13 January, 2013

Let me, on the strength of privileged insights, now divulge what one has been able to cobble together as it pertains to the sudden appearance of Gazelle helicopters deployed for combat operations in NE Nigeria.

– Nigeria directly acquired five units of Gazelle helicopters from France. These were first seen in combat deployment in Feb 2015

– SOUTH AFRICA’s Paramount Group are upgrading them by installing the FLASH system, “an advanced development on the SAWS system that they did for Iraq’s Eurocopter helicopters” Herewith, all the relevant details of the FLASH.

– The said combat module is fully day/night combat-capable and incorporates Ingwe anti-tank missiles, 70mm guided rockets, Head Up Display system, Helmet System, Sighting System, 12.7mm gun pod and 20mm cannon.

This potent panoply are specifically geared towards the weaponisation of legacy light helicopters such as the Gazelle, Bell 206 Jet Ranger and Bell 212.

– Paramount Group are completing the work in Nigeria as well as undertaking training and skills transfer. “That was their unique proposition which got them the contract over their competitors in France and Israel”

ADDENDUM: Some similar-sized but more modern helicopters identified in photos and in Nigerian Air Force hangars since 2015 are the Fennec (photos in my Twitter photo file) and the EC 635 with its distinctive fenestron (will post photos as soon as practicable)

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  1. colloid says:

    BH will hear it.

    **– The said combat module is fully day/night combat-capable and incorporates Ingwe anti-tank missiles, 70mm guided rockets, Head Up Display system, Helmet System, Sighting System, 12.7mm gun pod and 20mm cannon.***
    It’s good as they don’t have only BH in mind. They actually have plan for future security challenge(s) be it Asymetrical or Conventional one. The DN capability is one more thing that will make them formidable. Nimble but Nasty. Think of these facing BH technicals– they will be blown to thy-kingdom-come.
    That’s why no matter how small, we must weaponised them to their maximum—- who minds if we have 2teeths, as far as they can bite and cut meat. The Army Aviation Wing should just continue on the path of scout/light helios and leave the heavy one to NAF.
    We will surely see the kind of Military we want by God’s grace.

    • Are James says:

      @Augustine should stop insulting the RSA o.
      To be honest, as an Engineer I am impressed / jealous at how the South Africans had turned sanctions of the eighties into ongoing capability in the 2000s and are now reaping from that painful period in terms of the decent number of skilled companies they have that are able to offer state of the art technology on the world market.

  2. jimmy says:

    OSE aburo mi
    Wahala DEY FOR boko
    The pickin wey talk say im mama no go sleep im to go sleep
    You mean Naija is getting the INGWE missile aaaaahhhh, that is the sound of my bp going down.
    EEEYAH .This Nigerian Army Aviation wing needs a nickname o where is oga mechegz? The Night stalkers?
    Another semi -thread on the INGWE missile can i be like oliver twist?
    tHANKS OGA BEEGS you broke some serious NEWS. THIS IS BIGGGG!!!!

    • Asa (meaning hawk) @ nickname. or hawk in any other language to denote an ever present threat waiting to pounce. i thot of eagle too but I am tired of Nigeria’s fixation with the eagle

  3. jimmy says:

    * Breaking right now*
    In what has long been suspected ALEX BADEH the former CDS under the GEJ adminstration has had his ABUJA residence sealed, details are sketchy but more will be made known in the days to come as to the why, what and how.
    This has been a very interesting day to say the least!!!

  4. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, so the Fennecs are definitely ours?…….. Is this correct?

  5. Ola says:

    SIr Beegs, thanks for posting this update! If I may ask further, are you able to put a number to the total number of units of rotary wings in the army aviation corps now? If they can eventually have a fleet of 2 squadrons, that would be very nice. All configured for day/night operations.

  6. when i think of a gazelle, a dragon fly comes to mind fast and nible, when i think of the upgrades then a dragon fly with teeth comes to mind.

  7. Nickname………….Night Owl, 24 hours presence and resillient, ALWAYS WATCHING

  8. Oga Beegs are the 5 Gazelles already deployed? which ones were deployed when elections were post poned same Gazelles or different? the Fennec and the other bird how many in number? this is going to be an interesting year for the military.

    • Henry says:

      This budget proves we are not a rich country as most would have believe.

      – Good to see DICON is going to restart their APC assembly line. I still do believe privatisation or PPP is the way to go for us to see any meaningful achievement in defence production.

      Oga Beeg have you seen the Proforce ARA MRAP?

      • beegeagle says:

        No I have not seen the MRAP. PROFORCE have to invite me to see and shed light on the new products which they have developed since my last visit in 2013.

    • Are James says:

      No $600million dollar procurement for NA, sorry for the misinformation.

      I think they will finish the BH campaign from weapons already ordered extrabudgetary in 2015 which might be considerable.

      The actual planned defence equipment expenditure I can garner from this document are
      NAF- $170million
      NA – $20 million

      • Are James says:

        $107million NAF
        $ 20 million NA

      • jimmy says:

        You missed a line
        N1Billion for the Army (recheck)
        You also are forgetting, last year
        PMB submitted a request for extra budgetary allocation it can happen here.
        One also has to look @ the NA budget very carefully.

      • Are James says:

        The $20 million would be mostly expendable.
        There is a N1.2bn ($6million) for ‘vehicles’. I don’t see anything significant for the Army.

        For the NAF, two (2) not MI 35M are clear in the budget.

        Only one (1) JF 17 Block 2 is showing from the expenditure column, otherwise the three planned arevJF 17 Block 1s passed on by Pakistan at a third of the price each.

      • beegeagle says:

        – Procurement of equipment for the nascent Army Aviation Wing


        – Procurement of capital patrol platforms (14.8bn)
        – Acquisition of Hydrographic Survey Boats (1.7bn)


        – 10 units of Super Mushshak aircraft (2.066bn)
        – 2 units of Mi-35M (11.66bn)
        – 3 units of JF17 Thunder jets (5 bn)

        Development of new FOBss 2.2bn (note: new FOBs verified by yours truly incl. Mubi, Monguno and Bama)


        * Machinery for new APC plant
        * works on new AK47 rifle plant
        * special foreign training on new APC line

      • Are James says:

        “Projects” expatriate line capital expenditure items. There is one to one correspondence in values.

        I think the NAFxxxxxxx… numbers under projects are just decompositions of capital expenditure line items. The Projects are fixed sub heads in their own right that tally with capex line items. They even carry their quantities in their descriptions.

        All the civil construction line items in the planned NAF Capex decomposed neatly into their own respective NAF xxxxxxx.. numbers so i don’t see why the procurement line items should have not.

        The only explanation is as follows;
        for the JF 17, Nigeria plans to buy three in total under this Procurement Project No. and only one will be paid for this year.
        The actual deliveries may be one, two or indeed all three. Nothing more.

      • Oga Are James. I do not think I agree with your explanation regarding the JF-17 budget. A budget refers to actual expenditure for the time frame specified. to me this implies that what you will not be purchasing in a particular year cannot be placed in that years budget even if you will actually take delivery in the given year. same as when you pay upfront for an item to be delivered in the following years. the payment will be reflected only in the budget of the year you paid for it.

        so the payment for the thunder should be for all 3. If it is a part payment for all three then it should have been stated as such (i think). such is my understanding.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga Arejames
        Much respect go read the NA one more time.
        As far as the Helios .I believe what is being advertised is more than 2 Helios it will probably include parts,training ,Mainteanance and possibly “something else”
        There are three JF-17 coming to Nigeria, this year,next year there will be more.
        If we Honestly read between the lines if we are setting aside ****” amounts to buy Beryl rifles for the Kids #NDA it means the grown ups in the North East will likely have more it also for all intents and purposes means the AK** and the Beryl for the foreseeable future will be the Weapons of choice for the NA.
        There also is money set aside for a “Vehicle” redacted draw your conclusions.

      • Are James says:

        *expatiate on*

      • Are James says:

        @Adetayo’s Blog
        When you budget funds into a “Project” you only plan appropriation for the value of work done in that year.

        The NA and NAF ammo budgets for instance are clear in that regards – one-off for the year However as a major equipment, the JF 17 has only payment for one (1) appropriated in this year’s budget. We may get up to one, two or three depending on the contract terms.
        The experience with F7 NI was the same. Nigeria was still making budget provisions to service the acquisition up two years after all aircraft numbers had been received.

      • @Oga Are James i get your reasoning. i guess what i expected was that something in the budget will show that the budgeted some was a part payment. However for a road contract for instance which the construction will run for a Number of years, the annual budgetary allocation will just be stated as xxxx for xxx road and not whether its an installment or not. by the way did anyone see anything that suggests we are purchasing guided munitions (surface to surface, or air to surface) across all platforms that can use them?. I understand that it may not be stated expressly so has anyone heard anything from the grapevine?

    • jimmy says:

      Thank you ,very very grateful.
      *Production of APC is now a reality
      *Based on training of NDA cadets , The Beryl Automatic rifle is here to stay
      *Dicon is set to assemble what variant of the AK?
      *Another troop carrier both for training and for induction
      **Special kind of vehicles will be purchased deliberately redacted.
      ****Satellite communication and more sensitive Geo spatial Intel and GIS system is on the books
      End of part one.

    • saleh says:

      I guess this would mean a mass production of our igirigi APC

      • beegeagle says:

        I HOPE so, my brother. The variant in use by the Guards Brigade has been deployed for combat operations as far away as Banki. Methinks what is required has been proved.

        Do not forget though that a number of foreign-made armoured vehicles have previously been pencilled down for local production. These include

        * a Chinese-made (NORINCO) chassis, almost certainly the Type 92 (WZ551) which can be developed into APC, IFV, CPV, battlefield ambulance etc

        * The combat-proven BigFoot MRAP manufactured by Poly Technologies Inc of China who are technical partners to DICON

        * an unknown Serbian APC whose local production has been on the frontburner since Q4 2011



        with the igirigi apc, the NA can diversify its soource of income, i hope there has this in mind. God bless beegeagle

    • gbash10 says:

      Gen. Beeg,it would be nice if you start another thread,this one is too long,by the way, a NAF Mi-17 helicopter painted with sand brown camouflage flew into TAC yesterday.

  9. I remember the argument about the possible fraud in the purchase of the MI-35M helic when compared with the thunder. myself and a few othres opined that it may be an error on the part of the journalist. Apparently it is not.

    I refer to page 16 of the Defence budget where its states that
    procurement of 2x MI-35M helicopter – 11.6 bn
    Procurement of 3x JF-17 thunder Multipurpose combat aircraft- 5bn.

    I find it hard to imagine that 2 of these helics will cost more than 3 JF-17 thunders and its smacks of something underhand.
    Is it possible that the person that drafted the budget made a mistake?
    Is it possible that the MI-35M slightly more that 3 times more expenive that the Thunder?

    Me i no know ooooooo

    • eyimola says:

      The 25 million USD cost mulled for the JF-17 is the cost of one Unit. Pakistan has either given Nigeria a significant discount, or the payments are going to be instalmental over a period of time. A Google search on the cost of the MI-35 says that it costs 20 million USD per unit.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga Eyimola
        Thanks for the explanation.
        Let also remember .Nigeria will for all intents and purposes be Pakistan’s most coveted customer for the JF 17
        The Helicopters do cost brand new $25m unless we want to go back to Tokunbo model. I am not taking sides, I am just stating the truth also lest we forget there are still 6 Helios we are looking forward to picking up.

      • eyimola says:

        Nigeria should not be buying second hand MI-35s unless they are coming from Russian stock. Also, many people who are clamouring for F-16s\SU-30s etc here do not know how expensive this aircraft are. a brand new SU-30 MKI would set you back about 40 million dollars, while the F-15SE is even more expensive.

      • The MI-35s are going to be new

      • Are James says:

        Yes that is the ccorrect price for the MI 35.

  10. Augustine says:

    Oga Are James…LOL…I hear you. No mind them RSA, they want to take Nigeria’s long targeted permanent seat on UN security council at all costs, after all the peace operations we did all over Africa. Nigeria has more of a competitor in RSA than a friend. Those guys will dump Nigeria if it gives them their glory hunting objective to be recognized as the new giant and leader of Africa.

  11. Are James says:

    I would advise a “Package Deal” view of the procuremental from Pakistan. We are buying single sourced from Pakistan ; (i) two new Choppers they just picked up from the Russians, (iii) three new JF 17 (hopefully Block II) and sone Super Mushak turboprops that we arguably don’t even urgently need.. along with plenty expendables.

    All are one and the same package.

    The figures attached to individual line items don’t really matter. We on our own part have budgeted to part-pay the entire NAF procurement budget provision for these items this year and maybe get full delivery ..or not. We would then repeat the same amounts next year to satisfy full payments.

    More significantly, Pakistan is the only foreign partner that NAF has now in the G2G space so the relationships must bevclose enough for this to happen. Recall that Pakistan’s delivery of rockets, bombs and other ammo to NAF going on more than two years is seen as unprecedented in history… so who knows wetin dey happen underground…whether dem dey even owe us money sef.

    • Are James says:

      *procurement *

    • Capt Tobias says:

      Oga Are James, pardon my interruption, the Super Mushak is a piston engined aircraft not a turboprop, it is powered by 1 × Textron Lycoming IO-540 V4A5 horizontally opposed 6 cylinder, 194 kW (260 hp)at 2700 RPM (ISA conditions), and would require importation of Avgas aviation fuel which is not available in our airports to operate, does not use the common and available Jet A-1.

  12. Augustine says:

    Ogas in the Beegeagle’s battalion, let us look wisely at this army manpower increase from current 100,000 to 200,000 troops.

    1. It is a victory, another victory for this blog whose members and leader have called for increase in army strength of combat troops from the current levels to a number that meets current challenges. Our wish has come true, many thanks to you all fellow bloggers and oga beegeagle himself

    2. We also wish to thank the COAS General Buratai for making this decision to give Nigeria a 200,000 man army over an 8 year period. You have doubled our manpower in your plans, oga and we say thank you for this vision.

    3. On the average, 20% to 25% of an army is made up of non-combatant troops, so at 200,000 total, men Nigeria may have 150,000 combatants troops.

    4. Northern Nigeria should have half of the entire Nigerian army stationed there somewhat ‘permanently’ from Adamawa to Kebbi axis of 50 years recurrent foreign invasion.

    5. How do we intend to move 200,000 troops around? We are still struggling with 100,000 men hanging on lorries, tippers, trailers, etc like sardines in tin cans. Is FG ready to buy vehicles to create mobility for 200,000 men over the 8 year period. Don’t tell me they will do it, how do you know? You be prophet of 8 years events?

    • buchi says:

      abeg what did i miss, oga mschegaz etc , kai it has been a while,been drawn away from this blog has been pure torture.
      Oga Augustine you have raised valid points indeed,i may not have all the answers but in as much as there has been allocation for DICON APC production etc, the allocation of 315m for purchase of APC for NDA training is off concern to me, for crying out loud what would it take for us to invest in R&D abeg.
      Proforce is doing us proud,just like innoson we fail to tap into the movement, experimental or not none tested or not, this is our home grown expertise, we used, we define , we improve.
      also i dont know what is in stock for cyber security and drone tech. hope we had an evaluation of the performance of the CH 3 drones, time we either give Gulma some teeth or head to CH-4.

      i have my reservations as regards, the expansion plan. in theory it is a good plan, time frame seems good for logistical balance, but just like one of my ogas stated, compactness , well equipped and deployment capable are characteristics i would love to hear, however, compactness can be ditched based on the fact the NE has been our wild wild west for too long, its time we accelerate , i havent gone totally we through the budget.
      sorry for any errors typed in a bouncy car

      oga beegeagle Good Bless you. please do check you mail.

  13. Augustine says:

    6. We should ask if they will be extra 100,000 rifle men with AK-47 or a standard army that rides into battle in an armoured and well armed IFV.

    7. Technically, Nigeria has ONLY about 10 standard IFVs for 100,000 troops. Did we just enter Guinness of records for that spectacular shortage?

    8. For some honorable Ogas who advocate 250,000 to 500,000 army size for Nigeria, is the FG ready to pay their salaries? The salary bill on the 2016 budget details for all armed forces and related agencies totaled about $ 1 Billion for the current combined NA, NN, NAF size of about 130,000 total estimate…..imagine if we have a 500,000 man army, how much money will be left for weapons/equipment procurement after spending $ 4 billion paying salaries every year !

    • fmkpang says:

      My bitterness is dt @ 35 I probably will be considered too old to join d Army.
      I tried wen I was younger abt 4 times to get into NDA, was never successful though.
      Now d Army will recruit over a 100,000 thousand officers n men, n age will not allow me Chai…..

      PS. I have a banking job, but its fun playing in d outdoors.

      • Capt Tobias says:

        Dear Ogas, is Quantity better than Quality. A well equipped,trained and modern force of 100,000 that is able to mobilize and deploy on short notice with proper kits, transport, heavy and precision weaponry with discipline like steel would be more useful that a large under equipped force, Have we met all the equipment standards required for our current force ( Guns, Transport, Armour, APCs, IFVs, Kits and other logistics to sustain them in combat or are we rushing to erode into acheived standards again, can our economy sustain such an increase, ( would 100 x T55s be better than 50 x T90 ). Would a lot of the funding be directed to salaries and welfare instead of modern equipment, Are our barracks and creature comforts adequate for the serving soldiers, do they have things , homes and etc top look forward to after retirement. Would it not have be better to introduce military reservist/ national service type of system or there is too much fear of the bloody civilian that we are to meant to protect, acquiring military skills and discipline. Youth corpers should be trained in their line of professions, Medicals, engineer, etc in the basic infantry skills and I am sure they can out perform BH and would generally be inputs towards a better society. ( The masquerade/Oro never likes to share the secret of it’s magic/identity or else he would be less feared by the town’s people). the most successful militaries have always integrated with the populace, US, British, generally Europe, Now Russia, etc

  14. Augustine says:

    9. As for the 5 Gazelle helicopters, good move by NA, this blog called for light armed scout helicopters in 2014 and some Ogas in the Beegeagle battalion specifically called for armed Gazelles based on their good combat performance with the French army in Mali war on AQIM insurgents.

    We thank our leaders for listening to the voices on this platform.

    10. As for the Ingwe missiles on the Gazelle, let us wait and see the ATGM first before we assume we are getting it. Nigeria has NEVER armed a helicopter with guided weapons since 1960 independence, so let us wait and see. NA got BTR-3 and BTR-4 IFVs with ZERO missiles/ATGM, same way NAF got Mi-35 Hinds with ZERO precision guided weapons/ATGM, so we shall wait and see if NA is buying any Ingwe ATGM.

    All the same, great decision by Nigeria to upgrade and arm these Gazelles.

    11. The 5 Gazelles are small numbers, can’t we have NAF transfer those brand new Fennec helicopters to NA? Armies are best suited to light armed scout helicopters, easy to maintain and fly. The more we have them, the less NA will be complaining of lack of close air support from NAF. I think NA will need at least 18 such helicopters for a land area the size of Scotland. Not all the helicopters will be fully armed for combat, we need medical evacuation and SF insertion variants with just one gun pod and one rocket pod, the cabin free of armaments to make room for light air ambulance or transport configurations.

    • Capt Tobias says:

      Dear Ogas, consideration has to be given to the level of flight experience of the New NA Air corps Pilots, before deploying them on this type of operational mission and advance flying scenario
      they have just completed a basic RW pilot ( would all have 200 -300 hrs) qualification /training syllabus last year and by no means would have the full experience required to be operational at the level being envisaged, they need to go for instrument/Night VFR rating, NVG and FLIR training and certification, weapons training and have accumulated in the region of 750 minimum to 1000hrs total hours to properly take command of the aircraft (global standard within the Military aviation, civil is higher 1500 minimum) to be safely deployed in a combat environment, Obviously they would require some mentoring from more experience NAF pilots, Low time with High octane operational environment is equal to high attrition and losses. They can be deployed on ops that would build their hours and integration with their platform. A lot of losses in the past was caused for not endeavouring to meet the experience standards. It would be most on fair on this expensive young jocks to be hurriedly pushed into operational deployment without all necessary.

  15. asorockweb says:

    Consider the following items in the NAF budget for 2016:

    Item 1) Procurement of 2x MI-35M helicopter – 11.6 bn
    Item 2) Procurement of 3x JF-17 thunder Multipurpose combat aircraft- 5bn.

    The Nigerian press should step up to it’s responsibilities.
    One would expect a minister to show up for a press conference and discuss these figures.

    So let try and re-examine the numbers:

    Item 1 could be actual procurement cost
    Item 2 could be down payment to initiate the production of 3 aircraft.

    the Air force just mixed up the numbers.

    The other possibility is that we are getting old JF-17s to use as training for a future fleet.
    Since we have zero JF-17s today, makes sense that the 1st aircraft are used for training.

  16. Augustine says:

    Budget Headache Part 1

    The 2016 defense budget capital expenditure tells us all that wahala dey with money. Nigeria is cash dry, no dollars to do all we need to do.

    Nigerian army is my concern, the Navy and Air Force have told us what they want to buy items listed clearly with names of weapons/equipment to be procured 2016.

    NA has no clear list to show Nigerians. It is doubtful that the total approximate amount of $ 73 million procurement fund is all that NA will get in 2016. Total up the bits and pieces of vehicles, aviation, communication hardware, etc scattered all over the army page, you get about $ 73 million for weapons/ammunition/equipment procurement for the army.

    In the history of Nigerian budgeting, the Army has never got less than the Air force and Navy. Will Aunty Kemi change the pattern with her 2016 budget? My wild guess is that the army stuff is so disorganized because the army maybe, just guessing, maybe NA did not comply with the ZBB order and got so low because they did not do a list of all they want to buy with names, numbers, prices, and details of equipment….just guessing. Nigerian army comes again with their unprofitable mystery of procurement and spending.

    This peanut defense budget tells us that Nigeria will need loans to modernize our military in phases by STARTING TO PLUG DANGEROUS GAPS IN COMBAT CAPABILITY from 2016.

    More troops coming….a whole 12,000 more army recruits in 2016 alone ! Transport wahala, mobility crisis. I think Nigerian government should approach Japan directly for a $ 250 million low 1% interest loan for 5,000 units of military version Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 vehicles, in mixed variants of single cabin, double cabin and full body SUV. Let Proforce begin to work overtime and expand production line, to uparmour them over a 3 year period.

    Igirigi LAV is a mystery as to the reason for slow production rate since 2013 to 2016, how many units do we have in service? The worry is that the project joint venture partner is Streit company of Canada that sells it’s own Spartan LAVs at over $ 250,000 per unit, will they not kill the life of a rival Igirigi that cost about an estimated less than $ 150,000 per unit?

    • Are James says:

      You are very very very correct in your views of the rubbish NA budget. Only God and a few generals probably understand it. The entire defence expenditure will most surely have a supplementary budget to support it. For now everything is up in the air. The NA has ‘aspirations’ to increase numbers and retool but nobody has drafted a real plan and no-one knows how much it will cost so for me this is just an interim provision for 2015.

    • Deway says:

      In the NDA component of the budget, there’s a procurement for 15 units of FABRYKA SAMOCHODOW HONKER (FSH) 6X4 TROOP CARRIER VEHICLES FOR CADETS TRAINING AND WARFARE. The amount is N315m. This is a vehicle the NA Engineers or Proforce or even Innoson could easily manufacture. Why not invest this into the Igirigi or award a contract to Profroce next door? I don’t understand.

    • Capt Tobias says:

      Oga Augustine, you made a very important point on the production of IFVs, that is why this items and area should be left to commercial entities, As you pointed out Streit, is in the business to make money would never shoot themselves in the foot because of NIgeria, the one headed for Libya in the pictures were probably off their production line.

  17. Augustine says:

    Budget Headache Part 2

    Loans may be inevitable for defence gaps to be plugged in areas where Nigeria’s national security is most endangered.

    Federal Government can get Russian low interest loan or use the current facility, the Nigerian army amoured corps is the worst combat corps in the army.

    T-55 tanks, year 1950 era ancient tank that came to service just after world war II, a tank that was in service long before Nigeria became independent….T-55 tank is a shame for Nigeria to use in 2016.

    Vickers Eagle tank, this one is a joke, a tank that cannot liberate one single city, a useless tank that has several units captured by Boko Haram and painted with Jihad Caliphate flags and emblems and photos all over the internet shaming Nigeria, a tank that mere illiterate terrorists collected by force from Nigerian army armoured corps in battle and turned the same tanks to fight against Nigeria army that owned the tanks !

    Vickers Shame Eagle tank….junk of the highest order.

    T-72 tank, we have only 14 as at last official count, and 4 of them have NO ERA armour, they are old school RHA variants, while the 10 that have ERA armour are equally obsolete year 1970s era of main battle tanks….we got second hand T-72 tanks and they have been reported by our troops as breaking down like a tired, weak, anaemic tokunbo vehicle will do.

    Nigeria may need a Russian loan to buy the T-90 MS tank with composite armour, self protection, and turret launched ATGM to counter long range threat of IFVs that carry ATGMs.

    How many T-90 tanks do we need? Needs no guess, Nigerian army armoured corps has NO reliable main battle tank for 100,000 soldiers about to grow to 200,000 soldiers, so we will let the enemy kill our infantry because FG did not buy the proper type of modern tanks?

  18. Augustine says:

    Budget Headache Part 3

    Russian loan, well we also need to consider the Russian MT-LB to carry 30mm cannon as a cheap ‘IFV’ costing about $ 250,000 a piece from current Russian reserve stocks, upgraded for night combat capability, and a replacement for the Steyr APCs that are now tired after many decades of overwork. Maybe Nigeria should locally build the MT-LB in a deal with Russia.

    NA needs tracked armoured vehicles for NE terrain where wheeled vehicles get stuck in sand and mud plains.

    The Russian joint venture/licencing arms manufacturing plans for Nigeria’s local defence industry can benefit from this loan, we have to pay to acquire technology, no free lunch. South Africa paid Israel to get guided missile technology in the 1970s-1980s era, they reap the benefits forever, wonder why you like their Ingwe missile? They paid for the technology decades ago.

    NAF and NN may need Chinese loans at low interest, maybe FG should ask for $ 1 billion at 1% interest from China for procurement Chinese/Pakistani origin of weapons/equipment.

    Nigerian navy needs one heavily armed guided missile light frigate/corvette and one moderately armed supply/replenishment/amphibious landing ship at least.

    The navy can get a used Song Class submarine from China for $150 million. See, the Nigerian navy for half a century keeps getting reasons why it will not have a single submarine since independence 1960 till 2016….hundreds of billions of dollars has been spent by Nigeria as a nation, yet FG gives the navy excuses for not granting the Navy’s request for a submarine since all these years.

    If we don’t brave the odds one day like that, Nigeria will NEVER own a submarine, every year we will find a new excuse not to buy even a second hand submarine. When oil was $100 per barrel we gave excuse, much money much responsibilities. When oil is $35 per barrel we give a new excuse, no money. Na so we go dilly dally till year 2050 with new excuses.

    NAF will do well with a Chinese loan to buy more JF-17 Thunder with the full range and panoply of weapons/munitions, as well as training simulators, trainer variants and Block III variants. We may think about paying for full technology transfer later, or we use the loan and try assemble the JF-17 in a Nigerian production plant. The jet has potential, Nigeria could be the African export sales/maintenance center.

  19. lachit says:


    no frills SU30MKI costs more than 40 million dollars , the latest SU30MKI costs around 102 million dollars.

    and I was thinking why was only 3 JF17 ordered , it don’t make sense because when u buy a major equipment in a staggered way , u always have a clause / intent inserted to have the option to buy more aircrafts at a later date at the same price as that of the initial aircrafts. in this way u save money on inevitable cost increments without renegotiating the financial deals all over again.
    (no point in keeping such follow on clause / deals secret and also if such deals were present then it would have been all over Pakistani media , since they need all the mileage they can get to increase jf 17 sales to other countries . it is pretty obvious )

    so according to my limited brainpower , I concluded that these 3 jf17 aircrafts have been leased by NAF from Pakistan in-order to evaluate them , and to trial them in Nigeria first hand and find its suitability under Nigerian air force operational doctrine / war effort / how to use it operationally in the best optimal way .

    so far from my sources (indian intel ) I know that no technical trial / user evaluation has been under taken by NAF for jf17 in Pakistan , all that has been done is theoretical aspect only which has been provided by pakistan.

    so it makes sense if the NAF is paying only the lease money for 3 jf 17 in order to evaluate it real time under real war conditions ( bombing BH ) etc , and if it passes the technical / users trials to NAFs satisfaction then u will see increased no of jf17 ordered .
    and another plus point is NAF after the trials will be able to point out /ask for upgrades / changes specific to Nigerian operational requirements if found lacking.

    I actually did not want to post it, because I thought I may get roasted over hot coals.
    but what the heck , I like getting roasted over hot coals 😀
    or may be it will be my last roasting 😀

    • lachit says:

      also another thing about the MI17 choppers transfer is the Russian angle.

      without Russian consent no Russian origin equipment can be transferred to a third party.

      if the Russian have blessed the deal then no problem .
      (it is the global norm for third party major weapon system transfers)

      • Are James says:

        For all the reasons you have mentioned here, the three jets may just have been gifted i.e given free of charge by Pakistan for a token N5bn in order to facilitate a larger order going into Squadrons.
        If the jets were leased then they would be coming with Paki pilots for the term of the lease.
        The MI 35Ms are also clearly a Russian sanctioned transfer at thevactually fob price that obtains the open market. The possibility of Paki pilots and instructors being active here is also very high due to new state of the art NVG on the 35Ms

      • lachit says:

        “given free of charge by Pakistan for a token N5bn in order to facilitate a larger order going into Squadrons.”

        yes possible but still the reasons remain the same ie user evaluation / technical trail etc

        “If the jets were leased then they would be coming with Paki pilots for the term of the lease.”

        half wrong because either way NAF will need hand holding / training by Pakistani pilots since it is new aircraft type.
        leased aircrafts can be and are flown by home country after requisite training.
        it is the global norm.
        this is not the first incident.

        aircrafts are leased to
        1. build up capacity quickly
        2. build up capacity withen a budget
        3. to evaluate / trail / testing etc of the aircraft.

        “The MI 35Ms are also clearly a Russian sanctioned transfer at thevactually fob price that obtains the open market. The possibility of Paki pilots and instructors being active here is also very high due to new state of the art NVG on the 35Ms”

        read my comment below or above.
        u r counting the chickens even before they hatched with regard to MI35.
        first let the mi35 come into Pakistan (physically) and then only can u think / talk about its sale / transfer to Nigeria (if the Russians agree to it in the first place)

      • jimmy says:

        Oga Lachit
        Please let correct something here.Nigeria most likely will be buying her Helios directly from Russia. There is no indication or Intent that they will go through Pakistan.Nigeria is currently based on what Oga Obix has told us is currently buying Ammo and Rockets from them.They as in Pakistan may come at a later date but it is most likely initially the Pilots will be sent to Russia, this has been done in the past.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James, abeg mek we no de use some kain word O! I know say you no mean am laik dat, but dat kain word fit give pesin serious olopa wahala for jand and pipo wen de come here de come from everywhere.

      • lachit says:

        I no sabi
        Wetin dey happen? pidgin !!!!
        I no gree
        Your pigdin get k-leg 😀

      • lachit says:

        me too thinks this is how its gonna end up -directly from Russia.

        that is why I was so confused, because the comments above are mentioning mi35 helis as part of the jf17 package.
        why would somebody transfer brand new helis which still has to be inducted in the parent airforce. don’t make sense. since the parent country is itself sort of attack helis.
        the cobras are awfully short of spares thus limiting their use in wazaristan and fata region.

    • lachit says:

      @are james

      “(i) two new Choppers they just picked up from the Russians”

      the devil lies in the details

      lolzz during the kargil war the troop / equipment insertion was done by around 30-45 pakistani MI17 operating at half loads . do u realize the massive number of sorties they had to make to insert / resupply their troops in the demanding conditions.

      this effectively reduced the operational lives of these helis considerably.
      and around 70 Mi-17 transport helicopters were sold by russia to Pakistan from 1996 to 2010.
      so these mi 17 helicopters are not new choppers by any stretch of imagination , and if ur talking about MI35 helicopters sale by Russia to Pakistan , than that deal is on the back burner as of now ( hint : due to 200+ Kamov Ka-226 heli sale ).

      • Are James says:

        It is India that is unadvisably buying 200 Kamovs at the same time. Why is that affecting Russia’s sale of MI 35Ms to Pakistan?.

      • lachit says:

        u know the answer
        simply one country denying another country resources via its financial clout and bargaining power .
        Russia is in a financial difficulties and it needs hard cash the more the merrier (logical).
        choice 100-200 million or 2-4 billion. (helis)

        still as I said in the above comment “that deal is on the back burner as of now ”
        stressing * as of now *
        and things may change.
        since geo political changes can be very sudden.
        all will depend on mr. Putin . 😀

      • doziex says:

        Hi fellas, let me barge in for a second.

        3 fc-1 jets leased for trial purposes. Hmmm, @lachit you smart. O.

        As 4 the mi-35s, Pakistan recently signed a procurement deal with Russia, since the Americans were pussy footing about selling them advanced cobra attack helicopters whereas, they just sold and delivered Apache AHs to rival India.

        But as Pakistan went for the most advanced mi-35, the Americans woke up and quickly approved the order for viper version of the cobra, a deal worth a billion USD.

        My guess is that NAF is taking these 2 mi35s off the hands of the PAF, since NAF has an ongoing order for the type.

        Remember how an OPV years back was termed Kenyan opv in the budget under similar circumstances.

        Anyway, I am of the opinion, that the opaque, convoluted language used in these budgets, only enhances corrupt practices.

        Lay man’s English would surfice.

  20. Deway says:

    Going the defence budget, the amount of funds to be expended in purchasing buses and civil vehicles for the various agencies is just amazing.

  21. abduleez says:

    LOL….@ oga Lachit, i thought u ran away after ur fight with oga Augustine.. Coz u’ve been quiet these days…

    I kinda miss your inputs and the incoming ROASTING**** (^-^) LOL

    And why is the latest SU-30MKI that expensive ?? What new upgrades ?? Is it that same collaboration India had with Russia last year for the upgrade of the SU-30MKI to the latest standards??

    The costs now is almost at par with the Rafale & Typhoons……. heck its even more expensive than the Super Flanker E.

    And why allow the costs (upgrades) to shoot up as much as that since the PAK FA & FGFA might be coming soon. Since IAF need adequate numbers of combat jets at the right price??

    Anyone has any info how much price increment will be incurred in the JF-17 BLOCK III coming later this year??

    And Martin Luther said we shouldn’t be surprised seeing SU-30s in NAF roundel anytime soon in the other thread….. Oga abeg, u fit give us sources ??

    And NA aviation should be planning inducting 2 squadron of well armed Gazelles/ Fennec in the next 3 years; and wouldn’t be screaming to NAF for air cover.

    • lachit says:

      And why is the latest SU-30MKI that expensive ??

      the 2010 deal for 42 su30mki costs $4.3 billion or $102 million each. the deal was finalized signed on December 2012.

      the 40 su30 are special in that they share a similarity with USA air-force one presidential plane.

      while the super su30 upgrades research / testing r going on ,
      together with airframe strengthening of a no of aircrafts for brahmos launch , etc , etc.

      electronics make up to 60% cost a modern fighter. so price increase is inevitable with a extensive MLU.

  22. Kay says:

    We still struggle with finance at the end of it.
    Government should simply become more effective in gathering tax. VAT at 5% is a joke and among the lowest in the world.
    Other ways to leverage on the burgeoning auto industry is to use the auto manufacturers already operating.
    Chassis from
    Ford, Nissan, etc
    Sino trucks, Mitsubishi have already indicated interest to set up this year.
    We also can’t talk about developing or building if very little funding is dedicated to R&D.
    Besides if the local market gets big enough, I think it would be good for Proforce to have some form of competition in-country that can make them sit on their toes and develop innovative products.

  23. doziex says:

    Nigeria nah wah !!

    This procurement pendulum keeps swinging between extremely corrupt administrations that would rather deposit our defense budget into their personal accounts, and those not corrupt, but still lack the vision of NAs position in the scheme of things.

    Meanwhile, Algeria is taking advantage of both Chinese and Russian low interest loans to do the necessary.

  24. doziex says:

    Oga. Adekola, with the exception of the satellite project, every thing else you mentioned, is subpar or underwhelming by morocan, Egyptian or algerian standards.

    You underestimate the impact of our diverted funds ? Think of the opportunity cost. Billions of dollars applied righteously for the intended purpose.

    Simply put during the last administration, with oil north of 140 USD per barrel, we could have out spent the entire continent if our leaders wanted to.

    While we divert our funds, Algeria has 500+ T90 tanks, Morocco, 200 M1A2. Tanks, Egypt for its part assembled the Abrams, and has 500+ of the kind.

    We got say 50 T72 tanks, they have em by the several hundreds in north Africa. And in subsaharan africa, it is increasingly nothing to write home about.

    Lets not even bring up comparisons to our pathetic air forces and navy.

    This administration is clearly not corrupt. But even when taking low oil prices into consideration, their vision of where NA ought to be leaves much to be desired.

    President OBJ wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t precide over wanton looting, but F7s was all the general thought NAF needed.

    Our gaping hole in our defense posture is simply the most important issue facing nigeria today BAR NOTHING Else.

    And please don’t say education, cause the chibok girls were sitting for a physics exam, when they were abducted into thin air.

    The federal Buni yadi boys were getting a sound education, when BH opened up their skulls with bullets.

    So in conclusion, PMB should take low interest loans offered by China and Russia to protect our country from all enemies foreign and domestic.
    Low oil prices is no excuse not to, neither is any other so called comparative needs.

    Security of the lives and property of Nigerians is job #1.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga doziex, it is one hell of an argument to state that Nigeria’s nascent steps in various military and high tech fields are “subpar or underwhelming by morocan, Egyptian or algerian standards”.

      None of these countries has ever designed or built a functioning satellite as Nigeria has. None of these countries (except Algeria) builds a military drone. None of these countries is managing satellite services for a developed country as Nigeria is foe Belarus. To the best of my knowledge, none of these countries builds military robots. We might not be where we should, but let us not be in danger of belittling our little steps forward. Abeg, we try small, let us take it to the next step.

      My Oga, talking about oil prices; isn’t it high time we started thinking about harnessing Nigerian talent instead of our aimless method of drilling oil, collecting the money and using the vast majority to import petrol and kerosene? Will we only develop our military when oil prices are high?
      Please let us forget about oil and its price, because that is Nigeria’s curse – it is the reason why we do not have a functioning system that can serve the citizen (such as Algeria which was originally mentioned has).

      As for looting, as bad as that crime is, neither you nor I has any proof, so neither you nor I can pronounce anyone guilty. Indeed, in a country with a worthwhile national architecture, we would await the pronouncement of a qualified judge after the law would have run its course through the court system. We desperately need robust structure in our country – a framework for fixed methodologies and strict observance of due process. All we can achieve with allegation and counter allegation is an increasing cacophony in which the truth, our essence and our direction all get lost, alongside the gradual erosion of national unity.

      If looting has happened, let the courts deal with and jail the guilty, but as a country lets look forward, because there is both the present and the future to tackle. This is the time to look inwards, to think of novel new ways to arm our military. As an example, why are we not using our anti-mine robots in the NE instead of having our precious sappers walk ahead of vehicle columns? …As a fun, but highly effective example, why aren’t we using our abundant rat population as mine detecting rats in the NE? 😉 Why waste dollars on the importation of certain classes of anti-mine equipment when we can use rats? 😉

      Courtesy Global Giving

  25. Henry says:

    @ Oga Doziex, so the GEJ administration is corrupt, but the Muhammadu Buhari administration that budgets 795 million, 237 thousand naira to upgrade a website is in your book is not corrupt.

    I mean who are you people even deceiving in this country…. It definitely is not me.

    • doziex says:

      Dude this ain’t politics, the headlines speaks for itself.

      During the worst days of this war, some of us pointed it out, that the numbers weren’t adding up.
      Someone else on this thread just mentioned, that the former CDS house was under seal or is it lock down?

      Well let’s all stay tuned, it shall all come to light.

      And when it becomes official, let’s not start saying hush it’s politics.

      And if they are exonerated, and justice is seen to be done, I will personally apologize, and you guys can make me donkey for a day.

  26. Are James says:

    I don’t want to belittle Nigeria, but satellite management services is just outsourced drudgery as far as I am concerned. It is going to earn money for Nigeria yes, but let us not overhype it too much. It is a few people sitting in a control room looking at telemetry data and pricing reports. What I want is an institute of Propulsion Technology, an institute of Space vehicle structures / design and reverse engineering projects going on in more than ten research centers at the same time.

    You guys seem to have resurrected corruption again and have even started exoneration people who have not even individually denied chopping money. You are doing this again on the excuse that the crimes were justified due to the lack of a “feeling of belonging” caused by weak national structures. I only agree with that on the proviso that all the poor , hardened criminals, killers, terrorists and rapists are freed from our prisons immediately. Most of their cases were even much weaker than the corrupt cases the APC givernments is prosecuting now.
    All Boko Haram terrorists should be freed immediately and the army should pull out of the North East until we tackle ‘fundamental question of nationhood’.
    Generally speaking, there should be no more law enforcement and punishment until we tackle the ‘national question’. Terrorists, armed robbers, cultists, rapists, corrupt university lecturers, local warlords, drug smugglers and Internet scammers should be given free rein because this is Nigeria and we are looking for ‘ourselves’.
    When Nigeria goes on this road and spends many decades jerking itself around on the excuse of discovering nationhood maybe in the year 2100 it will be allowed back into the committee of civilised nations.

    Finally this administration is not corrupt. That is fact.
    There are corrupt APC people within it who have been given appointment and PDP secondees still struggling with their corrupt habits plus lots of reformed ‘pen robbers ‘ but the corruption that is possible cannot not be one hundredth of the scale of the last administration. In the first place, all the money is gone already. Secondly the EFCC has new teeth and most importantly the PDP itself will embrace change by sniffing out the corrupt acts of the APC governments. In the next few months , it will be whistle blowing galore which is the change we want. We want corruption on the front burner and punishments meted out to corrupt persons until our kids and the youth understand that the system works.

  27. this our corruption matter ehn!!!! the fight against corruption will for a long time be clouded by tribal and party affiliation. the people barely know what they want nor what they deserve.
    make we leave trash for lawma and fight for soldier, our own here na to talk and analyze DEFSEC matter

    please what is the time line for these gazelle’s being operational.

    are there any platforms ordered by the past administration that are yet to be delivered?

    • doziex says:

      Ehm, Oga there was like 12 mi172ship, I mean the heavily armed version, then between 12 and 18 mi35s.

      2 mi171sh were delivered late last year but that was courtesy of PMB. Per the current COAS and Muhammad Abdulkadir of NTA.

      Beeg however posted a single mi-171sh with an NA guard earlier last year. I don’t know what batch that came with, but that pic never featured again, not with bidexiii, not with sirius black.

      Anyway, there is no honour amongst thieves. These folks are already ratting each other out in front of EFCC.

      So the full story is on the way.

    • Are James says:

      Someone brought a scoop. A list of hardware that Dasuki claimed were still being expected some months back. It would be helpfully to revisit the list. I remember some new type UAVs and IFVs were mentioned in the document.

      • doziex says:

        Oga Are james, that list no reach 100,000 usd.
        And I believe they are all already on the battlefield.

        The rest was diverted for reelection purposes.

        But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

        Diversions directly from nnpc , and defense budgets from 2006 to present will take the .mother load.
        Stay tuned.

        Remember the Indian government official that complained about the various accounts he was directed to make payments into?

        I have always said it with all due respect on this blog.

        Anybody that participated in diverting funds meant for the troops, is guilty of not just theft but treason.
        They got the blood of soldiers and civilians on their hands.
        Whether u be my brother or kinsman.

  28. lachit says:


    this one is for you . hope u like it.

    if in future NAF buys either SU30 or SU34 all or some of the upgrades can be included.

    Algeria , Vietnam and Malaysia are in contact with both India and Russia with regard to the SUPER SUKHOI upgrade program and will opt for it on completion.

    1.first is the airframe strengthening of the Su-30MKIs, which will enable the super Su-30MKIs to carry the 290km-range BrahMos supersonic multi-role (land-attack and maritime strike) cruise missiles and also to accommodate two uprated Lyulka AL-31FP turbofans.
    The AL-31FP, presently rated at 126kN with afterburning, will offer 25% more power when uprated by NPO Saturn. Hot-end components and cooling system are being redesigned to permit reduced thrust lapse rates with altitude, which in turn will permit supercruise flight regimes.
    Also to be incorporated into the uprated engine will be new-generation full-authority digital engine controls (FADEC) as well as all-axis thrust-vectoring nozzles (±15 degrees in the vertical plane and ±8 degrees in the horizontal plane, with deflection angle rates of up to 60 degrees per second). The digital flight-control computer too will be replaced to achieve harmonisation of the digital flight control laws associated with supercruise and all-aspect supermanoeuvrability.

    2.The glass cockpit avionics package, developed by Russia will include new-generation hands-on-throttle-and-stick (HOTAS) controls , panoramic active-matrix liquid crystal displays, and a compact OLS infra-red search-and-track sensor same as that used by PAKFA ( at least near about).

    3.The integrated defensive aids suite ( IDAS ), being developed by a joint venture of DARE and Cassidian of Germany, will include the MILDS AN/AAR-60 missile approach warning system (MAWS).
    The open-architecture IDAS will include the AAR-60(V)2 MILDS F missile approach warning system, the EW management computer and Tarang Mk3 radar warning receiver , a countermeasures dispenser, expendable active electronic decoys, a reusable fibre-optic ABRL active radar towed-decoy using suppression, deception and seduction techniques, and an internal EW suite supplied by Elettronica of Italy . The Virgilius family of directional jammers, which are also used by the Eurofighter EF-2000, make use of active phased-array transmitters for jamming hostile low-band (E-G) and high-band (G-J) emitters, and is considered an equivalent of the AESA aperture-based jammers of THALES’ Spectra EW suite.

    (The ABRL can be deployed manually from the cockpit, or automatically upon threat detection. It provides active interference to the terminal guidance of incoming air combat/surface-to-air missiles in order to provide for an increased miss-distance to outside lethal range. The ABRL features four rear-mounted lattice control fins to provide for decoy control and providing a certain amount of drag for enhanced stability during extreme manoeuvring. The advantages of lattice controls are that they can be folded down to facilitate carriage (in this application) inside a compact launch tube, are capable of unstalled operation at up to 50-degree angles of attack, and significantly reduce the demands placed on their actuators. In essence, they provide a great deal of lifting area despite having a very small chord, so combine outstanding effectiveness with comparatively small hinge moments. In the ABRL, the lattice fins are hinged forward into a recess in the decoy body and deploy rearwards upon decoy deployment.)

    4.the super Su-30MKIs will have the multi-mode MIRES X-band active electronically steered-array (AESA) multi-mode radar (MMR), and modular L-band and S-band transmit/receive (T/R) modules that will be housed within the Su-30MKI’s forward wing and wing-root sections, as well as on the vertical tail sections. The MIRES, using the back-end elements of the Su-30MKI’s existing NO-11M ‘Bars’ PESA-based MMR, will be able to simultaneously perform up to five ‘core’ functions, comprising look-up and shoot-up; look-down and shoot-down; directional jamming of hostile data-links; real-beam ground mapping via Doppler-beam sharpening in the inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) mode; and ground moving target indication. This will give the Super Su-30MKIs an unprecedented degree of all-round situational awareness and interleaving mission synchronicity (performed by the two-man crew).


  29. lachit says:

    The wing-/tail-mounted L-band or S-band T/R modules will be employed for secondary airspace surveillance, as well as for missile approach warning and directional jamming of airborne tactical data-links associated with BVRAAMs and AEW & C platforms, thus transforming the upgraded Su-30MKI into a combined airborne early warning/tactical battlespace management platform.
    With operating in wavelengths of between 6 and 12 inches, L-band permits good long-range airspace search performance with modestly-sized antennae, while providing excellent weather penetration and reasonably well-behaved ground clutter environments, compared to shorter wavelength bands.
    The basic L-band modular AESA array design and its integration into the leading edge flap structure have already been flight-certified. The physical alignment of the array is with the leading edge of the wing, at 42 degrees for the Su-30MKI’s airframe. Each array will employ 12 antenna elements. Three quad T/R modules each drive four antenna elements, for a total of 12 elements per array, in three sub-arrays. The linear array is embedded in the leading edge of the wing flap, with the geometrical broadside direction normal to the leading edge.
    The leading edge skin of the flap covering the AESA is a dielectric radome, which is conformal with the flap leading-edge shape. The array geometry produces a fan-shaped main lobe, which is swept in azimuth by phase control of the 12 T/R modules, providing a two dimensional volume-search capability. The arrangement of the AESA produces a fan-shaped beam, which is swept in azimuth to cover a volume in the forward hemisphere of the aircraft. The distributed AESA arrays (X-band, L-band and an optional S-band) are nothing less than the ‘shared multifunction aperture’ model now very popular in the design of Western X-band AESA-based MMRs, including the Raytheon APG-79 and Northrop Grumman APG-80.
    However, the greatest advantage of such on-board distributed AESA arrays is that they will convert the Su-30MKI into a true mini-AEW & C platform capable of undertaking tactical airborne battle management tasks in support of offensive air campaigns deep within hostile airspace, thereby doing away with the need for dedicated AEW & C platforms, which could then be more gainfully employed for strategic airspace surveillance-cum-management.

    6. Other new-generation avionics to be installed on the Super Su-30MKI include the RAM-1701AS radio altimeter, TACAN-2901AJ and DME-2950A tactical air navigation system combined with the ANS-1100A VOL/ILS marker, CIT-4000A Mk12 IFF transponder, COM-1150A UHF standby comms radio, UHF SATCOM transceiver, and the SDR-2010 SoftNET four-channel software-defined radio (working in VHF/UHF and L-band for voice and data communications), and the Bheem-EU brake control/engine/electrical monitoring system.

    7.the upgraded models twill be equipped with COBHAM’s 754 buddy-buddy refuelling pod , Elbit Systems’ Condor 2 LOROP pod, IAI/ELTA’s ELM-2060P ISAR pod, and RAFAEL’s Litening-3/4g laser designator pod. also there is the DARE-designed EW suite architecture for the Super Su-30MKI, inclusive of the MAWS, RWR, LWR and CMDS installations, equipped with twin wingtip-mounted escort jamming pods and a belly-mounted and DARE-developed SIVA HADF pod. The IAF is expected to select the EL/L-8251 jammers for the SEAD version of the Super Su-30MKI. The DEAD-optimised Super Su-30MKI, on the other hand, will be equipped with the SIVA pod along with four Kh-31P Krypton supersonic anti-radiation missiles.

    The Super Sukhoi in other words would be a PAK FA with limited stealth with the ability to carry BRAHMOS missiles .
    also Alexei I Fedorov who is President and Chairman of the Board of Irkut Corporation has said that Super Sukhoi will have same engine as in FGFA. but it remains to be seen as there is no info on this.

    when and if the super su30mki comes online than only everything will be crystal clear.
    also the 40 super su30mki destined for Indian strategic nuclear forces will be unique and different from the super su30mki ( aka US air force one type immunity to EMP blasts from nuclear explosions)

  30. abduleez says:

    As for me, no administration will tell me they are not corrupt and me go believe am. Are they not the same politicians ??

    They are all corrupt!!! It all just depends on the level of corruption and the level of corruption being apparent. period.

    I don’t understand which country we are in sef.
    U shout and claim everyday that people are corrupt, fine. U arrest them, charge them, take them to court and if proven guilty u jail them. U come to press week in week out saying some people have returned stolen monies; part of the money is recovered, fine. Why not continue court process and send some to jail for stealing our national money if found guilty.

    U just waka say some don return money, u no even expose most of their names to public to name and shame them. If nobody gets jailed after this huge mess and revelations then u know we Nigerians collectively have been taken for a ride!!!

    U arrest people, court say release u say no no no…u bring anoda charge, u challenge yourselves in court and court say release u still say no no no… Who then is now corrupt?? See make i tell una something: u cannot use corruption to fight corruption!! And corruption is not only something etched only upon stealing and laundering money. It also goes to following due process. If corruption is only about stealing money and not also following due process; then what is the need for us to be screaming to NA to pls show transparency and break down their budget; for all of us to see and understand how they intend to use it, after all they are going to buy equipments they want to buy.

    That is my point, cos not following due process also supports corruption. It seems our Presidency don’t believe in our judicial system. Since u are the anti corruption Crusader and our President then it is ur duty to also clean up the judiciary through judicial reforms with the help of ur justice minister, AGF etc. and not only focus on the military procurements. How do u intend to stem corruption when u disobey the court orders, in which its same court u are going to charge and prosecute the said thieves?
    How do u stop corruption when the courts & EFCC parastatals are also corrupt?? is it not through them u are going to prosecute the fucking thieves who deserves 30yrs in jail?? Seriously, without cleaning up the judiciary and EFCC this anti corruption war is just a waste.

    • Are James says:

      I refuse to accept that not following due process is necessarily corruption.
      Due process in a corrupt country is a weapon for the corrupt. We have to be careful. Nigeria has been made weak by corruption, actually it is now a joke of a country because of corruption. The indignities will only continue if we don’t stop it.

      Let us look for an example outside our shores. In capturing the fugitive drug leader recently , a south American country committed not less than a hundred illegalities during the investigation itself and during the firefight to capture him. So which one is the greater evil?. I don’t see fake ass lawyers disturbing the government with all those technicalities and BTW there is no bail for El Chapo and nobody will bring it up, His extradition to the US is also challengeable in court but ain’t gonna happen.

      Something very interesting happened last week. The Chief Judge of Nigeria himself supported the President on not obeying some court orders.
      He actually used words to the effect that judges are corrupt. That should have shut up people talking about legal processes and judgements not worth the papers they were written on.
      Personally I believe the President has not recruited enough lawyers into EFCC . He needs to do this because he inherited a weak EFCC from the former administration.
      The man is too open and linear. Like a soldier. If i were President, I will be able to keep corrupt people behind bars for years using loopholes in the law and the system itself. I will persecute their families and friends without once breaking the law then maybe people will realise that anything is possible also within the law.

      Now there is systemised corruption like the lobbying system in the US. Almost every public office holder and legislator has been bought many times by corporations through open and legal bribery by registered lobbyists. So that is due process but it is corrupt as hell

      A lot of the complaints about corruption war and due process are tribalism and political affiliation inspired. Tom Polo of Gbaramantu whose men were rapists and kidnappers a few years ago (illegally denying people their feedoms) would be protected by strong due process arguments for new acts of corruption under the former admin ; like not following up on contracts and outright stealing by the sane SS people victims because it is a northerner who is President. SW people keep quiet nervously when Halliburton is mentioned even though we all know what happened.

    • Henry says:

      Oga Abdluzeez, thank you very much. You completely said things as they are. This government is only interested in media character assassinations.

      If anybody is found to be corrupt, arrest him, charge him to court, present your charges/evidence against him, Follow due process, Jail him if found guilt.

      Somebody is here talking about “headlines”, are headlines now the courts to pronounce an individual guilty? Do we now replace Nigerian courts with newspaper headlines?

      • Are James says:


        In your hurry, you are missing the point.

        Most of the guys are already in detention, new ones are joining them !!!.

        I hope you get it. They are already behind bars. Forget the media war to drum up support for the “questionable” detentions. It is unfortunate but I support it in the context of our contemporary problems. You can go and share prison food with Dasuki or Ubah if you are so sympathetic.

        Until the judiciary reforms itself and start following the principle that a criminal case is a criminal case and the onus is on the guilty party to prove his innocence beyond reasonable doubt then that is the way it is going to go.

        Every corruption case now is being treated like a civil case or one of constitutional law case which is sad because theyou are big men involved but stealing is stealing.
        The Ajegunle boy is jailed within a week on weak evidence but rich old men are admitting receiving money stolen by a government official and we are speaking big English. Rubbish.

        The FG cannot jail but they can find ways to detain indefinitely and they are doing this nicely. Let judges do their jobs properly.

  31. abduleez says:

    I was listening to a radio programme few months ago when the guest a lawyer said even the EFCC is at fault. U come to charge someone which allegedly pocketed public funds with money laundering, when in truth he stole money. That effectively gives the person an escape chance cos money laundering carries a far less sentence than stealing public funds.

    So in effect EFCC kills its case cos the person might just get bail and huge sureties without a jail sentence!! Someone is charged with over 50 charges and never gets jailed for even 2 charges, wetin happen na?? When foreign countries(UK) catch our criminal minded politicians and jail them with less than 10 charges we jump and shout kumbaya!!

    UK arrested Diezani Allison and we are all jumping and singing songs of praise in Nigeria here that this one is also going to get jailed just like the previous ones in UK, not knowing we are just mocking ourselves and opening our anuses to the world. How will another country be helping u jailing ur political thieves and u are happy about it?? U no dey shame?? No pride at all?? Na wa oohh!!

    So who is to blame EFFCC or Judiciary?? When all these things are not resolved, war on corruption is just a joke and smog!! Anytime i hear corruption in Nigeria, i can’t just help but remember that a**hole Speaker Dimeji Bankole who stole and chopped #40 billion naira; he was being charged to court and the man was all smiles and calm as if nothing happened and with that smug look which translates to “u go do ur worst & nothing go happen”. Indeed, nothing happened apart frm him being impeached and granted bail upon all the political merry-go-round.

  32. lachit says:

    also just now saw martin luthers post on the previous thread where he predicts SU30 in NAF colors.

    this was pretty obvious and predictable conclusion (logically makes sense) when I posted info regarding the stationing of NAF fighter pilot trainees in pathankot base in India.

    so million dollar question is what are these NAF fighter pilot trainees training for
    1.F7 don’t think so
    2.JF17 LOLZZZZ
    3.su 30 (makes sense) familiarization and hands on acclimatization to ascertain NAF requirements and operational needs ie infrastructure, skills (manpower req.) forming up list of requirements in order to field sukhois.
    this makes sense doesn’t it…….
    or to some may be not.

    any ways bye see u all

    • Henry says:

      You guys should please stop day-dreaming about SU fighters, it’s beginning to seem ridiculous.

      There is no SU-30 anywhere close to west/central Africa. The only new fighter jets are 3 JF-17 thunders and that’s that. No more, no less.

      • doziex says:

        The ghananains are angling to use UN funds to pay for soon to be purchased mi35.

        One day, they will shock us and acquire 4 to 6 su-27/30s, while we are still diverting our funds and blowing grammar.

      • lachit says:

        why did I write this “this was pretty obvious and predictable conclusion (logically makes sense)”

        I am just connecting the dots here.
        not day dreaming

        analysis and prediction (best case scenario) is what I presented from seemingly inconsequent and unrelated info starring out from the maze of open source info.

        like a modern age magician or maybe illusionist or maybe I am the Houdini 😀
        abracadabra pom pom pooo hehehe
        the magic starts.

    • Are James says:


      Don’t run away so fast. I have a few questions first you on manufacturing SMEs support of National Defence Industries ….especially the experience in India.
      I will be shooting off the cuff questions at you in a number of posts.

  33. abduleez says:

    @ Lachit wow..the super SU-30MKI is indeed super!! A mini PAK FA already!! It even seem to out-dunk EF-2000

    i am beginning to suspect u, are u guys planning to invade pakistan?? (^-^)

    Oga henry, u sef u too dey vex ooo….person no fit dream again…
    After all na “u can look but u can’t touch” LOL…
    U don forget Martin Luther King:- “I HAVE A DREAM” ….,Hehehe

    • lachit says:

      “i am beginning to suspect u, are u guys planning to invade pakistan?? (^-^)”

      lolzzz don’t even mention it.
      but on the hindsight it will be better for all of us to stock up on UV Sunscreen lotions just in case 😀
      (ozone layer might get some big holes in it)

  34. Prinx Arthur says:

    if to say na me dey in charge of NAF procureme i will buy j10 block b which is almost similar to SU30sm except for its twin engine

  35. jimmy says:

    Everyone on this blog should read this:
    This is how truly bad it got
    OGA FREEGULF over a 8 year period ,Nigeria based on the financial numbers can steadily increase our ARMED FORCES to 100,000.
    Guys when ” we talk” let us restrain ourselves and obey BEEGEAGLE’S GOLDEN RULE leave the politics out but include all the facts.
    This blog is read I honestly believe by the people in power and now i am also very sure it is read by PMB’S senior p.a. Garba Sheu,
    If we want to make a difference we have to be constructive in our critique moi , himself has lost it a couple of times so I also plead guilty.
    The issue of CORRUPTION has to be placed in the concept of how it relates to Nigeria’s defence.
    I withheld information that i had received for a long time that serving officers will be arrested because at that time it was speculation, now it is coming out to be true.
    T he most damming to me is the Radars as well as the ALPHA JETS oga zachary was spot on only two were DELIVERED and they were CANNIBALIZED not by the Americans but by Nigerians
    I will end on this note paraphrased by the outgone Foreign minister
    “No one can love Nigeria more than Nigerians”
    Here is mine:
    ” The only people who can really harm Nigeria are Nigerians

  36. Are James says:

    Something has started eating up posts on Beegeagle again. All my posts are now being swallowed.

  37. jimmy says:

    oga beegs
    i just posted A LENGTHY ARTICLE and it simply disappeared

  38. jimmy says:

    oga beegs I wrote a lengthy article on this piece i beg you help me find it.

  39. Henry says:

    Are James, this isn’t a question of been sympathetic. There is something called the rule of law, and it should be followed.

    If there is evidence against these men, they should simply be charged and jailed for the crimes they have committed.

    Simple as that, instead of engaging in character assassinations in the media. Nobody gets jailed through the media.

    • Are James says:

      The FG has not engaged in character assassinations
      All the accusations on their behalf have been coming from four sources; a sitting governor in the Midwest, a traditional ruler in the north, a minister from the south south and the man who is currently minister of information. The Governor is protected by some immunity but all the remaining guys are fair game in a court of law. However no single legal redress has been sought by all the accussed individuals. Why?
      The President himself has been most admirably circumspect in his choice of words…they are always sling the lines of ..”certain persons have been found to have done this and that..”

      The most noise is coming from the thousands of social media sites that Nigerians seem are churning out everyday. Infact i believe Nigeria is currently leading the whole world in this area of social media based social engineering.

      Anyway, we are also not seeing blanket denials by accussed persons. The maximum we have heard is; I did not take xxx million but yyyyou million and it was for buying drinks or something. Defence funds were used to finance campaign activities. That is fact.

      Short of expecting that favoured and rich persons should go away scott free because they wear designer clothes and have kids in Oxford what exactly do you expect ordinary Nigerians to do, give then national awards?.

      To conclude the character assassinations are mostly coming from ordinary Nigerians and social media owners. The opposition should join the bandwagon and start exposing the rulling party’s corruption but I suspect they ate loathe to do that because eventually corruption dies and they don’t want their reason for beine to dis appear.

  40. Augustine says:

    Big Wahala ya zo !!!

    Alleged NAF ~ $ 1 Billion arms procurement scandal all done within 12 months…..one single non-operational and non-airworthy old model Mi-24V Hind helicopter priced at almost $ 70 million in a deal for two units total price nearly $ 140 million …. that can buy 8 units of good condition upgraded fairly used Su-25 Frogfoot COIN jets with state-of-the-art avionic upgrade and precision guided weapons !!

    Haba Nigeria, menene wannan? Is this true or false?


    • Are James says:

      Uncle Alex and Guy Man.

      • ScouseNaija says:

        How far those guys?!!! The two worst people to happen to NAF in history, especially Uncle Alex. Disappointing shambles

    • Are James says:

      The choppers and most of the hardware came quietly. Nigerians are very celebratory people so when you see hardware acquired and inducted secretly then you know that plenty has been killed and divided . This deals though, they tested a new low in public corruption. The generalsensor deliberately STARVED their forces for months and made Boko Haram strong so that things could then be done under emergency procurement and much gain could be made. Uncle Alex’s pathetic send forth speech was alas a LIE.

    • This is just evil! Choi!

  41. Henry says:

    This is unforgivable, and un-acceptable. Everybody involved should be made to face the full wrath of the law, and vomit our money.

    • Are James says:

      I don’t believe you.
      You are one of their defenders.
      Let me put it to you that you have done your fatherland a great deal of dis-service by your earlier comments on this blog. What we’re you defending?.
      I have seen the great efforts you put in the information space on behalf of national defence and security on many media even outside this blog. Something you were not been paid for. Commendable things.
      Yet you spoil everything by defending a bunch of traitors who should not have held public office or should not have grown beyond the rank of Captain in any air force worthy of its logo. Why are you doing that ..because they have xtian sounding names or what?…or is tribe or politics?.

      • Henry says:

        I’m not their supporter, I do not defend them. I’ve consistently said they should be charged and if found guilty shot. I only want the respect for the rule of law. Anarchy or carrying out orders like we live in a banana republic, that on it’s own is a dangerous.

        – I love my country, and i do what i must to project my country in the best possible light.

    • Are James says:

      I don’t believe you.
      You are one of their defenders.
      Let me put it to you that you have done your fatherland a great deal of dis-service by your earlier comments on this blog. What we’re you defending?.
      I have seen the great efforts you put in the information space on behalf of national defence and security on many media even outside this blog but you are spoiling everything with your comments.

      • Naijaseal says:


        Pls stop. U can not arrogate to yourself powers of defining who is patriotic or not. What gives you such right? Is your blood a mixture of Green/White/Green? Pls stop, it is very irritating.

        I do not want to get into a silly to and fro, but it is better for you to keep your judge, jury and executioner mindset to yourself.

        You guys have turned this blog into another Nairaland

      • Are James says:

        Try to be fair to me please. The political commentary was started by other persons . They sneak it into other serious commentary that later gets expanded out of proportion and it is difficult to keep quiet with all the revisionism around .

        I am not saying @Henry is not patriotic. He has actually done more than most of us in defence mass communications and I have admitted as much. However he did not keep his opinions to himself in defence of people accused of corruption and I should not keep mine to myself as well.

        Even though my political views are clear I am actually after individuals. If that goads you then no apologies.

  42. Naijaseal says:

    @ Oga Beegs

    Is your forum now a political forum where people advocate for their champions?

    I though you said in an earlier thread that there should be NO politics?

    It is very tiresome, these political champions masquarading as un-biased Nigerians.

    Some of us have decided to quietly visit this blog but some guys still will not stop talking about who is corrupt or not corrupt according to their own judgement. These guys are a massive distraction, irrespective of their DEFSEC knowledge.

    There is Twitter, Nairaland & thrashy LindaIkeji for political warriors and rumour experts please for those that are those inclined

    @ Oga Beegs, please do something

    • Are James says:

      I personally only make comments in reaction to other comments. Please do the audit trail of who started political comments. Please do it carefully.

      Start at 3.25am today.

      @Doziex made a harmless comment about openess in defence procurement and before you knew it two guys start expanding the arguments in ways that provoked other people.

    • Roy says:

      God forbid that Generals who have caused the deaths of Soldiers and innocent Nigerians go Scot free.

      My ogas, we must realise that the only way is through the rule of law.
      If not, we will create something worse that this monster called CORRUPTION.

      The President has to find a way to do it.

      TOMPOLO has just refused court summons. He can tell you that he is not sure the FG will let him go even if the court says so.

    • igbi says:

      My dear friend Naijaseal, beegeagle is in full support of the buhari hailing. Don’t waste your time this guy doesn’t follow honour codes. He wants to prove his loyalty to buhari perharps in order to be taken on a ride along with the army in maiduguri. This blog is officially an APC party sponsored blog, with all the political propaganda that follows. Although some people whho are here for the sake of nigeria like Mr Kola and yourself are just distracting the apc mission which is led by jimmy and arejames and which gets help from many other. Avoid the headaches and forget about this blog, it is just a blog, nothing more.

      • rugged7 says:

        Igbi, free oga beegs. He has been apolitical.
        I can’t say the same for others though
        Anyway,we should all tone down the politics otherwise this place will be worse than twitter

      • igbi says:

        My friend Rugged, beegeagle is a political opportunist. He doesn’t have any ethics. Right now he is on the apc propaganda train.

      • ScouseNaija says:

        Oga Igbi, all Oga Beegs has done is provide an avenue for like-minded Nigerians to air their views about our DEFSEC space and happenings within. I started following this blog about 5 or so years ago i.e at the beginning and the only form of politicking from Gen Beegs IMO has been asking for Government support to properly cover the war in the NE.
        Give the man his fair due and don’t call him out for what he has not done, especially not on his own created personal space which he has so graciously shared with us for so long. Remember how una once pursue am go with this kain behavior. Methinks you should apologise IMO

  43. zachary999 says:

    This is just money from the NSA. When they start the probe of what NAF received from NEMA, NPA , NIMASA, NNPC etc we would further weep for our country.

    Some officers who lost command because they challenged all this fraudulent procurements are already thanking GOD and preparing for thanksgiving this Sunday. Senior officers complained of those helicopters and not surprisingly one crashed killing a Group Captain and other crew. The helicopters that were destroyed during the Maiduguri Air Force base attack were more sophisticated and in a better operational capability than this junk that was purchased. Our helicopter pilots all now prefer to fly the Agusta than this rubbish we acquired.

    Politics aside it is obvious to everyone that this war would have been over years ago. We had the funding required but chose to put our troops at risk and indeed a lot of them died. The truth is that the game changer for Boko Haram’s defeat and pushback from occupied territories were the T 72 tanks, APC and other weapon systems that were acquired by NA. The Air Force was completely missing in action. We all know the time it takes to induct platforms into operational status but we had 14 MB 339 in Italy awaiting modernization to CD which would have given us night capability for a total of $75M.We did not have an Air Force after 5pm and the Alpha Jet frequently came overhead and the cannons would jam or the old bombs dropped would not explode. Our Pilots must receive kudos for flying this death traps as a call to national duty.

    Can you imagine that we are still paying the Chinese for the F-7 ! What kind of country are we in ? A mere $235m deal ! Ask any of the F-7 pilots and it is a tale of woe, the aircraft is erratic, unstable and makes inputs on its own sometimes, the cockpit is so small that only a particular build of officers can fly it and so many other complaints.Given it was not chosen by NAF but when the opportunity for a new platform came via funds from NSA and elsewhere why did we go the rogue route ?

    We purchased bombs, rockets and missiles from Pakistan at the height of the insurgency but because of the greed of a few who wanted to ‘chop’ freight money the supply was waiting for over 6 months after payment had been made and BH was on a rampage here.

    We had an ATR down for years and no one cared to bring it back to operational status. The Nigerian Army was getting good ISR from the ATR but only one was working and that really limited coverage.

    On the positive side we have a new CAS who is committed and I expect and I am confident that at the end of 2016 we would see the JF 17, additional drones, EMB 314 etc

    The NA is steadily receiving equipment ( Tanks , APC , Anti mine, and ammo) as GMB gave them an emergency bailout and they provide monthly reconciliation of purchased vs received , same with NAF ( 250 and 500kg bombs) , pods , more ISR capability ( better than what is on the ATR) Things have indeed changed !

    • rka says:

      Oga Zachary999, I beg, what tanks are we receiving? Even a hint will be enough o! 😀

    • Henry says:

      Oga Zachary999 Abeg, can you please confirm again that the deal for 6x MI-35M and 12x MI-171sh is actually on course?

      Can you confirm this?

    • igbi says:

      Zakary is telling an obvious lie, and he is doing so because he is buhari fanatic. Most of you have turned politicians anyway. And also your iincredible gullibility make it easy to endlessly take you for a ride. This blog has lost any credibility it ever had. Too much lies, politically motivated lies. Ofcourse all the buhari fanatics will say that zakary is right and the gullible ones will beieve once again without proof. I am still waiting for the delivery of the items on the “wish list”.

      • igbi says:

        don’t you fuys find it bizarrz that some rotten unserviceable apc’s offered by america would be advertized in the news, but the invisible and incredible tanks and drones and what not are nowhere to be seen ?

    • igbi says:

      But ofcourse this is beegeagle’s blog, the guy who made comments in favour of GEJ during elections, and as soon as GEJ lost, the same beegeagle started insulting GEJ and his wife in order to prove his loyalty to the new “sheriff”.

      • Are James says:

        This kid has come again. You will not go and treat your delayed adolescence medically. You have started all these trolling again.

        What Nigeria has and does not have by way of weaponry is very clear. The money we have ‘spent’ is also clear and what was stolen is becoming clear. As far as I am concerned you are an unstable, over emotional and sentimental nutcase.

      • Sir Kay says:

        lol, Must you always be confrontational? Wow, calling someone a liar just like that? Without any insult against you, that’s rude bro

  44. jimmy says:

    oga HENRY OGA Are James
    You guys are not the enemies here let us calm down
    The true Enemies of Nigeria are the ones who are charged with the protection of Nigerian Citizens and her territorial integrity and are GIVEN THE ENORMOUS RESPONSIBILITY AND POWER and then choose to do otherwise.
    This has gone beyond trial by Media we are beginning to see the damming facts on the Ground,
    UNCLE ALEX even as our brothers and sisters died busied himself by choice properties in Abuja
    I n the greatest sense of Irony he sent men in harm’s way and is nowhere to be found, OGA HENRY I have the utmost respect for you but think of your comrades, think of the SOLDIERS WHO DIED because they could not be evacuated because they were WIA.
    It is reaching the tipping point whereby people may start calling for the Death Penalty for some of the most senior officers , I have not but NO CDS unless he was a trust fund baby can afford some of the mansions some of these guys have.
    Please i put my integrity and my honor on the line for both of you sheath your swords the enemy is among us and it is neither of you
    They come from all SIX geographical zones of Nigeria they are Christian, Muslim , Traditional worshipers and the one thing they all have in common, deep down is a deep seated visceral hatred for Nigeria when caught / arrested the claim the opposite now this blog is going to become the focus of attention for a lot of people.
    We know for a fact accountants are using this blog to determine HOW MUCH A BRAND NEW HELICOPTER COSTS $25-$30 MIL, what should of been bought ( RADARS), TANKS T90 WITH ERA not T-72.
    We now know oga Zach was spot on TWO NOT FOUR alpha jets were delivered, It is also beginning to increasingly look like OGA DOZIEX LIKE ME WITH HELD certain information that it is believed some very high ranking officers were gorging themselves at the expense of procurement, I cannot continue to post pictures of dead SOLDIERS on my wall and keep quiet anymore.
    The greatest disservice the F.G. will do to this country is not to arrest ALEX BADEH
    On this note I end:
    I call for the ARREST and DETENTION of FORMER CDS ALEX BADEH based on fraud, not buying the correct equipment or shoddy equipment for the air force , overseeing other corrupt senior officials and turning a blind eye to it.
    May God bless Nigeria

    • eyimola says:

      I have just seen something that looks like the specific allegations against this gentlemen and to say that it surpassed my wildest dream is an understatement. I AM SHOCKED.

  45. Sometimes it’s like I shld give up on this country but I no go fit to do am!! How many lives did these men with sticky fingers cost us? (civilian and Military) and they were trying soldiers for mutiny!! Choi! Dia Riz God Ooooooooooo.

    We shall overcome. Defence expenditure alone is this dirty……….hmm……

  46. Kola Adekola says:

    Some months ago General Beegs was very excited (on Twitter) about some positive Su-30 news, so the things Oga lachit and Oga Martin Luther are saying might just add to 2 + 2 = 4.

    Fingers crossed that we have already paid for a few copies. Abeg, let us take a break from the current festival of character assassination and trampling of due process. The Su-30 matter is getting hotter.

    On behalf of the house, please our Oga at the top, General BeegEagle, can you dig into the koko of this matter? Ejo-o, biko. Na gode.

  47. eyimola says:

    Festival Of Character Assassination ?

    ” The SEI contracts included procurement of two used Mi-24V Helicopters instead of the recommended Mi-35M series at the cost of One Hundred and Thirty Six Million, Nine Hundred and Forty Four Thousand US Dollars ($136,944,000.00).
    However, it was confirmed that the helicopters were excessively priced and not operationally air worthy at the time of delivery. A brand new unit of such helicopters goes for about Thirty Million US Dollars ($30m). Furthermore, the helicopters were delivered without rotor blades and upgrade accessories.”

    “The Committee established that ONSA also funded the procurement of 4 used Alpha-Jets for the NAF at the cost of Seven Million, One Hundred and Eighty Thousand US Dollars ($7,180,000.00). However, it was confirmed that only 2 of the Alpha-Jet aircraft were ferried to Nigeria after cannibalization of engines from NAF fleet.

    The non-militarisation of the Alpha-Jets made them unsuitable for deployment to the North East and they are currently deployed only for training at NAF Kainji.”

  48. jimmy says:

    For those who are still unwilling to see this as the abyss cesspit of corruption that it is and believing BEEGS would condone it .Please go to his twitter page.
    OGA ZACHARY is right , many officers were stripped of their commands or given meaningless jobs to mention ONE IN PARTICULAR
    * The current CDS was not recognized as one of the ” chop , chop boys” as a result , He was startled when he was told he was to become CDS. He actually thought he was to be retired.
    Like EX – CDS DIKE He had a bad habit of being honest.
    We really should understand one thing and one thing only: People died not because it was their appointed time to die but because of the callousness of the action of other people.

  49. Kola Adekola says:

    We have a dire situation in this country, because we have taken to vigorously and loudly treating symptoms rather than the ailment.

    Why has anybody suggested the obvious, which is to change the military procurement system that allows for wanton theft year in year out?

    Why is there still no transparency in military procurements with the cries of corruption? If nobody is suggesting changes to the underlying systems, then these screams of corruption only begins to look like a game with a cynically skewed end and one which in the face of the obvious ailment, is an irritation to the ear.

    Our military procurement system is leaky, because all our national systems which should provide checks and balances are themselves leaky. It is a mystery why we are screaming only at the symptoms of our leaky system instead of fixing the leak. Has secrecy suddenly gone out of military procurement? No. Is there open bidding for procurement? No. Where are the government to government standards that can also open doors to deep levels of technical cooperation and technological advancement similar to what Oga lachit has described in such mouth watering terms on this very page as going on between India and Russia?

    Let us scream about the sickness, not its symptoms, otherwise in 2019, 2023 etc, we might find ourselves in yet another festival of character assassination, battling futility, while the game of musical chairs for easy looting goes on with new looting teams in charge.

    Due process, borne off robust systems underpin every successful civilisation – Nigeria too can be successful, our procurements can be transparent and accountable if we take the right steps.

    No matter how loud their voice, nobody has the right to manipulate the system in a way that they group themselves into a judge and jury lynch squad that displaces the legal system, bypasses the ailment for the symptom and removes our very last checks and balances; with the consequential installation of increasing amounts of anarchy and backward steps.

    • Are James says:

      The new government gave some EOs recently guiding defence procurements. The gist is that G2G is preferred all the way.
      Let me also tell you a few somethings about the statutory framework in the defence arena.
      I. Nigerian Public Procurement Act.
      2. The Bureau of Public Procurement BPP has rules totalling up to thousand of pages on how public procurement should be done.
      3. Ministry of Finance oversight over government agencies expenditure.
      4. The GO (General Order) and other standing procedures for Ministries dating back to before independence.
      5. Ministry of defence oversight over the arms of the military
      6. Ministry of Defence Tenders Board.
      7. Federal Executive Council Tenders Board
      8. Federal Executive Council oversight over Ministry Of Defence
      9. The Senate Committee of Defence oversight over the defence ministry.
      10. Military Performance Management
      – Army council and it’s sister arms councils
      – Army and other arms staff apprsisal processes and standards
      – Army and other sister arms Promotion examinations for groupings of officer ranks
      – Military internal investigations and discipline procedures
      – Court martial precesses.

      All these processes , standards and systems broke down.

      The woman who was standing up to things the former finance minister was rubbished by the generals deliberately allowing Boko to win a few battles very inexplicable, unbelievable battles.

      The rest was history as far as a strong MOF trying to stand up to corrupt people.

      I don’t want to be confrontational but all these fancy English and philosophy that you people are writing is just unfortunate. Nigeria is one of the few countries in the world with written down rules and regulations.

      For Christ sakes we actually have about four constitutions and at least one National conference.

      Generals are meant to think proactively plugging loopholes in defence architecture through anticipation and direct action.
      In this case the people did nothing .People drove the system into a state of emergency so that traditional controls were necessarily bypassed and they could make a killing.

      The rule of law was something that Yardaua started and it meant more than trying to protect people from justice. It meant protecting our institutions through compliance with standards. The high standards that we made for ourselves. The best standards in Procurement were put in place by the last administration but because there was weakness in the “people ” space nothing got done.
      I close with three words; People, Processes and Technology. Those are the three legs that institutions stand on.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James, running a country is a task of immense gravity. No military (or country) can be run on “gist”, you will always require well thought out “fancy English and philosophy” as backbone and as a final barrier to loopholes through which thieves creep. Robust controls cannot be bypassed with ease.

        You mentioned the “high standards we set for ourselves”. Please pardon me for being so frank, but what high standards? Nigeria’s systems always break down, because they are half baked. They all tend to look like something put together by roadside cobblers, without what you call “fancy English and philosophy”. Do you know that the words “mineral oil” and “natural gas” actually occur repeatedly in our constitution? Our constitution!
        It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. Now that oil and gas are out the window, what do we do? Quite obviously, our systems break down, not because any General lost their way, but because our “high standards” make losing ones way the path of least resistance. My Oga, “mineral oil” and “natural gas” mentioned repeatedly in a country’s constitution? Heheh! Tell me about “high standards”.

        The real reason why Nigeria’s systems lack “fancy English and philosophy”? …Because THEY ARE DESIGNED TO AID EASY THEFT. This deliberate design affects everything from military procurements to theft of local government monies.
        For these reasons, we must suspect anyone in government who says we should leave the faulty system in place (perhaps, for future “opportunities”), whilst hypocritically jailing offenders.

        Don’t feed me newspaper headlines. I say, change the system once and for all in parallel with trying and punishing the guilty.

        The whole thing seems like a never ending cycle; is there any Nigerian government that has jailed people for corruption that has not itself turned out to be corrupt? Lets ask ourselves why this is the case, especially now that the oil bonanza has come to a resounding halt. The time is now, to ask ourselves why this is so, before the next cash cow (VAT from Lagos ports) becomes the new reason for people to seek leadership. Without a change to the system, we will soon begin to see brand new corrupt institutions of all sorts springing up around the ports to add to the already frustrating levels of madness that exist in the country. Lets just make sure nobody manages to inject the words “Apapa ports” into any new constitution we might write like we have managed with “mineral oil” and “natural gas”.

        All successful nations have their systems protected manipulation (corruption) by “fancy English and philosophy”; so why should Nigeria want to remain a basket case and laughing stock?

      • Are James says:

        What I am suggesting is look at the PEOPLE side of things for a change.
        Stop mouthing off about PROCESSES and TECHNOLOGY side.
        I have made the effort to list all the processes and standards that were bypassed by these generals… some of the rules applying to the Nigeria Army are even twice Nigeria’s age in operation. It is a small problem really
        The joke is even when we have designed these your perfect systems that don’t ‘aid theft’ and don’t have ‘oil’ and ‘gas’ mentioned in the constitution, we must necessarily IMPORT new PEOPLE from abroad to run it.

        Let people get punished (very harshly) for transgressions, start coding proper behaviour /values into people from basic primary education. Use rewards and punishment to reward the right things in society and Nigeria will get strong and powerful and happy

  50. asorockweb says:

    This is interesting.
    I am just going to say that zachary999 (Oga Zachary,) has a spotless record on this site.

  51. solorex says:

    I talk am-nobody gree! Most of the time we are making ourselves happy here by thinking straight and in patriotic manner-but the fact wants to make you puke- Do you see why the erstwhile minister of finance says she doesn’t have a dime again for MOD or the War? I do not believe in all these weaponisation claims- If all allocations to defense were properly spent,by now only Egypt and Algeria go fit fear person! we watched the Tucano deal botched and several great for the moment deal botched (Pipavav OPV………..) now the “wind have blown and we have seen the ass of the fowl” look am yourself

    • Are James says:

      They rubbished that woman.
      In fact I am sorry I will reduce my communication on this corruption issue ..let the glib talkers be talking philosophy. God is looking at everybody. The truth has no respect and it comes out. Someone wants NigerIan to be perfect before we can defend punish thieves in our country and defend it.
      Is it Germany that is perfect?.
      As the US found its ‘soul’?.
      We are misusing good education. .all of us.

  52. doziex says:

    I have known this all along. As my postings indicates.

    As a result, I have been seething with anger for years now.

    I joined this blog in 2011, complaining about what unscrupulous members of another administration did to ecomog troops in Liberia and sierra leone.

    So when we came to the niger delta and BH, I could easily see that it was deja vu , all over again.

    I coined their theft on this blog as TREASONOUS.

    That is why I defended our mutineering troops, because they can’t possibly stand for treason before these thieving officials in and out of uniform.

    And I knew God would not hesitate to destroy a nation that can stomach such injustice.

    As Oga. Are james has said, every last thieving official must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    That is how we defeat corruption in nigeria.

    If we cuddle them, and sweep these TREASONOUS crimes under the rug, then corruption will surely kill Nigeria as PMB said.

    • Naijaseal says:

      You guys are still on this issue?

      @ Oga Beegs,

      Again, what is happening to your blog under YOUR watch is gradually destroying it.

      People should take their politiking elsewhere, no matter how DEFSEC smart they are.

      @Beegs, you have to bring things under control

      • doziex says:

        Yeah@naija deal run and go tell wing commander Hedima, and our other fallen heroes, that I am destroying this blog.

      • Are James says:

        Now you are trying to be cute.

        The thread that Beeg started was neutral enough. It was – “Options for the Weaponization of Gazelle Helicopters “.

        I just did a quick audit of the thread and your contribution has been near zero. You actually became active only when the “politics” started.

        The people who started the politics you have not called to order. You have only made one sided remarks so I think you need to honestly examine your own motives.

        I don’t know what you expect Beegeagle to do in this case . Topical issues are on the front burner. Front page news everywhere and all directly related to the points people were making.

        We can pretend that the news is not out there and I am quite ready to follow my younger friend debating National Conference as a solution to people stealing money. Maybe this blog becomes a social science theory site as well but I cannot pretend and I cannot avoid headline news, people’s comments to it and what my reaction would be to those comments.

      • Are James says:

        This is for @Naijaseal

    • Roy says:

      Spot on, Oga Doziex. And l still insist that the Government must be more creative in using the law to fight this corruption.

      And not just point fingers and proclaim people corrupt in the media.

      If we don’t insist on this, we Will miss a golden opportunity to fight corruption.

      God bless Nigeria

      • doziex says:

        Yeah bro the military itself convened a panel, and simply reviewed their procurement practices dating back to 2007.

        PMB then submitted the findings to EFCC. The executive will bring charges, and the accused will all have their day in court.

        This is 100% by the book.

        Pre trial publicity is part of the process, or do you want to muzzle the free press in a democracy ?

        These are fairly easy open and close cases. Our officials stole with impunity for years, which made them lazy thieves.

        On a different note, shame on any nigerian that would condone these actions because of ethnic or party affiliations.

        I would lock up every last igbo man, before I ‘ll let folks get away with this mess.

      • Naijaseal says:


        I have been mostly silent on the blog because of folks like you. You guys have essentially turned to rabid dogs, going after anyone that does not conform to your political opinions.

        I joined this blog because i am here to learn, and frankly speaking, your non DEFSEC contributions are VERY irritating.

        You are entitled to your political views and opinion, i am entitled to mine, but this platform was not created for airing political views, unless that has changed.

        Also, by hounding folks that disagree with your views and the politics of the current administration, you and your ilk are degrading the stand of this blog.

        I told myself i will not join issues with folks like you on ANY platform, i left Twitter exactly because of rabid pro APC folks like you.

        Finally, it might do you well to realise that we all love our country and want to see it progress, your condescending pedestrian attacks against those that do not conform to your narrow definition of patriotism will not change it.

        This is the last time i will join issues with you and your cohort on this blog

      • Are James says:

        Okay so you just confirmed your lack of neutrality. The sentiments are now coming to the surface. I have supported the trial of a few generals not the PDP. There is actually nothing political in my ravings against graft.There are very many corrupt people in the APC as well. Some of the generals under investigation might be acrually have been APC supporters. Why the war against corruption goads you guys so much would be a study in social psychology . People are losing their minds in this country.
        It would actually be a sad day for you when corrupt generals go to prison. Smh

      • Are James says:

        One important thing for people who believe in the rule of law is that the individual has the right to sue for damages against any institution making false accusations against him or her so EFCC could be put in check this way.
        All based on the Rule Of Law.
        However what we are seeing is a shameful quiet. Reputations are being dragged in the mud yet those “reputations” are keeping quiet and enduring the mud. This is very curious and not to say the least, suspicious

  53. joweezee says:

    Have anyone seen this.


  54. eyimola says:

    The BEEGEAGLE that I met online before this blog was setup understands that stealing military funds is a major national security Issue.

  55. Deway says:

    Next is MOD, Police, NIMASA and Navy. Isnt amazing that the military are their own worst enemies? They screamed: we want to buy our equipment ourselves. They get the money, they steal it dry and go about buying houses and accuse soldiers of mutiny. One that should be probed though I know the president’s team wont get there is the Customs. Corruption stinks to high heavens over there. A very silent but deadly corrupt agency I personally know about and no one talks about is the FEDERAL FIRE SERVICE. The deals gping on there are shocking!!! Since bloggers say Aso rock ress this blog, i hope they put these into consideration.

  56. jimmy says:

    BEEGS never changed who he is
    @ Naijaseal @ Igbi
    Keeping living in a fantasy world it is very soothing because it never faces reality. oga henry posted a tribute to a seaman (sbs) who died because while on patrol he stepped on a mine in an area that should of been cleared if we had minesweepers or 1000+ MRAPS
    we who tell the truth have seen dead pictures of Nigerian Soldiers
    Sleep fitfully @ Night while our brother go on night patrol @ 2.AM. IN THE morning because boko haram loves to attack then because the money that should of been used to buy Several FLIR all weather HELIOS was stolen
    Amosun the former CAS is from Lagos as I am if he is found to be complicit in buying nonexistent AIRCRAFT equipment and he has property in ABUJA THAT IS NOT COMMESURATE WITH HIS salary may the blood of the soldiers who had to use whatsapp inthe horrible days of 2014/2015 be on his head.
    The blindness you exhibit sometimes is astounding it is not a pdp or an apc thing it is a stealing thing in which Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Ijaw , Efik men and women hhave all died because some of them were issued weapons that were just not up to stuff
    Were you to be in charge of $2b and not buy state of the art radios for your Children engaged in a firefight? in Gwoza? Mubi, damboa? or do these places not exist?
    Would you have $2b in your pocket with the power to dispense it as you see fit and buy a second vehicles for your son?
    The IGIRIGI has proved itself in battle it is made in NIGERIA …… and yet we stopped producing it for the Nigerian Army …… but it is now good enough to be exported to Libya…… and only now is an apc train assembly going to be implemented.
    I have seen bullet riddled thin skinned Toyota hilux and we were still buying this piece of ***** up .
    till 2015 before we became alert to buying the Toyota landcruiser.something beegs cried about
    I have dead pictures of Nigerian Soldiers bunched together indicating they were not running.
    Ask yourself seriously are we all mad? and you are the only sane person on this blog?
    Perhaps DOZIEX , AREJAMES, HENRY, ROSCOE JIMMY, XNURR44 , EYIMOLA OLA , AUGUSTINE, & PECCAVI all of us are lying ( including Beegs) everything is just fine, in fact i daresay since quite a few of the NAF officers are or Yoruba ethnicity PMB must have it in for” my people”
    THE NAF has state -of -the -art -aircraft
    there is witch hunt going on , the NAF has mi35, su27,su 30,, su34
    The NA bought T90 TANKS brand new.
    Madam NOI who was very reluctant to give these so called GENERALS has now been vindicated.
    Before you sleep at night ask yourself one very important question why is it that the NA AND THE NAF ALWAYS buy second hand equipment for their soldiers, ON A CONSISTENT BASIS
    The NN are the best equipped and most transparent of all three we know what the NAVY is going to buy, when they are going to buy it if given the money it just gets done no sob story, since they resolved to be a professional Navy they have done their best.
    MAY GOD BLESS Nigeria
    and I pray with with everything that is within me that you never ever experience 10% of what the average Nigerian Soldier experienced from 2013- q12015..

    Evil can only exists when good men keep quiet.

    • saleh says:

      Thank you Oga Jimmy, your comment just made my day, folks were accused of stealing and they never complained or sued for defamation. Others are busy crying for them based on funny sentiments. For your information funds were stolen not only from arms allocation but also from operational allowances of troops in the front line. people stole and good men died. Igbi and co need to have a one on one chat with good men in the front .

  57. jimmy says:

    * typo error
    * I have SEEN dead pictures of Nigerian Soldiers.*

    • Are James says:

      Thank you very very much for this.
      “Guy man” is from the SW and “Uncle” by the way is from the state worst hit by Boko Haram.
      For the record, no SE general is involved.
      Thank God for that at least.

      Some of Uncle’s extended family members were victims of Boko Haram and he actually lost personal property to the insurgents at some point.

      Now think about the nature of that person that forgets all that and loses himself in the headiness of power, mobey and the posh, swanky hotels negotiating corrupt deals with faceless Israeli and East European middle men to rip off his own country and prolong a war waged against his own people unnecessarIly.

      Dwell a little bit more on this and if you still think a million national conferences will cure that kind ‘spiritual ‘ disease then I have lost hope.

      People abused trust because they were not worthy of the plastic seats of power and authority they were occupying. They were all lucky guys riding on a jackpot without any real profundity or deep thought about anything.

      That big uncle made a fool of his country on Chibok girls, embarrassed his CIC in front of Niger, Cameroon and Chadian armies declaring a foolish fake ceasefire and for some reason the CIC who never led anything in his life still kept him on seat.

      Jokers they were, right down to all the service chiefs – sanguine mediocrity mixed with lots of corruption.

      Our problem was always a PEOPLE problem.

      Let them all be put under arrest immediately, afterall they are all automatic members of the military reserves. Why are we not seeing some handcuffs and leg irons yet?. There should be a court martial or war crimes tribunal. This is more than stealing. It is sabotage.

    • gbash10 says:

      @Igbi, your behaviour points to the fact that you are a small, disrespectful boy – a nuisance.

      @All the Chinkos are in TAC. I wonder what they are doing here again. Your guess is as good as mine!

      • Are James says:

        CH3 or CH4 drones?
        NVG and other upgrades on F7?
        Maybe even pre-work on JF 17?
        Maybe the J10 aircraft?.

        The last one is most improbable.

      • Are James says:

        Nigeria needs 50 CH4 drones with their missiles for its COIN campaign. We can deny Boko any format of ground movement of we have this. The procurement could be phased for cash flow management purposes. It is not cost effective anymore to be killing Bokos with any flying asset more expensive than 1 million.

        Our planned 4/4.5 Gen airforce should be for territorial defence and air superiority.

  58. Augustine says:

    Audit committee on procurement of arms and equipment in the Armed Forces and Defence sector from 2007 to 2015, updates it’s figures :

    “The total budget for procuring arms for the military within the period 2007 to 2015 according to the Federal Government, is $ 8.35 billion.”

    Source : Punch News January 16, 2016.

    Any idea what Nigerian armed forces weapons/equipment arsenal should look like today after over $8 billion was ‘spent’ on procurement alone?

  59. beegeagle says:

    Igbi, so you think calling me a political opportunist would make me justify myself to a decided guttersnipe? What do you know about consistency? You who defended the NA against all charges, real and imagined, under GEJ and are now slagging them off over the Shiite affair in Zaria because we have a new President who you do not approve of? Is your loyalty to the nation or to individuals?

    You know so much about ethics but are the resident troll in here who is incapable of communicating with any measure of civility? You exude the vibes of an unruly, wild and emotionally insecure goon – too touchy and sensitive to be described as anything else.

    If you want to leave, I would be thrilled to have you LEAVE TWICE and farewell in perpetuity as you do. I don’t bloody need any part of your trifling, infantile essence around here. My abiding wish is actually to see you go away from here FINALLY because your absolute intolerance of anything which is out of sync with whatever you hold dear is profoundly sickening and nearly sociopathic.

    If you post any rubbish here again, you know what follows. So waste your time if you will.

  60. beegeagle says:

    Naijaseal, I appreciate your mature communication and concerns. Sorry if you are unhappy here.

    Fact is, sometimes I do not get to look in here for four days. It shows that my interest has waned and you can see that I am not a regular commenter as was the case before. After so many low blows, a man cannot be blamed for seemingly losing interest in a fight.

    Bear with me. I am just not here like it used to be.

    • Naijaseal says:

      @Oga Beegs,

      Thank you for your comment. You have consistently done a great job on this blog for our Fatherland; i salute you sir.

      If everyone was as apolitical as you were, we would not be having this discussion.

      Thank you and have a great weekend.

  61. Kay says:

    All this ‘snarkiness’. Whose side are you all on, the soldiers on the battlefield or the politicians? The last administration failed woefully on this part and rightfully getting flak for it. If the new government fails to correct it, they too would get it.
    I don’t get how after all this years you’ll find people supporting bunch of same politi-psychos whose party members would probably be the ones to block laws that can put away such looters for very long or commensurate life sentences.

  62. beegeagle says:


    The 36D6 radar system is highly effective in detecting low. medium and high altitude targets, moving in wide speed range, including winged missiles with RCS equal to 0,1 m. The 36D6 is used in the structure of the air defence units as follows; independently, as an observation and air detection post; as part of computer-aided control systems;as part of antiaircraft guided missile complex C-300 PMU, where it is used as a reconnaissance and targeting system.

    The 36D6 is a highly mobile radar system due to fast changeover from travel position to fire position and vice versa. Additionally,the station is equipped with a girocompass to provide self-orientation. The radar system itself and the power station (version without tower) arc transported only by 2 automobiles KRAZ-type.

    The antenna system of the 36D6 can be installed on tower 40B6M1 with phase zone centers removed at a height of 23m which greatly improves technical characteristics of the system.

    The radar system features a high interference immunity under active and passive jamming conditions and self-guided projectile protection .

    RANGE 150km

    * Said to be the target acquisition radar on the fearsome and formidable S300 PMU

    The first really contemporary thing we have done in this critically corrupt country for a long time – buying a US$6m asset for US$33m??

    Anyway, it would be nice to have these stationed at Maiduguri, Nguru, Kano, Katsina, Sokoto, Kainji, Saki, Ilaro, Badagry, Okitipupa, Escravos, Brass, Onne, Calabar, Obudu, Wukari, Serti, Yola and Mubi for total national coverage. That would be a truly formidable nationwide radar network across our flanks for US$120m. Complement those with any modern missile which hits Mach 4 and can strike targets at 60,000 feet and very few would dare to try

    Gbash10, Ifiok and Agostinho, how una see am?

    • asorockweb says:

      It lacks IFF (Identify, Friend or Foe). Which at the moment, means it can only be used for observation. Unless we are willing to shoot down civilian or friendly aircraft – think flight MH-17 over Ukraine.

      If we can’t retrofit IFF capability unto the “36D6” system, Nigeria will not use the radar systems that cost $33m, instead of $6m.

      • Are James says:

        This IFF. Is it a hardware that you add or some software patch that you run on the system and update regularly. Is it something all friendlies have to carry on them?
        I don’t know, that is why I am asking?.

      • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identification_friend_or_foe

        To me it appears that it requires both hardware and software additions to both d aircraft and the radar systems Its a secondary radar the sends a coded enquiry to aircraft and then the aircraft responds via a coded msg. So the aircraft requires a transponder. However a lack of response does not make d aircraft automatically Foe. So it’s nt an absolute system.
        My deductions from the link above

      • asorockweb says:

        It’s just a way for a targeting system to know if the object being tracked is hostile or unknown, civilian or friendly. It uses a bi-directional challenge response system. I believe someone has posted a wiki link.

    • I have Been clamouring for this for a while, good to know we hv done something abt radar coverage. Even if the it can only observe and nt defend yet. One day we’ll start to do thing totally right. Right system at the right price, with the right accessories and with tech transfer terms. God Bless Nigeria

    • gbash10 says:

      @Gen. BEEG,in as much as we will be celebrating the acquisition of the Soviet made 36D6 Tin shield mobile search radar that we never had, it is an obsolete system acquired by our corrupt military officers. This system should not have a place in the 21st Century Air Defence Capabilities of Nigeria.
      There are state-of-the-art AESA(Active Electronically Steered Array) mobile search radars such as the Israeli built Green Pin Surveillance radar and the Russian built VHF Counter Stealth Search radar, NEBO(has a range of about 600km) and some Chinese search radars as well.
      Most of the
      search radars in operations now are the post Gulf War products, highly mobile, with low probability of intercept,less stow time, counter stealth ( L-band),long ranging, multiple tracking of air targets,low side lobe emission of energy, narrow main lobe,high speed digital information processing etc.
      The enemies will just pick their dossier of Jamming Soviet made radars from the West to cross reference, and we are toss.
      We should always buy latest tech weapons from the East or Israel, maga ya kere!
      It is only in Nigeria that this tech stuff are taken a as top secret, every thing is online,we must not be in the military before we know,we are not in the colonial or post independence era again, if you buy fake we go expose you,tokunbo nko,we go expose you, if you inflate the market price,we will still expose you, if you buy the correct capability, men !!we go hail our country Nigeria.

  63. russellinfinity says:

    @sir Are James
    The IFF transponder can be added as an upgrade.

    However the level of corruption being revealed so far(if proven true) is just mind blowing sickening and should ideally attract the capital punishment.

    What is it with our public officials that they steal without conscience? Such mind boggling amounts enough to outlast more than 10 generations.

    In my years of existence, this is the only territory in the universe where funds are stolen brazenly, in unfathomable amounts, stashed abroad and used for outlandish lifestyles (for Pete’s sake, why not reinvest such funds in businesses and generate employment in your home country!)

    This is not corruption. A new word should coined by lexicographers for this in humane act. I just hope this hurricane blows and destroys all affected regardless of tribe, position or party affiliation.

    Capital punishment is a must for this Scotched earth, demonic and para normal variant of corruption.

    • chynedoo says:

      It is called Kleptomania. When you add megalomania to it, you get a typical Nigerian official!
      I think these Nigerian officials need psychiatric evaluation….these thing we call corruption in Nigeria has gone beyond mere corruption. Anyone who creams off 100% per cent off funds meant to save the lives of his own people, his friends, his family, his community, people he trained with, drink with, people he laughs and fights with, his comrades, his peers…anyone who betrays the trust of his own conscience, that person is no longer mentally ok…
      If in doubt, ask a clinical psychologist

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Capital punishment did not stop coup plotters in the past and will not stop theft today. I will keep repeating that the problem is the system.
      Until we fix it, we will keep the merry-go-round of catching thieves and shouting “hurrah” going.

  64. abduleez says:

    @ oga Are james, same here with the IFF thing… how do u identify friendlies without visual contact?? For example, both Nigeria & Chad possess Mig-21. A Mig-21 approaches our airspace, radar picks it up. How do we know its our aircraft coming from a bombing run at the Sahelian fringes or an aggressor??

    I have been trying to fully understand how radars do the IFF thingy but haven’t had ample time to research on it.

    • Are James says:

      If it is a transponder to be carried by friendlies, then the IFF may actually be a separate system that you buy outside the Tinshied Radar Package and implement separately for all aircraft in your fleet.
      So maybe we withdraw the blame going to NAF on this.

      It is however probable that this system had its own IFF system that we should have bought but did not thereby losing the opportunity to acquire and scale up to the entire NAF aircraft fleet. If that is the case then double blame for paying double price without a key system component.

      In any case there is always manual IFF when the hostilities are not at a high enough tech level.
      You could always radio for confirmation – “identify yourself or get shot down” or ask your commander nervously;…” sir, did we send something up that is travelling at Mach 2 and supposed to be heading from N’Djamena towards Abuja?”. Stupid question but we just called it a manual system.
      If the hostilities are high tech enough , you don’t get even the chance to radio and the Mach 2 plane has already taken out Aso Rock. So IFF is useful for quick engagement of airspace threats.
      For complex air operations involving multiple nationalities’ aircraft like NATO in Libya, it is is vital.

  65. lachit says:

    who said that the 36D6 does not have IFF?
    even the legacy 36D6 had IFF from the soviet union days .

    the 36D6 three-dimensional air surveillance radar system posted by beegeagle is surely the
    36D6-M variant which carries out initial airspace scanning, performs friend-or-foe identification, discriminates the higher threats, carries out automatic tracking of detected targets, provides target data generation for air defence weapons or anti-aircraft guided missile control systems, and, if required, it can operate as an autonomous control post. plus do the duties of air traffic control – commercial as well as military

    and which can be further upgraded if not already present to IFF equipment complying with NATO standards (MK-X, MK-XII).

    • Are James says:

      Okay. The English language has many versions.
      What @asorockweb was saying is different from what you are explaining here. Of course the system is pre- built with IFF capability. We should however not dwell too much on this due to the information classification and other national security concerns.
      If we tell you any more we would have to kill you immediately and you are too far away to do that.

      • lachit says:

        ok totally confused about the secrecy
        just one question
        was this radar made in Nigeria
        or was it imported

        and no need to kill me
        or maybe u tell me the secret and then send in the hottest Nigerian female assassin to kill me , that way u will get invited to my childrens birthday party in the future lolzzz 😀 😀


        why so gloomy man . ur doing a good job cheer up

      • lachit says:

        sorry I almost forgot that I was reprimanded for posting jokes,

        since I cannot delete it so @arejames i give u the options if u want u can send in the hottest Israeli , Russian , Japanese , Pakistani female assassins one by one though . u will sure get invited to all my children birthday’s , my marriage anniversaries , multiple funerals 😀 etc

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga lachit,

      The article that said we bought the 36D6 at 5 times the price, states that it didn’t come with a suitable IFF.

      The older, now retired, Buk missile system that brought down the MH-17 airliner also didn’t have a suitable IFF system (the current version of the Buk missile system does)

    • solorex says:

      IFF itself is not a software or hardware- its a integrated authentication system whereby a military identifies its own aircraft- IFF cannot identify an enemy Aircraft ( except a very dumb one). IFF works like this- an aircraft or ground stations sees an aircraft on its radar and is not sure of its identity- its squeaks out IFF codes that request the aircraft to identify itself- it can return an known ID ( for a friendly military/civilian-you always know your friends), an unknown ID ( which does not necessarily means its an enemy-could simply mean a lost guy) or simply nothing ( which is a very complicated case). Implementation is diverse-requiring both software and hardware. The concept of IFF Authentication is also different in a highly network-centric environment (similar to what NATO is building) where everybody sees every friend and knows every friend by default and threats are automatically assessed via radar signature,history and behavior-no body needs to ask you who you are.

      in the case of Nigeria- i suspect that we must have procured from refurbished stocks fit for air history training school or bought second hand “as it is where it is”-just the way we bought the Alpha jets.

  66. doziex says:

    I am regaining my sanity slowly but surely.

    I have been seeing red for like 2 years now. And I have been wondering what had my fellow Country men preoccupied.

    Well we didn’t scream loud enough, so folks didn’t just know.

    But in the past day or so, I have started to see comments in different forums and media that mirrors my frustration and outrage.

    Oh men, Nigerians are going to blow their tops once they realize the extent of this betrayal of trust.

    This is why I never liked produce my own wish list of su 30 jets and mi-28 helicopters, I didn’t even bother reading the ones others produced, cause I knew the dream killers we had in our leadership, defsec or otherwise would never let it happen.

    I just had to envy Ogas lachit and Bharat knowing that their own dreams for India was based in reality and mine for nigeria was being squandered into an endless fantasy.

    • lachit says:

      lolzz later I will tell u a story which might put things in a different perspective for u/all.
      till then have a beer or 2 with gf sabe 😀

  67. doziex says:

    Oh o! Amisom is really being tested by al shabab , the way BH tested NA last year.

    Overrunning bases, 80 UPDF, 60 kdf KIA in one attack.

    Wow, we better beef up our tiny police units in Somalia, or get them outta harms way.

    • asorockweb says:

      140 KIA in 1 battle is a catastrophic defeat in the modern battlefield.

      Al-Shabaab has switched back from administrators of land and collectors of taxes, to insurgents.

      If the Saudi-powered chaos in Yemen continues, more Kenyans and Ugandans will die, and in large numbers.

      Meanwhile, a Somali army contingent is fighting in Yemen, while KDF & UPDF troopers die in Somalia.

      • doziex says:

        Chief sorry, my info is slightly misleading. The UPDF KIA s were in a different attack late last year.
        But you are right, the chaos in Yemen seems to have rejuvenated al shabab.

        Burundi and UPDF have been taking mass casualties for some time now, but this seems to be the 1st big one for KDF.

        Shabab is saying 63 KIA , 30 military vehicles destroyed or captured, then prisoners.

        And you know they are going to have it on YouTube shortly.

      • asorockweb says:

        Ok, thanks. I took my eye off Somalia for awhile.

        It’s time for a large army to move in and pacify the whole country.

  68. jimmy says:

    THE NPF needs to be extremely careful in Somalia right now, AL SHABBAB unfortunately scored a propaganda coup, my heart and prayers goes out to the KDF soldiers who were captured.
    i however do not want to get to involved because there are a lot of Nigerian defence related issues
    GOVT TOMPOLO I honestly do not know what to believe is it you ?or is it not you? or is ityour boys?. Speculation is heavy that it is your nephew leading these attacks a charge you have repeatedly denied this is what is evident on the ground , Pipelines are being sabotaged and flow stations are being blown up.
    This is a different political landscape for both parties but Political, Military and family relationships are very different
    Family relationships : : With Family members openly calling for his arrests the power he once wielded are not the same, with GOVT TOMPOLO openly talking about his enemies, on the Military side it is very important they do not alienate the people of GBAMATURU (SP?) kingdom or they will galvanize behind their problematic son, there is no GEJ to act as intermediary and it seems like unfortunately the hardliners ( CNS) and TOMPOLO will have their way, some people will say this is a long time coming, i hope for the sake of peace it does not resort to this.
    I hpe the former Mend leaders , BOYFACE , Farah Dangogo ( SP?) will talk some sense into Tompolo lest he end up like John Togo.
    Finally it looks like it is beginning to sink in OGA DOZIEX The armed forces are also going to set up not just a board of inquiry but what might eventually amount to the Court martial and prosecution for the first time in Nigeria’s History of a recently retired CDS and several retired / still serving AVMs which will be unprecedented, i look forward to Monday, like you I am still very cynical but Monday is 24 hours away in the literal translation of MKO’S middle name ” Kashimawo” ( TRANSLATION : LET US WAIT AND SEE).

  69. jimmy says:

    * & Tom Ateke

    • Are James says:

      Tom Polo and his boys are not the one bombing I think. To be honest and this is just my theory, i actually suspect ND elements close to the rulling party side i lighting up fuses in the area. Just my theory.
      A lot of online social media and blogs are just adding to the confusion attributing statements to Tom Polo that everyone knows he does not even have the articulation in English language to make. He also has some funny legal representatives who are getting ahead of themselves issuing statements on his behalf that they know the guy did not make.

      For some political actors down there though this is a good time to get TP out of the way or at least get the President to do something in anger like a massive clampdown or cancellotion of the amnesty program stipends.

      What the FG is doing right – secret disarming of Niger Delta communities is good but it is going to take months and needs to be more resourced – a complete brigade with an implementation schedule.
      Years ago I used to know of a community in the now Bayelsa State with a 300metre trench filled with Ak 47 rifles and pump action shot guns. They also called a place their “shrine” and in there was another heap of weapons in the hundreds. That is situation is not a good mixture with unemployed youths, no electricity and cheap drugs.

  70. jimmy says:

    The broader implication of this is the last three serving CAS (BADEH), (AMOSUN) and (UMAR) have been recommended for prosecution.
    Conclusion: The new CAS according OGA ZACH is a God fearing man of high moral standards he is going to need every bit of it to get the NAF back to it’s once lofty standards.

    • Are James says:

      This was never an EFCC matter in the first place. The implications of the alleged actions bordered on sabotage because there was (is) a war ongoing.
      This was actually worse than spying first Boko Haram.

      • doziex says:

        Vindication at last.

        Since we don’t revisit past threads, no one will remember our past entries.

        I wonder if one searches the word treason or TREASONOUS, what buried threads might come up.

    • doziex says:

      Oh happy day, Oh happy day lah lah la la ……. That’s me singing, one in spirit with our hero’s in the north east.

      SOJA, CJTF and the innocent.

      I beg my brothers for delta, no go die for thief O no matter the personality.
      Let them have their day in court.

      As 4 my igbo brothers, corruption has done nigeria way more damage, than any perceived marginalization.

      Let’s all be determined to crush corruption in all its forms.

      When justice reigns in nigeria, even the looters of the 70s,80s and 90s will be brought to account.

      • colloid says:

        Can we please have some sanity on this blog? All the Politicians on this blog should please look for a foam and pillow to sleep on, the noise is becoming too much. Haba!!!

        On the other hand, Politics is part of Security. If we don’t talk about it, who will? Let’s expressexpress our minds without coercing or trying to suppress other’s people Moreover, let’s respect the sanity and aim of the blog and the owner. Oga Igbi, you are back from yourself-imposed exile. And pls, try to comment with maturity and in maturity.


  71. doziex says:

    aye , aye , sir.
    I think I am done emoting .
    I Will just sit down with my popcorn, and what justice take its course.

    Yeah man.
    Justice for the I’ll equipped ecomog soldiers that got ambushed as they advanced into rural sierra leone in buses. Not even hiluxes, buses.

    Justice for those flown back into nigeria but where hidden away from the press, with out treatment on somebody’s orders.

    Justice for those who were decimated in baga because of no air cover which is directly related to the current intrigue of over pricing attack helicopters, and then not even delivering a functional product.

    Forget me, it’s the blood off these nameless grunts that is crying out for justice.
    For those responsible for their preventable deaths to be brought to account.

  72. Augustine says:

    Oga Beegeagle shaun sir ! The Tin Shield radars we bought needs to be observed from different angles so we can get a clear picture of what is going on.

    = Oga Zacharry99 said last year in a low voice, that obsolete Soviet era radars were recently acquired for NAF. However, their state of obsolescence is unknown to people like us, as we do not have the data specifications of the variant acquired or any upgrades.

    = Are the NAF 36D6 Tin Shield radars brand new or second hand?

    = How many units were purchased? (I ignore the pricing fraud allegations, looking now at battlefield operation)

    = Are the radars in good working condition for the war zone? (I choose to ignore the alleged missing IFF hardware)

    = What model or variants did we purchase? Tin Shield has many variants with various different capabilities and over 1,000 units exist all over the world.

    = Russia has actually replaced the Tin Shield radar with the more modern Cheese Board radar.

    = What is their date or year of manufacture, how old or new are these radars?

    = Proper air bases like Maiduguri, or Makurdi will have fixed radars.

    = The Tin Shield is purchased because Nigeria is at war, or else MoD will never think of it as an asset to be acquired. Circumstances of Boko Haram forced its acquisition.

    = Forced, because if you don’t have them at air force FOB, you cannot do airspace management and air traffic control then you risk mid air collisions, taxing collision on runways, etc.

    = Generally, these are mobile battlefield FOB radars meant to be used far away from main air bases. Like those dusty air fields we see in NE where NAF Pumas and Hinds operate, those are Forward Air Bases, and are better when the runway is dust free and lightly tarred with asphalt to preserve the useful life and daily operability/serviceability of all fixed or rotary wing aircraft, I will expect NAF Super Mushaks to execute armed recce and armed close air support on such makeshift air fields to back up the tokunbo Mi-35 that have epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease from their old age despite the repainting and cosmetic make up given to them at a military workshop beauty salon.

    = Airspace management, remember the USA asked Russia to come for a meeting over the issue of airspace management in Syria, without these radars, there will be air borne disasters of friendly fire, accidental fire, operational confusion/mission errors, and mid-air collisions or near misses.

    = Such radars are sometimes a type used for the air defence battery of medium/long range anti-aircraft missiles which usually have separate pieces of search/track radar vehicle, a fire control/missile guidance radar vehicle, command and control post vehicle, and one or more missile launcher vehicles.

    = The need was not for IFF since Bokos have no air force, but that was a careless decision because Nigeria could have conventional war tomorrow, so no means of identifying friend or foe by NAF Tin Shield radars?

    Careless thinking, Chadian Mi-171 armed helicopters were flying combat sorties inside Nigerian airspace during the final offensive early 2015.

    Also, under MJNTF agreement, Chad, Cameroon, etc can fly air support sorties for their MJNTF troops anytime anywhere withing the kilometer limits of the MJNTF ops as agreed in the MoU. So why dont NAF need IFF hardware on our Tin Shield radars?

    = These mobile radars are not meant for nationwide total radar coverage, they are basically medium/long range tactical field radars.

    The job of total radar coverage for a nation is better done with fixed but movable static radars that have superior range of about 500 km each unit. The Tin Shield range at 150 km each unit will require too many units to do the job and their power is less than the heavy duty 500 km range radars.

    = What happened to Nigerian army’s two vehicles of RASIT ground surveillance radars acquired in the 1980s, are they dead or alive? They track ground and air targets up to 40 km range.

    = I would have preferred NAF got brand new modern PESA radars with dual operational capabilities for both ground and air search/scan/track operations up to a 200 km range, mobile and vehicle mounted on all terrain 8×8 wheel lorries for rapid deployment anywhere needed. Minimum, NA should have 2 units for battlefield surveillance and air defence, NAF 2 units for airspace management/air traffic control and air defence. China and Russia have such modern radars we can buy.

    At 150km range, these tactical radars do not give you enough warning time to scramble jet fighter interceptors after you identify foes airborne, but gives some 3 minutes to prepare Roland SAM and Type 90 AAA or Shilka AAA for air base/army field air defence against enemy aircraft.

    Manufacturer claims the Tin Shield can detect targets up to 175 km range.

    Tin Shield IFF is integrated by manufacturer into the radar, so I don’t know how Nigeria’s radar IFF was removed….bush rats chop am for night ?

    = Nigerian Roland missiles are now over 30 years old, will those aged missiles work today?

    = In conclusion, facts and specs as well as operational condition/field deployment serviceability of the NAF Tin Shield radars remain unpublished for public information, details are UNKNOWN.

  73. Kola Adekola says:

    Radar systems bought without IFF is expected. IFF codes are cryptographic and secret; we can’t have Russian IFF or NATO IFF – it isn’t something that’s standardised as things are on civilian aircraft.

    If Nigeria wants IFF, then we have to set up our own crypto and electronic teams, not blame the radar system which seems a pretty decent purchase.

    • Are James says:

      Same thing I thought. It is an act that defeats purpose when you buy IFF from a vendor . Then you don’t really have IFF because the codes can be stolen. Indeed advanced super computer based EW systems should be able to spoof majority of IFFs anyway. So if you are defending against an advanced country, just blast away after making sure you don’t have anything in the air.

    • lachit says:

      @Kola Adekola are james

      right now I am in tears. 😀

      it seems pretty clear nobody reads my posts. 😀

      I had posted many posts on source code, object code , software defined modules (interface ) and corresponding hardware. implementation of these basic fundas are same everywhere.

      “Radar systems bought without IFF is expected”
      totally wrong

      IFF hardware from single or multiple vendors are operated my many countries.
      so u al r telling that these countries r not concerned about secrecy.

      *********************IIF for easy understanding**************************

      Modern IFF is a two-channel system, with one frequency (1030 megahertz) used for the interrogating signals and another (1090 megahertz) for the reply. The system is further broken down into four modes of operation, two for both military and civilian aircraft and two strictly for military use.

      Each mode of operation elicits a specific type of information from the aircraft that is being challenged.

      Mode 1, which has 64 reply codes, is used in military air traffic control to determine what type of aircraft is answering or what type of mission it is on.

      Mode 2, also only for military use, requests the “tail number” that identifies a particular aircraft. There are 4096 possible reply codes in this mode.

      Mode 3/A is the standard air traffic control mode. It is used internationally, in conjunction with the automatic altitude reporting mode (Mode C), to provide positive control of all aircraft flying under instrument flight rules. Such aircraft are assigned unique mode 3/A codes by the airport departure controller. General aviation aircraft flying under visual flight rules are not under constant positive control, and such aircraft use a common Mode 3/A code of 1200. In either case, the assigned code number is manually entered into the transponder control unit by the pilot or a crew member.

      Altitude information is provided to the transponder by the aircraft’s air data computer in increments of 100 feet. When interrogated in Mode C, the transponder automatically replies with the aircraft altitude. FAA ground interrogators normally interlace modes by alternately sending Mode 3/A and Mode C challenges thus receiving continuous identity and altitude data from the controlled aircraft.

      In dense terminal areas, that is, where many aircraft are flying in a small area, the pilot may be asked to “Squawk I/P.” The pilot then presses the I/P switch on the transponder which shows up as a unique display and helps pinpoint the aircraft’s exact position. Specific Mode 3/A code are reserved to signify aircraft emergencies and radio failures.

      The code signal sent by the interrogator system consists of two pulses spaced at a precisely defined interval. (A third pulse that has nothing to do with the coding of the query is actually used for interference suppression reasons.) In Mode 1, the interval between the first and last pulse is 3 microseconds; in Mode 2, it is five microseconds; in Mode 3/A, it is eight microseconds; and, in Mode C, it is 21 microseconds. The airborne transponder contains circuitry that discriminates between these various timings and automatically sends back the desired reply.

      The transponder replies are also in the form of a pulse, though in this case, there are 12 information pulses that are digitally coded as “ones” and “zeros.” The total number of reply code combinations therefore, is 4,096. The reply codes are entered by means of four code wheels on the transponder control unit. The reply pulses generated by the transponder are decoded by the interrogating system and are typically displayed as needed on the primary radar scope near the blip that represents the aircraft that has been challenged. Thus, the aircraft controller can monitor the track of each aircraft through his zone and know its identity, altitude and position at all times.

      In the IFF system, the beam of interrogation signals sweeps the horizon in synchronism with the primary radar beam and all aircraft transponders that are reached by that beam are triggered to respond whether they are of immediate interest to the air controllers or not.

      **************now the answer to @Kola Adekola are james***********************

      cryptographic modes of operation for IFF

      primary job of IFF systems is to identify friendly forces in a battlefield environment. For that reason, it is essential that hostile forces not be able to use the system to identify themselves as friendly even if the physical IFF equipment should fall into their hands.

      therefore the secure mode is used exclusively for military purposes. This mode uses a very long challenge word which contains a preamble that tells the transponder it is about to receive a secure message. The challenge itself is encrypted at the interrogator by a separate device that uses various mathematical algorithms to put it in a secure form. The transponder routes the ensuing challenge to a separate device that uses the inverse algorithms to decode the challenge. In effect, each challenge is telling the transponder to respond in a certain way. If the transponder cannot decipher the challenge, it will not be able to respond in the proper way and thus will not be identified as a friend.

      To prevent unauthorized use of either the interrogation equipment or the transponders if they should fall into hostile hands, a key code must be periodically entered into each device. To eliminate the chance of a random guess by a hostile target corresponding with the proper response, each identification consists of a rapid series of challenges each requiring a different response that must be correct before the target is confirmed as a friend. A very high degree of security to the identification system is ensured through the use of key codes and powerful cryptographic techniques.

      all these is done by the software portion whose object codes provided by the vendor (makes it 100 % secure ) or even the source codes (makes it 200 % secure ) which can / are provided to the customer when they buy a IFF system.
      then the customer can then use his own set of cryptographic keys / message authentication codes (done when object codes only available) or use his own set of cryptographic keys / message authentication codes together with his own indigenously designed and implemented cryptosystem coded into the imported IFF software defined module (done when source codes available).

      only one country US will be available to break it , but that too is not guaranteed , simply not worth the effort, countries with relevant software skills will simply change the crypto algorithm , if breach is detected, thus spoiling all the previous effort.

      in 4-5 years implementation of cryptographic algorithms based on QUANTUM MECHANICS will make it impossible to beach the security . infact it has already been done/implemented first time by an Indian working in USA. talk about brain drain .

      now I hope u will not make me shed more tears. 😀

      on a side note I think this thread is jinxed better to start a new thread.

  74. lachit says:

    Universal Mode 4 IFF crypto computer

    Mode 5 military Transponders

    Mode 5 military Interrogators

  75. lachit says:

    Universal Mode 4 IFF crypto computer

  76. lachit says:

    Mode 5 military Transponders

  77. lachit says:

    Mode 5 military Interrogators

  78. lachit says:


    see the square rectangle block on top of 36d6 radar it is a third party IFF installation

    • beegeagle says:

      I just got told that the 36D6 radar has been deployed in the field and was told precisely where that is. With some luck, you guys might be able to see it using your regular tools.

      So the matter is rested. It is in Nigeria, fully functional and deployed.

  79. Are James says:

    And that is all we are going to tell @lachit.
    Matter is rested. LOL

    • lachit says:

      on the funny side u repeatedly make me sound like a top flight espionage agent 😀 prowling on beegeagles blog 😀 ,
      like a KATSA operative of the MOSSAD. ( not that I mind 😀 )
      by the way do u want me to tell you where ur right now ?
      agent lachit signing off

      PS : anybody ever heard of Steganography , recently its use has increased don’t ask me where otherwise I will have to bang !!! bang !!! you .
      in my dreams 😀

      • lachit says:

        PS : anybody ever heard of Steganography , recently its use has increased don’t ask me where otherwise I will have to bang !!! bang !!! you .
        in my dreams 😀

        most of u guys ( 30-40% safe guess) see the application of this via different media but the probability of anybody (especially those who r not aware of it ) catching the messages being delivered or having any clue as to its significance is approx. 1 in 100 million.

        Individuals with High-functioning autism (with unbelievable visual/spatial skills ) are especially handpicked to implement it.

  80. Augustine says:

    Nice job our friend lachit, nice write up on IFF. Thanks.

  81. Augustine says:

    We have no information as to if the IFF hardware has been fixed. We have no info on the Nigerian Tin Shield variant/model, new/second hand, date/age of model, level of modernization/obsolescence. Fact is that it’s phased out in Russia and replaced by the modern Cheese Board radar.

    I would not call this a decent purchase, but half bread is better than none, we know in Nigeria it is a privilege when our MoD buys 1970s T-72 tanks with ERA armour for us because it is better than the Vickers Eagle tanks with RHA armour we had before.

    When a totally blind man is given one new eye transplant, he becomes a very grateful, thankful and happy one eyed man, not minding the fact that a normal human being should have two eyes.

  82. tim says:

    If those radars lack iff. …….they should immediately be installed. ………no decent officer will give the order to shoot when you can’t different between friends or foes……even the old navy ships have iff…….and is standard doctrination when doing your seamanship. …….even firefighters midshipman knows this……..rubbish old generals are doing rubbish.

  83. Augustine says:

    Bad luck ? Nigeria’s Brent crude oil price dropped to $28 per barrel this week before a little rebound. Budget is planned at $38 per barrel. Cost of production is $25 per barrel, selling at $28 will mean only $3 profit to be shared by FG and Oil company JV partners like Shell, Exxon-Mobil, etc. Confirmed massive staff retrenchment going on in Nigerian oil companies at all levels.

    CBN foreign reserves down to $28 billion, not safe to touch it. Better to borrow from overseas government to government at low costs.

    Senate may review the budget as a whole and FG may need to redraft if senate insists. Situation unclear. We pray FG leave defence sector allocations intact as they are, and other non-critical sectors like ministry of Abuja, women affairs, youth, sports, etc should make adjustment sacrifices on their capital expenditure.

    Need to save the defence sector, security is priority even if it means we have to borrow cheap funds at very low interest rates. Nigeria missed her chance to buy weapons when oil sold for $60 to $110 per barrel, that was the time Algeria did her famous approx $ 8 billion army, navy, air force massive weapons/equipment procurement 2006-2014.

    Nigeria is coming late, and we will pay the price for it.

    • Are James says:

      Nigeria missed a lot of chances at $110 per barrel bit I have found that we are a very forgiving people. That makes some people really truly lucky.

    • Are James says:

      That cost of production though. It will drop to $15 per barrel this year easily. Nigerian oil is potentially the cheapest to produce but so many costs plied on the barrel that can be reduced like staffing and the staggering security provisions. I think the JV operators (Nigeria’s partners ) are producing only at around $8 a barrel but still carrying $25 per barrel on the books so that they turn around and tell us we are owing about $5bn or so if the current figures are anything to go by. The corruption is so bad here that even global corporations even join in.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Abeg mek we forget dis oil wahala. It is time to look forward and build, looking backwards with this intensity will never provide for the future.

      From my viewpoint, it is actually best for us to kneel down and pray everyday for the price of oil to hit negative figures, because oil is Nigeria’s worst curse. Our country is just one huge oil patronage.
      Easy money from oil is the reason we cannot innovate, the reason we cannot invest in our huge population, the reason for corruption, the reason why we cannot even refine the oil we drill, the reason why we have several million innocent children having their lives wasted as almajiri’s. The almajiri matter is easily the worlds biggest case of child abuse, which we can only afford to carry out because we have oil and therefore, people do not matter.

      No serious country abuses its own people. Who knows how many of our 20 million almajiri’s is a genius? How would we ever know the answer when we run the most embarrassing national architecture known to man? Every serious country is based on its people as the ultimate resource – the only groups that are based on patronage like Nigeria is are gangs (eg armed robbers and the mafia).

      Thank goodness Iran is coming into the market (with plans for 3.3 million barrels per day by the end of the year). Oil is dead and gone, lets move forward and truly build a country.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        “Who knows how many of our 20 million almajiri’s are geniuses”?

      • igbi says:

        The nigerian mentality does recognize geniuses, a black genius growing up in nigeria is very likely to be mistaken for a “witch” or a mad person than to be seen for who he is. The only geniuses who have actually made it in the region’s history are those who were born with power (kings like Oba Eware).

      • igbi says:

        “the nigerian mentality doesn’t recognize geniuses”

      • igbi says:

        Or great generals and great artists from the precolonial history. As it is today, a genius growing up in an underprivilledged nigerian society will either have to play dumb or it would not end up well for him.

  84. lachit says:

    under the FELIN combat system for French troops,the FAMAS rifle has several improvements include a front grip for better weapon handling, new day/night optical sight, thermal sights, radio, integrated video camera and indirect aiming feature.
    The most spectacular upgrade is the indirect fire mode which enables the engagement of targets which are not in line of sight while the soldier is maintaining cover. The picture illustrates how exactly the new indirect fire mode will benefit troops and allow them to return fire under attack.
    good for fighting insurgencies in urban holed up areas where terrorists usually use suppression fire in short-medium-long bursts from AKs to pin down and advance under cover.

  85. Capt Tobias says:

    Dear Ogas, which comes first the egg or the chicken, there is a strong interaction between the Military of the successful countries and their Commercial/civil sector of the nation. The military needs the funding from Government, which is more or less generated by the commercial /civil sector of the country, while the Civil/Commercial/business sector need the protection of the military to have a stable environment to make the money that would be provided to the government to execute the funding of items of joint importance . The Syrian military ran out of shells during a siege on the rebels and so the offensive action turned into a defensive one ( barrel bombs dropped from RW are thing born out of necessity), which required the intervention of the Russians to save them from defeat. the army of a country is as strong has it’s economy and the intentions of it’s populace, check the populace/ military relationship of all western armies, The US started with the minute man, etc. most African armies started as tools of the colonial powers to enslave the local populace, some of this armies have integrated through revolutions as in Ghana via Rawlings, Rwanda genocide produced their National defence forces, most freedom fighters forces in South Africa area, etcs. This is the magic possessed by the Western Armies and since Russia embraced this approach the military has leaped in bounds and paces.
    The funding for the military and the understanding of it’s needs ( equipment, manpower, objectives) cannot be done in seclusion from the rest of the country that they are protecting. We must understand that everyone and profession in the country is important and the objective to defend our space must be joint project desire.
    The mighty US army does not manufacture any item in there arsenal or kit, it is done by the Business/commercial sector. Now that we have failed to seriously patronise any made in Nigeria products, I hope the countries we have been funding their factories to remain operational and their young people who we have taken out of the street at the expense of ours, would give us easy terms. Let us run a quick maths of how much is required to maintain our large inventory of IFV from all over the world and see if we can maintain them or in a few years due maintenance costs would end up as carcase all over the place. Tactics and also economical wisdom is a big necessity to prosecute a war.
    Oil Money has spoiled us for a long time, and we have lost touch with reality that we have to work and plan to get to our objectives,( I can see that we are still conjuring up oil barrel prices as a way out). Now Iran is going to enter the global oil market and would not be interested in keeping within any production quotas, because OPEC or anybody gave her any consideration during her hard days, so a further drop is going to come, tell me who is this going to negatively affect and who is going to enjoy more disposable income. Maybe we would finally grow and mature properly as a nation through hardship. There is a difference between reality and shopping cart’s wish lists.

    • Are James says:

      Very impressive. I asked for comments in this area from some foreign commentators on this blog for just this reason. How are SMEs integrated into the defence industrial complex in India and Pakistan?.

      These are the things we need to know and I am not talking ProForce but basic components manufacturing or as we hear now re manufacturing?.

      This government is serious in this area but someone should take them through a road map of things to do and In what order.

    • Deway says:

      This is what I find baffling in the article: “….Nigerian government officials have not responded to requests for comment, instead warning local press to be “patriotic”.
      No response the first time, no reponse now. But we will quickly bring down the mighty hand of the army on our own citizens with much machismo.

    • Sir Kay says:

      It’s a symptom of a Government that doesn’t care about its own citizens, not surprised

  86. Ola says:

    Fellow bloggers, permit me to contribute to the off-topic discussion on the current global oil situation and the consequence for the economy of Nigeria. At the peak of oil sales, oil contributed only 14% of the Nigerian GDP, this means that if oil revenue is completely taken out of the GDP, the 550 bn economy would shrink to 473bn, this is still the largest in Africa, so what is the problem with Nigeria? In my opinion, Nigeria is suffering from a gross lack of visionary leadership. Every 4 years, politicians come to power on campaigns of calumny and blackmail, with seemingly no plans for the progress of the nation, this is the biggest obstacle to progress in all aspects of the Nigerian society. It is the people of the nation that have been driving the nation forward. Even without the government doing anything today, thanks to the efforts of hard working Nigerians doing various businesses, the GDP will still grow at the end of the fiscal year.
    Nigeria can live without oil revenue, here are my reasons. As a country, Nigeria is in dire need of social infrastructure (electricity, roads, rail roads, land, air and water transport system, housing, health care facilities), the service sector is saturated with foreigners, basic services are sold at the cost of premium, yet the country is rich in solid minerals (bitumen, iron, lime stone e.t.c). Nigeria has enough needs and enough resources to meet these needs. Let us think of the wealth and jobs that would be created in the construction sector alone if Nigeria (currently the second largest producer of cement on the continent) turns to construction of housing units, roads, bridges, rail roads, railway stations, dams, water ways, public buildings and facilities e.t.c needed across the country. This alone would compete with the revenue of oil when oil was at it’s peak. In my humble opinion, Nigeria should be one giant construction site reviving and enlarging her industries in the mining and steel sectors especially. Nigeria should generate wealth from within by meeting her own needs. Capital funds for this should come from taxes, long term bank loans (domestic debt in Naira), government reserves, private investors…when these kinds of projects take off, a substantial part of the money would be retained and recycled in the economy so long as there is no embezzlement, most of the companies doing the jobs are Nigerian companies and the workers employed are Nigerians. After all, companies and their staffs would pay their taxes, other sectors would also directly benefit. Dangote is the largest African cement company today, it is Nigerian. Also, Nigeria has the second largest bitumen deposit in the world (still untapped) while bitumen is imported for road works in the country. Let’s think of it this way, a substantial part of the autobahn was built with concrete, meanwhile these roads were built and rebuilt during tough economic situations in Germany, partly to generate job while also providing infrastructure for the country. Many countries have gone to Germany over the decades and are still doing it today) to study and copy the autobahn design. Why is such not possible in a country like Nigeria where the weather is much more stable throughout the year?
    Meanwhile, there are more than 170 million residents in Nigeria that must be fed daily, how is the agricultural sector leveraging on this? The Nigerian agricultural market is so huge, so much so that countries like Togo and Benin import millions of tons of rice and the likes which are smuggled into Nigeria to be sold in Nigeria yearly. How is the government handling this? How many million tons of wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, millet and processed foods are imported into the country yearly meanwhile the country has the potential to be self sufficient in these areas?
    Let us not even talk about the refineries and the benefit of Nigeria becoming self sufficient in fuel supply. I look forward to Dangote’s refineries coming online in 2017.
    At the end, it is evident that Nigeria can live without oil revenue. Also, education, health and domestic defence industry are linked directly with industrialisation of the country and wealth creation and so long as government are unable to see this, Nigeria would be held down in this vicious cycle it is currently in.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you very much @Ola.

      Very correct on low oil and gas contribution to GDP.

      Let me just say a $473bn economy should be generating $47.3bn in revenue to the government if things are fine right. We need to get revenues up.
      $47.3bn going to the FG for five years without corruption will close all infrastructure gaps that we know of.

      One other basic gap in Nigeria;, there is over concentration of financial credit access in a few hands (not up to 500 individuals) so the SMEs sector businesses are really not up to par yet in terms of financing and hence efficiency and productivity. We need SMEs to be involved in low or medium capital manufacturing driven by skills and management service.

    • Kay says:

      It’ll still need the efforts of the Government to create an environment conducive enough for businesses to develop. We’re just scratching the surface of what is possible if the system is efficient. Our rebased gdp also showed up our extremely low tax base, for all the billions generated and Government only gets slim pickings? Those not paying tax are the biggest companies and not even the sometimes overtaxed traders. Until then, all the Government have so far lost the plot. Inefficiency like corruption, electricity and the terrible judiciary are BIG stumbling blocks.
      Dangote building refineries is cool but if the Government fails to introduce initiatives that can support other smaller coys in multiple other sectors than only businesses that can mount insurmountable odds to build up then that dream of exporting is a far fetched conclusion.

    • Ola says:

      @ Are James and Kay, I agree with both of you all the way. Just a quick insight, oil companies like Shell, Total and Eni alone get away with $xx bn dollars in taxes, yearly. All the foreign brand hotels that charge exhorbitantly, making more money in Nigeria than they make form their countries of origin get away with $xx millions yearly. The list is endless. Nigeria needs a government headed by people who are sincere, smart and can look within to plug holes in the taxation through which money can be made while also forming and implementing strategies on income generation from other means.

    • Are James says:

      The DSS man actually abused his own ‘power’ or office as the case may be. The important thing here is that he is not providing much protection to this guy while he is busy polishing those shoes.

      This is not an abuse of power by the minister at all.

      This is our VIP worshipping, paternalistic, patronage dispensing social culture taken too far. It starts with the practice of the DSS allowing public office holders to choose their own bodyguards from amongst the DSS ranks then probably making the officers’ staff appraisal dependent on a good word from the client.

      Given that background there was no way this was not going to happen.

      I don’t think we have heard the worst about this kind of thing yet.
      What about all the sharp looking female DSS officers attached to our “first ladies”. Many of them would have cooked many a pot of soup and gone on many errands to buy groceries in the past and we will hear the stories one day.

    • Ola says:

      The DSS man is a sociopsychological product of the Nigerian society. I blame the boss who cannot refuse even if that was an unsolicited gesture. Nigeria is being ruled by neocolonialists. It is noecolonialism that is making foreign organizations, mainly US and UK organizations like DFID work with Nigerian policy makers to make policies and social structures that are not favourable to the Nigerian environment. Those partnerships like DFID-SPARC cost Nigeria millions yearly because they come with initiatives, provide 60% of the cost while Nigeria provides 40%, but at the end, 85% of the fund goes back to those countries in forms of salaries of experts and consulting firms providing services for them.

    • Ola says:

      I share a personal experience here which I did not really understand at the time it happened. In 2012, I was to travel Portharcourt, via Ondo state to see my grandma, I had 2 other friends (former colleagues) visiting with me. The embassy advised us then to use police escort despite our background, and we got help arranging one. This guy was nervous and behaved really inferior throughout. At some point, I told him I’m Nigerian and even practised my very limited Yoruba with him just to help him relax. One of my colleagues once poured him a glass of water and he nearly jumped out of his skin being served by a “white” man he was being paid to protect. My colleagues still talk about this form time to time today. Throughout that journey, the other colleague of mine was always checking to make sure he had his safety catches on his rifle on because he was concerned he might accidentally discharge his weapon.
      Seeing this DSS guy with Dambazau now made me remember that journey and better understand the Nigerian policing system, it makes me sad and upset. People protecting the public and guarding officials should be treated with dignity. In a different environment, this picture may make Dambazau resign his position for not only abusing his own office but for also abusing the office of a law enforcement officer of the Federal Republic.

      • Deway says:

        Thank you Ola. Dambazau should have declined the offer, as simple as that. This happened in public, then you guess is as good as mine what happens in the office.

  87. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio Jan 17

    Nigeria’s Niger-Delta Militants N-DM alleged blew-up 6 Gas pipelines, 1 Crude pipeline & a Flow Station of Chevron in 4 creek in SS Nigeria

    • Sir Kay says:

      Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio Jan 17

      The relative peace in Nigeria’s Niger-Delta seem to be coming to an end as former Militant camps are already up & others reactivated

    • Sir Kay says:

      Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio Jan 17

      NN Hq says Nigerian Navy Eastern, Central & Logistic command moving to combat new militancy as sailors&Boats been mustered

  88. Sir Kay says:

    We seem to ignore this, new conflict rearing its head in the ND?

    • jimmy says:

      DHQ is not ignoring it the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Petroleum, the CDS, the CNS, and the Commander of Operation Pulo Shield are all in the South South.
      Blowing up something is very easy any high school kid can do that. The unwanted attention from the Military authorities is something the militants have to consider the political and military environment has changed.
      I sincerely hope Cooler heads will prevail.
      This is not 2009,where the Navy couldn’t even muster 10 ships, now they can lay their hands on a hundred.

    • Ola says:

      Well, it was obvious this would happen, let’s see how the government handles it.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Oga Jimmy, I meant “We” on this blog, not the Government, ha
      That is no one here seems to be talking about it

      • Are James says:

        This Don Klericuzio guy is exaggerating a bit. There are very few camps really activated in that sense. He seems to be painting the picture of some new organized militancy involving the old actors which is not happening.
        It is true that any group of kids can do this.

      • jimmy says:

        Okay OGA Sir Kay
        Sincere apology OGA AREJAMES, and MOI and to be honest OGA BEEGS have contributed ,however right now my hesitancy stems from the fact that there is a lot of confusion going on as to what really is going on besides the bombing
        Who really are the main culprits?
        Like I honestly posted it is in the interests of everybody for a genuine stake holders meeting to take place before things really get out of hand, the era of appeasement has passed and Amnesty will be phased out next year 2017, now is the time for real talking to take place not bombing of pipelines and flow stations because that will bring more and more MILITARY infrastructure – something the Ijaw people are keen to avoid.
        Personally I am going towait a couple more days see how things are reported in the press before I post.

      • rugged7 says:

        Exaggerating? Really??
        If you go through this blog, you will see where we have consistently warned the FG that they need to up-arm for a possible war on 3 or 4 fronts.
        The militancy has always been there and has not gone away.
        Reason, the same old problems are still there and have not gone away- the pollution, environmental degradation coupled with unemployment.
        If it’s a bluff, then why is the army opening up another division in the south south?
        Infact, we have learnt NOTHING in that country Nigeria.
        We have become experts at sweeping things under the carpet.
        How many “groups of kids” can gain access to those types of explosives required to do that level of pipeline damage?
        We all know whats going on.
        And there are somethings military brute force will never be able to solve.
        Even with 1000 Nigerian Navy ships, the niger delta, with all it’s creeks is a fortress.
        Even the American forces would struggle there.
        Our oga at the top ought to be careful not to alienate a critical mass in the SE and SS.
        A sledge hammer for this fly may not work.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Oga Jimmy, no apology needed, i got you.
        Exaggerating? Well it’s said millions are already been lost, exaggeration or not, there is a threat, and as Oga Rugged as said, the government must be careful about this.
        I think its all regarding the arrest or Warrant of arrest for one “Government Tompolo” or whatever he’s called.

      • Are James says:

        Believe me when I say I know the Niger Delta extremely well. Over twenty years I spent in those creeks. There is no organised militancy that will ensure. What was missing to Nigeria in that crisis was air power, night vision equipment and satellite technology. Believe me it is game over in that place

      • Are James says:


  89. jimmy says:

    Courtesy of OGA BEEGS
    OGA BEEGS please if you can I know you are very busy but can we ( I ask respectfully) have a thread on the subject you raised on twitter
    ” The eagle mobile center command post “

  90. jimmy says:

    Maj . Gen ( RTD) Sarkin Bello
    Colonel ( RTD) Fadile
    Comptroller (RTD) DIKKO
    Are to be declared wanted I have ignored the civilians because the context of this blog is defense related .
    Of the three Maj GEN BELLO is the one of most interest as the #2 person @ the NSA . Colonel Fadille was @ Dasuki’s residence in a twist of irony shouting his innocence to the mountain top.
    This is the way the cookie crumbles.

    • Sir Kay says:

      We are getting there, regardless of party affiliation, they all must answer for this, those involved that is

      • igbi says:

        And which apc people are currently being taken to court ? You can not keep saying that “all must answer for this” while not condemning the fact that buhari’s allies are shielded from prosecution and arrest !

      • igbi says:

        The common denominator between the people being charged and arrested remains that they are buhari’s political opponents or rivas. I and you have no possible means to tell about people’s guilt or innocense, all we can see is that buhari is using the efcc as a political police to arrest his opponents. Just wait untill buhari has turned the country into a one party state and watch totalitarism and the madness which accompanies the tyrants.

    • Deway says:

      Splendid news.

  91. Sir Kay says:

    Nigerian Army ‏@HQNigerianArmy Jan 14

    #NewsFlash Army Establishes New Division in Borno and Another in South-South

  92. Augustine says:

    Cameroon has ordered and received Ratel IFVs from South African army reserve stocks. Lets hope they did not get Ingwe missiles with them, ortherwise Nigerian army T-72 tanks will become toys, for Cemeroonian troops to play with. Meanwhile the Cameroonian army has beaten us to the 20mm autocannon acquisition, still waiting for Nigerian army to acquire many hundreds of modern 20mm dual feed ammo autocannon to mount on our Light Armoured Vehicles, Cobra, VBL, Igirigi, Spartan, Big Foot MRAP….firepower helps win firefights

    • Deway says:

      Augustine that is not all, I read somewhere, cant remember now, may be wishful thinking, not sure, that they may be going for T90 MBTs soon.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Isn’t it sad that we are comparing our military might to that of Cameroon? haha, hopefully things will get better, we are getting there.

      • jimmy says:

        yes it is but form the chatter I reading on another blog ( name withheld) . Cameroon could have done much better with a lot more at stake.In terms of procurement they should have passed on this deal.
        Not hating on CAMEROON just relaying the facts, please keep the emails my Cameroonian Brothers.

  93. Deway says:

    Diverting the thread to the original theme: Oga Beeg, do you know if they’ll be installing the FLASH upgrade onto the Agusta A109?

  94. jimmy says:

    “Our oga at the top ought to be careful not to alienate a critical mass in the SE and SS.
    A sledge hammer for this fly may not work.”
    OGA RUGGED much respect for your comments let me address a couple of your points
    ” Based on taking two classes of Chemistry and exploring the internet a couple of kids can do that that ….. however let us not encourage.
    Secondly not a fan of GOVT TOMPOLO ( for the record he was a necessary evil) but please ask yourself what of if he is innocent ? he may be guilty of misappropriating funds but that does not make him guilty of returning back to the creeks and some young unemployed bucks who are not part of the amnesty program want to be taken as relevant,. Tompolo now has so many spokes persons half of whom he does not know, it does not help that within G kingdom himself many of his family who did not benefit from his ” largesse” PERSONALLY wrote to the EFCC.
    The militants are not as united as before ( 2009) some who personally believed ” GT “hogged the spotlight and subsequent Contracts a little bit too much for their liking have no love lost for him, there has been a least one documented attempt on his life during the GEJ administration, I am trying to lay out the facts before being accused of being a govt stooge.
    I also want to state for both HARDLINERS in the military ( ” THIS ONE NEFER FINISH” AND among the militants who ( ” make we go back to the CREEKS”) for the sake of peace hand over the criminals who blew up these pipe lines and flow station, GT honestly should submit himself to the authorities because the very people whom he believes will support will not they will betray him, and lastly the F.G. does not need a hundred warships nor as you correctly pointed out a sledge hammer, what they do need is a sensitivity campaign of a sense that people in the Niger delta are not the enemy but the criminals , pirates, and kidnappers who live among them are, the choice is very stark,unlike 2009 the CRIMINALS cannot count on complicit support from the STATE GOVS some ex militants are already elected officials while others are beneficiaries of the amnesty program and are not even in the country, these are very different times and one hopes many with itchy fingers do not rule the day.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      A campaign to tell people they are not the enemy while militarising their homes will most likely be viewed with suspicion. Let us hope that out of ignorance, Nigeria does not act rashly.

      The nascent problems in the South east and Niger Delta need to be handled with deep wisdom.

      We should be doing our best to calm nerves and to draw each other close at this time. This is especially so, considering; that the economy is nose-diving, that our electricity depends mainly on gas from the Niger Delta and that no matter what military forces we can muster, it would be impossible to protect our oil and gas pipelines from the people whose lands they run through.

  95. igbi says:

    I am in total support for the struggle of my Niger Delta brothers. You can not use our oil to buy bullets to shoot us.

  96. igbi says:

    Operation no oil shall leave our land has commenced ! Perharps mr judge and jury can “appoint” hausa fulani territory as oil producing land.

  97. G8T Nigeria says:

    IGBI, a man who hides under the shadow of internet remains a coward in the face of reality. You stand no chance to be allowed in this despicable act of hatred against the Nigerian state. Do note that Maturity is not only in acknowledging wise counselling, but knowing that no identity is hidden in the internet world. I assure you of my happiness in your display of divisive tendencies because it keeps you in perpetual pain. Be more committed to keep me happy always.

    • igbi says:

      I have stated my name several times on this blog, some members of this blog are even my facebook friends. IGBI is even part of my name. therefor you must have me confused with someone else, I have nothing to hide.

    • igbi says:

      In 2016, your nigerian state can not produce pencils and you still think all is well ! The precolonial nations which preceded nigeria were wealthy (at least mine was) and now you have this stagnant poor and myopic society you call a country ! I was a very great patriot of your nigeria before I realized it is all a lie, there is no unity, there is no love. nigeria itself doesn’t mean anything. When the so called president of a so called country comes out to tell people that he will not treat the so called citizens equally, then you have grounds to ask yourself if “nigeria” is a country or something else.

    • igbi says:

      Almost everybody in the highest leveels of the defence sector are northern sunni muslims, in other to have a man from daura head the dss, buhari even had to call a retired man back to service, therefor violating the rules of the service. buhari’s entire security entourage is handed by northern sunni muslims mostly fulani for that matter. You keep hearing of southerners being retired and their position being taken by northern sunni muslims. And it is me you want to call devisive ? buhari is the biggest creator of division in “nigeria’s” short history. buhari is so divisive that when GEJ ws president, buhari was fmous for defending boko haram by claiming that the military operation against boko haram was injustice against the north, buhari’s defense of boko haram was so loud that even boko haram elected him as their ambassador to saudi arabia in talks with the federal government. And I am the divisive one ? right !

  98. igbi says:

    My people are all in for democracy and meritocracy, justice and civil rights, anything short of that is an implicit call for the return to the pre colonial snations by any means necessary. The unity of the so called “nigerian state” shall not be build upon the marginalization of my people.

  99. igbi says:

    sunni muslim buratai kills one thousnad shia muslims and the so called “unity people” are blaming the shia muslims and absolving the blood soacked barbarian of any crimes. After all why shouldn’t you blame shia protesters for being on the way of buratai’s bullets. Your type of unity is a stupid one which I wouldn’t wish to my worse ennemies. No thanks !

    • Sir Kay says:

      @Igbi, Dude, why on earth are you here spewing this kind of tirade? Without even thinking that you owe the owner of this blog an apology for your last rant?
      That said, you went from someone that would almost beat up people on here, in support of Nigeria, now all of a sudden its no longer your country? Who brainwashed you dude.
      And i have a question, you gonna head to the creeks to fight that Nigeria you now can’t stand, or gonna hide in France and fight from the internet? Just curious.
      Take a chill pill and take your issues to Aso Rock

  100. igbi says:

    Let us not even talk about the fact that most southern adults are not in a position to vote because there are simply not enough poling centers in the south and the card readers keep mysteriously malfunctionning in the south therefor making southerners wait for more tha 12 hours just to vote, and 12 hours is a great understatement ! Whereas in the north, even children seem to have the right to vote since the northern children vote in their millions. Even foreign hausa fulani take part in the elections. And someone wants to call me divisive ! Ha !

  101. G8T Nigeria says:

    One good purpose of national unity is to top up some senses in your mental schedule. Sometimes your argument seems right and stand for truth but the mannerism in presentation lacks cordiality and facts. I consider you highly vexed in some national issues but your support for destruction of oil facilities must be totally condemned. History teaches us that perceived “OUR OIL SYNDROME” have resulted to deaths, damages and destruction in the ND region.

    In this regard, the calls for unity therefore reforms the believe that you can be vocal with facts, but never to support killings and destruction of lives and properties. In modern world, if your write up supporting destruction of oil installations aligns with terror terms, You are considered a TERRORIST. Igbi are you a terrorist?

    • igbi says:

      I am in total support of the destruction of each and every oil faclity in the south. Call me whatever you want to call me. IContrary to your president, I have never supported beheadings of christians (each time people decided not to vote for buhari). I have also never supported terrorist organization such as boko haram and isis unlike your president and some bloggers here including arejames who once claimed that boko haram was fighting against injustice. You want to tag all those who oppose your “stae” as terrorists, but then you would be reducing the meaning of the word terrorist and you would be making real terrorists like the boko haram beheaders seem simpathetic and peace loving. Your president buhari is a terrorists because he has ordered the killing of 1000 shia muslims (a uslim faith which is rivaling buhari’s sunni muslim faith). Buhari also supported boko haram for a period while GEJ was president. Needless to say that I have not forgotten that the entire northern elite totlly refused to condemn boko haram during the perios in which boko haram’s only target was christians.
      You are good with poetry but you lack the ability to reason properly. Reasonning is what I do for a living.

    • igbi says:

      If my people are not good enough for your “nation” then its oil is also not good enough for your “nation”.

    • igbi says:

      Don’t confuse me with the ordinary “nigerian” who you can blackmail like a little gullible child by saying things like “every yoruba who votes for Jonathan is an idiot”. And by subjectively giving labels to those who do not share your interests and purpose. The last time I checked you were not a dictionary editor and therefor, you were not allowed to change the meaning of terms. Even if you could change the meaning of terms all knowlegeable people know that terms are only assigned variables, all that matters is what the terms designate and not the term in itself. Focusing on the terms rather the meaning can only serve propaganda purposes or expose your lack of basics in logical thinking.

    • igbi says:

      By the way fun fact: I am just as related to yoruba as I am related to igbo and urhobo. That is what happens when your ancestors wear come from an inclusive multi-ethnic empire.

  102. G8T Nigeria says:

    Thank you for your timely response. Reasoning properly is a quality of intelligence and the ability to articulate points and give one direction to a line of argument. Perusing through your notes, it is quite obvious there is need to restore you to sanity. As much as people consider responding to you as a ” A WASTE OF INTERNET DATA, SPACE, TIME and MISUSE OF FINGERS” I have gone beyond the line to articulately point out your wrongs. Thanks on your compliment on poetry, I only hope men who lack reasoning can attain such standards. Keep trying.

    • igbi says:

      It is funny that you have tried three ways to force e into defending your position: 1) you called me a coward. 2) you called me a terrorist 3) you are calling me a mad man. What is next ?

  103. igbi says:

    You see, I say you are good with poetry but lack the ability to reason properly because of sentences such as this: “Reasoning properly is a quality of intelligence and the ability to articulate points and give one direction to a line of argument.”. You see, your sentence is pure poetry which macks logical meaning. For you to understand what “reasoning properly” means, you would need to have some notions in logical mathematics. Let me recommend you LOGIQUE MATHEMATIQUE, tome2, chapter 4 of R.Cori and D.Lascar. There you will what reasoning properly means.

  104. G8T Nigeria says:

    A Lecturer who replaces and cancels his lecture notes only invites service termination. I hope you don’t replace your name with oil terrorist. I strongly advice you avail yourself on another Good Reasoning Course in France. At least, you could be free from INTERPOL watch during the interval. In the mean time, study good post in this blog to learn how to articulate your points. Your always corrected response is highly anticipated.

    • igbi says:

      Interpol is very well welcomed to where I live, some french policemen and soldiers are among my university mates and close friends. I know what is against the law and what is not. I am not on the bad side of the law, anybody who disagrees can sue me through interpol. I dare you to.

      • Sokoto says:

        On May 31, 2013, President Goodluck Jonathan, a Niger Deltan Ijaw from Bayelsa State and from one the South-South geopolitical zone, branded MASSOB to be one of three extremist groups threatening the security of Nigeria. Jonathan declared that “the Nigerian state faces three fundamental security challenges posed by extremist groups like Boko Haram in the North; the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra in the South-East; and the Oodua People’s Congress in the South-West.”
        Fmr Pr Goodluck E J

      • Sokoto says:

        you are defend a terrorist group :
        April 16: MEND spokesman Jomo Gbomo sent an e-mail to Bloomberg News threatening to “bomb mosques, hajj camps, and other Islamic institutions.” Gbomo calls this “Operation Save Christianity” and says this is in response to the bombings of churches in northern Nigeria.
        ( I hope they will defend muslims also because Boko Boys are bombing Mosq also !!!! )

        January 12: MEND militants bomb a hotel in Warri

        2010 October 1: Two bombs exploded at Abuja during a parade. 12 killed 17 injured. Bomb was 1 km away from president Goodluck Jonathan. MEND claimed responsibility and also claim to have sent warning in the form of an email to a journalist half-an-hour before the bombs detonated.

        2011 March 16: A bomb exploded on an oil platform Agip in southern Nigeria.

        Equatorial Guinea blamed MEND for an attack on the presidential palace in Malabo on February 17, which resulted in the death of at least one attacker.

        On June 18, MEND claimed they had blown up a Shell pipeline, as a warning to Russian president Dmitry Medvedev who was arriving to Nigeria the next day and to any potential foreign investors

        April 11: 3 MEND militants were arrested in Bayelsa State for the murder of 12 police officers 5 days earlier.

        April 13: MEND militants bomb and destroy Oil Well 62 operated by Royal Dutch Shell in Bayelsa State.

        May 14: MEND gunmen attacked 10 passenger boats on the Niger River while on their way to a funeral. All of the passengers were robbed of their belongings and one man was doused in petrol and almost set on fire when he refused to hand over his cell phone.

        YOU ARE A FOUL, nonesence

        AND I tell you Nigeria will over come it again … like we always do

      • chynedoo says:

        Sue you through Interpol? Chai Igbi….

  105. doziex says:

    Oga igbi, your agitation, and that of Nnamdi Kanu, will only provide enough chaos, for the looters to escape justice .
    Is that your intention?

    Are you asking why try my corrupt kinsman, when your corrupt kinsman went unmolested ?

    PDP officials and party bosses handled/ ruled nigeria for the last 20years. So it follows that they would be made to account for their time in office.

    They held the purse strings, not APC.

    Now you can go to an APC run state, and demand similar accountability.
    But PMB hasn’t got to the governors yet.

    So far, it’s only been defense and nnpc, so by definition, the hands at the switch, were the political appointees of the executive.
    You know, PDP folk.

    A more tribalist beef would say why would GEJ account for his looting, when IBB has not yet accounted for his.
    Which is a fair but asenine POV.
    Elevating perceived tribal fair play over justice for the corrupt.

    I think you are jumping to conclusion way too soon about PMB and his anti corruption agenda.
    Let him rule for his allotted time the way GEJ ruled for his.

    It is for PDP to wait their turn at power and then investigate PMB, than for MEND to declare any type of war against the nigerian state.

    • igbi says:

      A rational person keeps one rule in mind: “one is innocent untill proven guilty”.
      The common denominator of the people buhari’s efcc is arresting is that they are all buhari’s political opponents. Any talk about their guilt with no proof is a meaningless and uneducated talk. All that is provable for now is that these people are indeed buhari’s political opponents. And about buhari, all that is intelligeable about him is that he is a dictator from the 80’s, and right now he is taking the same steps as the dictator he was. Being a democrat is not just about winning elections as some ignorant people think, it is about following a set of rules which we can call democracy, one of those rules is the seperation of powers, an other rule is the service to the people with no discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion or political affiliation, another rule is meritocracy. There are many more rules. adolf hitler got to power through democratic means and ended up becoming the ultimate symbole of brutal dictatorship.

  106. At least now we know one person who is screaming “death to Nigeria”. We know a certain Igbi whose concept of a unified Nigeria is predicated upon his pple being in power. Who is blind to the faults of his own pple but will surely use even circumstantial evidence to condemn others to death.
    It does not matter if his people killed or stole or anything. His concept of Justice rather clear. I imagine if the country was still being run like a free for all in this era of -30 dollars per Barrell.

    I remember when we suggested dt Military leaders were corrupt he spewed ash and larva in their defence……..now that the truth is coming out he will not even lend a thot to these issues.

    In the last administration, the lot of the Niger Delta ppl did not improve but a few became stupendously rich. I don’t know of a single policy of the last administration that uplifted d Niger Delta pple

  107. Kola Adekola says:

    Please, let us take it easy, we have no other country, but Nigeria. The to and fro between Oga Igbi and other Oga’s is a pointer to how divided our beloved country has become. We cannot shy away from it, lest it blows up in our faces.

    Oga Igbi, I am really shocked that you have lost faith in Nigeria and now want our pipelines blown up. We (including yourself) all gather here because we have the strong belief that we can snatch Nigeria from the fire and build a great country. The system we run is enough to make anyone angry, but my Oga, if we fight the very people who lead the same fight we fight (especially General Beegs), who will be left to fight the war of information before it becomes a war of bullets and blood?

    Bear it in mind that EVERY Nigerian, not just the Niger Deltan, is a victim of our wicked system. Our 20 million almajiri’s were mentioned in a post above – think about it – they are much worse off than the people of the Niger Delta and South East. If the almajiri children were to be a country, it would have the 60th biggest population out of 201 countries and dependencies; a bigger population than those of several developed countries eg Holland, Sweden, Belgium and Israel. A mass of real human suffering and evil neglect in our country, Nigeria.

    For those who do not know, Nigeria runs a highly exploitative oil patronage system that directly pays the 1% who are directly engaged (almost all as looters), then pays the various levels of society (including you and I) to shut up and maintain the status quo. It is well known how richly the NASS is paid, therefore, there will be no new laws will upset the the system. The ordinary person is paid to be quiet in two ways; the first is the so-called fuel subsidy and the second is the absence of taxes (oil builds infrastructure for “free”). The awuf culture flows downwards to all and destroys all.

    I am happy that you have repeatedly mentioned logic and mathematics, because they prove that cooperation between members builds not just a succesful group, but also successful individuals; unity is best. I am sure you must have come across theories of the mathematics/genetics of altruism and Evolutionary Game Theory. Those who are not so mathematically inclined can find a great summary here:

    It is also important that you apologise to General Beegeagle, because you attacked him unfairly. It takes courage, conviction and sincere love for Nigeria to run a forum like this one.

    As Oga mcshegz will say, Oga Igbi, I respect your hustle, sir.

    Some of our other Oga’s have responded to Oga Igbi in a “we and them” manner, which is unhelpful from any viewpoint. Nobody can be coerced into the one Nigeria that we hold so dear. Let it be a thing of conviction through persuasion.

    • igbi says:

      The tip of the iceberg for me was when I saw this:

      In mathematics, my specialities are maths logics, category theory, commutative algebra and differential geometry. In my spear time I have read a little bit about game theory and I have written a paper on the Ehrenfeucht–Fraïssé game which is at the intersection of game theory and maths logics, that was the only reason I got curious about game theory. I don’t know too much about applied mathematics.
      On the topic, what I know is that “nigeria” is not unified, and we do not constitute a homogenous group of people, wthe north and the south have no common history (with the exception of northern yorubas who got subjugated into islam by a jihad led by fulani beheaders under orders from a man named usman danfodio). I can’t see any reason for our continued existance together, the only reason we are together is because we lost a war to the british more than 100 years ago ! I think we have paid enough for losing that war, it is time everybody goes back to his roots. If at least we were bound by democracy, meritocracy, love for one another, justice and equality, I would be singing nigerian anthems as I did in the past, but the sad reality is that the nigerian system is a jungle system based on ethnic domination, religious domination, privileges, unequality, humiliation, greed and so on. The reason people get divorced is not because they hate marriage, it is because there is no common ground, they are better sperated than together. We were better in our pre-colonial countries. Our great mistake was to remain isolated and not follow the path of ethiopia and japan.

  108. Kola Adekola says:

    I am hearing that there is heavy shooting going on in Warri creeks this morning.

    In the meantime, foreign sources of refined petroleum have blacklisted Nigeria until we can pay in dollars:


    • Are James says:

      The exchange rate will go to N300 to the Dollar in the next two months on this alone.
      I think the NNPC will move massively again into the retail market with hundreds of mega stations to take the majority market share from the current ” retail downstream ” operators. I have said it many times that there is no such thing as free market in the downstream retail sector. Everything is a racket when you leave it to a few business men. These guys were in bed with the last government and they don’t seem to know things have changed. A lot of them are already saying the current fuel price is unrealistically low at N86.5 so we accept it that by the law of free economics they should close down their businesses.
      The customer is not willing to pay more than that price for it. Crude is down to $28 a barrel and the price should not even be more than N80.00 per litre in my view.
      The Nigerian government owns the ports, lighters, land on which jetties seat, road and pipeline infrastructure and also the foreign exchange used to buy refined products so they have economic advantages over the private sector because they can decide what rent to charge their own agencies in this sector. All the people who became billionaires on fuel importation were just enjoying a welfare grant from the government. The game is over, they should put their money into mini refineries or agriculture.

  109. rugged7 says:

    Hmmm, na wa…
    Trouble dey Naija
    Truly, i am sad, because i have seen that Nigerians are as deeply divided now, even more than they have ever been.
    Oga Igbi, i wonder what has caused your change from a super patriot to one of refractory cynicism full of deep venom.
    It is really sad.
    However, firstly, i urge you to exercise some caution with your anger against Oga Beegs. You really need to tone it down. He is not your enemy. Personally i think he is a great patriot who has done his best under difficult circumstances.
    I can understand your anger with the system that rules Nigeria. It is an abominable,rent-seeking, massively corrupt system. And we must collapse that philistinic system.
    So that a better system can rise from the ashes.
    But we must reform this system through a positive construct.
    My only fear is that in Nigeria now, nobody listens to the other.
    We are all talking over ourselves.
    Igbi has some very valid points about the Nigerian system. But in his coarse approach, we are all sweeping these points under the carpet and asking him if he is a terrorist.
    We cannot wish it away.
    There are greater centrifugal forces that are wont to split us than there are centripetal forces. Only a fool will not recognize this.
    We cannot legislate nor kill everybody into becoming a “patriotic Nigerian”.
    You have to give the people something tangible to believe in.
    Unfortunately that ingredient seems to be lacking presently with the inequality and injustice. The clear subterfuge of some people being more Nigerian than others.
    We really need to wake from our slumber.
    Otherwise we will only be building a 200 storey very magnificent mansion….on quicksand.

    • lachit says:

      just musing here

      good (overtly) things / people are much more dangerous than bad things / people .
      because real intentions are not identifiable easily.

      jingoism and super patriotism are the same thing. not easy to differentiate or identify.
      basically sides of the same coin.
      jingoism under the guise of super patriotism holds more appeal.
      but in the long term is much dangerous for any country.

    • lachit says:

      by the way don’t roast me for the above post.
      I had observed this phenomenon in my own country as therefor I mentioned it here.

      please note
      this observation / musing of mine has no connection i repeat no connection to anything / anybody being discussed on this blog / thread.

    • igbi says:

      Mr Rugged, I did all I could to defend “unity”, untill I had to make a choice between my people’s fundamental rights and an illusive unity with people who want to dominate by any means necessary. Thousands of warning signals were sent to the current administration and its hailers, but they kept arrogantly ignoring common sens, even before they got into office, they were already preaching civil war and parallel government in the eventuality of their defeat in the ballots. I only woke up from my slumber.
      india has followed the path which I am preaching for nigeria. For the best of my recollection, india divided into about four countries: india, pakistan, bangladesh,..?

    • lachit says:

      I laugh and feel sad at the same time,
      some peoples naivety don’t have a limit

      how great a price we want to pay for a supposed utopia in a newly created country.

      India got divided because
      she was weak her people was weak
      slaves first to themselves then to the colonial masters
      people like Nehru Jinnah pursued their dreams not caring about the suffering the others would endure in the process.

      but at what price
      1947 India Pakistan created
      20 + million dead and raped
      trains coming into India full of corpses daily , only the train driver deliberately left alive.

      1971 Bangladesh created from east Pakistan
      5 million died and raped
      rivers dried up because of clogging due to corpses

      today we divide our country
      next we divide our society
      next we divide our friends
      next we divide our families
      it will go on and on …….
      bad habits are hard to break
      and every time the innocent ones will suffer , who just have nothing to do , who just want to live.

      but who am I preaching?
      In majority of road accidents people who obey the rules end up with broken bones.
      life as a human is real hell.

      • lachit says:

        on second thought
        life as a mathematician is real hell 😀
        human behaviour and incredulity is not as simple as 1/0 😀

      • igbi says:

        I am no specialist in indian history, nor am I particularly interested by the way. But to the best of my recollection, india was seperated due to big divides in indian society. The big divides in indian society comprise the cultural racism in india which has a cast system which considers people of darker skin as inferior to those of lighter skin. Then there is the religious discrimination under which indus are the “superior race” and muslims and christians are inferior. India didn’t divide because some people were looking for an utopia or because of some bad habits, but because of the genocidal tendencies of a section of the people against those they saw as different from them.

      • igbi says:

        thee real utopia is believing that the british made a nation for you. To the british you were nothing but a cash making company and so were we. I am not even advocating for making “new states”. I am advocating for us to return to the countries we had before the british came to force us into their company called nigeria.

      • igbi says:

        the seperation of bangladesh from pakistan was sponsored by india and indian soldiers even fought for that seperation

      • lachit says:

        I sincerely hope you will be able to find you way to Sainte Anne Psychiatric Hospital in Paris France.

        it comes highly recommended,
        “Those who suffer from mental afflictions not only deserve the best treatments, and food, but at Saint Anne they can bask in all the surrounding beauty, hidden within the walls. To remind patients that they were not alone in their struggle, street and alleys are all named after famous people, who have suffered from mental illness, whether they were hospitalised there or not.
        Sainte Anne is truly a unique hospital, where medical science and research is nestled amongst the peaceful and healing presence of nature and art, exactly the way it should be. This rich heritage makes for wonderful visit, where if not for the sight of white lab jackets you could easily forget it is a hospital.”

        see how much I care about you , only the best for you
        speedy recovery. hasta la vista 😀

        PS : please stay away from the history section of the hospitals library , since you really suck at it.

      • igbi says:

        I guess I said too much truth about india ! Look when you keep diving into things which do not concern you, others are also bound to dive into your own personal business. It is a fact that india is a racist country in which people are valued according to the colour of their skin, the “fair and lovely” adds alone are enough to open people’s eyes on the systemic racism in india. Couple that with the indian religious discrimination which manifests itself with killings of non indus and with “ennemies within” tags on those who follow the muslim faith. In terms of developpment india is in the gutters. especially compared to china which has randomly the same population as india. Even pakistan is more technologically developped than india (at least in the field of rockets). I don’t blame you for talking as would be expected of an indian with low self esteem and mental subjugation to white people.

        PS: perharps female children in india should also seek for independence, indeed you and your likes keep raping them to death.

      • lachit says:

        lolzz ur are correct about everything u wrote.

        and by the way recognition of your psycho talents even in NAIRALAND forum has been witnessed by me a few months back.
        even though you were posting their under different user name bloggers there recognized you because of your trademark idiocratic ranting’s and bashed and kicked u left and right .
        until u were rescued. lolzzz

        it seems your are globally recognized because of your trademark nonsensical idiocratic ravings .:D

        anyways this my last post to you. Because I believe that
        Never wrestle with a pig; you will get dirty the pig will get dirty and the pig will enjoy it.
        it is famous saying in America business houses.

      • igbi says:

        As Napoleon once said, a “little drawing is better than a big speech”:
        Here’s your india:

        I would totally support independence for the dalitz, they need their own country where they are not being treated like less than animals.

  110. abduleez says:

    @ Oga Are James, the naira is already selling for #300 per dollar!! I just hope it doesn’t get past #310 in the months to come. Last week it was #310 to a dollar at the parallel market.
    Yesterday i was at the ikeja city mall to buy a phone i wanted a month only to find out that it has already added almost #10,000 to its price. That is already a 40% hike in price in just two months; something which the price is supposed to be cut down by now by 10-15%.

    I don’t understand what this economy is turning into.. With Iran coming into the oil market in a few weeks, we would be lucky that oil price don’t slide to less than $20 dollars!! Somehow it seems to be a blessing in disguise for us, as its going to force our myopic leaders to become innovative, creative and visionary.

    One way or the other the US and its Western allies will be singing their hearts to joy cause of current oil prices and hope it further slides down. Now is the perfect time to buy oil in large quantities for storage and buffering. It will also be equally beneficial to poorer countries. Any sensible non oil nation (especially poorer countries) know this is the perfect time to buy and muster all u can purchase.

    I also think the US have a hand in this somehow; look at this perspective:
    *Lift sanctions from Iran
    * Extremely Cut down their nuclear-armed ballistic missile capability
    *Flood the already over-supplied oil market with Iranian oil.
    * Kill the prices
    * Reduce the competition
    *Reduce OPEC influential powers
    *Reduce Saudi monopoly
    *Reduce Russian influence on Europe
    *Hurt Russian economy
    *Give Russian military projects strain due to economic stress.
    * Give Europe some ease on fuel imports

    Its a damn win-win situation for them, infact extremely winning streak for them.

    I might say Obama’s / US foreign policy have been brilliant so far: y not make someone do the dirty job for u instead of doing it yourself. Perfect plan. its a double edged sword in terms of military and economically hurting Russia and other OPEC oil cabals, while easing European strain only just using Iran. They would sort out differences with Isreal and Saudi Arabia later. Its actually some substantial level of victory for Israel & Saudi as no atomic bomb wielding Iran for the next decade.

    The only place I might say Obama policy haven’t been potent will be the “ASIAN PIVOT” hardly any significant effect to China; infact they are highly also benefiting from current oil prices. And Asian pivot only seem to give them more zeal to highly modernize its military. On the economic side China still seems to be on top cos if China goes down US (including the world) also goes under as it holds $$$ trillions of US debts.

    • lachit says:

      well written

      I have different views on this though
      “On the economic side China still seems to be on top cos if China goes down US (including the world) also goes under as it holds $$$ trillions of US debts.”

      on the surface , at face value it might seem so but I doubt it will end up so.
      if things look bad for US viv a vis china due to trillions of US debts etc . US will
      1. initiate hostilities with china directly
      2. involve itself in hostilities with china if countries with disputes with china get into war with china.
      3. initiate flight of investments, factories, FDI from china to other countries . (it has already started)

      also if Chinese economy goes down not much will happen (it is being hyped too much) because counties are already taking steps to buttress itself against it. those who are un prepared will suffer damage.
      but on the contrary countries ( especially small medium countries) in asia , africa , latin America , Europe will benefit in the long run due to reallocation of investments etc.

  111. eyimola says:

    The reason the price of crude has crashed is predominantly because of the current geo politiocal showdown between Russia and Saudi Arabia over Syria. Nothing to do with US government policy. Low prices hurt industrialised economies.

    Currently Saudi Arabia has many external geo political threats which they clearly feel can be resolved using OPEC as a weapon.

    1 Crash Russia’s Economy
    2 Reduce the Influence of Iran in the Gulf
    3 Bankrupt US fracking companies and ensure the Shale revolution does not get off the ground.

    Saudi Arabia can make a profit even at 10 dollars a barrel, so this could very well have a bit of distance to go before we see a gradual rise in the price.

  112. mcshegz says:

    Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics, LADOL/Samsung Heavy Industries.
    Heavy lifting area – 5,000 metric tons
    Total area – 121,000 square meters
    Production capacity – 12-15, 000 metric tons/year


    • lachit says:


      is it a government initiate or a private initiative with Samsung ?

      • mcshegz says:

        100 percent private sir
        On account of Nigeria’s local content law, they jointly won the bid for the fabrication and integration of TOTAL’s EGINA deep offshore FPSO of which 70% will be built in LADOL’s facility to be integrated with modules from NIGERDOCK, another Nigerian fabrication yard, coupled with imports from Samsung.
        Oga Lachit. I respect your hustle sir.

      • lachit says:

        way to go.

        need more such initiatives from private sector.
        my best wishes.

    • Are James says:

      The immediate past President of Nigeria in his less than lucid moments, sat at his desk and wrote a memo that the facility you see should be moved lock stock and barrel from where it is currently situatef to Brass in Bayelsa State or something like that and all talk about security of workers or costs be damned.

      This was after he had been probably been openly insulted by his fellow ND brothers about not doing anything for their region including the promised Brass LNG that would have transformed Bayelsa State completely
      The story about non take off Brass LNG is another of the most ridiculous studies in mediocrity and effeminate sentimentality by an individual entrusted with the governance of an important country like Nigeria that I have ever seen.
      The money was there or voukd have been gotten with two months oil production and it was actually the excuse that was given to a Niger Delta governor about why more trains in Bonny LNG ould not take off.
      However as we speak that project Brass LNG is dead on arrival. There is a fancy project office in VI and the project front end phase money is trickling away like water in a basket. The lock stock and barrel movement order of LADOL facility from Lagos to Brass then was to compensate Bayelsa when the damage had already been done.

      When I see kids online blowing hot and cold about the ‘system’ I laugh. They dont know yet what dunceness in leadership has done to them and their future. The major issue is people, how to recognise good people early and groom them for leadership. I don’t see a system doing that. The Lee Kuan Yews of this world built their systems not the other way round.

      Sadly this facility will see less industry patronage due to oil price and numerous cancelled upstream projects but they might just get patronage from the defence sector.

  113. lachit says:

    look at these , small innovations like these can give a big edge.
    Nigeria military operates many soft skinned vehicle , plus local companies like proforce can study these and upgrade the thousands of vehicles on the line of these. most of the things are COTS based so no big deal in integration.
    win win situation for local companies and Nigerian military.

    integrating electro optical system standalone or coupled with high calibre guns and cannons isn’t rocket science.

    those who think differently will only survive in the long run due to stiff competition.

    those toyotas etc can be upgraded with system defensive and offensive at very low costs.
    some will need small rejig some will involve medium rejig but the result is u will have a better force projection.
    I have a few ideas.
    will design and post them if u all want.

  114. lachit says:

    look at these , small innovations like these can give a big edge.
    Nigeria military operates many soft skinned vehicle , plus local companies like proforce can study these and upgrade the thousands of vehicles on the line of these. most of the things are COTS based so no big deal in integration.
    win win situation for local companies and Nigerian military.

  115. lachit says:

    continue from above…………..

    integrating electro optical system standalone or coupled with high calibre guns and cannons isn’t rocket science.

    those who think differently will only survive in the long run due to stiff competition.

    those toyotas etc can be upgraded with system defensive and offensive at very low costs.
    some will need small rejig some will involve medium rejig but the result is u will have a better force projection.
    I have a few ideas.
    will design and post them if u all want.

  116. abduleez says:

    @ Oga Lachit, make it snappy sending those design module ideas of yours.
    Am waiting….

  117. Sir Kay says:

    NTA News ‏@NTANewsNow 9h9 hours ago

    COAS, Tukur Buratai, directs all officers of the Nigerian Army to declare their assets immediately

  118. Roscoe says:

    Igbi… You have now completed your descent. This is why me personally I am very careful around fanatics. One day for a cause I support, the next day for a cause I abhor.. I respect one thing though. You are extremely passionate about what you believe in and you have actually gone ahead and articulated. Sometime in future some one will read through your posts in passing and wonder how a man who was a through and through patriot descended to a verbal traitor to his nation. This is a cautionary note; none of us are immune from despair, isolation, anger, grief and outright rejection of core values we all hold dear.

    That said Igbi has some points hidden in his strong comments, points which may be lost due to his vitriol ( which I endeavored to temper through calling him out but calling him out may only have clarified his values and led him to another thought, OR WORSE led him to believe that going rogue is the only way to restore his credibility on this blog. I hope its the former and not the latter).

    The federal system as is does not work, the patronage system sabotages ingenuity and good governance. That said…. we have to fix it. I do not believe splitting up is a viable recourse. Practice federalism and scrap the patronage system, remove subsidies and diversify our economy.

    • eyimola says:

      There is no alternative to the Federal system, or the Presidential electoral system,. We tried Regionalism within a Parliamentary democracy, and that drove us to civil war. The current system works, despite the obvious cracks in the social fabric of the nation.

  119. Roscoe says:

    We did not lose A WAR against the British, only the Caliphate (Northern Protectorate) lost a war. The rest were absorbed, sacked and begged to be under Pax Brittanica (See Kiriji Wars, The Sack Of Lagos, The Egba Alliance with Lagos, The british naval enforcement of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade) I dont consider the bush wars the Ijebus fought and the Ibo confederacy fought in spasms to be a true war.

    Nigeria can never divide into 4, who ruled the Igbo’s before they were absorbed? Was there one king over the creeks? Will an Ijesa man allow an Ibadan man to rule him, or an Egba man an Ijebu man? Lagos as a city state never paid tribute to the Alafin or to Ibadan. Ilorin goes where exactly? Nupe and Borgu just go to Northern Nigeria without a fight? Plateau state nko? What about the North East, you think there is any love between Kanem Bornu and the Sultan Of Sokoto? We will split into a thousand if we split once. Will the Ijaw and Itsekiri drink palm wine together? The Urhobo and the Brass. The Kalabari and Efik and the Ibibio. The history is clear, we may not have all decided to be together, but we are together now and I for one… love being a Nigeria … Disunity and all.

    Lets not fool ourselves, Nigeria is all we have… Lets fix what we have. Diversity is our strength and not our weakness.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Roscoe, while the thrust of your argument is in good faith, the account of history is both wrong and dangerous.

      Several wars were lost against the British, most notably, the Benin Punitive Expedition of 1897. The defeat of the Benin Kingdom was key to the Southern Nigeria Protectorate. It was only after the fall of Benin that Southern Nigeria could be made into a single company; this is because Benin Kingdom was the regional superpower, with western military outposts through Lagos to Benin Republic and southern/eastern outposts through the Midwest region, as far as Onitsha and along the coastline up to Gabon.

      Until the defeat of the Benin Kingdom, the British only had access to coastal areas of southern Nigeria.

      It quite wrong to say that aside from the Sokoto Caliphate the rest of Nigeria was absorbed, sacked or begged their way into colonisation.

      Aside from the above, I strongly agree with you that diversity is our strength and that we need to work together to build a new, well-founded country.

  120. Roscoe says:

    We so easily forget, or do we think Ife – Modakeke, the Warri conflicts, the Tiv-Jukun conflicts are outliers. Do we forget how many dies during the Nigerian civil war? How many died in the partition of the Indian Sub continent into India and Pakistan.

    War is real, the north east is suffering it now. Nobody is going anywhere and nobody need threaten anybody, let them blow up pipelines. Next time there may be no amnesty.. See the end of all internecine conflicts. The Nigerian Army has stood up tall to one and all without exception, their primary purpose is to keep Nigeria one. and they are singular in it, we forget the Tompolo surrendered, Camp 5 was taken over and Amnesty was negotiated from a position of strength, already we think forget those that died at Gbaramatu and Odi… Is this what the people want? To be destroyed due to the megalomaniac aspirations of a few strong men who will run back to the Nigerian Teat at the earliest opportunity.

    Please, lets not get descend into chaos.

    Back to @Igbi.. Igbi has to be treated like any other tribalist and seccesionist that applied to this thread. Any other recourse will be unfair/not right to the tenets. We cannot have one man descended trying to persuade a defsec blog that break up is the way to go.

    • Are James says:

      Anybody who wants Nigeria divided will end up a slave to China, the West ..or worse still Cameroon or Equatorial Guinea. Take it from me. There is no breaking away and living happily ever after. There are even more contemporary threats and serious risks in the shifting global geo political landscape.
      I have also written some where else before that militant Islam will not allow a Biafra or SS Republic one minute of peace. To mean no offence, this young states would be overran, land taken, people’s enslaved, religion imposed and women ravished by rampaging model day Jihadists. The only thing preventing this is this administrative/economic construct we call Nigeria.

      Nigeria was and still remains a Protectorate. We need it as a construct to contain different ethnic nationalities that are united by colour, family values, clan identity, belief in one God and the love of money.
      That is the Nigerian ideology for you. Yes we have an ideology, an identity.I can recognise a Nigerian at first meeting without even withoit knowing his tribe at first glance. It is the second glance that probably reveals the tribe.

      Now when knowledgeable people give an ear to inexperienced young men who don’t even know the basis of anything or what they are being manipulated into doing I get really ANGRY.
      What does a kid in his early 30s even know?. Nothing. All he knows is that he is angry at the world and the poor Hausa man selling suya down the street is what his parent has told him is the cause of his lack of fulfilment not the billionaire fuel importer from his tribe who over invoiced by billions on the fuel he brought in and has not paid taxes for years.
      Those parents told their kids that the problem with their country is just one TRIBE (maybe two now) and not a class of people or a culture that needs to evolve I to something better.

      Another lie is the Nigerian story.
      Let me tell you all the TRUTH.
      Nigeria was just a merger of protectorates and is still actually a protectorate. It will protect its constituent ethnic nationalities and arbitrate between them. It is the only reason that Modakeke people did not kill Ife people finish or Anangs stopped ravaging Ngwa land. It has a constitution and laws that need some tweaking but the real problem the country has is indiscipline, immorality and poor leadership.
      Colonialism actually came free us not enslave us. Before the British came with a liberating new religion and administrative savvy, Yorubaland was an anarchic collection of city states that had broken off from the Oyo Empire, with badly run garrison towns under ego-maniac warlords. Add slavery, idolatry and black magic to that ugly mix and you have the ‘gloriously’ pre colonial story of that tribe which is not very nice. Yorubaland warred for over a century in what you just mentioned as Kiriji wars. That war changed the entire nation and brought a reign of darkness. The British were largely welcome by Yorubaland.

      You are also right about the tensions between Fulani and Kanem Bornu. That one was never even hidden.
      The Karen Bornu was one of the greatest empires in the history of Africa with regular visits to Mecca by the Emperors on pilgrimage as Muslims original and independent of the Fulani Ullman Dan Fodio ‘s sect. Hausas were probably not much different from the numerous middle belt nationalities.

      Every region had its own internal tensions. The north too never actually resisted the British.

      The East had internal issues with trade routes, numerous unrecorded inter community ward and big issues with access to the sea and occasional squabbles with the British due to trade but they largely accepted the church, missionaries and the new colonialists.

      So the Nigerian geographical expression replaced the colonial administration and has been mostly successful in statutory administrative functions but a failure in economic and social ones All this point to the fact that structures are sound (the chassis) but people in leadership (the engine?) are bad and because leadership has progressively been bad the system (the entire car) has suffered.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        You need to stop fear mongering. It is a panicky move that will help none and convince none.

        If you have love for the people of the South East and South South, the first instinct should be to PERSUADE them about the bigger destiny of a united Nigeria, not invoke fear of jihadi’s and militant Islam!
        That is surely the strangest argument for one Nigeria that has ever been aired.

        As for Nigeria being saved through slavery and colonialism… All I can say is, “na wa”!

        Every Nigerian should pray fervently for oil to become a worthless commodity, so that our minds can heal and refocus. Oil is a curse on this country.
        The best thing for the country would be for the oil price to first sink below production cost and while that is going on, for the world to discover newer and cheaper energy means.

      • Are James says:

        I am not fear mongering . I am saying the truth about the fact that Nigeria serves important purposes to its people. When you throw it away you will see that you always needed it.
        I am sticking to my points. It is the most SURE thing to happen that neighbouring countries swallow up the new entities or radical Islam moves south. The probability of its happening is at least 0.8.

        Also i did not say slavery was good,

        All i said was that what we called colonialism was actively supported by ethnic nationalities of Nigeria because things had become unbearable in the environment that people dwelt in. British rule was a balm that provided liberation to people subjugated by slavery and it’s wars. Read the history.

        The main point I am making is Nigerian ethnic nationalities should welcome it’s size, it’s diversity in unity and it’s strength. If you lost all three you have lost everything

    • Kola Adekola says:

      What are the legal ramifications of this move?

      Whatever they are, this is another own goal. Oil is a curse.
      There are many more potential cases; Odi, Zaki Biam, Shiites, Biafra – we had better patch our leaky federal boat before foreign countries use our internal weaknesses as hooks to destabilise us.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Probably none, UK courts have no jurisdiction in Nigeria, so i doubt their judgment means anything, probably just symbolic. The defendants and plaintiffs are all Nigerians, what happened also happened in Nigeria, so nothing their courts over there can do.
        My own opinion of course

      • jimmy says:

        It is as symbolic as the People of Benin going to a Lagos High court to claim damages against the Then Colonial Govt for invading their lands and carting of valuable artifacts. Nigeria is a sovereign Nation .Britain is a sovereign Nation two separate entities going to another Country to get an award is very easy,all the other party has to do is not show up,and a default judgment is entered, it really means diddly squat and they honestly should get a refund from their publicity seeking Lawyers. The truth of the matter is the London High court has Zero Jurisdiction in Nigeria and Vice versa.

      • A Judgment obtained in Britain can be registered in Nigeria and vice versa. The purpose of registration is to allow the person registering to levy execution in the other country.
        Both countries hv an agreement to that effect. In this case However the judgment was obtained in Nigeria and it appears the judgment creditors hv not been able to execute in Nigeria. However I do not think the NA has properties in d UK against which execution can be levied , I may be mistaken. So I am nt sure what they want to achieve by registering in d UK.

      • jimmy says:

        This little I know about the Law it is one of the easiest things to get a judgement against a Government , simply by default most Government simply don’t bother to show up.I am not supporting either party, however no such agreement exists between the UK and Nigeria the Legal treaties that exist cover extradition , and the most recent is the transfer of prisoners. Going to a Western Country to enforce a collection order is putting it nicely useless.The British Government is not a Bill Collection agency regardless of what the people of G Kingdom think. The F G by simply not showing up implied they did not recognize the jurisdiction of the British Courts.This is something they are legally entitled to do and before anyone brings up the Shell Case it is a Totally different matter, which subsequently led Shell to separate it’s Nigerian subsidiary from their Anglo Dutch Parent Company.

      • Oga Jimmy, your are mistaken, 1st the Judgment was not delivered by a British Court, It was delivered by the Fed High Court Of Nigeria Sitting in Asaba by Justice Ibrahim Buba. So the Court had jurisdiction Indeed. And we do not know whether the govt was represented. The Judgment was registered in the UK and the normal reason for registration is to levy execution in dt jurisdiction. The registration of a valid judgment does not require the presence of the judgment creditor because there is nothing for him to add or say. He has been found wanting by a competent court and judgment has been given

      • jimmy says:

        No Oga Adetayo .I am not mistaken in fact you are making my point for me.
        No one is arguing about the F .G. Losing in Federal Court, that you are correct, the point is the F.G. failed to pay, the London High Court simply affirmed a judicial process that took place in Nigeria, they did not need to go to Britain to get that done.
        The British Govt cannot compel the F.G. to pay a debt on what is purely a Nigerian matter, the case took place in Nigeria and eventually will be settled in Nigeria
        Similarly if a British individual sues the British Government and wins and the British Government refuses to pay,just because he gets the same judgement does not mean the British Government will appear in fact they would be foolish to do so as that would imply/acknowledge some kind of Jurisdiction and No there is no Legal agreement to that extent during Colonial times the Privy Council had that kind of Jurisdiction once Nigeria became a republic all that ceased.
        Legally this does not let the F.G.off the hook let me be very clear the award to the GKingdom is still valid N99B.

      • Oga Jimmy, the British govt is not gonna order FG to pay, the way it works, if there are assets of the Nigerian army or Bank accounts domiciled in the UK then execution would be levied against those. In my initial comment I said that I doubted there wld be any assets in d UK to levy execution against so I dunno why they went to register it in the UK. Am stating the proceedure as written in reality diplomatic overtures would probably come into play.

        if A sues And gets judgment against B he can register his judgment in d UK and levy execution against any assets of B in the UK. In this case B is the NA. Are there assets in d UK belonging to the NA dt execution can be levied against? I don’t know.

        Will they be successful if assets exist in d UK? I don’t know.

        But on paper what I said is how it works for civil cases Generally. Diplomatic status will probably protect any NA Assets in the UK in any case

      • Also Oga Jimmy, the proceedure for extradition is different and it refers to criminal matters, for civil judgments there is a reciprocal enforcement of judgment agreement bt Naija and the UK. The process for registration is contained in our high court rules.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Thanks Oga Adetayo’s Blog, I now understand it better.

  121. jimmy says:

    Interesting news from the NAF
    though QRF of the NAF has been on the ground for a while it does appear a dedicated SF HQ training facility has now been inducted as part of the NAF’S Infrastructure.
    The CAS also alluded to “new platforms” for the sake of my sanity I sincerely hope they are some of the Helios we have talked about repeatedly, this however is the first time the new CAS has publicly spoken about new platforms, just as an aside the last HINDS that were delivered were NAF 260 & NAF 261 and in the NAF538 ? range so guys if you can please keep your eyes out if you see anything above those Numbers.

  122. jimmy says:

    On an interesting note one thing is clear:
    Nigeria is slowly coming round to what we have constantly advocated on this blog
    * Border protection
    ** More money needs to be spent on security
    ** There has to be two separate HELICOPTER FLEETS
    (A) NAF
    ( B) Army Aviation fleet
    *** The statistics on the NPF still is underwhelming the F.G honestly has to improve the job conditions to make it more Favorable for Nigerian Secondary School holders & Graduates to join especially in these times of High Unemployment.

  123. doziex says:

    Yeah guys Oya let’s now talk defsec and the niger delta.

    From an equipment and TTP point of view, is the armed forces ready.?

    Last time, they got caught with their pants down as usual.

    Thanks to dasuki and some ex military bosses, we still don’t have a reliable number of helicopters.

    As for gunboats, the ceramic based armoured gunboats by nauticA now paramount is the way to go, but how many units have we acquired/built yet.?

    I have always said,that the US campaign of helicopters and swift boats in the Mekong delta Vietnam, should be NA’s blueprint on handling the niger delta.

    The swamps and creeks negate most of NA’S assets.

    Artillery pieces have to be set on barges, and fired at night from the river at rebel jungle hideouts.

    Finally, SBS will either be made or decimated by such a conflict. With the right logistics and weapons, the will emerge victorious . the wrong use of their skill set, will spell doom.

    Will the war spill into cities like warri ? God forbid.

    • I support that the Military shld get ready. But in this situation Diplomacy comes into play. We don’t need a war, my opinion is that these people shld be engaged. No doubt they will attempt to hold the nation to ransome but we must find a balance cos at the end we would be killing Nigerians and it will definitely spill into towns and cities. They even have the price of oil on dia side nw. I do not support a heavy handed approach to the issues in the East and SS. We must engage everybody. War is easy to write about but when I see the desolation in parts of syria and iraq, the human toll leaves a pain in my chest.

      • asorockweb says:

        Nice sentiment and I largely agree.

        The question is, what do they want? how can the FG possibly stop corruption trials?

        The low price of oil is AGAINST the militants.
        Low oil prices means that any disruptions that they might cause will have a lower impact on the FG income.

        Also low oil prices means that their income from bunkered oil is significantly reduced.

        I wager that if oil falls to $15 per barrel, and stays there for 5 years, their will be no oil bunkering anymore in the Niger Delta.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Before the Warri matter, what do you think about this news article and Nigeria’s zero response?

      By Associated Press
      Published: 20:15, 19 January 2016 | Updated: 20:15, 19 January 2016

      ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Cameroonian troops pursuing Boko Haram fired rocket-propelled grenades indiscriminately that killed a family of four, then shot and killed two other civilians, trapped Nigerian villagers said Tuesday.

      It’s the latest of several reports accusing the military of neighboring Cameroon of killing scores of Nigerian civilians and razing villages in an apparent attempt to create a no-go zone along the border. Cameroon’s government has denied previous similar charges, which come amid rising tensions between Nigeria and its neighbors over the Islamic uprising that has spilled over Nigeria’s borders.

      Muhammad Abba, deputy commander of a civilian self-defense group, said relatives telephoned him Tuesday to describe how one grenade exploded through the grass roof of a hut and killed a family of four in the northeastern village Ashigashiya on Monday.

      Then Cameroonian soldiers dragged away two elderly men and shot them on the outskirts of the village, Abba said.

      He said villagers have been trapped for weeks between hostile Cameroonian troops and an area where Boko Haram is operating.

      There was no way to independently verify his report.

      The first such story came from refugees who said Cameroonian soldiers on Nov. 30 killed about 150 people, stole livestock and set huts ablaze along a 150-kilometer (95-mile) stretch of the border. Hundreds of refugees have arrived with similar reports. Nigerian government officials have not responded to requests for comment, instead warning local press to be “patriotic.” Cameroon said its troops were deployed with Nigerian soldiers in the fight against Boko Haram.

      The raids began days after Nigeria refused requests from neighboring countries to evacuate border villages and create a buffer zone where troops could shoot anything that moved to prevent incursions by Boko Haram, according to a diplomat familiar with negotiations.

      Nigerian troops also have been accused of atrocities in the six-year uprising that has killed 20,000 people.


      • jimmy says:

        The key word is to independently verify this information. Look @ it from both sides.Cameroon due their riding the Tiger have now ended up in its belly.
        On Monday there was a suicide attack in Cameroon ,people died and even to the most jaundiced eye there is evidence showing BH is fleeting to the two weakest countries Cameroon and Niger.
        This however does not let the Gendarmes of the hook,but before we overreact ,the Military should be very careful and deliberate, and this is the first I am hearing of a buffer zone.

      • Not the 1st time we wld hv such an incident but the way naija works ehn am nt surprised there is no public comment from the fed govt. The only way I think we can figure out whether there was a diplomatic behind d doors warning is if it does nt happen again

      • chynedoo says:

        Most people in the UK with a functioning brain will never pay heed to news from Daily Mail. It is the most sensational, alarmist tabloid on the Island….
        Daily Mail is known to spice up its news reports

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga chynedoo, the very first line of the article reads:

        “ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) ”

        AP is the source of the news; some of us Nigerians need to learn to look deeper before attacking.

        Be careful about things you say.
        Your comment also means that most people in the UK do not have “functioning brains”, because the Daily Mail is the second biggest newspaper in that country:


    • Are James says:

      The swamps and creeks don’t negate NA’s assets. Things light up better on a chopper’s NVG and IR equipment when you are flying over swamps.
      The area is the most properly mapped region in Nigeria due to 60-something years of oil exploration.
      The Navy has the region staked out fighting oil thieves. There is a night sailing curfew already in effect and large outboard engine boats are banned. That minor ban alone confers tactical advantages.

      The campaign will be short and advantageous to Nigeria. All oil stealing tapping points along major pipelines and illegal refineries can be comprehensively destroyed.

      • doziex says:

        Chief, I agree helicopters are ideal, but how many operational units so we have?
        How about armoured boats?

        Our APCs and Mraps no go work for creek O !

        Our only answer for any Cameroonian intransigence, is a viable airforce and armoured corps and of course some submarines to keep the French honest.

  124. jimmy says:

    Unrelated but it is very important the F.G this year 2016 , 2017, and 2018 must do a three year cycle which must see
    *** INCREASE in Capital expenditure it must go up ( Public Spending increase by 10% every ear after 2016 ,2017,2018,2019
    Increase in defense spending by a minimum of a reasonable amount of 10% and i meant capital expenditure especially for the Army , the Airforce and the Navy

  125. jimmy says:

    I really hate to quote her but this is breaking / trending right now
    In what is seen as a watershed for Nigeria and Nigerians in general MTN based on what i have read so far appears to want to settle, the devil will be in the details
    1) For how much?
    2) what will be the terms of payment ?
    3) Does the fact that Cameroon (Nigeria’s next door neighbor) fined them a record $100m+ for tax evasion have anything to do with it?
    Regardless if a reasonable settlement is reached it would be good for Nigeria’s image as a country that upholds the rule of law and will shut up her critics who have largely kept quiet as the US is set to fine VW a staggering $20B for violation of emission laws, no one is talking about the US shoring up their economy with this imminent fine which VW will pay.

    • eyimola says:

      They have no choice. They were the ones who went to court in the first place to try to overturn a regulatory sanction that the country is clearly within its rights to impose,.

      • Are James says:

        It is a first in Nigeria and we have to commend the FG for this. In the previous administration , the tail was wagging the dog in the name of business friendliness and free markets. It was even an anathema to suggest that corporate citizens had to succumb to our local laws.
        The worst example of corporate arrogance and disdain for local regulations was environmental degradation in the Niger Delta. Thankfully a new culture of compliance is coming to all sectors of the economy including tax compliance

  126. mcshegz says:



  127. jimmy says:

    Please anyone who knows the INNOSUN Brothers who is a regular blogger , can they be politely asked to contact BEEGS. I am gladdened anytime I see a General with decision making powers visit a MADE IN NIGERIA plant.
    We honestly have to patronize our OWN O! OGA HENRY any help ? biko I beg help spread the word, OGA ABURO MI BEEGS this our own , yes INNOSUN is criticized as being CKD, but I am sure if they are nudged in the right areas they can fabricate from scratch..
    We have to start from somewhere .
    God bless Nigeria.
    P.S. Dear Innosun you have to sell yourself” a closed mouth does not get fed”.

  128. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 14h14 hours ago

    64 #BokoHaram Terrorists were killed while several Kalash rifles, ammo, anti-aircraft gun, RPG, GMPG, IEDs, vehicles & 41 motorbikes siezed

  129. Ola says:

    I don’t understand this lady’s accent very well, but then she’s made a comic video out of the real news coming out of the Nigerian senate:

    This is the change a broke Nigeria needs?

    • Sir Kay says:

      Not sure this kind of satire belong here, but i get your point Oga Ola, it’s actually upsetting watching this thing, stupid multiple accents of the lady aside, the clip shows the madness going on in that country.
      Docile people will continued to be walked over, that’s why this kind of insanity is tolerated

    • Ola says:

      @Sir Kay, I do agree with you that we should keep comics out of this space. But then, this was rather pathetically shared on a forum by Nigerians in Diaspora, talking about the ills of Nigerian law makers. A government that is singing “no money” since inception has continued to expend a lot of money on frivolities, silently. Imagine how much contribution this could make to paying the salaries of staffs at different levels or even pension of pensioners. From what I heard from Nigerian local news, people are being owed salaries and pension for months, yet in the same country lawlessness of this magnitude rules among the law makers. At this time, the cost of governance should be greatly cut down in Nigeria while security, health and civil service should get the increased funding they desperately need but Nigerians are experiencing the opposite.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Yes Chief, but nothing will ever change regarding this unless the people themselves put a stop to it, but we are too divided for that. If the majority are mum to such insanity, then the minority few can easily be ignored by these lawmakers without consequence, so the masses need to protest and shut everything down, only then will these people stop, and I’m not talking using violence. Even if every civil servant in that country protest, not go to work, and oil and gas workers do the same, police officers give warning they won’t show up for work, telecom workers, I mean, the impact alone will be massive, add college students to that, changes will be made.
        So until we learn how to cooperate, put our differences aside and quit hacking each other to death over 5nailra while these fools are stealing billions, we won’t get anywhere

  130. Augustine says:

    Nigerian army has been visiting local vehicle manufacturers without buying one single tyre from them, at least not to public knowledge. Proforce will be a sad story if it never gets Nigerian military patronage. So sad, after all these years, yet we call for industrialization and job creation, as well as made in Nigeria products.

    We call for local investors, yet a Nigerian has invested locally to start Proforce and he gets no patronage from federal government and Nigerian army, at least not that we know of. Let’s just hope 2016 will see NA, NAF, NN buying Proforce products custom made for them, give the Proforce team your specs and design and they will build it to suit your taste.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Profoce at the end of the day doesn’t need the Nigerian Military to survive, Africa is full of tiny ( economically speaking) countries on a budget, all they have to do is cater their business to other countries on the continent. The cheaper the better, and they will be alright.
      But great point, they need local support from the Govt and Military, that would have been nicer

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Sir Kay, how easy is it for Proforce to penetrate African market when their products are not purchased by their own country’s military? Charity begins at home.

        South African government does not treat their local companies like that, we all positively envy their local defence industry, but can we do what they did? SANDF bought 1,200 Ratel IFVs and about 1,000 MRAPs from their own local South African manufacturers, and those big orders opened the doors for over 6,000 armoured vehicles export overseas sales worldwide.

        If your own national army refuses to buy your country’s product, how do you want to convince a foreigner it’s good to buy?

      • Sir Kay says:

        Oga Augustine, I’m not saying you were wrong, I’m saying Proforce can survive, not saying it will be easy. And at the end of the day, it’s business, smaller African countries that might not be able to afford expensive toys can be convinced to buy proforce made products, how you present your merchandise and deals you offer is what matters, Don’t wait for customers to come to you, go to them, show them your stuff, give them some to even test drive and all, it’s part of marketing, but as you said, having one’s own local government patronize you is the best way to market your wares to foreign ones.
        No reason Proforce can’t hold events in other African countries and let them see what proforce have to offer. Different Governments have different taste.
        So I’m in agreement with you Oga

    • Are James says:

      The visits i suspected is based on more astute strategic thinking than buying what we are seeing is probably capability assessment of these companies to do limited production or assembly runs of existing designs of IFVs, APCs and MRAPS. Component manufacturing / remanufacturing is another thing the NA might be interested in.
      You need assessment before commencement. To even empower these in terms of manpower development through special government grants or equipment like jigs, fixtures, moulds and so on requires these sort of visits. What of R&D grants?
      I don think just sending an immediate Purchase Order for so many vehicles to Proforce or Innoson is the way to help them sustainably.

  131. Augustine says:

    DICON is opening a new armoured vehicle production line, we do not know yet what they will be producing, Igirigi or some other armoured vehicle? If it is Igirigi under joint venture with Streit Company of Canada, then Proforce has lost out on LAV for NA. Maybe Proforce should then focus on MRAP for NA and a future mini-IFV.

    The Igirigi is good as far as we know, having done well in NE, and I guess road speed is one of it’s strong points. NA needs urgently at least 1,000 Igirigi vehicles well armed with mostly 20mm autocannon variants and a few 40mm auto grenade launcher variants.

    NN and NAF needs Igirigi LAV too for their riflemen and SF.

  132. Augustine says:

    Nigeria is trapped with the huge size of our legislative arm of government, senators 109 + reps 360 = 469 national assembly members to pay and maintain EVERY MONTH. It’s a huge cost we are entrapped in by our constitution. The USA congress has a total of 535 assembly men for a citizenry population double that of Nigeria.

    I think, 72 senators (2 per state) and 180 reps (5 per state) will be enough as 252 law makers for Nigeria. Less cost of maintenance.

    Aso Rock too has cost problems, huge operating costs like the law makers. You need to see contract costs for the executive and legislature, one house to be built for one deputy leader at a cost of =N= 500 million ! Hey what kind of house is that, made of golden bricks and diamond floors ! =N= 250 million will build a super decent and beautiful mansion for a national assembly senior officer or leader, that is a $ 1 million house I am talking about now, even in America a $ 1 million house looks like paradise inside and outside….google it and see.

    What Nigeria lacks today is a large number of patriotic and self sacrificing leaders especially the law makers. One man Buhari is not enough, what about the 469 law makers, how patriotic are they? If you are privileged above the rest of us 170 million Nigerians, you are privileged to DAILY suck and eat the milk and honey of the nation Nigeria, the milk and honey that the other 170 million Nigerians are not getting, then why don’t you justify the privilege we gave you with our thumb print vote and show great sacrifices for Nigeria’s good ?

    It’s a wrong time to spend billions of naira on brand new cars and SUV. Each of those lawmakers’ planned new vehicle is enough to buy a Proforce uparmoured Toyota Land Cruiser for Nigerian troops fighting Boko Haram, means we can have about 400 brand new and 12.7mm heavy machine gun armed 4×4 vehicles pursuing Bokos in war zone, carrying some 3,000 soldiers around well armed.

    This is a sacrificial donation our Abuja law makers can do without sweating. They are paid a big monthly transport allowance and can walk to a bank with that, get a brand new less expensive vehicle on lease to pay for by installments over his 4 year tenure in office. What is wrong in a senator going around in a 2011 model Toyota RAV4 AWD in a cash broke war time Nigeria?

    The people that voted for them are largely riding Okada motorcycle or trekking on foot including university graduates who are jobless or earn =N= 20,000 per month low wage struggling to balance food and transport expenses every month without success.

  133. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    ( Oga Beegs I am snowed in and using a public internet service).

    Dear Ogas, There is a major problem in the foundations of our national structure, which till it is addressed, we will keep going in circles with no progression, How can it be ok for us to tell Proforce to go and market in other African countries, Does anybody here have the faintest knowledge of the amounts invested, that this could make the promoters bust or go under for life with personal consequences to their families. Let the military as well as the politicians make the sacrifices they are demanding from the ordinary Nigerians, the arms purchase finding as shown that they are both more or less one and the same at the top level. It is okay to talk of DICON working with the Canadians, I am sure Striet is not as stupid as us, to cut it,s profit because it wants to go into joint production of a vehicle it sell in the open market for $250,000.00 for Nigeria because it would want to enhance the capability of a future competition ?. Believe that the production rights and copy of the Igirigi is not for free, Those it make any sense to re-invent the wheel. I am totally dumfounded when it appears that as a nation, where the Military is suppose to be the cutting edge of all matters, we need training for everything right up to airfield protection from the RAF, how can that be ? after 50 years, of cause the British advisers have intimate knowledge of Kaduna, after having been there and kept records from there training teams then in NDA in the 80s, etc.
    The Politicians are in another class of their own entirely, why should any politician be bought a car or provided with a house in Abuja, this should be the responsibility of those who voted for him to provide funding from within their means to ensure that he is able to adequately represent their interest in Abuja. if the money and funding is coming out of his constituency’s pocket, let us see how much they will be willing to spend on him to remain at his job in Abuja. We love sweeping things under carpet and pass failures off as minor stuff. For a Government calling for local manufacture of military equipment, something which the civil sector /oil sector seems to have moved up with good initiatives (local content in the oil industry, Cell phone and GSM support industry, Maritime ship and rig construction, etc). The military has a lot of catching up to do, the trip to the manufacturers should have been undertaken by the MOD, with a team made up of technical ( Military / Operational / Engineering experts), financial ( costing and feasibility ) and economic experts ( assessment of overall impact on National budget / strategic market outlook), what was done by NA was more of an excursion outing, the military area of core competence is operational, evaluation and provision of specifics to meet the battle field demands, once you start seeing people go outside their areas it look like there are other interests are involved. Incredible that all this is taking place when our economical mainstay, Oil is falling to the lowest ebbs and is predicted to go below $20 per barrel, once Iran comes into the fray ( Naira is now 300 to 1, from 150 last year). may I say also here that Military activities is a projection (in most circumstances, except coups) of a Political decision/policy. Most crew and passengers ( military and politicians alike) in our national aircraft have already bought there own parachutes and have allocated themselves rows with ejector seats, so they are not worried about if the ship goes down, they others are trying to get there own chutes, but the majority have their eyes closed ( in wishing not even honest prayer ) to facts or need to take action. I hope the voice of the few here would be heard and eyes would open.
    ( Oga Beegs I am snowed in and using a public internet).

    • Sir Kay says:

      Oga Tobias, I agree with your statement, I’m also guessing you mentioned “How can it be ok for us to tell Proforce to go and market in other African countries” in response to my post. Well, do we force the Government or military to buy from proforce by force? We can’t, so yes, if Proforce wants to survive, it needs to market its products outside of our borders, or go under, that’s more for them and their leadership to decide, I’m neutral in all of this. We have for a long time administrations after administrations that don’t care much about the people, nothing new here.
      Aren’t our lawmakers still spending millions buying furniture from Italy? Is it because Nigeria ran out of carpenters? Of course not.
      We like to waste money, well the leadership, and that’s the problem. No reason not to make something happen with these local companies, but can we force the Government? NO.

  134. Naijaseal says:

    A while back i actually advocated that MoD needs to seriously study the DARPA model of driving innovation by utilizing a large pool of civilian talents in the USA.

    DARPA’s model is really very simple; give general outlines of the capabiities you are looking for and ask civilian companies to build it. The winning design gets a certain monetary reward and/or more financing.

    For our MoD, such an agency, call it say, Nigeria Development and Research agency (NiDRA) will be solely responsible for developing our homegrown military tech by collaborating with our local companies.

    Nothing stops such an agency from putting out an RFD (Request For Design) of an IFV or LAV with certain capabilities and maybe specify 50,60 or 70% local content.

    Let the Innonsons, Proforce, Anamco etc slug it out.

    This way, we build local know how and keep local companies and talents involved profitably

  135. Sir Kay says:

    BEEGEAGLES BLOG ‏@beegeaglesblog 9h9 hours ago


  136. drag_on says:

    This may be long .
    With dismay i have silently watched as many of my fellow bloggers slamed oga igbi over his ‘Nigeria destruction rant’ without asking why a patriot would turn coat and wish the end of his State’s existence.We on this blog have done what the Nigerian Government has been doing without success for donkey years, slaming down those who cry injustice. Read inbetween the lines of his statement.Oga Igbi only wants the Good of Nigeria, but is pained by the fact that the country has refused to solve its internal issues and hence rise to its prestigious position as the 7th most populated nation on earth and the power/ responsibitlty that should come with it.We are all patriots but we cannot solve Nigeria’s problem by the force of will. Something subsequents Governments cant understand. When a socio-cultural group of more than 100,000 people start complaining about a percieved injustice it is a political problem, not a security or millitary issue. Nigeria’s corporate existence is not negotiable that is why we fought against Biafra and Bokoharam, however the agitations in the SE\SS today are political agitations that should be recognized by the state as such to prevent degeneration. If the minorities are crying foul over issues it is the responsibility of the majority to address.’POWER IS A RESPONSIBILITY’
    @ adekunle is right, @igbi is right @are james is right @jimmy is right,we are all right. But we are all wrong because of oil. THIS IS THE TRUTH THAT FACES US.
    When Nigeria was created,there was no oil and we divided ourselves in a way that EVERYONE WAS HAPPY with the constuct.The mess that is Nigeria today and the infighting in this blog today is because of oil, not the British or our forefathers for that matter. We have been so deeply scared by oil we dont even know it.Oil has created all kinds of sectionalism and nepotic regionalism,it is astounding. The North at independence had a march on the south in terms of industries and agric but it all collapsed when oil came in and provided more money than the entire Northen economy, as a result the railways shutdown and the factories quickly followed without a care in the world. We stopped producing electricity because we could buy all we wanted from oil revenue. We became a state hooked to the oil drug, aka oil curse.
    Let us go back to regional governments. The southwest ,in lagos, already have Africa’s 4th largest economy. The South-Eastern region,oil (let them decide their coporate existence of SS/ SE) and the North their rich agric legacy and enormous mineral deposits(leave them to determine their MB/ North existence).Let us stop having our allegiance/patrotism and fraternity being decided by oil. When one region cannot blame another for its problems patriots will shoot out.
    A nation is born when its people all believe they control their destinies as a collective.
    I am humbly subject to correction by a higher mind.

    • Are James says:

      You obviously did not read the man’s post carefully.

      He did not say anything about restructuring Nigeria.
      We know the individuals who make all the noble contributions along the lines of national conference and restructuring here although I personally argue with them about the necessity, feasibility or affordability of administrative restructuring.

      The man openly said what the militants did was right to blow up assets belonging to all Nigerians and our industry partners in the upstream industry. He also made statements to the effect that oil facilities would not be made to work until certain things were done, thus ‘co-owning’ the terrorist acts, abusing his privileges on this blog and bringing embarrassment to the owner.

      There is no country in the world with happy people.
      What nornal people are expected have though, is love of their country but sadly that guy who ranted has none for Nigeria now because the elected President from his geo political region has been voted out of office.
      We can conclude then that he never really had any love for Nigeria in the first place only love for a section of it. We are reinforced in that belief when we remember the now ‘questionable’ enthusiasm he showed for the country’s unity and it’s Army when the SS president was in office which has now turned 180 degrees into full blown hatred. We also remember that he actually resigned from this blog immediately after the elections with words to the effect that he could not handle the west’s acceptance of the new President and so on.
      Therein lies the truth about everything.

      The man was always a micro nationalist. The only positive thing for us is that his lack of sophistication and self control showed him up early.

      Finally on this ownership of crude oil.
      The Niger Delta oil dies not belong to Niger Delta people. It belongs to Nigeria. Hate me, knock your head on the rock. .that is the truth. That progressively reducing value resource is owned in almost every country by the national government like every other thing below six feet. Even underground water resources are not owned by individuals or state governments.

      Oil reservoirs that forms oil blocks are at a distance of at least 1.5km underground. The formations are tightly pressed rocks containing millions of years of sediments deposited by the Atlantic Ocean marine life and River Niger. The pressures underground are atrocious 800bar is commom, temperatures are out if this world . Believe me, where the oil is coming from is not anywhere like from Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Abia or Bayelsa.
      To produce the oil, you will borrow hundreds of millions, drill wells that fail many times , risk fortune and lives sometimes. Failure is worse than death but success is highly rewarded.
      Now the ethnic nationalities of those areas migrated to those places , lived, loved, fought wars and died without once even imagining that such riches were underground which was just as well because it was never there’s in the first place.

      The oil belongs to those who put up the money to explore, drill and produce it. They took all the enormous risks under legal frameworks of country laws and commercial laws. They also put in hard work of thousands of people working day and night fir decade.

      Gentlemen, God has permitted man to reward risk and hardwork. It is the basis of modern economic system. In fact risk is rewarded more than hardwork so that we can all be creators like him.

      The squatters who chanced on the area by providence and decided to live there did so for reasons of fertile farmlands, fishing, security, slave routes, clan love etc. They were not dream their by oil and gas.
      Nigeria as is common practice decided to pay rent in many ways to the settlers of the area for owning top soil assets through which the hydrocarbon has to flow to get the customers. This has evolved in formal and value over many years but the common one now in DERIVATION.

      • Are James says:

        *form* and value*

      • Are James says:

        *the common form in Nigeria now is the derivation principle*

      • Naijaseal says:

        @AreJames the revisionist. Lol

        The way you are justifying absurd things recently on this blog is mindblowing, but in hindsight is unsuprising really.

        So, the oil in the Niger Delta does not belong to the people there, but the environmental degradation belongs to them right? You exposed a shallowness that you tried to hide behind geological explanations.

        This is the same explanation that Maryam Babaginda’s brother used to explain that the oil in the Niger Delta “flowed down” from the North. It is a lazy exercise

        Why did you logic of explanations not hold valid for natural resources across Nigeria pre discovery of crude oil?

        Why is your geological and human migration explanation not being used by the USA or Canada? The way folks like you turn logic upside down to suit your chosen views is just tiring.

        FYI, the Land Use act was designed PRIMARILY with oil in mind, it was a way of stealing resources belonging to people that own the land. And you are here justifying absurdities. Na wa.

        @OgaOla is 100% correct, the only thing holding Nigeria together is Niger Delta crude. Once oil is found in commercial quantities up North and they can figure out how to export it, all this one Nigeria story will fizzle out.

        I am praying that crude drops to $20 and stays there for the next 10yrs so we can all look elsewhere as a country instead of hearing innane explanations like you have just given.

        By the way, i am not from the Niger Delta, but i totally support their ownership of the resources in their land, just as i support Ondo owning its Bitumen, Enugu its coal, Zamfara its gold and all the rest.

      • Are James says:

        Revisionism ke?
        I believe you are misusing that expression.
        What I said is fact that does not even ever need to be revised. The oil legally belongs to those who are claiming it now and they making profit from it and no laws are being broken.
        2+2=4 is not revisionism.
        The quoted reserves of the oil giant Shell that sets it’s Share price and company value includes Niger Delta reserves. They advertised it for years in their company prospectus. Nigeria as a country is also quoting about 45bn barrel of reserves a great portion of which is ND located reserves. The oil money is already part of our national budget projections. Please what is revisionistic in all that?. Fact is fact.

        I only tried to provide legal and moral justification (which is evem elementary and amateurish by more rigorous standards ).

        Where you are actually going is that the constitution should be amended to give full control of underground mineral resources to states or ethnic nationalities which is a different thing. That would be against basic principles of sovereigntype. The point here is that the FG and operators are not operating illegally.

        One major issue in public discourse in this ares is cluelessness and being driven by greed, envy and emotion rather than facts and reasoning with the effect that creativity in thinking is hampered.

        I have wondered for years why state governments in the Niger Delta did not see it fit to levy a tax of up to $5 a barrel on operators in the region for thebmany years that they have been operating
        That sure would have been legal but no, no such thing was ever contemplated. Like our discussions on federalism, it appears states are not even using the full Federation entity powers that they have to their own advantage only to moan, complain, steal and pout.

        The tax would have been a surface environmental tax set to protect the environment and I believe state government houses have power to do could have done in one week. It would have given automatically about $2bn to each oil producing state aside derivation and made them corner a significant percentage of value from the resource that passes over their surface assets . However what you find is lazy and selfish representstives of the long suffering people would rather knock their heads arguing over what is clearly not theirs under basic principles of law or childishly fawning over local champions who have broken anti corruption laws.

      • Are James says:

        $5 per barrel environmental tax levied on operators by Delta State in 2013/2015 would have added another $3bn (N450bn then) to their revenues. Delta State Government would have been able to budget in the trillions to the good of their people. Indeed environmental tax could probably have been a high stakes tripartite negotiation between FG, State governments and the EU .
        Sadly the opportunity for all that is lost.

    • Sir Kay says:

      We are all marginalized . Are those in the North better off? No.
      The majority is marginalized (Regardless of creed, race or what have you) by the minority in power and their local cohorts, until we fix that, nothing is going to change.
      I’m from that same Niger delta, and i don’t give a damn about oil or no oil, just because there is friction between people doesn’t mean a country should break up, the problem can be fixed by Leaders making sure there is equal opportunity , Justice, Freedom and equal access to all Nigeria has to offer.
      As Oga Are said, there is not country with happy people, not 100% that is.
      Igbi was supporting terrorism, because that’s exactly what blowing up stuff is, i get his frustration, but don’t take it too far.
      Who is going to suffer for if the military decided to respond with force? It’s the people.
      Do we really think paying off some hoodlums to stop blowing up pipelines was the answer? Past and Present government are simply bribing criminals to not commit crimes.
      What about the poor people in the north? The South, East? The millions of jobless youths roaming the street, Who is paying them millions monthly so they wouldn’t behave badly? No one, so bribing these guys is not the answer, because at the end of the day only the militants enjoy the spoils, not the community they claimed to be fighting for.
      Let’s not mess the blog up again with tribal rubbish, how is the breaking up working for South Sudan? Now those same people there are running back to Sudan proper, for protection, i wonder why.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Sir Kay, well said. You took the words from my mouth just as I was trying to type them. Balanced and wise comment from you on this issue.

        The people of Abeokuta have built a large part of Nigeria with their limestone turned into cement for over half a century in this country, have they called for destruction of the mining industry to ask Abuja FG for 13% derivation revenue? No, we all are marginalized in different ways and cheated. North East is not the type of ‘north’ that people imagine it to be, it’s the religiously liberal part of Arewa land, finding oil in lake Chad basin does not make the large Christian population of Borno to think of dumping Nigeria.

        Let us seek to solve Nigeria’s problems than think of tearing ourselves apart, Scotland voted to stay under U.K/Great Britain, despite agitations spoken by Scots to pull out, when voting started the same Scots voted with their brains despite saying a different thing with their mouths…they knew survival alone with a solo new born country of Scotland will not be easy….economy, defence, international clout, etc.

        Kanem Bornu finds oil and stands alone, I think Chad will eat him up one day. Ijaw land has oil and stands alone, I think they will kill themselves over oil money like South Sudan.

        Nigeria is better off as a united country. Let us continue to fight hard for justice, good governance, equality, human rights, freedom of speech and religion, well evened distribution of national and state wealth, effective local government system to kick out poverty, rapid poverty alleviation, etc Then add security of lives, property, and national defense.

        I avoided saying this, but let me say it, Igbi’s controversial comments are TREASONALBLE, if he is in Nigeria and he spews out those statements in a news medium, he may be picked up by the SSS.

        Long live the federal republic of Nigeria. Amen.

      • Naijaseal says:


        I am actually an advocate of a single Nigeria, our size is an advantage.

        However if we think the present setup of this country is what will take us to the promised land, then we are delusional. Please note that this problem predates our return to democracy.

        The fact that we bought the peace of the grave via the Niger Delta amnesty does not detract from the fundamental issues of their agitation, which still has not changed. Pretending there is no basis for the agitation is playing Ostrich.

        The truth of the matter is that a lot of Nigerians are dissatisified with the country, we can not just dismiss them with wave of the hand.

        Ultimately, Nigeria will be FORCED to restructure to an entity where people will have a sense of ownership, either peacefully or violently. The when is up to anybody’s guess

  137. jimmy says:

    Thank you Oga Sir KAY
    South Sudan as we speak is in ruins, with a rebellion within a rebellion ongoing.
    May God bless Nigeria.

  138. Are James says:

    I just Googled it .
    Yes even in Canada Surface land ownership does not extend to sub surface minerals . We have to argue about everything sometimes in Nigeria as if God should give us separate planet because we are Nigerians. The First Nations People are the aboriginal settlers of oil producing areas in Canada. They are treated with extreme respect including a minor kind of sovereignty over sacred areas, given everything in material comfort but they don’t own jack as far as mineral rights are concerned.
    I like the example of @Kay with Abeokuta and Nkalagu’s cement and the fact that enormous level of extortion (which would be illegal) is possible from these communities that could lead to a cement price of N10,000 and distort all capital investment in Nigeria. Note that most limestone mining as most of Canada’s oil Sands are even done close to under the six feet limit to the surface yet we dont hear trouble from these sources.

  139. igbi says:

    May god forsake the satanist organisation called nigeria.

    • igbi says:

      May God liberate the people who are being kept captive in a union which they do not want and which doesn’t want them. May God restore the precolonial countries which exoisted before the british came to force us into their satanist company which they called nigeria.

    • ScouseNaija says:

      Oga Igbi, it’s enough with all this anti-Nigeria talk. I am beginning to agree with those who say you do not have the best interests of this country at heart. You do make very reasonable and useful comments here but your clearly emotional outbursts reduce the value of such commentary.
      Abeg tone the rhetoric down, at least on this blog where we all gather to actually attempt to try and help make rather than mar Nigeria.

  140. igbi says:

    It seems I also need to educate some ignoramus on the notion of treason, but not today. Let me just hint to you augustin that you are a treator, some southerners here have committed treason more than once, that is treason against their ancestors, treason against the blood which runs threw their vains, only because buhari’s vp is yoruba and he gave some vanity-yet-powerless ministerial position to some yoruba. You guys have been pushing lies through this blog for a while, all this because you feel it is your duty to defend your tribal position. You guys are being used just like judas and all this for your vanity. shame. Thanks to god, you guys do not represent the yoruba, you only represent the backstabbing traitors amongst our yoruba brothers and backstabbers run through every tribe so I won’t blame my yoruba friends and brothers for this.

  141. Sir Kay says:

    Igbi, so you just called me retarded, and a bafoon? Hehe, this kid has truly gone mental.so blowing up pipelines isn’t terroism? Last time this happened those same militants killed soldiers and cops, and that’s not terroism. I hear you. Get help kid.
    I wonder why you are on a nigerian blog if you hate us this much. Smh

    • Are James says:

      I think the boy’s access to this blog should be restricted . He has truly lost it. A complete tribalist with a feeling of tribal inferiority and lack of compensating sense of reality. When a privileged SS youth feels oppressed by a northerner then it has become a mental problem

      Anyway latest news from Adamawa, Fulani gun men attacked villages there, killed a DPO and scores of people. That is Fulani against Kanem Borno empire remnants. That is a foretaste of the level of atavitism and anarchy that will descend if you ever allow this construct called Nigeria to fail.

      If we continue to listen to people like this sick young man we will lose everything and Nigeria believe it or not will not divide. The military will simply come back and they can shut down the country from the outside world and “sanitise” things if you know what I mean.

    • Are James says:

      Yes they have hidden “a lot of stuff under a lot of stuff” to confuse the un initiated..

      Another significant thing in context. Prior to the 2026 budget, the President approved money some two months ago and actually spent it without without approval only to later send a supplementary bill to the legislature to approve it after the fact. The bill was presented the cover of payment for commitments to fuel importers who were causing long queues at the pumps.
      Anyway the 2015 Supplementary Budget:
      NA :N17.5bn
      and a curious NA outstanding balance N4.348bn.

      Anybody looking for balance money for the new combat aircraft that was not clear in the 2016 budget should do some analytics on the figures

      If you want to understand Nigeria’s defence expenditure, know that you can never understand Nigeria’s defence expenditure then good luck as you dig in.

      What I petsonally like is that we seem to have the most military friendly administration in Abuja now than we ever had.

      • Are James says:


      • rugged7 says:

        “Yes they have hidden “a lot of stuff under a lot of stuff” to confuse the un initiated..”

        Or to open the path for more looting of funds.

        Pray, if i may ask, the same G2G arms procurement we have recommended as panacea to corruption has still not been implemented

        No open tenders for military arms and equipment purchases up till now

        The same person who was in charge of arms procurement from 2012; for 3 years has not been investigated and is now army chief and ?part of people presently purchasing equipment in a non NATO country.

        Who are we really kidding in this country of our’s?

        Let’s be frank, they don’t want us to understand Nigeria defense expenditure because some goat somewhere is gnawing at the yam blissfully…

  142. rka says:

    Do not be surprised dear bloggers if Oga Beeg continues to ignore this blog with it’s constant derailment etc.

    • Deway says:

      I thought we had one called DICON with installed capacity to produce rifles, GPMGs, RPG, hand held grenades, combat vests. Nigerian government officials should try to be more specific when they make statements like these. (and whatever will be produced will certainly not be a secret in 2016)

    • mcshegz says:

      Terrorism’s a b**ch, a war of attrition, a war without end; only fools, nincompoops and narrow-minded humans laugh at the calamity of a nation without actively learning from her mistakes, most especially when that country is in such close proximity; erstwhile beating their chest, claiming to be king of the jungle?
      This war can never be fought and won alone; collaboration, cooperation, active intelligence sharing are very vital to any sustainable win. Ego’s, wanton bravado, and radical claims of invincibility must be chock left at the front door.

      • Are James says:

        I beg to disagree

      • mcshegz says:

        “I beg to disagree” Oga, i made a couple of points, on which point do you beg to disagree with? because i agree with all the points you made below except one ;-). As you rightly stated, the fact is that no country world-over is immune to terrorist attacks, which by definition make it a relentless, unending war, one where success can never be truly, fully achieved due to the dynamics of terrorist operations.

        “100% deradicalisation can be achieved” ? hmmmmm, it is on this point that i disagree with you very much.. heehehe. We all know there is a certain balance to the world we live in, there has never and will never be a world where 100% of people follow and submit 100% to an idea 100% of the time, this is wishful thinking, you and i know that Oga. Hence, a mere fraction of the world population will always seek to terrorize in order to push an agenda, this necessarily has nothing to do with religion neither their social status, all they need is conviction about their belief.
        Oga Are James. I respect your hustle sir.

  143. Are James says:

    Algeria has crushed terrorists to dust. The joke about Algeria and the last terrorist stand at the Gas Plant in Algeria was that there were 16 terrorists holding plant workers hostage, when the special forces went in and came back, 60 dead bodies were counted. I am not justifying callousness, but you get the general idea.
    Saudi Arabia, they will kill you very fast when they get the initial indicators that you are stirring up trouble. Iran and Israel are also effective. Less mentioned also is Morocco, there you don’t get second chances. Pakistan is doing well in combatting insurgents in the province mostly affected. Colombia is fairly good in terms of record against terrorism but there is also corruption and drugs for them to worry about.

    I think there is something about the resolve of a government and its anti terrorist force that dissolves all resistance and when mixed with the carrot of jobs, schools and a feeling of hope, 100% deradicalisation can be achieved.

    • eyimola says:

      Not even sure if that is news worthy. Biafra is not a real state, and even if it was declared today, every responsible country in the world will shun it, pending a political resolution. In my opinion, this administration should offer the people of the South East a straightforward in or out referendum.

    • Akin Oges says:

      I want to believe this individual was mined of every drop of information before this was made public. It would truly be shocking if it was otherwise; because the satanic gang would simply move their victims to another location(s), where the authorities can’t reach and bring them safe. Still, hats off to the NA and the hard-as-nail chaps at the frontline.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Abeg, the Chiboc matter na wash. It is one of our many “now you see me. now you don’t” wahala’s in Nigeria that can only discerned with wisdom and extreme patience.

      There are too many shadows built upon older shadows in Nigeria. It is bad for our national health.

      • eyimola says:

        Not quite sure if you are suggesting that the girls were never kidnapped, or that the story from the military surrounding this issue is suspect. However, I do believe that the Nigerians state has to continue to search for this girls, until we have an idea of their fate.

      • Are James says:

        Just because of one extremely lucky politician that ‘we’ must protect at all cost even the 80 per cent probable abduction of the tender and softest of our species by demons must be denied. And they say people are created equal ?. NO. we are not.
        The parents of these kids had a rather testy time with the new president and it was not exactly nice. The General spoke more like a General than a father and my intellectual, smart set young colleague here is still saying the sharp thing that gets you admirers in a beer parlour..” na wash”.
        I say it again , we all come with different luck allotments in life. For those young girls , theirs is very low, for the immediate president, it is a massive dose. Even in the worst of mediocrity, corruption, indolence and sheer abuse of office he still enjoys some people’s sympathy.
        Nigeria itself na wash.

    • Sir Kay says:

      @eyimola, i think he meant it was all a lie, if i remember correctly he and i had a pretty heated argument about this issue last year, i wonder why a government will acknowledge that these girls are missing when they aren’t, that would be like shooting yourself in the foot.
      But if Oga Adekola wasn’t the one i had that argument with, then apologies.
      Either way, i saw bunch of girls in BH video, we all did, and they don’t look like they were there as a volunteer. So whoever they are, they are suffering right now as we speak, let’s think about that, bunch of girls in the midst of those mindless people, how terrible

      • eyimola says:

        Absolutely. I also saw anm interview on a US channel with one of the girls whop actually survived and managed to escape. There is no reason to believe anything apart from the story as reported. From a political point of view, this is now a Buhari problem anyway, so I wonder why supporters of the last administration are undermining their credibility by continuing to insist that the girls were never kidnapped. We need the military to do what it can do to retrieve this girls. Even if the politicians have given up.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Eyimola, it doesn’t matter whose problem it is. The fact is that the story does not add up.

        Perhaps, a few girls were taken, but the number cannot be more than 35. That almost 300 story na wash.

        Only six girls in the video were identified as being from Chibok.

        So does Oga Sir Kay have any proof about the identities of the girls he saw in the video? Boko haram members have family members who could have been in that video.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Oga Kola, as i said, i don’t know where they are from, but just reason with me here, why would our Government (Previous and current) acknowledge that these girls are missing and after over 600 days haven’t been able to find them. It doesn’t make any Government look good, so if as you said, it never happened, what does the Government gain when this makes it look inept?
        All i know is there are innocent girls taken, whether its up to 300 or not, i can’t say, but I’ve personally doubted that figure, even when i was in Unity School, i doubt we have up to that many students in one grade, that’s a lot of students for SS3, especially in an area that isn’t even a city. i never agree with the BOG mantra , they are probably more victims out there and no one seems to care about them, it has turned political.

  144. Are James says:

    What ‘Uncle ‘ and ‘Guy Man’ paid millions for that did not deliver?….a team of NAF engineers finally solved the problem of weapons delivery.
    As we suggested some years ago, the time is ripe for SECURITY CLEARANCE of civilian engineers and software people to start working as consultants in the new NAF.


    • Sir Kay says:

      “The Nigerian Air Force, in its bid for increased self-reliance, has successfully reconfigured 2 demilitarized Alpha Jet in its inventory that were hitherto acquired without weapon delivery capability.”
      “However, the aircraft could not be deployed to the theatre of operation before now due to the inherent weapon delivery deficiency hence its limited use for training purposes”, the statement said.”

      So i wonder why we bought 4 Alpha Jets and two out of the 4 have no weapons delivery capability. I hope that was done so they could work on them in-house or purely just for training, otherwise i would consider that insane, what’s the point of having a jet that can’t use weapons.
      Unless of course I read things wrong, sleepy 🙂

      • Are James says:

        Only two jets were received and we paid more than three times the unit price for the jets which were not delivered with offensive capability which we also paid for.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Alpha jets are trainers – assets for the training of pilots, they are not expected to be armed.
        If any are armed, it is only because we have gone out of the way to do so for lack of better platforms.

        I am sure Oga Are James has no basis for the claim that we paid for them to have offensive capabilities.

    • Are James says:

      We paid for them to have offensive capabilities. Everybody including the MOD, Chief of Air Staff, newspapers, Janes, Aviation Week & Space, Beegeagle blog and every other person or media minutely interested in Nigeria’s defence knew we acquired them to provide ground attack capability. They were even supposed to have NVG. The company that sold them advertised glowing lyrics on the Internet that they could make Alpha jets hit anything on the ground.
      The first indication we had that they were delivered without offensive capability was @Zachary999.
      The procurement strategy would have been one of extreme cluelessness if they had bought more Alpha trainer jets to add to existing trainer jet inventory that we already had.
      No. Indeed the supposed justification was just the offensive capability -PGM and night vision capability.

  145. mcshegz says:

    NigerDock, another privately owned Nigerian fabrication and integration yard delivers 3,500 tonnes Sonam Non Associated Gas Well Platform (NWP) Production Topside Module; delivered as part of the Domestic Supply Obligation (DSO)-MEREN Gas Gathering Compression Platform(GGCP) and (NWP) project sponsored by Chevron/NNPC.
    These structures are required to deliver a combined 420 million cubic feet per day(mmcf/d) of natural gas to Chevron’s Excravos Gas project which provides feed-stock for Nigeria’s power generation.


  146. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, I envy the Syrian. In one way, they have had the serious misfortune of being the test bed for ISIS. But now, they are getting the greatest level of training possible, coordinating and carrying out battles shoulder to shoulder with a super power (including methods for employing high tech).

    They are getting forged in real fire.are surely going to come out of this the meanest, tightest, baddest and most capable army in the region.

    • mcshegz says:

      hahaha. Oga. i do not envy the Syrians oh. no disrespect, i believe Nigeria has had her own share of hands-on counter-terrorist training; I catch your drift though. But honestly, what Syria will and must focus on at the end of this conflict is one bad a** all encompassing, integrated border protection system, just like Saudi has, just like Israel, Just like Jordan, just like Iran, just like Turkey, must i go on… that would certainly prevent the funneling of suicidal, fanatic mercenaries into ones country. I will say though, it is always easier to block, wall off, and prevent a full scale terrorist occupation that it is to get rid of em one by one like rats, it is indeed grueling and tiring.
      Oga Kola Adekola. I respect your hustle sir.

    • Sir Kay says:

      “General Africa”, Shoot on sight”. lol, who’s naming these silly people.
      We gave these guys millions of dollars, I wonder what the government expect them to do with it, they probably have weapons storage all over that place now, and if these guys are buying fleet of boats, i would expect our intelligence agencies to know these things and monitor them.
      Oh well, Ondo be my state, no destroy am i beg

  147. Capt Tobias says:


    Nigeria’s $200B in Dubai over a number of years ?

    • Sir Kay says:

      Proof of this would be nice, until then i will consider it a rumor, $200 Billion is an insane amount of money to be in one country, i find it hard to believe.

      • Augustine says:

        New Boko Haram leader?

        How come mighty mouse always knows them in person? Is he their area father? Do these Boko leaders live in his backyard? Do we still pay him monthly million dollars for his MJNTF ‘cooperation’ ?


        I think General Buratai and Minister for defense should be visiting Russia for G2G open public deals to plug the deep loop holes of defence capability gaps in the Nigerian army, fix the army’s most delicate weakness, Russian loan/credit for arms to address major weaknesses.

        $200 million Russian loan will give us….20 X T-90 tanks, 4 X Pantsir SAMs, 30 X Metis ATGM launchers, 10 X SA-18 MANPAD launchers, 2 X BM-30 Smerch long range MRLS.

        Just to say, northern big lake area father and warlord, do not make your country a safe haven for Nigeria’s enemies to regroup and launch a new war of terror and destruction on our North East lands again.

        I mean military deterrence, the present low firepower low tech low conventional capability of the Nigerian army is NOT a deterrence at all.

        NAF is fixing its conventional war gaps little by little, NA please start fixing yours or else you remain the weak link in Nigeria’s national security chain….your armoured corps is TOTALLY obsolete. Please do something.

      • eyimola says:

        The President of Chad has better intel on Boko Haram, because he and his military has been focused on this threat for the last 10 years.

      • Are James says:

        Only a percentage of actual revenues are presented for budgeting, Oil block bid round proceeds, FG assets sales, excess crude above a particular price level and the exaggerated allocations to oil theft are some of the ways that people in govt can steal 20bn dollars per year and stash abroad.

        For the private sector, over invoicing, under invoicing to dodge taxes et.c they just let the skimmed dollars rest as property in Dubai and the trail goes cold.

  148. drag_on says:

    Oga Augustine, abeg leave matter for mathias. 🙂
    We dont have an armoured corp talkless of a weak one. Most tank of today auto reload ,aim and can fire on targets sequentially without stopping, guided by computers and gyros. na the stop, round about turn, open eye search and fire you wan use fight them?The most hearkbreaking thing is not necessarily the equipment but the fact that due to this equipment lack our corps personnel do have any training with these weapons and so cant fight a modern battle. They simply can’t develop Modern fighting tactics and are essentially a museum for visiting armies. Thoes relics (T-55 and vickers) should be given to the engineers to convert into mobile AAA, SAM launchers or radars.

    Most of the tanks in our arsenal are out gunned,out smarted and outranged by more modern tanks.

    • Are James says:

      This is only parly true. There are realities.
      A large armour corps is completely useless in our context and we have hashed this before.

      None of our neighbours can afford to invest in a lot of tanks to threaten and if they did it would be very foolish of them. The Niger Delta makes tanks useless in that terrain and Boko has already shown the winning vehicle type for Sahelian warfare.
      Nigeria rightly seems to be evolving an Army Aviation strategy to neutralise the threats of a land incursion using fast moving small armour.

      Nigeria is not an European country where the threat of Russian tanks breaking into Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Georgia would necessitate keeping a decent number of tanks.

      For most of our ongoing and evolving threats , air armour is the best way to go. That and swift moving tank busters armoured fighting vehicles
      The NA Aviation corps should eventually be expanded to a 100 Chopper force in the next few years.

      • eyimola says:

        You are the first person to have pointed out the obvious. Nigeria does not need a large armoured unit. the geography is just not right, You have also correctly identified the solution as a the need for a proper airborne assault unit.

  149. Ola says:

    Just reading up on some stale news from Nigeria, saw this:
    On the US donated MRAPS, here is what the Minister of Defence, Muhammad Dan-Ali said “On the availability of parts to refit the MRAPs he said, “We are going to source for the parts from the manufacturers and our school at the Armoured Street in Bauchi will do the inspection and we will get the spare parts as soon as possible to put them in order”
    I said this here on Beegeagle a while ago that eventually, NA would turn to the manufacturers to order parts and a lot of money would go to the US companies through this process. What stops NA from ordering Toyota engines or installing the Igirigi drive systems on this vehicle in order to minimize diversity in the range of vehicles that mechanics would need to deal with and also cut cost. I am sure these US comnaies would supply replacement parts at cut throat prices without adhering to strict safety standards as they would do if they were supplying to the US military.
    The day Nigeria starts learning to be independent, that day a lot of cost would be saved. It only takes a set of honest and visionary leaders to do the right thing.
    South Africa has SAMIL Trucks that is the basis for their MLRS and troop transport, the trucks are clones of German vehicle Magirus Deutz trucks.
    South Africa makes their Valkiri and Bateleur systems clones from soviet era BM-21 Grad
    South Africa has Ratel (cloned from a combined design from Panhard, Saracen, Urutu and German designs) Badger (Patria AMV from Finland given another name).
    South Africa has Rooivalk which is built on the French Super Puma.
    South Africa has Olifant which was developed from WWII era British centurion tanks.
    The list of systems cloned or produced under licence by SA is endless. This is because companies like Denel were being encouraged and patronised by their government. This leads to a developed, local defence industry that meets the needs of the military, provides jobs, brings in much needed competence and weans the local military off foreign influences.
    Nigeria has the facility to build large vessels for the Navy, yet it is not being utilised. The local automobile and defence companies are there, they are not being encouraged and patronised, many aviation servicing companies that had potentials to grow in Nigeria have since folded up.
    National Truck Manufacturers limited, Innoson, Proforce, ANAMCO and the likes are either dead or struggling to survive.
    Everything Nigeria needs to reduce dependence on import is right there within the country. The way forward lies in the hands of the political class of Nigeria.

    • Ola says:

      Meanwhile, Societe D’ Equipment Internationaux seems to be the company at the center of all these fraud in military procurement, yet they have not been indicted. Does anyone knows anything about the company? Who owns the company? Why was it involved in all the big scams (South Africa issue, non-functional helicopter importation e.t.c)? Why is the company not been investigated and prosecuted now that the procurement investigation is hot on the ground?

      • Deway says:

        In Nigeria, the more you look, the less you see. For a company that handles billion dollar military procurement contracts without a website or an address is shocking. There should be a procurement committee that overses and analyses quotes from companies and makes the decision usually headed by the head of procurement. Rugged7, if I’m not mistaken, mentioned earlier that the current COAS, was the head of procurement for the army 2012 – 2015, but many of us do eye like say we no see am. The system is replete with evils and needs total overhauling. A particular powerful and close ally of the current president, a former COAS and now a serving member of the cabinet has his own trail of grandiose embezzlement if well looked into. At that time, the figure being passed around was N2b. Its a culture in the Nigerian armed forces to steal at the top and engage in dubious procurement. At the mid-level, Its also a culture to withhold and embezzle operational allowance of troops serving in the front line. The system, the system, the system needs total purging.

      • Deway says:

        Disclaimer: For the DSS and other government agencies monitoring this blog, these are solely the opinions of Deway and not that of Beeg Eagles blog. Thanks.

      • Are James says:

        The current Chief of Staff was only Chief of Procurement for one year and a few months terminating in late 2014.
        He was checked properly before being appointed believe me.

      • jimmy says:

        The current COAS was not only thoroughly vetted but also became the first COAS to declare his assets as a commander of the MJNTF.
        If we are deadly serious about the facts and only where the facts lead,the previous two Army COAS Lt Gen Minimah and Ihejirika should be checked.
        It is being reported that the previous CAS Amosun has been arrested.
        There is no substantial evidence on Lt.Gen Buratai other than , he is clean.There is compelling evidence to bring others to trial .

      • Are James says:

        And what do you mean by system? There are more than enough rules and regulationsee guiding public procurement. I posted many of these here some days back .
        If there was no system there would have been nothing to accused these generals of. They are not being arrested for “immorality ” they have been arrested gorgeous specific contraventions of Public Procurement laws , corrupt enrichment, mis informing the government about the value and quantity retrieved of equipment and outright conflict of interest.
        It was the SYSTEM that caught them only this time the PEOPLE operating the system allowed it to happen

      • Deway says:

        Sure Oga jimmy, I can bet they were also involved. Like I said its the culture in the military. Most of those Abuja mansions didn’t come from sweat or hard work. You would agree with me that before now, the military was a no-go area for the EFCC. Thanks to the new administration Nigerians the hydra headed monster is being gradually cut to bits. My prayer also, is that after they get those that have done damage to our military from the last administration, they’ll go even further to unearth those of previous dispensations.

      • jimmy says:

        Amen my brother.

  150. mcshegz says:


    • Augustine says:

      A few million dollars funding, and those NAF engineers will advance from locally building unguided rockets to making guided missiles. Things like that makes a country’s military some force to reckon with when you get to the level of making precision guided munitions domestically.

    • ozed says:

      @ Are James
      I disagree with your description of Kazakhstan as ‘ordinary’. I think we Nigerians tend to show too much empty national pride too many times.
      What exactly have we done to give us the basis to look down on Kazakhstan (and their ilk)? And i refer to all our leadership from 1960 to date!!!
      – How much have we voted out of our defense budget for proper R&D
      – even when the private sector has tried to help how have we encouraged them (Proforce, dornier et al)
      – the many technological breakthroughs littering our universities, research institutes, military engineering formations, have we even tried to leverage them?
      – how many failed experiments (which become learning opportunities) have we fostered? Remember that he who has never failed as most likely never ventured!!!
      – We assembled/built the air Beetle decades ago, today we are standing in line to buy some funny Super Muschak from Pakistan. No fault of Pakistan, the joke is on us!!

      We like to mouth off about wanting to be self sufficient but the moment it is time to put money where our mouth is, we chicken out.
      Dont forget the Kazakhs inherited some facilities from the soviets, as well as many soviet era scientists. Them no be our mates ooo!
      Calling them ‘ordinary’ would be like your primary school mate in the village who has been grooving and drinking palm wine for the past 25-30 years, reacting to your house warming party with the remark ‘ old boy see Are James of the other day ooo!’ forgeting that you have since procured a masters degree and become a banker while he was busy pfaffing around !!

      Rather than call them ‘ordinary’, we must humble ourselves and see what we can learn from them!!! our Mumu don do abeg!!

  151. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 2h2 hours ago

    Ghaddafi’s chemical weapons now with #ISIS. Ex Libyan official says

    One would think the idiots that wreck Libya would have secured these kind of weapons, this is not good for any body. If true that is

  152. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 22h22 hours ago

    Nigerian Airforce Jet today carried out airstrikes & hit
    positions and gathering of #BokoHaram terrorists in Mobbar. Casualties not known

  153. Obix says:

    Yesterday 27th January 2016 in Moscow, the Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and First Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation General Valery Gerasimov, with the defense minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammad Mansur Ali Dan.
    Nigerian minister arrived in Russia on a working visit.
    The parties substantively discussed bilateral issues on the military and military-technical cooperation, and exchanged views on international security issues of common interest.
    They shared their mutual intention to further promote dialogue and practical cooperation between the defence departments of the two countries……..

    • Are James says:

      This is the first major bilateral activity between these countried since the time of General Danjuma as Minister of Defence if my memory serves me right .
      Danjuma’s travels produced nothing then . This will not be so.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Fingers crossed for some goodies, but… It is strange how we have joined Saudi Arabia’s anti-terrorist alliance, yet we are holding talks with Russia.

      At the last high level round with Russia, they asked us to name anything we needed alongside an offer of a $2 billion credit line as well as military/intelligence cooperation. All on the condition that they wanted to know exactly where we stood in world political affairs, because they did not want a repeat of Nigeria voting in support of Ukraine over Crimea.

      Nigeria allying with Saudi Arabia at this time will burn a lot of bridges, except there is a pull back. If we plan to cling to the West or Western allies, then we should cling to the West and not deviate.
      Wisdom says we should remain neutral, but allying with Saudi Arabia can hardly be described as neutral (oil wars, ISIS etc).

      Our foreign policy should be very thoughtful and fit for purpose.

      • eyimola says:

        Russia signed a 10 Billion USD missile technology deal with Saudi Arabia a couple of weeks ago (might have been last week). Geopolitics can make interesting bed fellows. Saudi Arabia is buying western fighter jets, and equipment that can shoot down Western fighter jets. I think having reasonably good relations with Russia, Saudi Arabia dn the West is more in keeping with Nigeria’s normal ‘Africa focused’ ‘non aligned’ foreign policy.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        No, there isn’t such a deal. The Saudi’s are only believed to be proposing a $10 billion arms deal for King Salman’s next visit to Moscow; no doubt, they are trying to wave bribes where influence over terrorists has failed.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Well, this seems to be pretty high level, hopefully something good will come out of this and not just another “jet fuel burning mission”

    • gbash10 says:

      @ The man sitting next to the Defence Minister by his immediate-left seems to be the NAF’s CAS, Air Marshall Sadiq Abubakar in the second photograph.

  154. Obix says:

    *Defence minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Mansur Mohammed Dan Ali

  155. Are James says:

    Meanwhile, Guy Man is now with EFCC. We just want our money back that’s all. Lives that are lost are lost but we want our money back.


  156. Sir Kay says:


    “Nigeria: Dasukigate – I Will Speak At the Appropriate Time – Jonathan”

    • Augustine says:

      I think the FG is playing it’s diplomacy cards very well. I knew President Buhari was avoiding an early visit by himself to Russia, because it will offend America/Europe and we need the west to help find and recover our billions of dollars looted funds to reduce our current cash crisis.

      I did suggest last year that Baba Buhari should beware of snubbing Russia and if he cannot go meet Putin by himself, he should send Nigerian minister for defence to meet his Russsian counterpart defence minister and deliver Buhari’s agenda, as the Americanos and Briticos will not frown at minister to minister meetings.

      I am happy this is happening, wherever the FG got the idea from, it is excellent. Russia has saved Nigeria in war time twice since independence, without Russia, this our Nigeria would have died twice and become twice dead. Thank you President Putin.

      It’s time for Nigerian local defence industry weapons manufacturing pact with Russia, the Russians are already building Nigeria’s nuclear power plant, something America/Europe will NEVER do for us, and it’s also time for Nigerian army to buy new Russian weapons to plug the dangerous weakness gaps in our national security capability for land territory defenses.

      For my two ogas who say NA does not need T-90 tanks, please oga Are and oga eyimola, try ask Algeria why they just bought 300 units of T-90 after suffering 10 years of homeland war with wicked terrorists who killed/murdered in cold blood an estimated 150,000 innocent Algerian civilians in desert villages and towns.

      Ask poor and cash tight Ethiopia why she just bought 200 units of T-72 tanks all armed with long range anti-tank guided missiles to be launched by the T-72 tanks main gun.

      Niger Delta swamp terrain is no excuse, the navy and army amphibious units have the needed equipment for that threat that needs no tanks.

      North East Nigeria semi-desert is the most consistent and repeated war/foreign invasion/high threat zone that has constantly devastated Nigeria for half a century since the soldier days of Lt.Gen Ironsi who fought Chadian invasion in 1960s same way Gen. Buhari fought Chadian invasion in 1980s and Buhari used Scorpion light tanks which are now weak and obsolete, same way Nigerian army Generals of 2016 are using T-72 tanks to fight off the same enemy invasion after realizing that Scorpion light tanks worked for us in old time 1980, but invaders became stronger and our Scorpions failed us in 2014, one day is coming when the obsolete T-72 tank will fail Nigeria.

      Main battle tank is a WORLD STANDARD for any standard army, IFV does not replace tanks in battle, your ATGM armed IFV will be destroyed by ordinary Boko Haram RPG fired from house rooftops and windows in urban town warfare. T-90 tanks will survive RPG and missile threats. Scout helicopters armed with unguided rockets will be shot down by Boko Haram anti-aircraft guns, and Scout helicopters with stand-off ATGM will be shot down by man portable anti-aircraft missiles of Chad. T-90 MS tanks fully armed with all weapon and self protection options will defeat any ground based enemy from Boko Haram to Chadian army. I am not advocating for war with Chad, I am only saying be prepared for the unknown day of the devil.

      There is a good reason why 3rd generation tanks with composite armour are being made and being bought in thousands of numbers by serious minded armies all over the world including black Africa. Nigeria should NOT become abnormal and backward.

    • Are James says:

      The man will trip himself. It is not a particularly strong talent area for him. This guy cannot even talk to save his own life . Expect self implicating statements, verbiage that calls out himself as a weak leader or better than everything else, outright lies .

      This guy is the kind who should send every public statement he is about to make to a legal team and perception management team before they are published.

  157. buchi says:

    abeg what happened to my comments

  158. ugobassey says:

    Good to see the NA developing an air wing. Must say though would we be better off with the Gazelles in the NAF rapid response air group stationed in all FOB closest to the theatre? Our air force is considered relatively weak compared to our status as a middle world power.

  159. Sokoto says:

    About BTMP-84 for NA, it has a unique capacity of carry additional troops under armor.
    Crew 3plus 5, a 125 mm gun, 2 machine guns, a real MBT Infantry vehicule

  160. Augustine says:

    Oga Obix and other ogas, the absence of Nigerian military personnel especially the chief of army staff from that Russian meeting, could be a pointer that the talks may be 90% about building Nigeria’s new medium capacity local defense industry, and maybe some 10% talks about the new nuclear plant planned for Kogi state, plus some few weapons procurement. Just thinking aloud.

    • jimmy says:

      1) Procurement For Army/ Air force by G2 to G2/
      2) Assistance in Military Industrial Complex
      3)Think Rocketry, Spare parts.,
      4) This will come to pass . PMB was a Tanker @ heart ,either Upgraded T72s or T90s
      5). APC assembly line.
      6) Something to do with the incoming Helicopters+ parts + training.
      7) The absence of Military personnel except the COAS was deliberate.
      8) Stuff will happen , we just have to wait.

  161. mcshegz says:

    The agreements reached during the meetings
    where centered firstly on general, operational, ordnance and engineering training,
    other areas include
    collaboration in design construction and building of survey ships, and landing ships
    as well as participation in combined joint sea exercises.
    Nigerian navy special forces will also henceforth participate in joint special operations organized by the Indian navy

    The Nigerian Navy will also collaborate in maritime domain awareness towards enhancing security in gulf of guinea, by joining the Indian Navy’s wide shipping information sharing group,
    On research and development, it was agreed that Nigerian Navy will build up her capacity by training with unmanned maritime vessels and unmanned aerial vessels to enhance maritime domain awareness surveillance capabilities.