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  1. Are James says:

    This is modern enough. Who was saying we bought scrap the other day?. This is a 2013 IFV that can be upgraded and modified to suit changing requirements.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Lemme get the specs again

      • Are James says:

        There’s all sorts of electro optical bells and whistles with this model. Far and above BMP 1.
        This one will kill Boko technical like you are playing a video game. Auto cannon and machine guns remotely controlled, TV and FLIR looking stuff.

      • asorockweb says:

        The IFV inside that cargo plane looks like a BMP-1.

        Please compare the pics.

        It looks like our friends have engineered another profit deal for themselves.

        But, to the left of the pic, I see what looks like MLRS mounted on a truck.

      • igbi says:

        @asorockweb, BVP-M2 and BMP1 both look alike, so by saying the vehicle resembles a BMP1, you are not actually proving anything.

      • asorockweb says:

        Guys, please, just compare the pictures.

        Compare the pic of the IFV in the plane against the pic of the BMP-1.

        Then compare the pic of the IFV in the plane against the pic of the BVP M2.

        Look at the turrets, the BVP M2 has a substantial turret. The BMP-1 has a small shallow turret.

    • beegeagle says:

      That does not look like a 73mm gun to me. It is a 30mm cannon.

      • asorockweb says:

        Take a closer look at the very frontal edge of the IFV in the plane – it has 6 hinges. Now, compare it to the pic of the BMP-1 that I posted.

        Also compare the frontal lights.

        We thought we would get BVP-M2, but they shipped BMP-1.

        Nobody should be buying BMP-1 for us.

        Someone is just making money out of this war.

      • Are James says:

        My broda. The turret does look like BMP 1 o.

      • igbi says:

        @asorockweb, on the picture we can only see a part of the vehicle which has the same shape for BMP1 and BVP-M2. Let us not jump to conclusions so easily. Also all you can see is just a part of just one vehicle. And as well did you consider that it might just be the wrong picture ? So please let us calm down and stop easily jumping to conclusions.

  3. Kay says:

    Those wheeled platforms to the left are probably MRLS, and yes, might be a BMP

    • beegeagle says:

      Well, those are surely RM-70 MLRS like one posited when the news of the acquisition of unnamed “rocket launchers”, tanks and AIFVs broke the other day.

      Again in the report, the BVP was specifically referred to as an “armoured infantry fighting vehicle” and that is unlike the common reference to BMP-1/BMP-2 as “infantry fighting vehicles”. I thought that was a giveaway from the off.

  4. beegeagle says:

    That does not look like a 73mm gun to me. It is a 30mm cannon.

  5. beegeagle says:

    OK…I can see that the futuristic headlights of the upgraded BVP-M2 SKCZ are missing. This is a BVP alright but not the M2 variant.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Calm down guys. The story said BVP..let us look at those since it us not a BVP-M2. It did not say BMP anything. And you might be surprised to see what a BVP M80A looks like. Just leave BMP out and let us deal with known specifics.

  7. beegeagle says:

    PRAGUE, Jan. 30 (Xinhua)

    Czech arms dealer Excalibur Group will sell weapons to Nigeria’s government forces for fighting with the militant group Boko Haram, local media reported on Friday.

    Excalibur Group’s spokesman Andrej Cirtek confirmed the weapons include modernised Soviet-made tanks T-72 M1 and 16 other vehicles, armoured infantry fighting vehicles BVP and rocket launchers and the destination for those weapons is an African country, the Prague Post reported.

  8. beegeagle says:

    BVP M80 IFV…one variant is 30mm cannon-armed(Yugoslav-built)

  9. beegeagle says:

    This looks like the weapon I see on our own IFV. The barrel of the BMP-1 is shorter and larger than what I see on the IFV inside that AN-225

    • beegeagle says:

      Here is another reason why I said we should face BVPs and leave out BMPs. Do you know that even as one might conclude that BMP-1 and BVP-1 are two variants of the same vehicle, the BVP-1MA carries a 30mm cannon whereas BMP-1s are known for the 73mm artillery


      BVP-1MA – Czech modernized BVP-1 with a German Kuka E8 one-man turret with prominent overhang on the front and eight smoke grenade launchers (in two groups, four groups on each side of the turret). It is armed with a 30 mm Mk 44 Bushmaster II autocannon with a small circular muzzle-brake. The gunner’s position is located at the rear of the turret. It has new side- skirts/mudguards. It also has additional protection and hand rails on the headlights. It has two rear-view mirrors in the front and four stop lights and two turn lights at the rear. It is also
      known under the designation BVP-1MB .

  10. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg how soon can these weapons be incoporated into our war effort. Why do we keep having the 7th divisiion do the fighting alone? why are our armored brigades not involved? Do we just pick items from here and there and throw them to the front? I have done extensive research of our present arsenals in Tanks, field artillery guns and yes aerial platforms? How is it Boko Haram is strong enough to take on the three largest and most powerful national armies in West/Central Africa? So many dots dont fit, i fear a bigger conspiracy, one i am too scared t voice because the Flak that will ensue will be armour piercing.

  11. beegeagle says:

    As you can see, the three trucks covered up in the left corner are almost certainly RM-70 122mm MLRSs. Look at the curvature on the fender on the last wheel and the placement of the rear light? Bingo.

    We just netted the Czech-made RM-70s. Looks easier on the eye than other 122mm MLRSs in NA service namely, the Soviet BM-21 GRAD and its Romanian variant, APR-21.


    * the Czech-made RM-70 122mm MRLS is almost certainly coming to us

    • Kay says:

      I’d hoped we got this in sooner…better late than never. With just a little under 100 T72s, plus these hardwares, lets make this count.
      The Chadians field a similar mix of BMPs, MRLS and Panhards as part of their armour. There’s also mini rocket launchers mounted on technicals.

    • jimmy says:

      check your INBOX

    • asorockweb says:

      Yes, that is the right truck

      • beegeagle says:

        Relative to the BM-21 GRAD, the RM-70 features enhanced performance and is also larger.

      • beegeagle says:

        ENHANCED FEATURE OF THE RM-70 (weaponised and armoured hull)

        Vehicle has an armored cab. It provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. This multiple launch rocket system is fitted with a secondary 7.62-mm machine gun, mounted on top of the roof.

  12. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, i worry for your health. You do not sleep, day and night you are out there defending the country, dispelling biased perception of Nigeria and showing clarity to what this war is really all about. meeen are you on Kryptonite? good job, wish i could be like you.

  13. beegeagle says:

    Hehehe…you sef na from sleep wey you dey message me so?

  14. Oje says:

    I am on a fact finding mission to really understanding what is going on. The world has never been this chaotic. 15 years ago all we know o n terrorism and suicide bombing was what we saw on television and Rambo movies, today we are battling it tooth and nail. From the North down west half of Africa is in Chaos because of ideologies that are alien to the African continent in itself. Nuclear weapon rearmament are in full swing, underground Cities are being built in Russia, China and the United States….

  15. Oje says:

    What will it take to create a 2 minute PR video like this :

    If the death of one man, just one pilot can galvanise an entire country into action …hmm. This video is 3 hours old as of this writing. You dey see clear and fine Jordanian bombs hitting ISIS targets in real time. We need to emulate this.

  16. beegeagle says:

    The Chadians field the Chinese variant of the BM 21 GRAD namely, the Type 81 122mm MLRS while we field the APR-21/BM-21/RM-70. The Chadians also field the towed Type 63 107mm MRL which they either tow or mount on Landcruiser trucks.

    For IFV, they field 73mm gun-armed BMP-1s while we now own 30mm cannon-armed BVPs. For this kind of operations, they field the Eland Mk.7 AFV which is a South African variant of the Panhard AML 90 and were modernised by a Belgian firm. We own Panhard AML 90 which have not been seen in action in the Northeast, even as we field the more modern Panhard Sagaie AFVs.



  17. Oje says:

    we need to launch a pre-emptive strike on Tchad and let Ndjamena know Abuja means business. No arms race in West Africa unless sanctioned by Abuja.

  18. Oje says:

    And Cameroon too.

    • Augustine says:

      Na Rafale jet go feed you with last supper.

      • igbi says:

        We are not scared of french war planes, but going around attacking our allies in this war against boko haram, as suggested by the guy who you are responding to, doesn’t quite make sense. But this kind of sentence “Na Rafale jet go feed you with last supper.” will certainly draw sympathy to what he is saying becuase you are giving the impression that france is holding Nigeria at gun point.

  19. Oje says:

    no body takes anything i say serious in this blog.Fine ill be an observer from henceforth,.

  20. demola says:

    I don’t blame him, the shroud of secrecy is enough to drive anybody crazy

    • igbi says:

      The ending of the video was what the chadian soldiers said after the terrorist attack on fotokol. And the chadian soldiers on that part were in fotokol. In the beginning I spot someone wearing what looks like a Nigerian army uniform. Contrary to the title of the video, there is no fighting in it. And the claim is that 200 terrorists were killed, but the video shows only 3 dead terrorists. Then there is the claim the boko haram is going unopposed in Nigeria with occasional setbacks ! This is pure propaganda

    • Omonon says:

      IGBI, thanks for that wonderful Analysis. Purely and simply media propaganda.

  21. Stormslim says:

    please take a look at this

    i think there are alot of bvp and co we could take a clue from.

  22. Omonon says:

    The western propaganda need to be countaracted. Thanks for doing just that. May the soul of the great warrior AMANZE REST IN PERFECT PEACE. AMENNNNNNNNNNNNNN.ð

  23. G8T Nigeria says:

    Good piece Omonon. The basic truth about some of us is the total shifting of basic citizens’ responsibilities to another group. No doubt, the military PR must do more but we as a people must stand up as well. We have identified media propaganda here as a weapon used in this war. Yet on this topic alone, we have raised the bar of foreign nations and still criticize ours despite a solid effort to crush the insurgents. The war against Nigeria is not only against its Armed Forces but to you and I; our collective will to live peacefully and grow powerfully. I strongly believe no man shifts responsibilities to defend his wife and children. This is why we should advertise their failures. Show their weakness, correct their errors and attack their witch hunting personalities. Call on to those on Linda Nkeji, Nairaland and others. Every Nigeria with a computer anywhere to start a campaign identifying the atrocities of these evil international media houses. THEY DO NOT WANT OUR PROGRESS AND DOING ALL TO TARNISH OUR NATIONAL ASPIRATIONS. WAKE UP, your knowledge is only useful when applied. BE WISE.

  24. G8T Nigeria says:

    Beeg, the navy will be commissioning some capital ships very very soon. There will be arrivals as well before then. It is a good story.

  25. Augustine says:

    I reserve my own personal comments on the new IFV and MRLS arrivals till tomorrow.

  26. mnl01 says:

    Nigeria Set To Lose $466m In Military Scam

    Whistleblowers in the defence industry are raising the alarm over a massive fraud of $466.5 million about to be executed at the Nigeria Air Force (NAF) with some arms dealers, using the United States’ refusal to grant export permit for military hardware to Nigeria as pretext.

    A letter to the government aroused the suspicion. An arms procurement company wrote that in view of the refusal of the US to give export licence to Nigeria, it had reached an agreement with NAF to substitute the initial order for Cobra AH-IV with alternate attack platform which it claimed, has greater fire power.

    The letter detailed the alternate equipment to include six upgraded armed Puma Helicopters with the equivalent attack capabilities of the Cobra; four SU-25KM upgraded ground support/ attack aircraft;2 EU 25 UB for the purpose of qualifying and training NAF pilots for specific mission.

    To power the pitch further, it offer additional incentive by proposing to build a suitable purpose built storage and hanger for the Puma and SU25 helicopters to accommodate the ground support requirements.

    Same day, the company initiated a second correspondence with the NAF from its representative office at 1c Barnes High Street, London SW 13 9LB, United Kingdom titled “ Additional Critical Armament Requirement for NAF”. The company put the cummulative charges for the various equipment, including shipping at $466.5million.

    Whistleblowers were shocked that in a government parastatal known for slow moving mails and deliberations, the NAF recommended the pitch by the military hardware supply company to the higher echelon of government within 16 days of submitting the proposal.

    In its recommendation, NAF wrote: “The NAF hereby confirms the letters from the firm (name withheld) regarding platform amendment and additional armament requirement for the NAF. This arrangement became necessary because the United States of America failed to endorse the sale of Cobra AH-IV attack helicopter to Nigeria.

    Accordingly, NAF has agreed that the said firm (name withheld) replace the Cobra helicopter with six upgraded armed Puma helicopters, four upgraded SU-25KM and two upgraded SU-25UB attack aircraft”.

    The NAF stated that the technical specifications and scopes of work for the aircraft types, required upgrade, training and support package as well as the additional armament requirements have been signed by both parties.

    Stridently painting the urgent need for the supply, the NAF urged the approving authority to consent to the request immediately to address current national security challenges as the equipment were needed in the short term.

    Curiously, the NAF letter admitted that the equipment being procured was not the appropriate hardware to meet the needs. It noted that the acquisition of new Mangusta 129-Attack Helicopters were actually needed to enhance the Force’s operational capabilities.

    The contents of the correspondence soon became known to insiders in the Defence industry and led to serious petitions against the transaction on the grounds that it would amount to massive fraud if executed and that the NAF was guilty of negligence as it did not carry out the mandatory due diligence before endorsing the deal.

    According to a petition by a military hardware supplier, “ the total cost of $345.05million, including freight in the attached invoice…does not differentiate between the Puma and SU-25. The unit cost for the SU-25 is mentioned as $11million for a new jet on the internet. While the offered SU-25 are not new, the Puma helicopters are heavily overloaded in price of at least $45 million each”.

    Wondering why the NAF would prefer overloaded cost, the company said it quoted $25 million for the helicopter adding that the $39.45 million offered by the preferred firm for armament to NAF, far exceeded its quotation of $13million.

    Its conclusion: “This proposed deal being supported by the approving authority is heavily overloaded and considering the probable age of the equipment, is not a fair deal for Nigeria at all”. It added that the proposed training for the pilots and the building of a new hanger are out of place since the pilots are adequately trained and there exisits a subsisting hanger.

    Defence industry sources believe that the transaction is a smokescreen for massive fraud as the proposed equipment are no longer being produced and those being refurbished for supply under this transaction cannot deliver on their functions.

    Efforts to obtain the reaction of the NAF at the time of going to press were not fruitful as the official lines of the media department were switched off.


  27. buchi says:

    sorry made a mistake on my mail but still same comment above

  28. doziex says:

    If NAF has all this money to throw around, why not just purchase the multirole SU-30MKI ?


    So keep on stealing guys, we will arrest you in this administration or the next.

    You are the real enemies of nigeria. BH can’t even compare in the damage you have wraught on the nigerian people.

    Keep on stealing.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga doziex, you just spoke my mind. Apart from the JF-17 Thunder Block II which we can quickly train pilots, buy cheap, get technology transfer 100%, we need the Su-30 MKI Flanker jet fighter….I won’t go for any other Su-27 or Su-30 variant. The Indian variant MKI is the Sukhoi Nigeria needs now for NAF air superiority.

      I am not sure India will sell to anybody from it’s current stocks of Su-30 MKI, not sure how our military relationship with them is going since we are opting for a Pakistani made jet fighter the JF-17 Thunder.

      Alternative is to buy from Russian stocks of Su-30 SM Flanker almost brand new at $50 million each… is superior to all other Su-30 variants.

      The older and cheaper $20 million per unit Su-27/Su-30 upgraded Flanker variants that are gradually becoming a bit obsolescent, may not be the kind of air power deterrent NAF needs now, the hatred and ‘harassment’ surrounding Nigeria is now technologically advanced to world class standards. Who ever imagined Rafale jets will be involved in war zone operations along Nigeria’s homeland borders? Who knows if they even fly incursions and fly back, who has radar watching the whole border 24 hours and identifying all aircraft that fly in/out violation of our airspace?

      With potential threats like French Rafale jets patrolling along Nigeria’s border with Chad, the deterrent we need ultimately is the Su-30 Flanker jets latest variants as NAF’s front line combat aircraft to be supported by the urgently needed JF-17 Thunder block II.

      Those Nigerians who say French Rafale jets flying around Borno state are not a threat, are just in the same category of people who thought Boko Haram was not a big threat 5 years ago….now they are seeing their error big time !

      The ordnance/munitions you load on weapon platforms is as important as the equipment itself, or else you have another dull baby NAF F-7NI jets with no single PGM or BVR armament purchased or even configured, that jet na dull baby for real war zone of this modern days.

      I would buy initial 12 units of JF-17 Block II brand new at $25 million per jet and load all kinds of missiles and PGM on it for $5 million. I would buy initial 6 units of Su-30 MKI if India agrees to sell, otherwise Russian stocks of Su-30 SM, all second-hand at about $40 million per unit and arm them with $5 million full range ordnance types.

      I would have invested just $630 million and have an air force that can serve as deterrent to external aggressors or over ambitious and unpredictable foreign ‘anti-Boko Haram intervention forces’. Such an air force can also bite as much as it can bark if situation demands real combat.

      My opinion.

      • mnl01 says:

        Kazakhstan to acquire Su-30SM fighters

        Kazakhstan is to acquire the Sukhoi Su-30SM ‘Flanker’ as it looks to recapitalise its Soviet-era fighter force, the government announced on 4 February.

        The disclosure was made by the Commander in Chief of the Kazakhstan Air Defence Forces (KADF), Major General Nurlan Ormanbetov, during a visit to the Irkutsk Aviation Plant where the Su-30SM is built.

        “Thanks to the policy of the President [of Kazakhstan] today [we] have the opportunity to [recapitalise our] combat aircraft to modern types. This multipurpose aircraft will greatly enhance the combat potential of the [KADF],” said the general.

        The government announcement did not disclose aircraft numbers or delivery timelines.

        The Su-30SM has been developed from the Indian Su-30MKI and is intended by the Russian Air Force as a stop-gap until the Su-35 and Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA enter service later in the decade. The two-seat Su-30SM features an improved radar, communications, and ejector-seat system. In addition, the aircraft’s weaponry configuration has been adjusted to Russian specifications.

        The KADF currently fields MiG-27 ‘Flogger’, Su-25 ‘Frogfoot’, MiG-31 ‘Foxhound’, Su-27 ‘Flanker’, and MiG-29 ‘Fulcrum’ aircraft, all inherited from the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

        The central Asian nation has recently been procuring Western aircraft for the first time in the guise of the Airbus C295 transport aircraft, as well as EC145 and Bell UH-1 Huey II helicopters (and has been touted as a potential customer of the Airbus A400M transport aircraft).

        However, as a former Soviet Republic and current member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, Kazakhstan would have felt it needed (or even preferred) to opt for a Russian platform to fulfil its ‘blue-riband’ fighter requirement.

  29. Augustine says:

    The BVP M80 or whatever variant Nigeria has purchased, thank you for buying IFV as we have been begging for them.

    However, this time I will not dance, I have learnt my lesson….

    The BTR-4 IFV we purchased last year end and danced for, are ONLY 7 units maximum !

    Also those BTR-4 IFV show no ATGM launcher tubes on them, so….?

    I no dey dance yet o ! How many BVP IFVs are inside this Antonov plane? Another 7 units ?
    No idea, okay how many did we order? Next, the $2 Billion arms money released in the last 6 months can we have breakdown of how it was spent in detail? Na secret? No, secret na stealing !

    Does these BVP IFVs have TV, FLIR, ATGM, or it’s just another base version for bottom level armies like the Cobra APCs of Nigeria or the BTR-3 IFV carrying ordinary machine guns or the BTR-4 that has not yet shown sign of ATGM launchers in this modern days?

    What if your expensive BTR-4 APC meets a T-55 tank of Boko Haram in battle….30mm cannon will not penetrate T-55 amour and BTR-4 has no ATGM… who wins the fight? You wan waste una $1.5 million per unit IFVs?

    The RM-70 MRLS in that Antonov plane, how many are they, another 7 units or even less ? Na secret deal again? Well done. I know why Nigeria is getting mocked internationally as the biggest war zone in Africa today, instead of being praised as the biggest economy in Africa today.

    Hey my brothers in the war zone, soldiers and patriots, good job as you uproot Boko Haram, thank you for saving Nigeria, saving me and other citizens, we all appreciate your good work. If men do not remember you, know that almighty God remembers you for fighting against evil and risking your lives to save others. E se pupo, Na gode so sai.

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