A Nigerian Air Force Alpha Jet deployed for ECOMOG operations at the Lungi Airport, near Freetown, Sierra Leone 1999

10 December, 2015

The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Saddique Abubakar expressed confidence that the operational strategies being adopted by the Nigerian troops especially the Nigerian Airforce are yielding positive results in the fight against insurgents in the northeast sub-region.Abubakar disclosed the development in Yola Thursday during a retreat for ECOMOG veterans of the Nigerian Airforce pilots.

Abubakar stated that the Nigerian Air Force has underscored the need for professional and operational trainings and retraining of its personnel to possess the capacity to face the challenges in the 21st century military operations as part of its strategies to confront the insurgents headlong.

According to him the operations in the 21st century is knowledge driven, which underscored the need for continued training and retraining of its personnel in order to be able to contain the challenges in the military operations.He said that the force restricted its resource persons to a number of veterans for maximum effect, while beneficiaries of the training was restricted to air crew pilots and urged the young officers alike to avail themselves of the in-house training which was informal and participatory.

The retreat themed “Air Operations In Counter Insurgency; ECOMOG Operations In Perspective”, involved a business session where the retired, veteran military officers and the serving cross fertilized ideas on military operations, especially their experiences in the 21st century operations”.

Abubakar said the veterans were expected to share their experiences with the young officers with a view to resolving some of the challenges being encountered in air operations in the North East.

“Basically in terms of the use of air power they (fight against Boko Haram and ECOMOG air operations) are basically the same. We believe they (ECOMOG veterans) were very successful, so we want know what were the challenges when they were using the same planes, Alpha jets while operating in ECOMOG. What were the challenges, how similar are the challenges and how they were able to resolve them. We believe there are so many things the younger ones can learn”, he stated.

Abubakar said despite some challenges,the military have succeeded in degrading the fighting capability of the insurgents while coordinating with ground forces to go deeper in to Sambisa forest with a view to meeting the deadline set by the president.

“We have degraded the capacity of the insurgents and we are coordinating with the army so that we can ultimately get in to the forest. You should also know that you have a role to play. I think collectively as a nation, we are moving toward the deadline”, he said.


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  1. jimmy says:

    This is very good. I really need time to comment on this.

  2. engineerboat says:

    Its a welcome development, Experience is the best teacher (From the VETERANS to the new BOYZ),
    This is because what is playing out here repeat itsself during the ECOMONG war, where it almost become imperative that THE NAF were fighting with only one Alpha Jet availbale, because other breakdown or unservicable at that particular point in time. Still they were able to record some measurable success.

  3. Alibo says:

    Why do we like to waste our time on nonsense? The Nigeria Air Force of the 1990s was a shadow of what it was under Shagari in the early 1980s. So what can those so called veterans inpart on the new generation Nigerians pilots? This is the first time Nigeria Air Force is in an intense and long drawn out campaign. It is far larger today than during the Babangida/Abacha area. In spite of all the gruesome reports of what Dasuki allegedly did to degrade the operational capabilities of our armed forces by starving them of equipment and supplies, I guess some old times in a different war want in on the action(a share of the money) even though they have nothing to offer than irrelevant stories about nothing.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Oga, that’s quite disrespectful, in most countries these people are seen as heroes, and here you are trashing them, not cool. And of course not trying to argue, just thought that was uncalled for

  4. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, this sentence from Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Saddique Abubakar struck me like a Tyson Fury uppercut:

    “Basically in terms of the use of air power they (fight against Boko Haram and ECOMOG air operations) are basically the same. We believe they (ECOMOG veterans) were very successful, so we want know what were the challenges when they were using the same planes, Alpha jets while operating in ECOMOG. What were the challenges, how similar are the challenges and how they were able to resolve them. We believe there are so many things the younger ones can learn”.

    The idea of having veterans interface with current pilots is a very good one.
    …But Alpha jets… Are those planes stuck on us with super glue?

    Let us also bear in mind that the rebels in Liberia and Sierra Leone did not have any real access to sophisticated or heavy weaponry, neither did they have the advanced communications gadgets and means (eg internet) that are freely available in this modern day. In this light, the current boko haram war is very different from those campaigns and calls for a different doctrine for strike mobility (I could be wrong though, as I no be soja).

    Russia is prosecuting a similar war in Syria and they are not using a single Alpha jet equivalent. Instead they have brought out all the “ogbunigue” they can lay their hands on – from satellites in space, to drones, to Su-34’s, Kilo class submarines, cruise missiles etc. Our fatal love for the Alpha jet will just keep killing our guys and prolonging a war that current geopolitics makes increasingly existential with each passing day.

  5. Are James says:

    More importantly the veterans should warn the younger pilots that in order to adapt the fast flying trainer jets to COIN Sierra Leone, they operated the planes out of design envelope a few times and tore the planes up a quite a bit. The advice should be that the pilots should pressure their superiors to match plane for roles and buy at least a squadron of SU 25 for COIN and JF 17 BLOCK II for other mire conventional multi role operations.j

  6. jimmy says:

    It is said by reliable sources that the tide of the BH insurgency changed when Lt.Gen.Kenneth Minimah ordered veterans of Liberia, Sierra Leone to the North East.In War there is nothing like experience .You can have the best equipment, and the best training all is for naught until Murphy’s law kicks in and things do not go according to the script, this is when leadership under the baptism of fire kicks in.
    IMHO the meeting between the Ecomog Air Veterans and the unforgettable lessons and experience they can share with these young guns is indispensable.
    Some of the most recently promoted Brigadier Generals were Lt and Second Lt, during the Ecomog years for those who survived they are now doing the same in the Army so the Air force should do the same.

  7. AOk says:

    Those who ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat it.

    So we still use the Alpha jets. By the logic of many here, especially in terms of age and fitness for purpose of machines, shouldn’t the F-15, -16, Tornado and indeed the Su25 that many claim is what NAF should have, be taken out of service by air forces world-wide?

    These planes and more have all had a service life of almost 40 years each.

    The Japanese Self Defense Air Force still fly the F-4 Phantom in certain roles which went operational in the early 1960’s. This in the face of threats by N Korea.

    Whatever the reasons why the NAF has not upgraded its ground attack capabilities, the more reason that we fly and maintain the current crop of machines to the very best of our abilities and if ex crews can help with that, so be it.

    • alade says:

      oga AOK, gbam!!! you hit d nail on the head…

      • Augustine says:

        My Ogas, it’s a matter of balancing your good opinions, we all have our points.

        Well for me, I see some benefits in bringing in these NAF veterans for extra experience sharing, maybe if we did this earlier in early 2014, we would not have the sad case of pilot Hedima (May his heroic soul sleep well) using his Alpha Jet like a Su-25 Frogfoot that had heavy armour protection.

        For the NAF CAS to have admitted that NAF is now fighting a 21st Century war, he has admitted unintendedly that we are using obsolete combat aircraft dated back to the past century era.

        So the CAS should fight for funds and get 21st century combat aircraft to fight his 21st century war. He knows what new aircraft to buy, needs no lecture from us, this blog has listed options for NAF on past threads, but no harm in repeating it, Nigerian leaders no dey hear word one time, you need to encore till your voice crack.

  8. Centenary says:

    Oga Aok,you can’t compare F16,F15,Tornado or Su25 to the Alpha jet,its just like comparing the spitfire to an F22

    Hw many Alpha jet do we have?hw many were upgraded and to which level of upgrades were they upgraded to?
    ,what is there endurance level,max speed,payload delivering precision etc?

    Sir I for one respect your contribution but please that is not a comment that should even be thought of,it is comments like that that our ogas at the top sees and do what they like

    A country like Nigeria should not be using the A-jets or the J-7,God help us

    • AOk says:

      @Chief Centenary
      Thanks for your comments. Are you seriously telling me that Nigerian military chiefs weigh all, if any, of their decisions on the views shared on this blog? If that was the case, late model jets and state of the art equipment will be all over the place!
      Whatever blog members might WANT; it is how we utilize what we HAVE.
      I was not comparing F 15s et al to the Alpha Jet except in terms of longevity. Are you stating that we would not have had fatalities if our planes were modern or even the SU25?
      If you are, you are then ignoring the human factor in any type of environment. Su 25s have been lost a plenty in air to ground wars previously.
      The mainstay of NAF medium lift was the C130. When we failed to maintain these properly through waste or foresight, we then became reliant on hiring such capabilities from elsewhere. NAF had to pay heavily to re build it’s more meagre C130 fleet. Maybe, just maybe, if we had technicians and engineers from the 1970s, 80s,90s etc, we could have sustained skillset in this areas.
      Some will now state we should no longer fly the C130s as they were delivered in the early 70’s. Oya, let’s begin ask for C17s or Antonov heavy lifters!!

  9. rka says:

    The problem is not necessarily the platform, but the lack of upgrades to deliver guided munitions.

    As there is little hope of any platforms in the near future (Alpha Jets & F-7s will be caned to death) one can only hope that Pakistan will pass on F-7PGs with guided munitions and maybe the NAF engineers can work towards this capability soonest on the A-Jets.

    • Are James says:

      There is the added wrong application of preservation maintenance as a defence policy. Nigeria is one of the few remaining countries that put aircraft and weapon systems in expensive storage until the technology becomes obsolete on those systems. Even now I am almost sure some A-jets , F7s and even MB 339s might be in storage for reasons best known to the policy makers . I say it is better to move at the technology evolution pace.

      • rka says:

        It all boils down to maintenance culture or lack of it. Airframes end up in poor storage conditions due to pausity of funds or misappropriation. No culture of upgrades on platforms unlike what you get in the West where as soon as a new platform is received they are already working on upgrades.

      • Augustine says:

        Gentlemen, let’s look closely at some technical facts:

        1. Alpha jet is a wrong aircraft for COIN role, it has no armour protection.

        2. Alpha jets were manufacturer built with guided air to surface missile capability since 1970s but NAF refused to buy the missiles.

        3. Su-25 Frogfoot is a purpose built ground attack and COIN platform, no aircraft on this planet can match it in that role except the A-10 Warthog. Yes several Su-25 were shot down in combat, but confirmed reports showed that the Frogfoots were lost to anti-aircraft missiles, those same missiles will shoot down an F-16 jet of those era is it flies into air defence range, reason why Russia is using the Su-25 with guided bömbs today in Syria….the rebels and terrorists there have anti-aircraft missiles.

        Virtually almost all Su-25 in confirmed battle records survived anti-aircraft gun hits and damage, they flew back home safely for repairs….every Alpha jet in this world will crash and die if they were hit by such gunfire not even to talk of missile hits.

        4. Nothing available to NAF as options can match the Su-25 Frogfoot. You need 30mm to 40mm anti-aircraft guns to kill a Frogfoot dead. Boko Haram does not have AAA beyond 23mm and the Frogfoots can take that hit to a level while it kills the anti-aircraft gun and gunner if the pilot decides to attack at less than 3km distance from the AAA threat when he has 4km range rocket pods and 4km range 30mm cannon for such air strike, but maybe he wants to avoid friendly fire on his own army, then will he decide to fly at say 1 km and take some Triple A damage on his jet.

        5. Hypothetically, by the time NAF loses on Frogfoot to Boko Haram, it would have lost all it’s entire fleet of Alpha jets, F-7 jets and Mi-35 helicopters to such knd of AAA fire that took down an Su-25.

        6. Ground attack aircraft armour protection is usually thickest around the pilot’s ‘bath tub’, then maybe fuel tank areas, and in some cases engine areas.

        Super Tucano armour will resist 7.62mm bullets

        Textron Scorpion armour is still undisclosed, but manufacturer says “some basic armour protection”…. likely against 7.62mm.

        Mi-35 Hind will resist 12.7mm bullets.

        ATAK helicopter from Turkey has undisclosed armour, likely maximum 12.7mm protection.

        Alpha jet and F-7 jet have ZERO armour and cannot resist ordinary AK-47 bullets. NAF has no counter insurgency fixed wing aircraft. Simple truth.

        Su-25 Frogfoot will resist 23mm shells and it is the king of counter insurgency aircrafts available as options to NAF. No rival to the Frogfoot, modernized new generation Su-25 in Russian service are upgraded to near 4th generation aircraft technology. They are available in the market.

        7. If NAF had Su-25, there will be less or none cases of the confirmed regular bombings of Nigerian soldiers and vehicles by NAF in error of friendly fire. Let us learn to fight with the right tools and Nigerian ‘carpenters’ should stop using their teeth to remove nails from wood, please, NAF and FG, buy proper tools for the job sirs, we are begging you on our knees.

    • Capt Tobias says:

      Oga Augustine,
      Nothing really to add, well said, except that even the Iraq military rushed to buy Frogfoots the advice of US ( instead of the A10 which were not on the table to offer Iraq) and even asked Iran to return the ones that were flown there during the Gulf war, (they had options to fly F16s from the US deals), the SU 25 forms a great part of the Russian order of battle in Syria – SU-30/27 plus Mig29s to carry out air superiority dominance in the air space to leave dedicated Bombers ( SU-24, TU22, Black jacks and Backfire) to carry out saturated bombing before troops advance, SU -25 to take out identified enemy combat and offensive assets including low level aerial defence structures, enemy rotary wing assets and tactical fortifications and also carryout behind frontline interdiction strikes, disruption of logistic lines, demarcating retreating or re-enforcing enemy troops and hardware as friendly troops advance, then comes the Mi-24/35s to carryout battle field aerial dominance over the fighting troops providing very precise visual CAS. the deployment are in a planned sequence, the NAF as it is would have serious problems fighting any convectional force, All Francophone pilots rotate out of Gabon and France on recurrency on Mirages and what ever is available, these aircraft are not presently at our borders, but they can be bought or leased in a moments notice from other Francophone/ defence pact nations including France. Does anybody remember the sudden Francophone defence pact exercise held in Benin republic during the heights of the Bakassi war, after Doula felt threatened ( It involved a lot of aircraft suddenly deployed next door in Benin, the message of the exercise and scenario,was that Lagos is also within reach) The Alpha jet are designed as trainers and NAF bought them primarily as such, for stepping fighter pilots into it’s front line aircrafts of those days ( MIGs, Sepecat Jaguars.). The canopy and terrain and equipment in ECOMOG ops was different, technicals could not be moved off road, Heavy guns were almost impossible to man freight through the Jungle by the rebels, also high vegetation canopy offered line of sight restriction, At that time there was no serious proliferation of Manpads,
      After all said, there is a lot the old dogs can pass young guns.

  10. Dear Ogas in the House,

    I suggest we base our advice on what we can see and hear STRONG CONFIRMED RUMOURS of, for now its Alpha jets because most flyers CURRENTLY trained are Alpha Jet and F7 Airmen, we are still Subsonic as it stands, we dont know if pilots have been trained on any other rather than go over and over and over on platforms up and down its best we advice how best to use the Current ones we have, at least we have said our own, when things dont go wrong we know who exactly to blame.

    • Capt Tobias says:

      The F7 is a Supersonic ( Mach 2 +) platform, a number of NAF pilots in go through T series aircraft training in the US

  11. zachary999 says:

    New defence procurement rules on place already

    – All procurements must be G2G
    – Defence Advisers in various countries to be liason and play a key role
    -Procurement teams setup in all the services reporting to the chiefs

    But no money. Wish we had this leadership when we had all that cash coming in. Especially the CAS, very solid guy who understands what it takes to modernise the NAF but is now constrained by funding.

    Are we cursed as a nation ? We have good people when there is no money and charlatans when the purse is full !

    • Augustine says:

      Thanks Oga Zachary999, this issue of standards + regulations + competent management + military technical saavy + authority + responsibility + delegation + supervision + directing + monitoring, is exactly what I was clamouring for in Nigeria on the last thread….it almost cost me my head when swords came flying from my Ogas. Nigeria is bigger than any group of government officials. The nation first, other interests second.

    • rka says:

      G2G is exactly what we have been requesting all these years. Surely if they recover the misapproriated funds, they will re-invest in the defence sector?

      • Augustine says:

        Oga rka, recovered defense fund loot can legally go back to defense procurement purse if FG wills. However, general funds looted from general FG purse or Abacha loot returned from Switzerland will have to go back to federation account or else FG may likely be in breach of constitutional rules of public sector accounting, the money in the general accounts or the consolidated revenue fund must be constitutionally shared based on the revenue formula for federal, states, and local governments tiers. If FG takes their money, the states and LGs will go to court and claim their rights.

        If you want to catch more looters, ask EFCC to open temporary site office in each of the 774 local governments of Nigeria to probe accounts and projects from 2008 to 2015 and you will know why billions of dollars were paid from FG to LGs and you still have slums, no roads, no drainages, no drugs in health centers, dilapidated primary schools, huge garbage dumps on streets, sickness and poverty among the grass roots/masses, unemployment enmass, plenty okada riders with BSc degree, floods and mud on streets in rainy season, huge pothole that will swallow a cow in dry season, NIGERIAN ARMY FINDS IT HARD TO MOVE QUICKLY AROUND THE NORTH EAST ZONE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS AND QUICKLY CONNECT TOWN TO TOWN STRUGGLING TO DEPLOY REINFORCEMENTS IN QUICK RESPONSE TIME, 3rd world backwardness in 95% of our local governments after collecting billions in federal and state quarterly allocations for a decade, plus the internally generated LG revenue from levies on market women, bus/okada transporters, food sellers, girls selling recharge cards under umbrella by road side…..just send EFFC there and find out why the local government chairmen own houses in London and their children school overseas, and the same LG chairman has 7 wives with 7 brand new cars for each of them here in Nigeria our country !

    • Kay says:

      Money would have to be available somehow in the long term. No way we would have known more than those in the army about army hardware procurement. Our constant listing of potential purchases was because we did not see much equipment on ground fitting the type of problem. All along, it was just trickling or diversion of funds occurring. I hope the new rules will be sustained.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Kay, based on my job, I can confidently tell you that no single person on earth is aware of every weapon/equipment available all over the world today, there are hundreds of thousands of military hardware all over the place, some as new as yesterday with current technology.

        Don’t think Nigerian military officers know everything, even the American generals don’t. Lots of diligent searching is required, and not everything is found updated and uploaded on Internet.

        Don’t be amazed that a brigadier general may not know about current Indian RCL III LAW, he will ask you what it means and why Nigeria needs it. Nobody is 100% all knowing master of military hardware available in today’s huge global market…..this blog will continue to advise our military, some Nigerian army officers saw AGL for the first time in their lives last year 2014, many are hearing of quad copter drone first time from this blog, and they are army officers, it takes a lot of personal diligence, desire, determination, and discipline to research weekly into new hardware development around the world. There are many NAF combatant officers who won’t know what Italian BriteCloud means. This blog remains the best military information platform available to the entire public in Nigeria today my brother.

    • buchi says:

      some good news for me
      its time we begin to think of basic modification on existing platforms for a short time line and to impress the need for on the spot knowledge of what we intend to procure.
      the feeling that we cant do better must be evaporated
      also this can be done with meager funds

    • doziex says:

      Remedy, those thieving charlatans must be made examples of.
      That is, a televised trial and a merciless penalty when convicted.

      PMB can lead Nigerians to successfully excise the cancer of corruption from our midst.

      but 1st, their must be a dictatorship of the law.

  12. schearbeek says:

    @ Augustine you are on point, my brother preach on……..

  13. jimmy says:

    We have clamored FOR G2G2
    We shouted ourselves hoarse over the role of the Defense attache
    We prayed with IMAN, ARCHBISHOP, High priest, fill in the blank that the defense attache should liaise with those country where we have an interest in buying weapons – meaning there should be no middle men like you know who, it is hoped at the end of the day these measures will become the norm – as it is in first world countries and will not elicit screams of Hallelujah ! when next we read about such policies .
    OGA ZACH I am not to worried about the cash crunch , that is temporary eventually this to shall pass ,I am more concerned that these polices stay in place so when it comes time to buy say 100 Tank we ( Nigerians will take it on faith that 100 tanks spanking brand new are coming to Nigeria.

  14. mcshegz says:

    Why arms procurement goes wrong
    “In Nigeria, the 2007 Public Procurement Act (PPA) has made some real progress in improving government procurement. However, although military procurement falls under the PPA, effective scrutiny of military procurement seems lacking. A 2010 survey by the Public and Private Development Centre, a civil society monitoring group, on the effectiveness of the PPA did not even include the Ministry of Defence in the list of agencies surveyed.” – SIPRI

    “The PPA specifically stipulates that it shall not apply to the procurement of special goods, works and services involving national defence or national security unless the President’s express approval has been sought and obtained. It would appear that where the President’s express approval is granted, the provisions of the Act may, in some circumstances, apply to the procurement of military equipment.” – Aluko-Oyebode

    Needless to say my fellow Nigerians, we shall continue in a seemingly mind-bugling, transformer-hugging vicious cycle, unless, a bill is hurriedly sent to the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for an Act to repeal certain parts of the 2007 Public Procurement Act (PPA), which will ultimately allow the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) scrutinize purchase of goods and services by the military for greater accountability; last i checked, the military remains a public institution.
    What Nigeria requires are stronger systems and institutions, capable of keeping a check on wannabe defaulters, whoever, wherever they may be; a circular/directive from a current president will not be enough to stem the tide in my opinion. We need adjustments to the Public Procurement Act; now now.

    • Are James says:

      Don’t worry, Nigeria will pay Ghana N50million a month to run counter insurgency air shorties very soon. All hail Nigeria.

    • rugged7 says:

      Well, this is just depressing…i swear
      Ghana that is not even fighting a university brawl now has up to 10 tucanos
      Meanwhile Big Bros Nigeria is counting tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee
      I am just fed up with the Nigerian top brass.
      Totally fed up

    • rka says:

      I am afraid it is A-Jet and F7 until we die 😁

  15. Ola says:

    On the one hand, it’s good news to see NAF trying to tap from the wealth of their vets. Every organisation does this all over the world, those with experience are used to induct and get the younger ones going. However, it’s sad to see that it’s still about Alpha jets. Even if Nigeria is not ready to acquire a fleet of expensive fighter jets for now, due to share practicality and pressing needs on ground, NAF needs one of two dedicated ground attack/close support aircrafts; either the A-10 Thunderbolt II or SU-25, with a preference for the A-10 Thunderbolt II. However, due to ease of acquisition, operation and maintenance as well as overall cost, I vote for the acquisition of the SU-25. This is the type of aircraft suited tot he poor maintenance culture in Nigeria.
    This is an aircraft that can be obtained new from $11-12 mln per unit or used for up to half the price of the new units (they are still being made on order). With a pay load of 5 tons, armoured body and engines that survive 23 mm hits (combat proven many times). I see no reason (if for nothing else other than shame) why NAF cannot have a squadron of these aircraft (if NAF organises a squadron of 12 for close air support group). $200 mln will buy NAF one squadron of these, several spares parts (including engines) for replacement and a plethora of ammunitions to go along, if acquisition would be done without corruption and middle men. In future, if NAF no longer wants them, they can be sold to some African state with some percentage reduction but this is actually not needed as Nigeria will always need a dedicated CAS jet for COIN activities and potentially against ground forces of unfriendly neighbours in the future. If there is no money, plan or clarity of idea to motivate for squadrons of fast multirole fighter jets now, SU-25 is the potent answer.
    Just commenting, it is important to note that a helicopter does not replace or duplicate the role of a dedicated CAS jet. Also, there are not many dedicated CAS jets out there and in general, not many jets can compete with the SU-25 or the A-10. A tucano may have an operational cost of $500/hr which is interesting and very tempting (too good to be true), considering the fact that a CPH determination includes fuel used, pre-flight preparation and repair, scheduled airfield-level maintenance and other associated personnel costs. A Tucano has a meagre pay load of 1.5 tons, it’s much slower (so easier target for ground fire), not armoured and more expensive off the shelf.
    Alpha jets have to go now, they should be strictly for training in future!
    Here is an insight (not the most up to date) on the SU-25.

    • Ola says:

      Ending of the second paragraph should read “If there is no money, plan or clarity of idea to motivate for squadrons of fast multirole fighter jets now, SU-25 is the potent answer and stop gap measure for the immediate”.

  16. Are James says:

    This is one of the things that happened to the money for SU 25s and JF 17s. N20million a month for an office that has anot independent vote.

    • Are James says:

      *has its own independent budget vote*

    • Ola says:

      Mr. Are James, thank for this info, even though we don’t know how reliable PM news is. I hate to be sentimental here, but it is the ethnic group that ruled Nigeria for most of her existence and has stolen the country blind during that time that also stole the most under Jonathan. I wonder why Northern Nigeria is particularly problematic, from bad, corrupt politicians who have impoverished their people and have stolen Nigeria blind to maitasine, boko haram and general social and religious intolerance. I do hope president Buhari would for once make the difference that the late president Umaru Yar’Adua could have made but for his untimely death of. The president needs to get his men under control, stop this ongoing tabloid trial, expedite legal and transparent actions against all the people involved in various big frauds (oil,defence, banking), secure their conviction, lock them away and recover the loot as much as possible. There is no reason why the committee set up by the presidency to investigate scams in the country are being hush hush. Why not have a public hearing at the panel of enquiry to allow all Nigerians follow this on TV and afterwards a trial? I suppose Nigerians are getting tired of all talks no actions, expectations are high. Also, the anti corruption campaign should not stop the government from embarking on a process to re-equip and modernise the military as a matter of urgency.

  17. freeegulf says:

    our leaders are completely clueless when it comes to nation building, and even worse wrt geo politics. the americans are at it again. first they wanted Africom base, we said no. now they are slowly encircling us. UAVs in niger and chad, ground troops in cameroun. and we are busy chewing goro.
    we dont even know what those american and french surveillance drones are up to. who are they monitoring? who are they aiding? its so strange how we still havent found the will power to implement total radar coverage and equip NAF for CAP missions.
    if we call the americans and french our friends, god knows how our enemies would then look like. the design for africa is slowly unfolding. we are not looking at the big picture right now.

    • rugged7 says:

      Abeg TELL THEM O!!
      Dem no dey hear word…

    • beegeagle says:

      We have a looooong way to go. Visionless strategic teleguidance

      See ALGERIA and cry our beloved country

      • beegeagle says:

        HQ NIGERIAN ARMY tweeting that Shiites tried to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff in ZARIA today

      • Are James says:

        Cheii. They actually are aerially refuelling SU 30MK over Algeria.

      • buchi says:

        abeg oga beegz in cant cry enough. the past six months have been real torture for me as regards the depth of rot was and still been perpetuated. God bless my Blood brothers in Gwoza

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Beegeagle, you used the right key word….VISION…that is what Nigeria lacks for our defense sector.

        No Nigerian leader has yet shown the vision to arm up Nigerian armed forces to the teeth, like Algeria. The Algerian air force has 44 units/examples in service and another 14 units on order of the long range Su-30 MKA Flankers, yet they are adding air refueling tankers to an already long range jet fighter ! The news is that they are also about to buy AWACS to support the Su-30 Flanker jet fighter that already is a mini-AWACS aircraft on it’s own ! Algeria owning 58 units of Su-30 MKA Flanker jets with range to fly to Abuja and fly out unchallengeable.

        That is a country with leadership that has vision for national security, even France will fear Algeria, check out their arms procurement list of SIPRI for 2004-2014 and see how Algeria has military power superior to many of the medium European powers like Belgium, Czech, Austria, Norway, Finland, Denmark, etc.

        Who wants to dare Algeria today, who?

        Nigeria has a bigger economy than Algeria, we are both 3rd world nations together but look at the gap, who is the real giant of Africa? Who can deliver the hot punch and killing blow? Who is militarily equipped enough to occupy the African permanent seat on UN security council? Who does the cap really fit in terms of capacity?

        Nigeria is yet to have a leader who is visionary enough to make Nigeria a military power since 1984 to 2014….the 30 year dark days of our military war machine capacity decline.

        It’s of concern that even Gabon can challenge Nigeria in the air with her fleet of South African upgraded Mirage F1 jets coupled with Gabonese pilots having excellent training from South African air force Mirage jet masters.

        Comments on this thread warning of our weak looking and underestimated francophone neighbors training pilots regularly on Mirage jets in case of emergency wars, is a source of concern, smart contingency plans from their French military advisers.

        Same French military experts that advised Chad and Cameroon to acquire massive arsenal of anti-tank guided missiles to neutralize Nigerian army’s main batttle tank advantange. A 4 km effective range ATGM vs a 1 km effective range tank gun, who says Nigerian army is invisible in West Africa? Is Boko Haram a standard threat, the only potential threat? Have we not fought Chad and Cameroon in border skirmishes in the past?

        The only real deterrent and potent defense for Nigeria’s air space is the Su-30 Flanker jet, we are only asking for the much weaker JF-17 Thunder out of frustration by our FG and NAF who have not synergized vision to give Nigeria a powerful air force in line with modern day realities.

        Today NAF is out of the top 10, and struggling to stay in the top 20 African air forces. President Buhari, over to you sir, may your excellency restore our lost military muscle, you said it yourself in Abuja this week and I quote you our dear President…. “How are the mighty fallen !”

  18. rka says:

    Oga Augustine, I did mean the Defence misappropriated money being returned to defence procurement and agree with the rest of your write-up.

  19. schearbeek says:

    MY Fellow Bloggers, just check this out.what kind of human being are this politician we have in our country.this not right.we are in war and no money to buy Arms but there is money for this.
    God Help our dear country

    • Are James says:

      So they have money left from 2015 and like the selfish politicians they are they would actually spend it all instead of returning to treasury. Take note that there is no single Nigerian assembled vehicle planned for procurement and the Senate President gets more than three jeeps.

  20. gbash10 says:

    What do you expect from these crop of NASS members? The same old wine in new bottles. While our security personnel are paying the supreme price at the NE, they are busy looking for way to lined their pickets. I hate political/military policy makers who are not patriotic.

  21. drag_on says:

    Case of father teaching son how to drive that old volkswagen beetle while his mates race around in a ferrari spider. Imagine an old ecomog pilot coming back to sit in an alpha,only to find out the rookies are flying the same specs. Nothing has changed in a quater of a century ! I would cross myself and pray that these children never go to war.

  22. drag_on says:

    Oga agustine see that thing we have been talking about.Bangladesh is doing it with syle o.An economy half ours but ready to potect what they’ve got.
    It’s almost like they read this blog.

    And to think illegal financial outflows have cost us a mind boggling $83B between indepence and 2011. shame…

    • Kay says:

      83 billion only?! It ought to be way more than that!!
      I believe this country needs serious restructuring.
      From those proudly calling themselves billionaires after gifting themselves oil blocks to those stealing and diverting money for weapons.

    • mmekaa says:

      two things caught my attention here. the way they effectively put the russian 1.5bn dollars loans to use as well as the serious plans they have for technology transfer. their plans for local production as well as the fact that we have already appropriated more than half the total amount they intend to spend by 2030 within four years to achieve absolutely nothing is too disgusting for anyone to wish a fair trial for those evil men responsible. they MUST RETURN OUR MONEY AND BE CASTRATED.THEN SENT TO SAMBISA WITH BOXERS AND SINGLET ARMED WITH SPOONS.let them see what peoples relations passed and are still passing through.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga drag_on the Asian world reads this blog, many comments and photos here have been used on Arab and Asian defence websites. Amazing how Bangladesh with half Nigeria’s GDP and no oil and gas, is doing so well with defence procurement, they are not crying ‘no money’ they see national security as priority. They are evaluating Su-30 flanker jets to replace their F-7 and their navy is building submarine facility prior to procurement. Nigeria will sing ‘no money’ till when?

    • Sir Kay says:

      Isn’t this how boko haram started? We haven’t won one war, we are about to start another.
      Heavy handedness, indiscriminate shooting and tearing down structures
      Must we insist on suicide? smh

      • mcshegz says:

        Sir Kay. I respect your hustle sir.
        How about we wait for an investigation into what actually transpired before we weigh in. What we have know is a classic case of “he said, she said.” We need more details oga;

      • Sir Kay says:

        Oga, investigation? I’m sorry i do not trust the Govt enough to rely on their investigation, not like they have “honesty” in their track record.
        How was the investigation into the death of yusuf? Bh leader, that went nowhere.
        That kill and go mentality will only make things worse

      • mcshegz says:

        Han han Oga, why.
        Slow court processes? yes, but to claim nothing came of the investigations into Yusuf’s killing is just plain falsehood; Oga, why.
        Sir Kay. I respect your hustle sir.

  23. mcshegz says:


  24. Maduka Oluwafemi says:

    Comrades,heavy gun and artillery fire in my area in Zaria since yesterday evening. This is an off-shoot of the clash between the Sheik Ibrahim Zak’zaky’s shi’ite sect and the COAS’ entourage. The sheik lives about 500 metres to my house(and this is his stronghold),and I am quite certain the soldiers are laying a siege on his house probably to arrest him. Thousands of his followers are in resistance on ground. Gentlemen,I have sought refuge in my campus in the same area(my house is a no-go).
    I’ve recorded about 9 explosions since it started amidst chants of “allahu akbar” from multiple voices- all of these drowned in rapid gunfire(exactly the type that a 14mm spits).
    The gunfire continues till the very moment of typing this.
    War scenario on my door-step!

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Hmm! Stay safe Maduka Oluwafemi.
      Is the shooting one-sided or from both sides?

    • Ola says:

      I hope it is not the military that is doing this, I hope it is anti-riot police. The military needs to avoid additional damages to their image. Meanwhile, we hope this does not degenerate into another boko haram-like conflict. It will be very easy for these guys to ferry in weapons across Nigeria’s uncontrolled borders. It is for various situations, including potential conflicts like this that a visionary government equips their security services against. Buy weapons, no response, secure Nigeria’s borders, no response. Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse.

    • Centenary says:

      What is even happening?we never finish one we one go enter another one

      The best thing u do in this type of case is to put Surveillance on then,finish the one at hand and strike with out them knowing what hit them

      You can’t fight a battle on two front,every military officer knows this

      • Are James says:

        Haba. I don’t think this is within NPF ambit.
        These guys actually were putting bullet proof vests and moving into shooting positions against a rear guard in the convoy of the Chief of Army Staff. At least they have to be dis-armed. The whole country is a collection of fortresses

  25. Maduka Oluwafemi says:

    I braved it and moved within view of the area. Soldiers have barricaded the whole place. There was an Otokar Cobra in the distant with a blue car almost halfway in a ditch.
    I can say with considerable certainty that the sect members have barricaded the Sheikh’s house and are possibly acting as human shield.
    The sound of automatic weapons can be heard
    (even now)in different precincts of the area in different intensity- some are quite ground-shaking(akin to the sound an auto-cannon would make when repeatedly fired).
    It appears the soldiers are facing armed-resistance; as I could see the ones in the very distant-heart of the area ducking.
    Guys! even right now,a staccato of heavy-sounding gunfire just lasted about 7seconds in repeated sequence with shorter(light-sounding) ones interspersing.
    Guys! no shit,brace up! something big and nasty is unfolding. imagine this happened over-night.
    Words fail me! The gunfire is intensifying right now.
    According to fellow students that couldnt escape to the campus,they said the soldiers announced via loudspeakers that everyone should stay indoors”we haven’t come for you,leave us with whom we came for”.
    A soldier told me(and a friend) to move away saying “wasa ne ko?”. We had to leave. The campus security are patrolling and ordering students to go in.
    I also learnt a like-gunbattle rages in the sect’s mosque near the polo ground(about 4-5 kilometers from here).
    The mood amongst students(generally) is that of “how-dare-they-stop-the-army-chief; let-them-finish-them”-this is necessarily not my view.
    Comrades,the gunfire continues even now.

  26. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, lets pray that the current fighting in Zaria is not connected to Hezbollah. They are Shiites and a Hezbollah nest was smashed in Kano in 2013:

    Hezbollah is a much bigger problem than boko haram, because they are highly organised, well trained and most importantly (unlike boko haram), are not drugged up illiterates.

    Everyday seems to bring a new bad story; there is boko haram, protests for self determination from Biafra believers, threats of “self help” by Afenifere, wanton rapes and murders by nomadic cattle rearers… All these and more in addition to a comatose economy. No good news.
    There are more than enough visible symptoms that give solidity to the fact that something is fundamentally wrong with the way Nigeria is set up.

    How can all these things be happening in with a country with a virile, modern and proud population?
    It is very frustrating.

    I will keep on shouting it from the rooftops that Nigeria’s biggest problem is our identity crisis. Until the country is completely restructured (root and branch) into a place in which every Nigerian citizen feels a total sense of belonging, we will continue lurching from problem to deeper problem. we just held a National Conference, let that be the basis for a way forward. They say a word is enough for the wise, but our leaders are STONE DEAF to all words; all they want is a turn a the Abuja table to steal oil money like psychopaths, because that is what the country is set up for.

    Lets not forget that this thread is about Africa’s biggest economy bringing out veterans to help young horns fly the Alpha jet better. It sums up the vision crisis of our leaders.

    ==Rant over==

    • Kola Adekola says:

      There is propaganda from the Iranian press and the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London that el-Zakzaki is being attacked by both the Nigerian army and boko haram:

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Kola, you have said it all.
      There is a fundamental fault line in the foundations of Nigeria.
      We are just papering over the cracks and playing with fire.Bokoharam, biafra, shites, fulani herdmen, ombatse, afenifere,niger delta militants- tompolo is already screaming blue murder etc
      We seem not to be interested in reconstructing those foundations that bind us.
      Well, the Nigerian Army better be prepared for a war on multiple fronts.
      And they should be aware that no army ever wins a war on multiple fronts..Ask Nazi Germany

      • Are James says:

        Actually the country has seen worse than all these in the past. I still believe that the problem is in the shortage of prisons and the corrupt judicial system.
        Every country has identity crisis please..give us a break.

        The most potentially dangerous place in the world is the State of Texas, US there are more guns in the hands of private people there than we have in the whole of Nigeria,;their attitude to life is aggressive, liberty loving and belligerent
        yet breakdown of law and order are few and far between.

        All the talk about another national discussion is just useless time wasting.It is as foolish as a young man of 26 years spending eight hours a day pondering the meaning of life. It is touching, profound but very unnecessary at that age.

        You have just seen one here, Shia Islam is very new to Nigeria, it is an artificial construct of Iran in its global strategy to contain Sunni Islam. So should we incorporate Shias into a national discussion?. What of Boko Haram which is radical Wahabism on steroids, should they also sit at the table in NICON Hilton hotel discussing “..Lugardian mis-steps in the geo political administration of Niger-Benue confluence ethnic nationalities..” or other nonsense like that?

        I say equip the army and paramilitary forces properly, tackle corruption hard, free up obstacles on the way of business, collect taxes and make every kobo count. That is all the government has to do.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Haba! Oga Are James, dis ya argument get bad k-leg sha.

        That sort of argument wouldn’t be out of place on the floor of the senate. Our politicians who will do anything to maintain the rotten status quo.

        Every country needs a solid framework that defines its existence as an entity, the contract between citizen and state and forms a fulcrum for societal organisation. But Nigeria has no framework, we have absolutely nothing. So utter madness, chaos, wanton theft and all other formidable forms of barbarousness afflict us like the bubonic plague.

        Are we not Africa’s biggest economy proudly flying the Alpha jet and waiting for “transfer of technology” even though the Wright brothers had mankind’s first flight a whopping 102 years ago? The lack of a solid organisational framework shows up in many ways; how many countries have terrorism inflicted on themselves by their own citizens? We have boko haram and nomadic cattle rearers, Hezbollah might soon be joining in too, because anything goes in Nigeria.

        Restructure the country and solve the problem. We are a vibrant and able people, 170 million strong.

        By the way, a 26 year old pondering the meaning of life is certainly not wasting time, but is growing in wisdom. Even 90 year olds ponder the meaning of life and try to make the best of it. Whole fields such as philosophy (and medicine to an extent) are all about pondering the meaning of life.

      • rugged7 says:

        Well, my own definition of foolishness is repeating the same process over and over again but expecting a different result.
        FACT: Nigeria – as constituted is non-functional.
        FACT: We have been repeating the same mistakes since 1960
        FACT:Have we gotten a different result?
        Draw your own conclusions
        Those retards in the senate have no conscience. Buying cars for themselves while our boys are bleeding in the north.
        Wallahi, God go punish all these senators gabadaya

      • Are James says:

        Nigeria is non functional not because we did not agree and write things down about how we want to be as a country. It is that we disregard the letter and spirit of the little we have written down in the constitution and our laws. The judiciary that we have for interpretation has now been corrupted so where are in deep trouble.
        I keep saying it that the UK does not have a written constitution. So it is tradition and high human evolution that is keeping things running.
        There is no substitute to discipline, self control and endurance to building a great country. You can talk from now add infiniteum, nothing hood will happen without discipline. In fact the basic of western world thinking is that “intelligence ” and “discipline ” are the major things to achieve success.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Nigeria is dysfunctional because we do not have a viable framework. The word “framework” is key, that framework does not have to be a constitution.

        All successful nations have the essence of their nationhood defined and guided by a set of intellectually robust principles, something which (like the proverbial castle built on sand) Nigeria is far from possessing.

        The Magna Carta (year 1215 AD) is the framework for all British law.
        For the French, it is the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (1789).
        In America, it is the Bill of Rights (1791).

        “Intelligence” and “discipline” which you mentioned, require a datum line against which they can be defined and according to which they can be harnessed for the benefit of state.
        You cannot have benefit from “intelligence” or have “discipline” in an unstructured society – na so so Alpha jet lovers go de appear. 😉

        The lack of structured society breeds chaos. Chaos breeds corruption, mad leaders, criminality, poverty, underdevelopment, and bloodshed (all of which are rampant in Nigeria). A country like a person, behaves according to its fundamental principles – Nigeria has none, so madness reigns and whole sections of the country lack a sense of belonging.

        No nation can just build prisons then get on their knees and pray that such an action will cause the flowering of the things that make a successful country. Things like, due process, a sense of belonging and the positive instincts of the citizen toward the state cannot spring from building prisons.

      • Are James says:

        please explain this “framework” more carefully to me. I am not as sophisticated as you in these things?

  27. Roscoe says:

    How does this affect crude countries which are resource rich but tech poor? Will this drive less FDI into crude and LNG investments? Is Oil in a long time bear market.

    • drag_on says:

      It’s all about power. The nations championing the cause mostly likely have developed the tech to run a new energy source and sell to the world at costs that would keep them rich. Its called ‘world standards’ .Once they set it and get others to sign up by pressure,they bring out the tech they have prepared around the bend, thus maintaining wealth and dominance. For example they did it for emission standards on jet aircraft.Today, we are left with General Electric (US) and RollsRoyce(UK) as the worlds major civil engine suppliers,and Boeing(US) and Airbus(Europe) as the world major civil aircraft suppliers. You just can’t compete.

      • Are James says:

        There are many grants we can tap into to develop clean power plants. We may already have tapped into something for Solar if what I am following up is true. If we actually set a team on it i believe half of Mambila hydroelectric project can be paid for by grants from the EU and US.

    • Are James says:

      This is the way to do if.
      This is CHANGE we are talking about.
      The man now goes under guard to an underground cell or some DSS safe house and “ponders the meaning of life ” for six months while investigations are bring done.
      When he comes out (hopefully vertically ) he may or may not have had his questions about life answered but at least he should have a healthy respect for Nigeria and Generals that play with snakes.

      • Are James says:

        *being done*

      • ozed says:

        Hope you are right Oga Are for all our sakes.
        Its just that i am hearing unconfirmed reports of Shiite processions protesting the killings across more than 1 Northern city.

        Things should be clearer by tomorrow.

      • Are James says:

        Boxes are being ticked on a checklist :
        – the funny Biafran boy with DSS
        – this brilliant but crazy Shiite sheikh
        – maybe Shekau comes next at the end of December
        Nigeria has to stop being disrespected by its own people maybe we will start attracting respect from the international community.

      • Sir Kay says:

        How did similar action against BH worked out for us Oga Are? Oh wait, over 15,000 dead and counting, not to talk of soldiers and cops.
        No, this is not the way to go, creating more enemy and sect to fight right now is a bad idea

      • Are James says:

        Boko Haram got strong militarily because of something very simple. They massed in Sambisa for four years under the former FG. We were here on watching events and debating, advising. The NA / NAF of the time was too lazy or scared to venture into the area. The unfortunate thing was that we had the funds to buy all levels the equipment as we have just seen a few weeks ago.

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Are James, be careful what you wish for.
      It’s not as simple as sitting in a bar drinking pepper soup and assassinating or throwing people in dungeons
      Boko haram started this same way.
      There are unconfirmed reports that the wife and son of Zak zaky was killed in the military action.
      If that is the case, we are setting the stage for collaboration between boko haram and shiites or at best a 2nd front against the Nigerian army.
      If Nnamdi kanu is killed on top of that…well
      Nigeria cannot survive 2 civil wars

      • rugged7 says:

        “One thing we can learn from the handling of Boko Haram is how the extra-judicial killing of Yusuf created the deadliest terrorist group in the world”
        Unfortunately, we keep making the same mistakes over.and over.and over.and over…

  28. Maduka Oluwafemi says:

    Guys,there is relative calm now. The shooting stopped around 2:40pm. The soldiers ordered everyone in the Gyallesu area(I’m also affected) to evacuate the area. Students are the most affected.
    According to ‘gists from guys’,bodies were evacuated in truck-loads. The soldiers asked everyone to identify himself/herself; as they went from house to house looking for the shi’ite guys.
    It was terrific,the gunfire and explosion lasted for more than 14+ hours continuously. We were made to understand that some of the Elzak’zaky guys fought

    with catapults(this I can’t vouch for).
    But somehow-howbeit strange-the student populace seems to be majorly pro-military sentimentally. Even as I have been confined to the hostel.
    It was said that the Sheikh was arrested yesterday(before the siege). His second-in-command was also killed in the siege.
    At around 6pm+ I saw some military trucks moving in and out. I hope they have this under control(as it seems).
    Mehhhnn…the shooting was terrific! went on unrelentingly in the midnight…

    • saleh says:

      This incidence have been waiting to happen for years, this sect is composed of lawless individuals just as you noted if you want to know more on them ask ABU students in the area. I only hope the situation is handled correctly

  29. rugged7 says:

    The strength of a civilization is not measured by its ability to fight wars, but rather by its ability to prevent them.-Gene Roddenberry

  30. Centenary says:

    Guys this is not the end of this

    This is something that we should have avoided

    There is a saying that goes like “you pick your battle,don’t let it pick you”,

    • Are James says:

      The Shiites should have “picked” not to ambush the Chief of Army Staff in wartime.
      They are a very dangerous menace. They often go on these dangerous public processions where they attract bombings to themselves from more intolerant Islamic sects.
      I don’t see the FG letting up on these internal security measures or the fight against corruption at the same time. Any group that feels fortified enough can pick up the cudgel.
      Omelette only comes from breaking eggs.

      • mcshegz says:


      • giles says:

        bros d Shi’a Muslims sect in Nigeria are been presecuted by d Sunnis.and I think d current COAS n his clicks are being economical with the truth.

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga Are James, don’t say things like that.
        Shites are a minority, persecuted world wide by sunnis.
        Shites are factually more peaceful than sunnis- How have they become a dangerous menace??
        The last time i checked, Nigeria was a democracy where peaceful processions are supposed to be allowed on the streets?
        The minority have their say and the majority have their way? Remember that?
        Isn’t it the work of the security forces to protect the poor, the weak and the feeble??
        The bigger threats like boko haram, ombatse, fulani herdsmen have been left alone because they have friends in high places.
        Ombatse killed more than 100 police and DSS and nothing has happened.
        Nobody has a monopoly on violence, including the FG.
        Libya’s Gadaffi and Syria’s Assad will tell u this.
        You will end up destroying your country if you think draconian security measures and refractory repression is the answer…

  31. asorockweb says:

    It’s a myth that Boko Haram started because Yusuf was killed.

    Boko Haram started in 2002 as an armed group.

    Under Yusuf’s leadership BokoHaram had already killed many policemen.

    He was arrested and released by the courts in 2008, after already being accused of attacks against the police.

    The police killed Yusuf because he had already killed a lot of policemen and they didn’t want him release again to kill some more.

    Nigeria is the largest Muslim nation in Africa; because of geo-politics, and our own internal dynamics, Boko Haram, or a group with a different name was inevitable.

    • rugged7 says:

      Nobody said boko haram started because yusuf was killed.
      Intelligence insists that bokoharam became more violent following the death of yusuf.
      The extremist elements within boko haram took over power from the moderates.
      That is a fact…

      • asorockweb says:

        And what would have stopped the extremist elements from “taking over power from the moderates” after the initial crackdown on boko haram, but Yusuf was jailed, not killed?

        Self-righteous, belief-based groups are ALWAYS ripe for extremist takeover. Another great example is Al-Shabaab, the extremist element of the “Union of Islamic Courts” taking over from the “moderates”. Notice that in the Somalia situation, the trigger was not “murder”, but “invasion.”

  32. mcshegz says:

    Dayumn, Saudi getting their nose bloodied over and over; just too embarrassing. Goes to show how a war with your neighbor’s always a bad idea. Choose your wars wisely, ask America, you dont see them warring with Mexico or Canada, do you ? War, at least in its conventional form is nasty business, the kind of business you do not want stinking up your yard. 😉

    • Are James says:

      It is has been a ding dong affair for the most part.
      I read on debkafile, a few days ago a brigade composed of Saudi / Egyptian marines and Moroccan soldiers seized some strategic islands from the Houthi rebels but I admit this well planned SS missile strike on the HQ has raised the stakes. The Saudis have deep pockets. Egypt, Morocco and numbers of anti-rebel Yemenis will provide the grunts. This may turn out to be one of the longest wars in human history.

  33. abduleez says:

    Nearly six months after Heads of State and government of the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) agreed to set up a joint military task force to crush the terrorist group, Boko Haram, the Chadian government’s refusal to contribute its military troops to the joint task force is aiding Boko Haram’s onslaught against innocent Nigerians, a senior intelligence officer at the Defence Headquarters told THISDAY in Abuja.
    Consequently, the source said the Nigerian Army is considering ‘’tougher option’’ in dealing with the allegation of the Chadian government’s complicity in the act of terrorism by Boko Haram.
    At the instance of President Muhammadu Buhari two weeks after he was inaugurated, Nigeria and its neighbours: Chad, Niger, Cameroun and later Benin Republic, had agreed to set up a joint military force to counter Boko Haram, a move many military analysts said was a sign of President Buhari’s resolve to crush the deadly Islamist terrorist group early in his tenure.

    • rugged7 says:

      I said this donkey years back.
      The facts have always been there that Chad and even Cameroon are complicit in boko haram.
      Only the western media or people who choose to be blind will not see it…

      • rugged7 says:

        And i still insist that oil in the Chad basin is at the centre of it all.
        Nigeria has to seek regime change in Chad and Cameroon.

  34. freeegulf says:

    how the mighty has fallen! when did our dysfunctional state get this terrible. chad is running us in circles and we are busy making empty dec deadlines.

    it has always been about oil and control. bh has both an internal and external component. some people are truly hellbent on changing the constructs of nation states around the globe. we just havent seen the full picture from our side yet

  35. jimmy says:
    There you have it : the man wanted to create an Islamic State and he wanted the confrontation and he got what he wanted.
    There is nothing that happens in a vacuum if we are led to believe the COAS after reviewing the POP parade in Zaria
    1) His convoy was NOT stopped.
    2) The Nigerian Army due to the POP were on on a blood lust intent on sharpening their new acquired blood letting skills just decided to stop by the sheikh’s house and let loose
    3) It may be deemed offensive to some but this man actually started making trouble for Nigeria before boko haram but alas all that is forgotten :
    4) BH metastasized into a cancer because the F.G. , S.G., AND L.G. did nothing about it
    5) A N.A. cannot contain a sect because of the fear of it becoming bh, please give me a freaking break, they have been a nuisance in Zaria for years freedom of procession does not mean other Nigerians are not allowed to have their own freedom.
    6) Please since when did Nigeria become a wimpy nation? One man with one sect will hold a state hostage every Friday, Saturday and Sunday?
    7) No one has addressed the big elephant in the room , what if the COAS had been killed? The answer would of been the Army killed his own Chief!!!
    8) As the midst begins to clear from the fog of battle , there is evidence to suggests there were running gun battles,
    9) from our own “correspondent” we were told THE ARMY REPEATEDLY ASKED THOSE WHO WERE NOT INVOLVED TO IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AND STAY INDOORS and those who did not or were busy brandishing weapons were dealt with
    10) People who are hell bent on causing trouble will cause trouble they do not need to use the excuse of boko haram
    11) More importantly two weeks ago in one of the Holiest SHIA processions ( read soft target) a suicide bomb was set off incredibly ” the man claimed it was not from bh but we know who set it off, bh has a complete disdain and utter revulsion for the shia sect which is in line with their twisted whabbist ideology it strains the stretch of imagination and intelligence to think other wise
    12) let us wait for the ” investigation”
    13) IRAN should butt out of Nigeria’s buisness this is not SYRIA, IRAQ OR LEBANON , There is no Islamic republic to built here .

  36. Augustine says:

    Oga abduleez, good piece of information.

    CHAD IS DRILLING NIGERIAN OIL !!!!! Laugh or cry? Which one?

    “Lake Chad Basin is estimated to have a reserve of 2.32 billion barrels of oil, and 14.65 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. He said the oil and gas flows underground across the countries sharing the Lake Chad Basin: Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroun and using 3D drilling, Chad is not only tapping oil within its territory but also from Nigeria, to push up its production levels.”

    Chad has money for war if you don’t know. At an African promotional investors seminar, I personally met the white man investor who is drilling and exporting big time for Chad, he is a North American money bag billionaire, he told me that Nigeria did not sell him oil block because he wanted a moderate size, but Chad offered him his desire and he is doing big business with them.

    I said we should fence or trench off those northern neighbours, let the trench demarcate the border lines, see how Boko Haram is still crossing to attack us and we fight this 6 year old Boko war till when, infinity? Are they walking on foot with heavy weapons? No, they drive vehicles, so trench off/cut off those borders, I have said it again and again. It’s simple common sense, Nigeria has been attacked from the same border area since 1960s-2015 and we still keep that place open like fools?

    Trench it deep and wide enough to stop vehicle movements, and drop anti-personnel mines inside the trench, any invader that jumps inside will lose his life or leg as punishment for trying to invade Nigeria.

    Nigerian army threatening Chad? Same way we thought we could easily defeat Boko Haram, but 6 years we are still at war due to poor military capacity that allowed Bokos to grow strong. You wait till ATGMs, MiG-29 and Su-25 wreck your T-72, Alpha jet and F-7, then you will know that Chad is not Boko Haram. Gone are the 1980s era when General Buhari used ordinary Scorpion light aluminium tanks to chase Chadian riflemen invaders away from Nigeria….you try that Scorpion aluminium tank stuff today 2015 and you will know that Su-25 Frogfoot is the Chadian tank buster.

  37. eyimola says:

    Ghana Is buying 4 more Super Tuscano COIN aircraft bringing their total number up top 9. Chad is the least of our worries

    • Sir Kay says:

      We should worry about Ghana because they might attack us? ha, I’m sure that won’t happen. Seems to me you consider Ghana more of a threat than Chad, i respectfully disagree with that

      • eyimola says:

        Actually that is not what I am saying. what I am specifically saying, is that the Nigerian military is now so underfunded, that Ghana (A country which traditionally doesn’t invest in its military, and is not at war) is actually buying the sort of Kit that Nigeria should be buying

      • Augustine says:

        Nigerian leaders always thinks there is no potential war possibility until it blows up in our faces….Biafra, Niger Delta militancy, Boko Haram civil war (Civil war not mere terrorism, Bokos established independent Caliphate governments on Nigerian territory until recaptured). Ghana is taking precautions because of the new wars all over West Africa, Mali, Nigeria, etc. They are having 9 Super Tucanos for 4th generation aircraft COIN and Lead In Jet Fighter Trainer capabilities. They are also buying more Diamond D42 Surveillance aircraft. Their army is shopping for modern APCs and IFVs, Ghana is not waiting to lose 45 towns to insurgents before they arm up and modernize with their little oil revenues.

        Nigerian government is considering taking the offered international multi-billion dollar loan in 2016 for rebuilding affected towns in war torn North East, but we cannot take a small $2 billion loan strictly for new weapons/equipment procurement to modernize and rearm our military in 2016 to secure, protect, and defend Nigerian territory, sovereignty and natural resources/mineral deposits, abi? We keep crying no money until we get into another battlefield embarrassment someday ahead, right?

    • Capt Tobias says:

      My brother the earlier we face the truth the better, check this out

  38. jimmy says:

    oga beegs
    Please I posted a long thread it is ” awaiting MODERATION” p lease can you help me retrieve it.

  39. Capt Tobias says:
    As for talking down to everybody, we are being left on the starting blocks

  40. ifiok umoeka says:

    let’s just say that the news we heard @ the time was that Yusuf was killed by the police on the order of his former political patrons…some govs who got nervous when he threatened to spill the bean

  41. ifiok umoeka says:

    @ Oga Asorockweb. Greetings my Ogas

  42. ifiok umoeka says:

    On the matter @ hand, I would have preferred that the forces put up a comprehensive inquiry into our outings in the 90s and come out with lessons learned, heroes made and a way forward. I just think that this is just an honest attempt @ building morals, that’s all. To be seen to be doing something

  43. ifiok umoeka says:

    That’s why I hate the phrase ‘stop gap’! It isn’t a stop gap if it lasts for 3 decades. The alpha as has been said already were for all intent and purpose trainers…especially ours! That circumstances forced ur to improvise doesn’t mean it should be the norm!

    Lastly, I don’t know what maddens me more…that we got J7s or that we got just 15 of them! The paupercy of procurement…and the supposed secrecy is just beyond my ability to process! As bad as the J7 is, if we had 45 (36+9) and approached the way the Paks or even Bangladesh did, it would be a little palatable! I would frown @ 220 bare bone T72 without ERA, active defense sys, gun lunched AT missiles and zero digital combat mgt sys but I would @ least play the quality of quantity card, but what give when its only 14?
    Nigeria is way too resilient! In spite of all that has been done to this country to cause it to unravel, this country just can’t stay under!
    My! Borrowing a great blogger’s words …NIGERIA I HAIL THEE

  44. lachit says:

    i happened to stumble on this . though i will pass it on

    from AlArabiya website ( google translated )

    joint statement of 34 countries:

    In the name of Allah …………..

    In order to achieve integration and closing ranks and unite efforts to combat terrorism, which disgraced the sanctity of self infallible and threatens regional and international security and peace , and poses a threat to the vital interests of the nation , and without prejudice to the coexistence where the system , and a commitment to the provisions contained in the Charter of the United Nations Charter and other international Organization of Islamic Cooperation and conventions aimed at the eradication of terrorism ……………………………
    on the basis of the provisions of the OIC Convention on Combating Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and the elimination of its objectives and its causes , and the performance of the duty to protect the nation from the evils of all groups and terrorist organizations armed whatever doctrine and name which wreak on the ground were killed and corrupt , designed to terrorized the innocent .
    Countries have decided their names contained in this statement the formation of a military alliance to fight terrorism led by Saudi Arabia , and that is in the city of Riyadh establishment of a joint operations center to coordinate and support military operations to fight terrorism and to develop programs to support those efforts and mechanisms …………………………………

    The countries participating in the coalition along with Saudi Arabia are: the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , the United Arab Emirates , the Islamic Republic of Pakistan , the Kingdom of Bahrain , People’s Republic of Bangladesh , Republic of Benin , the Republic of Turkey , the Republic of Chad , the Republic of Togo , Tunisia , the Republic of Djibouti , the Republic of Senegal, Republic of Sudan , the Republic of Sierra Leone , the Republic of Somalia , the Republic of Gabon , the Republic of Guinea , the State of Palestine , the Islamic Federal Republic of Comoros , State of Qatar , Cote d’Ivoire , Kuwait , Lebanon , the State of Libya , Republic of Maldives , the Republic of Mali , the Kingdom of the Federation of Malaysia , the Republic of Egypt and the Arab , the Kingdom of Morocco , the Islamic Republic of Mauritania , the Republic of Niger , the Federal Republic of Nigeria , the Republic of Yemen .
    There are also more than a dozen other Islamic countries expressed their support for this alliance and will take the necessary measures in this regard , including the Republic of Indonesia .

    i left out many in between. u can read the complete text from the AlArabiya website

    i have a bad feeling about this but i may be wrong or right 😀

  45. giles says:

    oga tobias dat dsam ting IVM is doing,but here no encouragement from d govt or citizens. even d blastic vest made made in Nigeria d NA termed it inferior.

  46. giles says:

    Pls is NIGERIA still a secular state,how will such b signed we nigerian do not Knw of love it.dis nation has a 50-50 Christian / Muslim population,and it ought to have gone through the national assembly.

  47. ifiok umoeka says:

    Heheheheheh! Lachit, of course its bad…real bad coming our way! When u have the world’s chief terror factory putting 2gether an anti terror team, we are in 4 dark days!

    • lachit says:

      nice to see u again.
      u r like a comet 😀

      saudi arabia , uae , qatar and other countries who r 95% + sunnis in population have nothing to loose while most of the other nations have considerable shia population in the long run might see considerable conflict in their countries.

      this coalition has nothing to do with fighting terrorists, since we all know who the real terrorist r. so logic says this is a strategic move to counter iran and pro shia goverments/population. and to deter russia to a certain extent.
      but what it will do is fan shia movements which might take ugly turn.
      also many indoctrinated salafist / wahabis from isis will end in their respective countries of origin, these terrorists might use anti shia feelings to legitimise themselves and make in roads into vurnerable countries sunni muslim population.
      sunni will kill shia,
      shia will kill sunni,
      innocents will die and nobody will give a damn
      plus resulting conditions (aka BLOOD spring) might be exploited by foreign countries to fan a syria type conflict covertly to bring it into its zone of influence or to weaken it.

      saudi arabia , uae , qatar etc will remain safe while the others will continue paying the price in ……….. for god knows how many years.
      i will describe this as shooting oneself in ones foot or better in both foots.

      it is dangerous to post this types of comments,
      u never know who is looking at u
      might get shot at by both the parties

    • Ola says:

      @Giles, thank you for posting this. I wanted to post it here too. This list consists of mostly countries in the OIC. Shame Nigeria is a member of OIC. Babangida dragged Nigeria into this mess. Now that Nigeria is a democracy, I thought the leadership would be clear about certain things. Why can’t the government pull out of OIC? How has OIC benefited Nigeria from 1986 till date other than fund islamic troubles in the North? I hope people have looked at all the nations listed on that list, they are the top exporters of terrorists. Nigeria joined a US-led coalition, now a Saudi-led coalition…does this government have a clue? And no one even thinks it’s necessary to carry 180 million Nigerians along in the decisions they make on their behalf, you only read this on the pages of news, often on foreign news only, like this one. Deeply insulting. I see this as a coalition of religious bigots. In my opinion, time for Nigerians to get on the street and have a massive protest against this. Within 72 hours, government must be made to rescind this decision and Nigeria’s membership of OIC. Nigeria is a secular state and Nigeria should either join all religious coalition or none. We may not hear it now, but I see from all these decisions that the someone at the top takes his decisions alone, may be in consultations with his clerics and his like-minded people around him in the corridors of power. It’s only a matter of time before the fault in the relationship at the core leadership of Nigeria is revealed.

  48. ifiok Umoeka says:

    It was under Yaradua that Nigeria became a member of the OIC

    • Ola says:

      @ Ifiok Umoeka, thanks for the correction but Nigeria joined in 1986. Below is the website of OIC and their member states with dates of membership.
      Yaradua only renewed Nigeria’s membership in 2012 when the OIC charter was amended. I would love to chronicle the facts here, but I say that someone has done that already, so I post the link below as well.
      The problem is that no one in government deems it necessary to call a press briefing or release a press statement when important and life changing decisions like this are made for a nation of 180 million people. I don’t know what the responsibility of the Minister for information is. In this Saudi-led coalition now, why hasn’t the army spokes person or defence spokes person said anything about it in a press statement or briefing? This is dogmatism being forced down on Nigerians and it’s been done for so long that people have come to accept it as normal in the country. If a decision will be made on behalf of 180 million people, they should be informed before the process, during and after the process.

    • Ola says:

      Mr. Ifiok Umoeka, thanks for the correction but Nigeria joined in 1986. The website of OIC and their member states with dates of membership published is online.
      Yaradua only renewed Nigeria’s membership in 2012 when the OIC charter was amended. I would love to chronicle the facts here, but I say that someone has done that already, so I post the link below as well.
      The problem is that no one in government deems it necessary to call a press briefing or release a press statement when important and life changing decisions like this are made for a nation of 180 million people. I don’t know what the responsibility of the Minister for information is. In this Saudi-led coalition now, why hasn’t the army spokes person or defence spokes person said anything about it in a press statement or briefing? This is dogmatism being forced down on Nigerians and it’s been done for so long that people have come to accept it as normal in the country. If a decision will be made on behalf of 180 million people, they should be informed before the process, during and after the process.

  49. ifiok Umoeka says:

    I think we were observers @ that time and only became members with the late Yaradua @ the helms

  50. ifiok Umoeka says:

    As for this so called Islamic anti terror alliance, its 1st a political move and the Army has do business saying anything until much later. Its the President that should speak 1st and the minister of Information give clarity!

    But then again I remember that we have some institutions that are purposed with asking questions…like the National Assembly and the Press! Where could they be?

  51. Centenary says:

    What is wrong with this govt!!!

    What type of stupid islamic coalition is this?

    Nigeria is not and can never be an islamic country,the recent count in Nigeria shows that christians are more,with a percentage of 53.9 to muslims 45%

    We are a secular country not a religious one,people are already getting pissed off with this decision down here,this will only give more reason for more groups to use against Nigeria eg MASSOB,IPB,MEND,OPC etc

    What does buhari think he is doing?,this was one of the things PDP said he was going to do if he won the election,he is totally proving them right,I thought he was the president of Nigeria,not that of the north,there is even still a huge population of different faiths in the north,what can I say“He is a fricking muslim president”

    This is going to back fire


    • Are James says:

      Buhari did not take Nigeria into OIC and has not pledged troops for any war outside Nigeria. That cannot be done without the NASS. Nigeria is a secular country and was in OIC purely on Observer status. The organisation is for countries with significant Islamic population not even majority needs to be Islamic.

  52. ifiok Umoeka says:

    Just read the Nairaland link! Came across new information. But my knowledge is based on what was reported btw 2008-2009 by the press

  53. Number One says:

    FACT : The NAF loves the Alpha Jet. SUGGESTION : AFIT,UNIVERSITIES and NAF veterans should co-operate to reverse engineer the alpha jet and produce an armored strike/coin version (upto 14.5mm rds) just like the SADF did with their Impalas.

    • eyimola says:

      The Impala is not reversed engineered at all. It is a licensed produced Aermacchi MB-326 identical to all other versions apart from the French weapons and domestic Electronic countermeasures Array.

  54. ifiok Umoeka says:

    That my friend is technically impossible. Moreover, the Airforce doesn’t necessarily love the alpha jet, they don’t have a choice as it is!

  55. ifiok Umoeka says:

    The Impalas to the best of my knowledge aren’t armored! Their success had everything to do with the training and tactics of their pilots and the lack of same by the opposition

  56. ifiok Umoeka says:

    Our military have always flunk the PR test! I don’t know when we will get it right. I also think that b4 Amnesty begins to talk, every decent patriot needs to speak up for what is right and against what is wrong! Human dignity is a right and the presumption of innocence is a fundamental right.

    IMHO, we could handle matters differently. When we refuse to learn from history, we get rammed

  57. eyimola says:

    Nigeria has no business being a member of the OIC. Although several other odd countries (Guyana and Suriname for example) are in this organisation, it is clear that the interests of the Federation is not served by this org.

    On the current situation in Zaria, Clearly the Shia have now been proven to be a potentially hostile foreign backed entity, and the military should be allowed to stamp out the threat before it becomes significant. Shia Islam was only introduced to Nigeria in the 80s

    • ozed says:

      What would you say if Buhari happened to be Shia and had done this to the Sunnis? Or is you comment convenient because the Shia are minority?

      • eyimola says:

        So Buhari did this because he is Sunni? didn’t a similar incident happen under the last administration with this same group? I generally ignore statements like yours, because they are unhelpful, but at least stick with the facts

  58. Obix says:

    News from my end:
    -Nigeria shows very strong interest in acquiring Russian-made munitions, or the organization of their licensed production in her territory.
    -Ukraine to deliver modernized and refurbished Mi-24 for Nigeria, including two units of Mi-24 «Super Hind Mk III» version as part of defence contract signed by both sides.
    2 units 😦 There is God !

    • rka says:

      Maybe that is what the CAS is referring to below:

      “Air Marshal Abubakar who noted that plans were under way to procure more equipment for the service, also informed the new recruits that majority of them would be deployed to the Northeast to fight the insurgents and other troubled areas across the country.”

    • Centenary says:

      Now I am super frustrated

      Two units,two fucking units,not even from russian but ukraine

      Y am I even from this Nation,I have never seen a nation frustrates its citizens the way we are being frustrated

      • Are James says:

        I feel your frustration. Let us wait for the defence budget 2016 and possible other ways and means expenses that can be found to buy stuff. I believe this one might be just an interim contract within the main framework of 12 Choppers we are expecting.
        The lack of visible plans for contemporary combat aircraft of the right generation continues to mystify everybody but I believe there will be a change in 2016.

    • mcshegz says:

      “Nigeria shows very strong interest in acquiring Russian-made munitions, or the organization of their licensed production in her territory”
      I think it’s safe to say that Nigerians continuously understand and appreciate the value of local production of arms and ammunition required for the protection of lives and property. Yes, 2016 will be more favorable.
      Oga Obix. I respect your hustle sir.

      • Capt Tobias says:

        Buying from a country Russia has problems and you think the Russian are stupid or would fall over for small procurements, the $2B facility was for buying direct from Russia and all indications are that it is no longer available as of the earlier terms, I remember the Russian Ambassador to Nigeria saying categorically ” decide what exactly you want ” or who you will go with.

      • jimmy says:

        We never really wanted to buy any weapons despite China and Russia willing to give up weapons on credit basis we were more interested in chopping money as events are beginning to play out amidst damming evidence the NSA is turning out to be nothing more than a paymaster for his party.
        America fought it’ S Civil war on multiple front Ditto Nigeria that had three defined sectors and over 250,000 Soldiers.
        One semi- illiterate thug who happened to swindled the dubious Iranians should not hold Nigeria hostage because we are so fearful.
        Fearful of what?question is where is BH at this stage ,hitting soft targets and being hunted down and killed like rats.
        Don’t worry the next thug who comes along will be Christian since it is Religion that makes us mad, then we will coddle him even the HOS will avoid taking the Highway near his house on Sunday because it is a no go zone.
        Every nation goes through it’s problems but no individual gets to hold the Nation hostage.He wanted a confrontation, the idiot got it then he was on the phone to Iran, what is Iran gonna do break of relations fine, the better one less useless Embassy to maintain.

  59. jimmy says:
    I want to tell my fellow bloggers that i have been quiet for a reason.
    No one is above the law as we are witnessing the sheikh HAS BEEN A KNOWN TROUBLE MAKER for years and people have walked on EGG SHELLS AROUND HIM BECAUSE we DON’T WANT ANOTHER BOKO HARAM
    Please what would of happened if the COAS had been bodily attacked or God Forbid killed in all the write ups in this blog!!! it is all about protecting the rights of someone whom if you live in ZARIA and were not SHIA your rights will be trampled on.
    The blood of his children are on his head and he can now swap notes with KANU on how to deal with a F.G. that has some steel in it’s back side.
    I beg they should not release him his followers have the god given right to demonstrate , a right they deny others , it is important to note on all the comments that i have posted the people who actually lived in this area have described him as a nuisance, security risk and this was something just like David Koresh was a long time coming.
    The day the COAS cannot pass through a certain part of Nigeria in fact any General will NEVER EVER HAPPEN,
    The usual sanctimonious holy than thou will follow and eventually Kaduna will settle down it is Kaduna where you have Christians, Sunnis, Shia and Traditional worshipers.
    I believe this OIC matter was settled a long time ago and just because someone draws up a list and puts it on the Internet should not make hardened bloggers like us get our underwear wet each time these type of things are mentioned.
    PMB has been very emphatic that Nigeria is a Secular state and some of the closest people in his Cabinet are people of other Faiths, BH is being dealt with not because of the religion they profess but because they want to overthrow the govt, the sheikh was dealt with not because he was Shia but as evidence is beginning to point out his followers put hte life of the COAS in Danger the fact that he is Muslim, and so also is Buratai and PMB is IRRELEVANT
    Lastly Iran should stay out out of Nigeria’s BIZ , T his is not IRAQ, SYRIA YEMEN OR S’Arabia
    , The Muslim POPULATION IS 80-90% Sunni and have no interest in an Islamic Republic. .

    • Sir Kay says:

      So Oga Jimmy, what business do we have then being called an Islamic Nation and joining the Saudi in some war on terror? Just curious, you said Nigeria is a secular state, yet its a member of an Islamic organization.
      And as for the sheikh, the actions of his ignorant followers is what i find threatening, We all are seeing how BH is playing out, whether BH is being defeated or not, many people have died for it, so we should be smart enough to prevent these things from getting to that kind of violent level in the first place.

      • jimmy says:

        We are not an Islamic Nation. If you want to take the word of a Country that is getting whipped by a semi Illiterate Country, Please by my Guest, I am going to take the word of PMB who has stated emphatically ,that Nigeria is and will always be a secular Nation.The announcement was made in S’Arabia and the list of Nations consist of the Nation’s that are Sunni in terms of their Muslim Majority, this is the same Nation that denied air flight permission, is paying Sudanese mercenaries to come fight for them, A stupid Saudi reads a list and it is Gospel to you over your President. Okay O!

      • Sir Kay says:

        Oga Jimmy, you should calm down. Gospel to me?
        I was simply pointing something out to you. This so called coalition was just launched, and Nigeria is part of what they called Islamic countries. Now if we didn’t sign off on such coalition, our country name won’t be there.
        I’m guessing Buhari is a messiah to you huh? Okay sir. He is just another politician.
        I’m telling you about what was just unveiled, doesn’t matter what PMB says, fact is that our name was in there, perhaps an accident huh?
        Anyways, good luck to Nigeria.

  60. jimmy says:

    Lastly it is becoming clear that the Saudis are getting their asses handed to them by a semi- illiterate country called Yemen I have yet to see BBC, CNN, REUTERS , al jazeera comment on this. This type of journalism is breath taking.
    OGA MCSHEGZ, Please CAN YOU i.d. the equipment in the picture, it is the first t IME i have seen this what is it.
    OGA OBIX , I f you are free can you elaborate a little bit more on the Russian side of things i.e what are they buying/ is it a tech swap 50/ 50 build 50% of ??? in Russia and 50 % OF ??? in Nigeria.

    • Obix says:

      Oga Jimmy, sorry for this late reply. Actually the information came from Russia’s largest manufacturer of ammunition “Tehmash” Group (subsidiary of “Rostec”). It’s about the production of bullets, shells….. and rockets of different calibres……..

  61. jimmy says:
    (Courtesy Bidexii)
    It is gratifying to see more:
    Radios , these new ones actually look different from what has been out in the field

  62. jimmy says:

    Please summon to Iranian Ambassador to the foreign office
    Please remind him there citizens have been caught spying in Nigeria and convicted of trying to use Nigeria as a transit point, Iran should be reminded to butt out of Nigeria, IRAN needs Nigeria not the other way round.

    • mcshegz says:

      hehehehe. Oga, you cant help but admire the Iranians for trying hard to expand their sphere of influence; we must let them huff and puff as they have no legal, political or economical means to hurt Nigeria; so we watch, laugh and cheer em on 😉
      Watching Presstv, i just smile at their coverage of the Zakzaky incident, they have the right to say what they want; let them, even when that freedom is not equally accorded her citizens.
      Oga Jimmy.I respect your hustle sir.

      • jimmy says:

        Thanks my brother we are talking about a country that 3/4 of the World hold at arms length and we are worried about them SMDH?.They are financially being bled dry by their interventions in Yemen, Syria and Lebanon, we do not import a dammn thing from them. I beg make them go siddon O jare.

  63. jimmy says:

    * Their citizens*

  64. drag_on says:

    The drip drip effect towards a global conflict. You have an ambitious and increasingly assertive China. Traditional Superpowers,on opposite sides, in close proximity, directly engaged in military activities at the same time and place( first time since the WW2). War at the backyard of Europe (Syria and Ukraine) and violence increasingly on her streets.And an increasingly unassertive UN. Basically, there is no cool head to say, Stop!.Let’s talk and reason things out.

    Put another way.
    Tensions in the Asia pacific,regional war in Yemen, clash of interest amongst major powers in Syria sweeping terrorist movements in Africa,financial meltdown and commodity wars,increasing insecurity in Europe. It’s almost perfect for fusion.If interest indeed fuse (a big if) we have ourselves a global conflict. what is Nigeria doing?

    START sacarsm
    Hey!! The alpha jets and Fdonkey7’s will protect us from being intimidated by any side to join in the blood lust. Yes indeed,our14 T72’s are unmatched! If things really get bad we can turn our innumerable private jets into first rate fighters.
    END sacarsm

    If a major war breaks out. Simply put,there won’t be off the shelf weapons or munitions, neither will there be orders to be filled. You are either on your own or a puppet state.

    The times demand future planning for a worst case scenario,even more so for an oil/gas producing State. After-all oil is the food of the war machine.

    Of course,in the end it may all fizzle out.That’s the end result I want for the sake of family and friends,but are we prepared for the future the times are pointing too?

    • Kola Adekola says:

      The info out there is that we only have 8 Alpha jets in working order anyway (as well as 2 F-7’s). So, my broda pick up courage, gather some stones, shine eye wit sepe or agbo-jedi and begin sharp ya cutlass! ;D

      It will be rough at Armageddon hour.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga jimmy if I get your reference photo right, the pic of the Nigerian COIN/special forces guy posted by Oga mcshegz is showing the soldier with the man portable Skif ATGM I have been shouting about for over one year now. It is made in Belarus and Ukraine in a joint venture. I have said the Skif anti-tank guided missiles should be purchased for Nigerian army infantry to enable them use Thermobaric warheads take out high caliber Boko Haram weapon platforms or emplacements when our infantry have no T-72 tank support and NAF air support is not available in the heat of battle and our troops lives is in danger. Better to use the missile than to be overwhelmed and forced to run away in avoidable retreat.

        I am not sure Nigeria has bought the Skif ATGM, because if the soldier is training in Belarus he could get a Belorussian army Skif to pose with in photos if their training includes the use of infantry guided missiles. Normal world army standards is that special forces have both HEAT and Thermobaric warhead man portable ATGM in their arsenal, they usually fight outnumbered as SF men and sometimes an enemy tank or IFV just pops up against special forces who are helpless without support from base or mechanized infantry back up. Also SF may need to hide safely in a bush or building, and from 5km distance away they take out a high value enemy target like a bunker, pill box, or main battle tank, high caliber anti-aircraft cannon platform, communications/command/control center, fuel depot, ammunition depot, aircraft parked on well defended airfields, arms production workshop like a heavily defended Boko Haram rocket factory etc.

        Just wondering while FG cannot dash NA ordinary $500,000 for a Skif, and buy like 10 units of launchers which normally come loaded with about 100 missiles included in the ten packages at no extra cost. Is $5 million too much to spend on such multipurpose weapon? I shouted ATGM procurement for NA till my throat went sore, just hoping someone will hear someday.

  65. jimmy says:

    Thank you oga AUGUSTINE

  66. ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Kola, no kill person abeg

    Oga Jimmy, I don’t believe everything the army says nor this Zak guy’s side! However, in my scavenging for info since news of this incidence broke, I’ve stumble on an account that the Gen’s convoy passed and a different unit of soldier came in and bullets started flying! Like I said, IMHO, we could have explored a different path! We are in no position to open up another front now. Back in 2009 when we intercepted the Palestine/Lebanon bound arms and 2013/14 where the DSS conducted some sting ops, a lot of us kept voicing the thought of “if we intercepted this consignment, which ones didn’t we”.

  67. ifiok Umoeka says:

    Question: What were their order? Rescue the COAS, capture the Sheik or destroy the outfit?
    when the army ‘responded’ to the ‘attack’ on the COAS, did the response party have intel on the strength of the group?
    On the other hand, was there a threat assessment on the outfit and a plan to tackle them when opportunity presented itself?
    Cynically, I hope there is no connection btw this Saudi orchestrated Moslem Coalition against terror and this?

    By the way, Iran has transferred arms through Nigeria more than twice! We don’t know how many were left behind! We also don’t know how many operators they have in country BUT WE CAN TAKE IT 4 GRANTED THAT THE DO! On that note, they are more than capable to ferment trouble within our border than we can their!
    Its not considered wise to underestimate ur opposition

    • ozed says:

      In all pix of the operations in Zaria, has anyone seen any indication of arms seized from the Shia? What was the 4-6 hour firefight about if we have seen no weapons?
      If there were weapons, is it conceivable that the NA would not have shown them since?
      Too many questions with no answers and too much silence from Aso rock!!!

    • Are James says:

      Iran and Hezbollah have millions of supporters in Nigeria. In fact the Lebanese community in Ibadan alone is divided along the same political lines that they have at home.
      What just happened to the Shiites should be encouraged. There should be no more tolerance for organisations and groups threatening internal security and unity. I think the government is just setting an example .

      Please stop re writing this STORY.
      The Chief of Army Staff had to ” beg to pass ” from a Shiite procession on a road in Nigeria in what I call wartime. He got right of way but some young ones threw stones and shot.
      I have seen photos of Shiite processions where AK 47s are brandished.

      The army unit went to his compound to efrects ” arrest” but met stiff resistance. I don’t like your revisionism about “some other units came shooting”.
      If this had happened during the life of the former administration we know how this would have ended . The guy would have been invited to Aso Rock,,had a ten minute audience with then President, where he (a Nigerian) curiously would have extended fraternal greetings from Ayatollah Khameni to the our President (no eyebrows would have been raised). He would then have moved to the NSA’s office, drawn wad and go home rich. If that is the correct handling you are expecting us to go back to then think again.
      We can’t have an Iranian enclave in Nigeria.

  68. jimmy says:

    Oga ifiok Umoeka
    Many respects for your comments and in all sincerity I enjoy reading your views even when they run contrary to yours, this is where I am getting my information from
    1) Source #1 Oga Maduka Oluwafemi who had an objective opinion and was as close and we can tell from that the Convoy of the COAS was deliberately .
    2) Source #2 LINDAIKEJI blog who gave the first screen shot of two officers pleading with the Shiite followers to let the convoy of the chief through.
    3) I have read comments of the people who live in this area scanning three newspapers, and the views tend to be the same the Convoy was stopped on a Federal road and despite all entreaties was not allowed through , and the sheikh is not only a nuisance, but a security risk to anyone who is not one of his followers, and this showdown between him and the security forces was inevitable except the sheikh could not predict the outcome.
    4) God bless Nigeria and no one because of the fear of confrontation will hold Nigeria hostage.

  69. Capt Tobias says:

    We are playing into a script that was long draw out by those that said the country would break up, Now attention is draw away from the Chad Basin Oil issues. Where were the SA missiles seized at the Sudan/Chadian border from a top Chadian Official meant to be delivered ?
    – Who does BH activities benefit overall ?
    – Can Nigeria drill oil with BH active in the NE ?
    – Why as the Total oil activities not been affected by BH.
    – Can we afford another front with ZakyZaky, is it wise to carry out this action now or we use thoughts of Sun Tze by neutralizing without a fight instead of creating potential problems
    – Are we fueling more arms embargo with this activities, which could have been handled in a more discreet way.
    – Are we providing more recruitment and cadre for BH.
    – What has happened to the exchange rate, which is related to funding procurements.
    – Are there any Shites in the Nigerian Military ?

  70. Capt Tobias says:

    This indeed are troubling times, I like to believe and think that those at the helm of affairs have more information than us to guide their decisions

  71. Capt Tobias says:
    The quote from the NA man is not PR material, Hope he was mis- quoted

    • Are James says:

      Please let us ask some key questions.
      There is something strange playing before our eyes. Why does Iran summon our Ambassador to complain about the death of “our own” citizens?. What are they telling us here?.

      The other day, a Saudi Arabia whose new inexperienced set of leaders are getting jittery about complaints concerning ISIS and increasing Iranian stature on the Global stage and in an effort to re assert influence called on what they called “islamic” countries to some war against ISIS. A big joke yes but there are premises there that need to be corrected so that everyone gets it straight.

  72. abduleez says:

    I Wonder whats Nigeria business with IOC, now its one stupid coalition they want to join. Y i ain’t too bothered, shay na F-7 & A-jet We wan use take go bomb ISIS and other terrorist organizations in Libya, Yemen, Syria!!…LOL… we go just sign contract without action. What my problem is, I hope Nigeria don’t spend a dime for monthly cash input to aid the funding and running of the organization (IOC), since one the Ogas said we are only observers.

    This tussle with the Sheikh el zakzaky, hope this don’t end up like the Yusuf case. What i don’t understand is how come the Sheikh followers possess arms used in attacking the COAS?? And who him be so tey COAS go need permission to pass his supposed “territory”.

    Only two MI-24 Super hind?? Hehehe, and una wan meet Dec deadline?? Make we see na.. it remains 2 weeks for this year to end and we are unserious with weapons procurement…

    The main reason that surprises me with all this funny piecemeal procurement is dat the current president was a former General of NA!!! I expected large cache & rapid response to weapons procurement, but my hope got busted.

    Still this unseriousness to re-arm the military with modern contemporary weaponry. The most funny thing is that, with how poorly armed NA & NAF(virtually non-existent just as PMB said it) is he still issues deadline with 14 T-72 & 9 F-7 jets as major strike platforms with freaking dumb bombs… make we dey look.

    Does anybody have an idea on alternatives to turn dumb bombs to smart bombs just as US JDAM kits?? Isreali kits?? Maybe that will help our conservative reluctant old ways ever loving NAF to stay recent with contemporary norms on bombing campaigns.

    Well, maybe it may be too early to judge though, lets wait till 2016 to see the defence budget to know how serious this govt is on the modernization of the military.

    • Sir Kay says:

      My oga, some people have denied we joined this islamic nation coalition. Which is weird, as our country name is on the list, yet some are insisting PMB has made it clear we are a secular nation, of course we are, any moron knows this.
      But that doesn’t change the fact that we are part of something we have not business belonging to, under the same President who claimed we are a secular nation

  73. abduleez says:

    Off thread…
    Popular blogger Linda Ikeji accused of receiving #240m naira from Dokpesi.

    Below is her response:

    So, social commentator and activist Kayode Ogundamisi tweeted this today…he didn’t mention any names but I am now trending on Twitter. Many assume he’s talking about me…and you can’t blame them really. He said…popular! I’m somewhat popular! He said female.. I’m female…duh! Lol. He said Lagos…I live in Lagos…some posh place called Banana #Just teasing!
    So people are reacting and some actually believe it! That PDP or someone in the party gave me N240m? For what? Advert? This was why I didn’t want to get politics advert money in the first place o…and but then some of you advised that I do when I asked here and now see the gbege that I have entered…lol.
    But seriously for the record…no party registered or unregistered, no human being dead or alive gave me N240m for anything. The only advert I did for PDP was a page background take-over for former president Jonathan… and they asked for the space after I did a page background take-over for APC’s Akinwunmi Ambode. (I’m sure you all saw it). The two parties paid me same amount. I had a politics advert rate which I sent to everyone who wanted to advertise on LIB! And it was a few millions …which some of you followed to chop inside in the giveaway that April…lol. #Kidding!

  74. Sir Kay says:

    NTA News ‏@NTANewsNow 11h11 hours ago

    What we have succeeded in doing is to separate terrorism from religion. Boko Haram is just about destruction and nothing else ~PMB

  75. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Are, greetings. Well, I don’t know about ur so called ‘revisionism’ and since I wasn’t there, I only had to sieve through, trash inclusive. I’m sure u weren’t there either to the best of my knowledge!

    Ur ”if this had happened in the former administration…” Doesn’t answer any of my questions and except u change profession to ifa priesthood from the engineering (if I can remember correctly) I think u ply, big bros, u’re just fantasizing!

    U said it urself, ”they have millions of supporters…”, what happens if they rather “learn the lesson” get angry instead? I remember a certain Oga Are who was very vocal about right use of force vis human right, I guess that went with the “last administration too”

  76. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Jimmy, greetings sir! U know that I hold u in high regards too and learn a lot from u!
    I am not disputing that the COAS’ convoy had to “beg” to pass through any road, whether it was federal or not! I use to live in Jos in the 90s and had to put up with the nonsense of taking a longer route home from Terminal to Agwan Rukuba on Fridays because our moslem brothers were praying. I think its wrong to obstruct passage on any road on account of some religious (or marriage and funerals that are popular down south) programme!
    That said, I am on asking if that was the only way to go about the incidence. I’m asking if it was planned or if it was one of those spontaneous responses our military have been know to carry out.
    I totally agree that Nigeria shouldn’t be held hostage by any group but I think that we should deliberately design contingencies so as to have options that will give us the best outcome in our go-throughs.

  77. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Capt, I salute u sir and ur thinking. Tunnel visionsm is dangerous when facing the kind of enemies we have.

    Greetings Ogas Sir Kay and Abduleez, I hope u weren’t referring to me when u mentioned denial and Observer-ship with regards to our Status with the OIC, because I never said so and if u choose to go back to my post, u’ll see that I’m not wrong. I agree with ur submissions though.

    • Are James says:

      This is not a religious procession. This is a show of strength. I don’t know if you guys are seeing what u am seeing but we need to stop lying to ourselves in Nigeria.
      This is am army of unemployed or under employed youths payrolled by some local individuals and possibly Iran.
      Lies, lies and more lies everywhere.

      The one that is making me angry now are the fake “pull out of the ass” economic growth figures we were throwing about a few years ago. How come we grew so much, so fast and we cannot see the factories and farms. This same thing we are seeing in this video plays itself out all over the Niger Delta. IPOB mobilised 5 million youths at daytimes all over the East a few weeks ago and yet someone is saying Nigeria’s economy was doing fine. Rubbish.

      Look at the belligerence on show in the video, observe the mob mentality and tell me honestly if you think these guys did not resist the arrest of their leader.

      I support the NA in this one and I hope another group dares them again just to confirm whether this first instance was a mistake .

      The FG should quickly roll out jobs for the boys. Even if it is N15k a month for cleaning gutters, N35k a month for graduate teachers and N5k for an unemployed learning a skill… something has to be done.

    • Sir Kay says:

      This is very disturbing, you see these guys towards the 2mins mark already grabbing weapons and stuff, yes those sticks are weapons, this is a total break down of respect for law and order
      As Oga Are said, they wanted a fight, nothing more.
      They have zero regard for anything called law or Authority.
      Hmm, Nigeria better arm up, we are gonna need to protect that country from citizen enemies and foreign ones, on a massive scale.

    • Sir Kay says:

      How i wish we can just fence off certain parts of that country lol, the ignorance from certain people there is too annoying for me. Why violence all the time, something that’s not worth fighting for, some will insist on suicide for it.
      This is what happens when you have legions of illiterates easy to manipulate, on top of that there is poverty, its all a recipe for disaster.

  78. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Hannibal, the least that can be done in this case is a thorough inquiry to get to the bottom of this! The story is very sickening

  79. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Hannibal, I don’t agree with what u said! I would think that if u were born to parent of that extract, u would pretty much be among the fenced offs!

    I hope one day we will get past all these and the key remain proper leadership, followership and institutions.

    Nigeria, I hail thee!

  80. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Igbi, I hail thee! We don’t seldom see eye to eye but on this issue, I stand right beside u! However, pls don’t let anyone bait u to stoop low and make it personal (to the extent of arguementum @ hominem), for once, u’re standing taller than a lot of us here! I respect ur hustle!

    Then again, I eagerly await my govt’s response to all this! I hope we’ve not just squander capital out of sheer foolishness yet again! @ some point, the debt (political capital and popular goodwill) will become so mounting that Greece (their’s is mostly financial) will be a walk in the park!

  81. ifiok umoeka says:

    Sorry wrong tread

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