President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria

9 July, 2015
by Chris Stein

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is scheduled to visit Washington later this month. The visit comes after years of strained relations between the U.S. and Nigeria under former president Goodluck Jonathan.

Officials from Jonathan’s administration were openly critical of American policy towards Nigeria. The country’s ambassador to Washington complained the United States was not doing enough to help Abuja fight the Islamist Boko Haram insurgency that has ravaged the country’s northeast.

That relationship may change under Buhari. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry attended the new president’s inauguration in May, and Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Abuja this week.

While giving few specifics, Blinken said President Barack Obama would listen to Buhari when they meet on July 20. “Any ideas that Nigeria has, any requests it makes, we will sit down, and we will talk about it and work through it,” said Blinken.

Jamestown Foundation African affairs analyst Jacob Zenn says the meeting will likely focus on smoothing over relations between the two countries, with Obama expected to show support for Buhari’s agenda, particularly his stated focus on combating corruption and insecurity.“The U.S. side is optimistic about the prospect of President Buhari focusing on prioritizing the issues that the U.S.
considers key concerns,” said Zenn.

That, analysts believe, does not mean the United States will take a greater role in the fight against Boko Haram. In the past, the United States trained Nigerian troops and provided non-lethal equipment like vehicles and uniforms, but turned down Nigerian requests for weapons.

Zenn says President Buhari is unlikely to leave Washington with much more than commitments for further training and intelligence sharing.“The fight against Boko Haram will continue to be a Nigeria-led initiative,” he said.

Nigeria is working with neighbors Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Benin to put together a joint task force to combat the group.



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  1. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Dear Ogas, I do not see any indication of the shopping list in this comment and implications of the narrative narrative.
    “That, analysts believe, does not mean the United States will take a greater role in the fight against Boko Haram. In the past, the United States trained Nigerian troops and provided non-lethal equipment like vehicles and uniforms, but turned down Nigerian requests for weapons.”

    “Zenn says President Buhari is unlikely to leave Washington with much more than commitments for further training and intelligence sharing.“The fight against Boko Haram will continue to be a Nigeria-led initiative,” he said.”

    If we throw away our allies that responded to our cries while we were in need, we would end up back to square one. The answer to this lies with Nigerians themselves not any outside “help”, ther is enough resources if well harnessed and deployed ( Material and Men) to sway the battle in our favor and ” the End” this BH pests. Not saying that we must under estimate a 20,000 man enemy force as a rag tag army, takes a level of proper control and command from an intelligent central command to deploy and coordinate this force well out of the view of the Government and at the same time maintaining a fair level of internal secrecy of convert activities and locations

  2. jimmy says:

    Let me say this much as i respect
    Jacob Zenn ,There are things going between America and Nigeria that he may not be privy
    One of the specific things that he may not be privy that is an open SECRET as disclosed even by the US ambassador has been the super sensitive issue of INTEL
    *The US has supplied INTEL to Nigerian COUNTERPARTS this INTEL was not part of the COMMERCIAL USELESS GRADE MATERIAL IN THE PAST
    **The Nigerian Army is using some American Made computer programs to communicate again this another open secret.
    ***The Money ($5m) the US promised was given almost immediately to Nigeria to disburse
    Prior to the GEJ administration departing Nigerian army soldiers were being trained in Montgomery ALABAMA
    **** The US and the UK are actively involved right now in teaching Mine and IED detection skills.
    ***** Expect the shrills form Amnesty International to reach their fever pitch in the days leading up to the meeting.
    GEJ was invited to meet BHO on the sidelines of the UN meeting, this is very, very different there is no distracting UN meeting.More on this tomorrow..
    The Prime minister of the UK is very aware at this stage what Nigeria wants
    The SEC of State John Kerry is heavily involved in the Geneva talks, the person whom Nigeria should pay close attention to are the two people who were in Nigeria the last two weeks the under sec of state and the sec of African affairs- both whom were in the country last week and this week, .
    This is not a photo op nor is it time to just sing Kumbaya on this I i will tomorrow .Good day GENTLEMEN.

  3. jimmy says:

    I will talk tomorrow.

  4. Oje says:

    Oga Wilcock, there is no such thing as ”our allies”. You cannot decide to snub the West because we bough weapons from China and Russia. To them its business, not brotherly love., Nigeria paid cash for these weapons. These people will sell weapons to Boko Haram if the price is right. In Sudan the Chinese sold weapons to the Northern Sudanese government to carry on its war crimes against the South. After gaining Independence in a referendum the Chinese still courted the South Sudanese, offering weapons and infrastructure for oil. Let us not fully identify ourselves with despotic systems. Nigeria’s democracy is ,more matured than what you find in Russia and China, we are better than them. We have freedom of expression, i can say jack shit about Buhari with no fear of being arrested. In China the government does not even allow Face booking or Social networking. In Russia Putin invades Crimea 24 hours after hosting the winter Olympic, while at the same time smuggling arms to Ukrainian separatist. Putin’s carefree attitude to the loss of over 200 innocent civilian lives shows how he has no empathy. The economic sanctions is biting hard on the Russian populace yet Putin allocates $40 billion for 19 new ICBM’s Russia will never use. We are better than these people, if partnership and cooperation with the West will hasten the demise of Boko Haram so be it.

  5. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Dear Ogas, The recent posture and voting at SC by the PM of Nigeria to the UN is not accident, there are things a lot of us here, do not know that is going on behind the scenes, I love the Wests focus on their objective, America, Your views on Ukraine is what you read from the papers and western media, not raw information from participants and this hardly any business of the Africans, about south Sudan, have you been embed in Abeyi or Wau, Putin is not stupid or mad, he has access to intelligence. What is happening is simple Sun Tzu , keep you enemies closer. Our head of state just been sent for like a vassal, while he is visiting all other African head states. I have intimate knowledge and experience not as ” tourist” to those places mentioned and the situation is different from what you read in the press. Nigeria was pushed away and it survived and grew stronger, So it has to be draw closer, even with GEJ voting in total support of the west on all SC issues, including Libya, Cote de Ivorie did not help him, The answer to Boko Haram is within the Nigerian state (both Civil and Military). I am relentlessly pro-Nigeria. At least those Countries sold to weapons when it mattered. Maybe my humble self knows somethings, after the Visit and it’s outcome I will remind you. before that I would love to be corrected on any serious weapon’s system in the Nigerian Military that was ever bought or sold by the US to our Military , 1960s to date. I say we should ignore the West, but I would never do a Kumbaya like the native American Indians before being sent into reservation ((Snowden tells a lot and so does wikileaks on where it will all lead to). PMB is very well informed and outgoing NSA was not stupid.

  6. My take is that, whatever cooperation will occur between both countries will be settled during PMB’s visit. Nothing is yet cast in Iron. I dont expect that he will suddenly come back and we’ll suddenly hv supplies of chinkoon and black hawk helos or we’ll suddenly switch to d M16. Maybe a grants to fight BH and better intelligence sharing.
    We’ll still use mostly Russian weapons which is better cos of our familiarity with them.

    Lets not pre-empt and just wait and see how things pan out. As for those advocating that we ignore the west, I ask to what extent. There’s more to Naija than the military angle and relations with the west are vital to us in many many ways.

  7. prinx arthur says:

    Nigeria needs western investment and wants Russo/sino military hardware.

  8. Kola Adekola says:

    What intelligence can the US supply us about things that are happening in our own villages, committed by our own people? Do satellites speak Hausa or Kanuri? Can Satellites mingle with people on the ground and understand their culture? Lets be real, no one outside Nigeria can provide us with intelligence that would be of any value; not the US, not China, not Russia, not Canada… Nobody. We might get a nugget or two, but that would be it, the grunt work must be done by Nigerians armed with self-belief and local knowledge.

    The world is a chessboard with two main blocks, the US and Russia+China. Nigeria is just a pun in the game, because we have taken special effort to make ourselves so for 55 years now.

    The singular thing Buhari must understand is that neither of these blocks can afford to alienate an awakened Nigeria because of the colossal image we present in both Africa and the black world. Do not doubt it for one minute that if GEJ had won, the US would have found a way to retrace its steps to avoid gain by China or Russia. Nobody should be summoning the Nigerian President like he is a mere schoolboy, I can bet you that he will be welcomed by a lowly US official, or at most, the US Vice-President.

    The only way Nigeria can pull its weight is cure the ills we have within once and for all. That can only come by instituting a truly representative federal structure in which all our people can key in and contribute as one. Only then would we realise our true potential. So long as we continue to apply flimsy bandages to our shaky foundation in the hope of a miracle, we will continue to be kicked around and embarrassed on the global scene.

    The words of the so-called “African affairs analyst” Jacob Zenn are already pointing in the direction of Buhari visiting in good faith, only to be told to sit down and take orders.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga Kola, Very wise and true talk

    • Are James says:

      This is more like it, Thanks

    • jimmy says:

      The kind of INTEL that does not show up in HAUSA, IGBO, KNAURI, or Yoruba
      1) Financial Wire taps + INTEL
      2) Classifed imagery this made Nigerian Generals Angry not the USELESS COMMERCIAL GOOGLE VARIETY
      3) That is why Nigeria last week signed a $270 mou contract with a UK firm the details of which include CLASSIFEID intel on Surveillance among other things.
      4.Nigerian Armed forces including the Police SERIOUSLY needs to upgrade their COMMUNICATIONS systems .
      I hope this has answered your question.

      • Toh! They can gather ELINT in some ways we cant

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Jimmy, no you have not answered any question.

        Financial Wire taps and other high sounding intelligence methods are useless against low tech means e.g. money exchanging hands by selling recharge cards (or more notably, fish), acquired through kidnapping ransoms etc. That is generally how boko haram operates, such flows can only be traced by local people who are familiar with the area, understand the culture and are fluent in the local languages.

        “Classified” satellite imagery is useless against civilians hiding amongst other civilians. No satellite image can identify a boko haram member the way, for instance, a civilian JTF member who knows the community inside out can.

        The mou with a UK firm was to be able to view fixed oil installations through cloud cover, it will also be useless as a means of protecting any pipeline against civilian attack. My Oga, how can satellite images stop civilians acting in small groups? It will only be useful against military formations such as foreign navies. That matter is mute as far as boko haram is concerned; satellite have shown their limitations against militants, a great example is the Houthi’s who have been gaining territory under the glare of the worlds most powerful armies constellation of satellites.

        We can get communications systems anywhere. They don’t cost much either

  9. ozed says:

    While we are twiddling our thumbs and going to meetings with the West where they will promise us training on battlefield hygiene and human rights, Boko Haram struck at Buni Yadi last night.

    The situation is still unclear according to defense sources, which in plain english means things are not going as well as we would have wanted.

    We have been lamenting how badly we are doing in stopping attacks on soft targets, now BH seems to have gathered sufficient courage and resources to resume its conventional offensives.

    Na wa OOOh!

  10. colloid says:

    Even before i read half the second comment, i knew it must be Oga Oje’s. Whatever you implies up there is just Political.

    I quote you sir:
    **Putin’s carefree attitude to the loss of over 200 innocent civilian lives shows how he has no empathy.** Am sure you meant the downing of the Malaysia Airliner. Frankly, you can’t claim or confirm what you don’t know sir. If NATO is slaying the Pro-Russia Rebels on the slab of that incident, then i wont take that serious because, frankly, NATO is not an ally of Russia. NATO is just a pawn used by the US. NATO(possibly through Ukrainian Army) could have downed the jet with SAM in order to raise hostility toward Russia and further isolate Russia and Pro-russia rebels. And then, if Russia/Pro-russia separatists are claiming Ukraine did really shot down the jet, then they may be lying also. Reason is that, downing of the jet may be a way of sending Warning to Ukraine or NATO countries that trespassing on their Airspace wont be accepted. If you understand Propaganda, you will understand Progress.

    And Oga Oje, if you claim Putin Carefree attitude toward the death of 200 civilians should be a basis on why Nigeria shouldn’t court Russia, i would really like you to consider your stance on that sir. US was unwilling, unmoved, unscratched, nonchalant toward the deaths of over 12,000 civilians in the hands of BH just because of “a guy” at the helms of affair then. Practically, they punished a whole nation because of one man.

    I share in your view that Nigeria is better them all. I agree with you cox We can only do things in our own way. In summary, your view on their political stand/stance is correct but that mustn’t be the yardstick in determining who we go to for solace. But, we musn’t forget a friend who helps in time of need. For a Friend in Need, and a Friend that comes to the Rescue, IS A FREIND INDEED.

    • saleh says:

      I guess you could add US drone strikes that claims tens of collateral casualties because they want to take out one person and even conducts a further strike on the rescuers.At the stage we are at now as a nation I dont think we should even be bothered about the moral account of anyone or nation but what we can get from them

  11. Augustine says:

    My ogas, whether we like it or not, President Buhari has CONFIRMED the successful compilation a brand new shopping list of weapons/equipment for Nigerian armed forces to be purchased from G-7 countries of the west, America leading them.

    It does not cancel out, but casts great uncertainty on all eastern origin weapons under consideration by ex-President Jonathan’s regime.

    Fact we have to face. New big fish ruling the ocean waves, his own wavelength will be different.

    I will appeal to us to look beyond our frustrations, if the past service chiefs have been fast enough to sign contracts for a few Su-25 and either Su-30 or JF-17, plus T-90 tanks and Pantsir SAM, plus Z-9 ASW helos, we would have some peace of mind. Well it did not happen.

    My opinion is that we should still make suggestions to Buhari on the new shopping list for G-7, else we don’t know what those same service chiefs have put there on papers submitted to him, like jets/helos with zero guided weapons/PGM. Leopard skin dey hard to change even with bleach na.

    Shugaba Buhari is a soldier, but his generation of equipment is not relevant today, he led Scorpion tanks into battle against Chad and won, but today Chad will roast every tank in Nigerian army including T-72 with their ATGM or Su-25 Frogfoot anti-armour rockets.

    The president may not be very up to date on modern weapons/equipment, despite the fact that he knows infantry/armour battlefield tactics on the ground. Hardware sophistication is a different ball game, that’s why Obasanjo a good soldier with war successes could buy F-7 jet and be proud of a ‘fighter-bomber’ and his regime brought us Otokar Cobra with no smoke dispenser talk less of ATGM or 30 mm cannon, the Cobras did well against fuel subsidy removal rioters at Ketu Ojota, but same Cobras got snatched from our soldiers by Boko Haram and displayed for the world to mock on youtube.

    Let us still make suggestions to help the new government, does not matter whom you voted for, me I did not vote because my belief is that it’s replacing one Nigerian with another Nigerian and the people will soon start complaining, Nigerians are like a nagging house-wife who is never satisfied by one husband.

  12. jimmy says:

    I hate to do this especially quoting from the rag but if it means following bh to the gates of hell and beyond I will do so

  13. Augustine says:

    We have no idea of what’s on the new shopping list, but we know a bit of what is possible or likely.

    Never say something cannot happen, human beings can be funny, Obama may sell us some poor avionics F-16 variants with short legged missiles that won’t match Chadian MiG-29 BVR missiles, if we accept monkey, oyinbo will sell even baboon to us as well.

    Retiring Tornado jets in good condition, second hand surplus armoured Humvees, bone yard F-16, scrap yard Cobra helicopters, New Textron Scorpion, New Super Tucano, Drones (Armed or not), ATAK helicopters, used Sea Knight helicopters, second hand Sea Sprite helicopters, etc, may be options since the military has said they want them. A fellow blogger also suggests that light infantry field surveillance and day/night vision gadgets may be on that list.

    Cheap prices hard to resist may be a factor…$50,000 per unit for an armed combat ready all terrain 4 x 4 Humvee LAV means $50 million for a whole 1,000 units of armoured vehciles that Buhari does not have to wait for, the vehicles are ready for sale today from Afghanistan war surplus units…..and much cheaper than local production like Igirigi that is slow coming in trickles because of very low installed manufacturing capacity in Nigeria.

  14. jimmy says:

    Thank you for your Kind words
    One of my Favorite quotes comes from the outgone Foreign Minister Mr BASHIR WALI
    In pointed critiques to Countries who constantly meddled in Nigeria’s affairs he would say “No one can love Nigeria more than Nigerians”
    I would now take the opposite proverb “No one can do more harm to Nigeria than Nigerians”
    Russia offered us a $1b line of CREDIT it is now evident either this loan was WITHDRAWN / or it was not used, personally to me it represented the lowest point of a lack of a sense of urgency/ dropping the ball.
    We are now faced with other situations it is very , very unlikely that :
    a) The SEC for African AFFAIRS
    b) The Under SEC of State
    Will both visit Nigeria just to tell PMB , he has been “summoned” to the White house that to me is HILARIOUS

    c)The U.K P.M. asked PMB to bring a list
    d) The German Chancellor also personally invited PMB to THE G7 it definitley was not for the oktobefest

    Based on the truthful accounts of OGA ZACH we regrettably have not seen in the last quarter any Eastern Orign procurement, And now unless there is something someone knows differently it is increasingly likely that the next procurement unless it is a previous contract signed by by the GEJ ADMINISTRATION will come fromthe West,
    Most likely suspects:
    Canada, UK, Germany, France, and the US .
    These are the INDICES , to look at
    A note of caution, any procurement must G2 TO G2 anything else smacks of corruption.

  15. Oje says:

    Oga Augustine, your comment:
    ”today Chad will roast every tank in Nigerian army including T-72 with their ATGM or Su-25 Frogfoot anti-armour rockets.”

    Your assertion is flawed by a wide margin. What barometer do you use when measuring Chads military capability? Let us compare aircraft in service between Nigeria and Chad using 2015 known inventories.
    3 Mig-29
    8 SU-27
    Heavy lift/Transport aircraft.:
    3 An26/
    Combat helicopters:
    6 AS550
    6 Mi-17/171
    5 Mi-25/35
    2 SE3160
    Training aircraft/helicopters
    1 PC-7
    1 PC-9
    1 SF-260

    Nigerian airforce
    Combat aircraft
    10 F-7
    Special mission
    2 ATR 42 (MPA)
    4 C-130H
    11 Dornier 128
    6 Dornier 228
    2 G222
    3 King Air 350
    Combat helicopter
    5 AS332
    1 AW139
    6 Mi-17/171 5
    6+15 Mi-24/
    9 Mi-35
    Training aircraft/helicopters
    8 Alpha Jet
    13 AW109 13
    2 FT-7 2
    12 L-39
    Type Active Ordered
    Combat helicopter
    4 AW109
    1 Bell 206

    One force multiplier you must note is that the bulk of Nigeria’s trainer aircraft can be easily configured for combat duties. Tell me again how Chads air force will roast all of the Nigerian armies T-72 Tanks.

    The aircraft in this video can monitor Chadian military activities from as high as 20,000 ft undetected and vector in Fighter jets and helicopters from Maiduguri and even artillery fire, in one swoop we can take out Chads airforce, rendering it extinct. The vast the bulk of Nigeria’s military firepower cannot be deployed against an unconventional enemy like Boko Haram doesn’t mean the same applies in a conventional conflict. People overestimate Chads military capability because of its successes in COIN operations. We easily forget the Chadian President himself is a terrorist, Chad have been involved in COIN operations since the late eighties, they are masters at this, but asserting that Chads airforce can on the Nigerian air-force or military as a whole is borderline ridiculous.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga oje, my answer to your long thesis will be just one sentence sir….

      Chad has total air combat superiority over Nigeria today.

      • Deway says:

        Oga how did it come to this??? And some so called air vice marshall will tell us that naf can protect our airspace. We learnt from Zachary the other day that some mid ranking air force officers are just doing advanced flight training (i stand to be corrected here). How were they promoted, abeg? Kai, this our country dey yab well well.

    • Are James says:

      I agree. Chads airforce is just a paper tiger in a real war with Nigeria.

      • Augustine says:

        LOL….100 km range missile Vs 22 km range missile….LOL….NAF will be eaten raw by Chadian MiG-29.

    • Obix says:

      Oga Oje, a little correction. For Chad It’s 8units of SU-25 not SU-27 jets.

  16. Oje says:

    Chads President has been testing Nigeria’s response to its unauthorized activities in Nigeria for months now. Last year 200 Chadian troops, 15 Tanks and a handful of APC unceremoniously crossed the border town into Nigerian territory, just last month again Chad conducted another unauthorized airstrike on Nigerian soil with the same usual excuse of striking Boo Haram targets. This is called an act of war against Nigeria, not war against Boko Haram. Nigeria requested permission to conduct airstrikes against fleeing Boko terrorist in Northern Cameroonian villages but Biya refused, even though we had to capability to pursue regardless Nigeria respected Cameroons refusal. In Chads case the reverse is the case. Chad will stop at nothing to embarrass Nigeria if it gives him fame and popularity.

  17. Oje says:

    With SU-24 and Belarussian pilots? how?

  18. jimmy says:

    Oga Oje
    That was then, this is now. PMB s barked a Nigerian Two star General will be in Charge from Sun up to Sundown.

    • U know Pakistan had a sad exprience with India on air supiriorty. They believed they wud have dinner in deli but the rest is history. Try read up Indian pakistan wars. Amour columns without air cover is suicide like the highway of death in Kuwait or is it the lybian columns on approach to Benghazi, c what d French airforce did to Gadafi forces

  19. Are James says:

    Let us ask the US for this new incarnation oF a venerable old bird:


    • aeon07 says:

      Awesome fighter. The flying tank is really amazing, suitable for Nigeria. I wish it was Russian though.
      Good research sir. #silent_but_100%_loyal_follower.

    • ozed says:

      Nice footage.
      However, not sure the US has ever sold the warthog to any foreign party.

      PS was it my imagination or does the aircraft sound like its ‘farting’?? Hehehe—–

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Its the sound of the gatling gun. It fires a phenomenal amount of bullets per second, even Satan is scared of that beast.

      • Are James says:

        Almost certain if we request they will grant but offer American Crew even if they are going to be retired Army pilots. I now realise now most of the problem is fear of loss of IP to Chinese or Russian competition.

      • mcshegz says:

        “Almost certain if we request they will grant but offer American Crew even if they are going to be retired Army pilots. I now realize now most of the problem is fear of loss of IP to Chinese or Russian competition.”

        HAHAHAHAHA. Oga. you crack me up abeg :-/ which intellectual property dey for A10, shey na Gatling gun, or na the plane itself? This so called intellect isn’t all its cracked up to be, we all know that. Hollywood na film-trick o.

        How does that happen? shey na okada? Isn’t the F16 supposed to be fool-proof? So much for the so called “superior technology” propaganda; can’t spot a freaking Cessna? Newayz RIP ”

        If that were to be a Russian or a Chinese fighter jet, we wouldn’t hear the last of it from palpable hypocrites going on about inferior technology and bra bra bra 🙂 what do we say about the so called superior technology colliding mid-air with a freaking Cessna? Shey the radar dey blink ni? heheheheh, or is this because of inferior technology?

        And to all those humans who will beat their chest ignorantly to the false believe that Russian, Chinese military technology is in anyway behind that of the Americans; then why NATO dey dull intervene for Ukraine? dem for enter na, make dem take dier eye see pepper.
        Oga Are James. I respect your hustle sir

      • lachit says:

        flying is a very difficult task and there are many reasons for pilots to get disoriented during flying.
        crashing of any jet does not translate into inferior or superior technology.
        untill we get to see the court of inquiry report it is not wise to speculate on the reasons.
        i remember an indian court of inquiry found that the breakfast taken (or lack of) (lazy wives 😀 ) by pilots was responsible for many crashes.thereafter it was made mandatory for pilots to have breakfast in the base without fail.
        so as i have always say better to keep all options open.

  20. mcshegz says:

    Blast rocks Chad market, kills 14

    At least 14 people have been killed at a busy market in Chad’s capital city of N’Djamena in a bombing attack.
    The bombing took place on Saturday at about 8:45 a.m. (0745 GMT) at the entrance to the market, where an attacker who had been stopped for security checks detonated his explosives.
    According to police spokesman Paul Manga, nine female traders and five men, including a policeman, lost their lives in the blast.
    On June 15, two bomb attacks at a police academy and the city’s main police station killed nearly 40 people. Nigeria’s Boko Haram Takfiri militants claimed the deadly blasts.


    • I am sorry for Chad, like to c how they wud react to this trend

    • Kola Adekola says:

      My Oga’s, the other side of the story is a bad omen.

      Out of some shortsighted, indescribable stupidity, Chad already hosts US and French military bases. This makes them more of a target for ISIS, with the downside that heightened action would likely draw in drone strikes from the US; both out of self defence and out of opportunity to entrench AFRICOM.

      If drone strikes begin in Chad, then we could have the next Yemen on our border. We might also suffer challenges to our sovereignty from US drones.

  21. Manny Aaydel says:

    Dear CyberGs, I’m reading all this talk about what the US can provide et al and I recall that there is a group called IS that is in total dominance of Iraqi land territory, there are Houthis causing serious problems in Yemen, the Taliban have remained ‘undefeatable’ by NATO forces in Afghanistan…need I continue? With all the HUMINT, artificial intel and panoply of other devices, equipment, platforms etc. available to coalition forces! Honestly, I am still amazed that some people are pinning hopes on what the Americans can give or not give as a basis for determining how soon we can lick BH! Then there is the talk of how Chad can ‘roast’ us. Na so dem dey take fight war? Why did Chad not roast the Touaregs in Mali? Why have they remained a potent force? I just wonder really.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Manny Aaydel. i respect your hustle sir.
      Abi O, Oga, me sef e taya me O. 🙂
      This grandiose infatuation with some specific types of armaments never seizes to amaze.

      Another Israeli drone crashes on Lebanon soil: Army
      “An Israeli reconnaissance drone has gone down in northern Lebanon after it penetrated into the country’s airspace and flew over parts of the Arab state in a flagrant violation of a UN Security Council resolution.
      The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) crossed into Lebanon’s airspace early on Saturday and carried out surveillance flights before crashing into waters off the coast of the port city of Tripoli at around 8:30 a.m. local time (0530 GMT), according to a statement issued by the Lebanese military.”

      What this shows is that, whether you buy equipment’s from America, Russia, China, or Mars, you cannot guarantee a 100% up-time. So why are we not fully utilizing made in Nigeria equipment’s, and why are we not increasing our capabilities to meet our ever increasing demands. These are the questions to be asked, not whether East or West. What we need and what will sustain us is Made in Nigeria. Simple.

      • lachit says:

        my dear friend if everything was so simple and easy.i would have been the PM of india by now.
        i will give the example of india (least risky option 😀 )
        india space research was started in the late 50s to early 60s and only now or 5 years ago it has started bearing real solid fruits both technologically and commercially.1-2 days ago it launched 5 british satellites into space.mars mission 1-2 years back ,military satellites 3-5 years back.
        so my point is u got to start somewhere but u cannot expect to reap the fruits thereafter because it will take a long long time for everything to fall in place.
        in the previous thread i have posted why LCA is important to india, even if it fails to become operational it has and will build up necessary infrastructure and talent to build and improve new aircrafts.but that does not mean india can do the lone wolf here.even after spending billions and utilizing the best manpower it still is deficient in many critical techs. so what it do now? it uses its ties, money, geo-political plays to acquire the tech.
        but it is easier said then done.and success is not always gurranteed.
        so u tell me how easy is it going to be for any country trying to build up her defence industry from almost scratch without any external help and that too withen a short timeframe.and also can any body gurrantee that all the products will be successful.

        one must set goals and build up on it but one must also be realistic and know what is achievable and doable.one step at a time without expectations and unrealistic demands.
        u would be surprised to know how much money and time is required to build even a palm sized active seeker radar for A to A missile.even china india uses russian agat active seeker in their BVR missiles.
        the IIR SEEKER for the nag missile took 10 years to mature.
        turkey used european IIR seeker in their anti tank missile and even then struggled with its integration.
        so the lone wolf is a real bad idea atleast at the initial stages of setting up def. industry.
        team up with china russia pakistan 😀 turkey or even US 😀 europe etc.
        play with everybody.u will enjoy it.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Lachit. I respect your hustle sir.
        Made in Nigeria can never be a hundred percent, i wasn’t implying that. No country can lay claim to a 100% of the value chain of any hi-tech product, meaning from raw materials, to operating systems, to humans, and to other needed modules. The world today is interconnected in every way, and any country who doesn’t take advantage of that is only hurting themselves.

        “my dear friend if everything was so simple and easy.i would have been the PM of india by now.”
        HAHAHAHAHA. If everything were that simple, everybody will be the prime minister of India, not just you Oga. 🙂
        This is not about how easy or hard, but how feasible. Any task is only as easy or hard as you believe it is.

        “india space research was started in the late 50s to early 60s…………………………….
        so my point is u got to start somewhere but u cannot expect to reap the fruits thereafter because it will take a long long time for everything to fall in place.”

        Because India spent so long establishing itself in this field is exactly why countries like Nigeria can clearly see that a government led and funded space industry is risky presumptuous and will invariably always take a long time to mature. We are under the illusion that there is only one way to achieve a task, no sir, there are faster ways to achieve similar results. I personally believe that a private led and funded aerospace industry will deliver better and faster results than a cumbersome and bureaucratic government process. Put the right incentives in place, and watch the private sector compete and over achieve. The LCA is another example of a government led(HAL) and funded project bedeviled with all the lacuna’s typical of any governmental project. Are you saying that TATA and other profit oriented companies wouldn’t have delivered this project on time, in scope and on budget? I can bet my top dollar sir.
        Its in the news now that TATA wants to start manufacturing Battle tanks, are we saying this is going to take 50 years to deliver?
        There is a silent race between companies to have the largest piece of the $100-billion worth of defence acquisitions laid out by the Indian government over the next decade from local companies. This is the smartest move, not one led solely by government.
        With the private sector of any country, anything is possible albeit with technical assistance and technology transfer. Science is not as hard as wannabe scientist make it out, even rocket science starts to get monotonous and boring once you understand the fundamentals. Put the right policy’s in place to ginger the private sector, and trust me, they never fail to deliver, its just basic human instinct to wanna compete and win. No company/country’s an island, information is global.

      • lachit says:

        yes u r second part is self explanatory and correct.
        guess it must be the heat which is causing all this small misunderstanding ^0^

      • lachit says:

        ………on my part 😀
        very hot in india right now .
        so hot that my laptop got half paralysed 😀

    • lachit says:

      ” there is a group called IS that is in total dominance of Iraqi land territory, there are Houthis causing serious problems in Yemen, the Taliban have remained ‘undefeatable’ by NATO forces in Afghanistan…need I continue?”
      the answer is the failure of US and others is due to CONFLICT OF INTEREST OF SOME COUNTRIES.
      iraq :TURKEY has been covertly supplying and supporting the ISIS, ever wonder why ISIS dont run out of medicines, equipments , ammo , recruits.each and every items that i have mentioned is being routed through TURKEY without any hinderence.ERGODEN is the next General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (main architect of hardcore fundamentalist Islamization in Pakistan) in the making.goodbye turkey,u play with fire and one day u will burn in it.nature’s fundamental rule.”
      yemen: iran and saudi arabia has turned it in their playground to sort out their ideological differences.let the yemenis die who cares.surely not the muslim world, funny isnt it
      afganistan: a strong afganistan is never going to good news for pakistan.the DURRAND line seperating the national boundries of pakistan and afghanistan has expired some 2-3 years ago.if afghanistan becomes stable it will demandthe resolution and renegotiation of the border and inclusion of pathan/pashtun dominant NWFP areas into afghanistan since these people are more similiar/supportive to afgans rather than pakistanis.
      also where r the talibans getting medicines, equipments , ammo , recruits .
      iran ? no
      central asian countries ? no
      pakistan hehehe 😀

      fun part is nobody cares.
      in india we have a saying in hindi which loosely translated means
      one who wields the stick ultimately owns the bull.
      and really 😀 i wish that the aliens should attack earth now, atleast it will wipe out the misery of the suffering people and blast all concept of religion to hell.will be a great service to humanity .

  22. Manny Aaydel says:

    @Oga Kola thank you very much. Do some of our fellow bloggers here even know that there are several rebel groups that are still quite active in Chad as we speak? Why have they not been blown away by that country’s ‘superior’ firepower?

    • mcshegz says:

      at the risk of sounding like a sociopath. Where are the so called “battle hardened troops” Beware and be wary when been praised and exalted to high heavens, they might be setting you up to fail miserably.

      • Roy says:

        I hail my cyber Gs. News on channels suggest that the highway between Maiduguri and Damaturu has been taking over by BH.
        I pray the military adapts to the new Buhari strategy fast. I suspect this has given BH some space to express themselves.

        Twale to our men

      • Are James says:

        One of the reasons we ask for a stronger air force is to be able to interdict and checkmate these diversionary tactics of BH. Their strategy of stretching our forces so thin by setting little fires here and there will succeed if we don’t have an overarching view of the battle space. We need birds in the air aplenty whilst continuing with the offensive.

      • For the int’l press every story needs a villain and a hero. Where there is no such difference they make it up. Hence they made up Naija to be the villain and Chad d hero……..on the flipside they wont bat an eyelid when they decide to change their opinion…chad wld become a pariah fast when they get bored with them.

      • lachit says:

        @Are James
        helicopters are best utilized to deal with targets of opportunity.
        aircrafts will always find it difficult to target terrorists because they will always scatter.
        aircrafts dont have loitering capability and low speed engagement capability like that of a helicopter.persistant engagement is not possible with aircrafts.
        if u r aircrafts are not armed with PGMs then the kill ratio will be very low.
        any by the way PGMs are very expensive and have limited life span and are useless without targetting pods like israeli lightening which are again very expensive and maintenance intensive.integrating pods into a aircraft takes lot of time and effort.
        getting the NA aviation wing up and roaring should be the priority now.

  23. Manny Aaydel says:

    Oga mcshegz, you could not have said it better!

  24. mcshegz says:

    Scores of Boko Haram members killed dead in battle with troops

    The incident according to sources took place on Saturday morning between Ngamdu- Mainok- Jakana villages which is about 50km drive to Maiduguri, the state capital.
    The source added that at about 12noon, a detached group of military troops were seen at the scene with over four Armoured Patrol Carriers evacuating some corpses and the injured to Maiduguri.
    I can confidentially tell you that the busy Maiduguri-Damaturu road had a deadly attack between insurgents and troops, which I believe many of the terrorists were killed with destruction of three of their vehicles”. The source stated.


  25. Scores of suspected terrorists were feared dead when troops who were newly deployed to the troubled Borno state clashed on their way along Damaturu-Maiduguri on Saturday morning.
    The incident according to sources took place on Saturday morning between Ngamdu- Mainok- Jakana villages which is about 50km drive to Maiduguri, the state capital.
    Between Benisheik and Ngamdu is about 25km stretch of road without any security checkpoint.
    The source said, the terrorists in a convoy of three white -in- colour Hilux Vehicles had earlier barricaded the road where they blocked two motorists including a truck which they suspected were conveying foodstuff to Maiduguri, but luck run out of them as troops with support from the Jakana village immediately swung into action and killed some of the terrorists, dislodged most of them before they set ablaze two hilux vehicles with destruction of the other white new brand hilux belonging to the terrorists.
    The source added that at about 12noon, a detached group of military troops were seen at the scene with over four Armoured Patrol Carriers evacuating some corpses and the injured to Maiduguri, but insisted that he cannot know whether any of the troops had a casualty during the deadly clash that lasted for about two hours.
    “I can confidentially tell you that the busy Maiduguri-Damaturu road had a deadly attack between insurgents and troops, which I believe many of the terrorists were killed with destruction of three of their vehicles”. The source stated.
    A police officer stationed in one of the villagers on the said highway informed our reporter that travellers are being asked to make a u-turn as the terrorists had taken over the road between Benisheik (a town 85km away from Maiduguri) and Ngamdu (35km away from Damaturu.
    The officer who does not want to mention his name because it is not part of his job to speak to the press said the terrorists had attacked Ngamdu village of Benesheikh, the council headquarters of Kaga Local Government Area and killed ten persons there on Friday night.
    “It may be the same group of terrorists that attempted to attack Benesheikh on Friday but were repelled by troops that were crossing the main road before they clash with the troops on Saturday morning”. The police source stated.

  26. Oje says:

    The attacks on Chad is nothing more than a Maskirova styled deception to make it look like they are victims of Boko Haram too and not conspirators. We will not be fooled. Someday those who have aided Boko Haram for cheap political and material game will be brought to justice. For the 3rd time in 2 years we have lost the initiative again. We should all be crying Nigerian soldiers are ”repelling” attacks on its soil. The Nigerian army had the distinction of being the most offensive capable army in Africa. Our doctrine was designed on quick deployment of forces and artillery by aircraft, then attacking en mass with a barrage of artillery guns, army sappers then infantry units. the vast of its arsenal from heavy lift aircraft to its paratroopers and long range artillery was design to project power, attack attack attack. Since when did the Nigerian army start digging trenches? are they inviting attack?

    We are fortunate in a way Nigerian journalists aint really keen on covering this war on the front line. Have you seen the effect a high explosive device can wreck on a human body? forget the visible visual gore, the concussion alone caused by compressed air pulverizes internal organs. We have a Dinosaur of a President we wonder of this was an ex military general or a Cattle rearer. Waiting for the promised 8700 multinational Task Force at the end of July is insane when we have over 100,000 active duty personnel doing nothing. The man who went on CNN saying ”It is a disgrace Nigeria has to depend on Chad and Niger to do our fighting for us” is now keen on having this promised joint force in place before even making any strategic battle plan in place. Perhaps if the bombings and mayhem was close to the sit of power this ”dragging my fit” approach will be a thing of the past. See how quickly the Nigerian airforce responded top recent attacks by miscreants on oil installations in the Niger Delta, that’s hundreds of miles away from the nearest airbase. Why dont we see this kind of rapid response in the North East.? By soft pedaling and giving them room to strategise it is only a matter of time before these people get hold of chemical agents, aided by ISIS or even Chad or Paris.The North East will be lost forever, Nigeria will all to willingly give it away, the alternative will be unthinkable.should that happen may God save us all.

  27. Augustine says:

    Oga lachit…..

    1. PGMs are not very expensive if you buy the right one. For aircraft you don’t need a launcher tube, it’s pylon mounted. For land vehicles you need launcher tubes.

    There are ATGM launcher tubes for $180,000 each and missile for $15,000 all brand new. If you buy second hand (Countries like Russia, China, USA have very large stocks in reserve or fairly used), then you can get launcher for say $100,000 and missiles with a third of life time left at say $5,000.

    Second hand ordnance makes sense if you are in a war and would expend them in less than 3 years.

    2, PGMs don’t have a worse life span than normal missiles, depends on the type. Some ATGM have 20 years shelf life.

    3. Helicopters are not better than aircraft for target strikes, it depends on the type of aircraft. Jets and helicopters generally have less endurance and cannot loiter on station or patrol for so long to find targets like turboprop aircraft will do.

    Super Tucano well armed will endure over 6 hours, Beechcraft 350ER armed version will endure over 8 hours, Diamond DA42 will endure 12 hours but needs to be lightly armed in addition to it’s FLIR to make it strike like a ‘manned drone’.

    Most combat helicopters will hardly give you 2 hours endurance.

    4. You do not need great targeting pod to use PGM, your FLIR or radar will deliver precision guidance.

    5. I won’t mind expending a $5,000 ATGM with thermobaric warhead to take out an insurgent Toyota technical that has anti-aircraft gun mounted, it will probably costs the terrorist $15,000 to replace it. Plus loss of lives of his men, and the saving of the lives of my own troops from the horror of infantry men vs AAA cannon fire.

    6, I agree with you very much that a fully operational and readily available Nigerian army air wing with rapid response armed helicopter capability is an urgent need.

    Thanks man.

    • lachit says:

      “PGMs are not very expensive if you buy the right one”
      can u name the right one ? plz
      AFAIK the cheapest ones are the strap on guidence kit fitted to 1000 lbs ,500lbs dumb bombs and they are useless against moving targets.they are only used against static targets.

      ” For aircraft you don’t need a launcher tube, it’s pylon mounted”
      never said anything about launcher tube.
      best option is multiple ejector weapons pylon but integration is going to be a headache if not already done.

      “There are ATGM launcher tubes for $180,000 each and missile for $15,000 all brand new”
      air launched AT missiles for $15000 ? can u back that up if u dont mind

      “PGMs don’t have a worse life span than normal missiles, depends on the type.”
      50 – 50 hehehe

      “Some ATGM have 20 years shelf life.”
      20 years shelf life ?
      where did u get that info.can u back it up
      10 years shelf life is the max that i have read till now.
      and that too it needs to be re-lifed once.

      “Super Tucano well armed will endure over 6 hours, Beechcraft 350ER armed version will endure over 8 hours, Diamond DA42 will endure 12 hours but needs to be lightly armed in addition to it’s FLIR to make it strike like a ‘manned drone’.”
      well every flying platform has its pros and cons.
      eg Super Tucano will endure over 6 hours but its weapons payload will be limited in comparison to the newest mi 17/35 helis.
      also infrastructure requirement is more, ie footprint is more.and prone to weather conditions and strong winds.etc etc this is the reason why their usage has been rather limited.also less/not armoured so can be shot down with 7.62mm bullets and also they cannot do nap of the earth missions like helis.

      “You do not need great targeting pod to use PGM, your FLIR or radar will deliver precision guidance.”
      2.RADAR HAS TO BE UPTO DATE IN TECH AND POSSESS MODES LIKE GMTI SAR TO EFFECTIVELY LOCATE TARGET AMONG THE GROUND CLUTTER.also RADAR ONLY DETECT and pass necessary info to A to G missiles equipped with millimeter wave (MMW) radar seeker.so that it requires no further guidance after launch, and LOL even then it is able to lock-on to its target after launch without aircraft radar feed.eg AGM-114L,brimestone
      3. and finally why was the targeting pods invented in the first place ? LOL 😀
      (Forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras are a sub system not a stans alone system.)
      Targeting pods are target designation tools used by ground-attack aircraft for identifying targets and guiding PGM to those targets.also its electro-optical (EO) sensor is used to locate and identify targets. For night and adverse weather use, many EO sensors incorporate low-light light-amplification systems.it also incorporates forward-looking infra-red (FLIR) to aid in locating and identifying targets in darkness.most importantly they can locate and pinpoint fast moving targets.

      i mentioned the targeting pod in relation to aircrafts.(IRST is a type of FLIR based system used in fighters but significantly less capable than tageting pods in air to ground mode.)

      and also FLIR is part of EO based systems for use in helis for target acquisiton and not designation.

  28. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Ozed has come again. Battlefield hygiene

    Oga Oje, I guess u mistake su 25s for 27s and Chad has no Su 24s. That said, we don’t know the gizmos that came with the fulcrums (though in every envelope the fulcrum comes out on top vis the F7) but 20000 feet flying undetectable planes, intercepting helicopters and artillery! Hmm

    Oga Augustine, I think the Eritreans used Ukrainians while the Ethiopians hired Russians. Also, Uganda was reported to have used ‘white contractors’ (don’t know if they still do)

    Oga Martin Luther, true

    Oga Adetayo, peering into 9ja I amongst the highest priority for these drones and our sovereignty will continue to suffer for a while to come

    Oga Augustine, well said but check up laser guided rockets like the Turkish CIRIT. Now, imagine it integrated into the daimond with 2 braces in the air @ all times and anor brace ready to go in short notice as well as say 4 F7s with bombs and WVR missiles in Yola (paired with surveillance/ recon drones and 2 squadrons of hip borne shock troopers)! Smiles?

  29. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Na wa oo, NAF to bereduced to flying armed DA42, by the way, Oga Lachit is right, the cost of the cheapest Russian ATGM mounted on a HInd (not a rocket round in the pods) is $40,000 as of 4 months ago. Western that is fired by the T129 or turkish copy if 80,000 – 60,000 a piece( Shutrum V is $60K, 80mm rockets is $1K, Does any body remember the comments of CAS , saying he will not waste money on soft skin trucks, that is the work of high calibrate machine guns or cannons, it is a know fact or rule of thumb that the Rotary wing craft are the best platforms for engaging mobile and dispensable targets, it makes off for it.s low endurance (though all the Mi series platforms Mi171Shs, Mi35/24 have over 2hrs operational range depending on configuration and weapon load). people who fly would understand the hitting a moving target and dispersed target in a one pass strike ( So of the Sambisa video buttresses this point), the Cobra was developed during the Vietnam era for this reason, to be able to provide accurate and precise delivery of ordinance and firepower as required by the FAC, The current Syrian crisis shows a revert to helicopter delivered barrel bombs in built up area, In ECOMOG Opsthe Alpha jets were effective in hitting the rebels, when massed up for attack, defined static weapon dumps, bases or defensive positions , the Sirria Leone Mi24 hind operated by the SOFs provided the immediate response to ambushes or hitting scattered group of rebel stranglers under the forest canopy. even the A10 is a tank killer, not personnel, none of this aircraft can maneuver hard under their designed engagement / combat speeds without perfomance or self survival penalties, such as stalling at speeds below 150kts and if the close to that in a tight turn to keep the target visual and re-engage, while traveling in a few 3-4 miles a minute, I am sure you the pilot would not be paying any attention to the targets in this flight regime in a jet (chances are he would not recover), he would be busy trying to recover and he enters the most vulnerable part of his envelope, (low speed, low height), he would present himself as a might target to even 7.62mm rifle rounds, and anti aircraft fire, the whole idea of the maneuver is to bring his weapons to bear ( that explains the increased effectiveness of the super hind with it’s chin mounted and helmet directed nose cannon, reducing the pilots need to align his aircraft to the LOS to the intended target, ( the standard/older Mi24/35 have Starboard side mounted twin barrels requiring more manuevere at close quarters). Pls let us not reduce our dear NAF to a joke by flying armed DA42, if the DA42 is so viable, the flight school in Ilorin should join in the fight. Loitering for target selection during an engagement if different from CAP endurance. except with aircraft mounted laser designator pods or Ground based FAC ( There also Aerial based dog bird aircraft) directed laser illumination for precision strikes form any fast moving platform.

  30. Oje says:

    Random interjection, sorry to derail.

    What di you guys think? keep an open mind,

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Its drugs bro. DRRRRUGS!
      Weird folk gather together, sniff vast amounts of glue, then come up with such programs.

      • lachit says:

        it is always better to keep an open mind

        in the 15 century talk of flying machines , and speaking of landing on moon would get u crucified and sent to an asylum.why ? because the general public at that time was limited in thinking/brainwashed as dictated by religious institutions and as u all know it is dangerous to think differently from the crowd.
        but now all the above things r possible because the crowd has accepted/uses it.
        now if we talk of aliens or something which is not believed by the crowd ,it is assumed to be useless and illogical.
        so does that mean things arent that way?
        majority of outlandish things/thoughts imagined by human minds has come to frutition.
        the only point is the attitude/acceptance/recognition of the facts by the crowd.
        the crowd tries to look at a general pattern common and acceptable to all so that they can relate together and resist any change.good for survival but harmful in the long run because it negates new thought and adaptability which r important factors to survival.
        more like the moment of inertia of a body which wants to resist any changes.
        nature gave everybody a brain for a reason.it is to provide a fail safe redundancy factor to bypass hive type thinking/behaviour.
        the key to ‘salvation and truth’ is the100% activated/liberated brain and not some invisible god.
        dont expect many to believe me but at some point this is going to happen.since it takes time to loose bad habits and religion/brainwashing?.
        and because nature can/will only tolerate so much large scale stupidity for how long.😇😈

    • The call happened on sept 11, 1997 ………….how significant is dt…….or not
      Here is an exerpt from wikipedia
      “On September 11, 1997, Bell took a call from a frantic man claiming to be an ex-Area 51 employee (later revealed to be comic book writer Bryan J. L. Glass)[citation needed] who grew progressively more upset as the call wore on, culminating in the show’s going temporarily off the air because of a satellite failure. The gentleman called back on April 28, 1998, admitting that the original call was fraudulent”

  31. Augustine says:

    Oga Lachit, sorry you are just confusing yourself and mixing up things. Cool down, do some fact finding, I hope it becomes clear to you, it’s basic common knowledge that I have posted.

    PGMs are not expensive if you get the right one that is affordable, yes I mean it.

    TOW ATGM launcher costs about $180,000 a unit.
    Metis ATGM launcher plus 10 missiles costs about $500,000 a unit.
    Guided bombs MK84 with JDAM kit are in the market for $25,000 a unit.
    ATGM,some missiles are in market for $15,000 a unit.
    When you buy second hand you pay less, sometimes half prices.
    TOW shelf life is up to 20 years.

    If you didn’t know those things exist, it does not change the fact that they exist. Sorry I am not posting any weblinks, I am not interested in persuading anybody to agree with the facts I posted, it’s a free world, whoever wants to live in delusion can go ahead and enjoy it. Not my problem.

    Targeting pods are most relied on by guided bombs, guided missiles do not rely much on them, radar amd FLIR acquire targets, except you don’t know how wars have been fought around the world, your comment is a lot of theory and almost no practical. Go check up war history and the successful use of PGM.

    You don’t need trageting pod to deliver PGM on target, helicopters like Mi-35 and Apache or Rooivalk deliver ATGM with FLIR only, or do you see laser targeting pod on Mi-35 Hind ? Don’t complicate battlefield tactics with those long stories you are writing, it’s simple as it has been done in many wars all over the world. Cheers brother !

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Lachit, if I may add, when I say FLIR, I mean the integrated system on the aircraft as a whole, not a mere thermal sight. When you integrate FLIR on a helicopter for ground attack, everything needed to IR search, track, and deliver a specific brand/type of munition is integrated on the aircraft along with the FLIR pod and it’s system.

      The round shaped FLIR pod is there, and the aircraft has a laser beam to aim on target and cockpit computer to give fire signals. Those are integrated on the aircraft, not on a special tube shaped targeting pod.

      Point is, you do NOT need external targeting pods on aircraft to guide a missile to target, Hind and Rooivalk do NOT have Litening Targeting pods like an F-18 jet, but they deliver ATGM on target, that is what integration is for helos or light aircraft.

      You said radar is not effective because of clutter? Then ask Apache Longbow helicopter how it’s radar finds ground target and delivers PGM without laser seeker system.

      Those external pylon mounted Laser targeting pods are mainly for laser guided bombs that need seekers to locate target via a ground based laser designator placed on the target. Hardly will you see a helicopters or light aircraft carrying targeting pods like the Litening II, those who invented targeting pods had stand off 30 km range LGB in mind not ATGM of 4 km range.

      Those aircraft like F-18 carrying targeting pods are going to deliver heavy guided bombs not tiny ATGM.

      • lachit says:

        “Oga Lachit, if I may add, when I say FLIR, I mean the integrated system on the aircraft as a whole, not a mere thermal sight.”
        how was i suppose to know.
        i took up the comments at its face value. lol
        ” You said radar is not effective because of clutter? Then ask Apache Longbow helicopter how it’s radar finds ground target and delivers PGM without laser seeker system.”
        interesting question.
        the answer is :
        never wise to generalize weapon systems,
        for example different radars operate in different freq. bands so a X band based radars performance characteristic will be different to a J band based radar.
        Apache Longbow helicopter uses a millimeter-wave based fire-control radar.
        millimeter-wave is used in short-range fire-control radar in helicopters etc because of
        1.size restriction of radar
        2.high directivity due to smaller wavelength
        3.mm-wave radar can penetrate through obscurants eg smoke far better
        4. high spatial and range resolution aka precision targeting of weapons systems
        5.immune to bad weather
        6.better clutter rejection which is improved further through incorporation of GMTI SAR etc modes.
        however compared to other radars used in aircrafts/fighters their range is rather very limited.

        also the The AGM-114L, or Longbow Hellfire,is the only varient of hellfire family which is equipped with a millimeter wave radar seeker and thus the only varient which is enabled to utilize the AN/APG-78 Longbow fire control radar for initial targetting.
        however it is also capable of lock-on after launch utilizing its own radar seeker and thus can hit its target even without the help of longbow radar.but it is generally avoided due to maddog situation.

        hope this clears ur doubt.

    • lachit says:

      no offence to u and also none taken bro 😀
      But my comments were for the general public too.
      anyways everybody has his or her opinion so i am always cool. 😀

      I mentioned targeting pods in relation to fixed wing aircrafts in my comments above.
      targeting pods increases the combat effectiveness of the aircraft during day, night and under adverse weather conditions in the attack of ground targets with a variety of standoff weapons, otherwise done by IRST(FLIR is a sub system here) sensor mounted on the aircraft, however IRST sensors are not effective/inferior in air to ground mode in the
      1.no. of targets tracked,
      2.target detection and recognition ranges,
      3.automatic boresighting capability A to G mode(non-existant),
      4. target coordinate generation accuracy(limited),
      5.multi-target cueing(non-existant),
      6.laser designator(non-existant)/laser rangefinder(very limited since only in A to A mode),
      7.interface with nav/attack system(non-existant)
      compared to tageting pods
      therefor targeting pods like LITENING, Sniper XR, Thales Damocles, ASELPOD etc were made to rectify and incorporate these technologies into a plug and play type system to be mounted on jets etc with data link facilities to other aircrafts in buddy mode or to ground stations.also the targeting pod includes an automatic target tracker to provide fully automatic stabilized target tracking at all altitudes, airspeeds and slant ranges consistent with tactical weapon delivery maneuvers. These features simplify the functions of target detection and recognition, and permit attack of targets with PGMs on a single pass, which is otherwise very difficult without targeting pods.
      even with radars target tracking and cueing is difficult due to ground clutter and because of the risk of detection by enemy sensors since radar is a active system.
      So all in all targeting pods are prefered by the major air forces (almost standard fit on 4+ gen. aircrafts upwards) all over the world due to its mutlple capabilities and also because it is a force multiplier state of the art passive system.

      In helicopters targeting pods are mounted fixed on the chin of the forward fuselage before the cockpit generally. These are also simply called as EO(electro optical) pods .eg Compact Multi Purpose Advance Stabilisation System (CoMPASS) from israel.
      the standard fit includes
      1.a colour TV daylight camera,
      2.FLIR sensor(a sub system here),
      3.Laser Target Designator and Rangefinder (LTDRF)
      with inbuild automatic tracking capabilities, as well as command and control capabilities.
      it is integrated with various systems such as Mission Computer, fire control, radar (if present), GPS, data downlink and helmet-mounted tracking systems for effective performance.

      generically targeting pods(aircrafts)/Electro-Optical pods(helicopters) utilizes the following steps
      4.target acquisition and navigation to optimal firing position
      5.and finally provide full fire-control solutions for weapons release.

      warning:based on pure theory but plz feel free to check it out in real life combat. 😀
      or better still ask a israeli pilot.
      any arguments/disagreement backed by facts/info welcomed and respected.(or cursed 😀 )

      • Augustine says:

        @ Lachit, happy weekend to you.

      • lachit says:

        if i am correct in my guess u blog at “strongest military in africa” thread in n********
        isnt it.
        i really enjoy reading the comments there.
        most entertaining 😀

  32. Augustine says:

    Oga Are James, Diamond D42 can carry PGM if integrated, not wing loading, but cheek loading.

    Aircraft payload is about 600 kg and two tiny ATGMs will total about 90 kg only….and cheek loading, not wing pylons. Many new possibilities are now emerging in the market.

    Countries in COIN warfare are now arming ordinary surveillance aircraft, Iraq is arming her Beechcraft 350ER ISTAR with Hellfire guided missiles. ATR-42 MPA carries cannon pod, but Nigeria did not add cannon to ours.

    Oga Ifiok Umoeka, the above answers part of your question, plus light aircraft and drones now carry PGM with no launcher tubes to reduce weight, the white man is a problem solver.

    F-7 and Diamond D42 won’t do same job, the F-7 won’t fly low and slow, and will not be airborne for many hours patrolling for target to appear. The countries buying ISR and arming them know why they developed this new trend. China has signed deal with Austria to build the Diamond D42 clone as Chinese aircraft brand, that’s why I am recommending it. Oga me, I am not day dreaming. The world is changing fast with COIN aircraft new revolution and evolutions.

  33. Augustine says:

    Oga Captain Tobias, take am easy o !

    Nobody is reducing NAF down to anything by saying Diamond D42 can be armed. The world is changing now, ordinary surveillance aircraft are getting armed.

    D42 is a damn cheap aircraft for about $1 million per unit to buy, costs about $100 to fly per hour and China is to build it’s clone brand. China knows what they see in the Diamond to make them beg Austria to sign a deal for it’s Chinese clone.

    Textron Scorpion costs about $20 million to buy and $3,300 per hour to fly, now compare the D42 data above…..Diamond makes sense for the job NAF want’s to do with Textron Scorpion.

    The $240 million money that NAF wants to waste on 12 American Textron Scorpions can now be used for 4 Russian Su-25 Scorpions and 4 Russian Su-30 MK2 Flankers jet fighters….because we can spend $12 million on 12 D42s.

    NAF has a shadow budget of initial $240 million and future total of $480 million to spend on American Textron Scorpion ISR/Strike aircraft at $20 million per unit, this info is official and published news. I know why I am recommending Diamond D42 so we can free up funds for Russian Su-25 Scorpions and Su-30 MK2 Flankers.

    D42 It is meant to do long endurance cheap cost patrol of NE war zone, and if it sees a target that could escape, it will ID target and destroy it if hostile. Waiting to call in Alpha jet, the target is gone, they are called perishable targets with perishable detection/contact/location information because they are running away to somewhere, you need to strike when you see it or you lose the target. ATR-42 has found and lost many targets because it cannot strike the enemy, confirmed by CAS.

    Please don’t see the D42 suggestion as a replacement for jet fighters, they are for different jobs/combat ops, NAF already flies two D42 aircraft and it’s no stranger to us.

  34. Augustine says:

    Oga Captain Tobias, Lachit is not right with a blanket statement, NOT ALL PGMs are expensive, that is what I respectfully wish to correct in his comment.

    Like I said, another factor of PGM cost is brand new VS second hand, the Mi-35 hind $40,000 missile that you say is expensive will cost only $10,000 if you buy at a quarter life span remaining. For an ongoing war, munitions to be expended in less than 3 years are good to buy. Russia is full of second hand missiles that they will never need to use till they waste away and expire in storage. Buy smart, save money.

    CDS Badeh complaining about $20,000 PGM will lose his job if I were C-in-C, he does not know that there are second hand missiles in the market at far cheaper prices?
    Morroco bought second hand Exocet missiles cheap from France and loaded them on new warships !

    NAF and NA are just fooling this country around when it comes to matter of missiles and PGM, it’s like they enjoy seeing our military fight war like a 1940 World War II force.

    I have said if Buhari picks a non-technical savvy minister for defense, the dribbling by service chiefs will continue, they dribbled Jonathan till he was dishing out billions of dollars and we see 1980s generation of weapons/equipment shipped into Nigeria.

    Our few units of BTR-4E that is modern came with only guns….LOL….guns only IFV in year 2015…21st century….Pity this country.

    CDS Badeh, let him fly Alpha jet like Wing Commander Hedima and go receive anti-aircraft fire because he has no PGM. Assuming the Hedima story is true, what is the price we paid? Lost a Wing Commander whose life cannot be quantified in dollar value, lost his co-pilot, lost the cost of training them for say 15 years, lost the aircraft worth say $ 5 million, all because Badeh thinks $20,000 PGM is not worth buying so he saves $20,000 and loses $ 5 million aircraft and two highly skilled pilots ?

    Hard to say Hedima’s case is not true, DHQ said this year they hoped to find Commander Hedima in Sambisa Forest captivity, the CAS has admitted NAF pilots are receiving Boko Haram AAA fire into their flesh and body while flying and bleeding in the cockpit. Let CDS Badeh go fly and get AAA into his cockpit in a modern world of PGMs.

    Assume a NAF Hind E pilot is in combat situation and loses a $ 15 million helicopter to tripel A fire from Boko Haram’s soft skin truck mounted with twin or quad 23mm anti-aircraft cannon because Badeh thinks $20,000 ATGM is expensive to use in destroying a soft skin truck, but what is the armament on that soft skin truck? A soft skin truck with a cannon that will shoot down jet fighters, combat helicopters, penetrate Cobra APC, BTR-4 IFV, Big Foot MRAP, kill sergeants, kill captains, kill colonels…….Who is fooling who?

    Conclusion : PGM is not expensive if you buy the right one.

    I rest my case.

  35. mnl01 says:

    Taiwan a potential buyer of retired US A-10 Warthogs

    Taiwan has been tagged as a potential buyer of refurbished Fairchild-Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II jets should the ground attack aircraft be retired from the US Air Force.

    Paul Cejas, Boeing’s chief engineer of off-Boeing programs, said at a media event on May 20 that the A-10 — nicknamed the “Warthog” — that the company has begun early discussions” with the US Air Force (USAF) to sell off refurbished A-10s to international customers.

    “It’s something we would be interested in, but again, it depends where the air force goes with retirements,” Cejas said. “If we go that path we would be looking at a modification. It all depends on what the air force does. We have no jurisdiction, and we’ll support whatever they need and we’re positioned for that.”

    The A-10 was developed by the now defunct Fairchild-Republic in the early 1970s. Boeing was awarded the contract for the aircraft’s service life extension program in 2007.

    According to the UK-based IHS Jane’s 360, Boeing is currently under contract through to 2017 to re-wing 173 of the USAF’s A-10 fleet, with options for 69 more. Of these, 105 refurbished aircraft have already been handed back to the USAF. There are currently about 200 active A-10s and 60 in storage at a boneyard facility in Arizona.

    If the USAF is allowed to retire its A-10 fleet, the most likely course of action given where the re-winging contract has progressed to is for Boeing to complete the service contract so the aircraft can be sold to interested international parties.

    Cejas said that the refurbished A-10 could include a new engine, a cockpit upgrade including a helmet-mounted cueing system, and targeting pods. These proposed enhancements are only in a concept stage and are not being touted in response to any specific customer requests, he added.

    While Cejas has refused to name potential buyers, the Shanghai-based Guancha Syndicate believes Taiwan is a possible candidate given its enthusiasm in acquiring America’s retired Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates last year. Coincidentally, Taiwan currently lacks a superior performance attack aircraft, but it is a different question altogether whether an old aircraft like the A-10 would be able to penetrate the People’s Liberation Army’s defenses, Guancha said.

    Other countries listed by Guancha as potential interested parties include South Korea and Iraq.

    • solorex says:

      (1) A10 will not be of too much use to Taiwan because unlike Iraqi’s, Afghanis, Libyans and Serbians the PLA have a well developed integrated Air defense system- the A10 drabbing across the sky @ a maximum speed of 440Km/hr +13000m Ceiling ,is like a lame soldier before a sniper to well advanced Chinese system deployed specifically with Taiwan Military in mind. Even with eventual upgrades and its titanium bath tub- it’s still not a match for serious Air defense. A10 is wonderful for wars where successful SEAD missions have been conducted and your only fear are Iglas and Shilkas. Successful SEAD against PLA Air force to the extent of having the opportunity to use A10 is a tall dream for Taiwan at the moment.

      (2) A10 are not about to be retired by USAF- F35 cost are rising and recent events (including Iraqi jamming of an Hitech drone-Drones not proving reliable enough) have both ensured that A10 will be much around for at least another decade. There is no credible replacement at desired pricing yet.

      (3) NATO countries involved in Anti-Insurgency operations and others like South Korea and Iraq are more likely leasers or buyers than much more than Taiwan

      • Are James says:

        I don’t believe anybody buys A10s for deep strike. When I read of Taiwanese interest in A10s I go look at Chinese Armoured assets in terms of number and quality. So the threat assessment being countered is a massive armoured invasion from mainland China. Taiwan has other quality assets to do SEAD if they are actually mad enough to attempt an attack on a country of 1.3 billion people.

        The point about the A10 is that Nigeria is more likely to be offered this than the politically sensitive F16. Other possible offers like highly upgraded F5s as frontline fighter would be too disgraceful to consider but when your leaders are comfortable with F7 Airguards a little insult helps to provoke deep thought.

      • mnl01 says:

        i posted the above articule to buttress the fact that DoD is retiring some of them. 60 units are currently retired and stored in Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona. Ministry of Defence can request for at least 10 units for close air support.

        What taiwan wants to do with it if it ever makes a move for it does not concern us.

  36. lachit says:

    would be very useful against BH
    especially for its psychological effect.
    depends on US, wheather it would release the various weapons for export to nigeria along with the A10s.
    still a nagging afterthought A10 is a dedicated tank killer,how would it perform against scattered groups of terrorists.
    maybe if machine-gun/gatling-gun pods are used instead of PGMs it would be really deadly against scattered groups of terrorists in the anti-personnel role.cost effective too.

    • solorex says:

      I think “strong will” will play role in what we shall eventually get from US-Whatever US does is most likely going to be to draw you closer militarily and politically to be able to access your resources including your diplomatic muscle( use your clout in your region to US advantage). If there is a clearly expressed “will” that we shall buy 2 squadron of J10 or say Su30 MKI-US will surprise you and offer block 52 F16! –Clearly US does not want to Sell Iraq F16s but Iraqi attitude tells the world we shall buy from Aliens if need be to win this war! If there is no clear will- we shall get more second hand Hueys, possibly complimentary cobras with proper diplomatic sweet talking and US candy for friendly countries M113 Amoured Personnel Carriers.

      My problem is not really what we shall eventually get from US-My problem is our lack of clear ambition and pusillanimous attitude toward building a great military. There is no single thing that we are going to get from US (logistics related, training or hardware) that we couldn’t have gotten equally good alternative before now if we had the right spirit… be it Cobras/F16/A10/M1A1. I think this insurgency is lasting this long because we are determined to win the war in a very specific way within certain parameter- I do not believe we are ready to win at all cost!

      ——Taiwan is for Chinese taking any time for the past decade- the catch is what is China willing to lose for this? Taiwanese military doctrine is to ensure the cost on China is too much to pay till an amicable solution can be found. Taiwan SEAD capacity is no reasonable match compared to PLA Arial Denial Capacity.

      • Are James says:

        So a few interesting things about China…its is the most untested large military in the world. It looks like a military that will be shocked in an actual long drawn out foreign engagement. Everything looks different on paper but aircraft squadrons (say J11s) doing sorties after sorties, LSTs trying to get a bridgehead onshore with armoured columns moving and needing to get resupplied ……..all the logistics of these against a high tech country?
        Maybe not so easy. It is actually easier to get one tenth of Chinese to move by boats and conquer Taiwan by sheer numbers…no bullets fired than an armed invasion.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga solorex, what I have come to notice is that there seems to be no current or near future plan to arm Nigeria up to the teeth, it’s like not in line with our current national defence policy.

        I can remember a published interview with an ex NAF CAS, he said Nigeria’s defence policy is to arm ourselves in line with what level of threat we perceive.

        So if the threat perceived by Nigeria is only Cameroon or Boko Haram, then you have an idea of what Nigerian government will buy, and notice the statement came from a respected chief of air staff, like I said, the service chiefs of the past 15 years are part of the problem of poor armament and poor firepower that Nigerian armed forces face today.

        When they recommend that we buy dog instead of lion, what do you want the president to say?

      • Roy says:

        Oga Augustine, I am struggling to find the non sense in what u have posted. You made a lot of sense. I respect your hussle sir.

    • Are James says:

      Boko Haram is not really a scattered group of terrorists . What we discovered last year was that the Nigerian military gave them so much respect they actually became a superior force in that theatre. Imagine insurgents massing upon a the àpproaches major city like Maiduguri as happened many times and the NA scampering to defend the place as if partsvof the Algerian army or an Egyptian division were coming.
      Against that kind of force that believes in concentrated power against objectives, aircraft’s like the A10 would teach an ultra major lesson not easily forgotten.
      A nagging part of my mind is still convinced that the Nigerian military never wanted to finish of Boko. Things were just too unbelievable then and becoming even more unbelievablexpensive now.

      • lachit says:

        by “scattered groups of terrorists” i did not mean the BH organization as a whole.
        i meant the running and dispersed members scampering for cover in all directions after initial contact with the army in the battlefield to evade presenting a single target to blazing guns of NAF/NA aerial platforms.
        sorry for that.

      • chynedoo says:

        Problem with fighting Boko Haram has always been down to political indecision, a lack of political will on the part of past and present leadership, the people who make the decisions that ought to alter the outcome of this conflict tend to approach it from the wrong dimension, like trying to grab the tail of a vexed cobra. Boko Haram, like all terrorists, understand COIN tactics better than the militaries in many countries do because these terrorists full grasp the lethal consequences. For instance, if we look at ISIS in Syria and Iraq, they have been under coalition air strikes since at least May/June 2014, yet ISIS is still able to seize more territories in Iraq and Syria, move equipment and fighters around, and even plan and conduct terror attacks outside its immediate zone of authority such as in Tunisia, Syria, Egypt and Kuwait. Boko Haram even before declaring allegiance to ISIS has been using similar tactics. There is a single-mindedness in the way these terrorist groups conduct their operations, and that is what many countries lack. Nigeria for example appears to have lost steam since a new government came on board. And at a decent pace, it will take a new administration at least 3-6 months to get the its preferred personnel, hardware, weapons and tactics in place and might take about the same time or longer for these to make any impact. But the terrorists do not suffer such time lapse in their operational set-up, in fact once there is a change in their leadership hierarchy, operationally, they become more active because only our political establishment, the leadership of these groups want to make immediate impressions. Shekau has not appeared in Boko Haram videos since at least May this year, yet the group still conducts its affairs as if nothing had changed.
        Having observed this trend for a while now, it is safe to conclude that gaps in leadership at all levels of the political chain is diminishes the ability of the Nigerian military to effectively deal with Boko Haram and its terror networks in the country

  37. ifiok umoeka says:

    Sorry gentlemen, mind meant air tractor, hand typed diamond. Oga Are and Capt, pls delay the gallows for a while Lol.
    The point I intended to make was to buttress Oga Lachit’s point of near perpetual aerial presence as a cost effective remedy against BH’s freedom of movement.
    Oga Capt, that the airforce flies a type doesn’t mean it can’t fly anor. I want to believe that u flew bulldogs or air beetles as primary trainer.
    When u remember the low quantity and the sparse placement of choppers, the question then is, how effective will they be (minding of course it speed and range) in CAS?
    If u check again, u would see a multi spectrum response including attack and assault choppers and even fast jets (good for supersonic dash) for timely interdiction, because in this business, often time, time is not on ur side! Moreso, with these PGM, maneuverability becomes redundant (until the opposition lays hands on something more cynical)
    I’m of the opinion that had we had such sys in place (how much would it have cost?) In 2014, BH would never have grow into what it is 2day. Perhaps we would have ‘had’ fund to get us our dream flankers as the immediate distracted us form the important cos the immediate had become the important

    • Are James says:


    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga Ifiok, there is also a need for fast jets has you have pointed out, there would be scenarios where the ISR platforms might have acquired a convoy of BH or massed in towns or places just captured or overrun. in this case a fast jet (quick reaction) with ordinance to effectively carry out an area bombardment is applicable because their is limited risk of blue on blue and the friendlies are not within contact range, this is how ever different for CAS sorties which requires precision and positive identification of targets, a good example of this is in Sierra Leone, where the jungle canopy provided cover for the rebels as against the sparesly forested terrain in the NE. The development of the attack helicopter which can fore front in the 1960/70s was to fill that identified gap.

  38. lachit says:

    Hezbollah in Iraq using unique new multiple rocket system against ISIS
    can anybody guess how it was made?

  39. lachit says:

    looks like india offered to assist Nigeria in the training of security personnel in intelligence gathering to tackle BH.

    • Are James says:

      Looks like the offer would be met by the usual plethora of inter-office memos “from the desk of”, meetings , seminars workshops with final requirements ready in the summer of 2025 and the first list of trainees in 2027
      Following these hard scrap bureaucratic procedures is one big advantage of current political leadership I would admit is not going to help my country. Let us be honest with ourselves.

      • lachit says:

        ur frustration kind of reminds me of similiar feelings i had/have for indian bureaucracy.
        no point in loosing sleep over it
        better to continue with life.
        or become a sadhu (aestic) 😀

      • lachit says:

        by the way any idea on the Hezbollah rocket.?

        who knows maybe someday u all will become so handsomely frustrated that all of u will form a private militia and get ur selves armed with these rockets etc and hell-march into BH ranks.hehehe
        count me in if u all start something like this. 😀

      • lachit says:

        just to be safe…
        ” hell-march into BH ranks in order to destroy it”
        i think that i may have just managed to spare myself from a major bashing from my fellow bloggers. hehehe 😀

  40. zachary999 says:

    Saw this yesterday…

    $100M ( Cost + Corruption)

    Our leaders are mad… 2 units of AW 101 VVIP helicopters rotting away in a presidential hanger when our people are dying everyday in the North East.

    Imagine how many Mi-35, Mi-28 , z-10 or A 129 this would get for the armed forces ?? At least 8-9 Mi-35 by my own estimates…

    We are not just serious.

    Meanwhile one ATR 72 has been grounded for over 12 months in Yola after one Mi 35 on ground accidentally released a round into it. Nothing is been done to ferry it for repairs and when the flyable one is due for checks, we now have to rely only on the US feeds for intel…

    Why are we like this ???

    • Are James says:

      All service Chiefs sacked?. Can anyone confirm this?

      • mnl01 says:

        Just saw same now on vanguard online.

      • solorex says:

        We all know they were gone since Election result-we were just waiting for official announcement. We all know they stayed this long because the incoming government need them to do alot of explanation-chiefly concerning COIN operation funding and hardware procurement!

      • jimmy says:

        This has been TRENDING in ARMY circles for the last couple of days
        One of two Maj GENs have been mentioned as replacements , One is a Northern who grew up in LAGOS.

    • Augustine says:

      zachary999 says:
      July 13, 2015 at 9:09 am

      $100M ( Cost + Corruption)
      Why are we like this ???


      …Because we are Nigerians. Simple Answer.

      • Martin Luther says:

        Not because we are Nigerian but because we have copied systems that have too many loop holes when places to run in our sphere. By sphere here I mean society, culture, environment e.t.c

      • Martin Luther says:

        As soon as the white man comes into Nigeria he also starts behaving like a Nigerian in quote or as soon as Nigerian that have paid tax all his life in the UK moves back home, he stops paying his taxes and becomes more corrupt than the worst Nigerians he meets back home. Please recall that some of our politicians are Western educated and lived most of their lives in the west.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      We shouldn’t touch the Presidential fleet, but for all other things problems de!
      There is a lackadaisical attitude to everything that always turns round to bite us. Imagine an ATR 72 lying fallow in these trying times. Na wa!

    • Augustine says:


    • Are James says:

      On top of that this is at least $2million opex for NAF who will be saddled with inspections, servicing and maybe fuelling and salaries of the pilots. Thats also N420million every year that could pay a lot of pensions to the fighting man. Our combat assets are some how also justified for storage while the civil aircraft find service pandering to civilian office holders.
      Someone now posts an article and wants me to believe that it is US that is the problem in fighting Boko Haram. That is a story for your town meeting don’t bring it up where knowledgeable people are talking.

  41. Martin Luther says:

    In designing a work follow process for an organization, you take into cognizance the floor space patterning and office arrangement. As little as this can change the implementation of office policy, so you try to design the office structure to reflect your work flow process or your work flow process to reflect your office structure. And here I mean physical structure.

    That is the change that is required in Nigeria, a document that reflects what and who we rely are

  42. Augustine says:

    President Muhammadu Buhari has relieved service chiefs of their appointments.

    The affected officers are Sambo Dasuki, national security adviser; Air Chief Marshall Alex Badeh, chief of defence staff; Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin, chief of naval staff,Lieutenant General Kenneth Minimah, chief of army staff and Air Marshal Adesola Amosu, chief of air staff.


    • Are James says:

      In order of under performance; Badeh first who is the worst and his retirement should be commended heartily. He won’t be missed. Then we have Amosu not much different also very good move to retire him.
      Usman Jubrin very unfortunate to be losing him and Minimah we only accept this as political retirement with high honours.
      Dasuki very bright very connected but a confusionist… high handed deceiver of presidents. Micro nationalist agenda.

    • gbash10 says:

      @All,the new service chiefs are, CDS-Maj-Gen Abayomin Gabriel Olonisakin;COAS-Maj-Gen TY Buratai; CNS- Rear-Adm Ibokete Ekwe Ibas; CAS- Sadique Abubakar; Chief of Defence Intelligence- AVM Morgan Monday Riku; NSA- Maj-Gen Babagana Monguno.

  43. Ola says:

    I have read a lot of interesting posts here, one of the benefits of the Beegeagle’s blog is the availability of so much knowledge and information people share here. In my opinion, Nigeria shouldn’t leap at A10 offers. Yes, the A10 is a flying fortress, but the threat of boko haram needs a much more versatile and cheaper platform than that. Personally, I would deploy attack helicopters against BH rather than A10. The A10 is meant for ground troop support in a conventional warfare with enemies featuring heavy artillery, not elements like boko haram. Acquisition of dedicated ground support/attack aircraft should be the motivation for acquiring aircrafts like the A10 (warthog). But then, as good and legendary as the warthog is, it is now an old aircraft, the US is retiring these platforms on cost grounds and we shouldn’t go ahead to burden ourselves with this cost. From reliable US military sources that I cannot cite here, the cost of keeping it airborne is currently much higher than the cost of keeping SU-25 airborne, besides, the SU-25 is a more versatile and more modern aircraft than the A10. The question then is, is the FG ready to do extensive upgrades to these platforms, especially on their power plants and avionics? The cost would simply be too high and this would not make it worthwhile. I would rather see NAF acquire 6 warthog and 12 new SU-25 for ground attack roles, the SU-25 is still in production and can be acquired new. The trip of Buhari to the US should more be of fence mending rather and mutually favourable trade conditions than acquisition of platforms. We should be very careful in acquiring platforms form the US because the process is unnecessarily and frustratingly long, the US will sell you downgraded platforms for sky high prices and if you merely sneeze in the wrong direction, sanctions will kill those platforms. We need US companies to come in and be part of the industrialisation plan of Nigeria.

  44. jimmy says:

    You beat me to it
    Thanks OGA AUGUSTINE for the purpose of integrity I do my best to report on issues that
    1) I have information on
    2) Logic sans emotion dictates the Next Sequence of Events
    The LOGIC of appointing Alex Badeh as CDS was baffling to this blogger and honestly crystallized the lack of seriousness on the F.G part in tackling the War on Terror When LT .GEN IHEJIRIKA after 4 years at the helm was retired Air Chief Alex Badeh should of been given the same treatment.
    Today is my Birthday by the way, nonetheless in matters arising after I pay the bills I will be back.
    I hope oga beegs will open a new thread.

  45. jimmy says:

    The new service Chiefs have been named
    This is the First steps of PMB , Some will be surprised

    • solorex says:

      1. Major-General Abayomi Gabriel Olonishakin – Chief of Defence Staff;

      2. Major-General T.Y. Buratai – Chief of Army Staff

      3. Rear Admiral Ibok-Ete Ekwe Ibas – Chief of Naval Staff

      4. Air Vice Marshal Sadique Abubakar – Chief of Air Staff

      5. Air Vice Marshal Monday Riku Morgan – Chief of Defence Intelligence

      6. Major-General Babagana Monguno (rtd.) – National Security Adviser

      Courtesy-Channels TV

  46. Ola says:

    On platforms against BH, in my humble opinion, strafing from helicopters like Hind E with night attack capabilities or Super Hind will be more effective, versatile and cost-effective against BH.
    At this stage, the military needs to think more strategically now than ever before. BH is rising again, they are getting more support from ISIS, they are probably getting more recruits to bolster their ranks and file, they flow across the borders. How does the army tackle this? Surveillance! The NAF and Army should coordinate to have a lot of eyes in the sky to monitor this HUGE area. I think it’s time for NA to acquire at least one squadron of drones to do this while the NAF simultaneously acquire and deploy at least a squadron of drones roughly divided between attack and surveillance configurations. At any particular time, at least half a dozen ATRs like the ones we current operate should be in the sky. The surveillance drones for the army should be one of the things Buhari can discuss with the US. They are non-lethal platforms. The entire North east should be divided into small flight areas which would be systematically surveyed and thoroughly monitored day and night. Mass movement of people between regions or across the border between Nigeria and her neighbours should be monitored from the air. The army should 6 FOBs located in the regions of Biu, Mubi, Bama, Kukawa, Damasak and Ngamdu. Each of these FOBs should not be more than 1 hour flight from one another. Each FOB should have at least 2000 soldiers stationed in there, heavily armed and NAF boys should also be stationed with at least 4 attack helicopters present in each FOB. This means Nigeria needs to acquire a minimum of 2 squadrons of attack helicopters, in addition to the ones we currently have. Both NA and NAF drones should be operating out of the FOBs. Also, our SFs should be divided and stationed across the FOBS and they should have dedicated air and land transport ready to help them make rapid, deep strikes, insertion and extraction behind BH lines. Let our “obsolete” equipment (tanks and all) be distributed among the FOBs, I still firmly believe a man with a HMG will still not defeat a T-55 as old as it is. Let the Maiduguri airport play permanent host to fixed wing assets. These should be used only when needed, like rapid, distant response to BH or hot chases when they withdraw into the territory of Cameroon or Chad.
    The army and NAF should have a seamlessly integrated response according to reports from surveillance assets. This warfare should enter a phase where the armed forces instil fear in the hearts of BH, the war needs to be psychological. I still believe in the usage of napalm. I still remember the video of BH fighters running around/away from NA, napalm or something similar would have brought the reality of hell to those demons under that circumstance. They are terrorists and it’s perfectly legal to use it against them. If those guys see their colleagues burning alive, the psychological effect would make many of their fighters chicken out and stop fighting.
    Outside the immediate coverage area of the FOBs, the police should be more involved with the COIN fight. We should see more of DSS, police (MOPOL) and military cooperation on COIN activities to stem the tide of bombings currently happening. We should have significant security patrols of the police and soldiers from the middle belt up to the North central and North east.

    • Are James says:

      Five stars for these suggestions.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Ola, you vex o! Napalm ke! Heheh! That will persuade even the worst winsh to be of good behaviour.

      In addition to your suggestions; instead of drones we can have tethered balloons that can be permanently aloft, are cheap to fly and can provide target vectors for artillery, drones and manned aircraft.
      Balloons will do the monitoring of the “small flight areas” across the NE continuously and tirelessly, providing continuous streams of data that will need many services (armed and intelligence) to consume adequately, so an integration of the efforts from the security services; army, police, DSS, civil defence etc might be another positive outcome of such a system. One obvious use of the continuous streams of data would be to provide data for statistics on human movements so any strange movement can be flagged and acted on before it morphs into a terrorist attack.

      The use of balloons can also free up money for use on more armed drones, better equipped ISR assets or other necessary areas.

      Above all, let us fence Nigeria’s borders to control/constrain cross-border movement to predictable patterns.

      • Ola says:

        I agree with the balloon ideas too. Honestly, the time has come that the Nigerian armed forces need to fight this war with a change in strategy. BH should be strategically and psychologically engaged by instilling fear in them. We need to maximise the presence of troops in that region too through strategic deployment within limited AOR for each troop without being isolated and the effective use of multiple platforms and tactics to overwhelm BH.

  47. freeegulf says:

    the name maj gen Buratai came up among diff circles as COAS candidate. so i wont say i m entirely surprised by that. although, i was secretly hoping it would be the GOC of 82 div.

    the real surprise is the new CDS. this has broken the norm, where a CDS is appointed from the preceding service chiefs. would have been good if the outgoing CNS was appointed to the apex job.
    so thankful to see badeh go. was CDS ever!

    happy birthday jolly fella oga Jimmy, many many happy returns and good tidings!!

  48. freeegulf says:

    brilliant piece oga ola, well thought out. if we could only just follow some good disciplined plans, this CT/COIN would have been reduced to mere police work by now.
    unfortunately, our attitude towards this war from the onset has been abysmal. we cant and should not blame any external power or even our neighbours. if we are truly sincere and serious to eradicate this vermin, we would have concluded this campaign by now. the only left would have been just police chasing them and stopping suicide bombings, and the occasional army heliborne tracking, pursuits and destruction of remote terror cells.

  49. jimmy says:

    Thank you OGA FREEGULF
    Maj Gen BURATAI is a very good choice.
    The GOC of the 7 div based on all indications that I have heard has done a commendable job . He (GEN LAMIDI) is not expected to be moved however there is currently a lot going on right now this is a very fluid situation as events are still unfolding on the ground.
    Maj Gen Monguno is from the epicenter of BH grew up in LAGOS and went to KC NEAR KC is an area called OBALENDE famous for it’s SUYA and it’s significant HAUSA/ Northern population, hence the phrase he is one of those ” Obalende Boys” I cannot speak about his time in the DIA , but in Army Circles as speculation mounted it was something quite a few officers wanted to see happen: Indicating he is well respected and has the WELL BEING of Nigeria at heart.
    @ OGA ZACHARY Thank you for mentioning the ATR, thank you for mentioning the INTEL being supplied by the Americans.
    Let me say this:
    Right now the Nigerian Army has / and continues to have communication logistic problems, please they cannot use talking drums to COMMUNICATE they need the SECOND ATR in the AIR . Please it needs to be repaired.

  50. Ola says:

    Thanks Mr. Jimmy. But how do you see the new CDS, Maj.-Gen. Olonishakin? Until his appointment as Chief of Defence Staff, he was the Head of the Nigerian Army Training and Doctrine Command in Minna, Niger State. Our soldiers have not shown good quality training in recent times, should we blame TRADOC? If we blame TRADOC, then is this man good enough for the post of CDS? Just thinking aloud, I know nothing about him and I would like to be enlightened.

    • jimmy says:

      Let me get back to you on him , Maj ,Gen Olonishakin was honestly not on my Radar.
      This is not unprecedented :
      OGA OLA
      There have been two incidences where during the military regime where the HOS wore the same rank.
      IBB and S.ABACHA wore the same rank of General, there are two unique things about this (leave the politics out)
      * They entered the academy on the same day Dec 1962
      * IBB by virtue of the 1985 coup gets promoted / promotes himself to full GENERAL skipping the rank of LT. GEN.
      ** S . A follows the process of regular Military promotion and goes to LT.GEN
      *** It is not clear whether IBB an astute student of History knew at the time but by personally promoting SA to full GENERAL marked the first time in Nigeria’s History that it had 2 – four star Gen it also with 20/20 solidified S.A reputation.
      *** SA also entered the Nigerian Military books not just not to skip a rank but the FIRST Nigerian to be A 4- STAR GENERAL BEFORE BECOMING HOS
      ****PMB also became the first HOS to DECLINE A PROMOTION to a four star.HE AND IDIAGBON were both Maj GEN AS NO.1 &2.
      So the situation between Maj Gen Buratai (COAS) and Maj Gen Olonishakin (CDS) is not UNIQUE.
      Upon confirmation it will be expected that the likely scenarios is that they will both be promoted to LT. GENs .

  51. Augustine says:

    The koko of the matter now is a technically savvy minister for defence, a job for a man who knows modern military warfare equipment and technology beyond the average man on the streets and close to the level of knowledge displayed on this blog.

    The job is not for settlement of political sponsors of APC elections, it is a job that affects the survival of Nigeria, it is not a job for any tribe in particular. Minister of defence should be able to challenge what service chiefs do and demand explanations on procurement trend, find flaws, plug loop holes, suggest equipment types, recommend field simple strategy, detect and block corruption and over-invoicing in weapons procurement, defence spending, ghost soldiers and salary payments, fake pensioners, etc.

    An intelligent man that will run the ministry of defence as if it is the source of the air that he breathes daily for survival.

  52. gbash10 says:

    @Augustine, I suspect the likely candidate for defence minister might be Lt-Gen Abdulrahaman Danbazau (rtd).

  53. lachit says:


  54. Oje says:

    Why do the Russians make their helicopters so noisy and smoky? It can be heard coming from a mile out and someone with something as portable as a Shoulder launched Stinger missiles have more than 20 minutes to dig in and wait. The Russians lost a of helicopters in A-STAN because of this, that’s why they pulled out, the attrition rate was just not worth it. Those in charge of managing our arms procurement know many things we dont know, we here are just speculators and conjectures. Whatever they wanna buy let them buy it in mass and end this war quickly.

  55. Oje says:

    Oga gbash10, it doesn’t matter who becomes Defense minister, they are office clerks and most of them have never seen combat. If they appoint me and Oga James or anyone here with the exception of igbi, Boko Haram will be history in a Month.

  56. Oje says:

    Oha Lachit, don’t mind those guys who scoff at the talk of ”extraterrestrials” trying to look uber new age, but deep down they are the most ignorant. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies, not counting billions of suns. In all of human history all mankind knows about Space represents just %5 of the known Universe, and some speculate there are multiple universes..anyone who thinks the only place life exists in this incomprehensibly stretch of Space needs to have his head examined. There are more planets out there than all the sands on Earth.

  57. schearbeek says:


  58. chynedoo says:

    For the new service chiefs duty calls. But it is always easy to believe that one is going to make a difference on a job as exciting and demanding as the positions these individuals have been appointed to. But it is very important for the new chiefs not to make the mistakes made by previous service chiefs.
    Some of the identifiable mistakes that limited the effectiveness of operations in the NE include:
    This has been an obvious nightmare for the operations. As they say, an army literally crawls on its belly. Moving men, weapons and hardware win wars rather than mere firepower. Boko Haram possess less than the capabilities of the Nigerian forces but it is able to sneak into AORs to hit on both civilian and military targets successfully without even being challenged. All through 2013/2014 this was a massive issue, under supplied FOBs, under-manned checkpoints, outflanked units, and ammunition rationing for frontline troops which all contributed to Boko Haram’s ability to move freely and seize towns and villages
    Two of the new service chiefs come from a TRADOC background. Hopefully, they will be able to bring that background to bear on all angles of operations especially on intelligence but human and otherwise, and the nitty gritty of operations. There has to be an overall tactics derived from a solid doctrine which should form the direction of the entire chain of operations from logistics, deployment, rotation of personnel, selection and procurement of hardware and weapons we the core ‘strategy’ ought to be ingrained in the whole superstructure of operations in the NE, it should be a kind of blue print of what needs to be done, when it ought to be done, the required measures and counter measures, and this must be seamlessly coordinated by all the services involved, army, air force, and navy, the police and the dss should also be in the know (if partaking in any joint or coordinated operations, at least on a need to know basis). Total lack of coordination caused a lot of problems for the operations in the NE and contributed immensely to the ineffectiveness of even the most well intentioned policy.
    It is embarrassing that Nigeria is grappling to contain an internal conflict that has literally crippled the economy of the NE and grossly limited the regional northern economy and by extension the national economy. Take a place like Mubi and Gombi in Adamawa states, the local economy is 95 per cent Agrarian and the insurgency has completely downgraded the local economy because traders from the south, other parts of the north, Chad, Mali, Niger, Cameroun, Togo, Senegal and Ghana no longer feel safe going their to buy produce from the farmers. Yet considering the fact that these two areas are not at the epicentre of the insurgency that buttresses the depth of havoc the conflict has left on the local and regional economy. So the new service chiefs must be aware that this war is just as much as impoverishing a region of Nigeria and the country as it is about a brainless attempt to send Nigerians in the north back to the middle ages.
    -Hardware and weapons procurement
    The new service chiefs if they must succeed must pay special attention to procurement. In fact, any talk of reforming the military must start from the issue of procurement. It is completely scandalous that Nigeria procures military equipment like someone who is buying crayfish, in drips and drabs. The military appear unable to draw the interest of the political class, and educate them on why this area should only be handled by experts with both supply chain and procurement background and knowledgeable military officers. Procurement should not be used as political favours for party members and friends. It is a life and death thing. For instance, there is no reason why frontline soldiers are still moved around in soft skin Toyota pick ups when the terrorists are in possession of RPGs, IEDS, high velocity AA, and homemade projectiles. The new service chiefs have to get the procurement right if they are going to make an impact at all. One way to do it is to do a threat analysis specifically for the NE and then do a different threat analysis for the entire country so that procurement for the NE will be ‘prioritised and accelerated’. This type of approach removes waste and unnecessary time lapse in operations because hardware and weapons will be procured for specific purposes and the items procured are directly inducted into NE or national operations to meet specific needs. Again, there is also the problem of directionless procurements which contributed to ineffective prosecution of the war in the past. For instance, at some point the NA where ordering for tanks, then MIl helios, then suddenly they delved into purchase of APCs, then switched back to buying different versions of helios then again back to Russian Mil helios. This simply signifies a lack of understanding of how to prioritise, a lack of realistic threat analysis, an absence of any strategy and the obvious nonsensical involvement of politicians in procurement of military hardware and weapons systems. The conflict in the NE for the air force requires rotary wing assets more than fixed wing platforms, in the same way it requires surveillance aircrafts in reasonable numbers to cover the entire NE with possible specialised surveillance assets specifically focused on active zones, and the bother areas.
    I could go on, but there is only so much that could be written. But hopefully, the new service chiefs will learn from what their peers failed to do and the things they did but could have done better and maybe we could see a new dawn that will lead to wrapping this war up.
    There are so many things the military ought to be focusing at in the 21st century, especially on how to modernise the Nigerian military for the threats, and battles of the future. The quicker this war is won the better for the country and the military. Ahoy!

  59. jimmy says:

    Well said.

  60. Manny Aydel says:

    Happy Birthday Oga Jimmy…Bravo Zulu sir!

  61. jimmy says:

    I sincerely want to thank EVERYBODY who wished me happy birthday from the bottom of my heart . I regard all of you despite our diverse views as true PATRIOTS OF Nigeria.

  62. jimmy says:

    Interesting article
    Content seems to be well thought with the exception of having Military bases in Nigeria that is a no – go area , a no- brainer.

  63. jimmy says:

    To the new ARMY CHIEF, THE NEW CDS
    This much is becoming very apparent the MAJOR highways leading out of maiduguri need to be aggresively patrolled , It is becoming very apparent that the PLANNED OPERATION OF BOKO HARAM leading up to the EID HOLIDAY is to make life miserable for our Muslim Brothers can we please make life miserable for bh.
    For my muslim brothers still observing the fast ” Ramadan Kareem”

  64. Dario says:

    Is the emperor naked yet?


    Ok. Just checking.

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