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  1. Part of Our wet dream for the NAF

  2. abduleez says:

    @ oga Adetayo, na so we see am ooo

  3. Are James says:

    Dear FG,

    Just six (6) pieces of these are needed.

    With 24 JF 17 coming already and six (6) of these SU 34, all identified gaps in threat assessment profile of black man’s largest human geographical concentration are eliminated.

    These are big historical issues we are talking here.
    ISIS is already in control of at least one quarter of Libya and looking south.

    Maximum cost of acquisition is 300million dollars already covered by financed by a guaranteed loan.

    Dasuki woukd have more than this money already hidden somewhere anyway. Let us look carefully, retrieve the funds and buy these birds

  4. Henry says:

    Forget the SU-30….. This is what Nigeria should get.

    Price : $36 million

    Range : 1,100km

    Hard-points : 12

    Thrust/weight : 0.68

    12 units of the SU-34 fighter-bomber, 6 units in rotation. Add between 18-24 JF-17 multi-role fighter jets, 12 units of L-15/ Yak-130 and our Air requirements would have been properly addressed.

    • colloid says:

      We haven’t even seen the “thunder” landing yet, we are shouting for “Fullback”. I hope we aint getting greedy. Why don’t we even ask for “Flanker E” then?

      You know the kind of Military you are having. I would rather go for a combination of JF17 for Multirole strike and SU-30 for Air Superiority.
      Fullback is undoubtedly a top notch jet but that isn’t a must-have list for us now. Even the russian aint allowing the Fullback to go on mission alone without the escort of SU-30. Each plane has it own purpose and mission. A plane developed Primarily for Air superiority can’t be compare with one developed for deep strike with secondary mission of Air Superiority.

      Everyone loves to play and have the best toys but the truth is, not everyone can have the best toy.
      Let’s see the thunders lands first before we start asking for SU-series.

  5. Russellinfinity says:

    This is a magnificent beast. Like sir jimmy said, 12 of these for strategic offensive roles would do nicely.

    The jf17N will remain the work horse of the NAF. Sir jimmy also add 16 SU25 sm to your list for dirty up close and personal air support.

  6. Augustine says:

    Well Ogas, me I don’t see why this Su-34 topic is coming up when we are still only able to afford 3 units/examples of JF-17 Thunder.

    Sorry to say, but it seems we are complicating things for ourselves as a voice speaking for Nigeria to arm up. What is the benefit of Su-34 strike aircraft when JF-17 has a fantastic panoply of strike guided munition/armament options that can kill from distant safe) long range both in wide area effect and point effect from 1 km range to 350 km range?

    We have not solved the problem, main problem of top class air superiority, we are just accepting the JF-17 because it meets about 60% of our national airspace security/defence requirements and plugs an urgent gap, dangerous gap in NAF airborne capabilities.

    I am really sorry my ogas, this Su-34 Fullback thing is an unnecessary diversion from the focal point.

    We might just be making ourselves look unfocused and unrealistic, this same blog that has consistently campaigned for Su-30 Flanker for 5 years is now changing story to Su-34 Fullback. Some of us here are now saying forget the Su-30 Flanker, we are wrecking everything we built in campaining for the Su-30 all these years.

    Emotions, emotions, emotions !!!!! Better we face reality and focus correctly. Su-30 Flanker has both air superiority and strike capability, what do we want from Su-34 Fullback, you wanna strike against a world super power? Please we should be less emotional and be realistic.

    Why buy a strike focused Su-34 when we are more threatened by Francophone colonial master and colonies in the area of air superiority? What’s the fantasy about high end-dedicated strike aircraft, is that our real need? Will an Su-30 not do ALL strike duties that NAF may require? Are we thinking to strike against a world power?

    People are just carried away by physical beauty of the Su-34 Fullback and screaming about its strike cspabilities which we don’t necessarily need. About 6 countries bought Su-30 recently, how many have bought Su-34 ? None, except for a new move by Algeria that has over $ 150 billion cash savings in foreign reserves.

    The 2016 price of Su-34 is not clear yet, but I will disagree with the $36 million per unit qouted on this page, how come it’s price is close to a JF-17 Thunder, when the Su-34 has two Flanker class of engines? Who will sell that calibre of jet fighter for $36 million in 2016?

    My guess is, current 2016 price, the Su-34 Fullback costs about the same estimated $50 million as a Su-30 Flanker. The $36 million figure seems to be the circa year 2009 previous price, so let us stop dreaming and swimming inside a pool of emotions and get carried away by what might not be realistic.

    Nigeria will benefit from an Su-30 Flanker primary air superiority and secondary strike designed, more than an Su-34 Fullback primary strike and secondary air superiority designed.

    When you gain air superiority over your enemy, strike becomes easier job as you take control of the skies with almost no airborne challenge or contest.

    Seems we don’t even know what we want again, see some of our beloved brother bloggers now rubbishing the same Su-30 Flanker they spent 5 years campaining for. May God help our emotions, and increase our realism.

    Better go find money buy more than your 3 units of JF-17 and also find money to arm them up fully with a wide variety of guided missiles, guided bombs, and sensor pods, as well as more powerful radars.

    My 2 kobo.

    • Henry says:

      Oga Augustine, did you read the contract which stipulated we bought only 3 units of JF-17?

      Where you in the meeting room when NAF top-brass came to the conclusion of 3 units, are you privy to any of the inner decisions taken?

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Heny, I never said 3 JF-17 is what we signed for, I am the one who assured some bloggers here on the JF-17 thread that NAF recommendation remains 25 to 40 jets as published.

        However, 2016 budget clearly says we have money provided to buy 3 units of JF-17 and that is all for now, you can have open order contract for 25 units, but you only get the numbers you paid for, or is Pakistan giving out free jets?

        I want to live in a world of reality, I don’t want to day dream about imaginary procurement of hardware.

      • Henry says:

        If you actually want to live in a world of reality, you won’t be talking about SU-30, you should ordinarily wait for an official confirmation from the Nigerian Air Force as regards to the jet procurements.

        However, you comments show you clearly do not want to live in reality, you’d rather speculate on Air-Superiority assets we clearly have no requirement for.

        As if 6 SU-30s would stop the French Air Force from brushing us aside.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Henry, shay na your own 12 units of Su-34 strike aircraft go stop France from brushing you aside with 100 Rafale air superiority jets? Imagine 40 Rafales based in Chad, 40 Rafales based in Cameroon, and 20 naval Rafales based at sea offshore just near our EEZ on aircraft carrier.

        How will Nigeria stop that kind of force with 6 or 12 Su-30 or Su-34 jets? You don’t challenge a major world power unless you are armed like Algeria with almost 60 Su-30 Flankers or Egypt with about 150 F-16 jets and 24 Rafale jets plus 6 AWACS aircraft, added to both countries’ long range army operated air defences having anti-missile and anti-aircraft capabilities combined. Does Nigeria meet that standard? No.

        There is no way you can arm Nigeria against France with all these peanut sized defence budget.

        I never said 6 Su-30 will stop France, but I believe with 18 JF-17 block III and 6 Su-30 SM, our dear NAF will have a 24 jet fleet that will make any African country think twice before attacking Nigeria.

        One of the strategic ways smaller powers checkmate bigger powers is by acquiring ground based long range anti-missile and anti-aircraft defences, and even NATO air force will fear you.

        I live in reality my brother Henry, that is why around September 2015 I urged this blog to focus on JF-17 Thunder and let us all advise on how to optimize it because reality tells me that it is the jet NAF has chosen despite evaluating the Su-30 Flanker as well. If we had continued the Flanker shout, this blog would have become irrelevant and playing ball over the bar.

        We need to be effective on Beegeagle’s blog, we can advise FG and our military, but do we control their procurment decisions? No. Then if we want to remain relevant we better advise and give ideas on how NA, NN, NAF can maximise the use of whatever equipment they choose to buy. That is how far we can go, we don’t rule from Abuja, or do we bloggers own ministry of defence ? No sir.

        Nigeria is currently dollar cash dry, needing loans to finance our socio-economic projects and defence procurement. I don’t see how Su-34 strike aircraft becomes our urgent need for NAF.

        NAF should be focused now on :

        1. Arming up JF-17 with guided weapons and sensors to the most powerful capacity possible like the Pakistani Air Force is doing.

        2. Arming up Super Mushak to full COIN warfare strike/reconnaisance capabilities with sensors and guided weapons

        3. Arming up all Mi-24/35 and Mi-171 with guided weapons.

        4. Reconsidering the Su-25 sm Frogfoot procurement directly buying from Russian government with Russian loan. NAF still needs a jet that can survive 23mm enemy AAA ground fire and still fly so low and close to the ground to identify targets visually before striking in a confused battlefield to avoid friendly fire error on Nigerian troops, or where civilain collateral damage is a risk.

        In my humble opinion, this is reality for Nigeria today. Thank you everybody. I salute ALL of you my Ogas on Beegeagles blog.

      • Henry says:

        They are bombers, France doesn’t come in anywhere in my desire to get a long range Fighter-Bomber for the Nigerian Air Force.

        The SU-34 has the longest range of all SU family Fighters. The SU-34 would give us the range and firepower we lacked when we deployed Alpha jets to mali.

        The JF-17 is a multi-role jet that well suits the threat assessment and requirements of the Nigerian Air Force, while the SU-34 would naturally fill in the deep strike role, should the Air force consider them.

      • Are James says:

        France does not have the capability to deploy more than 40 Rafales oupside Europe. Let us not credit these guys with what they can’t do.

  7. colloid says:

    Let us see the thunder lands first before we start demanding for FullBack or EmptyFront.

  8. jimmy says:

    If Nigeria ever wants to regain CAS, this is the plane the NAF should be doing a photo with.
    I promise I will not get angry if he parks his ass in one of these.
    Oga Henry I see what you see the long term goal, I do not see that in the Su30, I see the SU30 going the way of the Night barring serious upgrades.
    Nigeria must be able to fly to Libya and back with or without refueling.
    Good Morning Gentleman and God Bless all of us to be alive to witness the day the green roundel will be on one of this.
    If you believe in it it will happen.

  9. beegeagle says:

    Agostinho, I know our governments let down all too often BUT I don’t believe you actually think that the FG plan to acquire just three units of JF17s/FC-1s.

    Without dedicated trainer variants and a more advanced Block III variant in the works, how come you are not seeing why only three units can be snapped up for now?

    Yeah, the economy is slow but you know as well as I do that the FG have skimmed off trade credit to the tune of billions of dollars from China EXIM and CAN package a similar funding arrangement to get any number of these.

    We fit dey look JF17 for Pakistan meanwhile FC-1 go pop up direct from Chengdu. My guy, relax abeg. You come too dey panic nowadays 🙂

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegeagle sir, I salute at attenshaun !

      I never believed or said Nigeria is buying only 3 units of JF-17 Thunder jets. I said it clearly on the JF-17 thread that NAF recommendation remains 25 to 40 units.

      However, the information available today says that budget proivison is for 3 jets which I know is a first batch of a larger order, but fact remains that we will only get the number of jets we pay for by cash or loan.

      My argument on this thread is that Nigeria cannot dump the idea of a frontline long range air superiority Su-30 flanker jet and make a u-turn to go buy long range dedicated strike Su-34 fullback instead. That will be a error in strategic procurement. No smart country will do that, the Algerians who are buying 12 Su-34 have initially acquired 58 Su-30 MKA, that proves my point, they got enough air superiority jets before going for strike jets. That is the way an air force is planned.

      I disagreed with Oga Henry when he said ” Forget about Su-30″ and that Su-34 is what Nigeria should get. That is a strstegic error in air power procurement. Su-30 SM will do any kind of strike Nigeria needs, and the so called long range of the Su-34 needs verification, I don’t think it is longer ranged than the Su-30. Confusing ferry range of 4,500 km with combat radius is part of the error of overating the Su-34, it’s combat radius with weapon load is between 600 km to 1,130 km depending on load. So what is the big deal about it’s overrated range and the dream of flying to Libya to bomb ISIS ?

      Also, what is the Su-34 air to air radar maximum range? Su-34 radar is being rated for 250 km against air targets, I don’t know if it can range further. Can it match the mini-AWACS capability of 400 km maximum air search range of an Su-30 SM ?

      I don’t see why Nigeria should dump a fighter and pick a bomber to replace it. Moreover, the Su-30 is multi-role with both fighter and bomber capabilities combined, just more like a 65% fighter 35% bomber while the Su-34 is like the exact opposite, a 65% bomber 35% fighter.

      My own opinion in the last 6 months has been Su-35 Flanker E as a stealthy 4++ Generation superiority/multi-role jet fighter for Nigeria. To me, that is a better deal at $80 mllion per unit than an Su-34 at about $60 million per unit in 2016 prices estimate.

      I am sorry if I made any of my Ogas on this blog unhappy with my opinion, please bear with me, when Nigeria’s national interest is involved, I will always speak mind in the best interest of our nation as I see it. I am not a decision maker in this country, I only advise based on what I know. You my ogas are all free to disagree with me sirs, we are here to do positive debate for the good of Nigeria.

      Much respect to you Oga Henry….much much much respect to you Field Marshal Beegeagle. I salute you both with full respect.

      Yours respectfully,

      Augustine, small boy with coconut head.

      • beegeagle says:

        Notin do you, bro. Keep on keeping on

      • beegeagle says:

        By the way, the news is that Nigeria COULD be in the hunt for Su-34s and that was what necessitated my floating of this thread.

        You make a good point on the air superiority thing. Whatever the JF17 can deliver for ground attack will probably be too much for any African airforce without Pantsir or S300 coverage.

        That leaves us with gaping deep strike and TOTAL air superiority requirements. Would the Fullback or Flanker serve Nigeria in that dual mission profile?

  10. Roscoe says:

    seems there is info about more than 3 jf17, awesome! I have just been going on what the budget read. the SU34 is a nice plane, I would prefer the SU30 if i have a choice (please lets buy all the jf17 we can lay our hands on first), I believe it has more data on its air frame, we have to go bit by bit… Thunder is best, Flanker is air superority, Fullback is end of discussion. I think we should look more at large drones for deep strike capability

    • Drones work in a safe airspace, where there r no enemy aircraft and no meaningful air defences. The drones we shld invest more in should be HALE reconnaissance drones. Drones as they r currently available are mainly for COIN and similar battles. Drones with real deep strike abilities are still in devpt and a bit out of our reach except we develop them ourselves.

  11. Henry says:

    Ogo Roscoe please share the link.

  12. jimmy says:

    I really do not know where to put this but it is very important OGA BEEGS VERY SORRY ABOUT DERAIL
    Edward@ DonKlericuzo is reporting ( Confirming)
    “Can confirm a small team of British SAS troops are with Nigerian Army commanders to advise them on Battle Space Management”

  13. abduleez says:

    We shouldn’t be fighting over SU-34 Vs SU-30SM banter. After all we can buy both if we want, its just political will and National priority.
    We shouldn’t limit our scope only to JF-17 because we are getting them this time. Our next target should be the SU-25 frogfoot, Su-35S & 2 AWACS. U might wanna add the fullback though.

    The Su-35 has the longest range of 3600km but the Fullback has the highest payload of 8000-12000kg of which both Flanker C and Flanker E has 8000kg of payload.

    What we should do is procure the best equipments for our requirements in the right numbers, that is what is best for us.  But my opinion is in support of deep strike platforms(Su-34) being in higher numbers than air superiority platforms because of the following :

    Our French neighbors who don’t mean well for us.
    To keep France in check behind our backyard
    Jihadists springing up all around us in Libya and heading down to Mali.

    Since we are going to be getting at least 24-40 JF-17’s in the next 4-5 yrs. I think the Su-35 Super Flanker should be next and not the Su-30, while we let the JF-17 be our workhorse. Then the Su-34 can be bought later for keeps (at least 6 units)to let France know that we can take out their bases in west Africa when it gets too hot for everyone.

    We shouldn’t be on our necks too much, besides the good thing is that the SU-30 series have at least 50% parts compatibility amongst them so wouldn’t be much of a maintenance headache.

    It all boils down to our government foreign and defence policies and what they want. NAF thanks for the JF-17 But e no go too bad if i do long throat small ask for SU-35S, after all na all of us go benefit am.

    FG to introduce death insurance for soldiers fighting insurgency in NE.

  14. colloid says:

    What do we actually want? Su-30 flanker, Su-34 fullback or Su-35 flanker E?
    The thunder hasn’t landed yet and we are calling for Su-wareva. Yeah, i agree, it’s a top notch jet, but shouldn’t we take a step after the other?
    I quite share in Oga Augustine view. First, we should establish Air superiority before considering Deep strike role. There is a reason Russia doesn’t allow Su34(after the SU24 incident) to go on mission in syria without the blessing of SU30 as escort. Fullback can go on a lone mission and dogfight with any enemy jet, but the russian who knows their jet inside-out aint leaving room for exploitation by enemy jet, hence the combination.
    The doctrine is:
    First, establish air control. A safe air will enable bomber a free mission without watching their back since they have prior knowledge of those watching their back for them.
    Air superiority must NEVER be shortchanged for Deep strike.
    The russian has their reason why despite the deployment of S400 in syria(giving them total superiority covering turkey, syria and part of israel ) still stationed Moskva(now replaced with sister ship of same capabilities), pantsir e.t.c in syria. They still go the extra length of activating their newly developed vehicle borne Electronic Countermeasure/jammer to syria. It’s not about show off, but it’s based on taking Full control of the battlefield.
    Why all these epistles? Without establishing Air superiority/total control, deep strike will be marked with barriers.
    That’s why if we are getting Fullback, we must buy Flanker to protect them. Fullback is a beast, yeah, but a beast that needs protection to be able to unleash his venom.

    • beegeagle says:

      In effect, you and Agostinho are saying that the Flanker and NOT the Fullback should be Nigeria’s next target after the JF17s?

      Apparently, that is the exact opposite of what Are James and Henro are prescribing

      • Henry says:


      • colloid says:

        Exact opposite what Oga henry and co are suggesting. Oga Beeg, my point is that, if we want Su34 to follow the Thunder, then we are going to come back to square one of getting Su30 to establish air superiority esp in highly defended mission field. I respect your hustle sir

      • colloid says:

        ***or Su35 super flanker E****

  15. Sir Kay says:

    “After the U.S. refused to deliver Nigeria with requested military helicopters, Russia swiftly provided fighter jets in a lucrative deal.”

    What fighter jets is this article referring to lol

    • sabatino9 says:

      Maybe she’s referring to the botched SU-25 frogfoot deal or a more superior SU-3x variant. Which SU series is readily available off the shelf and can be purchased by nigeria at the same price of the cancelled frogfoot deal which is $466 million?

      The Ruskies wouldn’t normally speculate on purchases if there’s a confirmed interest. Igor Korotchenko is a military expert cum whistle blower in Russia, who would naturally have sources within both the defence bureau and the Sukhoi Corp.

      Personally, whatever SU-3x Nigeria gets is fine by me as long as it comes armed with the maximum array of weapons and not a “naked” version.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Sbitino, do not be deceived, Russian private man military expert is not FG or NAF to predict Nigerian procurement for you. Russian news from a respected newspaper told us in 2013 that Chinese L-15 jets have been sold to an African country likely Nigeria, but at the end it was Zambia that bought the jets.

      This is one of the things I say nowadays about living in reality. We should learn our lessons without repeating class with carry over of core courses.

      The story of one Russian man speculating NAF may buy Su-34 Fullback is something to be careful about and not start day dreaming. We all on this blog should have learnt some lessons by now.

  16. Sir Kay says:

    “Korotchenko said several African countries “including Uganda and Nigeria, which [are] waging a war against Boko Haram, could buy the Su-34,” Defense News reported late Wednesday.”

  17. asorockweb says:

    Let’s rehash an old post shall we?

    I am glad some of you can now understand why I favoured the Su-34 earlier last year.

    I think the C-in-C leans towards the west, and would not want to rock the boat too much with such a high profile acquisition from the “enemy”, Russia, the “backer of the monster, Assad”.

    In any event, the NAF needs a complete rebuild.

    The JF-17 and the Su-34, two multi-role aircraft, one light, one heavy.
    For combat aircraft, This is all we need.

    No need for a dogfighter.

  18. Augustine says:

    “No need for a dogfighter” ? Oga Asorockweb, you want to kill NAF.

    Seems you don’t know what an air force means, or what air power means, try go read the air war history of USAF vs Iraqi air force in gulf war 1991. Then you will know why your statement can kill NAF.

    I think we should watch what we say on this blog.

  19. Augustine says:

    The news report does not say NAF is thinking about any Su-34 Fullback, one man there is just being a good speculator…

    “Late last year, top Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko told RIA Novostin that the deployment of the Su-34 on combat duty in Syria will help potential buyers in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East to evaluate its performance and decide on whether to acquire it or not. Several countries in Africa, including Uganda and Nigeria, which [are] waging a war against Boko Haram, could buy the Su-34, Korotchenko said.”

    Is that man an FG, MoD, or NAF officer speaking? That guy is one foreigner expressing his own private opinion and we are taking that as a lead? Such people have equally said Nigeria could buy J-20 Stealth jet from China, is that a reliable voice, a free speaker in a foreign land? I think we are just over expanding the man’s statement and equating it with a lead on likely acquisition of a jet that NAF has never even evaluated and are not thinking about at all.

    Last time I checked, NAF evaluated and selected Su-25 Frogfoot to fight Boko Haram, not Su-34 Fullback. When did the Fullback become a COIN jet for fighting a terrorist that has no missiles to challenge any air force? Even a Mushak with PGM will kill Boko Haram. Su-25 Frogfoot with PGM will kill ISIS, more so when you add JF-17 Thunder to the equation.

  20. Augustine says:

    JF-17 Thunder has a very well mixed panoply of strike weapons that will subdue any African country that does not have ground based anti-missile and long range anti-aircraft air defence capabilities, meaning only Algeria, Egypt, South Africa can try to resist, and hey, the JF-17 has anti-radar missiles and STEALTHY wide area sub-munition dispersion guided bombs with range 130 km, and STEALTHY cruise missiles with 350 km range.

    In SEAD operations, you can use anti-radar missiles to knock out deadly enemy SAM defences and use wide area sub-munition guided bombs in saturation salvo to knock out enemy anti-missile defences. If S-400 SAM is present, even NATO and Russia will have difficulty neutralizing it, you may need Chinese A-300 MRLS as a GPS-INS guided mobile rocket artillery with 300 km surface to surface range to eliminate such long range SAM threats, meaning the army has to be involved on ground.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying Nigeria should not buy Su-34 Fullback, but I am saying it MUST NOT be used to replace the Su-35 Flanker E.

    Then if you want the fullback, you are asking NAF to ask FG for money to build a fleet of JF-17 + Su-34 + Su-35 + Yak 130……then you will ask for AWACS and air refueling tankers too…then You forget Nigeria also has an army and navy to equip? T-90 tanks, Pantsir SAM, HQ-9 SAM, LPD ships, guided missile frigates, submarines…. you already have those? Billions of billions of dollars capital expenditure.

  21. Augustine says:

    How will NAF Su-34 attack ISIS in Libya? We have no common border and so Nigeria needs overflight permit from Chad or Cameroon to reach Libya, unless we want to break international law and violate the airspace of both countries that have defence pact with France, then French Rafale jets can take to the sky to intercept NAF Su-34 fullback, then we will see how the fullback performs without IRST and OLS, against a 4++ Gen air superiority fighter, and not against Syrian rebels that have zero air force and no proper SAM like Pantsir, BUK, S-300, S-400.

    We gonna buy the strike jet before we start thinking how to reach Mali or Libya? Cart before the horse?

    The Su-34 has a much weaker air to air combat capability compared to Su-35.

    “The Su-34 Fullback radar is claimed to provide a range of 200 to 250 km against large surface targets, ground mapping capability to 150 km, GMTI target tracking to 30 km, and Detection performance against airborne fighter sized aerial targets is claimed to be 90 km. ”

    Also, I notice there is no mention of air to air combat IRST and OLS on the Su-34 Fullback for air to air combat against stealthy or full stealth enemy aircraft, so how does fullback do air superiority operations?

    “Su-34 Fullback Leninets B004 Multimode Attack Radar phased array is the most advanced strike radar ever designed for a Russian combat aircraft. Unlike the N011M/BARS, the it is an optimised BOMBER RADAR.”

    Su-34 max radar range 250 km. Su-35 max radar range 400 km. We all know who is the boss now, right? The Flanker E is boss over the fullback in air supremacy role. Proved.

    According to Sukhoi company official data, Su-34 does not carry any 12,000 kg load, its max is same 8,000 kg as the Su-35.

    Su-34 max speed without any payload is 1,900 km/h, so how much slower will it go when it carries heavy strike bombs? You want to use that jet to do air superiority against interceptors that have engine rated speed of 2,500 km/h carrying interceptor’s light weight missiles? Dog vs Lion?

    Why are people overhyping Su-34 capabilities without carefully analyzing basic facts?

  22. Augustine says:

    According to official information from the Sukhoi company that manufactures both the Su-34 Fullback and Su-35 Flanker E, the Su-35 Flanker is SUPERIOR to the Su-34 Fullback.

    “The Su-35 is a 4++ generation aircraft employing technologies of the fifth generation. They make it superior to all other 4th generation fighters now under development worldwide. In 2009-2015, thanks to these technologies, the Su-35 will dominate the world market, outperforming other proposed multi-role fighters.”

    I think that settles the matter on what option is best for Nigerian air force as our near future addition to the JF-17 Thunder. Thank you fellow patriots. You have all said well.

  23. sabatino9 says:

    Against a powerful adversary like France, we need more ground based defence units to complement our meagre array of jets. Because we cannot overnight acquire the capability to manage more than 80 fighter jets at a go. This is realistically speaking, considering the fact that we don’t have the requisite groundwork in place, and our boys and maintenance crew would need sufficient time to get used to these platforms.

    If we buy just every sophisticated jet that meets our threat assessment in large quantities at a go just because we can afford it or we can borrow the funds, we run the risk of being forced to put majority of these jets in storage, thereby tying up much needed funds that can be used for other things.

    Considering that we have some $466 million somewhere from the cancelled Frogfoot deal, we need to find out whether the money is with the Ruskies in the bank, or already paid to the supplier or if the money is in Nigeria. After which we can speculate what SU-3x we should be focusing on.

    We have seen cases in history where training exercises were turned into defence / strike mission, simply because of the students being in a certain location and a critical reaction is needed. I think we should focus on the SU-34 because every single one is a potential trainer variant owning to the fact that you can sit 2 pilots side by side. This should eliminate the need to buy a dedicated trainer variant.

    Although this shouldn’t be the only reason for buying a fighter, but it should be one of the numerous reasons, including the fact that for some unknown reasons the Ruskies are aggressively pushing for the sale of the SU-34 ahead of the other variants. Should we take this risk, we should have a fail safe mechanism in place for managing the situation to our personal benefit as a nation.

  24. gbash10 says:

    @Oga Are James,Henry and asorockweb, I beg to differ on your preference for the SU-34 deep strike jet over the SU-35 multirole jet.
    However, I’m on the same page with @Oga Augustine, abduleez and colloid,in the sense that Nigeria with the help of this unique def/sec blog,BEEGEAGLE,is now moving in the right direction building a credible and robust air combat capability.We should not loose focus at this point.
    We need the JF-17 Thunder Blk2 with its complete panoply of weapons for air-to-air,air-to-surface(land & sea ) attack.This jet should form the core of the NAF’s primary air superiority fighters backed by advanced air superiority fighter like the SU-35 Super Flanker E++.
    I believe you all may not no that the French Rafale and the Eurofighter Typhoon,as well as all US teen fighters may not defeat the SU-35 except the stealthy F-22 Raptor!
    JF-17,SU-35,and then SU-34.The Yak130 will take the role of the SU-25.

  25. gbash10 says:

    The only difference between the SU-34 and the SU-35 in terms of strike mission is the toilet facility,the ample space for pilots to stretch up,and sharing of workload between the crew.Though the SU-35 is built to take off much of the workload from the pilot.
    It is agreed that the SU-34 can defend itself, engaging in dogfight, but how maneuverable can it to adversaries that will come after it in enemy air space without an escort ?

  26. xnur44 says:

    For many Russian pilots, the prevailing view is that the two-seat Su-30SM is the ideal fighter, since the division of labour in the cockpit provides real benefits in tactical missions. In terms of weapons and navigation equipment, the three modern Su-27 variants differ only in detail.

    As a Su-24 successor, the Su-34 strike aircraft is NOT QUITE AS manoeuvrable as the Su-30SM and Su-35, but according to Russian sources is awaiting a very effective new electronic warfare self-defence system in the tail “string”.
    Source: Moscow showcase” (2015 International Aviation and Space Salon), Combat Aircraft, Vol.16, November11, 2015. P68-69.

    This may put some speculations on this Blog to rest.

  27. gbash10 says:

    @Oga Xnur44,I would prefer one down pilot in one jet than two in one jet. Watch the Vietnam air war and you will agree with me.
    The SU-35’s radar is the Tikhomirov NIIP NO35 Irbis-E(Snow Leopard) not the NO11M BARS. Though the former is the advanced model of the later.
    Less I forget,our basic trainers are in TAC,but are flying at high altitude, I can not differentiate whether it is the Air Beetle or Super Mushak. Do we have up to 45 Air Beetles in service ?

  28. xnur44 says:

    I am aware of the Fighter tactic and strategy of the Vietnam air wars and they still subsist.
    If the National Assembly finally approves the Super Mushak, it shall be a leap from steam gauge cockpit of the Air Beetle to the multifunction display cockpit for our primary trainers. These are clear minute indications that the NAF is migrating (howbeit slowly) towards glass cockpit aircrafts.

    With regards to electro-optical system in modern warplanes; there is always an evolving technical improvement that edge over earlier versions, even Sukhoi has started work on a modernized version of the Su-34M and the new fighter bomber will be ready in 2020. First stage of the development work on the Su-34M will be completed in the middle of this year (2016).

  29. ifiok umoeka says:

    Greetings my Ogas, so sorry that I missed this one!
    Let me get this out of the way, I’m with Oga Augustine and co all the way and I’ll tell u why.
    I’ve always said that in procurement, we need to start out with purpose. Why do we need this or that? What role do we need it in! How much will cover? @ what cost? All this must start with WHAT DO WE WANT TO ACHIEVE? WHAT ARE OUR STRATEGIC GOALS and WHAT WILL HINDER (perceived threats from all quarters) US and HOW DO WE DEFEAT THEM?
    When we get this right, all u need ask is between the flanker and the fullback, which one will fit purpose? You tell

  30. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s within our sphere of influence the J-17 is more than capable enough to impose air superiority, therefore air superiority should not be our primary concern. We should be more concerned with deep strike capabilities, because of terrorist enemies in Mali, Mauritania, Libya and in Central Africa – the Su-34 can fulfil this role.

    We basically have no real enemy in our neighbourhood that’s worth considering for air-superiority.

    The African nations that can threaten us are Uganda, Egypt, Algeria, Angola. None of these countries has a quarrel with us, neither does one look possible in the near future, therefore our only potential air superiority foe’s are military powers. Engaging in dogfights with the enemy will be suicidal in the scenario where we are attacked by a superior air force from one of the military powers, we can only dissuade such an attack by employing formidable air defences and electronic warfare, not in a head to head. This leaves our only dogfighting foes as the African nations previously mentioned; In an indirect way, this further reinforces the argument for deep strike Su-34’s for terrorist targets scattered across the Sahara.

    Chadian MIG-29’s repeatedly been mentioned as threats to us, but they are only guarded by a laughable cover of anti-aircraft canons, portable SAM’s, Manapads as well as dubious to non-existent radar cover – this ensures that they cannot be used for much more than a single strike before they are destroyed. Even our much insulted Alpha jets can destroy those MIG-29’s in a low flying sortie, provided they can take off from close enough to the border.

    One plane we can consider in place of the Su-34 is the good old Tu-22 (even better, the modern Tu-22M)

    Tu-22 Performance:
    Maximum speed: 1,510 km/h (938 mph, Mach 1.42)
    Range: 4,900 km (3,000 mi)
    Service ceiling: 13,300 m (43,600 ft)
    Wing loading: 525 kg/m² (107 lb/ft²)
    Thrust/weight: 0.39

    Guns: 1 × R-23 23 mm cannon in tail turret
    Bombs: 9,000 kg (20,000 lb) or
    Missiles: 1 × Kh-22 (AS-4 Kitchen) cruise missile

  31. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Kola, greetings! Lemme get this out of the way 1st, the T22 is a relic, the T22M (M2,M3) are not for sale! Only India leased it for maritime strike! China never got to acquire it inspite of how hard they tried! So, 4get the bombers. Even if we could get it, I’d still say, 4get it, maintaining and operating it is just crazy!

    Lemme paint a little pic of a scenario that could happen.
    A hot pursuit results heavy collateral damage (the objectives however are met) and Nigeria apologizes and offers to pay compensation! Chad (or any of our neibours for that matter) however asks for a higher sum, the handing over of the pilots to be tried for murder and war crimes and a pledge not to fly within 10km of their borders! We refuse! The Chadian airforce carry out an airstrike in COAS village (or Baga, Bama or any order town leaving over a hundred dead (civilians and military)!

    Army units supported by artillery launch a retaliatory attack and occupy 3 Chadian Towns briefly and withdraw! Losses are high on the Chadian side including 5 French miltary advisers(special forces).

    Nigeria calls a high power meeting to mediate, chad send a low level official! Chad breaks off diplomatic relations with Nigeria and closes it embassy. The same day, a ‘mob’ burns down the Nigerian embassy in Chad and 17 embassy staff are killed including the ambassador! The National assembly passes a resolution demanding action!
    The Nigerian ambassador to the UN calls a security council meeting and a resolution to condemn the Nigerian Embassy attack is vetoed by France for unfavorable wording! The US abstained in the vote! France pushes another resolution with calls for a seize fire and restrain on every side! Calls for an arm embargo on both sides which China vetoes (what of if China and Russia abstain? Do we have enough cloud with them to be sure of their veto support?)

  32. ifiok umoeka says:

    Meanwhile, the French has repositioned their carrier group off Senegal from the Mediterranean! Air assets in Senegal move to Mali! ‘Peace keepers’ in CAR are doubled! Units are flown in from Europe via Mauritania to Mali!

    Unidentified forces attack a Nigerian town from Chad! Eye witness say that aircraft were involve using napalm! The Chadian authorities deny any involvement! Nigerian SF carry out a strike on the Chadian airforce’s main base! All Fulcrum and Frogfoot are destroyed as well as 4 Mirage 2000 and French ISR assets, manned and unmanned! No SF makes it back alive but radio their success home!

    Same day 2400 troops and 12 Rafale, 8 Mirage 2k and an unknown number of predator drones, C130s, C160 and leased AN124 move their equipment in! The French task force moves 300kms off PH. The task force has 24 Rafales and 16 super Etendard armed with SCALP and exocet missiles operating off the de Gaulle protected by one Horizon class AA destroyer, FREMM and Lafayette Frigates and SSNs!

  33. ifiok umoeka says:

    Let me pause here! I had refrain from mentioning what our airforce would be composed with! In this scenario, what would you rather that the Nigerian airforce face this threat with? The fullback or the flanker?

    Remember also, that any attack from the French will seek to destroy our airforce and it will be carried out with sub, air and surface launched SCALP cruise missiles and that their defense will consist of Mica armed Rafale and Mirage 2k as well as ship and land based Aster 15 and 30s! The carrier will operate hawkeye AEWC! Also imput that the Rafale has SPECTRE and Damocles as well as how that will complicate BVR A2A encounters. Yes, the Suchoi has Jamming pods too and DAS, just count out radar guided missile and in it place IR AAM!
    If (as it surly will) it comes down to a turning match, which one would u rather have? A fullback or a flanker? Which one is better suited to shot down stealthy cruise missiles, a fullback or a flanker? Which one can act as a mini AWACS? There’s nothing a fullback does that a flanker can’t do! It may not be pound for pound! But in a WVR scenario, leave the fullback @ home! That’s why I’m for the flanker especially the super variant! If its against ISIL, a mid air refueled Thunder is more than capable to deal with them! Same goes for strike missions in our near abroad!

  34. ifiok umoeka says:

    So, which one would you rather we have? As for me, 36 JF17 mk 2 and 24 SU35SN or SU 30SMN (minus their trainers, 6 Thunders and 4 flankers trainers bringing total number to 70 birds) acquired over 3yrs. 4 AWACS, land base radars, S-300/400, Bukm3 and SA22 means we have our airspace under lock and key! France doesn’t have that amount of cruise missiles to throw away! Only the US can muster that kind of force, period! This is what I call MINIMUM DETERENCE!

  35. ifiok umoeka says:

    Thanks bro

  36. ifiok umoeka says:

    I 4got to add tankers x4 IL 76, MALE/HALO drones x16.


    Decoys of everything! Create more targets to overwhelm enemy capabilities

    Tons of spares and ordinances! The ability to use Israeli weapons is a great plus if this capability is added. That’s why the Su 30 is dupe! If the Su 35 had this, imagine the Su 35 with a python 5!

    Training, training, training!
    When thinking nos, we must remember that to get proficient, an intense and sustained training on the platform and system is necessary! If we acquire kobo kobo, do we realize that they will need to visit the pit from time to time? If u get 12 and 4 are in maintenance, do u realize that represents a 33% deficit in our capability? But if u have 24, 6 no in maintenance represent 25% unavailable capability! We need to remember attrition, Mr Murphy’s favorite tool! After the BH attack on Maidugary airforce base, it took a while for our hinds to visit theatre! When we lost 2 Alphas, one crashed and the other supposedly shot down, wasn’t that when BH had freedom to move around un molested? If something where to happen to 25% of our fighters, would we still be able to put up an effective fight? Remember, we don’t need to pick them all at once, over 3 to 5 years is ideal!

  37. Tomahawk 22 says:

    Damn i’ve been looking for a blog like this here in nigeria for so long. Glad to have a bunch of brilliant men on here. Looking forward to joining this discussion. Long Live Nigeria.

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