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  1. sabatino9 says:

    good for the morale.

  2. Cerberus89 says:

    Impressive, sight to behold !

  3. jimmy says:

    I hope to GOD that they were acquired in enough numbers and that they are used in a sound manner.

  4. mcshegz says:

    choiiii, see automatic strafing, mehnn arerams go hear word ohh, repent, oh yea sinners, because, hmmmmm. To our boys in camo, please do well ohh, abeg, if any one of una go do mistake release this machine, hahaha, court martial wont be lenient, word for the wise. Now, what are we doing about setting up local production facilities in collaboration with other established key players? Naija, shine ya eye, nothing extra-ordinarily difficult about producing these, just ask Proforce, #VictoryForNigeria

  5. Augustine says:

    BTR-4…..Master Blasters….Buy more President Jonathan, well done….but please buy more…Kill the evil Bokos off your land mister president !

  6. saleh says:

    if they were acquired in large number this is a game changer

  7. beegeagle says:

    One must confess that I am truly impressed by this acquisition. As it is, the older BTR-3 IFVs/APCs(40/7) are millennium-compliant. To think that someone had the courage to go for this state-of-the-art machines suggests that we are finally shaking off that timid edge which has seen Nigeria shortchanged and always hankering after second-best options e.g the stripped down Jaguar jets and the ordinary Vickers Mk.3 tanks.

    It is good to see NOW equipment and modernised equipment suited to our requirements being acquired – the full optioned BTR-4 IFVs, cage and ERA Kontakt armour, Oplot and T72 tanks, BigFoot MRAPs, Mi-35M and Mi-171Sh Terminator attack/assault helos etc. The Nigerian Armed Forces must endeavour to continually renew its cutting edge and to stay contemporary.

    Let us hope that the NAF realign the planned numbers of JF17 Thunder jets and throw some upgraded, off-the-shelf Su-27/30s into the mix. In acquiring the P18Ns, the NN must be availed with missile and torpedo armed variants thereof.

    We spent decades trying to either look innocuous or pro-Western. Was that not why gallant troops in LBR and SLR could not get much needed air support from Mi-24s? Well, H-Hour arrived and the same Western media who some of our leaders were pledging allegiance to even in their sleep, mocked our military sore over the dearth of everything…a position we boxed ourselves into on account of being faint-hearted? Now the Pater Noster are even blocking our attempts to acquire arms from anywhere?

    Nigeria need to man up and go the whole hog to retool our military…with or WITHOUT the dithering West. The most outstanding COIN efforts of the modern era have been championed by Algeria, Syria and Sri Lanka. It is decipherable that none of them is heavy on Western-made hardware.

  8. beegeagle says:

    I mean, this is the meaning of going the whole hog. This is the IFV peer of the Oplot/T90 tank…heartwarming in a Nigeria which typically acquires second-rate crap.

    We got the variant with the powerful SHKVAL COMBAT MODULE. The Shkval is also an available option for the BTR-3 and even some modernised BMP IFVs have been upgraded with the Shkval module.

    This is the BTR-4 variant sold to the NA. Did anyone notice the GeePee tank in the background?

    A very cost-effective way of ramping up BMP IFVs could be to cheaply acquire about 100 BMP-1s and then knock off the 73mm guns on them in favour of Shkval combat modules. We could get those vehicles for US$15-20 million and then have the Shkval installed on them. OTHERWISE, we could sustain the reported acquisition of 30mm cannon-armed BMP-2 IFVs and then mount the Shkval on a third of them to ensure that the BMP fleet stays contemporary for 15 years.

    Here is a Ukrainian BMP-1 which has had its 73mm gun removed and a Shkval combat module mounted in its place. The same thing could be done with the MT-LB. We could get a hundred upgraded units of those for 10 million USD and have the Shkval mounted on them at DICON.

    That would be a very cost effective way of ensuring that the battle space is saturated with potent IFVs. Without getting in the right numbers of these inflowing hardware systems, the fighting men can only do so much.

    • Cerberus89 says:

      Oga beeg why didn’t u join d army I can bet u knw more than some officers

    • Cerberus89 says:

      If nigeria’s btr 4 carries the shkval module then that means it comes with a 30 mm cannon ,a single 7.62 coaxial machine gun,2 konkurs or baryer atgms. Or a single 30 mm grenade launcher couple this with the cage armour it has mehn bh shuld brace themselves for what wil happen in d nxt months .

  9. Julio Caesar says:

    Is this for real? God!!!! I can’t wait to hear news of our displaced northern brothers returning home. 2015 Is yet to unfold ,but its good packages is getting pretty obvious. Oga beeg, your blog dey spread hope faster than EBOLA.

  10. Obix says:

    šŸ™‚ Beageagle blog will soon get to Mars……… It is monitored closely in Russia and Ukraine. Here’s a link to a story quoting this blog about Nigeria’s acquisition of T-72 tanks and BTR-4 APC from Ukraine as well as a picture of Congolese T64 tank crew undergoing training……

    • Obix says:
      The Nigerian BTR-4s are part of the consignment of 42units refused by Iraq. The rest were given to the Ukrainian army.

      • mnl01 says:

        The iraqi Army refused them because of rust issues. Hope they were fixed before we got them.

      • Kay says:

        If rejected Iraqi stock, not like I’m not happy but hope they fixed the problem that made the Iraqis reject it. Pics of defects here.

      • Are James says:

        How can these problems be fixed? You are looking at serious structural problem right there. The cracks are propagating throughout the structure and the problem is being worsened by corrosion. We should have bought them to be sure but only at half of the price because we have extensive remedial work to do. I wont want to be inside when an RPG round comes though, the add on cage will scatter the force of impact but the stricture is already weakened.

      • Obix says:

        My ogas, on arrival from the Iraqi shores, the 42 BTRs were inspected by experts who said that the cracks didn’t really affect the body armour.They were sent straight to the Nikolaev Tank plant for repairs. At that same time another 16 units were produced for Iraq but were not shipped (The Iraqis opted for the Russian BTR-82. all na politics). I can’t really say from which consignment we got ours and what quantity. But on the 6th of december i counted about 20 units given to the Ukrainian army.

    • jimmy says:

      I hope Beegs my ABURO understands the potency of this message , you know I constantly tell him what he created is the gold standard and sometimes when you are a pioneer you really fail to grasp the full implications of what is gathering we see beegs being quoted in Russian LANGUAGE, We see BEEGEAGLE as the ultimate view on anything Nigerian , I am touched to see this been shown in UKRAINE and in Russia, we know this blog is constantly monitored by the American and Nigerian Secret service( eye roll) because of the constant and ever present mistrust between the two countries but once again personally I AM GLAD HE IS BACK.
      By the way oga obix can you convince them to sell us the su 27/ 30 I don tire for oga Tobey with his love swoon with the F7N LOL!

  11. giles says:

    pls ogas in d house y do our tanks ifv apc and other vehicles not have or use battle radio

    • saleh says:

      they all come with communication systems however there r issues of compatibility among different weapon platforms. there was a case that required changing the comms system in our t 55s some years

  12. Tobey says:

    An APC and IFV in one juicy package…30mm cannon, ATGMs….This is no Soviet-era scrap hand-me-down surplus stock IFV, this is just brilliant…I just hope we got ATGMs along with the package..This is a real game changer for the N.E..Now we can launch massive operations to take back insurgent camps..This conflict has been a blessing in disguise for the Armed Forces that was so stripped bare during the 90s.
    For troops at the front, we have seen:
    1. Ballistic vests for ALL soldiers engaged in the operations..During the N.A operations in Sierra Leone and Liberia in the 90s, our soldiers went into combat looking like militiamen..inadequate uniforms and helmets..Ballistic vests?
    2. New infantry assets: AK-74s with UGLs, Norinco Automatic Grenade Launchers, Milkor handheld AGLs, Dragunov Sniper rifles, PKM MGs, RPKs,.
    Major Assets.
    1. T-72AVs
    2. CSVP3 MRAPS
    3. BTR-3Us
    4. BTR-4.
    5. 25mm cannon armed MT-LB.
    6. Streit Spartan APC.
    1. MRLS
    2. BMP-2..

    This shows how much has been achieved in the last 5 years..The Navy has been in a class of its own; a buying spree..let’s just hope they begin acquring “REAL” naval assets…As for the NAF, let’s wait and see..Good job to all blokes on this blog..and to Sir Beegs too..let the boys use these things efficiently..that’s what counts.

    • buchi says:

      when i first came on this blog in 2012 december..i wrote that this war was going to be our midas touch…our initial failures annoyed and exhausted every one on this blog…we screamed,postulated and went AWOL out of annoyance.for a while it looked like we were going to make the same mistakes we were known for making…fast foward after the cease fire debacle which i consider a huge embarasement.the battlespace has changed

      force multipliers have been added..
      moral and battlefield experience has been earned and made..
      the former mantra associated with this war is finally abetting and more importantly the insurgents have made tactical errors which have streamlined and reduced their so called invincibility and practically pushed the ones supportive local population against them…

      the bombing of the mosque in kano was the final straw that bridged the so called religious divide in this war….right now on the media front the large number of divisive opinions have fallen we are united in a common cause…

      i sincerely pray that BH continue to go on a campaign of self destruction by opting to fight on two fronts now(hit hard in nigeria now attcking cameroun) our noisy neighbours will now prove how effective they are while enabling us create a through line of attack and defense…. there are a lot to be written but one thing i am proud of beegeagle and every memeber of this blog has been their unwavering commitment towards giving insightful views on constructive views going foward..

      this war will not be won by election time as predicted but new fronts out of nigerias borders(amchide et al)will be opened up….we must concentrate now on decimating BH command and control structure..since we have dealt with foot soldiers and removed the so called myths about them and built moral…supply routes especially from northern cameroun and those from chads border with cameroun should now be a priority for NAF as i pray our new platforms arrive soon….effective render it useless..the more easier it will be to capture gwoza moving east of borno..however much as adamawa has proven to be our strenght in this fight.yobe is looking like our achillies hill with gujaba LGA(buni yadi) still in bh hand while bordering bajoga and ashaka(which has seen expansion attacks take place)covering up loose ends is vital now…

      by the time we are thru with this war..nigeria would have the most equipped and effective armed forces in africa rivaling algeria and egypt completely..

      what i would love to see complete the equation
      (a)more units of BMP 2 nd btr-4with either the shkval module or BAU 23 module(completeing our IFV needs with room for expansion)
      modification of the AK 47 by DICON to the AK IM(improvised) by simply adding scope rails and scopes and as well as a dedicated flash light with infrared dotted screens
      (b) our units of jf 17delieved with proposed mig 29 smt,at least 18-23 unita of su-27 flankers,10-12 units of su-30,i wont also mind some units of the kifr block 60 and more units of F-7bgi version with 7 hardpoints…some units of su 25 and 22(heavy AGM bomber) plus mig 21( i doubt wont be bad)
      a well layered comm system for all branches of the armed forces ensuring that operational orders are not duplicated and bureaucracy does not come in the way of relevant battle strategies..this system must also be heavily encrypted and must be handled by a specialized cyber unit of the army(for security purposes to reduce risks of eavesdropping..
      a dedicated IFF signal system for all airforce aircrafts especially for any intending external agression….
      a stronger inter layered air defense system consisting of SAM sites around all air bases in the country and major military well as the purchase of at least 100-230 units of the akash ADS or the S-300 ADS…our rolands can be updated to serve a support role in a local in country program..
      our intel officers should begin to study the working of SEAD operation with a view of developing a strong anti-SEAD structure..cos dats the first point to be hit in conflict with a superior aggressor is ur air defenses
      i recommend that we should begin to study the isrealie iron dome system and CIWES gunnery system aboard ships with a view of developing a system of modified anti harm recoil guns placed withing the vicinity of SAM sites to deal with HARM missles coming in or we could try mounting a CIWES guns on our ADS and configure it for defense…
      uniformity in combat fatigues and unique ID systems for it…
      more units of T-72 tanks with ERA and also T-90 tanks with ERA and ATGM for both..
      lots and lots of local modenization and design programs…..
      i also think(abeg no kill me oh)that we should embark on a joint ven ture with CAC china to develop our own program for our retired mig 21 jets…with a view of starting up our own jet development system…

      most of our retired platforms should be chopped off and studied…
      this is my litlle contribution for now
      viva nigeria

  13. jimmy says:

    oga kay
    I do not know whether these are all the pictures of all the rust cracks /welds or maybe they were the minor ones or most egregious ones, having given myself this allowances I will say this none of these rust cracks are what we consider STRUCTURAL DEFECTS DUE TO RUSTS, Unless there is something else that is not displayed these are minor rust issues that can be galvanized/ painted with structural paint..
    This to me seems like the IRAQIS wanted to back out of a contract, OGA OBIX can correct me if I am wrong but some of these same IFVS are doing serious battle in the Eastern part of Ukraine right now, anyhow one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    • Kay says:

      I pray it’s relatively minor or has been fixed even cos part of the btr’s job would be to receive shocks and not forgetting the effects it’s recoils may have on structural defects.

      • beegeagle says:

        I am sure that can be rebuilt using the same technology which rewinds the wear and tear on airframes to zero. If that were not the case, some units would not have been turned in to the Ukrainian Army and accepted by same.

      • Solorex says:

        Repairing amour is a bit more tasking-at times it better (cheaper) to either use the vehicle as downgraded version to be up-amoured by other means than to attempt an actual repair. These cracks are not “rust cracks” or “welding” cracks- they are failures in plate structures usually caused by tempering/alloying process and cannot be remedied by simply welding a patch-its an integral structural defect.This also have serious bearing on deflection characteristics of the amour at that area which ultimately dictates its efficiency (its natural body is meant to withstand 7.62mm from the sides and 12.7 mm from the front indefinitely). The Iraqis may have rejected them thinking investment is not worth the flop-since its their standard IFV. For us, its still a good buy, the fire power and mobility is worth it- since we are basically facing Hilux with Shilkas-Our worst threat is RPG-7-for which the cage provides 50-50 protection. The best thing about BTR4 is not the amouring any way its (1) The Crew arrangement-putting the engine in the middle and the crew at the rear sot that you are not facing fire when exiting as opposed to exiting from the sides of BTR 70/80 (2) Modular nature- you can fit several types of module and convert the vehicles as expedient for the mission- you can also snap fit additional protection if the field becomes hotter But for us its the combat SHKVAL . We can storm boko hideout at Nights and do a clean sweep in minutes of several hiluxes from 2000m away- we simply look at their heat signature ans roast. They wont know what hit them

  14. Augustine says:

    ATGM launcher is missing on the Nigerian BTR-4….Why ?

  15. beegeagle says:

    Are you sure about that? Judging from the second photo, everything to the left and right of the 30mm cannon is sheathed. The night vision pod to the right has a lid over it and on the left side where the ATGM should be, there is also a lid covering whatever is there?

    • Augustine says:

      I looked at the Nigerian photos on that very right hand side where BTR-4 mounts it’s 4 ATGM launchers or 2 ATGM plus 1 Grenade Launcher. The mounting hardpoint is there covered with tarpaulin like material but the real ATGM launcher is not under that cover, that’s why the length is about half the size of an ATGM launcher. It’s missing, but I know it’s detachable ATGM, only an official source can confirm if any ATGM was purchased. Cheap cheap ATGM for $500,000 we will buy one ATGM launcher and 5 missiles second hand, so cheap at half a million dollars.

      Occasional guided missile attacks from launchers beyond eyesight detection of the enemy will scare Boko Haram, who will not fear when anti-tank missile hits you and you did not even see or know the enemy that launched it, who will not fear?

  16. beegeagle says:


    In 2003, the NA got 67 units of upgraded MT-LBs from Poland in a 6.5m USD transaction. I am sure we can still get a further 100 units for US$10m. Thereafter, we can have them converted into plucky IFVs to replace the Shilka SPAAGs.

    Here is one example of a MT-LB with twin 23mm cannons. Perhaps Nigeria can replicate this, including upgrades and cage armour, for US$250k. Those would be real ‘technical eaters’

    • Solorex says:

      Great Idea- but we should move away from manned turrets- the world is moving away from there already. Automated targeting system with IR sights,tracking e.t.c just like our new toys have.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegeagle you are on target with the suggestion of MT-LB, cheap and I readily available today in several thousands of units inside Russian army reserves doing no work ! Nigeria needs MT-LB with twin 23mm cannon, that is the right weapon COAS should have given Nigerian soldiers and tell them not to run away from Boko Haram’s 23mm double barrel cannon Toyota Hilux, how will a human beign carry 400 metre range 7.62mm AK-47 rifle and go fight an enemy carrying 4,000 meter range 23mm double barrel cannon….suicide, and soon no infantryman will be left alive in Nigerian army if we go suicidal without a reason to justify our patriotic suicide. Let us die for Nigeria if their is no other way to save our fatherland.

      Well there is a way to fight and with a good probability of staying alive, one such cheap way is this weapon platform oga Beegeagle is suggesting, MT-LB APC with twin 23mm cannon.

      It’s cheap, the Iraqi army just bought about 500 units fully upgraded to fight ISIS fielded 23mm AAA cannon Toyota technicals. Iraq went for a higher grade, we also may pay more than 100k per unit to get 23mm guns plus night combat equipment on the MT-LB.

      250k per unit is not a bad idea for Nigerian government to spend on 240 units of second hand Russian surplus stocks of MT-LB armed with 23mm twin cannon and night vision targeting equipment… cost $60 million.

      • Augustine says:

        *MT-LB, cheap and readily available today in several thousands of units inside Russian army reserves*

  17. COLONEL NGR says:

    Wow! Finally someone up there is buying the right weapons. I pray we never go back to the dark days of hoping there wont be wars and then we sit down and do nothing.

  18. Henry says:

    Un-related but exciting news.

    While driving home along Aba Road in Port-harcourt this evening, I spotted a Nigerian Police Proforce Leopard ACV.

    Wow, that vehicle looks way bigger than the photos we have seen suggest.

    Pretty impressive site.

    • Augustine says:

      If I may ask, how much of Proforce ACV is made in Nigeria? What percentage? I am still reeling from the Igirigi ‘shock’… unconfirmed though.

      • Henry says:

        I don’t know what you are going shocked about. Do you have any proof the Igirigi isn’t made in Nigeria?

        Oga if you have proof, spill it.

        Igirigi, Proforce ACV etc are all made in Nigeria. You saw the video I posted of Proforce PF2 MK2.

        Seeing the Proforce ACV yesterday brought me a lot of joy, it is a considerable large vehicle, i’ll say, 2 times the size of your regular N.A hilux.

  19. ocelot2006 says:

    Wow!! Just wow!! I did not expect these at all! Well done Army šŸ™‚

  20. jimmy says:
    1.I am hoping and thinking that this is the valid reason why GWOZA has not been retaken.
    2.I also read further and maybe OGA HENRY can CROSS CHECK the pr informed us that a coin school would be set up/ is being set up @ each DIV HQs that means at the 1,2, 3, 81, 82 and 7 divisions now all officers will be sent there, prior to this at least this year they were sent to JAJI ( AN ARTY UNIT that was ambushed at KOGI) comes to mind.
    3.The third part discussed was the evaluation process , this is my two kobos and as the NA always make their own peculiar rules based on history ( The BISALLA rule) comes to mind, I would call this the MUBI rule, The promotion from Major to LT . COLONEL signifies a shift from a junior officer to a mid level senior officer it also in terms of Nigerian structure means possible battalion level responsibilities in charge of very sensitive Equipment, Men, and More crucially very sensitive Intel reports. The evaluation process and promotion itself for this stage needs to be honestly examined in not just the Boko Haram context but in the context of what went wrong with some individuals that some LT. COLs are facing Court martial, some have already been sentenced to prison and yet other have displayed exceptional bravery the battalion commanders at Kodunga and Damboa come to mind why the inconsistency? should everything be blamed on the Individual ? the lone wolf syndrome? or did the current or past Army structure in place cause the fact that the wrong type of individual was given the type of responsibility he could not shoulder. This is should be regarded as regarded as CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. I am not hear to cast blame but to help the NA improve. My two kobos.

  21. toondey says:

    Happy new year ogas

  22. Obix says:

    Happy New Year, Generals!

  23. Are James says:

    Happy new year all.

  24. STARTREK says:


  25. superboi79 says:

    Happy New Year everyone. Wishing you all the best

    • Augustine says:

      Source proves Chad is Africa’s biggest rising defence spender by percentage change in weapons expenditure/procurement. Warning bells for Nigeria.

  26. jimmy says:

    Happy new year to all my fellow beegeagle bloggers may all your dreams come true.

  27. Augustine says:

    Happy new year Oga Beegeagle, happy new year to all my brothers and fellow bloggers, God bless you all as we get closer to him and pray. Amen.

  28. Augustine says:

    Nigeria should ask Ukraine to arm our older 47 units BTR-3U with the same ZTM-1 30mm cannon on the BTR-4, then we have almost 100 units of modern 30mm cannon armed IFVs.

    • Augustine says:

      If we buy about 120 units of BMP-2 with 30mm cannon, then we add the BTRs, our soldiers have 200 units of tracked and wheeled IFVs with 30mm cannon, we add cage protection against RPG plus night vision….NA has no issue facing Boko Haram 23mm gun Toyotas anymore, never mind we have T-72 tanks in addition….If we get 120 units T-72 tanks with night vision equipment, I see us winning this war even without much air support from NAF, our NA is good enough to hold it’s own.

      NAF still remains the necessary and useful icing sugar on the cake, we must equip NAF maximally for this war against terrorism.

  29. Deewon says:

    Happy new year Gentlemen

  30. makanaky says:

    Happy new year Mr Beegeagle and all Bloggers, may this year see the eventual end of Boko Haram.

  31. beegeagle says:

    On this IGIRIGI APC stuff, how come anyone is sounding shocked like they just found “eureka?”. Not a few APCs and most South African MRAPs are built on some other vehicle’s driveline. Some use the driveline of a UNIMOG, some use the Tata driveline (Puma M26-15) etc. Even our new Streit Spartan Mk.III APCs (KrAz Spartan) are built on the driveline of the Ford F550.

    As for PROFORCE armoured vehicles, those are built on the driveline of Toyota Landcruiser featuring uprated engines


    • Henry says:

      I’m bewildered by some of the comments made by some bloggers. The Ford F-550 chassis is a widely used LAV.

      Most South-African MRAPs are built on the Samil truck chassis.

      The Ford F-550 is a proven vehicle, it easy to maintain, cost effective and a very dependable work-horse, with good off-road performance.

      On the Proforce ACV, It is a much much bigger vehicle than your photos suggest. The only difference I could spot were the sirens on it, and much bigger tires. The vehicle towered above all others on the road.

      • Augustine says:

        Let’s see what we can see today, so that tomorrow we don’t get disappointed, this is Nigeria.

        Igirigi can be in many versions for Police, Customs, SSS, Army, Navy, Air force, etc with various armaments and interior auto electronics, but how much of the vehicle production do we control apart from the brand name?

        In Nigeria we need to ask questions even if we won’t get answers, assumptions are not safe in this part of the world. My view.

      • Henry says:

        All the proof we have shows the Igirigi is built in Nigeria. If you have evidence to the contrary post it here.

        Hear say, isn’t evidence.

  32. Akin Oges says:

    Happy New Year to Beeg and to all the Generals in the house. May your wells of wisdom never run dry this 2015. Remain Blessed everybody.

  33. Henry says:

    Happy New year people.

  34. Bharat says:

    A Very Happy New Year to all members of ‘Beegeagle’s Blog’.

  35. COLONEL NGR says:

    Happy new year!

  36. Kay says:

    Happy new year to you all

  37. rka says:

    Happy New Year bloggers.

  38. mnl01 says:

    Happy New Year Comrades

  39. Tobey says:

    Happy New Year! May this year spell good things for the Nigerian Armed Forces and the Nation at large!

  40. beegeagle says:

    Colonel General Obix on the Urals and Caucasus….well done as always.

    Pray tell, what are your homers saying here?

    • Obix says:

      Oga Beag, this website just summed up all the unofficial information we know about already concerning procurement of T-72 tanks and BTR-4 APCs from Ukraine.
      -Nigerian web resource published photos of Nigerian troops posing in front of T-72AV tanks and BTR-4E purchased fromUkraine.
      – Contracts for the supply of T-72AV tanks and BTR-4E APCs had never been reported by both sides. However, in September 2014, information appeared that the State Enterprise “Lviv armored repair plant” is handling a refurbishing and pre-sale work on T-72AV tanks to besupplied toNigeria. As for BTR-4E, it seems, Nigeria was resold part of the 42 units of BTR-4 that were rejected by Iraq and returned in early 2014 to Ukraine after the famous adventure of the Ukrainian vessel SE Pacifica.
      -On the 26th of sept , former PM Yulia Tymashenko accused the defence ministry of exporting a particular quantity of arms to other countries (including the T-72 and BTR-4 to Nigeria) when Ukraine is in a state of war. The then Defence minister confirmed that there was an existing contract between Nigeria and Ukraine, and part payment had already been recieved. If the contract is not honoured, the country will pay heavy fines……
      -Unofficial information says that Ukraine has already supplied about 12 units of modernized T-64B1M tanks out of the 50 units agreed with D.R. Congo.
      Actually, the pictures from this blog is the main proof Ukrainian media houses and blogs have to show that actually the supply was made. Like i’ve said before, this blog is closely monitored in Russia and Ukraine and my words have been quoted elsewhere ( I don begin to watch how i dey give info here)……..

  41. jimmy says:
    With the arrival of the equipment and the trial by court martial of these army officers this is going to be an ongoing story into 2015, another trending story that is likely to cover a lot of ground is the story oga rugged has covered again I ask. for the new year
    What does Maj Gen ISHOLA Williams know that we do not know? are all these soldiers bad eggs who simply refused to fight or is equipment so lax that troops are being carried in tipper lorry, this let me be very clear is a severe offense because ,Nigerian soldiers from civil war till today are still carried in tipper lorry the level of protection around the troop carriers is what matters,Though I do not doubt the authenticity of the story anytime it quotes an anonymous source of a soldier who has been dismissed it ( the story) has to be taken with caution.
    Oga RUGGED THANK YOU FOR THE BREAKING STORY (capital letters my emphasis). At a time when vehement denials are going back and forth about how good relations are between America and Nigeria the lid has just been blown off, how bad it really is . Let me say this a Major General from special operations is one of the most senior officers in the US armed forces and yet THE MOST SENIOR OFFICERS ( MAJ GENs)in the Nigerian Army did not feel it was important to meet him or the inherent lack of trust and now very it is apparent that animosity exists on both sides, It is important to note also no real important meaningful Intel was given to the Nigerians let us call a spade a spade this much is known if any actionable information was given by the American was acted upon with success CNN AND BBC would of shouted themselves to the highest heaven hence the deep sense of frustration from the Nigerians, going forward I am going to cover this relationship in depth, unlike the Johnnie Carsons and Adefuye’s of this world I will lay the facts out on both sides if I annoy people please understand I have no hidden agenda , I am following the actions of both governments not what they say but what they are doing what needs to happen eventually is a Normalization of relations between Nigeria and the US.

    • igbi says:

      ex Gen ISHOLA Williams doesn’t know any more than any other old and retired soldier. All he is doing is politics.
      I would like you to stop your continued allegations, based on your messiah ex general ISHOLA Williams. What you are doing is encourageing mutiny and we can not afford that at all, so please calm down and don’t turn this into sahara reporters !
      (For those who are wondering, no I am not back, I just hate some dangerous behaviors some people keep exhibitting).

      • jimmy says:

        OGA IGBI
        Merry Xmas and happy New year.Please before you go off on a tangent do me a favor a reread what i wrote especially where i wrote refusing an order is a severe offense , please I think I made that very clear when i said it was a severe offense which does warrant punishment.
        LASTLY OGA IGBI as a Maths graduate you will understand there is always more than one way either to solve or prove a problem meaning there are always two sides to a story.
        Please calm down and happy new year, I was hoping you had already made your way to Nigeria to enlist as an officer in the Nigerian Army.
        And by the way Gen ISHOLA WILLIAMS can be accused of a lot of things but being a politician is not one of them go and research his entire history before making baseless statements about him.

  42. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Development of the IGIRIGI and Proforce AVC is the only respectable way to go, There is nothing inconceivable in all the Foreign purchased IFV / APC that cannot be reversed engineered and improved on locally, the Nigerian Military would earn more respect for that. this equipments are less risk try out and build than producing aircraft which has technical, operational risks attached and low tolerance for failures of any system. Let Nigeria build this basic military fighting vehicles, let the design be modified and “born in Battle”. In 10 years if we do not start making tanks, we would be in serious contention for local/regional purchases from our Neighbors/Africa. We would field equal level of technology at competitive or better prices. It is an opportunity now that military needs are priority, Also their maintenance would be mastered and available locally. In ancient times, an nation that waits for the some one to make them swords would be readily routed, Think beyond BH, If we have any issues with any of our pro-western neighbors the arm’s veto would even be more stringent. South Africa developed it’s arms complex on the sanctions like we are facing, So should we now, there is no Lunar science here. Let the nation use this opportunity to mast the manufacture of IFV and APC, so we can brag that this is off our external shopping list.

    Do guy’s know that a young lady in Ghana manufactures/Assembles various Light sport aircraft from scratch: she became the country’s first female civilian pilot (as well as the first woman in West Africa certified to build and maintain Rotax engines).

    Same with Kenya producing a decent 4 x 4 from scratch selling new for $6000.00.

  43. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Pls google yutube for Ghanian Lady Pilot’s Av TECH for videos

  44. Augustine says:

    Oga Henry and Oga Beegeagle, I have no private info on Igirigi, the blogger who has doubts has not responded to our calls for him to post his evidence, until he does, we maintain our belief that Igirigi is built in Nigeria, engine can come form anywhere, but the vital thing is that we build the body frame and put the interior electronics-mechanics-instrument panels together in Nigeria, then we have a 50% brand input to be proud of.

    I will re-post the comment I reacted to, if we hear things contrary to common knowledge, I am sure you both have some of the sharpest instincts on this blog and you always ask questions, well I am trying to copy you both, so I asked.


    Yemi Sweet says:
    December 29, 2014 at 8:25 am

    There are so many respected people on this blog, whose views and experience I lean on to learn, but the truth be told, the Igirigi was not produced in Nigeria, the painting of it was the only thing carried out in Nigeria. it is this that makes me furious because as you know and rightly pointed, we have the ability to do better even if it were mere assembly.. Nevertheless Iā€™m proud because it is built for Nigeria, we own it.


    If oga Yemi Sweet has proofs of his claims above, let him post it for us to see, or ‘forever remain silent’.

    Thank you sirs.

    • Are James says:

      To be honest with you I am sure there are probably 20 or more Igirigi prototypes running around at various NAEME workshops in the country but the numbers we have seen deployed on ground looking at pictures is beginning to suggest some foreign manufacturing element in this thing. The total cumulative development expenditure on the vehicle looking at previous years’ budgets is still less than N50billion, I am still not sure that equals the number of vehicles running around even though I am first to admit that defence budgeting in Nigeria is just to confuse our enemies and confound her friends.

      If we take the example of a company like Mekahog, which was going to produce a fixed and frozen design of MRAP vehicles that are more mature than Igirigi, they have not even gotten round to finishing the factory yet not to talk about procuring raw materials and spares from suppliers.
      A good way to check might be to go round all NAEME workshops in the country if they permit you, tally the number of F550 chassis imports into Nigeria and maybe investigate the number of armour plate welding machines brought into the country. That is if you have time for all that CIA stuff of course.

      • Kay says:

        If they can get something like the igirigi running, I see no reason why they can’t start looking around for blueprints to build an ifv on an 8×8 chassis. Either combine with Proforce for the armouring and or build on their own outright.

  45. Augustine says:

    When adults do foolish things, they should not look for other people to blame for it.

    Dem put day old chicken on open street when other neighbours locked their own chicks safe inside house, now eagle carry away dem chicken from roadside, dem wan find who to blame, abeg make we hear word, no kill 177 million Naijas because of your own careless mistake.

    I always pray dat God help una sha o. Amen.

  46. zachary999 says:

    Happy new year bloggers….

    Our UAV’s have arrived and that was what someone mentioned he saw been offloaded in TAC makurdi some months ago.

    It’s the CH-3 from China.

    We are getting there but can do more…

    • Are James says:

      Thanks for the scoop. I just need to ask you, where are the very many UAVs that Ihejirika claimed he bought. Why have those ones not been operationlised for two years?.

    • mnl01 says:

      Did we get the armed or unarmed version of the ch-3? 12 hours endurance and 2400km range is a game changer indeed. Trust the numbers we got are cassified. Who operates? Airforce or Army?

  47. jimmy says:
    This is how the year 2015 is shaping up it appears the word of the number one ARMY MAN LT GEN Minimah are ringing true there will be a reorganization in the Army will be charged.
    People whatever my grievances with the ARMY CHIEF chiefly being THE army needs to be more offensive minded this army is waking up to a brutal realization of in-house cleaning.
    They say war brings the best and the worst out of all human beings let us hope as myself and oga freegulf have repeatedly said there will be a steep learning curve. The charges against the Brig .General are very serious, this news was broken last year in the VANGUARD anyhow let justice prevail.

  48. Deewon says:

    NNS Okpabana has just arrived Nigeria

  49. alade says:

    NNS OPKABANA???? pls wher’s it arriving at? cos i really wanna welcome that thing….

  50. beegeagle says:

    Thank you, Oga Obix. The gist has now been fully internalised.

    • Manny Aydel says:

      Gen Beeg, I am absolutely delighted to witness your ‘return.’ Though I’ve been away from this blog myself after a few weeks absence (following my re-posting elsewhere after several years in Africa), I am so relieved you’re back. Congratulations for creating this wonderful blog. Happy New Year to you and to all active cybergenerals sir! Permission to resume posting comments….!

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