Nigerian Army troops and a new Nigerian Air Force Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter

Nigerian Army troops and a Nigerian Air Force Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter

20 March, 2014

Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff,
Lieutenant General Kenneth Minimah has urged citizens of the country to keep faith in the Nigerian nation and the capability of the military to bring an end to any form of threat to the country.

Minimah however warned insurgents troubling Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states, North-East of the country to either embrace government’s option of dialogue or be wiped out by the country’s troops.

He made the remarks in Maiduguri,the Borno state capital, while on a visit to oversee the military operation aimed at curbing the activities of insurgents in the north-East.

Dialogue Option

Lieutenant General Minimah said time was running out for the insurgents and the only option left for them was to embrace dialogue. “Now is the last chance for dialogue and failure to abide by this advice would leave the insurgents facing the military might of the nation.” he warned. The Army Chief warned that the military was ready for the insurgents and would fight them till they surrender.

Accompanied by the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosun, Minimah said he was in Maiduguri to assess the condition of the troops on ground as well as boost their morale in the fight against insurgency.

“We are here on a routine visit to
assess the condition of our troops,visit the injured being treated in
hospital and identify with the cause of the battle against insurgency”,Lieutenant General Minimah said.

High Morale

In his remarks, the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosun, said he was satisfied with the situation on ground. “So-far so-good, we are happy with the morale of soldiers in the field. We are also happy about the
impact or blow we have so far inflicted on the insurgents. The soldiers are in high spirits. I am sure our coming will further encourage them” Amosun said.

The Chief of Air Staff said the role of the Nigerian Airforce in the fight
against insurgency was to complement that of the military.

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  1. doziex says:

    Dear General Minimah,

    Sir you said that the Moral of the troops are high, that’s great.
    But how about the moral of the people ?

    Believe it or not, pictures and footage of our victorious troops in high spirits, would go along way in boosting the moral of the nation.

    Does every bit of information from the front have to be blacked out ?

    In this war of attrition, a winning mindset amongst the populous is essential to eventual victory.

    Thanks to our troops and all they do. Let’s endeavor to showcase them as the warriors they are.

    Thank you sir.

  2. jimmy says:

    Dear LT. GEN
    There was a short video two years ago before the troops traveled to Mali where they showed all the troops in High SPIRITS and High morale. The same should be shown of the Troops who fought, bled and died at GWAZI BARRACKS. This might just be the Beginning of the end show the BARRACKS with the scorched BURNT MARKS show what the troops went through , this is what it takes to be a Nigerian soldier under fire it will sensitize not just the TROOPS but the citizens of Nigeria,
    Last but not least show video as required for all troops in all the divisions and training formations you will be surprised the support you will receive and the words of encouragement.
    On this blog we can speak truthfully what is affecting Nigeria as a whole and the COAS I can honestly say two critical decisions you have made so far will yield more” low lying fruits for plucking”
    1) The deployment of more infantry aggressive officers including but not limited to the change in GOC and Brig OGUNDELE
    2) The joint visit and relocation to Maiduguri of both you and the CAS has done a lot to boost morale.
    3) Priority must be focused on the need for consistent procurement of hardware. I am personally pleased this is becoming better.
    4) Please release pictures to the public.
    We stand tall together.

  3. cutievik says:

    Sorry to derail,generals was the picture above from a Med-evacuation???

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