Pilots of the Nigerian Navy Air Arm in Greece for training

Nigerian Navy Officers have completed the Helo Dunker Underwater Escape training at the Hellenic Navy facilities at Kotroni.



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  1. triggah says:

    This is music to my ears. It shows that the NN is really serious about naval aviation and helis acquisition. Yes we should have been doing this since but its better late than never. One other thing Sir Beeg I’ll recommend the NAF to transfer all their light, medium and attack helicopters to the army air corps’ control so it will make it easier for tactical deployment during any engagement instead of waiting for the NAF.

  2. rka says:

    Let’s hope the helos are in place for them to fly when required instead of desk jobs. Keep up the good work NN.

  3. CHYDE says:

    I look forward to the day when our Navy will fly Fighter Jets. Nice One NN

  4. doziex says:

    Unfortunately guys, this is nigeria’s modus operandi.
    For years, we have sent our officers to the best military institutions, for the best training money can buy, only to have them come home and stew in the boredom of having no assets to operate.

    Now thanks to beegeagles blog and the Internet, we can demand that our authorities do right by our warriors today.

    Forget this gradualist approach to doing things. Let’s just go for the jugular. In other words, buy the damn su-30mk fighters, and our soldiers would rise to the challenge of operating it.

  5. jimmy says:

    I do not need to add anything.

  6. rka says:

    Doesn’t it just make you proud.

  7. Anas says:

    Oga beeg president jonathan has unveiled a new UAV for d NAF called GULMA

  8. cutievik says:

    Camouflage thanks,still awaiting details of it’s capacity,range,altitude,durability,versatile operations,etc. pls my oga’s DO YoUR OWN THING NOW! Details

  9. AOk says:

    Article states the drone ‘has not been tested in flight’. Take it easy folks.

    • Henry says:

      Oga AOK, the article did not say the drone has not been tested in flight, it says the drone wasn’t tested in flight.

      Little details of the drone

      I) It can spend over 7 hours in flight

      II) The mobile control room for the drone was designed/ built by inoson ( the indigenous nigerian car manufacturing company)

      III) The CAS said $2 million was required to train 3 pilots overseas but $500, 000 was spent in training 12. Again, $6 million was needed to service just 2 drones but our engineers did it with less than $2 million.

      • Are James says:

        7 hour flight endurance is impressive. I am pretty sure propulsion is achived by small aluminium petroI engines, also almost certain it is radio control and radio data feed. We need the technology to control and retrieve information from UAVs using Nigerian satellite data links.

      • AOk says:

        Chief Henry,
        maybe I’m being pedantic but not understanding whether this UAV has been tested/ flown or not. Is it a proof of concept? Also, please explain what ‘service’ is? Operational running costs? Maintenance? Designing, building 2 Drones?

        Interesting specifications that you mention above. However a US Predator costs $4.5m, range – 800 kms with 40 hours endurance, real time imagery and critically, target acquisition.
        Not wishing to be negative about the ‘Gulma’, we’ve been down this road many times and after a while we hear no more of such projects. I will sheath my comments till the future.

      • igbi says:

        The journalist means the drone was not flown during the ceremony. It doesn’t make sense that the drone would not have been tested by those who made it.

  10. Makanaky says:

    My beegeagle did you see my email sent via back stage ?

  11. Tope says:

    So wat about da AMEBO Project? Abi dem Rename am to GULMA? Pls Beegeagle could u Confirm.

  12. beegeagle says:


    * Oga Makanaky, a Nigerian in South Africa, has pledged to remit a three’-figure dollar sum every quarter.

    * Oga OptimusPrime007 has pledged to remit a six-figure sum in naira equivalence in 2014, with five-figure payments made every month

    * Oga Camouflage1984 has pledged to donate a four-figure naira sum every other month.

    We thank them warmly for their generosity and support.

  13. beegeagle says:


    Oga Jimi (not to be confused with Egbon Jimmy) , a fresh commenter but long-term follower who is a Canadian-based Nigerian, has pledged a record-equalling FOUR-FIGURE US dollar (over US$1,000, that is) annual commitment for 2014. This would be made in three-figure payouts every quarter. He added the proviso that there is a possibility of ‘more’ coming our way.

    Thank you sir for the show of magnanimity. We shall not disappoint.

  14. beegeagle says:

    RECAP on pledges for donations thus far made

    * Oga Xnur set the ball rolling with a pledged for a five-figure sum in naira

    * Oga Jimmy came up next, first Nigerian from abroad, with a pledge for a three-figure sum in US dollars, with quarterly three-figure payouts entailed

    * Oga Freeegulf pledged do something pleasant, directly paid out in Nigerian naira.

    * Oga Doziex, a Nigerian in America, made a pledge for a record-equalling FOUR-FIGURE US dollar payout in 2014, with quarterly outlays made available in hundreds of dollars.

    * Oga Julius sent in his pledge from Lagos, Nigeria – a trend-setting six-figure commitment (over 100,000 naira category).

    * Oga OptimusPrime 007 matched that commitment in naira and add the proviso that he is ready to do more as the Lord blesses his pocket. He says that his remittances shall be made in monthly five-figure payouts.

  15. beegeagle says:

    Thank you all for your magnanimous dispositions. I am really kind of surprised at that human qualities of loyalty, generosity and reliability which so many of us here appear to be imbued with.

    When Ogas Jimmy and Mighty Yagz began to talk about this fundraising stuff, conducted independently by us just because you love this elevated online community and the sharpness of its members, I guess I was a bit amused. I am surprised at how far many are willing to go so that this work is made bearable and continually exiciting for me.

    Even I am starting to believe that, with more pledges sure to come in from big hitters such as Ogas Yagz, Obix, Colonel and Asorock, it is looking increasingly likely that when words match actions (and I know that we are not at all inclined to talking nonsense), we can make this happen and keep this dream alive.

    To the service which want to take us around on training events and field exercises, perhaps we can start to firm up plans for the first quarter of 2014 already. God is doing His Thing again 🙂

    • doziex says:

      Oga beeg, I say amen to that.

      On my wish list, would be interviews with the newly minted brigadier generals jalingo and tanko on their ecomog experience.
      Also, brigadier general hamza al mustapha can tell us about his role in keeping ecomog reinforced. I am sure his other duties as abacha’s henchman wasn’t too distracting.

    • beegeagle says:


      Mighty Yagz has just sent in his pledge for an initial three-figure dollar remittance payable in three instalments in the lead up to June 2014.

  16. freeegulf says:

    Brig Gen Hamza al Mustapha? wen dem promote am? Hmmmm. In the Nigerian Army….
    he did not attend Staff College, he missed several courses. Neither did he attend War College (Defence College for promotion from Col to Brig Gen), so how was he elevated to the rank of Brig Gen.

    The army is an institution, people don’t just wake up and get promoted o. Irrespective of the fact that he was incarcerated, whether guilty or scot-free, he cant attain such a rank. He is still a Major in the Nigerian Army.
    The most likely scenario is that he is immediately retired. He is way too politicized. Of course with all the fringes and benefits accrued; dating back to ’98 when he was incarcerated.

    Once you fall under the suspicion of coup plotting, retirement always comes swift!

    • doziex says:

      Sorry O. I got that one from. Igbi broadcasting channel. Lol.
      I don’t know the man’s current predicament, but I will still be interested in his version of ecomog history.

  17. rka says:

    @Oga AOK, not all UAVs are for dedicated strike missions, Some are for recce and other surveillance operations, like for example the British Army’s Hermes (i think it is called), while the RAF’s Reaper UAV’s or RPASs(remotely piloted air system) are for strike missions, with the necessary size/payload capability and endurance not to talk about being GPS guided via satelites.

    I think you will have to be patient. One must walk before running.

  18. doziex says:

    All this ingenuity our NAF engineers and pilots are displaying in this drone project and other AFIT projects, can also be applied in the refurbishment and upgrade of our jaguars, and other fairly used aircrafts.
    Russian stocks of mi-24s, su-24s,25s,27s and 30s.
    US stocks of f-16s and AC-130 gunships.
    Since NAF now has the technical wherewithal, the sky is the limit.

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