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  1. superboi79 says:

    Merry Christmas All and welcome back beegs. Very good to see new non executive equipment coming in for the armed forces.

  2. Henry says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone.

  3. tim says:

    How good is the fire country on this tank, comparable to other tanks

  4. STARTREK says:

    The Beegone oshe ooo knew were u been so welcome back sir. meanwhile a lot has happened …
    merry Xmass and lets get cracking

  5. tim says:

    I think the spec of t72 nigeria got…is very close to performance to the spec the russian army uses

  6. Cerberus89 says:

    Merry xmas guys! Kontakt is a third generation ERA originating from the ussr this is a game changer

  7. rka says:

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  8. peccavi says:

    Welcom back Oga Beeg.
    Nice Christmas present

    Merry Christmas to all Ogas and Ogaess

  9. Augustine says:

    Merry Christmas everyone !

  10. Augustine says:

    We have seen about 5 different photos of Nigerian army T-72 tanks, and there are at least 3 different ‘versions’ visible, the armour levels are clearly different. The mystery continues.

    Are these the legendary 77 units of T-72 tanks NA has been said to own on Wikipedia before it got deleted/edited off Wiki by ‘Whoever’…..or are they fresh imports from Russia? Could it be the ones ‘rejected’ in Ukraine now arrived?

    The T-72 is renowned for it’s poor night fighting capability.

    However, Boko Haram has found it impossible to penetrate it’s ERA armour. Means we can freely ride into any town captured by Bokos and use the Haramites’ ZSU-23 AAA gun trucks and T-55 tanks for shooting practice. I don’t see why this war should not be over by first quarter 2015, depending on how many T-72 tanks we got, I hope it’s not just a trickle.

    IBB ordered 300 Vickers tanks, got about 150, Britain blocked the remaining 150 for reasons of corruption by the Nigerian army in procurement dealings. Vickers Mk 3 is a bad tank ! Better go sell them off to Liberia/Sierra Leone.

    Our NA T-72 crew look a bit young, amazing to see boys about my age controlling T-72 tank, I think NA trained a new team of soldiers to operate T-72, the Vickers tank boys are usually older men.

    T-72 can be so cheap, Ethiopia bought 200 units of T-72B second hand for only $100 million, I guess they had to refurbish them and final cost may be about $1 million per unit.

    Still not satisfied, the smart Ethiopians also bought 1,250 anti-tank missiles to arm their 200 T-72 tanks, that is what we call an army, the ‘poor’ nation that we see as famine stricken.

    Envy will kill us if we consider the fact that Uganda with it’s tea and tobacco agriculture based economy bought 100 units of the sophisticated T-90 tanks , one of the best in this modern world, and yet not satisfied, Uganda added 1,000 anti-tank missiles to this procurement.

    So, how does Nigeria’s oil and gas overflow economy end up with T-72 tanks in year 2014 as new procurement?

    This blog has NOT been ‘speaking out enough’ on Nigerian army’s weak and embarrassing tank and anti-tank force over the years.

    Well I still thank God we got the T-72, what if we are still romancing Vickers tanks and Bokos are still rampaging our towns and cities?

    Grateful I am, satisfied I am not….until oil and gas exporting Nigerian army tank/anti-tank force grows to become like the army of tea and tobacco exporting Uganda ! Now I know why Museveni was laughing at the giant.

  11. zachary999 says:

    Merry Christmas guys and welcome back oga beegs….

  12. STARTREK says:

    now here we go again … from 1960 to 2014 All the Nigeria army had was the so called t55 now in less than 6 months you have T72s (KONTAKT 1-5) , T84 OPLOT, BMPs; etc. My brother those very young officers you see on the picture are there for mere practicals. There real challenge is the real deal behind the scene.

    Anyways complement of the season AUG and all.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga STARTREK, em…ehm…we need to adjust o. 1960-2014 Nigerian army has T-55 tanks, AMX-30 tanks (I never see am for public sha) and Vickers Mk 3 Eagle tanks of about 150 units or so, and the Vickers was NA’s main battle tank in the 1980s till 2014, the T-72 is just coming into ‘full’ service. Merry Xmas oga STARTEK….chop remain for your brother o….no finish the goat meat abeg.

  13. Julio Caesar says:

    My Ogas I salute you all most righteously. I pray these will not be another boko arming.

    • mcshegz says:

      I Oga Julio Caesar. I respect your hustle sir.
      Any soldier that dares to abandon perfectly good equipment and machinery to the enemy siting fallacious and lethargic excuses will see trouble ohh, better grow some sense, because life imprisonment, and death by firing squad apparently awaits those that intentionally fumble; to quickly dispatch your sad, pathetic and sorry a** to the great beyond. DHQ has recently begun to render seemingly effective judgement with lightening speed, Army no be democracy ohh; better advise friends and family that are not willing and ready to die for Nigeria to sit at home and watch Soundcity, because nobody can defend you against a court martial. To those who have given their lives for the integrity and freedom of Nigeria, we salute you, to those that continue to risk their lives everyday, invariably following orders, so as to guarantee safety of lives and property, you will never be forgotten, there is no excuse for failure, neither is this a conscript Army; your allegiance is optional up until you take that oath binding your fate to that of the nation, if you are doing this for monetary returns i lay bold to claim, you do not belong here, please choose wisely. #VictoryForNigeria.

      • Saleh says:

        You make it seem they abandoned cos they wanted. Most of the supposed cases of abandonment were actually cos the vehicles broke down in combat. Some have not being used in years.

  14. Tobey says:

    *some news*…
    The Wikipedia page of T-72 operators and variants has been updated…Nigeria was listed..77 units of T-72AV..we operate the T-72AV variant.

  15. jimmy says:

    First of all let me wish all my compatriots fellow bloggers a very merry XMAS to OGA BEEGS A WONDERFUL XMAS and a happy new year and once again I am thankful that BEEGS chose to consider my requests for a Tank thread he could of muttered to himself this EGBON don come again instead he took it upon himself to produce as his wont to do a first class picture of a T-72 tank showing the real deal era now that is what I am talking about.
    Now here comes the sober part. OGA ZACHARY at one point almost took offense to me because I went and confirmed from independent sources that we indeed did by the tanks, What i did not disclose until now was other confirmed independent information, morale is high among the troops , that is not the problem the problem is what they are encountering and killing in the field, alternatively some bloggers have gone Sen JOHN MCCAIN on us and invade Cameroon and Chad at the same time this is not what has been recently seen in the battle field, where a lot of Niger mercenaries have been wiped out, they keep asking( the troops where are they coming from why isnt the f.g. to stop this.
    I asked for this thread because while I want to express my joy that we finally got some common sense to procure the tanks, they have not bought enough, this is confirmed, confirmed also they said based on what is going on in the field is that “more Tanks are on their way” could it be Nigeria would be the first country to “test drive” the T-72 before they decide more ? I do not have the answer to that,
    I however would like to end on a constructive note for this war to end and if the powers that be truly love Nigeria they would buy more T-72 Tanks, and they would give the NAF what she needs , more helios, the jf17 and the MI-35.
    Lastly OGA AUGUSTINE THE T-72 is not a poor Night fighting machine if you buy the thermal imagine, Night infra red equipment it works just fine it just depends on how much this administration wants to end this war, this is my frustration as well as my joy.

  16. jimmy says:

    It is believed these Tanks especially with the ERA came from Russia.

    • Augustine says:

      Thanks oga jimmy, I copy you sir.

      It’s good you asked for this T-72 thread, and as I said, our blog has been too silent on Nigerian army tank/anti-tank modernization, but we have woken up to this new challenge in the last few months.

      My worry is that the T-72 is said to be built without night fighting in mind as a second generation tank. Customer needs in third generation era brought it’s modernization and the fitting of some thermal imaging sights, but they have not been ‘celebrated’ in any war so far for night hunting and killing prowess.

      May I quote an extract from T-72 specs…

      “Majority of T-72s do not have FLIR thermal imaging sights, though all T-72s (even those exported to the Third World) possess the characteristic (and inferior) ‘Luna’ Infrared illuminator. Thermal imaging sights are extremely expensive, and the new Russian FLIR system, the ‘Buran-Catherine Thermal Imaging Suite’ was only introduced recently on the T-80UM tank. Most T-72s found outside the former Soviet Union do not have laser rangefinders. T-72 built for export have a downgraded fire-control system.
      Since 2000, export vehicles have been offered with thermal imaging night-vision gear of French manufacture as well (though it may be more likely that they might simply use the locally manufactured ‘Buran-Catherine’ system, which incorporates a French thermal imager).”

      Problem is, we don’t have any specs data of Nigerian T-72, nice or not so nice, we don’t know it’s capabilities and we have see them with different types of armor ERA levels, so oga Obix is confirming that Nigeria is ‘mixing Russian blood with Ukranian blood’ as we build our T-72 force.

      We dey grab stuff off the shelf like say na auction sales for Oshodi market, well I don’t mind o, just buy 100 T-72 tanks with ERA and add top quality thermal imagers for targeting Bokos at night.

      Scorpion jet or not, Super Tucano or not, Yankee doodle and his Beef eating European brother can keep their weapons in their country, Nigeria will buy Russian !

      I am very happy to see the T-72, thank you FG, NA, MoD, NSA, una well done, but you have only taken half a step for Nigerian army tank/anti-tank arsenal.

      Please complete your step with second hand T-90SM tanks available plenty plenty in Russian armoury, sitting down there doing no work in Russia, and I promise you, unless my father didn’t name me Augustine, Nigerian army with 3rd generation modern composite armour night combat enabled hunter-killer T-90SM tanks will drive around in killing spree inside the strongest Boko Haram stronghold and NOTHING will scratch Nigerian soldiers…..then add Russian made Kornet-EM Anti-Tank Guided Missiles.

      Then Nigeria can sleep with tow eyes closed.

      T-72 is dream coming true, add T-90 and Kornet, then dream comes true !

  17. Obix says:

    Of the T-72AV modernized tanks Ukraine prepared for Nigeria, some got to our shores while some where handed over to the Ukrainian army 2 weeks ago. Likewise some Modernized T64B1M meant for Congo……

    • Augustine says:

      What right does Ukraine have to take over Nigeria bound T-72 tanks? Was there no sale contract? Does Ukraine hope to scare Russia with T-72 tanks? Sure they only have Crimea rebels in their gun sights.

      The Ukranian move makes me feel Nigeria should cancel the T-84 Oplot tank deal and switch over to T-90SM tanks quick haul from current Russian stocks.

      We can still do business with Ukraine for BTR-4 IFV after this war.

      • Obix says:

        Nigeria, Congo and Ethiopia who are affected by this move by Ukraine have expressed understanding with the Ukrainians. The deliveries to all customers have been “moved” to later dates. The crisis in Ukraine surely falls under the FORCE MAJEURE clause in every contract.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Obix, how many T-72’s did Nigeria order?

  18. saints says:

    What do you mean by pas executive

  19. jimmy says:
    SOMETHING TO PONDER: It is good to fully that the NA begins to understand there are certain things they Really need to understand, now end of story.

  20. beegeagle says:

    MERRY XMAS, gentlemen.

  21. giles says:

    Oga beeg good morning. sorry for dis question I am about to ask .pls did we actually get d jh17 and su 30

  22. beegeagle says:

    Nigeria are very interested in and shall ALMOST CERTAINLY pen a deal for the phased delivery of 25-40 units of JF17 Thunder (the current Block 2 variant and wef 2017, the extra-strength Block 3). These are multirole jets which can be refueled in-flight)

    We are told to believe that the NSA and the CAS lately visited Russia and that the NAF shall get some unspecified jet type and attack/transport helicopters.

    What I am recommending for the umpteenth time, now that we are surrounded by saboteurs in the region and international hypocrites alike, is that we should BUY INTELLIGENTLY and put versatility on the frontburner in making our plans.

    JF17s are multirole and worth the investment but we must additionally stack up the strategic capabilities that are DEEP STRIKE and AIR SUPERIORITY.

    For a US$1 billion outlay on 40 JF17s@US$25 million apiece, I would INSTEAD acquire as follows;

    20 brand new JF17 Block 2@$500m…2015-16
    10 brand new JF17 Block 3@$300m…2017-18

    8 refurbished and upgraded air superiority variants of Su-30s@$120m…2015

    4 refurbished and upgraded trainer variants of Su-30@$60m….2015

    Overall, this would give Nigeria a more capable mix of even more jets (42 in all) AND bequeath capacities for a more varied range of tasks on the NAF – ground attack, fighter, multirole, air superiority and deep strike. That means more jets and capabilities for the same US$1 billion outlay. We are not the Voltrons to salvage the JF17 project…30 jets is enough so we can spend the balance on higher capabilities. That is the sensible thing to do. There is a reason why Indonesia operate a mix of F16s and Su-27/30s.

    The NAF need a known potent brand to serve as the recognisable and stand-off signature of the NAF. That goes without saying..

    • Are James says:

      Let us not leave out mid air refuelling tankers from Russia or China in the medium term. The year will come when we have to take out insurgent bases in Chad l, Cameroon or ISIS inspired training camps in Libya. Even for SU 30s this requires some leg extension.
      The moment we have the capability every enemy’s strategic calculations for the region is altered.

  23. Tobey says:

    Sir Beegs, are we forgetting that the JF-17s are not really the Air superiority shield the NAF needs now? Also, why is nobody talking about the F-7s? The Bangladeshis upgraded thiers(16 units) to F-7BG standard and the specs got juicy overnight…The F-7BG is all weather,all-terrain and capable of night operations..also, its capable of carrying PL-12 radar guided BVRAAMs..also, it carries LS-6 precision munitions also, which in my opinion is a mini-JDAM..Gentlemen, this is a brilliant asset we can get cheaply chrom the chineese..the BAF got 16 upgrades for USD93m..if we can get 25-50 units, we can get an additional 3 interceptor squadrons for the NAF..later to be paired up with the Sukhois when the time is right..Its upgrades that make good fighters..that’s how some Air forces get the needed assets..instead of stress of brand new assets..Also, we have pilots trained on the F-7 already, so why can’t we take a look at the F-7BG? The Paks will soon offload thiers..why not get them cheap, ship them off to the Chineese, and get them to F-7BG standard?..BVRAAM capability is what is important..not fancy looking jets.

    • Are James says:

      Unconfirmed rumours indicate this or something better may already be happening to our F7s. The BGI configuration was what we should have picked up in the first place.

  24. Augustine says:

    Gentlemen, lets not forget to comment on Nigerian army tank and anti-tank capabilities, it is an ‘ignored’ topic on this blog, and yet this land war victory will now depend on armour and anti-armour capabilities, we have seen that Bokos fear impregnable tanks.

    Nigerian army should be discussed well enough please, what do my ogas have in mind ?

    T-72, T-90, T-84 Oplot, Al-Khalid, BTR-4, BMP-2, BMP-3, Kornet ATGM, Kornet EM ?

    Nigerian Swingfire ATGM should have expired by now after about 30 years in ‘service’, yet Chad and Cameroon combined have about 1,000 new powerful anti-tank guided missiles today.

    As CAS was viewing JF-17 Thunder, the same photo shows an army Colonel was beside him and Pakistan was reported to be showing Nigerian army weapons available made in Pakistan, would that include the Al-Khalid 3rd generation main battle tank?

    We seem to avoid discussing tanks on our blog, but tanks have proved to be the new ‘saviour’ of Nigeria today on the battle field against Boko Haram who have lost the capacity to hold territory due to the arrival of T-72 tanks.

    What tanks, anti-tank missile, and standard IFVs should Nigeria buy and in what numbers of units? The T-72 needs IFV to move infantry along with it, which way do we go, how much money is FG ready to spend on this urgent army needs?

    • peccavi says:

      What do you want to use the tanks for?
      Anti Armour?
      Infantry support?

      • jimmy says:

        In answer to your questions
        Answer 1.) We need the Tanks because the ones we have are inadequate, some are virtually useless and even by the best of maintenance standards the last time Nigeria bought tanks was 1978-1979 that would make the current tanks 35 years old.
        Answer 2) Not so much Anti Armour but since we can’t get the Brits to part with their Chobham we need our Tanks to have at least upgraded ERA.
        Answer3). It is not just Infantry support but to located technicals, and their vehicle laden ieds on suicide mission from at least 1km away and send them roasting to hell.
        Although not asked it has to be stated these tanks when an offensive minded ARMY CHIEF OF staff takes over will be needed to take/ Sorry overrun places like Gwoza and Sambisa forests but right now it is not a tank issue it is more of a military leadership issue.

      • Augustine says:

        Both, and oga jimmy gave a detailed answer.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Peccavi, Nigeria needs modern tanks for both Anti-armour and Infantry support, detailed answer above from oga jimmy. Thanks.

    • gbash10 says:

      The army colonel is our Defence Attache to Pakistan,in the presence of our ambassador PAF officers in PAC, Kamra.

  25. beegeagle says:


    Staff Reporter
    2013-10-21 12:46 (GMT+8)

    The Type 99 main battle tank of the People’s Liberation Army can be equipped with advanced weapon systems such as high-speed armor piercing shell and laser sensor damage weapons,according to the Independent Military Review, a Russian military magazine.

    The Type 99’s 125mm smoothbore tank guns are similar to those used by the Russian-built T-72M main battle tank, but the Chinese tank encompasses more technology from Israel, the report said. Based on the M711 shell, a 125mm armor piercing, fin stabilized, discarding sabot-tracer imported from Israel, China has developed its own armor-piercing shell which can travel even faster.

    The Israeli M711 shell can travel 1,700 meters per second with 600mm of armor penetration, while China’s new high-speed armor piercing shell is capable of traveling 1,780 meters per second, increasing its armor penetration to 850mm. The country’s new armor piercing shell makes the 25mm smoothbore tank gun of Type 99 main battle tank 30% more powerful than the German Rheinmetall 120mm tank gun designed for the M1A1 main battle tank of the United States.

    Meanwhile, China’s latest laser sensor damage weapon can be
    considered a significant threat to potential adversaries, according
    to the Independent Military Review. It can be used to destroy the
    optical instrument of an enemy tank and it is also capable of blinding the crew of enemy tank as well.

    Type 99 is currently the only main battle tank in the world that can be equipped with such a weapon system, the report added.

    • jimmy says:

      Let us go down history lane first:
      Going back to the the 1978-1979 ShagarI era Nigeria bought it first set of real MBT the T-55s and for duality of purpose this was followed up by the Purchase from the British of the Vickers , even after the sanctions were over the British supplied us with the last of the Vicker Tanks. and of course back then we also had and still do have the lightly weighted highly maneuverable scorpion tanks.
      One of the biggest ironies of the Civilian Regimes is that despite everything they tend to be judged by the facts as the ones who are more likely to procure TANKS not so the military regimes ( but that is a story for another day ) however if I am going to be scathing in my criticism I shall be consistent by praising GEJ He will go down in history as being the first president to buy the T-72s
      Flash forward 2009-2014
      Whether by Collusion or lack of adequate Maintenance or waiting for free Tanks the Vickers have not played a prominent role in the Boko Haram war and this together with Current World realpolitik shapes my views
      What Nigeria needs as to what it wants are two different things
      What Nigeria wants : The T90 and the Type 99
      What Nigeria needs : The T72 UPGRADED and the Type 99
      Why the need should supersede the want:
      First Nigeria is at War and is being hamstrung by the western powers who are not interested in selling us anything lethal, The recent acquisition of the T72S that came probably came with parts, training (confirmed) and transportation.Ukraine even by the most pro western mouth piece is flat broke and cannot afford to part with any Tanks.Russia on the other hand has asked what do we want: Answer T72 first from surplus stocks then made from scratch upgraded T72S with parts and maintenance training.
      Nigeria needs the Type 99 for at best reasons that for a novice like me knows need to be classified let us just say we ( a) live in a very nasty neighborhood and ( b) It is in Nigeria’s strategic interest to get involved in a third /fourth Gen Tank with parts and Assembly with a Country that is willing,this is not about slamming the West unless PROFORCE or INNOSON anything ready made right now Nigeria needs two types of MBT with parts and tech transfer and no hassles.
      Note if we cannot get the T99 we need to go back to the Russians and get theT90S it is that simple.

      • Augustine says:

        Honestly oga jimmy, Nigeria’s biggest disappointments in this war are:

        Vickers Mk 3 Eagle tank (Complete garbage tin can)
        Gumla Drone/UAV (Will arrive too late)
        DICON (Poor funding from FG in peace time R & D)

  26. Augustine says:

    T-72 with ERA is certain for Nigeria….urgent Boko Haram war needs maybe about 120 units with night fighting capabilities added. T-72 remains an obsolescent second generation tank, tobacco seller economy of Uganda has purchased superior 3rd generation tanks a whopping 100 units of T-90 from Russia….with tea and tobacco agric export money o !

    Nigeria CANNOT rely only on T-72 alone in this modern century ! T-72 tank will be destroyed by Chad and Cameroon’s anti-tank missiles like mallam’s knife cutting suya and slicing onion !

    The contest will soon be for a 3rd generation tank after this Boko war ends, a composite armour tank that Chad and Cameroon will not be able to waste and use for shooting practice in case the future beats the drums of war, we never know, see what Boko is doing to Nigeria today.

    The contest rages between T-90 Russia, T-84 Oplot Ukraine, T-99 China, Al-Khalid Pakistan. We need 40 to 80 units of a 3rd generation tank maybe by end of 2015.

    (1) T-90 is top class combat capability but expensive at $5.5 million per unit

    (2) T-84 Oplot at $4 million faces Ukrainian export problems caused by civil war in Crimea

    (3) Al-Khalid is almost equal in capability to T-90 and T-84 but ‘too expensive’ at $5 million for a Pakistani made product, sentiments apart, the tank is world class.

    (4) T-99 at $2.5 million with weaker armour and weaker self defense equipment, but excellent firepower/offensive capability. Any 3rd generation tank with price tag less than $4 million per unit brand new, be careful, check the armour and self defence systems, it will NOT be top class, composite armour is NEVER cheap, impregnable self-defence/self protection integrated systems for a tank is NEVER cheap.

    The indestructible M1 Abrams tank of America costs $8 million each and is superior to all the other tanks listed above.

    Nigeria needs a fully capable 3rd generation tank, it will not cost less than $ 4 million per unit.

    The debate is thrown open to the floor. Em…em, some people will not talk now o, it is when Nigerian army fails in a near future tank and ATGM battle that we will begin to blame them and start writing our opinions/recommendations….medicine after death…..does not cure !

    • solorex says:

      There are other considerations ( other than amour,fire power,lethality) to consider while procuring MBT chief of which are

      (1) Serviceability on the field- T72 and T55s are know to have terrible records of this- that is why they are the most abandoned MBTs on most war fronts- The arrangement of their systems does not permit easy field repairs without specialized machinery and Competence ( you actually need technically adept mechanics to repair)

      (2) Repair and Upgrade:The Oplot was touted as an attempt to bring western modular thinking (remove and replace to repair or uprgade) to eastern MBT ( read the Thai reviews)-This is believed to be largely successful

      (3) Weight/mobility -capacity to transport in short period of time to war front and retrieve as expedient- Do we need heavy fire power + amour or( moderate of both )but good speed of response

      (4) Availability of Upgrades/Political influence- here T72 seems to be the best buy available- you can almost certainly call the bluff of anybody with over a dozen manufacturers of variants-you are sure never to be stranded

      (5) Simplicity- with complexity comes various ability and awesome power- with it also comes maintenance nightmare and having to have a rather large out of field maintenance/calibration crew that will be costly to train,pay and keep together except if you are a Nato member and you are obliged to do this.

      It is important to know that the most important thing is what works for us based on our level of commitment to military spending,our ability to develop competence in upgrades and maintainability,our existing capacity to induct new platforms and other. I think we should just stick with T-72 for the next decade-while we build a technological acquisition plan around it to improve it year on year to T-90 capacity like the Bulgarians and Serbians did- and our maintenance and upgrade cultures-What is the big deal? the Sudanese are already assembling T72 with Thermal sights,uprated engines and smaller heat signature- The South Africans have kept the Olifant dependable for several decades!- There are over a dozen countries that have turned T-72 into commendable platforms-we can do the same.

  27. drag_on says:

    Oga beeg has alluded to the use of the SU30 as an air superiority platform.
    On the F-7, it’s a good point defence jet. Yes, tech can easily be improved on the jet,but the truth is that it is now a discontinued platform and future support is not guaranteed. This means the JF-17 is going to be our work horse. If you consider that the Pakistanis who use it judge it as 80% as capable as the F-16A (the most agile block) then it is more than enough for donkey work in our region,also it has a bright development future both for platform and armament.

  28. drag_on says:

    The above is a response to oga Tobey’s question.

  29. buchi says:

    happi xmas my ogas i am smelling new air pls can any one confirm this…i dont want to start this year on unverified claims..a friend of mine…studying in adamawa as well as told me that during the recapture of michika and magadali LGA(yes they have been recaptured’ DHQ hasnt made any announcement yet cos mop up is going up while attempts are been maid to flank BH in biu all with the aim of attacking gwoza on two front)that in his words”tracked tanks with at leat 6 tubes ontop were launching rockets” this gat me thinking wether we may have acquired MLRS systems..i asked for a pic of it.he told me he saw 2 passing with an advancing convoy..and heard from troops later on that it was used…he hant been able to take pics yet….does anybody have aclue

  30. gbash10 says:

    Please gentlemen, you should go check the spec of the Type99G Main Battle Tank variant,the chinese have added armour,but the type is classified.This variant is design using the Leopard 2A series and the M1A1 Abrams MBTs.The chinese are more reliable in terms of tech transfer and maintenance agreement,Type99G MBT should be the NA tank.

  31. jimmy says:

    My preference long term would be to get the TYPE 99 ………… If we can get the assembly, licensing agreement …….. and technology transfer……… this is asking for a lot even from China who have proved to be a reliable ally in our times of need,……… However the point has to be stressed….. Nigeria desperately needs not just to get away from the unreliable sanctimonious American and British made products but a Reliable, non preaching Country what this really comes down to is this:
    What are the long term goals of Any ADMINISTRATION in terms of procuring a 21st century Armour ed division for Nigeria shall we continue to pine for unattainable MBT like the ABRAMS or the Challenger or shall we at some point move along and have a large scale military exercise of the Coast of Lagos involving Amphibious tanks from Pakistan and China?
    OGA Solorex touched on a very sensitive topic he said Nigeria has to go beyond considering lethality, ERA, Mobility and Water capability, Nigeria like it or not has to know unless they are really clueless their” Freenemies” allies will not really sell them what they need in times of an existential crises they will come for the photo ops ,( for those waiting for President OBAMA to visit Nigeria what is the point of him coming and gifting you an M1 ABRAMS TANK and then when you ask for the more tank shells it is No), Honestly is better to buy an inferior tank with a reliable logistic line for Maintenance,- Training- Spare parts- – Upgrades, this also at this point sidelines UKRAINE because even they cannot do even if they sell us T-72s or T84? so to buttress my point it is beginning to boil down to not anti western hysteria but common sense, Tanks break down all the time because they are expensive lethal babies that is why a single good one costs between $4-$8million.
    Nigeria needs from ( Russia ) Short term : Surplus / refurbished T72s , BMP2/ 3s
    Nigeria needs long term from ( Russia or China) realistically T90s or the Type 99 if unattainable go back to Russia and realistically get a long term / long year agreement for upgraded T72 BUILT FROM SCRATCH WITH THE LOGISTIC LINE.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, your above post, I agree with you 100%, it’s the best tactical and strategic package in Nigeria’s national interests for today’s urgent war needs and near future transfer of modern main battle tank building technology to Nigeria so we do not become a dumping ground of foreign exports.

  32. jimmy says:
    This a General whom I have a lot of respect for , someone who will of sought out the facts before making a comments, it will be wise for the powers that be to take into CONSIDERATION some of the things that are being said.

  33. Triggah says:

    Thank God we are back in business. Welcome back Mr. Beegs.
    I seeing a good new year ahead for Nigeria.

  34. trigger says:

    The M1 Abram tank is not indestructible. It has been diabled innumerable times in the battlefield. On the night of February 26, 1991, four Abrams
    were disabled in a suspected friendly fire
    incident by Hellfire missiles fired from AH-64
    Apache attack helicopters, with the result of
    some crew members wounded in action.

    October 29, 2003, two soldiers were killed and
    a third wounded when their tank was disabled by an anti-tank mine, which was combined with other explosives (500 kg (1,100 lb), including several 155 mm rounds) to increase its effect. The massive explosion beneath the tank knocked off the turret.

    Why it always seems that the Abram tank is always successful is because the enemy tanks are less equiped with modern fire control system and proper night fighting gear plus inferior crew training or the use of half-charge shell propellant or inappropriate

    There are tons of weapons to disable or destroy a tank not just by anti-tank shells.
    Moreover, the point of a tank skimish is to disable as much tanks as possible. A disabled tank is a useless tank.

  35. beegeagle says:

    JASIRI, a KENYAN says:
    Submitted on 2015/01/14 at 10:33 am

    Nigeria should just swallow its pride and learn from us Kenyans. Where this crisis has reached it has stopped being a Nigerian problem,it is now an African problem. We have gained enough experience and we are willing to share it.

    This thing we have been having of comparing our militaries saying “mine
    is bigger than yours” can be postponed to a later date. 2000 Africans dead is not an issue to be ignored!


    Thanks for calling but don’t make it a habit. TEA Forum won’t take off when all you guys want to do is hang around Nigerian blogs all day.

  36. gbash10 says:

    Gen. Beeg,have been trying to reach you for some time now, but some body is deleting all my messages, BH have taken 2 of our “SWORDs”,do you copy?
    Boys have developed new tactics to evade BH technicals,and subsequently take out the operators.

  37. gbash10 says:

    Oga giles,we have lost 2 units of T-72 tanks to those scumbags, BH terrorists, thats it.

  38. cryptologist says:

    ETA for the 1st air frieght of tanks is sunday. Comes with ERA

  39. beegeagle says:

    Now fully integrated and battle-tested for Nigeria

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