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  1. ocelot2006 says:

    Welcome back BEEGEAGLE 🙂 . Chai…..I’ve missed this blog like crazy mehn.

  2. Tobey says:

    It looks so huge…Is it capable of Night fighting? Saying this because we haven’t really had any news on Night action from the front..also, we got Mi-35Ps, which is basically an export version of the Mi-24P…Also, we know that the Mi-24N is the night-attack the question is, who really know the specs of this gunship? Also, are we sure its just not another glorified Mi-24?

  3. Kf says:

    When are we going to get the jf 17s and the remaining mi 35s. They are also sorely needed.
    In time we will prevail.
    The Chadian president and all the enablers of this group in my opinion have made a strategic mistake . Nigeria is now rearming and will come out of this stronger. This group or its remnant will destabilize Chad for a long time to come.

  4. peccavi says:

    Its capable of night fighting with the right kit.
    It would be interesting to know how many we have and how they are tasked/ organised

  5. jimmy says:

    The question I have apart from Flir is it capable of carrying troops like the MI17?

  6. AOk says:

    Don’t think the two pilots on either end are part of the chopper crew. You don’t need G Suits to fly choppers.

  7. jimmy says:

    I stand to be correct but, it appears the G-suit with the zipper up the front is standard issue. I also think they could be the crew because it appears he has his manual Flight plan/ Map ? on his leg see NAF personnel on the left again pardon me if I am wrong just making conversation
    Merry Xmas.

    • Saleh says:

      Yes it’s standard issue for NAF pilot

    • AOk says:

      Jimm, Merry Xmas to you too,
      They are all wearing standard issue flight suits but the two on either end are wearing G suits over their flight suits which would not be standard for chopper operations. Assuming they are all on an airport tarmac somewhere, its possible the ones in the G suits are about to step in or just out of their fast jets.

      All flight suits have map/ zippered pockets for maps etc.

      This is not a big issue.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      Maybe the two pilots with the g – suits are fixed-wing fighter pilots stationed in same airbase as those attack helicopters. ‘never seen helicopter pilots (transport or attack) kitted with g-suits before.

  8. Augustine says:

    Many modern Mi-24 and Mi-35 helicopters of today are built to carry and launch precision guided munitions, including guided bombs, anti-tank guided missiles, and air to air missiles, FLIR is common hardware for them.

    NAF can buy second hand precision guided munitions from Russia with half life left in them, we pay half price and make sure we use them against Bokos, NAF has zero experience in the use of guided weapons as at today.

    Also, NAF should be asking Russia for technical input on extended range with more than normal number of drop tanks and the possibility of the new air to ground TV-Video target search and weapons guidance systems that is now integrated on Su-35 Flanker. For COIN, a version for Mi-35 Hinds and Su-25 Frogfoots should be Russia’s next line of R & D because Russian COIN assets and COIN based ISTAR assets are very far behind USA and Europe, this is what led to Nigeria begging America desperately to sell lethal weapons to us up to the level of swallowing our national pride.

    Anyway, my own opinion is that the Mi-35 Hinds need support from Su-25 SM Frogfoots that can resist 23mm AAA fire from Bokos, that is the best way to fly very low to identify targets, avoid friendly fire on our own troops and reduce civilian casualties.

    Combine these two types of aircraft with T-72 tanks, BMP-2 IFV, and highly mobile Infantry men with MGL/AGL/Browning HMG/Russian Gatling mounted on Toyota 4X4 Landcruisers… all other professional military input of officers and men, we have won this war !

  9. ugobassey says:

    I’m not sure about night visions but they come standard issued with FLIR sights and Laser range finders. And yes they transport troops.

  10. jimmy says:

    Please can someone get us the specs on this HELIO and tell us the difference between this and what we obtained in OCTOBER 2014.
    OGA OBIX how on earth will SIPRI capture all this stuff going on?

  11. Augustine says:

    I can bet you oga jimmy, SIPRI will miss most of Nigerian military acquisitions that we know about.

    1. Most are second hand eastern bloc transfers.
    2. Most of the confirmed order paper work has not been done for say about $ 1 Billion worth of equipment, and this is December, SIPRI closes database collation by December 31 every year.

    Most NAF and NA equipment will not show on SIPRI database records until about 16 months from now, that is year 2016 March-April. Pikin wey dem born today go don begin dey waka by dat time.

  12. STARTREK says:

    the big three ARMS exporters Russia, China and Israel do not report to that imperial organ. besides the west just gave Nigeria the chance to do what she can do best … acquire under the radar ( corruption or no corruption) No country dare to touch a downside-up state like NUCLEAR N-Korea no matter how the Blueprint was acquired registered or not.
    Nigeria as a nation and government in spite of some individual vice has always played straight and honest with the rest of the world yet we get the RAW DEAL by the so-called west who themselves are the worst culprits HISTORICALLY PRESENT or FUTURE.
    personally whatever this government or any other must do to not only secure and develop this nation but also prosper for the fun of it is amen by me. shi ke na

  13. gbash10 says:

    Welcome back GEN. BEEG, the two pilots by the sides looks to me like fighter pilots,and the middle man is a chopper pilot.
    It is very quiet over Makurdi these days,I believe you understand what I mean!
    Fellow Cyber Generals,I salute you all,I was almost giving up on this BLOG,I tend to be visiting Pakistani Defence Forum,Defence Forum India and Chinese Defence Forum………
    Nice to have the family back,good things to come in 2015 for the Security and Defence sector,May God bless Nigeria!

  14. Tope says:

    Oga Gbash…lol I knw exactly wat u mean….God bless Oga Beegs for returning even though it wasn’t easy on his end but we must be here in this times….It seems there has been a GENERAL LULL In both Nigeria n BH Sectors….Arming up for a 2015 offensive?? Your thoughts

  15. solorex says:

    Compliments Oga Beegs-no body is saying anything about the Russian Loan $1b Offer again- I have followed keenly thinking the offer will be cancelled after the Rubble plunge-However, it appears to be subsisting from all Russian Defense blogs. Mig 29 SMT appears to be making good moves behind the scene as an adjunct to JF-17. Now that we know that the Tucano is certainly not coming ( due to clearance issues) Are we getting Su-25, If Mig29 SMT is coming are we getting Yak 130 trainer- $1b is too much to buy amour and helix only-definitely some jets shall be part of the deal.

  16. tim says:

    I just have a feeling we will get mig29smt

    • solorex says:

      Tell them bro- its strong in the Air- This time there is only one thing lacking (not unscrupulous approval from a Third country- i can’t believe you require approval from like half a dozen countries to buy a simple Turboprop! ) Only presidential will remains concerning this. We have had several reviews on Mig 29A (old stock from Russian Storage) in the past- it all bothers on not been cost effective to operate as compared to Su-30Mkk and lacking any reasonable ground attack capacity-Buy that is exactly what SMT upgrades seeks to counter- 4000hour frame,extended range, Western type MIL-STD-1553B bus for integration of western type weapons,Hotas,IRST,Zhuk MMR.,Pin Point ground weapon delivery system…… This is true 4.5+ gen in an old cloak. The only Down Side is RD33MK engine-uprated but still notorious to service and maintain. MTBF/M is short compared to similar western engines. Let us assume that we are already in RD33 Trouble ( whether JF17 or Mig 29SMT), let us buy a good mix of both and AESTL should acquire technology and license to maintain and RD33……..6 units of SMT and 18 units of JF-17,?. Any guess on what our next gen trainer/A-jet replacement shall be?……We are really closer to flying Mig than JF17

      • gbash10 says:

        Oga Solorex,are you serious about the NAF being close to flying the MiG-29 SMT Fulcrum than the JF-17 Thunder fighter jets ? Oga Xnurr44 do you corroborate that comment too ? Hmmm……

      • jimmy says:

        I am not an expert when it comes to planes Oga solorex,if you mentioned that the Mig29 has all these problems and needs all these upgrades.I am baffled why we do not just get the SU27/30,again I stress man no sabi nah your word be gospel smdh. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  17. Tobey says:

    Why is no one talking about the F-7s?! The Bangladeshis got thiers upgraded to F-7BGI standard..Oivernight, they got a brilliant interceptor..PL-12 BVRAAMs, improved avionics and a wide array of other modifications..Its a Mach 2.3 fighter, also capable of carrying C-704 anti-ship missiles..also, it can engage 2 aircrafts simultaneously with its radar-guided missiles..Its an impressive fighter that will neutralize Chadian Mig-29s easily..the BAF got 16 units for just USD93m..why can’t we stock up on 30-50 units? The economical and efficient F-7BGI will do us more good than all the fancy fighters we keep calling can we have trained F-7 pilots in ground and we are talking about Su-30s?

    • Are James says:

      F7 bgi extends the capabilities of the F7 platform. However no chance in hell makes it match up against MIG 29 and that class of fighter aircraft. Some MIG 29 versions have issue but he never reach that level . The F7 platform may also have gone into early obsolescence which is not such a bad thing as it makes it cheaper to acquire in numbers with capability for anti shipping strikes like you said and point defence so buying a lot just for numbers is a good idea.
      The true 4/4.5gen fighters are still required especially the SU 30 series for air superiority.

      • solorex says:

        The greatest limiting factors of F7 is in its basic design concept and cannot be corrected enough with better,radar, sensors, comms ,weapon delivery system or BVR weapons. Its like training a Zebra to race- yes you will get far but if you start with a horse you’ll see the difference quickly. Yes, an adequately pimped F7 can match older (and even recent) variants of MiG 29,however the cost of the upgrades ( including the cost of upkeep of the upgrades) is like giving a bazooka to a slightly lame soldier- why not give it to an agile one?

        The greatest advantage of MiG 21 type is speed and stability(which is no longer an advantage in an age of RSS). Its greatest disadvantages are

        (1) Poor Maneuverability basically due to underlining interceptor concept at inception and frame design

        (2) Large Engine Signature . Even with new intakes, new wing structure, upgraded engines it still doesn’t turn as well as it should and its “seen” from afar. If your foes really have no were to run or turn (insurgents), without 4.5+ jets, great AAM systems and you have invested heavily in maintenance and handling technology like the Bengalis then- its great choice- it obviously works for you.

        Moreso if you already have half a dozen 4.5 Gen then its quantity in itself is a type of quality -the Bengali plan is to reduce maintenance cost by retiring all Nachangs and having a unified platform for CAS/Interceptor/Strike Craft in F7PG while waiting for slower induction of 4.5 platforms expected to take a decade – great plan. However- if your suspected terrorist sponsors are buying 4th Gens already @ three pcs per year, F7PG or not is a really bad choice! Moreso,we have already crashed three- it shows we really don’t have a reason to go down the Bangladeshi route.

      • jimmy says:

        Thank you Oga Solorex ,three crashes and the whole murky circumstances surrounding it, and obj going against the advice of his own Airforce Generals not to buy it,made me not to be a fan of the F7N. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  18. Tobey says:

    Oga Solorex and Are James,
    I don’t agree one bit…the F-7BGI is no Mig-21..Its just like calling an Indian Mig-21bison a mere Mig-21….The F-7BGI is an impressive package the NAF should look into. We can snap up 16-48 units for less than USD300m..the Paks and chineese are looking to offload their F-7s..this is our chance to stock up on these impressive interceptors. You talked about crashes, How many F-7s have crashed in the last 3 years? Also, worthy of note is the fact that it was ONLY the trainer versions that were crashing..Imagine a conflict with the Chadians..
    Word reaches DHQ..”3 Chadian Mig-29s on routine Combat Air Patrol have just locked on NAF Alpha jets involved in CT-COIN operations”!…At once, the NAF scrambles 6 F-7BGIs in 2 3-ship formations straight from TAC at Markudi…In minutes, the Migs are sighted on the F-7BGI’s impressive radar..Word then reaches the Chadian pilots through their Air Command that Nigerian “Mig-21″ jets are on the way.
    Two loud explosions rock the sky over N.E Nigeria as 2 mig-29s are blown away in rapid succession..still, the Chadians can’t see the NAF jets!….”Missile Away”..the NAF Wing commander mutters as he pulls the switch on a PL-12 BVRAAM…
    Its over in minutes..3 Mig-29s destroyed by the NAF’s impressive F-7BGI jets with BVR missiles from 70km away.
    Now imagine 3 squadrons of these jets (48 units)..Our airspace will be protected for the next 10-15 years till we can get our hands on more capable fighters..This is a chance to get our hands on cheap efficient assets for the NAF..I just wonder what the obsession with Su-30s on this blog is all about.

    • solorex says:

      The Chadian Mig 29 will probably be Mig29 MU ( Ukrainian Modernization) with digitized Phazotron radar by Aerostar of Romania with forward range of 100Km and rear range of 40Km. The upgraded radar definitely features some elements of Simultaneous target tracking and engagement mode, couple this with IRST from the same manufacturer and R-27 Missiles manufactured in Ukraine with 120km range……. In all honestly our F7s will be badly beaten ( if pilot competence are same). The Mig29MU was re-built to compete with the SMT by turning it into a multi role fighter. It is front line 4+ platform. The real difference between this and SMT version is really the more powerful Zhuk radar and CAS weapon delivery system.The Chadian did not buy them for the rebels- they bought them to give a military muscle to their political orientation in the region and they will arm them with Shakabula (dane guns).

    • gbash10 says:

      Oga Tobey,the F-7BGIs (upgraded NAF F-7Nis with Grifo-7 radars ) with range of 55km armed with PL-12(SD-10) AMRAAMs can not even get close to the battle space be the MiG-29 pilots will blow them off the sky!
      This is because the MiG-29SMT Fulcrum fighter jets have the Phazotron NIIR Zhuk ME (N0-10ME) radar which has a detection range for airborne targets of 110-186km.What this mean is that the Chadian Air Force MiG-29s would see the NAF F-7BGIs long before they enter airspace over Bornu State.

    • gbash10 says:

      The PL-12(SD-10) is an active radar guided medium range air-air missile that has a range of 70km greater than the F-7BGI’s Grifo-7 radar that has a detection range of just 55+km!The F-7 can only shoot if the MiG-29s appear on their radar scopes,for that happened, the MiG-29s would have radar LOCK on them with the SHOOT alert sounding continuously in as much as the F-7s are within the MiG’s No Escape Zone (NEZ -120km ).At this point, the First-See,First-Shoot,First-Kill dictum will be applied here by the Chadian MiGs,no dulling bros, OBITUARY for our flyboys in their F-7BGIs,but this can not happen with the Sukhoi SU-27/30/35 Flanker series!
      Oga Tobey, if a fighter jet switches on it’s radar to guide a missile to an airborne target, it tends to be a beautiful beacon in air, exposing it’s position or self to attack by its adversaries using the active anti-radiation missile like (for the MiGs, Kh-31P/AS-17 Krypton with a range of 70km) or the passive anti-radiation missile,R-77P/AA-12 Adder).
      The MiG-29s also have their own laser-optical locator system just like the Flankers. This is a passive sensor that include a day and night FLIR capability and is used in conjunction with the helmet mounted sighting system.

  19. buchi says:

    oga gbash ypu guys forget that f-7 have countermeasures

    • Augustine says:

      Who has proof of F-7NI jet counter measures? No proof. We all just assume. If any ECM, what capacity? There are missiles today that will distinguish flares/chaff from the real jet aircraft……and kaboom boom !!! Man pikin pilot of F-7 is blown out of the sky !

  20. gbash10 says:

    Oga Buchi, it is only when you are fully aware that you are under attack before you can deploy countermeasures and take evasive maneuvers.
    These Russian AAMs fly close to Mach4-4•5, making very impossible for a target to get out of their NEZ .
    Take for instance that the Chadian MiG-29s are over Konduga-Chibok axis and the glorified NAF F-7BGIs are being scrambled from TAC to intercept them before they reach Yola.As they take-off with full afterburner toward an intercept heading, it is only ground control intercept(GCI) that can vector them to their target,else they not even know where marauding enemies maybe before they would blown out of the sky.

  21. Augustine says:

    F-7 jet is a waste of money, a disgrace for NAF to fly a year 1955 design aircraft in 2015.

    Do poor nations Eritrea and Uganda fly F-7 jets?

    If my country does not love me, well me I love my country, I won’t pray for myself to buy Kia Picanto when my neighbours on the same street are buying Toyota Camry. Why should I pray for Nigeria to waste money of F-7 jet? 4 crashed in 4 years like annual ritual.

    Sell off all NAF the F-7NI jets to South Sudan or Congo DRC and transfer skills to them.

    Use NAF Mi-35 Hinds to launch our PGM now if guided weapons are urgent for use against Boko Haram.

    Su-25 SM version PGM armed is the jet Nigerian needs for COIN.

    JF-17 Block II and Su-30 MKI…..those are the jets Nigeria needs for multi-role/air superiority today and beyond today.

    • Tobey says:

      The F-7BGI I have been clamouring for is no “1955” jet….and take it or leave it, quantity is a quality of its own. The BGI can also carry PGMs..LS-6 PGMs, which are the cheapest PGMs on the market and are comparable to JDAMs..Its a Mach 2.3 fighter and will outclass the ice-cream JF-17 “Thunder”..thunder indeed…3 squadrons of F-7BGIs will be a defensve shield for the Navy also..It is capable of carrying anti-ship missiles also…Oga Augustine, the F-7BGI is no F-7 neither is it a Mig..It is an advanced cheap fighter we can operate in large quantity given the right amount of munitions..why will I buy a fancy Range Rover sport when the distance between my office is barely 2km? A Yaris will do just fine!!…don’t be decieved, we don’t need Su-30s or JF-17s..we need more F-7s.(F-7BGIs)

      • gbash10 says:

        Oga Tobey,I took time to research on the PLA Air Force and the Pakistani Air Force fleet of J-7 and F-7PG fighter jets respectively. The stock they have in service are very old,if you research well, you will discover that the 3 F-7Ni/FT-7Ni that crashed, 2 are the FT-7Ni trainers that are manufactured by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation(SAC) while the F-7Ni is manufactured by Chendu Aircraft Industrial Group a subsidiary of AVIC I(China Aviation Industry Corporation Companies). It means those trainers are from the PLAAF old stock.
        The J-7/F-7 has the highest air crash rate in the PLAAF and PAF services, the Pakistanis are even planning to retire it’s fleet and leave the older Q-5 ground attack jets in service pending when JF-17 Thunder would replace all of them.
        The fairly used F-7PG in PAF service are over 10 years old,and you should know that the Pakistanis would not be ready to transfer this birds to the NAF,if any would be given, then it would be from the very old stock.
        The J-7/F-7 is a modified MiG-21 whether you like it or not.
        Ask the Israeli Air Force about the flaws of the MiG-21,and you will be astonished or watch the ‘ Ace of the Desert Air war and Dogfight fight of the Middle-East’ on YouTube. Where one Israeli air force fighter pilot Col. Giorro Epstein engaged 10 Egyptian air force MiG-21 fighter jets in a deadly dogfight and survived after more than 7-10 minutes of strainious fighting.
        JF-17 and the SU-30MKI/MKM/MKA,the NAF can also manage MiG-29SMT.

      • CHYDE says:

        Oga Tobey I still do not get your argument, the F7N or whatever aren’t worth the stress. They knock off versions of MiG 21’s. What do we need them for? What is worth doing is worth doing well, SU ‘anything’ or JF 17 thunder or rhe MiG29smr all the way brother. Meanwhile I still don’t believe Beegs is back. Twale to my general

      • Triggah says:

        Mr Tobey i can’t believe you’ll be comparing air supremacy with toyota yaris. Na wa ooo. Pre7ently the su-30 is the f-35 of Africa. Let me just keep quiet on that one.
        @solerex the f-7 is very maneuverable because it was built to dogfight and intercept. The only reason it usually lost in battles is due to inferior pilot training, avionics and missiles.
        It was design as a ‘peoples fighter’ atypical of soviet military doctrine to fight in large number or swarm attack. The north vietnameses used theirs in hit and run tactics with great effect. Anyway just know your countries requirement base on it’s stated mission and objectives then procure the appropriate weapon system. For NAF i’ll advocate
        15 units of F-7
        18 units of SU-30
        24 units of JF17
        6 units SU-25 (supported by 6 units of alpha jets for light attack).
        Our problem is that our politicians doesn’t
        the role of the airforce. They think it’s just a fancy name for another airline.

      • Triggah says:

        Mr Tobey i can’t believe you’ll be comparing air supremacy with toyota yaris. Na wa ooo. Presently the su-30 is the f-35 of Africa. Let me just keep quiet on that one.
        @solerex the f-7 is very maneuverable because it was built to dogfight and intercept. The only reason it usually lost in battles is due to inferior pilot training, avionics and missiles.
        It was design as a ‘peoples fighter’ atypical of soviet military doctrine to fight in large number or swarm attack. The north vietnameses used theirs in hit and run tactics with great effect. Anyway just know your countries requirement base on it’s stated mission and objectives then procure the appropriate weapon system. For NAF i’ll advocate
        15 units of F-7
        18 units of SU-30
        24 units of JF17
        6 units SU-25 (supported by 6 units of alpha jets for light attack).
        Our problem is that our politicians doesn’t
        the role of the airforce. They think it’s just a fancy name for another airline.

  22. jimmy says:

    Does anyone have an idea of how many of these were delivered?

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