, it doesn’t make us look any better

  36. solorex says:

    This is why you only got 14 Pcs of T72 and no Oplot or further Mi 24!


    Very soon we shall know why we did not get the Pipavav OPVS and went Chinese instead! and Maybe our upgraded Machiss remains stuck-let me give you heads up-Greed is the answer!

    • Augustine says:

      How many different arms deal corruption scandals do we have now? Still counting o ! Is everybody at top level heirachy of Nigeria’s defence sector a supersonic stealth thief?

      Why are the scandals in millions and billions of dollars, can’t Nigerian leaders steal with moderate amounts and not kill Nigeria dead of financially? Can they spend all these huge sums of looted wealth in their lifetime? What is the sense in stealing extra on behalf of their unborn great grand children to live like the king of Dubai in Abuja?

      Even the devil himself will fear Nigerian defence sector corruption, he won’t believe a human being can out-do him, honestly I believe Satan has been outclassed by these Abuja looters.

      • Augustine says:

        Furthermore Oga Solorex, these multiple weapons money theft cases explains some mysteries :

        We now know why after spending $2.2 billion on weapons, the Nigerian arms import list on SIPRI database is one quarter of a page, shorter list than countries that spent only $500 million. The list of Nigerian weapons procurement on SIPRI for 2014 orders delivered/pending is valued at less than $300 million total… most are second hand equipment…. Cheap cheap stuff including some scraps repainted.

        We now know why Nigeria buys combat helicopters with NO guided air to surface missiles, armoured fighting vehicles with low calibre low power guns and no anti-tank missiles, jet fighters with no precision guided bombs, jet fighters with no beyond visual range missiles, armoured combat vehicles and mobile rocket artillery in low numbers of 4 units, 5 units, 6 units….like a nation of paupers and scavengers….with battalions of soldiers sitting exposed on top of lorries and trailers in long distance transit packed together like Titus sardines…..we have been looted and robbed with paper and pen in Abuja.

      • Are James says:

        So this is a very important question because so many inexperienced commentators post comments without asking this very question which is on the border line of human motivation and psychology.
        $3 million dollars is enough to settle two generations of family members.
        So why do these people steal so much and why do they spread the net wide in corrupting others whilst doing that.
        The answer lies in an expression called “cabal” . These guys were not just being greedy, they were amassing war chests with which to buy and seize power at some later date and it us so easy, they are selling Senators and House of Reps members for 3 for 1 kobo. This is why when someone childishly starts talking about non persecution of billion dollar thieves I actually struggle to restrain myself. No governent will leave them running around (especially thtee ex military officers) amongst them now matter what you say or do. Leave legality or morality out of national security. The CIA and KGB(FSB) will continue to do terminations with prejudice to protect nation states and regimes for as long as possible until Jesus himself comes back. Also if two bad guys are going at it why should innocent bystanders get emotionally involved.

    • Obix says:

      Wow! Now things are getting clearer to me now. There was some equipment meant for delivery to Nigeria from Ukraine that never left the shores of Ukraine. Some were just dumped while others were transfered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. I really want to hear details on this.

  37. abduleez says:

    Hehehe, Oga Augustine no take laugh kill person Abeg…LOL

  38. schearbeek says:

    Oga Augustine ,i take God beg you i no fit laugh again .my jaw dey pain me Abeg….LOL

  39. Are James says:

    Russia bombs nearly 1,500 Syrian targets, oil fields: military

  40. Augustine says:

    ISIS claims this week’s terrorist attack on California was done by their ‘martyrs’.


    Everybody’s problem….terrorism becomes more unpredictable.

  41. Augustine says:

    ISIS is no longer a simple database of ‘registered’ or known members inside Iraq or anywhere, it has become a movement that has off record secret members who have accepted the doctrine/ideology of ISIS, religion is not always a matter of who is known to believe in it, some unknown people will personally accept the doctrine at heart and become ‘spiritual’ members.

    The California woman attacker pledged allegiance to ISIS


  42. jimmy says:

    i know oga rugged posted something similar to this but i wanted to commend the Nigerian Military not just for arresting this scum bag but for not beheading him as he has been the witness to so many be-headings he should be thoroughly interrogated and told in no certain times he is a witness to crimes committed against humanity .
    Special note to oga CAPTAIN tOBIAS : Sometimes e be like that pele , biko , sorry , the frustration sometimes gets to all of us , I feel you.

    • jimmy says:

      No and I saying that I had a lot of respect for the author before this ill- advised article. She attempts to blame GEJ.By the time the soldiers came back from Russia March 2015, weapons had started pouring into Nigeria .January/March Eeben group was in the NE and though casualties of officers occurred not on that scale.
      It is also very difficult to bury Soldiers in secret without it leaking please understand these people have families who put their loved ones within 24 hours of them being KIA.
      The logistics of carrying 105 bodies , in secret from the battlefield by say at least 26 men all sworn to secrecy is not possible.

      • fmkpang says:

        I met a woman recently whose husband is over dia. She hasn’t heard from or about her husband for several months, upto 4. Na naija we dey anytin can happen.

    • gbash10 says:

      All those involved in the arms procurement scandal that are serving or now retired military personnel should be court-marshal immediately after the probe committee would have completed their investigation.

    • gbash10 says:

      If not for the corrupt Ex-Service Thieves, top leaders both military and civilian,Wg Cdr Chimda Hedima could have been alive with some other fallen Warriors in the armed forces.
      No luxury treatment for these criminals, lock them up in dark shitholes so that the ghosts of those killed in the front line will be keeping them company.

    • Sir Kay says:

      No i don’t. Lots of misinformation get passed around in that country, yes some truth to it, but not all.
      Soldiers die, special forces or not, they aren’t invincible, how you use them is what matters, send them out on specialized missions, sometimes luck runs out, every soldier knows this.
      I’m pretty sure they had weapons to fight with. I think what’s really lacking is the slow response time when troops are in trouble, fighting for 12hrs in your own country without additional backup within that period is madness. Not to talk of few air assets.
      What do we expect. Special forces troops aren’t miracle workers. Sad to say, but that country right now isn’t worth fighting for. These guys are fighting and dying, guess who reap the reward? The officials, politicians. So what did they die for exactly?

  43. lachit says:

    for information purpose only

    inside a kilo class submarine

    • lachit says:

      vietnam has 6 on order i think. some of them have been delivered.
      other countries in south east asia r thinking /considering buying the kilo.

  44. buchi says:

    the past few months to.me have been a real drama. i have weighed and balanced the sides of this equation and have come to the conclusion that It would take more than a miracle to place things on proper perspective.
    for now i sit and watch. while we focus in the running battles imof corruption on the media(which i would believe once the gov starts charging the culprits to court)
    may i.point out that the school boy mistakes which we has believed had disappeared from the fray of NA RE have began to rear It’s ugly head again.
    base security and situational awareness Is slowly ebbing away.
    COAS should stop issuing warnings and enforce real discipline against erring COs now before It becomes a norm
    retreating back to my mute mode

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Buchi. I respect your hustle sir.
      Nollywood drama precisely depicts what we are seeing sir. hehehe. I thought i was the only person silently getting tired of the trumpet blowing, numbers diarrhea currently exciting some folks. I have simply refused to get worked up and excited till we begin to see concrete legal developments; everything else is emotional, and sensational pander only capable of eliciting a response from an immature and irrationally invested individual.
      We need to see innovations, outside the box thinking; doing the same thing the same way expecting a different result is the licit definition of madness, sheer madness.
      We need to as a matter of national security ramp up local production of our military equipment; we need to begin to see policy in that direction, as any short term gains can easily be wiped out by a lunatic, money hungry megalomaniac . Early implementation of these policies almost guarantees it becomes law, hence securing Nigeria’s future against thieving, corrupt politicians from all works of life. We need to begin to see open, transparent government to government deals that ensure local capacity development.
      Since we cannot seem to convince the immature and short-sighted to desist from irrelevant political jargon, what we can do is not fan their embers as their emotions simply does not allow for logical and strategic reasoning.
      We implore all Nigerians to continue to support DHQ irrespective of the political sabotage pre and post elections. This is the both the gift and price for democracy, free speech assures that every person is allowed to say what they wish.
      Needless to say, Nigerians must continue to support their government, as illogical opposition is just as terrible as unquestionable follower-ship.

    • Are James says:

      Well there was a lot of corruption.

      It is very easy to come to that conclusion; – How much did we spend versus how much do we have in terms of weapons?. The math really is clear, there is a difference of far beyond $3bn
      The matter on ground then is what should be done about it.
      The first approach is that FG should be cowardly about things; “Don’t rock the boat, a new government cannot afford crisis, play safe, .etc.c ”
      or the other approach;
      Come down hard, let the law take its course especially as some of the guys involved are known security practitioners who would use the money to fight you..I keep harping this fact. In Russia a lot of them would be dead already.
      Coming down hard inevitably involves arrests and invitations to clarify issues. Arrests lead to news reports as the guilty parties call the journalists on their payroll to report that they are being arrested.Some of them fall upon the mercy of the public they never knew existed in the first place.

      Some of the stories spurring complaints of public trial and unfair name calling were actually seeded by the guilty parties who were spreading persecution stories and the FG had to fight back with its own planted stories.

      The informed attitude is that we should concentrate the attention on the young soldiers in the war front. How to get them equipped and how to ensure that allowances are paid. There is a particularly pathetic complaint of extended runs in theatre without rotation and young fighting soldiers already losing their wives and romantic partners. Daughters and sons are already missing the discipline and care of their fathers going on three years. No Dasuki and corrupt generals don’t have my sympathy. Let the legal system take care of the decadent generals that made profit out of the war at the expense of many KIA, civilian casualties and millions of IDPs

  45. beegeagle says:

    SPACY, a Cameroonian, ranted as follows;


    There are times I get fed up with the way Nigerians are full off themselves. the Cameroonian military is doing its best as compared to Nigerian soldiers who even after spending 5 billion us dollars, mercenaries and all the equipment bought has never been able to
    handle the boko haram issue.

    i have never heard Cameroonian soldiers running from the enemy and i have never heard a town been occupied in cameroon for more than 24 hrs by boko haram. we do our best with our modest means but the so called African first economy has not been able to handle a rag tag group of thieves with all the means they have.

    you guys spend time speaking about how nigeria needs to buy this type of plane or this type of tank. know even with the worlds best equipment you would never be able to win this war when you have not analyse your flaws or mistake but from the way i see it u are still far from even accepting your incompetency and always spend your time undermining the little others in a problem which generally originated from your country and was neglected by your leaders.

    have you ever heard our capital has been bombed, that’s because our intelligence services succeed in containing the problem which yours didn’t, have you ever heard cameroonian soldiers were missing or their equipments captured by boko haram. its your military who keeps on fueling boko harm with booty they capture from the defeats they inflict on your forces.

    If your military had collaborated with us and the Chadians this issue would have been long ended but with your mentality and those of your military leaders who are soo full of themselves because of past accomplishments in Liberia and Sierra Leone and Bakassi wont accept collaboration.

    When I read your comments about our military makes me laugh. Our special forces are world recognized and are single handling the menace which your don’t, our air force and its little resources does the job its demanded.

    Remember we are not competing with the Nigerians but our keep on comparing our military to ours. Yes w have killed 100 boko haram and saved 900 hostages and soo what. Have you ever asked yourself about the thousands of Nigerians who have flooded Cameroon because your country cant handle its problems, have you succeeded in rescuing even a single Chibok girl but yet you keep on bragging and making noise about your military. Learn from your mistakes and you would be win,
    if not ………………………………….

    And please listen we feed our population, never have you heard there was no light in a Cameroonian city because its government could
    not pay its debts an remember the number your thousands of refugees in our country and they keep on coming Mr abduleez.

    • Sir Kay says:

      I blame am? No i don’t. We might not like what this fool just said, but no one would argue that we thoroughly messed things up. When you have misguided people running a country , you are bound to be insulted by those nationals whose countries shouldn’t be compared to yours in the first place.
      No need spending time pointing out the mistakes this person made in their rant, i doubt it would matter.

    • rka says:

      Mr SPACY, yes mistakes were made, but don’t even think for one second Cameroon would survive the kind of onslaught Nigeria has had to go through with BH having established itself in the North East which has always been a hot-bed of Fundamentalism.

      Nowhere near enough BIR to contain a full blown insurgency. Cameroon has only had to endure a small percentage of what Nigeria has had to cope with and you have had help from Chad and France.

      So calm down as BH is made up of Nigerians, Nigeriens, Chadians, Cameroonians and other outside influences and have had training camps in your country for years as well.

    • Centenary says:

      Wow,have we really gone this down?,

      I know Cameroonians and the whole of africa is jealous and will like to see us fall but for our mistakes to become so blotted for the world to see is something I never thought would happen,right now all I can feel is hatred for GEJ and his administration,nobody can tell me that GEJ did not know what was happening,he did but he decided that the lives for my fellow Nigerians(military and civilians)did not worth anything.

      There is nothing worst for a man than breaking his promise and oath

      The oath that GEJ took before God and man on assumption of office as president will judge and persecute him,and that goes for everyone who has stolen Nigerian money

      As for cameroon and the rest of africa(S/africa etc)they should use this time to celebrate cause it is not going to last long,we must and will rise again and never fall again

      I believe this lesson will never repeat its self again


  46. abduleez says:

    @ Mr(s)  SPACY or whatever u call yourself can u give me a list of the equipments bought by Nigeria to win the war against terrorism??  Seriously, if u are angered by Nigerian’s pride then u should just jump off the bridge and take a chill.

    Talk about “mercenaries”, where have u seen one in Nigeria in actual combat for Nigeria. Its the PMC’s contracted to train some of our boys COIN tactics and warfare that u call mercenary, ain’t surprised coz the recent bombings in Cameroon must have scrambled ur brain frm d point u are unable to tell d difference. Or is Nigeria the one who runs to France for help when d battle gets too hot to handle. What is the gallant almighty Cameroonian Army doing against BH that it requires “mercenary”, sorry 300 US troops in its territory?? is it to secure ur Biya palace frm being overran by BH??

    Cameroon soldiers don’t run away at the frontlines, really?? How do u intend to get that info when it happens since ur media is firmly under the grip of ur power hungry president Biya. When ur media always tells the world “tales by moonlight” how the brave Cameroon Army finishes off bh. That one na wash!! Have u forgotten how many times Cameroon has begged the Chadians to save ur freaking ass when under bh attacks?

    Bh originated frm Nigeria, really? Have u forgotten how ur government have aided and abetted bh in cameroon? Bh crosses the border to unleash terror in Nigeria then scampers back to Cameroon which is their safe haven. If not that bh started attacks on Cameroonian targets am pretty sure u ppl would love to continue harboring them criminals coz of ur immense hatred and jealousy for Nigeria.

    Shut the hell up, which stupid Intelligence  Services ?? Is it ur dumb media which is controlled by ur dictator that wanna report missing soldiers or lost battles? Ur media is virtually non existent. It is ordered to always report the good about the Cameroonian soldiers.

    I tell u, if u and the Chadians had collaborated with us a long time this issue wouldn’t have worsened to this situation. Instead u and Chad keep paying ransoms to BH to get back ur gallant soldiers captured, giving them money to buy more weapons and ammo. Even the MNJTF collaboration is even funded by us Nigeria and we still pay u ppl money to fight to secure ur borders and u show this ungratefulness. We still equip some of ur units involved in the campaign and u still have mouth to brag.

    Your special forces is world recognized and single handedly handling the menace. LOL… can’t stop laughing…who even know na military, talkless of special forces.  Nigeria military is known round the world, proof is our exploits in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Bakassi, Burma which u yourself even know about. Which one ur gallant military can boast of?? Don’t worry dude we are coming back for our Bakassi when we are ready, this time not with ur monopolistic controlled ICJ. Hope ur brave special forces will be up to the task when the time comes.

    You killed 100 bh and saved 900 ppl. can u show us proof with cache of weapons recovered, debriefed rescued hostages and boko dead body count with pics coz ur numbers and tales don’t add up  We kill hundreds of bh day in day out that its not a new thing anymore it can’t get headline on newspaper or visual media. Have u forgotten the hundreds of hostages rescued by Nigerian Army few months ago??  And haven’t we recovered the alleged refugees. I know of IDP’s in Nigeria, don’t know ur tale of thousands of Nigerian refugees in Cameroon. 

    Never have we heard of no light in Cameroon coz its govt cant pay its debts, because Cameroon seems to suddenly have uninterrupted power supply. really?  Even SA with its 40,000MW don’t have uninterrupted power. how many cities does cameroon even has? How many population do u even have? Ur population  is far smaller than Nigeria and with less regional frictions, still u constantly rank among the poorest countries in the world alongside ur Chadian mofo. Have u gone to the sahelian regions in ur country and see how they suffer and begs for food and care instead u come here ranting. Your country and Chad is the problem with this war effort cos of ur dishonesty and hatred for Nigeria. Up north in ur country youths are readily available for plucking by bh to fill up their ranks. thats d problem cos u ppl give them safe haven in the first place. Good thing bh already starts pounding ur country so next time when preparing fire to roast others be careful cause u might also get burnt.

    One thing, no matter how bad and ill managed Nigeria is, we are far better than u Francophones in every Ramification.

    Well i don’t blame u sha, na my leaders wey dey fall my hand i blame. If not for bad leadership u wouldn’t have the guts to rant and brag in here.

  47. mmekaa says:

    “with an Installed capacity (MW) of1926. Half of Cameroonians do not have access to electricity”…GOODBYE TO YOUR ELECTRICITY THEORY

    if your special forces were so good,you wouldn’t be paying millions of dollars to boko haram for hostage release would you?nor would they have captured the wife of your DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER would they?


    still on the special troops issue…they are so good that chad has to deploy troops into your country to fight boko haram for you?

    your special forces are sooo good that they allow boko haram fester and breed like dogs in your Northern regions abi?

    as for your towns not being taken by boko haram, i ask..why would they need to take the towns when the towns are already safe havens from there?
    and your capital not being bombed…like seriously?…its like you dont know a lot about geography..yaounde is far away in the southern parts of cameroon (in where you call your central region).for your information,…Abuja is close to the conflict region..i dare you guys to move to anywhere north of ngaoundere..lets see what happens.places in Nigeria as south as yaounde and even as far North as sokoto are free of attacks so….wake up

    you killed 100 boko haram fighters days ago and till today..no pictures?okay lets forget the gory images…you also rescued 900?..as we say in Nigeria…pictures or idontbeleiveit..here in Nigeria, for every successful camoaign against boko haram,there are pictures…even if it is catapults we recover…there is evidence..so get yours..(i dont even want to mention the case of convinient round figures)

    I WOULD HAVE ENDED HERE BUT YOU PISSED ME OFF WHEN YOU WROTE THAT CAMEROON FEEDS NIGERIA!!!…..REALLY???…..why did your food prices go up 80% after your border with Nigeria was closed?

    so selling onions and sorghum to Nigeria is feeding her abi?..okay i admit yes you feed us…..bro (or sis..or whatever you are) as for rice..(which Nigerian importers re-route their ships to cameroon because of your zero import rate on rice) i wonder why a country thats a net exporter of rice would want to crash the import tariff of the product it exports..unless of course there are lies behind the figures…..

    ….let me give you a world bank stat….

    “Magnitude of Existing Trade Flows
    47. We estimate that Nigeria exports more than 213,000 metric tons of non-oil products with a value of 769 million USD to its neighbor annually, more than forty times official estimates. Of these, USD 176 million isestimated to be products made in Nigeria. Even assuming that official statistics exclude re-exports, our estimates still find Nigerian exports to be more than twenty times larger than what official Cameroonian import statistics report.
    48. While Cameroon’s non-oil exports are generally lower in both volume and value, we estimate them to be worth about forty times more than official estimates. This study estimates that Cameroon exports about 160,000 metric tons of goods annually, with a value of 226 million USD, of which USD 62millioncomprisesproducts made in Cameroon. Again, assuming that official statistics exclude re-exports, our estimates put Cameroonian exports to be about forty times larger than official Nigerian estimates for imports from Cameroon. ”


    you see the trade balance is SERIOUSLY in our favour…..at the Calabar harbour ships packed with traders berth in Nigerian waters twice a week.they come to raid the Aba and Onitsha markets for every kind of consumer good available..check it out for yourself…and this is just one point of entry..


    somebody get me a bottle of fayrouz..this dude has given me a thirst

    • mmekaa says:


  48. makanaky says:

    The truth is very bitter but Spacy is not far from the truth.
    You make people call you names based on your relevance, do we desrve to be respected ? Russia is probaly alone aside Iran in Syria but NATO is having sleepless night because of the presence of Rusia in Syria.
    Who dares Algeria at the moment in Africa ? Why compare Cameroon to Nigeria on what basis, we should concentrate on our mistakes and try rectify them as we have made ourselves an object of redicule to the human race.
    Gov Shettima once said BH iare better motivated and armed than the Nigeria military but he was shouted down but events later proved he was right.
    Lets end this blame game and do the right thing.

  49. http://www.nairaland.com/2788211/photos-nigerian-man-no-formal
    the above story shows that we do not lack ability in this country, the problem has always been harnessing the abilities

  50. I dont see a mere mini excavator, i see a bomb disposal robot,i see a surveillance robot, i see a disaster and toxic environment robot, the options are endless, all that is required is a little help and greater resources and training.

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