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  1. ozed says:

    The unit seems to be modeled after the Long Range Desert Group of the WW2 which gave the Nazis hell in the Western Desert.
    Useful for fighting in the expansive terrain of the North east, you can infiltrate 40 to 60km at night, hit the enemy hard and be home in time for tea!!!

  2. joeaso says:

    Its simply glorious. Nigerian Army,
    send boko haram directly to their hellish whores.

  3. okomonika says:

    men these are true commandos well dressed, well kitted, well equipped this is how i like to see every Nigerian soldier it seems these are the ones trained by the us Africa command they are armed to the teeth i like the double 12.7 machine gun mount good one guys this are motivational pics that engender the spirit of patriotism.

    • ozed says:

      Wetin bring USA inside this one now!!! Could they not be the ones trained in Russia, or even based on a home grown attack doctrine from TRADOC?

      Meanwhile bear in mind whoever trained them, equipment is financed and procured solely by the NA.

    • rugged7 says:

      Abeg, forget the U.S for this matter…
      They have contributed NOTHING to this

  4. Manny Aaydel says:

    CyberGs, whoever shot this video has done a good job and should be tasked with shooting several with particular focus on the efforts our boys and girls in the on-going war against BH. The NTA report on the capture of Baga seems so unimaginative and run of the mill. Our reporters should follow best standards in international reportage. The NTA reporter was even wearing buba and sokoto for crying out loud. You’re reporting military ops now, not an owanbe party. Now that Gen Chris is giving space to the media to record these momentous events for posterity, let’s put out stuff that other stations-local and foreign-would re-broadcast! That’s one of the ways we can counter the nonsense being peddled by those revisionists who call themselves international news networks.

  5. ocelot2006 says:

    Gentlemen, I think the gossip blogger Linda Ikeji MAY have been right (i know, i know) about those pics on those REVA vehicles. Look at the numbering of the MRAP. Look familiar?

    But I’m glad we now have a LRRP/SAS Mobility Squadron styled unit in the Army. But is the 72 Strike Force the previous 72nd Airborne Battalion that probably morphed into this? And what other Special Forces units do we have within the Army?

    • igbi says:

      We bought the equipment in south africa, what you are talking about is a tag. Isn’t it normal that a south african vehicle would have a south african tag ? Next paehaps we would use the fact that the vehicles have the same brand as those on that photo to say that it is the same vehicles. I think it would be more intersting to try and find out what the tag stands for, rather than guessing that it is some sort of signature meaning that only one mrap had it. Oh sorry, perhaps I am too subtile.

    • igbi says:

      As I can see below, it is the sort of tag we use for training vehicles. ok, I didn’t know that.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Enough of the wowing. RETWEET if you hope to impact the narrative. Too many of us are still complaining ONLY but not try to influence the outcomes. RETWEETS can get these photos viewed by a million naysayers in one day.

    • superboi79 says:

      I remember when that picture were first posted I pointed out then that the expats were probably here to train, adapt certain systems to local terrain and help in rapid integration, I wonder why bloggers still believe in this mercenary gist. In an aviation site I visit, I recall job adverts for TRE/TRI night rating captains for mi24/mi8 series in west Africa. I think one of Nigerians problem is seek to much foreign validation, hence our press rather than work and search would rather feed off foreign press.

    • Oga beeg na me convert the video to MP4 and upload am for YouTube giving due credit to the source. The world must see our boys oh well kitted. I dey consistently re-tweet all you tweets, I hail Oga.

  7. beegeagle says:

    That alphanumeric branding is emblematic of training assets of the Nigerian Army. Here are some OTOKAR COBRA APCs at the Infantry Corps Centre in JAJI

    ANY WHITE FOLK seen alongside the chaps in these MRAPs are TRAINERS. Period.

  8. Augustine says:

    Fellow members of the Beegeagle Battalion, we have to observe that some of the suggestions we raised on this blog, led by Oga Beegeagle himself on media PR imagery for Nigerian military efforts and successes, have reached the top in Abuja and the FG-DHQ are beginning to respond slowly but steadily.

    Thank you Nigerian leaders who read this blog and use the patriotic advice given by concerned citizens of Nigeria…..Great Nigeria….Rising black power on planet earth.

    Do not say we are Oliver Twist, but we need more of these PR videos in professional imagery, please add videos of demolished Boko Haram equipment like vehicles and armoured personnel carries, also show captured Boko Haram fighers confessing how Nigerian army and air force battered them beyond hospital repair and get an English language interpreter, plus closed caption subtitles scrolling the voices in words below the screen.

    America and Britain will soon be coming to Nigeria to beg us to forgive their sins.


    Nigerian army 72 mobile strike force should have 2 km range weapons on their MRAP, our usual Norinco 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher can be mounted on one of the four roof hatches, does not matter which side it will face, just a weapon to engage a Boko Haram 23 mm Toyota that is beyond firing range of our men’s RPG and GPMG.

    If mobile force goes to strike far away from base and T-72 tank support is absent, they may need one small sized lightweight man-portable ATGM kept inside the MRAP, does not need to mount on hatch, can be pulled up and shoulder fired from any soldier in a hatch.

    Skif, the Ukrainian/Belorussian Skif ATGM is good with the light weight shoulder fired version.

    So, If 72 mobile strike force wants to quench big fire, they need big firepower…in addition to those light machine guns, I love their video, many thanks to our bloggers who posted it, a professional video indeed.

    Can experts video the 72 mobile force in real action or after action showing their Boko Haram targets that have been bursted and blasted ! Need to show some real combat stuff to the world.

    Let those boys keep a Skif inside their MRAP or operate in two MRAPs team and mount a Skif on one of them in case they meet a powerful enemy, example….


  9. beegeagle says:

    MCSHEGZ…very big thing wan hapun o

  10. jimmy says:

    Oga Beegs despite my So so computer skills I am going to retweet this.I am also aware when the fighting is heavy there appears to be no news on Bama and Gwoza any news.

  11. COLONEL NGR says:


    • Augustine says:

      Ogas, I have recommended last year that promotion to next rank should be given to every soldier in the Nigerian army regiment/garrison at Konduga, I don’t care about some bureaucracy required for normal promotion, please let us recognize good service to the nation and reward it.

      Why should I be stuck on same rank just because the rules say I must wait till year 2020 when I have fought gallantly 5 times with my life to defend Konduga, refusing to surrender one inch of soil on my fatherland to Boko Haram?

      Why must bureaucracy and paper regulations kill reward for great achievements?

      • ozed says:

        Hope TRADOC or anyone else undertakes a detailed study of what was done right (or wrong) at Konduga so all the soldiers can learn from it as a model for area defense.

        Note that in most of the Konduga battles, the Army had advance knowledge of the advance of the BH forces and were able to meet them on their own terms instead of being taken by surprise.

        Whatever it is be it good lookout posts, advance patrols etc. needs to become standard.

      • ozed says:

        By the way i agree that the Konduga boys should be heavily rewarded.

      • Akin Oges says:

        Oga Augustine, seconded. The Commander and the troops at Konduga are the standard the NA is renown for: “death before dishonour”. They have shown tenacity and taken commanding charge of their operational environment; thwarting every BH charge at Konduga; Konduga was effectively a quagmire for the satanic thugs. Exceptional Soldiering. They must be commended and elevated to the next ranks. That Commander and the troops under him have done us very very very proud, and are forever the heros of The Battles of Konduga! Never Again!!

  12. Augustine says:

    The main gun forward turret on the 72 mobile force MRAP looks like a DShK, I can’t see it clearly.

    The boys will need an area effect gun too, I would keep an MGL inside the MRAP, just in case they don’t want to use AGL on the roof.

    If it’s DShK, the men have effective firing range below 2 km, I would love to see them add a 40 mm Norinco AGL for a little over 2 km range effective fire plus the automatic grenade launchers area effect of one shot having a kill or injure zone radius of 15 feet from the point of grenade impact.

    Also used in ‘light mortar’ mode, the AGL can save the boys from swarming attack, and AGL also fires shots around corners in that mode, a machine gun bullet cannot turn around corners, but an AGL will send a parabolic grenade over the barrier and hit a target taking cover/hiding around a wall or rock corner, it will also hit targets positioned behind a wall of sandbags without needing to penetrate through the fortification with direct hits.

    • ozed says:

      Good points Oga Augustine, i guess there should be a number of different specs of the vehicle e.g. one with heavy equipment e.g. 60m motars, AGLs etc. and others with the basic equipment we see on the one in the video.

      Thus each mission depending on the character could have a mix of the various specs, and yes if you envisage meeting heavy amour like the captured T55s or Vickers MBTs then you would need a light anti tank weapon (not the RPG 7).

  13. rugged7 says:

    Abeg, BEEGEAGLE BLOGGERS, Make una dey retweet sharply…
    There are 180 million Nigerians.
    These oyibo no go fit out tweet us with negative anti-Nigerian narratives.
    Lets flood cyberspace…

  14. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, abeg mek una no vex for di diversion. I just read a couple of ground shaking developments.

    The US is rapidly losing influence on Egypt to Russia’s gain. This could portend a lot for Nigeria (and Africa more generally), considering on the one hand that Nigeria is Africa’s biggest economy, while Egypt has Africa’s most powerful military and Nigeria is also beginning to look east; on the other hand is Egypt’s offer of military cooperation to Nigeria. Some interesting links are below:

    Egypt, Russia to hold naval exercise: Russian state media

    Russia – Egypt cooperation on nuclear plant bad for US

    Russia and Egypt just got even closer

    Africa’s political terrain could change very dramatically before the end of this year, especially after Nigeria’s elections.
    My Oga’s, we need an emergency money to invest in our security as a matter of urgency; $20billion to modernise the army and $10billion to invest in our security a military-industrial complex (with spillovers to civilian commerce). We should be have the security clout Egypt now has, money without might is both vulnerable and mere dust for exploiters to hoover up.

  15. Kola Adekola says:

    Beneral Beegs, please help with my post that’s under moderation.

  16. beegeagle says:


    General Beegs,

    I have seen footage of foreigners in combat in the NE. Also there are many Black foreign mercenaries.
    In as much as it is important for us to be patriotic, we need to face the realities of this conflict.

    If the general view on this blog begins to significantly differ from reality we run the risk of losing the goodwill of the very soldiers we are trying to protect.

    God bless Nigeria

  17. beegeagle says:


    Please you guys should endeavour to drop your twitter handles so we can follow and RT. Thanks.

  18. beegeagle says:

    God, I am nearly much backstage activity and site admin tasks.

    Anyway, JASPO, SAM and all prospective commenters, PLEASE there is due diligence to be done. So always use reachable email addresses when you make comments and CHECK your email now.

    I am at

  19. beegeagle says:

    SEGXI, your email address is not reachable.

    Write to me

  20. Saleh says: some people are working now, touching video

    • Omonon says:

      Good post, oga Saleh.


    • rugged7 says:

      Abeg, wey the tech savvy guys.
      Extract abeg…
      And make una tell me how to do the thing abeg…

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