A Cameroonian soldier patrols near a destroyed Boko Haram APC in Amchide on the border with Nigeria

(Eugene Nforngwa/The Standard Tribune, Inc)


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  1. Augustine says:

    Boko Haram is not yet attacking Cameroon full scale.

    The only thing Cameroon has to scare Bokos are the anti-tank guided missiles that makes it easy to destroy Boko APC, tank, 23mm gun Toyota, etc.

    If the war turns to battalion sized infantry rifle firefights, and spreads to many cities, plus suicide bombings from Boko Haram, Cameroon will be down on her knees.

    • Deway says:

      Augustine, please what makes you feel that the Cameroonians will fall flat footed to BH?

      • beegeagle says:

        Let us wait and see.

        I read somewhere whilst one was AWOL, that BH throw their rookies at the Cameroonians while fielding the battle-hardened jihadists in Nigeria.

        Hope I can find the relevant link to show you.

      • Deway says:

        @Beegeagle, not doubting, just would have loved Augustine to give reasons to support his statement. I for one know during the Bakassi peninsula issue in the 90s, french commandos were fighting alongside Cameroonian soldiers but NA still pushed in and gained more territory. It just beats me what is happening now.

  2. tim says:

    How many of our apc’s did we actually loose to bh?

  3. beegeagle says:

    That is a good one from the guys at the Abogo Largema Cantonment in Biu which plays host to a tank battalion and an artillery regiment. Strategically very important and located roughly 200km south of MDGR.

    We need to step up the Mi-17 deliveries so that troops can respond faster to exigencies. Believe me when I say that between BIU and BAGA, it entails a road travel distance of over 455km. That is like going from Lagos to Onitsha or travelling between Lagos and Mokwa….inside that one Borno State alone.

    Just goes to show you how extended supply lines are in those troubled districts. RAPID REACTION is the way forward and that calls for deliveries of meaningful numbers of the rugged Mi-17 Hip which are available off-the-shelf for US$3.5-4 million apiece.

    • rka says:

      What you have said above Oga Beeg cannot be over-emphasized enough. Rapid reaction troops using helos and escorted by armed Hind types is essential as well as logistic supply lines between basis kept open, clear, regularly monitored and patrolled.

      We also need “scud hunting” type SF troops keeping the pressure on BH and mounting ambushes as well as taking out BH encampments. It will give them something to worry about.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Can’t really tell for now, Tim.

    Personally, I have seen a Streit Spartan Mk.3 APC in one of those videos where Shekau is ranting inane stuff; the heroes of KONDUGA recaptured and drove a MOWAG back to MDGR, a T55 tank was destroyed by the new T72AVs at MUBI and now, this tracked Steyr at Amchide which is on the opposite side of the border from our own BANKI.

  5. rka says:

    DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA @DefenceInfoNG · 4h 4 hours ago

    NEWSNOW: Terrorist attack repelled by the Military in #BIU, Borno State. Two Anti-Aircraft Guns have been captured from the Terrorists. /1

    DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA @DefenceInfoNG · 4h 4 hours ago

    Troops in pursuit of fleeing terrorists as Mopping up operation is ongoing. Five (5) terrorists have so far been captured. Details Later /2

  6. beegeagle says:

    Nice…NICE 🙂

    2 AA guns. Could those be 14.5mm or 23mm pieces?

  7. jimmy says:

    Please I am going to use this forum to put in a requests to the Nigerian Army in care of the defence Headquarters.
    When the appropriate times after due process of Interrogation it is important
    1) The Chadian Mercs are shown at press conference
    2) The Chadian should not be deported
    3) The DHQ should clearly ascertain whether these captured Mercs have any links to the Chadian Military
    4) It is extremely Important for the Morale of the Men and Women of the entire Armed Forces these Mercs should be prosecuted in Military court with the ultimate penalty on the table.
    Once again well done to our brave and gallant soldiers.
    Let me add my voice in hopefully an encouraging tone , Please can we have more transport Helicopters for reinforcements, there are two bullet proof, armored plated AW101 Helios that are barely used by the President can the President spare one for the use of his troops? It will help to bring this war to a quicker end.

  8. beegeagle says:


    • asorockweb says:

      Based on their uniforms and helmet I would have said that they were Kenyan troops.

      • beegeagle says:

        OK. Fact of the matter is that the Kenyans do not field the Type 59-1 130mm long range artillery (which is what I see to the left) and the Soltam-upgraded M-114 155mm howitzer (which is what I see on the right). Kenya do not field TOWED 155mm artillery.

        Above the gun to the right, find a a wee bit of the green-red-yellow flag of Cameroon visible far in the background.

      • asorockweb says:

        Just making observations. 🙂

        What looks like a flag towards the top right may actually be an airport wind cone.

        It could easily be the Cameroonian army; not too familiar with their uniforms.

  9. jimmy says:

    I was watching a balanced report on CBS World News yesterday on a matter that has not received much attention on this blog Underage Female Bombers.
    According to the Correspondent her credible security sources are telling her the recent crackdown has led to a severe shortage of Wannabe Suicide bombers this has resulted in bh reaching from their usual suspect ranks to pay poor illiterate men for their Daughters, Some of these young girls are heavily drugged and are even unaware that they are about to become Suicide bombers.
    The Intel gathered from the GIRL who refused to be one in Kano has been very revealing, some of the suicide bombers contrary to the mistaken belief of them being CHIBOK girls are said to be Orphans of deceased boko haram fighters
    CBS World news with Scott Pelley over the last three days has done a commendable job of objective reporting on Nigeria and for that I give them credit.

  10. odion777 says:

    This was might be a very long war, what BH need is something very strong, Boko Haram are made up of the Kanuri tribe found in Borno state and then supported by the Fulani tribe, if you know your history you will know that a war with the Fulani does not end till they are satisfied, the Fulani tribe cut across 22 different countries as far as Egypt and Sudan and they are all united in War, that could be one of the reason BH does not seems to run out of foot soldiers even when they are not well armed as not all of them have guns when they lay siege to a town or village, the federal government diplomatic unit have to do something about this.

    • jimmy says:

      oga buchi
      Could you redirect or save this file under a different Browser it is not opening.
      By the way what is it about maybe we can open it in a different medium?

  11. doziex says:

    Oga Augustine, I agree with you. Cameroun’s arsenal of guided missiles, meant to neutralize NA’s armor has given them the key advantage in their battles with BH.

    As I have said severally, this is the way the US, the French, and some others have successfully dealt with Technicals.

    US- Laser guided bombs, Hell fire missiles, Talon rockets, hand held or Humvee mounted javelin or TOW missiles.

    The French in Ivory coast, chad and mali used guided bombs from Jets, and hand held and helicopter mounted Milan HOT missiles.
    The French also bought a thousand plus Javelins from the americans a few years back.

    So, Cameroun destroys BH technicals or ex NA APCs at safe stand off ranges, but in Nigeria, if there is no Close air support, which is most times, these AAAs of varing calibers are allowed to bare down on hapless bases like Baga,

    Try keeping your head up, when these AAAs are systematically decimating the defenses and buildings around you.

    BH seems to have perfected this maneuver. We saw it on video, when they overran Giwa barracks some years back.

    About 8 or so technicals were sending 50 caliber lead down range, whilst GPMG or PKM, RPG or AK 47 wielding cadres maneuvered towards, or around the target.

    So NA should be evaluating all battle field set backs, to see what could be done differently.

    Wire guided Anti tank missiles would be very useful in this war, as well as Jet and heliborne precision weapons.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga doziex, it’s a reality Nigeria is living with, we spend billions of dollars on equipment, yet you won’t find one single $10,000 guided missile on a $7 million combat helicopter or $1.5 million IFV, same way you won’t find a $250,000 missile on a $100 million warship. How Nigeria makes purchases is still an amazement to me, I don’t see the logic.

      • jimmy says:

        Please forgive me for butting into your comments, based on what is actually happening in the NE you do not need a $10,000. 00 or $100,000.00 tow MISSILE to take out a technical s as soon as they appear.
        The Nigerian Army Initially found this as something new , now it is routine on how to take them out.( technical) , this is not something confidential, rocket cannon from our aircraft, even snipers can take them out.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      Maybe we should invest more in Russian Kornet ATGMs. They proved to be quite lethal in the hands of Hezbollah against hi-tech Isreali Merkava tanks during the 2006 Lebanon.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga ocelot2006, we shout the song tired, people say na waste of money to buy ATGM. until Boko 23mm AAA burst one new Mi-35 Hind that is trying to use 2.5km range unguided rocket against a 3km -7km range anti-aircraft gun, na then people will start voting for ATGM.

        Insurance no dey get value in Nigeria until after accident happen and somebody lose one leg one arm.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Jimmy, the thing is, I never ask NA to deploy missiles all the time, and I still say we can buy second hand missiles for as low as $10,000 per ATGM.

      We have only succeeded in taking out 23mm technicals when T-72 arrived.

      How many T-72s do we have for 66 LGAs in NE zone?

      Infantry men without tanks can wipe out Boko 23mm Toyotas with ATGM, instead of having FOB overrun, soldiers run like Olympians, Boko takes Baga, world said 2,000 died, spoil Nigeria’s image with false figures….who is the foreign business investor that wants to go invest millions of dollars in a country where Amnesty and BBC says 2,000 civilians were slaughtered by terrorists in 7 days?

      This war has economic effect, now oil is down, industrial/manufacturing/agricultural growth is important for national survival, yet the national image is bad.

      Cameroon has NO Tanks and they are destroying the most powerful amour and AAA technicals of Boko Haram with ease….all because their infantry has ATGM.

      NA cannot put T-72 everywhere, then Infantry at bases and forward ops should have ATGM. Cobra and VBL are built to carry ATGM mounted or in soldiers hands inside the cabin.

      Oyinbo man invented ATGM for a reason in war, that reason remains valid !

      If Nigeria likes to buy cheap ATGMs let them buy it, if they don’t want it let them leave it, no be me dey for war front, babu ruwana, I have shouted ATGM as it if is for my personal survival, but no, it’s not. I live my life no shaking.

  12. beegeagle says:ÿ

    Earlier today, we wrote extensively about what is fit and proper IF we hope to influence outcomes.

    Tonight at 21:30hrs on NTA NEWS, President Jonathan was shown unveiling a MARBLE cenotaph complete with the names of 300 officers and men of the military who paid the supreme price for our fatherland at the Military Cemetary earlier today.

    Additionally, the C-in-C also decorated officers and men who have distinguished themselves in the ongoing combat operations in N.E Nigeria.

    Again, let me reiterate the need for us to lay off tactless tattle which leads us nowhere. Passionate as we might be, nobody can stampede, ridicule or blackmail the DEFSEC forces into bringing about the changes which we crave. not alienate or “show yourself”

    Elsewhere BEEGEAGLE WROTE:


    (..) ” but I hope we carve up somewhere very soon in Abuja where all the names of officers and men who paid the supreme price in Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Bakassi Peninsula, the Niger Delta and in the Boko Haram Insurgency PLUS the foreign PKOs are inscribed in marble. About time.

    We need to get started on that now that the records are intact. This ‘salute-last post-and-goodbye’ business is no longer fitting enough. We could call such a monument ‘Heroes Arcade’ – you know, names inscribed in gold on black marble and maintained by the Presidency since it would have separate towers for SSS and NIA, paramilitary services and the police too.

    The military in particular, outside of politics, have served the country very well and that is only fair.”


    Perhaps we can connect the dots there.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegeagle, I think your noise reached inside Aso Rock Villa, and now here is our cenotaph ! Heroes, Naija Ninjas’ names cast on marble !

  13. beegeagle says:

    Concerning today’s battle at BIU, NTA NEWS reported that it was a joint effort by the NA and NAF.

    Three unnamed aircraft reportedly provided air support.

  14. jimmy says:

    I agree with OGA BEEGS that if the goal is to influence outcomes we have to be tactful in what we say. In the past w hen certain events have happened personally I have let my emotions get the better of me, for that to the service chiefs I sincerely apologize.

  15. jimmy says:

    Some Virgin seekers were sent to HADES
    I normally do not subscribe to gloating or the viewing or distended mangled bodies, however in light of recent events I think it is worth it for those who are so inclined to view it.

  16. Augustine says:

    Oga Deeway, you know the answer already, I believe.

    Don’t ask why NA is like this compared to the past years of ECOMOG, etc.

    I wrote 10 advantages Boko Haram has over any conventional army in this world including the US Army or British Army, not only Nigerian Army.

    I also wrote 10 domestic reasons why NA has not defeated Boko. Simple Oga mi, simple.

    About Cameroon, why will they crumble under full scale Boko onslaught?

    1. Like any other conventionally oriented army, Boko Haram’s asymmetric war strategy and tactics will punish Cameroonian army beyond their wildest imaginations.

    2. Cameroon has very weak air power, very few COIN aircraft if any, the legendary Fouga Magisters are good as gone. Alpha jets get shot down by Bokos 23mm AAA, helicopter gunships are few and will fall to AAA.

    3. Bokos have many years of COIN war experience, Cameroon has very very little.

    4. Boko Haram manpower is almost equal to the Cameroonian army, man for man.

    5. When it becomes rifle vs rifle, Cameroon has almost no combat history, all they know is skirmishes.

    6. Cameroon has not been battered with open combat mixed with city center random suicide bombings that will confuse them, they won’t know where to guard with limited manpower.

    7. Cameroon does not yet have moles and traitors supporting Boko Haram from inside Cameroonian government, military, police, and large civilian populace.

    Let Boko knock Cameroon with these 7 blows, and you will see Biya begging France for help.

  17. jimmy says:

    Much respect for your comments please do not take my comments the wrong way.The way America gulf1 and gulf 2 and as shown hollywood style on T.V. in reality it does not happen that often that way . COIN WAR even with BOKO HARAM + THEIR TECHNICALS tend to be up close and personal You tube videos and the clumsy idiot who almost killed himself not withstanding.
    First it is a good idea to get ATGM missiles and if we are so lucky we will get some TOWS from the Americans, however one of the things you do not know is that Nigerian soldiers have faced down this menace now for two years and have developed Strategies and tactics to neutralize a technicals supposed advantage one was used in MUBI and just outside MUBI I will not discuss that here because the Nigerians invented that tactic it belongs to us.
    The second is by NAF cannon fire, third Sniper , fourth if they are available TANKS and Fifth mounted or dismounted 50 CAL.There are two other methods that i would not discuss that I suspect are being used in the NE right now but i will leave to your imagination.
    Please do not take it personal this weekend alone there may be up 10 skirmishes with bh if we go by @least two technicals per skirmishes that is 20 technicals @ s10,000 per will be $200,000 .00 whereas these technicals were taken out at biu sans ATGM by aircraft and men on the ground
    Please understand the situation @ BAGA is very sensitive for some of us(moi included) our peeps still dey there regardless of what oyinbo is talking them men did not run like” Olympians “at the sight of TECHNICALS they fought for hours on end and no NAF or reinforcements showed up till they ran out of Ammo which can happen in Afghanistan as well as Nigeria.
    This baga story nefer fins yet make we wait small.

    • Are James says:

      Moles everywhere and maybe higher level ones.. How could BH had known that if they sustained the firefight, the NA ammo stock would go so low that a retreat woukd have to happen?. What made them so sure air support wasn’t coming for the troops.
      We are just not doing proactive situational awareness well enough and we also are not watching ourselves well enough, maybe we should bring back the DMI of Abacha or the DIA of Babangide regime. Some of the internal surveillance techniques were so established and commonplace in our army that it is a surprise we are still having these problem crop up now.

      • jimmy says:

        This part and parcel of the fruits of democracy and no system of intel is perfect.One of my uncle was scheduled to face the firing squad under Ibb his only crime as an army officer? He was a protege uner idiagbon.Let us not hearken to the backward days .He was taken from the death cell not knowing whether he was going to be tied to the stake or set free.He was set free,this is not a fantasy story these things happened back then. Last week Twelve people were killed in Paris despite these petty thugs being well known to the Gendermane.One had an arrests going back a decade was that also sabotage? Incomptence or happenstance?or sabotage?or all combined Four killed were police officers were they not well trained? May their souls rests in peace,let us move forward, the Na needs to retake Baga and Gwoza and then cut the head of the snake by going deep into Sambisa forests .My two kobos. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  18. Are James says:

    New attack choppers, armoured vehicles and tanks don waka come…

  19. freeegulf says:

    oga Augustine, a big well done for your efforts. if only our strategic thinkers and operational planners are more enthusiastic about concluding.
    on the issue of weapons however, we are on different pages. i support oga jimmy fully. we cannot afford ATGMs in those numbers. please lets not get carried away. i remember when you where canvassing for AGLs, i said it made sense. not because of the range or neat engagement that media makes the general audiences believe, no. but because it increases the support firepower of platoon size units without the steep financial costs.

    ATGMs on the other hand, are way too steep and simply unnecessary. we are not ‘amrika’, nor do we operate a first world economy. neither are we toy crazy like those arab bunch. let the US army, and the likes of the british and french forces expend ATGMs on targets that could easily be taken out by other implemented tactics. we cant.
    there are other suitable tactics which i believe are currently being employed up north to counter the menace of BH tecnicals.

    it doesnt matter what and how the media portray wars and especially, firefights. believe me, its not as ‘clean’ as they are presented. you present these scenarios too neat. no, its far more complex than having ATGMs and PGMs.

    as for the camerounian army, it is not their ATGMs knocking out BH tecnikals, its their MGS Assault Gun, whether chinese or french made. they have wheeled armor vehicles to deal with the tecnicals. dealing with BH tecnicals is not why bases like baga and gwoza fell, the army could have easily ensnare and destroy these terrs hard they done their homework well. leave flashy hardware out of it.

    its not fancy toys that would win this war. NA need to dig deep and reach for their true nature that is grit, tactical, tough, and highly aggressive. when they are serious to end this war, the conventional phase would be over in less than 2 months.

    • jimmy says:
      oga Freegulf please indulge to post this on your reply box this is also extremely graphic so caution is needed. OGA Augustine, Before we consider the matter close and thank you for respecting my age when you view these pictures rest assured you should be able to deduce that taking out a technical and especially the gunner is NOT i REPEAT IS NOT A PROBLEMFOR EITHER THE Nigerian Army or even the CTU Mobile police let me warn you before hand these pictures are gruesome, This is what a Sniper or a 50cal does.

      • doziex says:

        Oga Jimmy , taking out a technical is not an issue. The Issue is taking it out before it’s AA guns can be brought to bare on friendly forces.

        NA has suffered massive casualties from the technical, both in ambush situations, and in frontal assaults, because of our long running institutional disregard for this weapon system.

        You can barely get NA to co opt the contraption, as armies do thru out Africa.

        So based on observation of what others have done, I recommended and warned years ago, on this blog, that NA NOT try to mix it up with technical as usual.

        Tag it from afar, and be done with it. The guided missiles or heliborne rockets are worth every kobo we spend on it.

        Anybody that follows this blog, can bare witness, that I kept warning of what will happen when BH transitioned from a motorcycle gang, to Tactical driving rebels, You know, the way it’s done in Libya, the Sahel, Somalia and the rest of the 3rd world.

        I said, when they get to that level of sophistication, our towns and bases will fall.

        It’s all in the archives of this blog.

      • jimmy says:

        I agree with the Hell Borne missile T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  20. saleh says:

    when you consider that despite a small military which can not be everywhere at the same time and the poor aircover of cameroon military they still have accurate intel on BH movement which aids their operations , it is obvious that the french are providing them with up to date air recon reports. where are our eyes in the sky? how do bh large convoys move around without being detected? were our satellites launched for showcase? if they were its time the govt cuts funding for this white elephant

    • freeegulf says:

      oga saleh, we do have the aerial recon asset, however, their deployment in wherever they are most desperately needed is unsatisfactory.
      while discussing the need for 4G multi-role jets, the CDS did highlight the employment of aerial recon for surveillance but decried the lack of strike platforms to destroy the targets after the surveillance phase. so we do have have assets. what we lack, is proper coordination between the ground forces and the air assets.
      army air force liaison need to improve to cut down response time and marry-up aerial assets and ground hardware such as artillery. where is the FCO for goodness sake. their artillery spotters need to double up their effort. the NA has not fully maximize the destructive effect of mobile artillery in this conflict

      this is why i keep harping on the fact that there is more than meets the eye in the way the NE campaign is being carried out. if we give this conflict the seriousness it deserves, the conventional phase should be over and the terrs rolled back in couple of weeks. but no, we keep MANAGING THE CONFLICT.
      when they are serious and muster the will power for true Counter Insurgency, the people of the NE will breath better.

  21. Augustine says:

    Oga Jimmy, much respect for you sir, I won’t take anything personal with you because you remain my senior and nothing changes that.

    Just that I feel frustrated looking at a 150 year old Nigerian army armed with only guns and cannon like a 1940 ancient world war II army, it’s a shame. Can Nigeria fight Chad without missiles?

    I repeat sir, for the umpteenth time that I NEVER said NA should use ATGM randomly, I said in situations where NA infantry has no tank support, we have to use ATGM to knock out Boko 23mm gun AAA Toyotas, war is 50% firepower and 50% manpower mixed combo.

    I was right oga jimmy, Baga’s FOB was overrun and our soldiers fought bravely for some hours before running like Olympians, did they not run? They did run after losing the battle due to poor equipment and inadequate ammunition plus being outnumbered. If they had ATGM and were blasting Boko Haram vehicles like no man business, would they lose the battle before help came the next day?

    Sir, I repeat and will not retreat, Mi-35 Hind will be shot down by 23mm AAA if you have no ATGM on the helicopter and you fly low into 2.5km range trying to rocket a Boko technical that has AAA fire range 3km to 7km, that is why our Alpha jets get shot down and our pilots get beheaded on you tube video as they say.

    Oyinbo man invented 4km to 10km range ATGM for Mi-24/35 Hind to save them from being shot down by enemy ground forces, over 300 units of Mi-24/35 Hind have been shot down in wars by terrorists and rebels all over the world.

    That is what you get without PGM armed helicopters.

    I need not argue further, my point has been supported by NAF Air Vice Marshal Ojuawo who publicly declared that NAF needs ATGM and guided bombs, we have heard from the authorities on the battlefield.

    NA can keep quiet for the army’s need of ATGM, after all, they have the habit of buying expensive IFVs and putting guns only, like if buying cheap ATGM is a curse.

    Thanks sir, much respect for you Oga.

  22. doziex says:

    For those saying ATGMs are too expensive, or precision weapons are too expensive, that is what the KDF/KAF used to largely destroy al shababs technicals at range.

    It wasn’t just the americans and the French expending costly munition.

    We all followed that war on this blog.

    Due to some Kenyan cats harassing Beegeagle behind the scene, I thought I would just refer to them as some Amisom member.

    The Kenyans and the Cameroonians can splurge on ATGMs, but Nigeria can’t afford it, because some bastard officials wants to skim money off the top from already allocated money, and those in charge of stopping him are too corrupt to care, or have any credibility.

    In due time, we will know all your names. Your treachery will be exposed for all to see.

    Then you have the gall to turn around and want to execute soldiers protesting this injustice.

    No wonder the UN is sticking it’s nose in this business.

    That’s because our sense of morality stinks to the high heavens.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga dozieX. I respect your hustle sir.
      Why do we generally feel the need to use certain words that in the end make a joke of ones analysis? I believe we have the will power to adequately control ones emotions, the name calling does no one any good Oga, i think we all know that by now. As regards the judgement passed on tried and convicted soldiers by the Military court martial, well, again, the law is sacrosanct, if they have issues regarding the sentence, they can appeal the ruling, other than that, we wish them good luck. We all know that the world we live in isn’t a perfect one, but i would advise us to desist from this fantasy land we live in where we feel because we are accorded all the right a free nation enjoys, we can openly criticize and malign, without any proof, those we fight openly have the power to destroy one completely when there is an aim; so we must guard against utterances that might make one a clear target. If one has no fear of debilitating pain and suffering then at least one must be smart enough to know that willful change is total, more encompassing and true than a forced one.
      As regards the ATGM’s, i agree oga, i see no reason why we cannot stock up on these, but then again why isn’t a Nigerian private company producing these missiles either through license or otherwise, i honestly do not see how this doesn’t make sense to one. Probably because we still feel this travesty of morality about profiting from war, loloz, na today.

      • doziex says:

        Chief, I wore my emotions on my sleeves on purpose.

        To emphasize the seriousness of any form of military theft.

        It is not the regular naija sharp cuts corruption.

        Any one who steals from the military, weakens the military directly.

        Such a person is guilty of treason, NOT just theft of assets.

        That’s how the military gets corrupted, weakened and demoralized.

        There should be no breaking of bread with such an individual.
        They are the reason why Nigeria and NA has become the laughing stock of the world.

        The thieving brass needs to be court martialed 1st, then the disobedient junior soldiers thereafter.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga, lets present evidence, tie such evidence to a name and rank if one is so sure of self, and we shall gladly support ones quest to punish the wicked, or does one know of a world were one is guilty without proof? where is the proof 🙂
        Oga dozieX. I respect your hustle sir.

  23. doziex says:

    Some are saying many other weapon systems can take out the technical.

    Of course, it’s a thin skinned 4×4. which is very vulnerable. But y’all forgot that it is married to AA guns, which when fired horizontally, is one of the most fearsome and effective anti personnel systems out there.

    So an RPG can deal with a Toyota, but the RPG gunner has to 1st survive the devastating effect of the AA Gun.

    A recoiless rifle can do the job, at a reasonable range too, but who is going to do the aiming while under AA fire ?

    A tank ? the sagaie’s 90 mm gun
    The French had better systems, but elected to go with the “Best Practice” in the business.

    The Chinese red arrow, and the Russian kornet or the older Saggers, are NOT too expensive for use by the NA.

    Also, equip our Tier 1 (if they are really that), and Tier 2 special operators with 50 caliber sniper rifles, these can also neutralize technical at safe ranges.

    You can either take out the engine block, or the AA gunner.

    • Augustine says:

      Nice one there on Toyota mounted gun technicals oga doziex.

      I have toned down on this thread to avoid looking confrontational with the other brothers, but in addition to your good points on Infantry man Vs Toyota technical AAA, I will wait for another oppourtunity on another relevant thread so I can say much about the realities of engaging in such combat on a real battlefield.

      I will wait for such opportunity, this issue of Boko AAA technical is very important in this war, see our KIA heroes cenotaph with names of 300 dead Nigerian soldiers, God knows many fell to 14.5mm and 23mm guns of Boko Haram technicals.

      May their souls R.I.P….Amen.

  24. jimmy says:
    OGA DOZIEX Thank you for your last two sentences, I have no choice but to refer to the lindaikejiblogspot ( oga beegs forgive trust me i have no choice the NA has decided she is the chosen one ) you will see what a 50 caliber Sniper rifle can do.Let me be very clear on this if you go to the threads prior to the retake of MUBI the armed forces came out with yet another method to take out TECHNICALS with SF up close and personal, it is not that complicated just as they learned how to use the ZU-23 in flat trajectory mode your Nigeria army has learned to take out TECHNICALS by more than one method and it does not always meanhaving a bird in the air, it is not always about the expensive ATGM what if we discovered another method that is less expensive.
    Fact we are killing bh on technicals let us use the $10,000 towards another APC or PRECISION GUIDED you know what.

  25. jimmy says:

    darn it
    I wanted to say this about my last thread my hope is as OGA MIKE said these five will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law this must include up to the death penalty.Let CNN chew on that and maybe it will help Bro idris get well.

  26. freeegulf says:

    Haba! Oga doziex, you should know better. you actually expect the army to hand down ATGMs to infantry to destroy tecnicals? you really do believe that the BIR are actually pacing, hunting and destroying these AA cannons with their french supplied MILAN ATGMs? Really??

    like oga jimmy correctly mentioned, the AA cannons on technicals aren’t the biggest problem for NA anymore. tactics beat expensive toy any day. please do not expect us to fight like rich ‘spoilt’ arabs, or advanced hi tech western armies. we learn, we indigenize, and we develop tactics according to our terrain, which we put it to good use.
    just because france did this in mali, or the uk and the usa did that in afghanistan does not translate into unshakable gospel. there are a thousand ways to get to an objective, no need copying what some rich advance economy does, whether effective or not. use what you have and develop what works for you.

    we all remember how the current CDS was bitterly complaining about the judicious use of bombs he said cost $15k each. now, if NAF with their above average hi tech are complaining of cost of expendable payload, you now expect the NA to provide a $10k missile to our long suffering low tech infantry grunts right.

    lets be realistic here. missiles for aerial assets, yes, doable. but missile for grunts, no no. unnecessary.
    if you allow creativity rather than shiny flashy toys, we could even suggest 70mm rockets mounted on ATVs to destroy the tecnicals. now that would not be too hard to come up with. but spending 15 or 20K in hard currency for each missile, hmm, you might as well invite the americans to come do the job. the camerounians are effectively employing their assault guns to destroy BH technicals. the KDF do not have infantry fussing with those expensive toys, their air force did the hard bit as the vanguard force.

  27. beegeagle says:


    It never ceases to amuse me how arrogant and condescending you guys in this forum are towards Cameroon. Cameroon has consistently defended it’s territorial integrity regardless of the threat.

    Point accepted, the Cameroonian
    military is small in comparison to Nigeria’s. However it is an indisputable fact that they are far better trained and
    more battlefield effective than Nigerian soldiers.

    That is why until tomorrow you will only hear and see Nigerian soldiers running away from Boko Haram into Cameroon.
    Cameroon spends wisely on military
    hardware. Tanks are increasingly useless and deathtraps with modern weaponry.
    With regards to Bakassi, the myth of French soldiers fighting alongside
    Cameroon was made up by the losing Nigerian commanders who had expected crush Cameroon within days. Guess what, the ratio of Cameroonian to
    Nigerian deaths back then was no
    different to the numbers you hear
    daily against Boko Haram. I have lived in Nigeria and Cameroon.You really cannot compare the quality of the Nigerian soldier to Cameroon’s.

    Elections are due in Nigeria and perhaps the inaction we see is because the ruling government doesn’t want the
    north to vote. Instability serves them well. Nigeria is doomed by infighting. Like they say, guns don’t kill people,people kill people.

    Having heavy weaponry is of no good if your soldiers can’t even use themif they
    run everytime into Cameroon as
    refugees at the mere sight of Boko Haram

  28. beegeagle says:

    Er, Muma Kaba, go easy on the hyperbole.

    * Tanks are useless because Cameroon own now? I guess armed helicopters were also useless until Cameroon placed an order for Z-9 armed helicopters, innit?

    * Is it not contradictory that you talk about Nigerian troops running into Cameroon while in one loop saying that the FG do not want to confront BH because they do not want people in that part of the North to vote?

    * Let me get this…so Camerooninan troops killed as many Nigerian troops as they are killing BH yet ran to the ICJ to seek adjudication over the Bakassi issue? On that scale of killings, should they not have possessed the Bakassi by military action?

    * Truth is, in August 2008, Nigerian troops began to pull out of the Bakassi after the ICJ ruling went against Nigeria and under the tenets of the Green Tree Agreement? At the time, 90% of the peninsula except East Atabong was under Nigerian occupation. That was why Nigerian troops WITHDREW from the Bakassi Peninsula. You do not withdraw from a territory unless it was under occupation in the first place. Nigerian troops withdrew from Cameroon’s Bakassi Peninsula. Did Cameroonian troops withdraw from any part of Nigerian territory? Google Bakassi and see all the photos. The only flag which was lowered anywhere was Nigeria’s. Why are you defacing the truth.

    * IF Cameroonian troops are so well trained, how come they are relying on the quasi-guerrilla Chadian Army to defend the Far North? And hey, they are coming to Cameroon riding in tanks. I thought you said tanks are useless?

    * Truth is sacred. Uphold it when you can even when jingoism threatens to get in the way.

  29. Augustine says:

    Amazing to hear a Cameroonian say their army is better trained than Nigerian army, fairy tales aplenty in Africa, daydreams and hallucinations shall never end. Let General Victor Malu Rtd hear that hilarious comment from Yaounde and laugh !!!

  30. Augustine says:

    The commentator from Cameroon should digest current news about his national army and Cameroon’s military capability, this time, it is not we Nigerian’s speaking, below are voices from France, USA, and President Paul Biya himself.

    Sundry excerpts from news publications :

    “N’Djamena (AFP) – Dozens of Chadian tanks headed out of the capital Friday south towards Cameroon to help fight Nigeria’s dreaded Boko Haram insurgents.”

    “Cameroon’s President Paul Biya had announced Thursday that his Chadian counterpart Idriss Deby had agreed to send “a substantial contingent” of troops to help Cameroonian armed forces, who have faced repeated attacks from Boko Haram.”

    “Cameroon President Paul Biya this month appealed for military help against Boko Haram.”


    So, does the gentleman from Cameroon still doubt what I said will happen to Cameroon if Boko Haram attacks his country with full force the same way Boko attacks Nigeria?

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