About two months ago, a well-positioned Beegeagle’s Blogger, Zachary999 alerted the world to the imminent delivery of six pre-owned and vastly upgraded Alpha Jet planes to the Nigerian Air Force by Air USA

These aircraft are optimised for day-night operations and are able to deliver precision guided munitions which largely brings them in line with contemporary standards.

Well, Beegeagle’s Bloggers are not ramblers after all. Here is the evidence of things unseen, photographed yesterday at Manchester in the UK



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  1. Cool. Still waiting for us to acquire something 4+. After BH COIN operations wld be minimal. We wanna be able to project force effectively.

  2. Deway says:

    Wow, Zachary999 was so right! What does this mean about our quest for 4th gen multirole platforms? Hoping we are kerping the thot very close. These ones are German a-jets compare the sharp pointed nose with our french made alphas with rounded nose. Oga Beeg, i forget now, how many did Zachary999 say NAF was expecting?

    • Deway says:

      Oh i see, already mentioned- 6.

    • Henry says:

      Oga Deway, he said 6units.

      At this point, what happens to our quest for a 4 GEN fighter jet? The prospects are looking more and more dim.

      Oga Zachary999.

    • freeegulf says:

      good observation oga Deway. the french variant we bought was the trainer version, this is the attack variant of the luftwaffe. the french later made attack versions in the 80s too, the NG variants for several countries with radar.

      we procured ours from the germans, only that we bought the trainer version, since we where already planning on using the sepecat as strike jets

  3. Henry says:

    It is highly reliable and capable of delivering practice ordnance as well as live and inert Mk 80 series weapons and all series of Laser Guided Bombs. All Air USA Alpha Jets have been converted for NVG operations. Air USA Alpha jets are flight certified for operational use of TER, IMER and SUU-20 bomb racks. The Alpha jet is capable of sustaining low altitude ingress speeds in excess of 500 Knots. The Alpha jet’s light weight, and large flight control surfaces make it a highly maneuverable fighter aircraft. The Alpha Jet is an excellent replicator of typical attack speeds flown by fourth generation fighter attack aircraft.
    Hot Ejection Seats
    Certified To Carry ECM Pods, Threat Emitters, and Bombs
    Two LARZAC 04-C6 Engines
    Simple to Fly and Maintain
    Dimensions – 41″ long, 31′ Wing span, 13.7′,Tall
    Maximum Speed – 550 kts/.95
    Max load factor – +8, -4g
    Fuel Burn – 240 gallons/hour – High peed mission profiles
    Fuel Burn – 200 gallons/hour – Max Range
    On Station Time 3+00

  4. beegeagle says:

    This is clearly a new line acquisition. As of 2013, we had about 14 Alpha Jet drawn from the original haul, still in service. Since then, about 3 units have been lost opertationally.

    Assuming that we have ELEVEN UNITS in service, eight of those appear to be in the original configuration with four hardpoints while three units, upgraded were upgraded about four years ago and those feature six hardpoints. All of those have rounded nose cones and were advanced trainer/light attack variants.

    Now look at NAF 477 above. The first thing to note is the probe in the sharply tapered nose which is emblematic of the dedicated ground attack variant of the Alpha Jet. That is proof of the induction of new assets which have never been in the NAF invemtory.

    (Advanced Trainer/Light Attack)

    Four Hardpoints

    Six Hardpoints

    (dedicated Ground Attack Aircraft)
    Compare the nose cones

  5. saleh1812 says:

    Hope this doesn’t relegate acquisition of more advanced platforms for the NAF anyway let fire rain on BH

    • beegeagle says:


      The goal remains

      Deep strike/nationwide coverage/air superiority – A MUST to keep the neighbourhood in check

      8-12 pre-owned units of Su-27/30

      (ground attack, interceptor, maritime strike, cruise missile launch)

      – 12 units of JF17 Block 2
      – 18 units of JF17 Block 3 with AESA radar

      Ground Attack
      (for highest intensity CASBAI)

      6-8 units of armoured and upgraded Su-25KM Scorpion

      If the FG cannot deliver the full haul of Su-25KMs, JF17 Block 2s and Su-27/30s by December 2016, then they are sleeping on the job.

      The AESA radar-equipped JF17 Block 3 can then be phased in wef 2018.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Beegeagle, Nigeria’s quest for a 4th generation air superiority jet fighter seems so slow, mysteriously delayed, and controversy ridden, that I think we are jinxed and we need to break that 30 year old jinx on NAF.

  6. drag_on says:

    I believe the Alpha jets are primarily jet trainers, they can however be use in low to medium intensity ground attack/CAS.

    • drag_on says:

      @ oga saleh 1812.

    • Are James says:

      These are French origin Alpha Jets (more “trainer jet” than even the German origin Alphas that we had before). What the US company has done is improved them marginally for training pilots on night operations including ordnance delivery and precision munition delivery in the day which translates to capability if you switch to live ordinancd ..LOL.
      It is a fairly commendable acquisition in terms of bringing capability to bear on insurgents but it is not a strategic acquisition in any sense.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Also with the pointed nose that speaks of the type of radar and it’s capability, the french aircraft as you said are mostly trainers, they “hot” one were sold to the francophone countries, this aircraft still lack adequate protection for our very expensive aircrew, We should be planning to be able to operate in a high active MANPAD/SAM environment.
        A number of Su 25s would have been fantastic. I hope this is just to just to make up for aircraft lost to attrition.

  7. tbite says:

    The Nigerian Government better not think for one second that this is sufficient. It is nice to see…but our quest for 4th Gen Fighters must continue. Not just that..but I would expect the deliveries to come no later than this year (2015).

    • beegeagle says:

      If GEJ wins it, the pressure shall remain constant. If GMB wins it, the pressure shall become INFERNAL (x 3) simply because he has anchored quite a lot of his campaigns on what he plans to do about DEFSEC and more importantly, because he is a General.

  8. COLONEL NGR says:

    Wow! For short term purpose…this will help keep the insurgents in check. Looking at the map of africa and the assets of our neighbours down to northern africa. We need something more precise…more deadly and that is where oga beeg’s suggestions come in. I hope our airforce ogas dont think this is enough.

  9. drag_on says:

    @oga tbite,
    If they think it is enough then they need to have their heads examined.
    Look at the world as is.
    Europe has a potential conflict with Russia,Iran has one with Saudi-Arabia (proxy or otherwise), China’s emergence is bringing it at major odds with its asia-pacific neighbours( Japan is considering whether to remain a self defence force). The U.S. is in a ‘pivot’ towards Asia to check China’s rise. The North and East-Africans have been arming up as if there is no tomorrow.
    We are a nation of 180 million people or 25 million soldiers minimum. This makes us a bride or a target.
    If we don’t want to be another nations meat shield in some far flung war,we should be prepared to say “no” diplomatically. To do that, you need a strong military to maintain your independence.

    Also, the world has changed greatly since the relative global ‘peace’ of the 80’s and early 90’s due, in part,to the demise of European power and the rise of Asia. The Asians seem to be more nonchalant towards world affairs unlike the Europeans,hence the world may be more independent but volatile under the rising Asian powers.
    This situation means that we cannot rely on other nations to come to our rescue if things go pear shaped,let BH be a warning. The 90s’ peace gave us a false security that allowed us to mess around with national security,with the understanding that a big brother or the UN will not allow our national integrity to be undermined or will arms us rapidly if in need, again let BH be a warning. To maintain peace let us prepare for war.

    • colloid says:

      That’s on point oga. Forget about A-jets, the most they can go is in COIN war not in convectional. Infact, we should start re-arming at an alarming rate. Forget about Africa, we should build our defense and offensive stance in line with outside africa-come aggressor–i mean, we should project our force beyong africa conflict and lay the foundation on the world scene. There are no permanent friend/enemy but permanent interest. The world knows they cant threaten Russia or N.Korea with nuclear war, they will respond decisively. In a scenario where powers that be are “testing” each other strength and response time(as in the case of russia military adventures to the west, though in international water/airspace), where they are engaging in aggressive re-training and stockpiling weapons, and building up military presence at each others borders, Nigeria has to take her stand now and develop her Military beyong A-jets and ships that were not missile armed. Time to project our Military to world standard.
      Until NAF start flying a Nigerian owned JF17/ SU 27/30, i still maintain we have no airforce. NN should go beyong corvettes and gun boat alone, they should have frigates in their arsenal. Well, i know they MIGHT have that in their 10years plan.

      • ozed says:

        Oga Colloid, this is a good point.

        However, it would be impossible to project your force outside Africa if you still import virtually all your arms. It will take just 6-9 months of arms embargo to bring us to our knees.

        That is why we must aggressively establish our defense industry complex, as of now!!!

  10. Augustine says:

    Need to wait and see the PGMs on the new Alpha jets, just need to be sure. Abi ?

  11. Augustine says:

    Egypt is also a great and powerful source of heavily upgraded Alpha jets with guided weapons. Egypt manufactures Alpha jets under licence and is the only African country that manufactures jet engines. I said manufacture, NOT assemble.

    Egypt is master of Alpha jet technology, they locally manufacture both the air frame and the engines. they still have dozens of Alpha jets in service with PGMs.

    If we want more numbers, we can talk to Egypt, both for cheap air frames and cheap guided weapons second hand, the Egyptians are known to always have surplus ordnance they may never use.

    • asorockweb says:

      Egypt assembled it’s alpha jets. Currently, there’s NO active production line for new alpha jets anywhere in the world.

    • Are James says:

      There is no one country that manufactures Alpha Jets or any jets whatsoever. This aircraft probably has three hundred thousand systems made up of probably a million and something parts from more than twenty countries. Who dash Egypt to manufacture am?.
      We need to get the 80s out of our thinking in terms of defence tech. The plan itself is called Franco-German which also does not do justice to the UK, US and possibly Japan for the inevitable parts sourced from those countries as well.

  12. Deway says:

    These Air USA chaps really know how to do serious upgrades to advanced trainers. Just see the carriage of weapons on this Alpha jet

  13. Ola says:

    I am no joy killer, but I see nothing to be excited about in acquisition of used albeit upgraded A-jets, even if we buy 12 dozens. Nigerian policy makers from both the government arm (politicians) and the military side need to wake up and get their acts together.
    If Nigeria could spend more than 30 years and billions of dollars servicing debt to the paris club, if Nigeria could spend billions of dollars in ECOMOG missions in other countries, I see no reason why the government together with the military heads cannot sit down together, plan a decade long revamping of the military and have a modernisation and an acquisition budget of $25 – 40 bn.
    Nigeria should be signing up to dozens of state of the art acquisitions that will serve the country for decades to come, not Aplha jets. Nigeria should be signing up to acquisition of modern, tested and proven platforms like new SU 30s in dozens, Su-25KM in dozens, T 90 tanks in hundreds and ELINT/STAR assets with their full complementary armaments, as well as intensive training on operation and maintenance. Contracts that should be signed on government to government basis to cut out third parties (contractors), shady deals and accompanying money loss and corruption.
    I wonder if the Government and military cheifs will ever wake up from their slumber and think far some day. If the embarrassment from boko haram due to decade long periods of non acquisition of relevant platforms and obsolescence of existing assets.
    You may call me a nay sayer, but Nigeria does not seem to be learning from their mistakes.

  14. Ola says:

    “If the embarrassment from boko haram due to decade long periods of non acquisition of relevant platforms and obsolescence of existing assets and ridicule from “friends of Nigeria” is not a big enough eye opener, I wonder if anything would ever sensitize these people and wake them up!”

  15. asorockweb says:

    The A-Jets are for immediate use. Sensible acquisition – we have pilots to fly them and maintenance crews as well. Over the short term, the new acquisitions will improve availability rates for CAS in the North East.

    I am a little confused about the Manchester route though. Surely these planes will be loaded unto a transport plane to get to Nigeria?

  16. lachit says:

    😎 😉
    some of u will remember i had advocated for advance jet trainers with COIN/ISR capability so that NAF can groom pilots for 4+ generation planes and with the added capabilty to take up COIN missions so that the main fighters (su 27/30 etc ) can concentrate on their primary task of defending nigerian airspace.

    so it seems that NAF has kind of ventured down that path .NAF gives me the impression of being street smart .
    in order to build up the capacity quickly and withen the constraints of budget they have ordered more UPGRADED alpha trainer/light attack jets.
    another point to be noted is that since the NAF already operates the type, therefore there is no need of conversion training for the pilots and also the maintenance guys will also have no trouble in looking after the jets since they are already fimiliar with the type.
    quick capacity buildup plus additional platforms for more pilot training and more COIN missions.

    1.NAF looking to put additional pressure on BH from the air and bring the fight to a quick end.

    2.NAF looking to build up a reserve pool of additional trained pilots. 😈 i wonder for what?

    looks like NAF is planning for the future .

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga Guru Lachit, I agree with you No-2 as a wise choice, building up an additional pool of pilots would make sense, you cannot trade anything for experience. also the A jet ‘s running cost low enough for pilots to log up flight time flying patrol and training missions, with the view of transiting to the “heavy metals” later. Training and currency of Pilots would be a sensible and necessary to be effective and efficient .

  17. Naijaseal says:

    This is a sensible short term fix, required to tackle an existing issue i.e BokoHaram.

    My only worry is that the Airforce will go back to sleep after this acquisition. We have a way of disappointing ourselves.

    Anyway, lets wait and see how 2015 pans out.

  18. Mubanks Mohammed says:

    Here she is, NAF 477 landing and taxing at Manchester airport…..:

    • rka says:

      It’s sad that this is the best opportunity we will ever get to seeing it in action. From a foreign camera man.

  19. jimmy says:

    I do not want to have a Knee – jerk reaction to this acquisition, there are several implications to this transaction.
    1) This Plane was sold to Nigeria from a U.S .registered Defense Sanctioned company, it does not fall under the cover by any stretch of the IMAGINATION as Non Lethal aid.
    2) The acknowledgement is there you have/ most def need more PGM jets not Helios that can FLY @ Night no buts or ifs about it
    3) Whether it is GMB or GEJ , the NAF needs as a priority to orient itself to it’s most urgent needs
    A) A 4TH gen plane namely the SU27/ 30
    B) They can continue to dig their head in the sand if they want a JF-17 BLOCK 2.
    I want to applaud them with a restrained sense that if they do not get the required jets / dual Fighters for the NAF , then the blood of Nigerians that flows because of their lack of foresight will be on their head.
    I do not know whether the US is singing Kumbaya with Nigeria but this is a surprise nonetheless, Allies may disagree with issues but there must be respect between both.

  20. jimmy says:

    Nonetheless ……. interesting development

  21. Ola says:

    In my own opinion, the current inventory of Nigerian armed forces (old and recently acquired) is enough to neutralise the remaining BH threat. Except if all the news flowing out is not true, BH at the moment has been largely decimated and the next phase of the fight is mainly mop up work, policing, intel work and border security. Nigeria should now speedily focus on threat coming from the allegiance pledge of BH to ISIS and threats from outside. Nigeria should stop comparing herself to other countries around her, as the biggest economy in Africa and potentially one of first 20 economies in a decade from now, Nigeria needs to have corresponding military for the sake of her security to counter threats that may come. Nigeria needs to quickly attain the status that makes even “world powers” go to the drawing board and have serious rethink if they ever consider having military confrontation with Nigeria, some day.
    At this stage, Nigeria should very aggressively focus on modernization of her military personnel and equipment. This will cost a substantial amount of money and will power and I think the country should not mind to invest both at this time. Yes, good to keep A-jets flying to keep NAF in tune with western platform and avionics, but it’s time to possess substantial number of 4+ and 5th gen assets with capacity to substantially maintain and repair them locally. Russia is the answer to that and the current global political situation can be played to Nigerian advantage for that.
    This sales from a US company must have been approved by the US govt, when a govt that has prevented you from using lethal assets associated with them in recent times suddenly allows a sale like this, does it not come with a suspicious whiff along with it? At the least, it may be a distraction from other sources that could sell more potent platforms. A distraction to keep NAF romanticising platforms that do not possess any threat to anybody.

    • colloid says:

      We bid them Godspeed ans Safety. We pray that God will shield them from the “bullets than flieth by day and the bombs/mines that explode by night”. #Safety&SecurityForOurTroops.

    • gbash10 says:

      2 F-7 AirGuard fighter jets circling over Makurdi as I type now 10:26am.

  22. jimmy says:
    ????? .You mean this could not of been handled by a phone call/ Fax/ Email
    And i really do not understand why he had to travel all the way from ABUJA to Washington D.C. ….. just to hear the democracy speech, eh isoksay o! nah we be the ode people o maek man siddon dey look.

    • Augustine says:

      The FG and NAF silence on 4th generation air superiority jet fighter acquisition is enough to slowly raise somebody’s blood pressures o !

      ‘Mighty mouse’ has 25 BVR missiles next door.

      Juju no fit stop am o ! Na to buy we own.

      • jimmy says:

        I don talk am tire o boy you see wetin happen to LIBYA today useless sam MISSILE wey bring down Mig 23 just lke that
        We go talk now some mofo go talk say shebi we get mig21 now wetin be our problem.IDIAT

      • gbash10 says:

        Oga Augustine, I still strongly believe that our military and political leaders are very comfortable with the F-7 and addicted to the Alpha jets,hence they do not see the Chadian MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jets as a threat at all.
        Until the day the Chadians will shoot down one of our jets close to their border before our eyes go open!

  23. ugobassey says:

    While I agree with most Ogas on this blog that our current acquisitions are targeted towards ending the insurgency, nevertheless it is imperative we understand the need to acquire platforms for medium and long term policy goals. We cant over emphasize the need for get 4th G platforms for both NA and NAF to meet and counter the ever growing threat from neighboring nations like Chad and Cameroun. So my Ogas we have now been reduced to measuring shlongs with these countries in terms of inventory?…….thats sad.

  24. Roscoe says:

    The US is only showing us respect and selling us this aircraft (very late in the war btw) because we are winning. We need Su25’s for CAS, no tomfoolery. This is an OK platform for trainers but I dispute the alpha’s COIN capabilities. If the US want to sell us COIN aircraft let them sell us Textron Scorpion or dash us 5 “Warthogs” that their airforce wants to scrap . Lets get the SU25’s for CAS and JF17’s for multi roles! Look EAST for our hardware, let us look east!

    • Oje says:

      Nope. Its because the GOP is breathing downs Obama’s neck. They want to know why its ok to fund and train Syrian terrorist trying to take down a legitimate government, provide weapons and aid to Africa’s two longest serving dictators and yet alienate the worlds 4th largest democracy,slap her with crippling sanction to weaken our ability to wage war on terror. There is a PBS clip of this, ill search for it.

      • Roscoe says:

        The Syrians they are funding have started aligning themselves with jihadists. Yemen is falling apart. US foreign policy is incoherent. Let us Look east.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Roscoe, anybody selling Alpha jet to you is NOT respecting you. Togo republic has Alpha jets. Let’s wait and see if America also sold guided missiles and guided bombs along with those Alpha jets. We shall see oga mi.

  25. jimmy says:

    Say No to” dash”
    “Dashing” has brought Nigeria a Yoruba word called “Arifin” it roughly translates to Contempt .
    Nigeria if offered should buy their stuff “money for hand back for ground”to much wahala with dashing man no go fit pee need to ask permission uh hun no do.
    Make we go get am o

  26. CHYDE says:

    Them try o, but even if the Alpha jet dey shoot missile through blu tooth, we prefer 4th gens like SU30 and maybe JF17.

  27. Oje says:

    This is utter rubbish and a scam, a delibrate attempt to keep hyping the terror threat, demand billions of dollars from security and then buy subsonic jets again? Why? In 1984 when we were at peace we flew the best fighter Jet (at least among the top 5) of that era complete with weapons suites and maintenance contract. This is 2015 yet we keep buying g subsonic jets? I will not celebrate mediocrity. Libyan Terrorists now employ MIG-23 fighter jets, imagine a terrorist group with zero resources flying more advanced fighter jets than those of the richest black nation the world has ever seen and will ever see.

  28. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, what do you think about this little piece of infotainment. Impressive. Nigeria has what it takes to be the Wests dominant partner in Africa, more so than Egypt.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Dominant partner, Why not the other way round, west, west, west. The Video is in- directly talking down to us. How can we not for once stand on are own two feet and take our destiny in hands. China, Brazil and other went by themselves. H

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Even post apartheid South Africa is not cap in hand. This culture of street begging cannot extend to national policies, South African president Zuma was recently asked by Obama’s Us to hand over it’s enriched and crucial Nuclear materials locked away in a secure facility, because it is believed that they can assemble a bomb with the right skill set in short order. Guess what? Zuma told Obama to keep all his incentives, that the issue is about his nations security and they should not even go there at all in any discussions. That is pride without fear and focus.

      • igbi says:

        the oji guy means “dominant western puppet”, that is his dream for Nigeria.

      • Sir Kay says:

        And South Africa’s condition is also this. Destroy your nukes and we will destroy ours.
        That was also their response to the US. Now that’s what i call a backbone .

  29. igbi says:

    See this spokes-clown talk:

  30. igbi says:

    Beegeagle, please you have to ban that oji guy. I don’t understand why he is allowed to continue his folly here.

  31. Oje says:

    igbi your FADA. You think this is your play ground? Oya Oga Beeg if you do not put this teenager with hormonal imbalance in check i promise to leave and never return to this blog,not even as an observer.

    • Sir Kay says:

      What’s so wrong about people voicing their opinion on this blog? Doesn’t matter if one agrees or not, we all can’t think the same way.
      People need to stop attacking others simply because they don’t agree with their point of view.
      what on earth. I don’t always agree with all of Mr Oje’s comments, but he have the right to comment. Even My Beeg isn’t here breathing on people’s neck. Live and let’s live i beg.

      • igbi says:

        In this your freedom stance does he also have the right to insult people’s parents ?
        You can’t possibly have missed that since you have just commented under the insult. Or perhaps to you insulting people’s parents is a legitimate point of view which must be allowed to thrive.

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Igbi, if you read my other comment, i made it clear i don’t agree with all of his comment.
        And yes it’s inappropriate to insult someone’s parent, so i do not agree with that.
        But since you two started this personal insult against one another, could you expect any thing less? It means you’ve both lost absolute respect for one another, now this can be fixed if you guys can just let the other be.
        You and i have had our own disagreement, but i don’t hate you, I’ve moved on, and hopefully you don’t hate me either. So I’m trying to help Oga Beeg preserve this blog without ruining it with fort and back jabs
        So i agree with you, Parents should be off limit, but when someone is pissed, well, they say things others might find offensive.

      • igbi says:

        I don’t know of any other member of this blog who would insult an other members parents. That is the type of contribution oji is famous for. Also I don’t think being apologetic of this kind of behaviour is helping anything. It is hypocritical to say “it is wrong, but understandable”. No, it is wrong and it doesn’t meet the standards of this blog. This type of behaviour is the reason I am pleading for oji to be banned. I also wonder why you would be defending him just under the post on which he insults my parents.

      • igbi says:

        There is a line that must never be crossed, once you cross it, you pay the price.
        There is no excuse for bad behaviour. There is no “could you expect any thing less?”, that is an inabling mind set which allows bad behaviour to thrive. When someone does something wrong, he gets the stick that is how it works in the real world.

      • igbi says:

        Also @sirkay, I don’t recall having a dispute with you. Rather I recall you insulting me for stating that you didn’t look like the most knowledgeable person in matters conserning this war against boko haram. And I replied you once again with no insults.

    • igbi says:

      Sorry, this is not what I intended to post.
      Thank God for Russia, China, Pakistan and all our partners who stood by us in our momment of need. Those who were too busy backstabbing us should know that we will never forget their evil deeds.

  32. Oje says:

    Dude you are becoming a source of embarrassment to Nigerians with your constant rants and blabbing. Why do you enjoy talking like a kid in play ground?

  33. Oje says:

    Superpower rising. This is no propaganda video. Believe, the Geo-politicking starts to make sense.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      This is more like it, Thanks for this one, not some second rated actors in surplus military uniform.

      • igbi says:

        Don’t encourage him, he needs to go because he has spread too much dirt on this blog. The fact that he remains here after insulting each of oour partners and after insulting my parents on this blog and after doing months long ridiculous propaganda to have us attack each of our allies in this war against boko haram is mind bugging.

  34. igbi says:

    Beegeagle, be warned, oji is slowly killing this blog.

  35. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Dominant partner, Why not the other way round, west, west, west. The Video is in- directly talking us down. How can we not for once stand on are own two feet and take our destiny in hands. China, Brazil, India, Cuba, Rwanda, etc and others went by themselves. Even post apartheid South Africa is not cap in hand. This culture of street begging cannot extend to national policies, South African president Zuma was recently asked by Obama’s Us to hand over it’s enriched and crucial Nuclear materials locked away in a secure facility, because it is believed that they can assemble a bomb with the right skill set in short order. Guess what? Zuma told Obama to keep all his incentives, that the issue is about his nations security and they should not even go there at all in any discussions. That is pride without fear and focus. that video was not made at that cost and standard for entertainment, but conveying and conditioning the recipients to a narrative and particular thinking process. Who is the audience. in direct blow, it is not in their place to tell us all that patronizing stuff.

  36. igbi says:

    The one thing a Nigerian will never do on a cyberspace is insults someone’s parents. Beegeagle, it is time to take sanctions, there is a lliimit (I hope) to the level of insanity people are allowed to display on your blog. I really don’t see anything positive this oji is adding, his contributions looks like dirt being spread around the blog to dirty it. it is time to clean up.

  37. Oje says:

    What is wrong with all of you people? I have been more critical about the West and America than anyone else in this blog, why is it at the mere mention of the word West or America by me you all start throwing flack. Na wa for una o. talk of watering down Oga Beegs hard with this senseless anacronic attack. Say anything ill about Nigeria you are labeled unpatriotic, First i am too pro America, then its i am too Pro West, next thing you say i am American,or CIA……..omo you are right, i am killing this blog with my constant WEST WEST WEST WEST…..all through last week i am forced to edit my own comment, careful not to sound like a ”traitor”before posting so i don’t draw in fire from the sky. I don commot for this site for una. I think its time i cease contributing or making comments on here,From now henceforth adopt the ”observer” status without posting anything.
    @igbi, grow up and get a life.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      I did not mean and will never have anything against your person, You can see that I thanked you for the other video, My grudge if at all is against the persons that made the video and the stupid hungry actors in it, I believe Oga Beegs has created a forum for us to express different view and also to learn from them by assimilating or discerning the information

      • Sir Kay says:

        Thank you Oga Tobias, that’s more like it. Allowing people to express their views and without confrontation.
        I respect your response.

  38. igbi says:

    I have just heard that usa special forces were disarmed by yemeni terrorists whoo took over their embassy and weapons and vehicles.

    I hate the cnn for the propaganda they have been spewing against Nigeria and against the Nigerian armed forces. I also hate cnn for its way of gloryfying terror, that is why I long hesitated befor posting a video from cnn and I am not happy with postingthis video.

  39. igbi says:

    I bet the yemenis can now say: “thank you for you uncle sam for your “super” military training and also for your over-hyped weapons which are now in the hands of the terrorists.

    What worries me most is that yemen is almost in Africa. Nigeria arm yourself like you mean it, fast do it now !

    • rugged7 says:

      lol. Very “expert” training by the “battle-hardened” americans.
      They have lost another country to insurgency again.
      Everyday, I pray that the Nigerian military does not accept anything from the americans.
      Itz 100years bad luck to do any business with their military.

  40. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:
    Rebel group says they carried out most serious engagements and threatens to pull out of fighting

  41. mnl01 says:

    GEJ OR GMB…… Nigeria needs to up arm oooo

    ISIS Accepts To Join Forces With Boko Haram

  42. ugobassey says:

    Enough with the personal insults. I think Igbi and Oje should both take a short break from this forum. While I enjoy reading both your opinions I think you be-little yourselves by stooping so low to make derogatory comments on each other. Gentlemen a DEFSEC blog is part and parcel of international politicking and in international politics there are no permanent friends or foes. Enough of this stuff on ‘The east is better’ or ‘The west is better’. You take what you get when you can get it and move on. You are both good contributors when you are not behaving like kids. No one has a monopoly on these issues because events are constantly changing and hence we have to adapt. Remember the powers that be in this country and out there takes this blog seriously and in a sense we are the blog’s representatives so we have to up our game. I would advice that if you cant stand each other’s comment then ignore them and simple move on. Leave the criticism to those that can do it maturely.

    • igbi says:

      You see when you put me at the same level with someone who insulted my parents atleast twice on this blog while I didn’t repeat same, what kind of message are you sending to me ? That good behaviour doesn’t actually matter that when you are insulted it doesn’t matter if you reply by an insult or not, everybody will just put you in the same basket as the person behaving badly ?

    • igbi says:

      The story of no permanent friends and no permanent ennemies was one I first heard from a usa president. I do not believe in that mindset which excuses all usa bad behaviours. I believe there is something such as “pattern”. When a country (the usa) constantly backstabs you (Nigeria) then you must reexamine any relationship with them. And moreso when each country which they called an example of what to do is crumbing and also when forces trained by the usa and armed by them keep failing.

    • its amazing how intolerant of each other IGBI and OJE are. Both have threatened to leave the blog at one point in time or the other. Oje insulting his parents was definitely going to far. Igbi your tendency to attack the person of anyone who disagrees with your opinion leaves a lot to be desired. Since when did have a different Opinion become a problem? Intolerance of other people’s opinions is a sure mark of immaturity. a lot of people disagree here without going up in arms. I commend Oga Beegs for staying largely out of their issues. I only suggest that if Oga Beegs is gonna take action the it should be on both of them and not just one of them. At OJE and IGBI i implore you both not to taint this Blog. do not loose sight of what the BLOG is about and what it stands for.

      • igbi says:

        you are biased, trying to hide it is futile. And as I could have expected of you, you completely miss the point. Even though I explained everything in great detail. If you were as mature as I am, you would have chose an other approach.

      • Wow! Since both of you have accused me of being Biased, Maybe I am, but in favour of who I wonder?

      • igbi says:

        You don’t punish two people because the one is throwing a stone at the other one, or else you are calling for chaos. I don’t think you actually understand the word “justice”. I am holding back and as a Nigerian I will never insult anybody’s parents, but you believe that nevertheless I should have the same treatment as the guy who insulted my parents twice without me doing same to him. Don’t you think that you are indirectly telling me to start insulting people’s parents ? I think you need to have a taste of leadership one day, sothat you would understand what it actually means. But you are in luck, I am actually mature and I do not see statements like yours as an excuse to act like a barbarian. There is no excuse for acting badly, never !

      • Wow again!! You must really believe am against U? Well ordinaril i feel ur comment made here even if I dont always agree with them. U make contributions of value. However its criticism dt u dont seem to handle well. Pls read My statement again, I did not take sides. However lets just leave it @ that. There’s a lot more to discuss thats in line with focus of the Blog. So if u take particular offence @ my comments fine. Still ma opinion though. Nor vex

  43. Augustine says:

    asorockweb says:
    March 26, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    Egypt assembled it’s alpha jets. Currently, there’s NO active production line for new alpha jets anywhere in the world.


    @asorockweb, I said Egypt built it’s own Alpha jets NOT assemble, and also built the Alpha jet engines, at the time of production they did it. I did not say they are still building it today.

    Egypt is the only country in Africa that builds jet engines. ABECO company of Egypt BUILT Alpha jet engines, don’t distort what I said, you don’t need to agree, just leave it as it is.

  44. buchi says:

    no comment. abt the above.the only beauty abt this dornier is that it is PGM enabled.else if it dosent have 6 harpoints minimum then it is nothing to cheer abt..just to improve our pool of reserve pilots and give a feel of maintenance nd usuage of pgm enabled platforms..precursor to the big one which I pray touches down soon

  45. drag_on says:

    If Pakistan decides to engage in the airstrikes in Yemen. It will be very revealing what jets they send.
    If they send the F-16, then they have officially killed off the Export market for the JF-17. If they do send the JF-17, many would like to know the efficacy of the platform in that theatre. It is very likely the Saudis will arm twist them to join in the strikes if they want to secure Saudi orders for the jet.

    • Are James says:

      Good post. We will wait and see. I am currently doing some consulting work in Saudi and news of the imminent danger from the south is permanently on the air waves. One interesting thing is that all precision strikes on Houthi positions are currently being done by indigenous Saudi (and regional coalition partners) pilots using mostly F 16s with some Tornadoes in limited action, NAF should learn from this. Iran will surely escalate things in Yemen and Saudis will not stand for an Iranian ‘colony’ along its borders so it is just a matter of time before Sunni Pakistan is persuaded (and paid) to join the coalition against the Yemeni rebels. There are many lessons on regional leadership for Nigeria, even within the third world we are learning that government is not for businessmen/traders ‘sharing money’ and national collective wealth, it is for far seeing, dedicated and ultra patriotic individuals with proven leadership skills and true passion defending its national ideals, economic interests and social interests on the world stage.

    • lachit says:

      if u analyse the situation more closely u will see the IRANIAN factor comming into play.
      pakistan shares border with iran.iran might just hot up things in balochistan and add fuel to the already worsening shia-sunni strife.
      so they might not want want to jump into action this early.
      however if the national integrity of saudi is threatened they will jump into the fray, since the saudis provide lots of free oil, money. and also financial help for their nuclear progam.

      however i agree with u on the jf17.if they take there and the aircraft performs well it will boost its export potential in a big way.
      u just have to see how the french used the MALI operation to showoff the RAFALES.

  46. majorohis says:

    Good one NAF, I am glad. I wonder what type of TACAN it has or better yet what was it upgraded to? What is the night vision upgrade? is it stationary or helmet base? If I may suggest, the Striker II HMD will work with this bird. I think BAE makes them (Don’t quote me on that, not sure about the manufacturer) Alpha Jets don’t usually have auto pilots……Yes I know it is an aggressive airframe, and who needs auto pilots? Trust me you need them especially when you upgrade to close to almost fly by wire, the bird is badly damaged and you are RTB. Anyway I am happy for the good news. I just know it is high time for a 4.5th generation bird.
    Here is my list:
    MiG-29SMT ( aka armored bee)
    Shenyang J-11B ( Not 100% battle tested, but it will do)
    Dassault Rafale
    F-16F Block60 ( Highly not likely to be sold)

    The NAF still needs some flying tanks, and I agree 100% that the Su-25SM is perfect for the NAF. nothing more, nothing less.Unless by some miracle the A10 happens to be available (emphasis on miracle). All these will be what I will like to see. Anyway, back to the flight line, catch you all on the flip side. Beeg, keep up the good work, I have totally introduced your blog to some folks here at work, who are frequent visitors. I fly out for a min and come back, and these Airmen swear they know more about Nigeria than I do……because they don go your blog lean something new chop clean mouth…..then come begin talk to me like I am a learner.
    Break// Freedom is not free.
    God Bless Nigeria.

  47. Oje says:

    Oga Adetayo, the word “your FADA (EMPORIUM ON THE SPELLING) does not cannot an insult to his Father, it’s normal Nigerian pallant, even if taken in the literary sense ” your father”, your father what?, where is the insult? Funny how you all ignore his instigating but quick to point out my own. Any serious international viewer will be turned off by his endless rants, you beginning to sound like Hezbollah : Death to America, West is evil..bladabla, it reeks of ignorance and stupidity forgetting if Nigeria’s leaders did the right thing and kept our house in order there will be no opportunity for anyone to rubbish us. Frankly I’m surprised Oga Beeg allows such constant mantra with the kind of international audience beegeagles blog enjoy…then it’s his blog, however he wishes to moderate I’m cool with it but my criticism of Nigeria’s incompetent and corrupt leadership will not cease until there are changes. Same way my critism of the Obama administrations naive and unjust policy against Nigeria will not cease and same way my critism and contempt for the Franco Alliance to keep Nigetia in a perpetual state of unrest will not end. There should be a ballance….

    • @ oga Oje, i dint criticize you alone, i believe i mentioned his personal attacks on people too. Me and you agree on a number of issues and we disagree on others but its all good btw us. I just hope you guys can cool it a bit.

  48. Oje says:

    Oga Are James once again you are spot on. Say what you like about Nigeria’s military rulers they did have a clear and strategic foreign policy. Our lootocrates care more about money and allocation of funds that Nigeria’s reputation as a regional power. See how easy Obasanjo was willing to give out Bakassi to Cameroon in a “goodwill gesture”, did Cameroon see it as such?no, instead they forcefully evicted Nigerian settlers, committed human rights abuses. …what did the Nigerian government do to protect its people? NOTHING.

    • we have leadership issues in this country and its across board. the Military deliberately undermined the fighting ability of the armed forces but the civies that wanna buy make sure they can line their purses while buying. and the people and the Armed forces suffer for it. on the foreign policy front at least under the military to a large extent we had a focus even if all would not agree about the methods or the direction. these days it just seems like Nigeria has lost her swag. i really dont believe one form of government is the perfect or the best. doesnt matter which type of govt u adopt it cant perform better than the people manning it. where you have leaders determined to move a nation forward, the nation will move. but where leadership is pocket oriented and divided along religious opr ethnic lines, everyone would suffer for it.

  49. Deway says:

    Gwoza recaptured!

  50. drag_on says:

    Good news indeed,start mopping up boys.

  51. Naijaseal says:

    Any info from DefenseHQ about that?

  52. Naijaseal says:

    DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA ‏@DefenceInfoNG 39m39 minutes ago
    FLASH: Troops this morning captured Gwoza destroying the Headquarters of the Terrorists self styled Caliphate. #NeverAgain

    DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA ‏@DefenceInfoNG 37m
    #Gwoza: Several terrorists died while many are captured. Mopping up of entire #Gwoza and her suburbs is ongoing. More details later.

  53. Sir Kay says:

    Captured terrorists, now show them to the media asap, nothing can lift the spirit more than that. Show their weakness to the world and let terrorists wanna be see how it will also end for them.

  54. Augustine says:

    Ah ! NAF ! War has almost ended ! You never showed the world a single video of Alpha jet and Mi-35 helicopter firing rocket pods and dropping bombs !

    6 years of war and over 6,000 combat sorties including over 2,000 air to ground attack sorties and NO SINGLE PHOTO or VIDEO…..only surveillance aircraft ATR-42 is what we see !

    Big mistake, NAF image evidence of it’s massive aircraft combat in Nigeria’s longest and most technologically sophisticated war is lost, big military history is lost, records of combat is perishable if not video and photo recorded…..all is lost, except somebody secretly recorded it.

    This is a PR calamity !

    If you show your country’s war history and combat records like this, nobody will find it easy to steal your glory with MNJTF and mercenary stories, even BBC cannot see this type of video and say Nigeria did not defeat Boko Haram with our own military might….seeing is believing, paper press release can be doubted like tales by moonlight.

    NAF, FG, DHQ… can still do this one now, please now, we beg you now…

    • ozed says:

      Great news on Gwoza.
      Lots of lessons to learn. If we learnt even 60% of them we would be far better off.

      We can only hope cant we?

  55. startrek says:


    • ozed says:

      The next step would now be the return of the urban anti-terror war.

      The army will now take a back seat, and the DSS and Police will not take point!! Hope we realize the need for this transition and get ready for it.
      No be everything suppose take us unaware ooo!

  56. rugged7 says:

    Our francophone “friend”- the Chadian “strongman” who walks on water and converts water to wine…
    Who also suffers from verbal diarrhea.
    @ 62years of age, the moron has inadequate grasp of his faculties.
    It will be a travesty of justice if Nigeria does not handle the two big fools-Deby and biya , after the war..

    • ozed says:

      It is partly our fault for not telling our story.

      As for the Chadian buffoon, let him enjoy his 30mins of fame. He has earned it at our expense. If he is intelligent he will let it go and keep quiet. However, if he carries on as he is going he will soon get a bloody nose. mark my words!!

      • Deway says:

        Ozed, make no mistake, this is not 30 mins of fame, this is going into the records and will be archived and used in the future. make no mistake, Deby knows what he is doing!

    • igbi says:

      It seems to me that derby is trying to create a distraction to buy boko haram some time. First he asks for permission for his illitrate “soldiers” to enter a border village, then he starts crying that our troops must move to that village as well.

    • an says:

      I didn’t read more than two sentences of that new york times propaganda piece against us. I have already had my dose of reading ennemy propaganda. But I just want to remind you guys that the title of the article is an other lie from newyorktimes, indeed in the french article I don’t recall derby saying that Nigeri

    • igbi says:

      I didn’t read more than two sentences of that new york times propaganda piece against us. I have already had my dose of reading ennemy propaganda. But I just want to remind you guys that the title of the article is an other lie from newyorktimes, indeed in the french article I don’t recall derby saying that the Nigerian army was absent. He was rather complaining that the Nigerian army was not sending personnel to join the chadian soldiers in chadian military operations. Now how the new york times would translate that into “Nigerian army absent in the fight against boko haram” is anyones guess.
      Also notice that the cameroonians have showed themselves to be much more professional than the chadians.

  57. rugged7 says:

    Meanwhile, one nonsense oyibo journalist on twitter @Sara_Firth is claiming that this is all a “performance”
    “From the start #Nigeria’s counter-insurgency op has had an air of performance. Capturing #Gwoza on Election eve feels like a grand finale.”
    Correct bad belle
    Na real wa…lol…

  58. Akin Oges says:

    Good work NA/NAF. Now show the world in pictures and videos details of this great victory in battle. Own the narrative, tell your story first. God’s speed.

  59. Dario says:

    No need to promote a muck racking oyibo hack who has no problem with lying against her former employers to raise her pathetically low profile.

    She is a nobody who writes for an Internet news aggregator/blogsite. She’s not even a journalist.

    No need to promote such people by mentioning their names or quoting their tweets on this blog.

    All this is part of a PR war which amazingly, many of you here are STILL blessedly naive and ignorant about.

    I don’t think many of you understand how much these people hate you and how far they are willing to go to destroy your narrative. Everything counts. Measure your thoughts before putting them out here or anywhere else. If your government isn’t good at fighting PR warfare, you don’t also have to be crap at it. We’re not communists here. We do things for ourselves. That’s the whole point of being Nigerian isn’t it?

    • rka says:

      Well said. Some of us do get carried away and usually unintentionally contribute to the negtive narrative.

      The difficulty lies in trying to honestly debate what is out there in cyberspace without ending up promoting what we detest. A bit of a conundrum really.

    • Akin Oges says:

      Good to have you back on here bro. You are clever. Again, NA tell your story: pictures, videos and captured BH singing like canary. Don’t let any person or persons steal your thunder. Tell your story…

    • rugged7 says:

      @ Dario,
      I think u clearly miss the point.
      It cannot be left to only the DHQ to counter the mainstream foreign media anti-Nigerian bias.
      The idea of posting these links is not to promote these narratives, but to serve to alert beegeagles bloggers on the status quo ante in the cybersphere.
      Hopefully this allows us all to counter these narratives in a timely manner.
      I kid u not, Nigeria is under a media siege.
      Doing NOTHING is not an option.

  60. rugged7 says:

    Bama tour by AFP

  61. kolawole says:

    Biggest Military Miracle…..America will have to learn how its done….i always knew we had the power to defeat them…no wonder Egypt is begging us to fight Isis….

    tell them Victory is from God alone-Nigerian army




  62. igbi says:

    I believe that that aljazeera crew was intending to offer reconnaissance to bht.

  63. Sir Kay says:

    I’ve Seen a few pics of Gwoza after the recapture, could be better. The Military should release better and more pics for Christ sake, ugh

  64. Sir Kay says:

    Federal Government, Respond . Unreal. How does a government sit idle while a tiny neighbor launches relentless attacks on it? this is sad. Abuja must be empty

  65. igbi says:

    newyorktimes and its chadian accomplices, your diversion will never work, Nigeria is just too clever for you. You guys wanted to distract the Nigerian army into dispersing in different directions and forgetting to hit the bht where it hurts. Well, we will not be distrated !

  66. igbi says:

    On the black bht pickup truck, you can read RH, That means “resources humaines”, it is a french expression for the people who are charged with recruiting are dismissing personnel in french companies. To me this is an other proof of the fact that the majority of boko haram are francophone.

    • Sir Kay says:

      And what if that truck, like every other pick up they use was stolen? I disagree that a pickup truck proves any thing. Could have been stolen and driven to Nigeria, that can be pretty easy. My opinion

    • igbi says:

      No actually, I am talking about an inscription which bht wrote on the pickup truck after repainting it. So no, the inscription is the handwork of bht.

    • igbi says:

      I am not sure the truck was repented, although its painting does look odd, but the inscription is definately boko haram’s handwork. It follows similar patterns as the arabic inscription on the truck. Please just take a look at the truck.

  67. beegeagle says:

    I am counting on Rugged7, Adetayo’s Blog, Kola Adekola & Dario to respond to that ADAM NOSSITER chap.

    BTW, did NYT and The ECONOMIST not endorse an opposition presidential candidate? So is anyone naive enough to believe that their narratives on Nigeria can be anything but biased?

    It is unfortunate that some of our minders are too mushy. A devious reporter such as Adam Nossiter should be kept out of Nigeria in perpetuity. But we always forget in a hurry & I won’t be surprised if our people actually fly him around in a private jet. Very wimpy attitude..

    • lachit says:

      off topic
      but another area where NIGERIA and INDIA can collaborate is in the field of SUERCOMPUTERS
      Supercomputers play an important role in the many fields

      especially NIGERIA would like to use it for weather forecasting, climate research, oil and gas exploration .
      NIGERIA already has satellites in space and to make full use of its full potential supercomputers are required.

      also oil industry in nigeria could make use of it for analysing the sesmic data etc to accurately map oil reservoirs etc.

      and should NIGERIA in future take up development of ballistic – cruise missile,aircrafts-drones and cryptological tools it will would not be possible without supercomputers

      besides it would do wonders to the NIGERIAN IT sector and NATIONAL PRESTIGE.

      NIGERIA can also take the help of the CHINESE.
      at present they have the fastest supercomputer
      the NUDT Tianhe-2 at 33.86 PFLOPS installed on 2013

      however india has sanctioned 2 billion dollars to build the fastest supercomputer that will work at 132 exaflops per second as against an 1 exaflops per second machine being built by Cray Incorporated,which has projected that its machine would be ready by 2020. however presently worldwide the top supercomputers works at Petaflops range only.
      the indian version is expected to come online by 2019.

      FLOPS (an acronym for FLoating-point Operations Per Second) is a measure of computer performance.
      kiloFLOPS kFLOPS 10 to the power 3
      megaFLOPS MFLOPS 10 to the power 6
      gigaFLOPS GFLOPS 10 to the power 9
      teraFLOPS TFLOPS 10 to the power 12
      petaFLOPS PFLOPS 10 to the power 15
      exaFLOPS EFLOPS 10 to the power 18
      zettaFLOPS ZFLOPS 10 to the power 21
      hope u will find this info usefull.

  68. jimmy says:

    Great news Gwoza is firmly under the grasp and control of the F.G.N
    The side shows, the distractions are over, Nigeria and the F.G.should not be distracted by foolishness , but follow the path of being RESOLUTE, hopefully in the coming hours the ARMY SPECIFICALLY will start to release PICTURES AND INTERVIEWS .Some have already been released I will post the link.
    God bless Nigeria

  69. jimmy says:
    The Chad president and the rest of them can go and hug TRANSFORMER.
    This war is over and a subtle warning should be given to him,Nigerians do not do PRESS RELEASES very well, the time of playing mindless petty games is over,
    This war was not won by bbc who in the last weeks of the war were reduced to the sidelines with only a silly interview to show for their pains where are their maps, it was not won by CNN who not surprising have moved on nor AL JAZZEERA who are demanding ? the release of their journalist maybe they are feeding Nigeria
    No it was won by the F.G.N backed up by political will and Military resolve. There will be a lot of rubbish over the air waves about how they were just poverty stricken Nigerians and that is totally b.s.
    The boko haram LEADERS captured responsible for:
    need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law including the death penalty this should be done by Nigerian Law the same international countries that refused LETHAL AID should be told politely but firmly this is a Nigerian affair please mind your own country’s affairs.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Isn’t it funny how that Chadian fool is still harping on UN intervention? And you know why? Such interventions make so called allies money, i think, so he will make money for his country and probably get some military assets in the process, for free.
      Why call in the UN when the war is pretty much over?
      What’s left now is about getting good Intel and knocking down doors of terror cells.

  70. ugobassey says:

    OL Boy! This news just made my day! Best news ever o! Kudos to NA and NAF! we cant even begin to thank you enough. There is however still the Sambisa Forest. That still needs to be completely retaken and BH flushed out from their rat holes.

  71. startrek says:

    Gentlemen the days of lamentations are over and now it is time for the REVELATIONS.
    The very essence why the Nigerian government tolerated those puppet houseboys and their banana enclaves running around our countryside border in the name of joint forces is mainly a strategy in the so-called Human right international diplomacy than the military purpose which this despotic goons are ignorantly walloping in.

  72. doziex says:

    I fault GEJ for these insults from Idris Deby.

    Any competent CIC would have put this fool in his place long ago.

    If GEJ chooses to be quiet and appear allouf, then he should let one of our tough talking, no nonsense generals put chad in it’s place.

    Nigeria, NA and all concerned chad, cameroun, niger put together are not our equal.

    Whomever we elect must see that NA is reequiped for regional and continental dominance.

    Subjecting nigeria to this unnecessary ridicule is enough to disqualify one from leadership.

    • ABT says:

      The smart money would be to deal with Boko first, then later handle loud mouth Idris. We cant afford to make him our enemy at this juncture until we can seriously guide and protect our borders. Don’t let our pride to get in the way of what is sensible. Mr. Idris will surely get what is coming to him.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Haven’t i been saying this for days? I still think the Aso Rock is empty and someone is taking a nap. We are essentially being called out by a smaller, poorer country, and we have no response. What a pity

  73. Roscoe says:

    The initial reports were of massing terrorists in Gwoza, however the DHQ report said “several” terrorists killed. Where did the mass of terrorists go? Did they break out over the Mandaras and got re absorbed in the Cameroons? Did they move into the foot hills and are still fighting? The fog of war is still upon us,

  74. Naijaseal says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 7m7 minutes ago

    A hundred #BokoHaram terrorists have fleed Gasheger crossing river koumadougou. Into Geusseri where Niger&Tchad troops are now engaging them

  75. Martin Luther says:

    You know, war is war there is northing good about war and all the stories are similar

    Screen this clip guys, I would like to know what you think please

  76. Kay says:

    New thread with the liberation of Gwoza?
    Besides, in 6 weeks all territories recaptured, this should have never been allowed to take so long.
    Questions now? Where is Shekau and the girls?
    Status of Sambisa forest?

  77. rka says:


    Baanki town to be liberated & #BokoHaram camps in #Sambisa forest to be destroyed in few days, as Nigerian Airstrikes continues on locations
    4:52pm – 27 Mar 15

  78. chynedoo says:

    Nigeria acquiring Alpha jets in 2015? Haba! We go around picking 1980s relics and museum pieces for our air force in this age of 4th and 5th gen fighter aircrafts. Kai Nigeria! Anyway, on the bright side at least we have Gwoza back….

    • igbi says:

      alpha jets are still in use by the biggest and most capable airforces of today. And yes we do have to buy 4th or 4.5th generation jets. But alphajets are also needed and useful.

      • Abi ooo!! The fact that it ws made in the 80’s doesnt mean its useless, it has its uses. And its not an air superiority fighter. F16 was introduced in 1978, F18 in 1983 Mig 29 in 1980, and all r still formidable. We need air superiority fighters Yes. But 80’s tech is not necessarily useless

  79. Jaspo says:

    I am not overly excited about this aquisition, but I’ll take it.
    Like many on this blog, I would have preferred Su-25s.
    Oh well, we go manage these ones sha.

    • igbi says:

      I think the role of the alpha jets is close combat support. While the role of the Su is air superiority. Different roles, both roles are necessary. The 4.5th generation jets are still needed.

    • Are James says:

      These new Alpha jets though more modern and NVG capable can barely manage a weapon load of 1500kg.
      So you need to deploy at least five for a major COIN battle, dont even take those toys near a conventional long drawn out engagement. Someone was talking about radar. The Alpha jet does not have any such thing. It is a trainer jet with secondary capabilities for ground support. If the F7s were not do fast, it might have been better idea to upgrade them to F7bgi standard and buy standoff air to ground missiles and rockets for them.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        In the 1980s appeared an improved variant called the Alpha Jet NGEA equipped with new avionics and compatibility with Matra Magic air-to-air missiles. This variant was sold to Egypt and Cameroon. Introduced in the 1990s, Alpha Jet ATS is the latest variant equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, radar – FLIR.AGAVE or Anemone radar, The Cameroonians have air to air capability “Lancier”, they were provided by the French to counter ours ( German Variants), they were not primarily for training, hence they were based in Garoua opposite the Aggressor Sqns in Yola in the 80s,

    • igbi says:

      The alpha jet was originally buikt as a trainer, but its role was quickly expanded becuase of its capabilies.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Alpha Jet 3 ATS is effectively a flying simulator equipped to lead pilots into new advanced combat aircraft such as the Mirage 2000, Rafale, Gripen and F-16 and other types expected to enter service between 1990-2010. The ATS is equipped with an advanced VEM 130 HUD, new types of sensors, day/night navigation and intercept radar such as Agave/Anemone, FLIR pod, a laser-designator pod, laser-guided stand-off weapons and electronic warfare systems.

      • igbi says:
        The Alpha jet is a twin-engine subsonic tandem-seat jet, developed by the French company Dassault and the German company Dornier. The Alpha Jet was developed to replace the Fouga Magister and T-33 to be a trainer for the French Air Force and a close-air-support jet for the German Air Force. The Alpha jet is also used by the French demoteam (Patrouille de France).

      • igbi says:

        As I said, due to its capabilities, the role of the alpha jets was expanded to close air support which it performs very well.

      • igbi says:

        Also notice that I am actuaaly not contradicting you. The aircraft if both a trainer and a close support jet.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Igbi, I am always learning, thanks, CONGRTULATIONS to everyone about the take down Gwoza, but he next phase is just as important, this needs the CJTF actively identifying and pointing out BH’s cardre returnees in the towns for arrest and interrogation by the Security Forces. Also there is a very real brewing ISIS problem up north, we must start preparing now to make sure it does not happen, the loud mouthed Chadian would not be an effective buffer, so we must be ready to project force beyond our borders to keep them (chad & Niger) as an effective buffer. this is not work for A jets or F7s.
        We need to be able to run long distance sorties to carryout surgical strikes, this going to involve our aircraft, satellites and all. Believe me when it gets to it, Niger & Chad would ask for help. Right now the ISIS affiliates are still training and getting the heat of battle. We need to get all in place now, especially grass root security cells. we cannot afford to start this all over again.

  80. chynedoo says:

    This is one problem with the mentality of a lot of our people from the guy on the street up to the people in the most sensitive positions in the country, we always seem to limit ourselves, we accept less and then go round trying to rationalise mediocrity and sometimes failure. Again, when you try to point it out, those who ought to be ashamed of settling for less try to shout you down. Do we really hate ourselves that much we hate the truth of our love for mediocrity and backwardness to be mentioned.
    If we are ever to know the cost of procuring this relic of the 1980s, maybe if we top the figure up, we could have picked one of the more modern multirole fighters gathering dust in Russian warehouses

    • igbi says:

      no actually as I stated we also need close air support and that is a role which the alpha jet does very well. Now as I also stated we also need air superiority jets like the Su series and the 4.5th generation jet. You can’t actually settle for one and ignore the other, both are needed.

      • sazulu says:

        The fact that it ws made in the 80’s doesnt mean its useless, it has its uses…yes it does, maybe in its initial designed role of training. Mind you, I don’t have a problem with the age. Why so much for the A jet? Yes we need fighter ground attack/close air support aircraft but it doesn’t have to be the Alpha. There are many aircrafts capable of doing better than the Alpha.
        I have alway been of the opinion that whatever platform/equipment we want to acquire, the condition should be that it is still being produced by its original manufacturers. This is for obvious reasons.
        I think we are making a mistake, not all SUs are air superiority fighter. However, i think we can consider standardising based on these Russian aircrafts for our NAF. For the air superiority role, we can consider SU 33, and when we are looking for an interdictor, we can cop the SU34. The SU30 can even be prepped up as our multirole fighter. However, the SU25 is designed for fighter attack (close air support) role. In fact it has the same role as the Alpha or the same role the alpha is being employed.
        We tend to rate the alpha jet so highly in Nigeria meanwhile all we’ve seen are crashes after crashes. Two non combat related crash within a year, in Niamey and Adamawa…haba, are we cursed with these aircrafts? These are signs that we should do away with them.

  81. chynedoo says:

    Just few days ago, the UK government was forced to send extra troops and to the Falklands, and two chinooks because Argentina had leased 12 SU-24 long range bombers from Russia, and in exchange the Russian had agreed to the deal in return for Argentinian beef and wheat. Strategic thinking. International politics on display, offer the other side what they need in return for selling/leasing your country what it needs. Why do we not think like that?

  82. buchi says:

    police training college gwoza finally liberated

  83. buchi says:

    police training college gwoza finally liberated totally

  84. Roscoe says:

    We need Deep strike air platforms, India is getting 200 Su30’s an a squadron of Rafales, Eqypt is getting like 30 Rafales. We need Gen 4 planes considering the threat vectors in our nbhd to project power. In case we missed it the entire northern axis is a threat vector (Mauritania , Mali, Northern Niger, Libya) How do we hit training camps and supply convoys? CAR is a mess, and BH probably just moved in Cameroon to infect that country and come back over the Mandaras in a few months or years.

    The news is not a definitive victory, BH was not destroyed in situ in Gwoza, they maneuvered. They may have played possum through out this operation since they knew they could not face the NA conventionally, there is a chance that while we think they will move to an insurgency, they could do a counter offensive during the rains using dismount infantry and motor cycles to do small raids and start stretching troops. Victory should not defeat us, we have to start seek and destroy missions and violate BH wherever they may be (Cameroon probably).

    • lachit says:

      a small correction
      india placed orders for a total of 272 su 30mki
      and is negotiating for intial batch of 126 rafales with additional 63 rafales to be ordered in the follow on order.

      • igbi says:

        why rafale ? it is extremely expensive ?

      • lachit says:

        yes ur correct about the rafale being expensive.
        thats why the india MRCA deal pegged at a reported price anywhere between 20-30 billion dollars at todays prices is being called as the mother of all is going to the most expensive single defence deal in the world if india and france mange to iron out the differences.
        why rafale? because it won the MRCA competition which included Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Eurofighter Typhoon, Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon, Mikoyan MiG-35, and Saab JAS 39 Gripen.

        india needs a multi role swing fighter with AESA radar, advance sensor suite and terrain following capability etc etc .
        it also has to transfer all relevent technologies to india.
        su 30 mki is a air superiority fighter it cannot take terrian following missions.
        during the initial stages of war.the first job is to destroy heavily defended airbases,SAM sites ie fly SEAD AND DEAD missions.
        this can only done by aircrafts who can fly into enemy areas below the radar horizon close to the terrain using terrain following radars.
        only after that other aircrafts like su 30 mki will establish air superiority and conduct CAPs.
        if this is not done than ur aircrafts will shot down likes flies

      • igbi says:

        nice explanation, thanks

      • lachit says:

        i will give u a real life example to highlight the effectiveness of terrain following aircrafts.

        the effectiveness of terrain following fighters/helicopters can be gauged from the US operation NEPTUNE to kill osama .
        the helicopters and escort fighters which flew into pakistan used terrain following techniques to escape detection from pakistani radars.

        the stealth blackhawks was used because the pakistanis had deployed the Czech anti stealth VERA passive sensors to protect their nuclear weapon sites from percieved israel/indian/US strikes.
        also Abbottabad where osama was killed had many radars but the pakistanis did not have a clue untill the US returned to their bases.

        importantly to do terrain following missions ur aircraft needs to have radar with terrain following mode.
        infact as of now none of the russian aircrafts in the world have radars with terrain following mode.even the the su 34 lack this capability.
        only AESA radars have this capabilty.
        NAF will do well to order fighters with AESA radars to gain the upperhand against her enemies


    • asorockweb says:

      Great talk. Let’s not lose to victory.

  85. jimmy says:

    Much respects for your comments 1st paragraph I agree with you second paragraph I disagree
    this was A DEFINITE victory for the Nigerian Armed forces and also a warning to all those other sill groups out there. Gwoza was surrounded to the North South , East and West even to the mountains is treacherous for them to go there.
    The quotes from the GEN said several were killed while others surrendered .BH had no intention of leaving GWOZA after occupying GWOZA for 8 months. They did not maneuver anywhere, that is why they fought, were captured, killed and those that remained fledtowards Chad, Cameroon and Sambisa Forests their entire command and control structures in place were destroyed and they have only Sambisa Forests left to go to- and that place together with Banki ( Nigerian side) is being bombed regularly.

    • Roscoe says:

      @OGA JIMMY
      Reading your link I agree with you, The speed of the operation is breath taking when compared to the Tikrit operation or the Kobani operation. All my fears about a long drawn out battle (house to house in Bama and then hill country in Gwoza) are for nought. I assumed that the terrorists would fight and die to the last man and that it would take time to clear but the offensive proceeded much faster than I thought, especially since our first projections was that the 3rd div would not move for fear of being over stretched being supported from Yola. Lo and behold, they did move.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Roscoe. Nice take.

        Do we know who delivered the death blow? 7Div or 3Div?

        Before the announcement about the fall of Gowza was made, NA announced the capture of Pulka, which is to the north of Gowza. I took that to mean that troops from Bama were advancing south towards Gowza.

        In any event SF, must return to the Mandaras mountain range. That is BH’s favourite incubation zone.

        It is clear that the troops must now stay in place and in strength for several months. This has to be the case until C-JTF ramps up in the newly liberated areas.

      • Roscoe says:

        I believe The final assault was a simultaneous multi front assault, 3rd div from madagli and 7th from bama, limankara? With Nigerian forces or friendly forces pinning pulka and banki.

  86. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Oga Igbi, I am always learning, thanks, CONGRTULATIONS to everyone about the take down Gwoza, but he next phase is just as important, this needs the CJTF actively identifying and pointing out BH’s cardre returnees in the towns for arrest and interrogation by the Security Forces. Also there is a very real brewing ISIS problem up north, we must start preparing now to make sure it does not happen, the loud mouthed Chadian would not be an effective buffer, so we must be ready to project force beyond our borders to keep them (chad & Niger) as an effective buffer. this is not work for A jets or F7s.
    We need to be able to run long distance sorties to carryout surgical strikes, this going to involve our aircraft, satellites and all. Believe me when it gets to it, Niger & Chad would ask for help. Right now the ISIS affiliates are still training and getting the heat of battle. We need to get all in place now, especially grass root security cells. we cannot afford to start this all over again.

    • igbi says:

      I just saw one twit on salkida’s account which was calling for terrorist immigration into Nigeria. salkida is officialy a bht member. And I agree with you, we need to be ready, and we need much moore than just alpha jets.

  87. smartboy2000 says:

    My Lords CyberGenerals of, as a long-time observer of this cyberspace who rarely makes a comment, I want to give thanks to God, Nigerian Army and Nigerian Airforce.
    PHASE ONE of the Military Operation is almost over. Please don’t let us be complacent, we are now mopping up the FOB Gwoza and preparing for Phase Two Sambisa Forrest. Sambisa Forrest is Jungle Warfare so the New Nigerian Army Air Corp would need these Alpha Jets with the Gazettes Attack Helos for close quarter combat. Our great heroes the Army Special Forces and SBS are going to have to Lead for phase 2 warfare. Phase 2 Warfare is going to entail a different way of fighting and I believe the Lord is on our side.

    Early Phase 2 Victory for our Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  88. Oje says:

    Its a big shame Nigeria cannot acquire a single 4th Gen fighter after 6 years and $15 billion later.. i mean what the hell !! You have Idris Derby continue his now routine rant and insults.. nothing can be more insulting as accusing your host of not doing enough fighting despite the fact he pockets $2 million a month!! This i dare say is an act of aggression, its akin to a declaration of war, too bad our leaders dont even see the handwriting on the wall. I have one question, what if this Derby guy is slighted by Nigeria’s military successes and seeing that he cannot claim victory he decides AGAIN to aid and arm Boko Haram clandestinely, what do we do? Total abdication of authority is what i call Nigeria’s refusal to send these Chadians back home. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME,..SHAME Our countries air force has as its front line fighter an airplane Civilians in the West buy for recreation and fun. The present crop of leaders we have is the worse weve ever seen since the amalgamation in 1914. Its such a stupid shame, i wish all our leaders will vanish into thin air. I dare say more embarrassments are coming our way. I don tire for Oga Jona, clueless democrat, lacks strategic debt, doesnt even know what Geo poitilking is all about. Nigeria has Africa most educated and entrepreneurial people, How on Earth we end up with the crop of leaders we have ill never know..n One day the Nigerian people will say enough is enough. Imagine a country where both candidates sign a ”Peace accord”..i mean wtf? is this war or election?

    • Sir Kay says:

      Haha, Oga Oje, i feel your pain. Perhaps after the election we will have an actual Government, its been most ridiculous. Being called out constantly by Chad, and regularly insulted, without a single response, its Sad.
      I’m hoping they have a plan to punish chad for this rubbish, if not, well, we can hand over West African crown to them. We are supposed to be the power of that region, but Chad is acting more like it, not us.

    • Ufuo says:

      Oga Oje, while I have cherished inciteful comments made here on this blog, your insistence on declaring war on our neighbours has forced me to respond to you? Nigeria will not stoop low to the level of chad. we will not dignify them with a response. Right now we re in a union of convenience of some sort, the 2 nations have never been the best of friends so you should understand. Intel sources revealed that these French puppets actually want to provoke Nigeria into a senseless action. We will not give them wat they want. Forces have repeatedly ensured we face up with our francophone neighbours but we keep disappointing them. To be honest, we need Chad as much as they need us. You know they re a landlocked country, BHT had started to stifle economic activities in Ndjamena through their activities in Northern Cameroon and North Eastern Nigeria. So this is as much a loveless marriage. We need them to deny BHT space while we push out, there’s no way we can fly in 100s of troops to the border towns without clearing the road leading there. One thing ppl keep forgetting is that the Chadian capital is roughly 70km away from Gamboru. So in terms of deployment it is more economical to have them do the border job while we focus on pushing out. So see chad as that jealous house girl who envies the daughter of her master and would rather see her fail but grudgingly helps her to do her homework because failure to do that would result in her going to find another job. They can only shout, their noise is being heard because the insecurity in the north east reached epic proportion serving the interest of a few power hungry people.

      As an enlightened person as I assume you to be, can you please tell us the cost prosecuting a war against a State? Is that something we need as a nation being Reborn? Yes we can buy all d gizmos other ogas have been clamouring for but in the midst of competing demands wat would you rather do as a Leader? You need to be honest with yoursef. Our power sector is in dire need of funds, transmission in particular, our schools need to become more 21st century in Form, our health care needs revamping, water is non existent, even roads. I remember you once said you live in PH, that’s a city notorious for no drainage probably only bettered by Lagos. Now for your war mongering tendencies, the last time we got close to fighting a country was bakassi, was it not a military general in the person of ex president OBJ that agreed to go to the World Court? It is amazing how Gen Obasanjo’s action sits well with you lots but Jonathan’s diplomatic ways then becomes provocative.
      Oga Oje, we don’t need a war now. We can’t afford one. Not even a senseless one that would eventually pit us against France who is obligated to defend it’s colony. Please desist from this stand simply because it is not viable and will not happen. Deby is a distraction and is better ignored. I will rather we carry out an economic blockade after the war. Show them who truly is the boss. Economic warfare is way better than your guns and arrows. A starving man would give his live to you willingly just to live to see the next day. We have the capacity to do that. As for Niger, their case is easier, we technically feed them. Spend your energy on contributing on defense suggestions like the other ogas, leave politics to the politicians. This is a DefSec blog, please keep it that way.

      • Ufuo says:

        *insightful* not inciteful Pardon my blunder

      • smartboy2000 says:

        My Oga Ufuo you have hit the nail in the head. Let’s concentrate on Building a formidable Nigerian Airforce with 4+ and 5th generation multirole attack/combat Jets and the Nigerian Army Air Corp with 3rd, 4th and 5th generation close quarter combat Hellos and Jets.

        God Bless our Great Federal Republic of Nigeria.

      • lachit says:

        a very pragmatic and factual analysis
        especially the first and the second part.
        on a more humorous tone u will certainly do well as the next national security advisor huh!! 😀

  89. smartboy2000 says:

    My CyberGenerals, I want to give further thanks to our Great Military Intelligence who used the little ISR assets that they have to design a war winning topography. It is time for Phase 2 Sambisa Forrest, and I believe that out Intelligence Services would carry out this phase of the operation with dignity as they did in Phase 1.

  90. smartboy2000 says:

    My Dear CyberGenerals, I agree with a lot of you that the lack of theatre visuals and information is making it difficult for the Nigerian Military to control the narrative and history of this war, but lets be realistic “action speaks louder than words”. The Nigerian Military has proved themselves on the battlefield, and as far I’m personally concerned they have carried out the current mission.

  91. Oje says:

    I have clear and damning evidence that there are reports of Cameroon and Chad hoisting their flags over territory they have recaptured from Boko Haram within Nigeria’s borders. Before i proceed let me make this clear:

    I am not advocating for a full scale conventional war with Chad. What i have been saying all along is that we DISSOLVE the MNJTF to assert full control of our sovereignty as a nation. It is only prudent we take decisive action. We have mean very diplomatically savvy about this despite the slap on our faces but then, if diplomacy fails what next? But then there is a possibility for a showdown. In the ”possible” even President Jonathan asks all foreign troops to leave and Chat refuses citing economic and security fears what do we do? Should we just fold our arms and watch? Why do we all adopt this ”play it safe” mentality? There is no greater danger than playing it safe.

    • Ufuo says:

      Oga Oje, dissolving the MNJTF is not an answer. Am sure you know of the saying “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. You need to know that some things are better handled diplomatically. Have noticed since Deby started talking the same way politicians in Nigeria run their mouth, no single response has been issued officially by Nigeria. You see our approach is very disturbing for the enemies of progress. They are dumbfounded as to how we do it. That we re quiet does not mean we re stupid or that we don’t know what to do. Chad has a whole lot to gain from Nigeria than Nigeria has to gain from them. If you look at the men at or intelligence services they re not kids. They know the things to do but there’s a superior wisdom in being patient, waiting for the prey to fall in line. We do not need to fight Chad with guns blazing, I repeat we do not. Why don’t you just take a deep breath and read my posts again.

      While I won’t support a war, I do blv we need to arm up. As of now no one knows what the army is getting in absolute terms. You only know when it is consummated. I do believe there’s no way you Oje would love Nigeria more than the joint chiefs of staff, the NIA, and all a other security apparatchiks we have. So try pour cold water on top that your vexation,

  92. Oje says:

    @ Oga Kay, a simple verbal condemnation by Mr President will suffice. It will be an official declaration that Nigeria will no longer entertaining their excesses. Ive been watching on CNN and AJ-ZEERA Saudi military actions against the Houti Rebells (backed by Iran) in Yemen. You have the Defense minister giving continuous Press conference and updates on the ongoing air offensive. We are teetering on the verge of catastrophy. Two weeks ago we say Boko Haram, still leaking its wounds pledge its allegiance to ISIS, in that same short period of time weve seen ISIS gain a foothold in Africa, Egypt,Libya and Tunisia tto be preise. This is a clear and present danger and what has Nigeria done in response?….that’s right, TWO ”upgraded” Alpha Jets !!. A country like Nigeria should be inducted in the 8 Wonder of the world hall of fame.

  93. Oje says:

    As of this writing theTchad has in its strike/attack inventory :
    10 SU-27
    3 MIG 29
    1 Lockheed C130 (Hercules)
    6 MI-25 Helicopter Gunships

    Nigerian airforce :
    Chinese Chengdu F-7s,
    24 Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jets
    15 Aermacchi MB-339
    20 Aero L-39 Albatros
    4 Hercules C-130
    5 Alenia G.222
    6 Dornier Do 228
    2 ATR 42MP
    8 Mil Mi-35 Hind
    6 MI-24
    Other assets such as Drones, Sattelite systems and the new Gazzel Helicopters are force multipliers. This might be interpreted as ”just on paper” but these aircrafts are all in service. If Ndjamena is just 70k away the NAF will not need aerial refueling to hit targets (fleeing Boko Haram fighters) in Ndjamena and back. A strong message is the only language Dictators know. Idris Derby himself is in the same category as Boko Haram, a Rebbel why do we lavish him with diplomatic niceties when he will only take advantage to expand his influence. Chad is touted as the preeminent military power in West Africa by the hypocritic West (led chiefly by America) who send F-18’s to attack terrorists and dictators in the Middle East and at the same time arm Terrorists and Dictators in Africa.

  94. smartboy2000 says:

    My Oga Oje, you are totally right, to be realistic we still don’t have a modern day air superiority within West Africa, what we have are assets that we can use to Build a formidable Nigerian Army Air Corp. In order to Build a formidable Nigerian Airforce that can take on the French Dasault Raffels within our neighbourhood, we need 4th+ and 5th attack/combat fighter Jets.

    God Bless our Great Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  95. Kay says:

    Posting on liveleaks by ‘Annonymous’ about how they hacked into a terrorist email account and found details of a Nigerian soldier trying to sell information for $10 thousand dollars.

    Not sure about the veracity of the claim but staggering if true.

    • Ufuo says:

      Not surprised. You know we have always had cases of BHT knowing the NA operational plans. Deserters are a common theme in this sort of business

    • igbi says:

      And how exactly would they have known that the guy was a Nigerian soldier ? If I send an email now would you be able to tell if I am a Nigerian soldiers or not ? This is just the western repetition of the “corruption” claim. Please take it as it is, an other lie to discredit Nigeria.

  96. beegeagle says:

    If Deby wants a UN Force in the region, they can be based in his native Chad…not in Nigeria. After all, he is concerned about a spillover and that is all.

    I think Idris Deby is just pained that he was not allowed to come & do his self-aggrandising stuff. And it is good that we spoke up early on the need to keep them strapped to the border districts for the NA were almost certainly going to commit a monumental blunder and allow them in to fight in Bama, Monguno, Baga and Gwoza. That would have been the most injurious decision in the NA’s entire history.

    So Deby now knows that BH are kids with rifles, all to try and detract from the NA’s victories. So why was he engaging in self-adulatory chest-beating at Gamboru and Damasak? All that noisemaking for haven beaten kids? Lol. Deby is a loser and very poor in spirit. He got ensnared in his web of intrigue.

    Thank God he was tactless enough to say that the armies have not been cooperating. So he can only revel in exploits in the border districts. Confirms what I have been saying about Chad playing a marginal role well in excess of their chest-thumping.

    Kids with rifles broke through occupied Gamboru to kill 14 Chadian soldiers? Kids with rifles have kept them from taking Malam Fatori after two attempts since January?

    Thankfully, it takes the consent of a potential host country for a UN force to be deployed. Nigeria must keep on arming herself and must resolutely reject any UN Force. Above all, we must enter into a strategic alliance with China and Russia to veto such a plot by desperate glory seekers.

    They have gone from hyping Chad to hyping mercs all to detract from the swift victories by the NA. Not done, the same people who denied us arms now opportunistically and shamelessly want to come into what is now a low risk theatre after our troops have done the hardwork? Marines…to come and do what? Why are they not interested in going into Libya and Yemen but want to come here? Sounds like a selfish scheme aimed at earning undeserved plaudits.

    Not every country in the world is populated by simpletons.

    • Ufuo says:

      Gen Beegs, as usual your analysis is spot on. I wonder if we all just can’t see through the western agenda for the country. They have the guts to look us in the eyes and say they want to help after crushing defeats in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and now Yemen. This is where I expect the media boys to goto town. Their invincibility has been demystified to some extent by the events in the middle east. Like seriously who in his right senses would rationalise them denying us weapons and then arming dictatorial government and rebels. As for ChadIan loose cannon, we will deal with him in our own way. I have suggested an economic blockade already. And thank God we denied them space beyond the border towns. The height of hypocrisy is when the militia turned army get referred to as battlehardened against a force thst has fought in most of the war theatres over 3 decades. We will ask them to leave once we mop up operations all the way to the borders.


    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Lord CyberServiceChief Beegeagle, Chad is not yet our present and immediate danger, so if Idris Derby decides to start running his mouth on the Airwaves, I say “silence is the best answer for a fool”. Let’s concentrate on carrying out our immediate military missions, then after completion we can start putting together a long term military strategy to deal with this motto-mouth and his backers. “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”

      God Bless the Great Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  97. Ola says:

    Being a regular viewwer of BBC, I notice that the Nigerian election has taken up at least 1 hour each day on BBC in the last two weeks, combining different broadcasting segments together. My opinion is this, whoever wins this presidential election should take time to SPEEDILY rebuild Nigerian armed forces. Think about this, NASDRA in a decade has transformed into an organization that builds satelite and NASDRA has been training a few seleted people for space mission, home and abroad. NASDRA is simultaneously working on rocket propulsion/launch systems at home. I don’t mean to expose NASDRA here and do know that there are much more going on there, away from public eye and irrespective of what “Nigerian foreign allies” say. It takes a visionary leader to do this.
    The government will have failed this generation and the next generation of Nigerians if the military is not reorganized and modernised over the next decade. In the next 5 years, it is possible for Nigeria to have hundreds of Nigerian assembled T 90s with tropics compatible systems (mainly electronics and propulsion), have thousands of upgraded Igirigi variants and Chinese MRAPS and S.S. Mk 3 APCs. It will take Maximum of 2 years to train local engineers and expand/build assembly lines for these vehicles. In addition, NAF should be flying dozens of SU 30s, SU 25KMs and NAF can still sign up to the developmental program of MiG 35 with the potential to own several dozens and come with a tech platform for near future domestic developmental programs.
    It takes a visionary leader, a fusion of honest, dedicated and transparent government and military heads to achieve this.
    May the best candidate in this election win, God bless Nigeria!

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Oga Ola, these are very great words. NASDRA is one of the key backbones to our Military Intelligence Framework, so Capital Investment in this military sector is very vital in moving us forward for future conflicts. The interfacing of Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence is the main tool required for this particular mission, and one thing I’m 99.99% sure about is that we have the human intelligence to get the job done. What we need more investment on, is training and more electronics/space related hardware for future planning.

      God Bless Nigeria and speedy completion of our current mission.

  98. Oje says:

    Naaa, I think 9 the contrary we have ELINT asset but lacking in HUMINT assets. From 5 Statelites in geocentric orbit (two of them remote sensing) to the ATR aircrafts to OPV’s with advanced AESA radars to Drones Nigeria’s had the most ELINT asset in Africa. Not even Egypt employs such a vast array of ELINT systems. What we need is educated and exposed leadership that knows the value of these assets to integrate them to a single unified Intelligence gathering mechanism.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Oga Oje, I salute you sir, you never mince your words, you always have to state it as it is. Yep the reality might be we don’t have the full HUMINT capability to control these assets, but the fact is that we have the human resources potential locally that we can be mobilised and trained to acquire these capabilities.

      God Bless Nigeria!!!!

  99. Oje says:

    Th paint scheme on the Alpha is indicative of German involvement. Same with the Luftwaffe Tornadoes, same triangular markings just below the canopies.

  100. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    It must not happen, the West was not able turn us into a war torn country, now they want use the pretext of UN PKO and refugeee situation enter and stay for 20-25 Yrs, It is not a joke and the potential force contributors have been contacted already, posts were already allocated, prior to the recent NA victories, the training operation in Chad was actually a recce and dress rehearsal. Nigeria must say No NO NO on our territory, once they are in we would become a Dafur.
    We need to shape up and Arm up fast, no stop in this current momentum, but to be due sensibly not buying de-militarized Alpha jets, which were civilian registered in the US as experimental category. we would have been better with 2 x SU25s. to be used for breaking in the Air Crew and start generating a pool of pilots that would start getting used to the Soviet/ SU type design ergonomics.
    Serious systems, not all this uncoordinated buying with no strategic objectives. The argument being put forward is that BH is also ISIS and hence a threat to the region and the world. The Countries of the UN , under Security Council (Like was decided for Syria) are obligated to act on SC vote, Anyway in our case, the surprise was the way the Nigerian Military turned the tide and it as left a movers of the UN presence confounded. There would be other attempts and issues that would be brought to bear, So we need to be strategic in planning and arming, right up to demonstrating capacity, both economically and militarily ( start Producing Igirigi), start training a more disciplined and organized civil defense force ( Weekend warriors in Neighborhoods, NYSC to understand basic military maneuvers, weapon identification so the populace can make accurate reports.
    The West and SC wait now for a Gbagbo type scenario from our election as an opportunity to be able to move in, that shows . At the end of the day, it is all about the Benjamin s ( being number one African Economic , that completes with the West sales in the region’s domestic market and also passion about our local gay laws, etc (like Mugabe after banning gays from the Rhodesian book fair), the threat are not empty but supple to make us feel the impact of their our actions).
    I hope our leaders and decision takers would take notice and nullify there actions.

  101. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    We need good Wide Area Surveillance System, that do not affect the pocket in all major border towns and sensitive areas, hear is an example of what is being to protect Kabul to a large extent.

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