13 January, 2016

Buratai made this disclosure on Wednesday while delivering a lecture at the National Defence College, Abuja.

Recall that the Nigerian Army Command in August 2013 had established the 7th Infantry Division in Maiduguri to boost the military’s counter-insurgency operation in the North-East.

According to Buratai, the establishment of the new division was part of a strategic plan by the Army to boost military operations against terrorists, particularly in areas around the Lake Chad Basin.

“The establishment of the new divisions is part of a strategic plan to improve on the Nigerian Army’s operational capabilities in the face of emerging threats to national security. He confirmed that the establishment of the additional formations would bring the number of divisions in the Nigerian Army to eight.

“Emerging threats to the security of our nation which have been aggravated by the proliferation of armed groups have added to the task of the military in protecting the lives of Nigerians and the integrity of its territory.

“The focus of the Nigerian Army today is to find lasting solutions to these contemporary threats posed by the activities of the armed groups and their allies.

“The Nigerian Army, therefore,remains poised to the extermination of the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria; today,they can no longer hold any territory as it used to be in the past that is why they have resorted to the use of IEDs to hit soft targets.

“We have established the 8 division located in the northern part of Borno specifically to clear the area of the remaining terrorists elements while another division, 6 Division, will be established in the South-South,’’ the boss said.

Though details of the new establishment were not disclosed, Buratai said the division would soon become fully operational with logistics and manpower deployments, adding that plans were underway to establish another division to be known as the Nigerian Army 6 Division with Headquarters in the South-South region of the country.



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  1. eyimola says:

    That’s more like it. A 200,000 strong Army is appropriate for a 200 million population. Part of the job of the military is to try to alleviate unemployment. Lets hope they dont break the bank. Kudos

  2. beegeagle says:

    RE the size of the expanded NA, it exceeds my expectations. And we have surely hit the eight divisional structure. My homie, Saleh, and I did discuss about this off this board. He must be smiling now.


    Nigeria should maintain an army of 150,000 officers and men deployed in six infantry divisions, two armoured divisions and a division-sized Special Operations Command..

    ON breaking the bank, I believe that the division in the Niger Delta shall be taking off on the back of existing amphibious brigades excised from 82 Division



    * 11 Amphibious Division with HQ at CALABAR and with formations spread out across Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta State

    – takes of with 13 Bde and 2 Bde. An artillery brigade should be formed in Delta/Bayelsa/Akwa Ibom.

    * 24 Armoured Division with HQ at Sokoto and formations spread into Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara and Niger States

    – takes off with 1 Brigade and 31 Brigade. Two armoured brigades to be formed in Kebbi and Zamfara.

    For these eight divisions,there shall be two Field Army Corps, each commanded by a GOC-in-Chief who shall wear the rank of Lieutenant General.

    I Corps
    1 Div, 81 Div, 11 Div and 24 Div

    II Corps
    2 Div, 3 Div, 82 Div and 7 Div


  3. COLONEL NGR says:

    That is good news Oga Beeg.

    I remember the discussions on this blog and your recommendations. I am glad the army is doing the needful to plug the gaps that have been pointed out on this blog. I hope the 8 Division when formed will be the special forces division since a special forces training school is already in Yobe.

    As for the recruitment, only men who are willing to die for this country should be recruited as officers. Enough of people joining the army because there are no civil jobs. The army should conduct a serious recruitment using knowledge of basic military operations and history. Anyone interested in the army would have taken time to read materials and be knowledgeable about the basics..

  4. beegeagle says:

    Oh dear, two threads bearing this title inadvertently got published. Just noticed, albeit post-deletion, that Are James, Adetayo’s Blog and Temitope had already posted comments on the initial thread which was deleted only because it carried no photo and to avoid duplication of efforts.

    Apologies to all concerned. Pls try again. Nothing was wrong with your comments.

    Good evening all

  5. colloid says:

    That’s a soldier to a thousand civilian.

  6. Oga Beegs, no problem, it does happen from time to time.

    My comment was that even 200,000 active personnel is still WAY BELOW what we require, we need 4 Field Corps of 15-20 Div with a number closing in around 1 million active and non active personnel in the army, 500,000 active field soldiers, 200,000 Field Support while the rest 300,000 will form specialized units from Comm, Engineering, R and D, Admin, Welfare, Strategy, Training, Procurement etc.

    15-20 Div might look large but when you consider the security implications you see why we need a Rapid and Quick Response unit who should mobilize to crisis area under 30 mins meaning minus mobility, strategic presence to an area plus being in supply and transit areas makes for a good case of more AOR and Div, then we have to have a National Reserve Fleet, National Guard, Maine Amphibious Unit, Foreign Service Unit, Border Division( over 11,000 unmanned border points accessed via SATNAV exist in Nigeria, customs cant man that alone), Army Intel Division( to handle intel, comms, recon works and also provide strategic threat analysis), Land Defense Group for Anti-Air Warfare. The list is long and we need this assets this is still different from the Special Forces group or even an Engineering Div, more Armoured Division, Logistic Division.

    We would get there but for now kudos to Buratai. let the Dragon awaken.

    • Roscoe says:

      What you are discussing is not a manpower issue, its a deployment issue. 200K men is a great start and then the different arms can create modules.

  7. rugged7 says:

    It seems the army might be following Oga Beegs advice.
    No wahala there.
    I thought we had a SOCOM-Special operations command already?
    Where does that fall-in in the scheme of things?
    A special forces unit should be all-volunteer and a force multiplier. Thus it should not be so large that equipping it and paying the soldiers as per risk levels becomes a problem.
    Mind you, we have not actually equipped the divisions we have already to their optimum capacities.
    The other problem is finance.
    Where is the money going to come from?
    Frankly, i suspect that the western countries-U.S and U.K have pressurized the Buhari administration to do this.
    Such that they have a new set of soldiers which they can claim are not tainted by human rights abuses

    • jimmy says:

      Based on their SHAMEFUL history of the past where they sheepishly suggested to OBJ to cut the NA TO 50,000 which LT .GEN MALU refused to do and it costs him his job it is doubtful, remember the push to increase the size of the Nigerian army did not start with Buhari , Let us give credit where it is due politics aside it started with GEJ with:
      7 DIV
      Two SF brigades
      Naval Central Command
      and yes we do have SOCOM but that is not enough they ( NA) need a stand alone SF DIV

    • beegeagle says:

      At the very least, the following SF battalions are known to be active

      * 72 SF

      * 121 SF

      * 176 SF (Guards Bde)

  8. jimmy says:

    OGA BEEGS my post also got deleted but no worries this issue is close to my Heart.
    Should we take comfort in the fact that the powers that be listen/ read our COMMENTS ?
    We spoke that there is a glaring need for a stand alone SF div which should have an AOR of **** till it reaches the shores of LAKE CHAD
    Most impartial observers without any agenda have repeatedly said the Nigerian Army is seriously under-equipped and needs to be at a Fighting strength of 175,00-200,00.
    Let’s cut to the chase:
    8 DIV
    Politics aside the first glimmer of this came from GEJ during his last POP where he alluded to the formation proposed at the time of two SF brigades @ the time critically the no1. S.F Soldier was then MAJ .GEN Buratai coincidentally last year the COAS strongly hinted at the formation of yet another Brigade that would be a rapid response consisting of Motor Cycles and ATV 4X4 , i have yet to see the Motor Cycles but I have seen the POLARIS ATV 4X4 being driven by NA personnel NOT Customs personnel. I n concluding it takes a long time to set up a division it must be set up right and the mistakes in setting up the 7 div should not be repeated but be learned from there are many experienced OFFICERS who should be tapped to share their experience, this division has to have a special emphasis on SF DOCTRINE, TRAINING AND INFRASTRUCTURE , and by GOD’S SAKE must be commanded by someone who has the respect of his peers and men/ women who will serve under him.
    6 DIV
    OGA BEEGS AND A LOTOF US have clamoured for the SS / Niger Delta to have a division my take on it is that it should have a Royal Marines Bent i.e it should be APMPHIBIOUS IN DOCTRINE, INFRASTRUCTURE AND IN TRAINING it also must have a naval component to it.
    Personnel can be tapped amongsts the young men and women that can be vetted thoroughly through the amnesty office of Brig ( rtd) BOROH who it appears for all intents and purpose is doing a great job and as they say in Yankee has “street cred” in the Ndelta, I leave the composition to OGA BEEGS with ONE EXCEPTION . The 6 div should start out from the 14 th ? amphibious Brigade out of Calabar and then used as a beach head stretching all the way to ondo all their BARRACKS must be situated in Riverine Areas
    God bless Nigeria.

  9. jimmy says:

    The intake is supposed to be 12,000 + personnel this year which is 4X the normal intake.

  10. beegeagle says:


    • Are James says:

      So my deleted post addresses this directly.I had said that the planned boost in numbers probably explained the high Capex budget voted for the NA this year and I also followed up with the recommendation that all the money does not go to Barracks accommodation.
      What I was recommending was that the NA creatively commandeers existing civilian structures in their deployment areas to free money to buy modern and quality weaponry.

      The next thing was to urge caution on the planned conversion of CJTF to soldiers . We know this is an obvious easy way out of the manning issue but we need proper doctrinal training and pre-processing before we can even transform this organised mobs into military cadets. We should also ensure good get politicaa balance in the Army to avoid past mistakes.
      The Niger Delta divisions should have equivalent number of soldiers deployed to the N. East and vice versa.

      Obviously the Nigerian Army is targeting the capacity to handle three low intensity conflicts and one major external theatre of engagement with planned numbers of troops. This is realistic with current threat assessment profile done on this blog.

  11. COLONEL NGR says:

    cant belive we have just 6000 officers. no wonder there is a shortage of trained officers.

  12. saleh says:

    lovely but hope these new units will be well equipped and accommodated unlike the present case.

  13. Ola says:

    This is a good development. The NA has not only been under equipped, it has been under staffed too. A country the size of Nigeria needs a larger army than she has now, Nigeria needs something in the neighbourhood of 250,000 soldiers.

  14. Martin Luther says:

    Some neighbors would have been shocked with this confirmation coming from the top brass

    Soon no more need for their cooperation and joint actions.

    We be coming

  15. beegeagle says:

    FROM CLYDE, a South African

    Greetings fellow Africans.
    As a foreigner – I would argue against such an expansion.

    The equipment shortfalls faced by the current army are extreme and elements of your armor (afvs, ifvs, icvs, apcs, mbts) are reaching block obsolescence whilst there are still insufficient
    numbers of MRAPS and the arsenal as a whole lacks logistical fusion (its not properly streamlined) and MES (mechanical economy of scale).

    In my humble opinion, and following the worldwide trend (see: Russia/China/S. Korea/US/UK) it is better to have a smaller excellently equipped and trained army than a large and cumbersome formation.

    So, my point is this: would it not be better to invest all new capital in the existing army and ensure that all its needs are met, before

    Please don’t take these comments personal, criticism made with good intentions should not be confused with malice.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Have a great day.

    • jimmy says:

      I am constrained to be nice to you because this is Beegeagle’s Blog however yourlack of understanding of Logistics and the Topography of Nigeria is not easily excused,it takes between 2-3 Soldiers for every Soldier in the Field of Combat @the height of the Insurgency Jan2015 .There were 30,000 Soldiers in three States Adamawa, Yobe and Borno, most were in actual Combat others were filling Logistics.
      .I know because buddies of mine were traveling Lagos to Maiduguri Friday back to Maiduguri Sunday.
      Some of them spent 17 months before rotation, because there were no more Troops to rotate and it had nothing to do with Equipment but fire fighting that ranged over 200km from one battle scene to another.
      Everything does not have to do with Equipment but you need boots on the ground and even by the UN Nations standards the Nigerian Army is seriously undermanned, currently @100000 it is not enough. Sambisa Forests alone is 6,000 sq.miles and currently has 6,000 Troops.
      The Former GOC of 7Div was chief of Logistics and since he meets the COAS on a regular basis his input would of been sought.
      To put it in perspective the Americans gave up on this advice.

    • beegeagle says:

      My long-held view on the NA’s size

      Elsewhere, Beegeagle wrote:


      ” I remember that, but that is neither here nor there. What is the magical correlation between 50,000 troops and professionalism?

      Most countries with less than a quarter, a third or half of Nigeria’s population have larger armies – Algeria, Morocco, Burma, Turkey, Iraq, Ethiopia, The Philippines, Iran, Egypt BECAUSE there is correlation between geography, demography and manning. I do not see how the disproportionately large sizes of the Egyptian and Turkish armies have hampered their quest for professionalism.

      As of 1988, the defunct Directorate of Foods, Roads and Rural Infrastructure enumerated 94,000 communities in Nigeria.Compared to that and the last timeI checked, the DRC had 40,000 communities, Ethiopia 45,000 and the pre-partition Sudan had 35,000 communities. (SKIP for brevity)

      They should forget the glib talk about ‘compact and professional.’ This is not Israel. Our land area is 45 times larger. China have not been in any war since 1978-79 against Vietnam. Their land is ten times larger, their population is eight times bigger but their military is more than twenty times larger. Does anyone know why, if not for the correlation between population size, land area and the need for MANNING? ”

  16. peccavi says:

    We need a much larger army but certain critical issues must be considered
    200,000 is a nice figure but it is an abstraction, the true measure of an army is capability not numbers. The several hundred thousand Arab Armies were consistently beaten by the several thousand Israelis.
    My first issue is pay and conditions. what contract are they on? 4 years, 5 years 20 years? Where is the money coming from? Our Excess Crude account is depleted and oil prices are down.
    An unpaid army is a dangerous army. Have the issues relating to pay and conditions been resolved? Will they get their allowances direct or through Oga? Will they get pensions and medical care or die on the verification queue?
    Second question is training. The process of upscaling the military to create new divisions means you need junior and senior NCOs with the appropriate training and experience, platoon, company and battalion commanders. Unless we have some in reserve it means they will be stripped from existing formations. Do our training establishments have the capacity to churn out soldiers and officers at this rate and maintain and increase quality?
    Third, 200, 000 what? combat, combat support or combat service support? It has been my contention we need light and mechanised infantry to face our security challenges. These units are also the cheapest and easiest units to equip and sustain. So if we are getting 2 infantry divisions, how will they be organised? 3 Bdes with 3 Bns of 3 Coys? Will they have the normal complement of Artillery, with general support, Anti Air? Military police etc, signallers etc? Maybe this is an opportunity to free ourselves of the European model of organisation and design a fighting formation peculiar to our climate, conditions and geography. Should we have Div Engineers or integrate Engineers, medics or signallers or even MPs as part of Inf Coys, Bns chain of command etc?
    If mechanised will they have MRAPS or APCs? If Light will they have MRAPS or soft skin TCVs? leading onto the next question.
    Equipment: Will they be equipped as per the western/ eastern models or in a manner corresponding to our conditions. the standard NATO Army has armoured combat vehicles and relies on an echelon system to supply troops using soft skin vehicles to take supplies to the own troops. In an insurgency there is no front line, everywhere is a combat zone. So supply trucks either need to be armoured or else there use restricted. So is there scope for making Bns or Coys as self sufficient as possible with integral water purification, food, workshops etc?
    The next question is will we follow our strange culture of buying random pieces of equipment from 20 different places or will we use this massive doubling of the land forces to finally begin standardising. A single Mechanised or light Infantry battalion would have approximately 45 x APC or MRAP or soft skinned TCV, adding Bde, support and other vehicles that almost 500 for a Div. We have not considered rifles for each person, artillery, radios etc.
    It is a huge undertaking to equip a Division, it can be done by stripping surplus kit and reactivating old kit or buying new stuff. Maybe it would be prudent to mix all methods but significant purchases will be needed, i presents an opportunity to develop local industries by issuing a spec to local manufacturer who could either partner with a foreign company or work by themselves to provide a standard table of equipment for the new units.
    The fourth issue is logistics, 2 divisions require a lot of food, fuel, water, bombs, bullets, uniforms and medicines.
    If the logistics system was struggling before, it is unlikely to absorb these changes easily. How much of these plans include expanding logistics, medical, engineers etc
    Finally command and control. how will these Divisions deploy? If at all Will they be left in situ to defend their AOR or will they be used to reinforce or replace 3 Div and 7 Div? Or will they go on the offensive and take the war to Chad, Niger and most importantly Cameroun, pushing the enemy away from the Nigerian border and clearing their safe areas?
    And how will these deployments take place? Piecemeal with individual soldiers, platoons or companies fed in. Or large divisional manoeuvres?
    Hopefully the answers would become apparent as time goes by

    • jimmy says:

      These are very important questions. I believe the COAS in his broadcast said these two divisions will take place over a period of 8 years, IMHO they must avoid the mistakes associated with the formation of the 7Div
      Mistakes I observed from the outside looking in and let me stress here this situation is not peculiar to Nigeria ,In WW2 it happened to the British in terms of Leadership till Field Marshall Montgomery was appointed.On the American side the African campaign was in shambles till Maj.Gen Patton was appointed.
      The 7 Div did not get it right until Maj.Gen Lamidi was appointed. The 8Div GOC right of the bat must be capable of true leadership, it can not be an Ethnic balancing act it must MERIT based and the most capable, see recent appointment of Acting GOC 7 Div.
      The 8 Div must be a Stand Alone SF Div meaning it has to be highly mobile and not get bogged down by regimentation.
      (End of Part1).

      • jimmy says:

        I would advocate a 50/50 ratio of Light to heavy weapons with Emphasis on at least one full Brigade (2000-3000+) on small to medium to large (Heavy Artillery). The set up of the other three brigades have to be Flexible, should they have Tanks? not if it going to slow them down. Give them APCs and Toyota Gun trucks.
        They should/must come equipped at least Two Battalions worth of motor cycles,ATV and the process ,indoctrination/Standards of getting in must be much higher than what is normally required.
        Stripping one Brigade say from 1DiV shouldn’t be encouraged, rather they should build them up One Battalion at a time from the existing 6Divisions meaning you have 6 Battalions and then use fresh recruits to build up the rest, rather than let some of the CJTF wander about after the war dies down some of them should be vetted thoroughly by Military intelligence and screened for possible induction.
        (End part2).

  17. jimmy says:

    The 6 Div probably will be easier to accomplish, in the South there is vast pool of young men and women to tap from, however it’s component must have an Amphibious bent with a Naval component to it.They can not just get by they have to be Marine soldiers because of the Environment they are going to operate in.They must be as comfortable on land as they are in the swamps and creeks of the Niger Delta training must be Focused on a bit level.The major difference here is they have to encourage some Naval Soldiers to transfer to the Army and as we are beginning to truly grasp how big the Niger Delta. The 6 Div has to match Size (10,000 to 12,000) with Equipment, Yes boats will be needed,tracked vehicles in marshy areas will be mandatory as well as 4×4 Land cruisers.Most of the new Army bases should have one strategic requirement they should be less than an hour from the Ocean
    (End Part3)

  18. freeegulf says:

    at the risk of playing the devil’s advocate, i will slowly whisper that the fig 200,000 for officers and men for the NA is too much. we have to look at several factors in-depth. and really, i would say Nigeria cannot properly maintain a 200,000 man army. its way above our current expenditure, threat profile, vision, and culture of war.

    yes, it would be nice to have a large fighting force and deep manpower for multiple fronts scenario. moreover, equating our immense population size, one can easily say 200,000 is about right. however, we have to sift through each and every realistic scenario, and see if we truly need such a sizeable force.

    for the level of our development, i cant see how we would be able to effectively maintain such a huge force, while balancing training, manpower, firepower, TACOS and other nitbits. yes, if we had big powerful neighbours, we can raise and keep such force (at huge cost to the economy), but given our situation and near state of dysfunctional national works, we just cant keep a healthy force that big.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga Jimmy, I hear you but my preference is for light divisions, not even mechanised, by that #I mean light highly mobile infantry, with a small logistical tail capable of being self sufficient in terms of water, hot food etc. Mobility provided by patrol vehicles, all terrain vehicles, motorcycles, MRAPs and soft skins.
      Any Armour should be wheeled light tank or armoured car but I see no need for armour in the south south. In the North-North East, maybe light armour.
      But I hold onto my contention that we need a new type of military formation and ditch the western/ eastern models.
      Oga freegulf, me sef I agree. 200,000 is a huge financial undertaking, so the terms and conditions need to be clear, signing on 200,000 for 10, 20 year contracts is excessive. I still advocate the development of a National Guard/ Local militia force reserve force that can be trained and maintained at a lower cost and then brought up to combat ready status with pre deployment training rather than a huge standing Army.
      Hopefully there will be more information as to the cost of paying and equipping such a force.
      But I think defeating BH technical resides within our capabilities. Technicals posses mobility and firepower. At the maximum they have Shilka 23mm, or DshK 12.7 at 2.5km or 14.5mm KPVs at 5km, however to fire effectively the would need to be able to identify targets and accurately fire to that distance despite trees, hills, buildings etc, the efficacy of those weapons then is that they can penetrate soft skin, bunkers and light armour as well as the range.
      But they are mounted on unarmoured open top vehicles, thus they are vulnerable to at least 3 weapon systems,that can be carredi in a platoon, light 60mm mortars, sniper/ sharpshooter rifles and 12.7mm anti material rifles.
      Mortars ranging up to 4km fired at enemy technical would either destroy them, or disable them, even if they miss, the gunner would either have to take cover or the vehicle move to present a harder target, thus disrupting the gunners aim and fire. Sharpshooters with accurate rifles with good optics like Dragunovs etc would again target gunners and technical drivers. 50 cal rifles would disable the vehicle by firing into engine blocks or the weapon itself by firing into the breech.
      Low tech easy to adopt solutions that are scaleable to the platoon.
      Why we are using T72 MBTs to combat these is beyond me,

  19. freeegulf says:

    deuxième partie
    looking at the complex issue of manpower, tour of duty, divisional AOR, training, firepower, and good ol’ staff work, i will say we have to come up with our own unique Nigerian solution to the problem of troop rotation.

    most of the troop surge advocates will tend to look at the nightmarish conduct of operations in the NE, especially during the dark days of 2014 and feel vindicated about troops strength. but lets slow down a tiny bit, and break down the major snag of the NA during those dark days and why the people of the NE suffered so much in the hands of those vermin bh.

    first, the army was truly undermanned around 2013-2014. not just that, the new div, was still in the process of forming, as a result, had so much logistics hiccups.

    second, mobility or the lack of, was a major drawback to army operations and counter stroke whenever such opportunities came up.

    third, NAF was unduly stingy with their payload. simple gp bombs and unguided rockets became too pricey for the air force to generously utilize on the battlefield. it shows bad culture and Orbat on the part of NAF.

    fourth, NA too wasn’t spared the tight fist syndrome either. force utility and firepower was never truly balanced. especially in cases where the terrorists nearly always outgunned the infantry at the tactical level.
    on the issue of distribution of munition wrt ground operations, special care should always be given to fire support, whether direct or indirect. and of utmost importance, is the neutralization and suppression of enemy firepower. the high command then, seemed totally at a loss on how to cope with bh AA cannons at the early stage. i will even push it further, that the infantry still haven’t found a completely confident method of destroying the menace of these teknicals.
    a simple reminder of the needful is that; even if a unit is out-manned, and outgunned, it should never be outmaneuvered. provided such unit is not outmaneuvered, it will never be outfought

    last but not the least, these vermin called bh were never handled with the right seriousness until the embarrassment became too hard to hide. the whole body language of the decision makers did not give off a good indication of a country, and a military that was truly and seriously trying to crush evil.
    we can expatiate more on the above, but that is a story for another day. of course, there where other numerous challenges that hindered early destruction of bh on the battlefield. for the sake of this issue of manpower, lets keep it within the above points.

    now given the what we know about the debacle of 2014, would an extra division had solve anything? maybe yes, to a point. the manpower issue and troop rotation headache would have been alleviated, slightly. however, what about other challenges; firepower, mobility, intelligence, close ground and air coordination, readily availability of air platforms at the theatre. when we dig more into these issues, the result would be more troops and bigger NA manpower wouldn’t have pacified the NE in 2014.

  20. freeegulf says:

    at the level of our development, structure and culture of war, having an army of 200, 000 officers and men will seriously dilute the fighting effectiveness of the Nigerian army. it will neither be sharp and agile nor will it be robust enough to take advantage of its number.

    lets use the ongoing WoT in the NE as a good illustration. NA cannot man everywhere. its simply impossible. even if the COAS creates two more divisions and concentrate them within the tri NE states, a good guerrilla force will simply by-pass all those bodies and attack the least secured town or village, or hamlet. when ‘choicey’ targets become unavailable, they will hit towns and villages on the fringes, sow terror, thereby drawing out NA manpower to those towns, giving the terrs the opportunity to hit even more priced real estates. all they need to do is to remain mobile and keep the initiative. and the army at that state will simply keep digging useless trenches sitting and waiting.

    this is not to say i m against manpower or numbers on the battlefield. however, the army should not be the force raising these numbers. the FG should empower other agencies and make them more local to the surrounding, while keeping the army compact, mobile and extremely lethal.

    these local forces could be the MOPOL, the CJTF, or the civil defence corp. my preference would be the civil and security defence corp. build up their numbers and transfer them to the NE. the manpower could be on contract basis, say 3 or 5 years, depending on what the interior ministry can come up with. give them a little above rudimentary basic training spanning some few months. and have army officers and senior NCOs, both active and retired, commanding them on the front line. let these forces man the line. and utilize the NA units for fire fighting, reinforcement, offensive operations, and fire force roles. rather than expanding the army and keeping them in trenches all around bornu, have local less trained, less armed, but patriotic forces act as grunts. they dont have to carry the war to the enemy, that should be the job of the army. their main role will be to secure liberated territories. if they come under attack from bh, they should have enough training and firepower to keep a steady nerve while holding off the attackers, until reinforced by the regular army.

    this is where mobility come into play. without the ability to cover ground fast and sharp, the army would never be able to totally obliterate this vermin, irrespective of the numbers of divs in bornu or yobe. the NA should be able to act fast, deploy quick, and respond to situations in less than half an hour from any parts of bornu, yobe, and adamawa. this means air mobility would be prime and FOBs with stationed helos. army aviation wing (hopefully, corp with more platforms later) comes to mind. how well have we utilized this proven method of ground combat. there is nothing new in air assault. and we can not simply blame lack of robust heli assault on weird reasons ie tropcal climate, heat, harmattan wind. the NA high command, make vertical envelopment look like operations meant for first world armies only. if we are to become a truly well oiled war machine, with professional general staff, we have to embrace all dimensions of ground combat fully, without compromise.

    mobility and firepower will win this war for us. add effective intelligence to it, and we would make BH history so fast they wont know where the map of west africa is. because after nigeria, we need to chase them into neigbhouring countries all the way to mali.

    for optimum troop strength, and Divisional AOR, will pick that subject another day.
    food for thought. what do we need a full special forces division for? if we have a whole division designated special forces, how truly special are they? with that size? whether SF or SOF, max a brigade should be optimum.
    to be continued…

  21. freeegulf says:

    terrific write up gen peccavi. the army are slowly investing in long rang shooters. the problem is that these guys are still not as available, platoon wise as they should be on the battlefield. the issue of fire discipline still hasnt been resolved completely.
    snipers are force multipliers, and are having good effect in the NE. the high command simply need to have more of these quiet shooters. same thing with the mortar.
    all these are nothing new to staff officers, they just do not implement them on comprehensive scale to make a difference.
    every platoon should have at minimum, a light mortar. hopefully, the high command have learnt from the painful years of ill equipped small units. their problem is they either go for overkill, or worse, units with dodgy rifles and few mags with no hope of resupply in the horizon. the general staff need to start earning their pay. army orbat should be far more useful than they currently are.

  22. Augustine says:

    Oga jimmy, Oga freeegulf, Oga peccavi… You have done very well on this topic. Most guys are not here because it is not a jet fighter Su-30 flanker or JF-17 thunder discussion…..what most bloggers do not realize is that it is the army that will defeat Boko Haram on the ground along with air force and naval riflemen who are equaly doing well in the ground battles fighting alongside their army brothers…..great teamwork.

    This thread is important, very very important… will be a multi-billion new cash investment by the Federal Government of Nigeria to increase our army size to 200,000 in phases between years 2016-2023 period of 8 years.

    The chief of army staff General Buratai and the Minister for defence need to read and digest this thread, Beegeagle bloggers are pouring out very vital points to help the army and federal govenment fine tune this proposal by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing on the masterplan for the new 200,000 man Nigerian army.

  23. Augustine says:

    I would say maybe we don’t over enlarge the army at the expense of the navy and air force. The navy and air force riflemen are also fighting against Boko Haram in North East today beside the army infantry. Our naval men/airmen are now dying on the ground in land battles too.

    The ego problem or superiority complex the army has in relation to their brothers in arms, navy and air force, is an issue. We remember how in the days of military rule, the Nigerian army believed it was the only military force, or the head of all the armed forces combined. That is NOT right according to the Nigerian constitution, the navy or air force is boss of itself and NOT inferior to the army.

    Issues of ego and superiority was said to have arisen in 2013 between the army chief and air force chief of those days. The army usually feels like it is head of the armed forces, but no, the commander in chief and president is head of the armed forces when combined, otherwise each force has it’s own chief of staff.

    The army needs the air force to fly them over long distances in C-130 Hercules, give them intelligence from ATR-42 surveyor ISR and CH-3 drones, give them close air support with Mi-35 helicopter gunships, Alpha jets and JF-17 Thunder jets to strike the enemy, soften up the adversary before the army moves in.

    The army needs the navy to help them in Niger Delta waters, creeks, swamps, coastline, etc. The navy to move the army in amphibious assault like 3rd marine commandoes, ECOMOG sea landings on Liberia’s coast, and give the army naval ship borne artillery cover by bombarding enemy fortifications on shore prior to a landing force of army infantry carried onboard navy landing crafts.

    Maybe we should balance things up a bit, currently we have 100,000 man army, navy and air force estimates could be 15,000 men each as at now. So 130,000 man armed forces.

    We could do a total increase to 200,000 men armed forces, army 150,000…navy 25,000….air force 25,000. Let the extra 10,000 new recruits to the navy and extra 10,000 new recruits for the air force be a total of 20,000 new riflemen for deployment alongside the army in any ground battle anywhere.

    Let us teach them to fight side by side like blood brothers, like equals not rivals. Also let our navy and air force men learn the art of ground warfare and be able to defend their air bases and naval bases from an enemy launching ground attack with infantry as we saw in the Boko Haram attack on Maiduguri air force base 2014, our air men found it hard to contain them, we lost helicopters, the best Mi-35 Hinds we had were destroyed on the ground inside NAF base by Boko boys using mere Molotov Cocktail bottles…. =N= 100 petrol bottle bombs to destroy $ 15 million helicopters.

    With 25% non-combatants rate, we will have a total fighting force of 150,000 combatants….130,000 army….10,000 navy…..10,000 air force. All to be mixed together in deployment.

    Just thinking aloud about how to avoid a domineering army with a superiority complex that will work against national security. Nigerian navy and air force too should have their own combat capable LAVs, APCs and IFVs, after all, Nigerian police has Cobra APC and BTR-3 APC in Police service.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga Augustine, let be more controversial, why do we need an expanded NAF or NN.
      Again our models (to me) are imperfect
      Why should Close air support, tactical lift (fixed or rotary wng) be an air force task?
      If these tasks are in support of ground forces then why are they not in the ground forces chain of command? It avoids duplication of effort and makes it more efficient.
      That way the NAF focuses solely on Air superiority, deep strike and strategic air lift
      NAF ground forces are purely for airfield defence and search and rescue
      Likewise the Navys focus should be developing a blue water capability.
      The Army should develop a brown water capability as brown water/ riverine tasks are essentially in support of land operations

      • beegeagle says:

        Well, NAF Regiment are their infantrymen who have been deployed as foot soldiers to fight in the Northeast and for operations on the Jos Plateau. They are trained at the 325 Ground Training Group in Kaduna. I recall that when the JSTF was formed in June 2011, the NAF component for a ground force (separate from the CASBAI component of jets & helos) was 500 men drawn from that NAF Regiment. They certainly did not deploy 500 men just to guard the sole airbase in Borno at the time namely, Maiduguri airbase.

        Before then, at least as long ago as the IBB era or earlier, the NAF have had a National Air Defence Corps which is their own integral AA unit and I recall that they were mainly equipped with Vulcan 20mm cannons.

        Then, post-2010, they have stood up their own Special Forces namely, the QRF, who are also neck-deep in the fighting in the NE.

        Concerning coastal waters, overlapping AoRs measured in nautical miles from the coast outwardd have been set for the agencies operating in that domain – Marine Police, Customs Marine and Maritime Guard Command – in all of which the Navy have joint responsibility. The two amphibious brigades of the Nigerian Army are deployed in the Niger Delta and are free to go anywhere within that inland labyrinth – from Ndoni and Aboh to the north to as far south as the estuarine limits that are Escravos, Oron, Bassambiri and Bonny

      • peccavi says:

        Well that’s my point, NAF does not need ground forces except for base protection and search and rescue.
        Deploying NAF Regt to these tasks is symptomatic of the problem I’m discussing. Internal Security is a police job or an Army job. The only reason for the NAF to have ground forces is force protection and search and rescue, anything else is mission creep.
        Multiple agencies in one domain is part of the reason everything is so confused.
        I would focus the Navy on coastal and blue water tasks. Anything Brown water would be a specialised Army Amphibious task.
        Again the point is that we need to rethink the military models we are using rather than cutting and pasting from abroad.
        If it makes more sense for ground related air tasks to be under the Army, that’s where we should look.
        Likewise a is a Divi of 3 Bdes, with 3 Bns, with 3 Coys of 3 Platoons the most effective manoeuvre formation? Should Engineers, Medics MPs be Div assets?
        Should fire support be centralised or spread out among sub units?
        I think our model is flawed and because we have a flawed model, imperfectly executed we are struggling.
        The same thing pertained in Afghanistan and Iraq. The model of Western Bdes organised, trained and equipped to fight in a complex air land battle in Northern Europe against an industrial power was incorrect for a light,, force intensive COIN campaign.
        It only worked after a fashion with huge financial outlay and due to good training of all troops especially logistics.
        If we are building new divisions lets build a new model

  24. Augustine says:

    Musings…Many Thoughts….Many Challenges Ahead

    ♦100,000 new recruit soldiers will need $ 1 billion cash investment to provide uparmoured Toyota Land Cruisers 4×4 transport for all of them, or about $ 700 million for soft skin Kraz Soldat 6×6 military lorries for all of them as tactical mobility vehicles.

    Don’t mention standard APC or IFV for them or else your mobility vehicle costs will hit over $ 3 billion for APC or over $ 10 billion for IFV.

    ♦However, fact is that these new troops need vehicles to ride into battle or will they walk 50 km on foot carrying heavy machine guns and mortars plus heavy ammunition boxes on their heads inside North East burning 50° C sunshine or heavy soaking rainstorm or eye blinding sandstorm, travelling to and fro base to area of operation?

    ♦FG and army needs to make the cheapest but effective choices and must have solid financial plans ahead of recruitment time. Add cost of new rifles, full kit including body armour, camo uniform…..add cost of training at NDA….and it will be both conventional and COIN warfare training, two different costs for two different training courses.

    ♦Our own NDA training modules need modernization and upgrade or else Nigeria will be asking British army for training again when these new boys fumble in battle….how many British instructors will be needed to retrain 100,000 rookie troops, you want 1,000 British army trainers?

    ♦Nigerian Defence Academy training in Kaduna needs a new curriculum, what we learnt by battlefield experience in 7 years fighting Boko Haram war plus what we learnt from STEPP PMC of South Africa, NIRTAL PMC of Israel, Army Special Forces of Belarus, US Marines and British Army, should be inculcated into new army doctrine and training modules by Nigerian army TRADOC then to the Nigerian Defence Academy for new training courses to be developed, British army re-training a 150 year old Nigerian army every year like a ritual, is something to worry about gentlemen, when shall we become teachers too?

  25. Augustine says:

    Supplement or complement the army with armed civilians under CJFT ?

    You know, there are about 100 million guns in the hands of American civilians, Boko Haram will die if they invade any city in the USA, the civilians will kill the Bokos and phone the police and ambulance teams to come and collect the dead bodies.

    By the national average statistics of the USA, an average remote small American town near down towards the Mexican border, having say 3,000 towns people, will have about 1,000 guns owned by the town’s resident civilians, guns from Colt pistols, Smith & Wesson pistols, Beretta pistols, Uzi sub-machine guns, M-16 assault rifles, telescopic sight hunting rifles, Winchester 20 guage, Remington guns, AR-15 military grade assault rifles, etc all in the hands of American civilians.

    Trust American civilian’s shooting skills, sharp shooters, good bush hunters, killers of deer, moose, caribou or coyote, lynx, and other wild cats.

    If 300 Boko Haram men invade such an American town, the Bokos will be heavily outnumbered, though they will have RPGs and heavy machine guns, fighting 1,000 armed civilian people in their own home town shooting from roof tops and windows, behind bushes, behind walls, from tree tops, will be a dangerous game for Bokos, trust the American civilians to prepare hundreds of petrol bombs as their own hand grenades. Besieged remote area civilians in the USA can phone a neighboring town to lay ambush for the surviving Bokos if any, heading back to base after giving the terrorists hell with 1,000 guns and 1,000 petrol bombs home made.

    Let us think of a Nigerian civilian self defence force made up of residents of each vulnerable village or town….

  26. Augustine says:

    …..The now lightly armed year 2016 degraded Boko fighters will be easier to defeat by Nigerian army light infantry, or even Civilian JTF if well armed, Maybe FG, DSS, NPF, and NA should look into doing criminal/clean citizen background checks on traditional and religious rulers chosen/guaranteed/vetted to raise CJTF civilian platoons of maybe well known and time tested/trusted local hunters and youths to become garrison for every vulnerable village in NE especially those close to the borders. FG can arm them with semi-automatic 10 round cartridge magazine loading hunting rifles or Lee Enfield type of rifles.

    That is if federal government wants to avoid issuing more lethal full automatic AK-47 rifles to CJTF. You don’t want to have gun control problems after this war. Manual Lee Enfield type of bolt action rifle is less lethal as it is non-automatic.

    The FG can add non-lethal smoke grenades, or tear gas with gas masks to disorient the enemy if outnumbered, also give them satellite phones to call the army for help if battle gets too hot.

    The civilians are the quickest and closest protectors of themselves 24 hours of everyday. Putting these guys on a simple =N= 5,000 monthly stipend is cheaper than =N= 100,000 cost per head to maintain a real soldiers deployed on tour of duty with normal salary and extra field duty allowances due to him.

    CJTF could just complement the army if we find the option safe to use with no future problem of armed robbers getting these guns or the people we arm later turning against us.

  27. Augustine says:

    Oga peccavi, Oga freeegulf, modern days LAW….Light Anti-tank Weapon like the simple man portable shoulder fired Carl Gustav M3 Recoilless rifle will demolish a Boko Haram Toyota gun truck carrying 23mm gun or any deadly machine gun, from a distance of 1.5 km away.

    It will completely wipe out the gun truck and kill or fatally wound every other Boko fighter withing it’s explosive blast radius.

    The US Army in Afghanistan is now going crazy in love with this light weapon. The M3 Multi-role Anti-armor Anti-tank Weapon System (MAAWS) is the U.S. military designation for the Carl Gustaf M3 recoilless rifle. It has become the new US Army’s favorite terrorist killer weapon in Afghanistan.

    Cost can be estimated at plus or minus $75,000 per unit for a launcher plus dozens of it’s rocket ammunition.

    However, I prefer the Indian licence made version, it’s even lighter weight than the Swedish product, the Indian army calls it the RCL Mk III . Nigeria should be manufacturing stuff like these at DICON, get a licence from Indian Ordnance Factory Board and make this Boko killer at home in Nigeria’s DICON factory.

    It is a cheaper way to kill Boko Haram Toyota mounted ant-aircraft cannon, than having to buy 1,000 IFVs that have 30mm autocannon to defeat the Bokos AAA firepower.

    IFV will cost at least $ 1.5 million for one brand new BTR-4, they are good for their special role of carrying troops protected inside the armoured vehicle into battle zones, but Nigerian army has only 5 of this vehicle as at now.

    A cheaper alternative to the wheeled and fast speed BTR-4 IFV is the slow speed vehicle option of second hand fairly used tracked Russian army huge stocks of reserve MT-LB APCs armed with Russian Shipunov 30mm cannon or Swedish Bofors 40mm cannon, those will demolish Boko Haram vehicles from 4km away as long as the enemy Toyota gun truck is visible.

    The Russian MT-LB from army reserve stocks will cost about $ 300,000 per vehicle with the 30mm or 40mm autocannon included and powerful night vision fighting capabilities added to the vehicles, and the vehicle carries 11 troops in it’s armoured cabin.

    Man portable Indian RCL Mk III weapon will cost plus or minus $ 75,000 a piece.

  28. freeegulf says:

    admiral augustinho, great write up. i like the thought process. you have always advocated for the procurement of the Indian RCL carl gustav version. i really hope our NA high command are listening and do the needful.

    i have always said the army can out-manoeuvre and outfight bh, they dont necessarily need thy kingdom come NAF. all they truly need are light mobile troops for recce, aggressive patrols, and offensive operations. back these light infantry units with mobile artillery and effective forward observation, they are good to go. NA should acquire their own helos for medevac (nothing raises morale for troops more than this), scout, LAH, and LUH.

    on the issue of troops strength, yes we can empower local forces. the FG just need to weigh the pros and cons of this. however, it is far cheaper and more realistic than raising 200,000 man regular army. like i opined before, i m more bias towards the civil and security defence force doing grunt work for static security. the corp can be backed to a lesser extent by the CJTF.

    we should properly equip and maintain what we have currently. then slowly build the army. i would say, NA shouldnt even be more than 120-130 k max. while discussing this issue in the past, i mentioned to marshal beegs, that it will be better to have six divisions. three in the north, three in the south.
    81 div should be moved to calabar. Lagos should revert back to garrison command. in total, six divisions, plus another another div structure, LGC, less one brigade. we can to total that figure around 130k, then with moderate build up, but not exceeding 150k (which is quite high) officers and men. and yes, the air force and navy, should they become better armed, would definitely increase manpower. double what they have today is about optimum for both NAF and NN.

    maybe for the sake of rotation and sense of urgency, bornu should not even host a perm div HQ. at least until the end of this bh saga. the three divs in the north should be kaduna, jos and sokoto. while having a div in maiduguri, does provides sense of stability, it also does not help on the issue of troop rotation. the cantonment troops would end up carrying more of the weight than garrisons outside the NE.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga Augustine, I would not overestimate the value of the US’s armed citizens, they would definitely make things messy for an occupying force but an invading force would roll over them, a disorganised mass of armed civilians is not militarily effective.
      Somalia has an armed populace, as has Yemen or even the Balkans.
      But I think the average Nigerian should be allowed to have bolt action or semi automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols with a stringent licensing programme.
      The formation of a National guard or Reserve Force would allow us to have trained organised civilian we can mobilise and deploy and then a Village Guard system, (in essence the current Vigilantes) armed with bolt action and shotguns.
      A LAW 66 or RPG is sufficient for technicals at the section or platoon level. I emphasised weapons such as sharpshooters and mortar because the efficacy of technical is their range and mobility so you need to counter them with something that can match their range. They are not armoured so a 5.56 or 7.62 round properly targeted will defeat them.
      So if we were to try and look at an ideal platoon I would have a light infantry platoon of 40, giving 3 manoeuvre sections and a fire support/ command section
      Each section of 8 men has 1x LMG, 1x RPG, 6 x rifles. Fire support section has a 60mm mortars (2 men), 2 x Sharpshooters, Platoon commander and sergeant, 2 x MMG
      This means a Platoon can occupy an outpost with 8 men on guard, 8 men on patrol, 8 men in reserve and 8 men at rest
      On the attack the Commander can generate 3 x manoeuvre elements and a FS element or even chop and change as much as he likes generating 6 x 6 man manoeuvre elements
      it gives more flexibility and

  29. Augustine says:

    Oga Peccavi, the troop formation is good as you outlined, but my worry is that their weapons mix is antiquated, modern infantry warfare has produced modern armaments that have increased the firepower of modern day infantry soldiers. I am of the opinion that Nigerian army goes modern.

    The NATO forces fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, are very well equipped with modern weapons. The LAW 66 with a 200m range is as weak in range as a basic RPG. Reason why the American, European, and Indian armies are now buying large numbers of the M3 Gustav with 1,700m range, 8 times longer range than the older model.

    I would say a platoon of 40 men should be divided into sections of 8 men as you say, with 8 men on guard, 8 men on patrol, 8 men in reserve and 8 men at rest, I would say you did not mention what the 5th section of 8 men would do, add them to the guards or reserves? I would make the last 8 men leaders of platoon, sections and squads, COs and NCOs.

    As per the armaments for a 40 man Nigerian army platoon in terms of what modern infantry even in Africa will have (South African, Algerian, and other African armies’ infantry have these modern equipment). I would recommend we give our army enough firepower and cheap but effective force multiplier technology that other countries are deploying nowadays.

    For a 40 man infantry platoon :

    = 40 x assault rifles
    = 10 x side arm automatic pistols
    = 5 x light machine guns / GPMG
    = 3 x sniper rifles
    = 5 x multiple grenade launchers
    = 3 x RPG launchers
    = 3 x 60mm commando mortars
    = 1 x LAW 84mm calibre RCL Mk III recoilless anti-tank weapon

    = 1 x hand held Thermal Imager for night observation, medium range
    = 3 x day/night battlefield binoculars
    = 1 x medium range man portable tactical battlefield communication radio
    = 10 x short range personal role communication radios
    = 40 x pocket size military navigational compasses
    = 10 x personal night vision goggles

    These should be the minimum, some personal hardware like role radio, night vision goggle, should be one each for every infantry man in an ideal situation.

    It is assumed that this platoon is dismounted with these equipment, they will normally be part of a vehicle mobile force, motorized infantry or mechanized infantry.

    Their light armoured tactical vehicles like Toyota Landcruiser 4×4 or Igirigi LAV will carry heavier weapons like 40mm automatic grenade launchers, 14.5mm machine guns, 20mm autocannon dual feed, 30mm autocannon, etc, and thus provide heavy fire support and storage for extra extra ammunition/ordnance, food/water, and simple first aid medicals.

    Such a small but well equipped force will be hard for Boko Haram to defeat, I would expect such an army platoon of 40 men to be able to defeat a typical Boko Haram Toyota riding force of say 150 men.

    • jimmy says:

      Let me add to that
      The last 8 men in that platoon should be the best motorcyclist in the group
      The Motorcycles do not have to be top of the line dirt bikes that are used to travelling in swampy or desert/off road will do. These will be your scouts. These Bikes are cheap and very easy to maintain.
      So add 8× Motorcycles. Since the NA already has ATV I have not deemed them necessary.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga, sorry, the 5th section is the command/ FS section, it can also be used as a manoeuvre section.
      I suggested the LAW 66 because its light, disposable and cheap. the Grenade launcher as well I forgot, its a definite battle winner.
      Oga Jimmy you hit the nail on the head, the mechanised unit would have a combination of cheap all terrain vehicles fighting vehicles, whether armoured or not with a platoon of motorcycle troops, per company. They could be used as a single element or detached as sections to platoons.
      Oga Augustine, same thing, a mix of vehicles with that weapons mix is ideal, a platoon would be roughly 4-5 vehicles, in each vehicle as a fighting vehicle has a 7.62mm GPMG as a secondary weapon and then a mix of 2 x 12.7mm, 2 x AGL, 1 x 14.5mm or 20mm . The AGLs could suppress the enemy or fire into depth, while the 14.5 fixes them as the 12.7mm armed vehicles manoeuvre closer.
      It gives the commander a variety of options and doesn’t overload the supply chain with multiple weapon types and ammo

  30. Augustine says:

    This is one of the most important threads on Beegeagle’s blog, but like I said, you won’t find 90% of our fellow bloggers here because it is not a jet fighter Su-30 Flanker and JF-17 Thunder discussion.

    Nigeria must not fail on this important army size expansion plan, it must succeed.

    Hey, the army is the key to defeating Boko Haram, a fact we must accept. The air force can stay in the air, the navy on high seas, it is the army that has 90% responsibility for securing our land, towns, villages, cities. Even NAF and NN have had to come join the land battle with NAF QRF and NN SBS special forces fighting alongside NA infantry brothers like a truly united armed forces of Nigeria.

    Thank you NAF and NN rifle regiments and special forces for joining the land battles against Boko Haram. God bless you all. Nigerians of Arewa land and other regions will NEVER FORGET YOUR SACRIFICE.

  31. freeegulf says:

    great ideas ogas peccavi, jimmy and augustinho. our logistics tail is still one of our weakest link. its imperative NA take the aviation wing serious.
    on the bright side, this WoT has sharpened the army. gold is purified by fire, the army is going through its baptism, wheat being separated from the chaff. at the end of this campaign, the army will be sharper, tougher and leaner.

    God bless our fighting men and women. long live the federal republic

  32. Did Our Military Leadership suddly become visionary and forward thinking or are they now just being encouraged to explore all possibilities and potential, cos now I hear things from them I previously only dreamed of

  33. gbash10 says:

    It seems the right guys are just coming onboard the hems of leadership in the military, not like those thieves that were stealing the little money allocated to their respective services.
    In terms of modernization, the NN is a pace setter,and corruption clean. Shame to Uncle Alex and Guy man for stealing money allocated to the NAF while their fellow comrades die in battle.
    The fighter jet that crashed in Yola, is it an Alpha jet or an FT-7NI ?

  34. jimmy says:
    This is A BREAKING NEWS story
    One of the suicide girls who was apprehended in Cameroon today is claiming she is one of the Chibok Girls I will ask my Cameroonian Contacts for Verification.
    stay tuned.

    • gbash10 says:

      Seriously, the Chibok Girls now turn into human bombs ?
      Hmmm,this is not good at all, the NIA,DIA and DSS should do something fast before those Savages kill most of the girls.
      The Alpha jet that crashed must be one among the two imported from the US.

  35. lachit says:

    nice weapon for counter-asymmetrical warfare

    • Are James says:

      More agile than a tank and those things like CIWS guns will take out the zealots who fearlessly walk close to a tank to blow themselves up or throw IEDs down the hatch.

    • lachit says:

      it has a 7.62 calibre machine gun plus the auto-cannon I think it is 20mm calibre though not sure of the calibre.
      plus it has all kinds of missiles with anti armour plus thermobaric and anti personnel high explosive warheads.

      the videos I have seen are of BH moderately dispersed, with the terrorists spread out dotted with technical mounted heavy machineguns .and using grazing suppressive fire behind cover to engage government troops.
      it seems the foot soldiers uses the small arms to provide cover while the technical mounted heavy calibre guns try to lay down accurate gunfire at extended ranges and score kills.

      I suggest u review the BH videos to verify this observation and if true , the first priority should be to take down the technical in any encounter.
      really light weight single operator man portable anti tank, anti personnel missile like mini-spike, bumblebee should be easily be able to takedown the technical behind cover without exposing themselves to counter-fire.

      or u could employ these UGVs, more expensive but very effective.

      • lachit says:

        well I did not exactly meant COIN but I meant asymmetrical warfare.

        u have 300-400 men assaulting your positions on foot and with technicals , this qualifies for regular war (at least unconventionally ) not COIN ops.

        these UGVs will just move ahead accompanied by troops and will work in coordination with the troops and not in standalone lone scout mode otherwise it be surely be turned into a bon fire.
        suppose soldiers need to retreat to defensive positions with wounded companions these UGVs would be perfect to cover my tail,
        suppose technicals flank your defensive positions , I would rather have these UGVs covering my ass as I re-position myself.
        in a assault I would prefer to have these UGVs absorb all the punishment , instead of me.

        even Abraham tanks became bon fires where they operated without accompanying infantry in Yemen.
        the days of only armoured columns overrunning enemy positions are long over since the advent of RPG , anti tank missiles etc.
        that is why nowadays combined arms operation is much preferred.
        armour infantry and air support . here we go

        all I am saying even a spoon is dangerous if you know how to use it effectively , dip the spoon in chilli powder and shove it inside BHs ass . and sit back to enjoy the dance 😀

    • peccavi says:

      This is not a useful platform for COIN, this is better used against a peer enemy in conventional war for harassing, recce or raids. Very little use against a light, mobile, flexible asymmetric enemy

      • I beg to differ it can detect vehicles and people @ ranges humans cannot. It knows no fear. Has a variety of weapons can work night and day. Will decimate technicals and thewy won’t know what hit them. It may be expensive but it’s good for COIN. It would probably be a sitting duck against a country with a decent airforce.

    • peccavi says:

      Vehicles do not have emotions so fear is not really a specification.
      You can destroy a technical with any weapon from 5.56mm up to 105mm so why do you need an expensive vehicle for that?
      A UGV can be destroyed with an IED just like a manned vehicle, or an RPG or any other weapon, in fact its more vulnerable as it does not have a human ey noticing things like atmospherics or ground sign.
      In an insurgency, its will be expensive and no more useful than any other AFV in fact more vulnerable.
      n a conventional conflict its use makes a little bit more sense as it could in essence be deployed on long range ambushes and be camouflaged sitting there for a while and then launch attacks against rear areas, or be deployed to attack staging areas in a suicide mission or attack Anti aircraft sites to clear the way for air strikes.
      Against men on foot or motorcycles or pick up trucks it is redundant

  36. lachit says:

    was reading in Brussels nuclear installations are on high alert after a man working in a nuclear plant was found murdered and his pass stolen.
    also in one of the bombers girlfriends residence a video tape of the concerned nuclear plant was found.
    looks like making a dirty bomb was the aim.
    the officials have now cancelled the passes of 11 workers after these incident , and till now they were sleeping while these 11 fellows had a free pass.

    the countries like Netherlands have used their influence and corrupted ideas of socialism and freedom to impose their way of life, their interpretation of culture into unwilling third world countries while conveniently ignoring the social mayhem, deaths caused by their actions.
    I guess now is the payback time
    nature has her own sweet way of dealing justice.

    I feel “u reap what u sow” is something every human being should be taught from childhood even before learning his ABCD….

    • Are James says:

      Awwww come on . Pakistan did not “design and manufacture a fighter aircraft for their own national security”, please. Please let us check these inaccuracies and over simplifications.

  37. lachit says:

    guys if u all are interested in photos of defence products being showcased in DEFEXPO 2016 india,
    then these can be found here, the photos will be updated daily till next 3 days.

    • lachit says:

      right click and open in another tab to visit the flickr link or just hover the cursor over the picture and use the left and right arrow buttons at the sides to view the collection here on this page itself.

  38. lachit says:

    the complete film on uran-9

    • lachit says:

      It has 3 modes: piloted , directed (set waypoints and targets, the UGV navigates and fires itself) and completely autonomous (with man-approved fire).

      it has a 30mm auto cannon not a 20mm as I had mentioned before

      • Sokoto says:

        Range ?

      • lachit says:

        <2 km ( not sure maybe more ) for the auto cannon.

        real life engagements will always occur at <1500 meters due to uneven terrain , foliage , lack of uninterrupted LOS , battlefield obscurants , target detection and positive identification etc.

      • Sokoto says:

        this will save lives

  39. lachit says:

    live demo of some products

    Nigeria, Sudan , south Africa are participating in this expo

    • Sokoto says:

      HAL Dhruv for the Army but a new version, because the existing version had a lot of crashes. But the heli is still a good one 12 passengers (14 passengers with high density seating) or 4 stretchers, Missiles: Anti-tank guided missiles Air-to-air missiles Rocket Pods Torpedoes Depth charges or Anti-ship missiles. Transport + fire

    • lachit says:

      on March 8, 2016 In a written response to a question in parliament, Minister of State for Defence stated
      “Since 2002, 14 military and 2 civil Dhruv helicopters have been involved in accidents, out of which 11 occurred in India and 4 abroad. Out of 16 accidents, 12 occurred due to human error and environment factors and the remaining 4 due to technical reasons,”

      as for foreign operators, Ecuador is only one of 7 foreign countries who have bought Dhruv, and only Ecuador has had crashes.( 2 Crashes because of Pilot error + 2 Crashes because of Mechanical failure due to lack of spares/maintenance).
      The issue is with high number of sorties and maintenance, on an average 120 Sorties are being done per day (the highest with any type of helicopter including MI17)

      there was some problem with the Integrated Dynamic System (IDS) leading to increased wear and tear of the same .(it was only found in dhruv MK I & II) , fault was located in the production side which has since been rectified, and all the Mk I and Mk II have been since upgraded to
      1.Mk III ( electronic warfare suite and warning systems , Electro-optical pod etc. )
      2.Mk IV ( armed version RUDRA aka WSI-Weapons System Integrated )

      developing a system is not the main headache , and contrary to popular belief the main difficulty lies in productionizing the same and ensuring it meets all the qualitative requirements. countries with no previous experience in the required field will always stumble and certain faults might show , but these can be rectified after the fault is isolated, these is how in house capabilities and facilities are developed over a period of time based on experience built by trial and error. there is no short cut to experience and no country is immune to it. plus blame the jackass Indian bureaucracy 😀

      the armed version – RUDRA can carry the weapons you mentioned but simultaneously its troop carrying capacity gets reduced to around 2-4 I think , however a new more powerful engine is being developed (according to reports) which will allow more troops to be carried in tandem with all the weapons.

      this is main anti-tank weapon HELINA ( 7km range ) later it be modified to allow it to be fired from aircrafts too like jaguar, LCA.

      • Sokoto says:

        Interesting , it will be good if we learn from India the multi role heli tech/Manu . it will be a good start searching directly to make a style Mi24 MI28 will be a mistake
        for my part with this video the Dhruv is more likely to seduce the army , because they now looking for more mobility against BH and Massob
        and they will maybe go for the 12 passengers variant, or if smart will ask for a partnership for a variant Indian-Nigerian for tech transfert

      • lachit says:

        after what happened in Ecuador and even if the fault lied elsewhere, the bad publicity will/might create 2nd thoughts in Nigerian military while considering the dhruv.
        I wont blame them 😀
        it will require a great deal of faith for Nigeria to invest in dhruv , so my opinion is maybe they will not opt for it , they may look for Russian and western platforms.
        this is just my opinion.

        co-developing major weapons platform like helicopter which is technology intensive and expensive is economically feasible when the no of platforms to be operated exceeds 100+ or you are looking to export considerable no of it.
        otherwise the money invested is not recoverable and the acquired experience not sustainable.
        if u r procuring say less than 100 of any given type of helicopters better option (both financially and capability development wise) is to invest in local MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul ) facilities. this will save a lot of foreign exchange and result in more operational availability plus laying the foundation for future R&D/extensive local manufacturing capability. later u can utilize it to develop your own helicopters singly or in JV.

      • Obix says:

        @Oga Sokoto, did i hear you say “because they now looking for more mobility against BH and Massob”. Massob? 🙂

    • lachit says:

      anyways this gun will end in Africa as far as I know, quite a few African countries were interested in this but were asked to wait for the final definitive version as can be seen in the photo above.
      it is a 155/52 cal gun developed by kalyani (no. 1 world ranked company in forgings )
      it is self propelled @30kmph, it has automatic laying mode , it has auto-loader , all weather and all terrain mobility, range 41km with normal rounds , deployment time 1 minute (day) and 1.5 minute (night), rate of fire 3-5 rd per minute etc

  40. lachit says:

    i don’t know if u guys missed this news, I read (but forgot where) Nigeria has opened a naval / marine operational base in lake chad not so long ago.
    this is quite significant and I remember guys on this blog asking for something similar.
    looks like things are moving forward on multiple fronts.

  41. Sokoto says:

    focus on 5:10

    • Sokoto says:

      did we have a similar unit in the air force ?

    • peccavi says:

      Russian propaganda. They were overrun fair and square. Brave guys put up a good fight but Putins propaganda has to spin it into some kind of Rambo/ Die Hard movie

      • eyimola says:

        They were NOT overrun. Considering the fact that the target was captured by the SAA on the date of the incident, it is clear that ISIs were the ones retreating.

      • Eugene4eveR says:

        That they were overrun is not in doubt, BUT soldiers have been known to commit suicide to avoid capture and take as many of their enemies with them as possible. Calling an air strike on your head is simply advanced suicide by grenade.

      • peccavi says:

        Oga Eyimola,whic ever version you take they were clearly over run. According to the Russian account they were bein overrun and called in air strikes on themselves, in the other account they were killed in a straight fight.
        Not detracting from the honour of the their sacrifice, I just do not believe the Russian spin

  42. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, concerning the Uran-9, Russian UGV’s have been used successfully in Syria (Latakia) against al Nusra. The systems tested included Uran-9 and Andromeda-D. It was big news at the time.

    Some stuff on that here:

  43. abduleez says:

    The United States has said that Nigeria’s estimated middle class of 50 million people will help grow the counandtry into one of the top-ten global economies by 2050. It, however, expressed doubts that much of the billions of dollars looted from Nigeria in the last decade would be recovered.
    The US Assistant Secretary, Bureau of African Affairs, Linda Thomas- Greenfield, stated this in Washington ahead of the meeting of the US-Nigeria Bi-National Commission, which took place yesterday.
    She said: “In case anyone has any doubts on the extent of Nigeria’s importance in Africa and the world… Nigeria’s population is projected to reach 400 million by 2050, overtaking the United States counand becoming the third most populous country in the world.
    The median age in Nigeria is 18. Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and Africa’s largest oil producer. The country’s middle class of roughly 50 million people is expected to help grow the country into one of the top-ten global economies by 2050.”

    • Sir Kay says:

      It’s sad how Nigeria kept allowing these countries to continue interfering in her affairs. Isn’t time someone tell them to butt off? Few days ago they are talking about their intention to pressure Nigeria to devalue her currency, why do we allow these western countries to keep getting into our affairs

  44. jimmy says:
    Courtesy OGA HENRY
    The MI -17 shown in the Background is either a brand new Helicopter or the Refurbished MI-17 Acquired from NEMA, If anyone can confirm please let us know.
    I looked at the ID tag it said NAF 270, the last two helos we bought were NAF260 and NAF261 if were to follow the logical numbering sequence the next number would be NAF 262.
    oga BIDEXII alluded to something about procurement although he was not specific.
    Please can anyone check and report back , OGA HENRY , Please can you verify. oga GBASH?
    Thank you all

  45. lachit says:

    this is a 155/52 calibre artillery gun ( the specifications are still not out , but range should not be less than 50-55 km using normal rounds )
    this is different from the 155/45 calibre DHANUSH which was recently inducted into the Indian army .

  46. lachit says:


    this is the electronics (auto laying , implementation of Inertial navigation system , muzzle velocity radar etc.) and unified sighting system on the 155/45 calibre gun.

    good option for Nigeria to upgrade her 155/39 calibre bofors gun

  47. lachit says:

    this is a new artillery 155/52 calibre system from a private Indian company kalyani
    it features loading which is a unique feature laying
    3.self propelled
    4.high rate of fire 5 rounds per minute
    5.short deployment time of around 1 minute.

  48. lachit says:

    this is the poster for PINAKA MARK-2 rocket.
    it has a range of 60 km (given suitable atmospheric conditions i.e. deserts, it can fly out to 63km ) more than that of Pakistani NASR missile armed with tactical nuclear warheads.
    it has accuracy i.e. CEP equal to 1.5% of range. (work is on to design a wrap around guidance strip with G3OM module to make the CEP < 0.5 of the range )
    G3oM is a state-of-the-art technology receiver, which integrates both GPS and Indian SBAS GAGAN and Russian GLONASS systems. The navigation output comprises GPS, GLONASS and GPS+GLONASS position, speed and time data.
    in future will also take signals from Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System or IRNSS .
    G3OM module weights only 17 grams.
    it was first designed after the Americans had switched off their GPS satellites during the BRAHMOS test fire leading it to miss the target.
    now even if either the GPS or GLONASS or IRNSS or GAGAN is switched off / jammed the module will use signals from the remaining satellites and guide the projectile with pin-point accuracy.

    • When GLONASS was was launched its was ignored by the rest of the world and allegedly bedeviled with glitches but it’s seems to have matured nw and u even see High end smart phones with GLONASS capabilities. The russian guidance system appears to hv come of age

    • lachit says:

      GLONASS signals were restricted during the soviet days, even India was denied the decryption codes for the military grade signals.
      and after the break up of the soviet union the GLONASS suffered due to low maintenance ( orbit degradation, power bus failure etc. ) , inadequate replacement of aging satellites etc.
      how over last few years new replacements and better technology plus opening of the commercial utilization of GLONASS signals have breath life into it.

    • lachit says:

      I forgot to mention
      G3OM module uses only the commercial ( CIVILIAN grade ) signals from GPS and GLONASS satellites, only the Indian GAGAN ( no public data exists on its military usage ) AND in future IRNSS signals are/will be military grade.
      using civilian grade from GPS and GLONASS signals to achieve pin point accuracy is the main highlight in addition to the redundancy factor.

  49. lachit says:

    and lastly this is a upgraded ZU 23mm ant aircraft gun from an private company Punj Lloyd.
    orders for upgrade of around 600 of the ZU 23mm guns have been placed.

    this is something I would like private players in Nigeria to do, integrate day and night camera, laser range finder and a digital fire control system to take all the inputs and provide the best firing solutions for high hit probability within the range envelope of the gun.

    • Sokoto says:

      MORE THAN GOOD NEWS !!!! one day we will see a made in Nigeria MOAB ( AOAB : Ancestor of all bombs lool)
      “Ode said there were other innovative works that Army engineers were working on which he added would improve the efficiency of the army’s operations within and outside the country.”
      maybe night vision devices …

    • Sokoto says:

      Picture ?

  50. Are James says:

    This old aircraft works justvnicely for Nigeria in the COIN role besides there is a new buzz being generated online by entities I suspect are associated with the manufacturer.

    • peccavi says:

      Good aircraft but no longer in production so spares would be expensive. And I think the Us is sending all the ones they have to Iraq (abi Afghanistan).
      An AT6, Yak 52, Pucara or Tucano is fit for our purposes. I personally favour the Pucara or Tucano as I’m sure we could work out some technology transfer deal

  51. Martin Luther says:

    Dear bredthren, pleased to inform you that the Bokoharam saga is effectively over. Believe me when I tell u that Lai Mohammed is right to say the Army has done it’s job.

    However, a new treath seem to be raising. We got well armed heards men settled in the deep south east and south south where they are raking down farm lands and harassing locals who feel they are lacking the protection of government. Things are

    • peccavi says:

      Oga being over is I think a bit optimistic. The Presidents phrase ‘technically defeated’ is more accurate. However they have not been destroyed

      • ScouseNaija says:

        They surely have not been wiped out, hence the rising incidences of “herdsmen attacks”. Let’s call a spade a spade, BHT has infiltrated the south under the cover of the nomadic culture of our Northern brothers.
        Our red-caps need to, alongside their civilian counterparts, find a way to build massive cattle ranches , register existing ones(if any exist) and spread the word of their existence among the real and sincere nomadic cattle rearing communities. After a grace period of say 9 months to a year, anybody rearing cattle in a nomadic way should be treated as hostile until proven otherwise.
        From my small head. For the love of country.
        One Nigeria forever. Our country shall forever be great!!

      • Sokoto says:

        @ScouseNaija respect and no you dont have a small head

      • Martin Luther says:

        I have to agree with the phrase technically defeated here

    • Kola Adekola says:

      On April 23, 20145:36

      It has emerged that groups of alleged herdsmen or gangs operating in the middle belt states of Benue, Nasarawa, Taraba and even those that recently killed scores of people in Zamfara state, are Boko Haram sect members.

      This development came to light following the confessions of some arrested Fulani herdsmen that took part in the killings and burning of houses in Wukari, Taraba state, they disclosed to security forces that they took part in many Boko Haram attacks.

      A statement signed by the Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade confirmed the development saying “A group of terrorists operating under the guise of herdsmen from a camp in the outskirt of Wukari have been arrested, while others died after an attack on military check point at Gindin Dorowa, a suburb of Wukari in Taraba State”.

      “Other members of the group were sighted in the course of air surveillance and later trailed to their camp where they engaged the troops in a battle”.

      “The terrorists were clad in the usual pattern of dress of their counterparts operating in Borno and Yobe States”.

      “One of the apprehended armed men confessed that he had been fighting for the terrorist group in Borno State and was recently brought to Wukari area in furtherance of their mission”.

      “Assorted arms and ammunition were recovered from them”.

      “Meanwhile, the curfew imposed on Wukari and its environs is expected to be relaxed as normalcy returns to the town”.

      “Troops have maintained patrol of the area while a house-to-house search for arms is ongoing”.

      “In another development, troops on patrol of the Lake Chad Islands have made some arrests”.

      “Among those arrested was a boat operator who ferries terrorists across the Lake Chad while another confessed to being a supplier of hard drugs to the terrorist groups in the area”.

      “In the meantime, the search for the abducted students of Government Girls’ Secondary School, Chibok is also being intensified”.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        So, its been known since 2014 that boko haram has infiltrated the herdsmen.

      • Are James says:

        Let us restrain from the oversimplifications that obscures the true origin of problems. Most Southern Nigerian observers make this mistake out of sheer sentiments and the attempt to regionalise or put a religious tag on something they don’t understand
        BH is mainly Kanuri in terms of ethnic origin. There was always a Fulani herdsman problem in and of itself and it is indigenous to the north west going further West to neighbouring countries. The question is who has been arming them and for what purposes?. There is a very potentially big herdsman problem in Ghana for instance. The Ashanti region has experienced lots of attacks in the last few years. The psychological issue appears more along the lines of micro nationalism / xenophobia / mass paranoia than one of religion with the herdsmen. Their attacks are more base and homicidal than BH. They are ten times worse because they don’t seem have a strategic objective other than to get away with taking anything they want without opposition.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        The herdsmen confessed to being boko haram members, yet you are arguing that they are not? Oga, that is really strange.

      • peccavi says:

        The question is whether they are actual operational elements of BH moving deliberately into the Middle Belt as part of a BH campaign, or roving mercenaries who have left BH because the area is too hot and there’s no more money or loot

      • Sokoto says:

        @Kola what @Are is trying to say is what motivate the herdsmen is not the same that motivate BH we have to be able to make the difference.

      • Sokoto says:

        @Are me I see it like a mini civil war …

      • Sokoto says:

        Oga Are is true it is mainly Kanuri but it is not kanuri, if we look at Nigeria based on ethnics or religouse affliation we will be lost

      • Kola Adekola says:

        @Oga peccavi
        The article I posted is from 2014 when boko haram was at its most powerful, so the herdsmen who confessed certainly hadn’t left the battlefield because it was too hot, or because loot and food where hard to come by. At that time boko haram was almost winning.

        There have been other assertions by the herdsmen that they are boko haram, for example, they told Chief Olu Falae that that was who they were during his kidnap. Further, we should listen to the Agatu people who have repeatedly claimed that the herdsmen who are carrying out the atrocities have a huge foreign mercenary component (just like boko haram).

        Just this week in Delta state, some local leaders and vigilante’s chased after marauding herdsmen, only to discover that they had developed a system of tunnels in the deep forest (just like boko haram in Sambisa Forest). Where (and to what purpose) did nomadic Fulani herdsmen learn how to tunnel?

        It is no coincidence that according to the Global Terrorism Index, Fulani herdsmen have become the fourth most deadly terrorist group in the world. The reason is simple, boko haram has morphed into cattle herdsmen; while our gallant army bombs ghosts, shadows and a long gone enemy. Boko haram has moved its army into the Middle Belt and is punting at moving further south.

        The most frightening aspect is that they are allowed to carry assault rifles openly and with swagger.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Sokoto
        Haba! What is boko harams motivation? Nobody knows what they want, except for wanton bloodshed, which is a trait they share with the Fulani herdsmen.

        To add to your argument that boko haram is not Kanuri, only a few of the really big shots arrested so far have been Kanuri (eg Zakary Biu). Some examples:

        Kabiru Sokoto is not Kanuri.
        Ogwuche is not Kanuri.
        Khalid Al-Barnawi is not Kanuri

      • Sokoto says:

        Oga Kola the biggest BH goal is land they want a fuckin state in my Naija ! never !!
        the herdsman and the farmers are reacting more like companies,
        -milk and meat (beef ) heardsman vs. farmers ( ethnicity here only have a place because fulani are mostly herdsman ) but for farmers their is everybody including fulani … so sometimes fulani kill fulani … ok
        -source of conflict : Water ( Market share )
        -Now because it lasted its becoming a bit a revenge story that group to kill my father, my mothermy sister my brother and so on … thats why I call it a mini civil war

    • Sokoto says:

      the problem of the herdsmen is more complicated that we think, the motivation is more like revenge stuff. One reason im saying that is because it started long time ago and they dont have a real objectif so the question is against who are they fighting ?

      • Are James says:

        Herdsmen are not interested in Sharia or radical Islam. The peaceful ones just want to graze their cattle but the evil ones have been deliberately armed for (i) self defence (ii) to offensively dominate their hosts along the hitherto mutually beneficial grazing trails belonging to their neighbours and (iii) to perpetuate crimes like kidnapping, armed robbery and rape.
        In spite of the symbiosis that existed between their economic activities and crop farmers in Hausa-land and middle belt, conflicts had always arisen and were resolved at the local level so that much has bern nothing new.
        The newly emerging situation however is that a lot of these guys now commit previously unheard of acts of depravity against other ethnic groups in the entire region of northern west africa.
        Somebody or persons must have started using them to actualise dark socio political designs not very long ago. The security agencies need to find out who these people are.
        Also in 2014, we started seeing strange camps related to these guys springing up in unexpected places. I believe the NA did a lot of surveillance and pro active taking out of those camps in late 2013/2014.

      • Sokoto says:

        Is the samething that happen in Rwanda, heardsman and farmers always fight

      • Sokoto says:

        over water, the govrmnt has to react fast ! for me first make a line to separat the two then build water tanker and then find the way to reconciliate them

  52. Sir Kay says:

    Shouldn’t there be some kind of blockade against this? I don’t mean the whole Sambisa forest, but the likeliest paths the terrorists might use for their escapes, soldiers should be lying in wait for those making a run for it

  53. Sir Kay says:

    Just checked the list of Global military power , i see that Nigeria is now ranked ahead of south Africa, i think they were ahead of us before

  54. Sokoto says:

    what US want is to intervene in Nigeria

  55. Sokoto says:

    but what they don t know is that Nigeria is not dumb … we are not idiots like Niger Tchad Cote D’ivoire to host a western or a easter military base ! muder fuckers ! sorry guys but I hate US dam it ! Instead of trying to control Nigeria the only help we need is to let us pay us weapons and will be friends or they should watch their 6 Russia wants to sink something

  56. Sokoto says:

    France in Africa

  57. Sokoto says:

    Amnesty International said on Friday that Nigeria’s army killed hundreds of men, women and children from a minority Shi’ite Muslim sect last December, but the military dismissed the rights group’s report as hasly, one sided and baised. ( signed reuters … thats doesnt supprise me, “… From a minotory Shi’ite Muslim sect ” thats doesnt mean anything look Shiism is not a sect is a religion and in that religion a small group are in fact The Shiite Islamic Group! Foreign news are selling division … )

    The director of the DSS in Kaduna state, Mustapha Sani, alleges that the Shiite Islamic group does not recognise the sovereignty of Nigeria – Sani maintains that the sect has remained and will always remain a security threat to Nigeria – Claims the Shiite conducts paramilitary training for their members ( local news )

    –The shiite Islamic group are the same as Boko Haram we must be careful and not do the same error like with Boko Haram we must shut down this organisation in the silent.

    According to This Day, Mustapha Sani (Kaduna state director of the Department of State Services)
    alleged further that Islamic group does not recognise the sovereignty of Nigeria, adding that the group owes its allegiance to Iran from where they receive financial assistance and support.
    ( local news )

    Its clear is an indirect aggression by Iran ! Nigeria must be able to defend herself, thats means by
    equiping all the armed forces and more especialy we need a coast guard and be able to controle our border at least must of it ! because of weapons coming from out side ! the more Important thing for me will be the coast guard and a Navy … weapons enter easily from the sea.
    We need also CCTV for every single capital of all stats,and Highways.

    /First : Biafra Backup by White Supremacist and Apartheid Regime of South Africa and Oil hunters France !,
    / Second : Boko Haram ( not confirmed but doubts funding from Saudi Arabia and especially Qatar .)
    / Third : MEND MASSOB and all this shit in the south south ( my one OPINION Oil companies … is my opinion )
    / Fourth : Shiite Islamic Group ( no doubts Iran they have even condemned the arrest of Zakzak )

    And my last solution is History, Nigerian have no idea of their history all of those guys have made us Slaves, its true we have to fogive blabla but never forget !!! because today im so angry when Africans kills Africans because of the mentality of this bastard from the east and west ! Panafricanism is my solution for political direction and keeping that unity ! because I dont know for
    but Nigeria means everything for Africans ! all over the world, my friends all are proud of this
    country, why ? because is the only think great about africa ! is little bit of hope … lol

    but seriously we need security ! we have treats, we must be prepared with more weapons Im not talking war against all the country that attack us no but maybe scare them will be enough ! but seriously Iran capable of disturbing Nigeria this is an offense

    • Are James says:

      Everything you write here is what I have been preaching for years.

    • Obix says:

      Interesting! Bro, please i didn’t understand this part- “/First : Biafra Backup by White Supremacist and Apartheid Regime of South Africa and Oil hunters France !”
      Please elaborate!

      • Sokoto says:

        No Prob,
        to understand the French Involvement :
        After the second world war everybody knows that Nazi Germany destroyed France, being a power , they do not want to lose their place. Then their President de Gaulle, came with a new foreign policy called ” Françafrique ” just google it for more information.
        For more power they need oil, they wanted Algeria Oil first, they lost the war. the next country was Nigeria, this policy has cost NIGERIA 2 MILLION LIVES
        French involvement in the war can be viewed in the context of its geopolitical strategy (Françafrique) . France and Portugal used nearby countries in their sphere of influence, especially Côte d’Ivoire under President Félix Houphouët-Boigny, as waystations for shipments to Biafra. To some extent, also, France repeated its earlier policy from the Congo Crisis, when it supported the secession of the southern mining province Katanga; In the assessment of a CIA analyst in 1970, France’s support was actually given to a handful of Biafran bourgeoisie in return for the oil.
        AND imagine what saved Nigeria ? GABON ! yes France found oil in Gabon and live us with a division.
        some quotes :
        François Mitterrand, then-minister of the Interior of France: “Without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century” (1957).
        Jacques Godfrain, former French foreign minister: “A little country [France], with a small amount of strength, we can move a planet because [of our]…relations with 15 or 20 African countries…”

        They have military base in all their Province ( because I cant call it countrys cote divoire, gabon etc… ) , In all those countrys if you are against france imperialism you are dead its not a jook example Gbagbo Former President of Cote Divoire he wanted to change it but today he is in court .. and in exchange their are distators like Tchad president, Gabon president Cameroun, all of them are protected by France.
        I used to live in cote divoire I was here when the war between them and france begun iv seen it all I know all the history I was there they overtrown Gbagbo replace him by Allassan Dramane Ouatarra a poppet !

        Nigeria was backup by USA and Soviet Union not a suprise its was during cold war and those two country where against colonisation …

        Seconde South Africa :

        Biafran war 1967 – 1970 at the same time South Africa president Charles Robberts Swart, and later Jozua François Naudé all where APARTHEID PRESIDENTS lol, they hate AFRICANS ! and I sure that they hated Nigeria more why because Upon gaining independence in 1960, Nigeria made African unity the centrepiece of its foreign policy and played a leading role in the fight against the apartheid government in South Africa.
        here is why Nigeria and south africa are not good good friends today lol
        Nigeria also supported several Pan African and pro-self government causes in the 1970s, including garnering support for Angola’s MPLA, SWAPO in Namibia.
        Same thing for Rhodesia ! which is today Zimbabye. all this happen in part with the help of Nigeria even the fight of Mandela was backup by NIGERIA !!!!!!!

        2 reasons why south africa hated Nigeria 1st we help south africans take back their country 2nd we helped Angola gained independance and defeat South Africa, 3rd we did the same think to Rhodesia their allied apartheid regimes !!

        For more info ( )

        + Thats why I military doctrine is paxnigerianna … Ecomog … i invite you to go back in history you will easily understand what is going on.

      • peccavi says:

        Oga Sokoto, I think the civil war came about because thousands of Easterners were massacred and displaced from around the Federation.
        Or are you implying the French and South Africans were behind the pogroms?

      • Sokoto says:

        Oga @peccavi yes you right thats why I said backup ! France and South Africa backup. but their will never be a Biafra without France South Africa Rhodesia … to do war we need weapons and cash … the amount of weapons and cash makes it even more devastating.
        Biafra came in place because of islamic influence ( east ideology) and ethnic division ( western ideology ) and IM AGAINST THE TWO OF THEM ! 2 MILLION DEATH because of to ALIEN IDEOLOGY nothing african all imported result 2 MILLION !!!!
        Nigeria is not the only country to have been in those problems look Rwanda same thing, Belgium colonise Rwanda and creat an ethnic division Hutu and Tutsi .. this is dangereous. 1,000,000 Rwandans were killed during the approximately 100-day period

    • Deway says:

      In all your write up, you have failed to truthfully mention what gave rise to all the groups you outlined. Enough of the outside interference thingy. US this and that, they wont sell us weapons. Are they the only ones that produce weapons? Has Russian and China not made themselves available to Nigeria?
      What we have today is Nigerians killing Nigerians without any foreign help or intervention:
      1. No matter how some of you would want to disguise the mass murder of over 300 Shiites, by the way unarmed Nigerian citizens, killed, burned and buried by their own security forces not by foreign aggressors, it tells how very unprofessional the Nigerian army still is.
      2. Fulani herdsmen kidnapping, murdering people in their own farmlands with the government doing nothing.
      3. Tribal motivated killings in Lagos, not to mention the constant pogrom in the north over the years.
      4. Soldiers and police murdering unarmed IPOB protesters in the East. You don’t have to be a supporter of IPOB, but killing them even when they were gathered for prayers in a school? Damn!
      We need to sit down in this country, look each other eye to eye and tell ourselves the truth. leave foreigners out of it.

      • Sokoto says:

        I understand, but we cant leave foreigners out of it because they are part of it. all this groups you mentionned are taking delivery of weapons from out side … yes we have problems most of the Time our security forces doesnt take the right decision but let us be logical look at all those problems, can you take them easily ? if you were President do you think that looking them in the eyes will change something ?
        Imagine for one second you have the task to solves all those problems and when you are dealing with them another group came in, every single year their is a new group. You will lose your nerv I tell you.
        and I tell you Guys stop looking Nigeria with Religious or Ethnicitys you will be lost because people use it only for their own interest …

      • Sokoto says:

        and you are right and I tell you the Givrmnt I hope that somehing will change, corruption stelling bad govrnc all this favor rising of those groups and making simple foreign interference. just like an old african prov says ; if their is no enemy within the enemy outside cant do anything.
        so maybe they are playing with Nigeria or maybe their are not competent.

      • peccavi says:

        Bros I tire. Nigerians are innocent lambs if it wasn’t for those evil foreigners, we would live in peace and have constant light. roads water and stuff?

      • Sokoto says:

        Oga peccavi, we dont understand each im not saying that everything from out side is bad ! no, but when it causes death im against and Im more against when its because of a western Ideology

      • peccavi says:

        Oga Sokoto, western ideology eastern ideology, all na ideology or more to the point interests. If you can point to a US or Chinese politician that would destroy his own country to make money let me know.
        We have a country where a CDS was allegedly stealing his own troops salary while his own village was being overrun. And you are worried about foreigners????

      • Sokoto says:

        Oga peccavi, this is sad …
        Ideology is only one of the problems we have to deal with,

    • Are James says:

      Nigeria Navy probably rightfully diverted budget to the quick acquisition of almost 100 river gun boats and Aradu revamp.
      There will be a lengthened payment schedule for the OPV but it will eventually be delivered. There are no missiles on board anyway so i have often privately wondered what the biggie was about these Chinese toys

    • AOk says:

      I followed the link above to a presentation about new equipment. How many times have the military come out with statements like that and yet nothing ensues later?
      Executive seats on the C-130? This is the priority ? With the executive jets, King Airs to haul the ogas about already in place. Puhlees…Do people remember when NAF went into the passenger commercial business by purchasing the 735 which remains grounded till today. Another waste or was it a smokescreen to loot?

  58. Sokoto says:

    some light please ! in 0:4 which weapon is mounted on the bh vehicule ?

    • peccavi says:

      Looks like a cannon and recoilless rifle

      • Sokoto says:

        yes me too I thought the same thing, but a cannon can’t fire from a normal vehicule … its too heavy

      • lachit says:

        looks like a M20 75MM Recoilless Rifle lots of this found in old armoury stocks in Africa , French had these mounted on scooters 😀

        or can be any other low pressure Recoilless Rifle

        or it can be a dummy
        something which will rarely cross our minds

    • Sir Kay says:

      I often wonder where these people usually get their figures from.
      1.3 million children displaced? Now we aren’t even counting adults.
      So all those small towns affected actually have millions of people? I still doubt that, i could be wrong. But i sense an exaggeration somewhere in these figures

  59. gbash10 says:

    Yesterday afternoon was very entertaining as one of the two Alpha jet that was acquired from Air USA was flown round Makurdi town from TAC Air Base,high speed low level flights, tight turns,it was as the F-7 pilots were the guys cruising with this bird yesterday, testing, testing among idle pilots that have not been sent to the frontline.
    On a Saturday, that flight of the Alpha jet brought me out of my room to stand inside the hot sun to get a glimpse of the bird,before I may miss the maiden flight of the JF-17 Thunder Blk2 fighter jet over Makurdi.

  60. lachit says:

    AFAIK it will take come time to arrive in nigeria
    jf17 bl 2 is still undergoing trials in china maybe in the final phases, after which it will be put through operational run in Pakistan and when everything is ship and shape then the production run of brand new jf17 bk2 will commence .
    which block did Nigeria order any info ?

  61. Sokoto says:

    The new air defence RPG

    • lachit says:

      RPG means rocket propelled grenade

      verba is the next generation shoulder fired man portable SAM or simply MANPAD .

      it is much advanced than igla manpad and is its successor
      it seeker can scan in 3 bands IR ,near IR, and UV which is unique to this manpad, otherwise other manpads use only IR or IR and UV

  62. lachit says:

    jf-17B 2 seater version should be available by next years end if all things go right with its development

  63. Joe says:

    Where is. Oga beetle now the whole thing in this bog is so outdated and uninteresting

  64. Sokoto says:

    here we are again, sorry but I cant leave foreigners out off Nigeria problems ! And I seed it ! the ugly bastards who backup South South insurgency are Oil companies !!! And imagine Shell is a company from which country ? yes yes you are right … Norway !

    Until they will be problems in the south south the FG can’t have full control on oil industry, and oil companies are stealing Nigeria !!!

    • Sokoto says:

      Nigeria is actually in a big war everybody wants some of this big country ! if their is no enemy within the enemy out side cant do us noth.
      Nigeria should defend her self and go to hell Amnesty … the same organisation who defend Boko Haram …

    • Sokoto says:

      In Nigeria, Shell told US diplomats that it had placed staff in all the main ministries of the government.

    • giles says:

      pls define military ware

      so wot military ware did dey sell to insurgents.
      abeg post with brain

    • Deway says:

      This man, you just love to post stuff around and everywhere on this blog. Shell is a company from where? Norway? For real? Please do your research again. Now its the foreigners that support the insurgency in the niger delta. A people who have been denied their rights and livelihood for years shouldn’t fight for themselves? I don’t know where you get your kindergarten theories from. Somehow, foreigners were responsible for last week’s carnage in Enugu, or for the 501 Christians that were killed in 2010 by fulanis in Dogo Nahawa. Only an insensitive head of state will not try as little as he can right now to calm nerves, reduce tension and anger in the land; and bring people together for substantive discussions.

      • Sokoto says:

        sorry you are right shell ” Netherlands “‘ just a mistake but that dont change anything

      • Sokoto says:

        Yes because no country can do a mistake like this, not a europeen country, if you think is normal so maybe you are the one who should do more research … sell a military equipment to insurgenc and call it a mistake ….
        I ve said supporte … their are not in the front line …
        so you supporte niger delta insurgency ?
        yes they have been killings 500 in Enugu more than 20 000 in north east everywhere skata !
        You cant go to war without weapons, without money, without support what im trying to say is we should first eliminate supporte of out side, this measure will reduce the number of killings .. and a group without weapons and money cant attract youth
        which right are you talking about ? everybody has rights ….
        tell me one event where discussions change something ? me I prefer actions.
        Niger delta … please people in Port Harcourt are richer and happier than most of Nigerian states they have a GDP of at least $21.07 billion … so please stop with “A people who have been denied their rights and livelihood for years shouldn’t fight for themselves?” take some time and look at the other states and tell me who has right …

  65. giles says:

    pls define military ware

    so wot military ware did dey sell to insurgents.
    abeg post with brain

    • Sokoto says:

      I gave links .
      you have internet .
      if you are on this site so I ‘m sure you know google .
      If you still can not then it is you who lack brain

    • Are James says:

      I was surprised you were asking the question. It was discussed extensively on this blog. The vessel, a decommissioned naval vessel is armour plated and has engines that would give NN ships a run for the money. To sell such a ship to a private Nigerian you should be in possession of major approvals from DHQ. It is a military ship with guns removed.

  66. Sir Kay says:

    Nigeria’s vice president says $15 bln stolen in arms procurement fraud

    • Are James says:

      I believe this. We spent (not budgeted) about 2 trillion a year in the last three years of the past admin. Nothing to show for it.

      • ozed says:

        For me not enough info to justify this claim. Plus this admin has tended to be very loose with figures, many of which have not been ever substantiated.
        It would be nice to see the analysis of what adds up to these figures and what transactions were used to move the money.
        The $20b NNPC money Sanusi talked about has never been substantiated, even the $2.1b dasuki ‘loot’ has never been substantiated (i mean in terms of a list of transactions totaling the figure in question).

        The sad thing for this govt is that they don’t seem to realize they are now in power and no longer in opposition. When you announce all this sleaze about your Country, the World hears you and eagerly awaits you bringing the culprits to book and recovering the monies in question.
        When you announce all these large ‘loots’ and the matter is not resolved and money is not recovered you end up doing your credibility untold harm because people (home and abroad) will assume you collected egunje and killed the matter!!!
        This is why serious minded governments announce fraud when they have incontrovertible proof, not when the matter is still in early stages of investigation.

  67. Roscoe says:

    @Lachit… any chance we can catch up? Please let me know. Have some questions for you if you have time and chance.

  68. Roscoe says:

    @Oga Jimmy , please will check with Beegs for your email. Would like to reach out on some questions.

  69. lachit says:

    rail gun concept for land use

    the hand that fed the snake gets bitten

    with this launch India has completed the deployment of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System or IRNSS with an operational name of NAVIC.

    this programme was launched when America refused / switched off GPS signals in Kashmir during the kargil war with Pakistan .
    now they can suck lemon big time 😀

    The fully deployed NAVIC system consists of 3 satellites in GEO orbit and 4 satellites in GSO orbit, approximately 36,000 km altitude above earth surface.

    coverage area as of now.

    • lachit says:

      would like to see something like this from Nigeria singly or in cooperation with neighbouring friendly countries

  70. lachit says:


  71. lachit says:

    damn wordpress is acting weird today wont let me post

    if you want you can read it here


  72. lachit says:

    trying to post some of the parts of the write up


    1. Can tanks be used for patrolling?
    (Disadvantage: increased cost of operation, increased wear and tear, low operational availability, longer maintenance overhauls etc.)
    2. Can tanks be used for recon missions?
    (Disadvantage: you can hear for miles the racket caused by the tanks)
    3. Can tanks guarantee adequate situational awareness?
    (Disadvantage: present T72 tanks with the army lack the sensors for adequate situational awareness)
    4. Can the tanks guarantee 100% or even 50 % kill probability against a group of highly mobile targets like TECHNICALS?
    (disadvantage : present T72 tanks lack hunter killer capability , by the time the first kill is made , the targets will be all over the place running away from it , target acquisition will be very difficult and even if the next target is acquired moderate static to mobile and even lower mobile to mobile target engagement capacity will result in very few kills. here the number of tanks involved in the operation is a important criteria, considering the larger theatre of operations and low number of tanks available with NA results into a not so favourable operational scenario.)

    NOTE:: tanks are claimed by their manufacturers to engage targets up to 5000m, that claim is true under test conditions only. Most of the time terrain, weather conditions, on board sensor capability etc. limits target engagement range of tanks to less than 2000m only.

    5. Is it worth the cost to fire expensive shells from tanks than use less expensive medium calibre ammo?
    (Disadvantage: T72 tanks firing AT shells at TECHNICALS is overkill , when a burst from 25mm calibre onwards auto cannon will do the same with better results )

    NOTE: 25mm to 40mm calibre auto cannons have ammo belts which contain tracer rounds after every 4-5 armour piercing / high explosive rounds which give the gunner a pretty good idea of the impact point which is not possible with higher calibre guns like 105mm or 125 mm guns.

    Etc etc


    • lachit says:

      not able to post the first part
      sorry the pastebin link will have to do

    • Sokoto says:

      Modern IFV have a speed of up to 100 km h, very interesting and we can have a larger number than tanks. But tanks scare the enemie , it deters .
      we must not forget when Nigeria bought t72 our war against BH turned in our favor. Im not sure is because of t72 but I dont think that they are useless, BH use to hide in houses and fire at our troops this is when a tank change everything … one shoot and the house is no longer a barrier …
      but if we want to be more mobile, faster and choose to fight when we want IFV are more than a good idea. In this type of war IFV will be more effective than tanks thats for sure

      • lachit says:

        most of us see things the way we want to see i.e. fit our own perspective , narrative , feel good and all is good out look.
        unfortunately nobody is immune to the above syndrome.

        lets take the example of few of your comments

        “But tanks scare the enemie , it deters ”

        sure it does but only once the first time only
        to expect and assume that enemies cannot evolve and adopt tactics to counter any weapon system like tank etc. is foolish .
        look all around the world on the way terrorists are using RPGs and IEDs etc. to destroy tanks . they bait the tanks into their place of choosing and hit them with IEDs and RPGs at the vulnerable areas.

        “Nigeria bought t72 our war against BH turned in our favour”
        no my personal view is different , it was the political will and urgency which led to the war against BH getting a upper hand.
        cant really expect less than 50-100 tanks spread over vast theatre of operations the size of Scotland to produce game changing results.

        “BH use to hide in houses and fire at our troops this is when a tank change everything … one shoot and the house is no longer a barrier …”

        man , if u fire AT shell at mud buildings (mud buildings I have seen in videos of BH ops ) , the shell will most of the time will simply punch through the mud walls and explode behind on impacting the ground.
        same with HE shells a good percentage of the time .
        most of the shells fired from T72 are fuzed to explode on impact so if they hit solid things like bricks embedded inside the mud walls , only then they will explode taking out the structure otherwise good chance they will pass through,
        depends on the sensitivity of the fuze , shells which are intended to hit soft skinned targets are really optimised to have high sensitivity to almost all kinds of impact like those fired from 20mm 30mm 35 mm 40m etc.

      • lachit says:

        regarding the fuzes I have a interesting story,
        Americans were using quad anti aircraft guns mounted on tracks to hit the Vietcong massed assaults .
        the weapon was very successful , but when deployed in jungles with dense foliage it was found that most of the 40mm shells were exploding even before reaching the targets , the dense foliage and vegetation was detonating the sensitive fuzes which in the first place was designed for anti aircraft use hence the highly sensitive impact / proximity fuze .
        after that the weapon was withdrawn from service .

      • Sokoto says:

        – ok with all you said but the fact is we cant only go in a war with IFV, Tanks are better off road and dont forget the north east part lack roads.
        -more if its an ambush, T 72 can pivot, or simply rotate the turret.
        -RPG and IED also effective against IFV
        -dont forget the psychological effect that has tanks, especialy for BH, I tell you if you are in a war zone the last thing you too see is an MBT

      • lachit says:

        “T 72 can pivot”
        yes a good advantage for tracked vehicles ,
        but armoured wheeled carriers can pivot too , those fitted with brake steering/steering brake can easily pivot on the same spot.

        ” simply rotate the turret”
        armoured wheeled carriers also comes with turret

        “RPG and IED also effective against IFV”
        IED yes
        RPG not so much if fitted with all round cage armour

        “dont forget the psychological effect that has tanks, especialy for BH, ”

        yes if for the first time even one tank appearance will suffice,
        for 2nd time a considerable no of tanks has to be charging towards BH to make them shit.
        by the way the element of surprise will b lost then , u ever heard the noise made by a tank moving , imagine the noise by large no of tanks , wont the BH be alerted by then who will proceed to run away.

        “I tell you if you are in a war zone the last thing you too see is an MBT”
        tanks don’t bother me much , I don’t want to see B52 TU160 etc. carpet bombing me

    • lachit says:

      good 100 times more effective in terms of cost , kill ratio , operational availability etc.
      than f7 or other aircrafts.
      provided they fly above the engagement range of the BH anti aircraft guns.

      hope they come with the latest precision guided bombs and laser guided rocket rounds

      • Are James says:

        They want to sell “a very basic configuration “. I think I am beginning to understand the US wrt Nigerian issues. They are actually afraid more of our potential abilities than do called corruption and human rights abuses.

      • lachit says:

        my friends in Afghanistan told me that they are recently using similar aircrafts to counter the Taliban with excellent results.

      • Are James says:

        It is also instructively coming after we signed up for a squadron of Super Mushak.
        Uncle Sam?…. not a very nice person at all.

      • lachit says:

        if that is the case buy similar aircrafts from others or arm them yourselves with weapons sourced from other friendly countries

      • lachit says:

        personally I really doubt that Super Mushak can be armed
        compare the airframe with other coin optimized aircrafts like tucanos etc.
        I think it is being acquired as a primary 1st stage trainer only

      • Are James says:

        Super Mushak can carry auto canons. We have the experience in Nigeria of mercenaries , fuzing and throwing bombs manually from the a Super Mushak precursor aircraft cockpit upon federal troops during our civil war.

      • lachit says:

        “Super Mushak can carry auto canons”
        from technical point of view I doubt that
        recoil management and wing frame fatigue will be serious concerns here.

        I think maybe 7.63 calibre gun pods or 7.62 calibre min machine guns can be fitted to it.
        these have very low recoil and pass less strain onto the air frame wings.

        “We have the experience in Nigeria of mercenaries , fuzing and throwing bombs manually from the a Super Mushak precursor aircraft cockpit upon federal troops during our civil war.”
        lol good in the 1960s-70s but don’t do it now

      • lachit says:

        something like the 7.62 machine gun gun-pod and the 7.62 mm MINI MACHINE GUN (Gatling type ) as seen in the left side of the picture

  73. Are James says:

    I recall an interview with a Warthog pilot involved with the first Desert Storm who claims that the 20mm/30mm canons on CAS aircraft are more effective / efficient in killing surface assets than precision guided bombs and roctets.
    Those gyro stabilized guns are super accurate for one thing. What is your view on this?.

    • lachit says:

      yes 20mm 30mm guns are very deadly if fired from air against surface targets
      1.dispersion pattern of the impacting rounds are very closely bunched , it is like a wall of tungsten steel impacting and overlapping the target.
      2.varieties of ammo available from tungsten sabot to incendiary rounds etc.
      the ammo belts can be configured to carry alternate armour piercing and HE rounds together with the occasional tracer rounds which gives a good all round destruction capability plus the tracer rounds helps the pilot to verify the impact point visually for better target engagement and re-engagement.
      3.very cost effective
      4.the speed of the aircraft plus the guns own high muzzle velocity adds to the KE of the impacting rounds for greater impact penetration and damage . destruction power of a projectile is the cube of the velocity of the projectile I think cant recall exactly.

      unfortunately very few aircrafts can carry and fire these 30mm guns lol

  74. lachit says:

    afghan A29 super tucanos in live fire exercise

    “They want to sell “a very basic configuration “. I think I am beginning to understand the US wrt Nigerian issues. They are actually afraid more of our potential abilities than do called corruption and human rights abuses.”
    “It is also instructively coming after we signed up for a squadron of Super Mushak.
    Uncle Sam?…. not a very nice person at all.”

    I never comment on Nigerian leadership since it is not my right to do so.

    look at Pakistan the price it was willing to pay and is paying for US military and financial aid.

    it depends on the countries leadership to get things it wants albeit, considering the price for it is worth the deal.
    rest is self explanatory

    • Sir Kay says:

      They should keep their rubbish, when Nigerian were dying in droves and such assets were needed, these people denied us, now that the war is winding down and BH is scattered all over the place, then they want to sell to us. Unreal.
      Nigeria should know it’s value to the US by now, compare the quality of military hardware they sold and gave to Iraq to ours, you will see a massive difference. Theirs is high quality, while we were busy receiving broken down MRAPs , smh

    • lachit says:

      your are 100% justified in your anger
      I would have said the same………..

      but alas we are nobodies in this great game being played
      the real players are the politicians and I wonder if they feel the same or not………..

    • lachit says:

      by the way what is smh
      pigdin lingo ?

    • Sokoto says:

      someone tries to have a place in Nigerian history. But yes Tucano are still the best. But why buy it with US ? Brazil is the brain behind it …

  75. lachit says:

    beegeagle has a twitter account it seems
    I went there but I don’t have a account and am forbidden to have one
    so why not one of you who has an account ask him to come back here
    we could try atleast

    • I have asked a few times, he doesn’t even respond. Still check hs twitter acc every nw and then

    • lachit says:

      this blog will in the near future will make it to Guinness books of world records or maybe Ripley’s believe it or not

      😀 😀 😀 😀

      you all know why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sir Kay says:

        lol. But hey, the man have his reasons i guess, i don’t understand it, because he could have posted just one thread here and leave, then we take it from there, on twitter he post quite a lot, on a daily basis, so what’s the difference, anyways, RIP to this blog i guess, maybe he’s waiting for those jets to arrive before he come back, but since we are here, we all could be at least loyal to one another, and no just abandon people following your thread like that, a little odd, but not blaming the man.

      • lachit says:

        this blog is gonna be famous for threads which moves backwards lol
        we just have to continue posting 😀 😀

  76. Sokoto says:

    President Buhari Signs Budget Into Law, JF 17s are coming

    • Are James says:

      USD 670 million defence capital expenditure.
      I hear at least USD 321 million for arms. This is the real budget na.

      • Sokoto says:

        yep ! thats really good. NAF will buy 3 JF17 this year deal at US$25 million, and im not sure because 25 million … for 3 JF17 … like a gift. I think that the deal is 25 million each thats means 75 million D for the jets. 248 million left, maybe IFV TANKS HELIC as usual. But this year I doubt we will see a frigate … what do you think the armed forces will buy?

  77. gbash10 says:

    The A-29 TUCANOES coming from the US will definitely by a the type that can not launch precition guided munitions, ‘ in basic configuration’ simply means it is coming with guns and ability to lauch iron bombs only. That is complete rubbish,we did not seek to buy this attack aircraft from the USA in the first place, we negotiated with the Brazilians not with the Americanos.
    I smell a rat in this new change of policy,my fellow country men and women, please say NO thanks to UNCLE SAM!

  78. gbash10 says:

    Typo error ” coming from the US will definitely be the type “….

  79. gbash10 says:

    Checkout what the USA are doing to the Pakistanis on the acquisition of more F-16 fighter jets, they the Americans can not be trusted at all,no permanent friend but permanent interest, if we acquire the A-29 Tucano from the USA, we pay them with our hard earn Dollars,in return they supply junks to us, GOD forbid, If this aircraft must come from the USA instead of Brazil with the rightful capabilities, then the NAF CAS in conjunction with the Air Council should say NO to the deal, because they will be the end-users of the aircraft,NO to second best for the NAF!

  80. lachit says:

    i cannot understand why Nigeria does not follow the global norm will weapons procurement like issuing RFI (request for information), request for proposal (RFP), request for tender (RFT), and request for quotation (RFQ), etc. from global suppliers and then select the lower cost options after grading them through technical evaluations etc.
    it simply beats me.

    regarding the Pakistani f16s, us is refusing to subsidise them with taxpayers money, nothing wrong in that , if Pakistanis can pay for all the f16 they are welcome to it.

    Nigeria has 2 other options other than America i.e. Russia and another china.
    either of these three countries can provide Nigeria with credible military hardware.
    but as I see this is a catch-22 situation.
    personally I would prefer the Russians but given the financial conditions china has the edge.
    china has recently concluded all kinds of economic deal with Nigeria so the way I see it , Nigeria would do good to enter into arms deal with china via soft loans and even hard cash.
    ask them to set up weapons industries as offset for the weapons deals.

    as I said it is a catch-22 situation economical , military, geopolitical considerations will have to be factored to the best advantage of Nigeria.
    rest is self explanatory

  81. lachit says:

    @sokoto and others

    after viewing the video tell me weather NA would have benefited from wheeled armoured vehicles or not

    • Sokoto says:

      yes you are right but in 4:20 they said it, for bigger push they need to call or a tank or a Heli. with the budget we have is more affordable to call a tank than a heli. for me is simple more wheeled armoured vehicles + more tanks

    • Deway says:

      Why are these things like rocket science to Nigerian Army? For a crop of officers that go to War Colleges, even train abroad, its a shame. These things are not that hard.

  82. Joe says:

    Anybody has idea of what NA plan to buy in the 2016 budget

  83. lachit says:

    😀 lolzzz
    password protected tank drivers console
    at least the enemy wont be driving away with it that easily

  84. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 11h11 hours ago

    Negotiations in Malta. Chevron’s $15 million to be exchanged wit Nigeria’s Niger-Delta Avengers to allow for repair of Oil/Gas Well D25
    Nigeria government not involved in negotiations. Parties involve 3 Caucasians 1 Latino no black African present

    Now this is what i call the “WTF” moment, so chevron is about to give $15million do militants? Without the sovereign government of Nigeria involved in this? I wonder who the heck is running this country, if this is true that is. Because now that money will be used to buy more arms, then they will give them bigger money. What on earth

    • Are James says:

      The NDA probably does not exist as a millitant group on the ground if this is to be believed. This bombing might be a CIA or an international criminal organisation operation.
      Malta is where funds disappear.
      If this guy is to be believed.

      • Are James says:

        Or new links have been forged with South American based criminal organizations. No wonder the NA has not started shelling. There are things that required verification.

    • Sokoto says:

      loool Uncle Sam say hello

  85. Sir Kay says:

    I wonder what it is that Nigeria owe these people lol, so now they are saying the military lock up babies? That’s a new one.

    • Sokoto says:

      nonesence, Amnesty International is a western political weapon, why dont they go to US to look at guantanamo. Barack 2 terms this prison is not shut ! this organisation should get out from Nigeria I tell you !

    • peccavi says:

      I presume you have never been in a Nigerian police station?

      • Sokoto says:

        yes i v been the fact is we dont yet have money to build high standard prison thats a fact. we are in a war were the enemy is unknown. Small girls suicide bumbers … small boys
        informant , very often child soldiers. We don t have the infrastructure to deal with it we are doing with what we have … I tell you if you want a soldier give 14yo un rifle and you have one, the terrorist propaganda is very hard to break, freed those boy right now is giving at least 50 purcent of them back to Boko Haram ! who pay them …

      • Sokoto says:

        And I doubt that in our Camps there is childrens, dying like that with no assistance I realy doubt … maybe our guys are brutal, something we cant blame them that much. because their are fighting against the deadliest terroriste groupe IN THE WORLD … with equipment that are not that good imagine…
        and more south south insurgency and everything … dont forget Nigeria is at war right now its not a reality show soldiers are dying everyday in many front …

      • peccavi says:

        Oga, you and I know that there are people locked up in ordinary cells and guardrooms who are minors for years without charge, much less in the North East Area of Operations. I do not understand why our reaction is to flare up and accuse everyone of being our enemies, rather than looking for solutions. We are talking about our fellow Nigerians here

      • lachit says:


        imagine you are the fish and amnesty international is the bait to lure the fish.
        every time the bait is put in water , it doesn’t mean it will catch a fish
        it depends on the fish not on the bait
        call it short-sightedness or impulsive behaviour or suicidal tendency etc. on the part of the fish which leads it to bite the bait.

        if the bait does not lure a fish today, no problem, nothing to loose
        it will be tried again tomorrow , day after tomorrow
        until the day the fish………….

        I hope u understood my point. 😀

        whats the favourite fish in Nigeria? 😀

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Peccavi. So you are saying Nigerian troops have babies locked up and leave them to die? I still find that hard to believe. Yes people do get locked up without charge, but I’m pretty sure those weren’t babies.

    • Sir Kay says:

      I guess it all depends on the condition, even here in the USA babies are in detention, yes babies, and here is what led to that, some are illegal immigrant mothers with little children, and the mothers live with those kids in detention, except the environment doesn’t feel like a prison as much, and the kids have room to play, toys, kindergarten etc, but still, it’s a detention, watched the documentary years ago, on CNN or something.
      So my guess is, those kids in Nigerian facilities were there with their mothers, and perhaps there aren’t adequate provision made for such arrangement, therefor a condition of squalor, But if they don’t want their kids separated from them, then they stay with the mothers

  86. giles says:

    for all u fake nigerians dat think and sees US as an ally please rethink

    • Sir Kay says:

      Hmm, was just reading about this, it’s all about the level of importance, Nigeria isn’t close to being important to the US, they do a little just so they could say they contributed something.
      No fake Nigerians on this, i would use the word ‘Naive” . Egypt doesn’t have a full blown insurgency like we do, and yet they are getting over 700 MRAPs for free, that’s insane.
      Then again, who knows how hard Egypt lobbied for this, perhaps Nigeria should try that.
      And do we even know how many pieces Nigeria asked them for? Can we maintain even 100 of these? With our culture of leaving things to rot. Just saying.
      Either way, Yes they are no friend of ours, better those leaders wake up now before they hand over Nigeria to these people completely .

      • peccavi says:

        I will say the same thing I said when I first posted here.
        There are no peranent friends, ony permanent interests. No one is your friend.
        The USs relationship has nothing to do with friendship, Egypt is the largest Arab nation, ruled by the military, US made weapons are assembled in Egypt, Generals have a well equipped military and move into the military industrial complex on retirement.
        Egypts peace deal with the US requires the US to supply them with weapons. From the US point of view it allows them to sell or dispose of excess weapons, and also means that if Egypt ever goes to war their supply chain for ammo and spare parts is in the US

      • giles says:

        oga I don’t understand u,lobby ?how is it till we go down and kiss dere ass b4 dey can assist us,wot of Tunisia n dere 24 OH58.we want to get A29s dey block it ,go RSA for needed ammunition d block,even asked for dis decommissioned mrap wen about pulling out of Iraq n Afghanistan how again do dey want us to lobby. my friend u don’t treat ur allies dis way.

        for me it’s time to go east

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Giles, Yes lobby, and i mean lobby hard lol. Allies or not, do you have any idea how hard and persistent the Israelis are when they use lobbyist to get what they want?
        No one will call you and offer you free lunch, you have to well, ask for it.
        That’s the price you pay for being reckless with your own resources and money.
        I don’t blame them one bit, America didn’t fall from heaven, it was made from this earth.
        So why are we still underdeveloped all these decades? I only blame us, no one else.

  87. giles says:

    @ lachit
    why is ur con3 moving towards the west,don’t you trust d Russians anymore

    • lachit says:

      where did you get the idea ?

      things aren’t that simple as they look.
      geopolitical considerations forces us to take decisions which most of the time (hopefully)
      should act in our favour.

      Russians are our friends , it is wrong to measure everything in terms of military acquisitions etc.
      Russia supplies hi tech weapons to china which endangers our country but can we make a better financial deal to out do the Chinese .
      no, so we have to remain mute spectators. Russians are in financial difficulties.
      so we go for the next best deal that is from US , we allow them access to our bases etc. only for use against china and Pakistan and peaceful purposes in exchange for high end tech and support.
      the deal India made contains a line which categorically states that Indian assets cannot be used against Russia .
      see Russia cannot help us against china like the soviets
      the Americans can but we saw to Russia’s interests too and maintained that Russian friendship is important to us and non negotiable.

      Russia does all kinds of deals and scientific military collaboration which are covert in nature even if it seems that Russians are not winning any tenders , it is not so because millions of dollars of work is being done like via collaboration and consultancy like Indian SSN, SSBN, supercomputers, passive radio locators ( like VERA ), nuclear blast resistant bunkers , nuclear blast resistant submarine pens , highly redundant fail safe nuclear command control and launch technology and FGFA etc. etc.

      read chanakya arthashastra it is available for free download , we Indians follow his statecraft.
      enemy of my enemy is my friend was first said by him.
      u see the older Bollywood movies where they showed naginas / vish kanyas (snake girls or poison girls) drew their inspiration from his writings.
      he used to employ girls for honey traps and covert purposes and assassinations who were made immune to snake poison themselves via training (10-15 years) but carried snake venom in their nails teeth’s and nipples 😀 (damn nipple !!!! ) etc.

      dosage of poison was either deadly (one time) or less deadly (over a period of time)

      all said and done

      There are no permanent friends, only permanent interests among countries.

      • giles says:

        jst hope you don’t lose their friendsh.
        cos d way u cancel deals with russia and award it to the west might be seen as threat

      • lachit says:

        which deals were cancelled?
        don’t believe media they are on the payroll of arms dealer etc.

        FGFA/PAKFA is right on track pending inclusion of Indian demands since we are paying half the R&D money 6 billon+ $.
        S400 deal India wants to upgrade it to make it more potent and compatible with Indian BMD systems.

        the apache and chinook deal were based on tenders where they out performed the Russian equivalents
        similarly K9 tracked SPG defeated Russian 152mm SPG in trials .

        one can approach Indian courts in case of irregularities in trials procurements etc.

        as long as both Russian and Indian geo political, economic interests are same they will remain friends.

        infact both Russia and us used to have listening outposts in India to eavesdrop on Chinese nuclear tests , missile tests etc.
        infact few of them are still active.
        iin short India is trying to benefit from them both.

    • Are James says:

      I suspect this guy was stealing money possibly to start his own airline with a few junior colleagues after retirement

  88. lachit says:

    Syrian Army Elephant Rockets

  89. lachit says:

    AC-130U Spooky Gunship
    awesome weapon against terrorists , other countries should design something similar

  90. peccavi says:

    BH is counter attacking and una still dey drag who loves us more Russia or US?

    • lachit says:

      repeated counter attacks and persistence of BH makes me feel external help is being provided not necessarily in terms of arms and ammo and finances etc. but in terms of providing and overseeing operational planning of BH.

      credible info exists which shows ISIS and its affiliates have started to diversify and relocate their military planners/ organizers across certain regions especially Africa to minimize their loses and increase redundancy and survivability of their human assets incase ISIS suffers huge losses in Iraq and Syria.

      off topic
      in fact we caught few Nigerians who were crossing over to Pakistan from India for joining isis , which unfortunately led us to increase surveillance on Nigerians .
      indoctrination was happening right in side Nigeria, certain mualvis (religious teachers) from Pakistan teaching/preaching in Nigeria was noted (whose role is kind of dubious).
      also the narcotics surveillance picked up increase use of Nigerians in drug related operations, especially the involvement of ISI supported D gang with jehadi groups in africa (BH , al shabab etc. ) for smuggling , protection , drug production and hawala (paperless financial transaction) operations. (somalians are also part of it)

      i would suggest to Nigerian agencies to keep an eye on narcotics trade etc in Nigeria and follow its trail and I am 100% certain it will reveal the nexus between narcotics and terror
      for sustaining BH.
      this i believe is the best guarded secret of BH till date .

      • peccavi says:

        Oga Lachit, review recent BH activities, the most numerous weapon system captured is the dane gun (essentially a locally made musket), AKs are generally in short supply much less heavier weapons.
        The last weapon attacks with vehicles were in the Sambisa Forest (incidentally just as the fuel scarcity in Nigeria eased off), MNJTF and NN SBS are smashing them in the Mandaras and Lake Chad, essentially if they have foreign support its not getting through.
        Last year they had over 10 PBIEDs no they have one who can’t even breach the target. By all indices they are being defeated.
        The drug thing is interesting but the big money drug trade is mainly by people from the South East, there is little or no probability that they would collaborate with BH for either financial or ideological or religious reasons

      • lachit says:

        I know a entire desk for D (dawood) group was created when D group plans to attempt to infiltrate Africa was unearthed.(since it was against our interests)
        in fact south Africa is now firmly in their gasp with the help of local gangs.
        their drug problem has only worsened over the few years.
        reports were that drugs in exchange of weapons plus other things were being negotiated with jehadi terror groups.

        what complicates the problem is that the above narco-terror D group has some limited support of the big brother ( in Afghanistan where their drug runners brings back one or two bits of Intel to keep big brother happy ) , which I believe resulted in blacking out of all news related to its supposed expansion into Africa.
        and my friend the news is quite credible. and which African jihadi group joined up ultimately I don’t know but references were made to the above 2 groups in my previous comment.

        anyways good to heard that BH is feeling the heat .

      • peccavi says:

        You’ve answered the question, I think the most likely links between Dawood group would be South Africa. There are Islamist groups in Southern Africa that they could be trying to use as distribution

  91. Sokoto says:

    once againe no terrorist Insurgent Militant group without out side supporte !
    for Boko Haram Im more looking at Qatar than Saoudi … or two of them and SouthS militant the west my personal view … or maybe neigboring countries because they are the ones who directly profit from cheap oil or the west with no control companies can forget the exact number of barrel they extracted lmao

    • lachit says:

      turkey especially ergodan is over reaching themselves”.
      their ottoman caliphate dream is going to crash land.

      also their recent unnecessary involvement in south Asian disputes and politics will prove to be another nail in their coffin.
      work has already started , NATO will stay clear and Russia is more than happy.

      • Sokoto says:

        Yes you are right so in this figure if is Turkey who provide weapons ISIS. what is your personal view on Boko Haram and South South militan ?

      • lachit says:

        south south militant ?

        u can click on peccavi where something similar to ur query is being discussed.

  92. lachit says:

    picture of the first technology demonstrator (TD) launch of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV)
    the objective of the first prototype is to achieve hypersonic speeds to basically test the hypersonic aero-thermodynamic characterisation of the winged body’s re-entry, its control and guidance systems, autonomous mission management to land at a specific location at sea and testing of “hot structures” that make up the structure of the RLV.
    The test is, therefore, termed as Hypersonic Experiment 1 (HEX-1).
    In HEX1, the winged RLV is otherwise a dummy with no powered flight of its own. At the end of the HEX1 mission, the aircraft will land in sea. However, the ultimate objective of the RLV programme of ISRO is to enable the vehicle traverse a very wide range of flight regimes from Mach 0 to Mach 25 based on air-breathing propulsion for achieving two-stage-to-orbit (TSTO) launch capability..

    The HEX series of experiments will be followed by the landing experiment (LEX), return flight experiment and scramjet propulsion experiment (SPEX).

    the technologies being involved here has both civilian and military applications.

  93. lachit says:

    do you have info / rumours of NAF looking into new attack helicopters.
    the catch is that advance features are not being sought initially but much later through upgrades,
    a good electro-optical suite , usual chin mounted gun and rocket pods was mentioned.
    in short low operational costs , low cost weapon package and low maintenance EO pod for high accuracy delivery of dumb rockets etc. is being sought.
    just wondering…………..

    • Are James says:

      I have heard nothing but I see more French choppers coming after Hollande’s visit. Gazelles or successors to the old Gazelle with upgrades and rockets / chin mounted guns done by Paramount.
      FLIR on a Chopper is not a critical need in the Niger Delta and a good enough basic EO pod should do the job most times

      • jimmy says:

        It is very possible to add to that the Euro Helicopter EC145 both the Military and the Civilian version. Nigeria currently does have one in stock (EC145) that is being used for medevac purposes.

  94. buchi says:

    really disheartening to see that beegz hasnt been here around, but i am real glad for the ogas in the house who have refused to let here die. been checking in everyday for the last three months.
    My ogas una i hail ohh. peccavi,are james lachit et al

    wish your boy a happy brithday naw…..

  95. Martin Luther says:

    • Martin Luther says:


    • Sir Kay says:

      Hahaha, see how confused these cops are lol, they had no clue how to even position their guns for a salute, i mean seriously? Shouldn’t be there some decades old tradition in place for things like this? disgraceful

    • Kola Adekola says:

      That pathetic display is the sum total of the Nigerian system. What a disgrace!

      Until we dump our current Abuja awuf system for a system that rewards diligence, self application, principled behaviour and innovation; this sort of embarrassing scene will continue to repeat itself in an ever more viscous cycle of mediocrity reproducing itself as even lower levels of mediocrity. This would not happen if Nigeria had to work for its money like other countries.

      Where are we going? This is a time for soul searching questions.

      @Oga Sokoto, having seen this sorry sight, do you still think “Americans”, “the West” and all others are responsible for our plummeting values? We have a gathering disaster with mediocrity at all levels promoted by “free money” and hatred for one another.
      The display in the video is simply a visual explanation of why other countries can use us. You can neither create the equivalent of boko haram in America, neither can you influence their political system, because they have order through a functioning system.

      I do not need to argue further that the Nigerian system has become our country’s worst security risk, the evidence of alarming degeneration is there for all to see on our streets.

      It is time to dump the current Abuja awuf system, or Nigeria might not even last the next couple of years. At the current rate, it would take less than one or two years for us to become the next Venezuela. God forbid.
      At this time, we can still afford to snigger at the video, but the very same factors that produced that sorry display are now seeing an end to our economy. Again, our economy might collapse in under one or two years.

      The 2014 national conference is our only way out.

  96. Martin Luther says:


  97. schearbeek says:

    Happy birthday Buchi LLNP.

    OgaJimmy Abeg i will believe you can reach OgaBeeg.please tell him to come back,he should have a rethink,and put in place some certain rules and keep people in check.

  98. Sir Kay says:

    One chibok girl rescued, or should i say found. And all pregnant too. poor kid

    • gbash10 says:

      @ Buchi,Happy Birthday, wishing you the very best

      The Chibok girl is having a baby,she said six(6) girls died in different circumstances that she could not say exactly how they died,she also said they were being heavily guarded by the Boko Haram terrorist.
      The remaining girls are still inside Sambisa Forest.

    • Sokoto says:

      is that a good thing to make public ? Boko haram will hide the rest of them …

    • Kola Adekola says:

      The story just doesn’t add up.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Naija, what a funny country, see how people mouth dey leak. This should have been kept a secret get information from her, put her in a safe place along with her family, to make her feel safe, and act on whatever intelligence she provides.
      Instead they are running to the media, handing over the girl and her baby to the governor, why the hell is that?
      Now she’s going to Abuja to meet buhari, for what purpose, smh
      This country lacks so much maturity, it’s upsetting.

      • Sokoto says:

        And what the president is going to do with her right now ?? whant govnor are going to do with her ?????? she must be with DSS and after 2 weeks they make it public !!!!

      • Are James says:

        The security information value of this girl is ZERO. I don’t know why everybody has this idea that Boko Haram is some super secretive organisation with superhuman powers weaving terrorist plots like Al Wanda. Well they are not.
        The Nigerian DMI, SSS, CIA, MI6, NSA and the French have them mapped , bugged, surveilled and stopped more than any other terrorist organisation in Africa. They don’t hide. They are ISIS in spirit and deed. Nothing secret. It is the cell system they operate and the large number of recruits gained between 2013 – 2014 that currently makes them dangerous.

        On the other hand the girl’s political and PR value is almost infinite to an FG that has run into some verbal artillery barrages from BBOG group and some weird but open expressions of scepticism from some quarters about whether it really happened. If I were in government I would do things the same way

      • Are James says:

        *Al qaeda*

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Oga Are. How on earth could you say her security information value is zero? Were you living with her among those terrorists for more than 2yrs? Or you know something we don’t know?
        Are you kidding me? She lived somewhere for those two years, even if it’s the routine of the enemy, that’s intelligence, how many guards, how many captives were with her, all these amount to intelligence, what time the terrorists pray, if they do, time they eat, all that is relevant.
        so to say she have zero information is odd

      • Are James says:

        The routine of the enemy is well known to the NA. From spies, unsuccessful suicide bombers, captured Amirs and other ranks, also neighbouring Cameroon, Niger and Chad.
        There is an ecosystem of spies , double spies and counter-spies existing in the N. East.
        It is not yesterday’s war but at least an 8 years low intensity conflict
        Boko Haram operate in cells so her scope of observation as a young girl married off to a man must be very restricted.
        The only routine she probably knew well was that of her ‘husband’ who looked more like a BH resource / logistic person than a fighter.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        The atmosphere of the matter looks weird and contrived, because whole thing is 99% likely to be a scam.

        That shiny, healthy baby is from Sambisa Forest and has been on her mothers back while she gathered firewood? Na wa.
        Do boko haram women, especially the Chibok girls who the “escapee” claims are heavily guarded wonder around the bush gathering wood?

        Can the “escapee” speak English, read English, or write English, talk less attempt to sit an o’ level PHYSICS exam?

        We received the unacceptable insult of being called fantastically corrupt under the deliberate glare of the worlds camera’s, but events such as the one unfolding really make you wonder.

      • saleh says:

        Sometimes it might be appropriate not to make comments when you don’t have facts, did you expect the folks not to have had their bath since the rescue,

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Ok, they had their baths and the baby came out looking as shiny as a city kid. Lets leave that.

        How do you explain that her “husband”, a boko haram member trusted enough to be on his own, was meekly waiting at the same spot his wife was kidnapped from until the CJTF and army came for him too?

        How do you explain that by the girls own claim, the Chibok girls are heavily guarded by boko haram, yet she was in the forest in search of firewood, roaming freely, totally unguarded, not one boko haram guard in sight? HOW?

        Like I said earlier, “we received the unacceptable insult of being called fantastically corrupt under the deliberate glare of the worlds camera’s, but events such as the one unfolding really make you wonder.”

      • saleh says:

        Guess it is better to leave you with your opinion however if you get something more factual apart from the determination of someone’s ability to know physics from a picture and shiny characteristics of city kids please I will be interested in enriching my knowledge so please post it

      • Kola Adekola says:

        What about her boko haram “commander” husband who was out in the forest without as much as a gun for defence (or to commit crime)?

        After all the hoo-ha, the terrorist has not been charged for kidnapping or rape, he has not even been arrested.
        You would think the authorities would be ecstatic at the chance to parade a kidnapper of the Chibok girls. But no” Instead the terrorist is being flown around like a VIP in air force helicopters, even visiting a governor. There is not even a handcuff in sight.

        Perhaps, proper legal actions against him will create a legal requirement for proof of events that might be impossible to hide in a law court, so arrest is a step best not taken if the scam is to live long.

        Anyway, you believe what you want.

      • Sir Kay says:

        “After Amina was discovered, the army said it had detained a suspected Boko Haram militant called Mohammed Hayatu, who said he was her husband”

        Hope that clears things up a little bit.
        And as for those calling this a scam, i hope Western countries are in on that scam, otherwise this so called scam would have been exposed a long time ago.
        And don’t forget, this so called scam was initiated under a different administration, so Buhari simply continued the charade? people.
        Why on earth would a government choose do run a scam that embarrasses it and makes it look inept? That makes no damn sense. And no military will go along with such, for what purpose.
        So people calling this a scam should be mindful of these things, there are people kidnapped by this group and living one hell of a life, think about them for a minute, not everyone lives in a glass house.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Does the man sitting on the bed look like an arrested boko haram commander? That is the “husband” who should have been held as a terrorist, rapist, kidnapper and paedophile. Instead, there he is being attended to so kindly by his “wifes” side.

        If we don’t want to call the saga a scam, how about hoax?

    • Are James says:

      The main springs of doubt about the genuineness of the Chibok kidnap is pity, support, care and love for just one man who had more powers and resources to have made it not happen and / or expose the plotters of the so-called “phantom kidnap” .

      Anybody who is male and comes from a background of courage, efficiency, discipline, integrity and intellect should find such arguments disgusting and contemptible. You are trying to say NO and show someone was an effective CIC yet in making your arguments you are proving the exact premise.
      The wisest sceptics just simply shut up.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Throw those puerile arguments at this photo, or get “wise”.

      • Are James says:

        You want to make the case for your argument out of how the father of the child is being treated?. The man admitted to being a Boko Haram member nobody accused him of it.
        He said hunger drove him away from the camps to the outer fringes. The NA is not even saying they “captured” the woman, it was the CJTF that captured him. Where they were discovered , the NA had not being in eight years.

        My point is where this argument is going is just confirmation of the whole supposed intent. Why in God’s name was there no attempt to find evidence to prove it was a scam by the institution that had all the resources all this while.

        If no such attempt was made, why then should I believe it was a scam just because a few people say it is.
        Chibok was not the first or last female kidnapping by Boko Haram under the last administration. The tertorists, kidnapped, raped and beheaded many times betwern 2012 to 2014. All the other nameless vuctims- young women and boys dont have lesser rights than Chibok girls.

        The conclusion is the same – someone powerful was sleeping on duty throughout or as we now know – stealing on duty

      • peccavi says:

        I seriously fucking tire for these scam/ hoax people.
        Who perpetrated it?
        To what end?
        Everyone from the former President, Jonathan, Dasuki, Badeh etc have confirmed this happened,
        The entry of STTEPP into Nigeria was to train 72 Bn specifically for this mission.
        Yet apparently this is a scam.
        So if its a scam are GEJ, Dasuki et al complicit in it? Or despite having access to all the information and intelligence on the matter were deceived whilst people sitting on facebook and twitter know the truth?
        Abeg make I hear word.
        There are legitimate questions on how her capture should have been handled, whther she should have been kept on ice and pumped for information, whether the public spectacle in necessary. I can argue both sides.
        But for any sane person to still be arguing this scam nonsense is tiresome

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Hunger drove a boko haram Amir to the forest fringes? Abeg.
        That man is not just a boko haram member, he is a leader of the group. There isn’t a single aspect of the narrative that can stand up to scrutiny.

        As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Just look at the boko terrorist, free as a canary, sitting on a hospital bed, beside one trophy of his terrorism, cradling his child by rape. No handcuffs. He had just been flown there in an air force Super Puma.
        …A terrorist love-up in Nigeria?! Is this what Nigeria has come to?

        I doubt it. Certainly not the Nigerian army. We have not become crassly inept all of a sudden, instead logic screams SCAM!

        The government actually announced to us that the boko haram Emir, Mohammed Hayatu is Amana’s “husband”, knowing full well that she had purportedly been kidnapped and definitely raped by the same Mohammed Hayatu.
        It is not remotely possible to accept that Nigeria now encourages, pleasures and rewards terrorists, therefore logic screams SCAM!

        If you guys find the questioning of the story tiresome, then you must realise that you are in a very rapidly shrinking minority. Can you tell me a single reason why a terrorist is being treated with such misplaced love and courtesy aside from the whole thing being a scam?
        As I mentioned earlier, perhaps going the legal, common sense route would throw up questions whose answers cannot be dodged, hence the pathetically farcical display.

      • peccavi says:

        Oga, you are conflating 2 issues. The treatment of a captured terrorist with the original crime. I do not see how one proves or disproves the other, unless somebody can produce a Nollywood film where he was acting as a gateman or something. But let me break it down for you.

        ‘Hunger drove a boko haram Amir to the forest fringes?’
        Um yes.
        Being an Amir does not give you immunity from hunger. Or can you show me a picture of a well fed, plump BH member captured of recent? Or this is all part of this scam. Their sources of food have been cut. There are no farmers to steal from and they have no food, this is consistent with reports from the area. unless you believe they have a specific Amir only store of food that never runs out, I do not know why this is unbelievable

        ‘Just look at the boko terrorist, free as a canary, sitting on a hospital bed, beside one trophy of his terrorism, cradling his child by rape. No handcuffs. He had just been flown there in an air force Super Puma.’
        On this I agree, his treatment has been curious. Irrespective of whther he has surrendered or not he is stil an enemy combatant and a criminal guilty of sexual assault at the very least.
        However how that translates to a ‘SCAM’ is curious.
        Because if I was manufacturing a hoax I would have him in handcuffs and hoods, looking terrified and personally blaming Jonathan or something. I don’t see how treating him well can be part of a deception, it screams more or poor media management by an administration desperate for good news.

        Hope this helps and you will get round to answering the questions of the complicity of the entire defence and security hierarchy of the previous administration in this ‘SCAM’!

      • Sokoto says:

        @Kola your comments are politicaly motivated you have a side … something people cant lie is chibook girls their pictures are everywhere since the biggining, their parents are alive and happy to find that some of them are alive …
        if you say its not true so you really are in a conspiracy theory what I really doubt the only thing you can say and I will approv is that the girls was found months ago and has been a secret and know the govrmnt is rlising everything

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga peccavi, not everyone who can conjure up a scam is intelligent or wise, so do not expect scammers to think as you would, especially as scams run on sentiment, not logic.

        The word for the governments treatment of a man who is a terrorist, murderer, rapist, kidnapper and paedophile is not “curious”, it is “incredible”.

        The guards at the school in Chibok were actually killed by boko haram, yet when we catch the Amir who very well could have been the one in charge of the operation, we treat the scion of Beelzebub like a heroic doting father, flying him all over the place in an expensive helicopter, before handing him and his “wife” over to the governor of a state. We now provide luxury for terrorists?

        As for conflation of two stories. No, both stories are a scam. The Chibok kidnapping did happen, but all evidence points to a maximum of about thirty being taken. The 297 figure is the scam. This is the evidence:

        1. All photo’s of the Chibok parents with GEJ show about 60 parents only. If we assume 2 parents (mother and father) per child, that would leave us with about 30 children. Very far from 297. Scam.

        2. By eye witness accounts, boko haram arrived for the attack in 5 or 6 pickup trucks only. It is not possible to fit 297 people and their attackers into that number of trucks. 9 or 10 people sitting on the floor per truck (for security), under guard by at least one person would be a tight squeeze.
        9 or 10 per truck for 6 trucks is a maximum of 60, nowhere near 297. If we assume 5 attackers per truck, that number drops from 9 or 10 per truck to 4 or 5 per truck for a total of 30 girls taken.

        3. Of the scam number of 297 kidnapped, 78 largely untraceable girls have escaped, leaving 219 (before Amina). The 78 figure is obviously another lie since the escapee’s cannot be traced, but what is interesting is that it is a much higher figure than the about the plausible figure of about 30; leaving the possibility that practically all kidnapped girls (bar one or two) have “escaped”.
        The act of winding down the search for a phantom 297 is the scam that is now unwinding so publicly.

        To help visualise my second argument, here is a photo of 7 men seating in a truck:

        Courtesy commonhope org

      • saleh says:

        Did the picture say all the parents were present for the meeting. Where did you get the eye witness account on number of vehicles used by BH please share the link

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Photo (taken from the right) of about 60 Chibok parents with GEJ at Aso Rock. @Oga Sokoto, try counting them

        Courtesy Daily Post ng

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Photo (taken from the left) of about 60 Chibok parents with GEJ at Aso Rock.

        Courtesy Naij com

    • peccavi says:

      Oga Kola,
      Where did you get these numbers from? And why is Chibok a scam and Buni Yadi is not?
      You state that the perpetrators of the ‘SCAM’ are not that bright yet they appear to have hoodwinked a former President, NSA, CDS and COAS as well as he local and international media. They have apparently co-opted an entire town consisting of Muslims, Christians, Hausas, Chibakwas, Fulanis and others into a single narrative.
      If that is so, then I would suggest we give them the keys to Nigeria as they have skills!
      You mention only a few were abducted, which is good so we are now acknowledging the abductions happened but just debating the number.
      However your allegation of just a few attacked and a few abducted is contradicted by the record of the court martial of 2Lt Godknows who was the OiC in Chibok. This good fellow testified that he and 8 of his men fought off 200 Boko Haram until they ran out of ammo. His OC and CO were also court martialled and at no time in their defence did they dispute the number abducted.
      The last government hired STTEP specifically to train 72 Bn to find these girls, curiously at no point did they dispute the numbers or kidnap.
      So either the scammers are so good that they hoodwinked everyone including those on the ground, on the night who fought to save those children and were later tried for cowardice (a capital offence), as well as the towns people, government, local and international media or all of these parties are complicit in the ‘SCAM’.
      Which is it?

  99. Sir Kay says:

    Ogas, leave the man alone, a skeptic will remain one, don’t keep wasting your time, i guess on this matter the Americans, Europeans and Buhari are also all in on it, and the military that was rubbished and called all sort of names all over the world because of this kidnapping, also played along, only lord knows why on earth any one would make something like this up, especially when it makes them look bad. Jeez. Enough said.

    • Are James says:

      Every entity appears to be complicit in this attempt to implicate one innocent man who won’t hurt a fly…LOL. Everybody including US, UK, France, Cameroon, Chad, NA, NAF, Badeh, CIA, MI6. DGSE, CNN, BBC..for the sake on completeness i would also add XYZ ..and finally Jonathan himself. It is a pity.

    • Sokoto says:

      yes !!! and we dont have to give honor to the west for anything happening in Nigeria, our country made it on her own ! JTF found the girls FINISH ! this is called inferiority complex, we cant find the girls without CIA ??? nonesence ! even me ones found a little girl missing in my neighbor hood lmao

      • Are James says:

        To put things more accurately, Boko Haram did not ONLY kidnap 276 secondary schools girls. My personal record says at least 1, 345 young women during the term of office of the last administration. This figure is from newspaper reports alone. No records of kidnappings during raids on villages or the fall of Gwoza, Bama and many other towns.
        Those unsung victims bled the same red blood as Chibok girls and faced the same horror and anguish – forced separation from families, rape, life under arduous conditions
        It is very very sad to see erstwhile normal people splitting hairs over irrelevant details when the greatest of crimes just passed through our eyes

  100. Sokoto says:

    Nigeria has find boko haram with her soldier, her own ressources, and her secret services, and her people ( Civilian JTF ) ! No helped ! cameroun enter the war because they where target by boko haram samething for Tchad and Niger ! and something you should KNOW Cameroon Tchad and Niger didnt achieved anything thats true ! is our soldiers who liberated THOUSAND of hostages from boko haram is our soldiers who fried all the citys, is our soldiers who are fighting over so we sleep we do sweet dreams we eat indomie chicha !!!

    sorry for CIA no documentary this time … lmao … No hollywood film, it will be Nollywood this time im so happy !

  101. Sokoto says:

    @Kola my broda look if you see Ali let me know

    • buchi says:

      My ogas haba 2years on. We are still debating the validity of an event which we seek to erase from our history but possibly doing the needful. I have my reservation no doubt especially about the real numbers Oga kola also abt the manner in which the whole event took place, fact remains : Girls,women,children were kidnapped with no publicity attached. Let’s get the job done then review the theories involved later cos little conspiracies have a way of popping out.
      Viva Nigeria

  102. Sokoto says:

    Naija !

  103. lachit says:

    the Reusable Launch Vehicle Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) was successfully launched today .
    India’s first space launch vehicle that can re-enter the atmosphere. They take off like a rocket and land like a plane. Though called a reusable launch vehicle, this is just a Technology Demonstrator (TD), hence ISRO will not bother to recover it from the Bay of Bengal as it is expected to disintegrate once it hits the ocean.

    RLV-TD is the first Indian ‘aircraft structure’ to fly up to Mach 5 hypersonic speed.

    The RLV-TD project has already triggered the development of several new technologies such as a carbon-carbon nose cap, water-proofed silica tiles, flush air data system, and a slow-burning propellant for the booster rocket.

    mission objectives of todays launch
    They include validation of hypersonic thermo-dynamics and simulation of landing manoeuvres. In layman’s terms, the scientists just want see if the thing will stand the heat of re-entry and land like a well-behaved aeroplane.

  104. lachit says:

    military spin offs
    the technology used in this is almost similar to technologies involving ICBMs warhead i.e ability to withstand high temperatures during atmospheric re-entry and still maintain communication with command centre.Plus also provides a R&D base for future development of Hypersonic glide vehicles or MARVs etc. which I can confirm is going on in full swing, will take 5-10 years though.

  105. lachit says:

    space is something I always believe holds great potential for African countries especially Nigeria , all u need is to focus and just provide the bare minimum funding , national pride apart it is a great catalyst to technological spinoffs etc.

    this mission cost something like 100 crores rupees which is approx. 15 million dollars and 750 scientists and technicians and 5-10 years time I think.

  106. Sokoto says:

    Are they made in Nigeria ??

  107. Sokoto says:

    Big business

    now I think is official we are in a second war, are we capable of fighting two wars at the same time ? do we have the equipment for this new type of war, this terrain ? Im sure we will have more equipment to buy what are your thout ? and also were have you been ? lol

    • Are James says:

      The terrain is piece of cake for Alpha Jets. Nothing extra needed.
      I think two A jets, two Gazelles and a few UAVs are enough . The challenge from NDA is not militarily significant. They are doing eco – terrorism. They are very well informed, probably highly educated and well motivated. I honestly don’t think the core of the group were heavy into militancy even though they can recruit fighters to hit at targets they want at will.

      This is more a DSS/SBS kind of mission than level the place ki d of action.

      • peccavi says:

        Oga Are James:
        Do you really think so? You have rainy season , torrential rain and low cloud base, mangrove swamps and more importantly a dearth of targets.
        Whats exactly are they going to strike?

      • Are James says:

        Have you really lived and worked in the Niger Delta ?. Some of us have. It is a all a myth, this talk forbidding terrain. There is nothing forbidding about the place. There are no caves, no mountains no IEDs that work on water susceptible to tidal fluctuations.

        All we need are night vision equipment, tidal tables and high tech sonar equipment for SBS.

        But first on the NDA. They don’t appear to be militants at all. They are you and me,…professional engineers and technicians from a particular region with micro nationalistic tendencies who have ( probably ) rigged up explosives to strategic national assets about a year ago.

        A thorough search in the commercial department of most IOCs in Nigeria and pipeline repair comanies will reveal the main arrow heads. They have contracted a few attacks on military houseboats and NSCDC locations to more locally adept militant groups or cultists.

        The ND is not forbidding in terms of geography at all. Knowing how to swim helps but it is not compulsory with the right kit.

        The idea that you have to train an entire division in swimming to operate in the Niger Delta is just diversionary. The CIC is right, Niger Delta operations are an order of magnitude easier than Boko Haram stuff.

        The terrain was so easy, in the old days we instituted restrictions on night sailing just to keep oil production crews from stealing off at night to attend ‘skirt loaded’ burial ceremonies in the local communities.
        We were the hazard to the terrain not the other way round. A fast moving crew boat raises powerful enough waves to destroy all fishing canoes one kilometer away. Because sailing on the creeks is so easily detected, most militant attacks have to be done with engines off when they get close to the objective, followed by a lightening dash at high speeds with guns blazing. This operational technique also has advantages for the Nigerian military 8n terms of Base defence

        All military operations are tide dependent.

        All boats using outboard engines are the most vulnerable weapons of war in the Delta. Yet that is what the militants have been using for years.
        A rope, twig, tough vegetation or the most harmless marine life would often get caught in the most propellers and stop an attack dead, yet the NA still suffers surprise attacks on distant houseboats when simple floatation devices placed in the water and tide activated can destroy attacking boats or at least forewarn a squad that militants are near.

        There are almost 50 different technologies currently existing that will listen for approaching boats to a pipeline section and others that will “mark” any boats that have just attacked an oil installation and provide a signature for surveillance aircraft to trace. It is just corruption from the military where generals become oil thieves themselves and occasional mediocrity in leadership that became the bane of all deployment to the ND.

  108. peccavi says:

    Oga, I grew up in Rivers State (not the creeks though) and while I haven’t been beyond PH in years, the military issues are different from commercial issues.
    In place of caves you have mangrove forests or swamps, where only someone with intimate knowledge of the narrow passages can navigate, take a military boat in there and it is vulnerable to ambush. Training is swimming is a nice but alittle pointless as yur body armour and equipment will drag you down anyway.
    The problems are this
    A large number of poorly maintained, widely dispersed targets
    Terrain that is difficult to navigate. You need either boat or helicopter
    Navigable channels can be policed, the smaller less used creeks are what the insurgents will use to navigate
    The final problem is the one where we agree. do not think the NDA is a militant grop, they (in my opinion) are hustlers, disgruntled political types most likely working for cabals in the il industry trying to get a pay off or at least make things difficult for the guy who put san d in ther gari.
    It is unlikely that the NDA ill engage in fixed battles, I doubt they even have camps. I would guess they mobilise for an operation and then go home.
    Other militant groups have now popped up but we must remember there was an extremely bloody election in Rivers State, during that period the ND was curiously quiet.

    It is not an easy task, to my mind mainly because the most dangerous group in my opinion (NDA) has no form you can use military might against, so it is boring stuff like gaurdposts and patrols but mainly policework to track them down.
    The ther groups are criminals and will cause problems but again there is no presence you can bring overwhelming force on.
    So you must reduce their freedom of movement, this an only be done by aggressive air, water and land patrols and when they are detected bring overwhekming force an firepower to bear as quickly as possible.
    So in other words its a problems of nubers, mobility and logisitics

  109. Sokoto says:

    Im ok with the two of you but don’t you think we will need extra ATR 42 ? and also with this terrain I think that a marine corp should be created with one infantry battalion for patrol and quick response with Landing Ship, transfert some Otokar Cobra from the Army to the Navy Marine corp, Cobra can be used as an amphibious vehicle in combat.
    And let the Army concentrate on BH while the Navy battle NDA.
    More Fast Attack Craft like the NNS ANDONI, Inshore Patrol Crafts, light Minesweepers.
    SBS, DSS as usual … and also NIA to cut the help from out side: Money Guns .. etc

    For air stickes Tucano or maybe some dreams with a SU 34 it will be a huge investment but it will stay in service for long time and be used for other missions

    • Sokoto says:

      And I have an Idea why not buy some Northrop Grumman MQ-8 Fire Scout or similar and put them on NNS ANDONI ? like a mini Helicopter carrier so that the navy can strick from the air in rivers and do surveil. ?
      or maybe design a new Fast Attack Craft for only this purpose ? I think that insurgents use more our rivers than us … with that type of boat we will use our rivers and surprise the enemy

  110. lachit says:

    Indian HTT-40
    desi version of super tucano (armed) after 1-2 years

    • lachit says:

      visit the links

    • lachit says:

      Nigeria can go for co development or develop it own Nigeria specific upgrade

    • lachit says:

      advantage for Nigeria :
      1. arm it to your hearts content .
      2. HTT-40 has zero -zero ejection seats enabling its pilot to eject safely in any condition.
      3. HTT-40 has pressurised cockpit , enabling operation’s at high altitudes.
      4. The HTT-40 features “in-flight simulation” that permits an instructor in the rear cockpit to electronically simulate various system failures, training the rookie pilot in the front seat in handling emergencies.

      Nigeria can take the basic version install a non sanctionable engine of its choice (will require minimum changes)
      develop a ISR version , a armed version to suit her needs .
      will help her local industry and talent.
      and later even export it on a 50/50 profit basis

      • Sokoto says:

        this is a great idea Nigeria has to take advantage of those wars and begin manufacturing, with India on this one it will be in our interest ! right now Nigeria only manufac Igirigi … time to go fast !

      • Sokoto says:

        it can be used for training too

      • Are James says:

        Nigeria has ZERO to gain in this HTT-40. We are closer to cooperation on Super Mushak and much later JF 17 work sharing. Don’t mind @lachit. There is some nationalism in what he posts sometimes.
        The Indians are rolling in DOLLARS now and they don’t need us. They have the smartest engineers in the world and the the wizardest in software engineering. Nigeria will not bring anything to this project. However, assembling Super Mushak and developing a critical mass of aeronautical talent in Nigeria can be achieved in three years with Super Mushak.
        We can then develop progressively improving variants of that aircraft as JVs with the Pakis. We can also get to share in some JF 17 BLOCK III work as early as 2020 if we are serious

      • lachit says:

        @are james

        “However, assembling Super Mushak and developing a critical mass of aeronautical talent in Nigeria can be achieved in three years with Super Mushak.
        We can then develop progressively improving variants of that aircraft as JVs with the Pakis. We can also get to share in some JF 17 BLOCK III work as early as 2020 if we are serious”

        my best wishes

        have u ever visited Pakistan aeronautical complex please do , then china then India.

        ” Don’t mind @lachit. There is some nationalism in what he posts sometimes.”
        I love u man 😀
        brotherly type love 😀

      • lachit says:

        there was a poor man
        he had a golden goose
        now why would he give up the golden goose

        beats me ?

  111. lachit says:

    anyways lets skip this discussion nothing is going to come out of it.
    because we are just mere mortals………………

    mr beeg plz come back
    twitter is not good for health
    I hope he falls for it 😀

    it is a good blog to let go waste

    I am betting 1 dollars beegs is going to reply

    sokoto u owe me 1 dollar

  112. lachit says:

    super mushak

  113. lachit says:

    super mushak

  114. lachit says:

    super mushak

  115. lachit says:

    super mushak

  116. lachit says:

    A-29 Super Tucanos

  117. lachit says:

    A-29 Super Tucanos

  118. Joe says:

    I was at kaduna airport on Monday at about 2:00pm and saw a very big Royal Air Force transport plane with some British million personnel guarding the plane whole others were offloading some equipments from the plane,I mana to take the picture with my phone which I will try to attach later any body in the house with credible information on the type of equipments they were supplying Nigeria at the moment

  119. Joe says:

    The transport plane I saw I guess is Globmaster type.i am very sure of that

  120. Obix says:


  121. Obix says:

    Boko Haram: NAF Inducts Mi-35M Helicopter Gunship, JF-17 fIGHTER Ground Attack, Super Muschshak Trainer Aircraft

  122. Obix says:

    NAF ISR missions. BH lied!

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