Storm troopers of the State Security Service keep a lid on proceedings in a conflict-ridden part of the federation

LAGOS, March 30 (Xinhua)

More than 20 casualties were caused Sunday in an attempted jailbreak by Boko Haram detainees in the Nigerian capital Abuja, the West African country’s secret police disclosed.

The deaths and injuries resulted from a shootout when the inmates were
trying to escape from the prison. Two security operatives sustained serious injuries in the incident, spokesperson of the Department of State Security (DSS) Marilyn Ogar said in a statement.

“Following our earlier releases, it has
been established that 18 casualties were recorded, while two Service personnel sustained serious injuries,” she said. Three other detainees sustained gunshot injuries and later died, Ogar added, noting that investigation was ongoing to ascertain the immediate and remote
causes of the attempted jailbreak.

Security operatives in Nigeria foiled a
jailbreak by suspected members of the Boko Haram sect at the secret police headquarters. Ogar had said the incident occurred when the services’ suspect handler went to the
detention facility within the
headquarters to feed suspects. “One of the suspects attempted to disarm the handler by hitting him at the back of his head with his handcuffs,” she added.

Boko Haram, a sect which has launched many deadly attacks since 2009, has proved to be the major security threat in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country.

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  1. Blackrev says:

    I still don’t understand why they keep these bastards alive. get informations from them and waste them. Nigerians would be happier about it. (fuck international law)
    these guys are terrorists and should be terrorized not pampered.
    when I first heard the news, I was like “i trust the SSS, those bastards will not make it to the front gate”. thank God I wasn’t disappointed.
    please, they should kill these people ones and for all. they don’t deserve to be fed with money from the taxpayers they have threatened.

  2. xnur44 says:

    comment moved from another thread:
    ‘There was a serious security breach this morning at DSS HQ and ALL BH detainees who ran outside their cells were SHOT dead, those who remained inside their cells were not harmed.’

  3. OriginalPato says:

    There is more to this incident than meets the eye. Just like the Giwa Barracks attack, I feel that the security agencies used the attempted jail breaks as a cover to eliminate detainees.

  4. xnur44 says:

    Pato; if DSS ever receive such an order, I guarantee you that it shall be done flawlessly and permanently. My comment posted is the true outcome and for those of us in line of fire, we guide our tongue rather that shoot with it.

  5. startrek says:

    Oga Pato I respectfully disagree… Ur opinion is your right BT this was not, is not and will not be funny go. forward.

  6. Tope says:

    There are many Issues we need to consider in this Attempted Break:

    1. Why is the SSS Officer who was going to bring Breakfast for the Detainee with any Firearm in the First place?

    2. Is there no Crisis Contigency Plan in place immediately an Officer is Disarmed an Alert is placed and Everywhere goes on lockdown?

    3. Da SSS officer disarmed isn’t he well versed in Defensive and Offensive Manouevre such that him with barehand is still as Dangerous as ever.

    4. How come the Guards were not alert? Because from indications 20 Detainees died, so how were dey allowed to get hands on Weapons?

    5. Is the Weapon Room Open?

    6. No CCTV in da Complex?

    7. Army Re-inforcements had to be Deployed from Presidential Guard Brigades to Block Aso Drive Immediately and to provide cover incase it was an Outside Attack.

    8.How can a guy in Handcuff Disarm an SSS officer with a P-90 as da SSS Guards Carry with a 50 Calibre round? Does this make Sense?

    My Suggestions its Quite Glaring either this is an Operational and Tactical Major F Up! (Sorry for using the F Word) and all Guards need to be Investigated as though they are moles. From my Low Attempt it smells like an Inside Job, I mean this Jailbreak Attempt is coming Weeks After Beeg Eagle Reported a TOP commander caught in Mandara Mountain and Whisked Away to Abuja. So where they trying to break him out?

    So many Questions need to be asked. Is this an Inside Job or Operational Naivety? If it is the Latter then immediately Re-deploy da Guard on Duty for Complacency……we are in a Midst of A heavy security storm and this had to happen.

    Popular Word on the Street is that they were Executed to Cover up information, the SSS with Marilyn Ogar need to IMMEDIATELY call for a Press Conference and Give us a Briefing on what happened and give us proper information not half baked or half written reports.

    • jimmy says:

      @oga tope regretfully incidents like this do happen even@the most secure prisons in the world.oga xnur whom I have the greatest amount of respect for has disclosed what can be disclosed as to what happened.I believe the dss has removed hundered of bad guys from the streets of nigeria that makes them smart not stupid,nor does an attempted jail break should lead to a massive witchunt.
      Like oga henry said this was and continues to be handled with the professionalisim that it deserves.Let us pause to remember eventually no one escaped and also that these are very dangerous individuals.

  7. ozed says:


    Actually within a closed space, when heavily outnumbered and taken by surprise, an armed man no matter how skilled can be disarmed if his attackers are desperate enough.

    Also while we are all hungry for info, bear in mind that not everything that happened can be shared with the public, at least not immediately. Even in the developed nations certain things are classified and only de classified after a number of years.

    Rest assured that those who need to know would have gotten a full briefing of what happened, and where necessary heads will roll.

    • Are James says:

      Ask the Germans from their experiences during the second world war what the healthy ration of guard to prisoner is? Many incidents like this throughout that war.

  8. beegeagle says:


    ABUJA, March 31 (Xinhua)

    Security was beefed up around the secret police headquarters in Nigeria’s capital city Abuja on Monday, following a jailbreak attempt by suspected members of the Boko Haram, a sect which has proved to be a major security threat in the West African country since 2009.

    A security formation comprising of
    armed-to-the-teeth mobile policemen, soldiers and other anti-crime agents in plain clothes had been deployed to cordon off the roads leading to the headquarters
    of the secret police, sources told Xinhua.

    The jailbreak was attempted early Sunday when the inmates’ handlers went to feed them, spokesperson of the Department of State Security (DSS) Marilyn Ogar said in Abuja, adding 18 insurgents were killed
    in a show of force by the security operatives on guard.

    “For now, this is no-go area for everyone. Although everything is calm right now, the security operatives have not tolerated any loitering around this area since that
    Sunday incident,” said Ademola Adegbuyi, a public relations consultant who lives in Asokoro, a highbrow area where the secret police headquarters and detention
    facility is located.

    “The security men are fierce-looking but friendly, if you approach them. There is traffic gridlock in the area because the security men have been scrutinizing the identities of all passersby or road users,” said Adegbuyi, adding the adjoining roads were also cordoned off by the security operatives on duty.

    Roads leading to Aso Villa, Nigeria’s
    presidential palace, had also been taken over by the security operatives. The incident, which occurred near the presidential palace, had caused panic among citizens of the West African country. This was caused by a rumor that the presidential palace was under attack by terrorists.

    Although presidential aides made efforts to douse the tension among citizens, a shooting spree, by security operatives, which lasted for about an hour, had heightened the fears of people in the nation’s capital.

    Former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, who lives in the neighborhood said the entire area had been cordoned off. “I live 50 meters away from the Department of State Security headquarters and the (Presidential) villa and what I witnessed with my eyes and heard on Sunday morning was a full scale
    battle,” said he, while recounting the

    Ogar said the secret police had
    immediately launched an investigation into the jailbreak incident.

    • jimmy says:

      The learning curve continues in term of attempted jailbreaks at high secure facilities.A lot of stuff that is happening has been uncharted territory for the secret services they will learn, they will get it right.

    • We like to play the blame game in Nigeria. Truth be told no plan is flawless no matter who the planner is. What we should be focusing in is the response of the security guys…which to me was impressive. They quickly cleaned up their mess. Lets stop all these talk of disappointment. For goodness sakes dis guys are putting dia lives on the line for us. If we are better than them why not go and enlist and see if u would fare better. Abegi!!!!!

  9. optimusprime007 says:

    Enter your comment here…on*

  10. Makanaky says:

    We take things for granted as a people and a Nation, I don’t think there was any foul play we just need to change our attitude as a people.

  11. WachanGuy says:

    The response of the security forces to their mess up was excellent in my opinion. While various sources have decided to focus on the “full scale battle” that occurred, I believe it is only normal for guards in such a high-security facility to respond to a jailbreak attempt with deadly force. The extra measures can be explained by the close proximity of Aso Rock, although the gunships were overkill IMO.Well trained and armed snipers on board an NPF Bell 412 would have done nicely, UNLESS they expected an aerial assault by BH lol.
    Also, as stated by Oga Jimmy, the boys are on a very steep and slippery learning curve which I feel they are giving their best attempts within their daily operating environment. However, this, along with previous jailbreaks and attacks raise questions that our present inability to answer make worrisome.
    I believe the Ogas of all relevant agencies and bodies should do, will do, and will keep doing the needful to give us the ability to answer these questions. After all, the military chiefs all had to rise through the ranks while similar situations shaped as ECOMOG, the Niger-Delta crisis, Maitasine engulfed Nigeria.

  12. julius says:

    Come on Mr Cramjones or are you crackjokes? Stop this because you are taking this too far.

    Though I do not support loss of lives, this morning incident was purely a spirited effort by gallant detained BH members from the inside who made attempts to escape detention.

    According to friends who were in the operation, and I think spokesperson Marylyn Ogar is partially correct here, one of the detainees under the pretext of illness had summoned and attacked an operative, who was holding fort for four other operatives on ‘illegal’ excuse from duty, and a medic. The BH man hit the unalert operative as he made to handcuff him, retrieved the P90 loaded with 50 rounds of ammo and a baretta pistol also loaded with 15 rounds, finished them off and then proceeded to free his colleagues.

    [/b]From there the shout of ‘Allahu Akbar’ by 18 of them rent the air as they dashed for the gate but they met with bullets from men at the gate and they took cover while returning fire. With these two weapons- automatic rifle and pistol, they held off the SSS, DIA, NIA men and military re-inforcements until they ran out of ammo and were taken out one after another.

    The DSS trained dogs are out now sniffing and combing the yard for probable escapists.

    We can only say thank God the 18 were not all armed, they would probably had escaped into town by commandeering vehicles at the gate before re-inforcement. But the question of hoisting flags does not even arise.

    Do you know the implication of insurgents taking over a secret service dept about 1 mile to the Presidential villa on our nation’s image? Please stop this hysterical jingoism. This is not within your realm of APC/PDP dog-fights and GEJ e-bashing. This is a matter of national security and international image.[b]

    From Nairaland

    • asorockweb says:

      … Mostly Boko Haram propaganda.

      BH guys are gallant, while DSS shows expected incompetence.

      The story is an implant.

  13. gbash10 says:

    Hmmm…Boko Haram footprints!

  14. cutievik says:

    Generalz I just read this account from the daily sun…”FROM MOLLY KILETE, ABUJA
    More facts emerged yesterday on what actually
    transpired at the headquarters of the
    Department of State Security (DSS) in Abuja
    on Sunday.
    A military source who gave a blow by blow
    account of the incident recalled how the gun
    duel between Boko Haram detainees and the
    operatives left over eight personnel dead
    before soldiers from the Guards Brigade rushed
    to the scene to stop the terrorists from killing
    more security officers.
    According to the source, the Boko Haram
    suspects had after hitting the officer that had
    gone into the cell with their food, disarmed him
    and killed him on the spot.
    After killing the security officer, they locked his
    body inside the cell and started shooting and
    killing the other personnel at sight and
    dispossessing them of their weapons with
    which they used to attack and kill other
    personnel on duty.
    It was when other security personnel on duty
    noticed what was happening that they too
    began to return fire by which time the
    terrorists group who had killed some DSS men,
    headed towards the gate to escape.
    The initial gunshot, according to military
    sources, automatically attracted the attention
    of soldiers from the Guards Brigade who
    immediately deployed troops to the scene.
    It was gathered that a detachment of soldiers
    who were stationed at the Eagle Square and
    ready to be deployed in the North-East, were
    the first to be moved to the DSS headquarters
    to confront the terrorists.
    The Commanding Officer in charge of 7 Guards
    Battalion, Lt-Colonel Okoro, who also deployed
    his troops to the scene, however, called for
    reinforcement from the Army Headquarters
    Garrison, when he saw the situation on ground.
    The Army Headquarters Garrison, immediately
    deployed another detachment of soldiers to the
    scene. To adequately battle the terrorists and
    ensure they do not escape, the soldiers
    ordered that all the gates in the premises be
    locked as they stormed inside and made sure
    none of the detainees escaped.
    The exchange of gunfire between the soldiers
    and the terrorists, according to the military
    source, lasted for over two hours.
    The sources debunked the allegation that the
    terrorists stormed the DSS headquarters to
    attack. Rather, the source said “the terrorists
    used the weapons they allegedly seized from
    the DSS officials they killed to carry out their
    “So it is wrong for anybody to say that the
    terrorists stormed the facility to free their
    detained colleagues like they did at the Giwa
    Barracks in Maiduguri”.
    Military and top security sources who spoke to
    Daily Sun decried the situation where a large
    number of such high profile terror suspects
    would be kept in such a vulnerable location.
    They said that even during the military regime,
    high profile suspects were usually kept at
    various detention facilities outside Abuja, not to
    talk of keeping them close to the seat of power
    because they know that anything can happen.
    The Sunday attack, according to sources, may
    result to the relocation of the DSS
    headquarters from its present location at the
    Three Arms Zone to else where in the Federal
    Capital Territory (FCT).

  15. gbash10 says:

    Hmmm…this one is a little convincing!

  16. cutievik says:

    Exactly…sounds more convincing that’s why I had to share,But why not lie intelligently if you had to?? Nigerians aren’t foolz this they should have known.

  17. jimmy says:

    The DSS has commenced an investigation into the breach that occured on Sunday. The panel will report to the CSO OF THE PRESIDENT. This is the good news.
    Now let me get serious.
    The DSS needs a brand new facility that should be awarded within a month to the most trusted Contractor in Nigeria. The Architect & STRUCTURAL ENGINEER should be the most trusted Engineer in Nigeria.
    The DSS new building MUST BE AWAY FROM THE PRESIDENCY situated SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE ARMY INTELLIGENCE HQ/ THE Nigerian Police HQ and the Nigerian Airforce HQ.
    This building should be the first of it s kind that discourages any kind of selling of foodstuff around it i.e it should be fully self contained.
    This building needs to be completed withing a year (18 HOURS DAYS OF CONSTRUCTION ) should be Mandatory.
    This building should be bomb proof, / with bullet proof windows and Watch towers. This building should be Bermed around and inaccessible except to visible traffic.
    The Outer compound wall should be twice the regular thickness of a normal wall and should not be a regular wall but rather an interlocking wall between 12 and 15 feet high. topped of with BARBWIRE AND RAZOR .
    There should be 4 watch towers meaning EIGHT PEOPLE WITH SIXTEEN EYES are watching all four cardinal directions ( North, South, East, West,) leading to this building.
    My two kobos.

    • OriginalPato says:

      Oga Jimmy, there should be at least two of such facilities: one somewhere remote in the North and the other on a remote island in the south with provision for solitary confinement. Criminals would locked up depending on their area of operations.

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