F-7NI AirGuard jets of the Nigerian Air Force at Maiduguri

A freshly-supplied and upgraded Mi-35 attack helicopter (foreground) and an upgraded Super Puma helicopter (background)

An upgraded Super Puma helicopter of the Nigerian Air Force

The C-in-C alights from a Super Puma



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  1. asorockweb says:

    Oga Beegs, thanks for adding captions to the images – I wasn’t clear if those were MiG21s or F-7s.

    This is interesting. One would have thought that the CinC would use helicopters from the presidential fleet.

    Wait. I guess alighting from a military craft looks more macho?

  2. colloid says:

    God move by the C-in-C. We need more of his visit as this will boost the morale of the troops and will increase the confidence the troops have in their commanders. It also shows and ring it out that Nigerians are supporting their Ops in the NE. A thumb up for whoever orchestrated the visit.

    Ogas, is this picture recent or the one C-in-C made to mubi?

  3. Augustine says:

    Gentleman, my Ogas and Field Marshal Beegeagle, this blog will be busy next week…will like to spill some beans make we all know wetin dey happen behind our backs… week, matter go full ground o !

  4. ocelot2006 says:

    Glad to see our F7 fighter pilots, like those Alpha jet jocks, are clocking in more combat hours and experience as ground pounders 😀 . Kudos to our gallant troops.


  5. ocelot2006 says:

    Oga Augustine, abeg spill na 😀 !! Mehn Christmas just came in. ‘definitely not a good month to be a terrorist in Nigeria 😀

  6. drag_on says:

    Bama has fallen to NA.

    Michael Olugbode
    The Nigerian military on Tuesday recaptured Bama, a Borno town that was captured by the Boko Haram
    insurgents in September last year, a security source has said.
    The military had made several unsuccessful attempts in the past to recapture the strategic town from the
    With Tuesday’s retrieval of Bama, a boost has been given to the ongoing war on the insurgents.
    Bama, a historic Kanuri town, is the second largest town in Borno after Maiduguri.
    It was learnt that the battle to uproot the insurgents from the town was led by the General Officer
    Commanding (GOC), the 7th division, General Lamidi Adeosun.
    The GOC, an infantry general, took his team to the town on Monday and had recorded victory by Tuesday.
    It was learnt that contrary to expectations, the Nigerian troops did not meet any serious resistance from
    the sect in Konduga and Bama towns, giving the indication that the strength of the terrorist group might
    have whittled down since the commencement of the ongoing clampdown.
    A military source told our correspondent on the return of the troops from the battle to recapture Bama,
    that the renewed motivation gave victory to them. He insisted that the bravery of the GOC and the supply
    of new equipment equally did the magic.
    The source said: “My brother, we are happy that our Commander in Chief has been able to upgrade us and
    as we speak, we have the right equipments to end the war in the next one week. The GOC himself is
    leaving no stone unturned to ensure that we meet the deadline for elections to the best of his human
    “The general did not even utilize our crack boys in Konduga. He just took his team from our supply of new
    boys here and drove straight into Bama leaving the Konduga guys to rest and continue watching his back
    till he took over Bama, chased the bad people out and removed their flags and installed our authority.”
    Another military source said: “This latest feat can be attributed to the support from Abuja. We now have
    the right kind of equipment to fight modern equipment and can now fight the insurgency to a standstill.”
    He revealed that with the recapture of Bama, the foreign soldiers who have been restricted to the nation’s
    border towns can now come in for the final push of the insurgents.

    No to foreign troops for end game.!…

  7. drag_on says:

    As I had theorized in an earlier post, the GOC 7 DIV. picked up the fresh troops coming into Maiduguri and ploughed in BAMA with the tough as nuts artillery corp in konduga protecting him rear. Well done sir, i salute you.
    Concerning gwoza. We must take gwoza alone.This battle is the great thunder,do not let chad,CNN and BBC steal it.

    • beegeagle says:

      Dear COAS,

      Taking GWOZA in conjunction with foreign troops would be tantamount to pressing a self-destruct button and turning your victory into defeat. PLS forget about ANY joint onslaught with foreign troops on GWOZA. The Nigerian Armed Forces must take GWOZA alone.

      Leave the foreign forces to man the border districts. Wait for another ten days if you must but by God, the Nigerian forces must take GWOZA alone. We must not lose control of this narrative. The less said about that, the better.

      • jimmy says:

        No worries OGA BEEGS
        I honestly believe will be taken 100% by Nigerian troops.
        Some of the troops you met last weekend……. including those Red necks were Battle tested warriors………. some of them sha no shaking.
        When BAGA fell there was disbelief, and shock, this was not like the 1967-1970 Civil war where whenever a sector commander suffered a set back the other two sector commanders rejoiced @ his misfortunes, it hurt to the highest echelons of the Army COMMAND.
        I contacted two different people independently NOT a friend of a friend of a friend they told me the same thing using the same MILITARY JARGON, watch the speech by the COAS @ BAGA , there is no piece of paper in his hand, he is blunt, honest and speaking like A GENERAL’ s General should speak about the pain of losing baga.
        “When I heard we ( NA) lost BAGA , i felt hurt, humiliated and embarrassed”.
        He captured the mood of soldiers all around Nigeria , the same shall be true…… of Gwoza.
        Now if BAMA town #2 was tasked to no other than the GOC himself and he kept his cards to his chest it will be highly unlikely of any alliance of troops from anywhere being involved because:
        1) This is Town #1 / AGBOLE IN YORUBA ( family compound) excluding the forest.
        2) The Chibok girls if they are still alive are one of two locations that they will likely be at
        3) The remains of the Shattered Shura of boko haram will be there.
        4) The political/ military SIGNIFICANCE has fully dawned on the MILITARY AS WELL the POLITICAL establishment, thanks but no thanks Nigeria lost BAMA , Nigerians will reclaim BAMA ditto Gwoza BY THE GRACE OF GOD/ INSHA ALLAH
        # NEVER AGAIN
        Just plan it well.

      • Are James says:


      • Augustine says:

        Nigerian military alone for Gwoza battle….and give us videos….film by helicopter pintle cameramen far above the hills… the world the son of whom you are, FG and DHQ….show the world !

        #NEVER AGAIN… more insults, no more defeat, no more shame, no more loss of towns or bases…..#NEVER AGAIN.

  8. demola says:

    Oga beeg please create a new thread emphasizing that “NO FORIEGN FORCE SHOULD BE INVOLED IN CAPTURING GWORZA”

  9. jimmy says:

    oga demola
    Take am easy o with the typing devil o !

  10. asorockweb says:

    I suspect that Gwoza is falling as we speak.

    If BH didn’t fight hard for Bama, then they are already smashed.

    The truth is, most of the remaining BH have reverted to civilians again.

  11. beegeagle says:


  12. Oje says:

    Its time to call an end to the MNJTF now that the Nigerian military has been modernized and armed to the teeth. Boko Haram is at iots weakest and not even ISIS can save it now. I dare say the biggest existential threat to Nigeria for now is no more Boko Haram, its the Franco-Chadian alliance. Idris Derby making public statements with little or no referral to Nigeria’s President is more insult that i can stomach. I can categorically tell you that as of this writing aircrafts loaded with conventional weapons are being sent to Chad, Nigeria’s impressive military acquisitions in such a short span has not gone unnoticed in the Paris and am invasion of Nigeria is imminent. I will not stop SHOUTING and raising alarm. Former U.S Intelligence analyst stated clearly that a combined France and Cameroonian forces made plans for the Invasion and annexation of Calabar, it a paradoxical ironic twist its the Boko Haram insurgency that led to the invasion being ”shelved” and this will not be the first time they make such attempts.

    Lets not forget that Franco/Chadian once planned to occupy parts of the northeast in the early 80s , their nefarious plan was obliterared by the Shagari administration.Incensed by the audacious plan Shehu Shagari retook 19 Nigerian Islands from the Chadian Gendarmes. Its no secrete that both Cameroon and Chad have long relished the idea of annexing the North East from Nigeria with French backing. Aha and lets not forget the SCAM ceasefire deal orchestrated by Idris Derby which was created as a diversion to delay and purchase time for Boko Haram to regroup and save them from being obliterated. Lets not forget as well that not too long ago a helicopter that crashed in Borni was found to be carrying up to $10 million in cash. Villagers said two white passengers (Obviously French) immediately set the copter ablaze, why else would they do that if not to conceal evidence. Boko Haram is not the enemy, there is clear irrefutable evidence that Chad, Cameroon and France suppies arms, ammunition and millions of dollars with France being the financial muscle.

    France has a history of supporting secessionist groups against Nigeria, they supported Biafra during the civil war, they are supporting Boko Haram in the war on insurgency.These people are envious thieves. Dirt poor they want our resources. As we speak Chad is drilling Nigeria’s oil without compensating Nigeria. Not satisfied with stealing Bakassi peninsula Cameroon is drilling oil flowing out of Nigeria’s Gulf of Guinea, safely from its territory.

    I suggest we declare war on Chad and present documents implicating France and Chad in arming the insurgency to the United Nation. This might sound alarmist but i am telling you guys war is imminent, Boko Haram is just a diversion, an excuse to put the first invasion force(Chadian soldiers)on enemy territory (Nigeria). There are presently 500 French Intelligence agents in Niger and an airstrip is being built. America has armed Drones in Niger as well. We must pre-empt them and take the initiative by kicking out foreign troops from Nigeria by political diplomacy or military force of necessary. My Naija people let us wake up to the ”Maskirova” being played, this is the most important battle of our lives and i know we can defeat these Franco aggressors in a heartbeat if we really want to.

    • Sir Kay says:

      No need to declare war on Chad or Cameroon , all we have to do is punish them economically, then they can either beg France for money and food every month, or learn their place with us and show us enough respect, without being two faced.
      But an actual war? no need for that, we have other efficient tools..
      Hell if the people in these countries are hungry with price of staple food skyrocketing , who do you think they will take it out on? Its their El Presidente .
      So we can carry out an economic coup if we want, but do we also want to destabilize neighboring countries? If we do, then we must be ready to feed the refugees, like it or not, they will come pouring in. And an unstable country next to us presents a massive security risk.
      Either way, there are better ways, without firing a single shot. All we need is a strategist .

    • Blackrev says:

      dude.. are you okay?

  13. FortB says:

    Breaking News: Bama has been liberated. The GOC himself, Gen Adeosun led the attack

  14. igbi says:

    We need the MNJTF in order to accomplish the missions it was set for and to allow us conduct hot pursuit legally. Desbanding the MNJTF will only serve boko haram which would go back to border tactics: they settle at the border and from there they go and kill our civilians then when we chase them, they run to an other country. There are so many people trying to destroy the MNJTF and they don’t mean well for Nigeria. A cross border threat needs a cross border response. Even Egypt is copying Nigeria’s MNJTF idea in its fight against isis. So to thise who can’t see further than their nozes, chill.

    • Deltaman says:

      Oga Igbi, good point on the need for cooperation, does have one scratching ones head about the implications of cross border incursions and perception by the wider public etc. It has no doubt underscored an unpleasant narrative of our charming neighbours coming to our rescue. Question for you is how do you think we should deal with/manage the media message on MNJTF cooperation?

      • igbi says:

        Francly I do not know how to do that and I know that western media and also the media oof jealous african nations will not relent in painting us as weak. Perhaps we should have an international media which would stand on the same stage with RT, Xinua, and the western media.

  15. igbi says:

    The war monging war propaganda making guy is at it again. While all Nigerians are focussing on destroying boko haram, this guy is still on his silly business. The conspiracy theorist and war monger calling himself “oje” is ruinning the blog.

    • Oje says:

      Igbi na your FADA be war monger. You are such a simpleton and I will not waste my time signifying your rant with a response.

  16. Ola says:

    In my own opinion, the only way the non-sense going round the press, (local and international) can be put to rest is for the General Chris Olukolade or COAS Nigeria to call an etraordinary press conference together with the COAS of other countries. This should be done after all the major offensives have been done. This should be done in Abuja and all the major news outlets should be invited. The press briefing should be military, but civil enough to understand for lay men. Nigeria should thank the neighbours for helping out but the roles of each neighbour should be clearly stated at the press briefing. Operational detail of each army that led to the crushing of Bokoharam should be highlighted. List of all towns librerated, completed with a map of the region should be given. Practical achievements of each army that was involved, such as who liberated which towns in Nigeria, who manned which border posts, and the likes should be given. Exact number of troops from each country that participated in the offensives and the number of members of Armed forces of each army that were KIA should be given as well. After this, The MNJTF should be given an office space, under DHQ in Abuja and a monument should be put in place to pay tributes to the members of all armed forces of all the countries that were KIA. If we do this, it will clear the non-sense in the air and also present Nigeria as the real big brother he is. Also, the leadership of the office of the MNJTF in Abuja should be rotatory but should ALWAYS be under the umbrella of the Nigerian armed forces, hence their location somewhere under the hierarchy of the DHQ. This does not mean they will have access to our Defence information though. We should just host them, continuously support them with funds and equipment, organize regular joint military exercises for them and agree border patrols with them. This is something similar to what US does with NATO forces. There are no disputes over the roles of each army constituting ISAF either in Iraq or Afghanistan because of periodic press conferences jointly given.
    Sadly, colonialism has divided Africa and it continues to do so, if not, there is no reason why countries that directly depend of Nigeria should be insulting Nigeria. Niger has received several tons of food donations from Nigeria and directly depend on Nigeria for sustainance in terms of trade and aids, Chad and Cameroun as well. On a medium to long term, Nigeria needs to do what the US has done with Mexico, make border crossing very dificcult between those three countries and us. Nigeria needs to either expand the role and size of Civil defence and saddle them with the responsibility of policing the border in partnership with customs or double the number of customs police. We need to build electric fences and plant mines in places that cannot be fenced along our borders with these people, yes, LAND MINES. The border needs constant surveillance. The Nigerian space agency needs to dedicate some satellite capability to support border monitoring too. We should continue to support them in aids when we get the right appreciation for it, but otherwise, there should be no free lunches for any of those countries!
    Nigeria has been like a magnet and it will continue to be so in future too. As the economy grows, many more people will be coming in from these countries and we need to check this.

    • Deltaman says:

      Good points Oga Ola, reinforces Oga Igbis position, I do like the USA – Mexico analogy. Ultimately we as a nation have to sort out this mess, transparent dialogue with the public as you have suggested will deter mischief from our charming neighbours particularly to North East and East.

  17. Oje says:

    Oga your post is too long, makes it hard to read.

  18. Sir Kay says:

    It would be nice to counter an opinion with another, without resorting to name callings

  19. Augustine says:

    Nigeria needs MNJTF ?

    Since 6 years ago it has been there what have we achieved with it ? Boko Haram imported twin barrel 23 mm anti-aircraft cannon in hundreds of numbers into Nigeria during the regime of this same MNJTF using the partners’ territories as smuggling routes….and that was when Nigerian towns began to fall, and the caliphate controlled about 40 Nigerian towns in just 12 months of swooping on us as in German army Hitler style blitzkrieg.

    MJNTF agreement for hot pursuit? Did Nigeria ever use that mandate? Last time I checked over 400 Nigerian troops crossed into Cameroon by ‘mistake’ or ‘tactical maneuver’ and had to surrender all their weapons to Cameroonian soldiers, sit down idle for some days inside a school classroom, get daily bread from the hands of Paul Biya…..that’s the MJNTF advantage you guys are talking about here, right?

    Next time I checked, Chadian army was 50 km deep inside Nigerian territory in Dikwa with foreign journalists photographing Nigerian town and territory without permission to image us and post us on worldwide internet…..that’s how your MJNTF works abi?

    Nigerian army never enters other countries territory with Toyota Hilux, we must disarm and be locked in a classroom like primary 3 pupils, while Chadian army drives armoured fighting vehicles and tank destroyers all over Nigerian territory like a Rambo movie show to the world on CNN.

    You guys don’t even know when you are being ripped off by dwarfs who climb a ladder to shave hairs off your giant head. (No personal insult sirs, rhetorical).

    Is Saudi Arabia inviting Iraq to do MJNTF ? Saudi has fenced off it’s borders, Nigeria should have spent the 6 months waiting period of new weapons importation from June to December 2014 digging-trenching all motor vehicle passable routes along the Niger and Cameroon borders, Chad is cut off by Lake waters and fleeing Bokos drowned there, no amphibious vehicles in Shekau’s arsenal. Trench on all motorable roads on Niger/Cameroon borders will cut off and trap escaping or invading Bokos, Shekau has no Vickers amoured bridge launchers to bridge a wide and deep trench, and Boko will be trapped. How far will their human legs run across foot paths carrying weapons weighing over 500 kg on their shoulders?

    Nigeria has no Caterpillar digger, earth mover, bulldozers again abi? You chose a ‘dependent’ strategy for border control instead of an ‘independent’ strategy, then you come screaming that Chad is 50 km inside your land with unapproved foreign journalists having fun there.

    Person wey troway him independence and mortage off his birthright still dey claim any rights ?

  20. Oje says:

    Good point. Those who call as allies those in the MNJTF like igbi is postulating are living in denial.

  21. igbi says:

    To those who are calling for the death of the MNJTF, don’t you feel ashamed that you and boko haram are calling for the same thing ? Learn what border tactics mean. With such a wide border we are going to need to cross it (legally), we also need the neighbors to collaborate in order to stop the ennemy from using their own land as rear base.

    • Oje says:

      Mumu, we lost the most territory since the involvement of the so called MNJTF. Now thanks to our new found strength we have Boko Haram on the defensive but even at that our so called “allies” are the ones claiming the glory. A true friend will not embarrass our nation by claiming his decision to take on Boko Haram in Nigeria was a unilateral action and not with Nigeria’s content. Same dude blatantly calls for the surrender of Shekau and claims he knows where Shekau is but “Nigeria deliberately” stalled his advance to capture him. This rebel turned president has made it a policy to embarrass our country everyday yet some “mumu” on here is calling for greater participation of foreign forces on our soil. CRAZY !!

  22. igbi says:

    I sincerely think the guy calling himself “oje” is mentally ill. And I wish him the best psychiatrists.

  23. Sir Kay says:


    Nigerian Airforce Airstrikes few moments ago on bobby-trapped foots of Hills surrounding Gwoza and Limankara

  24. Oje says:

    It is you who is mentally ill, not just ill you suffer from boderline retardation.Despite indications of the contrary you still see Chad,Cameroon and France as allies, but then your postion is no suprise, afterall you live in France and have probably never even lived in Nigeria for a full year yet you act like you are championing our cause. What do you know about life in Nigeria outside what you read on the Internet.

  25. rugged7 says:

    Nigeria on a roll…

    • igbi says:

      can someone cut the part hen they start talking about chadian troops. It is annoying. There is no chadian soldier on the video, yet they have to make claims for the chadian military.

      • Are James says:

        This is most alarming. “Chadian troops in cooperation with their Nigerian counterparts…” was what I just heard. The military officers who addressed this people were Nigerian, the hunters who provided backup were Nigerian. How could any normal person inject the word Chadian into this narrative and not feel a pang of conscience?.

    • igbi says:

      It seems NTA and Channels were there, I will wait for their own videos before posting on my facebook page.

    • rugged7 says:

      CCTV no try for that Chadian comment sha.
      But they are 1000 times better than cnn and bbc who would find a way to twist this story into seeming defeat of the military.
      We, beegeagles bloggers must continue to attack the false narratives anywhere they pop up online.

  26. tbite says:

    By the way what do you guys think of this video

    • Deway says:

      The chap making the video is likely a civilian JTF person, sounds extremely excited! LOL

      • beegeagle says:

        That dude is a clown 🙂

        HOLD ON..HOLD ON…ta-ta-ta-ta..Ya Wuaaa..soja ne. Lol…dude is a riot. Great morale. Lovely suppressing fire. This is what we have been calling for. How well would they have fared if they were using GPMGs rather than .50 cal HMGs? Your guess is as good as mine.

        Sometimes, we pay for tactless decisions by incurring avodable reputational damage. Nigeria must always do right.

      • Henry says:

        I don’t know about anyone, but to be honest, the video showed these particular troops are un-professional, and ill-disciplined.

        I understand they are in a celebratory mode, however, that’s no excuse for been disobeying direct orders. There is absolutely no coordination from troops in that video, that’s also particular worrying.

        In all, this video shouldn’t have been uploaded to the internet in my opinion.

        Nigerian Army soldiers are much more coordinated than what these video presents.

      • igbi says:

        Henry, it seems the southafricans on your nairaland channel are having a spell on what you think. There is no act of disobediance in the video. There is nothing which suggests that the soldiers are not professional. This is a video to be proud of. It is getting tiring. The troops liberate Baga and the CIC visits then people start complaining that there are numerous cammo, and now a video appears showing live combat and some people start claiming other things.

      • igbi says:

        I hope you are not expecting south africans to say anything good about Nigeria. All you are doing on your nairaland channel is to expose yourself to southafrican bashing of Nigeria, you also keep stopping Nigerians from defending Nigeria in the face of south african provocation.

    • Ola says:

      I like this! Although I’m not so impressed by the waste of armour the gunners on the MRAPs is engaged in. How many rounds does each one carry and how long do they last before they have to resupply? Even after the “cease fire” command was given, they kept on firing. I understand their excitement and happiness though and I SHARE in it! The way some soldiers were walking around non-nonchalantly, it seems as if the fire fight was already over.

      • igbi says:

        I sincerly think the battle was still on. But I think boko haram was on the run. Be careful, let us not be too hasty in reaching conclusions.

      • Deway says:

        Seems the fight was already over. They were probably sweeping through the area. NA needs to enforce discipline, I noticed that too, not to mention what happened at the end of the video.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        The seize fire command was given and the guys kept firing even after another direct order was given to the sergeant. I find this worrisome, blue on blue easily, it was definitely after the fire fight. Discipline must be enforced. Imagine the damage that the Western Media can do with this type of video.

      • igbi says:

        please when you talk about something on the video, precise the date. When was there a “cease fire” order ?

      • rugged7 says:

        Fight was still ongoing.
        Other than the HMG, you can hear reports of small arms fire.
        You can also see troops at 2:13 taking cover.
        Which indicates there was incoming fire.
        Overall however, it would be extremely difficult to definitively say what was going on without information from source.

      • asorockweb says:


        6:51min – Looks like someone took the camera from him and stuck it up his butt.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Igbi, command to sieze fire was given twice in frame into the recording 0255 and 0515 also by a pissed off officer ( I assume) to the sergeant.

      • igbi says:

        Wow, so that is what you guys were basing all you talk on ? Please clear your mind. I did not see any disobedience in there. at 02:55 when a soldier (whose rank is not visible) says seaize fire, the guy holding the phone keeps moving forward and moves away. And at 05:15, I don’t see anything adnormal neither. Please people stop trying to play analysts, that hoax of a photo is embarrassing enough.

      • igbi says:

        Thank you for the information Captain.
        I just wanted to add that : the soldier at 05:15 is certainly a superior to the soldier he clearly gives the order to stop shooting. But I didn’t notice any disobediance. anywhere in the video. Take care guys, the war is almost won.

    • igbi says:

      The phone fell down at the ending of the video. You guys are not good in analysing stuff, you are way too hasty in your conclusions. It is not every drop of water that proves the presence of a great river.

    • asorockweb says:

      Interesting video. Shows a glimpse of how the war is being fought.

      6:51min – Looks like someone took the camera from him and stuck it up his butt. LOL

    • asorockweb says:

      Sorry guys, but no ceasefire order was given to the gunners in the MRAP.

      The “ceasefire” was directed towards the tank and the soldiers sides the tank.

      At some point, BH returned fire – you could see the men crouch down. Also notice that bullets kicked up dirt behind the truck that was ahead of the MRAP.

      I will do a more complete analysis when I have some time.

      • Kay says:

        Thought was a bit gung ho when I first saw this. Heavy gunfire down the rows of houses to the right. Probable action was to follow up in very dangerous house to house clearing.
        Anyway I can criticise from behind a keyboard but the real warriors are out there doing it. Whichever way, things are getting done and advancing everyday.

        Note: Lots of people recording but think many are not uploading due to cost of internet data.

      • asorockweb says:


        It’s easy to think that war is fought the way we see it being fought in the movies.

    • mayorrules says:

      can we get someone to translate the guy talk

      • Are James says:

        Very important not to bog down in analysing tactics on the basis of a short video. This blog should mainly be concerned with strategy and policy.

  27. rugged7 says:

    An analysis by Ahmad Salkida
    But we all know where his “sympathies” lie…And it’s not the Nigerian state

    • Deway says:

      I hope they accept my comment. I gave it to that guy.

      • freegulf says:

        common guys, do u peeps really think was is very ‘clean’ cut like in the movies? lol
        if anyone here talking about indiscipline fire experience warfare they wouldnt be turning into analyst von manstein

  28. Ola says:

    Mr Igbi and Mr Oje, please sheath your swords!
    In my opinion, the MNJTF was a mistake that has happened and Nigeria needs to find a diplomatic and smart way to remedy it. Killing it overnight and abruptly will not work. Chad and the rest are shining in the spotlight already and if we abruptly try to kill the MNJTF, people will say we’re smarting from envy and jealousy. It’s like a wild horse for now and we need to rein it in wisely.
    I still believe the best way to go is to take charge of the press going out. How? Let our COAS take the initiative and the lead and bring the COAS of the other armies together. Let there be a joint press conference planned and spearheaded by Nigeria VERY SOON, let there be a detailed info on the contributions of each army to the effort against BH. If 4 COAS sit together from 4 different countries and say what they have individually done, the false narratives going around will end.
    As I earlier said, let us reorganize the MNJTF, take charge of it, reorganize it and host the headquarter for the foreseable future. This way we can control their activities and limit foreing, especially non-African influence on it. Ultimately, we need to keep the other guys busy in their territories through border patrols while we provide them with some supplies occasionally (kits mainly and some DICON products). It’s not bad if we donate 1 Otoka Cobra, 2 Land cruisers and one hillux to each of them for border patrols ON THEIR TERRITORIES! This will buy us time to build a proper, deterring boundary and a formidable border guard on our end. Engagement of Civil defence is the way forward that I see here. A force that is friendly with the civilian and is not fully engaged in other activities like the police or army. When we’ve achieved this in 5 years, the MNJTF becomes a ceremonial thing for us while we’d have also partly put the responsibility of border patrols on our neighbours.

    • Deway says:

      I shouldn’t say this here, but whatever equipment we donate to them, should we decide to be generous, should have a tracking device embedded within. We will know when these are gifted to boko haram by those pretending to fight the terrs.

      • igbi says:

        I don’t have any fate in the chadians and nigeriens, but what I know is that our house is almost completely cleared and that very soon, we will be going to clear their house. I am almost sure that most boko haram terrorists are francophone.

    • igbi says:

      Mr Ola, I am nt happy with being put in the same category as a mental patient who keeps calling on us to go to war against our allies.
      One question: how do we adapt to the border tactics of the terrorists without obstacles at the border and without crossing the border ?

      • Ola says:

        Mr Igbi, I will keep quiet on your complaint since I don’t want to offend anyone here 🙂
        The fact is that border tactics will be dictated by the situation on ground and will evolve with time. I believe though that soon, BH will not hold any ground anywhere, meanwhile the suicide bombings will unfortunately continue for the next few months or even years.
        We need a multilayer border protection. Ultimately, Mark my words, BH will go to Cameroon and Niger to regroup and try to come back in a few years. Did you see the BBC report on the brooding ground of BH in Northern cameroon? Children kidnapped, some don’t even know their names any more and all they learn is the BH doctrine. These are suicide missionists and foot soldiers of BH for now and in the forseable future! This is disaster waiting to happen on the backyard of Nigeria!
        1st layer of border protection will be human, the border guards doing patrols on either side. A couple of thousands of dedicated border patrol,officers doing their jobs in Landcruisers and Igirigi and low cost, civil and basic fixed wings for Nigeria, if the other sides like, they can use bicycles on top of the limited mobility we provide them with. The second layer is physical barriers. We’re talking a couple of thousands of kilometers of land, often not even tracked and in places, the border runs through villages, so how can we build physical barriers there? We cannot create Berlin walls in villages because we want to keep Boko haram and illegals out. So we need to use a variety of approach. In the most part, we need to use our cement to build short walls now extended to almost 20 ft with electrified fence. We can come up with cheap, local solutions here. We can keep the walls perpetually powered on our side using solar panels since PHCN is not reliable. In additions, places that cannot be fenced, like villages should be flooded with security personnel while we have a proper border post. In the meantime, we can use mines in places that cannot be immediately walled and as we gradually wall or find alternative solutions to those places, we would clear the mine fields. To be honest, this will take us at least a decade to do!

      • igbi says:

        I have always campaigned for a physical border, and I am still campaigning for it. But right now that we don’t have such a physical border, don’t you think it is a good thing that we can cross the border legally ? When I consider strategies I find out that there are most often two which a “player” should have: 1) a short term strategy (to address urgent needs)
        2) a long term strategy which would solve the problem completely and would take over from the short term strategy in time.

        The fact remains that the border is too large to be manned

      • igbi says:

        short term strategy: existance of the MNJTF
        long term strategy: building a physical obstacle at the border and complementing it with air force jets and drones and army and costoms and Mopol ground patrols and also intelligence gathering.

      • Ola says:

        Yes, that is why I mentioned getting our neighbours into border patrol works. We need to take charge of the MNJTF first and after that, commit it to border patrols mainly. This would buy us time to build our own border protection capacity. We should allow hot pursuits across borders but not before due permission. Any border crossing without due authorisation should be seriously frowned upon and purnished. The MNJTF is a mistake but now that it has happened, we must use it to our advantage until we have alternatives. There is no structure to it for now, so we have a huge opportunity to steer it by creating a structure and code of operation for it, hence my sugestion to have it head quartered in Abuja under our DHQ. We can define what we want while we carry the countries along both via enticement and coercion. When Cameroon catches BH fire in future (I wish it doesn’t happen though), it’d also be there to help them.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Electronic ways set up with tethered aero-sat balloons at optimum intervals and command and intercept posts ( there are options at a tethered height of 10000 – 3000 ft that would even detect incoming missiles/artillery shells , low flying aircraft at a 100 – 750 nautical miles depending on terrain and obstruction to the line of sight and also type of sensor used (360 degrees coverage), targets include persons and vehicles day and night with a 30 days play back to retrace an IED left on the roadside or carried by truck to original source. advance notice of 100 nm is enough to intercept or set up an ambush for intruders using a rapid response/standby helicopter inserted unit or outright aerial strike. A net work of this units can be placed along the border at fractions of the cost of a physical barrier to form an electronic wall, it can also be used to full protect vulnerable cities from IED attacks both in the pre and post mode, by retracing the movements of the bomber back to his point of departure through the 360 digital computerized optical sensor and the 30 days play back facility.( City systems have a coverage radius of 100 miles.

      • Ola says:

        Capt Tobias Wilcock, I agree with you that there are technological platforms that can help, but that will not replace physical barriers. The tech platforms are integral parts of border patrols. But then, do Israel and US have these tech platforms? Why do they still use physical barriers and border patrol? I can say that there is a limit to which tech can work and again, tech is not that cheap and not always reliable when it’s not your design/product and you don’t have absolute control over it. Ask any body that served with ISAF in Afghanistan and they will tell you that the best of tech does not replace physical presence of personnel and patrols in maintaining perimeter integrity.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Ola, I agree with you, there will be need for some physical barrier in certain places, but this would be quite a challenge across the Nigerian border and involve an awful amount of resources to build to talk less of maintenance, recent Saudi and earlier Isreali fences are built on a relatively even and flat terrain ( though Isreal’s contains some ridges) , but as for Afghan campaign, without being to loud, I have seen it at work there and their is a project on going with Boeing to have an un-tethered airship take over this task from the aerosat balloon which is visible all over Kabul and up to Jalalaba road routes, ti is already at work and undisclosed, we do not need there example to apply knowledge when it is logical, even China has grown beyond their great wall (no modern nation has embarked on this type of construction in a large scale ( we have to still deal with our roads first). The electronic wall is like an AWAC/ISR aircraft constantly airborne at relatively cheap cost. To succeed it must be well integrated into to security system – monitoring, rapid response teams and data converted into actionable Intel.

  29. ugobassey says:

    So my Ogas like I suspected ….and accurately predicted ;D Bama was taken first and the move is currently on Gwoza. I advice the NA and the NA alone should take Gwoza. That glory should only go to our troops. Once that is done, Sambisa would be surrounded and isolated. I advice (and this is where some of my fellow bloggers might get angry with me) when it’s time to take Sambisa, invite Chad, Niger and Cameroun to partake. Why? I suspect Sambisa would become the next Iwo Jima; casualties will be high because this is a densely wooded area. T-72s and Hinds can’t do much in this kind of terrain. Short of flattening to whole region with MRLs, Infantry is your best asset. So why should only our boys suffer the casualties? Chad want to boast well let them come to Sambisa and boast.

    • asorockweb says:

      ” why should only our boys suffer the casualties?”

      Sambisa is in the heart of Bornu state. No one should bled for you if you can bled for yourself.

      NA troops are already engaged in Sambisa. It started weeks ago.

  30. igbi says:

    the only aim of the short term strategy is to do the job while waiting for the long term strategy to takeover.

  31. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga igbi and oje you guys should give peace a chance.

    Our troops should do battle alone in sambisa. They can do it. They will gain experience fighting in that terrain and will get the glory once the operation is successful. We should not allow other countries to take the credit now that the main job is about to be done. I think the navy sbs and our special forces should lead the sambisa assault,…their presence will give the regular soldiers a boost!

  32. beegeagle says:


    I have to disagree with majority of the group here with regards to the MNJTF, You don’t turn down allies , you win todays war today and fight tomorrows war tomorrow. We beat BH today with MNJTF, There has to be at least a threat of MNJTF coming over the Mandaras so that BH commits defenses to that flank, and in a pinch if we need reinforcements we may need Chad to pinch down from Banki or at least tie up with Nigerian forces moving from Bama (joint ops). If we can do it alone then great, That would be ideal. THe operations in Damasak, Malam Fatori , Abadam and Baga are a good model of how we could do it, Have MNJTF create an FOB at the border town to draw BH out and then attack BH from the rear, when BH reinforces from the rear then attack from the FOB , with a feint from a Madagli mixed in. The NA probably have a better plan but this though and the GOC 7th div is the man so lets see what he does this time.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Having Allies is all well and good, but we must be smart enough to know that these aren’t friends of ours, their actions speaks for themselves. These are people whose intentions aren’t clear.
      But as at right now, we need them, and economically they need us, besides, when boko have nowhere to run to, they will run to these neighboring countries.
      I don’t think they are working with us because they care about us, which is fine, we just shouldn’t be naive enough to call the people running these countries friends.

  33. beegeagle says:


    You must see this footage of the Nigerian Army boys shooting up a storm up north.

  34. buchi says:

    my ogas Gudevening..your boi dey hospital since ohhh nah why i disappear small.
    a lot of things have happened in my area ever since and also on the front we thank God..oga beegz check your mail in a few days from now.let me arrange things for you….viva nigeria

    • jimmy says:

      oga Buchi
      Welcome back , maybe I can fill you in, most def it appears BAMA Township itself has either Fallen or is DISINTEGRATING, this should be followed by BAMA L.G. itself.
      Based on inaccurate Maps the Township between the Two Gwoza and Bama OF significance is the Limankara Township.
      BASED ON:

      “Nigerian Airforce Airstrikes few moments ago on bobby-trapped foots of Hills surrounding Gwoza and Limankara”
      It appears that Gwoza is being probed/ systematically cut off and isolated by the NAF and the NA.
      MADAGLIA remains the only L.G. in ADAMAWA that has not been recaptured.

    • Henry says:

      Oga Buchi speedy recovery.

  35. Augustine says:

    Oga igbi, what makes you say Cameroon is not part of MNJTF ? Many sources say Cameroon is part of the force, so could you clarify?

    • igbi says:

      You mean that with all the lies and propaganda flying on news papers, with all we keep denouncing right here you are still basing yourself on the same papers ?
      Look it is common knowledge that cameroon is not and has never been part of the MNJTF. Just ask Beegeagle.

    • igbi says:

      Oh I see I made a little mistake, cameroon is part of the MNJTF but in name only, they never contribute troops and they never let it on their soil. In essence they are not part of it.

  36. drag_on says:

    Well it seems as though the French are more proactive in protecting her interest than we are?


    Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said France would increase its West African
    counterinsurgency force to support the fight against Boko Haram. The roughly 3,000
    troops had largely tracked al Qaeda-linked militants spanning across the Sahara from
    Mauritania in the west and southern Libya in the east.

    End Quote.

    They are increasing their forces in the magreb.The force spans from Mauritania to Libya.The increase is obviously to counter ISIS/BH. So….., what are we going to do to counter ISIS since our army is engaged? France can pull out of Africa if they want to at any time but not us.


    On Wednesday, the United States announced that it would seek to revive a training
    program with the Nigerian military pulled last year after a dispute over weapons

    End Quote.

    It seems the U.S. want to restart training of our soldiers. I wonder what has changed.

  37. freegulf says:

    oga buchi speedy recovery, continue the great job, nigeria is safer and our glory wouldnt be stolen like the ECOMOG campaigns.
    well done marshal beegs, our great nation would pull through and be stronger. friends and foe alike would have to contend with the great power house of africa. we just have to wake and fulfil our full roles and take the reins

    viva NA, viva NAF, viva SBS
    Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  38. freegulf says:

    democrats are always indecisive. at least with republicans you know what you are expecting. the USA is not serious, and we should be very weary of their intentions. they are of no relevance to us, they dont even buy our oil any more, i wonder why we still take them serious.

  39. Henry says:

    Igbi, you know the problem I have with you……. You don’t know when and where to draw the line. You always want to have the last word. Things is, sometimes, silence is golden.

    You don’t need to respond to every comment you feel irritated by.

  40. mcshegz says:



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