A Boko Haram T55 tank obliterated by a T72 AV tank of the Nigerian Army at Mubi, December 2014

A Boko Haram 90mm gun-armed Panhard Sagaie AFV destroyed by Nigerian Army T72 tanks

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  1. beegeagle says:

    Up T72 !! Man pass man..

    • Bola David says:

      Gen Beegs Sir. Bravo!!!

      But how did all thses hardwares get into the hands of those idiots called BH?

      • Henry says:

        Some of the hardwares were gotten when N.A bases in monguno,bama, baga, Marte and various other FOB’s and isolated posts.

        It’s quite a sad sight.

    • engineerboat says:

      This is rely interesting,

      “Bi irin ba pade irin” One just have to bend.

      I gues the occupant of this tank must be with his ilusion virgins by now.

      3 hearty cheers to the gallant men.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Disjointed logistics, poor ordnance support, isolated and undermanned FOBs

    You heard me describe the Chadian column which I saw in the news today…over fifteen Landcruiser trucks rigged with 12.7mm, 14.5mm and 23mm guns, WZ 523 APCs which are confirming their desert operations credo and 90mm gun-armed Eland Mk.7 AFVs. I even saw a Type 81 122mm MRL. They make their presence so daunting for the enemy that unless the terrorists appear with 100 RPG-wielding fighters, they cannot hope to make a dent.

    We would go into a battle with fifteen bare Hilux trucks, two Otokar Cobra APCs bearing GPMGs and three 12.7mm HMG-armed gun-trucks and hope to make a dent.

    The reason why they suffered all those embarrassing setbacks in 2014 is that we hoped to win based on reputations alone whereas we came to the battle armed like clowns. Period.

    • ozed says:

      Gbawai!!!! Oga Beeg several direct hits in quick succession.

      An Army is made up of two main parts. The teeth arms i.e. the gung ho boys wey de chop bullet. i.e the Obey before complain boys. The second part are the thinkers i.e. training and doctrine, Logistics, Intelligence, PR/Psy Ops etc. A forward looking Army balances the inputs of these two arms.
      I get the sense that the NA is a combatant soldier’s army, and all those thinkers are seen as ‘women soldiers’.

      I hope i am wrong, but if i am not, then this is one major thing we must change and soon.

      • beegeagle says:

        Every army is made up of military intellectual (such as Gen Dambazau) and pure warrior types(such as Gen Dogonyaro). We need to see more of the brawny, pure warrior types such as Maj Gen Musa Bamaiyi, Brig Gen Max Khobe and Brig Gen UJ Uwuigbe of blessed memory. We still have them in service – Maj Gen JS Zaruwa, Maj Gen LO Adeosun, Brig Gen Udoh, Brig Gen Tanko. We need such men at the front. After all, it is a war ongoing and not a strategy session.

      • Saleh says:

        Hmm not true the modern NA has a large percentage of thinkers across board, (I do not Support mutiny) most of the court martial cases are as a result of thinkers in the ” combat arms” questioning some operational decisions by their superiors that were more or less suicidal and failures even before they started.

      • rugged7 says:

        Isn’t it our own CDS that said all the soldier needs to fight is his “basic” AK47 and nothing else?
        Thank god ogas at the top are revising their mindsets now

      • Are James says:

        There is doctrine issue here as well. If the British Army were fighting Boko Haram, they would have gone for the same configuration we were going into battle with. The only difference is they probably would not have scrimped on ammo and would have deployed more field artillery pieces/mortars also better regimental discipline and practical field craft would have made the difference in securing the bases.
        All that is changing anyway, the Nigeria Army approach to COIN is gradually evolving rightfully into the American style of overwhelming firepower, “never fight a fair fight with an enemy in terms of weapon calibre and sophistication” kind of approach.

    • camouflage 1984 says:

      Ahmad Salkida ‏tweeted this evening that Nigeria is claiming Chad victory. I now see why the guy is nothing more than a BH sympathizer.

      • Augustine says:

        Wetin una expect from person wey dey do padi padi with Boko faction wey talk say Lt.General Ihejirika Rtd COAS na Boko Haram sponsor. No be only hospital psycho people dey, some of dem dey exile for Dubai.

      • rugged7 says:

        Salkida is a well known boko haram loyalist and spy.
        If him get 2 heads, he should come back to Nigeria and open that his vile mouth.

    • Henry says:

      Oga beeg spot on. However, There convoys although crude and thin armoured (this is where I disagree with you) seems to always have a lot of Ammo, hundreds of RPG’s, men on top of pick-up trucks, probably also under it.

      Properly equipping our troops with the requisite amount of Ammo and kit is still a major problem in the army.

      • beegeagle says:

        There equipment does the job but they are not as modern as ours. We have Panhard Sagaie while they use the Eland Mk.7, the South African derivative of the Panhard AML. They use the BMP-1 whereas we use the BVP-1, BTR-3 and BTR-4 IFVs. We field T72 tanks while they use T55 tanks and newly acquired, ex-PLA T59 tanks.

        However, whereas they throw in their armour and cannons into every fight, we like to saturate our convoys with an overflow of useless and unarmed Hilux trucks and GPMG-armed Otokar Cobra APCs in puny numbers. When are we going to stop bringing ourselves to ridicule on account of elementary gaffes? For years, BH were bringing DushKa HMGs to the fight and we were throwing GPMG-armed soldiers at them? What was that all about? Bravado or Nigerian folly?

    • Augustine says:

      You are 100% correct oga beegeagle.

      I remember that almost a year ago when Chibok girls were kidnapped, bloggers here on this platform suggested temporary emergency measure of about 1,000 Toyota trucks mounted with twin 23 mm cannon with night vision and optical targeting sights to be quickly procured for Nigerian army and spread among all units all over North East battle space at a cost of less than $ 100 million. This war would have ended in 2014 without carry over or resit. Well I guess maybe our dear Nigerian army is too posh like Rolls Royce, they didn’t do it so that they won’t look like poorer countries armies. Well, we are paying the painful price now.

    • beegeagle says:

      Chadian troops at Fotokol in Cameroon. Overwhelming force is it

  3. jimmy says:

    I believe the Army Major who spoke to GEJ @ BAGA under the prodding of LT .GEN MINIMAH was telling him OGA those T-72s sweet o! I beg Mr president can we have some more T-90S
    lol :).
    There has to be some grim satisfaction knowing that this T-55 will not inflict harm on any body never again.

  4. beegeagle says:

    I really would never understand how we think and act in this country.Acquiring the first haul of fifty T55s in 1978 and marking time on the same platform until 2014? What do our leaders think the military is? A parade ground of antiquated hardware or one which only needs AK47 rifles and Hilux trucks to be effective? Dang 😥

    • ozed says:

      Oga Beegie, not to belabor my previous point, but this your lamentation is exactly what i mean.
      Thinkers can see round the bend follow trends and e.g. highlight obsolescent equipment, realize the likely impact of the Libyan uprising on our security situation, highlight short comings in training techniques if any.

      Whereas the brawny warriors you mention are typically happy go lucky and willing to sally forth and take on the enemy with whatever they have in the armoury. We have both types in the Nigerian Army no doubt!!!

      Am just wondering if we listen to the thinkers enough!!

      • Augustine says:

        Oga ozed, belabour your point if it’s important. Repetition is the name of the game o! Abuja no dey hear word once. Do you know how many times this blog cries out on one single point since year 2010 oga beegeagle started blowing alarm? Nigeria does not buy accident insurance policy until we see 10,000 amputees on wheelchair.

      • beegeagle says:

        Lol, Saleh. I did say that there are both military intellectual and pure warrior types in the NA.

        One of the guys who is now facing a court martial used to lead the fighting during the days of the rather effective JTF. He is a pure warrior type. Where did he go wrong? I would never know.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga beegeagle, our leaders thought military hardware was a waste of money. Education was judged as expensive, so they tried ignorance.

      • beegeagle says:

        Is it not funny that the disgusting and deceptive phrase ‘competing demands’ has now vanished from our political lexicon? For years on end, we were telling them to bring in these damn weapons and they were ranting a boatload about competing demands. ‘Dem nor dey tel blind man say war don start. If e nor see am, e go hear am’

        A good defensive posture is always pre-emptive but Nigeria like to pretend that they can reinvent the wheel. BE PREPARED is the Boy Scouts marching song. How come nobody knows that the FG should prepare and equip the military before threats emanate to unsettle the polity?

        My measured guess is that if the polls had gone ahead on February 14th, GEJ would have lost. Blame it on competing demands. The only reason why that real possibility now seems quite remote is the changed battlefield outcomes which the military are now registering.

        Hopefully, all Presidents realise that they occupy a dual role as C-in-C and quit hiding behind loose talk to keep the military under-armed. We need a very powerful and hard-hitting armed forces. The less said about that, the better.

    • Augustine says:

      DICON Kaduna should get technology transfer and go beyond producing 12.7 mm Browning machine guns. The only language terrorists understand is cannon fire. Twin 23 mm canon should be produced locally in Nigeria and DICON should manufacture them with optical sights and night vision targeting, then we should acquire the skills to configure various suitable vehicles to mount them on. It’s a shame to be importing basic technology that existed worldwide since 40 years ago. Some of the cash sinking inside Abuja marble and glass house building projects should go to improving DICON as our primary defense industry. If your income is 10 kobo, better spend 3 kobo to secure your life so you can enjoy eating turkey and jollof with your remaining 7 kobo. Why should Nigerians go to an early grave because of simple things our nation left undone?

  5. mnl01 says:

    Oga’s in the house

    Christmas is gradually coming to the neighborhood, Do we want to remain the only kid without Christmas cloth?

    Russia starts delivering Antey-2500 SAM missile systems to Egypt

    Russia has started to provide Egypt with Antey-2500 air defense missile systems under a recent deal reached between Moscow and Cairo, a report says.

    Citing a high-ranking source in the Russian Defense Ministry, Interfax news agency said on Thursday that “deliveries of auxiliary technological equipment have been launched. Within a year, Egypt will receive launchers and other equipment.”

    The source added that “the contract is being implemented according to schedule.”

    The source, however, decline to reveal the exact number of Antey-2500 systems that would be delivered to Egypt.

    Antey-2500, an export version of Russia’s S-300 V4 surface-to-air missile system, is able to engage ballistic and aerodynamic targets within a range of up to 400 kilometers.

    Venezuela became the first foreign country to buy Antey-2500 systems. The missile system has also been offered to Iran.

    Russia is one of the main non-Arab supporters of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s government and was among the first countries to endorse Sisi’s presidential bid in 2014.

    Sisi visited Moscow soon after the ouster of Egypt’s first democratically-elected president, Mohamed Morsi, in a military coup in July 2013.

    He made another visit to the European country in August 2014 after he won the Egyptian presidential election.

    Last month, Russia and Egypt signed an agreement on the development of a nuclear power plant in the African country.


    • beegeagle says:

      Well…there you go, MN101. That is Egypt which were militarily very close to the Soviet Union until the Camp David Accord. Nigeria have never got half as close to the USA as they have.

      Not a few would prefer that we stay empty-handed until we can get a look in for F16s which we first queued up for in 1986 yet have not managed to nick second-string, second-hand attack helicopters from the USA.

      ‘Who nor go, nor know’. Egypt voting with their feet while starry-eyed romantics in Nigeria continue to hyperventilate about the potency of the Apache and F16 which are clearly not on the rack for us.

      The NAF need to stop day-dreaming about the elusive and get us the attainable – Sukhoi Su-30s, JF17s and Su-25KM Scorpion ground attack jets. The world outside moves and we must move with it.

      • mnl01 says:

        The surprising thing is that It is being reported that Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan will purchase the Chinese the comparable and more slightly more superior HQ-9 missile system in a deal designed to reduce China’s natural gas price imports.

        If we dont have the cash cant we pay the Chinese via a LNG for Arms deal via NLNG ?

    • Number one says:

      A mix of the Buk M1 SAM,Factory Refurb S-300 PMU1,FK-2000 SPAAGM.

      • beegeagle says:

        🙂 I believe.

        We either want to remain squat or become powerful. Remember when we used to tell Nigeria that she is not going anywhere to the UN Security Council with her limp arsenal? You cannot be taken seriously unless you take yourself seriously. Fact of the matter. Or we think that permanent members help each other to become powerful? No subs, no LPD, no frigate, no 4G jets, F7s, T55 tanks and we imagined we were contenders for that lofty perch? What a joke. We first have to look the part. Our leaders do startle me on account of the profound disconnect between their apsirations and the attendant preparations. That is what you get when the benchmark against which the quality of our military gets measured are Cameroon and Ghana, all in the name of threat assessment. Does that local projection have anything to do with global security?

        Lol…we want to be doctors whereas we are training to be carpenters. You guys need to stop joking with serious matters. Surely, we are not dumb. Kai.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Like his ilk, Salkida is just sympathetic to the opposition and has been a congenital liar. So he would rather be glad to be conquered by Chad than by Nigeria? Anyway, if he is not an over-subscribed tale bearer, why does he not specifically name the towns where the Chadians have seen any action other than Gamboru and Dikwa? In Gamboru, the NAF even carried out air strikes prior to the advance by Chadian troops. Most of the foreign news agencies have been quite hideous in their reportage but I give it to REUTERS for one thing – when the NA moved into the most strategic of these capitulating towns namely, BAGA, they reached out to the Chadians who specifically told them that they played no part in the liberation of Baga.

    You should have asked Salkida where Chad have been in action. Some of these foreign press agencies, when they want to act professionally, even speak to people in the conflict-ridden communities.

    Aminu Abubakar used to do that when BH were on rampage. At the time, he needed to drive home the point that the FG were clueless. He was always the first person to view a BH video on Youtube. These days, he suddenly does not know anyone to speak to if he really wants to know who is liberating where? It is the clearest sign that he is only writing so as not to shore up the fortunes of his enemies – ‘the FG’.

    Bloody, bigoted dimwit. A real liability to the AFP he is. Nearly all of these Nigerian clowns on the payrolls of foreign media always write with an agenda. Only their trusting employers fail to realise this for a fact.

  7. Augustine says:

    Oga jimmy T-90 tanks for Nigerian army is a clarion call we must support. It’s just a sensible graduation from the older and less advanced T-72. When state on state conventional war comes, T-72 won’t take us far, as Anti-Tank Guided Missiles will begin to fly like wizards all over the battlefield from 5km away.

    • buchi says:

      augustino the wizard himself u
      forgot something as we ask and poise to progress towards T-90mbt.we should also begin to advance towards to. basics and mid levels of electronic warfare.u sabi wet in jammers dey do infrared sensors on a fully loaded tank(be it T-72 or 90)…this must be considered

  8. jimmy says:

    make you talk to your OGA ON TOP
    i have said repeatedly Nigeria needs to acquire T90S now regardless of whomever is in power GEJ or GMB .
    When oga beegs started this blog in 2010 FAST FORWARD TO 2011 we were denouncing the think skinned toyota hilukes and the govt that was proudly announcing how they bought toyota hiluxes and 5,000 AK47S as if they DID SOMETHING SPECIAL
    Fastforward to 2015 WE ARE CRYING ON THE MOUNTAIN
    DR Rueben Abati
    Please tell Mr President
    The Nigerian Army needs the tank called the T90
    The Nigerian Airforce needs the plane called the jf-17 from PAKISTANIS THEY HAVE AGREED ON TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AND PARTS. They have also agreed to give us further information on future upgrades. This will be Nigeria’s first step to getting a made in Nigeria air jet .

  9. beegeagle says:

    Since I began reading about this war on REUTERS, I have never heard them describe the NAF as strong. Today, they described the Chadian Air Force as ‘strong’ just because they own six Su-25 Frogfoot and three MiG 29s.

    Oh well, life is about choices. We wanted to overstate our pro-Western credentials and stuck with the A-Jet. Those who the NAF want to please are not even taking note of their loyalty? Next, Airforces Monthly will write a new list of African Top Gun Airforces and Chad will be in – thanks to three MiG 29s – while the NAF will be out of it because ‘shame nor dey we eye’. Remember how some people were over themselves here rationalising a mythical advantage and claiming that three MiG 29s were not enough to alter the balance? What if the get three more tomorrow? Then we start to run helter-skelter. May our lethargic disposition not ruin this country. How the NAF can live with reading a list of Top Gun African airforces which has Eritrea and Uganda in it whereas they are not, beggars belief. Nobody would remember that all those we see as being in our powerplay league are in it – Egypt, SA, Morocco and Algeria. Yet we are out of it and can live with it. I really cannot understand it. It is only in military affairs that we do not engage in peer reviews?

    Please, we need to stop acting whipped and timid. We are not getting F16s, thank God. They are a political liability on a military force anyway so, I am glad that they are not on the cards. Get us the more potent Sukhoi Su-30s and the multirole JF17s so we can have an airforce again. We need to stop embarassing ourselves and acting like a giant with the mind of a cretin. Rubbish. Kai…for how long all this business of selling ourselves short and showing a profound lack of ambition?

    • jimmy says:

      oga beegs don vex O pele O :(!

      • Augustine says:

        Oga jimmy if na you nko, the tin no go pain you? Idris Deby is now claiming champion over Goodluck Jonathan all over the world, that’s enough insult to vex naija citizens.

      • Colloid says:

        Oga jimmy, it’s better he get angry than stay silent. FG should knowt we don get vex. “we are malnourished in the midst of plenty”. We have the money to get all these armament. Government is just interested in politics alone to the detriment of the Military. It’s only Nigeria dat im politics dey expensive. Tiz only when there is SECURITY and SAFETY that politics comes to mind. Syrians and Iraqis won’t be thinking of election oo. No one would be campaigning for vote there o. WHY? Because there’s a breach in their security structure(s). Our politicians should be made to know that “NO SECURITY(from INternal and EXternal aggressions) NO SAFETY”. When our Forces are properly equipped, then, we can start talking on politics and have a rest of mind.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Ahmed Salkida is a clown who will not come up with any legible answer. People like him only get heard because the foreign journalists are always looking to hear something scandalous. Otherwise, the dude is just pedestrian in his offering. Mostly sounds incoherent as well.

  11. drag_on says:

    The thing we are now begging F.G. to buy Algeria is now assembling. We will soon be diplomatically impotent in the eyes of North Africa.

  12. Augustine says:

    Today, based on available public information, Chad has total air superiority over Nigeria, our air force CANNOT match them, simple fact. 11 F-7 jets will be easily shot down by 3 MiG-29 jets. No controversy. Power pass power. Don’t carry knives to a gun fight, you will join your ancestors prematurely .

  13. buchi says:

    sorrry to derail my ogas did anybody watch BBC hard talk with Rosita chidoka as as much as he made some mistakes as regards his opinions abt our fight.he simply was to much for the pesky presenter to handle.TKO plenty chai

    • rugged7 says:

      Osita chidoka is extremely sharp on his feet.
      These are the kind of alert people that the Government should be sending-MEDIA BLITZ, against these foreign media trying to undermine Nigeria with negative propaganda.,
      He had answers to every negative stereotype the useless bbc reporter was trying to portray about Nigeria.
      WELL DONE osita chidoka, a real TKO, hands down!

    • mcshegz says:

      Osita Chidoka, you mean. Currently the Aviation Minister, Osita has always been an astute intellectual as displayed ever since his information technology-led rejig of the FRSC. Very confident and impressionable individual, makes his case, clear and precise, without mincing words. His oratory powers are second to none, giving you the impression that he knows exactly what he’s talking about. BBC’s Sarah was clearly no match for this clever, confident, Nigerian English-accented egg-head. Bravo. 🙂
      Oga Buchi. I respect your hustle sir.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga buchi, the interview hot pass overworked generator.

  14. beegeagle says:

    Well, that is good to hear. It is not all the time that small girls like Isha Sesay will be using the heads of our leaders.

  15. Henry says:

    The minister gave very apt and sound answers to the reporter. He shoved the negativity back into her face.

    • Augustine says:

      Fantastic two and half minute interview ! Honourable Osita true son of Naija !
      This is my own opinion of how to handle oyinbo when you meet them face to face. Don’t let them intimidate you, give them red pepper when they give you green pepper. If you rubbish your black country in front of them, they will tear your country into pieces beyond repair and circulate it around the world news media arena, your shame no go end quick.

      Oyinbo? Me I no dey give dem chance o ! I still get my green naija passport, if you deport me… place like home, dem no born me for obodo oyinbo.

      Let all Nigerian government officials fly our flag like this, we will not wash our dirty linens in public. USA/EU have their own national and social problems too, not only Africa has issues. We have been to their countries and it’s not paradise over there, they have their own evils…..and 90% of them live on debt….3 credit cards, 1 line of credit loan, 1 house mortgage, 2 car leases, mugging on the streets, murder at home, suicide for free, assault and battery at no cost…..come get am if ya want. Omo wahala dey for yonder o!

      • engineerboat says:

        What some people fail to realize is that, painting the country black before the whole world is good in as much that it satisfy their sinister minds agenda.
        But one thing for sure is that, this will come to an end very soon.


      • ozed says:

        This is what happens when you field your 1st eleven. I hope we do this more often. More often than not what we field is closer to our 3rd eleven.

    • buchi says:

      simply ensure that the cache and registry of ur hard disk is scanned and cleaned consistently and the blue screen of death will never trouble unless your
      Hard disk is corrupted or has bad sectors
      UR ram MCC is damaged or hard allocating
      a new hardware with incompatible with its installed Driver..just a few issues that can happen

    • Why didnt they use Open Source? Windows can be crappy!!!

  16. buchi says:

    feeling the breeze NA paratrooper

    • Deway says:

      Like some may insinuate, there is no evidence to claim this pic was taken in Nigeria.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        It’s Nigeria alright. Same woodland came, and the ankle brace was the main give away.

        But I have to ask: Don’t we have any other Airborne unit? Cos I thought 7 2nd Airborne Battalion was converted to special forces.

  17. buchi says:

    the amount of typographical errors my calibrator on my phone makes is annoying abeg my Ogas manage am a una see am.nah android keyboard wahala

  18. buchi says:

    @oga mschegaz

  19. Akin Oges says:

    Cry havoc Osita Chidoka!!!

  20. camouflage 1984 says:

    Maina Kachallah ‏@am280mag · 8m8 minutes ago
    Massive influx of the troops into Borno, as never been recorded since time immemorial:
    End-game for BH in sight?

  21. Augustine says:

    My ogas in the house, has anyone wondered why Nigeria’s minister of Defence has been 99% silent in this years of war? He has not even deem it fit to speak to Nigerians who pay his salary. Is MOD only about weapons procurement alone?

    Secondly, Nigeria has no minister of state for Defence in war time, the seat is vacant. The last occupant abandoned the job of leading Nigeria in war time, for his personal ambition to become governor of a state. Is this patriotism? What effect does that have on troops morale in war time? You soldiers keep dying on battle field, the most important thing for me is to become a big man state governor not a deputy defence minister leading you. I call it systematic ‘deserting’.

    You see why Nigeria is where it is today? Do we choose leaders based on being the right fit for the job, the most patriotic and zealous man for the job? Man with passion for the job?

    What qualifies people to become defence minister of state in Nigeria? Anyone with ideas please enlighten us. Thank you.

    • jimmy says:

      Lt.Gen Gusau Rtd is called the man in the shadows

    • ocelot2006 says:

      Well….Gen. Gasau has been a Spy Chief for a very very very very long time. And they don’t talk much (from DSS to NIA). Anyway, what really matters is that our troops are given the necessary tools and training to execute this war.

  22. Martin Luther says:

    Please has anybody seen this? What is it really about?

    • xnur44 says:

      Paid SA chaps with their equipment (courtesy of NSA office) don’t want to miss out in the final push. We have BH in a horseshoe trap now and need to implode Bama from within.

    • igbi says:

      The picture wasn’t taken in Nigeria.

      • sizzorkay says:

        And where was it taken, @ Oga Igbi. Just wondering, i don’t know either way

      • beegeagle says:

        What does the signboard in that photo say? That would be key. Yes, Equatorial Guinea use REVA MRAPs and these photos could have been taken anywhere in Africa. OANDO, though a Nigerian firm, have gone multinational and operate retail outlets in West and Central Africa.

        Finally, a very respectable defence aficionado of South African origin told me about a month ago that any SA mercs in Nigeria would be liable to terms of imprisonment when the return to SA. That is why they are likelier to serve as advisers and trainers but not as fighters. The people in these photos appear set to go into battle, don’t they?

        Guys need to lead Linda to the light sometimes instead of dumping her stuff here. She is just out to join the war reportage and gain site traffic, not that she necessarily knows anything about DEFSEC, a realm in which she does a lot of copy and paste. Did she not post a column of European T72 tanks once? Please, let us be guided.

        Concerning the landing of T72 tanks, gentlemen, for a freshly inducted system, one would expect that trainers and technicians from EXCALIBUR and from Ukraine will be coming and going for a while yet until mastery is attained. What is wrong with that? Have I not posted photos of upgraded Mi-35s at a hangar as they were being assembled right after getting offloaded from an Antonov plane? Have I not posted a photo of BVST technicians supporting MiL helicopter maintenance at PHC? Did the Chinese not come in to oversee the phase-in of F7s? So WHAT is wrong in having foreigner trainer+maintenance crews arriving with all these systems which are getting railroaded straight into battle? Do we really know just how many new system types have been inducted since January 2014?

        – INKAS Light Armoured Patrol Vehicles
        – Streit Spartan Mk.3 APCs
        – BVP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
        – BMP-4 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
        – T72 tanks
        – BTR 80A APCs
        – BigFoot MRAPs
        – REVA MRAPs

        HOW are they not going to need onfield support in integrating such an array into service and direct to the battlefield at such short notice?

    • asorockweb says:

      Interesting photos.

      Counting from the top, there are 5 photos of APCs.
      These photos appear to show REVA APCs.

      Photo 3 and photo 5 shows the same vehicle (G3).

      G3 has two men with their torsos showing through the roof hatches. 1 of the men appear light skinned (LS1), the other, dark skinned (DS1).

      LS1 is not wearing a head covering.
      DS1 is wearing a baseball cap.
      Both LS1 and DS1 appear to be wearing short sleeve t-shirt underneath what appears to be flack jackets.
      Base on uniform alone, it appear that neither LS1 nor DS1 are Nigerian soldiers.

      According to Wiki, the SA military does NOT use the REVA APC. Also, these REVAs mount DShK HMGs.

      The question is, where were these pictures taken?

      Notable bloggers have informed us that the NSA hired mercenaries, so that is no longer in dispute. The same bloggers also say the mercs were hired for specific purposes.

      My gut tells me that the pictures were taken in Equatorial Guinea, not Maiduguri.

      • igbi says:

        the story about mercenaries still caries no proof, perhaps some people here have been confusing the british military advisory and training team with south african mercenaries.

    • superboi79 says:

      It maybe Expats helping to Deliver Vehicles to the field and help fast track operational induction..

    • Deway says:

      Abeg, the pics were taken in Nigeria. Second and forth pics show the signpost and icon of an Oando filling station. Please put it to rest, abeg.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oando has “Over 600 Retail Outlets in West Africa”

        If you want to put it to rest, that’s fine.

      • ozed says:

        Some weeks ago in SW Nigeria where i live, we saw a convoy of low bed trucks carrying tanks which could only have been T72s given their profiles under the thick camo nets draped over them.
        One of the lob beds broke down fro a while and had to be fixed, and one of the soldiers milling around as the truck was repaired was a Caucasian!

        Of course we have to be careful what conclusions we reach regarding this. These could be technicians who came to commission and hand over the equipment (most heavy complex equipment would need this upon handover), but depending on how close it was to the front-lines when those pix were taken the soldiers could be military advisers or mercenaries. Non of these would be a crime. Mercenaries were extensively used on both sides of the Nigerian Civil War.

        After we sort out BH then we need to sit down and do our home work to ensure that NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Ozed,
        The Caucasian you saw while the tanks were being transported in the South West is more likely to be an employee of the logistics company than a merc.

      • Deway says:

        OK Asorockweb, then in which West African country are those REVA MRAPs likely to operate? Mali, Ghana, Togo or Benin?

  23. COLONEL NGR says:

    The president has said that 60-65% of the weapons needed to win the war had been procured. he remained optimistic that the end is in sight for boko haram.

    we have lots of warrior type officers in the NA. infact, this blog has highlighted them in the past. we do have a good mix of both the brainy and brawny types.

    in terms of the weapons we need. The millitary knows exactly what they need. we have done a good job listing out those needs here. i do believe that the problem is how to convince the politicians on the need to spend heavily to equip our military to required standards.

    finally, it seems the NA liberated MAFA last night. mafa is a town in borno state probably close to the nigerien border.

    oga beegs and my fellow Generals… guys are doing a great job. keep it up!

  24. okomonika says:

    The APC in d picture is d same make as d field ambulance now used in d NE there is 2 much naivety and baise on dat blog note d repetition of comment.

    • xnur44 says:

      These vehicles are not ours, they may be involved in flanking and harassment raids; they lack manpower for frontal assaults.

      • mcshegz says:

        And you know this how? According to recent findings, we have received considerable amounts of REVA MRAPS from S.A, including many more MRAPS from China.
        Oga xnur44. I respect your hustle sir.

      • igbi says:

        There is noothing in the picture which suggests it was taken in Nigeria. The sight of one black man annd one white man is not proof of the picture being taken in Nigeria. SADC armies are mixed with white and black soldiers.

      • mcshegz says:

        Still doesn’t change the fact that Nigeria acquired REVA MRAPS from S.A. I think that’s pretty much proven at this point. As per other insinuations derived from that picture, exactly Oga, not enough to ascertain exact whereabouts.
        Oga Igbi. I respect your hustle sir.

      • rugged7 says:

        That picture, as far as i can see, was probably taken in the northern part of west africa.
        Oando filling station
        On the right of the picture u see “…diagnostic laboratory” that rules out any francophone or lusophone country.
        The small cars are typical of what is used in northern Nigeria.
        On the right, a taxi in green with yellow stripes…What is the borno state taxi colors?
        An ?NNPC tanker on the top right hand corner…
        The trees are consistent with northern vegetation
        The dressing of people hailing the troops- purple danshiki left side of photo.
        The architecture of the roads, filling station and electricity poles are eerily familiar.
        The APCs might not be Nigerian but i’m almost 80% sure that the pictures were taken in northern Nigeria

      • igbi says:

        I don’t think it is wise to identify an unknown filling station with an oando filling station. I saw the pictures and to spot an oando filling station, unless you are using the latest image processing software I don’t see how. Moreover Oando is present in several countries. You think we would have such a large convoy of mercenaries and no cjtf would talk about it in the papers ? Not even locals, nobody would report seeing a large convoy of foreigners including white people helping us.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Igbi, actually there is. ‘was about to tow same line as you. That’s until I saw the posters on the lamp posts of the street lights and what looks like the PDP flag on each posters. Add to that, the soldiers on the MRAP in the first pic are wearing what looks like the current camouflage used by the Nigerian Army.

      • igbi says:

        @Ocelot2006; I think your mind is playing games on you, nothing you described is on that photo. The only things which can be read are the things written on the MRAPS and the uniform you are talking about is actually far from being clear, all that you can state is that it is kaki. I restate the obvious, the picture wasn’t taken in Nigeria.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        @ Igbi I do not claim to be certain. But what I’ve noticed pretty much points to the possibility that those pics MAY have been taken in the NE. Besides, didn’t a pic of the same MRAP type (ambulance) surface here few weeks ago?

        Anyway, if confirmed, I don’t really see anything wrong with the South Africans here, and those vehicles are probably ours too. Those two pictured are probably instructors/advisors just like the rest. The Nigerian military is still leading the fight.

      • igbi says:

        @Ocelot2006, your eyes see what you brain want to see. The picture you are talking about was that of a field ambulance and I will have you notice that it was brand new. What you have here is a large convoy of mraps, with white people as gunners and some of the mraps look very old and rusty. here is absolutly nothing which suggests that the picture was taken in Nigeria. Those who have made up their mind will keep spotting things which are not in this picture. Come on, let us be more mature, or what would we do when more refined hoaxes will appear ?

      • igbi says:

        I hope you don’t intend to claim that every picture of that kind of mrap was taken in Nigeria. I will have you reminded that it is a foreign product.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        @ Igbi, not all the MRAPS had their guns Manned by by white men, just the last three pics with two of those being copies of the same vehicle. And the MRAP you mentioned (configured as an Ambulance) pretty much had the EXACT cage armour as the others.

      • igbi says:

        @Ocelot, I don’t think there are thousands of cage armour types which exist for this MRAP and I think we bought the cage armour from the guys who sold us the mraps. Look, there is just no evidence to suggest that the picture was taken in Nigeria. That is a fact. This is a hoax, what worries me is the ease with which some of us are fooled. This is the reason boko haram was able to make a video of itself beheading people and pass it out as if it were Nigerian soldiers doing the beheading. This is the same reason so many people keep confusing malian soldiers in mali with Nigerian soldiers. What happens when someone in south africa intentionnally puts a Nigerian flag next to a south african mrap and takes a picture and then clame he is a south african pmc working in Nigeria ? It is for this same reason that an australian crook could pass himself as a negotiator hired by the FG, and he even fooled our journalists. Do you see the pattern ? Let us smartify ourselves.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        @ Igbi, is it just me, or do I sense that you feel any aid from outsiders (South Africans inclusive) in this conflict will dent our nation’s pride? If it’s the later, have no fear as we all know that the Nigerian military is taking the lead in this fight. That said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong if we have a number of experienced foreign instructors/advisors, even if it’s on the front lines. After all we all know the South Africans aren’t playing any combat roles.

      • igbi says:

        @Ocelot, look let us not deviate from facts, being a fan of south africa or not will not change the facts that there is nothing on the picture which suggests that it was taken in Nigeria. If I see south african pmcs in Nigeria I will be the first to recognize it. What you want the situation to be is irrelevent, don’t deviate from the facts. And to the best of my knowledge, nothing on this picture proves it was taken in Nigeria.

      • igbi says:

        @Ocelot, I am against british officers being in Nigeria, but since I saw a proof, I even posted it here. Because what you wish and reality should not be confused. Now I could ask you why you are so passionate about having south african mercenaries coming to Nigeria, but I don’t really care.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        @ igbi, I won’t really say I’m jumping head over heels here for the South Africans, and I’m DEFINITELY NOT keen on seeing any foreign units fighting our fight. Frankly, my focus on those lovely MRAPs. BUT if there’re SA or Isreali instructors on ground to provide us with the much needed tactical training like the Russians, then they’re most definitely welcomed. Besides, they may as well be technicians from REVA on ground to provide short term tech support.

      • igbi says:

        It seems your aim is to make everybody here to conclude that the picture was taken in Nigeria, you have tried flattery and now you are trying emotional statements. The facts remain facts, there is no evidence that the picture was taken in Nigeria. As for your assumption that south africa is as military strong as Israel or Russia, I beg to differ. My thanks go to Israel and Russia and NDA and Jaji for their excellent trainings offered to Nigerian soldiers. We can not just wish the picture into being taken in Nigeria. Just stay on facts, not on daydreaming.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        @ igbi, now I know why you’ve had issues with a number of members of this esteemed thread, particularly Are James/Oje. And frankly it is out right childish. Apparently anyone who doesn’t agree with you is seen as somewhat less patriotic, which is totally far from truth. I don’t see any difference between you and the clowns at FOX TV. You need to GROW UP.

        Till then, do feel free to take your “FACTS” somewhere else, and kindly ignore my posts. Thank you.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Btw, I don’t recall in any of my posts placing SA on par with the Isrealis.

  25. xnur44 says:

    Mcshegz, we are not in this fight alone anymore, at least other forces will have their due credits.

  26. dndynamite says:

    @ Oga asorockweb There’s an OandO filling station in the second pic. I didn’t know they were in Equatorial Guinea.

    I guess more info will come out soon enough

    • asorockweb says:

      We need people with an eye for details.
      The internet is filled with all kinds of pictures.
      If we don’t pay attention, we can easily join the masses in being fooled.

  27. cerberus89 says:

    my ogas it seens lik oga peccavi is in trouble with csmerounian authorities just saw something on@donklericuzio ‘s twitter handle .oga beegs may be u can investigate this a little

  28. jimmy says:

    Let me understand this properly
    Nigeria is in a WAR a Country that is supposed to be our ALLY goes around the World telling other countries not to sell made in America weapons to Nigeria
    However other Countries who have citizens who ARE WILLING TO DIE for Nigeria some Nigerians are upset about it.
    Nigeria has FINALLY got some of the deadliest WEAPONS to be used IN coin OPERATIONS ( Samil trucks, MRLS artillery systems) and some people are upset.
    During WW2 . My Great – GREAT – UNCLE was recruited and paid by the British GOVT when the British govt did not have any more MEN
    During WW2 when the future EXISTENCE of both Britain and France was in doubt The Black men from AFRICA provided both MEN AND Materials to help turn the Tide ,
    Nigeira has problems and the reality is there are some people who are actually willing to help us and some people have a problem with that? and such peole have actually proved to be effective wow!
    America during it’s war of INDEPENDENCE hired both French ( GEN Lafayette) and Germans( they fought on both sides) to help them key word help them.
    Nigeria faces an existential THREAT make no bones about it and some of it’s NEIGHBORS and SO called ALLIES have done more damage than bh could of dreamed of doing together with an initial reluctant spend thrift govt it became A PERFECT STORM, even now Countries like Nigeria , South Africa and America do not fully grasp the full implications of the consequences of this war, it will be after this war is over that some of these IMPLICATIONS will become apparent.

  29. jimmy says:

    I plead with everybody to overlook my TYPOS.

  30. rugged7 says:

    Boko Haram Are Massing For Battle –
    Sky news/british propaganda in overdrive…

    • asorockweb says:

      The news of BH massing in Gwoza came from a local news outlet (yesterday or a day before).

      The snippet about Chadian forces moving slowly to avoid civilian casualty is just fantasy.

    • Deway says:

      Oga rugged7, I see it as very good news so when bh is soundly defeated in Gwoza by Nigerian forces let the same news outlet not tell the world it was with the help of Chad.
      What I don’t get is this: “……though troops from Chad and Nigeria have retaken dozens of towns in recent weeks.” Can someone please tell me the exact number of towns retaken by Chad? I only know of 2.

  31. igbi says:

    Seeing the way people analyze photos here, I am about to take a picture of myself in my backyard and claim that I took it in the presidential villa. Then perhaps someone will vindicate me by spotting an “oando” filling station.

  32. Manny Aaydel says:

    Oga rugged7, no mind these yeye BBC people. BH did not mass up to resist losing all the territories it has so far lost, but is massing up to counter attack from one or two left in its possession? Would that be ‘counter-attacking’ or fighting to the death since there is no more escape for them? Anyway, sooner than later, the BBC will eat its words. By the way, why are we accepting British Army advisers now? They will claim victory when the final push happens and say it was those advisers who gave Nigeria the technical know-how that finally nailed the BH coffin. Mark my words sir (they did the same in Sierra Leone just because they chased away those area boys called ‘West Side Boys’). On a more serious note, Chidoka did a great job on HardTalk, but please let any other Minister who goes on a foreign station to speak for the Government remember to remind the Euro-Atlantic powers that neither the Americans nor the Brits defeated the Taliban before pulling out of Afghanistan. If my memory serves me right too, I can’t recall them crushing the armed opposition before fleeing from Iraq. Yet they have the effrontery to tell us that the NA is not up to BH? What an infra dig!!!

    • ozed says:

      When the ayatollah took power in iran he took american embassy staff hostages. They stayed they for over a year in spite of futile efforts to rescue them. The lady must have been born yesterday to be asking why the Chibok girls have not been rescued.


    • beegeagle says:

      Did the British defeat the IRA after 28 years? Were the IRA as dangerous as BH? The answer is NO. Guerrilla groups which field suicide bombers are the most well-motivated since the fear of death does not pose a deterrent. The IRA had no suicide bombers and certainly had nothing like BH’s arsenal. Why were they not defeated 1969-1997?

      Everybody feels an entitlement to run their ignorant mouths once the subject matter is Nigeria. Nonsense.

  33. jimmy says:
    I t is very important that in this particular heinous case thw F.G. do it’s very best to prosecute this case to it’s maximum.
    *As A DEMONSTRATION OF faith THE F.G. should ensure they are not responsible for any delays
    * The f.g. needs to make a case for the Death Penalty the f.g. must show it can knuckle down and go for the most Serious charge
    *The f.g. now that he is in Custody of the DSS must continue to interrogate him with the CARROT AND STICK approach give up more of your inner workings and anyone else who has not been arrested.

    • Are James says:

      This guy should be kept alive for as long as possible and there are ways to make the case go on forever, while the charade is going on as much information should be sucked as from him as possible.

  34. beegeagle says:

    I have asked myself the reason behind the timing of this renewed cooperation with the British.

    When Nigeria were on the ropes on account of all sorts of vitriolic campaigns orchestrated by Amnesty International and HRW, the British gave the NA a wide berth. Why is the 35 year-long military training now being underlined and the Brits showing their faces again COINCIDENTALLY at a time when the Nigerian Army has once again found its fighting form? It just does not add up.

    Well, we know that no equipment has come our way from the UK and that the troops have trained in Russia. So any attempt to put a spin on it will lead to severe knocks from the savvy Nigerian populace who have been nothing short of horrified by the aloofness of the British and Americans in the face of the BH challenge.

    All we have heard is that they ‘continue to engage with their Nigerian partners’ :-). The British are very adept at sneaking in when glory beckons and claiming all of it for themselves. In Sierra Leone, they stood aloof during the heavy fighting only to come in after the Battle of Freetown II in which Nigerian ECOMOG troops showed their best fighting qualities. Today, the British media have completely rewritten the story of the Sierra Leonean War and Nigeria is a footnote to the story. Never mind that the only meaningful engagement of the British forces in SLR was a tiff with the 300-strong West Side Boys. Compare that to our fight against 30,000+ renegade RSLMF/RUF soldiers and guerrillas backed by Burkinabe soldiers and Ukrainian mercenaries?

    I hope we do not do something naive yet again in our perpetual craving for Western validation. We have similarly warned against any and all plans to allow the Chadian forces advance beyond the Dikwa-Gamboru axis.

    Our DEFSEC leadership must stand strong in the face of maneouvring glory hunters from Africa and from further afield. Our people have never known how to play their diplomatic cards. What has stopped them from according visibility to the Russian trainers who provided the decisive training?

    Like I said elsewhere, we have sold ourselves far too cheaply to the West and that is why our market value has declined. E fit be major complex wey dey worry us. I kid you not.

    Let Nigerians see the real friends who came to Nigeria’s aid at H-Hour instead of playing up the self-serving positioning of those who stood aloof while Nigeria burned.

    We surely score an A for perennially fumbling.

  35. beegeagle says:

    Drones_On, do you have any idea about the convenient timing of the emergence of the British from the shadows at this time when the Nigerian forces are galloping to victory on the battlefield? I really want to know and I ask respectfully

  36. prinxarthur says:

    Our legislators are just a bunch of self centered scumbags,they drive armored vehicles with 1inch steel+worth $2million,while they want our soldiers to go into front line with hilux trucks,i heard one asking about the T-55 that was built b4 he was ever born,men we need raise the defense budget by 50%

  37. asorockweb says:

    Oga Rugged7 may have found a definitive clue regarding where the pictures were taken:

    “a taxi in green with yellow stripes”

    Can someone confirm the color scheme of Maiduguri taxis?

    I found this YouTube of a drive through Maiduguri. I could not find a green taxi with yellow stripes

    • igbi says:

      yellow taxis can be found in many african countries. I repeat, there is nothing in that photo which places it in Nigeria, or even in west Africa. If you like I can go and take photos of black french soldiers standing next to white french soldiers and post them here claiming they are in Nigeria.

      • asorockweb says:

        He said green taxi with yellow stripes. Don’t lose your objectivity.

      • igbi says:

        My mistake, I replied a little bit fast on this one, what I was trying to say is that it still wouldn’t have been convincing if the taxis were yellow, indeed many african countries have such taxis.

  38. Henry says:

    Oga Rugged7, you know those photos you pasted hurts our sensibilities and national pride, especially with those South-Africans looking to humiliate Nigeria at every turn.

    Oga please take them down.

    • asorockweb says:

      I don’t believe Rugged7 pasted any photos.

      Sensibilities can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

      Pictures can come from anywhere. What we have to do is find clues in the pictures that may shed light on the subject matter.

    • rugged7 says:

      Itz your timeline…
      No wahala, i don comot am sha…
      I understand the sensitivities. But those pix are in a lot of places online.
      I really don’t think we should be too sensitive on that one.
      Nobody can swear looking at the pix that those guys are mercs or southies.
      Even if they are, so what???
      The americans and the brits have used mercs and PMCs since the dawn of time.
      The Gurkhas were originally Nepalese guns for hire which the british used.
      The americans have used ugandan PMCs and mercs in the Gulf war.
      Ditto Angolans with cubans.
      The cubans have used russians etc etc
      Those guys in the pix could just as well be british instructors and Nigerian troops carrying out exercises in anticipation of a military engagement.
      Nigeria has absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of.
      However Nigeria does this is nobody’s business.
      Including those hypocritical western and francophone “friends” of Nigeria…

      • rugged7 says:

        @ oga Henry…

      • Henry says:

        Oga Rugged7, it’s not mine, it’s ours.

        Thank you for understanding my point. This been said, we have all contributed in no small part in building the image of our military and our nation. We have faced great adversity, yet we still have soldiered on. I don’t care how we win this COIN campaign wether through PMC assistance or the self-loathe of the chadians who are only operating in the bother region.

        The fact is, Nigerian troops are carrying out 90% of the Operations. It is the narrative of this majority percentage that i’m particularly interested in sharing. It is bewelidering how the chadians operating in malamfotori, dikwa and gambarou are going about making spurious claims.

        My point is, it’s our responsibility as patriotic Nigerians to show that beyond the media rhetoric, it is our gallant soldiers that are leading the operations.

        Thanks for your understanding brother, your posts are always most welcome.

  39. Deway says:

    Ok, lets calm nerves and shift attention: Unrelated but interesting and innovative. IAI converting Bombardier’s Global 5000 business jet into a maritime surveillance, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare aircraft.

    • Are James says:

      Israelis are winches. This is one very affordable maritime surveillance platform and just look at the number of sensors on this thing.

  40. igbi says:

    I think the british in that video came more to learnthan to teach and the british officer being interviewed says exactly that they are exchangeing practices. But trust the journalist to apply colonial mentality.

  41. igbi says:

    I think those who provided the special training we needed are the Russians, not the brits.

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