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  1. Henry says:

    Stripped down junks donated to the Nigerian military

    • Sir Kay says:

      And who is to blame? Nigeria asked for these vehicles, they got what they asked for

      • Henry says:

        At $11 million, we would have gotten 22 brand new MRAPs at $500k a unit.

        28 junk MRAPs. Valued at $11 million against 22 brand new MRAPs at $500k….. The choice seems really clear cut.

    • Deway says:

      Easy Oga Henry. Our military requested and got what they wanted. Not sure much planning or thought went into this at all. They’ve always had this insatiable passion for American equipment, well, there you go. Wikipedia clearly shows our haphazard non-standardized procurement process. Has anyone in the army actually sat down to do a simple analysis? I dont know but evidence suggests to the contrary. Otokar cobra, btr3, btr70, btr80, big foot, reva, igirigi, brazillian, french, swiss types, now US types.

      • Henry says:

        Nigeria asked for excess defence article in the form of MRAPs, we didn’t ask the Americans to give us all their unserviceable MRAPs.

        After all countries like the Croatia and the Czech republic also got EDA MRAPs from the Americans. Proper MRAPs in proper working condition.

    • rugged7 says:

      The Americans give the Iraqis brand mew functional MRAPS and the Iraqis even end up dashing it to ISIS.
      In Nigeria, they give us un-usable JUNK which which needs 3X the money to repair and we are here singing and clapping for them.
      I just tire sha….We have a very long way to go

      • Are James says:

        This is strictly not true. What causes catastrophic failure on an MRAP?.
        Only the engine and it’s starting logic .

        MRAPs are vehicles designed to protect from IEDS. The parts that fulfill that function in the vehickevdon’t get bad and are maintenance free. They sacrificially get damaged when they deflect the blast shocked vessel to protect the crew.

    • Bola David says:

      I was also afraid of this.

    • buchi says:

      one word for this “INSULT” thats what we were handed

  2. Augustine says:

    If we don’t like the American donated MRAPs, let us go build or buy our own. Proforce is there waiting for funds and customers. Abi, my brothers, what do you think? Proforce has not sold one vehicle by my own assumption, to Nigerian army despite the shortage of armoured vehicles in NE. Does MoD prefer importation or what?

  3. Kay says:

    Here’s my own take, the Army unlike the Navy having not normally receiving gifts from the American’s never thought wise to fix before shipping it down. (Navy always fix their gifted hardware before bringing home) More funny, is how quickly it would have been put into service if it was in a ready to go condition.

    Now apart from pointless photoshoots, it’ll probably mean another series of freights plus if the mechanics may not be used to the systems, it may also need another specialist from the vehicle manufacturer to be flown in. Yes, would not cost close to buying new units, but consider the time wasted, waiting for these to be fixed and probably in the long run may not be needed any longer if time gets far spent.

  4. beegeagle says:

    The vehicles are indeed Navistar MAXXPRO and BAE CAIMAN types. So it is easy to look up their armour and mine protection ratings

    • Ola says:

      I would not call these vehicles complete scrap. I did absolutely expect more from the US especially with the media hype but I would not blame them, blame Nigeria. They are certainly not worth 11 million dollars. If coming out of the factory, they are well worth 11 million dollars.

      SInce Nigerian officials had the liberty to inspect and chose the vehicles they wanted, prior to delivery, Nigeria should have negotiated only for the Caiman because it is better protected. Well, Nigeria can still try to negotiate for a few more dozens to be given free, alongside new engines and spare parts. Secondly, Nigeria can directly negotiate with Navistar for armour upgrade kit such as the Frag Kit 6 or another capable vehicular armour upgrade kit. I will give these vehicles at least 5 more years of intense and active duty after proper repairs.

      Lastly, Nigeria can bring home several vehicle scraps for free and be using them as sources of spares for the ones that are serviceable and seeing duty with the armed forces. Besides, those scraps can serve as test beds for army engineers to work more on armour design and welding, targets for ballistic testing and various metal fatigue testing for future domestic vehicle designs.

  5. Henry says:

    28 units of 3 different types of junk gifted the Nigerian military. one of the vehicles i saw had all 4 tires flat, left me wondering how they towed that vehicle to the venue…… “Probably the American defence attache, along with Nigerian army engineers pushed that vehicle to the venue.

    Are we supposed to now invest in the training of 3 different types of mechanics to work on 3 different types of vehicles numbering only 28 .

    The Americans gifted us a trojan horse, we better send those vehicles to the war museum or college.

    • Sokoto says:

      looooooooooooooooool and you are so right

    • colloid says:

      Now you see why I called them Stripping Stripper. They are very good in that. Naija I hail O. Those mraps were completely skinned. Even the gun current/hatch were stripped off. Was just laughing uncontrollable when I saw that one it them had its entire tires deflated.

      Well, am thinking, we should reverse engineered these.

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga colloid, u be badt guy.
        So u see that turret stripping ni?
        You see, when i dey abuse these americans, it is not out of hatred.
        I abuse them because they are blatantly hypocritical and tomorrow now, they will scream about how they were in the apex of helping Nigeria destroy boko haram.
        With EDA of 28 pieces of junk

  6. rka says:

    BTW the MRAPS didn’t cost 11 million dollars to supply, just that they would have cost 11 million if bought brand new.

    The report also said 8 more are expected.

    • rka says:

      And the Nigerian military inspected the vehicles and picked the ones they wanted. It means the others were in a worse condition.

  7. beegeagle says:

    My view is that these MRAPs be reserved for the exclusive use of any American-trained battalion.

    The USA are always quick on the draw when it comes to associating with any military success story by a partner nation. Watch CNN and see how they sneaked in the American contributions when the Iraqis retook Ramadi, when the Mexican drug lord was captured yesterday and when Malian troops busted up terrorists who stormed a Bamako hotel frequented by expatriates late last year.

    By the same token, the US were pretty embarrassed at the dawdling performance put up by fleeing Iraqi troops when Ramadi and Mosul fell to those ISIS knuckleheads, even after investing US$25+ billion in training and equipping that army. The stepped-up transfers of hardware and increased training stemmed from the need to save face.

    My view is that if these MRAPs are handed over to a US-trained battalion, they will not be left grounded for lack of spares or human rights-related politics since the USA would want such a battalion to outshine British, Belarussian and Russian-trained troops respectively and would be interested in seeing that their equipment holdings are functional at all times. Not to mention generous donations of kit – helmets, radios, webbing and trucks.

    This, to my mind, is how the NA high command should handle this matter if they want the full functionality of these MRAPs to be a high priority matter for the Americans

  8. freeegulf says:

    our army and their insatiable lust for western equipment and acknowledgement. what do we really need these logistical headaches for.

    the NA acts like an army without a general staff. so haphazard. and the americans are truly funny. what real value are we going to get from these vehicles in terms of combat achievement?

    military aid will best serve in a situation where the equipment has a force multiplier effect. rather than these logistical nightmares, aircraft configured for ISR will have been a force multiplier for the military. same goes for LUH choppers. that is what real military aid truly is; filling a needed gap in combat, not adding pieces of armored junks that will all breakdown within few deployments.

    if this was a case of the americans directly training a mech battalion, and arming them also, these hands me down will be suitable, but not in our case were confusion and dysfunction take top spot in our so called high command.

  9. doziex says:

    The first thing that was stripped off this mrap, was was the outer ERA coating meant to withstand RPGs and IEDs.

    The Americans claim that the technology is classified. I don’t no what is classified about ERA technology today, with so many countries making their own version.

    I am sure they also stripped it of its guns and communications.

    This is the world of the American excess defense articles.

    They are donating the vehicles, simply because of the expense of shiping it home and then mothballing it for storage.
    Not out of altruism.

    The Kurds in iraq also complained that this was a defenseless pile of shit. With out the ERA , an rpg will open it up like a can of tuna.

    So Nigeria, next time you go US EDA hunting, bring along your own experienced engineers and mechanics to properly access what we are salvaging.
    Also come with some cash, as you will probably need to purchase back some stripped but non classified gadgets, such as radios and guns.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Yea, isn’t that the sad part? Why on earth should we need radio and guns from the USA? Anyways, I’m tired of these people acting all clueless, yet are supposed to lead a Nation.
      Sometimes we talk on here as if those in charge of these things are brain dead, they aren’t, they know what they are supposed to do, if you on here know it, how could they not? They do., they just chose to act foolishly and embarrass us all

    • Are James says:

      Okay. They won’t ship the MRAPs with ERAs anyway. Even if they did not add ERAs, those can be procured off shelf by the NA.
      I still maintain that the donation was okay.
      This is maybe two companies of troops protected from IEDs with this donation and we have saved $11m.
      The maintenance significant components on the MRAP are only the engines and drive trains which are a piece of cake for even a country as tame as Botswana.

      So the vehicles probably came from a boneyard but that was what we were advising the NA to get from the Americans two years ago.

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Oga James, the other issue is, how many years will it take before we get them up and running? I mean, we seems to have a slow sense of urgency, the leadership that is, so hopefully these vehicles won’t just sit there for months without repairs, otherwise it would have been a waste of effort

      • doziex says:

        I am not saying no to EDAs , after all I introduced the subject to this blog some years back.
        I am saying, learn how to make the best of it.

        Learn the rules and the conditions laid out by the US, then scavenge till your hearts content.

        I opined years ago, that we have a standby team in the MoD, that specializes in EDA s.

        30,000 humvees, armoured and not armoured can be sourced, if not free, heavily discounted from the program.

        24 Oliver Perry hazard class frigates aka type 23 guided missile frigate are now EDA s if we get serious, we will be up against the philipines, the Pakistanis , the Bangladeshi s and Taiwan.

        Mod, should be ready to pay some money for these ships.

        US has introduced a class of stealthy ships, that combine the functions of refueling ships, LSTs and LPH. This has made those ships redundant and EDAs.

        The south Korean navy is still gifting away their pohang corvettes.

        The Chinese navy will gift us their song class submarines, if we commit to buy some of their Yuan or Qing class submarines.

        They offered them to Pakistan, but they are on to bigger and better things. E.g the German U 214 and the Chinese Wing class.

  10. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Henry, abeg no kill me with laugh!
    The guys wey them send go inspection, them blindfold them? If they visited the boneyard and found nothing but rotten fruits, why not just turn around and report that there was nothing to pick? Algeria ordered for Migs and when it didn’t match their expectations, they returned it! Philippines had the option of getting OHP FFGs and they turned it down because they couldn’t manage it!

    However, if we have to accept these, Oga, my opinion is that we carry out deep inspection of these vehicles! If they can’t meet purpose (frontline us), let’s just dash police (remember to print donated by USAID on them) these things for riot patrol. Otherwise, relegate it to training duties! Nigeria troops who ever trained them don’t deserve junks after all, they didn’t get to choose who would train them!

    The Iraq (+Afghan) army re-equipping is some of the most fraudulent procurement in history. They distanced themselves from the Iraqis and Malians coup plotters, fought the Panamans, abandoned the south vietnamese, the list is actually long! With the media in their control, spinning narratives is their strength! They have their audience under control, we don’t! I’m sorry but I not in agreement

  11. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Are, save $11m? how much did we pay for the bigfoot? Abeg, I don’t think we saved anything! What is the cost of making it functional? What is the long term cost of ownership? I think, if we are dumb enough to induct these things, we will loose more than $11m!

    Oga Doziex, those OHP are orphans! Only Taiwan seems to want them! I would rather buy hulls from China or elsewhere and complete them in Nigeria @ 2x the time it takes to strip out and refit the OHP @ a little extra cost! How much did Myanmar spend on their Kyan Shitta class? This will last @ least 25yrs in peace! Can we afford to operate COGAG vessel in this season especially one that is over 3 decades old? Not to mention that it would be toothless? In not convinced!

  12. beegeagle says:

    Doziex, IMHO we don’t need the gas guzzlers that are OHP frigates. And you trust that a USA which transferred the Hamilton-class ships without their CIWS will CERTAINLY NOT transfer a fully-armed frigate.

    In Bulgaria, Indonesia, Romania or Ukraine, assuming that we are unable to build them locally, we can get completed 2,500 ton hulls built for US$20m and then bring them to Nigeria where we can have them rigged with a potent mix of Israeli SAMs and Chinese 76mm naval artillery, CIWS, SSMs and torpedoes for US$15-20m. We can have two NEW frigates completed for under US$100m if we try.

    BTW, I still think the NN should have the NNS UNITY rigged with missiles and torps before she enters NN service. The markup need to effect that is less than US$15m and we would have a light frigate.

    Without the fortuitous induction of NNS PROSPERITY which is both an OPV and a training ship and the ex-Norwegian KNM HORTEN, a 2,500 ton ship brought in by Tompolo but which seems sure to be acquired by the NN, I think we can afford to turn NNS UNITY into a fighting ship without depleting our fleet of OPVs.

    We have at least eight ships in the over 1,000 ton category serving as OPVs now, less the said KNM HORTEN. And it appears as if the 620 ton ships that are NNS BARAMA and OHUE might start out this incarnation as complementary Midshore Patrol Vessels rather than Mine Countermeasure Vessels.

    It is 2016. Nigeria needs to up her game.

    • Augustine says:

      My Ogas, has anyone of us wondered why in the newpaper published 2016 budget details for defence sector, NAF listed the equipment/weapons it will buy in good detail for their $125 million fund…BUT NIGERIAN ARMY IS GETTING $600 MILLION and they are completly silent on what equipment/weapons they want to buy with a whole $600 million…why is there ZERO INFORMATION from Nigerian army, they have no biro or pencil to write out a list of how they will spend such huge amount of public funds we entrust to their care?

      • Are James says:

        They probably don’t have any plan. They have merely exploited traditional closeness to the CIC to corner a great portion of the capital vote without a justifying procurement plan.
        The budget vote is just a placeholder for funds.
        When I saw it I first thought about possible procurement of choppers for Army Aviation and new Oplot Tanks however years of studying defencevbudgets in Nigeria mellowed that optimism a bit .

      • Sokoto says:

        EFCC is here don t worry lmao

  13. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Are, LOL

  14. jimmy says:
    I would like to see the day the Nigerian army is completely devoid of being at any local govt election it must be a warning/ deterrent that when senior officers Colonel and above lose their jobs other will think twice about getting into bed with Politicans.
    OGA Augustine, about Army procurement I haven’t heard a peep, except that any procurement for Army MUST be G2 TO G2
    OGA ZACHARY have you heard anything beyond spare parts and rocket ammo?

  15. Capt Tobias says:

    My Ogas, I no fit talk again with all this demo already happening just a few months into 2016, As de born again preachers dey talk am, they would pray and declare that it is a “a year of laughs”. Pls nobody should try to defend the undefendable, buying junks in parts and assembling them together, Advocating that Nigeria should whine and cry more like a baby and say, “but Dad, this is not the toy I asked for” and cry some more.
    We are told here that ridicule is nothing to be ashamed off, A Fine boy bara does not need to understand the reason you don’t go around begging, Bazaar auction technic, going going gone, did I hear somebody calling for the Asian turn to make offers, Japan and others to make a bid or offer or as better understood, help us with some vehicles here.
    This starting to look like Mad Max’s collection or shopping at Owode Oniri, the older guys all know what happen to the ford broncos of the 80s.
    It is a crime for anybody at this stage of the country’s development for us to be purchasing or supporting the purchase of basic IFVs that can be built within the country, this being after having spent millions of USD on developing our personnel over the years, who are pre-occupied about surviving and meeting the social level of their piers ( No fault of theirs, they are retired into sudden oblivion without any consideration to the amounts invested on them and skills they have acquired to be passed on to the coming generation. None continuous operational and service culture).
    It is very simple, Proforce is too close to home and would be difficult to get any financial incentives without the information leaking out. At least the overseas travels would provide some form of estacode or chance to shop.
    This forums strength is in the truth as accepted by the , it would be nice if people face facts, there is no technology yet that can get people slapped or punched through the internet.
    We cannot even make good out of evil by using the NE war to develop our industries or society, We are still into the buy this buy that mentality in 2016.

  16. Capt Tobias says:

    Sorry, one of the many typos, cause I am laughing myself to tears or am I crying , “This forums strength is in the truth as accepted by the Administrator and owner of the blog”

  17. Capt Tobias says:

    But one thing that keeps skipping our rational minds is What makes us thing that the west wants us to win this engagement outright, they would rather hope for a long and protracted engagement to weaken the so-called regional power, who is now on a begging for this and that and at the same time contain and degrade BH, while also keeping them busy from merging any significant forces with ISIS. While all this is going on Total is drilling in the Chadian basin. I love how the west never loses focus on it’s objective . Same it ever was, while killing the Inca, Red indians, Aborigines, Maoris. degrading – is loss of achieved capability and can be achieved by both Military or financial means.
    This interview is about Africa and featured prominently Nigeria, but not a word was written about here in the report and it is no coincident.

  18. Capt Tobias says:

    Sorry Tpyo, ” not a word was written about her in the report”

  19. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Capt, I salute! Keep on keeping on ma brother

  20. jimmy says:

    Much as the Liberal press would just love for Nigeria to return to the 60″s it is to CNN’s greatest jornalist boo hoo to not include Nigeria at the very top, in biz the Numbers do not lie.
    2016 Africa can expect the Biggest project to come out of Nigeria
    * The biggest project IN 2016-2017 will be the three -in -on $15B DANGOTE refinery project
    ** The 1000 +km railway project that is ongoing and will be finalized linking the North western part of Nigeria with the South western part will be re-signed by PMB and the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping will be reportedly be in the region of $8- $10B.
    ** There are two deep sea ports being built ,LEKKI deep sea port , and the deep sea port in Calabar,it is interesting that CNN could conveniently miss these massive projects especially since the Calabar project is worth $500m and is privately financed as well as the Dangote project (>$15b) but as usual this is the American media we are dealing with whereby sometimes they just can’t get off script, we have had our defense procurement problems ( eye roll) and even with the slow down in Nigeria’s economy ( The best thing to happen to Nigeria let the price of oil drop) but the biggest PROJECT IN 2016 WILL COME OUT OF Nigeria.
    *** Note i did not mention EKO ATLANTIC.
    ****Nor did I mention the Centenary City In Abuja ( $18B and privately financed)
    May GOD bless Nigeria with these projects to fruition

  21. ifiok umoeka says:


  22. Augustine says:

    Simple questions that Nigerian army needs to answer..

    1. Why have you NA never bought armoured vehicle from Proforce made in Nigeria?

    2. Why did you choose to partner with Streit company of Canada to develop Igirigi instead of partnering with Proforce company of Nigeria?

    3. Will you spend your 2016 capital expenditure/ weapons procurement fund on importation only and nothing from Proforce made in Nigeria?

    4. Where is the list of equipment/hardware/weapons you want to buy with your lion’s share of $ 600 million ? NAF and NN who got only $ 125 million each have listed and published what they will buy. NA, you are holding that money in trust for Nigerians, it is public funds, we are in a democracy, the era of secret miltary procurement ruined you for 30 years, so are you still going to let all this shady dark clouded spending of money continue in the Nigerian army 2016 and beyond?

    You owe Nigerians a duty to tell them how you will spend our money, accountability to the public….remember how the past era of secrecy landed you 14 sick and tired ancient T-72 tanks from a whole $ 1 billion Boko Haram war extra fund for weapons procurement in 2014-2015.

    Nigerian army newbreed generals, are you ready for a change in 2016, will you follow the oath you swore to? Do the right thing for Nigeria, love your country, do NOT alienate and brush aside the Nigerian public….civilian JTF supported and died side by side with you in the North East battlefields. Please do NOT take us for granted, we are civilians, nothing is bloody about us, we are your family and partners in progress.

    Please let transparency follow your $ 600 million new equipment/weapons fund for this new year 2016, remember what happened in the past 18 months, do you like this type of news….

    EFCC traces N400m to Army Officer’s account –

    • Sir Kay says:

      That’s the funny thing about corruption, money don’t just disappear into think air, there is always paper trail that will lead investigators to where the monies are, we’ve just been super reluctant to follow the money. It’s truly strange the massive amount of money individuals are stealing in that country, it’s either they have no conscience or just have zero regard for the law, why on earth would any one need to steal 400 million naira? smh

      • Are James says:

        It is even more mystifying why erstwhile intelligent people will use fancy English and western world liberal pretensions to defend the looters.
        People are mis-using their education and exposure to protect corrupt people because out of parochial and sentimental positions. Being glib with smart speech whilst the idiotic thieves . Almost all the looters I have studied are not even smart when you really get down your it , just low minded, desperate and in need of money to fill inner emptiness.

      • Are James says:

        *excuse the typos*

  23. jimmy says:

    In answer to your question OGA Sir Kay
    People steal money because there has been no real consequences/Iimpunity reigns supreme t up until 2015 it was not unheard of for trials to be delayed , The bail process to be abused , and for the average Nigerian to be thoroughly disgusted, think about it a man stealing two lousy chickens or a goat and he will most likely serve a severe prison time than someone who stole a N1B
    Nigerians have allowed the shallowness of tribalism, and every other debasing emotion to put in front of other GULLIBLE Nigerians to prevent justice to be served.
    If you look at the current SCANDAL the one thing they all have in common is they cut across all ethnic lines, when they start stealing they never ever mention that they are Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo , Ijaw, fill in the ethnic group, they simply just steal for their own selfish reasons. It is only when they are caught
    In fact one selfish Yoruba Leader Olu Falae not realising he is on the wrong side of history has spoken that he collected N100M and will not return it.
    My prayer as a Nigerian of Yoruba descent is that as long as the dead soldiers blood is being shed on the grounds of Nigeria , he( Falae) should become the oldest Inmate at KIRIKIRI.
    I cannot and will not get the Image and tribute a lady paid to her brother who was KIA in the retaking of Monguno Army Barracks, when we as Nigerians think like this young man who on the eve of the Attack asked GOD to give him courage to do his duty, we who are alive have to do our duty, such people who have taken so much from our Soldiers and given very little in return do not deserve to be free to live among us .

  24. jimmy says:

    *Impunity reigns supreme*

  25. jimmy says:
    We on this blog have said one of the reasons for the bh insurgency to last so long is the lack of professionalism of some of the High Ranking officers in the Nigerian army.
    It really is painful to see a relatively junior officer Captain SAGIR KOLI do his job while a Brig -General failed miserably at his
    The recommendations of the commission must be followed to the “T” without fear or prejudice and Brig.Gen Momodu unless there are exceptional , extenuating evidence should be retired, this and the other recommendations has to be done or else History will continue to repeat itself.

  26. Ola says:

    Going back to the topic of these MRAPs form the US, just thinking again on how Nigeria could maximize this opportunity. Well, Nigerians leaders have asked for scraps and they got them but I think beauty can come out of the ashes. I am sure Nigeria paid for the shipping of these vehicles and I am sure the engines of most of them have little life left in them. Putting them aside does not justify the cost of shipping and using them as they are, patching them up on unit basis as they brake down is also not good for the economy. What Nigeria can also do, in addition to the suggestions of other people here is this; Nigeria can dedicate $100,000 is each truck, buy new engines and gear system for most standard class 6-8 truck (Ford, Toyota and Volvo for example will supply comparatively compact, competent engines with good power-to-weight ratio and drive system that would fit excellently well) and install them in these MRAPs. If standardised, this would not cost more than $30K-$45K. Then vehicular modular armour kit as well as gun turrets can be bought for each vehicle for another $45K per vehicle (this could be a joint venture between proforce and Nigerian army engineers). The remaining money goes into paying for other little expenses and the salaries of the engineers putting them together. Nigeria can actually increase the number of scraps they would import from the US to 50 or 100, if the US would agree to give them more (after all, they have them heaped up in their thousands). This would mean Nigeria got new MRAPs for half the price of buying a complete unit. Also, the drive system is standardised, reducing the stress on the service technicians maintaining the fleet of vehicles.

  27. Capt Tobias says:

    US MRAPS have questionable levels of serviceability, are they meant to enhance the military’s capabilities or to to join the growing list of vehicles, Otokar cobra, btr3, btr70, btr80, big foot, reva, igirigi, Brazilian, french, swiss types, now US types, The logistical must be a nightmare, even Igbo street traders can plan better. for what reason would we be tinkering and spending so much to repair this vehicles other than to show it was a wise choice or to cut our losses. The whole idea was always southbound and we would be further accelerating in in that direction, It is better to cut our losses.The amount calculated here easily buys a Proforce Variant or would be put to better use to refurbish or stock spares for other battle proven units within the NA’s assets requiring repairs.
    It is better to leave Proforce to continue being a commercial “business” doing the manufacturing ( Innovative , financial and technical competitive figures) and not attached to government bureaucracy, while the NA continues as a fighting force with maintenance and operational core competence ( a good example is DICON making salt, etc). Even Russia saw the limitation before forming the commercial entities that now sell their weapons. Right from Hitler and the serious militaries of world war 2 that distinction had always been this roles, it requires different skill set and orientation ( quality / cost of production, break even figures, quantity, marketing sales to sustain production, etc). The MRAPs chapter should be closed and we should cut our losses.
    As a matter of fact when did Nigeria turn into a scrap metal trader and of what use or contribution will this things make to our economy, young people seeking work, scarcity of foreign exchange with falling oil prices. Even the central bank is tightening the control of Fex. Foreign reserves is down from $32B to $27B in a space of 6 months, while oil prices are still falling to below $30/barrell, the central bank’s monthly foreign earnings had fallen from a high of $3.2bn to as low as $1bn monthly, while the country’s reserves were declining, the average food import bill was witnessing a steady increase from N148.3bn per month in 2005 to an average of N917.6bn in the first nine months of 2015.
    The truth is a military’s capability is equivalent to the countries economical well being, Now that we still have the room to maneuver is not time to experiment with this type of things, the logistic required for the numerous types of APCs / IFVs currently in commision with the Nigerian Military does not show planning, how can we start by adding questionable “tokunbo”s, which are not going to change anything in the battle field in our fight with BH. meanwhile the donors are shouting to high heavens about how they have effectively upped the game for the NA, this vehicles were stripped of anything that has semblance of a weapon or offensive capability

    • Ola says:

      @ Capt Tobias, you definitely know how much I am in support of “made in Nigeria” as well as substantial re-equipping of the Nigerian armed forces, making several posts of road maps and master plans. Meanwhile several others have done similar things here. The fact is that the Nigerian officials don’t listen. After all, US was on their own when Nigeria went to them to beg for scraps, right? The fact is that these vehicles have arrived here, stripped down, with little life left in them. The NA will definitely fix them, providing lucrative deals for American companies to fix them. My proposition is to fix the vehicles in an independent and cost effective manner. At the end, if the NA spends $100K per unit as I prescribe, and put new drive train of NA’s choice in them, this in house, cost saving approach puts the vehicles at par with, if not better than new units (which is half a million at basic level), and a substantial part of the money is kept within the Nigerian economy. The US will not allow Nigeria to leave these vehicles to rot away. So Nigeria has to chose whether to give all the money to US companies to fix them or work in house in collaboration with a company like proforce to fix them. Meanwhile, fixing them does not distract proforce from doing their business, this would also be a business deal for them after all.

  28. Sir Kay says:

    We might wait a little longer for those jets, seems like our honorable (NOT) lawmakers have lost every single copy of the budget presented to them lol, Hundreds of copies missing. Naija

    • ozed says:

      Do you really believe that?? What about the electronic copies? Please spare me.

      The simple but sad truth is that the Presidency wants to relook various aspects of the budget and have asked the leadership of NASS to delay consideration. However of course they dont want to admit it. Why they have opted for this story boggles the mind. Already it is spreading around the World and making us look even more ridiculous than we did before now.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Well that’s the point Oga, our leadership seem to lack good tactic, because if that was some intentional stuff, then it only made us look more inept, nothing more.

  29. abduleez says:

    The Federal Government yesterday denied claims that it spent about $11 million to transport 24 Mine Resistant Armour Protected vehicles donated to the Nigerian Armed Forces by the United States Government.
    The Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali made the clarification in Lagos at the commissioning of some Nigerian Air Force (NAF) projects as well as the inspection of the MRAP vehicles.
    Dan-Ali said the vehicles never cost the federal government the said sum to transport into the country but he was silent on the actual figures.
    The minister, who commissioned the 201 HAG Flight Line offices and crew room, 445 NAF hospital laboratory and power sub-station, Airmen transit quarters, the gymnasium and MRAP vehicles said: “It is not true that the Nigerian government was responsible for the transportation. The transportation cost the US Government $11 million and not the Nigerian government”.
    The Chief of Defence Staff, General Gabriel Olonisakin, who also spoke on insurgency, said the military had degraded Boko Haram.
    The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadiq Abubakar, who spoke earlier, also reiterated President Buhari’s commitment towards addressing various security challenges across the country with a view to fast-tracking Nigeria’s socio-economic development.

  30. rugged7 says:

    Pray, why exactly do we need an 8th division in Borno state when they have not completed the equipping of the 7th division and the MNJTF????
    Is it borderline retardation; genital levitation at the mention of a division, or people are just trying to siphon money again?
    Nigeria just gives me a blinding headache sometimes
    Or is there something i have missed?
    eg impending oil exploration? even then equipping the ones we have is a far more logical approach.

  31. jimmy says:

    oga rugged
    Nigeria is going to need the 8th DIVISION
    There are a lot of CLASSIFIED reasons why Nigeria needs the 8 DIV some of which can not be easily explained here , my prayer is for BEEGS to open a new thread
    Most impartial OBSERVERS have said Nigeria for a population of 170 million and a land mass OF 356,669 Square Miles it is seriously undermanned especially in the Army
    OGA BEEGS and I have talked about this repeatedly , there needs to be a Stand- alone Special Forces Div, I have absolutely no information on the composition of the 8 DIV NOR do I know whether the Brits help set it up
    What I do know there have been hints from the time of the GEJ administration
    GEJ had promised @ the POP in 2015 that two SF brigades would be set up
    @ the time Maj. Gen Buratai (Now LT. GEN ) was acknowledged as Nigeria’s #1 S.F officer
    By December 2015 LT. GEN BURATAI also hinted that the possibility of employing a brigade sized SF that will be Highly mobile on Motor cycles and 4 x4 ATVs I have yet to see to Motorcycles , but Nigeria army not CUSTOMS have been observed riding in POLARIS 4X4 Atvs.
    Setting up a Division is not easy and it is not done overnight it takes a lot of planning and when done in a rush you end up with 5 GOCs in three years before you get it right, They finally got it right with Gen Lamidi
    The 8 DIV in most likely hood will an AOR some where between **** and the Chad basin
    I t is extremely important they get it RIGHT and learn the hard lesson for what went wrong with the 7 DIV, as far as Logistics and Equipment it should not be a problem
    God bless and God speed

  32. We need even more than 8 Divisions we need something akin to 15 Divisions to have a strong geographical spread of formation, the army as a fighting force and last resort , it should be able to respond to crisis in any part of Nigeria under 1 hour(Issues with BH taking over and holding territory before Army could deploy and took over 8 hours to reach villages is appalling), if it takes much more than that then there is no point in even calling them in, so i suggest the COAS increase more manpower EXPEDIENTLY, 200,000 soldier plan is TOO SMALL , we should be thinking of 500,000 ACTIVE Soldiers please that is a baseline we should achieve.

    Minus having standalone Special forces DIV, We can have a form of National Guard Service and Reserve, Quick Response Formation/Group, Amphibious Unit(Our own Marines if you will), Border Div, Intelligence Div, R and D Unit, Foreign Services Unit(Who fight wars on behalf of UN and co).

  33. jimmy says:
    Unrelated but pertinent to Nigerian Security on a Global Scale:
    It is increasingly likely that sooner or later there will be a serious Military confrontation between Iran and America

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