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  1. re when is the result 2010 coming out.

  2. John James says:

    interested in receiving updates

    • beegeagle says:

      Thanks; John.

      All you need do is click on the tab which says ‘follow’ at the top-left corner of this page and you shall receive an email alert every time that a new post gets published here.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Oga Beeg, what is happening na? No new defence news from your angle oh. Or abi dem don ban me for your blog?

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Messele Tesfatsion Ewal says:

    Hi: Members of The Nigerian Aumini of the Hailselassie Imperial Academy. I would like to communicate further with you guys because I am one of the graduates of Haileselassie I Millitary Academy, Hara (11th Course).

  5. Good afternoon,

    I thoroughly enjoyed what I have read today. I somehow managed to stumble across your blog while i was researching the kafanchan riots 1987. I’m the Nigeria analyst for a London based publication ‘Think Africa Press’ http://www.thinkafricapress.com and would love to trade ideas and knowledge. send me an email with your details. lagun.akinloye@thinkafricapress.com

  6. John James says:

    I’m having difficulty getting th full layout of your nigerian pictures (I’m using Hotmail (latest version). The pictures are generally cropped on the right hand side and I can do nothing to get the full picture.

    • beegeagle says:

      Hmn, strange.

      Viewed from here, the photos are properly positioned at the top of the page. Even if cropped, they should become magnified when clicked on.

      Perhaps the problem has to do with accessing the website via hotmail. Maybe you should get to google and search for “beegeagle’s blog”. That should take you direct to the homepage.

  7. iam an EX cadet from flight marine safety Academy obubra cross river state of nigerian i studied marine transport and management, i did my SIWES at APAPA WARF under GMO, i have my Mandatories,Medicals,COC and Discharge. Iam fully interested in joining the amphibious unit of the nigerian army this year, permision sir, i want to know when the form will be out this year. Thanks for antticipations.

  8. NAR says:

    I just stumbled upon your website and liked the collection of various stories on your blog, hence I followed. But I also belong to another online community where we would frequently post links and or stories we read from on the internet. Not changing the content in anyway. Hence I need to know if you consider this against your rules so as not to break them.

    The online community to which I belong is the Nigeriavillagesquare


  9. beegeagle says:

    On the strength of your willingness to respect intellectual property rights, NAR, you have my consent.

    Coincidentally, one is a passive member of NVS myself and some of the more recognisable members out there such as Suya, Ayo Akinfe and good ‘ole Max Siollun are online friends of mine.

    Unfortunately, the demands of editing and adminisitering this blog, not to mention putting forward coherent responses to questions have made it impossible for me to post articles with any degree of regularity in any of the online communities to which I belong such as Cybereagles, Skyscraper City, Military Photos and Nigerian Village Square.

    Welcome to Beegeagle’s Blog

  10. NAR says:

    Good to hear from you sir. Indeed I will certainly respect your intellectual property rights. As one who has started and abandoned blog and blog I understand the efforts required to keep this up and running, When I post content from here, I will try to always state it came from here. In most cases I post a link that take people to the source so they know where information is coming from.

    NVS is a big family, yes I read Max Siollun and his in dept Nigerian History pieces. I also try to follow things at Skyscraper city as well!


  11. M. Wenzl says:

    Do you offer analysis of the articles you post?

    Many thanks.

  12. beegeagle says:

    For each post, there is a flurry of comments from Beegeagle and co-debaters – some eliciting between 25 and 70+ ripostes which encapsulate IN-DEPTH analyses.

    Open a thread and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Chances are that as you scroll down, you shall find many informed comments, insights and analyses.

    Beegeagle’s Blog is very heavy on unique and home-grown insights and perspectives on Nigerian, African and global defence and strategic matters – stemming from 25 years of meticulous observation and practical experience.

    Try the thread – “RICHEST AFRICAN COUNTRY….”

  13. Adams.alli says:

    All army forces officer no what is happen about bokoharam no good officers agin looking 4 money 4rm no wear

  14. ABUBAKAR says:


  15. beegeagle says:

    Abubakar, you are welcome to the blog and I have approved your membership. If you want to be receiving alerts, please click on the ‘homepage’ and you shall find a window which allows you to add your email address. Do so and you shall receive an alert every time that we have new content on this blog.

    Also click on the button at the top of the page which says ‘follow’ at the top of the page.

    Welcome to our blog, my brother.

  16. Do AFIT offers HND Programme in Electrical /Electronics Engineering? If YES,when will the forms be on sales?thank you!

  17. Owi says:

    hello Beegeagle.
    My name is Owi and I have followed your blog for quite a while now. I consider myself be somewhat of military enthusiast but come nothing close to you in terms of the technical knowledge of the Nigerian armed forces. i think I do much better with history, politics and international relations.

    I am sure you will be thrilled to know that Eeben Barlow ( the founder of executive outcomes) has a personal blog that he updates about once a month. Considering the extensive insight that he has into covert security operations on the African continent, you might have a filled day going through his posts. the link is: http://eebenbarlowsmilitaryandsecurityblog.blogspot.com/.

    You are doing a great job on here … cheers

  18. Anthony says:

    If i must confess, this website educates me a lot about the Nigerian military and the security situation of the country. We need to put more effort in making the country crime free. how do we achieve this please?

  19. hello Beegeagle.
    I must confess i am overwhelmed with the dept and extent of your Reportage, it Obvious this is the Handwork of (Probably) a Nigerian military professional, please keep up this good job. i eagerly wait for updates from your site.

  20. Pam says:

    Sir, i thoroughly enjoyed reading ur blog. pls keep it up. my name is Pam from plateau state. hope u will allow mw to follow. tnx

  21. beegeagle says:

    You are welcome, Pam. Feel free to follow, please. We are keen on upholding the diversity of our country, Nigeria and views from everywhere across the spectrum, not least the Jos Plateau, are wholeheartedly welcome.

  22. MS.IBRAHIM says:

    Hi,my first time today to stumble on ur blog page which has an indept knowledge about d military.i do require an update.

  23. Eeben says:

    Good blog, Beegeagle. Keep it up. I enjoyed the article on the Kenyan incursion into Somalia. If you want the specs on the KDF’s Puma MRAPs, let me know. Rgds, Eeben

  24. nwaezue abigail ndidi says:

    pls sir i love to join the nigerian defense academy

  25. Anvil says:

    Beegeagle great blog and highly informative, I see you know your stuff, I’ve been an avid follower for a while now. Nice to be part of the forum.

  26. denen says:

    Hello, am new here amd have spent over an hour trying to follow. Please I don’t seem to locate the follow Key as you said. Am using a phone(bb). Please how do I go about it coz I can’t afford to miss this site/blog, am a freak for military hard ware and all especially as it concerns my fatherland_ Nigeria. Please help me sign on… Thanks.

  27. anvil7 says:

    Anvil to beegeagle radio check, over!

  28. Chyde says:

    A Great Job Beeg, keep it up

  29. Doctore says:

    Have being a passive follower for 6 months now and I most commend your efforts. Researches are quite thorough coupled with impressive intellectual input….keep it up.

  30. ocelot2006 says:

    Marshal Beeg, I just sent you a mail.

  31. demola says:

    oga beeg, please i would like to know if the man ‘o’ war is different from the nigerian army cadet corps and how to join any. Thank you.

  32. Hello beegegeal, am proud of your great work here keep it up, many Nigerian like me with great innovative ideas that could change Nigeria did not know how to join the Nigerian system to contribute what they have to offer, same can be said of me too, guess what, we have lot of Nigerian both home and abroad that can put Nigeria in same level with western world in all ramification, name it military or civil, we are there but back at home the same can not be said, i think it time we build this great Nation of ours you are one big corner stone i ve seen and am gonna follow suit, i will send you mail with some links you ll get to know what i have to offer and see what way you can bring it to the military, simplify

  33. fellow beegs pls watch and leave your comment proudly Nigeria

  34. Franky says:

    Hello general beeg, i’ve been an ardent follower of your blog. I am fascinated and have enjoyed your constant Nigerian military updates. I beg for permission to comment on your blog, Thank you.

  35. ocelot2006 says:

    Beegeagle, please where are you oooooh?!!!!!!!!!!!

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