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  1. Are James says:

    PMC chopper.

  2. Oje says:

    Nope, PMC;s will never use purple as a paint scheme for an aircraft deployed in the an arid region, they are way too professional for that. That’s a Chadian helicopter there supplying relief materials to Boko Haram. The fact there is no visible roundel on the helicopter validates my point.

    • Are James says:

      Interestingly I googled for Chadian Airforce roundel before posting and it came out negative for that scheme.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        If the craft has a registration number displayed could be civil , if,doe not have one, t it is definitely for black ops. The Helicopter is called the Ecuriel AS350, Also Called the A- Star, Civil version, single Engine Light Helicopter made by Aerospatiale, France, it was development of the Alouette 2, was operated by Aero Contractors as their main fleet for Oil service in the 70s , early 80s (the assembled trained and type rated all their pilots locally on the type ( ground school and flying training, all maintenance to C and D checks were also acommplished. The Fennec was the armed version and name adopted by Airbus Industries for the A350.

  3. jimmy says:

    Before you go on making some baseless accusation that you cannot verify, there is no Information detailing that the Chads have this type of helio in their inventory.
    Due to Security reasons the furthest I would go is assert. Yola up till Jul 2015 is a hot bed of Military activity for both the NAF and the NA The month of November 2014 is crucial to understanding the origins of the helicopter as oga arejames has asserted this is most likely the first of the PMc to lay the ground work for the other PMCS or the technical assistance teams .
    November was important because the NAF was glaringly absent from the fight, due to lack of adequate air frames the hinds came in JAN 2015 ( Yes the administration lied to us about getting 40 helios in august 2014from Russia with love) so the f.g. had to resort to Charter, this to me looks like a fennec/ gazelle or a huey need the full view.
    I will go with OGA AreJames view. : PMC chopper.

  4. mcshegz says:

    At least 11 dead in twin suicide bombing in Cameroon

    Yaounde (Cameroon) (AFP) – At least 11 people were killed when two female suicide bombers blew themselves up near an army camp in troubled northern Cameroon in an attack blamed on Boko Haram Islamists.
    President Paul Biya condemned the “cowardly and odious” attack, which took place on Sunday, and said he had given “strict instructions to the defence and security forces to secure our country.”


  5. I have to go with the PMC possibility.

  6. lachit says:

    off topic
    secretdifa3.net, which is a leading information site for defense and security in North Africa has posted Images of DRDO developed Air Borne Early Warning and Control System (AEWAC) aircraft on their website which they claim has been spotted carrying out Trails in Algeria.
    According to their website, aircraft has been spotted for the Second time in Algeria in past 18 months and the website is hinting at a possible secret round of negotiation been held with Algerian Air Force for possible sale of the aircraft.

    • zachary999 says:

      The new chief is a Mi-35 pilot, been a long time since we had a fighter pilot as CAS..

      I think maybe Dike or Petrini…

      First class guy anyway and I pray he takes the NAF out of the transport mentality..

      He should start by selling off that NAF conference center and using the proceeds to buy 3-4 FLIR systems for the Alpha Jet.

      The era of dive bombing don pass I beg…

      • lachit says:

        “buy 3-4 FLIR systems for the Alpha Jet”
        Makes sense, without all-around situational awareness loss of valuable and high priority targets is 90% confirmed.
        Sambisa forest is bush country if i am correct, so without FLIR based EO systems it will be very easy to miss/locate targets in the terrain and vegetation.
        Helicopters in-service should also be made part of the upgrade with EO systems .

        Mantra of the newly raised NA aviation unit should be
        and it is hightime to back it up with relevent technology and equipment.

      • jimmy says:

        I am relieved ….. PAUSE to keep my emotions in check.
        There is nothing wrong in having an officer rise through the ranks but when it becomesapparent that the way to become the CAS is through the PAF then it becomes a problem.

      • Are James says:

        What about other housewife shopping assets they acquired?.A lot more things have to be sold. We need to admit some home truths about the civilian mentality not just transport mentallity that had engulfed the leadership of the force up till two days ago.

    • chynedoo says:

      Biafra was a mistake of history, a costly mistake made by individuals who the media and the folks in the east have made into folk heroes which they are not. Anyone who buys into that Biafran narrative should have their head examined. Those who led the 15 Jan 1966 coup simply set the chain of events that led to the pogrom in the north, the civil war and the subsequent death of millions of people
      Unfortunately, a lot of uninformed people go on romanticising Biafra especially through the radio Biafra and massob

      • ozed says:

        My guy nobody should pray for war. it is a horrific horrific thing. So based on that i have no sympathy for anyone calling for war.
        However, i think it is criminally presumptuous (and even a little irritating) for anyone to sit in his air conditioned home in 2015, to suggest that those who elected to go to war in 1967 made a mistake!!!

        It took close to 1 year of various pogroms targeting the Ibos, with total indifference from the FG (and in many cases willful participation of federal force, breech of the gentleman’s agreement (at Aburi) for this war to happen. Besides many people imagine that Ojukwu singlehandedly started the war, whereas it was a decision reached by the then equivalent of the ‘house of assemblies’ in the East. Foreign correspondents who witnessed the final decision said the place was like a funeral, as the decision was taken with heavy hearts by persons who appreciated the weight of the decision they had just taken but were left little choice.
        Or are you suggesting war can only serve a useful purpose when you win??? have you never had to fight a bully even though you knew he would beat you? And if you ever did, didnt you notice a new respect from him after the fight???

        So please feel free to condemn the acts of massob and ‘radio biafra’ but please be more circumspect when you attempt to judge those poor men (i wouldnt have swopped positions with them if i were born then) on whom the heavy mantle of leadership fell in 1967!!!!!

      • chynedoo says:

        I appreciate the point you are trying to make. However, you seem to merely make generalizations, with veiled accusations and threats. That is surely not the best way to put your point across. Besides, you do not appear to understand the causes of the Biafran war, nor even the mistakes that led to it. The January 15 1966 Nzeogwu led coup was in effect the start of the civil war because it created a chain reaction, a revenge coup, massacre of southerners as payback for the murder of 11 prominent Nigerians mainly of northern extraction. There was also the issue of superiority battles in the army between Ojukwu and Gowon, the Aburi Accord which none of the parties were willing to obey, and of course the greatest mistake of all was Ojukwu’s declaration of secessions. As an Oxford educated soldier, he was fully aware of the world geo-politics at the time, the fact that every inch of Africa had become part of the cold-war, and as such Britain with the tacit support of Western countries would never allow Biafra to secede. Considering the costly nature of the world both the humanitarian and massive financial cost on both sides, the war was a costly mistake. A lot of younger Nigerians who have very little knowledge of what happened tend to romanticise the war on both sides without the slightest idea of what happened apart from the snippets of inaccurate narratives often splashed in the media. If one must be honest, I dare say your lack facts, understanding and a full grasp of the issue in question and the way you have gone on to make inaccurate generalizations and threats potentially reflects limited understanding of the issue

      • ozed says:

        My brother maybe your definition of ‘threat’ differs from what the dictionary says!!!
        I see no threat in what i have said, and if you can show me any in my statement i will apologize immediately!!!! Similarly if after re-reading my comment (after you have cooled down) you cannot identify any threats, please be honorable enough to apologize also for the misrepresentation.

        In response to what you say, let me say that under the bright light of hindsight, everyone is a genius. So go on and enjoy your ‘wisdom and intelligence’.

        All i am saying is that you should put yourself in the place of the players (under the circumstances they were facing at the time) and re-assure yourself that in their position you are sure you would have acted differently without being seen to have failed your people!!!

      • chynedoo says:

        I do not know how to explain to you what threatening, or veiled threats means in the context you have used words such as ‘irritating’ and ‘criminally presumptuous’. Considering the tone of your response, especially on a subject matter you possess a fringe understanding of, I dare say, it will be a waste of time to explain to an adult something that can only be explained to a child.

      • ozed says:

        Like i said you are a genius!!!
        just not an honorable one!!!

      • chynedoo says:

        I do not require any kind of validation from a needlessly aggressive individual. No thank you!

    • optimusprime007 says:

      NBC didn’t jam it…the guy is still on air

  7. asorockweb says:

    Looks like the civilian version of the Fennec that somebody bought tokunbo

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      The Helicopter is called the Ecuriel AS350, Also Called the A- Star, Civil version, single Engine Light Helicopter made by Aerospatiale, France, it was development of the Alouette 2, was operated by Aero Contractors as their main fleet for Oil service in the 70s , early 80s (the assembled trained and type rated all their pilots locally on the type ( ground school and flying training, all maintenance to C and D checks were also acommplished. The Fennec was the armed version and name adopted by Airbus Industries for the A350.

  8. Oje says:

    Random interjection. Much noise have been made concerning China’s planned Moon mission and indeed many espouse that the U.S is losing its Space technological lead, today’s event shows how far the rest of the world have to go to catch up with the U.S.The United States, the country that gave us the Internet,GPS, just proved they are the most technologically proficient nation in the history of mankind. An American Spacecraft ‘New Horizon” just wheezed passed the ”Dwarf Planet” Pluto, sending stunning images of the Ice planet. It traveled over 5 billion miles at near the speed of light yet it took 9 years for it to reach Pluto, that’s the edge of our solar system. The U.S is officially the only nation to have sent a spacecraft to every planet in our solar system Crazy.

    • lachit says:

      ” It traveled over 5 billion miles at near the speed of light”

      physically not possible.
      theory of relativity
      objects approaching speed of light will also increase in mass
      at speed of light the mass will be infinite.
      so new horizon was travelling at pretty good speed
      but nowhere near speed of light.

      • lachit says:

        Or maybe NASA managed to harness @Tachyons@ for the new horizon to travel at near speed of light .

    • Are James says:

      I concede the US is practically decades ahead of the world in science & tech. It is all in the culture, painfully risk taking which they pay a high price for, stubbornness in pursuing seemingly “impractical ” projects et.c.
      You almost can’t duplicate and you can’t begrudge innovation. God rewards risk more than hardwork. It is necessary for creation.
      However, there is no such thing as near the speed of light in terms of physical matter attainment. Let us not degrade the blog with posts that can be laughed at.It is now high school physics what happens near the speed of light.

      • Are James says:

        *painfull risk taking*

      • lachit says:

        It is not impossible to travel at the speed of light.
        Theory of relativity does not forbid the possibility of tachyons which move faster than light at all times.harness these might open the possibility.
        Also theoritically there are indirect ways to bypass the restriction of moving at speed of light.
        Also most scientific experiments (and subsequent technologies which are done) , are usually achieved indirectly sometimes without even involving the subject matter under test(indirect observations).

        Nobody knows everything and sometimes somethings slip from the mind.
        Quality of a blog is not always the content but the bloggers who post with good faith and intentions.
        Just my small opinion

    • The US tech gap is reducing but its far from fully eroded, though while this journey is a major feat in itself considering the Distance and the time it took to actualise, I still think the Rosetta space probe of the European space agency is a bigger feat. The Rosetta craft flew for a 10 yrs and then at the appointed time it dropped the Philea from Unto a speeding comet. A speeding comet mehn!!!

    • Ola says:

      Hi Oje, not wanting to dampen your glee here, but I would like to point 2 things out. First, New Horizons travelled REALLY FAST but it did not travel near the speed of light. The speed of light is 1080 million kilometers per hour. Secondly, the Rosetta space probe of the European space agency is a BIGGER achievement. Here is what New Horizons is like. It’s like you have learnt how to make a car, you now build a car to travel faster and longer than the previous models you have built. It is still a BIG achievement but not comparable to what the Europeans have done. While I greatly respect the aggressive approach of the US to development, US is hardly the home of new inventions. The nations that have pioneered great inventions in history are UK, Germany, Russia, and France. The US over time has stolen, bought and to a lesser extent legally copied inventions from other parts of the world. Where the US stands out is that the US dares to recklessly pour money into everything they do, do things in excess and also have the great drive to want to compete with everyone and say “we’re the first”. The availability of money for research attracts good brains from all over the world, that is why the US today is home to all. The brains that are doing substantial part of this inventions are modern time migrants that were lured or attracted to the US with money and freedom to research. All the same, New Horizon is still a job well done to NASA!

    • Ola says:

      Pluto is 4.44 bn kilometers away from earth, right? It took New Horizon 3,463 to travel 12,500 km shy of pluto, right? Doing the maths, it means it travelled on the average, approximately 58,000 km per hr.

      • Ola says:

        “3,463 days”

      • Ola says:

        And for this calculation, I have limited it to numbers regarding this mission only (as given by NASA on their website). Pluto is 4.67 billion miles (7.5 billion kilometers) away from Earth. At it’s closest, Earth and Pluto could be only 2.66 billion miles (4.28 billion km) apart.

  9. Oje says:

    ”Near’ the speed of light, its possible. The atmospheric conditions of Space differs from those on Earth. There are no frictions and in fact certain orbits actually acts as a swing shot for some spacecraft, propelling them at close the speed. Do the match. 9 years at a distance of 5 billion miles.

    • lachit says:

      speed of light is 299792.5 km/s.

      new horizon speed : 14.52 km/s (9.02 mi/s; 3.06 AU/a; 0.00839 AU/d) relative to the Sun and at 13.78 km/s (8.56 mi/s; 2.91 AU/a; 0.00796 AU/d) relative to Pluto
      The jupiter gravity sling shot only increased New Horizons‍ ’​ speed by 4 km/s accelerating the probe to a velocity of 23 km/s relative to the Sun and shortening its voyage to Pluto by three years.

      Nowhere near speed of time.
      Not trying to prove anything but just for fun
      Infact never heard of new horizon but thanks to u i know about it now.

  10. Oje says:

    Oga Lachit na lie be dat. Which wan be dis quadratic equation u want make i solve?

    • lachit says:

      Oga Oje na don lie be ths. Wan quadratic equation i wan u ba solve. hehehe

      Show that if p, q,r,s are real numbers and pr=2(q+s)
      then at least one of the equations x(square) + px +q =0 and x(square) + rx +s =0
      has real roots.

      By the way did not understand what u wrote(coded message? 😀 ),
      but general idea i got is that u love quadratic equation very much and so i obliged u hehehe 😀

    • Are James says:

      Please stop saying this.

  11. chynedoo says:

    The fastest we could travel is at the speed of sound measured by specific Mach number

  12. lachit says:

    Guys please dont discuss it further
    Lets drop it , was my mistake to raise it
    I apologize for it.
    Better to stick to topic

    • lachit says:

      Man honestly i am sorry.
      I will never interfere in ur or anybodies comment again.
      Really i am sorry.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        @ Lachit, India had a very great accomplishment with their Mars space flight at 1/3 of the cost of NASA and in a very short period. that was outstanding, but the publicity was kept down by Western Media.

      • lachit says:

        Media be it western , eastern, indian nigerian etc all are manipulative.
        Never good to trust anyone.
        Never know where the truth lies.
        Too much and too many versions of the same news makes reality suffer.
        human tendency to look for news fitting into their individual pattern of thinking also negates much of the truth.

        the mars mission by ISRO was according to me a sort of endevour towards the building of capacity for future deep space exploration.
        space is the final and last remaining challenge for mankind.
        any effort by any country towards this goal is always a welcome step .

        the only objection i took was to BBC reports which reluctantly praised indian efforts but in the same report questioned ISROs work because 1/3rd of india is still under proverty.
        guess BBC needs to be reminded that GREAT BRITAIN stole trillions of dollars from india during their 300 year rule.
        it is safe to say that without that money more than half of britain would be still under proverty.
        so does BBC has moral right to raise the issue of proverty if UK was directly/indirectly responsible for it.
        but not that i or anybody cares.let them shout.

        nigeria is one of the few countries in africa to have a good space application capability.
        it should be made priority because not only for the direct benefits but also for the indirect benefit ie national pride it will inpire countrymen to look at bighter sides of things and enable and encourage them to cohesively work for pride, national pride and unity.

      • mcshegz says:

        India’s real Mars mission cost less than the fictional Hollywood movie Gravity 🙂 hehehehe. This just shows that anything is possible giving human dedication and doggedness. Technology has never been and will never be the prerogative of any people; Any people who truly wish to achieve can do so using all the tools available to all other humans. That’s why i am of the opinion that Africa must continually seek to engage its people and others around the world in order to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. In less than 2 years, Nigeria will posses the single greatest oil refining capacity in the world, only next to India’s. This is due to the visionary leadership of one man, Dangote. This shows that seemingly insurmountable tasks such as national development can be accomplished by just a few dedicated people full of zeal and passion.
        Oga Lachit. I respect your hustle sir.

  13. alade says:

    pls does anyone here have the idea of what a SLOT is….cos a friend told me that I need to get a slot to join the Nigerian Navy….i don’t understand

    • solorex says:

      Slot can have two meaning: It may mean an influential person ( military or politician) routing for you and using his clout to influence your admission into the military even when you may not be the best available candidate. It may also mean you need to be chosen from the allocation for your state- to reflect federal character and ensure wide knowledge of terrains and the country in available to the military-each state is often allocated some candidates slot-if your state has 5 slots-you must be among these 5 to make it to the service. It is such a nice idea but at times with terrible implication.

  14. lachit says:

    MD 530F Cayuse Warrior helicopters with air-to surface rockets and twin FN Herstal 12.7 mm (.50 cal) Heavy Machine Gun Pods (HMPs).
    The upgraded MD530F, incorporating a 6-bladed, fully articulated rotor blade system made of composite material, a more rugged landing skid for heavier take-off and landing weights, a fully integrated digital glass cockpit with multi-function color displays and a pilot Helmet Display and Tracking System (HDTS), which couples together a targeting FLIR and laser designator
    ***this is a good cheap option if and only if u are looking to buy from US.***
    maintenance wise and performance wise also good.
    around 40-50 of these would be able to fullfill the tasks of a quick reaction persue, engage and destroy missions of NA aviation unit.
    BH ability to dissappear after attacking civilian/military targets in urban and rural sectors will be severly curtailed.
    even 2-3 of these embedded with individual garrisons and FOBs with help to keep tabs on fleeing BH operatives by persuing, identifying and locating the routes and hideouts of BH after attacks by BH.
    it will lay the foundations of a combined arms helicopter SF quick response CT units based in insurgency prone areas.
    Also the Boeing AH-6 is a good choice which is a series of light helicopter gunships based on the MH-6 Little Bird and MD 500 family.
    these brand new aircrafts cost US$2 million.
    50 of these will cost 100 million dollars.
    also these can be armed with anti-tank missiles for anti-armour role.

    the views are my own.

    • lachit says:

      the reason i advocated the above helicopters is because the maintenace footprint/operational space requirement (can be parked on rooftops if necessary ) is very less.the pilot/copilot will be sufficient to handle the less intensive maintenance tasks themselves.also the turnaround time for the maintenance of these birds is very less.
      and plus point everthing including fuelling, ammo reloading can be easily done from inside the garrison and FOBs by the crew themselves.
      stationing a mi 24/17 etc with dedicated maintenance facilities in almost every major garrison/FOBs is a real ask because these mi series helis while being good are very maintenance intensive . periodic engine check, hydraulic fluid replacement etc require dedicated facilities and space constrains also limit their deployment to isolated garrisons/FOBs. also requirement of large no of trained maintenance crew is another headache.
      finally again ***this is a good cheap option if and only if u are looking to buy from US.***
      these r my own opinions.

    • Are James says:

      We discussed the AH 6 some time ago. Good fit with NA aviation but maybe too late for NAF with focus on T 129.. Does the MD 530F have FLIR equipment?

      • lachit says:

        yes MD 530F has FLIR as i wrote earlier.
        helicopters (including attack helicopters) are categorized as
        all have their different roles and are specific to their abilities.

        NAF/NA procurement of T 129 will fill the higher end of the capability requirement.
        cant expect the T 129 to operate 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year without wearing out their operational life significantly.

        on the other hand MD 530F/AH 6 will complement the medium/heavy? category T 129 helis.

        regular, frequent, low risk, time critical and out of base deployment will be catered to by the MD 530F/AH 6 helis while operationally planned and heavy firepower requsite missions will be handled by T 129 helis.

        division of labour/mission between the 2 will increase their operational life , reduce cost , increase flexibility of CT operations , reduce the effectiveness of BH ability to wage hit and run attacks.

      • solorex says:

        1. If US wants to dash us –we should just collect anything they offer and use it as well as we can –However if it’s to be procured we should consider the under-listed things
        2. Amour- book haram favorite weapons is 20/23mm shells from truck mounted ZU guns-We need amour to stop those.
        3. Cheap to buy and maintenance -We do not need helix with capability that is of no use to fight insurgency and yet we shall have to pay so much to buy them and keep them alive. FLIR Camera is decent and OK-other network centric capacity might just be a waste of resources. We should be weary of buying $25m a piece platform when a $10m a piece guy can get the job done.
        4. Maintenance and upgrade availability from several sources. We should not buy anything that only particular country can maintain and upgrade. E.g Mi24 maintenance and upgrade is available in more than 12 countries that are not friends of each other-no matter what, so long as you have the funds; you will always be able to maintain and upgrade you Mi-24V regardless of any sanction.
        5. Certain core technology should be available for localization. If you buy say a Hitech Helix from certain countries they will not support a local company to take over maintenance and upgrade-We can still be stuck any time. This is why I like the way most eastern Asian countries buy including India-India will almost not buy something that HAL cannot deal with-else it will be bought with tech transfer agreement. I am still disappointed that AESTL cannot muster the capacity to be a Mil regional services center.
        6. Must carry a lot of punch- Boko haram dispersed nature and diverse armament means the helix must carry something for all situation especially when a few big bangs will be appropriate.
        7. Should not be light so that we can fix medium transport for SF and attack in same guy- I like the concept of common platform for Surveillance, med transport and attack.
        8. Modern and recent -not +25 years old!
        9. Procured in good number-I think these war lasted this long because good armament were not procured in great numbers-We should not be stranded if we lose half a dozen platforms in 2 months ( that great)- There are a few desperate countries that will gladly transfer technology if a serious buyer surfaces
        10. If a drone can do a job cheaper-buy one and don’t buy Helix for that role

    • Ola says:

      Interesting suggestion Lachit! I will vote for the AH-6 though. The army aviation wing should have at least 24 of the small birds, mixed with large attack helicopters like the Hind E or super hind in ratio 4:1, I still believe the army needs heavy attack helicopters too because they can serve the dual purpose of limited troop transport. Some of them should also be configured specifically for recon, at least 4 if they chose to have 2 dozens. Deployment should be 4 small birds and 2 heavy attack helos. The AH-6 could be very potent, economical answer to night raids by BH. The question though is whether the US will agree to sell lethal military wares to Nigeria or not. And if they do, would they be stripped down or not?

    • Seconded! Viable options in the face of the fluid nature of BH engagements and attacks

  15. lachit says:

    Boeing has received a patent for a laser-powered fusion-fission jet propulsion system. Boeing envisions that this system could replace both rocket and turbofan engines, powering everything from spacecraft to missiles to airplanes.
    The patent, US 9,068,562, combines inertial confinement fusion, fission, and a turbine that generates electricity.
    space travel is not far away as i can see.

    • Are James says:

      This is years (decades) of painful work based on a can do culture, backed by big bucks. Expenditure going immediately no where yet followed through with faith and patience. This is why I often concur with Oje about the US approach to technology and life in general. Let Russia and China try to play catch up with stealing tech. This particular tech is fundamental game changing stuff. The old USSR also had this kind of innovative spirit theirs made more serious by a disdain for rushing to market every little tech . Now unfortunately Russia seems to have caught the Chinese copy cat disease.

      • lachit says:

        yeah pathfinders will always lead and reap the rewards the most
        copycats are always at the end of the food chain

        just hope oje is not mad at me
        i just was trying to have conversation for fun
        in the end turned out embrassing both for me and him
        hey oje come back
        say what…….
        u and me both go bonkers at are_james for fun (ofcourse with are_james full permission)
        since he spoiled the previous one 😀

  16. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Good point on the little bird series. With BH’s ability to move freely, the war would have been over since. Oga Beegs preached on our getting a similar system, the German Bo105 similarly equipped which are in abundance but those who call the shots seemed to be deaf-mutes.

    • Ola says:

      Doesn’t the airforce have some Bo105? I am not sure though, but I think I saw one while visiting Porthacourt in 2012. Again, I am not sure!

  17. lachit says:

    the MD 530F/AH 6 helicopters as i see will occupy a special niche in the NA aviation unit.
    Its role will be like that of a pathfinder.much like the Bell OH-58 Kiowa helicopters which are used for observation and direct fire support/coordination.

    Whenever a garrison/FOB comes under attack these embedded and integral MD 530F/AH 6 helicopters will be the first responders,
    They will help take out the attackers and also provide complete picture of the battle on the ground to the local command for planning the counter attack and rallying/coordinating the defending/attacking troops.
    Also if the attacking BH manages to slip away these birds will trail them and provide guidance/updates to the troops who will follow them on vehicles .more over any ambushes lying in wait will be easily visible to these birds equipped with FLIR based EO systems from the air.

    All these is not possible with heavy/medium category helis and UAVs because of the TIME FACTOR and obivious reasons like engine start prep up time , and other reasons i mentioned in my previous comments above.
    US is the only country to have used UAVs at a large scale successfully . It always has a large no of UAVs in the air at a time over the mission area. It is always backed up by AEWACS and SPECIALIZED GROUND OBSERVATION AIRBORNE RADAR SYSTEMS, recco satellites, high speed data relay satellites all networked together for complete air/ground situational picture.and hence it can carry out near real time attack missions successfully or repond at real time to emerging threats.
    All my comments for the helis r for CT operations against BH and their hit and run tactics especially at night, where the MD 530F/AH 6 helicopters are a integral part of the base/garrison for near real time deployment to any attacks.
    Also my comments r not to negate comments by others only supplement them.

  18. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Lachit, this is my view too. However, we don’t have (and will not have anytime soon) those assets. However, observation balloons and scan eagle size drones purely for surveillance will do. add to this local command and control with the ability of (the central Command and control)seeing what the see. Add to that, mortars and MLRS or artillery. Effective, cost or other wise!

    • lachit says:

      i also agree with u.
      but let u also discuss some points of contention so that facts are clear/bare for the readers to make the clear judgement.

      observation balloons (AEROSTATS) and drones are purely PREVENTIVE AND DISSUATIVE MEASURES.
      they will help u most of the time to prevent strikes by BH both during day and night ONLY AT THEIR AREA OF BASING/FLIGHT PATH(drones)
      it will significantly also depends on how many of them u can field and also how successfull u r in establishiing a quarantine zone to keep these assets safe. (make no mistake once they r up they will be priority targets for BH since aerostats are static)

      100% chances are BH will adapt to these over a period of time and maybe out of 10 peneration attempts by it 1 manages to be sucessful by evading the sensors of AEROSTATS AND DRONES.
      THEN WHAT?

      “if u tangle u get mangled”
      hehehe i am a real poet now 😀

      1.observation balloons and drones : PREVENTIVE MEASURE (keep the enemy at bay)
      2.quick response helicopter pathfinder unit :REACTIONARY MEASURE (take the fight to the enemy)
      if NA utilizes both of these than BH will be toast.

      Also my comments r not to negate comments by others but only to supplement them.

  19. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Ola, we had bo105s (24 I think) but non is serviceable anymore

    • lachit says:

      “add to this local command and control with the ability of (the central Command and control)seeing what the see. Add to that, mortars and MLRS or artillery. Effective, cost or other wise!”
      bro u have described a perfect solution to fighting a conventional war.
      but the fight against BH has now moved onto a sort of assymmetrical cum guerrilla warfare.
      6 months ago this would have been the perfect solution.
      but now BH has no fixed place under occupation for u to target with heavy land based firepower.
      by the time u manage to haul in these land based artillery the BH will definately be alerted.
      they have no to place to defend so will keep moving about in small groups pausing only to attack targets of opportunity.

      may be i am wrong in my assessment.
      but still it is a food for thought.

      Also my comments r not to negate comments by others but only to supplement them.

  20. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    NEPA operates 4 x BO105 parked in Lagos, Oga Ifiok, NAF stopped operating them since the early 1990s.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Dar Ogas, If I am not mistaken, highest asset offered are 2 x Cessna platforms not even to Nigeria but to be based in Niger ( where the expatriates are king), We are in for a long wait for the shopping list items quoted in the last trend, (F16,s Corbras, M16 , Missiles and every nice thing that kills) . The only that would come in reality is training to completely demystify the Nigerian Military and knock them into order like the rest of the “trained in America” guys and light logistic equipment that their equivalent are available in the open market and of cause there own intelligence guys would learn a thing or two about how it is really on ground in Nigeria and also a bit of Hausa and Kanuri language and culture

      • lachit says:

        “of cause there own intelligence guys would learn a thing or two about how it is really on ground in Nigeria and also a bit of Hausa and Kanuri language and culture”
        man u really have a eye for subtel details
        i really like that.

        nigeria has to be street smart.
        one way or the other it has to extract its due from US without compromising its interests.

        not that US has never been played before
        pakistan has a good track record of taking the US for a ride.
        just need to get ur act together
        maybe this article will give u some pointers


  21. Oje says:

    I cannot wait for Obama to leave office, Obama has been a disaster for U.S/Africa relations, even more of a disaster for the American people. Thanks to the stupid celebrity culture the Liberal media has promoted Americans voted with their heart and not the brain. Here is an American President who makes a deal with the Taliban:releasing four high ranking Taliban prisoners in exchange for one U.S soldier who deserted his unit and wondered off. Five soldiers lost their lives finding him. This is a man who idea of diplomacy involves sending drug junkie and Tattoo pericng Dennis Rodman to North Korea to do U.S diplomacy with a 28 year old spoilt brat. This same Obama just concluded a nuclear deal with Iran,effectively raking out $100 billion to the Iranian government yet deliberately fails to bring to the foe the fate of 4 American journalists still languishing in an Iranian prison.

    It is disturbing and sickening that it is the Republicans championing the course for more lethal aid to Nigeria to tackle the Boko Haram insurgency, yet in a paradox it is the Liberal democrats who are fighting tooth and nail to make sure Nigeria never gets the support she needs. See how long it took Hillary to recognize Boko Haram as a terrorist organisation, and now the Senate House Commitee have to practically beg the White House to be more robust in its assistance to Nigeria. Shame to think this is a son of the soil,a real African. 7 years of Obama’s naive diplomacy and ineffective leadership has caused a global free for all, led by Russia,China,ISIS,AQ, Iran,Hezbollah, you name it. President Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Ronald Reagan.

    We do not need American help anymore.We have our own Drones and Satellites. This war will be over soon.

    • Are James says:

      The man who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan at the same time started the problems we ate having in the world today. Obama has been putting out fires since successive American presidents all republican invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama has been very good to the American economy and it’s contemporary problems. There are actually contemporary problems not related to the old cold war which it dead.
      I spend a lot of time in Asia now and talk to Filipinos, Indians, Arabs and Iranians i can tell you there is big trouble with China . So who can fault the US shift to that new theatre.

      Obama ‘s approach to Boko Haram is cerebral in my view. “don’t just throw money and weapons into a multi-stakeholder country governed by thieving idiots trying to fight depraved murderers”. Successive US republican administrations took that attitude to S.America and harvested the drug problem and terrorism problem. They took it to the Middle East and harvested terrorism.
      As for Iran , what exactly did we expect Obama to do?. Stop a sovereign country from developing a technology that defends itself and develops it’s energy sector?.Haba let us be realistic, if we had taken the Israeli approach the world would be over as we speak. The US is losing zero dollars in the deal just take a piece of paper and connect dots and you realize it.

      • Are James says:

        *not losing dollars*

      • Are James says:

        I believe we can’t source platforms to “project power in defence of our national interests ” from the US. Those items would have to come via a customised case by case approach deliberately linking threat assessment to platform. I have not been suggesting moving close to INDIA in the last few threads because I love curry. They are the only country doing things right at the current time in terms of deliberate threat assessment and matching platforms.
        For COIN purposes, the US would be very helpful. Just think of the technology requirements : “cheap, observation platforms, long MTBF engines on choppers that can stay long in the air, night vision capability, integrated systems talking to each other, net enabled C3I” …possibly only tge US and Israel can offer these on the cheap now. Russia is self admittedly lagging in UAV s and it raises the blood pressure thinking about the risks of using any of the Mil series choppers day in day out for more than six months in Nigeria hot and dry NE. Let us be realistic. If we ask for COIN choppers and fixed wings from the US in open G2G , corruption free deals we will get them. As for their training , the NA does not depend on the US or any country for training, we take as we find. When Americans offer we accept . It was never as if the generals ever thought that American training would make dramatic difference so we have really not been disappointed in this sphere.

    • Ola says:

      Mr Oje, I am not sure your allegations here are right. First of all, prisoner swap is fairly common place with the US and the US policy allows it. It’s happened a lot between US and Russia in recent times for example. Information on how this is done is part of the information package NATO military officers get during indoctrination and the US has promoted this within NATO. Dennis Rodman had his relationship with North Korea going before Obama even came to office. The US had little choice in the case of Iran. Either negotiate with Iran or go on all out war and remember, Iran has found a way to thrive despite the sanctions and other. The best option is to let Iran use its nuclear technology under close monitoring for peaceful purposes such as power and medical research as Iran has claimed. Telling Iran to stop it completely while you’re busy renewing your own stockpile of nuclear war heads is a double standard. See, other major powers may seem to be playing along but they are already getting tired of this double standard. At least some top German government officials have voiced this out in the open in the past! The way forward for everyone is this, let Iran develop her nuclear technology under close scrutiny, hand over all highly enriched uranium that is military grade and keep their pursuit of nuclear technology for power and medical purposes. There is still a clause to put all the sanctions back in place if Iran defaults. Where did this phrase “raking out $100 billion to the Iranian government” come from? In my opinion, this is just a wild speculation, nothing close to reality. In Iran, the hardest hit sector by the sanction has been the oil sector and it will take several months before Iran comes back up again from that. Apart from that, Iranian oil, even during the sanctions has still been going to China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Turkey and in the near future, you will not see a substantial change in their oil market structure. Here is a quick view: http://www.vox.com/2015/7/14/8962651/oil-prices-iran-nuclear-deal
      Certainly, lifting sanctions will not be “raking out $100 billion to the Iranian government” any time soon with the low oil price.
      In general, we need to remember that the US is a sovereign nation and will look first to her own interest ahead of others, either militarily or otherwise. It’s sad that so many Nigerians -I draw this from what I read and watch on Nigerian media online- think that the answer to Nigeria’s problems, only lies with the US. So one day US will just come and fix our problems and if the US doesn’t respond to us, there would never be any solution. Designating BH a terrorist group in the US or not does not matter, how Nigeria sees the group and engages with it is what matters. Every weapon kills whether made in Nigeria, US or Russia, it is the effective usage that counts.
      The problem in the world today started from the 80s, in my opinion. Taliban and AQ were created by the US when those guys were designated as the good guys fighting Russia and they were armed and funded by the US. Economic growth of China has empowered China, again this came from the US and Europe moving their companies to China in search of cheap, skilled labour. The inability of Iraq to defend itself against ISIS today was caused by the US falsely invading that country, destroying her military and ruining their administration. You cannot spend such a long time ruining a country and you suddenly wake up one day to say I pull out and you expect everything to return to normal. During those years of occupation meanwhile, a “divide and rule” method had been introduced in Iraq such that those in administration are divided along the lines of pro and anti west. ISIS is running roughshod over Libya today because of the US-led vendetta war against Ghadaffi. These problems go beyond Obama’s administration who came in to meet a sinking economy and has focused mostly on saving the US economy. The US remains the nation that has single handedly done the most evil from second world war till date and has used their powerful PR machines to cover it up. The world is gradually spinning out of control because of all these actions. Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…and foreign policies of funding terrorist organisations in different countries where the sitting government is not their favourite. Russia and China have not done this.
      Nigeria needs to look inward for solutions to her problems, play the diplomatic game of making deals that helps her achieve her goals and stop looking up to anyone for help because no one is going to help.

      • lachit says:

        “Designating BH a terrorist group in the US or not does not matter, how Nigeria sees the group and engages with it is what matters. Every weapon kills whether made in Nigeria, US or Russia, it is the effective usage that counts.”

        ultimately everything boils down to this statement of yours
        but is anybody listening?

      • Ola says:

        Exactly Lachit! People never listen. Now the current administration is busy pursuing vendetta and vengeance blindly.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      This has nothing to do with Obama as a president, it is just a joint long term view about you and I ( Black Africans) , the guys on the other side are going to give us worse.
      – During Bush’s visit to Nigeria, without respecting his hosts, ( An Head of State, the age of his Father) He warned ” that or we might become part of the collateral damage”, if we did not fall in line and support his Iraq and Afghanistan adventures.
      – McCain referred to Nigerian president as ” that one called Goodluck”, his version of man Friday.
      – During heights of ” Bring Back our Girls” campaign, the Senators said we do not need any Nigerian Govt permission, to carryout any military Ops over there.
      You can refer to a friendly relationship as that of equal and balanced respect. when it is unbalanced and from one side of the party, it becomes a “Man Friday” (native) and his White man Idol. One thing is to Imagine the perfect scenario, the other is to accept the hard reality, plan and move on. Imagine if our present source of supplies also decide to close shop or bring in hard condition, enough of this bowl in hand, we need to start with Igirigi, can Nigeria really afford to be buying and shopping in things that we cannot maintain, while Rwanda a first class military is coming to inspect Proforce’s new IFV for purchase. We keep talking about manufacturing and other grandiose plans, while the military and Government is not supporting local Enterprise. The way you view yourself is how others will view you and so far we are not making a good job of that

    • Kay says:

      Not sure what to make of this development. Corruption issue or plain old vendetta!

      Time would tell.

      Heard he’s now ‘arrested’.

      • Are James says:

        When they send you as a young captain to go and arrest a military head of state you need to apply number six…..lol.

        Apart from that no how , no how out of N4.6 trillion defsec funds something must have happened by way of diversion. The ex presido was known to be slack to the point of fhhgju in most of these things. So let the man be probed.
        Finally in the past you had Abacha protégé of the current hos had a run in with this guy’s dad and removed him from office as the most powerful emir in nigeria. So thats some education for neophytes who think the north is one unified indivisible body even
        I mean even if you have o level qualification in security you would still do something if you were the hos. At least retrieve passports and put on security watch. I am not sure o. Just saying….lol.

      • Roy says:

        The former CAS told the world that other Generals were written to inform them of their retirement. Guess what ? The security chiefs and NSA resignation was announce on radio.
        As we speak the former NSA is being rubbished like a common thief.
        It is clear and painful that Mr President is out on a revenge mission.
        You don’t have to sack the service chiefs like gate men because you want them to leave or disgrace the former NSA because you want to arrest him.

        If they are corrupt and you have evidence, then arrest them without disgracing them.
        What’s up with this emphasis on DISGRACE before trial.
        These are my reasons to believe he is out on a revenge mission.
        Remember Marylin Ogar and AIT case.

        Though I am a big fan, l don’t think this REVENGE approach is necessary.

      • Are James says:

        Too late to rush to judgement on all these but under certain conditions what appears to be vengeance might be a good way to approach issues. It gives the necessary ‘motivation’ to drag out facts since the perpetrator does not have much love for the accused.
        Please don’t waste sympathy on politicians (or political appointees at this level), they have done the same to their opponents and/or in this case also stolen Nigeria blind.
        This guy we are talking about (former NSA), for six months anybody with experience of institutions and governments would understand was de facto president of Nigeria. Speeches/Carriage/Action- that is how you know. The elected president at the time was already the underdog candidate making deals left right and center to buy political support in the north. Now, who else could have been the anchor man in this venture that would have put the man who late won elections in a fort of silent rage but the man you are defending?
        Also at this time, most of the service chiefs were in political limbo, had either spoken rubbish on national TV, over-promised and under-delivered or simply had become over awed by the problem of BH which was proving beyond their individual capability not Nigeria’s. Anyway quite a few of them may have simply reverted to a mode of pursuing ” in-service financial empowerment” which many stories we are going to be entertained with in coming weeks and months.
        Back to the questions. Whose proposal (not idea) was it to bring in PMCs to temporarily bridge the gap in capability against BH and who was doing the financial management of the project , paying invoices et.c?.
        In addition to all these, I don’t have evidence but I need to be countered with facts on these other suspicions:
        1. Someone’s WAEC certificate disappearance from records or the whole jigging of the dis appearance of the certificate in the NA files a political issue
        2. The S.African escapade with Nigeria’s ”cash money” on an executive jet.
        3. $400million combat jet near scam.- my suspicion is weak on this one
        4. Others we don’t know but are most certain reports are being compiled over.

      • saleh says:

        wow its not a vendetta, Dasuki wasnt the only officer involved in that coup. its plain corruption issue. too much corruption happened in the defsec expenditures and procurement

  22. Bharat says:

    In a previous thread, on Nigerian-Indian defence co-operation, I had advocated about starting small. One of the avenues being upgrades. Specially ZSU-23-2 and Bofors L-40-60/70.

    In line with that, a recent development that caught my attention was the following news article.


    ” Indian Army shortlists BEL and Punj Loyd for $100 million air defence guns upgrade ”

    Also, below link is the page about the Punj-Loyd upgrade.



    Also, BEL and others have upgrades for ZSU-23-4 and Bofors 40mm L-40 60/70.

  23. lachit says:

    Punj Lloyd a private company which started off by making tractors has been selected as one of the 2 contenders for the upgrade of indian armies ageing Zu 23 2B air defence guns in a selection process that has been on for over four years.

    Punj Lloyd upgraded the existing ZU-23 2B Gun by replacing the manual laying system with a rugged Electro Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS) for the Corps of Army Air Defence. The EOFCS gives the gun the capability to engage at aerial targets during day and night in plains, deserts or in mountains. The Gun has been modified with a day and night camera, laser range finder and a digital fire control computer. The upgraded-gun can engage NATO standard aerial targets, upto a range of 2500 m flying at 300m/s.
    it also has a helmet mounted micro monitor together with joystick controls.

    u see this can be a case study for how small/medium/large sector private industrial companies in nigeria can try their hands by initially developing upgrade packages for in-service weapons and then if successful moving on to total indegineous standalone weapon systems based on acquired experience.

  24. makanaky says:

    What is revenge in this whole case ? We complain all the time about accountability and somebody is trying to do that and we are complaining again, what if Dasuki is from the South we say Nepotism ? member of PDP we say politically motivated.
    Let the law takes its course, many soldiers were setenced to death for complaining of lack of weapons and were branded as cowards while the money meant for welfare and equipment might have been diverted.

    • Roy says:

      Oga Are James, l respect your hussle.
      From what events of recent times gives room to analyse in my opinion is:
      Mr president is moving in the right direction of changing this country but there SEEMS to be a motivation of VENGEANCE.
      What could have encouraged Marylin Ogar transfer to Maiduguri.
      Which reason will make you selectively sack your service chiefs on radio.
      How can you explain the AIT case.
      The senate deputy president and police issue.
      My bros, when you approach things with vengeance, you often over do things and get no result.

      are you saying the best way to search Dasuki’s resident or arrest him is to flood his house with security operative without arrest warrant. That is the over – do approach you get when there is vengeance.
      In any case, am l the only one who believes that in security circles loyalty and professionalism are very close?

      This is not about accountability but it is about a leader who will lead ( arrest ) without personal grudges.

      I am done being against my president. I retire to the other side.
      I hope time heals this election revenge sha.

      • eyimola says:

        Marylin Ogar made statements during the run up to the elections that could be seen as interference in the process. And as for Dasuki, his ‘previous’ is so legendary that I dont even know where to start from. Justice can sometimes look like retribution, but in this cases, it is clearly well deserved. Impunity has to end in Nigeria.

    • Ola says:

      In my honest opinion, this administration are going about arresting people brashly. If this man really wants to prosecute criminals, he should do it through the proper means, the military era where you just brashly order some’s arrest and rule the country like it’s your family is over. Let him do what OBJ did, let him strengthen the judiciary and the police, set up an antigraft body, bring cases up against people with overwhelming evidences and let the judiciary try them and sentence them, period! And you need not target those that are only in the opposition party! APC is full of criminals and he has been brought to power with stolen wealth from those thieves. Bode George was jailed during OBJ’s time even though they are both in the same political party and Bode George was a prominent member of the party, let Buhari do the same if he wants to prove to be against corruption. Suddenly placing people under house arrest without any due legal process, together with their family and harassing them during holidays is very petty, that is not the way to go and we’re seeing DSS being Partisan here!

  25. Kola Adekola says:

    SSS places former NSA Dasuki, Bello Fadile, under “house arrest”

    Operatives of the State Security Service, also called DSS, have confirmed that the immediate past National Security Adviser, NSA, Sambo Dasuki, and all persons at his residence, are under house arrest.

    Mr. Dasuki’s two houses, one in Abuja and another in Sokoto, have been under siege by SSS operatives since Thursday.

    PREMIUM TIMES confirmed that among those inside the Abuja home of the former NSA is a retired Colonel, Bello Fadile, who worked as an aide to Mr. Sambo while he served as NSA.

    We gathered that Mr. Fadile was visiting Mr. Sambo when the SSS personnel took over the property.

    One of Mr. Fadile’s friends who visited his residence on Friday was informed that the retired colonel has been with the former NSA and he decided to visit the House at No. 13 John Kadiya street, Asokoro district of Abuja.

    “When I got to the gate, two persons came out, dressed in a black T shirt with the inscription, DSS, after a while another one wearing a native flowing gown joined us.

    “They asked me my mission there and I told them that I wanted to see Mr. Fadile whom I was told was in the House, but they told me that I cannot see him.

    “When I insisted on knowing why I cannot see him, the one in DSS Shirt advised me to leave the place because the house is under security siege and that everyone inside is under arrest, he said I should leave immediately,” he said.

    A source close to Mr. Sambo informed PREMIUM TIMES that there is presently no electricity in the building, and although he could not confirm if the security personnel cut the power, he said the SSS officials refused to let the occupants of the house to put on the generator.

    Meanwhile, a family member of Mr. Fadile told us that he has been under medication and has not taken his drug since yesterday.

    “He has not gone out with his drugs, all efforts to let him go and take it were rebuffed by the operatives,” he said.

    We also gathered that the DSS agents who left earlier around 6am, reportedly to go and brief their Director General, Lawal Daura, were yet to return.

    Also, all the DSS Hilux vehicles that were at the house, have been removed, while only a Silver coloured Toyota Highlander vehicle with Number plate EPE 819AL is parked in front of the House.

    When PREMIUM TIMES contacted the Director General of the SSS, Lawal Daura, Friday, he denied knowledge of any siege on the house of the former NSA.

    “I am not aware of any siege. What we are doing is celebrating Sallah and not carrying out any siege or house arrest,” he said before cutting the line.


    • Kola Adekola says:

      This bears all the hallmarks of another bungle.

    • Are James says:

      I am thinking deeply and wondering if there was any other way this could have played out for the former NSA. If he really helped himself to defsec funds or was involved in political activities against the candidate during the elections – all the more serious. They are not going to allow a highly connected, retired army officer with billions possibly illegally acquired running around. Let us leave sentiments aside . This is security we are talking about. There is possible past corruption and the new possibility of the person breeding trouble in a dozen backyards within the country. I have said it often that a guy with only a million dollars can cause a lot of trouble in almost any country not to talk of Nigeria.
      Also there are rumours that the guy did not wait to be sacked but actually retired without proper handover which was enough to blow alarms everywhere.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        The DSS has now withdrawn its officers from Dasuki’s house, so its another confirmed bungle.

        Buhari is expending the little traction he has on unnecessary fights.
        What is the point of an “almost arrest?” Its just the same “Oshiomhole” trend.

        We have big problems in the country that directly affect either our economy or our cohesion as a single nation. For the President to be fully engaged in diversionary emotional revenge missions at this time is unwise, self defeating and an expensive waste of scarce energy.

        Boko haram has not only regrouped, but has raised its murderous campaign to levels never seen before. Radio Biafra is lighting a flame that is several times more potent than boko haram can ever be. From the lips of the FG itself, Radio Biafra is relayed from London. It is a fundamental flaw for any leader to be one dimensional, unable to see round corners. There are far more pressing issues than revenge.

        Buhari might only realise when it is much too late that he is walking, eyes open, into a submission hold. We are all witnesses to how the Western press twisted the boko haram story, just picture what they can do with Biafra. They won’t be talking about Ojukwu, no. It would be about Saro Wiwa, stories of abandonment of the SE, shocking pollution/poverty in the SS, while the oil the powers nation comes from there. There will be abundant photo evidence (like the one below). You think the Western press embarrassed and denigrated Nigeria, just wait for part two while Buhari engages in revenge mission for petty offences that date back to his dark years in power as a dictator.

        Combine the possibilities of raw emotion stirring through Biafra with the disgust from boko haram and picture the harm that can be done. Buhari’s first duty should be to UNITE NIGERIA.

  26. Ola says:

    Here is a morale booster!

  27. Roy says:

    This bombing is becoming very intellectually challenging.
    For God’s sake there must be a practical solution.
    These idea of searching people from 500m from a potential target by a human being does not make sense to me.
    We must get to a point where we use scanners that can tell a sniper of a threat from 100 of meters away. And the sniper takes it away.

    The government must also step up it’s anti BH propaganda with Quranic backings not just telling us that BH is anti Islamic. HOW?
    The latest attack in US shows that the ISIS ideology takes the meditating time of a lot of Muslims.

  28. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    I was told Mr President is a repentant dictator (what ever that means)…I’m still restraining myself…
    My Ogas Are James and Jimmy had a short one with me the other day on the subject of nepotism and I remember asking the question, how do u solve nepotism by bring someone from ur village? Never mind, I really never got a reply. So, Miss (or is it Mrs) Oga were not really the problem. Like I said, this institution has a long history of being a tool of the power on sit ( and I refuse to have selective amnesia). Mr ‘villageman’, I like this type of salla celebration, who know perhaps u will get the privilege someday. Cut power? That’s low.
    I like it when we pretend to be ignorant of the ethnic-religio politics that brought about BH and sustained it before other interest (foreign and domestic) hitched a ride. Na wa o. Mr Buhari is on record of saying that if he didn’t win the 2011 election, the country would be ungovernable…and it was! We seem to have forgotten so suddenly the effect of the 5th column on the fight against BH. Ok. Certainly we have forgotten the mirades of BH sympathizers ( I say sponsors) in the NASS and government houses ( u know where). Now all the problems are caused by Dasuki and Mr Jonathan. Abegi, spare me.

  29. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    I don’t know if Mr Dasuki’s corrupt or not and I can’t vouch for who I don’t know, but I remember that this man told us the TRUTH when everyone else was either in denial or outright lies. If he facilitated the PMC solution, God bless him, only wish they had listen to him 6months earlier. I think the real issue is taking out the MOST EFFECTIVE person in the fight against BH (against the order and will of the Northern Elites) and the name is revenge! They were really lucky, the got to play with an inexperience player who was used to appeasement. Had they tangoed with one of the more cunning gov of the south-south, say someone like Donald Duke, or the evil himself, Ibori, this film would have been fun to watch!
    If Dasuki has questions to answer, then by all means but presuming one guilty and shifting the burden of proof to him is just too old sch (did I here change), but let’s all remember, slinging mud gets the one dirty hands.

    • Are James says:

      Well I agree that Donald Duke or Ibori would have been better than the man we got. However on this matter I would admit I am not objective at all. I did n’t like the last administration and I also believe ‘vengeance is not always a bad thing. Why would anybody cry tears for this Dasuki of a guy anyway?. I am not. Where is all our defence and secuity money?. Who put millions of dollars on a plane, I will use the word again ”cash money” to pay for weapons that should have been paid for more astutely?. Who planted stories in the newspapers against the US about refusal to sell weapons. And who put people up to the the WAEC saga?. Why did he go to Chatham house to call the NA soldiers cowards, was it just to lay an audit trail to justify PMCs?. Those are the questions.
      I am going to descend to an even more sentimental level and say If he was brave enough to arrest a sitting head of state in a military regime on Sallah eve then he should be brave enough to endure’the same now. I don’t even think his problem is from the highest level, this guy has been favoured when he was inn the army for so many years that I am sure there would be many bitter rivals in the army and security services now itching to have a go. Please note this is purely my gut reaction to things unfolding and I have no apologies if they don’t meet objective standards. I am partial in this matter.

  30. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Now, I’m certain that if this tactlessness is here to stay, then BH will abide, I kid u not. Like someone pointed out, the north is not one indivisible union (never was, never will). When they players out play themselves, then they will get played Big time! A carpenter that approaches every problem with a hammer will never get to exhibit @ the world stage. Again, I’m still restraining myself

  31. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Are, retired or resigned? What would u have done if u were in his shoes especially when ur replacement wasn’t anywhere near?

  32. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    @ Oga Lachit, incidentally, I wasn’t opposing ur points but complimenting them. We don’t have all the resources and effectiveness must reflect cost considerations ( I’d like an advantador but I can’t…)
    In my opinion, our biggest failings has been letting BH freedom of movement in large no. Each success helped them gather momentum and with it came notoriority (or popularity) and support. To the point that a lot of interest invested in it.
    My solution is intended @ cutting down the size of BH’s attacking force into something a checkpoint can hold till Rapid Response arrives.
    The ARM (artillery, Rockets and mortar) was to defend against attack on the FOB itself. Had we had such a system in place, (early warning system and ARM) the attack on the air base 2 years ago would not have ended the way it did. Thus, I am looking @ protection of the FOB! If we grid the NE and come up with a 12 – 15 FOB with 3 – 4 choppers each (36 – 60 choppers in all), BH would have been contained and then, the police and DSS (assisted by CJTF and NCDC) can do what they do best.

    • lachit says:

      i am not a expert but i been a close observer of indian forces fight against insurgencies.
      one thing is sure that if u loose the momentum for fight against BH things are only going to get tougher.


      and the recent upsurge in isolated BH attacks on civilians just points to that.

      @Ifiok Umoeka and all
      want to have a try ?

      • lachit says:

        my question was in simple words

      • jimmy says:

        Soft targets inability of an army still unwilling to follow unorthodox method of warfare, Communication problems, Lack or blatant unwillingness of the previous administration to buy more troop carrying Helios.Lack of very aggressive minded leadership at the higher Army leadership. Lastly a disconnect between Civilian populace and the Military.

      • lachit says:

        1.how many days has passed since buhari took charge of office
        2.relocation of command to maiduguri
        3.strengthening of joint forces of neighbouring bh afflicted countries with nigeria taking the lead.
        4.a political Subversion ? (afterall terrorism is essentially a political act)
        these are some of the hints

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga lachit, instead of asking questions you should contribute the answers. One good reason is that people are not going to keep coming back to posts they’ve already read.

        You have a lot to contribute so its unfair.

        Another reason is that some might see it as a game.

        Anyway, boko haram is now a branch of ISIS, so many local variables are now most likely tied to ISIS global perspective (whatever ugly thing that is).

      • lachit says:

        after re writing 3 times the same reply i give up
        still if somebody is interested in reading my reply to my above questions
        plz find it here
        or better still try to copy paste and post it here
        the link is

      • lachit says:

        do u think the assessment i made is correct and is the possible explanation as to why boko harem has increased the attacks during this perticular period of time starting from buhari assuming charge and continued to till now.

  33. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Capt, the last I heard of it, the then CDS (Gen. Sani Abacha) had the ones in the South to the North either b4 or after the Orkar coup. They never did feature in the 90s era wars. I think, our Bo105s were packed with 2×20 rocket pods. Don’t know if they had cannons, MGs or EOs of any kind.

  34. Oje says:

    Oga Roy, for us to stop the bombing we have to take a keen look at the dynamics at play here. Despite assize casualties and moral deflating defeats how does Boko Haram manage to get supplies in manpower and weapons ? I mean, it’s not like the routes via which this supplies are porous. We have Tchadian, Cameroonian and Nigereine forces massed along that route. Acting as force multipliers are French Drones and American sattelites in that same border region. Boko Haram don’t make arms, and Northern Nigerian youths are not suicide bombers, this is why they now use aged women and 10 year old girls….who is allowing arms or turning a blind eye to these activities in a flat and featureless terrain, best conditions for Drones.

    OK make we think am, Boko attacks are not in a symmetrical order. From high octane violence to a sudden lull, then a massive escalation of violence, then another lull. There is no middle ground or gradual build up of forces. This is indicative of Boko Haram being resuplied when they run out of am and men..but by who? TCHAD! !

    As long as we rely on foreign forces to police our own border region the sui idea bombing will never ceas.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      No army can stop arms flowing across borders as open as Nigeria’s. There are solid reasons we keep crying for the fencing of Nigeria’s borders.

      Several of those solid reason are captured in the pictures (below) of Nigeria’s border with Niger at various points. Its a straight drive from Libya.

    • Kay says:

      Forensic examination of the scene should be a top priority now. Try to work out the formulation used in the explosives. If traceability can be achieved, can then figure out who bought what and what purpose. Likely possible some of the mixture in use were raided from the cement attack and if not, must be getting it from other sources. Those other sources, I’ll like to know.

  35. jimmy says:

    @ oga Ifiok Umoeka
    I initally was not going to respond to your comments , but out of respect for your comments I decided to respond.
    I do not know who ordered the so called ” House arrests/ Sallah day revenge /Bungle.
    The comments here on the EX -NSA are very interesting without prejudice let us look at his record
    * For approximately three years (2012/2013-2015) he was the NSA after replacing the ” Gentle Giant” Gen Owoye Azazi
    1.Under him Boko Haram Mushroomed covering three states
    2.Unable to contain BH the most potent advice he gave the President was the f.g. should engage in deals that were not G2 – G2 this led to an embarassing fiasco with S’ Africa all the documents had his signature on it.
    3. Unable to acquire Weapons from the West , the same NSA went to Russia to sign an MOU for Weapons procurement in q1/ q2 of 2015, there is no quantifiable/factual evidence that Nigeria based on the everyday advice this EX-NSA gives to the President that this $1B LINE OF credit was ever used
    4. It is now for the History books to document that the Extremely poor advice he gave GEJ as the security situation detriorated led to one of the reasons ( Security) as to why his boss lost the election.
    Please take OGA AREJAME’S ADVICE and never ever tie your VIEWS to any Politician be it GEJ or PMB. Nigeria had ample time to buy Weapons from Russia this asshole saw fit to still buy weapons from…….. ragged ass UKRAINE
    5.The Tanks we got were not top of the Line,,,,,, Thank god I am not PMB He would be sitting in Kirikiri for giving the former President runious Security advice.
    6.He is best known for shouting his mouth of in another Country as the current NSA , and embroiled in one financial scandal ( South Africa) or another and saying he as the NSA could only gurantee an election in six weeks time
    7 . GEJ wanted and in fact told the Six former Heads of State that the PresidentialElection would hold in March only to be overruled by his NSA
    8 Nigeria still does not have 40 Helios this is was the NSA never conveyed that sense of urgency to the President
    9. OGA IFIOK it is not a Hausa/ Ijaw/ Yoruba/ Igbo thing just like I agree with you that the DETESTABLE words PMB talked about baboons and dogs we need to stop defending these guys
    10. OGA ADEKOLA, I sometimes really wonder where you get this information from the new CDS and the service Chiefs were appointed July 13, 2015, By July 7, 2015 the former CDS BADEH was told to start handing over to the incoming CDS .The outgoing CHIEFS even knew they were ontheir way out.
    10. The week leading up to July 13, the names of Maj . Gen BURATAI , OLONISHAKIN and ESPECIALLY Monguno was well known to anybody in Army circles , the idea that they the service chiefs were told on the Radio is Absurd, it is not a PDP/ APC THING get over it, the BASTARDS , you are supporting don’t give a dammn about you and me , both APC and PDP govs couldnt even pay the salaries of your RELATIVES- BUT THEY PAID THEMSELVES AND PAID THEIR CHILDREN’S SCHOOL FEES in London/ America.
    11. Lastly under this ex NSA’S watch ,Nigeria bought weapons in a negligent manner, under whelming number of Tanks, refused to improve the PRODUCTION RATES of the IGIRIGI, did not would not, could not influence the President to invest heavily in the NAF
    12. Other than these things he did a fantastic job as one of the longest serving NSAs.

  36. STARTREK says:

    @Jimmy I can neither concur nor object to Ur comments, but I thing U are on point here and now.
    However Remember “Truth is parallel” so let’s Reference this tread and reminisce in four years time.

  37. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Lachit, politics has been the life blood of BH. Without it, BH would not last a week!
    Shortly after baton exchanged hands, check points where pulled. We know that we had so many useless check point all over the country but some especially those in the NE and bordering state were necessities.
    Next, DHq was moved to the theatre. Do u know what it takes to transplant a battalion? Well, DHq was moved how many kms to Maiduguri. I still think handing someone the job with the necessary structure to get it done is a better idea. BH isn’t our only security challenge (and perhaps it may not even be our biggest security challenge…arguably). Moving there is just plain stupid (4give me) but I think those who call the shots are not that stupid. Its the other thought (that it as intended to create confusion) that scares me! Conspiracy theories again but I’m sorry, I don’t know who to trust. Joining forces with neibouring forces was a rues by the past administration to keep the neibour occupied while the PMC solution was introduced. It worked. Nothing stops this administration from using it for their own purposes!
    All of a sudden, we have BH bombing in places they have not been active in 2yrs. U think those who order the removal of those check points were high on carbide-sulphur cocktail? Me neither
    So u see my friend, u 4got to add a fifth option (5) all of the above…

  38. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Pls 4give me is my post will fill this space, I will try and break them down

  39. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    My Ogas, Are and Jimmy… Really though I could wait till 2moro but…
    Oga Are, do u really think that BH is all about some uneducated beef sponsored by Chad? Haba! I hope u know that I hold u in such high esteem. U are well to informed and intelligent 4 that! I don’t even need to dig dip 2 dredge ur on stand as recorded on this blog
    Oga did u say painted stories? Even the US said they refused to sell us arms on account of our human right record. Like I said, we are all too intelligent for this. If u don’t like the guy(s), just say so (we already know and I don’t particularly like them either) but let’s remember the platform on which we post and the high standards that we stand for.
    Nigerian soldiers did run from battle again and again ( a reminder is a couple of brand new Chinese made MRAP stranded in Cameroun). Coward may not be the best word but they did run! Why they ran is a topic 4 another day. And yes, it may have been geared to make PMC palatable (I still resisted that concept and would still have preferred a gov to gov deal with Israel, Russia, even N korea, but then, the great Eeben’s (bless his soul) team did a great job. Again, if only it had been done 6 months early!
    WEAC saga, I don’t know if it was true or just plain rotten politics and I can’t comment on that but on the plane load of money, have we really ask ourselves why we couldn’t get people to sell us what we need and even the arms we signed 4 didn’t get delivered? Corruption is the quick ans but its no way near the conclusive ans. Pure and plain ineptitude is another but greatest reason is politics…real politik on an international scale.

  40. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Jimmy, do u even know why Azazi (we lost one big time) was removed and killed? Do u even have an idea of what has been happening in this our beloved country for the past 12 years? I have read ur post again and again and I know that u are informed but bro, it way beyond knowing mach no.s and g limits of flankers! Again, I know u know this!
    S.A deal. Hmm! Let me remind u, he had deals with Ukraine, Israel and couple of other b4 then and little or nothing came out of it. Its easy and even fun to sit down in the comfort of our homes and type (can’t believe I just said that) but leading especially this country is a mouth full and then some. That’s why I just laugh @ all these west delivering potent weapons. I have asked again and again, @ what cost? Deals with Russia span 3yrs brother and it wasn’t just in 2015!
    Poor advice? I wouldn’t argue with that, I would only remind u that advisers advice and don’t call the shots! A certain Baba when asked why he didn’t take the advice his advisers gave him retorted ”…it is their job to advice me but its not by force for me to take their advice”
    GEJ’s biggest flaws were surrounding himself with clowns and thinking that he could appease northern interest to love and accept him. Do u remember the rumour on plans to assassinate him and Edwin Clark and Asari Dokubo threatening fire and brimstone is something where to happen to him? Do u know who decided who made up the presidential details? Do u remember the screams of the gentle giant (RIP), a man who is know to tkae it jeje in public, do u know what it took for him to publicly say that BH sponsors are part of govt and that the northern elders called for his head. Of course Mr appeaser sacrificed him on the altar of appeasement by sacking him. It was in this circumstance that Dasuki enter and considering the circumstance that brought him, as well as the powers @ play, this Dasuki guy surprised me and I dare say that if GEJ had listened to him, things would be different 2day.

  41. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    My brother, I’m don’t play PDP or APC, I just do Nigerian. Perhaps, I will be in order is I mirror my Ogas advice.
    Nigeria did have ample time to buy where ever but it didn’t start and will not end with Dasuki. U will have to go back to the 70s and ask Obasanjo why and walk ur way down till u get to GEJ. When u reach there, pls don’t stop. Go ahead and ask PMB (hope I’m not jumping the gun) why he will not buy Russian.
    Tanks not top line, agreed but sometimes u get what u get.
    Brother, if u where in the NE, would u have gone out 2 vote on valentine’s day? Pls be truthful to urself! Again, I regret that the PMC didn’t come earlier, had it come, it would have been on of the greatest geo-political stick ups of all times, a true David and Goliath, but like they say nearly can’t kill a bird
    The NSA didn’t have to convey any sense of urgency, Mr President wasn’t blind and stop placing all our security woes on the NSA, we also had service chiefs, ministers of defense, police and interior as well as committees chairmen on defense and intelligence, haba!

  42. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Perhaps one of the greatest lessons to learn is the necessity to field the best leg (head), someone who understands politics both domestic and foreign. Perhaps NISS should be compulsory. We live in a space that others want and would kill for if they can

  43. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Back to politics of weapons, do u know that France is the closest western country that Russia and China cooperate with on defense tech? Do u think that we stand a chance in a France vs Nigeria contest in the books of these 2 eastern super powers?
    Again, I will say this, its about interest! China and France are locked in an interest conflict in Cameroun for example, yet, they can’t just thorough caution in the air and take over Cameroun even when the Camerounians are begging for it. Why? Well, France is about the only western country that sells and transfers hi tech weapons to China and in China’s consideration, a close France is better for them than a closer Cameroun. Same goes for Nigeria! I know u know this. Well, these were also in the minds of those we went to do business with and we came out under. I have always asked that we study how and why India and co can get the west on top of each other trying to deal while we seem to be lepers and pls don’t mention the word corruption thank u.
    While I have share my mind on secret deal, sometimes I scale back my criticism because of these considerations. Perhaps the only country that would have sold us weapon at the period would have been N korea. All others, including Iran would have had interest to consider.

    In all these things, I’m grateful to God that I’m not a refugee in some country because the ultimate design of the West is a split Nigeria ( they will also accept a perpetually weak and distracted Nigeria) as it will not challenge it dominance in Africa

    Good morning gentlemen

    • Are James says:

      I support your point about interweaving multi lateral interests. I have cautioned many times about taking the “west” as a group of countries along the lines drawn during the cold war. We have a multi polar world now. India is a good case in point. What is India’s main resource?. Human. A large diaspora integrates into all developed countries speaking the English language. The only enemies they have are a small one and a big one both nuclear powers next door on both sides. How would such a country shape it’s defence policy? How would it craft its relationships. Would it be west-east or cascading , multi lateral and complex. Nigeria should behave more like India.

      • lachit says:

        if u dont have weakness nobody can exploit u
        if u have weakness everybody will exploit u.

        india had its share of exploitations, mainly on religious lines
        indias multi religious composition gives india a vibrant look but also is its achilles heal, since u cannot please everbody.after all it is a democracy so anybody can take anybody for a ride lol
        punjab : us uk pakistan tried to exploit it.pakistan has been again trying it
        kashmir : pakistan and even us at some pt of time
        north east : private us organization , netherlands(surprised ) , vatican (limited mostly finance) pakistan and now china
        central india : limited amounts china and pakistan , commie org based in us uk europe.

        so despite these why india is still some what peaceful ?
        one of the largest army?
        one of the largest paramilitary force?
        largest state police force?
        multiple intelligence org?

        or r the majority indians lazy , too lazy to go for retribution/action/reaction or too busy watching bollywood movies or too complacent or too much into their own lives or just happy go lucky type people or are they too satisfied or r they too much confident in their ancient traditions/way of life to tide over religious differences or all r athiests or all r truely enlightened in their individual religions or all r aware of the peace/prosperity they have/sharw and dont want to loose it at any cost or…….
        i dont have the answer.
        point being how much do the nigerian or other african nationality people fit into one of the or’s
        if none then why not (if it is working in one country no reason it will not work in another)
        if yes then what went wrong.

        if these post doesnt get posted ………
        i will………….

        and 100 % sure namadi will call be a clown 😀
        and will be diagnosed with psycological problems 😀

  44. lachit says:

    not able to get my reply posted
    i am clueless

  45. lachit says:

    after re writing 3 times the same reply i give up
    still if somebody is interested in reading my reply to my above questions
    plz find it here
    or better still try to copy paste and post it here
    the link is

    • lachit says:

      use this link
      much easier opens into a text page

      • lachit says:

        do u think the assessment i made is correct and is the possible explanation as to why boko harem has increased the attacks during this perticular period of time starting from buhari assuming charge and continued to till now.

      • The issue with not being able to post comments has hapnd to me b4. Dunno the cause, has hapnd to a number of other bloggers too. Maybe u r in wordpress jail for posting too many comments, loll

  46. These Bombings are heart breaking really. But then what exactly is surprising us, the bombings or the intensity. We predicted that this would hapn. We all agreed that when BH lost d territory ti held it would go back to bombings and hit and run. I dont see BH as a bunch of numbskulls. There’s intelligence in what they do too however babaric it may be. I rily dont think that the bombers are sneaking in from sambisa, my opinion is they are sleeper cells which were put in place over time. We seem to lack a holistic approach to this fight. When BH dint hold territory, their cells were being knocked down priti often, when they started to hold territory it took us forever to adapt and deal with it, now it seems our entire security apparatus became so geared towards taking back territory we seem unable to handle their fall back to guerilla tactics. The entire fight against BH has to be re-tooled so to speak. Thats going to cost us momentum. I assume PMB is trying to re-strategise (the jury is still out on whether he is doing a good job) there is a tendency for Bloggers here (myself included) to hv hair trigger reactions to issues. Any change of tactics will take a while to manifest. God bless Nigeria (nt PDP or APC or any particular region) God Bless Nigeria

    • lachit says:

      the mistakes that we all make is not to think like a good doctor.
      we got to
      1.identify the problems
      2.reason behind the problems
      3.localize the problems
      4.isolate and treat the problems
      5.last resort if nothing works destroy the effected part.

      this will require good diplomacy , damm care attitude and on top of it unity of ur countrymen.
      this has been done before. china is doing it .
      look at how they control the ugihirs minority
      does china give a damn about who says what.
      but for that u need to be resilient and unified
      much like iran, after years of sanction it has re emerged as a pheonix
      and now everybody wants to benefit from irans huge domestic market.
      bet US will be leading the pack.
      cycle of life .lol

      “Maybe u r in wordpress jail for posting too many comments”
      i am 100% sure. 😀
      care to join me in launching DoS attack on wordpress servers
      to stop them from messing with our comments.
      dont they realize the risks and sweat we bleed in order to post these comments.
      it is our sacred duty to protect the democratic traditions of hassel free posting on wordpress.

      • Nigeria Has some deep fractures along ethnic and relignes. By and large the govt just tries to wish them away. The Politicians seek to exploit them for personal gain as was very evident from the last elections and the National assembly upheaval.
        And we the people let the govt get away with wishing and let the politicians continue to use our ethnic affiliations to manipulate us. I am on the Nigerian side. All the politicians beware. Nothing good comes easy, am still chilling and waiting to see the direction and d sort of action dis govt will take cos I realise that there aint no magic wand or silver bullet. And almost everything including security is handicapped by politicking . If things will get better, they would hurt first. I am not endorsing the current administration or its tactics. Am waiting to see

  47. lachit says:

    answer (according to me)

    1.buhari : He recently assumed office. so BH has significantly increased its attacks in order to GAUZE THE RESPONSE LEVEL OF THE PRESIDENT. it objective is to judge and calibrate its terrorist tactics just below buharis personal intervention threshold level.
    afterall if buhari has enough cause to leaves all his other duties and go after BH come what may, EVEN damm the US AND THE AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL OR ANYBODY, then this will be a worst case scenario for BH.

    2.shifting of command HQ to maiduguri : BH is utilizing a simple strategy of repeated probing PIN PRICK ATTACKS IN A DELIBERATE FASHION THAT IS MADE TO LOOK SMALL IN PROPORTION TO ITS ACTUAL CAPACITY TO LAUNCH BIGGER ATTACKS.


    • solorex says:

      Totally disagree with Lachit’s analysis and conclusions

      1. Suicide bombing, hit and run attacks are natural course of progression of insurgency once the ability to hold ground as been destroyed. It happened in Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya e.t.c… you only need to watch TV to know this will happen. The pronging theory does not really apply here- this is what we know will happen-unfortunately; the planners did not prepare enough for this phase.

      2. Movement of Army HQ to Maiduguri was to really a large change in strategy ( no body seeks to change what had worked fine) is more of improving fighting efficiency.
      (a) Re-assure Northern Nigeria the government means business and will go to extremes to protect them. Very political move – civilian confidence is everything in politics
      (b) Reduce red tapism and bureaucratic bottlenecks associated with deployment, approvals required instantaneously-due to availability of first hand verifiable information. Compromised Links in command will also have a harder time
      (c) To put the soldiers morale in overdrive mode-The war is been coordinated by COAS himself- that alone is a bit of coca to their blood. Even people will go extra lengths to impress.

      3. Solutions to suicide bombings and Hit and run attacks are not hard- I love the Russians for one thing-they never made the same error twice (but they do make a lot of errors)-Apply what worked in Dagestan and Chechnya and Ingushetia and suicide bomb won’t make the news in 6 months- the Russians Military did not stop it directly their local goons (let me call them Ruski Civilian JTF) and Spetnaz did. NO matter how good intel his –the military and DSS cannot have information on everybody in every neighbor hood or village. But in each village there are people that knows everybody of interest to the military-The civilian JTF and regular Local Police must be empowered, reformed and somewhat professionalized (CJTF) to infiltrate Boko haram- the key here is to know where they train, who trains them and who manages deployment. Then you break the chain-you must also whip up local sentiments against book haram much more than this-systematic mass mental reprogramming via media will make people come forward with names and addresses. Import half a million regular FM radios and give it out to people-share it in the markets! We must employ technology beyond stop ,search & shoot approach and make hard religious decisions such as banning all unregistered Madrassas(Nearly all GCC members have done this-but care must be taken not to cause people to change direction),Banning full Burqa, start pulling down houses of caught BH members that are within secure areas. Let every village have a Boko haram Siren and Radio Alarm. Create dedicated helicopter transported response team- create fear in the monster! Nigerian Police in the affected areas needs to be riding APCs and carrying machine guns by now. If every hit and run results into casualties-it will stop. Finally it’s disheartening to hear that BH struck and killed 50 in a village without any publicized retaliation-let there be retaliation for every attack

      4. PMC’s should not become an attitude to training- develop training capacity- this is the easiest thing to do-you only need the right countries to help you train the trainers.I do not belive there is any single PMC in this world that have the resources at the disposal of Nigerian Military-we just need foresight and will

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Solorex, your post is very impressive, especially point number 3. What the people think and what they are motivated to do is the tool that will give the winning edge.

        You have pointed out the basic things we should be doing; using the community to defeat the devils within the community; backing the community up with highly mobile forces and integrating the services both with one another and with the people; putting the fear of God into boko haram with massive reprisals.

        Oga Solorex, I de hail ooooo!

    • lachit says:

      i really liked reading ur comments
      before i begin i want u to consider this as me and u having a friendly conversation over a cup of coffee like good friends.

      1.yes suicide bombing, hit and run attacks are natural course of progression of insurgency once the ability to hold ground as been destroyed.
      but does the buck stop here and is everthing so simple and clear cut.
      then why is nobody able to achieve complete victory against BH alquida isis hamas let al shab and hundreds other terror groups.
      israel us europe india nigeria russia china why r they struggling and on their toes all the time.
      nothing is so simple my friend

      the attacks intensified over the days from before and after buhari assumed office.
      i dont think u can deny them.
      so the natural question would be why?
      TV is the last thing that i would suggest to learn about terrorists tactics.
      how much truth is there in any govt. or terror group tv report i leave it to u .
      tv is a propoganda tool where u see what they want u to see.
      “The pronging theory does not really apply here- this is what we know will happen-unfortunately; the planners did not prepare enough for this phase.’
      u knew still u did not prepare adequately for it.
      man really i confused here.

      2. Movement of Army HQ to Maiduguri
      if u read my comments i did not comment on the validity/invalidity of the decision because i dont have the moral right or any business to do so.
      i commented on the loss of time due to the change of location.
      it is very obivious isnt it.
      and is it not safe to assume say that it will slow down the operational tempo against BH.
      moving a hq will take how much time ?
      i leave it to the readers
      ur points 2a 2b 2c are valid
      but all this will bear fruits only after some time(months) and not instantaneously

      3.sorry bro but u got the whole chechen insurgency thing little wrong.
      the solution to chechen insurgency was a political one not military.
      russians used the divide and rule policy to have pro-kremlin Chechen forces under the command of the local strongman Ramzan Kadyrov (previously his father), known as the kadyrovtsy to eliminate the rebels, with its many members (including Kadyrov himself) being former Chechen separatists.
      and also the russians used mass artillary weapons, bombers , torture , indiscriminate civilian killings, kidnappings to subdue the chechens initially untill finally they took the political path to achieve peace ?
      if u can do the same things the russians did then bh will be eliminated withen 6 months max.
      “one mans food is another mans poison”
      and the million dollar question is can u ?
      and at what cost.
      do u have what russia has/had (weapons, political clout, time, indifference to civilian deaths )
      and to walk the talk needs lots of effort.
      sri lanka is a better case study here

      but the latter part of ur point 3 is correct and i support it and had myself raised the points of mobility and aggressive patrolling before


  48. Colloid says:

    Spot on Oga Lachit. The tactics employed by BH for now, is to WEAR-OUT the Military. They are getting trainings and guerilla warfare tactics from their brothers in Libya–ISIS.

    Despite the tons of airstrikes by the US-led coalitions on Iraq and Syria, ISIL has “adapted” and “built-up” its defenses and tactics around that. Upon all the bombardment, they are conquering and still in charge of large parts of Syria and Iraq, and until recently Libya.

    As times goes on, BH has also learn and developed a strong counter-offense in dealing with NAF/NA airstrikes. If we are to dwell on the successes of the Six weeks extension, BH should be “almost” a forgotten menace now.

    BH has learned and are getting better daily in Guerilla warfare. I have read comments that profers solutions to these menaces of Insurgents, so to me, it seems we are tired of “saying and saying and saying” when there aint any “doing and doing and doing”.

    We all said it that BH tactics would changed back to Bombing once their hope of presiding over a caliphate is nullified.

    BH is trying to wear out the military because they believe time is on their side. A prolonged war with these vermins would be disastrous if we dont draw the war to a conclusion– or betterstill, a state/stage where they were damaged/destroyed beyond resurrection.

    Frankly, i would advocate that PMC should be brought back for proper training of the MSF. Imagine a 3months training and the Positive results it generated in the COIN war. Now, envisage the result if they were given a 6/9months training. Col. Eeben is really straightforward and in his word(with little modification): “Africa should help itself and stop depending on foreigners”.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Dear Oga,
      I personally believe they( Nigerian COIN forces) have received more than enough training in Russia, India, Pakistan, UK and some US and from Ebeen’s group. BH has not received that much training but has been using the age old slogan of Adapting, Improvising and Overcoming. this endless training is proving and helping our best brains to lay back. the counter strategy is quite clear, It is just not being applied, their is more than enough resources in Troops, Air and Ground if set in proper battle array to respond as necessary.
      In fact it appears their is a conflict on the training theories by different trainers/armies. Nigerian Military is not made up of dumb soldiers. It is time to fight using the knowledge taught and the experience gained on the battle field. That tactics of BH are standard Guerilla tactics found within Rebel groups in the Sahel region, same as Dafur (Which Nigerian army has loads of experience ( they were the first to fight and effectively check the genocide). The real problem now seems to be internal and politically generated. nothing to do with training. Hopefully we would see some leadership from the new Oga from TRACDOC, whose primary task should have been analyzing the situation and evaluating the tactics applied on the field. The first thing is they have to regain the initiative and apply continuous and unrelenting pressure on BH, another tactic is to give a false feeling to BH that they can advance back into the Field Gurrelia activities from bush camps, this takes away their cloak of invisibility ( no more operating and mixing with the civil population in towns) and the can now be attacked in properly force by the Nigerian Military, pursed relentlessly without giving time to regroup and cut off by other para-military apparatus ( Police, DSS and the all important CJTF). the Asymmetric circle must be broken or we would keep repeating same activities.

  49. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    In mean cut off by the para military from civil centres towns, etc. to preent another round of Suicide and IED bombing

  50. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Lachit, Nigeria is made up of over 513 people groups (nations) who where divided and ruled by the Brits and dominated by the 3 largest groups, the Ibos, Yorubas and most especially the Hausa-Fulanis. These didn’t start 2day but even before independent and after the civil war, things got worse. Risking being over simplistic, I dare say that BH was hijacked by Northern politicians after President Yaradua died as they felt robed of their reclamation of power and control of national wealth and this is the core of BH 2day. Problem is, BH is a franchise and its made up of many interest ranging from ideology to proxy war! like I said b4, when the Northern politicians are ready, they will curb BH.
    I only hope that we will be ready when the next group from wherever will start theirs. Like pandora’s box, this style of claiming power will take too much to reign in.
    Until our people get properly educated, they will continue to fall to the antics of politicians

    • saleh says:

      It’s a pity you still have this mindset of northern politicians being behind bh this was the mindset the last govt had for long moving accusations from one individual to another. Yes some elements of bh were once political thugs. my brother they have passed that level and have a life of their own. They were active before gej govt during yaradua’s govt and have grown. By your logic their activities ought to be on the down low now which isn’t the case

      • chynedoo says:

        The BH is exploiting the long standing divisions between Nigerians to make headway in this conflict. But the leaders and the governed are all part of the problem. And when we all talk about the leaders not doing enough, it is because the citizens are not pushing them enough. We tend to interpret this terror war based on ethnic sentiments. Very few Nigerians see this BH conflict as something targeted to Nigeria and Nigerians. Instead, people with limited analysis and understanding of the problem simply try to mask their ignorance by interpreting the conflict based on bias for religious and tribal reasons. What is lost to everyone doing this, is that, individually and collectively, they are almost making winning this war impossible.
        When you read the way some people on this forum vehemently interpret every national issue primarily on the basis of sentiment, one starts to wonder how we are going to get out of this mess. Our policy makers are bogged down by lack of required innovative, logical thing, their short-sightedness is legendary. But are the citizens not supposed to be more clear headed and detached when analysing national issues? And when someone appears not to follow that biased, sentimental approach to national issues, other citizens tend to shout them down.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Boko haram is now most likely beyond the control of any politician, it is now an arm of ISIS. What we have is a case of riding a tigers tail only to end up in its belly.

      Boko haram is not the only set of thugs that have been armed and groomed by politicians for their dark ends, such groups dot the country, fortunately they either see terror as a step too far or as inimical to their ends.

      Until we weaken the central government so that it is not a place where all of Nigeria’s money is gathered, and find a way to get the average Nigerian generating money instead of living in a country in which every state is a welfare patient (effectively a beggar that doe zero work) we will continue to have people who will do anything to get their violent claws in the “national cake.” Its the law of nature.

      Because we run a weird national structure that is inherently unjust and deeply exploitative, groups like boko haram will continue to find fertile ground. Unjust system create unhappy people and unhappy people are dangerous people, especially when they are uneducated and conditioned by drugs as is the case with boko haram.

  51. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Until u handle the politics behind BH, it will survive in one form or another even if u bring all the Migs and Suchois, Gideon’s 300, David’s mighty men, Spartans, Hitler storm troopers, even Ninjas for all I care, all these effort will be like pouring water into a basket (now that’s a magic trick).

    Oga Are, if some community sch pupil from the back side of life with archaic teachers and no books manages to write a national exam and come up with P7 or 8, though he didn’t pass but there’s a respect I will have 4 him. Cos he beat my expectation

  52. lachit says:

    @Capt Tobias Wilcock and Ifiok Umoeka
    every thing boils down to the approach and mentality
    the moment NIGERIA switches side and
    becomes the HUNTER and forces the BH into the role of being HUNTED
    the results will become very favorable.
    food for thought ?

  53. Oje says:

    We have allowed ourselves to be dragged into the global war against terrorism as a frontline State. A decade ago things like this we see only in Tom Clancy novels and Hollywood. It is high time nations realise that you cannot defeat babarity with civility. There will come a time when the worlds become fed up with Islamic terror, when that happens every muslim becomes a target. If China, Russia and the United States each provide 500,000 troops, a million troops going after ISIS from Iraq,Syria and Turkey will see ISIS totally wiped out in two weeks. If not i fear for our future. All it will take for a catastrophic world war will be to have ISIS or AQ detonate a 10 kiloton nuclear bomb in New York,London,Israel and France.They are getting close to have that capability. Imagine a terrorist group like ISIS having over a billion dollas.

  54. Oje says:

    Can’t sleep

  55. Oje says:

    I watched a clip on the aftermath of an airstrike by Ukrainian aircraft on a civilian neighborhood. This was around 1:30am. It’s 5:56 am as of this writing, I cannot sleep, I cannot even clear my head. This is not like watching a “Romanticised” world war 2 documentary on the National Geographic Channel, this was beyond horror. I will not post the link, it’s beyond graphic, but that would have been cool, this is what shreds your heart to pieces. A beautiful blend woman with everything down her torso blown apart yet cool, asking the camera guy to look for her phone to call her daughter, the fact she could even speak was beyond comprehension. 4 minutes later she dies, 20 minutes lte4 her daughter arrives.

    I probably shouldn’t be saying 5his here. There is nothing good or glorifying about war, it’s beyond me to see what humans are capable of doing to each other. On my part I end all advocacy for war. Humanity is driving itself to the brink, so far it seems it’s too late to do anything about it. I pray I am able to shut those images off my mind so I can sleep. It’s 06:11 am now. I thought I was tough, now I know my heart is as fragile as jelly n. I fear it might take days (God forbid) for my mind to readjust back to reality.I regret watching that clip, now I am paying a heavy price. War can drive someone insane!!

    • War is a horrible thing my brother. I used 2 romanticise war untill I watched black hawk down and saving private ryan.(rather graphic) but the real chAnger for ws watching the documentary “cry freetown” by a local journalist

    • Ola says:

      Mr. Oje, pity you saw this. Now imagine what soldiers on the ground see. From experience, I can tell you that your perspective on life changes for ever the day a colleague you were talking to a few seconds before suddenly gets taken out by a sniper fire. It’s experiences like this that make soldiers want to rather die fighting the enemy than cave in. Also, this contributes to soldiers suffering form PTSD. As a soldier, no training can ever prepare you enough for the experience of a real life combat where people actually die and you get shot at, or you aim and shoot to kill, knowing that the man at the other end is just a father, a brother, a son, a survivor just like you. War is bad and it’s difficult to stop it once it starts, the human blood is strong and once the first drop is spilled, it’s difficult to stop subsequent flows out of vengeance. Victims are also permanently damaged by experiences of war, I met an Afghan lady who cannot stay alone at home when it rains because lightning or thunder sends her into shock. Apparently, her village experienced air strikes! There would be people like this in NE Nigeria today, I am sure, for years to come, may be decades, Nigeria will have to focus on the mental health of victims of BH in the north east.

    • Obix says:

      😦 😦 😦 Oga Oje,i feel your pain. This is part of what i go through here….I never wanted to say this, but your narative has forced me to say that i have an NGO on the ground in Ukraine that works with IDP and the injured. I personally see these things here frequently and i as well see clips of victims of BH bombings back home, and my heart bleeds constantly. War can really drive someone insane!
      I’ll still advice you not to believe outrightly, that it was really an Ukrainian aircraft that hit the civillian neighbourhood. There are lies and propaganda flowing here as during every war.

  56. Oje says:

    What are people really killing each other for? Stupid ideology? There will be no more wars if the sons of every president is drafted into the army.

  57. Oje says:

    We must end this fighting.

  58. Oje says:

    How can humanity lay claim to being the most advanced and dominant specie on Earth when truly we are no more than animals, only difference is that animals don’t kill on a senseless and industrial scale .

    • ozed says:

      Sorry my bro. I feel you. i too came to this conclusion some time ago after watching clips of dying moments of fighters in the middle east. tons of clips showing the instant of headshots, bomb strikes, shrapnel effect on people who a second ago you could clearly see their faces on the camera.
      War takes on a different hue when you can see the faces of the people you kill.

      Sadly in war, once the first shot is fired whether in anger or by design, war takes on a momentum and a life of its own. Soldiers who have lost loved ones want revenge and after sometime, even the politicians who started the war have no powers to stop it.

      The worst part for me is the realization that war will always be necessary given the nature of men. There will always be people who think they are wiser than others and want to ride them for power and influence, and when you are too quiet people will always tend to see you as foolish and ‘there for the taking’. Therein lie the roots of war.

      In the words of Peter Tosh, there cannot really be peace while the injustice remains!!!!

    • Are James says:

      I got the same feeling you have now a few months ago and all I saw was not even blood.
      Just a few Syrian kids picking flecks of grain from the ground as their meal and tslking casually about it on camera. It was not even suffering for them almost….that was not a pretty sight, grown men weep at things like that. And someone wants me to feel pity for a politician.

  59. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Saleh, let’s not deceive ourselves, the BH during Yaradua’s time is nothing like the BH 2day. U may have noticed my used of words like ‘hijack’, ‘franchise’, ‘northern elites’ and ‘ride on’. BH is perhaps 70% politic be domestic, regional and intl. If this is not factored in, we will need angels to win this war.
    My take on this latest spat is that among the northern political composite, pressure is being applied to enable ‘deals’ to be made.
    The war is not ethno-religious but who doesn’t know that ethno-religion is used. Like I said, its political and power is the prize.
    That BH had long penetrated the military is beyond doubt, perhaps we should remember that these elements are still active in the same institution…more or less. I wish u know how many men and material lost to 5th column.
    Like Oga Lachit said, think like a doctor. Doctors observe the symptoms and aim @ determining the root. If u only look and deal with the symptoms, we will keep having short lived solutions. Treating fever all day will not cure malaria…or ebola.
    To think that BH is ideological alone is perhaps playing mr emperor (…in his angelic gown)
    Like I’ve been saying when the politicians make up their mind (or are forced to), we will see peace. As it is now, its not beyond the control of politicians yet…but 3-5 years from now (@ the rate its going) the tail will begin to wag the dog

    BH is part of Nigeria, its not as if its purely external. Its not Nigeria vs BH, its a fight from within! Its Nigerians (along with others) that sponsor and manage BH!

    Oga Oje, ISIS again is a ethno-religio-politcial composite with politics as it most potent poison. Take politics out of it, and ISIS will be gasping for breathe

    Oga Oje, the media has been shielding us from the realities of war for good and for bad! For good because more than ever, hate will rule, for bad because we get to feign ignorance and deny responsibility. Sadly, when we see horror to often, people get numb to it and horror looses it ability to call us to order

    Oga Ozed, I couldn’t dream of putting it better than u. Its amazing how these folks stay in their mansions and think that they can dam the flow of a volcanoes flow of lava! The politician is a unique kind of animal no matter where they come from

    • giles says:

      I choose to differ wen BH first started it’s bombing and shooting campaign, was it not d southerner mostly Igbo n xtain wer dere targets.n now u claim it is not ethnio-religious.wen Gej was begging d northern elites to condemn n call dere children to order der refused.n wen he used force dey accuse Gej n ihejirika of kill dere children n committing war crimes. less I forget d last election was won by issuing threat.so pls BH is pure ethnio-religious ,political and more resently adapted isil ideology

    • Are James says:

      I think the report is largely true. This is highly commendable irrespective of the unfortunate casualties who have our thoughts always.
      The epicentre of the enemy’s operation is obviously been probed as we speak.

    • Ola says:

      To me, Sahara reporters unfortunately does not have credibility. These guys were busy copy pasting stories from BBC, CNN and co about mercenaries fighting in Northern Nigeria and Nigerian soldiers only coming to claim the glory after the mercenaries have done the fighting. Thanks to Vice news and Mr Eben of STTP that cleared the air on beagle blog here. These guys would write anything to discredit the military. Until we hear a report of a missing or downed plane from official sources, I personally will not believe any story published by these guys.

    • ozed says:

      So far, this whole thing smells more of politics than anything else. They found bullet proof vehicles and 7 rifles in the home of a Nigerian retired colonel and ex NSA. This allegation of treasonable felony might seell as propaganda outside Nigeria or to the un-initiated, but anyone who knows Nigeria and retired military officers in Nigeria would know that these guys keep an arsenal at home. As for the bullet proof vehicles most affluent persons in Nigeria with political exposure would have something similar (though 12 plenty small).

      In summary, I am not saying the ex NSA is clean (indeed given the norm in Nigeria i would faint in shock if he was). However, the DSS sound amateurish in their suggestion that what they disclosed as found is enough to establish a case of felony.

      They should stop being a tool for oppression and get to work breaking down the BH cells all over the North-East!!!

    • Are James says:

      I don’t think the guy was about to commit any reasonable felony. They only wanted his passport and also do a search. The warrant covered the search but the passport seizure and subsequent surveillance ops needed something a little strong by way of legal backing. Maybe he should have hidden the guns and cash more securely, they now have ammo. Prepare for a long drawn out nollywood type drama filled with yawn-inducing, lawyer-enriching, magistrate-belabouring trips in and out of courts in Abuja, sokoto, Lagos and Kaduna….and headlines like – “we don’t have his passport, DSS”, ….
      “DSS operatives stole my money, DSK”, …”I have a medical condition, I need to travel, DSK”.

    • solorex says:

      6 Guns and Money bag are not a big deal for former NSA that has just retired 2 days back
      Here is the game:
      1. Mr. Dasuki cannot leave the country- there must be a legal way to tie him down since his explanations are not sufficient or satisfactory concerning several actions and funds.

      2. There is so much not properly accounted for that it will be foolish not to tie him down till all perceived threats are completely understood and neutralized-he wields too much power-contacts with various defense suppliers,knowledge of government weakness,great influence ethnically,politically and financially-yet he is apparently in the bad books of the government-there is an expedient need to properly trim him down- if he turns bad he will be uncontrollable.

      3. There is a need to set examples for the incoming guys-once you soil your hands,the bigger you are the harder you will crash-everybody will have more desire to be clean.

      4. There are indeed very questionable decisions that were made that directly affected the outcome of the war by him- somebody thinks he should pay

    • ozed says:

      Going by his profile he is a consummate professional and a thinking soldier. Wish him all the best in what i can guarantee him will be the most testing challenge he has faced in his career.
      Sadly for him the war was politicized by the current ruling party, and it is only natural, though sad that the current opposition is toeing the same line.

  60. jimmy says:

    The last three thread links were ACCESSED directly from Beegeagle twitter page it is important that ALL def bloggers in order to understand the complexities going on in our Country that they read this page.

    • xnur44 says:

      I vividly remember my contributions; the Command, Control, communication and Intelligence (c3I) stuff postulated as part of the 1Billion dollar armaments proposal on this Blog.
      Why I don’t reinvent the wheel of discussions is that much have been said about security threats and their reality as we experience it today. Gentlemen I kid you not, there will be no significant change in the course of prosecuting this war on terror, too much interference by politicians on how to proceed and stingy defense outlays.

  61. jimmy says:

    Yes indeed oga XNUR
    This topic started ………………way back when we begging, crawling on our Knees , begging for the creation of the 7 div and the aftermath, and the extensive piece you wrote on the Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence.

  62. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Hide the guns (some say 3 other 7) that the withdrawn DSS operatives left behind a day b4 and $40k? Hide $40k? N8m! That’s treasonable felony? It was in a safe 4 crying out loud.
    7 (some say 5) bullet proof vehicles in 3 houses (one being his father’s who most likely owns @ list one of the cars! That’s treasonable! Then almost all retired military personnels (commissioned officers) have committed treason and all key politicians and business men too for owning bullet proof cars (as if it is illegal to own them)!
    Like I said earlier, DSS have a history of being tools in the hands of the ruling gov. It will continue to be so until we grow up as a democracy
    “Prepare for a long drawn out nollywood type drama filled with
    yawn-inducing, lawyer-enriching, magistrate-belabouring trips in and out of courts in Abuja, sokoto, Lagos
    and Kaduna….and headlines like – “we
    don’t have his passport, DSS”, …. “DSS operatives stole my money, DSK”, …”I
    have a medical condition, I need to
    travel, DSK”
    No be 9ja again! Couldn’t have put it better sir

    There is this contraption of baloney that Dasuki was the alpha and omega who made all the deals and control everything! Pls don’t make me laugh. This is just red vendetta through and through. Its ‘guilty until proven innocent’! Pls what date is it on the calendar? Security wise, the ex NSA was perhaps the most potent in GEJ security team and they want to know what he knows. This guy writes a book and …, let’s just say, they want to make sure some secrets remain secret. This has little to do with corruption

  63. xnur44 says:

    Solorex and Umoeka I share your thoughts but not despaired. Ex-NSA Dasuki is no stranger to the murky world of secret police. Let me say it differently; when two or three are gathered in the name of defense and security, a secret service presence is in their midst. Today they knock on his door, tomorrow shall be another.

  64. Oje says:

    I was in secondary school when this whole controversy over the introduction of Sharia law in the North was taking place. Even back then I had this gut feeling that things will never be the same in this country if OBJ caves in. Of course as a politician he did, same way he gave up Bakassi without a fight. When the Miss World beauty pageant Nigeria was to host was taken away that was the confirmation I needed. Nigeria has what it takes to be an upper middle income economy, while the South shoulders the economic burden of the country the North is hell bent on bringing it down.

    • Are James says:

      The North is not hell bent on bringing Nigeria down . Some decades ago they were actually at the fore front of bringing it together.
      The Sharia that Obj did not fight was not different from what obtains in customary courts. I believe customary law for instance is superior to English imposed statutes but this my opinion does not attract much opposition amongst pretentious southern middle class when it is suggested. Which ever way you look at it they are both foreign impositions on indigenous Nigerian people.

      Now the belief that the north is a big burden is sad. They are still the smartest industrialists, best farmers, dominators of the textile industry and soon to become solid minerals billionaires. The main reason the north is so can be summarused in three phrases; NPC, NPN , PDP. Those letters refer to the historical conservative wing of Nigerian politics and they are the ones who like to see extreme wealth and extreme poverty side by side with clear disdain for the “middle class” and the investment in taxation money necessary to grow it via free education, free health care and unemployment allowances. The way the departed government was going there would have been no difference between the north and south if given another four years.

      • Kay says:

        Like it or not, their recalcitrance to education is pulling the whole nation back. The mantra abroad is popularly that the ‘oil wealth failed to flow to the north’ which caused the uprising of BH terrorists, which is untrue. Bar the pilfering bastards stealing what’s meant for the population, the other regions are all striving to making do with what is available to cater for education, striving to make sure they go to schools, grovel through paying for private schools and whatnot. The north meanwhile has only concerned itself with sharia implementation, almajiri system, nomadic cattle grazing and other lifestyles not conformable with development. It’s the reason why BH can take root in such societies where they believe ‘education is forbidden’

      • ozed says:

        The inevitable North South discourse again.

        I spent an eventful 1 year up north (in Buni Yadi, yobe State to be precise) and i still couldn’t figure them out. There you find the hardest working people in Nigeria side by side with the laziest set who dont break sweat but make tons of money from govt. all year round.

        The strangest thing is the absolute acceptance by the larger poor populace in the North of their station in life, and indeed their willingness to die to protect that same status quo that consigns them to penury.

        I left the North with one clear conclusion, if this Country is ever going to go anywhere, we must ‘crack’ the North and un lock the economic growth potential in its arable land, mineral resources, and its large populations.

        Therein lies our biggest challenge as a people, not the corruption that forms a convenient refrain for most people, but the severe sub optimization of God given resource!! I make bold to say that only a tiny fraction of our 170m people are active economic agents, the bulk of the other contribute so little to the national cake (many a time due to no fault of theirs) that they are virtually just coming along for the ride.

      • Are James says:

        There is no recalcitrance to education anywhere. Most non English speaking northerners are well versed in Arabic; written and spoken . Now that is a lot of education. I think we are mixing apples with oranges trying to lay blames at the door of a tribe when the blame should go to a few people. How can you blame millions of girl children for their lack of education?. Was it by choice?. If Oby Ezekwesili were minister of education would we have the problem. Let us stop generalising in a fake intellectual mode. The problem we have was caused by individuals not a system. They were paying people to go to school in the north in my time and the region almost caught up. So who stopped those policies?. Please don’t generalise, mention their names. Let us be courageous and hold people to account. I have criticised a former leader by the same standards cslling on hie personal weaknesses instead of saying all riverine people were lazy and wine loving and we should not have expected better… because that would be very untrue. I have tens of lecturers, bosses at work and mentors who were the opposite of that hype.
        Individuals have failed Nigeria. The south was just lucky because of access to the sea, oil and the influx of returnee slaves in the mid 19th century. Let the right people enter into office and the ex generals who ruled Nigeria for most of its 50 something years would be too shamed to work the streets .

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James, Arabic is not one of Nigeria’s official languages, so a person who can only read Arabic is functionally illiterate in our society. For instance, they cannot work in a bank, or even get employment in the simplest administrative job, or even contribute to the conversation we are now having.

        Expecting such a person to compete on equal terms with educated people in Nigeria is like expecting an antelope to compete in a contest with lions. That is why the gaps between North and South are so staggering; in parts of the South, poverty rates are as low as 10%, while in parts of the North, poverty rates are as high as 90%.

        The world view of a person who is literate only in madrassa level Arabic is naturally stunted, as limited as a one dimensional organism trying to make sense of a three dimensional world.

      • Are James says:

        Well Arabic is a much more difficult language to learn than English. I have clients now with PhDs who won’t speak a word of English . I have seen the Arabic alphabet and tried to learn the language ..not so easy. Actually takes more brain power. Where I am going with all this if we have had doors shut against self actualization of millions by a very few in the north, those people have names. The progressive guys acting in the contrary like the ex governor of Kano state educating, giving scholarships whilst building infrastructure also have names. What an educated person does not do is declare that 80 million people dont want to actualize themselves and want to drag the whole country down. That kind of talkbsounds consoling in a Lagos or Phc drinking joint after a couple of beers but does not do well when matched against factd. There are no such people within the borders of Nigeria who are not aspirational.
        We only need people in government who light the fires. There was also the same sort of hype about young men in the east preferring practical business (trading ) over education until recently when the stats came out. The region actually was leading in school enrolment even then.
        Anyway Obama just told Buhari that Nigeria’s diversity is a strength and he knows what he was saying having the conservative Mormons in Utah where a man can have two wives, the Amish, the Christian fervour of the bible belt and Gay marriage loving Los Angeles. The differences get very intense but no one says openly that any region.is dragging the country down.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James, anybody who can only read Arabic in a country where the language of business, commerce and education is English is like an alien, a person whose aspiration all turn to dust, because they cannot engage with the mainstream.

        Arabic can be the most difficult language to learn, but that should be a problem for Arabs, not Nigerians. If Northern leaders do not see this as a problem, then they are dragging Nigeria backwards. There is something really wrong with Northern leaders to be so accepting of societies that are so cut off that they can neither engage with Nigeria nor make progress.

        Worse is the fact that the almajiri institution through which these functional illiterates learn Arabic is institutionalised child abuse of the most evil kind. Which of an alamajiri’s dreams, hopes and aspirations can be actualised when their young minds have been bent out of kilter from birth, despite their ability to read Arabic? What future can the tutored mind of the almajiri child contribute to Nigeria?

        Arabic has no place in Nigeria or its future. It will never be used to teach physics (for example) and if it was, where is the person who can only write physics concepts in what looks like an alien language going to work? Except you are suggesting that we create a parallel Nigeria.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        “tortured mind”
        So many typo’s 😦

  65. Oje says:

    Oga James, after Independence and before the advent of oil the North was the bread basket of this nation. There was a growing call for self determination and Independence from the ”Southerners”, people who do not share their belief, religion and ideology and with no historical ties. Southern Nigeria was a poor basket case. The discovery of oil changed everything, suddenly Nigeria must remain one and they were willing to go to war to ”keep the unity of the country”. Nigeria produces 2.5 million barrels a day, this makes us a resource poor country, dont kid yourself. Angola produces about 1.5 million barrels a day with just 20 million people to cater for. Russia, with a population of about 140 million people produces 10 million barrels a day. Compare that with Nigeria’s 2.5 million barrels a day with a population of nearly 200 million people, you begin to see Nigeria is resource poor, we must diversify. We cannot build a country on an oil income of roughly $100 biillion a year, with half of that for concurrent and executive expenditure, whats left? Nigeria has a GDP of about $550 billion ($1 trillion when measured in PPP) oil accounts for less than %20 of our GDP, the remaining %80 is generated exclusively in the South. Banking,Services,technology,Nollywood, a vibrant entertainment industry, SME business, construction..all in the South. Africa’s biggest ever engineering project, EKO Atantic is being funded by private partnership and not the federal government. With a GDP of $80 billion the Lagos economy is nearly twice the GDP of Kenya.

    Now, if 80 million people can generate a GDP of nearly a thrillion dollars, imagine where Nigeria will be if the North contributes just %20 to the Nigerian economy but they dont, this despite the fact that in Nigeria’s 52 year history the Northerners have being in power for 40 years, what have they done? The refuse education, they are not industrious. Tomatoes, groundnut, Suya and cattle rearing makes no economic sense. we import %70 of our rice,milk,wheat and other items. Northern Nigeria’s obsession for extreme poverty, lack of education and violence has held this country back by 10 years. We cant keep feeding Northern Nigeria with a population of Germany. Sooner or later something has to give. Not contented with implementing their own Sharia laws and blowing their economy to smitherings they are not pointing their guns down South. In Plateau State we have clashes between Fulani heard’s men and the local farmers which always end in people getting n killed. Its not fair, if they want to live in the stone age fine, must they lock their their arms around us like a vice and drag us down with them?

    • giles says:

      bros u ar a shameless liar, wich north seems like u didn’t study govt n history in ur sec sch.bros b4 d advent of oil every region generated it’s own revenues n d likes

    • Are James says:

      Northerners are not industrious?. This is serious. Can you proffer a solution to this problem?.

  66. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Lived in the north when I was a lot younger, came back home in 1999. I can’t claim to be an expert on the north and northerners but I can say this, the average Agebe, Bot or Musa just wants to live and take care of his family. They all feel hungry, scared, frustrated and joy and hope etc. It doesn’t matter if he is kataf, fulani, tiv, jukun, berom or igede! It doesn’t matter whether his worship is towards the east, the south or north.
    The problem is with those who want power @ all cost and will willingly deceives the poor folks telling him all his problem is from the guy who prays in a different way and speaks a different language. What makes this worse is that a man will always antagonize what he doesn’t understand by default…because ignorance is scary! The politician knows this and feeds this fear…because in his limited ‘genius’, he is certain that this is his only game and will keep manipulating and he will use religion and ethnicity for all long as possible

    • Kola Adekola says:

      “ignorance is scary!”
      Words of wisdom, my Oga.

      It is easy to weaponise an ignorant person. Ignorance is dangerous, in Nigeria’s case, it is our most severe security risk.

  67. mcshegz says:

    Can someone please identify these APC’s purchase by Osun state last year, can seem to find the make.

  68. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Are,
    “… If Oby Ezekwesili were minister of education would we have the problem..”??????
    And pls what has speaking english got to do with being educated? Is that to mean that all native English people are educated? Being educated is different from knowing how to speak a language (though having a good command of a particular language is more advantageous depending on what area of the world u live in)! Again, apples and grapes

    On the other points, we are together all the way! I don’t believe the problem is the region. I could very much have been born in the north to northern parent and the circumstance of my birth should make me a criminal

    On the north being the bread winner of the country b4 oil, well my social studies and history books say that every region had their own ‘basket’ and took care of themselves perhaps not at the same level. Anyone who tells u that the North’s ground nuts ‘feed’ this country is being economical with the truth
    Even with our population, if our oil wealth were managed well, Nigeria would never be the same but ever since oil became our staple, our leaders (rulers) have been out doing each other in developing their thieving skills. Thus, unlike Saudi, the isn’t enough to thieve and to go round

  69. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Pls pardon my typos, ‘…shouldn’t make me a criminal.
    Oga Kola, if the cobra knew that u were just heading home, it wouldn’t strike! Ignorance is our greatest security threat, I agree Sir, especially when mixed with frustration

  70. Kay says:

    Let it not be like the north is blamed for the state of Nigeria. The buck lies with those in charge at one time or the other. The discussion here is what allowed the BH infestation to take roots there. Not trading blame for who’s pulling us down as a country. We are all in this collectively as a country with each parts of the country having their peculiar vices. However, when this shit end, we’d like to see efforts from leaders to stem this peculiar problem of illiteracy in the north that can exarcebate issues like this especially with an outfit with the most illogical of goals as those terrorists.

  71. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Kay, ur words are worth gold. However, their goals aren’t illogical, its just that its made to appear illogical (ok let the shooting start)

  72. Naijaseal says:

    Oga Arejames is just serially disappointing me on this thread. So Northern Nigeria was formerly funding Nigeria pre oil boom?

    What was the revenue generation and taxation system in the three regions pre independence? What % did each region keep? What % did they contribute to the center?

    When obvoiusly educated folks like you enage is such blatant revisionism, my hope in the future of Nigeria drops a notch.

    The truth of the matter is that Northern Nigeria has lagged behind Southern Nigeria in every indices of human development. 40yrs+ of qouta system, catchment area etc has not helped the North, they are actually more behind now.

    Till the Northern elite make education a priority in the North, till they are ready to clean up the 12million almajiri’s up North, the North will forever lag behind the South. Hard, but true.

    We must be ready to tell ourselves the hard truth in this unjustly structured country called Nigeria, instead of engaging in patent revionism.

    • Are James says:

      I am looking for where I wrote that Northern Nigeria was funding the whole country and cannot find it. The is just venting of frustration not getting anybody anywhere. We are going to the same place, the problem is you were taking the track of blaming 80 million unempowered people for their predicament which you are now steadily revising to their include their “leaders” . You are stopping short of saying been born in the north predisposes one genetically to laziness and disdain for education. I am saying blame a few people and who are they?. PDP, NPN, NPC people . Please admit it and let us move forward. The dad of the ex NSA that you people are defending was the main leader of these “leaders”. It took a mad man called Abacha to put him in his place, not Gowon not Obj. If you are too young, read your history. The region is even more revolutionary and radical than all you ajebutter southerners with middle class pretensions feeling westernised and cool. When the conservativeness of the emirs and their boys in government agencies and got unbearable in the 70s, few northern intellectuals formed the “kaduna mafia” whose military arms formed the basis for Murtala Muhammed and Buhari Idiagbon regimes. Prior to the conservative NPN rigged victory many years ago, the Kaduna mafia was in negotiations to foster a southern president on Nigeria. ..guess who?. Awolowo, none less. Also I dare to tell you if people like Aminu Kano, Bala Usman and Balarabe Musa had become more powerful compared with these other group the north would have been Dubai today.
      So to sit down and suggest redundantly that the northern leaders tackle a few problems that every body knows is just cowardly. The Boko Haram you are even seeing was born out of their society ‘s inner contradictions and the northern elite knows they are actually after them. To some contemporarily schooled but uneducated southerners however Boko Haram is just an anti south thing, an anti Jonathan thing if you are SS/SE however if you think a little deeper what you are seeing is far far dangerous.

      The solution again is to call out people, names and events and do a study of what actions and in actions brought us here. If you generalise childishly some really bad people will escape. The south also has the same set of people. Go to Nembe town today, there is still no light and kids are running around the public washrooms that greet you when you visiting the town ..same with hundreds of riverine areas in the delta. The only problem is that we had a president from that region in office for six years. People and accounting.

      • Are James says:

        South African young people went on full display of this kind of cowardice and tail between the legs tendency that is becoming the lot of the black man few months ago.
        Story is they have a president that should not be president, complete misfit in office with admirable libido unfortunately, a near one party state that is extremely corrupt , unemployment, poverty and hopelessness. So whom did the little geniuses that my dear young people from the romantic land of Mandela blame for their problems?…Nigerians.
        Hard working, smart , but slightly aggressive Nigerians fleeing the same situation at home. After a few weeks they expanded the protests to include other Africans. There is a sad psychological condition in young Africans that somehow makes it impossible to be courageous and face the people who are the manipulatorder of destiny. So that was the story just this year. Nigeria that liberated them from racism and Apr their was mor easy to fight that JZ because of the sane reasons here; tribalism, fear, a feeling of terror when confronted with truth. JZ himself did not disappoint…”yes Nigerians are actually stealing opportunities that should go to S.Africans.”. I rest my case.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Are James, please don’t go on about Northerners being genetically this or that. Nobody has that, and if any one does, then they are racist.

      Stick to the matter at hand, which is that Northern leaders have pauperised Northern society by denying them education, and in the case of almajiri’s even denying them a childhood. These are crimes against humanity that have now become a security threat.

      Practically all Sothern states are far ahead of the North economically and educationally. In the West, they love to romanticise the gap as being due to “Southern oil,” whereas there are only 6 oil producing states of the 17 states in the South. Strangely, Borno state, the bedrock of boko haram, receives the 10th largest federal allocations which are almost solely derived from oil proceeds.

      It is primarily the literacy gap that makes the North ripe for the influence of a group like boko haram that preaches such ridiculous stuff as the Earth is flat and rain doesn’t form by evaporation-condensation.

      • Kay says:

        Oga Are, you initially questioned what ‘recalcitrance to education’ in one of your posts. Pray tell, what is responsible for the mess we have there? I don’t believe BH is a ruse to ruffle southern politicians or embarrass them because the seeds were already germinating years before Jonathan. To me, BH was just a nascent conundrum that materialised after decades of similar events that went unchecked.

        Years of intolerance, riots and more was made easy by the same hordes of uneducated, intolerable and an increasingly seemingly large youth population angry at the government (either angry at their poverty, abandonment, neglect or whatnot by successive governments but not knowing how to address it).

        The latest Vice doc on BH via Chad showed a little kid under 12 years narrate how people joined them, not knowing it would lead to the current destruction they see everyday. Guess what the message was in the beginning from Mr Yusuf that still manged to be a crowd puller. That ‘The earth is flat’ and other such drivel.
        The sudden uprising of BH came about because they began to flout state laws and chose to follow their own illogical laws. Their refusal to obey the law mandating them to wear ‘motorcycle helmets’! sparked off the confrontation with the government. What followed was for them to burn churches, government buildings and so on in revenge Now tell me, if they were educated, why would human subscribe to such stupid doctrines or give that man an ear. Heck, even a following!

        The North is not all iliterate for all I know, but a population with literate is surely a gunpowder mixed with other dynamics that made BH what it is today. And before you say another, iliterates in the south are also a problem; from Lagos where they form the bulk of illegal tax extractors to other areas where they are the ones behind capital offences and kidnapping rings.

      • Kay says:

        population with iliterates*

  73. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Nigerians as I know it has been living under repression and poverty, in my village for example, I struggle to find a tarred road, I saw 3 sch (2 second and 1 primary) and one borehole! The borehole was sank by some representative I think ( I think I saw MDG on it) and the primary sch was restored by the state gov. Now, my state had trillions of Naira allocated to it in the past 10years (we still owe 1Ntn+) and I really don’t know what my LGA benefited from this! And this is not just limited to my village or LGA! What I see is the motorcade my ex gov (and my new gov 2) use to ride in, the private jets and the largest construction boom in Nigeria (perhaps Africa)! I see a lot of connected people flex ‘their’ wealth! Its now a fade for people from my state to have their wives have their babies in the US.
    What rubs it in more is that the average young man wants in. Can’t describe u how I felt when a little boys ans to the questn of what he want to be when he grew up was that he wants to be a commissioner!
    Was it all bad with my last gov? No, but the thieving that went on perhaps boring from someone here is ‘ a crime against humanity’.
    I’m still angry and pray and hope that one day, these thieves will all be made to account.
    Yet, I don’t pick a weapon and go attack some hausa or yoruba man, or even someone from the ex gov’s tribe for that matter. How this is cowardice and the bloke joining BH to bomb churches, mosques and markets is bravery is beyond me

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