A RM-70 Multiple Rocket Launch System lets go a salvo

A Toyota Landcruiser gun truck


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  1. beegeagle says:

    🙂 Apparently, the difference between a real battle zone and an idle theatre of peacekeeping operations AND between a fighting army and a ceremonial parade ground army, lies in the number of unshaven soldiers appearing in the photographs

  2. Deway says:

    True that Oga Beegs. Nice pic but firing an incendiary very close to a somewhat flammable material?

  3. beegeagle says:

    Not sure anything will get scorched there though. The land is green…clearly not the Sahelian or desert flank of the Northeast.

  4. Kola Adekola says:

    Nice pic, it reminds me of matters I’ve been thinking of about how the army can survive these lean times, whilst still impressing the fear of god on our adversaries.

    Nigeria should really beef up on the rocket artillery/tactical ballistic missiles to overcome some of our air force and standoff shortcomings (especially compared to our neighbours and their allies), that way we can reduce the numbers of any long legged planes we might need such as Su-30’s or Su-34’s manageable cost, whilst making our ORBAT more flexible to challenges.

    We should give serious thought to the Tochka for its mobility, low cost of maintenance, ease of deployment, precision and wide variety of employable warheads (thermobaric, fragmentation etc). There are also the different versions of Dongfeng (especially DF-15, DF-16 and DF-21), with the DF-21 we can strike at terrorists in Mali, parts of Mauritania and Libya, the whole of Chad, Niger, Central African Republic, Cameroon etc.

    My Oga’s, the right mix of missiles can give us a fearful edge over terrorist formations in far flung places before they strike us. We can also build an asymmetric edge against hostile, but formidable powers operating within our geographic area.

    There are also a number of asymmetric ways in which we can deploy our air force… But dat na anoda tori.

    • Are James says:

      Yes I have said this severally as well. Surface to surface missiles for strikes on militant camps. You can choose your time and place and if they stay in the border areas inside of a neighbouring country all well and good.

      Also If you don’t have an airforce with 4++ generation interceptors, a well deigned IADS with secret elements in its detection and C2 with well layered deployment will have even a super power thinking twice before coming at you. They can undo it but it will take time and some technology based intelligence gathering which will buy you time.

  5. beegeagle says:

    You are right about the use of rocket artillery. Years ago on these pages, I even asked why we did not acquire the cheap twelve-tube Type 63 107mm rocket artillery from China. Those can be towed or mounted on Landcruiser trucks. Sudan acquired over 500 units of those which are used to saturate enemy concentrations in the desert to lethal effect. The Chadians brought some of those to Fotokol/Gamboru as well.

    Writing about coordination between Nigerian troops and Executive Outcomes PMC on artillery strikes in Sierra Leone, EEBEN BARLOW reiterated the role of rocket artillery


    (EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES – Against All Odds, page 369)

    If it was decided to call in a long-range bombardment, this would be undertaken by the Nigerians using their BM-21s – a Russian-made vehicle-mounted multiple rocket launching system better known as the ‘Stalin Organ’. The fire control would be coordinated by Renier (in a Cessna spotter aircraft) acting as an FOO officer


  6. we have developed rockets locally, the airforce institute has developed rocket pods locally for its aircraft. I believe we can locally develop MLRS even if we start with a range of 2km. in with time it will increase. little drops of water……………… My opinion is that if the projectile is not guided then we should be producing it or at least working on producing it and its launch systems in the near future.

  7. rugged7 says:

    Rutland-based troops deploying to Nigeria to train local soldiers taking on Boko Haram

  8. Martin Luther says:

    Do not be surprised to see SU30s with green white green roundels fly by soon. Such is may be coming. Just a prediction

  9. abduleez says:

    Oga Martin Luther, U sure…. No go give people unnecessary BP oooo..


    looks obsolete abi… oga beeg, there are planning to recruit 12,000 soldiers, i hope there will be well trained and not just shootiing practice and there head to war front. like what happend in time of biafra war. but really our recruitment process needed to be refurbished

  11. buchi says:

    oga martin ….no start wetin you know fit finish,cos my frustration don reach boiling point as per air matter ,in other news seems NAF is tinkering with weaponization of most of its beetle trainers

    • Kola Adekola says:

      This good news indeed!

      We have so much experience with the air beetle that it should be an easy platform for us not just to weaponise (and up armour), but also to use as a platform for drones. Lets extend the Gulma lessons to the air beetle.

      No shaking. God Bless Nigeria!

  12. gbash10 says:

    @ All, my phone can not open that long thread again, so it is okay with every body now that Gen BEEG has gone on AWOL,let us use this thread pending when the Gen will be back.

  13. gbash10 says:

    Do we have fighter pilots training either in Russia,Ukraine or Belarus presently ? I saw a photo of the NAF’s MADDOG with a thick combat wear inside a make-shift tent.But I can’t post the photo here.
    He is an experience F-7 fighter pilot.

  14. jimmy says:

    oga Gbash
    Based on reports directly from INDIA and CORROBORATED by oga LACHIT,
    1) Nigerian pilots are training in India ( CONFIRMED)
    2) Much as I hate to fuel speculation Nigeria it appears NAF – wise does appear to be getting it’s procurement house in order- Nigeria does not normally send it’s Helicopter pilots to India to
    train that ( responsibility) regardless of administration goes to Russia, Ukraine ( now out of the picture) and Belarus , I DON’T want to fuel the rumor monkey but …….India does have the SU-27/ 30.
    3) As far as “MAD DOG ” is concerned it is logical step that he would be among those chosen to fly the incoming JF-17
    4) Based on Beegeagle’s twitter account and BIDEXII it does appear at least one BRAND new MI-17 has landed in Nigeria, this is not to be confused with the MI-17 that was transferred to the NAF from NEMA . That HELIO originally came in orange , was then painted in a brownish to sandy gold, was then upgraded to being armed, the one shown has the “ice cream ” colored brown with the sky blue. i would be on firmer ground not speculating if I could see the designated number it has not been number despite my zoom in/ out attempts unlike NAF260 &261 which are easily visible leading to further speculation that it has not got a designated number ( Indicating that it is new?)
    5) Please ogas in the know correct me if I am wrong .

  15. gbash10 says:

    The Mi-171 helicopter picture on Gen BEEG’s twitter is the chopper that flew into TAC on the 29th of January, 2016 in the morning. I saw the chopper that day flying low because the visibility was very low,I was surprised that the chopper even flew into TAC with in that bad weather.
    The Mi-171 helicopter that was transferred from NEMA to the NAF is having the same camouflage like the Super Puma and the Aw109 Augusta helicopters.
    The CAS came to TAC today for inspection of their logistics and readiness of troops. He came in the ATR-42 MPA, other officers and personnel can in one C-130,the Diamond aircraft too came in.
    The two Beechcraft planes acquired by uncle Alex and guy man,are they not suppose to be used for VIP transport ? Why are they using this vital asset as if it is a transport plane ?

  16. gbash10 says:

    @ Lachit,is there any SU-30MKI Air Base in India where foreign fighter pilots are trained that is very cold,apart from the one you mentioned on this blog that NAF pilots were spotted there ?
    If no then,from the thick cloth worn by MAD DOG and tent,it should be in Russia or Belarus.
    He seems to be an officer with the rank of either Wing Commander or Group Captain

  17. Augustine says:

    NAF pilots train all over the world, USA, Greece, Italy, etc. NAF Combat jet pilots are seen in photos inside USAF F-5 supersonic trainer jets.

    If we are buying brand new Flankers, we will be sending pilots to Russia, so really the India mission is confusing, but if it means anything special, it could be we have interest in second hand Su-30 MKI that India is likely very willing to offload for say $20 million for 15 year old units. It wont serve us for long. Used Fulcrums and Flankers can be a maintenance liability when they are getting old.

    If we get used Su-30, we better put 90% of them in long term storage for use only against a formidable foe. The current CAS does not like second hand aircraft, check out all his acquisitions, the 2016 budget clearly uses the words BRAND NEW on all his procurements to tell us that they are not second hand, NEW Hinds, Mushak, Thunder. Also we are told he has Super Tucano anx CH-4 drone on his table of plans for 2016, those too are platforms only available brand new.

  18. Augustine says:

    Some issues to ponder as an airforce that wants to be more airborne than grounded. If you can’t maintain it, don’t buy it.

    • Are James says:

      Uganda was a stupid country to buy SU 30s for more than $100million apiece. What exactly were the thought processes guiding such a decision ..was there some corruption ?. Why pay three times more than required for a platform when you could not even afford the operational cost. Operationalising a platform is being assured that the plane can be made to take off and land as required for the months or years that a conflict is ongoing. If you can’t afford that operational reality don’t buy the platform, look for alternatives.

  19. Augustine says:

    Oga Sokoto, Igirigi technical data is kept secret by Nigerian army, no official release of specifications to the public. What you see on internet is people’s opinions about Igirigi performance. The progress of the Igirigi is slow like civil service bureaucracy.

  20. mcshegz says:

    Chief of Army Staff Buratai Flags Off Rotational Deployment In Nigerian Army

    Clean chaps; hold on to your heads.

  21. mcshegz says:

    The Nigerian Army has set up a court-martial to try cases of misconduct, indiscipline, among other misconducts that led to recent deadly attacks on Dalori and other Borno communities.
    A statement by the spokesperson of the Nigerian Army, Sani Usman, said the Nigerian Army had already begun investigations into the matter, noting that those found wanting “will be dealt with”.
    “The recent unfortunate attacks by Boko Haram terrorists on communities close to Maiduguri, despite our successes calls for concern.
    “To this end the Nigerian Army has already commenced investigation into the attacks. All those found wanting will be dealt with in accordance with the Armed Forces Act.
    “A standing Special Court Martial in the North East has already been established by the Nigerian Army. All cases of indiscipline and related acts of misconduct including human rights abuse in the operations will be tried by the this Special Court Martial.”

  22. jimmy says:

    UNRELATED but this must be said:
    AMISOM is beginning to fail in it’s mission in Somalia
    As detestable as it is I watched something I truly wished I did not watch because the first rule of WAR IS TO KNOW YOUR ENEMY”
    Nigeria who has lightly armed policemen and Women in Somalia has to be very, very careful,
    This is not bashing KENYA nor a diatribe against KENYA
    I feel sad , disgusted and wished sometimes the thing that drives us as human beings to know the truth was not in me but it is.
    May the souls of those whom I witnessed rest in peace. IJN AMEN
    This is the way I know how to help..
    KENYA needs help and they cannot win this war against AL – SHABBAB ALONE
    Nor can they win this war fighting in a conventional manner, NIGERIA tried it up until 2014 and failed, there is nothing AL SHABAB is doing that BH has not done they need to reach out respectfully and sincerely to Nigeria, Algeria and Egypt for how to fight and win this war in an unorthodox manner..What I saw in terms of defending a base hearkens back to the bad all old days of 2013/14 in Nigeria, no fire support, no artillery, static defence, no air-support especially in broad daylight, no sniper , and no perimeter defense.And finally simply soldiers just running in mass disorganized confusion..
    God Bless Kenya.
    God bless Nigeria.

    • doziex says:

      Oga jimmy, they used to do better.
      This incident seems more out of character, or a sign that things are falling apart.
      why do I say this?
      There is you tube footage to prove my point.
      In the footage, a KDF foot patrol ambushed an al shabab probing unit.

      Foot patrols and forward patrols is a crucial way to catch the enemy setting up on you, thereby interrupting their plan cycle.
      It is dangerous work. the patrols are exposed but that exposure prevents a bunker mentality in the main force.

  23. jimmy says:
    It is now official ::
    The first Chief of Defense staff of Nigeria to be ” invited” / “arrested” to shed” light”
    Nigeria has to get this right this is the last I will say on Uncle for ……
    GOD bless all Nigerian soldiers who have shed their blood so that Nigerians can sleep in their beds at night

  24. jimmy says:
    Confirmation that the former CAS has been arrested, detained and will eventually be charged to Court.
    oga DOZIEX can we have a word?

    • Henry says:

      Jimmy, are you still going about this corruption fighting illusion?

      Have you even taken a look at the corruption levels in your saint buhari’s defence budget?

      Or are we all to act as if the monumental corruption in the defence budget does not exist?

      Is this what hypocrisy has turned Nigeria into, i mean for real? I just read some of you peoples comments on this blog and laugh out loud!

  25. lachit says:


    yes quite a few airbases are in cold areas but those are sensitive bases so I doubt if foreign trainees will be based there. they could fly there and stop over from other bases to get experience on flying aircraft in very high alt. (since aircraft performance changes greatly in the rarified air at high altitudes.) another reason I doubt it because until u have the aircrafts in hand it makes no sense going for such different and dangerous flight training.

    india is one of the countries where NA trains for its new helicopter aviation wing including SOPs.

    major operators of su30 train for su30 more in India than Russia (after initial training) because the in house developed tactics and advance combat manoeuvres incorporate best of western and eastern operational tactics together with the corresponding ground support technical facilities for real time feed back and stimulation of realistic air combat scenarios (fully calibrated / multi – purpose war gamming flight ranges technical facilities)

  26. lachit says:

    all the K versions of su30 have been returned to Russia who have upgraded and sold it.
    so 2nd hand versions from India is not happening.

    my opinion investing in su series aircraft is a big deal and NAF has to be 100 % sure that it has every factor taken in consideration before proceeding because of huge financial and other geo political factors.
    so they are taking their time and I came to know NAF was in Algeria (cant verify the source though) so keep ur fingers crossed and if anything happens expect it to take a long time.

    • Are James says:

      I don’t think Nigeria will buy second hand SU 30s. We will probably buy the latest SU 34 export version (SU 32) in limited quantities (maybe half a squadron ) and it is going to be soon.
      Training in Russia is difficult because of language issues primarily… along with cost and other factors you have enumerated.

      Our President seems optimistic about some first grade stuff coming from the west. The value proposition for that being that someone needs to stop ISIS advance south from Libya.

      • Are James says:

        I am coming round to the realisation that US combat jets including the Scorpion may be off the cards for now.. no matter the desires and individual efforts of some NAF senior officers.

      • Augustine says:

        Thinking that only Su-34 Fullback can stop ISIS coming down from Libya to West Africa is mere delusion. What if Russia did not develop Su-34, so nothing else can stop Libyan ISIS in this world? If Chad needs to stop ISIS it will need to buy Su-34 jet? So an Su-30SM Flanker cannot stop ISIS with guided bombs? What super advanced air defense weapons does ISIS have? Some old Iraqi MANPADS and obsolete SAM, then plenty of cannon/machine gun AAA… we need Su-34 that is designed to fight the space tech age electronic warfare air defence capabilities of NATO’s America, Britain, Italy, Fance, and Germany to strike rebels/terrorists called Libyan ISIS ?

        We can also call for the use of nuclear weapons to defeat Boko Haram then. Ordinary Super Tucano will demolish Libyan ISIS with guided bombs. JF-17 Thunder will wreck any Iraqi ISIS even if the terrorists have medium range SAMs. Let us find another excuse to desire Su-34 Fullback.

        Nigeria has no land borders with Libya, so how does NAF fly jets against Libyan ISIS, by violating the airspaces of Nigér Republique that is under French protection or Chad that is defended by MIG-29 jets with BVR missiles?

        If Libyan ISIS tries to come down to West or Central Africa, they will have to drive vehicles across the whole ~ 1,000 km long length of Chadian and Nigér Republiqué’s land territory, France will stop them with Rafale jets as they drive their convoy of vehicles clearly visible and exposed in open dry desert lands.

        If Nigeria wants to prevent Libyan ISIS infiltration, go block our leaking porous northern land borders with troops, highly mobile vehicles and physical barriers. Su-34 Fullback is not the answer, it’s a delusion.

    • Are James says:

      Now look at that beautiful factory. The most sophisticated machine there is a CNC machine tool probably running some early generation FANUC stuff. That type dey for Oshogbo. Every other thing NAEME and DICON has. We just need to put things together, standardise and do some industrial engineering work (mainly on the quality control side) and we can be self sufficient in small arms

  27. Henry says:

    Buhari had complete control of the Federal government for 5 months, saying “Ministers were only noise makers”, yet he could not make a common budget.

    The supposed President who describes over 100 women and children who were burnt by terrorists as they slept a “mere embarrassment to his government”.

    • eyimola says:

      This comment does not belong to this board and is totally unworthy.

      • Henry says:

        Eyimola, says who, you?

        I am quoting the commander-in-chief, in security related incident, and you have the guts to say my comment doesn’t belong here.

        Is it reading or understanding what you’ve read that is your problem?

      • This Budget is obviously a big mess! And it’s alarming that it happened in a regime that has fighting corruption as it’s mantra. Particularly maddening and embarrassing for PMB. What’s more alarming for me is that this kind of padding has been going on for years and bleeding us dry. Take a look @ previous budgets…..similar story! Now Religious, Party and ethnic leanings aside. This is Madness!! this is Nigerians Killing Nigeria. This cuts across every strata of our society. We are only beginning to see the tip…….ama go look @ d defence budget again

    • Kay says:

      At least we are getting everyone opening their eyes to the so called Governments we had, the last just munched a huge chunk of our resources to themselves, the current showed up as saints and still finds it hard to shake off frivolity. Next President would probably see us all scrutinising to the hilt anyone that wishes to be in power, not just stop gap measures.

  28. Henry says:

    The Defence Intelligence Agency will spend the sum of
    N1,012,000,000 to “Reconfigure Helicopter.” They also plan
    to spend N880,680,000 to purchase “trucks”, N336,000,000
    for “Buses”, N73,000,000 for “Bullion Van & Ambulance” and
    the funny one? N350,000,000 for “Motor Vehicles.” The
    Defence Intelligence Agency isn’t done spending actually;
    they’ll also use the sum of N526,183,948 to “Repair/

    • Are James says:

      The budget is a mess. I expected more from this government. The ministers are lazy and they allowed senior civil servants (who are all corrupt) to run amok with the figures. Who is in charge of the budget office?. Such a person should be given immediate sack.
      The President should allow each minister to go with the correct figures to during the budget defence.

      • Are James says:

        *to the Senate*

        How do you show this nonsense to the IMF and bilateral partners?. You want $1bn loan for defence yet you are laying cables from gate house to Aso Rock with N100m

    • Kola Adekola says:

      “Reconfigure Helicopter”…
      The budget would be a comedy if it wasn’t so tragic.

  29. Henry says:

    Oga Adetayo’s blog, look at the defence budget. Take a look at both links i provided. The corruption levels are sickening!

    Fraud, over-bloated, duplicated, non-existent …….. These are the hallmarks of “Mr Integrity” defence budget.

    Yet Nigerians are expected to hail and sing hallelujah!

    The funniest part is, our very own minister of health denied his own budget. F.G budgeted more for State-House hospital ( which would serve under 1000 people) than all Federal Hospitals in Nigeria (serving 180 million Nigerians).

    This is the change some Nigerians voted for.

  30. In fairness to PMB he dint write the budget and cannot personally scrutinize every allocation, but this is his baby, the buck stops at his table…….now he can see what he is up against and should guard against future complacency. that said no matter who is in power we are still dealing with NIgerians. its clear NIgeria has a problem called “Nigerians”

    • Are James says:

      The President has to take responsibility. I actually blame the VP and the MOF for these slips they were supposed to micro manage this so called ‘zero based’ budget that was not well prepared. Also a lot of ex PDP leaning gigolo servants out to make a fast buck or embarrass government.

      We were the first to detect this on this blog. 5BN for three JF 17. That was not a clever way of disguising appropriation. It was someone ‘s mediocrity.

  31. apologies for going off topic (to all the patriots here)

    • Are James says:

      You are not off topic. We have kids in Sambisa fighting for their country who have not been relieved for 3 whole years and some idiots are stealing under the cover of change.

      • doziex says:

        Agreed. sir.

        PMB would have to own this one.

        Those that are responsible out of carelessness or diabolical intent have to be fired promptly.
        NO EXCUSES.

  32. Centenary says:

    I av been biding my time,watchig hw you guys continually make a fool of yourselves and this blog and funnily u all av succeeded in chasing Mr Beeg away from his own blog wti your ranting n stupidity,the man is actually regrating y he created this blog,do you all kwn that your comments are viewed worldwide and you are bring shame to Nigeria,if we can not solv our problems maturedly hw then can we ever become a world power one day(south africans are laughing at us right now)

    Wake up guys,are james i did not expect wat i have been reading from you(I looked up to u a lot)all of u here needs to wake up

    It is only Nigerians that can kill Nigeria,so please do not kill her

    • Sir Kay says:

      I guess you couldn’t make your point without insulting everyone on this blog? That in itself is stupid.
      I hate the direction things are going, but no need to insult every one like that.

    • Roscoe says:

      The budget was rubbish. Even the presidency is now blaming some shadowy mafia for their failure to present a good budget, haven’t they heard of a second reading, here on this blog we flagged the jf17, if they do good we will praise them, they did bad.

      They are stealing money again and it will cost more lives if they are not stopped.

  33. asorockweb says:

    Corrupt doesn’t actually occur until the money is stolen (You can’t charge the authors of potentially corrupt line-items in the budget with any crime.)

    It’s heartening to see our budget closely scrutinized.

    It’s disheartening to see people trying to use a poorly written budget as an excuse to exonerate the thieves from the past administration.

    Every administration should ALWAYS investigate the previous one. That is one of the ways to reduce corruption.

    Some of us will like to label Buhari as a theft because of the items in the budget.

    But the same people didn’t label Goodluck a theft based on the budgets he passed.

    Nigerians, use your brains. Stop being victims of your own humanity – treat everybody equally regardless of tribe or religion.

    • Akin Oges says:

      I agree with you on this one.

      • ozed says:

        I dont see anyone calling Buhari a thief oo! I just think they are questioning his competence, which i see as justified given the fiasco the budget is in. I dont also think anyone can exonerate the last administrations (to start with no one has been convicted), its just that that administration was considered clueless and yet they generally produced better budgets than this.
        The main worry is if we had corruption with fairly competent budgets, imagine what the patient vultures in the various ministries will do with a poorly prepared and padded budget.

        The take away — the Anti corruption war will not be won by singing to the gallery, it will require hard and painful work and diligence in plugging structural loopholes, and in the last 8-9 months this administration has not done much in that important regard.

        The thieves are very intelligent, and just body language will not keep them at bay. If Buhari does not pull up his socks, his administration superintending over just as much corruption if not more than we perceive happened under PDP.

      • Augustine says:

        My opinion.

        1. Corruption is freely discussed all over the world on social media and print/electronic news media. Any attempt to silence people is censorship like in North Korea. Freedom of speech for citizens. Freedom of the press for news media.

        2. Defence industry corruption is defence related news, and a topic that can be discussed on defence media….but common sense and discretion should prevail. Political and ethnic bias should be avoided totally.

        3. If there is no mess in Nigeria, there will be no mess for anybody to discuss, so blame the nation, don’t blame beegeagle bloggers for the national mess.

        4. What wisdom is there in pretending there is no problem when there is fire on the mountain? Why make Nigeria look corruption free when the whole world knows we are devastatingly corrupt as a nation? Nigeria has spoilt its name already in the eyes of the world. The only way to clean up is to show the world how we much we now start to fight corruption and how much we condemn it, hate it.

        5. The owner of this blog is discouraged because Nigeria messed him up, not the bloggers, he can control bloggers if we go astray off course.

        6. Some bloggers have not the grace to love Nigeria more than their ethnic group or political group. That is their personal weakness and they do not have the grace to overcome their weakness. They forget that no Nigeria, no home for them. Politicians are unreliable, ethnic leaders are selfish. Nigeria as a nation should be number one in our hearts. Love your country man ! Love your country above poilitics and ethnicity.

        7. If church and mosque preaching has not changed every Nigerian to become honest and clean free from corruption, it is the president that will change human beings, is he God? Past administration tolerated massisve and economically devastating corruption, how shall we not blame them for it? They did wrong. Current administration decides to fight corruption, why don’t we support them for the sake of Nigeria? Why can’t you man, woman, old, young, northerner, southerner, muslim, or christian support the current administration to fight corruption despite their human shortcomings that will not allow 100% efficiency/effectiveness?

        Why can’t people ever see this country as priority over personal affiliations and preferences? I envy Israeli citizens’ nationalism and patriotism….Nigerians should copy what is good, or are we bewitched to be vain?

      • Kola Adekola says:

        We have always scrutinised our budgets very thoroughly. It didn’t start today.

        NONE has equalled the show of shame that is the current budget. I remember GEj’s budgets being condemned for the amounts to be spent on Aso Rock, but in the current one, those amounts have at least doubled. So where are we going?

        Something needs to be done to cure the madness in the country.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga asorockweb, corruption is not stealing.

      Corruption is manipulating the system to benefit a purpose it was not intended for (eg a person in power employing their “brother”, giving themselves contracts etc).

      In this case, it was abusing the privilege of authorship to write figures into the budget, so that they would reap through overpriced contracts.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Kola, I agree with the spirit of what you are saying.

        Corruption is just one of the reasons for poorly written budget line items (Others being incompetence, place holding, bad journalism, etc).

        I agree that this budget and all future budgets should be well scrutinized. The more the Nigerian press and the Nigerian people criticize our budgets, the better our budgets will be.

        By the way, people will always employee their “brothers”. It happens in all nations. the problem that Nigeria and other 3rd world countries have is that overall competency levels are generally low. What that means for a Nigerian president is that the more incompetent his friends and “brothers” are, the more incompetent the governance. That is unfortunate.

    • doziex says:

      Ah !! Oga asorockweb, de boy di too smart.

  34. lachit says:

    notice something different about the pantysr radar.
    this is the first time it has been shown with a bi directional radar

  35. Kola Adekola says:

    It is not just the defence budget that is shockingly corrupt, it is every aspect of the document.
    I insist that we need a complete revamp of our laws, because the shocking ineptitudes in the current constitution are becoming a security risk and an embarrassment.

    Anybody screaming that they are fighting corruption while maintaining the same old corrupt oil patronage system is pulling wool over our eyes and plain telling lies in order to get “their own share” when we are not looking.

    Wetin sef?! Our mumu don do! The Su-35’s, Su-34’s, Su-30’s, Yak 130’s etc are not things that are bought only by spirits. It is other countries buying them and the do so using TRANSPARENT methods that are guarded by actionable checks and balance’s. The African countries that have these weapons; Ethiopia, Angola, Chad, Uganda, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia etc all have smaller economies than ours.

    • Augustine says:

      Maybe ‘elementary theory of military science’ should be a new course for all NYSC graduates. This is why somebody will spend defence funds to buy equipment and the presidency has zero idea of what those equipment are used for in battle. Half literate Americans know what an F-16 and Bradley IFV means, the average Canadian on the street knows what an F-35 stealth jet means and is busy debating if it should replace their F-18, but 99% of Nigerian university graduates do not know what an F-7 is.

      “The president’s spokesperson said the tanks donated by the United States to aid Nigeria’s military operation in the North-East, would yield positive results because the tanks are resistant to landmines”.

      When did USA donate tanks to Nigeria? No wonder the soja men in Khaki fool the civilain government with questionable equipment procurment every year to year.

    • Roscoe says:

      Secrecy in acquiring assets, lack of education of our leadership in martial matters, lack of integrity in procurement teams. All this has to end, The president doesnt need to know the difference between a chopper equipped with FLIR and one that is not vs PGM vs rockets but by goodness, the CAS and the CDS who are responsible for the boys on the ground should vet everything and have their divisional commanders send in lists. I thought people studied all this stuff, we “bloody civilians” should not be cussing them out, but when a dog gives himself a bad name, what are we supposed to do.

  36. Sir Kay says:

    When German President Joachim Gauck visits Nigeria, he will be coming to a country struggling with several issues including the impact of low oil prices. He will be meeting Nigeria’s Buhari, who has his hands full.

    “That [insecurity in southern Libya] is becoming a strategic time bomb for Africa and Europe,” Buhari said last week at the European Union parliament.”

    Well, I’m glad the leadership realize the kind of threat Libya poses to Nigeria, time to arm up and increase intelligence gathering capabilities.

  37. Sir Kay says:

    Boko Haram: Stop building trenches round our village, Borno District Head tells Shettima –

    • Are James says:

      That’s for some ‘bright’ guys here who think fencing or trenching is the answer to Boko. It is not ever going to work in Nigeria.

      Boko is ISIS and ISIS no how to load bombs on armoured vehicles to breach fortifications.

      What we need is carpet bombING of Sambisa forests and other places followed by blitz type of sweeping attacks. SFs should be at designated choke points harvesting fleeing insurgents with bullets and mortars. It is not as difficult as it is expensive.

  38. Sir Kay says:
    “He said that the practice where drivers of cars with tinted glasses refuse to wind down at security checkpoints would no longer be tolerated”

    So some idiots were allowed to drive into that villa after refusing access to their vehicles by declining to roll their windows down? Unreal, so basically they’ve been allowing people to drive into that compound without knowing who’s in those vehicles? ha, lord, Naija

    • doziex says:

      Well PMB replaced trained DSS operatives with common policemen. Just because of some election time insults. So he has to Own this one also.

      There is a saying that goes, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

  39. This Budgetary fiasco, has been a year on year process. It shows you how terrible our law makers hv been at their job. The budget is sent for their approval to prevent this kind of nonsense. The even dissolve into committees to scrutinise the budgets. Well now that we hv got each party viewing the others action through a microscope, Nigeria is bound to reap some benefits

  40. Sokoto says:

    Su 30 vs Su 34; for Nigeria Su 34 will be the best choise ! Su 34 Fighter.bomber-strike fighter/ and can be equiped with air to air missiles. Nigerian tomorrow and ongoing wars : AQMI, ISIS-Libya, Al-Shabab( Somalia ), MEND, NDPVF, NDLF, Boko Haram+Ansaru, for this type of wars SU 34 is better. For exemple in Syria SU 34 is a game changer … a mix of SU 34 + Thunder and we sleep with our two eyes closed

  41. Kay says:

    I’ve always wanted to ask about troop rotation. Seems now, there’ll be a relief for those who have battled terrorists for more than 2 years.
    Apart from also buying more shiny weapons, the military should invest in the long term health aspects of their troops. PTSD, combat stress situation and so can have a devastating effect on troops in the battlefield. Just redeploying some soldier from the warzone to other places without knowing whatever horrors they’re fighting with psychologically can be an issue.

  42. mcshegz says:

    Judging by desperate but more recent are-ram tactics, Nigeria may witness another suicide attack soon; To the un-discerning eye, it will hereby look as if a consequent suicide attack in Nigeria is seemingly backed by Cameroon in retaliation for similar attacks on her people; This has always been a recurring move, whose intentions are quite clear to those who can see, it is to pit Nigeria against her neighbor Cameroon, to continue to foster an atmosphere of hate, resentment and animosity which they hope will culminate in a war between these neighbors. Nigeria must continue to do everything possible to prevent this absurd but intended scenario.

  43. rugged7 says:

    Innoson Nigeria Produces Local Parts for Fighter Jets- NAF
    Posted by Group Captain Ayodele Famuyiwa”>Group Captain Ayodele Famuyiwa on February 10, 2016
    NAF_Boss_Air_Marshall_S_B_abubakar_presenting_souvenir_to_the_chairman_innoson_motors_mr__innocent_chuwkumaThe Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Sadique Baba Abubakar has lauded the management of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) Company for providing the needed technical support that has enabled the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) to sustain its operations against the Boko Haram insurgents. The Company, at a time when the NAF would have been forced to ground its entire fleet of Alpha Jets due to lack of brake assembly, had helped to locally modify and overhaul the brake assembly of the MB-339 aircraft for adoption on the Alpha Jets. This ingenious effort by IVM is instrumental to the continued operation of the Alpha Jets, and had helped to save the day when help was not forthcoming from abroad. Air Mshl Abubakar stated that the contribution by IVM deserves national recognition and award, given the important role played by the Alpha Jet in the ongoing counter insurgency operations in North East Nigeria.
    The collaboration between the NAF and IVM is in line with one of the key drivers of the CAS vision which is “strategic partnership with ministries, departments and agencies for enhanced research and development”. Beyond the feat, the NAF is poised to exploit the possibilities of mass producing the Alpha Jet break assembly and other parts locally by partnering with IVM, as well as other credible organisations, to build own capacity for enhanced self-reliance. The invitation of IVM team to Headquarters Nigerian Air Force for further discussions was based on this premise.
    The CAS, while receiving the Chairman IVM, Mr Innocent Chukwuma and team members in his office, expressed the willingness by the NAF to expand the scope of existing research and development collaboration with IVM. “Our partnership with IVM would not end with the Alpha jet break assembly but a leeway to forge new frontiers, through research and development, to replicate some of the spares needed by our platforms” the CAS said. Air Mshl Abubakar stated that the feat has not only saved the country huge foreign exchange that otherwise would have been spent abroad but also adding value to Nigerians through provision of job opportunities.
    Meanwhile, the Chairman IVM has expressed the readiness of his company to partner with the NAF to help manufacture locally some of the spares needed to keep its aircraft operational. Mr Innocent Chukwuma noted that such synergy as existing between the NAF and IVM would help to reduce the dependence on foreign technologies while promoting self-reliance, as well as technological and economic development. He disclosed that his company has the expertise to locally manufacture and assemble a number of automobile products that would be of benefit to the NAF.
    You are please requested to kindly use your mass media to disseminate this information for the awareness of the general public. Thanks for your usual support and cooperation.
    Group Captain Ayodele Famuyiwa
    Director of Public Relations & Information
    Nigerian Airforce Force

    • Great, we hope this kind of cooperation is sustained and nurtured to greater heights

    • Akin Oges says:

      Great news. Now scaleup the relationship, make it more robust. This medium has consistently trumpeted the point over the years: the skills and manpower is here at home (and we can always source additional advanced know-how from abroad if need be). Calling the NA: please follow through on your last visit to IVM with solid arrangement with IVM; soo much to gain by every party.

      • Are James says:

        Innoson must have developed some capabilities to cast and/or machine aluminium or titanium alloys.

      • Akin Oges says:

        Oga Are James, my thoughts precisely. Now, what other unknown competence(s) has IVM developed that we are not privy to? Time for the military to start harvesting the gains of home grown competence.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Sokoto and Oga Are James, you have a right to your own opinion and your rights are respected even though some of us do not agree with you. Qeustion you did not ask yourself is, has any country purchased Su-34 Fullback without first purchasing Su-30 Flanker MK or Su-30 Flanker SM ? NO !

      Algeria and Russia bought Su-30 Flankers first in large numbers before adding a few Su-34 Fullbacks to the fleet. Air power principle is that you get air superiority first before thinking about ground attack, strike, surveillance, transport. An air force cannot operate safely without first gaining control or security of the skies by air superiority jet fighters.

      About 6 countries saw Su-34 bomber in the market and yet they chose to buy Su-30 fighter instead. Algeria has surplus money, about $150 billion foreign cash reserve in dollars, they can afford to buy what they may not even necessarily need. Nigeria is still struggling with air superiority, our 3 JF-17 may be just equal to Chad’s 3 MiG-29, we have a good match, but we do not yet have air superiority over our next door neighbour, but we are equal and even, so to say.

      These are facts, but your personal opinion is respected as we all cannot think in the same line as human beigns, opinions are bound to sometimes differ.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Are James, you are very funny o, why should we carpet bomb the whole of Sambisa and destroy our own ecology? The artillery pounding is good enough plus precision strikes.

      • Augustine says:

        Na me and you today sir, oga Are James no vex, chief.

        Well, you did not tell us how Libyan ISIS will drive truck loads of bombs over a distance of about 1,000 km in open desert road undetected, all that long journey through Chadian or Nigér’s territory down to the borders of Nigeria to blow up border fences.

        You can blow up a fence, but can you blow up a trench pit? The noise of the bombing breech will attract attention and the invaders can be visited with counter attacks by Nigerian border guards.

        The only big threat ISIS can pose is to drive vehicles with anti-aircraft guns across border into Nigeria, and that is what trenches will frustrate. Tunisia is already recording successful reduction in cross border smuggling because of the new trenches dug specifically to stop illegal vehicles coming in easily.

        Police will not eliminate crime 100%, so is that a reason not to have any police at all?

        ISIS can only smuggle in men on foot to boost Boko Haram numbers if the borders become impassable to vehicles on illegal routes. How will Su-34 bomber stop ISIS men who walk on legs across borders or mix with traders carrying goods on donkeys, or disguise as cattle herdsmen looking for green pastures across borders, or sallah ram exporters transporting rams to markets in Nigeria.

        Border control, patrol, and local ground intelligence network is the only answer to such threats, except the Su-34 jet bomber will stay flying in the air for 24 hours everyday and night of the week, month and year looking around for targets by luck. Forget about flying NAF jets to attack targets in Libya, it’s a complex diplomatic issue as Nigeria has no borders with Libya and the distance is over 1,000 km.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Augustine, when eventually the JF-17s are fully evaluated, and they meet our requirements, which they would, what would be your argument for continued support of the SU-30, instead of the SU-34?

      • Are James says:

        I sincerely believe there are hundreds of square miles of un surveilled territory in the border areas between Cameroon and Nigeria. There are slap portions of the border that are mountainous. These areas I believe hold Boko Haram fighters in caves and tunnel systems they dug industriously whilst Nigerian governments slept (and stole). Those tunnels and caves would hold workshops able to rig ISIS design of vehicles they used to throw the Iraqi Army out of Mosul
        I never said ISIS would drive armoured cars through Niger or Chad into Nigeria to attack a fence.
        I also made the point about the differences we have between Tunisia and Nigeria as far as terrorism goes . Nigeria’s Boko Haram is home grown and home sustained.We just saw a news item about some rogue NA personnel supplying logistics to Boko. The story has its rating on a scale of credibility but that is besides the point that Boko Haram is not external aggression against Nigeria but an internal insurgency.

        A village head complained some weeks ago about attempts to wall off his village for security. This is one example of the socio cultural impact of fences.

        A tunnel is even more difficult to dig than to erect a wall and there are maintenance issues with that. In any case, dynamite which is widely used for quarrying in the area would easily level anything you erect. I have also not seen exactly where a fence was successfully erected in an area where hostilities were ongoing like we have in the North East. Instead of inviting more trouble and wasting resources, I am arguing let us blast the guys

      • Sokoto says:

        you are maybe right if we look at Soudan side, but we are not equal to Tchad, only 3 Mig29 lol, no money, in war time no kerosene; we are acquiring 2 squadron of JF17: +Money +Kerosene+MoreMoneyToBuyMoreJets.

      • Sokoto says:

        I can see a White flag from the East

      • Are James says:

        I honestly don’t know where you got the notion that the only mission in life of SU 34 is to drop PGMs, dumb bombs and fire air to ground missiles .One of the main value propositions for SU-34 to rich developing countries is that you get almost everything in a package. That plane will fight it’s way to an objective with medium and short range air-air missiles

        Chadian, Nigerien and Cameroonian air assets don’t currently justify having dedicated fighters. Chad in particular has questionable “overall capability “. You don’t just park MIG 29 and SU 25 planes on a tarmac and start acting big claiming you have sustainable capability, one week of sorties will eventually reveal your actual level to you.

        What looms large in our threat assessment landscape is ISIS operating out of remote regions of Northern west Africa. We joined an effort in Mali oncentre and one our jokery toy planes dropped out of the sky before getting to Niamey. The problem before us calls for industrial strength powerful power projection tools. Only SU 34 (32) gives that.

  44. jimmy says:

    Edward @ DonKlericuzo is reporting:
    **For the last one week Heavy, Heavy Fighting is going on in the Mandara Mountains.
    ***The NA is already using it’s 155mm Arties ( I do not recall at anytime outside of the BH THEM using these BIG BOYS.
    **** I am beginning to suspect that this is Nigeria’s version of Tora Bora . The infamous mountain where Osama Binladen was trapped in the Caves of Afghanistan hemmed in on all sides with American SF hot on his ass and about to put one in the head and two in the chest, a deal was made between a local Afghan warlord who would not allow the American SF to continue up the Mountain.
    ***** Something is going about this particular SF group truly sweetens my heart these guys of the *_* task force are doing some nasty – – – t may GOD be with them all the days of their lives IJN
    ***** Nigeria is truly learning mountain warfare we do not need to travel anywhere , rather we should charge Money ( FOREX) to teach other Nations no more Father XMAS
    ******* The MI-35P are kicking ass and taking numbers this is why unfortunately we will see these soft target attacks.
    OGA HENRY no worries you have your views and I have mine we are still walking to the same Market.
    When we have leadership that makes it a point of using NIGERIAN MADE PRODUCTS OVER FOREIGN PRODUCTS I will write in BLOCK LETTERS because it means in my life time I shall witness :
    A made in Nigeria JET FIGHTER
    A made in Nigeria MBT ( Main Battle Tank)
    Kudos to the CAS Sadique Abubakar .
    Last but not least, when a CAS opens a 2.7 kilometer runway hold your breath and keep praying because something , someday is going to land there IJN. Amen.

  45. jimmy says:
    I also have a question for oga Henry and OGA Doziex :
    What assault rifle does Colombia make under License?

  46. Kola Adekola says:

    On February 11, 201612:45 am
    By Henry Umoru & Joseph Erunke

    ABUJA—THE Senate, yesterday, refused to treat the budget proposal for the Federal Ministry of Information due to lack of provision for media propaganda in the North East.

    The Senate Committee on Information, which took the decision during the ministry’s budget defence, insisted that the ministry must not only rework but also re-present its budget with provisions for effective media propaganda in the North East.

    The committee on information, headed by Senator Enyinaya Abaribe, PDP, Abia South, directed that the ministry should bring a budget that will cater for the needs of its media agencies.

    Abaribe’s directive was sequel to the observation raised by a member of the committee and senator representing Bayelsa North, Ben Bruce, who had decried the non inclusion of budget for media operations in the North East, in the wake of the Boko Haram insurgency.

    Bruce, in his remark, had pointed out that during the Nigerian Civil War, the media was effectively used to propagate relevant information.

    He therefore appealed that the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, and Voice of Nigeria, VON, should go and add the required component.

    He said: “It would have made more sense for the information budget of the Army to be given to the Ministry of Information to equip these stations to be used by the military as a source of communication.

    “For instance, if there is going to be an air raid in a particular area, we can warn the citizens to stay off that particular area.”

    Read more at:

    • Augustine says:

      $750 million of that $2 billion Chinese loan should please go to boost Nigerian military new weapons/equipment procurement 2016. Time for CAS, CNS, COAS to start lobbying for a share of this loan with new list of needs. I hope it is cash loan that can be drawn down and spent anywhere in any country of the world to pay for transactions and not only on strictly Chinese origin imports.

      NA urgently needs Indian 84mm RCL MK III LAW in hundreds of numbers and some dozens of Belarus/Ukraine made Skif ATGM, NA should also grab one or two dozens T-90 MS tanks, NAF still wants Super Tucano aircraft, NN should grab a cheap half price fairly used diesel electric attack submarine and break their 50 year old half a century jinx of none capability in sub-surface warfare vessel operations, submarines have existed as proper navy standard equipment worldwide since 1940 ancient times.

  47. Kola Adekola says:

    This four year old ISIS executioner is from a Nigerian mother. We should have infrastructure to watch people like this.

    • Are James says:

      We should have social infrastructure to protect people like this. A four year old is not evil. It is the ‘nurture’ that is evil not his ‘nature’.The socio economic philosophy of the rich and successful takes all we have copied wholesale from the west is not and will not work in Africa and Asia. There is more to society than material well-being. We should stop pushing people into the margins of society because they temporarily don’t have skills, education, money etc c. The most successful countries have tull blown social intervention programs. Nigeria should do the same and we should strengthen the family unit. We also need to get people out of office who tally up private jets and use them as an index of economic growth. India is self sufficient in everything except oil and gas yet Nigeria has more private jets running with an economy that is only a fifth of their size. Seriousness, profundity, self criticism and spartan discipline should be the watchword of anybody 6o be voted into public office from now on.

    • Ola says:

      This child was not born and raised in Nigeria. As it is, Nigeria has little or not control over their citizens abroad.

      • Are James says:

        We dislocated the parents did we not?
        Why have Nigerians also joined the boats sailing unsafely to Europe.
        We are also breeding many like this everyday in the north east, inner city Lagos and Niger Delta. Unfortunately some ‘clever’ but shallow folks poo poo such laudable programmes as school meals or unemployment allowance.

  48. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 20h20 hours ago

    #BokoHaram Jihadists roam Diba,
    Jeje & Huyum villages as well as some others in NE Nigeria freely in Bicycles,Motor-Bikes&foot

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Sir Kay, it’s the degraded Boko Haram we now see. That’s what happens when NA and NAF use the strategy of destroying every Boko Haram Toyota vehicle that shows up in every battle, Boko will not be able to recover from that high attrition rate, and the terrorists’ combat mobility will then be reduced to motorcycles, bicycles, donkeys, and foot walking, while firepower of anti-aircraft guns is lost. This is why we say block the borders and prevent inflow of vehicles and the heavy AAA cannon/HMG they import across border into Nigeria to do heavy damage to Nigerian armoured vehicles and aircraft.

      The new form of Boko Haram mobility, bicycles, motor cycles, foot, etc is ideal for NAF low cost/low maintenance/low noise/low speed/low payload but high mission endurance and flight time aircraft like the $5 million armed version of the Super Mushak COIN very light ground attack/very light close air support configuration, to just pick off Boko targets with relative ease at low altitudes, rocketing large cluster of enemy formations and machine gunning scattered foot men and bike riders for up to two hours non-stop on the battlefield.

      That is the same combat job some of our ogas want to do with a $55 million high cost/high maintenance/high speed but low flight endurance time Su-34 Fullback jet fighter-bomber that Russia built to fight America and European Union.

      • Are James says:

        I think you are missing the issues. First of all Boko Haram are in those villages because there is no where else to go thus proving once again that fencing is totally un-impactful to a well ingrained local force. Their moving about in lower grade mobility vehicles is just an expected consequence of air strikes impelled degraded capability and the military authorities know what this new phase of the war will entail- it is SFs and chopper strikes.
        SU 34 acquisition had never been conceivec to destroy Boko within city limits, it is for Sambisa heavy ordnance load requirements, precision strikes and interdiction of global lines of supply and pre emptive strikes at camps springing up in neighbouring countries. The MNJTF framework gives us the freedom to do the latter.

      • Augustine says:

        Ordinary Bofors artillery shelling with fire control guidance from NAF Super Mushak will level Sambisa forest to the ground. Why buy a $55 million Su-34 to do that job? If it is PGM, our NAF Mi-35, CH-3 drones, Super Mushak, JF-17 can all carry PGM for precision strikes, or is it NATO army we are fighting inside Sambisa forest?

        Border blocking will keep Boko Haram limited to an inside Nigeria local force that will not have hundreds of Toyota mounted anti-aircraft guns that led to the defeat of NA in 46 battles in 46 towns in 6 months and the shooting down of NAF jet. That is the big advantage border anti-vehicle barriers will give us. A local home bred AK-47 and RPG carrying weak Boko Haram is easy for NA and NAF to defeat, the best that Bokos can do is run around hitting soft targets mostly in remote areas and suicide bombings, until we wear them out slowly with gradual attrition, public campaigns, reorientation of northern populace to discourage new recruits joining Boko Haram, powerful local intelligence network at grassroots level, street to street deep inside the populace to sniff and smoke out terrorists’ sleeper cells members etc.

        Global use of Su-34 Fullback by NAF ? How many countries’ airspace and territorial integrity shall NAF violate travelling to Libya or going deep inside Cameroon, Nigér, Chad? France has Rafale jets ready to protect all our Francophone neighbours…..and Libya is not a country that NAF can fly in and out of at will as if Libya is like Liberia, you don’t mess around in the airspace of an Arab power. Libya is rebuilding her air force and is in the market for options like Su-30 Flankers.

        MJNF cross border permit has movement limits, probably maximum of 20km into neighbouring territory, and atillery shells from NA will cheaply cover that distance, and what level of threat is MJNTF facing, NATO level of enemy? So Su-34 Fullback will be purchased to do border line air strikes using $55 million high maintenance jets to cross border for a 20 km range air strike? What is PGM doing on Mushak, Hind, Thunder, and maybe likely Tucano? All those platforms are for what combat job exactly? Decoration of NAF airbase?

        Still cannot justify this Su-34 Fullback bomber needs here in Nigeria.

      • Capt Tobias says:

        Dear Ogas, as referred, we would need an awful large number of Super Mushak in the hundreds to level the Sambisa forest, taking into consideration the total ordnance load is 660lbs as opposed to current Alpha jet ‘s 5500lbs ( SU25’s 8800lbs) and the operational area of 60,000 square kilometres. I can tell you that deploying basic trainers aircraft as frontline support ( not primary as recce platforms) in this type of war would be wasting the lives of high value pilots to AA fire).

      • Sokoto says:

        it’s better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it : Franz Kafka; Boko Haram is today war, and since Isis welcomes Boko Haram’s allegiance, we are at war against all the terrorist establishmnt we should equip consequently. ALShabab Isis libya all this bullshit and in addition internal problems … We should equip for big war we should buy good stuff because Lafiya is not for now … I tell you

      • Sokoto says:

        Oga Capt, you are correct !

  49. jimmy says:
    The four Most EXPENSIVE PLACES to live in Lagos
    2. Banana Island
    4.PARK View Estate or Victoria Island.
    May the Souls of our PILOTS who flew Substandard Aircraft and Tokunboh Helios rest in peace.
    For the record Amosun from my state is a disgrace to the uniform and to Nigeria. I am beginning to form the hard-line opinion like SOME other Nigerians only the DEATH penalty will do.
    May GOD protect Nigeria because it seems to me the FOX was guiding the chicken coop

    • doziex says:

      Welcome to the fold my brother.
      These people have betrayed Nigerians and Nigeria on every level.

      Literally accumulating stolen wealth while Nigeria was dying.

      For sometime, this anger nearly drove me insane.

      I wonder what took us so long ? Heck some folk are still defending the indefensible.

      It’s all here in this blog. I wish we could pull up our past logs. when NA troops were court marshalled.

      I literally put a curse on Nigeria if we dared kill foot soldiers, when generals were having their way with all manner treasonous acts.

      Anyway, let me not drag the blog back into “politics”

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you my brother, I understand your frustration , your anger and the fact that Nigerians not aware of information we are privy to do not quite understand why we are so angry, the adc to GEJ was arrested “just last week” a serving brigadier general was arrested” just last week” like oga zachary said if Nigerians knew the extent to which some of these disgraced senior officers bled Nigeria dry across ethnic lines they will be weeping uncontrollably, the biggest problem sometimes is to wait till it gets disclosed in the press for legal reasons a lot more to come, gradually Nigeria is getting back on the right path, please do not lose hope or your anger because it is a justifiable anger representing the righteous .

  50. chynedoo says:

    China buys 24 advanced SU 34s from Russia for $2 billion….this is what we ought to be doing! With $1 billion USD, we could fetch 12 SU 34s, which means with $500 million, we could buy 6 of these advanced jets! With $250 million we could buy 3!

    • Are James says:

      Says they are buying SU 35s.

      The comments from Americans are not too complimentary of the SU 35 probably due to the fact that it is an old airframe (SU 27) that was simply repeated and with only some strengthening and new engines added. I think also China may find SU 35 relatively poor in avionics, ECM and overall EW suite when going against first world airforces. The Russians don’t even bother to advertise or deny the fact that their planes are modest in situational awareness and self protection. It must be a nasty thing to be a pilot and the enemy planes you are tracking suddenly disappear from screen or some electromagnetic chaff dispensed triples the number of enemy planes on your screen in just 2 seconds.
      For us and our own neighbourhood, having the SU 34 / JF 17 combo is just right.

  51. Capt Tobias says:

    Our immediate problem is purely tactical –
    A) – Close air support with adequate ordnance, lotter time and protection for crew ( COIN/ local Ops)
    B) – Air superiority/ intercepts control / defence for anticipated intrusion (external intrusion).

    The SU-34 is a strike aircraft and it’s tactical use is not as primary as close support aircraft and it’s poised more has a strategic bomber to hit prime estates, not for hitting BH technicals, also too fast moving to avoid blue on blue in close proximity combat.
    The SU-35 can guarantee the Nigeria serious air superiority capabilities in the region, if the adequate aerial weapon system complete with missiles are purchased.
    Our primary focus should be on our immediate problems – (A) which the SU-25 can easily provide this capability and the (B) could have been filled by the JF-17 if bought in minimum deployable numbers which is a proper squadron of 12,( Not 3 or 4) this is based on calculations for attrition,combat losses, ability to carry out a sustained operation, maintenance grounding, area to be covered effectively, funding / amount to be invested in the support / logistical items, number of pilots, trained engineer / tech transfer & maintenance support and spares, stock of ordinance. deployment and con ops.
    We do not have a relationship with Russia like that of China which is clear and strategic ( Russians would not give the frontline aircraft to have in between countries provide the west with all it’s working knowledge). How does someone only able to afford 3 x JF-17s talk of SU-34/35s, I think we should be realistic and in our expectation and imagination.
    Our immediate concern should be stopping BH NOW, they still believe they can win ( Watch the latest VICE interview and Video of our GMB and BH cadres), we need to be getting serious intelligence on their agents who appear to have penetrated and remained with our system.
    A proper squadron of 12 to 18 SU25 supporting the ground forces, plus a squadron of 18 JF-17 would make the difference ( we cut our coats to our size and manage the assets prudently. the Minister of Finance is on her way to China to borrow $2B usd to make up the budget short fall

    • Sokoto says:

      the 3 JF17 is for 2016, there is more coming. The Su 25 is a good choise but is too old. even russa want to change it. we should jump a little in the futur stop we this past cold war equipmnt era. even terrorist are changing the way they operate

      • Capt Tobias says:

        The latest version of the SU-25 is the SK scorpion series, Russia has never indicated any wish to change the SU-25 and solely occupies the close air support fixed wing asset position in the Russian battle order ( not the SU- 24 or 34) , it has been updated with Glass cockpit which has reduced the airframe weight and upped the power to weight ratio, also upgraded is the night fighting capabilities, it still unmatched in close air support capabilities ( only rival is the A10 wart hog which also has been retained and granted extra life within the USAF’s order of Battle ) and doing exactly this tasks in Syria, it protection for the crew is in a class of it’s own. primary manufacture and maintenance was done in Ukraine and earlier issues on the type are based on the bad relationship between both countries.

      • Are James says:

        Can somebody tell us exactly where SU 25s are stocked and advertised for sale?.
        I no sure say the ting plenty like that again o.
        That is a 30-something year old platform.

        We seem to be over-hyping issues with this aircraft. I am beginning to think there are not even enough numbers available for sale.
        A lot of us have suported SU 25 in the past because of the urgent need to degrade highly mobile Boko Haram with a slow, high ordnance load carrying platform. However the limitations have always been apparent in terms of service life of airframe, air craft controls, avionics and overall maintenance cost. The only company that was going to provide extended life and ultra modern avionics with NVG to the SU 25 got the deal over padded by Nigerian politicians.

        To be honest I think indeed only Ukraine can provide SU 25s now. The Russians can’t unless they are going to take from their existing order of battle which is unlikely. Rostec or it’s subsidiaries won’t open an assembly shop area just to put together SU 25 upgrades for Nigeria. If they did they then be sure that they would be charging us about $30million apiece. There are hard headed business issues in this industry.

        A combination of SU 34, MI 34s and Gazelles will take out the entire spectrum of ground borne threats that exist now and that we can foresee in the near future. These SU 25s continue to become unjustifiable when they come at unit price above $25million.

  52. Deway says:

    Unrelated but interesting.
    While others dream someothers are wide awake

    • CHYDE says:

      Gives me a lot of hope, I hope we can follow this route.

    • Are James says:

      Ethiopia is three times better run than Nigeria.

      They have sound leadership across all hierachies, discipline, level headedness and a culture that has evolved some means of regulating selfish ambition for the communal good. There is a deliberate import substitution strategy that is making their defence budgets impact full to GDP growth. Here we spent N6 trillion in 5 years on defence and security and all we have are Abuja mansions. No local factories, no skills, no employment .

      Ethiopia is the real giant of sub sahara Africa not Nigeria

  53. freeegulf says:

    admiral augustinho, thanks for being on the case of the nigerian military wrt to procurement. the armed forces need to be more serious with warfare and their orbat.

    i always enjoy reading your suggestions on weapons acquisition. your heart is in the right place, however, it is my honest opinion that you tilt too much on the side of weaponry. you are quite hardware bias. which isnt a bad thing. the only problem is that weapons are not the most significant factor in victory or success in the battlefield.

    i would say the four major factors in ground warfare are:
    1. training, discipline & tactics
    2. weapons
    3. troop strength
    4. intelligence

    of course there are other factors, but we can correctly reduced them to these four.
    if i lack the good fortune of having all four, and i have to choose two out of four, i will go for number 1 and no 4.

    discipline and good tactics can never be overemphasized. same with intelligence. however, manpower on the high side can easily make A’HQ lazy, and turn the grunts into cannon fodders.
    generous firepower, might bring in the associate headache of poor fire discipline, not to talk of over-kill and stocking up the enemies’ stores.

    we all saw what happened with the brand new APCs that NA procured in 2014 and how some of these shiny toy fell into BH arms. same with other armoured vehicles including MBTs. those shameful NA display of 2014 all point to discipline and tactics going down south. baga was another clear illustration of how low NA fell, with generous supplies left intact for the terrorists.

    for those old vickers and T-55s, even if they where too old for hunting, while not at least use them for base defence. their primary and secondary weapons are still of good use and bh couldnt top that. why not build tank sheds, block houses, with plenty decoy. move these old war horses around the base at irregular patterns and intervals, so as to confuse spies and spotters. at least they cant easily be wiped out by first line bh fire elements. but no, we didnt see any of these, rather bh where capturing these NA vehicles and using it against NA.

    the army truly needs an overhaul. if they think all it well and dandy now, then they are having a laugh and in self denial.

    • Sir Kay says:

      “A source was quoted as saying: “In continuation of the investigation into the arms probe, the EFCC operatives took Amosu to his residence in Badagry. After a thorough search of the residence, a fresh small ‘soakaway’ pit was discovered in the compound. The operatives suspected foul play, which informed the breaking of the ‘soakaway’. Surprisingly, $1 million was found in it. The money was subsequently confiscated.”

      Imagine that? If found guilty in court, please rain some firing squad on these people, they are mad, because this is no longer normal, it’s insanity.

      • fmkpang says:

        No need for firing squad. Just drop them by Helo in Sambisa “armed” with their underpants. so that they can feel how those young 2nd Lt’s felt just before they died.

  54. jimmy says:
    this how you build a professional police force
    NA please take note

    • Sir Kay says:

      Perhaps the police force should stop this useless practice of posting cops in other states and away from their loved ones. Police officers are supposed to work in their own communities, not post them to other states, its plain stupid

    • Augustine says:

      Ogas in the house, those who have been asking others to shut up on the defence sector corruption matters should all read the ex-NAF CAS Amosu’s $1 million kept in ‘soak away pit hole’ dug in their Badagry house, shay na him salary be dat? You ogas keep shouting that we must not talk because the matter should be left to courts to decide, shay na court dig pit find this $1 million loot?

      Please stop acting holier than the rest of us, we too believe in rule of law and court procress, but you our brothers telling us that we are spoiling the names of accused looters by posting published news media reports, should realize that we are concerned that Nigerian defence sector has been brutally looted of money meant for weapons procuement and hundreds of soldiers have died unnecessarily and left thousands of aged parents, fatherless children and young widows behind with a bleak future. You care more about a few looters’ names/reputation/image protection than your own country Nigeria, and the thousands of innocent civilian lives that have been lost in towns and villages that could not be defended by a poorly equipped army and air force of 2014-2015 era? Why now, why do you behave like this? Why?

      =N= 3 billion in Amosu’s wife’s bank account shay na money given to her for cooking monthly soup for the house? Amosu’s children own luxury houses in chioce locations in Lagos, how old are they and where do they work, and for how many years to own those mansions? We should not talk about defence corruption on a defence blog? Is Nigeria now under press censorship like North Korea? You ogas and brothers owe the rest of us an apology, and please don’t say those things you said to us, in public places so that angry hungry masses of Nigeria will not remove your shoes and ask you to walk home barefooted for protecting the image of the oppressors at the expense of the oppressed. A lot of looted funds will, and is being recovered outside court process, if we don’t move faster than the courts that can drag on for years, a lot of the loot will become forever lost as the looters move them in cash from banks to holes and pits dug in the village forests, not only in the house backyard.

      Please let us love our one and only fatherland Nigeria more than tribal or political party preferences, the green passport we carry is a Nigerian identity not an ethno-political I.D.

      Thank you all. Long live Nigeria, amen.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Heheh! When do we start stoning or burning those we suspect in the streets? What you are suggesting is a very slippery slope to anarchy.
        Pulling emotional strings cannot replace due process, all accused people MUST have their day in court, instead of being condemned by rumour.

      • Sir Kay says:

        “Heheh! When do we start stoning or burning those we suspect in the streets?”

        Ha, Oga, that ship sailed, we’ve been burning and killing suspects on the streets for decades, and i can’t count how many suspects i’ve personally seen burned alive.
        Isn’t it funny how we throw tires around people’s necks, douse them with gasoline and set them on fire for stealing even 5 Naira, but here are low lives stealing billions, but of course the majority will rather kill each other over 5 bucks, not the high ranking criminals in government.
        But i get it, we do not need jungle justice.

      • Are James says:

        We stone suspects in the streets in Nigeria. That is just the point. It happens everyday. At least 50% of the people we stone on the streets are innocent. You efforts are better directed at such people. There is usually no evidence the mob we have tons of evidence. Someone does not get preferential treatment because he has a fancy uniform.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Haha! Oga Are James, that is some strange and strained logic. Lynching (verbal or physical) is bad, it is the same evil, primitive, law of the jungle whether it is directed at the poor or the rich. By coincidence, just like you, those who brutishly necklace the poor thief with petrol and tyre claim “we have tons of evidence”.

        Take the “tons of evidence” to an open court trial for trained legal practitioners to handle and MOST IMPORTANTLY, for Nigerians to witness.

        The appeal the law of the jungle has to you only shows how desperately all our systems (not just military procurement) need root and branch rebuilding. Anarchy only shows up where there are inadequate rules.

        Oga freegulf made an important post above that lists the major factors of ground warfare, the same list can be extended to cover the entire system/society. Two items in that list (1. “training, discipline & tactics” and 4. “intelligence”) are rooted in rules, regulations robust fixed methodologies – all of which give birth to order. No army can amount to anything without order, in the same way as no system can amount to much when chaos and lynching are its tools of “justice”.

        Anyway, since the law of the jungle is back in fashion, who do we deal with first? Amosu? Badeh? My neighbour? You? No shaking Sir, I hol’ my petrol and tyre and stone and plank no too far. All we need do is point at the person and claim we have “evidence”. 😷 😷

        While we are at it, we can also try another interesting law of the jungle concept, Trial by Combat: 😷

  55. jimmy says:
    Courtesy of OGA BEEGS and OGA RUGGED
    RIP TO Captain Yari Emmanuel:
    Captain Yari Emmanuel, the head of Cameroon’s Rapid Intervention Battalion, was killed during a joint operation with Nigerian forces on Boko Haram
    The end of BH will come systematically when these things occur without Sentiment/ Emotion.
    1) The Nigerian Armed forces is completely purged of Senior officer who are only concerned about lining their pockets.
    2) The ongoing intensification of COLLABORATION BETWEEN CAMEROON AND NIGERIA ( since last year)
    3 ) Complete Eradication of the BH Hierarchy in the MANDARA MOUNTAINS and the Lake Chad Basin.
    4) More money for professional training, procurement and Intel.( more work for our Super kings)
    5) The Chief of Airstaff authorizes more Drone strikes.
    God bless Nigeria

  56. jimmy says:

    *Senior Officer(s)**
    Please excuse the rest of my typos.

    • Augustine says:

      How is a captain rank the head of BIR that has about 2,000 troops? I dont understand. I guess he heads just a company of about 150 BIR men that engaged Bokos in that particular encounter. Abi?

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Capt Tobias, good points from you on NAF.

        About this Boko war, I don’t think we need to level the entire Sambisa forest as Oga Are James suggests. Why should we wreck our homeland ecology? The current drones precision strikes are good as well as the wide area land based rocket artillery strikes, and if we want to level an area or point target, our artillery howitzers with fire control guidance from Super Mushak is enough, ECOMOG used that tactics to wipe out some top ranking rebel leaders of Sierra Leone holding meeting inside a remote location, NA 105mm Oto Melara artillery howitzer with fire control from a PMC piloted Cessna light prop aircraft.

        Super Mushak is for laser guided bomb or missile strikes from safe distance out of reach of Boko anti-aircraft guns or fire control guidance to army artillery. JF-17 Thunder is for heavy bombing with high caliber ordnance.

        Su-25 Frogfoot is a complex issue now, NAF has lost its best oppourtunity to own 6 units in 2104-2015 due to corruption in high places, and I will agree with oga Are James on their current availability in the market now that everybody wants to keep their current stocks for anti-terrorism ops worldwide, you sell it, you cannot replace it, Su-25 frogfoot is no longer in production.

        Also, anybody who wants NAF to buy second hand aircraft now must assure and convince the current CAS that the platforms are in good mechanical and electrical working conditions for trouble free long term service, the bitter experience with the mechanically faulty and unreliable breaking down Mi-24/35 Hinds that we bought second hand, has frustrated the air force chief of staff and he has ordered only brand new aircraft as far as we know, 2 brand new Mi-35, 10 brand new Super Mushak, 3 Brand new JF-17….we are told by insiders that he has Super Tucano plans on his table for consideration in 2016 and those will be brand new too.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga freeegulf I agree that training, tactics and theatre information/intelligence are all as important as equipment/weapons. However, you will notice that the biggest cry from our troops on the battle field and airspace of NE in shortage of equipment.

        Training is easier to address because it costs less than equipment, tactics is going to depend on the unit commanders on the fields and air. We can only suggest basics on tactics as we are not on ground to have access to imformation on the real scenarios in every place all over the NE.

        New training is ongoing on a modest scale, the Americans, British, Pakistanis, Israelis, South Africans, and likely Colombians plus Brazilians have all been training our troops. However the entire 100,000 man NA needs attitude reorientation plus combat training which can only be fully accomplished after this war is over.

        Battalion level, brigade level, division level of dud/live ammunition combat training excercises all need to come back as standard military practice for all armed forces and will require special annual budget provisions to cover the costs.

        It’s been difficult advising much on field tactics because NA will normally not disclose details of what happens on ground to us the public, all we hear is just that enquiry is set up to investigate a battle that did not go well, an attack that should have been foiled, a counter assault that was never launched, a disorderly or unnecessary retreat, a casualty rate that should not have been so high….and that those culpable in the poor performance of the unit/regiment will be disciplined….the true senarios surrounding the battle event is not disclosed to us, so how do we advise on tactics? Rules governing military ops will not permit the army to divulge field details to the public, we cannot blame them. We don’t even know how many troops on our side fought each particular battle, and we do not have any idea of how a T-72 and BTR-4 were disabled or temporarily lost to the enemy and later recovered back to us.

        If we have info, just some basic info from the fields where we had below average performance engaging the enemy, I can assure you that this blog will suggest lots and lots of field tactics for our troops and pilots.

      • Augustine says:

        Henry on February 10, 2016 at 4:01 pm

        Oga Augustine, when eventually the JF-17s are fully evaluated, and they meet our requirements, which they would, what would be your argument for continued support of the SU-30, instead of the SU-34?

        Oga Henry, pardon my late reply, I was just wondering if saying will change anything, people’ minds are made up in each camp and the Su-34 camp is not changing their minds despite not being able to convince us on why NAF needs Su-34 to fight Boko Haram inside Nigerian territory when the fighter jet is built for deep penetration into hostile airspace of an enemy in the hi-tech military class of America, or how the jets will violate the airspaces of Chad, Nigér, Cameroon and Libya in a hunt for African ISIS that French Rafale jets will not allow to survive as a big terrorist force in francophone countries of our sub region.

        Maybe I will say a few points.

        1. JF-17 Thunder is 60% a strike jet and 40% an air superiority jet. The Pakistanis are marketing it as multi-role, but check it’s armament and avionics/sensors, it is more of a striker than a fighter.

        2. JF-17 does not give NAF air superiority over the top 10 air forces of Africa, it only matches one of them and that is Chad, the other 9 air forces are still superior in numbers and armaments, while some simply have superior aircraft like F-16 C, Su-30 Flankers and Rafale jets. Our 3 jets will only square up to Chad’s 3 jets and we leave the winner to be a matter of speculative guesswork, but at least Chad will not threaten Nigeria anyhow they like. We are even, we are balanced in air power, we are equal 3 Vs 3.

        3. JF-17 still needs a lot of improvements after we buy them, so NAF needs to boost their air superiority capability or add in future, the Su-30 SM Flanker for air superority, not another strike jet like the Su-34 Fullback.

        The beautiful looking Su-34 Fullback is a ground strike aircraft by design, it has air fighter capabilities but that is not what it is purpose built for. So for NAF, it is a duplication of the JF-17 Thunder. NAF should buy for purpose and not for beauty or speculative needs that are not certain to be required.

        Never mind the overlooked fact that this Su-34 Fullback is not a long range bomber or strike fighter, its combat radius is 1,100 km….and Libyan ISIS is 2,500 km away round trip.

        4. JF-17 block II is a strike oriented jet, it’s strike weapons can hit enemy targets 350 km away, but its air superiority weapons can only guarantee a hit on enemy aircraft at an estimated 50 km away, that is the guranteed limit of it’s current BVR capability. How? Read on.

        Well, it has radar with about 140 km maximum stretched range for detecting very very big aircraft usually non combat aircraft targets like a huge strategic transporter. Its radar detection range for big jet figbters is about 105 km for but for radar tracking and lock on, you had better estimate 65 km…..that probably explains why it’s BVR missile range with PL-12 missile is said to be 60km to 70km…..average 65km.

        Then you cannot fire an AA missile to its max range or else it will miss target, we all learnt that from Badme air war Ethiopia Vs Eritrea. So the JF-17 will be more guaranteed to score a hit on enemy jet BVR at estimated 50 km maximum range. So how much air superiority does NAF has with JF-17 Block II and it’s 4th generation missiles? 50 km AMRAAM capability. NAF needs to improve JF-17 with AESA radar with longer range plus 5th generation BVR missiles with longer range, or buy the Su-30 SM Flanker in future, maybe year 2020.

        5. Su-30 SM Flanker gives true air superiority and still carries EXACTLY the same strike weapons as the Su-34 Fullback, only being less capable in hi-tech electronic counter ground based air defence capabilities in strike role compared o the Su-34 that has its own very clear advantage in that aspect.

        However, Su-30 offers AWACS capability to detect enemy large sized aircraft 400 km away with its radar, and can do command and control of squadrons of other friendly aircraft against large swarms of enemy fighters. Su-34 has radar range averaging 225 km, and no AWACS or command and control capability.

        6. Su-34 Fullback is not an airsuperiority jet fighter, it has no IRST for passive air to air combat or for engaging enemy stealth jet fighters. Also, there are different types of radars, the Su-34 radar is optimized for ground and sea attacks, not air to air combat, it can do air to air engagement but it is not optimized for air to air combat.

        It also lacks the speed for acceleration based air combat and has no super-maneuveravility which is an essential in modern air to air engagements in these days when the small and poor countries of this world are flying Flankers jets in Africa.

        7. After NAF has fully inducted the JF-17 Thunder and fully mastered its operation, maintenance, then boosted its avionics/sensors and weaponry, the future plan should be to acquire Flankers for air superiority and land/maritime strike as multi-role aircraft, be it Su-30SM or Su-35 Flanker, any of the two types of Flankers will do good for Nigeria, entering sevice maybe in year 2019 to 2020.

        However, to settle matters, maybe NAF’s future procurement should be a mix of 8 units of Su-30/Su35 Flankers plus 4 units of Su-34 Fullbacks, then we have both types.

      • Augustine says:

        * Su-34 Fullback MAXIMUM RANGE with reasonable bomb payload is 1,100 km….and Libyan ISIS is 2,500 km away round trip **

        Meant to say maximum range NOT combat radius. Reason why even Algeria had to buy air refueling tankers for it’s Su-30.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Augustine, the SU-34 offers much more than just been able to fly to Libya. The idea that we want the SU-34 just because the aircraft can carry out air operations in Libya is outdated.

        1, The SU-34 is a modern 4+ Generation Fighter-Bomber. It carries a weapons load that is unmatched by any aircraft in the world. It is also a cheap platform to purchase.

        The NAF needs an aircraft such as the SU-34, because for the foreseeable future, the NAF would carry out the sort of missions the SU-34 is built primarily for. The world is also moving from Air Superiority to Multi-Role fighters.

        2, The JF-17 is a multi-role fighter. It carries Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground, Anti-Ship missiles and a Recon pod. Every possible mission scenario is covered. It is definitely not a 60% strike jet

        3, The NAF doesn’t need Air Superiority fighters, and certainly not fighters based on what we feel our neigbours to the far North, East and South have in their inventory. What we require, and what we are going to get are Multi-Role fighters.

        National Security policies aren’t based on emotions, but on threat assessments.

        -Algeria has to change it’s constitution to fight abroad

        – Egypt has no requirement to strike as far off as Nigeria.

        – the other countries simply are too far to mention

        *P.S, the chadian Air Force is non-existent, there’s no basis for a comparison

        4, The JF-17 features an open architecture, the jet still has years ahead of her, hence it is a brilliant idea for us to acquire jets we can grow with, and possibly develop ours from. Aircraft electronics of the JF-17 would be improved, there is talk of the JF-17 been able to field the Marlin and A-darter, it is already ably to fire the Ra’ad. All these simply shows that going forward NAF is about to make the most significant purchase in it’s entire history.

        5, NAF is buying fighter jets for purpose, the JF-17 is not even beautiful, to talk about beauty. It is this unrelenting desire some Nigerian commentators have for the SU-30SM that leaves me bewildered.

        6, The JF-17 is a multi-role jet, the SU-34 is a fighter-bomber. 2 different types of jets not the same.

        7. The JF-17 comes standard with a Data-Link, it can rely on an AWACS to guide it. The PL-12 is an AMRAAM, a medium range missile, not a BVR missile.

        The new PL-12 active guided air-launched anti-aircraft
        missile uses the radar and data link from Russia’s Vympel
        R-77, combined with a Chinese missile motor. Some
        sources claim the resulting combination has a greater range
        than the Russian missile, and a fire-and-forget active
        guidance (from R-77) capability comparable to the modern
        U.S. AIM-120 AMRAAM.

        8, Augustine for the last time, the Nigerian Air Force does not require an Air Superiority fighter. We don’t need one, we aren’t getting one either.

        The NAF needs a Multi-Role fighter, same thing the rest of the world has discovered, hence the current pivot towards Mult-Role fighters. You keep mentioning Air Superiority all over the place.

        If the JF-17 isn’t good enough, the NAF should be advised to go for the J-10B.

        24 JF-17 multi-Role

        8 SU-34 Fullbacks

        18 L-15/ YAK-130

        *In the future, the J-31.

        This is the ideal balance for a proper force deterrent for the Air Force, not SU-30s

    • Augustine says:

      So, F-16 jet now costs close to $ 90 million per unit including pilot’s training, other equipment and munitions for each aircraft. No wonder NAF is jumping at JF-17 Thunder.

      PAF should just allow NAF to do war games with their new F-16 so our pilots can be prepared for air to air engagement against formidable foes.

  57. For those who say we do not now need the SU-30 and 34 I agree.
    For those saying we should buy both aircraft now, I also agree.

    We prepare for 2moro 2day and nt 2moro otherwise we will get in trouble. Our Military was unprepared and and see what BH did to us. We may not need them to fight BH, but we may need them in future. We do not need them now but the time to buy them is now.

    I agree with Oga Augustine’s analysis.

    About striking ISIS in Libya and violating other countries air space. Well 1st ISIS in LIBYA threatens all the nation’s whose air space may be violated. I dont think it will be that hard to work out over flight modalities and permissions in the light of the ISIS threat.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Adetayo, due to ego and trust reasons, non-anglophone black or arab inclined countries hate to see Nigerian military firepower on their soil or airspace.

      Mali chose France instead of Nigeria in 2012/2013, it took the French wanting us as partner to get us on board the intervention force, the Malian military government clearly warned Nigeria not to send any military force into their territory to stop Ansar Dine terrorists, yet they immediately welcomed French military forces to come help them.

      Chad, you think those guys trust Nigeria? Same Chad that pulls out of MJNTF at random?

      Cameroon, same guys who refused to allow Nigerian military on their soil in 2014 during the hottest days of our trouble, same ones to whom 400 Nigerian troops had to disarm for entering Cameroon? It took France and AU forcing Cameroon to join Chad basin force and allow Nigeria into their land. Meanwhile, Cameroon has no geographical link to Libya, the link is Niger and Chad.

      Niger Republique? Those ones that collect money and military Toyota gifts from Nigeria and still turn back to mock us and mock our army calling us cowards officially? The ones who accused NAF of bombing civilians on their territory?

      Libya? When dis Arab fanatics become the friend of black man? So Libyan ego will go down to asking Nigeria to come bomb targets inside Libya?

      I am on Cable TV now watching as Italy and Canada’s governments/defence ministers begin talks on possible military operations in Libya against ISIS, those are the type of countries that Libya will respect and bow it’s ego to.

      • Augustine says:

        So, Oga Aetayo’s blog, much respect to you. Please do not think those countries love Nigeria and will allow us do whatever military stuff we wish to do in their territory or via their airspace. If Nigeria is looking for admirers, talk about Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and maybe Benin Republique, those are countries that I can say like us much.

  58. doziex says:

    Gentlemen, their is no scarcity of excess SU-25s in the market place.

    russia has an upgrage the SU-25TM or SU-39. akin to the sort of upgrages the US did to extend the utility of their A-10 warthogs.

    the isrealis also have their shark upgrage, which GEJ and arthur eze wanted to buy 6 for half a billion USD.


    Anyway russia, ukraine, belarus, georgia could supply us old su-25 stock, which is better than anything NAF has to field.

    Even the long range heavy striker the SU-24 fencer is readily available.

    But thanks to corrupt heartless leaders, NAF would spend a million or so USD, to train pilots abroad, then have them line up to risk their lives and waste their time flying strike missions on alpha jets and F7s.

    All NA has to do, is to look at the sudanese air force and their procurement practices.

    they acquired su-25s and 24s from old russian stocks. we can do the same for very little money at least as a stop gap measure.

    The SAF have adapted russian illyusin transports to serve as bombers. we could do that and even add chinese H-6k bombers for those that want to carpet bomb sambisa.

    Also helps with trans saharan missions.

    SAF acquired the old chinese Q-5 fantans, I bet pakistan would gift us their retired ones.

    I am just saying , their are many ways to skin this cat,

    You could watch youtube, and see the way the syrians are making do with mig-21s and su-22 fitters.
    The iranian airforce has even donated the su-22s they seized in 1991 from sadam’s airforce.

    Some of these planes are so cheap and available, that private collectors are snapping them up,

    But dysfunctional nigeria, even after supposedly spending 6 billion usd on defense, still can’t manage to have a decent (by which I mean effective) strike or attack squadron.

    Effective airpower could have limited most of the damage BH has done to NA and nigeria.

    Opportunity cost , is the cost of making an alternate decision.

    One day, it would fully dawn on nigerians the true damage wraught by our official corruption.

    • Are James says:

      These SU 25s don’t exist like that. The way it works is you sign a contract with say an integrator company like Elbit who believe it or not are not actually sitting on an inventory of scrap SU 25s. They would ultimately have to source airframes.
      On the basis of the contract, they will then talk to the Russian manufacturer or the Ukrainians (Ukraine is probably even more familiar with this old aircraft than Russia anyway). These two sources may have a number of jets war surplus from the Russian Airforce or for Ukraine some units friendily confiscated from the Russians at the breakup of the Soviet Union.
      Anyway Elbit engineers travel to eastern Europe and pore through the glorified scrapyards of Rosoboronexport subsudiary and select about six fine scraps for your dear country.
      Meanwhile one year gone already.

      The process of upgrade may involve life extension, which is looking at every rivet, measuring airframe members with sophisticated instruments, assessing them and replacing them if necessary.
      Then comes engine overhaul -old SU 25 engine or a compatible new one?. Na your money go talk.
      The main core competency work of Elbit is implementing a new architecture of systems and sensors, testing them and proving them which is thousands of hours of software and some hardware stuff. Another year gone be dat .
      Final testing and rigorous training of pilots and crew is another year and baring any further delays you have a re-lifed CAS aircraft that will give you probably five more years at the same unit cost as a SU 34 that does not need to be so close to the ground to destroy intended targets.

  59. Augustine says:

    Oga doziex, oga Are James, you both make good points. I don’t know who is correct, we cannot ascertain, we can only speculate on the availability or non-availability of good condition Su-25 Frogfoots in the market for sale today. Nigeria lost it’s big chance to own 6 of the jets in 2014 due to corruption, and now it is not likely we will ever get them again, the current CAS won’t buy any aircraft that has no guarantee on good mechanical condition. Sources from inside say the option is no longer on the table, but you never know, it may resurface one day sha.

  60. Sir Kay says:

    How about the military release all those war videos they have in their possession , that would have been nice

    • Augustine says:

      Even America knows it is big trouble when terrorists have good vehicular mobility to run operations. Reason why we on Beegeagles blog have repeatedly said NA and NAF should not allow any Boko Haram Toyota to escape when they see one….kill it fast, demobolize Boko Haram, degrade their mobility down to bicycles, okada motorcycles, donkeys, camels, and foot walking !!!

      Nigeria also needs to stop illegal vehicle movement across borders with Cameroon, Nigér, Chad, too much heavy calibre weapons and armed Toyota vehicle smuggling has been done via those routes….start a process of gradual border barriers to block vehicle passable routes along that axis that has repeatedly been used to invade Nigeria from 1960 to 2016. Kuwait worked out a border barrier plan in 1993 after Iraqi invasion ended, first was sand barrier/trenches and one million land mines, years later it was metal barrier. When national survival is constantly threatened by invaders, a nation can get desperate to save itself by any means. India, Turkey, Israel, Tunisia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia….they cannot all be wrong !

      Meanwhile, where do these Toyotas come from to kill, steal, and destroy ?

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Henry, points of correction.

        1. Su-30 SM is a multi-role jet fighter, not just an air superiority fighter, do not make that mistake bros. Fact is that Su-30 SM is built for air to air, air to land, and air to sea combat roles.

        2. Su-30 SM and Su-34 both carry EXACTLY the same list of strike weapons, go and confirm it on Sukhoi company’s official website.

        3. However, the Su-34 is missing vital capabilities for air combat, it does not have IRST which means it will struggle in disadvantage fighting jets like that have air to air combat IRST Gripen NG, Rafale, MiG-29 SMT, Su-30 MK not to talk of Su-30 SM or stealth jet fighters.

        The Su-34 is also missing supermaneuverability for air to air dog fights.

        However, the Su-30 SM is equally missing some of the special electronic measures for penetrating very high tech ground based air defence systems which are available on the Su-34. However, I won’t fly an Su-34 into an airspace defended by the likes of S-400 long range SAM unless Sukhoi can prove it has tested the jet successfully to defeat such advanced air defences. Lot’s of claims about the wonders of the Su-34, but it’s only combat test has been against ISIS that has an air defence of 1970s generation SAMs stolen from Saddam’s old army. I don’t always get carried away by manufacturer’s marketing claims.

        4. PL-12 is a BVR missile, however with medium range not long range. Any air to air missile with range beyond about 30 to 37 km is BVR, the PL-12 at about 65 km range is medium, therefore an AMRAAM type of BVR missile.

        5. The fact about multirole jets is that many of them are skewed to do better in one role than the other, have you wondered why the F-15 E strike eagle is also called an air superiority jet by Boeing the manufacturer despite being built for strike?

        6. I can bet that if any such procurement plans ever come up in future, NAF will choose the Su-30 Flanker over the Su-34 Fullback. Most countries that fly Su-30 MK will never bother to add Su-34 to their fleet. Algeria has about $ 150 Billion forex reserve and they are looking for what to do with it.

        7. You said Chad’s air force is non-existent? Can you please prove it with facts?

      • Are James says:

        On this Toyota story a lot of laughs are provoked .
        One of the interesting things about officialdom and bureaucracy is that you could actually play dumb and ask obvious questions to confuse or obfuscate. We do it here too in Nigeria. We set up ” panels of inquiry to investigate “.
        So this is the US government asking Toyota how their brand new vehicles got into the hands of terrorists in the tens of thousands.
        I am also asking myself how the food that was inside my dinner plate yesterday disappeared and where it went. Infact I wrote that memo to myself five minutes ago and I intend to investigate and reply in six months

  61. Henry says:

    Oga Augustine, thank you for destroying your own argument.

    Your entire argument up until this time had been hinged upon the need of the air force to get an air superiority fighter, now you’re saying the fighter you spent so much time advocating as an air superiority fighter is no longer that, but a multi-role fighter.

    Let us be. Clear, the SU-30 is primarily an air superiority fighter, that’s a capability the Nigerian Air Force simply does not require. If we feel the JF-17 is a “turkey” (which by the way, it is not) the air force can instead go for the J-10B, an advanced 4++ Gen fighter.

    2, The SU-34 is a Fighter-Bomber, that’s a requirement we’ve always needed, since like forever. At no point in the last 55 years of the existence of the Nigerian air force has the service had a requirement for an Air Superiority fighter like the SU-30.

    3, The SU-34 doesn’t require all you listed, it isn’t going to play that role. It just needs to know how to bomb….. It is in this role where it is king. No other aircraft comes remotely close to releasing the amount of ordinance on targets. The SU-34 would make boko-haram columns look like “friday night suya strip”.

    You should start by telling us what ADS modern 4+(+) fighters have come up against in the last 2 decades.

    ***Strawman argument detected*** , your point 3 smacks of “strawman” arguments.

    4, The PL-12 is not a BVR missile. It is an advanced medium range missile similar to the US air force AIM-120 missile, an AMRAAM.

    In addition to a plethora of advanced chinese missiles, the JF-17 would also be able to carry the A-Darter, Torgos, Umbani, Marlin BVR, Mokopa and Raptor missiles.

    5, The fact about Multi-role jets is, according to the threat assessments, needs, requirements and entire national security of the federal republic of Nigeria, they are exactly the types of jets that would satisfy our requirements.

    6, I guess, well just have to wait and see

    7, A couple MIG-29s and SU-25s flown by mercenaries does not equal an air force

    • solorex says:

      1.”Air Superiority”,”Attack”,”Interceptor”,”swing role”,”Multirole” are quickly losing their traditional meaning in Modern world of Modular system. In former times most aircraft can be clearly defined because they come with native capacity and upgrades can only be done based on this native capacities-but not any more- an F7 ( once traditional interceptor) if properly armed ( with COIN related capacity) can be a good “attack” aircraft; SU-34 is not a traditional upgrade of Su 25 – it was conceived as a fusion of SU 24 + SU 25+ SU27- A guy that can strike like SU 25,Weapon load and range of SU22 and can still replicate maneuverability of and dog fight offensive capacities of advanced SU 27- its is not correct that SU-34 lacks certain offensive capacities- IRST can simply be added as a module if desired-but its not native . The advantage of this is that you now have a deep strike capacity that can take care of regular COIN issues without requiring a fighter escort when operating in enemy territory. It is the first Strike Aircraft to have native BVR,RSS an in flight refueling very long range- If you call it strike- you are correct,multi role- you are correct, fighter bomber like the makers do-you are correct. it is not the first choice in Air dominance or interception missions- however- it does these will also

      Choosing SU 34 only for general SU-25 bomb is a cost effective but its fine- its for bombing in very hostile environment where interception is a real possibility.

      PL12 is infact a BVR missile- Any Air to Air missile that can be fired at an aircraft beyond the range of regular sight- that is you only need to see the aircraft on radar-not physically is BVR- There is no generally accepted range but anything beyond 40Km is qualified

      A couple of Mig 29 and SU 25 flown by mercs that are imparting flight and maintenance training to locals steadily , with yearly budgets,planing and requisite weaponry is an air-force albeit rag-tag

    • Are James says:

      On the PL12.
      Does it have a terminal active mode where it uses its own radar and other sensors to guide itself to target independent of the parent aircraft radar???.
      If it does not do this and if it cannot deploy counter-counter measures to ensure constant lock on even the most evasive of targets then don’t compare PL12 with AMRAAM.

  62. lachit says:

    there r pod mounted irst in-case there r no nose mounted irst

    final version of NAMICA (nag mounted missile carrier) .

    the turret is light enough to be mounted on multiple vehicles wheeled or tracked.
    it carries 6 third generation NAG top attack and direct attack tandem warhead “fire-and-forget” anti tank missiles.

    the turret has
    1.stabilized gunners target acquisition system (thermal imager , laser range finder and CCD)
    2.independent commanders stabilized target acquisition system (thermal imager , laser range finder and CCD)

    also jf17 block 2 is undergoing flight tests in china with maws sensors and inflight refuelling probe

    till now wonder why all flight tests have been done in china

    • lachit says:

      and can target helicopters too

    • Are James says:

      NAMICA is made in what country?

    • lachit says:

      Indie 😀

    • lachit says:

      u forgot 😀
      recently I had posted video of HELINA (helicopter launched NAG) missile destroying a tank and in return u had posted a link to a article on Israeli active protection system

    • lachit says:

      NAG means cobra snake
      it was given the name because like the cobra snake the missile can do a manoeuvre similar to a cobra it does half S manoeuvre i.e. before the target it raises itself and swoops down at a steep angle to attack the top of the tank (which is the weakest armoured portion)
      and if required it can attack directly .
      this missile has been tested for a long time and is the only missile in the world to have a complete composite body and can pick up targets even at insane high temperatures where the target and the surroundings are barely distinguishable in the infra red region.

      the javelin and spike had failed the intensive test trials conducted in India at high temperatures because at long ranges their seeker failed to distinguish their targets from the background due to the seeker sensor itself getting heated up , India solved it by installing a small CRYOGENIC refrigerator 😀 into the seeker to keep it way cooler than the high temperature surroundings thus increasing sensitivity of the IIR seeker.

      • Are James says:

        Wow. How did they rig the fridge in there,

      • lachit says:

        it is implementation of in house developed miniature Stirling cryocooler technology for the NAGs Infrared Focal Plane array
        yes It uses a cryogenic liquid but not sure if it is nitrogen , nitrogen use will increase weight AFAIK

      • lachit says:

        sorry made a stupid mistake 😀 no cryogenic liquid is used here .
        what was I even thinking my thermodynamic has done to hell !!!! my professor would have my head for it if he knew about it 😀

        The Stirling cooler basically works on the principle of Stirling cycle. It conceptually works by employing a pump to cyclically press the working fluid and passing it back and forth
        between the hot and cold regions across a regenerative heat exchanger.

        here the working fluid is HELIUM gas not liquid nitrogen.

        various types of Stirling cryocooler technology at Solid State Physics Laboratory (SSPL), have been developed like
        1.linear motor driven integral and split FPFD cryocoolers in single and dual piston configurations.
        2. integrated cooler of crank driven type
        3.state-of-the-art integral Brushless DC (BLDC) motor crank-driven type highly miniaturized coolers of capacities ranging from 0.25 to 0.5W at 80K.

        One of the critical technologies in the development of cryocooler is the development of an efficient brushless DC (BLDC) motor. It is the crucial component of the cryocooler system and to a large extent the performance of the system depends on this.
        when it comes to high efficiency and power savings in the battlefield, where the later is limited. A specially designed BLDC motor with a compact on-board integrated electronics has been developed to suit the desired physical and other characteristics governing the system performance. The inbuilt demand control is able to regulate the target space temperature within ±1 K. The motor is equipped with advance features like standby, shut-down and cool-down indicator modes. The motor delivers a maximum power of 20 W with efficiency close to 75 per cent even at the highest of working speeds.

        u see the small circular cylinder with a metal band at the back it is the cyrocooler integrated with the brushless DC (BLDC) motor.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Interesting concept. I feel that a thermoacoustic engine would have delivered a more compact and efficient system than a Stirling engine. Do you know if that was considered and discarded?
        Oga, also, what efficiency are you referring to with the ” 75 per cent “?

      • lachit says:

        requirements of cyro-coolers for high performance cooled infrared focal plane array limits (to my knowledge) to designs using Stirling or Joule-Thomson. but Stirling is preferred due to better efficiency, low mass, compactness and relatively low production cost.but still Joule-Thomson is used for some thermal vision devices.

        thermoacoustic engine is not applicable here because as of now it is applicable for refrigeration but still has not made it to cryogenics in practice. it has great potential.
        maybe some labs in US JAPAN etc are doing research / have made a breakthrough but india did not opt for it as it is a very niche and research intensive technology.

        oga, also, what efficiency are you referring to with the ” 75 per cent “?
        I am unable to understand the question
        it is obvious, efficiency of the motor 😀
        torque produced per watt or power out divided by power in etc

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga lachit, I don’t agree with you. There are thermoacoustic cryocoolers and their methods of operation are publicly available in several papers (eg; therefore India must have sidestepped them for some other reason.

        As for efficiency, an engine can have several types, electrical, mechanical, thermal, energy conversion etc. I’m just really curious about it.

      • lachit says:

        energy conversion efficiency 😀

        thank u for the link but the main notes require login .

        I mentioned before my brain cells r dying fast , maybe too fast 😀
        and to be fair it has been quite a time I had anything to do with real hardcore academics 😀

        pulse tube refrigerator/pulse tube cryocooler is one of the regenerator-based thermoacoustic devices
        and are in use
        they are of 2 types
        Pulse Tube ( Stirling type )
        Pulse Tube ( Gifford-McMahon type)

        and I guess india did not opt for this because they wanted to stay within their capabilities take the safest and less risky 2nd best option .
        but I guess in the coming years the next cryocoolers will be pulse tube cyrocoolers if they can manage to do it

      • lachit says:

        and am really sorry for the confusion/wrong info
        I should have verified

      • lachit says:

        talk about embarrassment on a international scale hehehehe
        hope nobody is laughing 😀
        darn just don’t tell me ok 😀

      • doziex says:

        Yeah @ Lachit, I remember an indian movie I watched as a kid. The snake girl I think it was called. About NAG and NAGINA .

        Must mean a male and female cobra then.

      • lachit says:

        LMAO 😀

  63. lachit says:

    under water glider for sonar mapping, detection, search and destroy functions

    autonomous underwater vehicle for mine hunting and submarine hunting

    both of these are in prototype stage and in developmental testing

  64. lachit says:

    under water glider for sonar mapping, detection, search and destroy functions

  65. lachit says:

    autonomous underwater vehicle for mine hunting and submarine hunting

    both of these are in prototype stage and in developmental testing

  66. lachit says:

    Nigeria can look to co-develop some of these based on her requirements leading to saving on money and resources

  67. Henry says:

    Oga(Sir) Lachit, thank you!

    I know you’re an intelligence officer, but still…… thank you.

  68. lachit says:

    lolzz I am not an intelligence official because then I would be bound by non-disclosure agreement and internet shanigens would be kept under surveillance and close scrutiny .
    it is the norm.
    and lastly would be too busy to blog thanks to jihadi terrorists 😀

    hypothetically maybe I have worked 😀 with intel groups . nothing highfi
    I did mention once software related and other small unrelated things.
    but I know many within my circle

    I still remember when beegeagle decided to let me in he verified my IP address and said it was from Kolkata west Bengal .
    it made me smile : D because he got it wrong by thousands of kms.
    by the way beegeagle where is he ? I hope he comes back.

  69. Augustine says:

    Oga Solorex, thank you for your long comment on Su-34 Vs Su-30.

  70. Augustine says:

    Oga Henry, I did not destroy my own argument, I actually demolished yours beyond repair my dear brother.

    1. True as you say, I advocated for JF-17 Thunder procurement on this blog, I did it for the sake of plugging a dangerous national security gap with Chad flying MiG-29 jets next door to Nigeria and gaining TOTAL air superiority over NAF and my observation that NAF has refused to buy Su-30 after evaluation.

    So what should I have done? Advocate for F-7 to remain as NAF air superiority jet or keep asking for Su-30 that will not be purchased unless miracle change of policy happens? I guess you think it was wrong for me to have applied reality to my usual noise making.

    The JF-17 is a multi-role jet fighter, it does both air superiority and strike roles, meaning it is a fighter and a bomber at the same time. However, I added the fact that the current block II is more skewed or inclined to strike role based on it’s 350 km strike missile range compared to it’s 65 km air superiority missile range and lack of IRST.

    2. J-10 jet option? Bros, the J-10 is having the same PL-12 missile as the J-17. Also, the J-10 is a bag of many rumours and unproven claims, what radar is on it? Pulse Doppler or AESA? Nobody can prove. The J-10 is only having a slight edge over the JF-17 in speed due to it’s single Flanker engine that gives more speed than the Fulcrum engine. Verifiable official specs of the J-10 are in doubt especially it’s true radar type and combat range, data not available to public. J-10 is not worth it, or has anybody rushed to buy it yet except China? JF-17 beat the J-10 to get export orders, that tells you something. The JF-17 block III projected capability is what the J-10 is trying to achieve but has not succeeded yet.

    Have you asked why Pakistan is buying new F-16 jets to add to JF-17 and not buying the J-10 to augment their JF-17 ? It’s because Pakistan knows that the difference between a JF-17 Block III and J-10 with all planned full capabilities, will be about the same in overall capability.

    3. As to your claim that the Chadian air force with 3 units of 4th generation upgraded MiG-29 Fulcrum C jets with 25 BVR missiles having about 80 km BVR missile range, and 10 units of Su-25 Frogfoot is not an air force, I ask you how Nigerian air force with 10 units of tiny weak tooth and obsolete F-7 jets, with no single Su-25 Frogfoot is then an air force?

    I guess you do not know what Chad’s MiG-29 Fatback variant is, neither do you have any idea of it’s new types of modernized avionic upgrades for this Fulcrum C variant, it beats the older Fulcrum A and Fulcrum B variants.

    Chad is flying the best and latest MiG-29S Fulcrum C Fatback variant that is only surpassed by the vector thrusting MiG-29 OVT which has super-maneuverability like the Su-30 Flanker.

    The Chadian air force flies MiG-29 Fatback, each carries 7 BVR missiles with radar and missile range approximating 80 km, pilots are Europeans with European training, you can fly JF-17 against them and expect a tough fight that only God knows who will win, the MiG-29 Fatback has double the engines of the JF-17 Thunder, and thus the MiG-29 has much more thrust power, more speed, more radar range, and more missile range, more BVR missile payload.

    I have no complaint, at least both countries’ aircraft are 4th generation jets and closely comparable, I can say Nigeria and Chad are now closely matched with 3 such jets each, then Chad has NO MORE air superiority over Nigeria.

    We all have the current listening and visionary NAF Chief of air staff to thank for this relief, at least we can challenge Mighty Mouse in the air, he too will think twice before flying to harass or violate Nigerian airspace at will like the renegade unpredictable warlord he is.

    4. Please sir, DO NOT MAKE THAT ERROR OF A STATEMENT AGAIN my oga and brother, the Su-30 SM is a multi-role jet fighter with capability for both air superiority and strike, and according to Sukhoi manufacturers’s official website, Su-30 SM carries EXACTLY the same type and number of strike weapons as the Su-34 Fighter Bomber.

    5. I see your claim that Nigeria’s need has always been NAF strike capability for decades, but is the situation still the same today? In those olden days of 1970s and 1980s, no country in West Africa or francophone neighbour had any interceptor jet at all. Today 2016, our next door neighbour six inches away from our doorstep is flying MiG-29 Fulcrum C Fatback with BVR missiles.

    So has your own threat assessment not changed or you still live in year 1980s era when Gen. Buhari used Scorpion Aluminium body light tanks to chase Chadian army out from Nigeria back into Chad and was pursuing them deep inside Chadian territory until Shagari told him to stop and turn back home?

    Let our respected Gen.Buratai try a similar game today in repeat mode and see how Chadian Su-25 Frogfoot jets will demolish all Nigerian army Scorpion tanks in 10 minutes, and no F-7 jet from NAF base will have the audacity or courage to go intercept a Chadian Su-25 that is escorted by a MiG-29.

    6. Can you show us any country that flies Su-34 only without flying any Su-30 ? NONE, you will find none ! Russia has today about 360 units of Su-27/Su-30 Flankers but about 60 units of Su-34 Fullbacks in service. The Russian plan estimated by observers is to have about 800 Fulcrums and Flankers and about 200 Fullbacks. Go ask Algeria why they first bought a whole 56 units of Su-30 MK Flanker before now buying just only 12 units of Su-34 Fullback.

    Never mind asking Russia why it sent both Su-34 and Su-30 SM together to Syria, and not the Su-34 Fullback alone. It’s because experienced Russian air force marshals know the real life game of air warfare and cannot trust the Su-34 to survive alone in a battle space where NATO air superiority inclined jets like F-16C, F-18C, the Typhoon, and the Rafale jets are controlling the air.

    6. Lastly, this your story that Su-34 will do strike for NAF and we do not need a better air superiority/strike multi-role jet like Su-30 SM….have you forgotten what happened to the junior brother of the Su-34 just few months ago? That Su-24 jet went on bombing mission and Turkey did not respond with ground based air defence SAM, they responded with air superiority F-16 jets and the Su-24 fighter bomber was shot down like a pigeon blown out of the sky.

    Any enemy whose air defence cannot be penetrated by JF-17 is a formidable foe and he will likely have top class air superiority inclined jets like Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Angola, and Egypt. Those kind of air forces do not rely on strike inclined aircraft for air superiority roles.

    So what makes you think or prophecy correctly that NAF in the future will only face an opponent that requires Su-34 to deal with and not an enemy that will respond to our Su-34 invasion by scrambling up into the air with Su-30 MK, F-16 C, or Rafale jet to intercept us and engage in air to air battle for air superiority, forcing the Su-34 to fight against superior aircraft when it goes on a bombing mission? Sure we like to see the Su-34 face jets that have superior speed, IRST, and a full load of 10 BVR and 2 WVR air to air missiles, 12 missiles against the Su-34 having 4 missiles for self defence on a bombing mission.

    I guess you need to look again into your crystal ball my brother, because my own prophecy too is also showing clearly inside that oracle of the future. Thanks you.

  71. lachit says:


    read ur comment posted above.
    all is well and good because viewpoints will always vary.
    but point no 2 had me gasping for air 😀

    on the funny side u my friend will kick up some serious rift bet. Pakistan and china.
    don’t worry I aint complaining 😀

    • Augustine says:

      Oga lachit, funny one there 👅. You won’t complain my friend, because I just destroyed the J-10 and it’s seemingly endless propaganda of capabilities. The JF-17 has been more open on its specs data factsheet. Only God knows what is truly inside that J-10 and what is not truly there.👅

      Please lachit, my two long standing questions that I always ponder and have no confirmed answer….WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF INDIA’S MONEY USED TO BUY ALL HER EXPENSIVE MILITARY HARDWARE IN HUGE NUMBERS and how is Indian economy feeling the effect of these massive scale of endless non-stop yearly defense spending❓

      • Are James says:

        The source of the money is simple. India is now the best economy in the world.
        1. Low importation level of finished goods – a national policy since the 60s
        2. Low oil prices
        3. Large population and economic size.
        4. High exports and income level from global services – call centers, computer coding, bollywood, research
        5. Diaspora remittances almost 100bn dollars if you tally carefully

      • lachit says:

        how is Indian economy feeling the effect of these massive scale of endless non-stop yearly defense spending❓

        me thinks the nations financial wastage due to inefficiency and other causes if calculated will be near about the entire defence budget 😀

        where did u see massive scale of endless non-stop yearly defence spending lolzzz
        army capital budget from last year (capital budget is used for acquiring new weapons) was returned almost intact.

        and there was no significant purchases for the armed forces for the last 3-4 years
        only deals on paper and negotiation lolzzz

        rafale zero
        tracked artillery system zero
        truck mounted artillery system zero
        tracked anti aircraft gun missile system zero
        light artillery zero
        apache and Chinook helicopters zero
        400+ helicopters for all three services zero
        200 Kamov-226T helicopters zero
        60 + transport aircrafts zero
        anti-tank missiles zero
        submarines 75i zero
        ShinMaywa US-2 zero
        and the list goes on and on

        it is very funny 😀

    • Augustine says:

      Chief Are James, in a lighter mood, may I ask you and Chief Henry, why India is buying more Su-30 MK and not Su-34 Fullback ? 😀😀

      • Are James says:

        1. They are heavily invested in the MK series. It is a partly Indian plane when you look at money and the development work on the upgrades.
        2. The threat assessment looking at Pakistan probably tilted it on balance to the MK series , not because it is better or more capable just aircraft characteristics against F16 Block 52 .
        3. The PAK FA another partially Indian owned 4+++ (some say 5gen) fighter is coming and it is superior to both MK and 34. It makes more sense to buy more of the familiar for now whilst expediting the work on the more revolutionary PAK FA. I take it you accept that India is the senior partner in all these deals anyway. Please forget Russia ‘s super power rating for now hunger no good for body. Money rules anyday.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Iran is now also interested in buying the Su 30, as well as producing them right there in Iran

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Are James, your ‘familiarity’ excuse for the Su-30 MKI new purchase is a funny excuse. So is India also familiar with the Rafale? So why is India, a country that is arming up to strike China if war happens again, why is India now buying Rafale jet for $150 million each instead of the Su-34 Fullback for $55 million each?

      • jimmy says:

        I will leave the technical arguments to you, however .In answer to your question the recent Indian acquisitions of with regards to Airframes has been one of Vacillation between the Rafael’s (France) and the SU 30s (Russia)
        Let’s go to the French, this deals for the Rafael’s has been on again and off with India trying to get every discount they can, with the French saying non , non.This is an overpriced plane and apart from Saudi Arabia err Egypt no one wants to pay that kind of money.
        Russia, Ivan does not play with his money and know despite the denials they are being used as a counterweight to India’s flip flopping, considering the last SU 30s they got, they had to add quite a few upgrade, why would they go back for?

  72. Henry says:

    Are James, the PAK-FA is not partially indian owned. The indians only have an agreement with Sukhoi to jointly develop the FGFA program.

    “According to you, the T-50 is a 4++ GEN program?”…… LMAO at some of the comments you make on this board.

    By you analogy, the SU-35 has to be 4GEN, while the SU-30SM is 3.5 GEN and the SU-30 is 3 GEN.

    Augustine, why have you been advocating a 3 GEN aircraft for the airforce?

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Henry, abeg where did I advocate a 3rd generation jet for NAF? Is that meant to be a joke or something? I take your comment as a joke because I never said what you are ascribing to me. LOL…my 4+ generation Su-30 SM shot down your Su-34 Fullback yesterday my dear brother, have you found your two pilots? They ejected and I did not use my jet cannon to reconfigure their flesh and bones into Amoeba shape, we stammerers can be merciful people you know 😀😀

    • Are James says:

      The PAK FA is still under development and will be lacking a number 5th Gen characteristics. The only 5th Gen aircraft i know now is the F 22.
      I am not even accepting F 35 as 5th Gen.

      And yes Indian money and software savvy will develop the PAK FA and it will be a partly Indian aircraft.

      The Rafale is a very expensive and high quality aircraft. Countries are buying it purely as a means to have alternative platforms so as to not be sruck with a single option when hostilities break out.
      Most of the new aircraft we are hearing about are unproven. Correction all the latest exportable AIRCRAFT except the Rafale and now the SU 34 are unproven so divining why countries are buying expensive Rafale is is purely risk management and proven reliability of delivery over a long time.

    • Augustine says:

      Patrol Niger Delta pipelines with low cost low maintenance Super Mushak light propeller aircraft. Day and Night surveillance flights, using mixed FLIR, Radar, day/night TV camera variants of Super Mushak, NN should own 12 Mushaks for the operations. NN Agusta helicopters equipped with long range high power air to surface searchlights on standby for navy riflemen insertion at points where Mushak finds pipeline vandals. By the way, why are Nigerian navy Agusta AW 109 helos operating SAR missions without FLIR ? Pilots pop eye through the windows to find objects down below? Who bought those navy Agusta helicopters dry like that for search and rescue missions? No radar, no FLIR, no TV camera pods ? Abi I no look am well well?

  73. lachit says:

    speaking of artillery u guys seriously need motorised artillery systems , either truck or track based.
    100 of these will make a lot of difference

    • Are James says:

      Already identified as a component in a system that includes ISR aircraft, UAVs and good real time communication of coordinates to the SP artillery batteries. We are already doing this but I suspect we need more batteries and expendables.

    • Kay says:

      Something is sometimes wrong with ours here regarding improvising. The Syrians have modified especially Mercedes civilian trucks to five different arty conversions. S to S missiles, howitzers and so. They’re not scrambling around waiting for Ukraine or Cz to export their own pieces before we can field them. I’ll be surprised if Proforce can not add armour to a Mercedes truck cabin while NA engineers add artillery systems on a reinforced truck bed.
      If we can look into that the better.

      • doziex says:

        Yeah men, or we could do the same with trucks from the indian owned Ashok-leyland plant in I think lagos.
        They have being manufacturing heavy tonnage trucks for NA.

        At least until IVM start manufacturing heavy tonnage trucks.

  74. Henry says:

    Oga Augustine, you don’t need me to tell you my comment was a joke. I was mocking the comment made by Are James, who called the T-50 a 4++ Generation aircraft, and many other hilarious comments he made in his post.

    • Are James says:

      You need to list all features that combine to give 5gen and realistically ask yourself how much the FG FA programme can realistically deliver. I maintain that the aircraft is 4+++

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Henry, no shaking, we all dey bam ! I feel your humour vibes my bros. I troway salute. Cheers.

  75. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Dear Ogas, Though Ukraine operates and carries out a lot of technical activities on the SU-25, contrary to the general thinking the main manufacturers of the SU-25 aircraft outside Russia is the Tblilisi Aircraft Manufacturers (TAM) in Georgia. I am privy to the fact that after the last Georgia/Russia conflict a line of 24-30 neatly parked and upgraded aircrafts were offered to Nigeria ( not from the scrap yard), with full support and tech transfer ( To carryout all scheduled maintenance, training of crew and personnel, the lot included 3-4 dual seater trainers) for under $10M with full EFIS cockpit of the ramp. This was due to the restriction placed by Russia and cancellation of their pre-war orders. A few of this aircraft were bought by a South American Country. Also TAM was rumoured to have meant to attend the last NAF air show that was cancelled to prove that the Alpha jet that was thwarted so much was no match for the SU-25 aircraft in all aspects. The Su 25 has never offered or sold for any where for $30M USD.
    The first Sukhoi SU-25 (known in the West as the “Frogfoot”) close support aircraft took its maiden voyage from the runway of Tbilisi State Association. Since then, more than 800 SU-25s have been delivered to the customers worldwide. From the first SU-25 to the present day, JSC Tbilaviamsheni is only manufacturer of this type of aircraft. Along with the SU-25 aircraft Tbilisi State Association also launched large scale production of air-to-air R-60 and R-73 IR guided missiles, a production effort that built over 6,000 missiles a year and that lasted until the early 1990s.

    In the mid 1980s Tbilisi Aircraft State Association also participated in former Soviet space program “Buran” (the Soviet analog of Space Shuttle) by manufacturing and assembling various parts and assemblies for this program.

    In the late 1990s there was a joint project of Tbilaviamsheni and the Georgian Space Constructions’ Institute to design and produce the space antenna-reflector which were successful used in their first attempt on Russian space station “MIR”.

    Since 2001, TAM is constructing the Su-25U, upgrading the Su-25 to the Su-25KM Scorpion and also constructing and marketing civilian Very light jet (VLJ) known as the TamJet.
    Georgia is developing a version of the Su-25 ground attack aircraft that replaces all the Russian-origin parts with European or Israeli substitutes.
    The effort is being undertaken by the state defense company Tbilaviastroy, which under Soviet times was the center of Su-25 production and now carries outrepair and renovations of the aircraft.
    Hostile relations between Tbilisi and Moscow obviously hamstrung Georgia’s work on the Su-25, which relied heavily on Russian-produced parts and subsystems. And the situation got especially bad after the 2008 war between the two countries: “the plant had simply no other way out after approximately 2008, when Moscow imposed a total ban on exports of any products to Georgia of a military or dual use,” said Irakli Aladashvili, a reporter for Georgian newspaper Kviris Palitra.
    Georgia had tried various routes out of this situation, such as proposing joint production withAzerbaijan and cooperating with Israel. But now, Aladashvili reports, citing company director Nodar Beridze, Tbilaviastroy is going all the way and creating a version of the Su-25 without any Russian parts whatsoever. The new aircraft would be called the Ge-31, or “Bora.”
    The Bora’s fuselage and wings would be manufactured in Georgia, while engines, electronic systems, and so on will be procured in France, Italy, and the UK, according to Beridze. The Su-25 is still a popular aircraft around the world, so it could potentially have a large export market.
    It’s worth noting, though, that the report comes shortly after Georgia’s defense minister publiclycalled out Georgia’s state defense industry, accusing it of making “non-functional” products and operating with murky business practices. Announcing an exciting new product is certainly a way to emphasize your relevance and deflect political criticism.

    • Kay says:

      Thanks for this Captain T. SU 25 for all intents suits the current threats better than most. I’d hope we’d be able to still get a few regardless of questions about availability.

      Worthy of note is our airpower can make a huge difference. Even rag tags groups like in Libya were able to easily wipe out trained army units. Tide in Syria also got flipped once the right mix was deployed.

      I don’t care for the current airframe debacle, I just hope that those in the know would eventually make an effort to choose the right equipment that can effectively suppress without too many limitations any current or future threats we may be facing.

  76. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    IN 2014 , 12 of this aircrafts with full compliment of ordnance and spares were sold for under 150M USD , it included various rockets , guided missiles , training missiles, spare parts, etc to last a number of years

  77. jimmy says:
    The mine clearing equipment appears to be rigged up to an apc that is similar to the CHINESES MADE APC that was bought 2014/2015 by the CAMEROONIANS
    Point of correction the Joint Nigerian and Cameroonia SF/ BIR are fightting/ linking up in practically villages that have double meaning depending on where your leg land KIRAWA is the Nigerian version Kerawa however is the Cameroonian version and is a town BH invaded and stayed last year Dec2015 for over 12 hours before PRESIDENT PAUL BIYA ordered retaken at all costs, my educated guess is ” fighting”, took place in Kerawa and spilled into Nigeria this is my gut feeling.

  78. Henry says:

    LMFAO…… Are James do you seriously believe these things you’re currently typing? LOL

    Since it is you who won’t accept the fighters as 5GEN, myself like the rest of the world go with actual data from the experts who are knowledgeable and build these advanced aircrafts

    In the future, do not try to pass your opinion as fact, thank you.

  79. jimmy says:

    oga beegs one of my blogs is still awaiting MODERATION , please can you help me retrieve it.

  80. Sokoto says:

    Somali President says Boko Haram fighters are training in his country ! abeg FG Su 34 oooo

  81. lachit says:

    iran seems to signed a deal for lots of su30
    the Iranians r buzzing in all the blogs

    as of now pakfa has to show its full potential which it cant do until it gets its new engines which is still in development .
    theoretically pakfa is a 5 gen
    but practically it has to do a lot to achieve it, since it is still in testing

    • Are James says:

      PAK FA is not 5th Gen. I am not an expert but from pictures alone it will not meet up to RCS requirements and the engines are not well shrouded.
      The supercruise ability remains to be verified in practice and the big one ‘Netcentricity’ in the true sense will take some years of work .
      F35 is not also 5G. Rafale and Euro fighter don’t pretend to be which is okay.

    • lachit says:

      in a friendly spirit
      I said almost same
      pakfa is theoretically expected to be 5 gen which means its blueprint has features which will qualify as 5 gen features. some of it has been realised during the testing phase while others are being worked on. in future weather all of it will be achievable or not remains to be seen.

      when the final production variant comes out only then will it be possible to tag it as 5th gen or not since it is still evolving through its successive prototypes.
      features r always included in prototypes in successive stages not at one go.
      therefor to judge it now will be a very rookie mistake.

      “but from pictures alone it will not meet up to RCS requirements and the engines are not well shrouded”
      I really find it difficult to understand this logic how is it possible to access/judge the RCS from picture/videos accurately or even figuratively.

      lolzzz then what is the use of building multi million dollar **anechoic chamber** facilities only US, 2/3 European countries, china, Russia , India have these facilities.
      I can assure u the pakfa model has undergone hundreds of tests for RCS optimization .
      pakfa utilizes/seeks to utilize a no of technologies for reduced RCS
      Purpose shaping (done)
      Active cancellation (done)
      RAM coating (done)
      and last but not the least plasma stealth (being worked on)

      the engines are not well shrouded ???
      lolzzz radar signature from the engine blades is first blocked by
      1.serpentine inlet design
      2.then by the radial radar blocker

      it is the only aircraft which sports / intends to sport both X and L band radars together lolzz it is a stealth detector and mini awacs combined.

      sensor fusion and Netcentricity will take time to mature because testing debugging takes time and is a life long process.

      the engine is a problem which was pointed out by India , but the later production versions will use the in development izdeliye 30 engine . and as for the flat nozzles for reduced IR signature , the tech. for it has already been tested on migs or sukhois I cant remember exactly so at a later date it can be added if deemed necessary.

      aircrafts take time to mature and are new tech. are included / upgraded in a step by step manner . why do u think F 35 is taking so much time . why do u think rafale euro fighter r being given added capabilities in a step by step manner and still have to realize their full potential and why do u think LCA being built by inexperienced India is taking such a long time.

      I can say more but I don’t want to write a long post
      plz read the patent file document of PAKFA it is available online for better understanding of the features it has/ or seeks to incorporate. also majority r classified

      • lachit says:

        the radial radar blocker comes first into play and the serpentine intakes does rest of the work

      • Are James says:

        I was mainly addressing thermal stealth i.e. IR signature from engine exhausts when I mentioned exposed engines. The PAK FA is ridiculous in this area. Also they don’t have real radar stealth – the RCS is only low in some aspects as admitted by Russia itself. They wanted to have SU 30 maneuverability and Stealth in the same airframe .
        That is very possible but will take more work.
        Finally how are they going to do the whole business of secure network centric operation, data handling, protocols for hands off between aircraft and so on. There are many systems engineering issues that the solutions are not native to Russia.

        The problem might be one of development doctrine – i.e. following a western standard of what 5th Gen should be instead of looking for ways to counter it and actually looking for a more original approach to how air warfare should develop that they have not thought about in the west.

  82. lachit says:

    I am going to give some examples which can be done and developed in Nigeria itself .
    it will increase the situational awareness and help in get the first strike even before the enemy comes sees you

    telescopic mast mounted long range recon. observation and surveillance system (LORROS)

    u need systems with ranges > 50 km
    day and night operation
    image processing capability.
    continuous IR zoom
    integrated cooler for better sensitivity (kola adekola :D)
    etc etc

  83. lachit says:

    something like this if not better

  84. Sir Kay says:

    I think this article is full of rubbish, these people are concerned about attacking IDP camps, yet its okay to go into villages and burn people to death, including babies, some strange mentality there.
    And if shekau is alive, we would have seen this fool on video, i doubt he is

  85. lachit says:

    Japanese Mitsubishi X2 Stealth Aircraft

    it is going to use fly by optics instead of fly by wire
    India had previously sent a team to japan to understand / study the fly by optics technology which uses light to send signal to the actuators of the control surfaces via optical cables.

    plus another spin off is the FOG-M (fibre optically guided – missile ) for NLOS anti tank/bunker bursting missiles.
    india utilized the info from the visit to lunch the development of 16-30 km range canisterized vertically lauched NLOS missiles for anti armour and bunker busting/ bund bursting role.

    FOG-M is next futuristic iteration of wire guided missiles and if combined with on-board dual sensors after mid course guidance via FOG will provided 100% pinpoint accuracy under all weather conditions and full immunity from all kind of counter measures at very extended ranges beyond line of sight.

    this is how u exploit tech for different purposes if u don’t have the necessary technological background in a particular field.

  86. lachit says:

    also for the previous comments on rafale and su34
    I want to say there is a major difference why rafale and not su34 was selected that is

    SU34 cannot do terrain following missions because its radars and related sub systems don’t support it.
    while the rafale has a advanced terrain following system which allows the jet to undertake ground hugging or terrain hugging flight missions which the su34 simply cannot do.

    I am reporting this straight from the horse mouth

  87. Sir Kay says:

    Nigeria Customs intercepts 1,000 rounds of ammunition imported from U.S.

    The Tin-Can Island Command of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has intercepted a 40 ft. container with 980 rounds of 9mm type live ammunition and a pistol imported into the country from the U.S.

    The spokesman of the command, Chris Osunkwo, made the disclosure in a statement on Tuesday in Lagos.

    According to the statement, the area controller of the command, Bashar Yusuf, said the seizure, including camouflage military face cap, camouflage belt, a pair of hand gloves and a pair of shoes, were concealed along with other personal effects in two vehicles.

    Mr. Yusuf said the arms and ammunition and a suspect who was arrested in connection with the seizure, had been handed over to the State Security Service, SSS, for further investigation.

    “A 40 ft container with number CLHU452754/2 with these items has been seized and it is with us and we are transferring them as appropriate to the relevant agency.

    “The items were concealed because nobody can just import these things without full authorisation to do that.

    “No unauthorised passenger or trader should trade in arms and ammunition all over the world. It is not allowed.

    “You have to go through due process; authorization with permit, before you move even one piece across the border of another country.

    “The suspect is with the Directorate of State Security Service for further investigation so that we will get the full details of how he came about these items as well as if there are collaborators within Nigeria or outside Nigeria.

    “It is within their purview to do that,” the controller said.

    The officer-in-charge of SSS at Tin Can Island Port, James Udo, explained the danger such importation could have on members of the public, if it had escaped customs’ attention.

    Mr. Udo said security must be a collective responsibility.

    He said the SSS would conduct further investigation on the importation to unravel those behind it.

    Meanwhile, the command said it generated N24.8 billion as revenue in January 2016 compared to N20.9 billion collected in the corresponding period of last year.

    The controller attributed the increase to improved transparency, compliance from clearing agents as well as a robust electronic system.

    • Sir Kay says:

      I say summon the US ambassador to come and explain this lol, not the first time this has happened. Had it been from Iran, like before, the western media will be all on it

    • eyimola says:

      Pretty certain the exports do not breach US law. If they breach Nigerian law, then that will be down to the Nigerian authorities to deal with the importer.

      • Sir Kay says:

        How do you know that oga? Why on earth would the US allow a container full of weapons sent to another Country, a container that doesn’t belong to that Country’s government or military? In my book, that’s a destabilizing act

    • jimmy says:

      Maybe one should not judge a book by it’s cover “Michael Jackson ” aka as the Minister of Communication is NOT my idea of what a Minister but he has been pushing for Nigeria to become more ICT conscious and reluctantly I have to say for Nigeria to have more Satellites in Space, both of which have serious AGRICULTURAL AND DEFENSE implications, lastly it is in Nigeria’s interests at some point to have a purely Military Satellite no bones about it.

  88. jimmy says:

    “NOT my idea of what a Minister should be”

  89. jimmy says:
    Apparently the Nigerian Army is beginning to view us Nigerians as more than” BLOODY CIVILIANS”
    More Avenues of Collaboration would include:
    Gainful employment for recently retired Soldiers as Technical advisers and backup actors to fill in battle scenes.
    This could also be a source of income with scrutiny for the finance dept for the armed forces.
    Lastly it would help to begin to enhance the Military- Civilian relationship , and more crucially just as it is done in the US will serve as a recruiting tool for those Nigerians who really want to join the Nigerian Armed Forces.

    • Augustine says:

      Defence budget 2016 might be adjusted a bit with likely changes in capital non-combat vehicles purchases and some general recurrent expenditure items too. We might save a few million dollars by re-adjusting ‘duplicated sundry items and many duplicated provision’ here and there. Expect some delay in budgeted money being released to NA, NN, NAF.

      • jimmy says:

        For reasons that will appear later on in the year and will slowly becoming more apparent, CAPITAL EXPENDITURE will dominate this budget over recurrent even in the Armed forces specifically
        1) Army
        2) Navy
        3) Airforce
        I prefer to wait and see but the mass sacking,/ purging is to show you how serious the Budget fiasco is being taken.
        Please remember this name:
        Mr. Ben Akabueze as the Special Adviser on Planning to the Minister of Budget and National Planning.
        “B.A” has been in the APC Lagos top echelon for a while and he is going to ensure things get done properly he was a commissioner for planning under the out gone Lagos state Gov Bababtunde Fashola he is used to getting things done.
        Anyway leave those southies alone let them continue to leave in dreamland.

      • I do not beleive Capital expenditure will overshadow curren in this budget. I do not expect capital exp to exceed 35-40%. Reducing recurrent exp is a marathon and not a sprint. It a medium to long term target. Capital exp cld happen in some specific areas but it won be a general phenomenon.

  90. lachit says:

    can anybody identify what type of warhead it is?

    eg high explosive AT , penetration cum blast (PCB) , fragmentation etc etc

    • Are James says:

      PCB of course

      • Augustine says:

        American warplanes bomb ISIS in Libya

        Reason why I say Nigeria should leave Libya for NATO powers to do air stikes. Let us just mind our own Boko Haram business by securing our borders, increasing army combatant personnel numbers and arming up all three armed forces powerfully for any contingency. We should do that instead of talking about buying Su-34 Fullback to fly beyond it’s range to go and operate in far away airspaces of countries that do not want Nigeria parading military power via their territory.

    • lachit says:

      thermobaric + fragmentation

  91. Sir Kay says:

    This thread is having errors or something, guess its time to move on from here, it’s been fun

    • Augustine says:

      Maybe Oga Beegs wants us all to have new year break/rest period from mid January to mid March, just guessing and thinking aloud. Abi wetin una think ogas?

  92. drag_on says:

    I personally wont leave issues of our national security to another nation o!.We have to watch Libya and plan accordingly.From Libya all the way down to Nigeria are weak states that can’t oppose ISIS,so if there was to be a battle ground against ISIS it would be Nigeria and we certainly don’t want that.Better to blow up stuff abroad than at home.
    Syria has been able to stop ISIS expansion because of a formidable regime in the Assad government now back up by Russia.Libya is a Failed state ripe for the plucking by ISIS .All the rival groups there are at each others throat creating a power vacuum that ISIS seems to want to exploit.We have to be ready.ISIS has been losing ground is Syria and Iraq so the obvious solution is to open a new front in Libya.Every day we sit down counting our toes ISIS seem to be spreading in Africa and working with different terrorist groups from Al shabab to BH.
    That US air-strike from a UK base is in actuality a retaliation for the death of the Us/UK citizens in the Tunisia attack.It is not a military plan.
    My proposal for short term long range strike platform remains the same no fantasizing;
    Excess Soviet stock SU27s configured for ground attack @ $10M each approx.The fact it can carry 12-14 hard-points with tremendous range is enough for me.Not adding the fact that it is a match for the F-15 resulting in the development of the F-22.
    CAS, SU25’s for medium threat environments.and Multirole JF-17’s.for high threat environments.
    No daydreaming no bulls******.

  93. Sir Kay says:

    came across this, pretty interesting, the pics that is, not sure who owns the blog, so not promoting it

    • Sir Kay says:

      That blog claimed Nigeria is getting the Rustom-2 drone from India, wow, that thing is massive

      • Are James says:

        Ruston 2 is a MALE. That would be a splendid acquisition. We may be buying more CH3As as well.

      • lachit says:

        this should give a better idea about the size
        the Rustom-2 MAL UAV has a wingspan of 20.4m and length of 10.1m lolzzz it is big 😀
        Rustom-2 which weights 1.8 ton and can carry 350 kg of payload more than that of predator or heron .

        by the way the guy in that blog photo-shopped the rustom-2 pictures and armed it with quad pack hellfire’s and a PGM
        not that I mind LMAO 😀
        good job

      • Are James says:

        Could India have transferred some Ruston UAVs to Nigeria for combat trials?.

      • lachit says:

        to tell the truth I am not privy to details relating to UAVs

        but according to open source info rustom 2 was doing ground taxi trails a few months back.
        and so logical conclusion will be it is still in testing ie prototype stage.

    • lachit says:

      I am scratching my head here !!!!
      RUSTOM 2 is still in development

      RUSTOM consists of 3 variants
      1.RUSTOM-I (Tactical UAV with endurance of 12 Hours)
      2.RUSTOM-H (larger UAV with flight endurance of over 24 hours) (I am clueless about this version though, maybe it is the test bed for RUSTOM 2)
      3.RUSTOM-2 (Unmanned combat air vehicle based on RUSTOM-H model with flight endurance of over 35 hours)

      better look for tie up / co development with this one

      Indian Unmanned Strike Air Vehicle (IUSAV), codenamed AURA , details are classified but research is going on especially on the engines

    • lachit says:

      everything was going fine with RUSTOM-2 when jackass US govt. decided to embargo the transfer of actuators for UAV which it had previously cleared for export and in the process forcing us to indigenously develop it recently thus costing us lot of time.
      what purpose did it serve ? nothing
      we finally developed our own tech so the embargo backfired , and after that they offered us predators , lolzzz we decided to mess with them and asked for complete transfer of technology which we knew they will refuse , so this attempt of theirs also backfired.
      in the case of military tech never trust the US . they always try to keep u dependent on them , so u got to play them hard , and depending on ur bargaining skills u might just get away with it 😀

      RUSTOM 1 armed with 2 HELINA (7.5km range) missiles

  94. lachit says:

    and personally I think Nigeria should buy CH-4 from china
    and after gaining adequate experience from its usage , go about reverse engineering it.
    discretely of course with enough design differences just to escape IPR scrutiny 😀
    I think India will not mind to join hands, just saying if u r into technical troubles , win-win situation for both.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga drag_on my brother , it is a new NATO MILITARY PLAN TO CONTINUE ATTACKING ISIS IN LIBYA. I said this two weeks ago before the American air strike on ISIS in Tripoli of this week, what I said will happen is now happening. I am not talking imaginary opinions, I am on ground, one of the defence ministers of the NATO countries involved in the new military plan looked at us face to face and told us at the public conference where we questioned him, he said that NATO will never allow ISIS grow strong in Libya, he said NATO will strike them to death and assured us that F-18 Hornet jets and Tornadoes IDS /Eurofighter Typhoons loaded with PGMs are at alert 24 hours from now on for any need that may arise, and also for an impending airstrike now on Libya, it has happened.

      It is a long term NATO MILITARY PLAN….

      “U.S. President Barack Obama said on Tuesday the UNITED STATES WILL CONTINUE to try to prevent Islamic State from establishing a foothold in Libya, where political instability has created an opening for the militant group.

      “We will continue to take actions where we’ve got a clear operation and a clear target in mind,” Obama said at a news conference in California. He said the United States will work with coalition partners to make sure that “AS WE SEE OPPOURTUNITIES to prevent ISIS from digging in in Libya, WE TAKE THEM.”

      As I said, let Nigeria leave strong meat for those who have strong teeth, let us continue to deal with Boko Haram, NAF is not invited by Libya or NATO, so we just need to keep on with our MJNTF.

      Tripoli is 5,000 km round trip from Nigeria for a NAF Su-27/30/34/35 Flanker strike, Mogadishu is 8,000 km away round trip. The great Su-34 has maximum combat range with bomb load, for only about 1,000 km according to manufacturer, so how is NAF hoping to strike ISIS or Al-Shabbab in Libya and Somalia? Never mind the airspaces of many other countries we need to beg for permission to fly armed jets over their lands, Arabs and Francophonies we have to beg because they do not like Nigeria.

      My bros, I am with you for NAF procurement of Sukhoi flanker jets + Sukhoi frogfoot jets + JF-17 Thunder jets…..all for Nigeria’s defence in and around our area of regional influence, not for attempting space travel to Libya or Somalia for a war that is still none of our business, the people who have been invited to the party are already feasting there. Let us not attempt mo gbò mo ya to another man’s owambè party.

      • Sokoto says:

        Is not about like or don’t, for the defense of Nigeria we don’t have to ask to take action. even the US will be forced to collaborat with another country to be capable to strik in Libya (for a air base ). For shebab Kenya can provide us an air base, and its in their interest to do that. or is its Isis-Libya the biggest treat it will Niger-Tchad or Sudan … it will be in their interest because none of this country can stand in front of Isis not even Boko haram … we need Su 34 because its the best plane to do heavy strick on the enemy as long im consern Isis or al shabab or Boko or southsouth guerrilla/Terrorist dont fly jets …

      • Obix says:

        I’ll like to add that the Russians are reporting that Nigeria has shown strong interest in acquiring the SU-32 (export version of the SU-34). The contract is expected to be signed in 2017 when specifications and other issues are sorted out, while deliveries are expected to start in 2020…….

      • Sokoto says:

        Oga Obix this is good news

    • Sir Kay says:

      Just read the “about” section of that blog lol, the name says “Oje”. Lol

  95. lachit says:

    even if u have all the jets at ur disposal what will u gain without real on the ground intelligence.

    even for countries like US there is a limit to actionable intelligence collection using electronics means.

    so as a first u need to strengthen ur external intelligence agency and develop a strong human intelligence network aimed at ur target of interest

  96. Sokoto says: very interesting BOI Weekly: BOI Partners Proforce In Building Security Locally

    • Are James says:

      BOI is the best agency established by the last government. It is one of the few kudos i give to Dr “u know who”. In the past few yesrs, the CEO of BOI has visited PRODA Enugu, HMT Oshogbo, Proforce and others just to work out financial enablement strategies for the nascent manufacturing sector.

      • Sokoto says:

        I agree, When someone does something good it must be said thanks to him. And seriously they should be the one providing MRAP to the Armed Forces all types of MRAPs. because I know that for APC, IFVs… people will be skeptical but if we give them the chance to prove by putting their MRAPs on to the test which im pretty sure they are going to succeed more than the armada of multicolor vehicle coming from all over the globe for a single unit in the army … (how can we win if we use all this equipment who are different from one another …) Im not a soldier but im sure that it s impossible …
        If they succeed something big will be in his way

  97. lachit says:

    it seems KSA has for the first time has publically claimed that it possess nuclear weapons.
    suddenly i understand what it seemed a fantasy to me as told by my intel friends.
    within 1-2 years 2 countries will b de-nuclearized in a orchestrated move by 4+1 countries acting in unison.

    things will only get interesting from here on

  98. abduleez says:

    Seriously ?? @ Lachit… KSA has nuclear weapons, then y should Iran be forced to denuclearize?? These mofos think say dem get sense. If i was Iran i won’t accept. Israel has, SA has and these countries are direct enemies to Iran. Though some might say Iran is a rogue country but what of SA?
    Now this middle eastern pivot now seems funny!!

    And who are the countries whom would soon be denuclearize__ Iran & who’s next??

    • lachit says:

      well the spokesperson said that they, the Saudis have had nuclear WMDs for only the past 2 years, then it can be safely concluded that these WMDs were obtained off-the-shelf from Israel, & not from anywhere else. In all probability the solid-fuelled ballistic missiles too came from Israel with the blessings of US. (previously missiles where from china but they r useless in the present scenario)
      lolzzz beats all common sense doesn’t it.

      many in the internet r saying that Saudis got it from Pakistan but it does not make sense because , the Saudis did fund Pakistan & even provided the US$500 million for the 32 F-16s ordered in the late 1980s. But the Saudis never funded any nuclear WMD-related R & D for Pakistan simply because no such R & D ever took place there! All of Pakistan’s nuclear WMDs & their ballistic missile-based delivery systems have come off-the-shelf from China. Therefore there’s no way any nuclear warhead in Saudi Arabia’s custody is of Pakistani origin.

      plus Chinese support the Russians in Syria and they would not jeopardize the geopolitical scenario in Syria by providing WMD via Pakistan , because Russia would then demand answers.

      Iran does not/ never had workable nuclear devices as for now , WHO is going to get denuclearized ?

      I will give u the options
      India , N Korea, Israel, Pakistan, KSA

      so join the dots and take ur pick (use geo-strategic conflict factors , economical parameters , war on terrorism , stability of the nation as the parameters )
      a great game is being played for the security of the western block from non state actors who might use WMDs in the future.

      • Are James says:

        Very informative posts but Pakistan haven imported their atomic bomb and strategic rockets wholesale from China is something I want to hear from the other side first.

      • lachit says:

        forget my views / opinion / info

        ‘I want to hear from the other side first.” LOLZZZ

        books have been written by involved ex Pakistani generals/officials detailing how blocks of machined enriched uranium blocks where transported by C130. locations dates everything . what they ate while loading was going on . they had sheep roast 😀 in the open .

        plus Indian intel had acquired hairs from barber shows near nuclear/WMD sites over a period of time which where analysed and matched with samples acquired from US from covert overland flights etc. over china. the “DNA” matched it was the Chinese.
        among other things which I cannot mention here.

        the difference between u and me regarding “some” sources of info is that mine is hard to believe but straight from sources not available quite easily in public therefor harder to believe.

        I will not be revealing much but I will tell u something quite similar.

        suppose I am tasked to know the operational tempo/preparedness/routine/capability etc of NAF fighters/helicopters during wartime/peacetime .
        do u know what I am going to do , I am gonna check the TIRES 😀
        the stock of won out tires of the various types, the inventory of the new tires and then figure out the rate at which they r being burned out etc. etc.
        it is so simple 😀 but still tough depending on ur intel capabilities.
        how many of u even though about these? 😀

        as for Pakistani missiles can anybody tell one distinguishing feature which gives away there country of origin , no of missiles (safe guess) ?
        I am only asking a technical question.
        or thing of it this way if Cameroon had ballistic missile then what would u look for to identify the number of missiles , location and source

      • lachit says:

        technical info.

        the human hair absorbs radioactive materials over a period of time which can be analysed to fingerprint the material

        enrichment facilities/nuclear sites releases subtle emissions into the air which can be picked by detectors installed in aircrafts.

        every material has a DNA a gold ingot mined in Nigeria will have a different chemical DNA to that of a gold ingot from South Africa . so source of the material can be easily found out.

      • Are James says:

        Yes @lachit, you know your spy craft. I am just surprised because we know about the Khan guy ( nuclear metallurgist?) and all he did to enable Pakistan develop their own bomb. So many literature on the Paki bomb. We hear the Israelis even wanted to bomb the sites then. Is it conceivable that all that effort yielded nothing and they finally had to ‘import’ a bomb?

      • lachit says:

        @are james

        u kind of got it upside down
        initially all the designs and live “bomb” came from china together with the nuclear fuel.
        which were very few in quantity.
        after that they replicated the design and then they needed the fuel for that ie conversion of reactor grade fuel into weapons grade fuel.
        this is where A Q Khan came into play he stole/copied/smuggled/modified centrifugal designs , metallurgical components plus other equipment’s required for processing weapons grade fuel etc .

        it is known the Pakistanis were conducting “cold tests” of their bombs since the 80s which is not possible without having proven and pre-tested nuclear bomb designs. and the actual tests came only on 98 only, so how were they able to do “cold test” beforehand 😀
        I hope this clears ur confusion regarding AQ Khans role.

        funny think is very few people know that India also profited from A Q Khans work/network.
        everything he was doing was been transferred back to India covertly 😀 he never had a clue and he was flabbergasted when he came to know about it. that is why India never made a song and dance about A Q Khan. during the cold war days Indian academicians were barred from sensitive projects in universities etc so this ploy was adopted.

      • lachit says:

        the Israelis wanted to bomb the reactors to stop them from producing nuclear fuel which could be then converted into weapons grade fuel.

        without the reactors no fuel so no weapons/reactor grade materials for the bombs and so no kaboom !!!!!!

        Indian RAW had provided the details of the SAM sites to the MOSSAD which they had acquired from a senior Pakistani army general.

        but the CIA came to know of it and then the US put stop to it because Pakistan was an important ally .

    • lachit says:

      regarding the Saudis this may just be a case of them acting out in frustration at US policy, a calculated threat to get US to become directly involved in invasion of Syria, a warning shot across the bow of Iran or perhaps all of the above.

      or it can be a master plan where the Saudis r clueless pawns and the end game is to neutralize all the theoretical based middle east countries for a better world order.
      US happy Russia happy since the 2 face common enemies besides each other don’t they 😀
      they will be more than happy to split up the regions of influence for mutual benefit

    • Are James says:

      I think this was exactly why the Iranians were forced to de-nuclearize. They simply told them .
      It must have been a punitive quid pro quo. I always knew the US was going to deploy in KSA but I thought it would be after Iran had developed or was close to developing a device. But now looking at it, the leverage must have been quite high for the West to have pulled it off with Iran and the only effective leverages could only have been from the Sunni side of the equation. A nuclear war between Iran and Saudis destroy the entire Persian and Arab civilizations. Only the state of Israel remains standing.

      • lachit says:

        I still see the potential use of nuclear weapons in middle east.
        the source of terrorism all around the world is middle east/south Asia
        individuals in powerful countries r already chalking out plans to eradicate the source.
        Arab spring was a part of it but it failed.
        now they will go to plan B which will be more forceful.
        and another thing US Russia r together on these whatever tit tat they have on other issues does not factor in the larger picture.
        this will cover countries in Africa middle east and south Asia
        just wait and see,
        first step will be economic strangulation , second proxy help to instigate local insurgency , third seizure of military assets/WMDs , forth balkanization , fifth brainwashing to remove religious fundamentalisms and rigid doctrines and somewhere in between a nuclear bomb or two to accelerate the process or divert the attention.

      • chynedoo says:

        Oga Are, this is fantasy…one of those lame conspiracy theories

      • lachit says:

        sure its fantasy/loony conspiracy theory
        and nobody here is being obliged to believe it even a little bit
        just skip it 😀

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga lachit, I read an interesting article on this sort of thing some days ago (link below), it hints at deeper sub-plots to America’s seeming bumbling in the Middle East. The article reads almost like conspiracy story stuff, but who knows? The entire Syria-Iran-Middle East story also seems unreal, yet we are witnessing it.

        As for Saudi Arabia having a nuclear weapon, it has to be all bluster – neither would the saner world (Western or Eastern) countenance such a bone-chilling possibility for very long.

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola

        thank u for the link

        certain things happening in the world r not so obvious , if it was so easy to comprehend them then no country would fall in its trap, isn’t it ? 😀

        sputnik is pro Russian still the article had lot of truths in it according to my understanding.

        failures in planned actions/undertakings r sometimes a guise under the cover of which ones intended targets r achieved as pointed out by sputnik.

        if u ever enter the planning room of a any major countries strategic planning division u will be surprised at the type of people present there depending on the nations requirement.

        1.religious leaders (I know Italy and middle east countries, Pakistan etc. employs them)
        2.meteorologists (surprising 😀 )
        4.industrial bigwigs analysts
        6.sociologists (surprising 😀 ) scientists specialising in data mining cryptology etc.
        9. journalists (surprising 😀 ) activists (NGOs:US and Netherlands have turned it into a bloodless weapon 😀 )
        11.intelligencence analysts
        13.technocrats specializing in different fields are included based on requirements.
        etc. etc.

        I am not taking the side of either Saudis or Iran but the response of chynedoo regarding Iran was expected, he exhibited a common trait of a human being.
        i.e. a human brain cannot store lots and lots of information indefinitely it only keeps recent information’s and whenever a decision regarding a topic has to be made the human brain subconsciously accesses the most recent info stored in the brain relating to the topic and makes judgements based on it.
        any previous info related to the topic is usually blanketed unless the brain has special reasons to keep (emotional attachment etc. ).

        intelligence analyst therefor are hand picked and the especially trained to collect, retain and analyse information even though they have a lot of computer power at their disposal for seeking out patterns from millions of bits of unrelated information.
        computers cannot replace a trained human brain.

        u want a trained human brain do YOGA.
        seriously there r techniques which will quadruple ur thinking power. the only downside is only few individuals r capable of doing it due to the toughness of the techniques .it is best learned from childhood when the brain is fresh and blank.

        enough preaching on by part 😀

      • lachit says:

        @kola adekola

        keep in mind people in Saudi Arabia r executed for making statements contrary/in conflict with the kingdoms official line.

        so this official had the blessings from the higher ups

        but I leave the judgement to u.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga lachit, the person who made the claim (if that’s what the Arabic really translates to) is a political analyst not a government spokesperson. So, we should not take him too seriously.

        On the other hand, John Kerry has issued a stern, public warning to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan concerning sale nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia:

      • lachit says:

        yes u may be correct

        but that fellow still has his head attached to his body 😀
        and the govt has neither accepted nor denied the claim
        also previously Saudi govt has been very severe in punishment to people speaking out their minds without govt sanction overt or covert on issues this important.

        so lets keep our fingers crossed time will tell.

    • chynedoo says:

      Iran is a far more dangerous country than Saudi Arabia….you could see how Iranian backed groups in Nigeria try to undermine, destabilise some countries in Africa and Mideast….Nigeria is a one of those countries.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Are you serious?! Boko haram no do you? ISIS no do you? Those are all Saudi pets.
        Please, religion aside, Iran is a civilised country compared to Saudi.

      • Sokoto says:

        Oga’s , the two of them are not Cendrilla’s. The two of them want the samething Power just like Russia China USA etc. … and for Isis or boko is not only Saudis but also Qatar, UAE, USA … for Iran the Nigerian Shite Sect, hezbollah, Shite Milicia who bomb also them selves lool.
        I think that we can play too with the a new generation of black Panthers just kindin

    • Nnamdi says:

      Terrorism & Insurgency
      Emergence of new jihadist group in Togo indicates growing radicalisation in West Africa
      Murtala Touray – IHS Jane’s Terrorism & Insurgency Centre
      18 February 2016
      Local media reports translated the message, originally in Kotokoli Tem, a local language, into French. The message specifically singled out the chief Imam Souleyman of Totsi mosque located in the northwest of the capital Lomé, accusing him of planning to dilute the rigorous teaching of Islam.

      The group stressed that it was ready and had members and the means to fight for the cause of Islam and would attack anyone intent on “sabotaging Islam”. It further threatened the Togolese government with attacks in the country that would cause greater casualty numbers than recorded in Sudan, Mali, and Nigeria.

      Togo has no history of jihadist activities or significant incidents of religious violence.

      • Sokoto says:

        We have to take action now. When a terrorist group survives more 3 years it create another terrorist group : Al Quada build place to Al Nosra Isis and Al shabab etc …. Al Nosra give birth to AQMI and Al Shabab to Boko Haram. Isis to Isis libya Yemen etc…. It is seriouse ! For me is simple declare a world war to Terrorism period ! World war has sink Facisme … it will sink Terrorism ! Or if the US Russa and the Arab Monarchies doesnt want to stop it because it is in their interest. I suggest the Firt African war a continental war which will end this nonesence … We Africans must take the action for our defence !

      • Sokoto says:

        And also we dont have to forget about the new type of terrorism in Africa the one in central africa the Anti Balaka those guys must be sweap out ! damn Nigeria Equip ! we need 100s of everything because this war is a new type of war is a war based on mobility and its not a particular place is all over the continent !

  99. Henry says:

    Oga Obix, please do you have a link? Even if it’s in Russian, we would use google translate.


  100. lachit says:

    it seems Indonesia has confirmed the purchase of a dozen SU35. it already operated / expects to operate 36 F16.
    moving from western to eastern platform quite interesting 😀
    plus is involved in South Korea’s KF-X fighter jet programme . they r making the right moves inspite of a not so strong economy.

    I wanted to ask, do u guys know if it is possible to defeat BVR missiles like US AIM120 and meteor etc. ?
    any ideas?

    • Kola Adekola says:

      BVR/stealth are a lot of the reasons behind supermaneuverability. Having a plane more agile than a missile greatly improves the planes chances against the missile, while helping it close in to within visual range where it will most likely beat a less manoeuvrable plane in a dogfight.

      The West might have lost a trick pursuing stealth over kinetics and could be a decade behind the Su-35’s and perhaps more behind the PAK FA T-50.

      • Are James says:

        I believe the Russians have a wrong philosophy here. A plane dog fighting against the enemy’s missile is already on a losing game.
        Super maneuverability is at a sacrifice of stealth. You cannot have both in one platform (I may be wrong) The word BVR itself needs qualification. The AMRAAM missile is on a different level. Forget about “closing in to within visual range” the enemy aircraft or more importantly enemy aircraft network of aircraft has already seen it. The Americans changed the paradigm completely and what I had expected was a more fundamental change in doctrine from the Russians instead of trying to achieve stealth, super maneuverability, super cruise and radar / IR masking on one aircraft

      • lachit says:

        just a query
        what happens if 2 active radar guided missiles are vectoring towards u at different angles from each other with say a time gap of 5-10 seconds.
        where is the room to manoeuvre than .
        the missile will be pulling more Gs from the sideslip than the aircraft

      • Kola Adekola says:

        BVR missiles have a long distance to travel which will give any target aircraft ample time to employ other countermeasures as well as supermaneuverability.
        Against modern advanced aircraft like the Su-30, Su-35, PAK FA T-50, Eurofighter, F-22, F-35 etc, such missiles would be of very limited use.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James, stealth is only useful when the target is a ragtag air force. The Russians consider it a gimmick, this is especially weighty as the stealth concept was invented in Russia (Pyotr Ufimtsev).

        Further, while all other stealth jets carry only front X-Band radars and IRST, the PAK FA T-50 is fairly bristling with radar systems:

        1. Front X-Band radar
        2. Rear X-Band radar
        3. L-Band radar
        4. IRST

        L-Band radar detects stealth jets. The F-117s stealth jet that was shot down by the Serbs in 1999 was detected by 1960’s radar and brought down by 1960’s SAMs. Stealth can only go so far.

    • lachit says:

      well I asked a friend of mine in AF he says that the counter to BVR missiles like US AIM120 and meteor exists .

      1.towed RF decoys like AN/ALE-55
      2.self protection ECM jamming pod like Elta made ELL 8212/22 which provides full protection against all radar guided threats.

      • Are James says:

        Important thing is that a couple of F22s shit off the missiles and supercruise away form the area. They have AWACs like equipment and the missile datalinks so they get to watch how the hapless enemy fighter pull all the gs possible to dodge 4 missiles with active seekers and counter-counter measures.
        AIM 120D has a range of 105km, speed is Mach 4. Kill probability is 59 percent. The F22 planes in a squadron need a ripple of 17 missiles to kill off 10 PAK FA fighters.
        There is FRAAM missiles coming, those ones are going to have active IR as well. The big problem for the PAK FA are those stupid looking pairs of engines sticking out like an invitation to any heat seeking missile.
        All the talk about supermaneuverabilty breaks down when you measure RCS of the PAK FA plane as it does all those fancy cobra maneuvers ..*If it can actually do cobra*
        The PAK FA has stealth only when it is coming front first against the radar.
        When it is pulling fancy stunts, It is merely just lighting itself up for the smart missiles in a ripple and the new IR active seeker missiles are just loving your exposed saturn engine exhausts. They will blast you away.

        All the romantic notions of coming close to F22 and dogfighting to a kill should be left for Tom Clancy. Ain’t gonna happen.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Heheh! Oga Are James, the T-50 is the most supermaneuverable airplane, more than the Su-30 or Su-35. Enjoy ;D

      • Kola Adekola says:

        You will also enjoy reading this 1988 paper titled; “Supermaneuverability Fighter Technology of the Future” – also note that the F-22 has some supermaneuverability, though much less than the Sukhoi’s and Mig’s.

      • Are James says:

        The point is that dogfights are dead. Supermaneuverabilty is nothing against missiles travelling at Mach 4 speed with active seekers and anti ECM equipment.
        Of course PAK FA is more maneuvreable than F22. Maybe even the Eurofighter Typhoon and SU 27 are more maneuverable than F22. That is not the point. It is a question of paradigm change in the F22 and how the soviets have decided to counter it.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Dogfights are not dead and there is no paradigm change in air combat. Not even NASA thinks that dogfighting is dead which is why they went to the lengths research supermaneuverability (as evinced in one of the links I posted), the US has also put supermaneuverability in the F-22.

        How manoeuvrable do you think a missile flying at Mach 4 would be, with all its momentum? Bear in mind that bullets generally travel at Mach 2 or 3 and humans travel only as fast as Usain Bolt can run, yet close quarter hand to hand combat is not dead mostly because the human is infinitely more manoeuvrable.

        A missile fired from far off will never be a match for an agile plane in the hands of a skilled pilot, that is why dogfighting will never ever go away.
        Even future combat drones are built with dogfighting capabilities (eg Northrop Grumman’s X-47B, Mikoyan Skat, Shenyang Dark Sword etc – which are already flying)

        Image courtesy popsci com

      • Kola Adekola says:

        The image above is of the Dark Sword – a supersonic UAV which has supermaneuverability and is rumoured to have entered service.

      • lachit says:

        Dark Sword is still a concept where requirements are still being firmed up, like
        what technology it will need, what flight characteristic it will have , R&D requirements etc. those kind of things are being sorted out and brained stormed it will taken some time.

      • Are James says:

        Super maneuverability of drones is a completely different thing. This is 6th generation stuff you are talking about. I don’t know why you think PAK FA is even remotely near these in the ability to change direction altitude, attitude, angle of attack in seconds. These drones will be doing what no human pilot can survive doing and they would be super maneuvering at extremely high speeds.
        Also please look at the near all-aspect-stealth of the bird in the picture you have shown compared with the funny PAK FA with engines sticking out.
        The F 117A is early generation stealth machine so not a mature stealth bird. I am also sure with early generation situational awareness and ability to defend itself . I am sure it did not deploy ECM to fool the missile or chaffe or a canon to shoot it down
        If stealth was a gimmick, why are the Russians researching low RCS airframes and why are they doing radar research to counter it?.

        Let us be honest, they went down the road of dogfighting and maneuverability a little too far and did not ask fundamental questions .
        That is why the PAK FA is still looking so much like SU 27 and only 22 units are being built instead of 50. It is a failed program already.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James, there is no plane that cannot be seen by electronic or optical means (or both). Stealth can only work against poor air forces, for example; just two weeks ago China scrambled fighter jets to intercept F-22’s over the East China Sea, because they saw them regardless of the vaunted stealth.

        Please read this:

        In the linked article, take note of the sentence ” which can detect objects at up to 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles), including stealth aircraft.” Also, take note of the distance.

        …Then google “schlieren anti stealth” for yet more anti-stealth (this time 100% passive).

        Also, do you also think a stealth jet can hide from a satellite that’s peering down from above?

        These are just a few amongst several methods. Stealth is a gimmick to frighten the poor and something for fans to scream about. Take away the gimmickry and the only reality is manoeuvrability – if you go one step further and have supermaneuverability, then you are absolute king.

      • Roscoe says:

        Kill ratios from BVR is not very high. the F22/f35/f15 etc have an advantage at range and will be destroyed at close range… This is a huge hole, and also… Stealth does not mean 100% stealth. The scenarios have been played many times in multiple war game scenarios. It becomes a numbers game. Non NATO/Oceania will try and destroy the AWAC’s FIRST. And will use volume to over come reach/stealth disadvantage. And also they are stealthy from the front. Once AWACS are destroyed C and C of NATO forces are compromised. Limited # of fully stealth air craft can be eliminated and battlefield becomes more balanced. Typhoons killed F35’s in NATO exercises… A plane designed specifically not to dog fight could not destroy all its opponents in the battle space from BVR and lost more aircraft. lots of links.. will start digging them out.

  101. Ola says:
    Africans need to read this to see the love between the continent and the rest of the world. The day leaders of African nations wake up to their responsibility, that is the day African countries will progress. How can you go cap in hand begging those who are not interested in your progress to help you solve the problems in your country, the problems which they probably created to keep you tied down? Thinking about Nigerian government and their years of begging for scraps to fight boko haram.

  102. Augustine says:



    source: SIPRI 2016 update

    2 units Sentinel-37m Patrol craft for a private company
    1 unit Type-62 Patrol craft NNS Sagbama, Aid
    16 units Caiman MRAP Second-hand, Aid
    8 units MaxxPro MRAP Second-hand, Aid
    8 units BMP/BVP-1 IFV Second-hand
    23 units Mamba MRAP
    53 units Springbuck APC for police
    6 units Mi-8MT/Mi-17 Transport Armed Mi-171Sh version
    4 units (Estimate) Mi-24 modernized/rebuilt to Mi-35M, Second hand
    4 units Alpha Jet, Second-hand

    Nothing Impressive AFTER ABOUT $ 2 BILLION spent on procurement from normal annual budgets 2014-2015, donations from many Federal MDAs, and 2014 special allocation of huge funds for Boko Haram war.

    Nothing reported as ordered 2015.

    NB: SIPRI missed deliveries 3 to 6 units Tin-Shield radars, a few hand-held man portable drones, nothing major. Nigerian military has a very very long way to go to become a well equipped modern force.

    • jimmy says:

      I will try to be circumspect :
      First of all good work it is not easy deciphering what a previously corrupt , perverse regime was procuring / not procuring if SIPRI had / has a hard time identifying what do you think Nigerians will be able to do keep up the good work.
      SIPRI has missed quite a few things, one of them pertains to the armed Drones, shipment of weapons/ small arms from Britain/ Supplementary budget/ French Gazelles
      Armed Drones : It is believed with the armed precision strike and the Infrastructure build up the NAF has taken delivery of some CH3/ 4 drones with PGMS
      Shipment withheld:
      Towards the end of 2015( q4) ,A couple of British warships (Name of ship withheld)visited Nigeria according to a respectable magazine and corroborated by the Presidential spokesperson Britain was responsible for delivering small arms that included but not limited to Mortars, ammo, special adapted Land rovers, it is also believed and this is where the speculation begins some of the most recent Sniper rifles shown are of distinct ( Nato orign ).
      French Gazelle
      Nigeria and France have never publicly acknowledged the sale or procurement of these helios but not only are they in Nigeria , it is believed they were procured in 2015 – directly from France, the most telling procurement is the HC130 EUROCOPTER NAF303 ( $3.4M) it is significant because this is an ISR HELIO.
      Good Morning GENTS

    • Augustine says:

      * NB: SIPRI missed delivery of 2 units Tin-Shield radars *

  103. Augustine says:

    Oga jimmy.

    1. SIPRI hardly ever misses any really lethal weapon, e.g. missiles, tanks, jets, warships.

    2. SIPRI did NOT miss NAF CH-3 drones and PGMs, it was reported fully by SIPRI and they are the only source that counted how many missiles came with the drones and reported it.

    3. CH-4 drone is still a speculation, even oga zachary999 said it is ON THE TABLE OF INTEREST, and interest is not a purchase contract.

    4. If those army tiny hand-held drones were bought from open civilian drone markets abroad using civilian fronts, it will not be captured by SIPRI. Even me has access to buy drones where I live, and I priced a quadcopter drone similar to the one the NA is displaying with their Colonels and generals, some are in the shopping mall here for about $3,000 each. The bigger longer range civilian drones are sold by manufacturers directly to the public for about $20,000 to $50,000 depending on what you want. SIPRI won’t report it if I buy 5 units as a front for Nigerian MoD.

    5. The Gazelles are missed, yes, but they are second hand and could have been bought from private owners in France. They were purchased unarmed civilian grade, and if MoD used their fronts or FG uses a MDA like NNPC, it will be a civil to civil transaction which SIPRI will not capture. NNPC owns a fleet of Dornier 228 aircraft like NAF. The Eurocopters are new, but if same method of purchase I guessed about above is used, SIPRI does not report civil to civil sale of civilian grade equipment. An unarmed Gazelle/Eurocopter that has no weapons or FLIR for ISR role is a civilian grade helicopter. NAF/NA can then arm them up later when they arrive Nigeria.

    6. SIPRI will not report sales of small arms like mortars and automatic grenade launchers, or mine detectors, etc. SIPRI only reports medium to heavy equipment.

    7. Oga jimmy sir, don’t work yourself up with being over-circumspect, NA, NN, NAF did not order any thing extraordinary like T-90 tanks, IFV, ATGM, SAM, Frigate, Submarine, BVR missiles, laser guided bombs, etc in 2015. Don’t start dreaming about imaginary secret hidden weapons sir, na di koko of wetin we order u dey see so for SIPRI list, anything wey miss na guguru and epa category of equipment.

    • jimmy says:

      oga Augustine
      1. OGA AUG, Sipri told OGA HENRY that when it comes to Nigeria due to their known level of SECRECY they cannot vouch for every purchase.
      2. It is believed Nigeria got a second Batch of drones and I am not talking about the silly ones shown on the internet or the ones put together by some high school student, China does not report all her MILITARY sales
      3. CH4 is not a speculation PMB is going to CHINA next month it is on the need to acquire list of the CAS – and since CAS has the confidence of PMB The Drones are coming ” No be all the cloth wey pesin wash naim dey put outside for sun to dry- removing the emotion and dealing with the facts the NAF is building up it’s infar structure and a 2km runway in the Kaduna / Yobe area.
      4. Disregard those Idiotic looking drones that is for public consumption.
      5 .The Gazelles were not missed somebody decided not to report them and it is highly unlikely they were bought from a private party with the TRICOLOR of the Frenchies still on it’s underbelly, Neither was the Eurocopter.
      6. Correct there let us wait for the 2016-2017
      7.. Not quite true there . A. due to sources I believe some heavy equipment was most certaingly upgraded that would of required either NATO or Russian involvement.
      On the Tanks, ATGM , ETC let us remember Abiola’s middle name ” KASHIMAWO”

      • Henry says:

        Oga Jimmy don’t work yourself out too much. Apart from the Light Scout Helicopters ( I’ve counted 8), the Radar, SAMIL trucks, Reva MRAPs, tactical drones, MI-24V i don’t think SIPRI missed out much.

        Oga Augustine, i saw 12 MI-17 terminators, not 6. Also the previous (6)MI-35M helicopters were listed.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga jimmy, there are ex-military vehicles for sale in Europe by civilians to civilians still painted in military official camouflage colours of NATO countries, that can explain the Gazelle camo colours. Oga, France is a disciplined and respectable member of UN and it will not UN break arms transfer rules for Nigeria’s sake, let’s not over-rate how much weight Nigeria call pull with France, they are the stronger party not us.

        Eurocopter deal can be civilian grade helicopters and since most of the corrupt procurment was done via private civilian company names of Nigerian looters, SIPRI will not report it, oga, it’s simple logic. NAF and NA can then weaponize their Eurocopter on arrival in Nigeria. Easy logic oga, why di tin dey hard u understand?

        Tin Sheild radar I just remembered we got 2 units. SIPRI missed it, likely another looters deal done in civilian company name and to make the radar civilian grade, they removed the IFF which is a military component of the radar for identifying friend or foe aircraft, then the Nigerian importer can claim it’s for a civilian airport in a small city in Nigeria, helps the looters deal go through and SIPRI will not report civilan stuff.

        China reported CH-3 drone that NAF was busy hiding secretly from world view, so why won’t same China report CH-4 drones purchase?

        CH-4 drone remains speculation until purchased. People’s belief is NOT fact, na here we dey when people told us Su-30 Flankers have arrived NAF base Makurdi. Let us learn lessons from the past, where is the Su-25 Frogfoot deal that was 100% guaranteed last year? What we pay for is what we claim to be ours, not what we are still said to be negotiating, this is Nigeria oga, make we learn from past experience.

        Upgrade of whatever equipment done for NA does not make us a bigger military power, there is no new heavy weapon purchase reported, that is the fact. All you have is another wasted year and looted procurement money. All the equipment on that 2015 delivery list are worth just a total of about $150 million. Most are second hand and many are almost free of charge Aid gifts.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Henry,

        SIPRI did not miss REVA MRAPS, it was reported by SIPRI in 2014 deliveries. SAMIL trucks….well, ex-military trucks decommissioned, sold at public auctions but repairable for civilian use are available in world market, South African deal loaded with corruption and likely done in private names, SIPRI won’t report it, and again SIPRI does not report unarmoured and unarmed vehicles like the SAMIL or Kraz.

        SIPRI reports the Mi-24V delivery as second-hand, modernized and rebuilt into Mi-35M grade. They did not miss it.

        The Mi-17, I am listing only deliveries, the number delivered is reported at 6 examples. I don’t want to bank on the other 12 examples still on order, that might not have been paid for and then katakata bursts them off later, Naija no dey get guarantee for dis kain matter.

        Overall, SIPRI did a good job.

        Oga jimmy should not drift himself into a dream, like Alice In Wonderland. Please wake up egbon jimmy, stop cuddling madam, it’s daybreak already, and your new weapons procurement money savings box has been looted while u dey sleep dey snore, see di padlock wey u take lock am, I find di tin inside dustbin, ya money don lost patapata.

  104. Henry says:

    Augustine, the Warrior MRAP from streit wasn’t reported.

    Anyway, at it’s core, we see, same thing the Proforce CEO raised, literally 10s of different types of MRAPs in service. Vehicle which should even be there in the first place.

    The list also shows the Nigerian military doesn’t have money. Not restricted to Nigeria, we can also see the same problem with the SANDF. However unlike the SANDF, we run a “fire brigade” approach.

    Take for example the Badger contract which was signed in 2008, deliveries are supposed to commence in 2017-2022. There’s enough time to save up. The deal for the Gripen, Subs and Frigates are similar.

    That’s the sort of approach we should take instead of blowing away money. Hopefully when the Proforce MRAPs come on stream, our government would see the need to standardise fleet.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Henry, they are not MRAP, the Warrior was reported as 10 units of LAPV/APC from Canada, Streit vehicles are reported by SIPRI as imports from Canada. We got the extended chassis variant and SIPRI reported it, I did not add it because they are part of the 20 vehicles already delivered from Canada.

      Overall, nothing big or important is missing, SIPRI did well.

      The question nobody is asking is why JF-17 and Super Mushak are not reported, could mean the contract has not been signed but procurment fund is budgeted for, notice that even Pakistan is silent about it. Maybe una never pay dem yet.

      • Augustine says:

        As for Profoce matter, it does not favour corruption in military procurment when you buy locally made equipment and magomago wuruwuru becomes difficult to do, so looters prefer to import. Proforce is just a victim of a badly managed Nigerian defence sector. I hope Pesident Buhari will pity Proforce and compel/order/force/mandate NA to send blueprints of what type and specs of APC/LAV/IFV/MRAP that the army wants to be specially built to suit army needs and buy all future LAVs from Proforce and DICON. See South African government spending billions of dollars buying thousands of armoured military vehicles made in South Africa. Now Nigeria has shortage of dollars after wasting money importing goods we can produce locally.

        $ 1 is now =N= 400…..Our eye go see hot tatashe pepper.

        We have missed our chance of easy weapons procurment when oil was $100 per barrel.

    • lachit says:

      it is a Russian 152.4 mm self-propelled artillery named 2S3 Akatsiya

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Thanks, Oga lachit.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        I’ve found its a 2S1 Gvozdika.

      • lachit says:

        ur correct
        lolzzz the turret from the side looked similar to 2S3 Akatsiya.
        but i did not give a second glance at the rear which matches 2S1 Gvozdika
        hehehe i think i get jinxed every time i reply to u
        gonna be careful next time with my posts in reply to u 😀
        by the way ur bird watching skills has really benefitted u 😀
        (if i am correct ur a bird watcher aren’t u)
        guess i have start watching birds flying in the air than those doing catwalk on the ground 😀

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Haba lachit! I didn’t even know what it was, whereas you did.
        I thought someone had whacked a massive turret on an APC, but you knew it was an artillery piece, so the honours go to you, sir.

  105. lachit says:

    what the fu** ? hehehe

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Haha! Human ingenuity surely knows no bounds. BMP-1 turret on a technical.

      • lachit says:

        can u spot a particular deficiency in this turret + technical cocktail (nothing related to armour/protection)

      • Kola Adekola says:

        First thing is the rig its mounted on. rather than a casting to absorb shock, its a welded system of box section pipes that will likely break at the welds within a short time.

        The second is how they aim the contraption, if it is by a system of hand cranked ratchets, then they might be dead long before they put the thing to any mischief. If they actually have to point the car in the general direction of the target and maybe jack up one or two tyres to aim it, then it is simply a means to commit war crimes.

      • lachit says:

        The second is how they aim the contraption, ( **if it is by a system of hand cranked ratchets** U WILL REQUIRE THE TURRET RING WHICH IS ABSENT ), then they might be dead long before they put the thing to any mischief. If they actually have to point the car in the general direction of the target
        correct in short they have to use/move the vehicle for targeting since turret is fixed

        lolzz reading it a second time to make sure nothing is wrong u giving me nightmares 😀
        i cut pasted ur reply so i am safe 50% hehehe

  106. asorockweb says:

    “The Army also launched new mine clearing equipment, weapons and their ammunitions. it is noteworthy, apart from being the 1st mine clearing machines in the inventory of the Nigerian Army, it is one of the best in the world.”

    As a side note, the NA website, under certain situations, links to a different, unrelated, distracting website.

    “” is the domain of Nigeria’s army, it deserves respect. Right now, looks and behaves like a teenager’s website. The NA I.T. department has completely failed in this regard.

    • lachit says:

      is it the five Bozena mine clearing units that Nigeria ordered some months back

      • jimmy says:

        I believe they cam from Slovenia?

      • asorockweb says:

        Maybe. We will await pictures from Henry and co

      • lachit says:

        it will be either Bozena 4 or Bozena 5

        my bet is on Bozena 4. it is specialized for clearing IEDs and also can take on regular anti-tank mines etc. it comes with a hydraulic claw for digging up IEDs ( separated add-on module ) together with the roller fitted with chain frails .

        also a few T72 could have been fitted with roller with chain frails if they wanted a conventional anti mine vehicle which would have been much, much cheaper, but they did opt for it , because of the obvious reasons is they were interested in specialised IED and mine clearing vehicles.

        Bozena 5 is more geared towards heavy mines etc. in support of mobile armour. i.e. designed for conventional warfare.

        but I could be wrong 😀

  107. jimmy says:
    No longer Business as usual .MTN knew all along that they broke the law, that they themselves help write, they procrastinated, delayed the day of judgement by trying to sway public opinion first in S’ AFRICA ( did not work) then the western world ( hired holder) did not work either.
    MTN has now seen fit to do the right thing.
    While it is not yet UHURU IMHO the F.G. can settle for an immediate payment of $2b or renegotiate the settlement of $3.9 B over 2 years , 2016 $1.9B, 2017 $1.9B
    ” No one can love Nigeria more than Nigerians”

  108. lachit says:

    hydraulic claw for digging up IEDs / picking them up / disposing them

    I have seen NA disposing off IEDs etc. by blowing them up with charges.
    I am kind of intrigued why not use anti- material rifles especially if disposal of IEDs has to be done in the combat zones in quick time.
    plus added advantage is you can use the same anti-material rifles to bump off BH soft skinned technical and terrorists.

    I would personally recommend
    1.anti-material rifle dual purpose eg Chinese AMR-2, denel NTW-20, vidhwansak (much much cheaper and lol we stole it from the S Africans hehehe u can do the same 😀 )

    2.type 87 grenade launcher ( QLZ87) 35 mm fully automatic grenade launcher, I know NA already posses revolver type grenade launchers but these launches the grenades in a parabolic path where the operator has to use his judgement / experience to determine the range accurately for target impact and also the range is short.
    however QLZ87 launches 35 mm grenade that can pierce armour up to 80 mm thick and follows a almost flat trajectory . you simply point at the target and shoot. good for taking out technical and motorcycles etc. max range is around 1800m.

  109. lachit says:

    hydraulic claw for digging up IEDs / picking them up / disposing them

    I have seen NA disposing off IEDs etc. by blowing them up with charges.
    I am kind of intrigued why not use anti- material rifles especially if disposal of IEDs has to be done in the combat zones in quick time.
    plus added advantage is you can use the same anti-material rifles to bump off BH soft skinned technical and terrorists.

    I would personally recommend
    1.anti-material rifle dual purpose eg Chinese AMR-2, denel NTW-20, vidhwansak (much much cheaper and lol we stole it from the S Africans hehehe 😀 )

    • lachit says:

      as I said we stole it from the S Africans 😀
      u can too hehehe

      appoint Augustine in charge of stealing a sample or two from S Africa stocks, I know he will relish it and i am100% sure he will do it successfully come what may, lolzz he will take it as a personal challenge and taunt the S African bloggers over it for the rest of their lives 😀

    • Kay says:

      Between this and line charges, which is better/cheaper?

      • lachit says:

        i assume u meant between anti material rifles and line charges

        IEDs are generally isolated rarely fitted with secondary or tertiary booby-traps/charges.
        even then line charges will not be required.
        line charges r used to create a path in minefields during combat conditions where time is premium or otherwise too.

        as i said IEDs r usually isolated so AMR r best suited to destroy exposed IEDS / extracted IEDs from safe distances quickly .

        however plz remember all these will be done by the specialized demolition personnel only.
        if the IEDs r buried the bomb disposal trained persons will have to detect and expose them safely using the necessary equipment’s to get a clear shot.
        all this will be done if time is at a premium or the mine clearing vehicles r not available in that theatre or the IED cannot be moved/defused safely.

        now if u have a big area mined with large no of mines the line charges r a better option.
        otherwise for IEDS and isolated mines AMR together with necessary detection equipment’s r enough . it is cost effective.

        neither is better depends on ur requirements and field conditions .
        best r always the specialized mine/IED clearing vehicles but due to non availability in large nos since if ur operational area is large u will need them everywhere with all the troops who r moving into different enemy areas .
        is it possible? cost factor plus logistics etc comes into play.
        plus in a active combat zone the vehicle itself might come under attack so lots of factors have to be accounted for .

  110. lachit says:

    2.type 87 grenade launcher ( QLZ87) 35 mm fully automatic grenade launcher, I know NA already posses revolver type grenade launchers but these launches the grenades in a parabolic path where the operator has to use his judgement / experience to determine the range accurately for target impact and also the range is short.
    however QLZ87 launches 35 mm grenade that can pierce armour up to 80 mm thick and follows a almost flat trajectory . you simply point at the target and shoot. good for taking out technical and motorcycles etc. max range is around 1800m.

  111. jimmy says:
    THE NAVY will continue to lead in terms of local Made in Nigeria content.

    • ozed says:

      Great development. In my opinion we should be fully self sufficient in the areas of river and coastal patrol vessels.
      But as usual we have dropped the ball in the area of PR/Media, —Why no pix???

  112. jimmy says:
    Courtesy BIDEXII
    Since the CHIEF mentioned it I will go a little further
    Confirmed ( NOW)
    * Outside of the Western World + Russia it is now believed and there is evidence to support it Nigeria is the first Country in Africa to of used at least one of it’s Satellites for Military operations
    ** CLASSIFIED *** There is also evidence that some Nigerian military officers are attuned with GIS – and it’s Military applications .
    *** It has now been confirmed that the Motorcycle SF brigade/ or Battalion has been set up according to the COAS however what I have seen from oga HENRY’S photos and BIDEXII’S are ATV 4.X4 which are less noisy and are used in America primarily for the desert sands of California and the swamps of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi the areas similar in kind will be the North East ( Borno) and the Lake Chad areas
    KUDOS to:
    Maj. Gen Lamidi Adeoshun
    Brig Gen Victor Ezugwu * who will most likely be promoted to a Maj .Gen
    Best word used by Red Necks to describe the COAS : Relentless
    Good Afternoon Gents.

  113. jimmy says:
    Let us hope Mr “CROCODILE TEARS” Ali Modu-Sheriff .
    This war will come to an end not just by the reconstruction but when:
    The remaining members of the inner circle of BOKO HARAM hiding between no-man’s land of CHAD, CAMEROON, NIGERIA, AND NIGER are either captured or Neutralised.
    MANDARA MOUNTAINS is completely subjugated
    LAKE CHAD .is completely subjugated.
    No amount of reconstruction, education of females , feel good programs will be complete without these things happening,
    Lastly as the top rank of the AHQ is now realising just like was done in the N’ DELTA, There is going to be need to establish FOB for SF deep in the heart of Sambisa, on the outskirts in towns like Damboa, Mubi,, Dikwa, Marte, Gamboru,/ Ngala ( on both sides of the border)
    In support of OGA augustine , Nigeria will have to fly more drones at Night and during the day
    There was a photo of uneaten chicken still on the primitive grill it literally made cry with joy
    these types of SF ops are what is making Nigeria to have one of the most experienced SF in AFRICA

  114. jimmy says:

    ” Let us hope MR CROCODILE TEARS was NOT invited to the meeting”

  115. jimmy says:


    For those with the purse strings and for procurement purposes, at some point
    the Nigerian Army, Navy and Airforce must look at the possibility of acquiring the heavy lift
    MI26T @ $15- $18M a pop they do not come cheap but it is sure a lot much cheaper to transport
    100 troops with equipment to save a mid level size town from utter destruction.

    • lachit says:

      maintenance intensive even with the upgrades
      but if ur ready to loosen ur purse to set up a dedicated MRO and a well stocked spares depot then flight availability increases manifold and will make sense and then u will have to buy not less then 10 mi26 to break even with the financial costs incurred with the MRO / spares depot. etc .

    • Sokoto says:

      Yes we need a Heavy lift cargo helicopter for the Army, Navy, and Airforce but since is it needed by all the Armed forces if we buy Im sure it will be a another 5unit or 10 unit … we should rather build it with Russa … so that it will cheaper for the Armed forces and more we could export to other country; it is essential in a modern army.
      because this type of Helicopter is more like a multi role helicopter, it can be used as a Fuel tanker, airborne command post, mine-countermeasures variant, can be armed with 12.7 ( more than one like CH 53 ), anti tank rocket, and full of other good stuff acordng to the needs of our Nation.
      PS: I know that we can put all of this in one plane, so it will variants 😉

  116. Sir Kay says:

    One would wonder why someone took a retrieved bomb to a police station, shouldn’t that be handled in a controlled environment. Smh

  117. schearbeek says:

    My Ogas its seems Oga Jimmy was right about new drone

    Check out this THISDAY article!:–newly-acquired-equipment-will-boost-war-against-terror/232915

    • jimmy says:

      I would be very grateful if anyone could provide pictures.

    • Are James says:

      That would be a chopper mounted Gatling gun they have called “3000 rounds per minute revolver”. Someone should please mine out a picture of the UAV. It is likely to be an East European product .

      • lachit says:

        first time I heard of a Gatling gun mounted on rotary UAV.

      • solorex says:

        No its not chopper mounted- Army never buys anything that goes on NAF platform- I am confident that it an APC mounted gun similar to this here

        Its ideal for dispersing swarm attack at close range.

        Alot has been procured lately-Quite alot- This C in C is not a penny pincer, once requirement can be proven and cost is right ( middlemen are forbidden and facilitators)-Gbam fund is made available. I think the golden age has come.its not been like this for a very long time- the brass hats are like teary saucer eyed kids in a room filled with candies-

        There is a Chinese visit to negotiate $2b loan to fund this year budget- the grapevine says its got very plum defense component.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga Solorex, I take God thank as them dey say for my language I dey ground dey bow down for you she make I stand up .
        Oga Henry Kudos for owning up now I dey go point and kill nay you and Augustine go pay for my pepper soup.
        Sometimes things are told in a passing reference and I have to figure it ,Others times things are told indirectly and discretion is the better part of valor .
        A hint of procurement tends to come when our BFF start to scream the loudest.
        Oga Henry has a photo of a British logistics ship close to Eko Atlantic.
        I keep saying this Western Countries will act in their own self interests, one of the revealing things about Boko Haram is that France chose Nigeria over Cameroon, after the massacre in Paris, People became more cleared eye.
        Let us just say Augustine do not believe everything Sipri writes, by the way you can call me Peter Pan.
        Let us wait a little longer, things will get a little bit clearer by Q1 2017.Lord willing/Insha Allah IJN

      • lachit says:

        nah I don’t think it is Russian
        because available super rapid rotary multi-barrel guns like GSh-6-23 (10,000 rpm) GSh-6-30 (6000 rpm) have high rate of fire but since they fire higher calibre cannon rounds therefore they are operationally restricted to fire in burst modes otherwise their barrels will wear out very quickly and the barrels will start to bend.

        that steam of gun fire is from the six-barrel M134 Minigun firing 7.62×51mm NATO, at around or < 6,000 rpm or the six-barrel . even then after 40-60 seconds continuous firing the barrels will begin to glow and start bending , regardless of it firing less powerful 7.62×51mm rounds.

        if u fire continuously the higher calibre cannon rounds then u will have to carry lot of spare barrels together with truck loads of ammo.
        lol 10000 rpm means in 60 seconds 10000 rounds gone , and lets not mention the weight of 10000 cannon rounds of higher calibre . plus i dont think any land firing platform ever carries such huge no of rounds into battle.

        in the utube video of the alleged Russian gun in syria
        the stream of red was due to the tracer round being fired after every 5 or 6 round.
        also if the Russians had made a new 7.62x54mm clibre multi-barrel machine gun then it would have been all over the news.
        and there is no indication that the firing took place in Syria.

        now compare this after reading the above see till the end

  118. lachit says:

    it seems that NA was interested in rotary UAVs recently 😀

  119. asorockweb says:

    “after inaugurating the newly-acquired Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and inspecting other military hardware including transport vehicles, mine sweepers and 3,000-rounds-per-minute revolver machine guns”

    “3,000-rounds-per-minute revolver machine guns”
    So NA got a Gatling-style MG and the above statement is all we get?

    Our “smart” defence correspondents never miss an opportunity to fail us.

    Incompetence, the bane of the 3rd world.–newly-acquired-equipment-will-boost-war-against-terror/232915

  120. Henry says:

    Asorockweb, it isn’t a 3rd world problem. I’ve seen reporters from the “Dailyfail” wrongly identify military equipment.

    If you aren’t a Defence journalist there’s a high probability of incorrect identification of military equipment.

    • Augustine says:

      Been shouting on this blog for Nigerian army to procure the Gatling type multi-barrel rapid fire mini-gun since 2014-2016, but better late than never. Some hardware are just standard for modern military, but when you suggest it, some people just kick against it because they personally do not like it. Military combat capacity has nothing to do with what anybody likes or does not like, standards are standards, there are some equipment a standard army of 2016 modern age must have, if you don’t have them you are a sub-standard army. Simple fact.

      Thank you sir Lt.General Buratai, na gode so sai for the Gatling Type gun procurement, firepower wins battles, superior firepower is the way to mass kill Boko Haram fighters, even when NA troops are outnumbered.

      All those times we had situations like 40 Nigerian troops facing like 200 Boko Harams in surprise attacks, and our troops drop their Browning or Dshk 12.7mm machine guns, abandon base, abandon town, and run away due to being overwhelmed by the enemy’s large numbers, NA should have shown Vietnam war style mass killing firepower with Gatling guns and wipe out those Bokos from the face of the earth. Historian you are, B.A plus M.A, shugaban Sojojin Buratai, remember war history sir, make Nigerian army champions of Africa in the eyes of the world again, raise us up to modern world combat equipment standards.

      Please don’t say I am Oliver Twist, your men in the Nigerian infantry also desperately need firstly, the made in India RCL MK III man-portable light recoilless rifle shoulder fired multi-role rocket launcher for LAW or MAAWS combat engagement. The weapon is quite cheap and affordable, something like plus or minus $75,000 for one launcher and twenty rockets.

      Secondly sir, Nigerian army infantry will also need the made in Belarus/Ukraine Skif man-portable anti-tank guided missile for ATGM combat engaements.

      Thank you sir, may Allah bless you.

  121. lachit says:

    if the reporter is correct about the Gatling-style MG then it is definitely Chinese Hua Qing Minigun an externally powered rotary-6 barrel Gatling gun of 7.62 calibre.

    other 2 sources r US and iran

    take ur pick

  122. lachit says:

    the url got crazy above

    Hua Qing Minigun

  123. Are James says:

    I think Boko Haram is being comprehensively defeated as a conventional force in Sambisa. I think victory is possible in less than ONE month.

    Why are my so sure?

    Well the Americans are finally coming into Sambisa . To take deploy some technology, report insurgent locations, report progrese, take fancy pictures and claim all the glory.

    • Sokoto says:

      Oga Are, LMAO they want to be part of the sucess story !

    • chynedoo says:

      UK and US are glory hunters. Don’t be surprised to hear that very soon these countries will find their way to Konduga, arrange some kind of day-out picnic for their boys, and the try to claim the breath-taking victories achieved by the Nigerian army units in Konduga who have become something of a mythical unit after that Vice Boko Haram documentary. Only recently, as soon as the EFCC were at the point of requesting the UK authorities to grant access for operatives to interview a former minister accused of sitting atop mountains of shady deals, the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) quickly moved to pre-empt Nigeria by arresting the former minister with the claim it has been conducting years of investigation. However, the truth is that the UK are only interested in asset forfeiture which would certainly yield billions of pounds to the UK government at the detriment of the Nigerian people and the Nigerian government who are the real owners of the stolen funds.
      There is a reason why when you go to certain Asian and African countries, the hospitals there have no medical doctors even though these countries train large numbers of medical professionals yearly only for the UK and US to poach these professionals trained with the funds of poorer countries, and have them work for the NHS and American hospitals, and then have patients from these poorer countries travel to the UK and US to receive medical treatment in UK and US hospitals from the very doctors trained at home!
      Glory hunters, UK and US! But then, we shouldn’t blame them because they are smart and brave enough to use their head when all we do is freeze our brains and refuse to think!

  124. Sokoto says:

    Ogas, Is a little off topic but you should look at it Touareg callin the Toubou slaves and dogs. Toubou are Afro-libyans.

  125. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 8h8 hours ago

    Fulani pastoralists from Bagana monday tru wednesday raided Agatu villages of Egba killing over 180 villagers. Houses also razed. #Nigeria

    • ozed says:

      Why is the same army which is so unforgiving against unarmed (if misguided) youths in the South East so docile and accommodating in the face of the murderous exploits of these ‘cattle rearers’????

      • ozed says:

        How come the arrest of cattle rustlers makes more news that the hundreds of inhabitants of farming communities cut down by these fulani pastorialists???

        I pray govt does not lose its credibility in this current deafening silence. The middle belt tribes are not as docile as some people seem to think currently. I hope they dont choose soon to take matters into their own hands!!!

      • Sokoto says:

        Oga Ozed, those numbers are not verifiable and I doubt the veracity of this information. For me the problem is between two community must be resolved quickly , it is a resource problem , there are fighting for water. the government must set the way to distribute water which will but a end to this nonesence. And avoid something like a zenophobia; we are not south africans to do such thing

    • Sir Kay says:

      Not just water, grazing land has been the main issue between the farming communities and these cattle rarer , basically they send their cattle into people’s farms and destroy crops in the process.
      All government has to do is allocate grazing land to these people, these cattle herders live like its the olden days, i feel they have zero respect for property ownership.
      I”m not gonna go tribal over this, but no sane government will sit there and watch so many citizens die, it’s truly absurd, hunt these guys down and let them face justice for these constant massacres, and it’s irrelevant it the casualty figure is 180 or 20.
      One life lost is more than enough.

      • Are James says:

        This is the only solution . FG approved grazing zones, well marked and maintained by the Ministry of Agric. The meat is consumed in the south afterall. A pastoralist lifestyle is not against the law of any country.

        When you have marked out and designated those zones, you can then target these guys with services – education, health and security thus obviating their need to carry arms to defend their cattle.

      • I am not sure it’s that simple. Who keeps the herdsmen within the confines of this earmarked grazing lands? Whose Land do you earmark?

        Half the problem is that these guys beat a beeline from north to south. They will not stay in one place. They believe they hv a right to roam. Same way some masai pple beleive all cattle in the world belongs to them. Also they need to be disarmed.

    • Kay says:

      There’s nothing like government approved grazing land. This people have to move on! Their nomadism and destruction is not compatible with modern life. Not especially ours where we have a huge population and then we add others jostling farmlands and so with their animals. Not acceptable.
      Its no small measure they called fulani militant nomads as the world’s 4th most dangerous group.

      • Are James says:

        This is the most un modern thing to say. Go to Canada. They protect indigeneous cultureas much as the environment. In Europe , the consumers are already rejecting meat from cattle raised in a “factory” . The planning of open range grazing of cattle in a modern society is already a popular subject on the internet. Some people are already using advanced linear programming stuff and computer modeks to wotk it out.
        Let us be careful what we call modern and what we defend. This problem calls for innovation, originality and out of the bix stuff.

    • Kay says:

      Canada is many times the size of Nigeria plus only a quarter or less of our population. So they have less hassle of space, besides most of the areas roamed by those grazing are mostly inhabited. It’s rubbish for them to claim grazing rights if by their history they arrived in the north only a few 100 years ago. There were people where they’re claiming and so thus it’s not acceptable.

    • doziex says:

      I told you guys long ago that NA could use some advisers sourced from PMCs or nation to nation.
      We have always had trainers, but not advisers. Chad and Cameroon got US advisers before Nigeria.
      PMB has finally done all the human rights bidding, so uk 1st sent advisors, US is following suit.

      Methinks that Nigeria would have gotten more mileage and preserved our self respect/ independence if we had a longer more comprehensive relationship with colonel Barlow’s STTEP.

  126. eyimola says:

    Kudos to the Navy
    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — It was supposed to be a U.S.-led naval training maneuver off the coast of West Africa when real-life drama intervened, with pirates taking over an oil tanker and turning the exercise into a rescue mission.

    Navies from the United States, Ghana, Togo and Nigeria tracked the hijacked tanker through waters off five countries before Nigerian naval forces stormed aboard on Feb. 20 amid a shootout that killed one of the pirates.

    It was the first big success in international maritime cooperation in the pirate-ridden Gulf of Guinea, the commodore in charge of U.S. operations in Africa and Europe told The Associated Press.

    Capt. Heidi Agle, the commodore, had been directing a training exercise against piracy with maritime agencies of Ghana when the hijacking provided a real-life lesson, she said in a telephone interview Friday from her base in Italy.

    First word came from the French Embassy, which sent information to Agle’s USNS Spearhead via Ghanaian officials and U.S. diplomats of a possible pirate ship loitering off Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

    There, pirates seized the Dubai-owned MT Maximus, on lease to a South Korean company and carrying 4,700 tons of diesel fuel, on Feb. 11.

    The Spearhead tracked down the hijacked Maximus, identified it and then monitored its progress for two days as it sailed from Ivorian into Ghanaian waters. Then Agle handed over to Ghana’s Navy, which continued to shadow the ship until it entered the waters of Togo, when that country’s navy took over.

    As the pirates steamed across the gulf toward the tiny island nation of Sao Tome and Principe, officials there contacted the Nigerian government for help.

    The tanker had sailed nearly 800 miles (1,280 kilometers) before the Nigerians made the assault.

    Dirk Steffen, maritime security director of Denmark-based Risk Intelligence, agreed the operation was “the first anti-piracy success in the region of this scale.”

    “Never has a West African navy carried out an opposed boarding before,” he said.

    View gallerySome of the rescued crew members of the hijacked Panama-flagged …
    Some of the rescued crew members of the hijacked Panama-flagged Maximus vessel stand for the media i …
    Agle called it “a coordinated effort and the biggest piece in progress in the region” since the United States began training with African nations in the Gulf of Guinea in 2009.

    The rescue was directed by Nigerian Rear Admiral Henry Babalola, who told the AP that it was made possible by a maritime agreement allowing Nigeria to patrol Sao Tome’s waters.

    “When we challenged them (the pirates), they said that they were in international waters” with the law of the sea on their side. But the agreement allowed the Nigerians to storm the ship after eight hours of attempted negotiations.

    “International cooperation is the new mantra for maritime security,” Babalola said. “We cannot go it alone.”

    Six pirates were captured and 18 crew members freed. Several pirates escaped with two crew members who remain hostages, Steffen said.

    Babalola stressed the economic impact of piracy, pushing up the price of maritime insurance with costs ultimately passed on to consumers.

    One-fifth of all maritime crime in the world is committed in the Gulf of Guinea, but that is only the tip of the iceberg since an estimated two-thirds of piracy acts there are never reported, according to Ocean Beyond Piracy, a private, Colorado-based organization.

    The Gulf of Guinea is primed for economic growth, a major route for oil supplies shipped around the world with a mild climate that is ideal for commerce, docking and fishing.

  127. Sokoto says: No be lay US have no chill HABA, look at this propaganda ! US freed hostage for nigeria in Sambisa loool with a commandos in nigeria ! lies lies lies

  128. Are James says:

    For military bikes, always go diesel. Find some creative mounting positions for guns and grenade launchers, then train , train train.

  129. asorockweb says:

    NA ‘motorbike battalion’ launched in Damboa. To patrol the roads on Bornu

  130. Emmanuel says:

    As much as I agree with some of the analysis of weapons and systems suitable for our country,……..most times it gets really boring seeing all the “back and forth” arguments and over analysis on this blog, we shouldnt ignore the welfare of those on the field and their supporting units…….how can we have all the sophisticated weapons available but our troops still complain of feeding? Army checkpoints using candles at night, FOB troops still writing confidential letters requesting for subsidised feeding in their base? How long will we continue to struggle with these simple issues

  131. Sokoto says:

    Tarus 2M (Military Russian Motorcycle)-floats, packs, portable and gets you wherever you need to go.

    • Are James says:

      Now that is a military bike.

    • saleh says:

      It doesn’t look suitable for the role the NA wants the bike for. most especially regards the top speed of the Tarus. I actually hope the motor bike unit will not be a stand-alone unit, in my opinion they will operate better in small unit size attached to convention NA units

      • lachit says:

        scouting, recon and also fire control observers for artillery , long range weapons.
        and also battle damage assessment observers.

        also good for infiltration and abduction units 😀

      • saleh says:

        The dirt bikes procured by the NA can also fulfil those responsibilities most especially when you factor the maintenance skillset for the Tarus. Maintenance of the dirt bikes in the field will be easier for the NA. I don’t envy anyone on the Tarus that needs to break contact from BH with a bike that’s actually slower than a tank

      • lachit says:

        in race tracks lozzz and roads speed is big factor
        but for cross country run and moving across diverse terrain controllability/handling including obstacle negotiation with decent speed and load out, is the deciding factor.

        the dirt bikes the NA has is more than adequate for the terrain in the north , but in the deltas turas will prove more useful. just saying
        I would like to buy one, good for the hills especially the 2-3 member special ops teams assigned for take downs

      • Are James says:

        Gentlemen take it from me, the plan is more likely to be as stated. A complete battalion on motorcycles. This is different from having motorbike borne elements at the platoon level proving routine support to conventional forces in surveillance, artillery support, sniper and so on. This is the real deal.
        They would have their role and objectives to secure in any assault on Boko Sambisa emplacements or any other massed enemy positions.

  132. saleh says:

    Hope Oga Beegs is not on AWOL as a result of the rants of those fellows because their objectives would have been achieved. Cool we know Oga Beegs is fine since his twitter account is very active but he has to report to his duty station soon before we setup a CM for him

  133. lachit says:

    just for fun
    though nobody will be laughing at him after 20 years or so especially if he has a chain gun in his hands

  134. jimmy says:
    Things just got more interesting, it is going to be very interesting in the months ahead the dynamics of the relationship between Nigeria and America.

  135. This Video was created by a blogger who wants to remain anonymous. Its a tribute to the Nigerian Armed forces

    • Sokoto says:

      Thank you my heroes ! instead of being sad im angry ! WE HAVE TO BE BETTER EQUIPE, I tell you with minimum good equipment 50% of our fallen Angels could be alive today ! it is not possible that, will in front they have food problem ! and I even remember the time when they were running out ammunition… how many have died because they didnt have bullets ! they diserv more than a video because they didnt left the front !

    • Are James says:

      Some idiot once suggested on a forum that the FG should permit the “refineries”. License them and use them to tackle fuel scarcity. LOL. I spent about 300 words educating him on why that was not going to be a good idea. One dis heartening thing about being pushed to the wall in Nigeria is to find the people being pushed to the wall actually commencing negotiations with the wall to shift a bit instead of pushing back against the people in charge or the institutions that are failing them. The damage being done by these refineries is significantly out of proportion with the benefits of the cheap fuel,

      • lachit says:

        interesting video

        but one question the product that comes out of these illegal refines, is it safe to use because they have not been properly cracked/distilled.
        what r the final product
        petrol/gasoline ?
        diesel ?

        those guys r not were not wearing any masks why?
        crude oil smells like dead shit
        and difficult to wash off the smell

    • Sokoto says:

      Indeed Oga Are James, and here you can see all the impacts ;
      Oga Lachit, I suggest you dont use it in a car this thing will make it blow up

      • Are James says:

        They are using crude distillation. The benzene and many other hydrocarbons inside the products are carcinogenic . The yield is poor ar and there are no octane improvers so the economics of the thing is crazy. The whole operation is damaging the mangrove swamps. If you take a chopper ride , you will weep. Mangrove does not want to grow…literally. What we have now has Mangrove forest took hundreds of years. The Fishing industry which is a potential dollar earner and higher contributor to GDP has been destroyed by thisome activity

      • Are James says:

        The product runs outboard engines and domestic power generations just fine. It cuts the running life of all engines it is used on to one third the normal life but who cares.

      • Sokoto says:

        correct !

  136. jimmy says:

    It is being suggested that by the Presidency’s mouth piece ( I hate to quote political mouthpieces apologies to oga mcshegz) that the National Airline is going to be a done deal.
    My personal preference if the powers that be are reading this blog is to partner up with the Best Airline in Africa which would be Ethiopian Airlines which has done a remarkable of staying from all the ills that have caused most African Airlines to fail,
    Here comes the speculation
    Coming on the heels of the recent visit of PMB to QATAR bilateral airline agreements as well as double taxation avoidance and other financial and legal agreements were signed, ( These are the facts ( solid), the question unanswered is the soon to be created National Airline to be partnered with QATAR AIRLINES? I honestly do not know anyone in the know should let us know
    or is the new Nigerian Airline going to be “a stand alone” Airline

  137. Bigbrovar says:

    We just still lacking in the area of PR and how to celebrate our own and our success. The recent boarding and rescue of a hijacked ship of the cost of Sao Tome by the Nigerian Navy is yet to get as much publicity as it should. What happened is unprecedented in the history of African Navy. On one hand it shows that Magic happens when u combine training with equipments. If this incident had happened in 2011 when Nigeria had not a single blue ocean ship.. we won’t have be having this conversation. Investments in ships and training did the trick for the Nigerian Navy.

    I hope the Army and Airforce can learn alot from the Nigerian Navy. All those constant Naval exercise and investment in a special forces team are now paying dividends. This ship was not hijacked in Nigerian waters.. It was not a Nigerian Ship. NN had no obligation to help. Yet we played our big brother role .. pursuing the Pirates with Opkabana and Intercepting them with Century before boarding shows professionalism.

    Lastly I live you all with the emotional testimony of the immensely grateful hijacked ship captain He said almost in tears:

    As the bullets were flying over my head, the man said to me As bullets were flying, he heard “I will give my life for u captain, don’t worry”

    If this had been a US rescue operation. You can trust that a movie about it would be contesting for the oscars. We really need to sing our own praise.

    • solorex says:

      I believe there is a silent operation to stabilize the whole of the Niger Delta militarily and its yielding good result lately. These year only-over 2 dozen gun boats have been delivered (amazingly from a local manufacturer-but not sure if he actually manufactured them locally) and there dilapidated ones are been repaired,6 dozen is scheduled to be delivered this and next quarter. Saw the amoured ones behind truck with the gun mounts-not looking bad or local. In the next quarter-Niger Delta will compete Northeast as the most heavily policed region in the country-There might be upto 150 units by year end-add this to the in-house refurbished ones and one can dream of a day where the navy can have 250 shoreline patrols in a simultaneously. This will be serious problem for creek criminals.

  138. lachit says:

    not much happening in this thread
    so let me do a write-up on BVR combat

    what is necessary for high probability of successful BVR interception
    1.AESA radar
    In radars using mechanically-moving slotted-array antennae like those on the KLJ-7, EL/M-2032, Zhuk-M2E etc the radar can perform only 1 function at a time. It can either engage in target detection, or it can do target-tracking.
    also in the track-while-scan mode, importance is given to tracking, with detection becoming secondary in importance because the radar antennae cannot move in azimuth & elevation for performing both functions at the same time.
    Furthermore, when a BVRAAM is being provided with mid-course or even terminal-course guidance and concurrently a semi-active BVRAAM is being used, then the MMR’s antenna has to stay fixed for target illumination, i.e. it cannot perform either target detection or target scanning. Thus, MMRs using mechanically-moving slotted-array antennae can only operate in various modes but in a sequential manner, and unlike the AESA which can do the same simultaneously or concurrently.

    2.automated Situation and Threat Assessment system in BVR Combat
    Since BVR combat occurs outside the range of the pilot’s vision, they must rely on information from the on-board and off-board sensors and other sources to determine the location of an opposing aircraft in real time with near accurate future combat manoeuvre prediction overlay .
    Pilots make decisions based on the air surveillance picture portraying tracks of airborne targets that is obtained by mentally fusing the information coming from several sources like AWACS , GBR , BUDDY aircraft etc.. The workload on the pilots increases as the number of targets in combat arena grows or the situation becomes complex.
    Therefore to reduce the workload on the pilots, it is required to automate most of the decision making activity. utilization of a real time decision support system like Intelligent System for Situation Assessment in Air-Combat based on Fuzzy logic and Bayesian Network hybrid technique etc. etc. which are designed to assist the pilots participating in complex BVR combat.
    the system seeks to replicate the mental model of pilot flawlessly and is an integration of platform models, sensor models, pilot mental models and data processing algorithms to give real time decision making aids to the pilot for high probability one shot one kill solutions without losing situational awareness in the heat of the battle.

    3. availability of AWACS / MINI AWACS / AEW & CS etc.
    The BVR combat is defined by total air space situational awareness and utilization of high speed data links . This allows a number of aircraft to share data with each other, and with other airborne radar platforms. each pilot ends up with the same battlefield picture as every other. which helps them to prioritize and delegate responsibilities to each individual platform.
    the AWACS will picked up the targets at extended ranges and date will be provided to the fighters so that each of them can manoeuvre to place the respective enemy in their long-range missile’s best weapon engagement zone (WEZ).
    all this is required because g’s that a missile has to pull is amount of g’s pulled by the target times difference in speed squared so if a missile travels at Mach 3 and the evading fighter aircraft travels at Mach 0.6 which is the usual corner speed of many fighters and concurrently pulls 9 g manoeuvres, then the attacking missile will need to pull around 200 g to match turn radius thus lessening the kill probability.
    so a BVR missile even with a high performance active-seeker together with appropriate midcourse guidance updates via data links has to be fired from a ideal position so that the target aircraft is caught unawares i.e. in conditions under which the attacking missile can not be evaded through any combination of manoeuvres or acceleration aka the missiles no escape zone (NEZ).

    4.passive sensors IRST and AESA based jamming pods for countering BVR missiles with active seekers.
    using active sensors like radars will give away your position during combat. modern EW suites, RWR , MAWS will alert the pilot to any unfriendly emissions thus allowing him to take counter measures etc.
    you are left with 2 choices
    1.turn off the radar and use data acquired from external sources like AWACS to achieve optimal starting position and speed for launching the BVR missile.
    2.turn off the radar and rely solely on passive sensor like IRST which is very difficult to jam and offers greater angular resolution than a radar and will not give away your presence.

    also modern BVRs like SD-10 which are equipped with active radar seeker can be defeated easily through jamming by high power ELT-568-type AESA-based jammers carried externally.

  139. lachit says:


    Missile tactics largely depend on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the attacking missile vs. the enemy’s. “longer legs” BVR missiles with a more powerful motor, will give you a shoot-first advantage.
    a more powerful active radar seeker on the BVR missile, will allow its shooter to drop lock earlier and dis-engage quickly. since u will have to keep lock / feeding updates to your missile for mid course guidance until it goes active otherwise you will end up with a low probability of kill aka “cheapshot” — which in itself is a also good tactic if all you need to achieve is to thwart the enemy by setting off his missile approach warning systems.
    most of the ranges stated for BVR missiles are only true at high altitude against aircraft in attack and at low altitudes effective range of BVR missile is reduced to near 25% of its range at high altitude, and also range against aircraft in flight is approximately 1/4 of that against aircraft in attack (varies based on missiles).
    also the missile is only able to maintain a sustained level of high performance manoeuvrability through specific portions of its flight envelope. The missile’s rocket motor delivers maximum thrust at the start of the missile’s flight. Missiles are most manoeuvrable during this phase and any aircraft caught within this stage of the missile’s flight envelope will have little chance of escape.
    however missiles carry severely limited fuel and when the rocket propellant is exhausted, the missile runs out of thrust, and simply coasts towards its target. **Most** medium- and long-range engagements end with missiles gliding/coasting towards their targets ( i.e. no all the way thrust capability) This is where the fighter under attack makes the most out of it by using MANOEURABILITY / SUPER MANOEURABILITY to escape the attacking BVR missile .
    thus many of the same characteristics that makes for a good dogfighting aircraft, also proves to be important in the BVR combat scenario .
    which is why THE RUSSIANS STRESS ON MANOEURABILITY a agile aircraft can turn 180° around, fire up the afterburners and make continuous 90° turns to force the missile to manoeuvre against it or it can put the missile on a 90° bearing from the aircraft and make climbs and dives to force the missile to manoeuvre against it . In either case, the highly manoeuvrable aircraft is forcing the BVR missile to bleed off its energy so that it doesn’t have sufficient energy to keep up with the aircrafts manoeuvring in the terminal phase of its flight. which leads the aircraft to have a very high probability of out manoeuvring the attacking missile.
    what I have explained here is the kinematic defence only, not to mention the active towed decoys , AESA based jammers etc. which will be employed simultaneously to seduce/defeat the BVR missile .

    also there is a chance of a “MAD DOG” situation if a active seeker BVR missile is launched in LOAL mode without any mid course guidance or updates which means the missile will lock on the first target it sees be it enemy or be it friendly it does not matter.

    another thing due to unavailability of AWACS / due to heavy ECCM etc. sometimes the best IFF method is visual one or through IRST, since pilots will turn IFF transponders off to avoid being tracked. then BVR use becomes tricky and ends up in WVR dogfights.

    again another thing in a complex saturated air battle participants of BVR combat will 90% of the time end up merging into WVR combat willingly or unwillingly because of outmanoeuvring or outrunning the BVR missiles.


    • jimmy says:

      this is the real reason why NIGERIA did not buy any JETS, OR SUBSTANTIAL numbers of Helicopters
      When the number one soldier in Nigeria is more interested in a time of war in investing in his son’s dubious real estate future we do not need to wonder anymore why the NAF suffered .
      May GOD put the right men in the right place at the right time to lead the NAF, the last three CAS were wolves in sheep’s clothing even as men died it did not concern them.

  140. jimmy says:
    Recent “going ons” in the Navy.

  141. lachit says:

    can any one identify it for what it is used

    lol never thought it will be used for taking out several blocks of a city at one go

    • lachit says:

      good way to counter hundreds of terrorists armed with anti tanks weapons etc in urban areas filled with congested buildings/apartments.
      tanks entering the city alleys will only get blown up or get bogged down

    • lachit says:

      this should explain it 😀

      • Ola says:

        This is a very brutal use of a mine clearing vehicle, I wonder if this does not constitute a war crime. I pity those guys at the receiving end, they wouldn’t know what hit them! 🙂

      • Sokoto says:

        I tell you its brutal

      • Sokoto says:

        If NA wants some speed, here a MCV which will increase speed and mobility

      • lachit says:

        war crime ?
        against civilians yes
        against terrorist definitely no
        plus enemy non combatant involved in abetting enemy troops can be taken out by any conventional means and this does not constitute a war crime.

        international media may create hulla bulla 😀 depending on whose side u are , but international law is quite clear on this.

        imagine improving on the design
        4 rockets launched simultaneously each towing line charges packed with hollowed C4 charges filled with magnesium powder and thermite .

        perfect terrorist killing weapons bunched up in city blocks.

        depending on the length of the line charges and mass per unit length of explosives packed together with a suitable filler incendiary , it will rival the air dropped MOAB AND FOAB BOMBS in demolition capability on a large scale.

      • lachit says:

        it can be used against BH
        but not in the same way, because from what I have read here BH fights r rarely in bunched up areas and another reason they are mobile.
        so this rules out ground based launching

        the only effective option I see using light aircrafts ( e.g. farmer aircrafts) which can take off and land anywhere to be fitted with canisters carrying rolls of line charges.

        u all must have seen pictures of harpoon attached to a cable , when the harpoon is fired it drags the cable along with it.

        I propose a similar arrangement, a rocket with enough power to drag the entire length of the line charge after it.

        this pic should explain my idea

        u fire the rocket from the aircraft which will pull the line charge after it , so if a group of BH are dispersed over a area assaulting the military then 2 such line charges filled with incendiary fired adequately spaced apart will cause considerable area damage .

        cheap equivalent to air dropped MOAB AND FOAB lolzzz 😀

        any takers for this idea of mine 😀

      • lachit says:

        click or open the pic in new tab to view it

      • Are James says:

        It is a variation to the US mine clearing stringed explosive concept. Very effective i must say.
        I particularly like the enhancements they have done to it, like the pre launch surveillance and target acquisition sequences.

  142. jimmy says:
    Well setting aside $600 million +$250 million =$850 million means they are still $3.1 Billion short.. MTN you still have a long way to go.
    Unrelated ::President ZUMA visits Nigeria next week.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Ha, Oga, it doesn’t work that way, companies and Governments make deals all the time, there is no reason for us to bankrupt this company, yes they went against our rules, sure, but why make them break bank? Fine them something reasonable and move on, not try to milk them for money. There is a reason why it’s called “Closed door deals”, they will make one and pay less, nothing wrong with that.

  143. gbash10 says:

    The NA has commissioned a new main battle tank,it looks like the Pakistani Army Al-Khalid1(Type 90-IIM/MBT-2000) that was built by NORICO Factory 617 of China and it was license-built by Heavy Industry Taxila,HIT, of Pakistan.
    The commandant of the NA Armoured Corps and School, said the effective range of the new tank is 300m(3km), though it has an operational range of 500m(5km).
    Some one should verify the Turkish Army Atley main battle tank as well.
    Congratulation to the NA Armoured Corps!

    • jimmy says:

      oga GBASH can you please provide a link or photograph

      • gbash10 says:

        Oga Jimmy, the NA did not mention the name of this new main battle tank, trust NTA Defence Correspondent, Muhammad Abduikadir, he didnt mentioned the name either.
        I compared the tank that I saw with the T-90, Al-Khalid1 and the T-84 Oplot main battle tanks,but I narrow it down to the last two.

    • Sokoto says:

      GREAT NEWS !!!! but it will be a bigger great news if it is with technology transfer

    • gbash10 says:

      3000m(3km) and 5000m(5km)

  144. Sokoto says:


  145. Sokoto says:

    Al-Khalid I – Upgraded variant with Ammunition capacity increased to 49 125 mm rounds, 1,500 12.7 mm rounds and 7,100 7.62 mm rounds. Incorporates modifications made to the fire-control system which is now a more advanced multi process fire control computer with up to 7 km effective identification range. The engagement range is also improved which is up to 3.5 km, digital driver panel, IBMS, side-skirts, track pads, digitally controlled FPGA based solid state auto-loader with bidirectional tray movement and ammo availability info on screen, info on empty and full trays and types of available rounds, bigger carousel for longer rounds, (rate of fire increased to 9 rounds per minute), Ukrainian Varta electro-optical jammer (disrupts laser rangefinders, laser designators and anti-tank guided missile tracking systems), Sagem third-generation thermal imagers and improved air conditioning system. It is the most heavily weaponised tank by tonnage. It is fitted with a 1,200 hp Ukrainian engine. Al-Khalid II’s top speed is 72 km/h, and it weighs 47 tonnes.

    It’s simple to go from AK I to AK 2 the only difference is AK 2 is a Upgraded variant incorporating redesigned turret, increased weight, upgraded modular armour package and sensors, improved ammunition and a new powerpack developing 1,500 hp. It has new armour that has been tested to defeat all known 120 mm and 125 mm rounds. The tank has a new Integrated Battle Management System (IBMS) and an active threat-protection system.

  146. Sokoto says:

    little problem ! Al Khalid Unit cost $4.7 million – $5.8 million USD in 2011, T 72 US$1–2 million, T80 ! USD $2.2 million , T 90 4.25 million in 2011 ! no is a big problem Al Khalid doesnt stand a single chance in front of T 80 or T 90 and thr are more cheaper ! what the hell is going on in the head of all the deciders ??? I swear if its not with technology transfert … HABA T 80 IS BETTER

    • Are James says:

      Don’t believe Wikipedia figures . No tank in the world should cost more than an American tank.

      • lachit says:

        arjun mk2 costs more than US tank and nothing to be proud of.

        another question I know there is lot of problem regarding sourcing of spares (engine) and engine from Ukraine . the Pakistani army was/is struggling and have cut down on day to day trainings because of these.

        so the acquired al khalid tanks have different engines ? maybe Chinese

        or is it the VT-1As directly from china which have Chinese engines
        like Bangladesh and other did much cheaper

      • Sokoto says:

        Oga Are Al Khalid vs t 90 which cheaper ? and Al Khalid vs T 72 which one is more powerful ?

      • lachit says:

        Al Khalid vs T 72 which one is more powerful ?

        the question is very simple , but the answer is not so simple.

        the latest version of T72 is The T-72B4, often called T-72B3M
        manufacturers link
        the latest version of al Khalid is the al Khalid 1 (not al Khalid 2 as reported in blogs etc. )
        manufacturers link

        you do the calculations now 😀

        cost will vary depending on the add-ons, plus life cycle costs etc. , real cost will be known only after negotiations. cant help you on this.

        I have inside information on al Khalid plus some info shared with me by a Israeli tanker heck how did he come to possess such info I don’t know !

      • Are James says:

        Yeah you guys are right but for everything Pakistani that we are getting, i am thinking they are all in a package deal so maybe much cheaper than advertised and if some tech transfer is thrown in then, not bad at all.

      • Sokoto says:

        yes thats what im saying if no tech transfert, I will present my self for presidency !

  147. Sokoto says:

    this is a Tank !

  148. tim says:

    Just watched the nta news about the tank….sorry to break your hearts. …..those are vickers mbt, I wonder why they were calling those contraptions computerised tanks……unless they have gone through some major upgrades. …

    • Are James says:

      They were called computerised tanks when Abacha first bought them as army chief – MBT 1000 or 2000 was NA’s term for them.
      Were these bought as new or donated by the British?
      Was there an upgraded version we did not know about?

      • Are James says:

        Vickers MK 7. Made in 1982. I am sure the British refurbished our old tanks or donated about 10 to 20 pieces. Good but outdated chobham armour , fairly decent gun, familiar engine hope the a c. now works.

  149. Augustine says:

    Old wine in washed clean bottle….still better than no wine at all. Vickers tanks. No further details available yet.

    • lachit says:

      there are hundreds of vijayanta tanks (based on vickers) in Indian army reserve stocks waiting to be scraped . why not buy 200 of them at scrap prices and then pay for the ammo only.

      and then use to rough shod the BH , after that use the tanks for target practice or melt it down for scrap

      • Are James says:

        The tanks are no pushovers though and they are going to be useful during any final assault on BH bunkers and emplacments. They will probably complement mobile artillery. As for when they get really old, Nigerians are very creative with old tanks. We pile three layers of sand bags around them and turn them into impregnable pillboxes and checkpoints.
        I am sure these things are from old NA stocks refurbished by the British. Again, i hope the airconditioners are working, no pun intended.

      • ozed says:

        Sorry about my ignorance but how are these different from the ones we abandoned in clusters to BH due to non-serviceability, and most of which our venerable T-72s made mincemeat of during the pre-election offensives??

        Hope we are not going round in circles.

      • Are James says:

        They were the ones we abandoned to Boko Haram. Nigeria is not going to send tanks against agile suicidal insurgents operating on foot ever again, I believe these ones are for a special purpose

  150. jimmy says:

    I pondered your very thoughtful question , and I went back to the interview and listened to the to words of the Armored Corp Commander Maj .Gen Idris Alkali
    ” It can get up 300 meters effective range but maximum effective range is 5000 m which is 5km.
    This is my logical conclusions based on my Civil Engineering and Surveying Conclusions
    In surveying the human eye through a surveying lens can see maybe up to 500m effectively shooting @ a target requires a guidance system either thermal or Laser
    Conclusion #1 The upgraded tanks have a computerized laser guided system in them. Please disregard the camo scheme it does appear to quell other people concerns that these Tanks were either shipped back to Britain or had the “CHOBAM (SP) protection coating added to them.
    Conclusion #2 There is no need to fire a Tank if you know the Minimum and maximum effective killing range …… unless the firing controls have been upgraded which they have,
    I stand by what i said and this video confirms some of the things i said
    1. There has been a procurement order and it will probably manifest itself in q3/ q4 which will involve heavy equipment specifically Tanks most likely upgraded T-72s ot T-90s and upgraded Artillery systems one thing i haved held back is the artillery systems since the COAS let the cat out of the bag , some artillery systems are believed to of been upgraded + Gps systems + xxxx.
    In conclusion upgrading of the Tanks are a blessing in disguise because it does signify that even ALL the Tanks the Armored Corps need to be upgraded to be computerized, and have either thermal ( heat) or laser guided systems embedded into their fire control systems.

  151. Augustine says:

    Oga ozed, no details made available to public beyond the Vickers video on NTA platform. As usual, the defence journalists cannot ask any useful question, most of them think armed helicopters are jet fighters. Newbreed of media mediocres, lazy bones, they cannot google search on the military stuff before interviewing top military generals. Oga if na me dem send go, that armoured corp general go answer question till he leaves that shooting range, I won’t let him rest. Why is the Vickers gun effective at just 300 metres when it can reach max 5,000 metres? The gap is too wide between it’s effect vs max.

    Bros, let us thank God the new COAS is listening to the warning that NA armoured corps is almost dead with shamefully obsolete and break-down in action tanks. Who does not want T-90 MS as new tank for NA? Gen. Buratai has good desires but no money, who will give him $5 million for one tank, one Russian made T-90 MS plus full range of ordnance types?

    I think the COAS has realized that he is stuck for now with maybe 80 Vickers tanks which is two tank battalions number, then if NA has to compete with NAF for use of the said Russian loan, wahala dey. NA does not use much of Chinese made heavy offensive weapons, NA is Russian equipped mostly.

    NN is able to benefit more from Chinese loan, just one single second-hand Song Class submarine for $120 million, one brand new Malvinas Class P18N guided missile multi-purpose Corvette for $120 million, etc.

    NAF too can use heavily gain from Chinese loan for 12 examples of JF-17 Thunder jets since 40% of the jet is Chinese input and 100% of it’s weapons are Chinese input.

    NA may be forced to look for scarce cash and find $10 million to upgrade 40 with the best mechanical condition among the 80 tanks at a cost of say $250,000 each if I am to speculate fairly reasonable figures. Simple upgrade to improve performance for offensive not defensive capability (Defensive will involve ERA armour add-on and that will make the cost very high):

    • Digital thermal sights for night combat, 3 sights, 1 each for driver, commander, gunner

    • Digital turret/105mm main gun, computerized fire control, stabilizer to fire accurately on the move and target range-finder

    • Powerful air conditioning/cooling system for very hot climate and interior protection desert dust/sand filters

    • Long range communication radio and GPS navigation system

    • Engine and gearbox refurbishment

    • Hull body works, rewelding, rust removal, repainting, etc

    If NA can thus locally touch-up 40 units of Vickers tanks to battlefield operational reliability levels for $10 million total cost at our own; Bauchi armour factory, it is better than ordering 10 units of same level 1970s old armour T-72 tanks that are second hand and unreliable at $1 million each. I will choose the local Vickers upgrade option to give me more numbers, there is a certain quality in quantity, the Boko Haram war zone of 3 states alone, Borno-Yobe-Adamawa, is DOUBLE THE LAND SIZE OF SCOTLAND.

    • jimmy says:

      Beautiful write up Oga Augustine how can you write so eloquently here and lose your cool so easily arguing with people who can’t even spell asymmetric war properly anyway story for another day NA it is this author’s conclusions Long range communication (achieved), GPS location communication (achieved), Satellite communications with certain units via ISR has been used in Battle , but Satellites directly to NA units still work in progress.

      • ozed says:

        Reasonable deductions. Lets hope this is the case or better still that we are underestimating the degree of refit/ upgrade done.

  152. Kola Adekola says:

    Buhari on Nigerian security and other issues:

  153. Ola says:

    Hello Beegeagle, hope you still read your blog and you’re doing well?
    Could you please come back and bring some freshness into this place? I know you’ve said it a few times before that this blog has already satisfied it’s purpose, I do also know that there have been quite a number of people who’ve been quite unappreciative of your efforts in sustaining this blog all these years. However, there are people who absolutely appreciate what you’ve done on this blog and your blog has successfully achieved a significant status, even among senior defense analysts, advisers and correspondents across the world. Abandoning it at this stage is unfortunately not the most productive stance. I would encourage and appeal to you to come back.


    • Kola Adekola says:

      I add my voice to this call.

      Oga Beegs, the effort behind this website and the direction of its thrust are highly appreciated and respected. Do return to your good word, sir.

  154. Ola says:

    If I may contribute to the Tank discussions here, I want to add these facts:
    1. Nigerian Vickers are newer than the T-72s that were imported at inflated prices
    2. Nigerian Vickers were bought new and what killed them is poor maintenance.
    3. Delivery of the Vickers was slow and stretched over a long period of time, the last ones were delivered in the late 90s.
    4. The Vijayanta that Lachit talked about is a licenced, locally produced Vickers Mk 1 of the Indian Army, Nigerian Vickers are Mk 3, by far more recent and modernised. Mk 3 were produced between early 1980s and 2000. So going to buy the Vijayantas off India is not a good idea.
    5. The last sets of Vickers delivered to Nigeria were indeed modernised and quite computerised even though most of them were bridge layers. So the defence correspondent may be ignorant but was not entirely wrong.

    On upgrades to the Vickers, I will advocate for their upgrade. I will advocate for an upgrade done locally with with heavy material and technical support from BAE systems. Nigeria can very easily upgrade the Vickers on a contract with BAE systems. A non-publicised, government to government contract will see the UK government agreeing speedily to the upgrades, whatever brings money home, the UK government will do it.

    • Are James says:

      Just put ERA on the tanks and retrofit night gunnery gear if it has none. BAE systems would kill us on any upgrade contract.

  155. lachit says:


    u missed my entire point of view

    I advocated purchase of 200 tanks made not later than mid 1980s at scrap prices which should amount to 2-3 million dollars if not less.
    before purchase they will be subjected to thorough inspection on site by the Nigerian army teams.

    the vijayanta was upgraded in successive upgrades Vijayanta Mark 1, Mark 1A, Mark 1B, Mark 1C and Mark 2.

    it feature 105 mm L7A2 main gun which is an upgraded version of Nigerian Vickers 105 mm L7A1 main gun.

    in short what I am saying is whatever upgrades Nigeria has develop for Vickers can be easily retro fitted to the turrets and hulls of vijayant which are of the same production date .

    I am proposing this for the war against BH and not for any other role.

    2-3 million dollars for 200 tanks plus spares
    10-15 million dollars for the in house Nigerian upgrade
    benefits the Nigerian army by building capacity in a very short time, cuts training cost and time , existing maintenance and spare logistics are improved.
    local industries benefits from the maintenance , spare and upgrade programme.

    well it is just a idea of mine and if it has any merits or not is up to the concerned parties.

  156. Sokoto says:

    More than 3,480 Leopard 2s have been manufactured, Germany operated 2350 and know only 320 … the others are stored, its true thei are old but they were not involved in a war ! and im sure that they will cost less

    • Sokoto says:

      And is the best MBT in the world

      • Kola Adekola says:

        The Leopard 2 is indeed the best MBT, but Germany is now buying back any copies in the wild to retool them to be able to compete with the upcoming T-14 Armata, so there might be none for us to buy.

      • Sokoto says:

        yes thats true but Im sure with the necessary will ! we can come out with at least 40, they can replace the guard brigade AMX-30 or be a plus. because defend Abuja the heart of Nigeria with 16 MBT is not very reassuring …

  157. asorockweb says:

    In the past, I have severely criticized the Nigeria Army for it’s phishing and spam-filled website.

    I am happy to let you guys know that the NA has rebuilt it’s website. No longer should you be worried about your computer being hijacked, based on a visit to the NA’s official website.

    Also, all the new battle photos can be found there as well.

    It seems that money meant for “stuff” is actually being used for “stuff”, instead of for the “good life.”

    I am very happy that the NA has started taking it’s public face seriously.

  158. lachit says:

    @Augustine @are james @ola @ jimmy

    Nigerian army needs upgrades to its Vickers and T72s which provides 360 degree view both in the day and night under battle conditions.
    the plug in has to be plug and play type which requires minimum modification to the platform itself

    most of the contacts of the Nigerian armour with BH will be less than 1000m due to terrain and the tactics run by BH who will try to offset the long range advantage of Nigerian army assets by trying to swarm closer from multiple directions using all available cover.
    the following video is exactly the type of sensors I am proposing for the tanks upgrade since as of now the priority threat is the asymmetrical warfare being faced by NA from BH.

    even in modern day warfare tank versus tank warfare target detection is less than 5000m target recognition less than 3000m and optimal hitting of enemy tanks with high probability occurs at less than 2500-3000m.

    “Powerful air conditioning/cooling system for very hot climate and interior protection desert dust/sand filters”
    good upgrade option from you but given the restricted interior of the turret I doubt its installation but if achieved kudos from me.
    “Conclusion #1 The upgraded tanks have a computerized laser guided system in them.”
    shells , missiles and any projectile are laser guided .
    I fail to understand how a tank sub system fixed to the tank will be laser guided 😀
    I believe it is a typo
    I think you meant a laser ranging (and targeting for guiding a laser guided shell/missile ) system which will find the range automatically and send the data to the computerized digital fire control console (FCC) which will do the respective ballistic calculations for the different shells like HE ,PCB ,HEAT etc. and also input meteorological data from met. sensors and, azimuth and elevation data from the sensors installed on the main gun continuously to the ballistic computations for increased first round hit probability.
    all of these are a sub system/part of a digital fire control system (FCS).
    just for giving you guys a idea for a FCC console used by the gunner I have this picture

    if you can get the leopards than you end up with the most potent tank in the world , but even the second hand costs a lot because of the spares and the life cycle costs but I do not think it is out of reach for Nigeria. only political will is needed .

    • jimmy says:

      That is correct @Oga Lachit the terminology was meant to be Laser guided.Nigerian Tankers are used to T72s,T55s Vickers Mk3, it is inconceivable that yet another Tank which is not Russian will be added to the system. IMHO, the most likely option still remains the upgraded T72s or the T90s again this is just my opinion.

    • Sokoto says:

      Actually that’s why I’m talking about 40 units, for the guard brigade. the AMX will be given to the 1 st division for example or the 82 division or converted into a air defense system.
      Tondo is a game changer, but history has shown us that the united states does not want to sell us technology …
      I often wonder for what purpose the National intelligence agency has been created ? we can not do as the Chinese?
      if they do not want to sell us the weapons why not steal the plans ?, I ‘m sure they are people here who can replicate … even Iran has succeeded …

    • lachit says:

      lolzzz no need to steal the technology from Tonbo Imaging please !!! 😀
      this an Indian company launched in 2008 and which gained prominence due to modi’s make in India initiative .
      its clients include DARPA, Indian military, BAE Systems etc.

      you just send a representative with your demands and no need to hassle yourself with espionage agents and by the way I will be keeping a eye on you, if any night vision devices etc. go missing you might find me at your doorsteps, so keep a case of beer or two handy just in case 😀

      40 tanks are too few, I don’t know how many tanks are held in a Nigerian tank regiment.
      what about the war attrition and maintenance specific reserves you will need at least 20 of them in addition to the regular peace time running stocks .

    • lachit says:

      incidents regarding stealing technology and reverse engineering are always blown out of proportion by ignorant people.

      suppose somebody stole the blue prints of predator UAV, except for countries like china , Russia , France , Britain that piece of paper will be only good enough for wiping the ass of whoever stole it in the first place 😀
      why ?
      rest of the countries don’t have the required production technology and requisite industrial base to put it into production.

      just how many countries can make military grade steel , only a hand full , you want to judge the military technological capacity of a country, you just have to look at the sophistication of that countries commercial industrial base.

      for example japan has a very high technology commercial industrial base , while Pakistan has minimal commercial industrial base .
      but Pakistan is nuclear power while japan isn’t.
      if tomorrow japan needs to manufacture a hi tech warship from a blueprint it has stole, it will take only 2-3 years to come into play.
      if Pakistan has the blueprints and it goes about making it . it will take lots of years and extensive external help.

      a blueprint generally only contains the specifications to building a particular object , it does not contain the detailed process to manufacture the thousands and millions of components which are a part of that system.
      a blueprint of a destroyer design will have the technical specification on the type of military grade steel to be used only and not details on how to manufacture it.
      however the industrial capacity to make a steel alloy conforming to that specification is entirely up to the countries steel industrial sophistication and research and development base.
      just operating a 2-4 steel plants is not enough if u don’t have a good R&D sector to meet your hi technology demands.
      coming to japan because of its industrial prowess it has been estimated that it can build near about 10,000 nuclear warheads in a few months if it desires so.

      and by the way the Iranian UAVs are 90 % TOT derived UAVS from china.
      including the Shahed 129 UAV I forgot the name of its Chinese base model.

      so my friend I hope you understand it aint that simple.

    • lachit says:

      ignorant people= media , ultra nationalist internet warriors and govt. propaganda outlets

    • Are James says:

      I don’t support it at all. However it is an implied membership. I think the idea is that we are fighting the ISIS West Africa arm already so we are “technically” already in the coalition.
      Contributing troops to an I’ll advised invasion of Syria has armageddonic rings to it and would have to cross the hurdle of the NASS. I don’t think that is going to happen. ISIS is getting a pasting in Syria and everyone knows where they are moving next so the statement might be of value soon

    • Sokoto says:

      Im agains, first we are already fighting Boko Haram the most deadliest terroriste group in the world deadliest, seconde I don’t think that our soldiers are ready to fight in a terrain were equipment is the most valuable thing we don’t have enought amoured cars/
      but I think that it can be some advantage first writing history why not ? may be that Saudi Arabia will give us 2 billion in equipment as they did for Lebanon ? and we really need this type of gift/ if im right I’ll be okay with that
      however I admit that the name of this caolition does not reflect our foreign military policy a Pan-African military policy… but we don’t have to forget we are not the precursor of this caolition

    • Sir Kay says:

      I saw we ask the Saudis for $5 billion dollars, aren’t they of the habit of giving money away? lol, they want us in their coalition , i say they support us with some cash

      • Sokoto says:

        5 Billion dollars ! OH YES im okay with the coalition ! lmaoo !!! I support it !!!

      • Kay says:

        The Saudis would give you that sum with their strain of wahhabi influence attached, no thanks.

      • Sokoto says:

        @Kay don’t think that it will be 5 bn in exchang of our intervention and since lebanon are not influence, Us neither. and in 10 or 20 years we will be much stronger than them

      • Kay says:

        Saudi has only ever offered aid to muslim countries and at that the maximum was about $500 million to Bosnia then which was also unmasked anti west plotters from within the ranks of those who oversaw that aid package as well as seeking to impose their wahhabi ideology.

      • Kay says:

        Didn’t read up about the Lebanon reference, well we know why its being pulled now. To stymie Hez, now the govt isn’t playing willy nilly. Truth is Saudi aid always comes with conditions and is the last thing we need.

    • Are James says:

      Is there a problem with this?
      The war is almost ended and SA SFs want to gain some experience.
      In return they will deliver some “tools”.
      In terms of defence tech SA is rated above Pakistan.

    • Sokoto says:

      @Augustin callin SA an ally .. yeah is maybe a joke lmao
      but if @Are J. is right so we should giv it a try because the truth is our equipments are poor !

    • Sir Kay says:

      When you are battling another country for supremacy, you don’t ask them to come into your home to clean it up for you. It only give them an edge over us, soon people will say “Remember when south Africa sent troops to Nigeria to help it fight terrorists” .
      We have enough manpower in our country for this, what’s lacking are the proper tools

      • Sokoto says:

        @SirKay You have a point !

      • SA won’t put troops on the groun @ least nt combat troops. Maybe advisers or people to handle some Hi-tech ish but nt combat troops and they will nt hit the frontlines. B4 we ridicule d idea of advisers, pls rem where Oga Eben is from.

  159. Sokoto says:

    News@10: Boko Haram Arms Dealer Nabbed By DSS

  160. Augustine says:

    Ogas, it’s hard to know what is going on hidden behind the scene.

    South Africa may be trying to share glory as Nigeria finally defeats Boko Haram with ZERO help from South Africa. They may want to enter history records and say they helped Nigeria deafeat Bokos. Also, SANDF may want to get access to Nigeria’s overall war tactics and strategy that we used to defeat Bokos, but they may want it by trick saying; “We are allies, let us do military training exchange programs at officer level”. That way, they have 100% to gain from our hard earned battlefield experience while they offer zero experience and we gain nothing.

    The minister of defence that is in Abuja now, is the same woman that threatened to arrest and prosecute Col. Eben Barlow for STTEP training NA 72 mobile strike force during our preparation for final assault on Boko Haram.

    I don’t see which South African made weapon Nigeria can waste money on, many of their products are overpriced and many are obscolescent designs from 1980s needing upgrade. India is selling 20mm anti-material rifle at $20,000 while Denel South Africa offers same rifle quality for $45,000. That is likely one of the reasons the Indians ‘copied’ the rifle and cancelled the deal to buy from Denel.

    South African made products are a rip-off at over-expensive selling prices, even their MRAPs are overpriced, and countries like Namibia produce their own. African countries do buy SA rifles, some MRAPs, but avoid SA made hi-tech weapons like Rooivalk helicopter for about $40 million, G-6 artillery at close to $10 million, cut throat tear pocket prices. Kenya went to Europe last year to buy the equally capable long range Serbian made B-52 Nora self propelled artillery for about $2 million, they ignored the Denel G-6 Rhino that has similar capabilities but costs five times more!

    South Africa is not known to be generous with it’s money, they make you pay for every piece of popcorn they give you, no free snack talk less of the dinner itself. Not very friendly or ‘ally’ as they claim, not hostile either, but can be very xenophobic against fellow Africans, even their Zulu King is xenophobic. When you see South African government warming up towards you, they have 100 times more to gain than you will ever benefit from them.

    Nigeria should thread very carefully with South Africa.

  161. Are James says:

    Do you know their record in joint venture manufacturing of weapon systems and munitions!

    • jimmy says:

      South Africa and Nigeria have a lot of things to offer each other
      let us start with the basics the first is a noticeable thaw in relations which as we are beginning to see has resulted now in reciprocal visits
      Second it is inconceivable that Nigeria and South Africa will not take this to another level as to the comfort level between PJZ and PMB
      The focus should not be on mundane APC It should on something of much better and sterner stuff a Presidential visit and reciprocal visit and also CDS visit demands things like:
      Navy : Visits by Naval warships to both J’BURG AND LAGOS with Naval maneuvers followed by reciprocal SBS training .
      Army : The pilots that are being trained for the Army Aviation wing are already there . S’Africa is looking for a partner for their Rooviak 2 Helicopter and Nigeria is looking to build one of their own. the SF PERSONNEL coming from SF are not coming to fight BH regardless of what some silly Newspaper is saying, they are here to learn and cross train with Nigeria’s Finest
      AIRFORCE: Nigeria is currently working with DENEL AND paramount on upgrades, more can be done if their missiles are good for Algeria , with More testing and reopening the EPE missile base , something can be done.
      Lord Palmerstone said it best ” Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests ”
      Nigeria has no interests whatsoever in putting boots anywhere in the Middle East it is what is coming out of the Middle East and Somalia that should concern Nigeria.
      The previous Regime of GEJ sentenced a convicted Iranian SPY to a lengthy jail sentence for shipping Weapons into Nigeria, S’ARABIA on the other hand denied the existence of BH and their Airspace, it is not an emotional thing it is a pragmatic thing Nigeria has a predominant Sunni MAJORITY over a Shitte Minority with their leader in Nigeria counting Straws best bet stay the pragmatic route.

  162. jimmy says:
    May his soul rest in Peace he belongs to the Ages and now becomes the Highest Ranking soldier ever to fall within the ambit of this War, it is a tough loss because the Acting GOC OF 3DIV who have acquired a well deserved reputation will also need a new GOC for the Foreseeable future.

    • Augustine says:

      R.I.P Maj. Gen. Abubakar, Nigerians salute you as you depart this world in service to your fatherland. Great loss to NA, God console the family. Amen.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Are James, Oga jimmy. Show us one African country that South Africa has helped to grow technology since 22 years ago that ANC took over government in Pretoria. Show us which African country has risen to greatness because South Africa helped them to advance to next level, see all the poor and backward countries around them still on square one.

        South African government that told UN that it will send more troops to help Congo DRC only if UN is willing to pay SANDF more money. SA government that deployed troops to C.A.R. Bangui to secure mineral mining business for ANC leaders whose private companies wanted to invest in C.A.R, once they saw Seleka fire they abandoned that country till today. SANDF is pulling troops out of Dafur Sudan without Zuma even respecting the AU enough to give reason…..LOL Dafur has no mineral resources to give South Africa, so the Dafur people are not worth the long term help.

        Brazil paid about 50% of the approx $200 million cost of developing A-Darter missile in joint venture with South Africa, and then Brazil supplied it’s superior missile technology to complete the project after Denel got stuck on one spot for almost 7 years on the missile development.

        The South Africans have a win all agenda, only them wins, that is when you see them running after you for friendship, or else they will act like you dont exist if there is nothing much to gain from you. They see Nigeria as a potential export market for their weapons, they dont see you as equal partner. South Africans are oppourtunists and very self centred.

        Rooivalk helicopter is a very expensive project to jump into. Nigeria needs light and medium industry first. There is a reason FG went to Russia to ask for help in building Nigerian defence industry, South Africa is the one inviting itself to Abuja to find market to sell weapons, they are not coming with motive of making Nigeria as strong as they are in technology, they want a Rooivalk partner because they got stuck financially and cannot afford to develop the Mk II variant all alone, thats when you see South Africa knocking your door….when they are stuck like MTN and need big favours from you to their advantage and benefit, they dont care shiit about any black brother anywhere, their Zulu King can ask his men to behead any African in his kingdom if he deems it fit.

        Rooivalk investment is a waste on money, we have not paid for JF-17 technology transfer yet, and if you can build a 4th gen jet, you can build a helicopter gunship, its easier technology.

        Nigerian defence industry for now should focus on local manufacture of Russian weapons that can make a country sustain a long war in time of arms embargo, Russian stuff like….

        AK-74 assault rifle, PKM light machine gun, ZPU 14mm heavy machine gun, ZSU-23mm AAA cannon, 2A42 Shipunov 30mm cannon, AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher, 120mm mortar, D-30 122mm artillery, BM-21 Grad rocket artillery, Metis anti-tank guided missile, SA-18 MANPAD, MT-LB tracked APC/IFV, Kh-25 laser guided and TV guided bombs, etc

        These are cheap weapons that will cost very little to get manufacturing licence, they are Soviet era mostly and Russia is willing to let go of the technology. Poland, Egypt, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Iran, Serbia, Romania, Belarus, China etc have licence to manufacture direct copies or modified variants so many of these Russian military hardware that have been tme tested and time proven in many wars all over the world. Why can Nigeria not follow same path of time proven success?

        Trust not South Africa, and buy not for $10 milllion what you can get same quality for $2 million. A friend coming to throw business offers at you does not mean he has the best deal in town. Nigeria should go for quality at an affordable price.

        My 2 kobo advice.

      • Sokoto says:

        @Augustin even their economy is in a very bad bad shape, they import more than they export, while for Nigeria is the opposite. In 2015 GDP growth +0.7%; Nigeria 5 to 6%.
        and their xenephobic ideology is not helping them I
        I understand why their President came with all his ministers.
        you are right when you say they are oppourtunists

      • Are James says:

        @Augustine, you are still in competition mode with SA. Nigeria is not interested in all that. There is a socio – economic compatibility between the two countries that work. It is in all sectors of the economy. They also have feet at the door with the resource person friends they have in the rulling party.
        In the last few years, it has been S.African companies being the first movers in the Nigerian economy and leading the way for other global investors in FMCG (Malls), Telecoms, Health and Facility maintenance.
        Nigeria needs very rapid revamp of Coal Mining, Gold mining and other solid minerals. The fastest route to achieving these aspirations is via SA players that are already established in the industry.
        All issues related to commerciality and pricing in the defence industry JVs can be managed -out with good negotiations. There is just no other country that has the presence and cultural compatibility to play in all sectors like the SA. Forget the Russians, I used to travel to do some work at Ajaokuta Steel when it was under construction 26 years ago. They are not efficient and they don’t have the culture of business. All Russian projects in foreign countries inevitably slip by many years.
        Pakistan also has similar problems with execution and project management.
        Either of these countries already disappointed at DICON if my information is right.

        With SA we can have true synergy playing off each others strengths and Nigeria gaining much needed access to such key technologies as Night Vision technologies UAVs, aircraft engine repair et.c

  163. Sokoto says:

    South African President, Jacob Zuma, says his government will do everything possible to ensure that the monies confiscated by South Africa during Goodluck Jonathan’s regime are returned to Nigeria.#Channelstv
    I was not aware of that! is an insult ! South Africa has confiscate Nigerian money … LMAO
    HOW South Africa ? 2nd in Africa block our money, WE ARE FIRST in Africa and we supply them with oil … nonesence …

    • ozed says:

      This is a joke right?
      Its been almost a year since the government changed to a more ‘friendly’ Buhari. They are still promising to return the money???
      And these are friends??? I guess we dont need enemies.

    • Are James says:

      The SA legal system confiscated the money. I am not even sure we have anybody following up on its retrieval at the embassy. There is probably little Zuma himself can do.

      • Ola says:

        I posted the above links in order to share what a learned Nigerian who understands the diplomacy between the two countries has to say. If two nations want to partner, they treat one another with mutual respect. The partnership in the EU, NATO, US-UK relationship are examples. To critically speculate on the reason why Zuma has come to Nigeria, Nigerians need to think back to Nigeria-South Africa relations, pre and post apartheid and see who has been faithful and who has not been faithful.
        The current visit in my opinion is to help SA companies in Nigeria, I believe MTN is one of the reasons for this trip. Nigerian Government and Nigerians in general need to wake up to the reality. SA wants to play the big brother on the continent, SA does not want to have a rival giant. Nigeria on the other hand has a policy of “we are all Africans, we’re one” These two views do not go together. Diplomats and technocrats from the two countries are the ones that will have to negotiate each other’s position and define what they want. Meanwhile, both the SA and Nigerian presidents do not seem to be strong in diplomacy. I hope they will be wise enough to hand their negotiations over to people best fit for the job.
        Militarily, SA does not have anything to teach Nigeria. An average Nigerian soldier has more battle field experience than an average SA soldier. In tern of equipment, SA has a long experience of cloning foreign technology at home. SA basically buys a foreign product, tweaks it to suit their purpose and gives it a local name. Nigeria can learn how to do this too, only if Nigeria has smart, faithful and dedicated nationalists at the right places. To be honest, Nigeria does not need more battlefield training from anywhere now, Nigerian armed forces rather needs to focus on consolidating on what they have learnt over time, both from courses and first hand battle field experiences. A culture of continuity has to be established to gain this. Many of the vets from Nigeria sit at home rotting away or running around doing personal businesses to make ends meet, ideally, many of those guys should be working as instructors for the armed forces to transfer knowledge gained through years of hard learned experiences, into the upcoming and young soldiers. In 5-15 years’ time, what would the NA, NN and NAF look like? The majority of those who have gone and are going on intensive courses currently, fighting asymmetric warfare and developing battle field, front line assault and survival tactics today would not be there in the services any more. What would happen to their knowledge? What are the services doing to document and retain their knowledge? Are they getting feed backs from them for the curriculum? What is the usefulness of these guys to TRADOC? Nigeria should think in that line. Smart, forward looking countries do this and this is what is getting some of us a decent living even now.
        Back to SA and Nigeria. They should talk trade, get MTN to pay their fines, give more space to SA companies in Nigeria and Nigerian companies in SA and agree on who would be the permanent security council member from the continent. This is where SA want to be met and Nigeria should treat SA how it wants to be treated…strictly finance and trade interest. I don’t see any serious, fruitful military cooperation coming up between the two countries any time soon because they have different strategic interests.

  164. I think its sheer arrogance to assume that Nigeria has nothing to learn from SA. They have a tech edge on us and are pretty good @ improvising and adapting. On Combat experience we hv an edge but it doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer. Just look @ what STTEP did for us in a few short months. When Ebola was stopped dead in Nigeria, the US CDC sent a team to look into how we did it. CDC has more expertise than we do but they came nonetheless cos they recognise that every experience has its lessons. Yes we shld be careful abt the potential for glory seeking but I will never condemn such collaboration btw SA and Naija and I will nt be soo “all knowing” as to say we can never learn anything from them.

    • Ola says:

      STTEP is a Private Military Corporation dealing in contractors and their involvement was a business deal, not sanctioned by SA government. Despite the official engagement of PMCs by various governments, world wide, how many times have such government engaged PMCs in an official capacity to improve military corporation between them and their partners states? PMCs have their own place, and we should not mix it up.

      The second paragraph whose opening statement reads “Militarily, SA does not have anything to teach Nigeria” The 3rd sentence in that paragraphs also reads “SA has a long experience of cloning foreign technology at home. SA basically buys a foreign product, tweaks it to suit their purpose and gives it a local name. Nigeria can learn how to do this too, only if Nigeria has smart, faithful and dedicated nationalists at the right places”

      All in all, I am more interested in the focus of SA diplomacy and when it comes to Nigeria, it is trade for mostly non-military companies, no matter what it is packaged in and this is what Nigeria should focus on and negotiate a stand that is mutually beneficial. SA wants to grow her stunted GDP through Africa’s largest market, Nigeria is crumbling under the curse of a single commodity market, how can the 2 nations mutually benefit one another?
      I will at this stage advocate for a consolidation of the training already received from STTEP, UK, US, Russia, Israel, Pakistan, India, peace keeping and boko haram experiences, where ever….

      • jimmy says:

        OGA OLA
        This is very, very rare for me but on this issue i am emphatically in complete disagreement with you and in COMPLETE agreement with OGA adetayo
        “Therefore I say that it is a narrow policy to suppose that this country or that is to be marked out as the eternal ally or the perpetual enemy of England. We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.” Lord Palmerstone.
        It is the height of arrogance almost bordering on paranoia and self delusion when the President of South Africa comes to visit to say the only reason why he came was to beg to reduce a fine imposed on MTN.
        1.South Africa has been in the MININIG BIZ for over a 100 years we can learn from them.
        2 South Africa made a horrible MISTAKE in Bangui , We Nigeria made a horrific mistake in Baga we can learn from each other.
        Nigeria has more COIN experience on the African continent that is because she swallowed her pride and reached out to Russia, South Africans ( PMC) ,UK, and Pakistan and are now reaping the benefits MUBI was recaptured with Minimal loss of life courtesy of TRAINING FROM UK SF and the UK as you should know are still in Nigeria – and CRITICALLY are highly respected.
        Nigeria does not need diplomacy, they need COLD HARD CASH AS IN FDI and as one American gangster once said on why he robbed banks ” because that is where the money is” South AFRICA also has some of the best banks in the World- i should know I am one of their Customers.
        So for how long should Nigeria hold GRUDGES about BH it is silly and Childish a mature Country moves on hence the quote from LORD Palmerstone.
        There also is not going to be a sixth seat on the UNSC because with the exception of China the Big 4 are in complete and unified agreement on this.
        END OF PART 1

      • Ola says:

        @ Jimmy, I see you people are not getting the point I am making here. This is not about grudge against SA because of BH. SA didn’t send BH to Nigeria, your politicians started the mess that then grew out of their hands. Here is the point I am making:
        Nigeria needs to see what SA wants and meet SA there. SA wants trade, how can Nigeria benefit from that? In my 3rd paragraph, I wrote this “All in all, I am more interested in the focus of SA diplomacy and when it comes to Nigeria, it is trade for mostly non-military companies, no matter what it is packaged in and thi